Newspaper of True American, November 12, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated November 12, 1838 Page 3
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.JOB PRJINTING. OF EVERY DESCRIIPTION, SI PELIIII. IIOII, I NDO 1EI. ANil CIIEAPLY IXIiEC;TIED AT THE OFFICE OF THE True Amlerican, N'I'. CII l\I.i:S STREET', NEAR L'OYI)RAS. FUfNITUIUE WAREROOMS Nn. 53, dtienvIle r reert. ' II. 1.T 1 It. CA ItN L , (f Irmerlv of thle firm of P' n Ilh t , Ilarnes') wou l h e.r ctiiily inlifrm Ins ri,llnd+ n , the pI blir: thalt Ill i c :onIstI tly receiving ruII Ni w Yoirk and 1 oson1 good aI surIlmtint of I ur I ",II |11 .ntt11 It:lliry, Is lll IIIAII cherry bIred tI ni, Iini ganYlv u chIrr1 t5ahle. 1 of all d0 0crilptill, hu rrewlt toil I+, s.t.l ulnryn, wlritii. d('sks, w nardlrollon of. I llll iy lll hl r llll, w ll*I 11n'1n , lloking glasses, I 1nl Il.lrs, nIPdd ;ng, Ise. S1.1 Nil. Iartllturll, pocked lfor trnnsportation witll grnt MiRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, lIrI l. f,',In. I7 C. t 1oi1ho1.e St. TO NEXT Dr llt R -r,. CIAIII.IRES TIIHEATRE, ( i:nI:vn r a n" ,'nvhtns & ST. CHIIARI.ES .TlEET. PI1\'A'I 'I' BAARDING OIlUSE, Nn 13, Totulo 1se l, -1iy Mrs Illnimann. r III" hllal+l i. jrt:i o+lr aln cnlveininlly sitlalnted . I'nhr I n ll 'lllni ess lnIlr thIl ILeve illl the New T'1'I1 ht~" ,will I , ,veli suiqplied ald attended to, nld S, or ,+, t , i n lgi , ll c n rli llconlmmo 1)tvl,,ll rt dnll]rrm'll'lll Il.)(, with emm ImI1llljioll rllll l'urninhell 1ii+. I Iid rL will I iifl in to Inert lor, l , n+ simak n ib, the French, Engli+h and ilran " xsh l ' II"mgmI d .uI ...PENSIt)N I;OUlRIG Et)ISE, liu ';,.1% ,.,u1 r. 13, 'nn, Inr.111 i, Ve. l1 ,manin. A rs IT 1n, 00.'t r et d.1 nIv i ll IIurle, e' t ux llil p 111 Irotlnt ( nl lrnin ( y b er !itN ( iii den ul. arte ns d" dillR ens prix, hien ganris et CL /l:'lIlIT~II·. rpill[, fo5,r story l' ira rn,"f hi,,k stor. in Camp 1 " r8 e ," ,t nl 1vent . ,. n11nir, hv l,,11 "sr. A II l'i.. thr, s InI I hnik stareI t thJ tno:llr o11 " Ian k A I Vol, I alll10lll \ iewt 1 tr, , i iI ln resn Cl l cllon*i lied b ly lessrm. SIIa h I \ li.; the, I ld 'I try I ring tided oIrI a bed .Il , .he .nd stry of iht brick store in link Alley, 1hr1 1 hL ? 'll D h 11, i i t nllllll id- ih ld land :id stories I',h -. 1 ,u t h+, ghe ell n ilthe Isi t Nunet r rnot, (lý'i, t'l-- ('IIAS.4+ A JAtJ+ .IlS. I ' I. I4'T ,L..I:ii'd O FCr 1 E --I l , L;(I ,% I-t)-- i-N-i+ \ ,,t i o1 .(l(+, e ict Iithi 1833,. ~_ i ,{ t \I( 1. ' t " ' r e l uI iin ra t h e c n c il;l d aldl i ":v. 1-er11 llnrn r fr e, in -tarled I ,nn, Inl will hi; o ,r l 1 r r m t. i I'hrre Ilh ltl , " thn l ins erei hell nr'. ln~hla r u, II., Flden I - ,> i and or £' £5 sl e nrh, if tn,' lllhlrl'.t bt l ,1n I+. dd n The prop, l a in Itll r.OillN C.I.IIOUN, vi l. I. -mpi -ller. NY(, I . .r.+,''.iI' 4 .4.',+,nae 444 . 4 4.44a l i ' ~,1 1 4444 4il. l 1 54 0 ' .1 re4,'.l. T.i. du4 4 o444l 4il4 -1·1.i11l1 1·1'l'll- ii ("4' J~lll.(l+lll j~ll-{.ll'll Ill;irlJl, I,. ·I'jlmllll der ll)(,Illilr(. 11J/' 1:1 1(lllll, I I I1 . 111 . I l~llll ].jl lll15rCH dl,8 i'l Irlenlll Iht l d IlhrL (i H~ i . IHI/r a C ch+e11 , t lll IIPI I nlllxo~1·,.h, 4.4ltu,, i ,l q l,,, ,%'· r ,ll kl I + ..Il~ll'+++,+l· , ll+4'+tli. ('l)lllll|++ I -l' r~l t'OllYl~ll ii. ' 44vl 4 I 44 4ie 4 4n, '4 betwaI. I n. ,+,,1 %,,+it LrI ll 1lll i t Illt er a l P It' lre ,"+haq e I 1iI'·II ·.ii,+, ,.,tI l,,l.lP~l+,dlu.+ *leg il.'ut- r~l+'b+ 1)11t 11111+iii+I ,li ,.1IIIr · ,, 11, 1 11n 111 11.11 HI,+2 hvr,,. m lrllrl: ' l. , l rll · +,+tt('1· , s ,,i4i',. t: -bl i, , l" E i N. 4 '4 4r4'.' 4" li IP.,.,d-h.,l \l',, : I'+ , i .I,,, I l,)ll( 111+. 1 :11111 i l+it l+vl, ,tll.·/ 11· Il ,' ill, r. IHI -+II'.1 l~lr'X lil~l lll fll~lil''i'i i+'k of11 r ii iI~iii "+' , ' . !I'x th" lr l " I~l;: 1111,. 'h,'+ 1i , ' ,h l1 II Ill +·l.,bi + <I ii . l I· 1r + + [rt` 1 lt I I z L+ti LI , 1(11 1 llo l 1 111nd 'IIl .ll 1I~I:·~' , l' I it" ,5,11 1·\< 11 \ il~l. t' . . . . 1·1·1· . 11 I .,i- I.%I \ rt1 ll'l ·+.111 II Io' 11" ,I1:1 +'', alld t.+111 1;th-1 ,'rl - ' ,,i,' , I II . i1tul i. I.. Il,. 1111. !(./ a10 ' ,, ,.. 4,',,l Iir l l, r l H'n l... i+ ·. · r ,(, l ti. ll:. i \ '-+ ' H I'1. I il,' . , i' l lll l ht'(. I :i+,1. .\v · II Ii · r4 1 1 . .4 i, '4 4.4il.4i I4. 4 .Ill4)l4'4 44 l'- 4 +" 1!+ . 1'+ \ +, 1+/ i r1 +1· 1 I~ll. 1 ',11. TI·l il+,in iii(1 Itl. llh illlfJl ·i i i + i l Illl f. +,,-lll li : l,, liu r: 1 tu " I ,,n I)i ·1 ·lrs s i 444...7 ,+ "I+ "' ,,b + '+ T E li ll 1 1 &I flil ,I fRI) I i i .1- 1 ,+.,11· I' I rrll,,, l u,+ llc . r ',lrl ll: j th I )I .I rll • _' '.4 4l, .\ 44 4 4 .... ,4, h 4h" , - 'h . l'. n 1, -I i Ii 4l.l . 4444 tllll lI 114·Vl uot.s 4 , 1IItl9! " ISi vy tt atll ll'l lll l ', y llH IrIr l ce - llre- , hi' Nl o r.ll , i at l IOhuri'7 e I I no twon St. Char 4444tr 44, 444ee ( Illlll I111( ,,l s i ii h l l.l, lRT" i \\I . l ar,' II, !LV I ( r+,q I III hallt t I;;i v b - rllly; r ully ini .lllr YI lJ1iH1h 1,~ii. l'll+ .1 t ·ll J *tlth l ell,< \II:II+ lc +~ I.1"'' 11 li~ ·ll,' 1+ 1+ll Ir I ~lti .( hthlll ( 11r 111 :1( ) ilili lll .1"III ,l0 aillld fxlaml n the won IV ll R )CAR l'il II b ls n r1, l'- I >,\ : dIyIIII.1 11), 1 !I h eel p"l+ nliPI+.i ll." inIe ihII, P tl LI k T l) b ill lu+i sta ,I bII ,yI , .. llv l 1 I IC Po 11 IICV' r t0I'L\I X .,,'tl' 1( 1: 1 l'.lotitua1 (tR I 11+tI. Hill· ..'. von.''I .,.- he s ' ot s hoSPt Illearnlt .ilove A n er wln , .l .'rl'rl4, 4,' 4,ill 4i4ht's 4Va Niri l,, l.e4 t 4 il N41411 4th 114344r ' 44444 'til 4 t44 ' 4int.44: 4,44''t ill 4 hn44 l4 4 44l 4 44: ]1 I) I'0 e rII t "itloX a _ . l,,, '44thu * ...... i 44l .n .,,' 4 ' 4r a t mll',4,I , t !0 4,,, ,, 444...... 41, e .. 4. .,.P 4444,i44i, 4 4iitrll 44 i n on fo ...... l to ,h w ..,' i. ...... ·4 t h.4 e t4 f la .. r...... li d w ..... e' llli t e ofll;l ll sl l -I . bo d livrn t mle hOlrerl of Lake Poncha· rtrain a Ron (ie e o+,:.+'I lll, --lul . \\'l l~ IIII.:lXlil e ( llll~l: )'r:'Y ml : ath I- nl T own Iil et, uq r, C ov ed h i.. th loiclt|', rof1·· I·I1: lclan l and31·1ng r sue-nectoe 11 ll· '++hie,, t l~ i .+I) il..ll-,P 011 11/+i nllll Hlip C . R ). II. :,1ll 61l. Or.n Ir ll lin l y lurh. le r hipL + vero.i ullle | o la i, 1 a n , l, , h Sa tlte i IIi I.,+ V I I G A. L E . ] +. , .-i...l; ..;,+,.i,,.. .... ,,:,,,, ,. ,_,, :,:, I..,,,.mt; , c, . :13,1lt 1 to . t Sail UL I~l I'jll B l 1t" ' the ame. ll, .i C'.':.+ II.S, O+ N1 I-.4. 4 II.' I.r . .1 4, recei N , 4hy i4AA4444 141| 1i4 44 o444 )4 nX IJ. i 'l w D~k I ',1 y A L1z, .~ I&rry'th conr if orno ine M11buei, her, lachyi tine d o z 1o r ir)e I)l l 'I I P R L T & CO r . r ow aonrr ra ll. done as 5I: Zl rz (:lllll a lilre rehlito toI1 thelin r ie ra-ult r 5, I' J u Ihi4l4r4 i..4 m4k 4e4 4 t 5. 4l \[.' i·' r \ .4- 44i.4 4 Thi C{ 4 .... i lr . 44 tdy 4Il.4i.4l II4l 1 4Al 4 i1n &l' 4 1.4, n~~ll ~l.'.']t .)·· I/I·l .lllll 0 1). P IIIr C . tlr l·irln\Y `1'gll' -lT: t{..,lh·! . --: IIa Iirhlll ii eilii otf·r l It'l P t 44444414444444 il 441 444 444444n4444444, 444444444444~ '|'ntll(:t t .%lllll, t ~ley Iid llP Nv ::. .t'll, 11}'18.' t 4444 'l44,444l444444 444U44I4444I4 54444, I 4N. 44 444444444I4I'...ll wlh4.44 4444. 44444444444 4444444l4 14 I..ll nld the".'ll iil. ot i~ loh .w4. ol'lh.r ]11;tllI *'11, l'i 4444r444.4.44444444pil , 4 4414I 44t byI i 4l. 41 44'tl~lii 4li4441-444l4 4ll4l 4444tr 4i es alel - 4444444444'444.4444 D HOA44 4444 D.4 '.... ......44a,44.. s44,-44'R4- 4 .. ..4 . .......4 +ll. '.tt~illi4P J'l~n+0t N '~t . i' 44l,,.< hi441444. 1 4441444411:Li... 4 4444 4: \ ,41444ti 4r 44 44i, i l 1 444,44 ,,4 .444 4444 44 ii ,i 44.4-- 4444 h 44444444444144r4 .-44444.44444444.44444.44444444444444; : m t+ ":a e - 44d:4,titli il ~ 4444444444444 44444i 44444444444 I 4444 4444444 444 ~ 4444 4444 ,44444444444 44I 44o4"44 444 )444. 4444A94. .'..141441144411'..N4 i[4 l'.- 444.4 44' 4 t 44 :,I ' x.i'l . ...4 .. 44444 4....... 444 444444444'r ". l O~~. ' , ,,4.4 44,4 i'r , 4u 44 4444, 4 -t ,*il~ 444ut .9 44t7 h "11.' 'I ~ '.l ~ ltl (4uIh r i 4l44. 4-~ r~,; Ii" 4-.4 4,44 -444 i 4,,.P 44, slre 44 ,h .1' h44." 144 4445 " \ '" I{ 44.r 'RIfT Ot'lit44154P.44a 4t JAMES' NEW NOVEL, &e. IIE ROBIIER, a Tale, by the author nflRich' e- lieu,' "The Gipsey,' 'Attila,' &c. in 2 vols. T'HE Love CHAo., a Comedy, in five acts, by James Sheridan Knowles, author of 'Virginius, 'The Daunghter,' &c. &c. loN, a Tragedy, in five acts, by Thomas Noon Tallourd; 4th edition. Society ANU MANlNEt Irs AnnenicA; by HIarriet hllntineau, author of 'Illustrations of Political Ecolomy;' in 2 vols.; 4th edition. A Practicatl Saoi ry Of the Law and Usage of Bills of Excalnge and Promissory Notes; togeth or with a series of tables, showing whenl hille, notes and loans, drawn or iccepted it any date will fatll due; to whicil re addld, ratre of commlission and storage, equaction of payments, and general infor. mition eonreiited wit:h business of tLi counting hIouse; by II F Fester, Accolutant, nlthor of 'A Concise Treatisce of luork ltKeeping,' 'T'l:e Clerk's Gulide,' &c. 'to LIT.srr.e SrKFTCII n IOK; a eoorsne of very eay lessons in Laondamirps, Figures, Me. by George Chillds; let and 2,1 series. Juslt received and for sale by WM1 .McIEAN, jy8 ner. of Camp andl Common ates. ALSO,-An additinaln supply of "Three Expe rimenits, of Living.-laving within the Meians, Living up to the Means,-Livi'ng beyond the lMeans;" ",Siequel to the Experimelnt of Living;" 'Thle larcourts;" .The Savillg' tBanrk," &r. X INLITEIL CL.OTtNliNll-t caes, coiitaiing ilo T assortrnent of atoinet Rodtboudts aned Paon lon s; el lllv olhllll Iii erry pIIo. ia lll, LiverpIo stri pic illd t illd rii$, llldnt ig rolllll llt illlllOlrri frr rile biy lAAC tlllt)tE & CO), ,ortl 14 Mlagal ine at .RliW.\ hiriniga-.ii harle. hervy nown siit iegi , ltlding from Aiit In 'aiiii, lire le blly ISAAC lttttttit: & CO), _ , . . . .1i 1:11 l ,} . zi ne at I'.tl~t bal til. r . ,..... . h. l l .. .. S irperm l i, u. ielig fro ship i, s ite ble fir pblaiiliosi, and U i wile y). ISAAC 0 ti1 t hIF . (0, Ot I 1:, 4 MAllg zine (-. NEiW tIILlIANS LOMiMEttCIAI, LtlttAttY .tIIt fIollowlnig new w rks have beIe rce aved h. y the tliirr(i Socielty, lt their rooml in Ihe Mar llilts' Exehlg, fronting on Roya rlreui, viz: I.ady of ylyon, by Bulro ; 1 vol. 2 coli r. HlUiaphrey's T'rirt i.roiRghl Gret tlrito-in, Fr n and B Igin :. io 183 ; i, 2 vol. 2 copies. Love, by Lady C. It rry; 2 vels. 5 cople.. The 'I w. Flir, cad other T'ihe-; by Lr y rlte.. .ingten, Ilulwer, amt others; 2 vils.. Iplpies. Rivers ind tile D ert. !ly lis.l I'elrde r; 2 copies. ITi Rtoiller, by i P R J.ies; e, eopies. The Adventures of Nicholas Nicklrby, by Boz, oi , cloeo. CIIAS. RITCIrIiI, Lihrarian. T. I11" 0 IMP) l:I'o b-Iua hs W upeum q ti I.tTLy, ATI & TRIrle , O)rll 41 I'oy'r'as strvl·t 1 F51i e, 40 renih (1.uinie, 10 Ihio Epsom Sal.s :1 c ue k s P e a rl A : cs, ,I ac o C al o m e, m l I mc rc.. ,In lou , Ilosllili and for sole byy JARVIS & ANiltIREWS, \WIlWhll l)rtl rist, jv7 ro¢ Cllefnun kIt Tbeholpiuliuls Ltreet. th Iri Altallir:L 1.1ilg lang gfrm brig Uncle jyl9 S & J P WHITNEY UilU I Recolrd Iaper--Just received a Lew reami I iudst l'- very line blue record (lip, loth plaia rT)VII) FEtLT & CO, Soctil5 N Y Siati e.rr r a tI Ill, 21 Chnrltres. St I C.ll tM -brANDLE t--rr clc T ha RiA 0) &'ltrottS','t)oo , a . 7 ll\.k tPlil iO I.'ST rec.ived a ui lgrove .f IhtmlllV Rank IBooko; Pi ,1 n few ite'llsi nttlik Ilollk,'rlr sale l lihe 'roel, ddrell or single by ttit N Y. Sat-tieu at rcl lall, `I:rI, ntrel at r i Ilt(MASyA TIN 1.I1 I' A FI.T)\'T--lllll lll II t I.eLn pl holadiig oppouaitu Pst 7, ITird J1uni "i7lny, ap IIlv to S & J t IVIIIt t IaC', *a" ssl~el 7 a e &t rI11E price of('ake Inm and after the lit dinvy of I (October, will I.- ifty ucent. p.1 r barrel i Ithe .4 ( 4,lk's p:rd, tell if toke4n ill qulllt(ties of one1 . hun Sdred hb rel+, ill .be dhIhv rcd fle, of dral n aLe. I'The llhr nllll . floo thi arthIcle of I o"l I possIesses.I ,r lf,-ll-olld lltl' fiet I4 14 1II4 4i41 ( ' vonls, i nllitn4 omere r .llllv I hIIiii f r 4lll.r, 4nlld fret. Ir llo lhe 4 pllj llla llt itool lsailt o ,r, hILtom , lld il tltind ,:le very linolily to Illatke ()r,' 4 I4 v4l t t4144 (oGa ()4li. c . 4 il I4 ok Dlev. ' I ':ell-h l . lr l +. ,1 %+) I111 bo11' (rl'l. + ,ir 4 I. ;Ito b xl l t',l+ h. 1 x)1 m ,ll, lladl I erring,, Jost ret oedlr, v :e 1i t ll d!'l:'elt~ t and Ell, e, hl byI "I' \11 4. , 1. : I I' 514111.44. 1r Sll" nr, r 'ei, him their o 1ih1q ut ,1 ,uell 1 lllloter Stlith ,., nna l illl ,"o' ft 1)+t I,~F I" t v llonlpIlm I('-4l" S rlih i}111w d ,l lh I', . i IeX-II h iu 4. (I4( ,i(4 4 4 i I_ wlld , -.lh I1 l,'lt l i~llllx , ' tlh i , _ . t llll l l Iiillh l rll 11 '1' l ll" .lh loc~I I ul -, ' I 11 wo I no Ia l . 4llrll lllo Nn l. ( , lll r, . Ir a, aI 0q 4 rn t 1 4 III44 4 4 Ilo44 Ie rh n on. r|11l 1: Il r I.- , 'r hn+. hH'lln ltrh m d it i'll-ilto l lllrl'pe;]l tltl .ý dcr hile filetol'. ill lI+ l\i\1:.I.I.ý. 1''II: 1l.1.1,1 illIh, II :l' ll I+ ounc ue ll4I. t hll - et ruI. I aT d l4 Ihll vll tlllly under oblint li)ons In the citiren ; st' n lrl fIld Ira-V;ller g h Illllralllt, ll h hR I c ivrJ1 while It iiidolll til sepllallralt -1) hI,.0II IIIIe(lR ShI:ll" Io t, theyv yi"ii lea re to u llollnlnel , Ir de teir n i ti lill 11 r. rlt tl lle u itdl rfltlhlrt to ple, -e, w ile enlering li' the astles and g neral crnthrtf (if' te guslll , and hll ~ spe 4 re y er a i il. conll ti a ce f I lir publc Iavoraud p tr4ona4ge. JNI 41'DO4NNI4I4I,. 1) C \v'ITEM1A\, lThe Natlche 1 r. lrhetr der; Lo i evill ' J . r a l; New York 'Expres ; P1hi lelphl, in II rnhi and Sel liel; Ito- toln .\ti . wll letp a lllh p li-h the lltlovel 1threet uneIll,. a ld 1, lw lrI thei ll ar ount. to i tll hisl ofic e. SctT VITI" t4l I.( UI A t,4 .1\ , 1 )ARISII CtIi:ORT Ibr the Pari-h of th.e i(· ly of New S (rlelllrlt I'rers ellt teh l I'Ie Hoot r lh I, h' rlesI Mal rin, llJudge. t h tl b,'rl ' 31h, 1,311 . NoI . I I 1+3, oiin. I). It'. rr, .. hi Iti' red. l ors. The tem-i,,n l re prperty by tle I(leili 4 er i+4 (4 ce4. ( d h4 4il 4 44t r nll 4411 44 1 4 . 444 h (4r o'f lm o Crethiors: it is ordered that It l*eeliln. of said creditors he hce before E. hllrnett, Noarv lluhlie, oni Tuen dny, the 271lh of Novenhber, 13:31, th.o anol there o dellh 4 rie on IIhe nll; 4 ir'- of tfile 4 sol4ve.nt. In t(he Gry+Vii, IE4,1. be appointed to represent the Malbsl le lek' Ollie, Nw Orlen, th Octoer, 183.;. A 51 IIU m I. -'t6--3t 1)'1 l'k. 4 AT(' DI1':. iA I4l'I4IA414:-1C.44u de 4 1aro(n4s E I ill de a Novelle )roe I s'. r.elnt I'lou rbhle 'har es Nanorian, .igeN 1-N4o li,203-Wl 1) t'Oopr rIotrs sec cretnciers -L.n peilin di+ proprit I' t i. iollln ire V lt (,i rl.* tl i neeprllc par la cour pour heb .M lic' d, ie., ri, ,nuier., il e-t dicri ti, que one ansnla bltl e de'l its el6.,nci rs ait lio.l ll a rari.. de I's nrnetll n lolui le publicl, lmarllls, le T27e jourde nlov allU bre 4 184 , 38,i 10 iolr .' u aU in til, ai 1 de del.larer lei itfaires dudit p6ilioluuir , ,t en a tendnll toutue pournilees contre sit personnis ou ties proprnr.t.s aons Palr ordre de ht Cour-Bureeu du Gretlier-Nlle Orlennsl 25 Oct 1Ul. J , O 2ti act A M GUY,' L, Dyp.Greltier. tliem r .ti. ihl e rlc'Ino -:\ "iomlete h'lleortrlentl ot sle yres, Drugs and :Mediinesl jtl t reei ved and for oct30 11 're hopilou..s at CL IOTlING & lrogns-2.( cases, conta niing ain a+sortllent of men's ano buys IBroganl 1.. ca ses easonable clothing, l1nding frmu ship Delhi, Iar male Iv ISAAC (III111)in' & C6, oet30 131 Magzine it ("1IIAIRLS-1-.6!U oundles Chair, varous qualties, Ink, in 8 doz. hbotles, packed in boxes of one don eu each, lot sale by the glue, dozen, Ir single bottle New York and S.lti4ner'( Hall 44.\VI1 FELT &. Co, New York Stationer'rs all, oct29 24 Clhartres at N4. A IL.5--4 U kegs cut .alls in "tore, 4 nIll for sale by ISOOCKE & Ct), ort44G .8 Front street. XCIIAN(;E oil.onlon, for ,ale :v 4 1 4.( .C B.I4l( ;.E 4 . CO, nov3 1:4 Malgazine t ýý 111iTE LEAD-bitu kegs No.I & 1, ground i 4 oil, in store still for aule Iv S; LOCKE & Co, netLi 8I Front \F LA41.4-.i4 kegs i4 ' iI rlme ql4i.,4 y, in store sad for sale byRO, .+ t2 cor ColmmlnlU| & Magnaine at AY- 20i1 hIlee Northern Tm.Ithy Hlly in store. H t for tdthe by IrllIAMPLIN & C,)OPER, oettIS 82 Julia Ft. )ARII.;IIIik TOV'iI:S.- L few" I'hil.ulelphia Radly lr, ParlnOl Stove., jutl receivei nd llllflr amleh S . o.KIK ,r Co, <t .31 3, Fronn Leve'p. t ((l) ll l +' h "}tl- - 4u u b ,l-ar s, r I s lU b y U IA. LA RIL{DGEI & CO, nnvl 1(31 Mng(4zi4 t S4 EOIR(GE GREEN h:, tllii i ,v "amed a on'part ' ( ,er4 hpl wilh hi-i brother (:hin.rlC It. G 4e,; and Mill e tinue thP ''OlllidPi.n I tn1rlln.T Iiidor lle lirlll of n IT lE )RGE .Ri;, $, I.Kt PHEI:r , ( nr, I 4417 4 ( ((,4 t3-(M(4re, ( SHIPPING. For Europe. P19k LIV El'UOI.,-(pa-aogoe nlv.) C rn, will ho~lve lula tle doopololoh. ApIlly to A superior A 1 wllip can take 3C0 bales colt itI ifinuuediatr o Ilphccaliull be Ina, le toI EIVI 1 IALE, A,.Iet, iootoll9:1 otolnoo nt. tIV II A --A t----, . nl. coh io rrll, oo o oltr, t ill Iloti loo 0.010000 1_ d soao'1 andwantsOil I rs ctton o com plete her cargo; For Irright or cilraer, Aloof y w LYI II filll1 -- F0RII"'Vial 1:1 1oootooIoot master: hiving a e~ll hrl r cargo rnowillS rdr rl y ceps :,rill toleacotlmt~l or lrviglttol'wlhilIl~aJ oloi1' AI:\I N lIlnCE; licrool y ,ihoord, or to l llIn ýBtoo! 8" (hoO Coastwise. NEW OIRLEANS AD1t Rll Illltlll LINE OF? r\11115 lin e ill ot 0p1 tIto th,! folloing 001tolt whtrllol Itoorore bolt bollt, or plt b Ooll·c · tt1 0l3 U for 1the1 trod.,viz oShilo SEIAMAN, C00ptoit Mioer, lioro lA IMIAY, Niokertron, 111.111 liRIlRY, (reo) 0110',00, itl0l.O)'tON 01(01 rus, lolloo,, Ptrir A Il'll IIEt" 1' Orov. Thleteoer'!roltetof tioolorst oolrotn-iootoCIoootolooro fltrlishdollobttotoroboti or, anoolr ooft ololighttolrrfttt water, cc Co to oil mil of (heir noon in,, wed dill ?rhlre il lloletr rt ' PItII y he ('ly. Ft ihOt oillb," tl.aro Itlorll pots totlnthe I utpotlo to loot' hloer, ooood o rorooldorthoototfrlot0 "I it. Kelltogg, 01'hr" Ittlot of :0u .n "i" i" rea of I i rio. o . ar '-l t r it. Olt PROIDE NCE,(It. L rile ilacemhn A I ollp"r f tro rIlb 9 ' lb nlrlol"llN .fo we l * a law 41a)".4,o I Iar i l o o( ttohr caro to'oo or' r;tfor .1l le 010n,1 itO rooloiP or tiilpe urol I haing sr o uoottp togo 10 IUll 11, 111( .11-1 drpth or Itright 01 ploroloe oloply 0.10 hoard, or to*IK:·L)I~Y 11I(II·),lr t nor? iltirooiert FOR NEW YolORlK. 'll t A prkot lol" nhitl I'l lIlICA N, , Rp Itoto IIn to-Iteell ooil t reuotn totokein ot Sioood or Ilor oioot.;loof hoei 0 bgoelfttlloo her rngo roody to gott onoa.wllhv meit pehfor tooigt ~Itor loottote, Itaoiop rteeontly loorotlo ed nc mnlnd 1 mI( , tpIply otl hoord opoltsie tIhe V" getololoMre, I olr t o P'ETERl LAIDIAW, 'let froloo oloip sli MAPi!ol, Iloort loolra a.ttoer, h taving ll m orat o he o engatrooel, '. 11o9 ,o wtitortitotfetiootoi. For rlnouindet' of Poooboo r oooaogtofo. 010 hard to STlEl 0.N 1,ov AVEIRY, --h- IINEW \boIl. TIe Al fattt exlinl ohilt lI'LAII, (opt. "n,1. 001 olo1,oloto. lo Protgiagot lot 0001 a to I Capt. to lotrd, toppoir p0 55, 3rd ti& J I' WVIll I'NEY, 0 ft ANIED. bon rie of t o' rcjooilt oP '2 t 0 1)1 hat~f~le, ottltoot, 1,btotola lire ooNoorthen ott; u~0 p A plOY too lEVI 11 03:.1":, loll lolEliII1 )ilt I'll (Ilt 1'II.-_ O tOe tolooootonoro (,lbIbttN, Cuolt. lolrio, 1 000 t one orlto l oo. AI oo i too 0__1 & .1 I' hboNY oorOi 1 iI loo lolt0 For the Interior. FlaOI I il-VI ., %1ItILt INTE'itiluitiAllE T hi e splendid steaIm I.ut Ii N \. . l. ( a rt r , r t s. . . ., w til l l e a v e ,r t h e nbhvwe peors .o ' es ' thy( 13ti1 inst.,ant 1'r ! n ., 1. . I "n r ir e i ht o r I.. , y o n hoa~rd or t ].A a' I ' t E. ' ' eII(l .Nl CI {,CI , tilt X i Ntt \, - --NIC AY S3'L,,The enaner )F.N11tifK. will le\ ýrn,, inru. l.r , fi ,i'tthtr. ulf,] to ri;ý- JNr (to :il A ..1 1. . . . ~t" ,i: .\IIll 1 . . . . -ZW ." lie r, llolar packet low ,'rl l r 'I'lli D IYS 1 1 +& 4I;NI)AYS, after thIo :rrival of the 1i2 'cl, ck car, and on her re turn, lave MlubIil, e dvery 7'u'edoyaentd Fridayns. For passage applyl on boild to C(AP'I'. Sn ILER. offer the ii'hni" will tout rniato nv of othe 'onned nte i llets, upllon previos notice being giveI to Calift. wihrr. nlvCt7-if CI) 'L ,I't 'li 'nA K oil o o. .+IE----- SI'I, (;apt. l,'-rign, - i+ . pnilitel l cyI. on situm ur v apply tonl Imnll, or to l LAy R I N, IrAWRNCE & 'LEGENDRIE, OoV9 .'2 &C 29 New Levee oetl 6, 4. Nw I.evee i t t .,--lmming (,uln -hp lilah, a fe Panrlour S Coll Stoves. a nelw lrtllIe a Utll t tI very Il tIdam.e; 31l) Rlond Coail oInPves, suitable for bur r..nms. Also Plortablle (;raltes and lllllllllltu i r vIIs Ifiorll o nliineL roIms, in store aI C alCrle by N I -- tnvl a pli:,e+ m ,In m ,,!eI any part eo ti l-t c d .u CI CC CtyCrC 'C , . AG ,l- t i f1 1,'. ,.n tuck, tIogy g it etorn o aid l or wale by LAYET' & AMIEL.t NG, net23 17 CornmniIce tct. -N Sl'tolIE-Juot rnceived 1 oJdols 'lTarretd la-p I ope; aslorted sizes: 31 IPt, o1anill do do Ido 30 dal do Ilalecrs asorted fron'l f to7 itnch S5l) kegs No. I & 2' IRobert's ILYbert's of iito Le.d NonlOltdin oil; 300 oluisters Crone (;reeno d,. Ited tclhPe, Yellow Oclore, Sptnihrl B aoln, aCd cllock Illont, nt kugg o'tdllrl c in o . h118 clin Potty, Chain Cables, Aincthor, laks and 'Thin ;le, Pconte, iand a g'ner itsolnolllnt Cof lhip ( andl oero, finl sale by S lctiCI,.E &- Cto, oct23 : Fronlt I repe m ICIAT large adnt onv eno nt thr-ee itov wnrehCaose .at the earler th f COrllrellre; ly "Nolre Presi street. Poosession given no the It of hno velltchr. li ply to LAYE'' & A.11nLCj.\ti, oct23 17 COlell7lCe't r st J PARKER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &c. OUIRNAL of an Exploring 'Tour beyond tle Rocky Monntainsr, undr tlLo directiont of tlae A 11C F M, performed in the years 1835, '36 and 73; containing a description of thl geograply, ge. ology, clofnte and producotons, and tie nuNnino, lannrne and cnustonl of tle nntivoe; with a Map of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Sauonel Parker, A M. 'he River and ihn i)eort; or Recollectinns of the Rhone and th,. 'lartreuse; by Misc PardooC llthor ol'tho City of . i Soi tan, &Cc. in 2 vola. The Robbecr, a 'Palte,:" tithe uthlor ot Richealieu, Tihe Gypsy, Attila; in 2",: Thel Two Flirtli or Ad.-,aore in a Country Iousno, and other Tales, by Lady Blnenington, E L IlwClanor, Mrs Norton, Barry tornwell, Mrs Gore, Captain Modwin, and others; in 2 vols. The Life anJ Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, edited by Bol, with Illustrations by Pinz, No. 1. Just received and for sale by BENJAMIN LEVY. t.'0naO ui to ,l a ltie Core in prime ordet CIJAMPLIN N& COOPER, netll 82 Jlian st. *I CINtEIEi ItL--Ill tilora' Inglih L no- Oil, in J str ann fur o alebRVISk At: , AAi. r-l,.S &lA ADi r ls, hin, antone, a har i tod . n I(y nov i74 I'noydras st, S IERI i.1TL't S III-ai s-coldtl roanl;; izes s S Cnndlon, lllndtngb flocn cehtr Pi!rieo, anl for stle by S Cli.ANClIAtIlt, nnv5 v 3 rFvir S rNS-i-,lut re.'Cl-ed t large '-oaCthCet n I ,St''l 1 Pelt, tat11 'tlog in port of ho th(rot \'.'t, l. tPen, it new an I neantiil It artclc., In tolr exprel.v for CIIIIi o Ocr's Halt rl a ll al , I-.ell's IlitrO e I'e , ',t's Nos. I, . .', alid i.ll'n' Pen; all wtvrrauty d atdl or olde by DAVID I.EI.T & Cn, Now Y"ork I IIl et,olierC HCltI, uorlt 1 f barh t r)I)9 l.'!13) Ito'',otteo hturta .c , o S viri ai. l.rmiid·, llli fer a!t) by SIfr -ale by ISAAC BiICIOlE & (O, Ion l 131,t)ln n r.,nc . BUSINESS CARDS. J. '. FREEMAN & CO., IP.noleale Clothing BSeatblshfft #1 No. 3, Magazne streetr, I AVE onstantly on hind a Inrg csuppiv of Cloth i ", ,.ulcuahted thr the countrv yrade. 'Their as. rorttnent beige large, me chlnrts from the countr) can be snplpli:d ai the nhortalt notice. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HAI)DEN, No. 14 (Ihnrtre. llrreel IIAVI: acoitantsupply f evoer artitel p.r;"h to ge.tlhl lwa de.s, "t th l.tent tyle, at .' w Y,4 .3. . B.oss SURGEON DENTIST, nov 8 ,. 33., Io al .troet. S A.I'tI:I . iER, MEIICIIANT TAILOr1 i7 4 m'o( in .no31 l,,l , ErTis-i tn inform l e + public thelt having ptarlnarwh Ifrom Ro,.r I1h)Utill, KliAlj;S &. Ct). ort of stsnd, tl)oppoit e Biishl,'ll Ilotl:, where Ih, h7,le to uernPri, a -+hare oftllelr patrtmlte. llhe Ias ma..ldeo f.rfa .g....nta it thlef Norlth to h ,l e uillie d ]1IeId hly with thIe l;Itst and most ,le ds.n .,lr 14 C.. LA Y S &CLAR + K, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 1n. I'lordra. stcr t ,N . ( hurlans, MA.N'IFATLR2rs Ilr Lead Pipe, Water Closets and Pamps I)(lnl dhscriolio +. II'ARM, COLD, AND sI!O(IVER R.ATTI Fixed on the mest ,nproved principlce. MIlL.'I) .E.I ), 'lI'IS, &c ()n'Ordl r executed. it any part oft the Southeltn Staten. Dr. Ieobter F. I.isdoe. I.AY & ti b . i, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufacturers, E,' mK'W ,mlltd 2 c n;t:: l *,, ,ply of l.ead Pie, K fro N 2 in. dnlter un to ,v it. dtanlter. fr ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite litkulk' Arcada. WII.L1'.1.1 G1REE. VE., PROPRIE TOR ,,r I J H. PARKER Commis.ion and Forwarding Merchant, No 6, IFRINT IEVAI /E, rr nTAlas. New D3ilnna, Fet rh. JARVIS & ANDREWS, W1IIOI.EE1 . AND 'i ItIE'I. I)DEA.LERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DI I: STUIN'1'L(P .,Il) ('I'IVDOWi GLASS, C:trner of ConUlnlOn nd Tehtopoulas streets,. NEW ORL1EANS. NATIIAN JAI1VIS. JOIiN WV. ANI)iILEI S. A large apply o Carden Seels, warranted tie growth of 1837. AT MOBILE, Ala. S. I. & I. 1. JONES, AUCTIONEERS, Nos. CI and 63 \VATEI I ST'REET. T lE ,nderoigned, Ih;'ing ect.hlli+hed themtVao in Mo ilel tir thle p lra e o , tr l.ilsctlllng thlle lln tliOll end (CmorlllntllOll blltoinll.s in 11o4 v[r.ottr hIcanChI:e, Illbe c.ive to illllnt their firielltee anLLtt the pubtlic, that thie are now tre , ared Ili receive co 11tgnsl r lntn, a1tld nike liheral advances on rilte samllle, either .r privlllt or iuliic sale. S,()LOlIAN I. JONES, ISi.LtA . I. JON c. Refer to Walker. Knight & Co. New OrleauI. Mobile, Feb 9,183. h`fb i A CAIiD. SAMUEL. .LATER. ABRAaAiM TilER. SLATER & TRIER Forwardingl otttOnllliS.ioI Merchallts, No. -!It Piodri Street, NEW \ LI Eb AN S. They will dievotetlllr ir .lrltcnlr attention 1t the sale II \,esteun, lrudiuce. ReFe.rns. ,lijl.h 1 1,, E q. ' . ti ,thc h rd, Ilart ,l )bill New O loans. A Mt NitlI,,, , .,ratt. &ts,,h, ,)nrou & C lo. J I1) I'l. t ll tms, ) .rig, \Vihl \ Co. Bog"1m , '1 hiu Vote E/lq. L,"vorrrt \.%'I'hlI. . New York. "ntn,,r &l t),+. St Iuia. SI ..v.c , o r .. I ap. At .n. .0 It Ski i,i.o.' 1": I. ) (; i1 t l~~l+;1,,-1,~ v . p.Ll BTI)S . It. T, S'IL) I. I & II. T. STONE. Iortardlng ' iand C'olnlmi"aioll Merelan t, FIt.NI.SItIIES OF Sil' AND) 110BA1 STORES, No. 1114 TCIruoP roUtLA. 1sTrT. No w.(rleans. SReftor. dAI.t., RAKER K Co. Boston EsnoMEnit VoskE Zto S A. I MAcn & Co. New York. It. P'ITrAM, J. & '. Il.olrottt, I Cinrinotti, O Vi( HT l MITH " DiAVID STONE, [):Ct.c O) It. '..METroOO2 & ('o. Colnotsttt N. Al.oinlcE. r CO.. I.ouutislI, .liv V 'III.t, , I. &it 'l'li. Stt LOUItin 410 A. It . IR r'\F lI, 1 ill. Ml F. \VI rntown , Itushville, III. J. &P. 'P. IAurrwcL.t, lBayou Sara, La. SOLOMON liElt;t. New (rltrhl;e. DOYLlrE & SV, ItEAlEICS IN AMERICAN & hENI;LISIl CROWN GLASS, No. S CAHON'.o.Et STR Er. Of Fi ItE:.,l A EN'S INSUI tNCES C 3OMI This Comlpon are now prepared to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. ur, lul., No.24 ..1lusson's Buling, (Cann1l treet. E L ritt .CY, New Oileans, May 15.1331. S'eeretary. WILLIAM IRWIN Conmm iteon and FIorw ardin g Merchant, CINCINNATI, , llli1. Refer to I.ayet & A hn.oo, , New Orleans. Jos. L.andis & Co. ROUIBEItIe CL\NNIN, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 C.amp street, Wholesale O aler ill Pailnut, Oil, Varnishos, Brushes, t30I Wilndow and PctIure Glass, Ac. Ac. T. W. COLLINS .ITTOR.'EY & COUAVSELLOR AT LA..: N OW il the Ststt.' sno it ( Coy ,urtls. Cli Sent will fild lim at tle Cler k's oflic. U S irtuit Court, in the Cuoton Ilnouse building. jolt A CARD. jIHE undersigned hav t eoo ted a Ioouse in this city, for thie prpose of transactinlg EN ERAI. COl() \l.d SION IlUSINESS. OFtpcr, No. 10 (iRAvlnR STonr.r, liU STAIRs. i P IE:V Y. The hlsn e at (;rand (il, Miss., will bo conatmued in the atuve ntomo. IRlierenaes. Godfret , ll, Nn Orleann. La. Pet's'tr', Mlillard, S I 11 lill & (:o, Louisville, Ky. John Al tiilmore, l irkoburg, Misr. larper Carpenttr & Co irand Gulf, liss. Mluiro, rioor & Co., Silts I.illard, Natchez, Mss. New Orleans, Joly In , I1888. jyl2 A CARlI. TATIIANIES, TO\VWNSENI) having located him selt in New irleraun or l Re ipurpose ofotransacting sa Geteral Agenc nd t ctOtnllllliltoll buslilesst would re speletlilly sdicit Irtm thle ilblie a lshare of their pa tronage. lr vini" a loun e iTl Tl'exr, w ill ,ttend t tlhe trairns ncttig ul an vbusiness Ithat Ilay. he desirod in itti country, n dll. tll IguI ttli' e l rotm t ai nd ullre ittel at uentll n to all bulailes entrusted in hi charge, r1l it naithful tpplication (in ccordance with instructtio.e ttil t It r Ito tIn i 's 'lu reho , snd a0ljtio tg t bt oto's ,New irlmons, ootvetIr "t11M3. MHssrs Irilly:r, Itr h.l" Co. otqso otk, A-arO~ F s.., Nalche o , \1i-s. K 1 tS uth r ti Lo, -, ,- 1... h i Il as I p o . ill , Ky. I 6m FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEWV OII EANS, Office No. 24 Musson's auiding fo lCAN AL STREE '. STriv r,. --,u4 lav', Luoui .... hrn sh ..... k rne of whi,'h tire tit , tll'cly n.e,' pet terns.--a! o o It,r. Pool's patetrntl co stv; 28 tntlrl rookmn Slove, in mlore and ll a' S LOC & 'CO 8lr 1'rt Levee N -l-S,,e ['i. i n. a,; r, nt Lut t itp i., to Iart~ otbe." ,id y at shnrt rn,,ic . , ft BUSINESS CARDS. Ii. h. -& .. D. Newco ,mb, IAVE opentd a houe fr the trnsacnting of a oe l 1era-l oluinlrnon hlusineaa ul .t"ilb z, zio dnv luains cofjided do thew lhall be fiulilu:ly ctit dd S Ref. rrnces: j11 C C'ao.ooCk & Co., ) :Slon-,ll \Vhte :iu. i Noe.w Orloanc. .hlIdoll & iI'ky ) ORLEANS LITIIOGIAPHIO @ICn zonC N,,, :j'l lar l.ý,/ 1, 1 .r 1 111.\ti, , i: ll - U' lli ,, it N ,i I S'T'. P1L.ti.lll l ILr tI, execution If 1 up,, x ihn ia al l .j h r lllk t i v .r Lh, i nll . i: ll l lll.1 1 I o 11. I II lheIk Ill +.l. ilv,,',lt , il'j , lill, Ico llI,tI 1' olIll, ill - rill ", 1,. ol...+ , lli lllt i.'l I:. t 1t.. flui,' Nlote lyt "iv txel ,tId. l n 11I PORTRIT AINTING. J ST t'l llt'llol·d u:r lile unrrilvllllll? .lv IIN.l'lik l lThel slbsl.ii er would parti'nl orly cll the altralltion of the .1ie teitlr, ra t1le i l llll ll Iti rilof IIpr Ii Sit h, ne tentore, ac . in Il: ttill lill luV ri; . t o .n h aull'lllln ll illrll ICfll I'e d bI henllll+ l l, e ple-L I. fiur IIIs lltorkel w llll .al . illl r l ail J w v a I IOIN, 3,1 Calip l tlrleet. Nh. It City and ctlutry delllers are wlolced tolaroll. f*I I Il If * PORTRAIT PAINTING. it I R. 1 c tilvW;P I i t tAlllll i Illl - ilt" iublic thatl I ' i he will -, h t r. i ? i *l i t iin .v te rltrllnna 10 ohrdinrost ., tinI ni.Iietlllr- iii[ li I n lllloio IIInr i" 1 1111 i n I Charles , in lllhe Ilnllle npitoreid hIr Inv , ly . )Ly, 1)ellnib l bwhe. O.lleahiner i frf hi pailr.ig ian be even. Eruance in -t ,\Vtilolo:\11J;TIN tWAlti \t.\A Idoroo ""TtYo. C jr. lI 0': 1 & Co. Nb . e 0ld Levec, have in l ,1o stog e,a.I their . w. n inllae cto re, a t irgv alld ix poxrthe aoxfres l l ware, which i,'. y ihnvte der S lsIle trnhito e llalll ll,. l.lo l - , llllr , o - llp l r u i 1I1 g11r I1 111~a; 7 n B tilt tnb,: +. .-,, rted --iY ; .30 grTlo. x 1 tin. CoHl 'r euild Iip geittera plt up oln Ile slihe rl r 1·: \lY. g)RO.FESSOR \I(RI'IHll V.nasiId hv .b enlldno.ln ,f' Sproper quI lL II.'ano ,l I ea p i'ril'le'e, h olo t ell, ld Itrinoid n:-q.. a iljring the l erny tile a n .tii. ICharles brel, , W nll' IIo lcn11 d ATile lnwl ll, r rli oled,, wi ll r, i,. lrivena l t I No ilk. IIIIytIoIit. -ir, 1. . i of I n-.ll rrtion of hi frienIrI D alnd thosie ofedcagtn. iti enarble hild to cider this iuat ution useflul aind pler fatne t. IiOTI -[Ili PUBL'IC.-Unllnlnded - rumors of thfe underrigned having rold out, or diseuollned hii old lnllll aong etallloshed GARDEN SEED S'IORE, a o 85 (ousnontl hole, k:irci,o iavling been r? -t· iutuhstriously circul tied by self. inlterested parties, thell ulnbl riber begs to asture hlla friends genlerlly, irlnd the publllic at large, that he still continule within two doors of ls lalte, or former stand, to he. tltrnished with a thll till ex tensive supply of all the standard kinds of kitchen or vegetabll uarde to S.erds, of the growth alld im. port of lthe prlesent season, 1837. ilnce the early part of Septemlnber, he la re. ceived amnple .upies, by the packet ships Vleks. burg, KLetneky, and Arkansas, all arrived in .hort pLsageos, direct froml Nw York. B tile Min.eS sippi and another packet, hi is in daiil expleeh. ion of a sppllllly of rll TIrees and Alsparlgu Roolts, having already received I voices thlereot by until. The snbscriber begs further to asenge(h p*4th Iat large, that he is at present no well enabhld to moot allnd execute orders tr all the kinds of(: Gtrdlen Seeds, eitllher wholesale or retail, as he ever wasl since his first esltabliunshment in Janulary, 182. Country )ealoers and Market Garda~nert ' orders filled at thie lowest ad miOt reasonable rates, by the pound weilglht, land ga;llon or bushel nllanllre. Catallogulx, cithi.r In Frenullch or E,.glihll, Ilay always le obtainlleld ll persona;ll ppllhllltwlin . usual, to W31 S1'Iil, Garden Seed Store, 85 Cuslliinllouse str . NOTE'.-A constant supply fl'Bird Seed, Pitl or mixeILd or plalt; pulverized soup; herlbs, Lnld Slaklrs' dried herbs,-wlth a supply of peas and bt:lles. I..LtOUIt-- 10 Ill1, best qality_ , ..,de , ,f n a. went . just lalded Iallll sllmer Czu, a d fur l o ', le xopt 6 4.1 N..:, Iore" tI l 4UL't 'htll Nt ei'1 S-I ll ldtx d(v, ll·l cbccks o a theII Iiul It of Ali iua, N, iow York in ditcivt ent stinks. Apllr at the aulike of l;tLo. WH ,T.AN S i i i,.' , 1 l, 'I liioou aitt d w ork ulnnut S s:urer, N. 177, Cam )'· Pet, I1 ~I--lrlr'nlll, a b igiiiiiitts, sod hay cu 1·ll-ltiii l Iot ale It I Ijl( :u~llvlts: 5 \ UF F'S A I.on Iap oil i).t4A1 Oticgm, (Ilk~ Upoe I hi lit., & 4(:(1)1S 1 Ort) (ulrntit' . Furespae~i.iiJ.'4 ittr R Iie, Scoldrl, and genuinlile to~oth jlwdel Fin,,rie ut cewing, swcelnaolnted m Ill:,in. Fine cut smoking,, by various dualiies. Rbli. t Virgit' Sby sh e T'he alhvearticlex are all warrantedel Its g d(, 1(·1un11 .1 I'erior to all~ttllg tit' thle kindl imported, an, uld w ll bee ýAYi\\.\ C 11 i F:1":-5 hags prim. g) ..1, 1111a. no. 0uce 1f14nwcop o lrit. g r111 brigChares leu rlltur tlt. by JoSI.FIL'I COCK.\VNE, O''SA YS ll44Gr )r 11.1 by v 1)4 ii.w-e i n 11t) 21(1I.r I. F · Beef 10 h4ll4,illets . 11ex Shad; U1I ll nxna )llu llftnin'o (Slob go Cn (id.,r: 25 IIxes Sodal Ill.,,i l barrem~ls Sj Led Ber; 111 Itn!1" brtr~eld pickled~ l'ongoleP; Recesivedl per shipl (leeluln. bor sole: by cttiI) 4':1ER eV11,.R ý I1I11.ESA F. 1L; I(l: I';\lcL-ildlll p)I1IIdII \\ hire· in keigs I'nnnl "15 to IUII pounds eachI; jtltl landau" and~l forsak~e at thle P'aint Sture of the oubll~erii', r. 20t$ .1.Y Wa. 4. _ i ) dit I i I'tt')t....'t. ii . D DRAYS-A few Ciaoinnrti (Sr ('1111 .ad. , or Olle by NI ne120 .14 NeIw I.levl.n 1.1 fr sal by ISAA 411.11o IS\NS~ ~~ Ait 4i1LLYS- cll~ I' 11114lI~·I. aov 8 _11 1gtira ('L LU'I'lI I~Ci-i8 cases rntanosullo lotlllgllr Inuuillg Cfront swhip Normanl, for -ola by ISTAAC 11R1(1G1n & Co,, aov 8 :4Jnnins I UST re eived an inoi I e' oft i t I n uitt Chrti , itt i Coaat r.f Ilrxril, two nllreto ; SirelilerraueaHn; Coast .f' Africua; Enlglish CItmur!IC; `t. (iron C(.R (· 'IanneI? , rtC ior vle y1 i. . New lu~rk Suetilunllrs' 111111, aov 8 4Chlrsr l) can,), in store and blllur rutd by end fr sale by (:'1'N & OIS':CY, nov0 41 \,.o rrr bar salne by G 1141 EV ,l.Hn ,lr* IrLr nnvl)li: 10 41 1 ,nL i UCK -:0 Irorp '50 rilngu' Cavass D -ri ias~ 50 Jo N. U doIIC1I .1 51) do Ilenr I nrenl Dark Landing from ship Norr h ?',-i , ll for n "In by Ill nlrrlll 81. ns E W 1 11 11' S L (: 4 R -1 011 Id ol s p·. n·I g D for sale n nNil pl:nlme n, ? vn the 1,., b 1tr,.\ri .0 . 1 .1tN'll)W FOIE I~r..\ I' __III finin ::: lli:M:; FbII Fb S rrE iFT I I 1 ed,, , .I ,,i ii , < ,,, ·rem les · io 1 twenll bel eving. ' hf ta h. n I onllh M 't f H o|irw VI traw aln v ;hP I,..+ ,1 iti~ l ,,h,,,,.,,. i':,,,1P II.,,,,,,.+,v)e,, ..,] r++mP 1,1r,-i nnp ,,-i ,-'tI I.... , fnf, i,, ng... ,-IFfl - r. It F, " fi-i . ll tent ,-,, t n f - .,,t ,, ii.. ] .lln i i t, n, ,l b. It Rr. n it froV snlll -ifll T,,o, Fntq o I-d l t(1t (i of P i h I rlin A |Pilo 1rt }ilty inl a It'lh tt f( t iirl'l-n l t lu i ll h i' ridng . Ime c.Prtil" t' ,, hl o+i: be ar e blel, r ,.h, tthlr hg c'.nha a ir,, ai ni,'hft,, ,ni,, hn on!r r. t it J hia± . md hke wimp orfh ' Co .+.,i,' di ' .-lin:.. J ;.Ohivd rndl l} Illr Ife tlI hll llll,, . r. Itli h llr y b rJ ventiL v Ild va! rrhn Odiillre of. l bluir, buit a'lntllo c italll n resterl - fu th i t . , hn i st e h i n o:- Hrli tl P T l,¢ist3t t, h JFIHN It TI~itlic i.1V1 It,1 :1i'uce 311I '11 Ii - I:Filitlf.i0t1Ith s ivt. in h1 n k ,nw l th ,nthri of i r Il'h- knvll lln|riql+ tll hrb r,.. t'lt·I~IIF *h~lt ,xeh. |IFIIC ~ tliean 3I, ya s of ale. alnd tlhi tIhe' ers no t hv * J.() th'ld an d j ndo it-n*.d9i0n,,d --i-in Mbr hn.a r f <.j 1 h lA, d t 'tllll irnit h ahl r nt- , l - I hint rn w ll i e i n rinte h ilin'trtJ ti Ine, h. JlId, ' I-'ir, -nId tl i, 1I C rt d nTor, VII', I BilH thm·- l~l·( I ,+ instl~ef. I·r \Ill 51 l < ...otK.1 11( elmrpP. i b ,t. li ,t It l bel . Pen Jrl,|tx I)n ItIund b "1'I t; l.'lll ,1 Pr. nc,.+ rs J .)l~II N c :'lll 1 1.1 l ,lw , .,v.t r oghh utJARIY18J & AmIltEW\\S, tIII -T"nlt\lbr, ri'-r tn in 1 .n- l i 'h , in t Sginqin l of th e hin wt lr, 1'a Ay(hrindi - nlre l',,twen ry vorlume, of he OI l'(· a I Nt wL' ri of . . ,nttn Matn' ['iinaR pr,,, , th. \1, cmu,,,J : ?u "vo(lu mes, Hr .ll l acor dilg to |I'Pl'odel oi Peterl Thii;iwrk ,, Pr I'rio 'h 'y Ji . ot rtint I 'riFn E q f th neity, w--nintr y Wila Brn, Esq. Tr e E,. d, vr is + .l p rllV d " byl (i a t-ha h ,rb , i -i Fv t I, ii-,1 a. ,' lw 'dinltng ni timd rn 'tnired Ju, g , ni i nof t • , tCl,l,,l-ttn , t /,, l.,'tll,'ll' 11 II 1I *I-IHLr te Jll T·ll 1'++t,'' I./IC it lcv. 1 +l| ie :;'ldir l ll r u iervr iionrell n il t ad.h lh,. tla, ,, li chl t Slcn ht a w hrk in I,nen hei,' 0 vr -,,n myh,, r I - nti noo, fi t-,. nnnnntmg in voluminnd.F xpni'dii.,' [Cnu:r).tdnntn-i Ileint ln. l uV lllilll) *Y)IIF: 1'Ftinnce Ani i ntro sing ur'ioirniey 3o ii ttid LFr ill Itq ,lt'r i t- c mEin Uin, it n t|, in lrid eni cad h (i tie of jhsmelnht- of co te. so a s n (imn tin irnltid f l tu adjudgcn ftle of prinrt r li.y t- "th j lritto o tit ng.lll lt iVlgd Mirt i T:Itv ,fn. docinsona from a freS h quarter C vni l#n t n tllh, i'lnt in'tll n i I'h tdhn p 'r lll irn deidinl id I lll mlrl --- - r lll id,,ll , ll 'i l I'n n -n LILu a , olr tinrllltlrllve flru lllsl l- e n gn t ttylllldt nnl's, l ill i bel added t o ends ~·1·Icase cT wm rk. t it h tll llr. t.uillrttnl, rtnyiul t tI a \ , mnd slt b dA t , hnni , ,. tthin.gttt i pet voi o tin e n tinrnitttn, i , ai , ut,,, .e tib l' t tnttren jt t Inijnttlllt| n noh f ln-n, -th tt o. - ecrlb.rv wIl. he ot h p thr hdol. ui kcritonn tiIn rec,, ivpdr , This wor i+ now ( i,+t pr,.IWr1 . N . h t,+ Il n I nit ni n tI ,, i t ,,.. tm] y \",i--Fli:., J' di+. Ii,.ii |ldr .trtet, t un -n f tm ttn, lllilla Ca · rt n l lill p t1I ll,,ir l+rlSII llll mIlierlI~n al~III* l(h, 1tl,,1tt+ wh()icll t.II It.nin trij,, tirntioin l i-rn v asic, !co, sXti , Nt tb. ill-II ~ o ml, . Lt'etibl,t itl. IIre]r m+ I 1PIjit lll r o te i f ii' K p I lllllll ll r li i '! -h i l llell o"l--l I ' iLna , -lll'l w . alt y t oh , o f neena tant ,a hole . , ow the ri abl so,|ubli t'l'xm ha nw atn tid ll referen-~p d1 bul ln 1 1 vi ah s0 li- t -r.t e i ' -I o Iing- I FRED. WILKINU SON DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENEPAL L:r tUUISIANA, ( el' I . lIs his e r h). s t h (i' pchlic i.. hit, ,arC 0 lmer t t , 1. url e IrP.i.llr I 'II I tlll 'I n e i.. .l , b l I' I wll xlnl llatl 1.,t . IrIrIIu " I, llIELai expluriuell,' . I11 I ll. p trsl| lio, , ll l ·?·, lo -')+Il..:HI . I .1111 ldl ht ill h e 'exuLIILIIn b1 . I lt '-s IIllI rt"d t I,) h dll), h h ls to, I llr( i lIIIL '. uhL , tI Laa- ILtII\ .l l t IrL l i l, n.I,,l . - . o Sto IL l weight. .(11,1, tr l s11 +111 t 14, I i 1s II ) Irl1-I, Jualt el eived all a.a ortll I " 0't Took I ( ll'Purlo RUslI'ION & APN.'PI. .-..' ('OMPUULNI 'I'ONIC MIXTUIII'.-A speedy . and elil l cI ro for thil iL:vIr and Agulle, remittent and intertlnitt1it fti vet ; plrparrd trout tillhe original rIeci)pL. U L.ed I t II ILLIUl rne l il)d ltli verl;l hull:ce' n Ir 153i0 , bly Isersons oI tie hlgll.Ht rLsllpctabll lL il tils elty, as tlltl.d III tile aullllu ed er'at it li ttes. ll udicin is highly relom'nlldedllII, and IIIs bIr.ll eLxteL l.r; y LIIIsd 111 tI I bovL L .li a t w tIl such dltii guIl, .hed sLl i III I 1t, t thll Illp opritlor II the llr llp hlas rnl i dued ll to u tter it to Jl o he i it prll elrll nIIt L. iLL Ithe hopl hat llIt ially Il rthi elllll i rel lving I nIILi y l those wllho ar ll rutli-ring under the .u.tcrge if ttll t ounltry. It is ai I1(1 1n1 ptissessing grelt vill+o, and wtlhetn used olf Lle dllorl r. It is I I ot t ill dLIlgraLd bll , ani I'persons " f thle elenlt stomach, and llt i;ll ll lI.I LllLr t illIlllIi .I tIL LLI iILtllIIt L IlIIL LI| .IIl. 1 h.1 : take it with iLi pILLty. It trre gtlhlles the. dLgestiL e orgaLn, creLes all u ppjLIte, and ILL iL rLuirL Iel L than cLeL or tL'iL, o 1 tinatecasts, t o L tlry - ! arLLicL in the L 'dhcinL , nor Liy tCling iljuLriou to the humanll consltit1llion. T'ho proprietors urn so well convincd VI Its efIieLcy,. tiIt LILey agrLL to refund ithe price of every b.ttle whe.h Iha L boon taken I1 aIlcolldanceL wti the diretonsll a Iln h llot < ffiet1ed a I perfi·ct i ro of' tL lve:r & r ague. A. OIIVER, sole agent loT NeLw Orlea..l , at hie whoinsale and retail drug and medicine store, curnrr of Ilellnvlle and I:llrtre LtrLoots. Forr DiLtrirt Agenrewrs laply toI jr5 I' W. IzIllIl II, .I1 Conti t. ndlll ri es II ll lll+ o 1a he tl1 d ll ex 'p',nII 11 I'Iung a Il'.. 'rci llp o lll I irlr Ii r L in II, Iiilll, IE1 ,tlll llltne. LL I L n- f.r Llthe i l lls i illlln ll a Ltb IIIIis IIIn ILLL l LLLLL, L Ih IIpo li ll ILl l L-LP ii L tLL , LVI L'L'1' 1-11 ll+t x i)III. tioln ll. tIlhl t' II(llLsr t it h,.i In Ill, " L'll, I I, to hl l ' loo' a IL 'LIrLIn L2, 1. at IlL litI. LL L lL Ih ld t iN . LLr'e h r, 18.1. ; , arl ..I....... , ........ ...., 111 . ..... .. . ... ::n 1 .laesI ler l art, herebyL 'l ll 4L I, L y L lle ,(r Ili r 'iL, jl Nllllll, I I yIll . I v Ihllve, 1, I ll I i ll d llll . t "+.* -. IICIl ,l (II h I lee li " tt? ll o .Ih• 111 f 1 I . .\u 1. belllh. r Rt'et, Ih1 Intlr ole biem UIten days a Ier the Iost publicntlon of his l s I LAIJtr,1 'r i tlI' r11" t11%| Ir'tlh. I L e n. on a Isp r I'i nI LL LLLrL LLLIL I Lrr~r ll IILN L +L, IlIIL ILlC, ILILLLLLu ILLn. i rluulI hIlol 'I I';lIILril~olrllt A I I , I+.I L rIL' rI .. 1111. i£ rti nI l , our du pr .tlr Isif I Nrl It j lhl II'lr hru1 I'l'rIal de la L.ounlsiall( o.u1211 s..irel poilr 1'Ir1tr1tioi I et iLtblea d iddill ge I tC rLiri' ir i I pL r o ll l I ll r tore rt'un unu eii r l l l l r rI roI .'lure .dingnsins at 'L h pdit.jaLi , , i nrlru t hiea. : dIIL t Juti N I trai T C cop ie, plan. .L l, n l Orle du greier do :e183 or, pr 1. tilln o crux I ell l ell peI I t ,l c ol r llI " ll R I l .LAt plr I IprlrxelL lhllnt ICn.O rledI tatlenu dl' ev lu - lin'111 PI iI;tlltrsnl"l 1., s i"1 p ,-C1 , It " lht t i.b iii |-l It lnti l ll et d1- Ix rs M 'o rll r & I holl· I jeL, l t : s'll 1-n exists, I o. n 1 vnt s, '.2 do n" m' bne prochiinl in h ot.ral4re d,. elrnl (lt joll 11. re. N hI.. ti ti llon dt S. ILOSSaIAN, JOIIN '1 1 .1 t'. IIIEF9, 1111 OrIt TntlE, ^_0 18,*0. ,I ln lE Yl" hl +hl.h 'ore-p. rl'lence inl l l, I Iivh I ilurt i o;nr, ihe ,A l-'l r of Bloo1 . A 1 '.111 of It. lIln, Alt r, 8.v " a Id ,II erlp7 ', r C al'n 1 ,,,n t I' IVAN.. CJt'lE]E --I 1'.-l L 1t - lor 1nillS. 4 & TR1ER f I5 a' .1 Le" street.11 iRAINK IIN INFIM tAU A r IIE n11I1' 1 ll . n r .. o1 ,'l hully Iotllorn l Ilt Ot t ls inf lt S|llliul i. Il l onlI tIhe most im irolved plllon, nll in nn airy nml lun r It, ira ! e itualmll(t ill f l falllloUr Fl" rbKi hl ulo n ,ie ruIill'ld, one mile iroln to d Sl i.i 1' l. llhodoin iolnrgeo and mol colnmnrdilouly divided hiat Ila s Lo I sIILslr In .lng separate dilbereu cla . l i s, 'The i=n.dlmlitn . n.pllid willh troo mon t skilful oot Ith'iti Ill ho le 1 11 11 low n ,I Itjbllh.l nl nkgllln i viiL 1,r- t." .h' e. ll v I,. ml ni ho Qentdrinen at fire I1. lnr ,.. du . rinoudu, i| lhi ,blrc. 6.c . ' ,I IIIII. l II1J . I" h h l r i A odllcl, lo.; ff11,r i"ln 1.110 nliono T|'he Ir.llenlr li-Pir . ivu IN DI r 1t, ddrtnnn, to whe.I .l 111r.lll h " 1 s kI :111 mull" 1 o.rIt 7 r · III . l l i,,01i 1 l,0 " I- 11\ ' "lIn II',l . .I 1. . flll ) IV .y'ew (d . 1r1 d4o doj til nd ai n t , o i. .Pe1 te mearl d8ur SIt I', , , G do ",ton d'to ,to . 4 d, duo do do 7 do do do n do do d 9du de I,. All8 dd d Ai'hn .AJl kson .8rtl t .c. ant L f.rolrrtte , hlll lllllo o ck. A Al. 4I'anl -1e,1 nt . .;-lick d A, aud ruA AIne d.,orl' .t 7 I. nl i .. d ,o l dio r il comml l ce run lungl , ry h1!ill hur. td continuo tihroughuot .hw ,fn, Aimt7 o'chO,:k, l' id. do' oIo 'Iiln oillll tl~'I Thr<lp meartl l ur le Ln.a Corsoe street cars to h 1'. A , ;I 4li ldl r 'i n gloin 'gb-I0, rctoted 1 lelr lt5 "dlur, iu nl lor lait onle by SPlr I I III & 'rRif ii, A Card. ORII:A 1.17'IIORAPIIIK ES.9TABIISPI .1l 7', 53 MI .IZI.1 T7'RI:', (WPO 010I. IANKIo ARo0ArV V (i I E\1": rntuirns his sincere thanks to lii Sfl'e d1e d thei ti blic of .\ew h hI'ns, lbr f he ,nalrll"oe L Plllll onu [i;ll f~r thle llll vlletrs, andl In ch l l billlel l lll p l hci nll y ll r n ced.d t.; llie ~ill as uul, keeol the h k .il open Antin. t!he noim.t.r, nbd .hull ie 0ht 0, r r ltlo to atl'ie tIf 1ercllant's I ir. c Inrl, blu ine- ll d liddre" l mc l, fun r onl , 1,' p ll ll-s ll l'l rali'. l oll, f l every.l dlh,' ri n, aIII the t llri t nul er, tll on the nmut re.n ,nhle terfls: Il''ig o-i-.od by arti=t 1opeorior to any other entubllih N I A hrpio nries o llnd .Irn d oi.ts' tlt1 iooe toUl 'tt tJo. bn :i lliOhirlIs kllll .fl' g I ll IL .. l Itl hol t r 11, i 1 l ,1 t 1 liI ('riel i t tllllyll l gi;R; i l Pi opi itre B ollk'. I : ":""_ . ... .. .. _ 15PL. II Eb(R~lJI,+ | AY'S LINI2MENT.-N-o ltion.-This ex. treereiiney chIeletnci I crlc oiliitio II, thie resll of l itille .cet, tlltd letl liied II pl L ceihilratt.t d i ntri c.a| Illllm the itllrodl is ll'lt , of whIich to the pubhle wa. tlavl.tledl w\'ithl th]e 1olI, lllIlIy at a delathbU d Ilerqlst, Ileh *ilicl:e .r i llr d at rcp utl; iior l Illlllll ed, fit3'by e sitcii g the core.-lt -n oit" tic, tiie ltt:d :t)r inrlg ey'tlct iciifeSion, thli t " l It llIrtuid Inot iIIl \wit.lltiet giving to postr-!.y the tboeL'fit oF hliS kowhIhdge Ion tii. ti scijecL," nid he th(refeorT b 'l"'h "ai d Ito his rien'lld and ltenalldtll ,i SUlO llomon H t y, tie ecret of his discovery. It is now t ued in tIhe prilcipal hlnspiltali, and the privctc prtiiet in our eccunctry, it t aeit tiie crrtulllhl Ilr cI t ell. ol' thle talist, rilld hO (extoti Sclvei a.ld IY i' ltily tI tl It .l' rll t duiltlt it, u let i h~l.e ti ttitj ne wtnet sd E tralyi fliel ept pt-tc t tlo ci c tllne$0d wi lrlrt iltlle ill t htn ,fIIIIRIII Il~ll $t.ld ahlC,: For 1r,,psy--Crating extraordinary absorp, i : / it olicOI. All ivtll inis-t R dciing thei)cl ilt a fetc hour Itieuint titni--Acttel ,,r Cherome, giving qutce , re Thro~tt--Ily e(oiirs, tcers or Colds. CrV up atd V','hiping tCout--Ehxteri illy, and Ave tthe Crteli~i~tteeCeeie Atl titrire, Sprain.,tt in Burniis--Curing in a Sor s tIII UIlers--\ hLethe:r fres1 or ]ong stamianghl, used li ver heres It t Upl'l',tlob UtIo I du llt l nl ti 'ren in rt l tt rllt:tti iti-t S elItn'i-, arld 1' steni . e milll llt ut e d tih ttni' i t" the c iit n icatl ion oI-p the partIii ,,l h li Itl. a, ti trtrl r ltsi te bei itond i c el L tlliole rlthu t C ctl riueOl r tI Llit A tIIt tt llt h hitvt e Icle d itl in the bllc, is "* It nitIs . a churll.' TIE I IIIE:S--01 . ri+ce, .;I is regda ied to any Iiters cl who wtt ilu t i t itle i bItyi s tii c ll ,.s ent Wir tie glhtciaif turn theiitct pt y btt c ioitgltieout diin .I l. l i Tiit t e tihte plt te ilv rders t. the Apr tlitr i N it th - A cits tie cutl o t cil .ty ithou. ci IlI s.iit t lit tbI his - I t I.e I Yi c lkl l :OTAt~~N HAYS. Ai' ligi t ill. ~e' titfIc ti i La let l t. , butN preJ -i th it t ite wil sel the artt itt, lhiuld eo iii -Ito lii. ieu i t-i.i-e t the evig l to eu t-rith i eurs. i tUTIiitr N--Nit.o can be gennel wit htt etIi slllvl L ol eruved wvrap er, oi whIich IaI1Is illL na , Iltl ain i thit of the it igentd is. FO [.O MN Hi AY,.. Schi ttt htueui tle and retail, by u Ott lTtee &, Co, N,,w York, ail d by onu liruggll at nll every L cit-. ltthe Utueu. r F,}, sj ' le y( 1.. 1 W holee1 ;ll A.#igenll ts, ecorner of (iot i & tl t Alt ittu". - . t, ait d by thei c\l it ir ttll'l' Iul ci - I ll'. it Jttie 30etc I ,.IT.Xi' cii t 'l Lt cc & Ct.t e~ tItllSiT Judt'ialu I eluel- ti ctittt t 1 Niit tiJ'on. C t e oi' tIcEe & ACc, cit hi>lls ad. l 1+ l ii tours and the 4 lditailt o i uccc pi ed aith. ith e ee it ttri tuiii li lit h tits -trcc to r l, rlall · t I t a tc tlle I a rtciit Ici llet II Ilu d tee Il tl sl / l~c·lu, tit teliot ll .lll lsl1- 1' (C ·( - I'll 1oICln Cl,ll p n'l+ Ill ils S.U " L",lil J li JJ. . l r.+ fstil i 1; l 'i l hl IIU (ll ,+llo,. hiU the" , l'h i .lovcl"en 'h . h k,'A. tl , lrii h '1'~·1111111 i i JI , I ill ,f # Ullll l l L d c lllIc A t u t<tit.A Ctr Calouna % t Iot ll,, uu ip lll? etilgall t tiu ilh juenciill P I+ ll.colNl, JcQ -3Id n t:.IN &lA Ct lil i .ll 'lr .-i | JIi+. i,.tlll iti. p+i~i ... lll-ll tItV I(I alia i'Cl I~ S t l t, Judl i'ire-Ti . i J,-kif coCle se l l e ir t l its cr nlitrs tie Shus t t ti- .ace' t ;:(nd t bl lls e l'rlub ble na hl an t w'Uceptr IOulr le b onalice de we cretilners;i one Jliirordane fu'at assent i It'lll('l. I;14"il'.lll '` I tti'' . il~ 1 I* I oflhl\ llr ll t lll'Ui ltI+ rl~lsal IIt- · de. i~lrlql l l~lt, f l Ic (x , lX irlh l .ll~e rll. +.i ,, ll | lit tither- cid htedteettert e ittug eeice. en le.ahde ll 1trks. iitaie ti lluli, ' ·hIIdi, J jrlur da I illl.e, t dit huire i utilt t l-ltltl, ltur t hef . t l r siury ], 10 .l ,Li*res t mists Jen kin l eltl e i & lllll . el aannillld teri mmesICl l |roc.shiles policiaires cotrel inl porlwlp S olili e d ch tlh Jenlkiti it ] ', I I eiS hl unit e ourLr Cute:e Sides . te "-i c St trtt, 183t3 Ni'tu t~e~nelt11 )e\ctitiifire~ltetttI I1iegn! ttteei ftct rl otli |A c ,L hl.eC, ] el;i'er. I m,.l -t,+. .ro:,; shlp- ,"urning.t one °'T, nk, unirke-d i , 'u- 'i r. ti ll e eN o til sid tk will lei oti: -c t, th l ic ohle- t I:EIN t* . t t ti i tte lnit h .tcerit i hi hii !ipt it ilinle e rLt NOTICL'. ]} RA I.+ "4Noi. 4}8, 19t',070(90, tt 101'",:f6S,190.1.1115. ti I;"7, i lelee , 1i 7, l. tile , i,.l fP , 1 d ++I wiill ibtitt inlllh r r. ttel. Il Y or ol, h tllllt ctlll tile hl p ttliot ,tll e r1ettetity ci u be ioru, toled a lieti t hi1. Di.V iittPA'.i,'+ a rt'?3 93 L 't mn el+ s. 'itO ei~crEiCicLt -it'tII.eIiE OIL --3',00i 0 e irll s ..htile Ii ttll e iirlebj titueitiitCieCCiict sI. ii Sicuittee: Dcl! Al IlteeIteer:l 1.1; \ BOOiil.. N AP(.I N I n i T.l ell e ,by niec luinc ouret, Due. ei tt i ttlettiill t .oi l,.t tee teltl tier ti t e ti p e t l -Ti. e nd o ihir le iy ihe O'p IIctra ud.ilypi r ie i le ds. _IJull h ' a ,S t.lnet t d Jct litiLecl; l er, tli B eert - ti ting, c itutge d ri ire wrn n ing, -ll~ rl~ot i.. l allt+ID.-, , Iri .elhU. nllsg l Hll slX, it' ('n rihc iITA.'FI te It,.\tTY. An explantithn of tim awn.of ro; th l alltl "x,.ct e Itltti.he hich, a phc ii w itrl.v Shtld le :ole by iti ti et .l e f!.detti ck p i iit l'Oon ri ni%..1 a1., <4 0if't rul lhk lliftdo --Oner .e riet c it- 1cee; tep l hici m t. ,eral re idfd rnu . iitt c.e it l~tu. ~ lc. it ecteecol, fr t|,Prepare Ittaeeate~dP pr in d iul e ,grd h i tra ell, ift cnad ,e lepirt d t do eti er- .P arntv sI hla i ~ nl falr jlh ,riintini;; nlm.cverv vnrist. of rubing arii Lin hing siu f " "mtl ItHAVID & F .lT & S., tee Y St.le iotera h Hece 94 tihttiereS P4 . - t AaEte *1,. 1toi'tleepei reeiltms jie t receive. th i e telp crieitcAell eioGHNIi iRe. etp~ d ltr & L nd. 1 O R .M . c rl.rlle r Io la. Colorl , Nhh m.n.! doubho Sttceeail h -,dgllw'ii piY ceiL. "lh ed tvileteitl hite-ictem itte. -'il i,% oi til ~lI-ti~l ts. i|lu iil iil let et iin tt Cietat 4 Itir th o ersc t hi ra liud iiai lr die '.'r ,lani' hold IrpleLead~ , 9 llt ia: B Wher do * lll s+ a nthi .' .<) ,o

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