Newspaper of True American, November 13, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated November 13, 1838 Page 3
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,JOB iPRINT''ING. of 1VERY DSCRJP'TI'N, rnP'E:DI.Y, IANDrOIIHIIY AND CIV E H PI.Y IP'rXICUTEI) AT THE OPFFICE OF TIE Trltce .'dIftericCW, ST. CHrA'11!7, STR'E1TI', NAIL\ POYJIRAS. m93 WP A NiT :I.l). SNURIINE WANT'BO-A 1iilhlh .gd woman - ,uld Ie ,rolbrrcd; nlld one. who htln no objeC tion tltravel by sell. None Inced uaply wiitlouIta good reference. Applysl r "l. IIrIlw.y' iva. l . I tp. 'lllg hole( , cornLeCr f M_. "gazine and (lllloll hltrUL . nHHv l -r-l. l Aouvc, ·n t lory JIwel~iiE ll lloNi BrtlmmrHHII 'f C. ohn...d l'''rd~.iloptu~o B . Iha.lmreuh'Hr. .pply , 1. r h A. .rem i . ~bs. I inovtl TIrO Ilircor ,urchaso a Zood Co,,k an1 l Washer-wn. malh AIIIsY ut the comler ofr'tnll[ trod dillicerte .-trrets. ,,uvll..-tf IIAUTE BOANRING H Sli E".lt;. ii.nWIf;B . , 7 ". mP. L.,l'.. .r r ..,H P%_....-ir Pxl,-ie '..l'.u&li~r'.Uel, *.i 17, (.. am L.. ' n*$ I1 .rno.l hl'l .IHA I F i vtIllhl'AiJ 11NiU11111·111 tit huse k8pComm articlres, Ollvieillae of. oartmkentoref (.hita. ntttl (ihtls; Blrsas arnr Sit'l F~ire .qell8 lind Fendhrs; Krchen Utens/s; Iron, T1'i., |Woodware anti Ia#/'elts; suivcr phlcd, britlanaia atnd jalpannelard goods; l Irtm and ha.l. n d lie "s; kV iel:s and /brks, r td house futrneshingb g~oods ttt genetral, whith tihey* lulre ip' red tto l 8111y r i1·r 'edllct )I'll:ILl II, Ilir:utl' dWullinlgH New O)rlcan, Nov l;, I l:l,. MR'S. AN El)1 IRSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Rlenured.[f'rot 17 CIstIIn'Ou.' e St. TO N FXT IDOl)R 'ot., t CHlA .I. I';' THII "A TRI , Cr NeII OF PIeIr, r aS i, . Pr . C(.IlAl.yi .C't:ET. --(:1'. --1831. PRIVATB fI;OAIdiNT IlouU,'t: No; 13, T.()Inuse' st,-- Iy Mhr. Ihnrnahll.n F 5ll IIltl-3u 1 i l il ath elId (Il.,,'niurllV situnted M (brl oif ll tlbusn , Ii1ar1 the ,,.ve a t ht~ le N".ew '1 1. lahh will h..acil suplil ;.t nd att,.ndeid to, anl E all , l Iall . t r . p r N.' r. I... eF meI gis ndS a F,: in ..ilr , ill I I :.l 111 illl i'oll 1l latcl~ll t tt {lfll'tr l~ I )vii:Psi ' \ 1ith ( HIllll Hillll fI tlrNilh 'l~tl~ll-li. Illnrlll'ra [\I Ilmll.l Iht. .illt~ltlliui I I) IIIPI'Ir Ilr l·, I' lP ml' lll. .|lt 'Ltki ll~ j.. L:t" CI 1 Fl ll:h1['illll h IIIh(·l NIIIII PEN3L-) N -I8 t" EDI S I':, / 7bul' " os,,. 13, kn.u Ptir.Tlkh V . Il/lo:/an.L '.lt lll'l' n(:tl Iirllqllnlcnl esl al~tl',llxl t'l .t,1 |l'lll\! .llll ./ ll ( I, i hlv tIiss iment e pai x .N elt2[< so oul'eP it'uba e Il11¢II 1 I .I .I' a ' .]' r a i.a Itble n. ti r ie ll fl rll 'ie, prorllrenm nt ll'l tr e Iet dl nu1 prix illod|(r'(. el ux tui irenlanlt p)il liHIon i rerh'.l'nient y lo e r I iii soutl ih'. p rlemrte s tic dhlf(,irn. prix, bion. gar ni.. et 1201111101| (1. [. r le l [ll jltT~lPlalrl2 ii1O11 ]: L I(· IIIIJ ) iI~l li 'Oll V r des iprso s pulln r llah t les hlagues trcli aisl- unzluise et espanll e. 2;lal · 110 u st y ( ! ' 5o i f hri(ck stoLe( inl CatllriC ] Walhm r. (3,pe,. ccpe b esr.A1 The three story brick stored alt Ihc ,rner ,o" lhnk A 1 I lear ·*i & l Co.; t II gi v I l I,ry be I·1 Q~\lhtln l'm'a~ I nC t Als,, the. ',rd story of the hri,.k l t. Ahv ,hh door from the lat:t ntrd--the Und sil :|,k Atr~ k~ing well fitted up. l/l.'Slnto bue givenl Ol tilt I It Nll\ millh r ilo t ,)(:ffl--tf(:l.,4 A .A'ti.. C.+O311,,itL,,I.uE, ER',Sd ;13,, (l, --Sl: CtolD 3l1UNI Newt sl e ( alnP s l.r 1)0It IIll h 1 3I; l A GRIGI",lthI' . a reohTluio. oI the oIhunil; laird ., i ,llh 80ptanIlHIber, 1f1l,+, stale',I prop slll stP will bec re eiett"ldal th a~l( lico luntil 'uel.aly !h Wi,.. ll day of No.lvelmlb r iel.t, fir 'hreill'P ionilre, I Imu h oll arll Itli ,l. Ih)I lr(ts io I a i hlllltAicinility paIValhh ill hirl V yella[r;, I rI IIl J i llr ii,.j t ei.r l rlt Ill·rt. " "Is iI Icrl..l Ittlld;l ll: *iql21i- ,llllllllVll ill |.(IIIIlllI Nt.\V IlOlk yr .I.w ()I.[I11 tqll it< Il:I\· 11 l II~l.{(.( (I11 Thell [h11nl1711h 11 h. f-IIrlouO 1'III.h, if" tll·I illflIl'e-i Ill' p allh in l iho 1 I n, I Nu" r eItS, and t111" £J. 2,l .1i,[ nlel irl i' wl i ll hC i mIllulaltrii by I.Ii,]o1".1, rORTIl l ;ll- h a h nel m11 1::. C rN(':, l~i i 1 s t I millllil hI, 0(,ll,. ) ' 11 ,11 01 IN) lh I tr.;. Iil +-:llrlll~ rI~l.l, Illll+ i (., hl j¢ll i n., ii', iiirh,. i,' 11 ;,, 111 Illul-,t ]]1.'' 111.1111 I"" ''" 1[1 '' i' 1 i i14 (Ii1[ 11. - 1 ·(1[, i ;II- II' 1 1'' [' l i I, 1 I l. I l r~ei ll p~pll i h,, I.I P*I1( 1- lh[,' 1111\. itll , ii . l'l¢:t.h [)lr .! l l ,ll t'.,I r(l: (111. ll · Ir,'% - ,e 1 ,I k · li III IIl r Iit I(II!1I.I, It,f :.\II' , : l< .r llllr li :ll+, | IpI+I i'1111%1'11ih I ,P:4l [II1-; (·i i I.' " I"-" rii. ·ri,t 1)1 11111 HI~I'" I'p l'}l~tl tPljll tii I 'l~ltl'l't i:. I. rL![I. /l d'jll- l ,)1 II')I ·· i l':l~t. | I I 't II) [11"~ln d,' tll ',l t )··11 t '11 111111 1r 4s ,rh . . 11 <itil~ l l ; it 1 1. · 1 ,, r l.(~ ' t + ,, v .l iI ';l+C 4~' - lil li, ( l b.:cl~, 11101 411n14 00-111( rii.k III A t pI;ýýS1 Iý 0. 1.(0'111 & (,I1.' , hove re : 1 1111 ) their1 1 A t ShI i (.o '.. : u II Stook Ii goas oo, o.'- ttll ,, , o No. 44 -t I e, goon(- "lmve I 00 ll Illn Il 2 12 r 1 4al n l ' 11h111e 1111.1 e 1·110 , I", II 1 01. 1 daclll. Nl dli', t101111 .Ollo o II 1111 11111110a4. h drl t. s ______ I t_ (lruul, 1. , llll r Illng :\I"y ,t,e li hI1. 11,51 '0 J ill r. ''i 0),.5141111, 1111 Ill 11110 as the most eli i 1/ ol,( foun coopli 'gS ,11'1 , l, l N 1 11 1 a 1t l ,4, II' 1`1, Ik hcll J~lllrlr l i Aeildlelll is divided'l into Iwo depa'l~rt wrotets. The .I 05io or LlmmiC tIIIr: dII epnr 't fII r tI h. I 0 vuriollla hranchcbr N of 1.1:1111 IIe 1 In recliXnull Oathlemllt;, &e. L'I(1II~llillllV , orde disi.VA are 7 tri1 eUI oiylll II lo l NIIJlIII ;,d. 0 'em lls. JVllll0lo 1 1lli 044.ut, pe11110 01 101, t $IlI 1st. Boos,,, sl:,'r', pott(1rl, &". , hnrgrd rct n1'nlct y;y d. A w mb c1114 (111111 be11 g , 11 to be .11111; 3rdl. Nol dada,-lion forUI nhlr(ells ,srII lllr ]Ioblillll 4,!.. l'ayntll" ts to he made In:_.llil rll rt cry III)I111I School hours trot 13 1.2 to :3 o vllnk, axc+`pt ·L'Imrll daiys. srl'`-' IL~~t.1.U lt , WnLI,ý.11 CPIS. l 5 1'il8 -(ll.oll (; ol 011111 0111 s tine olll d Ii 111 M OllI lli;111 11 15 2arrels ((boobry (w ce Iu I110111sh oA 00 1011 : 110 &111 4. 0 0' 11 w ght, Ir lleinlllio l .I , by I ) t bch., al so 3 0 4oxr 111111110 by 401 0 7 1 111.1 OIl. · 4111Isly Od400.dI~lldll.0l·Llillirll0O.11o1' 311 )9V 1:1 1IN:\1'\, I. I' 00l r and Bar11 'i m 11 tfe, o11 t417 IalACt & ied hlost upprrlrvu l ilnl nm, inl rln,-v awl forl stile byl o2110I 131 l j 0 S'ýI14 U4llllloll.l.ge110y ItIIas 4440ovd his N0 . llllil Ofice to ther Verandal, ou S t. CharlesL~ streetl between (:aeallelu and ('anal s ta. WILLIAM~3 CHRISTY.. '1:21 11.1 'EIL i --J u t r: c,"iive: beat th ltrT LIIdIy 14,1011119,wl .Is.i 5000 1n,11111 blue 010letter 11011 11 sonico very low priced.I; 1( ec Ill ce oelI I whi te billet11 pal erl 1 dli; ' 2 aa Vlhin pi n Ilnelllr pi r; I case0 superl fille packetr post Mega sizie; 2 ruses , ilperrli a etter 1or 10111, wh0 lesale and retail, by l) : lI Lt' &Co, Now Turk t Jti14era' 1 10 ll, ctl01 24 Charlltl11111tree A NE\V A,·iticlu. Jlirt rece~ive·d lit 5:3, Ililcrrville st. n y peio 11014o0t Of .lrlt Ile 111111110.0001b1111r Le 1s or sm1all room;41 11 u111' t lollp u are 1010 IrICl bllY invi ted to cull anld examinei o thle same.I \VR CA1INE~rS, .1.) for sale by S1 C 10 1. 11112 & C 4 I r()b. :ALE: Tthe n tnunfFt'tory of thle subsceriber, hoistaing A Wheels, ipe, of all sie, oat 1hs1r Y1'1 Swing n'j l ri444 g dIue4 (N. orrnillg J. OTLT. (I L.1RE'L VINE--IOU Ins, s in *Iore, folr solel by lI.0./ 81'11111I 11 AilAIA1111III 11111 119111 novl l 411 1111ydr1 st rýOPE-- l' umle ill .torl: and f or solle 1wv 4 ,0 vl 9111 1111'r.111 11 TE\ I. 11 1 11111 1 111 1111 llo - don't m 1n tIoI I 4001e11111sr11010 1.1 111' I 1111114111111111101 III a r g Il ve 11114110011 osn wa10 1 s.1 11141 11011i l1 10i11Ro11 (11( 1.' e 41114. it 14 : I1) 41 . NO400 111 l 11111'1111N il1?01'NoiIlrjll1;III( rnitt. llll Ol.Il 1111I~ 1104011 Ill1 'IVt ~i ('0 1 o 01.15 ilt he te, cited ,tt th is n ofca t ti mild flu- 2,td, . 'J ulfll Ilr til m tTll lal O, D her: S111 1010 114111111'.l', is plel0 00I, _U feet lo 1110 (1411 I l t fII 001 411 1 0 1I inhsindph 1114 1 1,11111 111 sil~l' )',t 1 Eoo , ill ,40 I o ii**'-nl~l t moil fi 11) 10004 411111 3s` N1 Illlk 1Ll:vo. th. or`" o lun In IAt` zis fr(-s, o er the store of11s10 A1 I'kque s(o LEI I 1111LE,01 JAMES' NEW NOVEL, &e. rr IE IROlIlER, a T'alo, by the author of 'Rich' clin,' 'The GipRey,' 'Attila,' &e. in 2 vols. Tl' Love CHAtSE, a Comedy, in five '.cts, by hiens Slhridan Knowles, author of 'Vlrginius, 'The Dlghter,' &rc. &c. ION, a Tragedy, in live acts, by 'lhomlaas Noon Tallhuard; 4th edition. SOCIETY AND) IANNeR! s I AinRICA ; by Harriet rlirthtiean, author of 'lllustrations of Politiual Economy;' in 2 vols.; 4th edition. A I'Prc;icld Saumthry of thu Law anod Usago of uills of Esxchange and P'romnissury Notes; togeth. or with a asries of tables, showing whei:In bills, notes lnd loals, drawn or accpted at any datn will IIll tue; to whircl are Oadded, rates of conlllliio and :toragse, equatio of payrlents, and geIneral infor. ntlion counleteld wi:th business of tr!h ounting louse; by It1' Foster, Accountant, author ,f 'A (tncio 'Trresatise of ItoIuk Kteepilg,' 'T"l;u (iluek'i Gaide,' &e. 'rTu LIT'eLr PeieTC!n Ir ,n; a course of very easy i . Lson a in alndsaps, Figures, &~.. by GeoCrge hildtis; 1st aod 2d norme. J.nt ruceivelad and for lo by WII McKiIAN, jyl cor. of Camlp and Commlloln st ALSO,-An additional supply oTf "IThree Expe rimelns of Lnving.-Living withl the iMes,- Living up to the Meansi,-Livirg beyond thi oleans;" "eqauel to the 'xperiments of Iiving;" lThe 11arcourts;" 'The Savnrg's Bank," &c. W INTlEI CIfOTII I Na--I It l ie a rerlrlllreat ofN.Stirlin, et oi)ul I)ltllo lnd |)11lll i-on hl vv nMliill lllll l ltli II lll ltiiv s )vo. tri d lt~ iilhd" ol.hl ls, lttli gtdi frin il I ti n i'£1 i st ar te liy IsAACG Ill IlE C), vt-It N -I lrti lg--30 bi; iivv - wu X lil 1.5.\AI3 1II.I(111;o &. (Ct), trlwig t131 1.i zmelil St - l1X:1131- til:i l -t -if,- I;01u ' 1, h\ 6 'I d, k t-li.n r - Sp' rllni ill, t lnine fronm ..hi1p Ml sstessilet.i, suitablle r platntitios t iand fori .t L by Ocli I' allut zine 1 t. N-1"VW rtilIANS itl).XI"1'UlA, IBliRARYt ililllv 1'sowing new w iko have been rnee itd . by the L.ibrar, S ciety, it their r a, i th lur, ho lilts' 'ixchllring-, frontilg on l I ytyr trent, vady of Lyon,l, by liBvarI 1 vol. 2 copi p. Ilu , phrt y'i ''It 'utsruLigh Great IBritaini, Fr , o and II. Igill ini 13 ; ti l2 voil. 2 copeies. I.we; by Ily C. lerry; 2 vols. 5 :ropitn. The 'lTwo Flhrtr, and other Tnle; by IL.ay tIle.. 'ington, 'l,vwer, land otlierse; 2 vols. a toples. tiiewrs and the l-trert. by Mliss Pardon; 2 copies. ''It llrltbb r, Iby G 1I It. uies; J , opics. The Adveliutres of Nichiolas NIckiby, by Iloz, 5 eolrese. lIIAS. il'i'CI'II11, Librariant • T . 1111.) t.4 -l"'lC, .-- li r.r ts ,l I . , i,: l .t , SI~lNINbE, E M31 SALTS, ANIs ,Nl) AI, II'11.. I 1 I1 1 in ci( : Il.'re llcth l l Il l i lillp lln Sntlls it et-ak 'earl Axe, , o 1 t s4s,-e l'IiOl l, Iipe c :..,l lop, Ithaitirh, &e. \re.. hulinlig flua beig \\'illi0li frtmi Ilosltni, anld fir sale byl 1 I Ni) J '"IS b ANiIIItWS, \llholslt lDr ot.,gist, 0 1 liELS i.ii .l 11 lauding '-, btrig; a cle jAy\ll) Surn, fur sale b P TNEY l.ti iy S& J I' \VIIITNFY -I- U:) ite.rnlt I'l .er-- Jui recelivd a fi", relni , Ilhdsol 's n o y line hblc record (.i l, Loth plain ud ruled, r slhe b I) FELT & co, Nlid ati 7er Hll, hok ciutr I ISl ,I o I-Irle -alt (.ll " , ltlioi' trI IAt ' h i 'll l lll ea i t -.llliiM \..S7'{7N l.11 1;: ,\ l,'1l.) t'Il' lli l-l hod ;, I,.I. . landil i I i i ,e t IThird , i .ip ht-v, 1 i Sll to IIr ',et r 1t 1111 ;1 h 1l' l • (cv17 t. ('n -ti st , prie o1f(' ) f ,e aN ifrtir ltee i f. a ll .t ln v of ((bt~ r, wil1t l tey . per h rIt el it i hl L \\-o S'o d nll ,rd, e if e l l i ll a II lllatie i .l , t111r m ill dlXt' rIs d i ll '1 I tl," i I It . I ' lr1cact II, s l_"t ' v Ir l t' i' i tit . iirtla itIlllll n- 1. 1 ttttt l , it i tIll IIItne reb oilI ltin t;t: Ithe h r , r il l li l Ite tl llllti-:llil s lllloi l itl Ih' h t r, I ,t ieu t i . .l. evury fiu .ily . I ll t u XX . IXII 1 I)d r-i rcXt 'ied I t the1 (I ,s ()Iii,- i . III ,1 1lh",. I A l'l'l i t l' Il ',,'1t i- + t l, I'i ' r +; c . + U:11 I l-l btlrtn d j L nti ;- a.i Sli i,\ il ('I-Ih.1 dill ill " . ),H .,I 1 lh l i1 .<.Jact ,letrl'' U pll rl liii a - v a I an)X'r t)Xd f)1r re.- , fy€ n iti l' . n " Ii I V rllr i L IItt Ii ..i , wlt' I el d'l-lt i 1o r 1:'l: all, net, 111..1l' olllIm llJoo tll Wi.l l-. rin l t 1 c \I.Iirortr trt t S 11E": ndt ravell l i,. e n h b." forn d nt o- libe - n rsi r nt I d r. I [It- h Fll ole ,lll21 )1 } o Etdc l\ .I k \V I.\| 'l lll \, e% Itt-'t'll i r lhirt.o •~r their united i.l'rte t' llplle whl e rly pterllll for t dhe rl s hr ligr nr ra tI l lrrrt oI (l- -ir gue+i- , and htop, ltherebvy o ensme it ClllltinuI ne Io pilllic flavoraud pitruag .. JN M' NII. r r) r %tt rrATrr'Iltl , lThe Natchez Fretrpdll llr; ILouisvijlc Jnt, uail; NeW York tl'x +es.s; 'hili ndelplhin Ilhr;.hl mnd S.ntinel; Ito' tnl l.hls w i ll lense pnl li-h tlhe iftl o lfadhrei acimesnt, aide f tiw hI " t cLIt otl ltri t l 's i ' oil fIe. clitt Il tL, 15r IAN ( l, P A IISI I COURT 'fr the Paribh of thte City o. f New rirrrtJtlcr. I'r ' tlrt.r' lth, 1113i. .Nr,. IllttI , \V n. I). h f *c 1i er111. i' u pp i'(trd hy rIrl (onrt triltte abt nlr it ofhie I 'r-l itt r: it ia oyrded that i n tnl. ofr, nI. cr1dito-r+ bll t hehll ll~l 1iill. trr -tt, N tiar PIl blic, i' u' ili ' illte',7th of N rI r j erheti r, I1 11, lthef ait r I lhrc to dvr lbl'rtle do llo aWd ir. of h st dcril, to ti il Mene ass lle 0 drecdits craginr s nit. lipson si lrelb d(e uEt ihar nl tt, tIlll'luil ltJ~bli iulardill Ill 2 e jou¥'r dle aI. v a Jill - yrrir' 1 + ta,-. I t rt jr lr It r'rrtr', in r rhat Jhl o. It. tr l" nirt, d dlr'tI, iilt ippointed o r a'teeII lte t rhll ruit C'rtitl Co te t. a r a ton l Oprlua 'ase. IBy odler d " t al r Coutr-.lre l du trlilr-1ily A Al llU'Ilt., i.rl I li . .A 1ct 8 II .LAINL-(,r de -rr . 11 ,or Villie de !a Ny .r....lli (. tlr 'r... l'r Illlllt - rlir l ynnir t W cr rat , rr--L e iti tines d ttiptr- i *( s dro tfltm 'rut arndr c«rrrrrinerr orr tr r oort I'+s 011 1.1iihl Tilir liellhahlt nC a L ni . 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Ibl rrntr t. 1rtl.r itre rt 2 rAYrrl r3liner Nrrr thtru rnltthy ilav it........ t'11%11[JLIN & C;)OP&EIt, ' tor Pauly ',t' St ov, jrrryt'r, t.ytyic d try fir .alc I" art "!1 O, U,'runt I.eeoc. 'I - -f FISli--i00 b~oxes it~r +sa r. b . I-I. iIN , tritil & li I<111:1; l'l, I Itis ithis itly frrrtny jt Crn-palt l_ itrlr'hiqrrrti t hi brrilter Cthit rlerr Il. tGreel''t tinta till Conhiu I the f 't r l r minis .ion H a ' rtii der tlhe firn r oy t ( ROt 17 FSt F6 C l rtnp-s'l'LI , tili tprt!l _SHIPPING. ror Enurope. !OR 11.111: LI R :. o, well b we m e iatve l th l y. | -l A nleior A : I ;i can Nke (0N b1 le 1.' colt nti if imu ediate Ippll i'm be nmle to till i l.t. Th filne fast aniliog At ship i ()TIOF; "tJa,.b ,l1,rrll ,, ~ill ii1 .li f ,1[ >l'Id h, and' .r-t1 8,1 bales cotlon to cola .[c1 e lir caig.,; for f' ighl or pasllce, a ,:dy to 1.1.'v Iti -. I'], IR II iIIrE -° x I ThI Al shi{ p All I.IANCgI Folrwnlhi S&,J I' X'1IIt1'1I l, Coastwiso. 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For lparti'culars iply to11 1 Vl. a .4JN4i II ; I(., I IA . Fl i ill: 41. 'III I , . .r . . . . .'.. 'l't lo. . . . ,l pl-. 1ll T I.. _il( lT . eW ier. . =_l i . t xusp n p ri otie I e. k I 'd! i, n f the ail 'I'lllII ll; \4S & S. ll t afi yr then a r d iv o r.I f tll, i2 ,',:ielt'ci's, and oa her to LtAWRtENCE& 1.i ttie,(hAh'I).l ev turnre leaveE v b.P, -I o '4l , .141 N w L4v4 e "l't o s, a . , and l,'rid.t y h. n P -1- henver it sflmficient iorlnher ii i.. neu Lerv oflir r the iirafli" a ill toult it at runv of th le ut Frunlill e I(ST I 4414Cn4. F4i4)4r , I.+-rt'? ill .. puitiely hnvu ,n Salunday Ihhinst., Y 111t ,,' o lock, A. 3. Fortrerght or passa e, I aply ilrt board, or ton r ntic. .A N , & AAII ENII, 1444 ' r( 4 4" b 'row, n t009 :8:! New !.even I (o' II T i stoe and 440 p it lit4t4 fi444 byr -tr - o Nct3 l 14 New C1( .ee St , Tlt lS- L i llllgtr t ship Ililnll, a lOt'N A ihllS& r Cny Stoves, it unw rticle nd 'ery landso ie 13 I4I4 d,l lor4 suihiabl4e 4 afor i r r ~,oms. l~n Ptr, ulal, Gates and Smr thulnder stives wil countila rte, il storn e and for stile by4 r, ('I N( CKIIl &1 4(l4 Lt i o )the ci41 (4r 0 14t ood 4 l0 vo l st TN ll Stove Tlel m4de to orde utr and put ull lin, 4e1Gy 4 i4 7 C4o,4t4l 4 04i Julit| resci nd f or s aleb b " .N sT,, )ai --J -,'t irce vd i _t c,ýil 'l';sed- It, in!I) l;ilt oon l Mlainiill dtiot dof ie 3J. do ll hllers sorltlelhd frinn tilo inch. N 11) keg104 .444n1. I V11 IlRoet's 4 .,'rt' h. t hh. Lead. glround hi olil; 31 Llllcll illser., ( o'r llt r i(,l'r e + do, led tUc. i 4 4 Yol 4'w Ochre, Sp 1nih rog4l, 4 and !irUlh k patint, l i k 4( r l in 4 l; h 44 I l8 ,;4S 3 Front '.cvee . . . . . ..444 14444 4 4 4 . do .. . . .. . . .. 114(0' I. ar(4,4 and 4 o44 , (ellinl thr' e story w4r4 1 od s t at the oror o" wtE, rc nind Notre oth, st ter, I'osssslon given on (It. t rt of November. AI SO iTINAlh e" atll E xplorilg Tour hey, od the Koo4ky M 'ountains, under ti4AE d.'el of the&I, 'no River nd r; or ns of the 4 i4t4' a. d th( '0 4 artre4 so" by 4M iss4 P" 4k4"N author & if'the City ofK" S.1 t, &c. in2 olbs. T 'h o R ubber, a 'Tale, 4, 1 the author 4 4 4ich4 li4u1 T 1 4 T 10y4sy, A4 4ila; in 2 .;, 4 . House,1 , (4404T40 by Loo dy Bdrdo ingl44n, Is1 l 4l4lwr, ,Mrs Norton, Barry ('1.4r4 w ll, Mrs Gore, Captain Medwyin, and others; in vols. The Life al1 .1 AdvF tur; s o A l' 0 is Nic tlobvy editnd by B.,z, with llhistrrltions by Phiz, No. I.' J.ost rociroed and for sale by BEi'NJAMIN LEVY. CIIAbI1PLIN & COOPE0 , J TIIAYER & C'), noet (441'' BUSINESS CARUDS --,T. I/ . FI: J l1aN & CU., s·hroleslh C'lothingq Ellabillhment; No. 3, luaazllne street, - AVEt constiitlgy n hami lI I d le icrc i)Il of Caull ortlnrnt being large, nlen ] l t I' rlf the country cal Ie sull :licd tit the llorc t lotico. FASHIIONABLE CLOTHING 'TAYlIAil & 1IAl))EN, No. 1I c'haIrtr,'- l rIet ) 'lltl~lllll' i dl.+, , t I ,' uiicist sty le, it N--w borl: J.. Ross SURGEON DENTIST, iov 8 ,. 1, troI . Si .. I N ' il i' .I MERCIIAIIT TAILOR i67 Ciiiii tll : ] El E G t o ln ( 'or ii t h e p u l lii l i i h at h c i p i ri hl c c d , from 31 frs 1'ltUt;l' , Kl ii.t ; (.i Ci (; c. art of :le0r stock, he will ,mhnae th,+ tl'ss at ther ol .tnid, iopc)csitch .ilshi i'c llotl, where he hiilli to nrii it tii North Icc ic ...u liicJ inon hi io (l e latest and l s it i csllionbei, go.oa. cii 4 CLAY & CLAIRK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, SNo. 1U I'-,-i dra stiueit New.v Orlcans, Mi1U ANUFArnlIERS (IF Leoad Pipe, Water Closets and Pumps OWall daecriptiou" I'ARI, C(OLD), AND .liUO 1VER BA TIIS Fixed on the nowt naprov'd principles. \111I.'1 ) 1.I1: ), I'i'1: S, &C .()l'derI r e('IxIuteil iin aly j'iirt f t he Sj outie I Stateus. Dr. lob'-rl ii. l.iloc. Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufacturers, No. iekI', l. I a =t ,, K r;.;P .... haul n. ......t .. l vi o, f I.nd P'ipe, Tr il. diiLlame'w'' d"1t T1 [o ii . dltha t.r, toi ORLEANS LITFHOGRAPHIIC PIINTING IUIA Cltii:Si 1EN I', No. 53, Magazine Street, lOpposite Ifnnk,' Arcado. tILLI,.2.I (ID/,;E i I , 1'PRlOPRIETOR S II. PARKER Commis ion and ForI'tUartdiug Merchant, No. 6, FR)NT' LEUVE, 1'P STAIRS. New 3:1lcanre, F C. "?'. JARVIS & ANDREVWS, WIIOIIt.LIAlU: AND til'T.tti. bsiLIItllitS IN MEDICINES. PAINTS OILS IJI .ST.'U'I-S.. '.\'N) II.VDOWI GLI,1SS, UCorner of Clnlllllln n ant I 'ehupitulus streets, NAl''IIN JAIRVIS.. JtIl1N W. ANi)ILE WS. A large upllly o Gardern Seeds, warraiited time gruwth AT MOBILE, Ala. S. I. & I. I. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. N's.61 and ;:1 AtR Sll L'REET. rI ti lcl.; iu, rsi d l -ic, hating etleliiici thi mal, a in _. ý,M l hl for thi lt iarl e of trta l iunln tlll.l , Aucthiln Inoll ('(lllllliisiolll llnl i i. i It$ vrillu 4 hrtte:l lh s, bho 'lev e to lliln lllll l theit friilllola laril the putlliC, that till'+' are nwe prtpared to re eiv. con0elglonts, sad nluke lilu r l advances oni tile sullle, either flr plivltl r tn o ulic ISILt EL l..ION( :.. Retfer t. Walker, Knuiglht & ('Co. 'New OrlelCUs. . ,l ,,le, I , I'b , I:;:.r feb 1. SA C.iaRD. SAUEr.L SL.ATEr . AltiaH.c 's TiHIEIt. SLATER & TRIER Forwstrd ns .c oitumitioiu mlerchants, N I ' I' , N N NNS. ''h vy iwill devote i their p-rtwuil- r I ttntiii to tlhe ale A r \\+ll N l l it iuiee. 11 at 13 Sillel, New Ort ln s. i I) & It \ iiiiiius, ) "l'PhiB Vout I c ec Rehrretc Icroth'r &.C-u. Vii l'uhl ic \ I' ill. tltnuftm 1 )a.. l i,.. St I+ii uii S hLlr&. 15C . 1 . & l .I T. S'I'(NI.. . E EN. &II.7- I NII Forwardlr, lan d ('onlnni sion 3lrchnntnts, FUINISnII OllA IF Hll'P AND NI).\'1l' TOII.E, No. I t Tcltollw ro, lAs stYr~ i r. .N w. rlelani. R leserw . *'l. ., BARER C ('o. Boston I;1iFNFI;EIt VoaE & ('o A. II' M11c. & Co New York. It. F(TN. Ml J. .& P).I|oI.s.t ) CiCinc l J.ti O. b I).vll ,"-TtoNF, I).NIty () II.('.)Is'roIK (,& . (.lhI N il '1' N. A l.nlIi , & I '..I IlHI.o Nville, IKy W SI'FvENy & t'i.Frts,St Lucia 31o 4. II. Itlou, Alitn 111i. lA l i. \\'I 'r1 OW, Itlu r ville, Ill. J. & I'. I. |'AuIrT\we , L I,Hl'ou Sara, La. SulOnO IlIrln. New OllIti:n . jaNi 229 li'E I.FINS IN AMIIICIAN &. I:N'ISIII CIRO\VN (ILASS, o.. :I Ct(I(,)Ni)1..t" ,S I'lt .T. oI U 1,I(1; ! E N 0( H - - jNSUlI NCE (()TP This ('lnllllV ialr nillow prcpard ito talike RISKS AGAINST FI..E. No.24 31usso's Ullnilding, (i'annl Nir.I.t E 1. TR1t Y, New Orllans, NMay 15.133. -siecrtry. WILLIAM IRWIN Comm4tseon and Fo'wolwirding MIerlhanlt, CINCINNATI, 01110. Refer to I.avet <&ti Ail'N. Nt (lrla. °1i LnIII ROtlIlillRI' (I,\NNNoN, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 CaI p street, Whollllesale I)eler in Ph'uits, Oil, Varnishes, Ilruhes n1:1) \Vinidow anld Piicturei Gins, re. &c. T. W. COLLINS 7'TTOR.I'EY & COLSII.SLOfI, .IT L. ll O VW )ractititt. il t lhe 51 t,!,' and titl Co.irts. Cli ent,-; wlill (il n I ll t ti il t. ,rk' N llE ci US (Cir:nit -ltlrt, il tle. C. ,oI, i I lot.,, buidilng. jell r[irltE unlllertignedl hIa.w I)1ptcid ai hones in this city A f)r tin p llpoe -f tl .,ulZ ei g a GENE Lt.\L (?t) \1 SS ION IIlUINI.,S. I)F iHr:, No. 10 II.IIAvIHl , rtle:r, Iir SrA' l . '11 P ELEVYN. The hleeh eat (;Gran.! (;G lf, 1isa., will e continuedlll in the above name. Gldfre, l.Nri, & Ii i N I) O . Irlans1. 'letai, 7It illh d,, ( , 11 it jilln & Co, Loi. ill, Ky. .oh 31 iini Ite, l ieksl 'g, .i-. Il rrpH, r U iCIntIr t Co (ita d GL ulf, i lie . NlairH,3Ii llir ('I, Sill Iillard, NatheNz, 3I is. New ()rleatns. July I ', 8fW , jvl2 TA'TII \INIIt. T'IO VNSI NI) I' !,nig lohaIti d hiI a f inu New trleuns hor t l i ",-: e lofN tr uslcti- 1 1 Ii I it 11111 1, ll l- i l| (liill~ lr Hlll llH illl -111 i II' lill ,)1 i' n11etfu1ih lllltl fll t i le. tI I , lll ilt l t' l o teir pa rl lel t tholSe i T'c t+n,a Ito ~i ill ,ttind [o tihe lralln - wrtit gi of a ll, bu tore, Ibat Ioný bc des. rl in Ihnt .count , and i rl ll iit ll vll'l. iltlll - e Iai{ ltir iittled tll all lun, that aV tI o , int i ll . N'ov 11111 I.1) .NI vr i ril _) "I 1.;,1 . IArfI rIHNI . lilurr \W'. inl.n. J ha T' ,r } I. Loui-vdlh, 11v. , Joh..A. ,:, te", ,I llkým 'silh', KIy. n._;i, ol FIREIMEN'S INSURANCE C0M01PANYe El' NII:\W tII ;-NS, Office No. 24 Musson's nuiding e CAA4,IL 'TI ' T'. t` F lln of lill tire oof nti.el ilt* n pt eirns-- u!. cl Store, n ato and fo r nle byI N l - tove Pi pe n ad,, and {i ,+ ip j niln pr i t vt S B 'IHINPjIHININIEI1111 BUSINESS CARDS. HI. I. o. ]V. D.. Newco1b,), j jAVi.ohpeoo t a htotte tr trell, t ro-t otiu g o n s ;t B +~ e oll d t) ll Ii !o~ ~lllt ' .,,t i ,_-tt Y hoi llt l lt t I, :t; l- I l I \ oh!l &I "o. it. (. oo. 10 . New trle&ns.I A CAR 11l). CHRISTI'IE & NNN.OTlr1, ll;oto le Grtie rs rid Cmn ..dt ot t .tlt rthat ts, NoJ. ,to ( oIIII elll t, Nol, (b111t'o . lI I7 P',trtl i.'l,~I ,trl 1i., I" l p lh L t', 5 I5,5 ! utl i . ti [) t I of " ~ll llll l uI ,I t ,'.:dll p bliop d te ,. OPILVANS LITlIOGR.tArFIC OPPICEI I '' .o'.I.i. I l for the .t olico~ t i ltnsps, pin's AI noel and drnw'oI , nit lhe o ' I enl' t u d u i j .lh5tl CIMe rs I le.fevo t lt'tllltlilolt , t oll t,'lll til :n r 11 o i Ip1.1' Iollo urlhilg pal }{,, tlll hlt a tl lid dIl l I 1u , tss'l ,b"is; i Illak i lchecks, dray r(t.l ts, . .print..d 1 I IIeIuI e Jt ifl u 1'h.teup d ex ezpeditiuus It. lo , ltlt oy th lltpr l . N .I:. allk Notes nt.j v .{roct tet. .. t U.t'T 'r Itt't I lr ttle -l'lc ot Its (o t Nc t YUtIt' It . 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By t i i i and another pactoet, t t is in otily eIt peetar tNOTl '.-A su lly aoft ltlt l'res and Asptd, eIttr iheeoos, having a 'leady receivd inv ices thereof by Thed subscriber bogs further to a nsudo the public at e, that h is t as well lnabled In ittout and axecate orders toor all the aceds tof G, trden os, ite r whl or ese til, os hol ever t. t sice hise first establishent in Jant ury, ilt t '2. Aour try l hers and , rktt er 'ders fi td at lol et n ab: rah "lntee s, thl} poundI we r1ot, alit1 .;;llolln r I lr ub rl t urc. 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IIII.EAl7I I&; IlI T il il .10 poudIsl1i While Y¥ Lead, lnnr--7,5Ill , do dl(I. | , il tit in ke (E r fiu '5 t o 111tl till ,I i.ea .h; nust Induld a du t forsale at the Paint ttol, c l the sn hsets i r. :lI)N i 1 I !1. I, o'1 (ilo tirni stroo, t. 1I VS : I , -Cincinluti lll n o1,-, i1 U llIoL I 1-0 cu, , lla' ig I oI n i rio Sisa ert , I for sale by I " Inov 8 1il .% iTtX It , "- - E 'iar - io l ta.l ' 1- "-1, - c . , Il' k x e,0 K ,r - 11 "i F e v+ a n l tit e +m l .d o uh , w a r I \i t su h i n g <o n J e tat"i a lit oling lUltl, Ni rlnul, lir l ,iy Ie , . N ISAAC Ii!111(1E & Co, a 1.-AAC liRIDGE & Cn, nov14 ain?%ine st 11-:.'1' reeeivcll an i ,ice of o Ctlllt l -'a Charts eon dlies, in two shedltl ; i tah al n k IIt .nIs; 1,1t i orn n, 010t o1f I razil, Iwot sheet; .1rtfiltcrronn ('to i . it Africa; I'nglish Clhn elno ; ,t. (1,Gat.'a 1 h nnl,\" u Au n1t1e 1li 11101 1\1. , I , , " ! (', it l i 'll i I I I, & to, SSl E lll lio r t'i liu nti ii . t d, ill , umi t, r sul. hy ,il III 1 .\ t I v I lll, Ii l :,' , l ,i I i n I It j lo ilt,, :+- -,1 , )' ii, N I...' . Xl t i t ll' i e il Ii II. ' 11-11 ol11 1.) lI.-- I (I llr 1 110 t 111 n i li]i {,. I . i, i I l bt IeI I 1\ iwid+t.Itr aý1J Ill 1 11 11 Nl) 0l ii i olt 1n lnr l 1h,0 [ nh'ug fr.t0L 'i rhip 'tlogI"l, Iali ar h ihod f iahli. . pI' I1 ihl eyal l li i l xc the cIl y. Ir liili '1,, I \i T' l'\ , ni t.i t . I., , , . 1 s e AFFS n \ I,, vl ',o,, Phi!i,\ ho.. , i t' ,a, 11 -A.,I I;n s :'o. i_, S.,o1 hl A,1,u.n0 .a, I v 0;111 (.,,t0 I , 11 ce, o. 1 1 9 Gruvier striet, or ~ axge t dlr. 11!: firmhn lof ater & 'T'ribr is diss hed fromin thit )i 9th 10-., h- -lc ivnle t afrt-ies. The 11a1r1" 1 the con+lht n l t .I I." hl ,hidated 'r ng,e.e.nn, indiv ,duallt y by Abhr'loiil [i ,T o1 n 11 i th1 - ('i. l,,.l I'orl;r-.ling, l ('n hn iim'l : AsindriAA l tl)- 2 12("..1..[ ll \' rti'i --ior ,A, (Ithl o.,,, oun1 (,([). 1h '1{,1' A.I , t.-q IU ' i i'F I . h "T, t ,,(f io,;r iv tlh fran,!ent orna mlý nrrnt bhe lurlý_in t., hle I I 1 fait',1':me. I low I :r:ng u t" Ite Itv· o it Nll oo ,hue , l, ore and prne o fl. I, l 1ver fI ) lls :, , rout 4 . s +th . lli(· l n| h i e 1 tIrI It. Ivt.o er ;1 : t I, i. tt o'l., r, d sontlt!il ies %UTIul 11 .I[ ~i'. . 'il.o/ll .l l ttt I otogl.l C . I/l] It's h "t sh t li ulltn, a P, a^ rw, htt .r tte 1 it ReaIn. Itn , n." tly +1+. , 't I i It,.. . ('1te o . 11I) n .Ia l t,, Iml- V.ell thle Ilf pr17wltyl flll tll, i1¢ lilpr¢)llg hllklll. ·li leIIII ihlnlltt vnnllth with cIlt a1 i lt iln t,1)It N I, It I. r. thiell s of 1. )tldlit . i 1'', n, t1rt nil the,` 1 · n 11_ ItOa tton t 111 1i lilYIIPe:l JI 'tll 11 o i r p.ltrhillo f i: it vta r , li hn( rin, a e,1 .1 II . l ttlesIt It l t I r I n it ile l h It Lokr. in ` i ro. ,. t 10 , 1 ul wlri 'tars; !llel lltll'. the rn it irh 0.url . N', rlrou.-l r rtiri allso of tin r irto M l c etnh [ t h in .,,upn, ft he virti e, of ()Ithii .. l illll y t mP h In:' Alltil 111111r, r 1 I1a. iiJ 1 11 1 flitu11 .1 ,1 l nt J ',+ 1 ReI, . t ie fi; ls. ti. g: ir olf e e0 i a e't o e llt heo l tir l to Ole l ftho . g hll.llI-edlloto t 1do bt.-n t ,tifv thut elet,'e used- o stil ef ,II ii Jlll. l o l aI N Ill vFI tl e ., not lly tIlling, ulf Ibitlr, but oleo wi rcnrtla il reellr WIL.9 N'I T11 .1 1 . 1' 1 .i i ., S ,nir, .tt i. , thI ,im ot o1iln itr i, St (Onl t r . .lll rr N1 t'IFtI ,l.ol th Fifthl hnt. Ji 1 1 Nl Itnl t tilI. ,I,,I t o.itni N ts i r 0 o. r . I Fl l l t'IIIott, i t l. l1 I o, oL:1In'n tht c JA ' Itih FI' i; 1',lill l `n rrll , J)t ltioll, q LIt (,r 1f2i Aotil , sir-l 'I. 11 it klltl o iih s lr itIr , ' i tiio l t t u l, lh i 11 llhe an r hl inl Veiioyu. o lf n t d thle Otlt l not N' e ii. . lr : vo. [Coron the. Myerr.| Ololhil. Ito lhi blllh o i .r l y'lhyio llll, oTl oao tilo' iladelt t ri, ) H , 4Inrr llt h lorlt, lof t ni tr 'aitd oily litl thi d . do lll, l, . h ire c t, il Ill, I hto Nl l ll toonl.eed wi ,s . I' i ;,.ulll ll 111111 oI I I I te t II r thigh I Ctr , h"o;.]ll d by " n r ; lltl l he it ab Jd. e , t i c; I on the lh il l ioII j WIoI leI·I of n" III' a 1 ' t o llh rli.l l l, land toi e' lly i 'a ra ll bII * rta d ! rse tiVe nll l, th ,i d ex'e r i Ce 'le . Ito o.i t - e I t ir,,"I h It b oeo t .0 et r h nd ho t d to ry r tie r10n0 l 0 0 lh i" t1o, .tixed, l0i. [f.. j ] I II. n;I;T \\'1 I lll. ' R 1"3 N,\ , d:vr. O".I; Ibit eneltlb.! l ,, f tl e.lh ,. ot inc t, l R hn atpendid (lse. l.(Ie wrapper, . rhiosh i.. to isl malr tel tthe . j In ll It \ii r l eI c-ircbt um hona, to u t he n tn nto n:ienph h-r dtIoI ri " no. n'; Fhethhe' tlurj, n.e l dir \lidls o ' of prime ,otl bel I.t t Ire tlljrdt Ilf b it o I drh l .U iolnt td I lrlltllllr 1t 0 th - 0 t1.tlt l "Ugh h Lo-orbtat. --cisin f aI frOSh 'l't __r . "T IE suboriber p-.penes t,, l hti l h, inr 1t he. gicll i~ i o l t Ill d C"l h Cum al na ii tt . I h ore ttt r Vo hoe Ofs of the td Inew .eritt, ofi 1111 Otn, l,1l Ill,,p rts, 1 llarrihohn, al, of thit city, 0 i0t0 d by" William F0 . Brand, Ilrq. The ,.rhthr is al t o poermufri e by dipe vtil nihed niretd "Jolge Of d. lprrie ls 'ublrto han v b it thtint , oeto d blrtodgeso t, t o "c et ok ' their pwrsniI -b e 7rv s n all ti. u r dvanage which and scarce. Al e to is mi r jt, isi tho other .tates of the Union , il ro erneon c to thLe p wuh arj e rinrftle . ook L ,, iane ; ; h nd the air gll taltood tile. merounts principles hire gr tio he tnwlr. eaof our adjb -rid cuss's w l' prime uti.r lity to tlejqlrl.t of the whole Ulnion.h icoreocn, the rivinw evninllG of l Te xa s i nl . n h op td n o f ted !lot, tien 's' is a. e ntib d iut]Td .ur tile Lo tinialda te inilS fr 1u. a !rl gnu.h er ., more anhrit.ntivw . re rum o1 uppi t par II." city, whl m ip lipt mo i. r tc ivud by' +ell> i ++ : e tlr,. .el ~t~.l . FRMEU. W1LK1NSUN DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENEPAL Cr LOUISIANA, .. F .Ih la I II rlitot s to It e pIt tlil i:C th.e ,Ipart - j lIll-liat of ,n .+ ,ry' i t ied Clllol d E ,inL 1'inI Ith i On ol N l i tiil r. I rolt lt lt widf r e tio pl il.ce i his pi olls1iln, knlld by prl mpllnl e s n ldll llid litt in I t' ,. excctii: f businesh s entd s'ted to blen, lI hopes to II rart i t i sa L, of pl ublsl I) ult oll n . IIel, I alsoi eII a !r e a id c lcululte I tl I ll ,"nt . 'of Mall n i t eloxot u oilu. Oi .ced Nos s t'h ,t'te· liat', scol d stilly i quumi t of eopor1 t Itus ,iu n shee"t it u, freom S itol.S , we i,.ht. . Al+o, untlity uf e 8 g ih tl.eo Iron. Ju.t r'ecived an as. artm+it oft' o kt Lid Piarlo a I[UM[I'ION & ASI'IN XLI,'S the origpnltl rac0p. w t IJ h tinnt and un versa ' r'liils in 1ic32, by persons of tie i.ghi st resproetabiltty it this iti , Is stated in theo tinexedl I cortilho ,tes. 'l'Ii.s inrdic.ine is highly reoinlltenllnd and has b oln extnlllvlly ullo ti the aill bt dtt.tait with I slch disti~tltinhod| Iu ee I s, tlhi t tIl l e proprietor th llr n p lte I',,, hlel inlhiced hi oflbr it to the pub. ` Iie 1U iits pri't- t rilr , in ithe h iope thal it m lay bel the ieaosi ito a evll ul l maniy t;t } i twlio art: sull triri ' i dur toh ll e' rg oit f l t f Litultry. It is a irscue ilw tu IpoI.Ies.ig groat vi tui , aLid wheii ucsed a torliig toL ttltl dI r.I Lions h lll Iv*r fiailed of eItllet . eu cntr, even in the most obsgtial. ll. g of the tthorder. It is not ait all discI rrailh, at', nd Ipersons o the wlokest sotomalo rh, and chidren mInt ittllie it with impunity.ii It strtongthtles the dig too i orgnis , Icrtlat.t iai ll pl)tiLt, a lli st do rts ni l qtirts I rinl'l} lh l oilt,, orl i\n oblltllLn t castsill , t lo bI ttl/ to il:rLe It o Ire. Th 'ro is neither inertry nior arsenl i in tihe i c tinte, nor ia y thing ijuliutllI to0 theo .IIIai s c, itititrn. 'Ts i proll[ tt rs tCro so well o c vi[ e,;itl of its tllie.i y,th. i t they lretl to refundt thto price of every bohttil whih has en taken in acotdltnc'lCI wl li a he dire',ons :al d h.Tas lnot .oilltted ai puri ct cure of the 'tvr & L gonl. A. OLIVIER, ole agenIit olilr New (ilc0niu, at his wh olsalle a d retalil di ig anll lo nedi le lore, cornelllr f ll-' Iov llhe and C(lhartes trouts. Forli Dlistrictl +l liAgr , llllpp!y r" V j,5 T. ,. S .l ll[ , 48 Conti t.t Nt TICI, [. r-!t llr l uud, Ir-iid httmiTi l Lt,, i l ,l ,hlted it G file IluneU otu l, thc I I1si J' i'id DC I l 6:t ten'tEn of ti c t ,te of I ou. 0 ,1 t lonu0 i-1,on'trs to ll it'atie' ,'I , =i tt'l ll (p tll'l ' l, l l l It ll N oe cop ( -' i I I'e Ir St[ill [,,11p osit ii , he o fti l , k t tllc, it)-plool nii ui'll tt ho,, it madl ()r PPL1 . 1il'I ' ,'i ti, tIts e i h'' r Its, ['l tlh . , I: t sti 0 00i o tI; , i t, tIin .lu , . Il l 't h divY of NoI. t ler, li.ii; lne~ i p'et lle O ih'rol,0 in t lhe et pini;: soi as'ss et at e hr"d not1' a, to ' ihc e their ol 't\) , oil t thI -'dull5 ,i lo ..\01ttl , next. t the 0 hth'r date idei; ten l .ve oler the last pu t.licetiatot of tbis lo[1s.r 1 r1. I t 0 S Ibl.t)t-LAN, i! 1 I ttl I . ,t'. ( t t'otln tilsio ers otto"--t, i 1. l.t['it---oI,'do cooute. tio,-t - ot It' otoio-ioh io I'to S 'rt,,e Ito , , r ,itrit jtud omor plour 1', t ,i t l usi ,:', OtitO iros poor I'cIlou.i Aon lil' il i i os i lh oio . c ,it l,.,lo it ro yr r ltvt ro1. 11 o0gut, i Ot s t Ichptit , l . o utot i 0ln 0e laner nuill io t.t doh o , lf ' r | l 04 & B Tio l. r l 'ie o e, tl on .1. tons , x ,I , 'a -','l ro:, rnve r. Avln. )nll e oi t r l ar Ii r. i .ost ds. o 1, h M t h vlaltio u ict,tho la . 1t r l ,i ' . ih oto. 3, rt 1 r,.c t , hs s hit - ooe ,i o us r F'i n xisir I, 4on lli i, d. 'ooh' t s ih l HF Yrilm l ne s d uht. cul t dix j nond cr i int In l,,i'otn d: llisch'rd Ilur.oat r, t, h ..lvcu e " of Blood. A T"lls , f, Jhat rceed ialts fi late ,y T it E I &VD 8 & BltOTilii, SLATER &' TRIER, e1.14 4J. ' Po trill .tree" t o, pufliv re repcjttiuly mnformted that tanll Int Stntir i ere-ctd onl the mOat improved plan, and i an airy Poid I . o tldinlrebiell19rn tio |x. the fauboar hranklil, upe thee railroad, ona Crle losl the ail Mii t1'he b ti Igi large ond mo.te utnmodis0ly dididtie ent, a r elteio, efor kctpino separate ditffbret claeRerS Oan [ |]creutllli lICc.O lle instlretil.l It supplied wth toe it tte e kilful anld ,lientive Inol sud dlrimle .l, o leer., ant ip)tkin, am tie ,iuu. masem lan gun.,.. + uig ,+ %, .. . ' i Prteti ro,mie, eas e hod the getretleOnonA le riai ftra poi da, itcludlin utteodaetot&, "c ' 'Terns is tihe or irty ats, terore to lloar per dlsl Slavet int. two dli.. d noml I Pxt in the o"dutirh erde, tirp dollh,r. All eteit]ti sergierl opeprateos eoxtra. The r"+or'dnrt py ~sip ital i,e)r: hho4t.. tcmptn,to whodel pplie ctien ter adnlheislon i ne st i ti c i I. flr it-l r C _. Imd uist ntNe 1 introdpettet. tctl n- t l N.ýewle wtt, N, Ia o IaC,eretle atde i pli i b e Orlothas sino d a'i irerutl Rail !nlld f leryc ,tnt' iin t e Itlllg tie lens fi. the JaoIite., t'o'.o t;,ot--.ttto FettOt .tort (tRtt..&/tt 'l'e lt hl.e cur at tC 'l'k A 1 e.toln car at 7 A At atllleyotcr t to do dte do 9 do io u 0 do io dote do lt do do 0ti do do do r tuwate rnr d do lie t team onr at 3ldo 2 Jo P. do cdo 5 do dtlio h 4 dot do do do Ido it i dt ino do do9l do d,, to 8 do do ' Tile tivtote strct Oce ndct an faetto, half -t mt u'ltovk, \t, Illlsl [ stret t at t. o'cltck A M, ndt reten li y hulrly at 7 o'rlock. These care will curllulle tunning teitv bhlt itereod cotueniet tirttruughlout dAc ullli7 ciOluce, P . .t., ei'e tlll o, elo.llt ber tlh La (tlthtrtL ltrtet ears we yý,'1'. . A tJ( I '"t )I N:,.', in gru·· abts, 100, treiut i p r p t r cg S tar, iu rtarr, finr ar by . . . SLA't'h & TR'IE., ': 40 'oydra treet.L A Card. l v q ORI.EA \; LITI1OGRAPIIIC I,:TAflI.IS. t.L 2'T, 5:r1 . IGAZIA'E S IREET. o oeoI.rreP BAiCN' ArtC.e `vr (G .FNEe, ...... hi ....cet . tlt,.,, to .4Il I fie ids and ih,' pUurlitc f New rOleans, for rthe ;lttarnllae Ieangelsoe il hiintfr thet lst too earr, anti l t-.s ieote t, Iostre it-.n. thUt anl oreder comtot:tir d tr t his rltluge shall be punctually anltendd to; he whill ad utitul, keep the otiith opetn uricy + tie so lt-er, ptt, shall ioe .ilet, s ralv 1tt trie , Iti mere, hait'a Te ire[{c lars. bu-insu, ,rod adlress c crds, funl ri otnce., mnaps. lanl, ll,d dreicelg, of overyt derie titnd, t nthe. shalesit ntee., and til th e Iohs rennnm. e aerns Tleng as.ibed eL t ey aitrtit tnperi,r teory otheteretoablis h. lithogr-aphic iieu, hle teal] cettident .f givinog Lenire .ali~lactoln. .r Lh Apoeh .en,ir and drteorc' ru Inhels txeLutetd . an good stryl cc coppertelate d uot th 'rhnrd tof tho ....e. Age t u _J "2mn + IIA,-Mt)RRIIOI.)S. I JAY'S IANIMENT.--lhe Fatio,.--Tshul ex. t trerdinry clhentical eor p,.sitior, tChe reauor of scionce, ntd ithe inventionl - l a eeclelraled mlli. eAl Oan, the intredut, n nn, f:'blich to iCli tubli wa.r invested wiic the aeoltntllty ol a deathbed. heru,'st,t has aiteO gained a rIoeutation Itnparallelod, fnlly staiteinitg file corroctteer of Cte iantlttodt Dr ;ritlhy's last ceonfession, that , ite dared not. tile without giving to posterity Cthe benefit of lIe t-knowit:dg, oil this eubjltjecl," and hI therefore f btt-lcthed to Iie fiiend -l.d Iitetndant, Suloutcc llt. Ns, the arcet of Ils discoerey. t" i It is t,.te used in the principal hirtittali antn the private praoctie in our country, first atll Instt Fcert, ily f-r the curet of t le PIens, and no exten atrely anl eletclually as to ctreeduttty, unbnhe tt ht-rt, ies oflicts art w-itneresd IExtcrollay in ith" I', Drlopep--Creatini g eoitraorlintary ibso-rptit-: at o,.ce, All eS ,'-llitt-i:me--PC ticing themt in fcrw hlotsn. 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