Newspaper of True American, November 10, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated November 10, 1838 Page 2
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. d c1 1 everyday at 10,_ r At I avery day athalf.pist IJ+ib: 4-8 4 vi . 'thla great Elstern Mail, (Vl7 inrto.n, t.) is elourd ndy edes:lay and Friday. at 6 o'clock, Sz duei " ry Tueoadi, Thursday anid Satur. " 4isoii; or Rir .r.Iail is closed .every d Weti' ady and Saturday. at.$:.M--I an# . ritr aed by steamnboate.-Arr[ e rego S "al times a week. •~.mon 3 sf i or Cast .Mfail is oloaed every s ia d Friday, at 8, P M-Is sent arid re. the steamboat Brilliant. S k lexa. ria or Redf Rier .Mail is sent irregu l luy t tanboats, twice a week. - Louisville or River Mail. Mniday - I& and Clooses at 8 o'clock, P M. ' oust daih u,,. sday ° Clone at 8 o'clock, P M. i++. . v-Orleans Chamber of lommerce. r-coCt- C s oa T71 Y van 1838. S. J. Peters, President. <. A. Quortier, 1t Vice President, S V. W.L. [lodge,2d do. &C(M.ITTEE OF APPE1LS, FOR 1838. JEmes Dick, Thomas Barrett, Johnr A Merld, II C Cammnack, Jas II Loverich, Ahijli Fisk, GEO. W. WHIITE, Soc'y. I-O'IT OF NE\W JItII,'A\S. Woiere etraemely lorry to have ni apology to make fir an omision of much shippigll iltellgence in our paper of yester day coloequent 0o mIIslaytiug the documents. The following were the arrivals, and clearalces on Thursdaylthe 8th intl. Claredl oil the th . Brig Sam Houston, ass.ets, Ior'iblle. VI, l ry.e 8cr Cler norwel, for Fralkli Ma.ster Schr Obelon, Nelson, for I' I. A F. lIridi. team skip Cuba. Carson, for G a letonj. Boart I 11wtioru Arhivals mn t"e a otb. Towboat PAcific, from the Pcoco, went down witrhout any Toe. Left on the t. al I p m; bIrogblt u, sIip Croole. Nothing in the olaiia 1two barks, iue ship, alid oeerrataniell raft in the rivor. Ship Creole. Tr-cy.l 4 day4 flom Liverpool, to Juo Dl)x100,e. Steaner Elleon D.ultas. li'oy, from .dIllc...carl., 15i8 bn erorto,,. Steamer Mariner,- Nl!lld, from i'lili.mtiec, o:th cotton, auger, its. til" liC.I.'A . ANCES. ship Caiiei.Upton, for II lire, r G·oniii 4 re" Sthipl Hilih, Ham n.Oinld-New York, O , JP iiltney" Brigl Jiili Hel& rc,Oolcitt, i'ru.idrcre, II iltrid Scbhr Hlnry Llay,Palhersou, Aros.ea, t ARIRIVAI.S. ToeLýChick.saw, Panldior, from the Paice.. Iroaybl up briJaliia. iReportiicli, Mohalk, Ircia Bi ittll ; and lothing Snew i the river. Left N IE Balr 1il te °ilh. at 6 a m. SBrigulia., Eu.ltg Lsui,O dal frie ,.ilx Iliuou..cicio, 0.a'd idae..i5hoenger., M J ,rl. eed'81 toeige. Steuamr rlnton Rouge, Irwin; Irom c layou iri. euooI tmer W L. Robeon, from S0 .eamer Warreh, Careya, from Colambia, Ark. iteamier Rio, Paxon, from Aleiaidria. Stsmer C:Molille, uttotl, rom E oRile. CUMNERCIAI. - 6 ý -~ t.XI'OI(TS.; S 6AVR6 ..Per .hip Pangu,..I13I haler collon, 2.3 piece of 'NEW YORK..Per .hip 1ilah.. 76 hhd 1tob2co, 1031 h.e1, c coton, wald 9 enitla hides. PXOVIDENCiO..IAr Ilrig Julia k Helon..31U balel cotton,4 19 bale. moss. ARANVABS..Per 1 1r (lenry Cly.. .117 eases 1 elret, 407 bales pnper 4 I.1. and 2 coael silk, IUU hIt. cud&eh, & • .0 bas steel. IMPORTS. P BEIEN--or brig Julla..l beg pairing.. Slater I Trier; S311 b.3 I. l2, ero1thes & Keilo2; 30 pip.. gin. 4 linen.,. aJ .2 use la.l.plc., Formalu & Li,,bnt; 2 bxa mdze, 3 hbhda viuegar, H -uafnrt; 3 b.. reahi., Va!entlae 4Buddeko; 3 ba. clocks, All Me1er; I0l .kgs..tLdries, 111aler.. . 1'lrng;, I bale Uoae. C Ilreuner; 3che.s nldze, Schmidt 4- Werner, 2' x. mdze, Jenkins & Brother.; I bx mlze. E1 J..Ullo. co. I bx do, F SclwinkL & co, 50 b ..kets p.aloee. 1I0 hIm.s. 2 b,.ka. ch ees, and 3 hxa sou e sis, J A Merle k co. RECEII'PTS OP PRODUCE. layol Sar..Per steanler IU,,)n Rouge..9b3.I cLtton Lam lmth r ·ThomlapeI, ,71 do G 31 Lee, 1U0 do Taylor, Gardner 0 re. 10IO do l.ur, ,tt & co, 9& ..1 d1W O .key 1 ' co, 83 do2 tnayle 4 Stewart, 64 do U I.,,udun,*y, 55 dIe A Lrdotsx & eo.0 40 do Mulnmte, +Ecrrzday & caO 37 dIo Alluin 4· Trmuoult, 3r to James Arnmour, 27 do La.nt, floltille,,"4 Co,, 24 do Peyroux, A, 4 co, 2I do Floi.wer, 21 do A Rivarde & ca, I, do 1lcynolde. Iyrne l co., 12du Harris, C:legg & co, 2 do (1ld hall & 1icke1y, 12 do, 0lrnnor, Mc(1 a .'i2 d do Pa',c:ett C Maults. 6 ,o. Martln L'leasanls M1 co, 4 do Cun,,or & t Grley; G oIo ll 31 k%6llitl & rI. 5 3les.2,4lld b, Vllil2l ,& 2f1dler, 11 R I.e.. N co, 5 bx3 specie Jolna ,l.chul.2, I fit. Ibout il, tow wth 450t 1rl, flour. F ..t Lolla..Par t saurr V.I1. Roheon..2 bale. rotton N & J D.7k 4 o, 3 do 1,'orl.ylt Li.meicE, 8 do L.uck2,t. FeP,'n . 1 Denegre, 36 do 1ood &, g do Li,4,h. 0I.d2.1 & 1o, II .,. .2Bra.der, 8lcKe. , . Wrght. 3 do 31 D CU,,;er.. 37 d. M 33'il t "' co, 55 do, Conner & Grilhoy, 7l"do Armour, S 2..ak. & Walker. 27 12I All"a it.Anr , 3 c, 5. ( &lCarthers Hlarris 533do Laure.1e ,- Callner,,22 d Lee ,\ h ,dy. I b2 mdlze P C Wyth, I Ih nldzo 'Pexlvan Aset. Colunbia, Arkansas...PFo Ste der WVarren..14 bl es cot. to2, B;6,nntt, Ferriday & co; 13 do .urk., Vatt11 I :o; 221 do J II Leverie 2 co; 112 d.o It-ynold , By I' e 2 co; 84,do 'm Bo--ant. 28 do 1..hlsl Nen v 4 ct.. ,49 do M Pli n..utu. co, 8 d~ Laiulr,,nt & iI.7rhe, Id do 'eyrole.. Ar 1',oil & ro; 51 do A L.o.1 4" ro::2,in . 1 Beal; 10do 1. , 14 uor, Slt ou k" rt Id,'1I,.. Itoi'i4 & g 31"gol. ; tI. ll2 do order.3 1(arhlh I 4 l22:,cIi i. hb.1A ...u,d .. , Btalln.I, 2 i2 ,dy "co. 11..o'ncr,k 111 1.211 L,2l~lr.212,',2.I)1., l~.. ell~.EIO2 lip· Alexaudri1..PtIa2,,r Itio, Ifla ' .23 bl1,Pllstn, R1 1'd1 Backley. 1 ,d, RI P Git ad. 1.6 do B air ,.[ 012112, I dI d It V Baxter; I011do l32,,un' Whit3; 11 do A Rivard, ; 14do LTKmheth 4, To 1.I USN ; 4 dn .1a2rC2n2r2 112,,.l; . 2i Maur,2u SI'; ,.5 ,Ti F2,ll1,2al , 6m11 & .)e.lo22; 22! 2hp.:2nd2,m 1ur. 3 do Caldwell .$ lhseuy3 dto l;ardnl.,' .v l.+nlloett, 4 du Led..l manua 4 oi 3J do'Add.m ad Whi'il; 55 du order. I'ASENGE.ItS. Bayou Sara..Perxtmnmer Blaton Ito.:e..A Jan.., Madaeme Demeans, Jacob Wile, 1' Gilldhder, Ja.-,. IBurden & net, it J C,,..2k, B \V Fnx. Louik A 2illl o, C O2r11.,E 1 1tied. D F Keeotla 'i n:t TP P Mlnr, . If II2lat.hT.u0neI, 1. lon1 . A Z na,. Zara ill, .d Slo.n, Nicho2las Wood, d J,, .1 UilllI, J 31 Brook1, A CA Grly, Mr . 3windier alnd 7 uu2 2,,ck. 1 C Loui.--PPr la1l,2r 22. L Rbecso...Mr aucke & lady, Mrs BrNoks. Mr-II 1., Bennelt, IllUnettl . Ag Idarrabeane. Mis. TIh.m., J 1 l. hlu.N , J 1 I'ond o i. R12 : )12, 11,. t11P Rico. . 7 Kepwltb. U S N t set J M1cl'ollin'. D.rar, . \V W I.uudsl, KPi,.ll(l, 1. Lee, J C Smlild, J 11 .N., JIalls IpLrr, 1t.Uler2l12 Guthlie La22ke, Il3rlowI, Chl1dre1. 21)ah2'rty, II It W.2 Hilh W1 2rind' 1 y, J,Ii, f it22.1{, i'd I l(ga11 . Boll, 22 JI 2 1gart.l E R T.e7n1t2l, T.lI.11.q -urI 1I 2.,,1 914iy 1Ubi.e passengOers. and 66 om deck. Columbi3, 3 2k..Per St21mer ,nrr,.n. J W.ilkins, J J Quarles, D O(l2t-,1 CIh2lI h o. ny.P 1. Jl2h 1 Ilays. 2lexandr1a..Per r(eamer Rio, xpo...Jno M.,k ablr,, W ClAdems, It Buekey, J Rise, 12 oU d1 , k. . 'Towed2 d 14 fiat bo1 1f'nl BA.YOU .2ar1 lu2de2 wltl, h(gI. L'p12rt 211 inchlre wnter on tile ba r. Mobite-Per SIteaer Colis ---1 s2rs M1r1 1ll,l H S Il1p-p ton. C8 Aike1, H2 I Johlsou p j1 Ev1n-, J 1V I2ra1,29 t., 3wet Jno 2 cCraid. J. o It2CA7t1ll2(,12. J S hiau21. )1 !, arid lour o1 deck. Two boxes hat., no 2on.l2ign2.i Ml EMHORAN DA. New York. Irt Nov. c{'d cidp Lois', MAlet, for N Orlaons.. old brig I'remiuut, d,. phill.dllhla, tad No, l'd shl Ne.w Ilalllphlre, Ilardin.g, . 62. N r ale,... M2 A 14K Aur12.0 • 3IONEY IARiKET--CITY NEWVS. NEwV YORK, WE.Vellr'(.y, N,,v•. I. p in Thl. is pp ket dlny. "Joh, r. u. ofCxch n -e ,,,n,.l ,rtv..dy, 1on L.o2du. .t I'1,1,nl1d P1ris 5211. 23 oth,.r ,1,1 ..arT,,r.. TIe amoun t.. .d 12y tlli1 l1{,ck11 unu1uo'ly IIe; t, p1,,1(r2 Ui,,rly1 +o,l Plris. It is Iot ilrl,l,Im; {,. fhr d,{ll,{itld 1;.r l'.x,'+,.lll.O LII "m ai. I stpoe l hd m o "rlx'uua tbe very tgreatt. lltu l the a.,ihllg of tile uexl itl,,unlr. The LivPr11 oI, I m2lon( ud Ilalre 212 k.1 . :.1d to ,l1 o ;1... morrow we.f .112e lea 21vuod ag um er Uf 1It,1cg4T'r 0 ,)r fo the ac-um, alalirlllarly tIhe Phl'adelphia, (L:at lBorgan, for Loodo,,, a fard ebhip. lhe hll.l of th tn tolehn I.Ian Il Bnk, under tih Geanqra 11kng Law, i dn 21112teir ,iplet1nn12 +1 )e.ter,32 y. ' Ily are 'the Gat e..ih io, fruno any of the lustltltou, flro under that law., it 2il be seen have .1l tumb1led to-d1y; yeterday t', y wre all up. Alabbmn tulald. appear to have startle.d up moa m suddenly 'hee any ethlerdeucripluo.. CCrtlf,,tes of delpuaiteun M.o hiile, bave mold al 31 per rellt dlrcoullt, wll e tho.e of limeil 121pi and 6'e2nll2ce1 are ralh r dull ult 1 4 6 porrent. Si4 le aI I/h 2,1 w 3'211 k "loc1 k /oard, 0 t 31. 12111211811(0112 201212 121(1122 .···.. ····121111 61 ,hrres U S Bhuik ..................... f1.......1211.2 21 5 0 "' " ".. n 2 0) ....................620 ; 14.0 Amer 'I''ru.1 Co.; ....·...............15j1 . MOLAO 2.T .11e21... .....11..1......1 p.1 15 2 >, Ex,.'1 h:.2 b,, 2 , =23.=,= 13 .11ioma 11.. Ti1 aule,.tbr the packe( o1f omorrow ave I een large,. )n ELl load the 2lnitd 2tate.s I;, 2 hds Ilpp2ied thIe dPn. .J at 9o Ou Fresce '. 5.1. Prl12te bills are s1a .bode hiher. 1Sa.Iws,,f S 211,ck a 1 121 (5d 111/p/,ia, O1t :11. 10O shlare. U S Bank. ......... ...1 ......1 to NEW YORK MARKET. COFFEE..There hba been a lively demnlld f, am the trade, and previous prices have been readily obtuilnd. The males embrare shoat `WU bog. Rio of recent implrtations, at l1. a '2. ¢ents; 20U bagl of the old crop at 101 a II; 1"2. Java 13 a 13i; I5 old Government 14; 3,110Lauia li 2 1 12; tie Iltter for prime green, all 4 mo.; and 5 .O b4ga St DKlRalge 01 a.1 cas1. 11 ) tiore. COTTON..Consideriug the smallness of our .t,,ck which is .ot overfl(I0 hales of all kinds, we bare to nlotice very fair busins. cbhefly fur home nse, at full prices, danes '230) hales, of which 930 were Upland-old ;It 1 $ a 131, new at 14 a 141 e 1000 New at lI a 16, aldt 1It a 14 ; r400Moble a 101 ( 152. MOLASSES..Thle deman4 is limited to parcels for home use at the current prices of last week. SUGARS--Ar i. good denan|d, and sell (reely at qu, tatieul. TOIIACVO..The market it vary firm, and prices lou - ].ECCHANGE--On England. 91, Fl"mce 51, 20 c. Fflh .L|VI'pROm I -(-( 1a.7n(ge bnly.) l'hae fie A 1 hi T t[)I EV,Calk. C:- ani. ei will have imntediate dsepatcl. Apply t. ~LEVI H GALE, euuvl 9:1 ('Olllnon at E'OR PUVK LIME',t. (It. 1.) ,. The fast sailing A I copper frtlenn br; YUN\V',CaptlduThirnllike, will sail i" IotWw daysr, h oaving ilit el her enrgo nogu" FJ'lol nr,+2,vy Brigiht a,,{ .dl boalas rotten, or passage, itavmg bau.Jda0,e a cunuodsulu. ap ply to . . ~ WM. 1t )RTIR, Darn.. .15 Comlmn lst 4s The aubsltntial steam boat 31'ANCHIE+''I1':1, Capt. I .briqure, wiiU poniti eiy on ýnlurday, t{".'.at Ill u aloek, A M. Fo'r Irerght or paasage, apply uu board, or lu LAWR.NCE & I.EGENI{EF., gb nov9 -W8 & 7!l New Levee . [ ý·6-~6 bs·(a nmlh'ern .., new iallding from L iJcip VJal1lHtr , rpJ.,mle the minl, fr rale by ( tIAHPLIN & C()PE.;l, Ip Y 82 Julia street ".'i I0 IA11iin G||AILt--I .......d for H aM by - tiate 401 Poydra. nl S TRUE AllmIM1CANl O 6J*C$. ih connection with this Office is a ki SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE yl H T PRIerTINNG OF W Pamphlets Dlank Chocks Catalogues Bill. of Lall.g Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bills, Dill Forms, Show ills Steam Beoat Bills Circulars, And every demriptliom efJob VWork tshts may b eqialwd. .-e.the proprietor respectfully calls the attention o the public to, the shove Card, anid assres them that all cork intrusted to his care shall be done at the short 'et notice, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and at the Io.estt rtte. rllE 1'RUIP AIEIlERIAN. E.I'I'ED F JOlIWS e~AlotAON. FAITHlFUL AND BOLD. i'n ; ' O t L EA N E" SATURD \Y, NOVEMBER 10. 1I3R. (T hhe steamer Caroline arrived yesterday morning in good season fro,m Mobile, but brought no northern mail, which had failed altogether. The few slips Ihr -aht on from thl West have very little intelligence of interest in theom. Though the cold weather I, re is neither so se. vere,nor so end urine na in Biston our clinsate ad nits of tore varieties, and nearly or sudden chengen. T'hou.h we eranno say, the our friends if the iBay nlatle that the Inst roar of the summer thundtr ttheed in t1e itent owintt.r snow we can rnmo pr.ett near it, for all Wednedaywms passed In hthunder, k in ranin'and on Thursday onight ice frmncl on the water tuao thick ase II doll,,. Thie hertnometer continued t sink all nih;. no that Jn:k Frost has effictually destmroyed Sall the ,eances of Yellow Jack. Notinwitlhetalttiog thie coldness of the weather, the flt ,wers anr bloomint as fresh and sweet as ercr in the gasrdensat Carroltmn. The Ctmhe-land Raver on the 5ih had risen six inehes from the rain that fell on Saturday the 3d, and was mriwlv itrrentine. The Ohtu between I.ouioville and Cinrinnwti has ti risen abolut a foot altogether which has enabled in onme small boats to run,and reduced the Intre from it $10 to $7. No further rise was anticipaled for the present. Upper Cannda.--ll would appear by recent ne. counts that the rumnnrs of an approaching reneow nl of the eventsre of I. wmintrr in the British pro I r vinces had more ftundtioln than was generally d believed. Military movements on an reenft. elve scale are goingon , and an open avowal made 1 by the government, and governnent organs, of w their knowledge of n tntion of attack from the h United States frontier S.llo assentgerc who ar rived at Montreal on the 9Rth ult. having given int a formation that the .Anterircns, as they mlsakenly i enll thorn, are drilling all nlong the frontier with the prolaitmed intention of an attark on Canada. Cinadian voluntreers r re fnoring in both pro- ti vinces, and Capt. Mayne of the RIoyls left Mont it real for the pnrporr of organising a corps of 400 at u Carillon, &2010 at Vnudrouil on the snam condition ro as the Montreal vnlhnterre. II. M. troop shipc Athol arrived at Quebec with 500 men and oiffi cers, and another transport, No. 12, was arnonted , I el w. Th e ermts urlingrtrn, anTl''r vi ller on c Lake Ontarin have been chartered' Iby ie govern, moot, and tile ship Prince St. C.e rge nlo, at .,550 I sterling to convey munitions of war from lHalifax to Qutetr,and 4 00 stnnds of arls rent oil board her on the 12th. Sir George Arthur has i.tend his proclatnatottn calling on tlhe volulterl of Upper Canada, in which it to trnted that tile lte ntrlll.l Governor hati rerceivr d certain infotrt iton that in extlensive conspirary has be, n htrnrltd, by nonllte. roles ounp .nctpl4 d til taptnnco inhnittttnt t tho h nellllbllorl n friendly o States, with I view to force upon thti Provtn e the .domn ',t of the raid ehon. sp atortoo, and to vloit tile loyal tmll bilants of this provlce with lawless war, pltder and. devasta- t And he windonp tov nn'.ghe fIet that he n has warml fticdr In what hr deemlls ithe enemy's v camp." II The .ieutenanrr t .Govrnor n.orlres tfhrt hlnol in fi habianots of tie Provile, tho t ' li .s in futoll po'ses slon of tile det-ent of the en trmv, who taoo nomi ally amnongst them manny whol have. not forgottn c their allegiance to ileC N. jesty, of thearduty ti their Cana ian .reillren, noid nll y appel r in t the rinks of hlie Brigands at present to save them- a elves from int ult nl od vtolet,:e. T'he oopititrmentary henrefit oiven tn Mr Thorns, ile man ager ill C:lnrlnnati too'k lies on tie 2ndr inst. The volunteer otrs twere MSte. flitiley, tie vocalist, irdme Leomttinol the dtanlseOt ; .Ir nt'nn the t.tged.inn: an.l the I:nvcl f.orily. n A detachment of ti:.g Ciit r the,' parsso.m through Nashvillie on the 31h instant. W e are sorry tro,'tserve frlronl tll coiotln? l of Ifi tI Banner that inrendlant, n-r still nt their hellis!l work. DrS Nye'o brick sblol oiln hlh streel was fired an the night of the 4th, but pr.vid.o ntially thei flames were c.tfini- t , Ilt a one but idllg. Oil the morning n te 5 5hI, bhe sotablen ol (len Armtot swrong, litI Porstotlll r, were t Iso sel tiOn to by tres: cursed rti nli itl hto, a ani .'. Tioo GarEAT A HI'aY -In the Pa.lltdelphi Pruhlie le oiger of the 2i,1 to a paragraph setting forth that great ' OarO were entrrlalloed for the salety of the packerl hiriCnmbridgoe, 50 dato not from Liver iol, aind up it that imne unheard of: while the New. York slips of the let ainnoance her arrival as enltrml as iit iltlning unuosulm was thought abou: Now JoFSe. -Or the 31St October the Governor mnd Privy Crouncil of New Jersey madte an official announcement that the who'e Whig Congreseinnli tlrkrot was eleoced: the lowest having a majority iof J2i7 ov, r the htl'est of the lo.n focos. Lor uHER Cot.-Th'le Spirlt o the Times in speaking of somle im iortatlions of racers daily lok ed for, says: " anmotg them is Mr Fautio's Eagetl, a large, fine, racing looking mare of 16 hands by Falcon out of Jostiaia, &e. She will go to New Orleans and run there this winter, if no accident occurs on the voyage, and the narves mnusr take care how they lay out their tin against her.'- Englet ran 2d at Donlcaster in the Cltveland takes, b.raing four: drstance I mile, time I minute, and 4t seconds. She is 4 l rs old, and carried 06 ho. In anotlher race she beat Slanhing Ilarry, a 20 0 gaineas colt, and carried 16 Ibs tmore than the winner: she wa 21. If she goes it at this rate here, site will have to travel without company. English Turf.-- ithtelato . l.eger rare was wnn by Don John, by Waverly; he is a bay,15 hands and 3 inches in hight,and risae very high on the withers. Don J ht is 3 years old, but carried I19 ths. which to I Ib. more than would have been placed tin a six year old in Virginia. Ilo ran the St. Leger in 3 1o. 17 see. which to equal to 3. 34 for the two mols: the course binlg 2115 yards i short. On the following day he won tihe 'cpl' in 4 44 carrylg 101 lbs. whlian trtt thle rate f I. 48 per mile. Bolus, a grey colt,S y. o by Pirysi ial, ill a Mile race, after running the lIrst a dead hear, won the second in one minute forty fire seconds, carrying no less thian 117 Ibh. The time was taken by two American turlitee. Such Itnne d with such weights would make us stara on the n Eclipse course. Lord Eglington has already won 25 races this season-n lucky chap. The 2nd Fall meeting commenced at Ciniin. t nari last Tuesday. , The New York packet ship "Philadellphia," Calptai t Morgan, seems a great favorite with Napoleon's family and friends. Joseph Bonaltarte sehleted her on his 'e return to America, and Corunt Month don goes back on h ber to Europe. The ex-king of Spain pretealed tot Capt. Morgan an eleanntt seriin: of plate as a wLrk of his esteem. ToE ROsamrl. This "last of the pockets" p saJdI to at exe:rd all the othnre-eplendid as they ear,-r-tl ll.e :san built in New-York, both as regards sie end lneau ty. She registers 1100 tons, 170 eelt lor;gon her main i deck, and 18 on the spar deck. She has 36 1-2 feet en team; 22 feet hold, her main y.rd is 75 feet, and f en eh belson to the lain truck 187. Shelbelonge to Collins's line which have all dlramatic names,' the Roseies, Shakespeare, Siddons, Sheridan, and Garrick. Her oust i eteiimated at $100,000. The Tammany party in Nw-York have resorted to - a most flagrant, and insulting, ant of petty despotism. Knowing that their masters iuWashington had'wanton lydegraded our noble navy the foco fc rmm;tree had the hardihood to send circular letters to the naval offi cereat the New-York station coot :ilng interrogatories gareding the existing opiiona of the men under their command, whicrh has been rightly construed by them, and others, into an indirect intimidation If they count on any effect to be produced on their votes by sm.h acts of semi.official interference they will ir justly mistaken. As their fo-s could never frighten our "jolly tars," it is hardly to besupposed their professed friends can. New-York new Banking leas. The firet emission of any hills of any hank under this new law took place on the 31.t Ocrtober. They belonged to the "Staten It- - land" institution which though net thefirsrt frmed, has been the earliest in operation. CnradoriAllen. A treaty for an engugemett with this charming songstress, has been in progress during the entire of the cast summer, and though not yet quite I completed, it it supposed the final letter is on the road hither. We feel much pleasure in being enabled to state so much, and shall be still more delighted when I we can announce her first appearance in New Orleans. She is an artliste of exquisite taste, and skill: adding to . the powers of a perfect musician, the talent of a good actrees, and the acnomplibhnments of a finished lady. Sugar planters. The planters in Attaapas weare s busy rolling their crops on the 2nd iratant, with every ! cappearance of a most fitvornble rinding season, bat we fear the great change in the weather will retard their operations. But as we usually have a frott by the 10th ofthis month, and the season lhas been hitherto no fa vnroble we t ust the planlters are snlficiently forward with their works not to soffer much injury. What a-e Fngli h polteics to us? is the theme ofa sen sible article is last night's Courier. If the qtesltirn were seriously put, it might he shortly answered. No gleat movement can take place in Europe wlthkut pro. decing some direct or indirect re-action among us, for not even a stone can he east into the waves in one hemis Ihere without producing an efict, though slight, in the waters ofthe other. lusge Potato. Mfr. Theod. Carlin, of tAt:akapan, near the t ewn of Franklin has produced on his plants atin a sweet petato whi5h mleasures two feet feer inches d in length. It is of the species called "yam," and by n its length seems not distantly related to a "yarn." The Burgemraster's d.aughter, a musical drama of peculiar interest, is tobe produced at the St. Charles to-morrow evening. Great pains have been taken to render it an eff.teive as possible, by combining in its representation all the strength of the company, both eedramatic and vocal. This drama has never been per formed in America, but when acted at Covent Garden 'ITheatre the London critics were loud in its praise, and we learn that a series of new, and peculiar scenes have been painted for its veey striking incidents which must render it extremely effective,-connected as they are with glee, and choral, music such as ih seldm heard within the theatre. We lare been favored with a view m ofne magnificent scene, from the hand of Mr. S. Lee, Swhose previous works in the Bayndere, Gustavus, and others.ectacles were so popular. It is a repre-eata tien of a Baronial Hall of the olden time, and we think it likely to prove the most brilliant specimen yet given onus by that able artist. The dresses are highly pictu n resque, and the incidents seem, from a slight perusal p calculated to produce a powerful impression. A eotemporary, quorts a eommunication frem our neighbour repnhlie of the 'single star,' and calls it an extract from Texas. Texas may be called an extract from Msnexico,' but it sounds oddly to I term a fragment f a letter tan extract from Texas' 11 N'ew Ball A.lley--Mr Whittley has just opened three new alleys for the very fashionnble amuse, ment of'ten pins,' in St. Charles st, adjoining the carner of Poydras. They are fitted up in a very superior ianner: the alleys rhemselves are 80 feet d in length, /frmed of tlhin saentling placed edge- h ways, andt remarkably well laid. The narrow channels down wlich the halls return, are edged with felt and ushioned at lthe ends anas to avoid the great nnise made by their travelling back. Bleyond the pins, at the top of tile alley, gsod nlat resses are swung for the balls to strike alalnst without any noise: and adjoining to a very neat little bar in the front is a handsome private room lifted up very handsomely, where the very beat of wines, liquors, cigars are to be had in a private comfortahble way. Altogether it is an exceedingly neat, gentree estahblihment. Ou! Monasranos! H hai will tGeneral Jackseon a'y to thle?-- eneral Jackson-that man with the sllAiclOua LYE!-that wire, discreet, foresighted, profound polttlcian-that doughty hero of the gold humbug, better currency experimenut-who under. tahk, in his unfathomable widomn, to demolish the United S-ates Bank, and thought he had ac tanlly done it? After the etcrm of sturday blows which this patriNle, quixotic, and shant patritlli cliefisin has dealt against tihat MrONTER, the United States Bink, and thetriumnphint bragg8, d·cio trltnpetingr of his imagined victory over it; --what amust he his senanlions on ruoding the fol, (iwing document from head quarters at Washing. tn? tcittacrau.] "P ymntrter Genrrtal's Oliter., WVsmtwNtfre, Oct. 8th, 1838.d ttSir-A ranrgeenle having been made with the Unitled Sliaes Bank, to pay the 'i'rasaurcr'. drlaft to a certain amount at diflerent plta es, and ii beinl.probable the notes of that bank will be as aceptable to claitmants, and in some cases MORE c ,NVELENT TIHAtN aerEcti you will, should you re seive drilts on that Bank or its agents, make as many of your.paymentrt by check as you can, which will give the receiver the option of taking paper or specie; and the department has no object iron to your using the paper of that Bank in ALL your payments, so far as it can be done legally. Respectfully your obt. servt. N. TOWSON, P. M. G. Read this, ye simple and besotted dupes of Jackson, Becson, and their gang of impudent po itical quancks! Read this, ye impudent Tory de nilagogurs, who are hawlmng *.'lonter!' and 'Nick Biddle!' Read this, ye shallow sciulists of the Tory press, who are babbling nonsense about the'di. vorce of Bank and State.' Read this, ye thick skulled astnine herd, who stretch your throats at the word of command, and bellow, IDown with the Bank!'--Rea,, it, we say-ye whole troop of J reksonites. Van lBulrnitea, Locoufocos, Levellers, Diserganizere, Pure Democrats, or whatever nanme ye ray assunme to dieguise your folly, ignorance, aird s'upidity. 'AuRR nEnnhEMETS IVING BE}EN MADE,' &.c. between the government and the U. States iank l! !-The notes of the Bank more acceeptable than specie!!-The Department no objection to your using the paper of that Bank in all lour pay mllental!! Oh! Mnllttro us!-mlonltrullll !l .onitrnall It would be worth any politicianll money, ear. Iainly, to see the dolorouo phiz iof that superlative Igtalotor, Anldrew Jackson, when ha gets a sight I this prrooeias document, As to poor Denton, he will oslark nira--:, indeed this ,man was ever ontec. The mnortilica.ion that must Iverwhelm the i'Tory hascks and ditlvrllr, w thy rewh itprad this plain rctlferta tn Itent their mit ast, rs,tihn they have sll along uetn ntterigt nuoting but the orusn pala. publca nloltl inmuiii a nat nxansiti Ihe .nk-nho shall attempl tu desctlbh? IHardly a week ag., the Bsonli r Tori Cu.stim Housie print, po, Inrth Sa farrago ut d ti ah sitlupidity, on rutis very u:.jeet, ' attd gravely anserted that congress had passed ia 9 aw to 'sendl Bid lie to the pcnlientiat !!' Now a fritLr tih, the uiaterta of these bratnlt as blockheads send to, iniorl i tien that they t'avte madse arranget a Olrn t,' with thle aloreald Mr Biddle and tlhe SM.nsltlr undler hisdtreatlon!!! and that they case, i not get along without hlm?!!l The anti hasnk herd I nr.eIt I ok shoitpilloen indeed after this. INettle.] SSomechn/t onf Ch/ange --A newspaper called the - tiMoniletr de Parts," contained the folluwiag i itrems in quick saccession, during the month of March, 1815, at the return oi NaioleO. fromn the t Isle of iEltlin: a I. The Cannibal has rlet hli eavern. '. The We Iljf Ccorsca has Iended it Cape Juan. 3. Thie Tiger ants arrlved at Gappe. 4 The Monster sitid over nsght at Grenoble. 5 The Tyrant passed through L,uns. 0. The Usurper hia- been seen a sixty miles from the eaptial. 7 Bonaparte draws near wilh rapid strides. 8. Napoleon will be under our walls iolmorrow. 9. The .Emperor hnaarrived st Fntlainebleau. 10 'l heir Imperial Kingly Ma. je"ties have yesterday taken ptaras.iteon oi the Tui. leries, aurrolunded by thelc r l it aulul sujecsa. Y NIfI'ICE. is ]P[The Consignee of goods p"lr lip Ohilo, fromm os a loi, marked E. rnos, is requertedl to call at the Count a ug Room ofthe undersigned and receive thle eaue. - 5I'E'SlON d&AVERY, Snol0 88 Gravter at - EiGtn C il'I i/.S--Ir10 tales, Nul. i and 2 Low ell Cto , for sale TON & VER anvl) aGravier st I8iMe. N. H. Shep-rd 4.... eee of 14 casks Oil, marked SW, per ship John Holland, fron New Yrk, is requted to make knoan his r.sidence to tile dis. - charging cirrk on the Levee. LEVII GALE, novl0 93 Coermon St ACON tIIEr9i--.4~1 casks peir Cuciianti V cured, in store and for salo byI DORSEY, O noev0 44 New L.eveCe G U1INNY BASG-7i hales 2 bushel bags in store V" and for saleby G DORSEY, noel0 44 Now Ievee FLOUR-l00 bbls. Uaker's brand, In store and by G DI)ORSEY, noel044 New I.evee UCK-50 pieres 'I.BrUsgra' Can oa; 20 do W do 50 do Heavy Itavens Duck; 50 do Light Ravens do; Loading from ship Norman, and for sale by S4J P WHITNEY, novl0 8 Coni| at EW CROP SUGAR--00 hhds prime fir sale on N plantation,above the city, by t BEAl . BARSTOW, , novl8 7 Bank Place SRAFTS on New York and Philadelphi, fior sale by ANDREWS & iBRO'S ., novil0-3tp 50 Camp atI FOR RENT, Sundry tenements and vacant Lott in the e 2nd and 3rd Mulonicipolitiee. Apply to Dr. Rice, No.119 Gravier street, or his agent AIr. e ots, No. 376 Royal street. .novOl- DISSOLU IION. i tHE firm of Slaler & Trier is dissolved from the S9th iest., by the consent of epartie. The ffair of the cocern will be liquidated by agreement, individually by Abraham l rier. SSAM'I.. SLATER, AIRAHAM TRIER. I shall continue the G(enernl Forwardiag and Com mission business for my own account, at No. 40 Po0t dras street. ABRAIAM TRIER. nov10 IIDES-11 hhdle Bacon Sides, in good con itionl, i store and forsale bySTETO AVERY, "STETSON & AVERY, novl0 88 Gravier At FOR SALE AT the oanufetory of thle subscriber, oIlsiting SWheels, I.rd Pipe, of all sizes; Sosh, I'later Hair, &.e lTurning, Sawing and Grindlig done as usual by J. S)TT. n LAREr WiNE--100 boole i store, for sale by '.i) ABRAHAM TIllER, noel0 40 Poydras at -O PE- 120 cotli in store and tor rsle by r ABRAIAM I'RIER, o novlf 40 Poy,'ri ti i, TYPOGRAW1KRCAL ASSOCIATION. Il A montllv Meeting of the Association will be held at the LLUNCH, corner lov.dre and Ceenp-et. This Evening, t 7 o'clork. at n ich ime and place an Elestion of oellerr for she cenuiog term will take place. JAIES O'LO WD, a noel0 Sec'y. E 1 'W MIJSIC--Poor Rosalie-I don't mean to tc I y E l ler name-lThou bast learnt to love Another Sweet Afton Water The Knight's Farewell; lie psa' es her in sorrw; Ilindo's Lament; They Have given Thee to Another; Lovely Lady Mine; as Just recived usl for sale at B CASEY'S ol CASEY'S Piano Forte and Music store, its novlO 19 Camp st e Nw Orleans and N'ashville Rail Road OffQec r- Nov. 7th, 18311, en NOTICE TO LUMBER MEN. nd EALEDI Propoeals will be received at this office u entil sthe 2flth inst. tor tie following lunbcr: e 1010 Yellow Pine or Cypress piles, 20 feet long ad ch not less than l8 inclcs in diasmeter at the small .cl. y 40,l)l0 thoulsand feet of mudsills, flattened on bot, r sides to shew i inche o Ie flat surfce, and Ill isches in ies Is; l0,01000croestiee. nine feet long, l0 inch i es square, clears f e ap; lllto be:leliveredl at slch points s, onc the shore of lake Ionehartrain as shnll be designs oil ted. D lDHOAR). nov9-l t L(OT R oI oLtiD, A NOTE, drow hw I)Davn & Iichandsoan, of I.ake Providence, La. i, faer of Felix lBsworrth, andr enlorred try hihn and Zcllaria I)rsy folr .e.rl hun dred and Sixty dullars" date and titi hhlank. A it arl be of no tie to the ftle er, h)e will olilhr a favor, andd receive a reward, if requiren yv lea itn wia O (,E(). E BOIC|IAII)Ot)N, nov9 S_ \V rr Camp r Cnm,,oln atr Oficeof the Firemen's lo;r-nc, e Cou.pany ofl f.w l II E Stockholders are hereby notified that thIe, Flr'rtt Inrtarnet ons ltlhir stuck is due rnd I,lymbie oit tile 8r December next,at thile olice o thle f n)t ny.hc nov9 S'.a'y. ' BUILEAU D'A. -1-NCE I) ES POMPIEIS C I)E L1 NI.E-OtII.IANS. ES Actionnaires sort par cet avis orliftii, que Ie Cinqt e,,,,inont r lIer uclioLrt, ,t dl el vren tre pav . I)h c 8 ,eembre prochiln, ai Bureau Ile Ia Compagrnie. Tnov E I. TRACY, r Seri. ire. hEX. IIANG eo )n. STON for sale v r oJ ISAAC BRIDGEtl & Cn, r trasl 134 Mag.tzi.,' et L .lVEItl'tOi. COAl. in carsk of various Lirer too 1 suit, for sale by i IIOLMES & McILI.,":, nor9 9 Bank tlner b NO I ICE. Ei'Nnthaaniel Townnnad lig remorverd his n ,fe to, tlhe cAner of Cananl ald sazine .trelat, over tLe, store of Mhsarr. A C . WV Squier &Co. nov9 AYS. P 1ottoes and I.nrh-r--410 bales IEstern 1 iHnr. in prip Iordlr--3:l01) barrels Potatoes- 3,5,1110 It. Northern Pine Boards, from ship Liverpor, landing and for sale by LEVI I l atE, nov9 93 CraLnno sl 9SHWIý ) RTER -24 caoho !tet Buosn Sr u ..,, Sreceived per slip Creol., from Liverpool, forale by HOLMES & Mill.l.4, nov9 9 Bank Place E XCII ANGEon Nw Yrk,, f er ale by A rADAIS & WoC IDIEALC. nov9 671 (ravier at .UIB STONE-3000 runniag feet 12 to ur i eh., g SI'E'I'EtIS & MILLARD, nov9-3t SA 0 Ioxes NR Raisins; S2o hanlf oxes do do lft80 narter ld do do 100 drum. Fis. landling, for arle hi CA AIII.'LIN & COOPER, no9l 8 Jrnlio at PILOT BRIEAD-50 bbls Pilot Bread in utorc. ard CIJAMPIIN & COOPER, * IrUln NATE) EEsT-A nrew arhicne, 45 besr _ landing from ship Euplhraers, uau fr rale In, S LOCKE & Co, norO 8 Front .evee IIEETINGS & Shtrtings--l7 hlrs Rusi. r hrcr l inrgs, nd 5 bales Lowell Lindseyo, landing from ship Norman, for sale A BRIDGE & CO, nov9 131 Magazine at SPE6RM CANDLES--13 bones No ledfirrd Cun dies, landling from ship Norman, f1ir le by ISAAC B111)G0C & CO. nov9 134 Magazine tt SROGANS, &,e--76 coset,, containing Mlet'rs atn ) oy's Oine kip Broans; Men's erxtra srize ltRusset Broganoi Men's Kip, Calf and water proof Boots, land itt frao ship Norman, lfor sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & C(), noe9 134 Magazire st $8,0001 Capital Prize. Tickets only $2 50. GRAND STATE LOTTERY+ Drawn natmbe of tthie Grand State Lottery, CI; a 49. 35. 15, 73. 72, 42, 55, 39, 5*3, 30, 5, 43, 63. C LASS No. 50. Authoriserd by the Legislature of .the State. To be drawn THIS DAY. Nov. 10th, 1138, at 5o'clock, P. hi. at the Merchant's Ex change. S. DAVIS &, CO, Msnagers. 75 Numlrrs--12 Ilawn Ballots. SCi EM E. I Prize of $8 000 $0 01)0 1 do 2 5104 2 5110 I do 1 150 1500 I do I2130O I 7)21 3 d,, 1 10) 36000 3 do 600 I 1400 3 do I10 1 51!1) 3 do 4011 1 211( 4 do :1011 1 210 5 do 200 1 016) 7 do 150 101)5 IllI do '10 1 070 15 do, 70 I 030 l'r3 drt 60) 9 710 ti: I 25 1 .57 63 do 20 10 63 d. 15 (i," 63 tio In 11 126 dIo 0 1 11r, 3,7011 do.5 11 9r11 :1,1:16 do 2 0 5!1,5'71 27,i- 4 Priza, .munlltint to 1 I, 118,'- Ti.krte $ .0li- lhaivs aI $1 .-(4-.rart.a 1R3. Pacoagers ofd25 Tickets Iur $62 50, ,warrantedl to draw It least $J.. Prcknage ,tf25 half ti.1 etls $31 23i, warrant I to Iraw at le$t $15. iackahes '35 Qrturter I iekets $15 t:3, w l. erarted tn draw at least $7 50. For Pacnkages or single Trickets, apply at tih MANAGERS' OFFl)' ., aors9 1___ 1 Chartre._ _t SMiBiitI.1.LAS-I16ucas, lndintrotl Ig Siaorrs, f for sale by ISAAC BKIDGF - Co, Snosv 0 131 Magntie. ast r E NS & KERItSES--2 camrs I).r m-iaed K.rr s J ey, and one case doutble warp \Vashiagtot Jcu.o, luatding orn shlip Nortlalt, for sale hby ISAAC BIIII)GE & Co, nov 8 1)34 Mrgnazine t I1LOTHi IN(i--18 cases saronoable clothing, lnadi.:g Jfromr sthip Norlan, for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & Co, norv 1:14 lMagazine st UST reecived an invoice of Illunt's (l.a'rts, e,,. sitingofthe frllawiog, iolfof Mexico, WVest lrI t ines, it o rasherlr; lnaks; West :Florida; Corast of Brazil, two thtets ; Alsdu.ierrateao; Ctar .r Africa; Cranuel; St. Ueio:tg' L Charnel, tac' lart saley . l OVIIl FEl'l & Co, New York St*tiotera' IIrllI, noa 8 2l1-Chtarr. ta Camp St. Theatre. " This tEre.nia, iolema. r 10, Will be pelfrmed the lmni.di C'omed)y of SHEI STOOPS TO CONQUER. Youne Marlowe, iMr. Tin rett. Ot ertnre, by the Orchestra. 'The performanee will conlwude with the Drama of a VICTORINE. Victorine, Mrs. Barrett. WAN IED O purchsne a good Conk and Washerwmaon. At. ply at the corner of Cr'nl and lillicerte streerts. novli-tf T)oIENRUi'FIt-40kegsprinme Glshre Butter . lauding from ship Loli.a, anln ftor s[e ty LA\ILENCE & I.tLEI.iENILE, nnvl0 `.8 S New l.evee L . .iti.A N'. _sTONIC T iIX'I'URE: , For tretenn atme tdnr core of the FPver and Aette. ST will ne readnily dirn'vered lnhe'eeia tle 'TI ic Mix Sture is sruperio.r to the or dinary mtde of treating the Fener nad A ,e. FIn the firslt Ilae,, bheing a Vege- v table Extract, and free froh tiny dleatdrious and poison rue ingredients, it nnlv ie taken witlh tie nnost snafe ty even by the tender inflttlnt, or aedll invalid. It pre rvents relarpe of tile disease, conseqnlletltly tile eonnritu t ion soon regains ilts wonted trine and activity. it eetabh lithes a sonnJ and permanent appetite, by invigorating the ntotnnch,a.d givs a relishit to te enjoyments oftnaste. BIeirng perliar in ha'ving a prcnltive quality, it remainir not ill the howels to increase this disorder, or to create other disenaena, but thortnghly clensel the t everal or-t gana of digestion, and thust hnefits the system with whatever other nal.rltions it may be oppressed. Individuals, afer tinhe -e ol'the 'Tlnie Mlixture, have h been exposed to all the usal causes of the diseanse, and have eciaped nney symntolntas of retlrn; whIerean s by y tie usen fthe comlnan remnedieo. there is always crean ted an increased linhiliyv to recurrence. Th'le danger of frequent relape of tille Ague, is very evident, for tile stemnl will soon breome tn mlcli prostrnte to he alle to react with medliine, and spreedily fill a vic tim to such ilncessant violence Thle 'ollin Mixture is foliored at llteh a remaanllae price, as to plance it within tire reach of every one--eno that the poor' and destitut are lereby furaisthled with asistnanen without tnliitilg the aid and attendance whihi is frequently denied to them. or elsr very reluctantly bensltsed. 'rile pntlic are re.trcotlv eainnttimIe alnnnt tlot Spll 'trinot imitationt of is nlenmdiin'r, rhltt are diily offered 1for unle. I is prepaled only by Dr. John R. Rowand, at his ng Lainor. r o MarketStrPet, Philadelphdita. r' 'rihe lubscribors are tie wholtellr nerp:lnts fir thle as South Wester lnteate', nid illsnll by rthe crosP, a. the Philadelphia price. 't'e iehatd at retail also, at nolt 'fthe A potftcbris i thi city. JAl'VIS &. ANDREWS, at Whnolesale Irllugcits, Ilnrl act Cttnnn & 'lt''i o:,inllllllne st IAl..SNa--:tt Ihuae M Ii rnaitinsa n .u 175 hl'f tit do; in ,sttre for salei b- hv' LAURENCE & Ii(;LFENI)IE, no ll a;R nlrd 21 New Itevep RIA ISS FIRIE SITrI"t. 1 0 0 PAll( a..r ne attern braI s . n. liio.nn . d tfir a l:t'.; for saIe my S l.OCK:E & Co, nov8 Nob, Prott I evee I p APr ttI IN ..- li.-he- ubserities are n ow re or prir ving at full a up py of nil hhn: tntarnor qoalities , tf p per, ink, qill , steet l nsh wltri , seab ling w ax, It tlay i r u-nd blnur cards, Iltnk books of every sin e und style, steam boat ioNks, writling iarhnentt, brt.ze i"lsltand suand boxes red tlpe, wile lils, lead weights, India rubber, pounce, &e.. `"c. Flor sale by~ I)AVID FII/IT"& CO, yet[New York Statiloners Hiall, t nlv7 r.1 (hanrtrel at 1)API-nt-10 reams h Co atlnl.n t'. er in tore and A for sale by S F J I' t III',EY no7 ar Co tin st ntrl If ' ontli a 1 :I1I)0 bags I(it, Utllll;e. I5( I )xes wtile I nn.+IIt l Al- SuIar,: 300 h;( Jlmaicall Iuilnlltllti0 pieces Kl ntucPllt ky life Raggin and 141111) coils Ro pe, i ' ose by a- v7 A I'lS K. tf-q OS IE C I' :l':-- 50 I; ...... ;,,:,1i I .... .l .......ues and for sale by IketYI)E & 'l{O~ A NIR.,1' \VANT'EIl)-A , iihlle n .ed tvoni .n .lL .'.'ouhl be pretrrr.d; "In.l ,m,' \' I" I1t,,h1- 1 tu /,: ,-. I" rl-ure llrc l. A yll'l. ;:3 i.. . HI 1 XII ll AN, r . .iOA . . 't - ,(.. , h l t have ilnlll el "vir I ,, .. . , +.. 1 I 7l, i l;i ll . IrvII Wde I h 1t 1 !t..I. ('!, it;:l; Ir \ , illio o f 1.r "IiU +'+11T1: 11 AN, il er1) ' 4,i :l l , ilr ls ,dt e illll S m iE IIOI' I I ' i N '. l- \ ll . l -il A rnh 11 11 rt l ill ARY. , r. .,RICi f I lll "All ''lll'l'l 1Nh. (i ]uI n .,, /s' , ,,I hH r En,' and T o (.; h I Io i cld N A il'.l IIf uy,' L I bI l" I1AI i A.I S IN I ut, Nlru ir&l5. 1 OLIVER T Ihe orr, thv Priih I r l y'i rwrllelsi; bn:rt ,Nog-h.u Just reh ivd, :h anip, t alh, i Ns, &t. noi 8w or C(a' nl.lll" 0' I N 110 H iov 1 priceN IIx L I\Allrs, :u I l t ou, ',itd Itr J hiss , I.a,.h' , auth Ir of " A I.t, A Iul vi' trit," AIIA Ril Y AUSTIN; or, dhentureNI in l l e Ih-hiti rly; voI s.y PH 0, oes o, 7,3 aniidd 0. hii i'ET1( YOUNG 1OU0E KIEEER soud ThoughNs n oovk r by t. A. Alo. Thove 3Lia Ad2turs NIIIO A NewICl.Ir.E AIYENt . l'.II I.: l S BY I1 lu0 n, r N ll. a o & . 5. OLIVER 'I'WIS'I';T r, the PIaii h Ihoy's rgre ; part 2, No 3. Just ret A ivEd lnd ol Nll by POOR'S t coal ove ll s , lwhic are litalle lsr rhlurthenl Also, Ston r's nuv 13 1 1-Frot Levee 1,8 c h Kio d, 31(10) do St. Douig-o do., landing per ship Isatc Elicts, fcr m tle by+ IATVONCE & L[.1IINDIE, a 1iE-ti500 blarrels lim e for -a!e hv O CE'IE IN.LaW IRLA , c,- NA.HIildC II. NR Ctll: IPPl'CI'ERJ L II \ MI.JAW, nN 17 tA I tiIl l - sts 700 cot s 1o",t for slh' hy IA VIIi-NI,"n $. I.1xINItIP, n orn 2S or 2 New Liver 1-ACK1IJ b. K I, riI ! - oe.u, hul-l ! iate , No,.. I J. for slde by lAWHIENC! & I.EGENJl8RI, 1 12 Royfal Street, SOIIN II AR'ENSTE IN sas hi. sale, d;reCt J frmn the itumeluandtries in Siholsia, (Prn t nsi,) a Irog asmortIent of laorImk nld Diper Tab. l n, T Iowels, N.pkins, A . AlIo, c ning, Shrlt iti_, Ilundkerclie , (. rsf BretagI" St Eutitllus, Platil In, Msut uitu urr ltitg,- & , which t alre wttttr' t d to be all pure 1inauu Alt, u an r turlent of Sortkings spla the jimies . . ' I Lt . 1I A covrit iwo s t 'r i h dllin lou , as a1rticolt rs s upply un tlllls p emises. Oi1FICE N. IRIOI EANS . NASII.IVIIII I!. II Cu: 1.i.('au',ge oflht rirrsf*sarling. .S ] 1l J l sze Cars vill dprllrt if~in thle. ,hsplt, ult l ie oI ot ofImCanall ........... Bull .... tlillhe G t ..l .,urnl'rriatte. in iel lu re, Ret I)t-uar, ore. Ret -urn. i, 14 11PM A l . !'.! tit - I'r+\ " vin, ,ors .d by . SiiLpt I ia a 1, l, I s:,,, Ile it). I,.t I'l C K\ XI\NI-, SIIO HF N5t (ravieri Ity SIt, , ' t I),riit tr l .t r - lr ut SELEC u' iudr. p , --t u I ,u y C.,,irs ,, ev i u kren (es,.rips tot fgc" itmt p i ; Oil aid W's stock If superiorcu r N IS ( E ' , 1rmth , an rrvri ury oT l tI I Sitnh & I.Co.,ttot ishng lthe s uli ribvr. MIEN IELIl,. --I- APl'l.-- - , - '.rI't.l.-- i A ,s isi .,t" hfo sii% -tnl 1,7 W r l lrg,ui. t 1s U AY-h45 bals prue tI4. liaMing frossu a Lau se L ian, and for sale h J' ) SL;IN & A COtIEN, - nov5 99 Common a EsS PUeIs- is .Hi ss anl d (i8 lbiea sot Miess .i Poerk, in store ai aal for ale hy STET'' SON & AVERY, nov5 88 Gravier at TOi'ES-lt.aing from ship Vilslllla an aasstmPneR 11 Cl'eo- IIa.ooking tste Bedst ' liosing lnsse, of liicrlcf. a.s.e., f om No 2 to 5, of tse latest patterns, suitable fur seain Iboats; for asla by l M H I)IEVEIIEAUX, nno 5 21 Trchoiiloulaa st A-- ,- A les, gond Nslnsnill t;o--plto J. S II I)EVE1tgAIeX, nov5 26 T'houl)ilOila ast NEW IPUt IICAuTIO)NS. 1H OW TO OISEIRVE.--Morals and Manners. By S Ilirrilt ti artilleaa, in one oa lllre. Public iltld 'rivate Ecesnmv. llastrarted by shser d vntiion s In in Eneland in the year £139, by Theo dhre Sedgahick--pnrl or-rl-d. Oddiliea of I.ohid an Life. Ity Paul Pry, author of 1 Litile 'edlingtiu,ian vds. T'Ie Ilperial, I Chri tnlas and New Year's present ,.or 839 re 'le \orks of 1.. E. I nndn--complrte in one vol. I hillser's Works, with illustrations, coliplete in one Is volume. Just received and tar sale lv l E w\.l ,M'KEAN, s ort2 cor Conmp & Comumon ast TO NIERCIIANTS. irTMtERCIIANTS can have a IlEsUIresI. CIRCU Lar sltruck off alfoaer ihoers NeOTrC, bly alinga the ir a Compsiting tRoo of TRUE AMERICAN PRINTItNG d OFFICE, St. Charles Exchange, adjoining the Reieu Ian Room at Corner of Gravier street. NOt) CURE NO) PAY TII. JOIINSON, 5 ltl:e 110 Ilierlile stenet, can Y fines hils ractice to the treatment Cll Venereal Disease, iii ll its dd renllt llrsa . n Dr. Johnsos, front e reisiscs of liany years in lha iltlls ill nEarolpei devoted to tie lrteulllll+llnt °f Vene real Ili-elases,and ifrotll his resa.nt erxtensive prlaclie inl atru partieslnr Irsniteish n thrle profession, gllarailtees a ssfe,speedy and efsldblt al cusred ' l ts ch isrssonl as are n"otllud with acv if the Ib llotisg dliseasTes, vi: e Glnorrhlean ileLta, SItrinllres, Cheneres, tu lihs, fSesminal Weoklessi Ailsrrtirns ofithe Ittadder, Kidneys, i rIins, Urethra Pronlis troe lad, Swelled I' esticles, Erlltiolls o tile SLin, Sore lolroit Pat 'na in tile Iointi ; d Ald the nlel s'Oli yanltOst lll nhich generally filowr Ibis di th, a he. ts Resi cases rIIred in two or sltlhr, ,Ihys eiltll tile ase of slercllr , iri tlrrre lltin tro:ll lasinals, or nltera- a sin i Ias owese of livinh. t A mledicine tIo revent Venerell Iuiaease can e ohb at to sedl os tr.Juinsnsr. tr is lionlm ile recipe of the lari lntrry, a calelnraled Frosleh .sgreo-tsallnl was ilued iy hlii dritrng ieeveril Cems i.nsr in whiclh lie i prv eld sla u rgoll tlenernrl ill he F lrench Armlnv. s rolld y i)r. Jesai to atl a lis oee. lsho: lrssones liau lg tlly nlIs t soll of Vetreatl insesas,1 ant eal -ot I siakis sCei voriyiges, os relisalloV i t so Ile iolss ntry-, wsIldl Ii weill by giving l)r. Johnson a ciall, .s Irroer Iedi aeills frtler re in tr l e iis rtet tille c l be pat ip with written direliOll fir Iheir ti e. Oni sce open floit ll s tle ornitg until so' elockat AI tiRNITtr IY'S I)YSP1AP t'IC ELIXIR. Ir. Aliernerlse, li grert eaItest I Elisi ll e- iiopsinl ilihat tlill-lltllt olrf tile lCr as es thia t afl .e - iseakilnlld orirs nate ill tehl stmonica . 'l his Elixir .s ns sied ly hmill thl ihe mos recisedetd, l s oisus.PI ill yeyuars, fossr til resiVsI ofi theb fllowing dlse.seas: Ioss ofis apllelite Iintulnescv, t)ietlsion ofthe l Stom natillon to slielIrlrrslanlritv of tihe Iowels, slsd ill ll 'I'llis mewdicine mut lmoSt be nuunhe.ed amongol th!. host of( ek iiootrtt l ow l bihe ria sl ierI i t. it ib tie al sf i i ssel l i tslllot 1 h fe al et ,lllllllmSi sie lll I llr tll EI :o ie'et pllrosdllurcesl, s tlid I h 'er-reit is" i tae witP lPllre lb ed by thill-eag lll fi l I o rtl large Is oty . 11 is at Iigl'.lll and i i il l+l hile eI',lr t nets it i a lhilld lnper lisrl re aperiod YOI RK, 7s Atl tesrtt, 11:1. :lu, : It I lI l .I tr,+n I s +,. Sby llil:--Ine oi si.inl-s sisrl -fi- . ii, i s -i..-1 s, ia .s1i have ra i e trIllarl l sir sdiiiI s s s, ii i s I o s ll o ll is - : ' I" i a- heo i tll llor h e. I ha ,e Asid a tv,, ni p 11 vi n'l 0, a lll II lllllberl flllll k cli i, ' t iii :l ' r YI allli , "1, I . i , e' , the I ·l h .te , i- d -p air. .. (. ,- n , , t,. n-ý- ,a tl'r u,,- ý, h ', ,tr ll '.l , I 1 S s t 'Ii , I ir It IIIi slllln rli : l l i to f it S e1 n I· l hal, fh :sa Ill,ltl i il hre. lIndI 'x lI m, lni lot , l hlfthe ble, m.q r,l, host cu bl'ryl, v re s•l, L re ai ome..llll H ,i" J 11'1 1 -i li-a r I 'T'ih R , tllg b ill Ilis- I .isssimi.ll tse isrsl hul Ii d ttss - lillllll+lln illiilgir Io t h o i llhvi , f lhe (.v al 'dlll I v - lobos' ..'n,.n's I II lhllt~u il,' .nest. l n,,v+ .'. - 1' "I:I.1-V IS°R II i .-- ' H)l u of l) iir Id Kiiti I , -liei " - l l i : ,I ci li1 sl y I, + i lh ,IIII ( ',l,, " 1 iltud t od ii I li a " lik II. Tlh- -iitie. s ' 'roncos r'dI A; '1ril' ,,,ill t, ,h ,, ill ,, !,'rl,' oIf letters, I Iltl ' ldi i-is, l f s-I : lll Sae. iihint lssIt, i. ",1'0 ,1 I,.t s.I ll' IV1- tlllm inr att uyini ishl (I ' sl la ter llli l lltl isiIsia illt e net,[ G l .o'ot. 'S lIIhIil-Ai-' e I elk of i11115 ,ll o1 call i I..lo i Sisnnlirepsoin ..,ir hess-, inNelni hiv Cells t near Newl Iloes. ply of I R lI'tl)E &12, oet23 cor Cumno & Slsesvie.str 4 Blank Checks, Bills of Lading, Alulcion P Bills, Pl'aphlets, dhow bills, Colia logite., &c. &c. ILLII)i:RSfs, Ite Aboeo, es'l eveey ohlie des- 1 rriptionnr f :- I'lLI~ LING(: ý received at Con piingg Iloos ef'fliJli. A3 RI ICAN," ill ST. (l it 1Len 1".1 cti NGF., 3d door front l~ (ravi-"l street. Extensivxi e and Beautiful Moon o no: loon FOUNTSs frosml thelhslt a,edrie inte United States, hour justli t' i bee added Is the alreaty teell-.starlsd Establihmsesl; -and~ (JIIIrEas will be alrruted as Low, its Cheaplyl, t : lxpeditioiualy and Beautislly, as Ill llyy other loce - ill Ihe Citey. Nedl-/f '1'U1 IiUIIGIS le'S. - UST rel.ived pel slltip eOI t ll frontl N Yeek F h0 gralclellock Cour llMlister, 49 do Fissil cli do 2 is ldo iones' lcialcied Mngnesia; 2 dlo Miller'sAlperient io 2 ds Seidlilzl o wdessIeefor mile elhV DAVID) FE:Ll & CO., oct12 N Y Stalter-ll' I1ll. Clhselee it N(17'ICF. - IHE sulscribers Ihavse ocejtIllteltemselven in bit s t0e. undler the liels of CIIILIS'l'IE . SIN NO1', o111d soi,,il i eetlinuancee tl' thle 15lpronalg ree. eeirrd Ily Ilir lelhs Clotiette, chlise eoIndctieg usiness n lhlsown nanl0 , as Whsolessle Greecer and Commission Merchant.ullt JOIIN CIIRISTIE, nav2"iw N. SINN I)Tl', Jr. __ Exchaniage A"Money Brokers. S'I'. C IIABLES VIIEATER ARCADE. A Bill. of Enchsngoe on New Yoek at eight, for L.$5011, feer noe; Inllcun l milloe Gold and Silverr Bill of Exchlllalge; Pleleossene Notes, Il1uk sino1 olltheMoc.s, Ileoglht, -old end echtnged. CARDS I i:T PRINTEID aql Ihe slee)sot Nolice, int the most elegatt mnneser, illnllBlck or Ceollod lone, sn1:no el Ill, Whlite Flske, or Pliai Snllfilled Clset, tnd el Prices eeIrc real55,ab!le ait lrll - 0 % 11-IC0 1N 1)1 FlUE, crnet, efl'oydinrs and St. Charles ole. S&erl Nei w N n sd Rvltifis Plaull/s 10f 'ypE hare juel beenidded to Ite Esleilishlle15t. Order- received at CootmptinS Reset, SI. CaCrleO Echantege, 3eodoor from C;-avier st. iWondoili & aeynolds, ARC LIll't CISi AIsXi) I il l :it, ,does,' rii'i ", 1. n, 'fi, oiI sOav -;''~ll V1 *sa V TI't·ngl n~,l I 0010 5 Suetet, Neew Orlensn. t U'1'arli ll v at-EN 1110o11(0 IIl. id lto she k tip o RU awa on1 I515lie sitteoitg ,,ftho' 3111 Ilcioiier, the slave lAIIIAIII NI-:, n riff, og~v :ol tIit ye olars; speak lFr t c lla nrll5 is5lwell kllI lne , u ni It w;11 , Irv i ls eref,,s fell. 'lI'cieerward will IIe 10id for Itcrl l tolry Ito tihie s Yacrib s Y III1iLE: &l MAY, :1 C 1,1510 I a 100 n1114 oteIIieshon oSlls LbIt orilselon trlher sre nc e boedmai~t kC awnll,\Vllll, or bnrhPRin f the oboe s nic e llor dSlade, Insr he pnalty Ill Ils hlets. 1 31-1 111 lie tecedO aI tll Ihe isiso FiellFitues Wree " Co~~oo 3lileotl ,'011 '1, /11tJ 1l Olutlle sol Clteee e d fel sle riole. A lolA 0 00011 blnest tot 0ls1,i Waoltnut, an01 Pni,,leollCtirs, wiechl ,,il~l he sult oet thelowest cell lolces. tl 13' It CoAINEeI. ,f je7 Ii Itisseilir sitret. I ' i tr n )R051 'or iesi.' 111 kbby Biot, on1 t'.l NON, net)3 IiI i s.1-Iit St. Charls Theatre. T111I EVENING, NOV. 10, Will be perflnrmed the new Tragedy of PIZARRO. Rolla. Mr. Pearson, Elvirn, Mr. ltrren. An Overture by Orhestra. T'hb whole to cnno:lod with the farce of THE WIDOW'S VICTIM. Jere.ilah ('lip, Mr. rHarrison, t Mrs. Iattleton, lMrs. Farren, Dress & Masquerade Ball, WASHINGTON BALL ROOM St. Philip etreel, between Rvoyl & H.tmron. f Il lli Manager of die b-ive nmoled Btll Riomn,grate _ fulto Inis friends and the public foit.e unparltl it lelled palronage beslowed on him or several seasons, respectfully informse them tihat le eltabli-hment has been enlilged for the amusement of visitors, and un 1Ilergone immeose repirs. Thle bar will Im urrpaessed Iv litone itn qulilty of liquors,tand ie Ihlerlntrnt c ill tie kept lby the aiesl eslinetratl-rr in Ihe UloilteI dlecre. The room will re-open on Saturday even rig 3rd of NcorlPier next. Ity GRAND DIRESS & MASQUERADE B I.1., and will take ilace as usual every Moendayv, Wednea dal ond Sitllerdov Oreing, irinl. the season, which . will a rid on lhe leti of May, 1i39. N. II. ie lle rectt aileltention will be ptid Ito ke.:p iig iPrfecl order throIughout the eslablislttonlt as was l one last season. ntrit24 FXCliANtI Rt.lADINil RliO(l. lIE pecprlrietor lse re-fillted lil Ilealhiig Irtiom, in i t t. Chnlits Exclmnge, (iriter of Gravaier ail nd SLt (:hrles slreet, lin the ailesl manlllnoer. les ite e ai l tho iil i a reier o thie Unitod ,'atese ofevery city litd sile. tie (cariilcas, I'iixo tiiii Mcli n o antd auanna, thire rn ti. regtulorly and ce xtns.v i Iv sUppliet wiih the latest linrolpan pnles. l.o,dt's tLitts., ll Plier'. Prele Ciurent. Also wilth ie:ily IrbtketLiLrary Perlic l s of tl iei teollrl ase ichre a br lirhtin cribr of the onden, t dhinlouro, \ior ningthe Pt letlii tIceviews rci v ltckwceili .hMigainie. Tihe ht Cihinet litoelolly )enltcnratie Review, l;erI.tilenieii' a geaiie, American inlllthl Ilyenly's Miscel riy, the Mexito Chiirrgaicl itriew, alln a vnriety of ilherls. All tIhee workiere reguhlrlv slbscrib'd tor liad r it. eie yl. The room ii also Su pplied with l O lil e llietly ofteiper and itl atr , Nile Rergiser, Levy' I'rice Cur rent froil imt eouml c icpeitiiu, GalaDtCersc Undl c variety of works orfrhirernce. l ho 'rue cnitl ttivce & illlelliPenr neWsenllceetor are ens a pltveld, tI give tile carliest atriis, and noii paills nor ox Ir easure will re spired to renlder thit ielliing Rlntl tle first the United Stlaes. lisherilition oar- resllectfully rc e.e ic. ac' Iotll--ti rId ASHIIONARI.I PARlIS MIlI.I 'EItY. flt lll subt.criber liiutlhe Ihtteir if hiiiriiiig tIhlle I pI rdie., tlht hl hita rev iv, per ships I.atfitvllett ndi MIiteiei, ii siipll'y oif fail ll and wiliiintr .illinerv, of Scnlllan en pectld In Idt, c i optcetd lia retdy for exam ilatihic ou llltiay tlot iilcdilv n tl. e I) PS -IrhNI.AN, nova 25 (Chlarlres so MlAYORAII.V OF NEW I III. ;,l S. II Illiire o Ireh leolr Io-tilo y itd $I .1i elrlcrreel S atecolrlilg t Ih ili, riiirtif; the bitkur hall di Sritg tllle cr set wOeek (frot.iil Molllcly .trl illt..7 ny - Sciif bretad for bitt. itlread of the s.eond rqtelity is m- reqluirerd .t weigh 2 lt5 rct....ore. t iz:iiei 1 oui.... ,i- aov,3 C. (;ENOiIi, Mltlr. all NVcLI)PIti ['A'-.-Just rcive I t fw rii tlu til cfverv spiipriilr l.cnvellue .r l'os Ofirce Itaper, Ilumeinlt ro'lial u nd ilntIeiptl siztt , for sal,. Iy tit It VII) II I'E .T l, ieNewo York claluuners Ilaltl, ni , ouc 1i.ihctrrect i • +'R Al i'Ki . I'c -Jt t r ived at Itow ottrpies i if rlhe lter-:ltu- u'e soil Sovtmeur' Exlpedition iiMeasuirter or Icudy Reckon er, ftr sahI by I )iVIti It F t' L . t',i, New York SinituriCT'r. Ihlil. ii'4 'hlltree stt f') I; It Pl:NrI'11--15 blarrla spiri·ts of T ,rpenaine I ndling fron shi t Ier on'lt, irt sle byt ' 1)rggists, ct '6 ror m',n n.n A Tchiopilias at +I " 11tI4- `2 ,,, f P0 i ine pv- it suplrior qualbly now I it stIore, a ind foir al I Gi by q i.+,AAI". Rltl )Gl': &" CO. n L.v3l IbI. li nl l int alt V A N. ' .I , \ I{.--'.V Carll I I, . ro n, ii{ i I"I IX "IIt S " g.lis, of ni prilml eltl iy I ldllln and1 f,* r lllc by Gl I ll.. \"11 \l· II' l r OAtP-i. , b. es .No. I -& . "Si.op, of \fter.n h ar, i and Vle ntnle ,r'd. i01) htxe n pt i en wh it... a ,ncolred p........ andle..., mle r,rt ivierar . ii barrels c n, itry Castor ill il t r t l) r llOV.' i 3 ;tra tet r sii Ilýlv, - 'I'11 I'N 'I'. a tlt. itrl and tonnmod:l in II"I". m m er r lev1 L un tin sur", , 1ligazin s t Ii ,, Nlllr B ta atnllh InIaLLhr N I-'T' he sbiv woild "lalher It dlll rti. cII pri to clil el, t 1I, r ti lIlvll* \Vill'l'iilGlti: & co, nl 76 iMaogazine at _'I :\1' P\ PIIt ---Just-reeeieit :-few ares cvery s-n ' elrr hi llue tall d ll l and WlrlI il wove Cl ipad IIAVIll Fil.T - CO, oitl5 N ''Y S lali cnr's Ilall, 21 harlrea st SAl PKERlit.- n ta'arriNo I r ai ke (en d aI No 2, in stodre and ibr sale by II Alili' tIiGE 4& CO, Ntr'l'iCj:. rr gllE Olier of tlhi NeI iltlran and Molil,' Mni Line is irel.ved, fr,,l nder hIe i h I otel t.t No.r78 Poydrns streiet, or whichr itlta' letter a will be kepiatlp an t I-I in I A rn. i.rt anyle tiers &ac. Ths or d frthelnr iti"na will bae pOiln ite Paost }idibaS lnt t.ii i e. nyvl r;F(t). \VIiITM \N, 'IC E -6 11 `6 1 1 ,. l (.V-- .N o tinn g .from s, ip Iambler and Columlnus; 123 packages of biedi cinea, setlcaed der our personal o servation, express ly frr this aarket. Threen do powderead Bark, 400 ounces Srulphate Quinille, Te arn iarres tre Alcohol, T'hree cases Liquerir'e Paste, tr 'l'weaty iaabiiaoil Vtriail, - I:pson and G inauber Salts, Twoty oxes ltoward's 'onic Mixture. Pnre Grortnd Ginger, Jalap, Opium, Spaonge, Oil Peppermina . Oil Lemon,rTararri Ancid, Soda, Saidtiitz lo'adenr, Soda Powderrs, Ac , fir haaeiby JAiRVIS & Aii)RFWS, Wholesale 1), uggists, slt Cor Common, & 'ri'llopiinlo. stt CO'I'TON .Weigser's Oiw sook-Just receivend J few dozen CoiOn Veigier's (rwn Baok, sruled and bouned in the neatest aanner, fir sale by Dl)AVID FELT Ca, New York Sttioner's tHall, eat30 -dO Clmrtres tnt lI1ECA-1--140 bnaa tiaapawrlrtira, eaca ll31r, tad 10110 b bxes Imperial rea, i staore, and tir ao lw by J T iAYER, rat30 74 Poydrns fElPPI'EIt-1iiir hags Pepiper landing from ship Cola umbus, and or sale y J TAYR & CO. nal:0 741 st a|'1IO'ZATZI Kelchp-5( b +es landring roto hit 1- Columbus, and for sale Ilt Y by I iand3 lu ckorel, in whole and half barrels ED. SPRAGUE. iOct3 2"t Cuatom Harse a * xIiOBA fCJ -50 Loxes No, I m.analtclared 'l'ona Sco; 20 do' louney )ew t landing and for seb S&J P WlI''NEI:Y, An',;. 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ICLANNON,12 Camp at I NO''ICE. r- rIII FItm1il:.N'S INSURltNC (OFFICE has ie been temporarily removed lllmoved Io 45 Canal strret. nlxlt Ito lthe lerchant'slll' ad 'ralers IBnk. ii anal ill ij'AVIS-La Iiurean d'Aanura n , adrs Paopiiai ies temlrporsilarrule trtallsporte al irn' 45, re diu can I jonigllnt in tlia:qlle des Artisans. nolv SS liH l ti E LL," LI .ta 4-4 )tiwn S Sheeting., and 10 bates ine.a mllap lhire Dril lingr,landirne trllra ship Ipalmatia, for sale by ISAACt ItIII)UGE &CO, nov5 1:34 tiagaznirs Ire A d LMLt :'LN L N.aCK fhr ad3d--Jasa receivd rv a efew copiesnof the Au ricalm :lloanack for 8139, ri- asale by DAVID FEll.' n Co. ich New Iork Stationer's illll, I.nv 24 CIartres at SH n from ship L)nhalin, nanr the ril road, tor sate by CHIIAMI'iIN , CiiIt'ER, nve. 8 oy Jalia nteet jr'l'Sn:i'r-llAlatmrnrua, i'n444o ant d thairrat, tar rt sale by '1 Vl H iU"rE & 1 .Ld', nuit Lou .Jt. a :h t& CUoni.ou I

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