Newspaper of True American, November 10, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 10, 1838 Page 4
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h h..J saieslppi Aitd _o"uistianna Hotel, M RS. Y K KLAND renpectfually an. roun` t.olworfriends and the puhob net. aly that sh i prep.r b to aecomlmodate themnl at i e. anbovR etahlinilahmt, and hopes from Ihr " . tonsto rrider visitnrs renmffrta',le to raenive a contlinatanaa of former tivors. She fils confi. deat that .prtitas visiting Coviaoln u it'to'i, the tat ..~nier mant.. ronnot f.nd betterr a:cenanod tinas S t shte OP.ifrhord thetm, on mor. heral terrs. Nl.. o W fnollay situted, and well suplilli'.l -.I eroory convenicouc.; the bar is firnished with s 'hl iua.dt.ohtiiae ligq.or. &a. in ahort,she promiml e Itttat fihinm t shall h w. tnting on her part to gave itirn satistaction to all wl)h may patronize the l/iisiisippi and Latinianu Hotel. J3 ..fO TlE PUBLIC--The undersidtyhavng . stu, lild undeor Dr. Solt midt of Chlarl.slon, : , otftlurnolina, and Ior snome yeors his assistant in tho'proetieo of me'in and lsurgery, has the ronr to affir his prote-sional services in this city. I HeI l.reifll ladies and ge,,tlenmen that. the nmot pro " tteltntion will be paid to thl eaols which may be mode; ndi also oflfrs his eraceco to tihe holders of'p .ea, boing well acquainted withl the *diseaaes cn.nisrn to lthl , lotving attended them in It aue ngar honus in Chtarlstono. $ 'The fanmous anti bilious pills ater the composition ( '-Profeosser Smollette. owith directions, eon be had lhi e undersigned. The effect which they have p doned in this and other cities, has been attended with the greatest success,. to which the best of referonces can be given. Apply at No 166 Matagn. sin street. JNO. M'L,OItING. IfI~LLOhV WItig. RTWo - jlif fECiVS, EiA IRONS, &c. THIlE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 23S Water, near Bec:kma street, Now York, have received tile part season, and are cortslnantly receiving large and extensive additions to the stock of the above goods, whicll now consists of the allowing assortmenat, suitable for the southern and westerin markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots ol'92 diff.lrent sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 golatns, Kettles, 15 sizes, fro,- 3:8 to 18 gallons, B tkrp'ns or Ovens, 7 dfferent sizes, T'. Kettles, 6 do Skillet, . . 5 do Flat Spid'rs . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 d, Orddlles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 de Wagon boxes from 1 1 4 to 4 3 4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. \Vood Serewe, 20,001 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inch, No. 3 e 3:9 inch, No, 4 of a superior quality and fiaish, antd less thlao Jiae's imported S picen. Stal Irons, assorltd, in casks of about 500 lbs for reta:iag. 'rlilor's and hattor', Ironse, assorted. Sash weig!lts, 100 tous, a:;orted frtom 1 4.4 to 20tbhe. Bells for PIlttations, stcatmboats, churches, &c. lmade to order, Also sl.t6ambeats and other machinery made to order. The at onv assortmernt of goods is particularly reconmtllendatd to thel attention of Southern andll VWestorn mtrcthats, and are offered for sale aat low prices, tand upon the most lilberal terms ; it is be. lirved to te the largest and best assortment ever ol for sale by any one estab:islanctt in tie United States. Moerchants, by forwardingl at retnest by mail, ca. have a prin, d circular, with descriptlon Iof goods, prices and terams, front whicll no dovatioa is ever made, furnished by return of nmail. All orders will receiva immtediate attention. New Yorlk, 1533. j,'3 Swll* S .tnIp and 'iikl. , It taaht . ....tirek; lc, ala c Oattill ohall, h t . la.\ VIS ti , aDti' la\ , taco a 1o ) l l h,+r +'()l I t ntIVllao Ie Lao ' . dl , am o lfi 13 19 ,.nTi~.,.e =rto cu Fsp n dt.vefliy y bIot-r o n Triton slier! , e tween 'l',rluh 1'"ie: h a, it ,armada +, l .I tcr t. ptp. a aly taa l Jt t 'l ta I1 dirt do ioet, . h N tat u l do , ld 1:i id rI u r l! IP broad | e r- ,,'li) l Ir,1 cnp, crhl.ntlv L,, lind la l h o n ii · "l'r ' aI' V :lIl•lT & 1'o. (_._ _1 N " , .t:,tio t ,t -' Ila J, 'i t hart, i: . ' .1 el atft of . t d '; a, et.-h ..h"- lle h ' ea 1aa l fa , 5!i ,t1t tat tat ra1, do li;a1; :i0 d u i t l, 11 b lit i n' i.' , ell' .I ( to l lsr lhleir'. Ifor t it ta alCt.r 1 I aiTA.O l iaaaa f .tra io 'tl r " Iv I, mWililillo, (. aa1h. caly t 1t l a o I; T .lo.i Il lt:il slid IAthldit. g Al tila eat pu'! l .t+t, -II rn l, I toD lI\I II t' ''. "I 'l tI. mill • N }'' t'i~ a rt' lh l,:fi ll 'a tl',Ot. ~1 t t fa IRding filrl sl , -_ S "t1t 1 ' tlIIl);1: &h I'lla t ,+,!t 1: at1 . alea-,, a, ' t' at I - It t : \ I', 4 NWI' aa-t aott,- brichk I'oi , eitt "dta'' 5 do'a - .t frci the tia c ,od a t' l ua t ii aliar Il.ol,a a "at'har es st l t. l ,tt -i t r y l oa i , f . i s iea t na ' tli t lyt I I noll (, Ite, Itl .": , i w Itf . . " A(+ IC'lT . , i1 1ri', ;-- L ............ i,,...,,i 1511 coils Rioepe, handine fromt Almbassador. f rnle by 11 ET & .\1MEII\t, I1n9 17 Ct lllllen e .. J .froL sic S ln · r ;ot 11'a .. In... ,m lfr sl:,, Ihv YO HKI'i, MOT'l, ill HS, I.|6 63 Comp -teel. 'N0NO MERCUoY NOR COPAIVA Aaow (hle ais, N'tv.1., 18 7. .k ROi .T Esid ,anlld aol I ia Iae tntr ha o i r.l. al asaret diaaeaaa, fit chac I lhve a. dhad to aele ral dt ll.t ls Ibr u lIl',, ;tol(l] the, did llnot 1ru IIe lil'. r nInO. a ll tille sbova dte I l t myIIfInI er tl cmsl oa f I)to.11t illet. at ni I exlnecat a li,- to cure an . Silce thntt ipe lie blist .e ot worel , ~o it to hrcnk otf t ill ltller ulcer, to the llmintier of six or eight m, on it leg, nl all .ove , wy race, ..... . I ... I, or . .. 'l t , la n Ia h . . rl, ilt . , presenlt bi le " t'e, r a of ti,, ot he r r o s , le o ir l thIe ri lht sid. r ,1 t , hethro u. I fli c i c r I 'cIo i~ , curill To belhe.r lct creed . JU il+.\ I)E:A-N. ' D olfa'h, IatIa thast th nadae msi neII,nl ,taseaaa i 'itho, elld ta,.lrld I lil c nvi l Aawcti tc, i in fl . h h Ithan llt , l . Ita, l; mil. n aoe.m v.. r I ae .rv. lhat thi,, nloedi Vi(+ l , Riker trt ll l lltt o i , I 'a,' fllt awll d id n io ,o i i sll h 1 all ; t R n'e I advise i AN I,)R W Stlifr$ lu ilose n time umn I ap yi a Ion r A. Dll[uu , Ir l ,'l r deta terab.le, I.ptarin hat o hurloe Ireth. laNr. luotala i t Ohck 1 3, a o'-athact, 4 Ma ta l . T'nt'y will fia d t tel da t fr r 'thia - . va.anhtit. lf alv iarly warnt to ae a lIPi, cell at No.aI4 (;ay|ie Isreet, and th.i v rill ti w o eisilhrd. lTo be Iubli'ahd al the op fai',. of lr). tluat. JoIIhN tElAN. N w, (lalata. ,. F'I., , 1'8. . fII+ t I ,v gl4l' : (;el ge ine Iodiao I s clutoll f I1{ I ·+.'Or l."l llll 110 Iltw 1 b ollo'l, ii po t all in holtls at thr low irice 11" 51t ali ooef, e, n .olmttniolni the Itrt,' of tha e ou, lla es i f l.a l ,lat lart, a i Ist+ lhtae 'iralll a. a o11I oatt' ther rots and .httbs kowhn anlt;a tha e [nli, ldian a allicalaus in caa urin : 'Gh o itit l t.l lIt telaed , Ii ala wh ihhh ,as m ltt' I lhea ' o f tisit itt es:tt mht l \ih, it hI' beten I,.tillllt-i dottt.a ha, obi ,tal a d the ela tlaia en'e aa, ala ' c Nat' ne a. tidltall a tll t of ai,i" tn llh itaiai, , a lt Ifit , (.llle l of lllo , eold.,-, )an ill the tile, want of" rest, spi.tti ng or blo,)d' lite om t aElainh a , . 'To whebl t it ly c ,nern. 'rhli' is ti r· .nrli,, Ithat we If!te It ola llarat patta a flria' tentli iplescrib ed A ,l t's (jGar, ltr's It din laedi ll a I fil' It erwrl ta <d llilrcltt , tll a dcideoad aIh li, 't: ae can b'l,' ·r, tr,,iaalla thle know. le]ge of the materials it is mdadl fr.a,n ;ia l , aa ee vattoa and evlpeaimtl e renl.,llr nl it as allpenr.,tl.tprta tII or all'tbose saItlrtans ofa thea Il" -r, fir wvia"h- It is re aiutlanded.. AItBI1tET W[I.I.IA.,, M. D. CAtLVIN ELI.IS 'a. ). nl.ataet atlal Ilaostta, Medicalt Association. Buat.a. October 2,. sai by J. lEVIS & ANI)Rt1\VSt Il..a...... tee ,l l ,y toe -l e.licul F n.a ul . S.UTLER't I':.Iterveaent ]aza.sian a Aprieuat-t, L dytaptpia ao, in ligesti-nt t eryu, d, ,lit,,, ,i . et' ,lheada, het,aai'tity of tha steac.h hna i,at l a. liveea ae,aataaoa.atdia-.-ecat,oat Ent.el(a n ( ul,t1.h galaed a. a gea.tle, eoatlila nr"iva . 'ahis dtiaarble proaanralimiat has reteived the nalr-a a .e of ~e'ny ermlinent olember R i+|' o ,,e pc olf.+sinn, n ,1 from atdiscerning pIm,lic I.utoy rePsi:e·ahh1 .o :cid 11ila) I .ee attedl t natia lal 'it+ elit a ,. a. a In-Itiil a+ taa a, elicited. +'a'ilt uall tlhe t leaa .;g qaalities ,f a t -l-s a lola wl ti a r. It r , it p t,. taa the lh e ,Io ,li ,,,l ltaratrlis of the ti l alll, r red sa iwltrata I lrCatve; it Is a ca-noll IMPOttTANT CAU'rTI()N-The' ic'ra ,'ail' reta . 1, tiau and ret dear nt d fd r a d llte- s t lina l-via elll 'aa i.t ,,. nin Ape¢rlent. hlte heIell Ili i":dn.ente t for otlce, I i ,o' aeran nitatio n fit l his vahtuabe IIed c i ,e. P" ,'h . rs pre pr iehlnl ly awarnt If thattei ti h t tlt aIalt b o. * i"g.i l rdl , eld not ptncldr., adn o-par,, nrpiCle S 't it-'alahli a rt , . ae r ea tut ly inft r ea d that lle - !,at ri . tg are t.aaaa,'ttay antpiied aji h Dle at alt ga oluta prperati ats. Fatr let wit' eo tt n at d re'ail SI('KI.F, .t r (. at ,'nat m 18 4 ) Canal a'reat.'N (. aVnag. awalt oa Hair, giving healathand beautat ,naI S s atU l i ni , I vl l ue s , ". , .lefore this Hlr ail ws offetred n tolte laltllae, it Ihtat ateern tried iaa htndr, d.l a f casesof baldpssa, thinness, n d fellinig o. of ltl,e huir, atnd itevary! it.a lshari e~l tr 11ae bareen realiad. It ilsaa aaer railed , t''radmaa a sgw. ad teatatiful garowth of haui, ta Iteada lready .bald. in oasas where it becoae day ant caaerset r, row W i Oil will very sournadter it healthy, and proluce rapid and behoatifaa grawlh of hair. wit'ultt the leatl injury to the head. T'lhia Oil gives a.t agreenhle ra granes and is preferoble to any other IUy( Oil for per uotiog,tcurlng ahd glosasing the hair. LP.- h ir act be'o rer ilty tpl at'ite i For sale at ... &, D'LANGE, P1 IMiON. (TIARTT &r Io, arne nnaw rcneitnglro P; tu b,,rd cthip ()leans. Pnale ICtighltander, T'oker Ilr? .l.'ew, Piten-h mlad Gerian plny tecrda; Back 5: 'ta'i l Ilard.s Cheimca ca "1-4 and 3-8Ri inh Ida aitd l:dS; r,9. iatd en c- inch ade ticwie Kuclerr ientlecr Runl otlhr tnlveliait DIreascing Ctaes; Bait, cakbl, tlotccml:1,1c am c .li. Pidtflc ducble d and -iawdb harrcPl,'d (;aos; (-cie Rag'; Shat Ilelta; Paowder oill Pis: aluiaks' Dra,. eltles nd Drinkinn Cape:i Par- icc.n, a Cap nd C it lloliorm" Crloth lair, 'tlnth: '-ta'v Inc 'lltir lrnidr., Ric ulrti end Frizrt ier; i Pars. c i,a-c Poilet .ivdcr en a'lrv -c-lis ivory 'itia Cushic'n, ' dn ': '.,ltlr otr G arter; ·lla El'atier St usenl ers;; i t-r rns'i \a (lii! crat ll actIlry ad -lrht c: Bed N ci l ares .In ('hciw Gilt an .d a iii'eri s; (acie indi n l-ati t a l Il;. r ani.l Pritea: Shell 'F'zk;t: Side na d I)reDsta (l r: bi; w hirhi ntldilo Ine tlhir fairmer stiock ue hadl. irle:i' their earmt,cwit very omllpete, and will hie sol l, ' lan u libact: S'l term s, at ithe ci.l of ti hea Golden ti5-t, f 711 ('hartr- .tret. rltI riT I' lls+-'lobers, .\;,rter 6i-r ;hI PIs Pllie-er Ilm t e si"l \`'..C 1. Iti : h., ll r, Sell.iil, l En.-l n d, Ilh F js he l'i ll n a' t'it rv or n .il m stt of .n. r , ` , onsi-lin of 'llr aI 1 es I tli" r t , n itf r. ... Ihtr t'rlaailu, Pen IPorl t. iir i, iain Sper I) llllt a iiiPi RIaIzori , . .i n thlit to the ' etich h rir .. o rn s iil m wl I es ailc I c, la ll c , i ko tlIac t I tle ill,,e. I' \Ii1('N'I' -i'i titt,& CO.-tAret i Wtiii e Rin 1-per lhil ell dEill, c hlgli, ciltrrv Au \ dti', lit - Ict1c F'r le: ticII (a,l 'im nl dtile lt nl in itic viacs: Pl.e, re llo: ,capll ihallehr ; Facins' r as, ct. ,er ln. Ie' (lOu ' i's t cmm l rri a ll ni d tfte- \tel alril .'in ad; \'iot ilt itcintct, shell, ivmw o lfta Ild(c ll e ll l ls: odlc'ic c k, b td aintl hir l lth illlcste hair l mill, Ifitn Iiii1 ci '('', Ilnv laiaid m itl a istt ni!, imti i ..ll itn; ' t at ti let ,l 'h ii Stilli rai deesks nd l d'es ,, e; lses: postr, 'erlnkcll a lali t:l o r ell lýl t; mSg mi rror s; opdll lin c:tl hiiamstlg i er'i ; lfii a ladht us, t i K itllt i'i ni-est ctvii rllan; it l twine tiet lllr l slltiluc i s:lnar; tl'ile otic titig tcitattatl'iti',l~l~ t act tatac iti rut-itt cttla h ttt S l" sd alr , 1i: l l\trl w cl H iiltI l u lillv chttia ltlitllls alls SIrrkl+iac .sl llillimlt' all ,;:Ill packet I;okeis and "+'lietts; l.ll: tl heltct, rTolwe stint|;t fil(, nita l e nnt n i mi n' - lhi t llallt:I l. s, litrletl ' a-I t ile t h .n ltdcs l es il ver fIgrsil ; (-ilevm( ,rSr. cka f.t The , lear in l old hili tir: l to olr o r slenk l feancy taII'kl ' iltkestcia tnil'cid' llelll a ca'ai'ia 't i,''i l ta t , al e iv-lre ,ort ln il l a tea iie il'ilnie ia llluii on l it, 7 , SitIll In,'le itIeNic,' IItIu a I f .,rw lldl o:ll ll , 1|l-nnil Ihlrric S(io N i sll . ;PII l' I:l; rrii, Kelhe i. I s' . oi rlldnev, at, ti isai rrt l & hr d ic ofI n'+" ]lnly h , bIy tfil. d|Palllh ) Samnuel A +'ll l ttill Ilir thici tracrIc itaai the firn , a-c ' 'rIlce I, reirurd, 'urvivina prlr+ tnPrr, will tie eha-r1ed ditllh ,ai-g lin-a ll ha shrlcs'ii said is less sit cllo ws: ci ° ialiit, katarris& (' Natc'hez; ' d tla rri-, Kel F & la.,rat tat ciad a tltl pihnra ,ctla' ,,i atten' tco ic settling ia ll, tha cll asin. sic eI l, '' l ki cton i ('o. at I New ()Arlline. The nlmes ofi ,ch or.arLl I6rlll wilibe ilU(,dh Innig hhtatiOU llm .i ' thineIs int. a'ted llioi u ar al lvi retlotrdr ilavnlg chlaims hilll lease presenlt ritl whhlloutdlelay. a IENIY IiEI.E aY. J P l.- .I ,\ RI1a i t' I Ait I t I 'i.c CONIE.O ira '.\TEI + lll}.m. 1111: ,a nd ,, cllt'ii- (,and toilet snapsii .(i iP[lrt ( .itc h mirk, kllllnk, l ';:II,.. 1'(i. . ve.,z ehls etp hl r oil. pli m lltlll l ll,€i 711 (hartr,.s stiit. 1i \V N I" O ,"l-- Shlnloll. IGli'l S-& I, ,i aiP r le1:1" r caivill tg roin oln hl rlrdil ships i } zoo, liil, t;lilto flt endrl g (b i ugrll o ia, frotm New York, It elniol v 'irhly i I i oods in th , i hr lime, whirh toei ther witCih ;heir Irn el, "tork on h,l l,I Imakes illr a ,.tlor,, en eryr : I l tb'e. The hilll...r i a l .,-. a part, ciz: : ell Ito ilt, ,,' l il , .r , t i c k a n it dl r oa i lle r olll i| ; ., i t 'l l h odnto '-f l l d e's c r i p ti I Io n s , l n - I dn rublbhr, silk ;aid Ivm' ) lll aslic sfabhers. ritimml)l & tline i elli, +ilcptcild ( rs, ](( II I'ol ( o fllud litcil;,r mlaltlcIhes, Slvidlitz , I-wdr, rs, you rldlle plc1:s n n hoxes, lcilt'l oiwolderi lo(.ket IhooIka Indlit l llet, needie Iooke, sh'll, I tl` ll'I Iirv liland Irmlclirl c'('o udira| se1111es, head -rorn n nts, |iiili('o ri hll ]. ads, i lt lace l no ' ,-'ligt'e , heTad , rhahi,:l: b ad 1 ineekll,, (I t aloea~, ,a ld p: anII I (\. a ts 'i ,,I l giltl ewuls, Indian boils, beIl li le and p lum s;i iistl 'IItl Io'ell.ow < nn lir].1k- sh t belt, hne,'I , belt. p::kektl an lld dl ilinl iisil-·ý; dolbi l rii :'l l 'I;, ;:_ I mr roh~ b ilina, Ih w "ie knives, nil dl ,'irks ,rri n , i llt are1 ( klil, I:;..: , - i ,lid vhniC a, anlld rilbl,, aist lnrliuekh , c'hlodh, hair, to(oh, 11.1 nlllIlP h, shoe. bi, l lri(, n, ulll b,'ar ni illig ir:ciidll Cl,'t l kr, .i tio,, , l hio.' aml gellthlraii'i ' dte k:I mlld resshng r otl-h'al \1 ,l 'k boorl ,, planhi ill , 'lli, ii -otl !ind vwst bolt"-, p ro t ii l '1 shirl do,, -hilt stilhl.d ,geld qi ','i1,"111k \1 Rt- ,i1-t l'". .l, i" !1 " IL llev ,rlivh., I X l.l Imli~lhl. hi ,ii i ;i. Rlhw< coo'1 I 107l l - I<,l ll.i s -hell' I .. I' I'..h l reioih v t r ,wSP cI led., I oln r, h tn e !+ lle r, I Y(eio Itl:, ,t "Ir lnilal l nI l. i tin, llnrll, or. ilt . illl II', l 1 til'et r I wi th I'iRi "U1, eeIIt Y-( I o e, Inl rer, I ri, goney, +ilefil It rllllel hllr rllh (.(or, Io l rp ll o, a l r.ox.l po I (111It'rliI oIt. I' l -illlt ri lhlNll l a rin to llh w Ish cr I tlll Ill , tl pll t 7 ro ,lll ilhh Il , oI i -l l ll dlllo d lil~ltli-llh'r, ,Iii t il~l(,r }l~ i 1i- " t h II illll ;t ll+ . :l I llllOO1 I, hitN l n l rll' l n- d tll l t t ogehe wiit ti let NJte It I'(llt L"r I I It A 'rii Altlonyh+fl1 ot fre , r l\i t, rl.I'.,--uue oflh,, hl e tI n +lt iftitl )lL -i hie sat p ,i ofalll Iirh ,lfwhi d s ntil ro "in r 1 s an. Az o on 2ll llllo onWllell I greblllllll: e h i ill ,, I O , SV l o. o til h.or , ' hsl tt Smell bin .11"i i I llln . '1 I . r Ill" I~l I lli' I Flip .. 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I N iti lllll(ns i, el y illth[ l l liIil I' 'ilt ll'h- .IIt (toill t x irltl li ,St rl'eltltl 'l\Ol', w tlha d "llll t 4 t1,i- U bI o -- , l It A - t.. ol of'I: h1 1t io l t k 1infd I : l i ll ,i ll pl th tttIh llll l it llllw IIIpIII lt llll h 'it ,) i' " toIi' ill i' Ltha li- t l i i it er . oD. bn t l n F11 eln.h, hi'o, ill ;I--- wit ,,,1 o Il l ' 1 ii oll nrhllll b ." inl lllllllr lrll o , c p Ill Ie, pill t l l il el |+o l ellll lt - Ilnlll It llwn . o ill l p 1;y i it111e,·11 I( s o.dIr.llot k ille ,llld rull I, (S .111'lN titt li l • NItr, tlllllel rlt, inl.' i) iltllllll ttIIi llllt h;+ r ino to l (,+ k II Z I ao it.lil i - hlltll t-lb', a t l pl.lllrl h, (( ikn , va nl d c rldiu i v ll +l h +t clt-dl vl 1"il3 , uI) icr ntr and At eri canll u lh II w ilrcll tIr1t (dll,, iirtV . ; I'nl.( n l1tll me ltlli olll tlt,,d irk, fl 1 i u'lll r.J 1\\ illll,.- d . . with .i r oleo) ). C 'll rn anulu e t If trdi l l ep, .Ied and m,,, I44d ireade gill 'fil ,theh .,, uue e .sill -. II )In lClr, 11' 81 l ,, I 1n '"rter,, and l a.,, . e 1oLoI e lno din in cups, "lillh,(iIr ) ;l'af vari efyl of : rr ) j lih nRItLd""Ili 1h wllhe null Il.PU cat"1, or .;IV t Ieptato |e. .Pl+,ll p l:: i 'lll+'P Il cr 1 .i · I ( )1 , \11". .I Il s'l& l 1r11 47 (rcllClrlllt'llltrtc U i ((I ; 1 &sld iu L' lltit=. ll lltld illl s "i I l It ISll tl r l ciltt l I dolt ; %t'1"1I i ',' pl l l14a lht ne s a d \ h, S . eto tt, l:are riven T ell ioi h . Ci " .olr tlhe'I ' I,",u voice ix ietrc uply oll -rcrd to he cur, .ill 0.f 0 I e-^r high obi, td + t lllh.-, ----i--th r d..h h ,' :,: rIl ,t, 11h u y ieo1 . do ollfl. th II c ltl+ dl n '£ 1": I . n I'lt" I. 'l . , _ f h 13i 9 r\ ,. flurot tl, ill c.o~ i i rI hhl. o r " ,rh, hfivtr v ] ... ir :-I. Sllll l,), I'-) " t I"+.s ell ra -n I -4va ' It i ," 50 luhj. SI '()il 'In ; ]')iti +Ii D)oii, h 1.h.t 1 Iii ('t1,1 I. ~r l. u 71 -44 Now. Lod.e,. MR. WILLIAMS, OCUtLIST, NOW AT THE JEFFERSON HOUSv, JFFEURSON STREET, LOUISVILLE. Th the Editor of Lte -Lois7ille 7Bdrerlier: Ip--It opparn T by the obser-tion+ of thoe Editors I .of the Nalshill\ e Preshyterinlt, Union and Tr'Ulls- t rlpt, ar well as the editors of thie Metmphis Etquirer, a Ihat tile ")IOl Gentlemt l" is allolo the r I)oetors. Ti s is proved by hil okinlt ratn e, knwino that his time is io hut shornt, rtt Ilott, toilladpectlet at Aoeri..nooe oo intl ore able to jtll o.o ere L nsl Ue h o t are ptffs and to iltpostit ons. th e o ortoho elitors wto are )olltos , ihe prtprietors, editors; or sub-ttliton t of trle above ntmedi nurnllu, he-l every leiter fro m p.elosa I haove rstlor to ight ito the tt lltove opla he, 1puTs. I. Tlthe act is, that Io e ver hoad si lqtreat sCthCe'S owilltn o limited o period s te. or twelve doC . to neIto oll w.on Itole Iintl ten ventl who hi d only se en tih eo liht Io ; h i rth, httoh t to 0ee to follot hisa e tootert t. tv hotel, in-ted tfointooblied o tohe tt. T he hi t . T'1"1 von nn s I ndies, ,Ilh r hd ean ,lem ' 1 1 the nfme o e, r y e fr tin vear l rand the other fr r oll ylv twot l trs, h vitlt toth oft te thel othor err \r'IU b tenk vot heu h of vtlo gla ds beinnn to se will ti i rye, wh, t .f ;e d e dator eplo . 'rtt toe11- o 1to es, ext ,e pt ,'t il the r , ve lntl' tile inchueltee or d u tl l i 'It (It, thit d otval IDototrs.o hoer is thte oltotore otf n respetrbele melhlll nlo.rn oh Ioln I int llll od IIVIno" on ,ellrtioto . as he pail mte1y cr-os), who l ,od she hadrt o tos tlr t ito lt of rone re flrolll thie lie of I oootetth, hIllt Ithat se V tbegins to ren d Ilargt Iloter wih thet I nther eve oto Cltp to shuto. This tho e detor l. etors kr.e , a? n thore o.llt tel ll to l te himselfher Ith roe, doe d his ttotothlero o e tot he mtlitiI eedito - . thro the t might lIe ift r nd of te ft. t hItoe ltotlhr h ill if11e i nn is nl rtrd',) r-entellollll Iby tle nrole orf i Younytolt onea'l . Aollv " tioein - tL tso age l, * r kd il Sb ltoter hih e look to the dif tent o ices tor ill tt l lott ert tha t lie l Ott otaol t r d tl' d oft e thle '-'ht 'f o l lot f ks aiftet et ht brh, rI whio hii ii tot tofho pt, l i1. , .... otonot to ttth et t m .trit o t or potll txt: tthat no. e r, -t e hl n e ot oly se tIh I -erol theoot it ile Ioh'h t ttto tlh l a Ite1 . rae ole 't je stllr I,O h; and lid. eofott-e I tit* Il t ,"t', ain', Inio n hoootooe tao t O " teul ee to wak lhet lhe srets li S i111 to l e i'h ' o h lyte I,, t tt ed. trt. t ttort h , been I h m'c er oft lilt if o th l i "+ fisc-pa l ('Imr.+,h for rd rtllrlth tte io te e-ort t.f hI ti. o ll t ' N shville rG t. ~ 1tit t'ie m t ' tihal and c ericst, dototro s hod ueer h'I fI e . ; o It eosot l :lt ie eolll . The wloo o e rlotPot tot.oos th:o t :ooilo t -ix vrelttol - ast h~ wo s I S m'erted from O i rot t c rf', isihll, soe Iol ro ttlthet Ihotrtu s of 'til e ioloe, to ttt ho ,no [t Il ver den bIt illin- : eiror-o t o eto' tlllollt i to III, o t t t o- s ty, o it -t e o relil. I o.r ,,fo s oixto r tt ,,s I. , t,,t, h. lt irot iolrotllt lt llo t rgt li his infidelityl, ittoas the tirt I ti e erlh n t-ise ot- ile pot efi ittlian hetit t dto ,t tineo of t io t o'to ' tsto relic int d iot' tt I. ot r Oalhtl ol ilt t lto lll to lll0 , :-l0 e O t oot ll T - d a Olt otoh to t ,se his medical firie, aO, 0 l0 aint tor I Ima n wh ut, he rkule h,! i e Hlso mnll,'h , lll illo - I j or o toytn nono. ll theo inaitaotstof N0eto ill, sotkeoIt koft Ih , gret - u it+.a I had,, -',,+ the r ca if I lodets. ] 0tMost ofthl t also hod hea rtllo,,l b, .Ihs Yotnt of tthe c r ' t iP t IIo 0 to t tv 1, te ei l .o r lre. 3. oo 'Io'lltttototoo lit loo ihS. Ih top otII t o t n ,to nd that Sth ve Io the It,-gel b I how in thot e N0 ohotitve mn Orl rllp i till 'Phlllh vo( t. pi )rs.. . h,,x \ v .rl hod, ] tolld its l, [ kep ot olt lo ll to rie ihlto s tot tio ll If II o • ttri r t hl . Hel , I t Ito ve t l o 'mt ol /l'lle -lr t, her uhmill Ih ' tuoolUll tt l I still oo o- to ttroe them on my ve.ory' ',l) thf lll Ilrow onl , ll' ,~iv Iheav, il l I rite of thtte tt oetott tO o r lilI OO i u0 g tto tIlo e o ,O It lr 1 e . vttott ,I bOutt t httd is, thio s tite v oiho three t oeal *I. 'l'ihe object of tIle prte-,'ll t it is t,, i~llorlll thr n il| e It] Goliahs and ed leitot' ofile pl l ii r e.o t to d ' lin r Icllpt, tn k well a ill e e'c Ithr 1oir i 0.f the (. Pre-. bvt 'rian an of the f ,+hl l nt, fNa sh ile, It w!ll ll flle e ito r atr d st b to netoot d edito r f0fihe tottIt lit'nlirer, c r) I Otll t. . rol u t 0 ti 0 tIote i toIr of t-ho - l io . I.hmr to and le p Ihe m dtI ot lilh edit of tOtito s t Rv t e,. lt Ito r ll . r tht to toi ic t b il s r toost heinr a inhle I i re hrtnc e ild dicnl (n liavlh t lllh, norlrh. I now b~ind ,I ,,ii}: Ifhy tt 'o 0iS0,0 leOtr "ot it It is ito 1' I v e.Ilc al (r olin hI4 of the w ou ri , h. yell asI 1 Ilit Ptloiu 1 -oth to V0-to, to the grihdto-to'! The nIeiottcd, there0 bfore, mnrv , tl n cuhll I ll lon i i IIn dantingfl l, . hIa , of eii l year il New 1 ll"o , ". o e.e loier,, ost il idi nt otel1 ., .lt I0 i I l I0lo h t oioitt. t l T 1 "o illirl Ih e, thni, at tha t l ,tll], -o 's l'e,( lhieh iho Rev. ch·ill s h 1 c am rt., ic fi.]l prf wenil I t illt l t lt hi , o\' wt ritel Ii, orei o tl t r.twt k " inrt d it olr r I 1 w 11, I000 .Cw it it my tIres-ct o totfll(' - i fltO m0tiotI o iti-t, il00 t dittpo ot00t Min the ,too tt rvo t Io it fi i.slld" wI55 tllO l -ef I I' it il !. Ihe wit Ihe did, whh, h~ Ie 6d heItlto it-ht wortld a v s(*tr llllo . Ill l h'lr;he d h erd nOII w itlh l b :)th t", rll 0 wilthoLoftt orootlo , h t a t t I t wo; tHIt " Itoo t 0 0 hin linoi, It: dotot It r elltv r rtt.ontl thlr,+It tt.- t .iot "o lhl t lu llt , l ott t ot her t oth ottotIi -t o-i l Ic ,r stina l ,,ls. '1 he I ev e -0 l toot t tootllt ,0 l0 el00 t i efore' tleh0 1 ,'c: 0ild Ii," r iot ex iinot e all vii it )t notoot too,& 1tt t i ht ;1 o i l tl inhtimate il'r (11C o hlis, n1,. wel a:- whole i f i n.ywh lh.. i'v I/llfel pa ie llt, oin i):113 ljYw ith antlhellh r c' rrv"vl ii ill ,lld ritIri 11 1, I' ll tei ll h ithr ,, 'lls lt, ail lmy" IIlt'hll to tl more of let s }4 111.e o e1 litfe, he ievcr toultl hnt.e hr qn it e by i otu tolaO S; ot-I draw ip snuh nn arcle Is' wroe hhllflm. If flr I ,til,] i;on, nlil adlhlcdl it to Ms Smtrlo fiehld, ditor of he :, \t" t' t.ot- t tootI. d C. N" w der Iio t t t r.''r iztc00000 to l 0100000 ; 0 l0ah of 0 iTt o to li o ti t lllltl Io tot 0I Io 10t oe. ,il I- io- l'ho o Iit0 , kklnlolw, I its I'lin tl . I dare say the t'aCeilcd inlidcl h Ire, prlle.alch IReol hat llo ." In.( :,r is, a mm , Iy shI x'tlL lhtl hr rIvII" L t::r atoo o l. ; u v I neo 1,' l 'o , to.tout,'l\ to 0,0, i:r Itor i tor "fell . i e I :. lll il.t ' ," 1o1 Io iotto .lio 0 0.0 t toltoto - . .., ....,toto , .t ....o t ," 0000i ,00- .,0 .., I .. ever toe tlo Ulbti,,,;t, ttl to,:ot ,.toorod him ;tt I'eat 5,.5-lih re.,hl r f,,e i l.-r od 11 \\ . . i ot l to n ri- e. of ,btb1 rv, if I 0 rtl v it in it wa I, t t luo e stj~ o oe t.eI lo• 0000it th tt lcli,,"foo'ih d 000rin00s fIo' trio ,r t0 ,, tI 0i0i0,o "f Ile 000cl 0.00 totlS to do. ! 00 000 0t, beet rtoot ] tt Otoo e' , It,, he'tt no [ t 0t00 0 i+ ho ho vet t o l k000 :1 in0h-I ti 0 t0- ri0ctt iltt 'iooto h~ilh, it i. w+ll k n.., n are ore ln , r,,, ..n o t 0-- itloot oareoo ,,rotr Io oano ilo Soo me prt t of Euroet . Ibs sOllth1 t so it- .tt o di+ýmr ot so vomtlto lolhti't'ot - hotlr clrlot l ita tot .-oe , OttI re I0:0i000 , I fot 'st ItiLo i. tile p", by I'll tt o ttoon oot ot o ho d,1 o il .im exc r('lS lulh s 110 is ot' oiil t ) , otootot tio to Itt think h." hon. a'iht to alt~t-e lhot O to o t ,o.o toot It 11(2:1 11(, is l e " r + t r tvote- litot IO't-o , I0ll0 it [toO oh th r ottn -o tto- . l ore of Nl']1 1,It, rc h I t. lIoo-tI. too w oo,"h 0 00 emon0bo iot h t i shape 0, the R0 ev. Doct- r ws the or\ I col eJ to l''ttn with I ototl i n I000 o000 wl)\'h to o tl, o 0000 itooto bribe -n1/t tiO let edoott itot-e i r o"tttotjoi. Liut as ;l oHI~t i Ot I" ] 0l0t 0 0 0 0 ,10 0 ,10 itotototo Str Ii'to 0OIttco N r otoo t an. ll, tI o rotoll t,'I" t which I ot0it t t t0 I ,towotuh tv00000 tore onto ic d to- li n e , r ,i.'r i. t on ) -thro .l'he . Gdhls .'ti do.thI 001 11i 1alte ',' ] +;i,,, ":~l rup lul ~ tep;. ,'r t 00)000000;e: i.tuirilt , Jpl , It i r C Culrr tlJ , n lr,, J'. Il'. C. 4'., e'. ,t ,f hr _:16h /,nn, 1P:17 il i(Ill t lt rlcl Ill t of lO D i. hle,, ll.. ,ve Inscri the for' o i tt ' i lt i i ot I"II , I . \l"t 'lIill t rtle ,""t ' inr th,"-h fl!IIh.iP t) i ( 'tI ll l:,i liw ' e Iwio i , h as cn i i ",1 d o a oal a s c ad rli illtl ll i r!l t 1 t si n 'lII J t ri ll .Int nded- say wt the ' 1nJ lI ev. 1" i .i ill ,l( . II. - by l i, \ Villi: iia . the , tlll Ljli- II ow i tilli Icpt o ex. llllle i, I t II II i' I di 'illi, ll l .l lh , ,oc "I , Iivi o bi, va i ; to Lab1ie tfl ' i' ili.l ~I il h I' ~ o".. i on, 1h ve, N ·I ' .ll. y. ilt ,'ht"I fi ,,d o. ,- ] 1 ,. "it i iettt 1 t ' W ls. i g ..ll.... . a dhtlI I . . . I ) i ·r.\ ll ... . i ll, l i'%i ..... iePl iIm F Arvlll , its - 1asiltl s l llll ti'ltlll ' tII'hiie li llll V Ii r s.ltic lls litlill ll.h; i llith ii ti :ti' -Ldi^ illiltiil ic n ofJ trout h'twsc( in t. r olllillll llo oif l'ht It, llil i. , ], i l h it w'ell l !giirh Iiihi-t itt r l lll lt, I this L" :i l II lt ei. si fIIIdt lieot Itll et I lltl i eI c ille ii I'. . d ucilr , . , !.linr' the aoo1 1); of Dll W il:iao.' Stil' h slll e a:I t all:', l l blllr I t l Ii II ll ! Litt iow t.' htere hfetsl " bettr' l i las n t fee tI e first ln e in hie tc. talilt Ihe (·1lll ruV.lle t, Ih,-- cllo | (lit, tin ttiii,.ll lt l e t Pllllllt lll Il+ lill ll( ll l'It " 1t. l+ i th d.t irtt i nii d styvl he e bluei. es.j a e lethodibidu.iag fiarty y ea.. nný10 IV . II . l '. I. -. NE"w .|At P OF Ltotll\.l t, ~ith its Itn;,llll< Irnoods NF,"- al3l1. <slista Pea, roln 1,.- to 1, ', aong the stage atil +teadl ,tlilat rol ttes, bll 11.... T . .'r I.,|I r lLlil: .l.'s 1.IP Tlll- : l'llP |'.N " i l Tnrtl. I trll .wll e a'I ahii e t illtliSlm. llt.s ilt, Im lles b a rui l IP ll ii-t l i :;ntI h r, . lh, t 't cualtu of te t*< jll . +Ill ;ilf rnn tr [ ,lu (,ll thetS OlN-. VrIIILAtD Fu:l i\ ' d •I 11t f ip 'l, 01 k 1 I tI (l) I tII Lu , Till', IEIIAN' PANACEA. Oltheeureaofheumctlesism,Fsetr fulsorkingsevll,gout, Rsciatica or hip gout, icipient cancers, salt rheums, hilitic and mercurial diseases, particeularly ulcers and linfelafulficcions of the bones, ulcerated thsroat' seos J. trils, uleels of every des~erlptioln, fever sores, and internal by absessa, fitulaos, piles, selcl head, scurvy, blles, chro- ie sic sore eyes, r)ysilpels,blotlhet , and every verietyof cu- C coneocs siiictlon, chro!iec Cetarrh, crad ache procedaod ing from acy acrid hlemor, pinc in the stomach cclc dyce cepsia proceeding ccfromevrictiol, aflfectioncofthe liver, clhronic inlaommation of tihe killreys, oand geend ldebili- CO y cnused hy atorpid actioe ofthe veaselsofthe skin. It sI is si.gllyar eliyecius isclncrncvating those constitutions whio! have ICbee blokecl down biy ijuldlicious ctreatment, i juvenrile icreglcitices. In gelner:dl terms, it is revom mre'mcd mcail Icchsediisaes whichlarisefrom imcpurities , oflhe brlold, or initiation of tle humors, eof whatever i name or kinld. Some of, chicr cve rcomn ivcntscmao reqrll.e cmne tl i. lingc:sivst:sct apiclicatilns, licrh Ihclcircumsltaces oiF the ti c:e will clicl:-.;but for a .enerl rvelnely oe r c tciGldc elo to retnnvethe ur .d, the INI)IAN'S PiANA; CA.c will c sencirally eil foiund d ce fllcilt. I I" THlE PUIII.IC. Ifow truecit is thct ml hn c lhe-slcicysv in i hvcc r am itiol to exvtcl in thlceir policssio:explore the vast L ficels i oscieuclee co lle ci. o cclemiStvcy, :cDc cS"e o w re. v ledl a..iens; in scccts , .c o .ccvviicc c Irfcctio, in Iihe actice by inr cs of art alconc,--vctcileclv ceclck c:llll neglect, as Ibeneatllthl·r natilce, the rieh Iani llllteous t stores ofnledicine, chlch tle Alcightly has culced to i II slring out of the ec:rlh in 'vccrs clinle! And hcw much more ctrue isit laet while the Aemcricn Phlsicv looks I eto forvcign ccusteies elir many of his most cnuvn sandr icslly acichsell, psiel"ettClly cllanc i ll :is i h. ,re ic ,Ithe dlietnte. ol'fBlshloin nr folly, hle is sII~~url'rmnltl ill hris owiI onEecctry willl all endlessipclofilsiclc of medical clants, Ss.flticicelt to acsweecrccy ildientiou ill disv:se or to eclle Cny ccvcclsccdlisicder ; an'vcei e t c ie is igvnccr.aect of hceir s ic IItlcs, alld tlhey are sulsleciredto 'wvastciciithclleiccr g ol tthe descrt air.. STheieiieeltsof vegetablte medicines ulpon the svstem aret temporary--thoe' of nliiecr:ls la!ctinc . .Thie fItrmcl ex ert their ef'eeits niv i pasls o--the :lttcer, mercur.y in par ni tilllr, act chlalnicnlly pI it' solids, decomposity ni urIedlesr en+ 1crmining the cOllstiLulioln by))I( slow c:lt lll e i cc s:ccIc li II I iThe concgcialllits, eficirncc cc d SAcTI" Y frve1 ta Sble e'medllies rcr mioral, m:kt ee e estimactedbcc cct.rst ing the ancient pcewtice with thcre mobri cc, to hric g II mtore immediate,. tll;l el, out' out n obst'rinti mel, bh.. !;ti.. • I sn practice with ihat of the whites. Who. in Ame]r.ic cas ict keeowc oi hcar.d of rcpcatc d int+nces +somlel dtecrelid, uniui-tJendimtl, fc mnie blllnn, hr menws+. 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This astsh i g dierein.L'CUce ill sulccess, is a ftiir exemllliellition of Ihe ; t i ai te dl .- rioeite v, tIheC sirle nI s:t•i meals o1 curee *.I userthol.sewxhich the with' ,u, !I 0 ert of nmn ha',e ill ccctt. , iei i + Froim a lng re idenc€.m,,+e:nnngapttion orthe hoi . - r i lll h abi tstl 1hI e lu y, u. tL intilimtc ccIclllillc. sulcctsshil pe:4ictitioniitrs, the-W pro rie'tur of +'lhe. hin<Iaes's s Palmcu.,'nequir'cd a kilet, ot somle. of Ihe llltIt ! power Iliuillad th.rOl'ite ri'mlledllis. 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O tIIrt IIiro , I March 7, N .i.' . _ I wa s1. ts, tutu tt lllrc o o i in, 1' il I t dlltri llt g IellX ) atli snl, ca sd yll hae t lo.,il ,, t hke il "t. t e l ke i stae ling, lthn io 'lct; l ht! + i lllic t t sN at, rt frol t bulsinss ltneal ler otti o ts s toll , itin i olt hsl , wnil nearly tIi SaII lethtd timws is the l halltmore hospital, n;I[ trie.d almostlI-,.i, Iow hppy to state hththl thI .oXhu'h o I f pei.; i y wei " CAPES OF SCIfIjI.1l li' l tit'5 'Tris saor oertilf tyh. ill tilt f .5, s IS a I ize mithl elt u stool' : l oltl t in l ilac,- liclt s I th ill hithe il s ireal lt g gil ti lI llll "~ 'l' I I iii ia tllal or e siCtirl ,t alt le o l os th lt ' it' !ot ri' In'is tow: hi l"t s t/e ll, Il th'i,i Os l ' t I , i ''lif I,-rtt l wilt Dr. a 'fl tll i' le r l l , 13iv l. whh. stlit c. wlii ' snnhi o i Is stll. 'ii l oe l i.lilli.g Its ilw a l s' ,tt s : silt i i u t tl t n.t l ot ol ' i t i ll's l l ' t ' ++ a n d 1fteri ottl, AtiT tr oti seer't es C ali , wit Soa lb il 4i"1 1 121il ii P iil tilde lllia go llf r e ll~c i k l sll" linnl I· lllia/l [,,l 't ~lslrs. h ss siclit l lh * ii wr.t . il Jt b il llll li .lll aeI . t litu ll l tlitltyotti t l lI s ii \S'tfo rk i :i l em sell' llla s le i ti, it I :', 'tilt lh I .' i o ':it s lecis t f I'h' . Ih i ,, I , w ioil', il c/ slirt' liii I il ,i N r I , i tt. 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I "n ' l o, . ....... t i, l 1(ii i - If' t Je \'-w Jri1,04000 0 : 001 · l.l· ll.~l ,lh l 111 (, I. I_ y, flr theloll , hov o g [li: +l , 00 l il."0 i t n ht 111l0 t' oOuI,'k h,", 1, ", - ii\. '! h t, . l *i z:- w 1 l't ' ,.c lo '.', i." i'~ lt+ l t l, tl' f .ile illllr Tl t v o I) +," ol tlr r ,.; ,t'I"+ two ~' i !l; rorn !," h iil it',+ tl 1 I K i,,hhq,. t e'1i, :day ofApril Iv.:,t. ! ll 1%fi STATE O1 LOUISIANA.-Parish Court for the JI Parish andCity of New Orlsean. Ir IE STATE OF LOUISIANA, pTo all whom U. ~ llPse Presents shall come, Greetiong:-Whelreas, Jlnes olnase hiving purchased at , sale mde - by the Shritff of thie arish of Otleans tile pro)eist rt h-reialoter descrbhcl, .a0 nstolie I to the clerk of thus l ollr), in who: so sllc st e de of sanle was roeorded a00 ihe ld dayo ofApril, A. ). 1838, fir t moaniuin or doer- 'I tisement sn conrorairoy to an et of tile .eslotia ure of the - otale of o Il ,iana, swilled i'An net for tle further assn roloc o titl es tos hhliascri aojudicialosalo;" approved thie 111 th da of oas'rl', tI8 l.. NOW, Ihsercfoire know ye, aod al person oiterreseod herein, ore herby osited o d adoit lshed in the um le oof t lie Shate of I.,oisiann, ond of the I'arilh Coosrt, who can sOt t nyrih, t tie le or claiol in tl toan t the yroarIty hereintfieI'decr, bed in consrll ellc of ey Iontllr n s o h hthe sal , ioolsa sdeI, ot n s irse loaty or ilhl:..,itv ill the n, sis imeotos and ad.erti oe nl ts, ill tile, or manner ol'side, or s for inun o'ller els ct who tsoi ver; It) 1how euise , withi thirty''dIe l7'o mo tohe dov this umonitionI l i i f's0t istortod ill the ollllic alelrs l l, ly tle sale so la0 e lolld not bd e collrnlte ald bolll Ilopated. 1'ls said pr operry so loul ly the Sheriff of the par isht afiore 'ni tll the - ltol dty of Aporil, A.)D. M11:0), by of Fle srvAo )t. 0 18101, iol suit entitBkd Atlexanldd r (:C dwsto l o s.t llloliss hoioS, No 10otl.7 of Ile dootol't of this ourt., at which s ao ll.oe s nidt. liIes tLptlose l le rl , t sh t olr rsha r be r the pj ice of twe nty tlone tloousad i)cssrition of Prolerts a gtivetn ill the Judlicial Con iAtIr:,tin lsot oaf g sr esen oited is n an the n subrb I nucl'ition lins Lo ai rsi le oIf Ili city ill slquare No 5,s e Iod IIlot haloingo frcelah ll oaSto 0tis I'ltnth oot o Tcholl pitoilois 'itre 'set, : '0,,,to t 11teo ii(rlo o ' street , and . 0,0 foreet o e dol ll iM c , tlto , in such ) i in llen ler th.s O oid lo t q o fl ro' d is,, f'0't, wis frlom ries of ihe s ,lo'lnl. fle ostlor, Iog, t sh r woito a Io lln hollolles oI i oron iof I Tcooo litoolas stlo ot, tle kitchen lot d de I l oe d ienst, also tloe ditille Sr- l'tlt lhoml ts ere0fted thorreou, and ohr buildings ad ii mprovements, thile : h llerv itllatels, Inteini Intelllel w hr n I t pll C otll i belitulnlg uto h in ib16 Int vendue p i m en s t t sobelonging t ,o ii d lto , its tde e l 'ucies ilt l n erni es, an!.. he ptrigrhts act~ o I p rivilhs . et sereto belonging or ill tlsV , l ie pt rrC vatr ,ni.. m r , i / C'I+lI·"S c)fii·ee, \0'w (]rl'h'alls 311,Y 7, 1/12g. ' l oed ' toii'loll, ITe o pta: 1 p v ll 'k. , prer la p r er ,i ll. dc la N , uv clle Orle:ms. '1- '11AT 111O 0..\ LIO['ISI.\N , ,.--A t.iots 000 que 3L.4 lo is 'totllss rotllll 'llllo l, .,al : lttAolldll tlo,1. Sl0llt oos I o;:It' o1o0illltl0t Ilti U 0lleo o ' solite Ipt' le Shtltif 0 , I pro,1i.i h . 000 . 0 sollot "a01 0I0i l i-: 0 pul' 0- 0ll 0l 0 ite, ", s'Il uh',s'i a0 (l Iell,' de sti e e. (:mw m ,I h0,okt Bile l cetllt, 1'ot I Foom,-.oi e h0oo' enlll, oll d,, St l ,le Idla1,Uslo I, lpo0 i' 0001000 .t( l'lrel tl y W let aO L"kir sl' M o, o'' E i ie It O o l e ilfolltihss ' " pLc oto . I otofols i th le 0lilles les eto0(00 s 0 e ll0 ,ll lt idciai. es; " c it roi n t i tI M a:II rs 18i4. (L,'0.i: nit so11 I'e .et llll of IpI°u'sIIIIIS itlo S, ho a 'oI s cns elills on l ll El l:t de l: I etli hinlllm e 't , I:1 Ie d.olll lls ll i 'a ii R s+' Slli pimttllicre t ,0a rlle•h'let :1 lc ipnp fil0 e e ti-0 aes r ih , t 0o *cl A e ien, fllill I nt de , ' iso . do S 000I 0 t'ol.l'lheh't , nol o i , jollt t l. l de IIt'I0l0', tenoll0t ,'etll lotp, stototot ot, li te O 0,o ) tntaol to l cs il di il, (a " , ll l . 8lll lI% is oti o (otrea s io t Ole tmoe :'' l' \ III I l low , l n lll 0l'l s I0,i0 lll" 0 it" Ic l l lc ll000 It ,' aie co 0,0 doni0.t , tlo'oto terdi.lah i, 0,: too "t loot's b Oslo lo o t', it I 0I .i o o lt l s i l 'loll 1, o llll lle l d ( o io e is,, ?ol,|illlll1 . I J I 'L l eI (Jlut , i ';;lr lt ito ' ,l, i sollsll l'll t t.s. . lr , ,to l- ott I'tllolil oti d'.hl [ a de t tr ti'hw+lh , o lhllt JS tl 0 0 Ihu e, Il :1 ,Ott; t11 1I II III Itllttt iio o t o lll-d o. it 'io 0tt'e Oole dot htJ ll. 0 0 0 '0 t i'nd U ( 0 0,000r pour Ie prix de $!1I,0 011, l)' t all c 1ro ·\p! CIII lug: Il i d'aptII nlr lls I '1trms r11 `.dc111 1 - e it OSovo ir i- t' O'O'o oitt ll 0 t l ' telre .' tut `n. t al s IIC rI) rlldl L.ann n , , hilll llnlll il:' r de ,- villel tan e rlot No , a, I e thi lot dh lt",re avaot [in,"iot fr pi also ] ti ixnnti o i5 I I.i- f l 1Ottl'tt it i:t , th'I i. .itlll ll sp e tt piel i 1e 1 hi ti e"ll Int r (i le I d ,es Ill, lrl , r. ,t ,fi."rtullllltr pi,'ds o 0 ,0 ' ,:l lit 00000d00 h0 r 0e00ll 0l0t-l'00l c io' I l0' ;, to·i o 1t ds l rtI O slo llllolsN t pie(l il l l l o 1,0 11 11 iO, lb t St ilch it I' o0tl ', toill l e hi' moIto , o ,u oll o tll . oIo( a Il o i I ''o'o'o til'oitittlol, 2 llI .lllto Otos t oitlllll l t) l iitl0. .i It 0l a0 in tIstilblrie Ctolltl tIo t ollt ho,lof ,lol ssoro),sotigtl ,v lli,- , et IlII iliallllllhl - h li -h - ,V alllgl -l, & r. . app , ) :r!! lmll it lit , ! titdistil rie, i h, i.ll.- lll.I 0 'allts,' l O 'tsoi llloooli t lt't Ios droits, ( lloll, 0't o l' iio i 0e) 000 ' jop oItI t , I 0BRen'an :hlt ,rt'lllr, NolwIqh. OH(., le 7 Mli, 1 I;0, Is tn 1j:l.. I ,I F.@puli+.' l (; Irclllr r , -Itos val '<,olige.,00-0000,l.) , 000000 , 0 i ooT . id I yllih: oi'ginl, VL? emd( ll I1ioI I,.e 'Univerm Aedi 't''' eiL O , '. pl't' lit \1 h. V \L ilBk irF, st N nIoeL ' 1"3 ,y ' {+ d I'ollelp of Strgo s, I.ietile edial of AI b, le 00 0000 0 o1110 tilol l t oo. A l l t 0000,00 ooi l,, gon is t o ih~e Ito, 0 U 00oln P oolioOl Ao iloo ln, Ot al'oo.s,. i too d l0,, I o lot ,t ' 0"0'0.v0 a ,l"blo. t ot's ivot s t"i "<" o o ooo'tjtt' fly : d tl hi;.hh 0't' j'Mable p atot li,,' 0 tot lo ol'tt '0 .100 - ,0 0, isr Ise l I hr film. Iht, h. o;,iItt' i0t0 , '0 is0' 0 0 to ilrodl 0 c,. 0'0" li tloh0io:, 0 , toI ol tlo r ot 00 eolr'l of 0 lol; t ,o l hi0 0 "tt Smlot tl telto o 'ntiotstt . 'h is It m, I i itO limi sto- ilotto, t to .,h': toot, Mi I t.,itm-n n,0 l; , 0si,. 0' 0 t h 0 0.t0 of th'e ,0 t t,,,,, :red fins I 0 ,00001 0 's 0 ,0000l0 ti ' Ire' lih' ,t:o io ofb"!+'icat,, '- ! ;'ot'l' ofmi' : tth,0 s m,0i,,'0 :',0 ,,dl ts . "+lo:t,' h s, bt C t oov l ot ,s L ., mo,,.,l, I..te',, , rpi 00 t.. I) toht.). i'rn 01 I dF+h ,, I ,, , 0 0 0, 0,0v 00 01r. b0 0ý,l i , lU . . oh too to t totil, t0oot 0:,nn 0 oot. ,,.'o' pill, ihld wisto ,t.,ltcth '0I 0i'0'.m ,!cl 01hl "g,, boo '" Ic1 tt ho , 0 Ii 0,,t t 100 i0000 0 ilsto '0000 , 000 i ,o.ototo,' s ', sloot oO, ,, o 's '. "i' ot' h r . .. i 0. 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Ih,: o r,"llllvcll that "')eons ~itch so H\te llegnvi ltl I tit Ii~l. i I lllljnll:1 of P' . nn.: l· ill illl1.'li"rl . croon, 1,i ll runt.', that have dr. look a~ftliur. periI lleil lllh . cIIiI1h1 ) I ail·:1! l rtf` i clljiil . Ir stir ill, ,l.5) of ore 13-1m, are readsI I)) ri'alled l·'pud1IIites I t.ll is rut b olt.::, 111" 111·1 CI1 (.I rl(· in;;d C .' al alexprtrdy, "" il Ire regarleby no b) red rrr rte of the .vial'. y \· ?II~:\ 9 "'·) tic $I te r ll·]Clll. Cold by aiir :, Car Col rnou nul l '1'r llnpilulllns. 1FLIII * t\' !ft n )li -N ,,sYurk il lrrr lvuol(. 8 cl the ,rle p e '11 es o I, Tar , e. we ns~Ed~l, ernesin _' ole. Ifn ila Itcr 11'et olls f th e I IS) of C llum, JUSTPUBLISIIEDFIROM STEREO~EIP PLJTES, The Fith Editionof . ROWLET'IS TAIBI S OF IN*.I'ERl T: O which is nw added anll Avetage 'Time Calcula tor, o eas methodls for filndtlag the avorge time on storagr, totes of hnod ort bills of goods, when pu' clotsed at diflfrent dates, so liflectrnt credits, tall fnr vl'aioes oootii c aont Rsies ueful ad complete sankiag lime T'o' le, the best ITatLat be contrivedt or thnt fi gtl'ts cat flr aIdtce withnl) tile solt esatleendl compass, anl size oftt pe. An atvertisement in the book is in nearly the follow ing words: 'The high dl istnetion this work Ihas rteivetl through the ten Ittagslitre acts plefixol to t le title Itge, s sa e commendltionl in itself,; so ulncommon,, anti so eonel stve, Ih I nothing is tncessery moaeths I yln way) of ad vertisement, to give a cort nsed vtiew f some of its tIe flioar hs:tsrerilstalnee, the Intset ias been comp5s. ell iioon,alln elmapred with, what is etluivaletatto tou. teen else l'cdal:lteiioene exaniuedt in tile iresa thirty lie tiltes, and nteiamtecd t eot .tereolype plates testedll thhtattt)-toae titesa, fion l a tl hie k it nmlst bo evident ecna toI tle sketic (esereiathdl o in tla Ie.sotn o'the de tat or proof in tihe Irelfre) thto the weork most le ari h ometcally inof litle, atl in eoti tstto n o f itlis betiefa ,I(,lctln Io taco Illll'te'd :oai g'It dollarsn is now offcr cd I'e thile delceliell of an elntor (ll cent in the present or fitth edlition, s eaxsessced in the itaeftce, Itaking five acer aI trmitlos ttleeldl fin the saome crnor sie te tfitost niotletialion htlthe y)ear 18tt2. lnce of Sthon ost conseoli t.n frtllares of hl e tables is in the aitr:engennt of the 'Ttoer aindtAoottsa, whit fol l eot e nr e d ct spiet d t ' illte tie el oflllh siet e ai l Idti h o e, aoolt hIe a eetle ; anld tlt salty thy al ease w ilt alci elthe itneroti ca lb. fad totlth e taleotin f gencal bto siness, tilhotd noti dtlttly of ieIms sinseid e nswt hotct r s l, t eic ess talt oll it he i t esllm i nets tlellt anol Itltteitc i trs who Ntte tmlade gitomaatrs of lte worok, it lhas nbetn istigla iscl k bytal aho lo ralet tpltlltliol, e cl'n "toaster ieli ". Al st coelidering the in tallit tlitl ft the alettl , l ari inatllt y aotsln el its contllalitag ti cok, a lll e b exottla 'iutaT y ulber andlit sl.iety of IIttha'teeomiltions, ttea ests of evert edition it Illts Io resale,t It l ot tlon ee ilalat taaanta utgthe al leis in t'a) ypie one rinstu'gt l sla in I. t te posit ive ee tuntey ndeored b hrr ed at trious ctt men as thleny o i. , th.cvo o tme borkis hleen l il ea ottlatica lly sl)led 'tat e most wollnelil t bok illat tile wo a'l k;" mIt, t at o, n oow tcop ,a in tc fie 'ock ofa'l sooe eatent, witickl lin 11te ilrt, silnctaIel t ea sta ie al, a ito s ia tet t eile s amtleo lneec~ ribite~ dl stheo hrank af i toitaltt stoeroa an te eInt tat , n t, tllll: let l lk m s a i ti lha t l t lhee ,latiaoe, thot -i c aahe n cin fal 'hi ' yain tatm etigehlt beiianciat tat at it a outl' t at he l - tat h'ltat t sa ta a tht ' tat.ol tal, tat, 111at h- e bo t.its I1 ' liste tat'lrel tio lile . .t' n eih, l. toial .t sa ..eoi a l aahen. Sotes c thle t thl ~i ' r cli , enil" n lte d usu l ,ll i s yerl v iu f ,,, , , h e l o il ~ r.,t anI clllie n iS thie i'aook i isato d . n ti tao tat s It isemlllrlllol+( 11 nte rllt h lwnh i tbll ) its ne(iarly helitk. tol":s, t fli, f ti t k th b e at l t e i t, c tt, o et c h i tenl Ies ' it'l t t i s ttsl t tea, tola'llo l tat, l r etl . i, lits o nd lloh. itr) a. 1 t i t I tao relrtIe tla ll to l titateiot i, ltIa hI s iomeo t-.l have n rkn . d thi tc Au a dS tli statet tta his iik'*Lais wet'a iia' hr intallto : e iat tllt aIt e l'r t Cic s cenaIl noinsyt t he et t l nsl' a nul tel' t 11o1) i l, I nlt51 lat :I all, tal t to bl e "ta, o ia lessT , b ott t o , a indeiviualh i tll ote h teal ilst lce O st i.t nlat avinlg t the $ e e litte a'e, t tihetttso taict o 9pto n83, ta l p set tealtlio to Ilil o it eas i all y wrtlhie a llth l m . aii IL etaill:l.'ai t h Ie. o'tI ttr I lt i r'lntl tita sailt th iey hi a e a t . aii i)t er a i nuiaY ti t ellt n iIllc l . oi? 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A'mhl .ptl, Ih sa ia aia l to Itnda thlt, lthsa 'ktan t'1/tiar. t I'altl esdili tt ft1 11e , ,1' 7 e.oi~t l :,llo i t c'ita t :ll Ii l itI' i lhlto - fishl at tin t th , aw 00 t o it ldttt' Iat , ta i n-ta k o t,l i o:I.r;! ,+ \\ t,c, r vtg . h t .wolw, 61 Ui J st i-l ru l oui(. illl toc 1) ..1ý, we d· \ s at' to lst 'at'' I ' IIml+,++ nort to I4 oo ! dl:,llt , "ri+% ibt t tauti , ta sll it llnto ;,I h ll' l wni 3 thi aastobt'II , It las r .fli tta at h atsti . tat ' 0 1 , Ot i , .I" " ilt .,.I " Ovl , II., Wlt,+llt' ihtt 1o1+a IDOCTORI JUIY(EJO "0 AY : ,' b ,: n ulted nlhlltlly his . tli ,"11 li, 11:1 Sid 'lti l l nl Ho( ne slreet,!+,v Iltan I l al si : ", ol the trltl l *. ll of t t ý 1ý ht-)l q n eiltt i ,!tlh p lby . . ni I'tHH i )r. Jbl:I tais , t. xt il litti t t hr l it i onel . of if,, !f:i : I.t ch iFlieb d Il l .'lsi-. In.oi-ri +,'x cl :ii, r IV ,t: l· tt to the treat,;eL u ft' nirlle rllt a dlnl philTii New 1ork l', uring ~h.hi timt r.Jot.J so1 o n . y ;:; his prat ice solely to1h t tnvll t l , i '-e e di n.s i"tl l Ii t uinpiri,. I o rtn is i a d : o"tn v,; ally of t'( fltlowirng collhlilrnts ll fro lll 5 to i lt l n the e n lr v, and w ho I el del l. ate i ltI+, iPtl:L g t hI r thmil ) h\.imn1 , b y endr g lllai I c Hc i thl A I .dRine, IleO W ry to b utile , f rwar-h ,'II ir''D-loir l pS JdeUR Niere pI tients .cnI nerI 'tll. de Ki ys, l los i+t nl, g ul t lligd ht, at 13 Cuo.tomi 11 J"i( 'tf aulttionn strtly reo alential ll ull caes.. u r l':,il,:ti , ani 3 or.,,lili i cit if, iil tio is ,,,i.l, ', eth hI Eitioas ot it'hie ut!!onu nods i jailt p s id C ith rb ()YkT, , ,le _., (:I - l doie ,i. , Ie aten s n e ""(.:, l c . l" de+ I d n; I i s sll iO , 11 Tii : & 11.h1 Ile.1 (il: , .Splt:: l a.sI, at nd Iro tl ,ronl < 1t, n all a ses. Ot, lh ( m aln shear liS , ldsp et O ,te. 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T l.ia , searonl * Lro,.1 d 1 .L.h T.hlI N :laPc | I ll rrWooi, n , . r ovid . s -(,lp , .hil m , o e it e l ello at Ill.t.p .kP ai n tt oi_, g .lllt;e op1I Il sl. l btl u olhtT ha d frl sdl lle, I V+" oI d E cagle HIar , h el n ar S OI n sm I' a ,rod m +hll an t~rodae, tir+ds a tl i d ne P ( i-t, l i III.ed a sh m boisl (spi g ll Roll 'llt e r1 icitli, b llk till, mil l :mil lglrnd.. t lns,, .41. kI)" -. |llbla+ d tr:: llu Chllary ia l, i, l l i A t ,ll i l~ro I rielr' Ihi e~tldl i.xp h,' It bs v ls - I +t0 ir lf IIllllu ll hal s, I ll h s J|ll ..<" ll llla i r n I'einlar ultl+.t Re '-ll he hi r emlue++,, 1|1+' Irt d lil l o h. i.+ bcitta 01tac e, e all|er l tlv c had I ery ol..:h son Irmll l n +++'i t en e.le|h sa eilltl I col, 1 ii tlhe .<ltl Ctil le hl t, bylh' r nIht tui" k L eiei. t d me e ry vonm.t l rr mo l c ,i r MAIlAt ARRANGEMENT Nortrn Mailt Due E Day at 1~Ml. Closes Every' avat 14 A. R1 Weeten Mail Du every SIttttd, W.edesday an vby t y oqf i kej r I 1 . .I '.I l by (ry of hel Closetever, 1I(,,tiday, Wednesda S Co as) ]and Sat ordayv , |y 9, P'. Al. f l)ne every 'l'tesa, Th ursday, a Tle Lake ,.ail Satu r " artray ' Closes every Molnday, Wednesday EX PRF.SS .,Ai.. T'IMES OF ARRIVAL, )EPAIR'1UI. I)1STANCS &c. of at;e E M litt ailtt'eta Macile and New York--leavi M obile daile at 3 P. . Northwar Nlew York dally at 5 P. M1 aouthlard. Arrives Arrive Nerthwardal. Distance. Time. letara'g Alontgomery, Ala. 2 Im. 198 ma's 23 Ih tIna. Ctlanllhus, Ga. 114 1 91 34a.I, Colotmbia. S.C. 7. ala. 163 17 p. mI Raleigh,,NC. 54 215 25 1'. Warrenton, Va. 12 n. g53 t a l'etersburg, Va. lO pal. 83 10 tla. n IRiehltoml, Va. 1 am. ±1 3 64 Frederiecksblug, 8 67 7 II p m. WPashintn city, 2 pm. 61 ij 6Baltimore 4 :13 4 04 Pitila.lelphia, 64 ain. 100 Ii 0 2 New York, 2 pin. 90. t4 1305 113 I. or 1d 23k Naortllward. Comint~ Rothlwardi, tle time is sx ours less; hrill5 dllys andll 17 Iloure. l'IAVG IYtAI2(S It"WA iI; SlANAWAt'Y frlu 1i Ca:nadelet corner of Ilevia Jl reets,on lthe niglt of 30,h il AllAsnat, told wa. teen le next morning in I'vllras streetl a negro Ilby named IIARIES, altaut 17 years of sl 5 fee or thereabouts in ilt-lht very b ,sllack, talh s, itItted i nt in his speecht t e of Ilat l ogs is slrel ttalia t ed by a recent hnlr; lie had on when lie wenl awnv t whllt, ottoa o r1 lillen shirt aln whie I ll I'MId tssttt dtastea of veRsels n tteta boatsaeltinae ,na gllinst receivin g or I Aarborillag s tid ngO, n, well a ilt otIlh rperson ast t lthe UllllOt rt"Lgtour tf llte r w ll htl 1nf1lleedt gailllllt hem. The tllave rea i"t t till lte pati fordelietringsa hMl inttltay of tie jn,'ils of either l."rl. municipnlities, or at 16 Cartndetlet, canulcr of levi. teot. pt dissolved. 'T," +' tluh<cri or wilt liqptid: te the afi irst tle coan' l tht b r , nd reilan ire s ala "'lsn . instla it cl ims. to rIl r. lt I t lletellle ['or Ilslle l llr4 t. I1(t t i I tl1si 1',O W. W. SWAIN .. % o. tne:t . -e ,It ,, ( ilttt( t Al I 1118 Ale. tie{ ll t Clitm. Ill te t ist ti a ttlias kettts Act S, a , c·ro,+Io a Cl rlg,, ll.t l;laSen ln "es, do h ',. t "l a ri * *ll I:ot, i a it, a lsii o i tlLa, L Isigtt atI, (::Its.1t. It td Cstli , .l plh Itdo . l t, du : l' , Ii .. IT . aialo e , tl. 2it -o m. A )l L g , nr siPhti tit. Iatil, hI ,), Ie n~ Itt tlt I t itlt I I it e i a^.aIi uill, :lllil of) l ime, l ie s Attt1ianblI c5ll, fllllhl", St ill l arp et'1I do o rt l. pit ,tI.e 2i I)llltt hanll t, 11a Oilll c lo t i esS le I 'tli idr n l iI1t:1euo, d p.g.e, E nglis, (.lu , t 1111 1yt1 tlake t;'''tlnip , 'l o, d,",, do sor tsac, tl, i i t in ar I".O cl l1i ,ltnp I 'll O ,... . ,=, ,I - . ,- f . . .. . . . : , , : ('AtI''IIU. I U, I NIW Na.-1t1 .-Ia C~rtlinath t1111,1r Ii[l ;ulr " P'r ýpi . I I It i! i .d ' a 'll gh aaCaummin.,a Nor Ilt Wiay..\tit n. tut hfiat]d ila th.e, ' i'cl, ht ( al, i a ai,, , II-' , .ac a vy, a. L II I at I va, / orrl / lrGl~ , nl nrlmHllt.a/, ty :f1tat I'lllI. l. l i vt ;It I Ju.ahrptrl a .- , ', wri l.u b ' IC i u -l l ily " )l . "r . I:I IIV'·Ili I)1I1r 1 SIIFNI(. ,rx'v.I S( Uit Ili"lrbalin Iat ,Uauat , taltaly r Iy pla fr.o tn I o riinal Itlac n, t ltv N t, ia, l ar Iie , 'Ica oa f- r h1n. No. 79 of ll.-re,', iamila. Ia br -v.l V ls.:1 & 1f , 'he ne lw '. la t a I,- tu i f, at e'r i i o tla11 Ia.V.caatIal I.E~.atd Sof itsiloun :V Irritnas o ar Iks lloy r's fIA 'c nt.ln l"n./i.h l)iro t rin I vol oyru A'u.'e/tt's Fl','urh and lIn..lish l)i+'ti,.,'r~. cl.Sw--A fei.w nlore'npief e ul m , " ,'h ' llen(yllofy S" l'R i ,'i f+l" lrnle .llrvey r's ('lF ll llnll ·1e tit tll , rl)r q tin i·(llljll'll lpl\\ l'd tn· II1.IOY 111l1 1,1apa ·11·1 mpels, · $(ilghrl J l t reecived, anid for salt, yly S<PAIN !It VINr'ED~f,&'. &,--- - nCPAfN RE:VIIT.";T ,)&e bv tlie a th.r Ayear Tr ails oflIndtatn character, t. goeral v pl Ivlahh. to the Ah~ori,4inies of :North AtllP rica, by (1 Tuna-r, I'r"q -'a :tl. vat. h t' ''a"P e i 'i. . r a car, ofti, l, i'e .u or, or a ta-c le -a- i-,, :a"fa I ,au-Ih Btap a nld t-,', t .lal t l g m[ I'O lllIlalt t-ia at I, la th llthl ac .a l aa-',ia, . -. a t,' a ill , Ilt Ia, Ilaattar I" a"cll.llll l t "r'alaa aaltt 'aa-a eaa, IlltlIt lll L' ,"' , , . ,. , l'T-'.a. -, a ,---a. a-a-ith - 'l tr u att alah 1hu....... I . a- .- . 1 +,1 a 1t a,- . a l cat.. '. aW , i llll t r l Itr, llliF l'' n l " ta-a ( l, 'rlllli"+ ,II lt Illtati llll+ /'Insaie Cut::.necns Dis- Ihtins in th,. fI, .+s, by lren t ,,' h tlauu tlala i-ll vitia-l d sate., Ij~) iOC(· I' 12111 IIISI -llX II I111O 11 1'a: a-uctla aaa nca , ala i. preplan:- t ith tha a l'\tilt;utt lll,- i tlat-aaagl Ia llt tltla u a l,..u tl.ta Wlma-at I nauitw ti u .au uirl.ll tu d A a retllt l llrt' a ll' l tc lte onm l the an'ia e )llllitt gt' lla ",al Itar t a llala-- iN tile a : uttIa 1 .al truled dgryere, ('w:: t lllwll it h itlhr vt,,l+ hia s ai tni - allc o I I kl ul eliarctlv.a I''ll. ejreat iI,id,"rootn with phr clian1( hi henI l .tl'r t . exhibita l iurePr qI I II~tiV iu n r.Wt.) - I a SIt ldauae -'u Ia llbav t ttn-il<ill 'athis 'I sI,,lluualat uh Ilict eig Iiat aaaa Iu~e tl, wlatac a f aallnlnt aa Ct'aa Ic alto full llluu ca lua'aita- ..y I , tsa - u. Iu,.u-ly a ct ii t ull the' ..o rs. ll'- l ftheir prr~l'i['*. Prie $1 5(a tatr &ott.&. .old polytlit Sby :ItyN ]l(1'I'lll -,.,'S drut sh are, No. a ]u'ua]l .tlre g a, who" tlell batl haod, freshI a-f. e1 nhe, dire rh U. h tat , Ifrlll . t rNet t ar, u Pitai·l ca. , , ttra taIerlla iat' hllfilfpta, autt tl.', ' h:a uton, Carpenter'd lrele rtiatlls Ial a lrge 'Id I2Allgne+ as II liort 'Pnl IC i A'salt 11 aAlI'rr dru.s PINNOIK'I(' RO\f':, &e. I.NNUC'(-'f. IMPR{OVED'f EIT;)IIION O[F Dlt laii -l i .mitFh's A ruitc ai 'ame lta f tit,, Ii.t)rv of I ont Ilo l +. lith is }lrefixedf tllt |llttrl rtll.i:,l to Ie ,uut u ( a ut, aan I lcr , c gl reat uv tiav fl" le ta i.. Itahial a atd'd altaa a "hr l ta",ul ,W a .a thah ii, - acut i lt' rIOlSlllalagrit. Ca lc a - Iat f , t "ra N.' 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