Newspaper of True American, November 13, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated November 13, 1838 Page 1
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'i"l;c tollutvim; c\h I , t nl, d-- s11lljeet is fl"0111 lbe (;iuciu mni Jollroal. ao, 5111.1'.5' '1'I 111 \'1'I) \II:I)I('IN I:. .Ili, i'he itIm."s ol, ILL! Tomato, lot It :Is it deliciniks kill vegctahle for Ill(: tui+ir, ]lot:du as a medieiue, little for 1 Sllil .1 .on"...1,ralde time :,Reacted nn )!Id,. :cabin. It Slllt Ilk, hcru h-lie\elltu!tu,-I",salti-hiiiolts q"I:Ilili-s k lti.h, 1) it th, y culdtl he -ll"o., ,dlt vak."l .1, Or s-" .ii it",1 Irmo 51j{ tho ol"Oluors n.aR1. r, Nu1dd Ile n,;ahlth ie. This Iles 1; Ix"en a 11Jc)ns eý111ii11 v. A 1.11 ýe pail llu 511+1 ul I:!- 111 I:;as-s a1"i5- [ruin disulvl: r-d ti. ý, s, 1t1" tlom d-- is ra"gva ems ili tli gbunl' uur ,..tutu. '1 lit:: [, -p, ,lly S of t!le r.1se ill tile I'll null +Ill luorc no :I, it,, .1uuth. 11 a 'am, sale, ell-1'L l:d lit Its ulr -lit n, and Neat- 11 i11g llle' l',InSIILýlllllll Il1s111op,611'l1, with! he iiicotervd lily 1111' hiliuus enmplnii.;, thi.. k mad llilllr"li be amullg 111'.1 the molt 1lcalthv climate' io the ka Ill. \ev (;alom,'I hit; bet"11 the alnolst lkelit rel11tdy Ihr disl"ase; Of Illi+ cll:u ncter, Iinl It I.; :t remell\ tt high ilmi iltlllllýhut klrcessitý shu11111 iminrc the "+e "1. It 111 It Ir:" 1+e eml.Idrred us ti passiu" on the pest rocs of ailthev ihr 1, 'Ioll,"iln to s{I" A, of i111,, lei N e lll:l\ It'! lic'kllllttl.'ll to 1n 11 N'it t'tl+res, uur ntrullg Vullcie,"oI, that l'doacl al+ot he hl p used w itlloat iuj11riuus Will isaling elli'ets u11nu the sys- " ' Uuu, -.treat(r at, Ics,, according to the tpnatities taken, peel and the lrctluency of its uv, dial the eunstituth lit at the nml patient. A shta[ue For this, (iereture, [runt the nee nil etahle kil, oak is tt desider;uunt in this soap[')'. .h"u NVe bvlik v%. this desideratuut h:ts hut isem seed in the he Tomato. Dr. 51 it, otlbi, oily; and hisa~uriatcs "1 { with much labor and expense, as 11 c uiler.11uld, have xt":v tlucceed"'J in uhtaining such an extract h'um tilii tt;pel a- tlm! hie as, iL is hupud, N III he teltll,1 all ellecht al .111111utool. SVe hate taken some pains to eu1{uin" among medical url lien and utheru whit hate used this cued mim", as it, effects, nit Nc leel Nell sntilicd that it kill prole it u ntol v:dulthle relm:dt in Itilious cump)airts. SO tarns we have been able to learn, it has produced the dcired street, ""Crating to produce a he:dtllt action it the liter, ru"+! pruear11lg hiliuus discharges when needed, and in some nil instances brcaktltg np (-tees, stilt rte" 'none -Mainly the amt it, a start"' lime lima ,alonwl: F'a" sick or hiliuus co! headaches, it Itas beets fuuil it good rcnuedt, Those 1. will) itive used it soy [lilt it does not llrullucc the dehtli " hpingell-eets of mnstuthm" kinds at' p+ll'pake aedieites that Were ii no i"ere.tsrd danger lain, colas after' :ts use, and where large dust:suf e:duael NOU{tl be lu'cdtd - thiS llllel'lthl't tl'klhitt lay' datll!et' at tllt" dlSlit"ualllg Imo iujuriuns dliets of CA0111 :l ttlt-u prudocillg Cllittumn As Ne blue eerie[ to !ape hull, uur in"sligaunu, hie extract of the Tmttaltl "ill (trove x suhlhtltlktc 111 1)" al"met iu a gn at vnricly of cases, we -a1 u o aril i t as a blessing to the hmaito laluil,-. ! C', hall portecth!y snfil, Rod Irre "1rulu all mint r it (:i e blot we spatk tit' it, roll Ne toast lint ituro uO folly tr.,tcd by li"uihe.,. \Ve have every caul aubu -trice. The nhuve uledici'lr call he uhlvim'd idly or the t lr uct:Il Agruts, and Iho-c n"enliit u b . o I"u s issiolt .igued by "A. Miles, I'le-'i C.i1i1ngl'." ... cuttutersicned by 'I': L 1311' Stone, l:cm"Iai lgcute Iur I LOUi.ium;' and h string the t'unlp:kur seal. /.t.+'t of II E & it '1' Stone, (:etcral \gents lily Lmhl+ialltt, I Tehmipiatada, str.'r.t. Itiellr & Co. 11131114 [eve" strrri.opllo:llr 1"r3 to tit it le Ain rho,. foul Martin, car Old 'seer and iln=pith .1h act. It, \Vlu Shell_%, uur(':uup un.I..lnlia stn ct,, tai Ilt Mueller, cur'1'rhuupuuul;ls ire, t ;itud St Hargis t`" ukurkg. u J I' 13arbut & Cu, corucr 7'chou; imulas and Uin.J 1i I streets. J \ l' l' linrttvcll, I!apn" Snrn, I.n. I)r Win StitshmyNut, intnt ii-, l.a. ''hams I Slal.hury, Il uu.lml,'l'exa6 Y Frederick Srrdu, rmn"r 1'o) 'I'lls and unukp kill. u (:ei. dunc.,'l'ltuli ['nets. u \Vtn. t':vlllls, lit. I Build ng ('o poly, Application lilra!iruc uw or m-dues; Ill, N hob's li tc must be nit"lo m the (:-m'nt1 :\grnts at .\-w I )11-a1:s. n to AR letters, punt p.tid, wolbe plutulldy attended tit, p 111,13 IV t hl 5'1`\'1'1', l): I.01-idf \\:\. "'+ \KISFF C)Lit1`.lerthe 1'nlih+Ind Slip Of Nuts I t kl Orleans. tie-in[ the lion. (;1"1,11's 3111n+mn, 1 Judge. Jerre Hill, IilP-No. ltt,'114.-Jacilues Volker vs, his rn t}itots.-l-pun 111 Olinand Will, [ill' pilpluu amt sr110dule in this case, It i., ur'lole+l l:r the (:curt { It that the rrediluls at tam in.oltrill dohuw -lotse m Open It court mI Sattitdut tile, 7th buy of .1 alt, 1}:31;, why Ile S11011111 not Ire Jl-charged nc-nrd itlp it lilt; and in file ul uteantime nil 11ro,-relhl:,ýs ntun,,l 111e pct',uo nud Illu 1P erly are solved. Clio ,kill l)li+ee, Vow Orlcuns, June 11, 111313. IV jeld'.!av It 111\1) I lift1'I',('h"rk. hr. 1 'I'\'1'I)F: 1. i.1)['1:31:\lr.-l:our I. 1111m,.. 1 11 In, +J poor it pnroi"s---t 111 Ville d- It \o:1v,"ile ( )r is ans.-Plevol I'holl. l'11+ules \lauliil,.l:lpr, 11 j:1in. 11 i t3S.-\o, Ill; 1.; i.-Jr-y u-s 1'olnr conhr s-s er `an Inl clera.-tor lemon; c-t megi.+hem,"at de In puliti-,n el In.ehednlr derv r,"tu" alftoe, 11 eA d-cr-Ir par In -our putt Ifs eti'aneirrs dr 111:-11ahli_ hi,,- savoil Ica': rai. bi ! sonsen vooroove!t, Saiordi 7 Jr I"i11-I, ILh38, pmtrpmli it llr s""rait point kl,'Clt oaf- eunlorlike meth a la toil CL ell Ott-"dint tome, pooraniles co.prc sa llcrsu.uic u[t "s pn:llr:tn:rs shut nl reset".. icn j3u1rn1[le gretli-r. 1\onvr[Ic ()11r"ln 1I join, lh:iS, "I i-1 l :1H 1111 1) I'I'1'!)'I', l:l ellir. llr_ I\SI:Etl Mil __Ill hil., l.ufm, hot sirambuat ý.4 \Ihnily, liar ,;:de by (: Itt)IVTF:'', jv13 "11 N,"., 1 rice, A 111 it; pI:RI()il II \115-buts Inndiut from Ric  +J ntcanhntu S:11tal.a, u su'rlly or t;,u ;,hole, it up m hid', tierce:. and LL's; far wl- by ttt.I 1..5%/EI' 'i" \ _ )ell 17 t'on:ol ktro s[r--t. cu.I -1NStitit) 1)11"--1: lids and .ens':; isle I.[1, d rule LJ ()allots latdmg trim a+np \'~-hvle, anal Iur ate he-I try J.tI:LI5 & \_iDi(l:Wi, I. yr13 'omn"on on rinmlTclpmluikkas lit ( - - - - , l Tc ll IlruCcli, f . (;11'1'1 11 A IF. AI cuk. (p ale and guerre,) In store n S nml tut saloby HOIhi;1;r N ,111[[11, I jrlJ (dtmli Allty t. lIr tt fr lhi tri-woraly co1tllllry iplr, p,.lyn vanr ill anIvtll, whr ntei rteerencer ir i I,·l.ri l oltlmwill be di.,cnninrrtr r r ntil arrrr sr se.tle, IhI ceae of di contiunainllcn , olin wee k' a riloP . a.. r1 r, llV:rtib.y given, pr evio pIrjl·til)'lV of subsvlriplil n. .\.Irttrt'eivt.-- )O"t dnollar per oouaro for tl rtrrlloIn, arIl laI IIt price for each rllbreqllln s.ns material alftrrtin rrrn tre orrgtnao advertis will bl chnrtg.ld ao new one. YaIlul.vr ArvrrEisran-a-Merch.ets anod 'Tral oaty dollarrof Er Inglish alone, and sixty for Iotl ar ri .<a; Ital.:rll, [naollrl Oi.h,trn otlhersimil rililia inoriutirln fifty d.illr in Engtliash only, and .ighiy for olthl Iltnyages; Ship and SteamboaloFac rs, or Crnmisni.on unrrhlrarts sixty dollars in English aIr, aiIdrightl v frorbotinllr.lglates. ?aluottacs, oner.aW ar NornrI.r, and nrtileso eall tho alRrllniorr of rho puollic to oales er" property, orris of I ess,)rf brenfitr t&c. rc.nt will be mntargad tl dolllae per olqare for tte hfrt inerrt n oh cc lasa t hr(.c soIu, T ora Adhvertinementls , of anv persan alontalrc. ahoo aRolmioibo, ahitll bh chltargddoe alrl.u ontl ill a· rh,lence A dl.dlot r of twV-rfie percent. will be mnrld t. Na tirlvera'e.l ,0l ha Iffginorro af \Vills, and Marltlsh oerlrs ar'rrt inatte" coislted in froth Innfttrtgor Il pere "Igll. alonr: it l percet on talaf of' rithyr pao lrrt-. Alov:wraotlsoOFirr not of llte direht line of btorniae uofti te lveortirrr no tl nsr leel, il:tion, and ant *in aioIr rlollloVa lllva t Y In"iltn" , &t. i:. wi'll lr cftarellr r'r oepr.ltely, rtrnr rt he ortrrlirtnry rrRe. AoDrartIoooeIoFI 'Tq llo speinpe d aef to tinoe, will bh Irhlrrhelr rrorr Inntt, llllrr ehrred rlcorlinr'y Noo lverrieertra ea rfC honkroprcioo will bf ttthflishtd n o y oacler pud aa r Ipreor llrf torrrtrrlaoioo raairrllrrt ginrrlraetel hb r arltrtlrildlr pel.oa in aown+ thlritraos andr orthpr plneas of rtnt'ttIRretntEt ndcverrtiJttt arly o trthee. Ato Ir elhrged $1011 for nglish a allre, ro $1 1Ir i ont anr1r tlr r nr·er tt. All anror arrlrtr r l'o car,rliihrotrsa hr political oarries hr, tllnnl r the price f o tlher dvrtis I, • Ire r on olotNi orll iaos d fry~ t rin pr r newpers or . rl o rs e t Irov Ivr rirr fr (t tltr rilrrrirrllion tlllrllr l l wi .,intrt r ircr'vo. t olenhtlre, rot he nra rrf t"ln r In urrry Tarortii rr rrrerle rt xrce a rirv r ,r( r fi, ir a I lrirriir·lrl I to erlrrl othr-r-tlltry alrli rlr li il.rr rrlilr nll toalv.rlisor or rr riot for r r UC dlhll~ll.,dlvro olflei nllctel Stadltenfntrye , p by M jnlo. c.rl 1,). .AC. I)vr. ST. rUllE d J. IIAYOIN, J. l, I'LEIOEI)aI C.oAST, JON11U tltSONr I;Al Of)f EN. ,I'ii l,:.l P rrioo.- -lV r f ell;r rr nrre l l gre ee to ohlb e by l l IIIrr rr ':lllrr iliOllto, os litrts I fry ure tltllncablho to ( rna r i r A. 1 1 .VREC1ICI; , no . t ailrrn.e b wrney; Pal (Irl N ,a*iralr, rrirti ona nrr t ohke it r leo . l nlt, 6 mntsll. frl. rit+lhlttrti ll al tl ret.Ir W lie r _ot I Mi_. la lN IIf V S1I'.D hy the antroif "& r enrli N. amui '2 col h-llrry ' rlrrrly ,ooyel, Icy I'·,i/t,·r , :.u l (I+ iloll d,' a 2r'rrlo l'eArfrea tf f ,,rlotrr'lrrt, i lla, ar lpr rr o if rTh ic of Ll~lln " ill . i·II. Nill(lrllli'" IllnnC(P(rllnf Tourm; inloril ereed I11 . t'har Fulerls Willll n(to; l l i lll new art of 1ntaillons f Trom a "tilrri" . ri rr1 1 r Ilr rrllR tr rPI t rrrrrr. r rirtlr Ierrh lrrrrrtrrrrrioarrf'efrttrrorrtr h' ltrri ri i ".l ',lllrll rlll r llnl lrrltll I rrrrr Iretll o +enet tl r tryI I tll l llallrr l hv r .lll nlra rr il· 1" r Irr tt ,l llll ,I th' 'll il .+ ,ira ,'.til lTV ·Jl -,l.-.ll) 1I VIIIP* 1;)1 lnnl('ll Itr i + .inI Irrnii v ila: Irrr I lllarr rrr ll, l fllrel iii -l ll +:; X,.,,i·· .,t~·lc , hv. J,.. A l,h itnr :I. ~l. ). 1 O lFvid, l- - Pie by clrd~lP llrr'(11,11+rl... l A oll.~nn an thers , ",,, + ,+,,,,i+,, rr,, rOrn, 'r In ,f "l .r e1 l . i I .ihr ii ." ll rvir 'riro JI % r r ro , llrr nI )r l bo exert s P 1 . irne fllrl .rlte ait r IoFrla t .lry, Ir Mae r rnrit, rot 1ofonrle Intrarrctr .; I,(·l· t':t .'IrlItv · U.l rl .· :I )ly, in (:( I Wol. Jn t mlqvll 18 11 .,r rl .,r y \VMt f ,lifil oN, rr er,,n"er( itrlrn o a llrntlall ta. - I£; V -. l .ItI.l " . . . .. . ,II li" :,·'Hii~·liI.' I; · IIIt l '" Ill IIt L UG' [IrY··Tn IVIws L.I I:/, i.dw . I·\· l) 1i· ., tltp4lill;,3l.~ \V ,.? ( . (l ill! lne4.l· 11o· i: i II1+ ; i.,) it ,, . ( l) l l ll' . (, It llnt/tll llrt+ Iz il 1.Utll1 ldiL .\ I,, .f~l lh I'll+t,'; ltrini lv . .lill r l i lrrarr I t I Irk Lr V Iroc r · I'h . [, I'l II~al e;l~ il. Ivlighl~t I. rI aNti ne;IH I )h do 1I IlIIt al. Ii: . + , in l, I II I h[. i.lllrlri lllr or,,ll'+ arefr l tI. '-. , I I. ti; lI (r -vrf II, b llllili; ." ill s+ |.. +..·. ,+"-rlllf· 1 . l,. alltiol il' lr I ririri(. n - I h. , , iO i iI i i. l ci l i r L i.',',; 'd \',. V ',,, l,' re Iel Iradt l~ 1( . rrtr ntn / l' L' l' . lI' l airtt. ci n iii S I lrr' I l~li l ll I'II I ii rrrir. lit NirtiIO,,.hr, Vflrliri.rir I iit rri~lnl r+iurtl• tl tic li tori*r. Ii* f ii. real. ) i 'le l,]S Ite t , , c , d r:l,' u very topic IIl S ,r, ~IIit nvrI nti h , '' rranl*gl ui I er , I . r H l h- l, lý Y , r . ib I lr. l illl , o s eotarks o i I II Illlr ,, , .I:, i. nl I ofi llriulll. vi . l The whole l.a i.-. - s .tilt. inhtd, l llll i t lll r I Po ith Illllll lttl ofii I'HI " , It ",)1 ' i'riirrt of i i i" ' r ch. h ii tl itillrtI ~I , . I ,I,~ i',, ivi t id llll ,llr ellll' iit. t iis o i -rI'l, l,,h II II~ r t Io toU Ilred of Perll ril'o Tahtle,, r nlloln I :I,,ic willlt o I ll lrlti nilt the text, n II eL,' l and free o,"il ,l y iinsli i it I tI ucit ICniclliiir ii tlo oiniit oul I n'II," iU the Crenlh and IIe L illl l idim So ;t t rell Prone [l olllill f tillhe Frenil ch, Iow rding to he , l Iripi, Orll h work, extant )il ltieibjeltll ll . Tie whole rIwret'l," I by I shllort iroentie ol n the llounld. ofthe French colll;( tl nre 1 i W Ith thos I ,'e oflthe I*:l li..h. Al I ' , onoouc Fro li h Prinier, or the . hotrtr's Gutde u1 rt. pIl ronillllll itilation and itlIgralt hy of the 1Iiich I.ll sll i/,o ontain i1 itL I afllllellmlC rdh t -o Io he-l tiyae, l"l.'rnurd TI runchtin, ij 'st received and or sale I y WIM 11heiAN, Cor Camlep & ComIn HIs. l i I i; i. IiiitP ITllR SPRINGS. GIII,,.RNilRiItd COIIn'iNTY, VIRGIINIA. ri1i itcil ivor i eit?, ring ipace illthe lllmoillllontiin I Virhinhi, 1 miileswcs of Lewiblrz,and Ii( froml Ith Whiir SnllphIr, w ill be open in tluei sieao for lthe In l ·ptinlnol lf l ollm IV. nI:yIII impoIrtlant iml rovlem lmns adIII on now fiUi. hinitg; allording accomuodatlions, rv li ., 1,1 lllv, t'r~i tl visitor i. An excellent turl pik roa l has Ii e I 1 constr'uctedl passiln iy the o rhi g, ollt Ilnl:lnl' clti. th KanawIl urnpi n rkl w I tl ll r Lewis Hr... G ,t i~in ra ld, v iiidirei itio of th c poat ofilce i. 'i i w i ill U r . A plnt iofice bI ing established It the ~IIIrV'i l tl ors., mvi v nI)lt l e r oi I ,all ctrelse an: daily, :,:t Pid wnest," I the It redicinal qualiftie riln llhcl hrjll~ll. irl i irtllc al. iltowe fl; it. nr. savebn hIi l edl V ol UV aIle ImUot proess'd chllists, ll an unI s to holh it sorlt '1 ai oes vals ik l in ngre .ie nts or iltmll ill t"br llr.ll for h. ll l Virginia. a e I'll, ronteldiu li o ' oi t h co ai s i llrsettly ty Ito l Sll t is olp a , tf plle.ulliar S phl tge of I.inl , ( r o I u(Hlta n " ohi t I. ile t sIIidere >ti ltar e ofwcr. ' rdtihicd it diI,- es hldoi l tIt K fc. em ls;a cs cirou AlO I. l]tislclour rillo e I lt tIISkitlo n of thedy Hoitre I, i Ii ll L II oty ef IU otailllltlli .i l tit t In e I¢:xie I cl flr ilillh .p rstalllislllllrtllJ for bolh sexes have: L u tloeCteld collifmol to tiile Stcripgis. Vicitorst Cai iit a llli e n'l iy the II cueliar of a itages otl tIlieir e uil gnl:lrll1% llh,oollt ofell e cts. Y all -r \Vittio Volss will ooutihUO the sllpriutenl lctli tirhl . rnrillg.e t of I ivie r. ive l ilsitot means. li oill tl if the rttii tori , iIhacl tie nlerd to il iurl or tiie llo~il slri ii Ii:tgulr shn ci uireL pubioulder - nctltea it cilt e ,itt t of M thir il I tirop.ietors of the luei Sulphr ct pringty `ital. Lo iharue iil the reeiit of fLotes of alieS ethtor atldtVse i hoIaolk. l.,it ih aer M l t odere ti st r t rteaig par. i ei iVF I. di closiuIn of Mlria Mni t of hy eiei iotel pit r l i tli f .ts l a, Por i iitg erci lits t l t li tets litolce; portisi ý tt ý ler of er t rraivet ; i rl , Review o f ttill , ihee. crla .1alle, nl e. ud sokee rle giqi 1or" Iloo arcu. on lIel; iitr cll linte Warsn illtect r e f tilety a lan ecth ori r onk and, i thle Nuyr ri of the iletel Diese -be ilnlk iI ChUl -\'oitill a visit tol the ConVents of Moltl. auil refn t l oilh llhll e ilflli Awlul l)il~l osurc+^i " by Wiii. L. ilr i ru.rly rienl orLiving. Liviln. wtheu mlenar. The t llte% t's i, lsr to ie lorewiI ar ed working ltyhe tive ictl cecrt of Archie ituri", fullyt expaincing the mllwlhmo for strilkhg re gullr and quirked oullldurs; Li'll iihhi_ cod gleiceeni lc l ctninusd t itf ctil3ei ctir eimboUt hc lru dtil, itesr 4o'L Ni t o any livCe height; If. sLrik.' e Iosii oli tics tc ci a le rc r or eli with li ti.heI xallltes, oi a largie sCIles of time ordcrisi, tleir ifltlliol'S i ct ic.; and o llc deigns fio dosteor ca.,i , eleI Itlllvy egorvrllell o'nolrt¥-Ule pla., wilh ex pates--hy | ettl' eNslt te, cul architect, author of the "etitibiics c :i Joiy r's A-,istal t," ,.it e. ceutG 4s New LFeveet ".\ Practical 'rr:- atiV on it ib Culture ofSilcki" adapt ,is to the scil acd elimate of the Uited States-'by IJ. (. P mN.itckt seetary of tiV . artob rd county Silt;cto ciktv, and icdco of thee"Silk CaltuPoot." " I'lel~ Silk Rar's Man:ual, or thu art of raising and i rci- y i 1. lo itrin. h i Clerk's i-tiih. or Comaercial be orrespon tense comprisinig le's of hbbi s icssr oilbinvoices, aOlrehat tlerlsl, &c,--bv eItt. lostero "4listUrv oifll Itr inc helte oeits aei t oub h of. lrli., front the yeiar 1807 to the yar 8li14" by ; . IF )t. ,' icrT t li. B.l, 'ol V.; to which arc ierfsied an. Pite6 44 New I ievue. iC is. urower & Co. IAYEjust rswiveidat their Furnishing Ware-hotse -I N u.L7 luC p street, by recent errcvals from En o an, l the ~ort'lt, large cdditlions to their sltck ot it till aindtorl0lcsenul cet hektececping irtieles, which ee.l lectively (they believe) forla all ascortmnent more gener al andt complete than is to be faunld in any siomilar estb. asllhncelt known; eonsisting of SILVER WARE. Coffee cad tea sets; pitchers, waiters, castors, eatdle sticks, caps, tumblers and goblets; talte and desert lfrks; table, desert and tea spoons; marrow and gravy, or ra gout spoons;i sugar tongs; sugar, sauee andso g ladles; hItter, fruit, pudccding and fish kives; pickle a desert knives and forks, nqakins, rings, ,e. prineilkaly foro thie manulactoary of Mel. Gar er, of NewYork, whose long established reputattion for the manufleture of silver ware is sufficient guarrantee of its superior lquality. PLA'TE D WARE OF SHEFFIELD AND BIR MINGHAIM. Tea and coffee urn, tea setts; cstlors, liquor and cor dial statlli; superb eaccdlebras, ant Etegues witi mir ror plateaux, for centre of the dinccer or supper tablec waters round alt oblong, from 8 to 2l ieces; beef steak and vegetable dislee; rich dish covers; cake ald bredl baskets; deeacter standls; mantle and ehamler candlesticksc wine strminers; coolers aml sypllos; deenn. ter labels, claret corks, tea strainers, table bells, tea, to. ble, egg anei mustard spoons; egg boilers and stcrcdst toast laces, Pe. SILVER ON STI'EF.L WARE. Table and desert knaves, forks and spoons; sOup and sauce ladles; butter and fish knives. cheese scoops, as paragus tongs, vegetable focks, ito. JAPAN NEIRY. Fine Gothic Sandwich and rtuml cornet waiters, in setts and single, from 8 to 31 inches; do of'papier matche; bread, cheese, and knlife trays; large upright plate warmers; spie, sucgr and ctsh boxes; plres.illg eass; Indlia tea tables in oelts, cdlcdles Jaoillcl.ass ad ofrioh tcrtoise shell, etc. LAMPS. An extensive assottment, among wale re Astrll Iamps, all bronzed anod gilt, land of r'ielch ct glss;.: mlanltle sipeddlicila ella hlcss do; brotzed oid Jlaplllned side or Ibraklt liamps. CHIANI)IDLIERS ANti IIANf(GING LAMPS. Ecnglish antl 'rench ct glass cllandeliers or lustres of 8, I), 15, 18, 2c)anl 2-1 ltights; French lorinieonei ntl gilt Greciacn lmps, 3,4 and 8 lights; hail lamps and Ian tercs, rich bronze bont orl centre lenips for drawing roems, romn I to 6 liillts, lamlp sh ades, glasses antl MANTLE CLOCKS, CANDILEIRAl\S AND VASES. Bronzed .cd marble; Iron'zed and gilt, and all gclt, witlh fixtures, etc; counting house and kitchen elorks; icromcced inkstands, ogear lit; ptaper weights, thermome ers, clrcl racks, calcllestiecks etc. CHINA WAlRE 01t POCRICELAIN, English and Frenclh dining desert, rea and cnfeue ser vices ol plhin white, goldl edge, alld very rich laoe styles; splendicd toilet setts; water alcid mIilk litlhers, mantle vasos; fullc carld acks anil baskets. Dining, desert, tene,co!ee, Icbreakist and stpper selts; toilet ware; plitchers. Also, Canton china dlilllnner setts, etc. CUT" GLASS. I)ec: ers, pitchers; claret and (coil ed hock dlecantre; bowls, dishes, celery val, calt st:ltls, sugar howls, Iie c tabs, liiiger beasic(s, i a lh rs,'l.oe,, e':lo cllc cicgt e I claret, orials,c leaonad atdi c jclly ' g.csy s; tine coilnle(; loikglasses. Also. emllce shadces. 'TAIILE CU'TIEItY. Finle ivory :alance builcheis, self tip andl luck handle klives mit' orks of 51 coil 53 pieces, nr by the cldozen; ivory handle ke knives only t irver forks;i guard and carverls; Icng slices for rcllcnd beefIa; orllter kni'ves, Ouct e'racksatn piheCk; ti sugic utters, cork srcyc , .'lec. tliltl"'ANIA AND BLOC1 K T IN \SI1. l'ea ant coffee seltt; and ins, with I and '' fIcCcts, suitablie for hotels and steamllltcis; spulonlls at.d ladles; ,ensltn t ir aes it co vei , c ey ster.o rch:dil gtl,.tI s dish covers plate healers, eolc greeg's;e tea kettles oil stands I FAN CY 1111ARI).\ . l Illtms aut wirelholers, hasitldircns; .. ssandl steel i scovel;s ad longe e s, elc; copper coal lads c and pwk kel tac;au ,:mle hertlh brtlslies, fa Ie { lcellows c si l .Irn bl'sisl;e rl'lle iilgctallt licgmarlcei;ell c; uitbrell, tc etanee, grate fctcnci lice waecncIIig lil- hte s. KI'l'CTii.\ FUltNI'TUJIt -Cnsstingofiron, tit, /a-so e,,eopper' and woetc wec;'es, bicng a collcctian oI all mensisusuially required trculain:ci purposes, elant i hriticf:daolt eery article :lloled l. 1i.t.oe kI"epere can|c ltie ut l in Ic eir estliisl met I. yt.Silver a' la'l cited ware repairel d ai 'epolishIId as 1 new. Lmips l'repilredll and rebllcnliee 31 Ifn.V% D, P.d.'It j. Cf'l " f'iV ( VF hollyte P.tltlrtie', No. 5. h \ oicsteed, NI etItleans 'itliE ,lANLIl"ACT iU[l IllN NI' YORKc Y 88 ' & i IROtiIt.BI IJtOc & Cc. SC.71.E OF' PlRICIl.S--Iodlre Gans.n F'or ao llcIle (iGin of il saws or ot . I ciliclecr, making Ii c :t s iin thie strand, Wila feed.r-,lo I.d,, &c. acc 910; saw, or $0o9i 4a1 For a lttniodc (;i of 6fu a n cs c, yliltrl ridc a'or lIl sawt itl thie stand, lederscl, &e. a $6 per saw, oe 7l20a) i F'"dlo. ofd 4 sawson dll or I saws iln it stand, at $i '25 per saw, or 500 0o 'i Flr lip. of ldl saws on d. or 4.0 saws in a i stropl, cl $1i.50 per saw, or 2GUo 00 For a single in of St saws ot more, with ene set oflecders, blacdo, Se. at $6 cpe 0 wer 4w, 0 00 For do. of 60 saws, with eeders, &e. at $6 01) cersaw, 580 W0 For te o. of 40 saws, wih feeders, &c. $6 n 75 ier sw, 1000 tI j Foe do. otll saws, with feeders, '&c. at $7 5 Iper saw., 15 0 0o IExtlateeth where desired, far feedlers, suppliedil a I o icents eash; the nlulllber ofteeth Ieing ablout lequal tv o thue ltnmber of sws. O(e set of Ieeders, it is con sidered Ihowever, will wear out two or three sets of " co'ws. Extea saws scpplicd it 8cc0 crls eact . The Gitns elvieret, will Ibe i'dlivered to the agents of llllters in :any tof the sea ipart towns Ou thle Eotton plan- - ling Shaies, atthe ablts pccices, tlreagellls Icyinlg thei freighlt ot thIe same from New Vick, aind beoe;rilng re spons'ible fir the amount of the (in.i A (ill wrighit willie sent with the linrs to puit them up where de sited; ile Elcharges for whose services will be extra, but mnderate. Iron running geareacu alto he ordtlered where deired, ot, reasouable termsl, but will be charel extraln, Ilore power, ofnoey deseription, eau be urenished on like I telres. Small steam eogines can also be ordered if de It isdesil:lls, wheo planters give orders for Gins, tltny' shonuld accompny them with tIeir views ill regard to llnearnmlgenlentntl saws, breasts brs,lbrttc &he. It is I'fund they differ t o pinionl. Slmn desire saws oft ial.ger iitusieter than others. The most toillll sizc e ics i or 10 illceles;l . some wishl thiel 1' illcles. Somel wish 5 or fi lrot's r lctthshes oil tii aRxl, while others tiO not want mote th.btcat most. Somlle wish saws withl A oir9 teeth to the inchll, whilet others want 10 or II. bYo cinl. iliSeeccpaltiirv, we eel'er tibcv sllltlc d, t Wel titmenfgiicr deof , lioi csts a St:ttemnt of the lot wishca, andl the Ianalllaetnllurlers :canll lillil themll ill everyi pIarietilar. Where it is left to ocur dicresiici, we ;shall make them on the most mielern astll approval plan. it A ardter can bceeeciuted, fiom the time it is retived, ft ticme jtted in the hcccis of lice acetoc'. 'tbo be inlime f, for tle exat eropl, all orlers lcught to be in the hantds of a rthe maniufecturery Iy the first or mnlille of May; exeptt 1o' l.tiattiolls woherethey are late in coceunllcing to I icik or gil ccttoll. N. It. The Patent Right, for any one of the cettoo t g'eowlng States, will ibe sold on reasiuable terns. clUi, .lttcc, I'A''rE OF LOUISIANA.--First Judicial District" Curt. r|' lE STATE OF I.OJULSIANA, To all whom I thee Presents shall come, Greeting:--\Whereaa Williuam Maekay having purchlasetd at a atie male y tihe Sheriff o the prist ltf Orealns, tie property hereinafter ledeeihed, has atplied t',e clerk l t ,ia court, in whose office te deed of sale uwns recorded on the 51h day of lMai, A. I). 18:8JU, thr a Ini tint, or ad vertisement in conformnity to an act of the Legislature of tile tate of Luitnn, enltitled "'A, att fir tile nurther assurane oft titles to purlchaser at jadtcial salesn" ;a' provetd the 1lth cday of darch, 1 y3-i. NOW, therefore, know ye, and all personm, intere.ted heroin. are hereby cited ed and ad neal dined a the na tie State of LouiSiana and of the Firat J dieirl l)istnrct Court, who can set up any right, title or claiml in and to the property hereiapli1er ldesribed, it cooserlene of any infuarnlitv in the order, tecrt or judgment of thecourt undcr which the salen was mde, or anty irregllrity or illNgtality in the appraiserenta anti advertisements, it tile, or manner of stle, or for an - other le fect whets ever, to show catse, within thirty days Ifaot, tihe day this ioanition is irst inserted in the public paterns wy the sale 8o mode should not be canfirmed and hmoulo. gated. The said property was sold by the SIteriff of the par ish nboresaid on the 231 day of April, A. I). 1838, by virtue o nt decree of this coalt, rendered ont the akl tlay of Marllnch, A. D. 1838,in a snit ettitledV Willinam Mackay vs. .amuet Bell, No. 15i,535 of the doeketof this court, nt whih stale sold William Mackey become t le pur chaser for the price of $3,:lO0, cash. Deeel iption of Pen:rty as given in tle Judicial Con veyane, viz: A certain lot f graound, together with anil tihe btild itgs antti improvesetant thereon, situated in the pariah of Orlenns, in the sqnare hounded ihv Noew Levee, l.otisa, Paul and Delord streets, desigtlated by the No 9, oa a ptan drawnt y C. F. Zimtpel. I)eputy Surveyor Generas, on the itt; IDecember, 183. and deponsited na plnt No O10, in the bnlk of ptlano of Felix Grimtn, totary ptiie. Said lot measures 20 feet t11 inches front en New Levee street, 75 feet io depth on tihe aide adjoining lot NM , anti 8 feet 7 inches and , lines it depth on the side adjotintg the property now, or lately. Ibhiaging to N eoodale, ant 19 feet Ii inches width in thie rear, t hre it fronts on ant alley ef three feet nine incteas itt eOlamnn to lots Non 4, 5,6, 7, 8 and 9. Clerk's Oifite, 1 "1'l May. l 11. ml6 i VI WI Eli DOap (Cierk. It R IIbILLAilOIU OOIJIJ II1', uIi LOUIsvI.l., JlLY 21. It has heel aid thlat I ral away froa Il.lia SVille and (amoneg other places) hd lImade tracks for i the Niacnara-tteltefrore resolved on Tearaday lbhe, trip, ,I._ (,Cincinnati, fi rone dayonly; I returned again as b- night. I bra'in to feel that I ano tavery important indi vidual, as thin instant tlhe Jonrmal of tlhis city was paut into y hllaal, stllting,l amongst a great lany allter thingas, that I hlad aetuallly ruln away from Loalavills to escape tile effects of tile wea aerfulallgneliic ne,le of dloctllr Sip, the knighlt of Ille hilnlb!e, aliaa, A S 8, M v retlarn, bowever, proves that the llatb eFle If l a an'id wolf, is applicable to the Jmrnal. Tile fable is it"A bay was employed to witcl ad gise tle alarm, a cbea tile wlf i alppeared; lIe brag either a faoatlllan ,' e t, tlar'san'p, or a liar, feqaen:ly crielout the woalf in re clin,'to tlle greutdisayaofrlle citizsns T yh y t a' iaost fond out is real haraectelr: tait he was e na liar, and not to Ibe believed even lwher ha spoke the trutrl." T- 'Pie fact is, tlhat calus lalst produca Iheir effects. So it will prove, of tile all-wise writers, Dr. Sni & Co., in ithe Jorn:al. I would advise them toprovie tid ems selves with a stsaa engine press, in odder to meet teil 'wonderful demand anl incerease of ltat pailer, a it is well known, there are many who seek for nothing but folslaehoolot of isheer le to tlhe veeders of that arti cle. Bat lfirtunatelv for Goilinah Sni,, of needle and thlimble ellellrity, tile great mlasas of the iillias of A ileieanlpeoplec are falled,and far faed ass lovers ol truth. 'Tberefar they will,(nasefl'etla prodcllecd Ilv the cnil n) naturallr say,I wanlt to read a paper, tllat I may rely oil, tlherefole I will seek out bcl, and ,ecoale a n.i~arilMher to iba other joarnals, whose statemlsts will not prs.. false. Their lst atatoaenlts are too pal panhle to reqnla rutatlon;yct I wiyell late: Ilt. I n aoganl s tlls hotel. 2d11. Tllt I shall relfa.t till Ihe 3.lst Jal ', 't11 It) Snip & Co., havre sent ame a letter lthreateoning ly life, if I remained after IlheOth. 31. I'hat from th;+, I shall proceed to Cilinnatli, for fotireel dcdeonlv, of which I wish DI Snitp & Ca., ta inforn tile afileied, in their oaw m ilinhl never failsta bring tile pati,'nan. 4ti1. ''hait freln inrinelnoti I sioli pr, O taire Fals F of lib Nire'.ra, to hr at Iiil..illE , (it1")r Siip & Co. do not take o.,- tlyn life,; on t'll tIet' oii3-tlelec,e naa aiNew ,'ro k lch,, inst nlNoirnlber, tl).lped I e hole o'thr next lsunllmer, in order ,io lng. at allt he io lll bilistilne, tile mnedlieal Gnliahlla of Boaton, Ihladel hisa, h iMenhis, Nashville anod Louisville, wo wiei Irohbllv. b efi,ehls t tilme arrives lltor, Galiah ist, Rope and thre aolinah 2d. Carrier &c. v (oltn mahe r assesCe, Int'leo, &c. GOalii 4thi. Corn catter. (,(li ali 5th, aints oad drug, and piokler ore. Glliah 6thi thil n loat gniftilcent of nil, iDr. tip, alias liell, de. patch Ie, the proprietors nn,4 eldio's of lie Joarntl. I.athlv. I wmuhl have tIeaoble Dr. Snip & Ca r know, thatl longe lei'ertbry were abl to tlreasd s neer dieor .spread a bllrlter, Ilal been fir years. in the hnlbi it of rest.loringsighlt to lie blind, dllthat ton when o was a el!Iecitlr ao hi .lMajesty's Eustols Ill (Great Iri ain. Isan eaen then so employed. Ifi lie thrresa l inner: the currier, tile harness maker for aooes; tile corn culer the ,int Al drug store keper mlul tile inlallifieent dnetor Snip,) ever, revla ttre thatl dreoan Iof teing able to do lto likel I wila tits Journal to state, I sllail receive ladies and lira.gera froll l0 to I A M. and g'anltleCn from a 1 to 5 o'clock P N. every day, to obtain my opiani, flbe as lieus an great lhsate, JOIIN W I LI.Ir.Mfei, Oculist JeFlersan llaooo, Louiosville, Joly dl, 1837. I'. S.--Sinva writing m lat, I lave Ieirrne informed I(is Ii le of tie: caruse., wh'a the Ioar Ibaer o. f the I Jou.rnal, nd . hi, noble ....sIer are. s. . 'well planed Ilt. ..... 1 , tsr otI as.oohting thtet rie toether io my late re i 0ll0rk,, a tihey t prlt'fertl ' r sre,, le oll otilier: they fillil the adage, "lords of teatie lb achrk l,gether." 2. For not piying the latter, Mr. 'Prentico, alrs. "knigllt of the rail." of tilh roofv o"l Cant(" bury, l ane I Rtalllvtctt, tilhe reaped doe to tllah a Igniftied ..r.nIls age. It is trie be lirght hlavre been so levieated, an Orllnlten',d w''illh tar, ntid th tilloge of anollter"cocn ups I ois own dnll-hilt," without I iy Imoral tnrit d) deaeIrviogaon Ilia part; as we. find by ancient Istory5 tll mtostthe w ere blurnt alive, othershr h an b o a ho lter wdihl solm were raised to be e plerOrs, orelesated e lici,ts of tio roil. "l'hongl s olae say tItey oglli tt '( eavc r:,tlber ntier, llr kbiiga. llo iJall ee. Itut oat hIrah e hso knight is yet et ollv alivr ani fb e, front his 1 rolifie btrains, tojoin is roie er, he kn~igh (f t thimble, in illulminting thewo l b t i filer sli n perti~ct halhh all as blo+.rin g en a full blown rose- lieti,,ll . oi that projectile, we, the Inlg t, well a lee's alt of wichi tilhe grest lr. liell, lioN S. koilglt of i I tih l'Ihi leh.ll , P.'. willh x a o te i l ig ; e Ihe mremlinlca phrearel gv ,if lhat whiuch telnri es I1 1lt. II ' 1)lllP+. rTon) tlhe tlI* of(lr CRi( ., leL'k l "ll Ul i )lnn. . c ill ' i a lllri andi i b litra a .llll to I delcli l u p. mmc enp eilo hfyooonielIndies. :'d. Thlllmlllllate ,olyl I eln:d lt.hleao elegant ,ypece,'. i . of ci o i ihh, srvi,][ vmitllhing .1 II1 the .I ceafr' (;1.liH is, china, knighl'ts of tio dlrulg i n, pai:t and pick le tores olf .r'llerir . Those coelt ones I refer t N. lord; but a.Io lle ltokeoiaf o00I w ll) w a )afreid 1it was to Drse thiat holid Iii nuhlr hrethra, the Go I Ihahlla of le city, a.l actually re.alred to aeight more eeraatinoa Ici *iousll tince eise arsal. Dear me, linka I to ,oll, t'rhiap.. tlhe k.ght o "the thimbile, &e. hlvor gChe,llthegage, as I ad oiy retored to igt unr' eoetltcnlunuall lav yesterdayv whose case, hlltl."gh oi' ,,,i'ng alar, .nd blli a tlhe G;li. 'i , Ihlnc a I -t lou ili. 'iidlit i e Terxas Ie Ioie fit New (Ore weed. lie foillowd ie me., and -+tertrdav Inl o'clock fil:' ibec:'menirvy pdtieut. 1 i olin ste • ilr hwlld lclPa rl1 ue olbject; wlhie'h vlre Ivr itia vibe to him befile. t ri d'ay tlin E.lllh, nl .ll*hi , auluel hi lerw'i i s ig t, 0snI all wo, hear him Ie aayes Irsgratide b ib noo, h'uaodo tlllllollgl liepillid iall e I ony I del0n. d,,id; alhlll llhad lie puaid me a lhouaaall otrol, b i IhonhldI noh I 'a grateful, boitll lo lod and to Ino. When I -kll ed it.' re rloved lhe rPetledies with wliclh I dreserd hli evs,, ait ha wrold ratlher pay d211, than l'.ooe.asoiJgledrol, Ile ca.le upwardsof U200 lliles 11, me. 'ilhe teel ul n of tlIhe wortih knillts of ale rail anl a tie thimble, will altcely noark legibly, aflor reading lls all ve hllty letter. I"owerer a little anodvne. ir the frllnof mdrinkrt or tree will aert ali righlt and Ihev twdill IIol id relare sollelllng to suit ItheI nmental ai.etitc, of their eeoaders, at ,reakfah t on .Men dlly nlilrllitg. irtltt'lv tr Ilthe, there. a whole S'ibath ttldv,(to.lnmorrowa in whlchll tIey ca do theis dirty work:. J VIIJ IAIId N. 11.-I lae joustec rreived a lettar, lIted 2LrtJu e, inioting oaoInIY IlakingllI nAplogey t the druggiot, ]of Itis city. 'I'll,' writer- stye tilet selvea "Kentc a Sereltamr,;" tertesliniig ttlal "I ullled to Ille in my lst letter. IThey m'iv reel assureel, I d lot kllow lIlr evenr au .+pect aly Gnll.h1 lntt log the dlruggists il .oll Isilltpe; yet, ifl e cip fits any gentlelan he n t ui tcooure wear it, lhoghll not illtendd by aie. J.W a J effeson lHans', Satnrday, 22d Joly,1lla37. JeFrERSON' IloslLe I.OUIsVLL( E July , 113, 1;7. To the Editor of ihe City ainertel: Ll--ll-avhlg lislened tIo tie enltrPeatlis of my poo Spotieln,llr cnlve if lnm hlthlI perlnitall m re 1 sim I11in I si o ily fill [lie ead of Jnly. it ]. Totr tr to oa hell more goodi. 2. 'T'o iranllvioe the ilnhllitlntR tlist the rile a Ip htlos the Iledical tiOliIho S. &C, lute.s. a: lliio. to lie. t belonig to tllel,, an Ih'ir10 lwful right. . 3. 'lhlo t I all rle it ll O n tn d p sil hlt l n llnar , iIl r ilants ofl tll,h [1. S. Illnk, il the hall[.o f is 1 Inlno e the ltaoor of thiogeniit olooioat a niitl r0 I, be ,e poasited" Ile ill the g" At ail It Oil y IoctorY C, & Co. i that 1 relsoro t1o nit illmore agcd, Iti.dll e-aged, yetlno pe'SoIs and childreni whl I mt,,'CI' IItally or I"nrilh .lui.g 'or 'i' l0,tO l'l J|ilo a,. llhnd, that hley dovh; and ihat [ ant slnhe to cure ta n gmatrr ntl hbe, of short, weak or disl-sighted Ierson u lnrillC lgr ii%,l Mii| 'ilt+ |hlllu thee~ do. Trt i w~l I a a llyiO'aItoehrllll,,iatorn tloaall c i tleir aid all thle ve r desaervedly erlhobrted proit'raaso cld lioctr. ,' all the nl colleges, its ell a is all thle d lCtori s at1 quaek doctors o bhe lood ill private pracltice, (who are nlt.1 few! in ilhe Slitesof Krettlcky, Olhio, ldins and, rone ill ' eanesee; whellre hthe ar indaed io, e Iwo ,,tlbes flnaoua docIorO.,ahoe laolleaon.gIt to bell:ndcd do.w as low as possibl' I., latest Iosterity. 4. It inllat Ibe clearly Ilnt'eraoadl that alls oe sre if ally, on bth t itl'o, iIlst be prayedi hll haIe been It',rl,,,l e, iilIt aid oaInyjariaical u,.eral.iu, 5. 'lhose who really Illeit tile epitiles they htne sat lihelrallv app lie I to ino , sIlill irifait lie $210 for tha beh8t.Jl beli tsoonein ttioi te, ai li er IV cllit rlakb bliovk his own *:i01t, "woliever Ihe or 1 15 0lly lie. It"' nevn lia nlll'ilhly lne..icil tllli ir 0hnhl,011 rove' one of the auaccsial. canhldilleo,¶ wmii falill ilhe ohl pro'orh,, cnd give I nhs 'oi el gilclelan' hi, dt tl Ii. At all events I wouhldadvise thle ast named lea 1i a5. not to tnlo'br that letter to stanla hl as it golle b, " oilinpl..t..' as well .. . plllii .rI ....' .. aa it goap naliiat.l"bu I dse h it Ia aiod io nicgihttn nlpao~ioosa, p bdodheIlhre.i'tin alpldiabtioalaordet thea chae iladopeadelt ilitlitlati ofa ile mhyawould ill msya hloo'll meCwriter by ihialeldy of Isis ole.. f '1 was weak enough to read the marn of falsehood, signt'd S., which dleserve nothing but my silent con tellmpt. |lad I known lat evenlngof tle great importance of A SS, should have tresate tie lust of the ti reesome what diflerently: but let thattpass. I will. howevr e uOlplimelt Iia master of toh Journial, for ih saganity, to employ tihe frnner knightt (ot ofthe garter or of the thiotle, but) of the needle and thimoble, il order that h maoy kill two birds with one stoe, i. e. toliatOch lth holes that mH y be in his uatnral or politiial g rten.s aoel, it I may jtlge frot that excellent paprr, the Ad vertiser, Dr. Snip's master is, politically, in constant nee . ofrlis servric"s. Vhen any eirimsotmaneoorer rs, whether dotnestlieall or politically, which requires a blister, whether oa hti 0,wO I0no or oIt tihe reputltioll ofthoer whi to oot hap sell to please hit, heing unlike hito, (which toust beh great misfortunoe!) then it is he rings hils BELL, whlieo after all is nothing morre than if it was "sounding boast or a tinkling cyhmbal;" yet, to view it thus-lr. Bell loohks well; but with ano . I). A. . S. after it, appears magnilfcent!!' JOHN WILLIAMS1 , Oculist. July 14. U AVANA SWEET.tlEAT --Ih store aolnd ltrt; hy T It IIYIII t ILt& O, jo ror Cootton and Mlagaine Slr. TO RENT. TIlF handlsome STORE and hack Kitcheno vs on the ntrelent story of thie Trou Ameri. IJ can Offce, two dort Irom Stt . Charles'rhe atre. A fiost rate stnni for a Coffee tooruse. Apply to Mt8 JI)HN GIBSUN, Editor True Ameritan. 1AILS.-A prioM assortmslt of Cot Nails from Sto 3d, tobroraleby CHIASE 1 DIXEY, ml_ Custom Fleuse trort. MILES' UUMII'UUNIU .XIIIAUT OF TOMATO. •r A SUBSTITUTR Full CALOMEL. Ir.liE doctrine promulgated with so nmh assurance . b nymary empiries of lthe preseot (av, that one me i- deiine will enre all diseases, is not, attll never canl be at true; aml he who asserts it, is either a fool or an im Spostor. Ilut it is a flitt delmonstrable by experience, Sthat combinations of medilcinelaye ma e farled fiom the Ye vO rETAL. KINGDtOSt, tIhat will s o oniiverllay On i, the system, when taken seasonably, atnd in judliious pro portiots s nto wre, il nine casesout of ten, all diseases - witain tire reach ani ptower of medtioine. From itte well knlown and establishedl reputation of Calomel, it has lobg beCo employed by the empriic. and scientific phisician, as one of the most Iowerfil agents for thle removal of disease. Ily the f'orera, atl most every ,lald has been deltged with nostrumsn, that their authors claimed as specifics in every disease inci dent to the hulman family. The folly of these preten sionls nedt no eotlmment, for aculllrate chemical investi gation ha slhowlla, that lthe oate of most of tlae Paoacets, Catholicons, La. which have been traumpetred before the omounity, with so muchl assurance, is Calomel, or nercntry in some torm. Now, if this potent article even ill thelansla of lthe most skilful physician, frequertt ly e.erts an inHllelce on thle luman system, unlf'reeeln, atlnd entirely beyond the control of art; undermining th, EonstitlltttoI, oand ingiingt o toataelnlure oll ago, aitseas fnd deatoh, wlnat rusult sholld be oxpeeted whcll pre nariltdl by the ignorantt? Could their many thousand viutims speak, a voice liomn the tomb would soon dispel he s'pe.ijic' delusion that now sways tile minds of the living. Itlmnne Physicians deplore the sad caita resulting from the mercurial irllatice, and will gIadiv hail tile in troduction of an article that can safoely he subtibtuted for calomel. They feel, and that keenly, the uncertainty of its prhnary opetation; tihey canot say whetlhler it will be favorahble or unfavlorablel. They also bato, oand fiel, that it its use is eontinnedl forkny considerable time, in julrious seconlary consequencesa must follow. But they mst hellnose the least of two evils: tlhey know no othter article that will arouse a torpid liter, remove obstrae tion, and set ill free action the whole glandular ystemn and it beinlg indispensably necessary to do tnis, they oline its ise, notwitstaaualiag tlle evil ctnsequetucus whinl follow. Tl'hey have long desired and sought an article that wouhl proluce the good elfects of thlis drug, without subjecting the Ipatient to its deleterious reatlts. Such a Ilesideratum, it is berleved, Ita at lenagth bee:n obtaine,' in the article now p:res~cted to the publio. Thoe lproprietors of this article keeping in view the et, that a raise aol benevolent Being, ha lancead with im the reach of all, remedies adapted to tile diseases in cident to the climate they inhabit;' and knowing, like wise, that most of the diseases of the South ma ll' 1-et :lre based upon 'lganic or fllnctionoal deran.germ t of tile liver; adirected tlleir attention to those articles wllichl act more esp cially on the biliary organs. Att'er long, laborlious, andaa expensive researlh, they have srueeeded in extracting a sttbi ance from thle TO MA.1'O, whicl, fiom its peculiar effiact ulon the hepa tie or bilikary organs, lthey have ldenominatedl Iarpatine. It is a medicine that will protiuce al thie beneficinl results of Catlomel, ill both acute a aa d chronic ditases, without thle possibility of producing tlie lucriousde tolla set(IJueneS common to that article. Its action upon the constitution is anversal, no part of toe sy)stem escaping its ildlltenue. It is, Iowvetr, upon tle o.gans of secretionl andl excretion, that its gre.t power is pailtiular'Y Iantiflested t henlce it is pe culiorly adapted to the itretment of biliotls fJv'ers and other diseases ill which a torlidity or congertion of thle liver and portal circle prevail. a It is adlnissible in all lases, where it is necesnrat to cleanse the stoatach atld bowels. It removes obasrtlre tion, and excites a aquick and healthy action of the liver a and ollherglandular vicerl of the aldomen. Ilnig llit if f'usable ill its opleration, it lroduces a free circulation b i tie vessels ol tlhe surtace of thie body, acconipntie iby :a genllte oersiration. It does lnot elxlaut like dals- t i purllges; still, its lction is more nunitrsal, llnld tay often be repeated,lnot moeel with slafr t but wiith great laen lit. Tl'lhi becotmes indispensably icessary inl case of long stalllndlig r n them it intense tempnloraly imptlres sions made by strougt llltdicitas, seldoml ift ete, do a glood; but tend to illjlle tlhe staoll of tlle cl stitutionll. It is cleanlsilltg l apurigilng to the systen, acts inl perlitet harmtany wit, Ilte knowln laws of liii, and is llundoubtedly Or lof thle Imost valuable articles ewer of.t ed ftr public trial atnd ilspection o Forallconvenience, hi loedicine is i rmed into 3 gr:in pills. 'li'e white pills are cathartic, alterati/r e, "da pahoretic and dluraetic. The yellow plills. reutonic, atom. ulant and dliaophorctic. The following extract on the ard jrct is from tlhe Cihaina nIati Journal. MHILEeS' TOMATa)O MEI)ICINE. The v'irtues of the Tomato, inot only as a delicious vegetlable fr the ttable, lnt also as a meditill, have for a considerable time pant, attracted no little atlenlion. It ast been relieveld to possess. anti-bilious qualitieswhich, it they could be lf'eltually extractel, or separated folu the s(ipelrflltuas rlatter, w l he invaluable. This las been chlaracterizetd ai a bilious Econltlrt. A larlge portionll of the diseases arise fiot a illsoreretl livtes, or f a tu de rangenteont in the glandular srstelt. l'llhis is Lspeciially the c'su ill the west, antdl till mtore soat thoe south. It a renleYot, easy, safe, ellcetual in its Olptration, ad leav ing the costitultio unilmpaired, could bte discuoer"'dl fotr bilious onmpllaints, this would ultulestiontbly be ait mong thle most healthy climates in lte world. Caloamel has beea the almost ntt iersal remedy for distases of this characoter. lt it is a remell y l hiel, t nothaig but lnecessit should iluce the use of. It In)y be canlidelred as trespassing on thile lprooince of another t profession to sl'ak of this, yet we ay ,e permlitted to it express our strong conviction that Culolel caloot be t used without injurious andt lasting etlletas upon the sys teal, greater or less, acoording to the quatalities taken, patient. A nubatitute for ltihs, tllerefore, iom tha u ia - getable kingdom is a cesideratual it this country. s \Ve believe thils ldsidlcraltm has been tliscsered'in a he Tomato. l)r. Miles, of this city, and his associates with much labor allllexpense, as t e unrollertand, have at succeeded ill obtaiinig such au extract lB.o thlli vegeta- aIl lie as, it is hoped, ill bie foulnd at l e.ectual substitute. at We haate takel stoe aills to elluphire amonglll Ieali Ia l mIell nll a lether wo Ialiae used this ltldicine, as Io ts affects, and we feel well satisfied that it will prove a moat valunkle remedly in il ious compnlllaints. So Ioe as we have been able to learn, it Iats produced the desireda effect, operating to producea ealthy action tof the liver, fa proearntg bilionl discharges when eeded, nll ill omllle at tllstalnces breaking ip fvers, with evel more certailty thl attI in ashorter time than calomel: For sick or bilious e(t beadlches, it Ihas been found a good remedy. 'l'hose L who Lave ustaed it say that it does not produce lhe debili gating efrlct n of most other kinds of plrgative medicines t that there is no ioncreaa'd ilanlger flowllt cals alter :Is nue, andl wherle large loesof Elonlel woglad Ile needed this oatelates without any ilalager of the dliatresing ailln inajarious effects of aoioel ln produ Icing salLtatio. As we taoe reason to) lo1ao fatallt our ilaestigationt I ( lin exttant of thle L'omato will prove a stlsatbttltn tIo I Ib alomel in a gr at variety of cases, we cann o r1dl it as a blessing to tela humana family. a aull prfecthllyouthl, antid rea Jromu all toiner is It tlatwe p.kla of' it and e trlust tal l isuranoT tally tealad by Ifatllira. \\'o havt erery .aal U oba anIct. "I T'lhe nhove ntedicirtle rn e obtlined Ionly of the Go nerIl Agents, and thos I toua nt i tr t g nts i g r' mission signed Iby "A. lilhes, 't e't E. .!. C." nod CollllteriRllred bty "'.: C& t1J, c (;eou i, rnl ,!get Gur Louiisna," and bear in i thi Co. . Rotw1 sell. /ett of .dIgeo,,s." E &ll TStone, Gen era l .\getll flor Louisianae, I Telhallpitotllas stret. Itiedur & Co. 133 Old L.eovee sre , opposite Yet toI ble Market. Ptul Martint car Ol I.oLevee and ;in ital street. Vntlli Sheltr, er Camp anid Juhla itreet . o tr Muelle ter L cl.t oupitolle .ea.. t nod St Maro's Morket. J I' obrbt . Co, corner 'clPolplitonloa aod cGird J &' P IHcirovell, ne.o. S an, I. r i lier Stcnury, Ni'llitbLoe, to. 'rioclloa J tiacsblry, Illneton, 'l'lt h Freeriek ierd, rnt 1 v lorle s nIld Caill.p tmI. (ito. Jnoes, Tl'ivoli Circl. Will. E.otri, nc. 4 luillinr Cit. Row. Applihetht I'for"ge¢0bs, ar mndine+ by whltlenle inluel lit nldle to l Generll Agens t a New ti. lents. All letters, poEl Rnid, will be ntolltlS-17 leaded to. ir: ily S'iAT , ilt IOIJISIANA. P hI ISII CIURT. fur Iht e l'rii llt l ('ilh v of Netw Orleo1. Imemre thle 11onrr. Chrdle olnnrian, iJulle, Jtlne Ilitl, 1838 -No. 11l,'911l.-Jnclnel l'tlier vs. his erdithrs.-Uon reading onl tiliag the.iton ond schedule in thi tae, It is ord,red l thel (Court Ithat the redtlilto of tIh itnsolvent do Ilow elulrte nl open elurt on Sloturdta tile 7th dny of Jllh, 18:t, lwhy ,he shoold not edltsciorle o olltl.lll to lawi; rtll in thbu nrennthne all lroceeelthig ngninsi his pIerito lnd pro erty ore stayod. Clerk's Ofitile, Ne, Orlecne, JltleP 1, 1838. jell low A.{.ANII Fl'r) I, Clerk. '.'rAT iJF,-L.X+..lUiOGNe..--'o-, do ,ritoo, plulr In proisse Pt In villo lt In N.otvell, iOr lenn.--l.Preeel I'lhont. C.nrles llccenh.jglle, l jlhit, 183I.-N.. lI,0t:l.- Jettqies 'otier comstces +ratu ciorl.--Sur lecture it enreitlementlitlt d Ietilitil et In clitltlll ti e d cellio lft, Ir I cat dtcor, ti, par lt colt ilee lrs hrcnilteiers tie I'ilotlvnble fiire aivloirdeutr rli tnttent contetilvtett, tillueddi 7 de itilletr I, lt,)llll.nnoi il neerait dlecl tgi"erliirnliir tllntetl a h Ill, et en nttllindnnt tclter polrtllttet ellcrtire ll ierlne ou se0 Ilnrealu tie grefiter. N.litovelle iOrleanc. II juin. 111:8. jell law AIRiAN) I'It'l'll, Gielier. "-ISNSFEI) 011,-0 bbls, h lonolin front e slembn LA Allany, for sole by G I)')1IEY, jel:3 41 New I.,vee. i ARLi'S SUPEIRIOIR tlAIIlS--Now Ilentilg flow lsteambhoat Sultnsa upillIv tIlthe above, piut up in llhd.e, tiroee and bhils; Iber sol, by IAYET &l AI'ILUNG, jell 17 (totlmtrce streto. LINSEED 011--2l Ia tnd thct rk a est Lirteet Oil, nrlo tldntg frto m ll ipr.hville, anI folr le yhlots.-le I riegists, jel3 ( 'olnnrton r otil Th:lhilp lnS st. SCOTCI A l.E-.O raok {puinto tld qllrle,) ill iterr )l and foreatoleby IliL.5E1lo . & MILlS, jel9 (!lank Ally 3AIIN'l ",Ol.ta (ILAIS, IUOIHES, &e.--au i? ladning siro lp n Cuttio and for htre-v-z : l0i.00i:fet hfglnss, bent qiality, frrot 8X10 t) 2:iX8; 3111 kegs wltite lend, prer; 3 .ell ld ren I ant, in 2i e lilbr. kesee; 24.dloz 1m p dei tins iieirasi.ll)lO .01 lithrto-@ - I; dio splendid ll00111l grotnd IIrltle., nso ofltli0 l jld 1h)10 do; 2 cares erote gree n mi pwder, Snlperior nrltele Sdodo in clls; a leae aarnortment of aam i tals . l. every size and quality; sable pencil, for artisrs; lint roar ing Strushea fnrt ichants; artist's oelra tin il read) pe pared,in boxes, filtrted :-p with all uecersrry bruaeto; artist's tnola, der. Flake and, tImnait white; 60 isank -old leaf; while and yellow wax; gute arabic; and a lage and claise - SIormentipet ofaints, dry colors. oil, turpe tine, svurirh, ic., for sale, wholesale and etail, t the lowest ries by MUODEI.LI, .0 ,58l atp ent. Lý YnCarhY'It a. NRW EDITIOX O" TNE CIP7L CODE OF LOUISMN,4. T has been fIr saome time made known tn the pabltc thlat the quberllpors are engageda in ireparin. tur the press a new edition of tile Louisiana Cird Coad. They wer e. tlln tie firet, nwar of thei great diffienlty and "repoUadlilitn nattedigt he pIubllication oit tle ork, and it was ntl without great hesitation th thelat tlleY aellttid to the undertukinlte liut the preoselt edilio, annontienl to r.bctlt threle housnlld epies, a, d whichr Ihad cOst the State Itore than tlirty tlhtunad delloet, waaenltirelyeut o1fiprint. For minotre than two veatl pant, tile ustal ptie of ie work hIad been frot thiirty to fifty dollrars,. nitratet ulen every itndividual of the htate, itCereoted etlher in ag.ieultutre or conmterce no d which governc flhp disposition of so much property .:ominfg to us froat other states, thlat-ultike naloa.aty otliertreatise uponi law-i t is as much the exttbook anid nulaual ot tile mrcuhant aid the lanter, a s it i of lhe private gcutlo ann tlid thie ilrofessionlal adviec.te. i 'tIe lawyers ofthe udjoinig staten, and i fact of al llose stateh "poi te l lthi atnid tliiiiFtsie i TriaerQ l ich lind n tlarnt for their produce in Louitiaita, have b lie qt.tct nicessity of rreference to thencde, ad ake it all indisptensble reutlsite it their libraries; aid ill the ciel of New (a)rlet lels t blook is taa sure to t !bund ill tli nterehant'8 coutllting ert,n, ns upa n i ile deak of tile judge. tl e le nttrnev. It is na t sac prt ng therefire tthat tile first edlitin ol'he, witk was no quick ly dispoed on; tlid tlthongh a Itmere repaitt l it Re.Ul ill nsollle otsure t upItply tile ptblie ilet.t,itt, vet it would be in per;ae.t and tnnatiy' ctotrv unless h" ; ratd l with relrcncees to thle Rmpolrts otand StItnt-, ill ordelr to etl race thenlt o Itlotterouitcnttit whdch flttI. Itel hlt to blien tlt.te lby the l.gitllture, slid tile important tecittliiln ncnrad nstrutions lhicit tate tbee givell upon ilctea on its articles by thle Su remne Courlt. T'le pulblislera hilve secured, teor ato general super inttedeltce and editolial departienet oi tile work, te i professniotnal neenviee of W.lecllohk S Upton, Emq. a ntertberof the New Orleans liar. The lion. Judge Bullard, Judtie liertudes, anti hion leirge Eutn.l, Irae emach kitndly assistedl Mr LUpton wtitlt tll rulunble notes which theay have collected ill the course ao. tlhir studies and phrattice;aud to Mr N Rl Jentniie-, thle part ner of MlrUpton, who is also ttengigd ill tilhe mork, (reo .Strewbridge, Enq. has preenuted the great oss o refo- i. reees totntiletd in his office etpy of tIle colde, and., lwhielh nve been macde ,y hlilt the whoile, pried oit his distiiguislod tesOlefilionl laborst. 'll'he publlitsh ers may therefore well trust that itnllo allatioltsit I1 tile i workl will be tll that ildustn- cutd labclur, asui.icttl iy leertmitg sid oxperieniti.e, ctll perforln. llt lputting fttrlh thit lrutsitiLa iIntI soliciting ene- ie rutl subslicribersl to the tork, t ta lilicIcr tike p.inte in i tle fact t ht Ilie Legilnlature of Llitsiitllc too aoutlorized tl tile (Goverlor to order onie tttouwttlsd cupies of it for, fhie fIturnte ia: ufthle tate. 'li'le redttliness w ilt twicthl thins llinuter was takeln by lthe Assmtlnbl, evinced thceir jI t It ee that conlfien le in thie ability il' thi'e iublism r sitld ' I Cedlitors whiell it is hII, ed is not "t holy t udcstv rd. Th'lte wiirk willt Ihi.rilnted ill FrIutiuchtttt ab.d iegllsh, c upoil good niper cllld withil clcur type; iot will ant xse- I ttltseorearce tie tta redt ct. Illeke tile utoli llel tuulmitiltec execuintiollt ift crresectt.d nwith iis en:nl icletprtane. it It will probabley le readly flr deliver- ill the lIoith of Septiutlbre next; and tlhe prit e will Ibe, ti nstb.rihvr, fif'teenI dollars--tve doilars lt be paid at this time oi sub- iscribiig Tihiie subos'ripitot li-i. o.ce .losei, tln otore price itill ihr tcelltty dellurin eic np 6 1k JiiIINd & CO. I'utlithers. [Louisiana and New York Line nof Packet1 .] r Il lll". .thlps ColnlI)I~ LII thli. ir!! 1.l9l sel l r .ilg Lt w l- Io lean and~ NewV York cmI eVery ultherT )Imldav tclllllelilh. ot | to , )0ll llOVelllb)P.. ','I( " t, , illfli rS-t i srtrictust il~ll~lcllitv ill the r tillie el lttiliilgI tleu lille with Iloaftetr cfie ofptlin Elilger to loev no ShiI Yaietoo , C'alptaln Woodhou h elav o tle th n Ship L.uiooepii, Coaptatlu laarr, to Itaveo on the 15th (lec lllhe brr. lili olutokille. Catln Ehilgr to l arf on th Ie 1ie it itte oel i t . i titled lont tckbu, Ciplo \Veodhlonneien, tlevan, ontlld iiet Jtanet eegntyl. A letorv.o ltheilistqulooity Cw prtil leti to leave ortga 15thd to tite ,.omfort ,od en tire. oattiotntioottpseges h ill 'leltt nttve to tIt ire all neo , of rtt h i.t ousnd on t:eparettd tlrd cnuper hottllanlld Ilptvrl o1int1l toll.x I.urlhePn, are of li.'llt drlilll~tll Of( Wtth r, l)Leill" btl1lt ill iew ork exprtlc fi r Ihe Itrrdh . 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TI!le lh&ia tIoelot (NtniPl eI tteI'at l'¢,nn il l Rg lnetl tnlion of t.mlh (;ov~rnnlell; tihe gellarIImes-r lrlll edzoa fte Gull" Sqlllnld. ron; lhe .aullklbiy lV fils elimnte refrenllr*d eol~tnnlan vii1 tillk Ihe .uln~lllrr ncmlonl lie Ilte eclolel t ~reead'i,!-.m-~t rJiP(Ie I tlll tie II1 beut oe the ba and th~e neighhlollrnlg i~land. an~d riverr, tille allullllalulco nllrl delicavcy o tler flail wilh wliK'h ti nle ntrs ..hotlndc alll| its I~roxinitv to Ihlt, be~t buullclhr slnnrkpr. give I'enraeoln the prr. Ferelle o~ver all ol wrr i'icr Ites Ihero latitudles, all a hIr.Mthv utnd de~lighlllill runlllner rotlrtl. l~ir~i tar le atll .ail/l 2"111 hween Pel~ntnrll]. attd nlo bile, annd will nt all timles be able to take the passengers Fronll Ihn New Orlean~s heals. N B ARNOLD.I I'nsaela~rl, Feb. 15th~, 1838. [t (enthlrnlr wvdi:ltlnf to ensage roomns For th~eir· m-lnii er · can alllln · thoe prl~uritl llor, at I'ellsaola,n ~,ir M\r Yewell T' Taylor, rlhe fornlllr pralprrklllr, at New Or· leans. I·R,,fenrene,. T Sanfordl, F.,, Mlr (3 .ulhl1,nl rl 'c~lpn, eq.,l I.t. lihbyl~, inl Ilob l; L TTlaylor,, P P Il..,, E~q, in Ne,·\ Orletln.. I' S--A\ letter bnE, Io reeelve enmelunletttiona t'oi persons at theo :;hove hlotel, is placed at Geeo \Vh)itllan'e office, 51 St1 Charles Exch.,nge. FI.OI{II). ROUTEIS FOR NVEW~ V'OR. D7'rrnvllers dlesirousl of takhingo the Florida route, via ['l~leumenll, lla Ih orlh, nrc inll'rnled tlhat ir.' rat: bonal will ellllslllt ly ellv 11 fl'lll nlllbile I, Penner'el. . leavin. Moabile andl P~elDmeOll~ every iiltber day at'er· tht Ill of` M~ay. Good nities will ahlvays.he p~lvldsn uv file .ulbSCrlbelr IObein r*..tlitle** l Int lakre pasr~grs t'r Mobile, in eoae of the Failure o~thu h-ata Y 12,Atri\OI,D.n Tsc~c.Uleltmlnt Ohamphn I~a.:es Mobila For Per..a 'TrROGH IN FIVE AND A HALF DAIs trom Mobile (Alabnml) so A IftaU t ( je I EAViES Mobile every oteer ti, iantt omr oel) S .oe ih thhe arrinl of the mtil fromt New Ortetat, Per t teamborat 'a -tl --l, to nItke tly, s ic 0o P mranotl ieatmoboats(pee Peraoliiaytlt Ioiatuad ai e tto, tahm cltile ider llet Hay) to Ceatr i1t, e . ioe hlem, via Mariamot, ;halttIooa.le, (furte.rOly Matot VI. uo,) Hainbreltge, Piulettton; Mlotild*ite .n Lauisl ville, to oAugua. A paaengleer utaki hid Ia 1 .to. bile is in o doduer of beilg tieo-u tot ae IeTin bhi Irioeereae h o.let r t onflieti7 imtresta, am the h Lonl. ).. LINE is but ono concrtl , antl utdeo ott ott throughout, autl say rely wt'Ou cntlolt toitta kn arivealat Auoaglat i tiore taeci~fil, thrn tbh tlUeta th el' and at aly s.a.)lm ulless sotie tuollt t ltt'ttaee SettM itdophle should octur. T'ro e es( - New OlleatL MLai is carlled s y dtls roote. th'be Agota for auuaooootiode tioot, 'Fitr,, CoNlolia lld lrivoers re not orpajadl tie soathern o nleoltry. T'oe smroth, hard, natural rotad, the safe and ltoer eatiug oater tnavigtion, thle ime uud eooouots utotiono a.old the tluavelr rspeeda certaitt, comulfott, id a pltte iog variet; C,)tmoeCted ooit weo're witltc llHail toaId hoarlr:stoo, S. C. a tileto steam l1cket, to New York, trgvelets cll taomh New York Iolm Nuw tO 'Ieao s Ls0 TU00 tt tot alt-\Vaslnllion city ito 1'. Flrotl CU.tiotttooolhee, Florida, te have a lIteau Lino Lis ottlltooy cld 'l't!otel ao..e, to St Mltks, toor post eoalhes, atso two Iltlanebes fromt Ihtkiloevlit o:ne to n.illieolg, e oile atd otl to Macon, light two huot' Coalches S`TOCK ION .S U t. At'ttcirA, l tlth Jan. 18-5. (Ihtre at Maulion Ilouo. hItile tI)istanct, New Orleans to Moilte, I'1 aile Alolbile to AUgeotu, i)l Aotlata to Ctaeltk:ait, 1t 0 (:;talr.lvton to New artk, a.I- lVO l'ite, Now Orleiea to Moloie, Ot houurs Mobile to Auol-uou, .81 I Aue11'ott to Charleoton, It 0 ilheat'o to New York, 116- Ml6 ulking 18 tf. oila per day. or T toiler per hbour, itollu sire of all stotppages. noN 1) N. iH. I beg leave to it'rm thbN totli tl.t tit btidge over tile Cbhatahotekesowm lt toil Ilnee Loio reek have just t een eotmpletetd ;y the grenertl ootertt tmelt, (the .lt)t obstacles oleattin. tl -ailtst tlis sade a nt speedt) rotte tre ttIthus hplttly it ietovetd; atdt l .Le t trI,"su're ofleattg Lronm tt"tcliers that the coanrhettor st-., riversan d oatots are ol eth tilot ordllr; dato'to l. t eoter rroute ftom Pensaeola to. Cedar luY, it is atlntit ted by tall to he late patsed tlhrougth it to be tttlltnuraaet it oteelties tettotlr and at-bty. 'L'ho brioles throtg' Georgia hitve ale Ioellrelrl'ctd. J M U BA.hRIU +a)4 NIAGAZINX STRUPT, NEW-OI'I.EANS. JOSEPlI KN1-'I"I'.E, & C.-tuIporters of Frcoigo ttl and l)totoeotie tlard are, art o 'eo'J v , tr')I 'u tole ld tile Atlanti Citie', lldirect t'relo thle oauufito tturse, rll extensive uo e rt [ ylleut¥of Fancy and IC Ilnrt ware r(lonr ri'igS ever) aurtiile .u the line Shlclk Coeoltotr pltclnts attt l othors re it vited to cll and exainne [lleir' stotk which eousists, in part, of" talble, tootottr'e, t rto e tcl to, tolld otr' lt ot estraw ltived, dated t odt l t. toiiteotl Ira t)oonl tdle.t o ilte , ptlttIttk, tnt tUtst, sto) .tol t and oadee, . toung, altoorlt , fiodos, t t'tt ,utdiruoa, cooit tler ootiotg olay .s t.tooo vil.,t ti'Oo s, ooroo wo o ott , hao d, r sleodg and o odi t tlll n tg lo o, ot.l ti o'hi ,too dnttll-ta attI tll, 1.ulish hlJ'tercnvt, shear, (gl'alar n null cl'ott'y Stel, p[tu'.. 1 lt o;d4 t 'ti g'al's, ox andta it, " chl nio, uahedilh|g I.Olis iltn aod gutbbing· h8 .hea.Muu Ick-, )ick Lxe'.'s't'os akL: g t teltt 0 s tl'bos, ('olllrt ,ill- o atdl t ute u Lu t ,e hoppito oxe-, I.roo ught, blolnte tlltlct ntelli. t, cots," ulod w Id lttcod, cl ttIlleru d con";ll' ill],llane al n 01., CtIogt(ts l tcks, s old, ilo.) ooll-; lu d h l retok'd eito, gcl t e, trlt o )W toll ,tootlld hUo Iotks, boeo onlob . t truook oanod llotlitt:tkt broidleo LGUI.\IA N EGlur.1 do 1'±± ±e±tu ±, lis trio J udicl.i.... S'IE'TAT' DEI' I.A LI)UISIAN E-Atooceur - llJ ces Iplecentes conccrlent, baul..-Atter~lul yeaI Jlnlles Ulalries Iliggs, tyoult achele a ule vetlae laic ll le Sh.erl le la lin ,[)isae d. ' relals I T In o ic'te ci-aple s dccrit1, s'e.t tIl .±' '(± ' I' L c,± el Cdu'I t ' u' la dire I vnte llt cnrr gistrec le I 2 .ie t tour d'A\lin e Il'a ine h('S, pour 11 n 11 is :i, n nllllll·tueInt A kill acrte d I..·ie. lature de I'tF± t de la I.ltsi:at, iutltule " Adte pooI ceotindtl llles ltres, ess u r.·etlrn Al xvt rltjuldiciatev;,: apl'-oute le It) alll' 1824". Qu'tll sit coullu, el toau4, , plelrsonlln lles ilresses slou par ces IprLe:ute: soutu *e all nom dIl'l:,tat be la 1.o i 'i4n'eet de la (;Iour du Tre1i thstricti Ju 1iciaire, 3ui lpoum± ier'tavoit dIrot a Ili 1pr prle ti-aprs der, te, e lln consequllce d'utLl Iele Iui d. oru"e tlos I ordre, le deel't ot I jtgenSt t ie la d lo 1 , el' III Ii'er l I d el i vetll ere faite, on de tut, irl ego . Ill ill.t ou ill.1.:lie dLns i l'estL tioL, 1'. vis oul Gle tels tll Ile moteI e ,Irllau, o lln Io l l ut u se , uk e 11 CleoInl I laiIr .vi., dans tIlls II jours dA dh ltel Ie la tpubliell olti I die ctrc:le is, o lll4 llli tielte allSi lthit tic erail La tlite i)t.proprti lot u due pa I o: ShetCril ans dit oI 30 eile jour de :l~' 5de ala lole 418S, en saout t'Ui dcret (ifloc Pgt±5 e de J:Ynlt±1 I±±t''1±±± i.go v. I'±± ot (itt±a ± e, No.I 15,1, u t ulockelt de eotte Cour, , I lltelle eul, t s'est rellu acluercur plour lepriI devilstuill u ilOc piastr'es. Uce.ription de la Propriete de apters It, taanfcr judi ciail'c, Savoir. UII certill llorceu die amce to slts le cat isses et ameliorations yui s'v trolvetu, ailnsi qlui lesdr'oits, elt privileges etc. v apprtenantl d'u[le llanliso rulcoque", sitlle tu blllbxt lR AnnlOluirtilllo . iiisel. anlt (tiLUe.sL ranglai).i hroin Centciua.lnl t pt sixpi e qt.uatt., heni rtues d'oU pourIei re auI (Illli luhlilu± e sle 'la ru.le de la nouvellel.yeve,troiscollt Jot)iUoarlott.euiC dssix puucest I at l i tlll IuIeut Ie IU ii rue tI ColstI de4ux cent cin clllllltu . p itI ict l. Ilu o eu s I uIlprlt itl hllc u l lle lo g ' ule n ±,iu, d nl lt Ioe S' itr± eut pou ces± tatll -d , x fo, s. ,c ±1'e lace . al. la rlIe ii±,l e Le, e: 4j e t p ,p line il it r la l imro ie to lap op a'iet dl' lsurtrt N iilla l t 1el lete ltgll e dl lrues t V eille Le le, Ict d1s Not le lie hgun ± l itn ophe dl' .t . Pllt o iett du die l illa, m m'll h111rc l Ai , art' luxe lt u, lg late II e t' gle d1 oi nt et s Itllrtll t I ,id . Budmt lltla, JugeL dt Il Co ltit ullt :e U e 1' itr21 lIIAe u dit ru e Lou I 0 d± es1 j ol lln nt±4 , oll l:-Anllolti qtu. 1e11 pite±, ke1t pi 0e±± 1n c±'n1 cle le d 'or I ±ne 0th lt l.cent ± nl gt set pl)ien s, d± x Iouqr0 . n y00, t uI - t ula c ta Inrlic e imit fo lye i lr , nrolt·e te n dot± i±e t.d1' Ihlln I Io I blq ll r stll lluelCe ±a Nou urlet I x1.,000 e l suitlllte o zr , pto. Io0. p 0lllti . et.e Duatle r ltielles ale:i lr prue des NOln: rs f ui.u i -ere Iu I plan, dress, ptr. J.l± i le Ion±. V± de ± i lht n t :ie±1e ± 141±l 1' 4 2,l0± lll± x 41 1 U S a. te posse p'Lr d± u,.lt o "t T a,,, ....l .ise c. .. ali, le la .ol- ) S 3 1 +0 ir., lo t d u.,, 1'rl A± . c oA1. )Ill hll nn Ju0 de 1 . ('od r " 1± usl e ce l± .r iAt IS8c Ill I ' E Ic no'', tri,'i Jo Idicinre. 'ETALTo Iue I.A Lt)reItIA,\. lo i tons oaxt queI So rio.l in eI N ltew olI rk lnl wll ' . a, ons .t 1 l h - Willi orm rakeyn aanht -Mlt ;' of th.e+ rne ate par te Shertifnde l ,ai rot'i ( Srn I n l ,o, I.c ':r u v, Tom "i a.±nt :1ll3r8te, In.'es molu ll4e, n1i t l't l n l'(' o nr l'0 . intlse 1 Io3 ., P) r o n ivi W lll, dr rul.,l t tinl "an. d o I IP ti , intutrd 'lotir, ,Iot wit L ponc.otn d' in.stt m "'A, Ie p..i orIIl Lner lines ne l ll erItel 9Is ln vI nlts .ton loe.e. u nor d17 I nl" tt t i e I t lou in nr oerc , I tour Iln cpr,± I rISri' dcc l'rnpo en co,(e, nll. , d' i tn irt n lut dto for ln, dan± I'rdre, llo .eo ItU" Ir i. j ±e, lll-t r' a ,I'ounr, i vrtu dpl'l Inlll ± 4i.. ete 4 nte ± l, de rllute horNe' It Iot ei ,ttl e ylle l allfPs ('e Csti ratio.I 4'ork±i' o1 It tin, et lne ion e tori vp ot r . oipo± l il± c tro lps uo 'ac robN ( A±El ±eI ACt IN l±04 f1'i0 TROUD0 dtom to . ire v,,i pill±000 0 0 lr den tem o nso p lltt de n slerait`,s col lllu.t, et loo, itluftl e. I.n Atilt lproir ti t , ,fL l Vede par Ir SherIt', sus-dit e I1±38, dnns e l.l lrt de 1\1i nor A|,,key I±. ±a1ue1l tle), Nio. I:,5:t:, du do-ke't te cet l (lle 0nllr T qutl lq e ,,, to te dit \Viltiam Mackey, s'est rendu ncqtlutleur tourle Iprix do. $1,0OllhS lonl' g t. )n criolption rin olprpre, o(w' cr In trefer Judeiet-. tories in, Now oran wi:ll elaop constantlyS 40 nl meli oflthinn- tont Ispat,,ro h44, IsI :r , dn Gilet Stonrue p nr l.ldot ae I Nonel. ledr 0,Ioise, I'nelnti llt)elord, d.ortgn o po r Ie No 9 d'npry , o n plan orf.' pparis It " Zitn penI, Depurty Vn er (;hoera!t IP 16 I)pelairre 1831, Pt olthor wit I'eptrde id Fenlx o;rcloa nlmse puolic, oe mwe plna No 1d3o It dip lot detlrre psles et rn dn latnhs eal prnfntler and to.e qtu olneo Ion roprie. 't nlcyhpr('ave ol ire nr ui orkapaIte ntl th N oodall, et t lt dix ufie oze poork.ter boo an l45 ( iALN & STRQUD, jay5 'AMES KAIN & S;TROUD. DE U.W. .1 1rllI- hi hlV vhaIuable ried I *JI· .j.nd t`etail at Newr Y Dl' Cmpreet. II is ceacdelltly ceauolondo., cted the feilo-ing dfl s .eel: L Sepapi. i s alll iO flontse bilioeta nd liver al tlettoca, lr t 'rSer .ae eni d. ti'r; tieerle, icneabtwa ,1 lre hiariiculuy the ueea Kltdent to motl~eretf a oI n Irgll fi~aver tnd E.t., io~i .iCt eelmlllupt'it s Or... lh tliPC% abotnn oftte aliierrlleas, bt neht or iddie w., Iot r~ a~pptthl, Itnrou. tRu t rl, itebrirttton oC leitilul Ireltli, ettla tlk adi ·feia llu all kinderI rhell SIiflm, whether crlnie ar i"nflmator belrvous o tular liero esl sray eeieayi cra tis, uai redorm nld all bditch-, lea byhuoa D nve amoreor teilnePleen Tlebe .be; d uOisue t ighNt, dot r ielly ihotilt m hand talbLUo'y-; lhb caiotUOIO bomPeriatld: eholertas Ic uaIke Bttr eibeo heing oau pee ait n lbtae maad tflhtl l *.-rny, wisht barl brthb;chleberasi ted palphickne oftath bele aold bahli of WLnne eotstaitaltioaa; and ot € a ilcplill-w sald dieet-glieieled olol.itotiaa in tiLhIn Nt c who hblae mnc be peet omale oily reliered by eetthet auediieot A i.lD.e 8 trial of litr a EFton' mdicifea ia nay of itoef oa, will roduncr aUcI t.betaatu will io aO tletlir iocutilpeb a erle opriority, aned induce auol SUne of thutll a will ilnure a spe~d nd on qenaieftof thl Scae. lirtctiooa auoa for uU ete afte ivim i them. 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I'eaieurolb irvJ II Thora jrt'!,Cionic. Lctdou. brler $1tll 10cpr pat. 'TES''IIMOINA LS. Fr ea A II Salmo., Fe1 ," . S, St.egeon to tho S'Tlltitot Iloittl, stll Le.e ulel' oil Ao.toltlv. Ihoe tial which 1 h ae ntdt e of)o ur I e t 'tton tin variety of cases, bot ale.oh e and frale, in tits results bho proved aN hb:;,.ly |thr":t1 le tar t It dIto not esi tale it ro"ou cing it clle t of the mlost aluallotl str, rljciolts relediesi eer otllred tLo tho public, ciud oe il whith, fro nt expl rie, , e1 can place every trlrii:o , whilst it 1oli .ot1I 'odu111 tilhse ott UlItleatatl ually e' iltrenced t . : eopaiho. From G t Il[ywated, 31 R C S, PIhysidc.m to the St Motro leho.e Disp e sr. I t'ake gorat t lrmorr. in ahlting env testimto nvto the Vrlal! to pIropertles s'youer ipretllotion, wish.i.l jou the e.,.esa y ofuly droneo tl o tis o, o all anlle realtdl tot ithe Iblor...,dt eotxeorineu1edt ill b'inglng it to sonell o n. tilete petftetion. From W O Cooper, F It S, Surgeon to Guy's Ilsa The uniform success which hasl a reuled tlhe ahdniniF teting your ruediineajnln.g my o ttietots 1flicteo( wiltt the tL:.- dieesare, has futlly ttLfitrl il, tolet it hal Otnly to be 1:100l( to be rtn .y aP ireelnted. Sl ay thle s.ecess o awenll 01desrtve, amripliy and speedily rela.y you for yottr vstblite itepaitrtion. From ir A Coonper, t R S RCS, .. &L . ilaingt beerl ittluredi to try rotlr b.xtot itl .errer. leases of .iilto (huOnlorlla te wbiah hadl hitherto boffled etely presritilto on atltoisteled t met t tting fo i sure ad s eedo cores efleiled by t , a few days I teel mrself i dilty toullod to state tatllt I no in m) trao tire both public and prtvat e recommenud atl, uie not other. From G W Blair, M D, I'hysieian to Goy'r s Ieo pittl. Tile striet test whichl I hare .irct your mnedliiet omong my patientr, hdt its ihvorii:hle Success thus for, will endure me to trtervete in its ulset, I ton 1 deem i but an tcttifjrltee and of duty l to 0I,7 my feeble teOti monial i comtmetdlltion Iof it.villte., 'rom L (C Thompson, .1 1) " It.S L. irettrn ytot my stinceer thanks I o t. rv]ntable pre rent ofon Eo .trctl for the cure ot ( •ottorte, ito. SI fuel grttfill thai itiU hare at last bl, ,Urht a mveliei t into use w.lich will prove a r!esiderltunlm tII sought t or in tih medlies: wio Ill--i re.t speedt ad ellectl eute ill cases f the above class. It at]olrjs me great pllen..u. lt It lishing to the world tile valuale. qualitite of-ou. WIere it nrecestsary, tile proprieter eotlt here finish itnall more tetitolnoit t its qually0 as cotnletltotolt7 aS the bu tttt tttt tt itgrat tttnetestbtilert.o iteaere & expense at which it tas been p o eled, a ill rii oe it gretoot reomnmendation among a dist'erning publiie. lItle recommendation thitll erttlmr ttn njyt hts tbove all othors ii itt neat, portiae prnl--tput up ill ot--tb mode in which it my be taken, hbeitg both cea .an plea tt--its toste- naturte, with no roestrietion in diet or cnfinement tiorm htsineto . Travellersm llteII would find thils nmedicine highly uselfl, and e .lllid to be untojll.eO wtt rtltt prepartion I ttteae; 4 al which the upresrl oto eon.lsne , Aceolnpavull g tile .'M mlisine itsr p mp h~ey I pllma - tory tt the ditT'eltet tages ofI tie dit.oee, witbest .er eitrs charge, eontainnt Rdl fO &adlaraple it' For sole bs sitKE te 0L/oti . mr ltd.wo",t Sd' -vaestoeet. a1 E hecke. and Thle sale n . To d'iETSDN 4-*3O ,.de ° R levies

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