Newspaper of True American, November 15, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 15, 1838 Page 4
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. i.n.i&a Unatwa@l a )hotel, SR. MARY KRI KLt.ND respeotfally an. : t' ronnoes to her friends and the public geno. ally Ihat she is prepared to accnommnodate them at '"1 tabove setahlishmect, and hopes ft ls her "fttmions to render visitors comfortahln, to receive .fl notiannce of former favors. She fe~ls coeni 'leas that persons visiting Covington during the umnler months, cannot Sl. better accommodations .thaw she can afford them, on more liberal teorms. Hier houone s plemsantlsituated, and well snpplied With every oenvenienoe; the bar is furnished with 'lWe.eot choice liquors,,e. in shotr, she protmise X'lat nothing shall be w ting on her part to give :eli pameli'aetini to all wit may patronizn the .ile, pti end Lst aTiana a. j g3 srlO TIIE PUBLt`-T.a:Ti.+nadig,:d, having .'tuidied ullsT Dr. Sclmidt of Charleston, Soeth Carolina ail for sorne yqsrs his assistant int the practice of medicine and strery, has the honor to offer his profey.ional services in this city. He assures the ladies and gentlemeonn that the most prompt attention will be paid to the calls which .nmay be made; and also offers his serviees to the . n bere f slaves, being well acquainted with the d emnson to thm, having attended them in tihe sugar hunsoi. Charleston. Thefeous anti.bilious pills alter thecomposition -IProfi~P t ir Smollette. with directions, can be had f th undersigned. The elfeat which they have produoed in this and othb s, has been attended with the greateal~k whieh the best of references can he gibe.a.4 ly at No. 166 Maga. sine street. 0 JNO. M'LORING. ILLOWWAR,.w OI) SCREWS, SAD IRONS, &c. THE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Beekman street, New York, have received the past season, and are constantly receiving large and extensive additions to the atock of the above goods, which new consists of the ollowing assortment, suitable for the southern and western markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 23 different sizoe, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 size, frorv 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakepans or Ovens, 7 different sizes, Ten Kettles, G do Shilleto, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, 6 de Wagon hoxes from 1 14 to 34 4 inches. C;rt do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20.000 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 Inch, Na, 24 of a superior quality and finish, anod leas thtan Jame's imported prices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for reteilin.'. Tailor's and hattnr's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, u10 tons, assorted from I 4.4 to lOlbs. Bells for Plmntations, steamboats, churchesm , &e. made to order, Also steamnbeate and other machinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly recommended to Ile atten:ton of fouthern and Western mnerchants, and are offored for sale at low prices, and pusm the miost liberal terms ;it its be. lieved to be tim largest and best assortllnolt ever offered for sale by any one establirhment in the United States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a prin'md circular, with description of goems, prices and terms, from lwhich no deviation is ever made, furnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. Now York, 1S38. j. 3 SEMION .vSiRU' & PIC1KLI-S-Underwood's L.e mmn m tm:.p and I'ilkles, tssorted sizes'; also, 60 thexes of I.ei is & lluokerl's I'ikleO; for salr tom 'lore im conmiinmenet, by J. IIVIS s tNIl)IIEWVS, oil cr (:ommm ed l'b t ollm" pitellna o SA P--lm11 hill boxes teo I Smop, lrnmd ol'James Gould, ftor amleby IdAAC BtlltlIGI.&CO. mlmi 131 S p..roi:eP strelt. NlEsma drwellin oulse on Triton street, he tweenu Tloli (lircle aid I aroudulet Iret. m'_9. Apply to J OTI', II"EEI.IIARIOWd, &e--5 \Whleelbarrows, 25 Sdirlt da. in sat e, Ifl caea by CHIA3PLIN & COOPER, m15 2l 'ul xt Il.AI. and ruled Cap "ad Letter t' per-, of all ,a lities, eoniisting of very superior blae laid, b lu and white wtree, adl elatic acd ruled rough edge recerd ctlt, ceubluntly on Iherod awl tar sale by IIDAVII) FPL'I' & Co. rl31 N ' Slatillone,' Hall, 24 Chlatres sat. 511) bres of,3 da each Moselle Wine. 18'21; 511 do of2 do no do 1121; 51 do of l do L P' 'ot, 18116; 5 dl of"2 dot LP brown Shc lry, 181 L(4) pipe extara nadeira. For ahC hby IHES.O GEN K, Illlo\N & CI). Sltr 9 Cneti street. . LANKK 11BOOKS, of et-ry vnri'ly cf rlinge and ,l binding, colstalntly on hu.od; atnd Prin'itlg, hulit and Biudiwg neatly execuledet short nolies, by DAVID 1FEI 1' CO. llSI NY Staticluers' Hall,4Clhartrea st. lt.lNt IY-410 hbl fourth proof American Brandy, B laeding, f"or ale by ISAAC BRIDGE &CO. m2l 131 Magazine street. -._ ___ To tRE UNT. - ----- A NEW two sn r brick Irouse, situated 5 doors from the decend Mtnnleieunlity Hatl, o tCharles street. RKnt very low, posessiuon given nllnediutely Enquire at the premisesc , u29, ef." LtUR-- 00 blhacls a aulllr. for sale by .t l l G DUOILdJY. 44 New L 50 CA -KS BACON sidae fir sate cby m24 Gi DORSEV, 44 aew ltevee. II A GGINt AND) RPI-E-2'l'lp2aceo nlgcingaln S150 coils Rope, lnldldig from Ambasandor,Ifrale by LAYET & AMIIELUNG, m19 17 Commerce at. I i-N"S3-.Iw pienau Kentucky Bagging, land in Sfren steamer Gea WVavyne. and fir sale by YORKE, BROTHIaRS, Je6 65 Camp street. - NO IMERUROY NOR OOAIVA New, Nv. 14, 18.17. A IOLCT six mounlbs ago I had the oisforlune to gut as ceret dimease, for whih I have applied to seve rl dlocetorsa Ifr a clae, and they did not cure ute. uo now on tile above date I put uynelf tnder the care of Doctor Huet, and I exatpet him to cure ecn. Since that time the disease got worse,a r as to break out in large ulcers to the numbler of six or eight on ea h leg, and all over my face, andl sure thront, ad not able to work at he present tine onl account of tile disease; large ilcer on tile rigght side of tile throat. I a noi putting myself coanfiently nlldert.te euare of lDr. I loet, iI PEtuia to he perfectly curea JUlN1 DEAN. feb 14ly I DO CERTIFY that the above mentioned disease is quite well acured to iy own satisfa stiun, for which I thank Dr. Illie; and moreover I aac are that tle medi cinle I have ta takeln mul;ts me lat, al did noll t injure y nealth at all; therafore I advi.e my If Ilow saclcrer tol lose no time and apply to I)r A. leelt, 121 Canal retret, between Dauphine alid Ioulrbcoet etaets. Dr. Huet is at hanme froam 9a'hcok, A M, until 4 P 1I. They will find a truel deltor fior this caomluint. JOHN DEAN. 10 Grevier street. If any one wants to see me, call at No. 40 iGravia atreet, and tIhey will he satilsfiel. To he published at the uptlin of Dr. ltett. JOHN DEAN. New Orleans. Feb 1, 1838. fell 14 Iv T HE Genuine Indan Balauti of I.iverw trt and Hire hound, is put up in bottles at the low price of 50 cents each, containing the strength of three ounces of Liverwort, besies tihe virtues of many other roots and herhbs known amoong the Indians as etficacious in curing pulmonary complaints. The u rivalled success which has attended thte Ie of this inestelable Balsam wherever it haIs been intro duceed, has oltained the confidence and recommenda tions of respectable physicians, for Ihe cure of coughs, colds, pain ol the aide, want of reat, spittlig or blood, liver conplaint, &e. To whola it may concern. This in to certicy that we have in oar practiee frequently prescribed tMrs Garnd an.r'a Indian nlennm of l.iverwtr aedl therhiund, witlh a decided gaod effect: we can therefore, from the know ledge of the materials it in made from, and cbservation and €xperience, recommend it as eI slperiua preparatinl anali those ntlactionn of the lungs fir wllich t is re ltlwtudecd. AhBERT WII.LIA1lSM . D. ned CALVIN ELI.ISi M. D. Membe,s of the Boston MeaicAl Association. Boston, October 25. ale by JA.RVIS & ANDREWS, lell t9 : t'nl l tct I leh nlit ele taa re Iterotellded ly the Medical Faculcy. 1 ')TLERS F.Rervercent Magnaesian Aperient-Fr B dysnpseia or iudigestion, nervous debdity, giddli ents,headaehe, naidity of the atemlaeh, habiluailor tvtles., cutaneoumsd l earns, gout gravel, &c. and much valued ans n genutle. colit purgantive. This desirable preparatouri has received the patron age of nany eminent enarnaer of te profeassion, and from a dinnarning lmlhb mnary respacabletn and unnmli. aited teatlnmoniale ofita eliraeyc as a malcinoe hare hben elleited. With all the pletaamg qualiteas of a glass of suda wa er, it ponseaenl tile actire medicinal prupertier of the most alpr ned salinoua purgatives; it i pleasant to the palate, and grateful ta Ial stlomach, IMPORTANT CAUTION-T'he inreasing reputa iona and great demand for Butle'o t.lfervescent Magus. alan Ajrtient. han been an ilduoe'ect for others to of. fhraa nimtation ofthis raluable mald citre. Purchasera am par icutla ,y warned or this fact that they may be n tl!air ganlo, ad not pmrewe an Impure iracle. The pubhlic an re eaeltl Itefr etl that the suhleri. ban ae centndly supplind wibh the nriginal and ge. tmine prpardati n. ior nale who eaale a d reail. SICKLES & CO. Agrnrt, a15 - 40 Canal street, N 0. S l andgw h aof lalr4..l h bealbhanld behutynd $ .thtn klthus. " fe this Hair Oil wa offand to the public, it lend • a in bnadrede cf c.ea of bhaldnov, thinnena ecld -I bethe hair, and iuevrry iatneaer it. nluta.v IIIea htpen bean realiasd. It bhasetrfatilsd toprndnce - ~; aa baatifni growth of hair pn heads already T i 1 e whamte it hantnuaea dry and eaues to grow SOll le7 sMon mahe itr healthiy, and Oeraduea g w.tah of hair. withou the Ieault an t bad. This Oil gi man aegrsahle fin. aic pErea to Iaaay HIt Oil for per .leeallg aatdegiheuala b t hair. Tha h it tie dsp ~p qra'g it nFr salty at ZEN & IrI.A'ueW, " LMtONs AK IIAthT CO, are sum weeeiomg Iron on board ship Orleans, Eagle, Ilghlander, t'oker learv Alrew, rench and German ldl i cttsI; Back Ionionmn loao,; Oltm snee O 1-4 and 23-8 inch Ill ard Balls; 8, 9, 10 and 12 Ineh blade Iowle Knivesr Leather and othle travelllig Dresning Canes; Belt, Plcket, IhrseeMun's, and Dnlling Plstils; louble and tingle banrrelled uns; Game Bugs; Sht Belts; Powder and Pistol Flanks. Drm Bottles and Drinking Cups; Psreinrion Caps and Cop ouldlhe; Clotlh, Ilair, toloth; snd Nail Brushes; Orris and Chlorine Tooth Waslr enothl Plwdenr, Toiles and Shaning Snaps, in great vae riet: lneg Halti Bmide, Ringlets and Frizelleo; Pearl n', Toeile Powder: Emery Bgs; Ivory 'Tub Cushionss Paster S tl,les or Garters; Gain Elatic Snpeinders; Powder Pnll'.and alBoes; Gilt Clains, Seal, ond Keys; E:ar-ronp.; Wonil Buckles; Braeletln; Benl Necklucee tud Chnlsa; (lilt and Silvered Beads; Isntun Bends, Bells and Plumes; Shell Twist; Side aid Dreming vnlr; which, it addition to their formnner stock on hand, makes their nssortment very complete, onl will he sold ow and on liberal terse, at the aigln of the Golden tshte. i25-tf 70 Charlrea street. Itl, 1 . tik:erihera, Agenae fie the extenuive bomne of IW. & S. loltther, Sheffield, Enrland, have jost eeived very extenaive set of th' el e.S, eloistlinl of 'able anl Dessert Knives of e- -. de.rrilption, Pen, Pocket, Dirk, and Slear poin tl~nlves; Razors, Seis tors. Edlge Toni, &e,. &c. &e. whi ethley are preparel l exhibit to the trade lor ordera. Tenrmn ad conditions will he nmlad known at the titme. nm1 J. I). BEIN &A COHln:N.90 Common t. IEIMAMON., HARTT & CO.-Arenow rereirnng jpel r ship Hmint:ille, Engle, Merry Apiltew High ader, Freneh and Giermn n douile head plnivin er la: ter, hellt nd pecket pitoinls plain, rilhed send split oeamo caps: cap i oldlers; scis's.s, IHonors, pen. yest Gillot's eomsnerciel nnd other steel pens; Vi. os; Violin strings; shell, ivory and lorn comh,; wfts;f' I, utiber ati leather pnres; chair aidt, fi',ont sati eak ringleti; negr pUffs; German otnl Frencih cologne ester, Rowlasls mteenascr oil, imitatim, do; satique d bearenr noil; rtale desks and dressing cases: ICnst blacking; satic asndt toilet glatses; contvex itrsn ; op ant glsstes ntl views; Ilinn Ilads, Iells sndl plunmes; cameleon; whilttwlne; toilet and shravitg slaps; toilet wdelr, e-smefie watlsh alls; sceotedli satin shllomls; pOl astands; screw olshlioni; fmIIV head elains ani necklaces; hbilliold boll; pocket l;ooks anl wallelts; werman hones; r aZoI. stnl)La, fine and comnlnnn gtnm ,,nstihe arspenlers, garters ldo; Bells lueifr matolhes; sil eer Ipemila; Cireynns, &ci. &e The above in mldhliion to otr former stock of fancy Artielsca, mokesomr lsnrtinentt very c'nildt.,. or siaile wholesale or retil;n as ihe sign of ie Gaolleni Comh, 70, Crhae a, shelt. mrLR. NOTICE -'he partnersh ip of Keile,,, .inson a(L V S of New Drlean ; Mason, Harri. &.C.., of Natchez; ntd Haris, Ke(rlley &Co., of RId lee, was ' liosile.lI oni bellst olf May hIst, by the death of iSmlucel A Mason, oue of the inrterm o the firons. The unodsieigned, survivitg partner', will he chtrgedl with thie setlliong nl closing soid btusines as follows; LevieC lHarris will ittend to tie tettlie oftlhe lieie,,Ic tf Maoun, Harris&4 Co., atl Natchez; nud tHnrri, Kel ev & Co.,at Rodloev; and Ilenrv Kelley will attenl to lie seltling ofthea htiinesst of Knlley, 31 l Its &n CoI., iaI New Orleans. lThe IInaens of tlce several firms will lie used in litlidation onlyv. Tl'hose indlblted to svid firms are erneettlv requested eeo;lo fiward land ohake early setteleleo;; atil those lhavitg cl'iuos ill ple paseerreet teill willthout delav. LEVIC IHARRIS. HENRY KELI.EY. New Orlenns, Juoe 27,1837. IEAN i, -IM r FAi'--INA'I COI.OGNE WAT ER . 2 easee more of this snperior Cologne moter. just recrirei anld foIr sle Ilv thle loel or ainfile bottl.. Also Amleican ond lteneh toilet plwder, powder pulls and oiaxe, sliavli.ingId toilet ooupu, cosietze wnnl, halls, tmilk of roses, rneteelic eoll erero,, extr no o 'nok, kepatlla, Wnrl' vegroetable hlir oil, pomlantm, ertne do persol,Fl 'ordln. laveindlr, rose nnt tllnv waters Pre'st,'e salts, Oloreeille sperfimerer ii troiki.vegeta bIle t i liquid riiuei, Chhlorine and Orris tootll wash, cloth, l, oilh, nlail nod flesh irnilhes, together with an ailliti,,ol stlpllv o fa elioahle ~o Irtl nd shell combs and jen elry,i'r sale low at wholesale or retail by 813IMONS, IIAR'l"' &CO, jui!y fi 70 Clillrtr,', seret. 'N Ti+'W GOOF+lS- Siio,;,uni,+ I tric c er & o -.-re i /eeiving.from on bcnrd shlips ]'zoo, umil Saratoge andhrig Concordlia, ftin New York, a ogre variety of gomls in their linen, which togetllcer willt their lforiict utock ion, iahkes their asort:l ,t verve , plete. Thie Ollowing ciiIIose l potli: i i: nl tlist, (.r:', ide, tick nnd dressllr gcnigOhtilc, hinl idoi'all deoscriiutious, In dia rlrlber, silk hand iont'lelrdnlotic gorters, oellllnon & finue elastic scp'ilndere, lorn fse nnf l looil r initcrler Seldlilz powders, powder puffS and boxrestoilet nowder, pocket books cal wanllerts, ineedlle lnoks, shoell, pearl itrys and r.r.,.e.crd eases, leand lrnur.ntro, plin icn-o rel enlds, anl neglicees heIad i,.hain, ead onekllcesr, cit gloss adil phti.;,;rrl,eilver anb gilt benIs, Indian leads, bells and phIs; pistol and lariiioi e pow. ler tlHsks, slit helts, horse, belt. pocklet anod lueiling .)|stole; double anldingle barrelled guns, llowi, knives, nod dlirks. scnnlsors, slers, poket knives ir ard c hailnr l snd ribbhons, waist hackles, clhuh air, Snil, nailcon b, ertnnbh lhoe, late, floor anld ;ll,.i; ltrlhcs, Cologni, lorida, lavendellr, rose and ilb waiterareated Esellces, anid rexrnat, ,lnneelstur, heen, lliqine, anti Ward's rve getabhle hair oils, ehavini antd toilet soups of all ties crilpiois, ladies' anil genitleneno' desks and dreseoing eases, ir rictlret, fricettes au l Ibraids, plailn, fincy and musical work'boxes, pilain aid gilt figuredl cot nrd rest hutois, plear! and ivory shirti do, lirit stidd, eoldl anid silseri penil raose, tooihpilpluks a ItweeIzersethtedl and gilt liI ,,wet tiiiiatiure do, ilher, brassc an strel himnllee, lhotks nili eyec, hair pins, inisttio; fruit, ilk nll redink,ahoe hlackiag, violias nnd gaittan ribhed niil elill perclissilo caps, lilo t\iiue, ict,iiiLd cieill ;ens,eoild and siher lac' aind flniie,ll 1lter Inioir .tine lihg,,, riling w'iips, wlkiii canes plavilgcirdi, fte goldl, ilatid nsd eilt ijwellry &v. 'hr iiaboie, toeee,,vith ;i -rets vnrictv of olther artIi lnoc are offered aclt wholesale or retail oil accoollnudatig N11 Ni;clle co,.orepoired. W1 0HOlEsA t, 7AND R . uTA LCOl1l AN!) VA V { RIET'Y STORE--at the sign of tile golden combh,Mo70 Chkrtres stemr,. The subscribers have re ceived, in uldition ~to their pret ittns st.ock on hand, a full and eomplete assortiment of articles in their line; viz: combnl, perfuinery, Jewellrl, brushesn, hlking glasses, fancy articler, ce.c,siitit g in ipart aon follows: COM I S-- ortoise sellc, wnnn.l kt ttand lin tuck,twist, quilled hback, long round, dresing, side purl; curl and neck, Brazilian combs of every description amongst which are some Mexican pattere, Ivory combs of every dascrition, horn, dressing alnd packet, together with a genernl assorrtment ofFrenahand American. PERFUMERY-Cologne, Lavender, Florido, honey, bay, rose, and orange ftower wafers of every size and des cription, canphorated Cologne, extract of Beroanmot, laniy soaps ofiall kinds, shaving lti in cokes and ptos, cream soap do, Ward's vegetable hair oil, bears and an tiquedo. I reston's smnellig salls, plain and psrfumed toilet iwder, pearl powder, pw erI ptffla and toires po naturn in pots and rolls,orris and chlorine tooth wash and powdlelo, with a general nasortlnltent of JE WELI.RY--son ofthr latest ond most fashiona ble setts, consisting of white and red cornelitn, topgo .. let eardrops, set infilagree, breast tpiis of gron' ,ne t of patterns, watch trimmings, gilt and silvec ,ackles, silver thimlles, silver and gull pt rtols and guard chains BRUtSHES--Cloth, ihair, duea, l. .g,crcmhl arthlfloor, hat 9eaht toothn , plate, coln, Nail, shaving, shoe and withewansh brushes.n r LOOKING GLASSES-Gernman rtatia and toilet lnses, magnifying andt French drensing glasses, home o, witha variey of onther kinds not enumeratetd. ,FANCY AND VARIETY ARlTICLES-French and AnWrican portable desks roun dressing cases, some very rich am finely finished ladtie work htxearnd does sning cases, with anl without IImUsie, mnsical bxes, Ac Fordins of vrcious kinds, violins anId g tars, silver aln pliied pemcils andtleadc,wood pelrril o carencnn rs alld crrnvnn, mlaitleclnckan,gnsn anil pistioc with anl wilhouit eatonse, p.Pecsion capsI, iLcrastict cap thargtrCs., tipile ascrew drivers, shot beltl, -iatne bags pai c lutelkitag, toy tea setts, lndiauuitena of every kil, bells and limes, finland common knives, razors ald soissors, tl;ilhlcas, needles, pina, silver iplatedl, steel and cottnaon opeetn lesc, pal:nhet baoks and wallets lt various kinds, vtsiting cardanad eard cases, playing cruds of French, Gornllui ani Anrerican InuDtictrei , dlls, illitalion !oit, ane boxes, priorss io varini kindsr , Sanodrea' Poatetry'l, E NommermolL', Hillmnani's and Hawkin'i razor straps and metallic hones,dirks, fancy Ibend inecklaces, o with it r drop,,toy watches, PIearl buttous, pIowder flasks, euat and plain sed beads, gill al silver do, gloti elasntic snpen are, and garLters, platinl a weunl atloce, haekgnna oom hoards, dice, optical viemnne, jrwaslmrpa, locinlucu n totch ea and dlrihlrkig caps, with a great variety o othler atli Iaes, all ofohe.h will lie sold fr cash or city acceptan cenos r 12 monlths credit. 1 H SI.MLIOrNS, & co. d4 70 Cbartressh. D OLBEAR'S Science rfPcmciannihip receicved, anl for sale at therir Ipermanent Writing Aclademier No. 8 Chotrea streer, New Orlceans, 1h3 Iltrodway Now York, D)aaphline st., Mltobil,. It ins particularlydesigaed ftr private learners,. and sOUolsn, and is calculaned for perseou of all ages. Ladies and gehnlemen ara inited to call and exan ine tile system fur themsenlves. Iessons are given at such husaes as may snit tite conveieace ortftll and to classes formed in tiny part of thDe city. I laidi wl,. prefer it can receive lessons at tlreirown refl sideores. Il'rsis paving for one :, ruse of lessonsare lesilred o attend mundtil tilty writa ti aell as ihey wish. ml DUI.JEAI & BR IlOTIIlR. DEAFNESS. A NE\V article rforpernoa troubled writh dilnerss, (called tie Ear TrumpetI) has just been roneived, by the ise of thlich, the slighteast arcrulatioa of the ihu. al n voice is distinctly oonveyed to tie car. Ay one who hlas ever been obliged to converse with a very dera pnro,, onlstl e fully oell itle of the dliictiultr nd m- . bnrrassme t experien.ed bolh by themselves and t mit in dividuals so inilrtunatelv afflicted. By the nse of the Ear Trumipet this objection is eltirely otviated. lile most sepicallel have always i- anduncd treir dnmts ilert having uared tihe iruipret. For dale at ' F GUION'S, Fancy store.crnesr of Common and St Charles streets mtfr In Exchaoago Hotel. let 13 S.I'ERtM OIL--I00 galious pure winier d Spnermn Oil, in casks and bhtbl, for sale hy JAIIVIS & ANDItEWS, Whiolesal Drugg ata, enrner L inumon and Ticheap Ias stresn. mr 13 , l HITE LEIAD-5 hbls, 150 Ibeha; 200 do 25" English do-i5 1-4 bbils. 400 " It10Paint Brushes various sizesi I ane VYermtilliut 5 bldo Capal Varnish; 2 "Jpapan 1 Coach 20 packs Gold LsafT 50 do Silver do; 100 do Dutch Metal. WINDOW GLASS, Anmterican, Erplinh and Frencl. -1005 boxes, vanots sizeondt qualities. Bonrton ronwn do.--50-0 bsaes, consigoment, will be sold low. Also, a general assortment of artists' colours and tools, for saleby AW SCA'I ES, No 46 Camal street. N B. Alabama mwter taken at p r. and Misnisoippi rnotes will be reelve!l at 10 percent diarnunt For goods, or in payment of dehta. jo I w [LOUR.-300 aning fpr . steamea r odepe.,. aeca, ale i DORSEJ. 102.34 Ne4 . lasce. MIlt. WILLIAMS, OCULIST, NOW AT TRE JEFFRmp tO HOOUEJFFEaION STRtEET, LOUISVILLE. Th the Editor of the Louiseie 4leri.'.r: S It appears by the ohseration f the Editors iof he Nabhvllle Presbyterino, Unin and Trans cript, as well as the editors of the Memplhis Enquirer, tha.t the "Old Gentleman" is among the I.oetors. This iis proved by his kLinely rage, knowng that lia time is but short, amnd that the intldepenodent Amleroen people are able to judge for themselves what are puffs and impositions. The worthy editors who are Doctors, the proprietors, editors or sub-oditors of the above namoed jiurnals, cll every letter from persone I have restored to sight in the ubove places, puffs. 1. Tie fact is, thalt I never had such great stecess withlin so limited a period as ten or twelve days. One who was aced ahout ten years, whoi had only seen the light from his birth, hege. to see to, fllow hie mn-ter to my hotel, instead of being oblilged to he led by hi,. Two young ladies, who hbd each lest the sight of one eye, one far ten years. and the other for nearly two years, hsving boh tt them the other eye very rWeak vet each of those vetong lndies begnn to see wttlh both eyes, which Ibenefit Ipledge mvself still continues, ex cepting they are under tihe influetnce or doenieati i of the Medical Doctors. Another i lt dlaugllter of a respectable merlchant, whose name I am botnd never to mention, (as lie pidt me my fees), who said she had lost the sight of one eve from the age of 1i months, hbut that sohe now begins to read large letters with the ,tlter eye crmpletel) shut. This the doctor editora knew, as the genltleman told me himselfhe Itod con duced tis datielter to tthe office of tile medical editors. that they might be ianf'croed of the fact. The last I shall melrion is an elderly gentleman by the name of 'Yount, nenrly eaven.v yearn of age, whodleclarsnl std.., liclv by letter, which Ite took to all the different ollcee in Noansville but one, and himself told me lie had paid for 'he insertion whatever they demanded, who declar e liu that letter that lie ho totallv de rlved of tihe sieht of one eve romtn f he aher his birth, which his mothrlsrtatl.d to thi. - occasioned by the meeles or small poxs thlt tt no v he ctuld not only aee the ligelt of the tall, for tile first time that It recoeellets, lbut tihe sltars aiso, sand was beginning to distinguish many objects; and didl, before left tbnt r;tv, give ma ny proof that hIe could see to walk ablut the streets with the other eve completely closed. He snid he had been a member tl the Mlethodist Episcopal Chureh for ne:orlv forty care. ant I tJat his word wa never doubt. ed tboutgl the hltllne cottru ofhi life. 2. I repeat i. 't atl never greoter esacess than at Nashville, ard tlti tie medical and rlerical doctors had never hefne o mto r reason to be enrared. Tile pions indlignation of the Rev. clerical Dr Smlith proves, oher, :e statedto te that bshttt six years pest, he was converted from being trefect ifidtl, te Ibelieve in ttle doctrin a of he Biihl, thlat he must have made a trilling error--tlhat I emust have meant to ssy, th t before the end of sir vears to conic, he ohlotld be converted from his infitlelity, as the spirit of the trtte minister of the peacefutl ati benign doctrines of the Christian religion does nt breathe ott destruction, rage, calrmny end falsehood to please his medical fiends, ganinst tlhe mnn whoml he knlew hdr done so much good, and no in jtery to any one. All the inhnbitonts of Nashville spoke of thle groat luoccs I led, le-ept tile mldioal ductoro. Mloet of thet also had ,beeno inflrmled by Mr Yontut of tile core perfbtroted on his totally blind eye. 3. l'hto ftmiloas (o'tob S. oftlis town, pretends that I have lost the lusrelr I gained it the Norit, aie tty artivol in tihe Sotltwett. This proves, however,I ho, ano thtnt I kept thetl until I arrived it thtin section. If I ganled oale io the north, I oght to have gained anoth. er in the oulth and es*uthwest, ad I still hope to wear them on my very youthfill brlw on lthe tloy I leave, in epito of tlie vituperation of tile great Dr S., if I tny judlge falte tite mant I ave alreatdy benefitted in tlt'e otyt wthin tlhree dlte. . The obetjet of tthe present i to inenn the medi= ral Gioliahs atnd editprsn of tilhe Repttldlicnt andl Tranlt tcript, as well as the clerical Dr Stith of tile C. Pre. ,yteri antld of the i Unio,s of Nashlvill, aswell w e the edliter ord sub mlehieal editor of Ite Mehlaptl,ti tirer, as well es Mr Prentice, tile editor of the Lonl.ville Jortrttl, and else the mediael Goldilh ediior of this city, tile great l)r S., that I shall bring actions a miost tieom al1, fr v:ttperation, slander or calumny, i inedi. ately after my arrival in New York, as well as agaoinst their a"m ia le e lren tile mcdical Golinhs ofthe north. k now bind myself by promise, nevrrto quit thiti bapl laud ef lihe ty, until I anve brthngt the noses of aoll ty medical (itiaht of the rnortt, as well ats thIe south ond t ,t cest, to the grindstonel The alllietcd, tlere fore, tiny ralttlate ot findilg mle duritg tie tiltle of next year it New NVork, oltere letters, potl paid, and oi, othllers, will be stte to reach tine. .5. To itform tile ptblic that tihe lpuffl; so ecl'ed, lwhichl tihe Rev. cleriecally rconvertedl infidel pretod wase wrnitten ftrhli,. was written nore Ithatn t week tritr, anttl intottded for thle Rev.. n). Ilowell, who reed t in pily pilcsezlca witlhlot mlaifesting tiny disapproblttiUn; on tlts e lltrary, took it to hii stdy anil coldensedl it i the way le ditd, wicll lie snitlhe Ihto,,ht would an atr my ptrposo better; Ie deliveredl tilem huh t te, In, without prctenalitg thlt t wvntedl tel btibe hitt frot h:a dutdy, a I never cotIII ld)resttte to toffer that gtrlttlllnn or aty other, any loney for stating fl:tts. l'he Iev Doctor's own staterlae-t is Iefore tie pubhlic: hladl bi not extilloedl all tty tiplotas, &c. &Oc. witl a geotlitte,n a:l intimate friend of hie, tsa well as tle whole of my Iptient, in company witll another clergymas, and fttld thelm till to he'tUlltenti., and all otv patiects tt he lnore or ies, hotfittedl, lie evtt r ctll;l l(hsve lteen induced Iby a totai strenger to draw up such all aticle its ha wrote hiltlelffutr tubhlieation, anlt addlresed it to Mlr Stringfield, editor of tite S WV C Advocnate. 6. No wonder tie rlear sighted medical (:fiolilt of Nalshville took tile ale. ; nd therefore used thIeir el frls toji oi il wit Ithem the all-.,owerftil, tlltetir, ols vcat ail intellectual ftr:e of the sitd itoc-be:onvIetcd clerical ilfidel. We read in the Bible tlhat it tre is korwn by its frtits." I dare uny tile converred itfidcl itte pereached frotl that passg.e. llts preached from that pniaoe. 7. II evidently wantOId toetdhlili his moral clra raer as a niall, by slewiog that he wao oImav he:ng blibed. is ee whecr the Fumn of thity pieces of silver will apply to him asl well as it was well lppliel to an.thler eonierel inlidlel, wlo,. in the daysl of Ithe in iarnatlon of hli Divile niaster, absolutely solid him, ir tlt i ur ber oni f pics of silver. lry answer is, that it wIs never intende I as n b ibe, nor could ii be conirdeb ed ao hv onv one, as it was nio even equal to the tentil part of'all the rcgular printer's fi'., of $1 per sqliare. Contniling two no three culomns of closely printed inatter, which were to be repeated three or four timen il tihe l'resbyterian, Unioii sd Atonitot'joornals, had In ewer iniCendL to bribe him, [ should have offered hhn at leaot $300, Ili regular fre, instend of $ 0, which, in all Irobalbility, lhe would hve gladly received as his fee, and not aona brihe. On ihe ontrnry, if I I ad een ca palle ofonfcriao a hribe, I slhould certainly hiave done it in a wnv to have insured hio acceptance. 8. Ital te ev. D)oetor been really converted to the Itelirfof the doctrines of the laviour, he would not Ilnve pronmised to come and exanine my patients r.ith ost keepilng Ili word, as I have always fouid every minister of the gospel zealous to ido. 9. Had he been really converted, he would not pub licly hlive spoken against the American inlilutions, which, it is well known, are more numlerous, and which are superior to many in soene parts of Europe. His conduct so nnitch disgusted some voting liteniry charI etersr, as Ito be scarcely restrined'froin plniah;ng him on tle otn, by laying violent hands on hint. Thoe oev. gentleman, though a Scotechman, is without excuse, (oulons lie is calumniated), although he mny think Ie lain a riglt to abuse the Aletricra inslitutions, becanuste t is o clnveriotd infidel I say lie has not-as all ouglt toi speak well of tie brid~es Ie gens safely over. I fancy tile gallant Ca tain Griund, ao d several other amliable youni gentlemen of Nan..ville, recollect well the conduct of this pious expounder of tie Holy dlcpt ares! 10. I never saw such dlemon ill hIumann shape as the Rev. Dctor was thie day I eal eli to reason with hiln, when he lenaced my grey lairs with an uplifted gigantir armn, as if he would have olled nme to the tunidiel, fr daring to draw a pious nioitcer away front his duty, by u bribe of 30 pieces of silvetr I eally treorhled iteru than i the "Old Getlleolna" had up pn ardl in Ilis OWn srhpel i t 1 . I snlelnly decloae betfre God, and n otil afraid to ill bIlhn to wionei . tlat L never, ill the whole euurse l'f 42 years irantice ao ani oclist, in (hlelt Britain, I hranle, iel unl and Aeit ica, in a single instlnce of red asa bribe nv anount to the editor of anyj iria but as a Ounlpoh tin firr the saenco I loceupie d nl the trouble which I ocasonied theii; and that I wis always more inclined to rldlueP rather tlatln aidlt lv Ilo i y to thie printer's bill; whichll is a nuficient proofthait I Ihad luoiteNtrion to bribe. 12. Lontl.--The Mephiso Enqirer for two or tlhee weeks colltinis a tissue of flagrant fulsetoods, which tle medic:al Goliah editors learinedl fromt their brethren ofthth 31. G;idihs of the North, and I shallltreat them with lilent coutemipt ulntil the proper tinme arriees:- Unlessu it is trie wllat I hae been infunroe--'Sue a beggar, and you will catch a I.--!" ''lToigh I paid tin for my tudvertinelieits for two or three weoeks, he nilly inserted themi once. You will plense to insert this letter in your nexat pa per, nld oblige yours, &e. In hliste, JOHlN KWII.I.IAM.H , the English Oculist. .eiiooville, Jolv 11137. Copied from the 8. W. C.. deocalt of tae f4tt Jaae, 1837. At thle reqnest of Dr. Williams, we inoert the follow imt nte from the Rev. Mr Howell, of Nashville, to tihe edtlr of ilie South \Vestern Christian Advocate, who, it apllears, ine examined the diplonmas and other docu nuonts,evilucive olthie Doctor's claims to public patron age lit uonsequence of an accident, D)r. W will r. ,nial ini Nashville a few days longer than hlie lit first illte.del-say the tot July. Rev. Mlr 8Sriogfield:--Iaving been requested by Dr. Williamo, the oculirt, now in this city, to exnamins his nenmerous dipiola and other documnents evincivo of hils claims to public conldon, ri in hs professionl have, ini eonpnlpy with a valued friend,done so with pileasure. Anlng them I found a letter from Sir Pageot, at pee senlt Charge d' of the King of the French, at Washlington, addressed to lir. Williams, testitying the geauiianeos of the diplomas from t.he Kings of France, lelgin, &e. as walleas those from the Medical Snoie lies of Fralice. Het has numerous vouchers from lien known to be nf high repnattion in this country, receivedl sile hii arrival ir the United Stilates, detailing instn celle of grant success in tie rresratio of sight to the onind. I laver seen ielrly all his poor Ipatiento in this erte. I knew none of them previous to their roming his earl; but all I have seen say they are un questionably henefited. ROB'T. B. C IIOWELL, Nnlsbville, Jtne I, 111.37. P. 5. Sinee writing ltbe above, one of Dr. Williams' patients iar ncalledl upnlo it, and says tie had actually and totally lost tie sight of olne eye for seventy years, but Inow declares himself better; that lust night, for the first timle in his life that he can recollect, he could dis-. tigish, with th t eye, seiome of the prmiaetlelara. f learn that this old genstleman has lived stony years in this rdgiunerud saya he ias been a Mletliedisiduring furty yearn. Yours, traly, augl0 R. B. C. H. rENNEuCS MAP OF LOUISIANA,&e. &r . Now a, or LoU.tst*IAN , with its canals, mrads atd distanees,from place to plee, along the stage a;tll ateanl boat routs, by |1. S. Tanner. MITCHEI.L'S MtAr O THE UNITEL D YTATls sho.wing the principal Turnpike and ommona roads, on which ore gieen the disteuees is miles from owe place to another, also the courses of the catnals and rail radesthrugh out tile eountrv, carefully complied frets the best anu thunritiet--plublhed by S. Augustus Mitchell. MITCEiLL' Twnvp[i.els GUIDE THsOUH THwa UNITED ATrS; a malt of die roadst, lidtances, stela boat and canal rotoa, e. sust receivedl and forsale W31 M'KEAN, --'lE';KS ON PHILAIOELPHIA-'-Fnrnajby I K YOR1r 1I RO'1HERS. 1 .r a('lp streelt THE IN)LN'S J'ANACtEA. SOl theonreofrn umatism,aert fidor kingevll,gout, neiatica or hip rt, ineoiyent ncers, salt rheum, mltilitie and merecmol diaaeea, praluetlorly ulcers and painifulafl'ection of the bones, ulceratedthroatestd no triluleer of every descarption, fever sores, and internal abasel, flats, idles, sald heal, surry, ilen, chro. onle oreeyesn ryuaipblbtlhea, and every vartetyof en. aanu ffetion, chronic Catehr, head ache penced ing from any amid humor, pain i the stomach and dys peai lroaneeding from variation, aoffeetiosof the liver, hrmnic infammation of the kidneys, and general debili ty caused by a torpid action of the veaes ofthe skin. It i saingalarly efileaious In renovating those eonstitutions whioh have been broken alown by injudicitms treatment, juvenile irregutlarities. In general terms, it is reeom mended m all thosne dllaes which arit from imtmritias of the blood, or initiation of the humors, of wlatever name or kil. Some of the above complaintsmay require some tri. ling asistant applications, which theeireumstances of the case will dietao; bit fora jeneralremedy or Purificaor to remove the nere, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will generadly be foual adfficient. TO THE PUBLIC. flow true it is, that modern Physicians, in their am bition to encel in their rofession; explore the vast fields of eienee by the aid ofeihemistry, and seek out new re. medial agentsl in short, to arrive at perfection in the practice Iy mean s of art alone,--entirely overlook and neglect, as beneathh their notte, the rich and lounteous stores ofnmedlitine, which the Almightly Ihas cused to spring out of the earth in every llime Aul how mleh more true i it that while the American Physician looks to foreign countriesfor many of his most common and necessary nrtinlea perpetmlly ehanging no they are at the dictate, offahion orfolly, he is murrcunded in his own country withan endleaprfmasion of medical plants, suffioient to answer any indication in disease or to coure any uerable disorderi and yet he i ignc rant of their vIr tues, and they are sufferelto 'wasteheir healitng on the, desert air. ' The effeots of vegetable medioneis upon the system are teml arery-thole of minerals lasting. The fobrmer ex ert their elffects and pass off-the latter, meruenry in par ticular, act chemieally upon the solids, decomposing the hones anmld unermining the eenastitutian by a slow and ilre destruntion. The eongeniallity, efficiency and SAFETY of vegeta ble remedies ever miniaeral, may be estimated by mntrat= ingtheanclient practice withthemodern; or, tobring ii mnore immediately un:ler our own observation, th- Inldi an practice with that of the whites. Who, in America, has not keown or heard of repented instances wherein some decrepid, onpretendiog female Indian, by meansoi tier simpleremedties alone, has affected the moat rapid andastolishing cures, after the Mateirs Medica of the aemmon protette. directed in the molt skilfol manner, Ibas foiled? And who bhesnot been mrprtlsed atthe eomr. parativeease and facility with which the Indian fres him self from any disease, and at the almost tota abstinenee of chronic disease among them? Who has ever heard ot an Indian witha constitution broken and ruined by ill treatment? And can a doubtexist that this happy ex emrtion of the savage from most of the ills which the fleh of man is heir to, is chiefly owing to more genia and safe remedies which he employa! This antonish ing difference in success, is a fair exemplification of the inllntte superiority of the imltle and safe means of eare which God ha created for the benefit of his children, over those wlich the pride and the art of man have int vented. From a long residence among a portion ofthe aborigin alinhabitantsof thisoennty, antinll intimate notuain. tance with the, methods of cure of some of their.moat luecessful practitioners, the proprietor of 'The Injian' Panaeea,'acqnirel a knowledge of some of the mosat powerfidand favoriteremedies. Fromtlheseheleleeted uceh as were most efimacious and appropriates, aml after various experimeots to test their prineciples and strength, lie has combined them it the form here presented, as the most perftct and beneficial lor the purpose for which it isrecommended. The proprietor offersthis preparation to the public, with the consciousness that he is placing withintheir sea, a remedy capable oflrelieving many of his afflicted fel low beings, who are snifering under the various chronic and obstinate complaints to which at is applicable. To such it will prove of incalculable value, as the means, oln in many eases, the only mefasofelievingtheir snuf ferings and restoring them once more to healtlh dll hapl piness. Th's is notoflere ds s a ontnotn remedy, tlat may per ehance he equally good with many others now in use, bltas one wlcah iscapable of savinglife in macy extreme cases which all the unusualdaremediesfoil. 'his it ts done r a ths se retealtvy nl thin is te reputation it hasoh tained wherever itBas been introduced. It is olt alant ithree years since this prepalrtion was Ipresented to the ilublie: but in that shoet space of time, some hluedreds of persons might be folund, who awould solelnaly declare that tltey believed that their lives were saved by it, anal inl moast asealer they had tried maany antd Ierlas alil tte common remedies in vaini. lhe ever it ia knowa it isnraaidly contiag into tue, and itlis atfn",ltell ctOteltht aubcalltallald coleinlcilng proof of it 'le vallne If the Panaceaa i mnlot consplicuous it tlhose lootn sltanding iad syphilitic antd acroniulots afflftions wlinch havIe defied all other reo.edics, satd llarticularly ill those cases where ncurclly thas been so :lvil !y used as to cause distresshag pains a o the bonls, nloes, Illnel rial ulcers, dernagemertll of the digestive organit, ode. T'lhese it comnplately renmoves, and in all eases it entire ly eraiecales tihe dislc.lses :d dtllets of mlerculry, nio cotel the consitutiton, aIdl tlae the I:ieat sounald atld well. Il rhla matlism al it n ul.erateld sore throat, itll happy elltets a,'e oten lillcapparat, givinlg almost imnari dinte i.tlirl. Taken in prop,- dames, theIndian's Panacea openitle ason alterlnative. ntl det.erlnt; a dlimnlrentic, dilrtiac, anll laxatives, an :illi-slpa;illolic l alod o lei alnd i Iuip"r cases, acs nslnaahic aIl elTmmel:naUe. (iener. il" expretCssAd, it increaass all tile secretaliSn ilti ex o l'tioles, giv.s tone to the atomach, aneld excltesattion in ithe glian asina ar ica lett .:matner. F'ron thiese princi. ples itsolllations ane:" be ontdertstood. 'I'tbisnadiille Ilns tlla foundl highly useflt in anlly ambigullon. diseases lnot here apeiledfi , alid it has been ued r ith wontlleltil success at a Spring and a Fall Pu. rifier, by tlhose wiho are sntiece to emldaitl ofthe ellst, ntd wlnhoseonstiatioeteniteoirenew vigor. S.lcil per sons will do well to use too or three bottles in a lll do sea. Wihelnever a diet dhink is colsidered ecesse , this Planace, taken inll a small dose; will anlswer all its urposes, in nnllmu lels time, at lesl expense, and in a iar more ag eeable nnIaner than tihe commoo diet drlik. 'tle following certificates, out of hundreds simnilar, whieh might be procured, are given to show dthe effect c the lndlan's Padanea, in alvarious comldasihtaa nere:i. meltioaed;and halsoto exbibit in thie most maletietoary manner itsl au.ririty over tle syrnps in conaollo use. CASES FMo ItHEUMA.5tISM. C, UtaeoTae, Nov. iS, 1832. ,.a5R.ESTON, Nov. 15, 1832. Doring the last winter ild stoing, I was niltieedt with avery severe and distresaing rLI.umatiam, occasioned by exposu"re in ad weather. I ow take great pleasure in stating, that six bottles of the Indian's Panacea, restored me to perfent health, and I confidently recommend it to all similarly afflilted. JOHN FERGUSON, King st. CHAnsLeTON, .March 27. 182. I was seized about threeyears since, with atdistressing rheumatism, caused by taksnga severe eold, while tunsd theinfluenceeef mercury, and which has disabled re afro bussiness neat4y ever sice. IDuring this period Ilhave beno a patient in the Marine Hospital, in this elt upwards oi reior months, and nearly the mnle letgths time in the Daltimore Hospital, and tried almost ever remedy, with little benefit. On the 16th of Februaet last, atthat time scarcely ableto move about upon crutch. es, leomtmenoeet theuse of Indian's Pamcaea. In ost month I founl myself entirelyv fireed from pain, ant ar now happy to state that I onsidermyself pe tKetly well. WM. TUCKER, 13 Market st. CASES OF SCROFULOUS ULCEIIRS Now Yone, Sept. 10,1830. 'his may certify that i thNlufll of 1825, 1 was seine with a swellingin my neck and face, which allerwmar eloerated and beeame large ghastly ulcers in my nel. Aliertryingsver llphysitians tono dva utge, I wen' to Il'hiladelphm, and Iplacedl myself under the carses Drs. Physi and Beach, when, ailer repeated salivatltosi to noeffect, I was pvoonouced utterly incurable. Alier. warts ttook twenty boltlesofSwaiso's Panacea and eigh! bottles of Potter's Cntlolicon, with no material belefit Despairing of lite, which had now become a burthen tb me, I rcturned to tny parents in New York, in 18'29, an gve myselftup to a ligersing death. Ilearing of thil great suceus of T'lhe Insian's Panacem, however, ill eas similar to my own, I was iersuaded totr) it, as a last ro. sort. To my great surprise, as well as satisfaction,c oon foulonnd myself rapidly recoverig, and upon tskin1 seven bottles, the ulcrs healed sod 1 became perfectl) well in the course oftwo months, a:d have remained so ever since. maketrhi statemene and wsshitpubilshed Rerti h benefitoftthoac wehoare suffering under similar scorlsnus or syphilitic affttiolns, that they may know what he eard aone who has suffered every thing bht death, snd who considers his life saved by tie above sv. rtp. WM. HINIIA) CnAa~ttaoNe. Jnly lfl, 1t01. I was allietes', fouryears with an uer I the leg, oc ensionlly acompnmiesd with erysipelatous ioslamatiun and excessive aino itn the leg stl amnle joint. Several eminent physisians exerted their skill upon it, but with out permtansent benefit. In, this case live bottle Indi:an's l'anacea made a perfect eire. MAIlGAIRI'T A WEST, t2t Market aFor sale by HENRIY BONNABEL, druggist, oec for tle prol,rietors, Teoelspitonlas street 16 NEW ORLEANS & NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD COMPANY. T HE stockholders of this company are hereby no. tifiedthat by a resolution of time board of dime. tlon pasedl on the 19tl inst. tie call made o, thes on the 13th February last, for tile payment of tire dollar: ashare, was reseinded, and the aid stockholders are further notified that WHI.REAS, by a resolution of tis board passed on the 19th ilst. a call has bten rade on the stockholders of tle New Orleans and Nashville Rail Road Compasny for the fp lowingpavmeuts on the the stock heid respl, tively by thum,viaz:--Ltwo doiiars per share, payable on the first day of September next; two dollars per share payable on the firat day of December next; saod two dollarsper share pyable on the filst day of tMach next. Now therefore be it resolved, that the secretory of this reomnpaony shall notify the share tolders therein, through the publie prentsof the city, that in eonfortiv will the sixth section of the charter, ltevare permsitted to poatplne any payment called ill ll the stock of sald compauy for tle term of sixty days, frot suld after the day os which it is mode payable, with the express con dition however, that if not regularly paid within the said proloueatioa of sixty days, fro andl after the day on which it shouldl have be paid, tlatthen ts e stckr on which said payments should have been made, is and rema',: trfoited to the cotnpany, the charter on that point imperative. In conformity theerefore, to said call, all stock of the stockholders in said comtpany, as think proter to puat off the payments on their stock to the end of the additional sixty days, which tiles elarter allows them, am n otited that the payment of two doul lars pr shore called for,aod due on the first of Set, temsler et, may be posetponed under the sixth seetion of said charter, until the 31Sat day of October next, that the payment of two dollars per share called for, and dueoathe first day of .Iscember soot, may ha post poned until the 30th day of January next;land the lpay menat of two dollars per share called fir and due on the firat day of March neat, may he postponed until dle Sith day of April nwkt. Extracts of the minutes of the board. june 21 A R MeNAIR. Bee'ry. OOL IIATT in easas-25 dozen white Woo SIHaIts,for sale JOHN H GRAIIAMI. op 16 STATE LOUISIANA.--Parisb Court for the Parieh and City ofNew Orleans. , HIIE STATE OP LOUISIANA, To all whom Sthse Presents sheli uone, GOreting:--Wlerear Jamtes Hoes having porchassad at a sale made by the Shbrifa of the parish of Orleans tie property hereinalterdnseribedi, .a applied to the elerk of tuis court, in shose of lce the deed of cale was recorded on the Vd dae of April, A. D11831, for a monition or ndtver tisement in conformity to an act of se Leeghlatrir of the. State of Louisiana, entitled An el frtr tfie further aesu rance oftitlea to purctssers at judicilsalier' approved the 1ntl[ day of wMarh, 18o4. NOW, Ihereforo, know ye, and all persone interested herein, are herely cited and admonished in the name of the State of Louisiana, and of the Parioh Court, who eon ret op any right, title or claih in and to he property. hereinlfter leesribed, in easequence ofan y infornmility n the t.nler,decree or iudgment of the court under which the sale wai tiiade,or any irregularity or illegality is the npproisements and advertisements, in time, or manser ofsale, or for any o'her t'efeet whetrei everj to show canoe, within thirty days from the day ohis monttion o first inserted in the ipubli papers, why the sale so made should not be cofirmed and homer Io ated, The naid prcoert wam sold hy the Sheriff of the par ih aforesait on thle 14th day of April, A. D. 1:8, by virnue of a decreofe of te ourt, rendered on the 5th day ofFebnary,A. D. 1838, in a suit entitled Alexander Caldwoll vs. James Hmase, No 10,367 of the docket of this Court, t which v ale te said James oanse became the purchaser foa the pice of twenty one thousand doloars. Description of Property as given in the Judiciae Coo .o veyonea, vol. A eertain lot of troend situated in the subnrb An nunoeition alias Lacouree of this ityl, in square No 5, and lot having French ateuasne, 60 fees front on Tehou pitoulno street, 161) feet ireon on Orongers street, and 60 feet on Laogade du Marel.6 street, in such n.hotnner that saPi lot of ground is 60 feet wide from one aide of the equate to the other, together willh a dwelling house fronting on Teboupitoula street, the kitchen and de pendencies, elso the distillery establiahmnota erected thereon and other buildings and improvements, the maehinery, utensils, implement and fixtures belonging to eaid distillery, Its depe deneies and appertenanses, and the rigts,nctionst and privileges thoereto brellgkeg or in any wise n ppertanig. Clerk s Office, New Orleans, lay 7, 1838. m14,24&j3 J. OLLIE, Deputy Clerk. ETAT DE LA LUIUloANE-Conr de Paroteose por In paroisse et ville de In Nounelle Orleans. T 5E'A' DE LA LOUISIANE.--A tons eaenx qe See prls ntel eoncerment, Selut: Attendilt qou Janes Halae ayantachet In onre vent foite par le Sberif delnparoiae d'Oeleaws Ia propritk eiaprAs dleerite, e'est aiedres an Oreffei de nettteCour on a dte ente flit eeregi trlce It em ejore oM lt dtie La ntre 1838, poor on avis eonformement A on Enote de Ia LLgislatre tde 1' Etat de ln Louisianec intitul't " Acts pour coaflrmer lea titres des aequereure eux ventes judittaires;" opproitov le 10 Mars 1834. Qu'il miteonnu, et tontes personnes inthr6anees sent par ces presenteo asrtmSer a nom de ' Etat de Ia Lotuisiane et de Ia Cou r de Paroine, qrui porsraient avoir drois Is propri6te ei-apr.s eonrite, en eonsequence d'sun bfot de forme dotis i'otdre, le deeret on le jtgement doe she sor, n vernt dtuquel Is vente a Ste faire, on de route irrgularinte on illegalit dlans I'estimation,l'lvie oa lo temps et le mode de Il vente, o pour u.ntn ice cs ueleoos i ie; de faire voer, dons treote jour a dter ide Isa publition de rette avis, pourqoni la vente sinsi fitt e stieerit pas confirmhe et homolog ueC, L.a proprikt frut vendue par le sherifsusdit, le uoa torniime lour d'avril de I'snne 1838, en vertu dt'un dCelet de cette sour le 5 te fmvrier de I'anno e 1838, dens I'oluire d'Aleasoder Caldwell contrae James Hasne, No 10,3g7 do docket de oette Cour, A liquelle vents te din Jasoes Honse s'eet rendu acnquakreur poor lo prix de $21,1100. Description dela Propriti d'aprAs letransferJudiaiare, Savoirc Un rertoin 1:t tie terre situb an fahbonrg de l'Annon esltion alias Lecoers, de eette villte, dons filet No 5, Ie dit lot de terre syant [rmesure ftr guise,] soixante ptceds de face la rise Trlehoupitoula, troiscent pieds de lace ii lr ea tr re COra ers, et soixante pieds de face A Is fs.nde de lan rue du Mnrchb de sorte que le dit lot lie terre a soixnnte pieds de largeur d'oiitlcut dr I'ilet A I'autreo ensemble ner monisou front face A la rue 'I'lchoepitoulcs,la cuisine ot sea d. pendances .lnsi que la distillerie conrtruite stir le dit loht, et autres ba ticees et ani'1iorntinr; les muelines, utensiles instal stions, &re. app'rten.ti A Is dirte diatilhrrie, rso dli pond rnces,apportiennres et lea droits, act ios et priviirgeo y npp tt nant. llUnrrea do grelfer, Nouvelle Orlioans, le 7 Mai, 1t3k. onit,42&j3 J. OItLIE Dipllk Royal College of Physicans, Lolildlot. IIE original Vegetlle H3)geion Univereel Mmli sloe, prepared by W Moiskhi, EnI. Memaer of ttIloal College of Surgeons, Liceetiaie of Althbe. oary's ompany, Felliw rf BIalt Court Soiety, Surgeon to the IRoyai Union Possion Asoli:tiot, P'ire, Watrerloo lridge, raid 'erpetutl Pupil of CGuy' naid St. 'lTlrais' frsHitals, i l.olion. This valualie imedliciie, the result of tentry years' exlrlaoeiae endi intilmlelerld success ill tIle extensivr mol hiighly respectshle practice of the propriety, pcntr. Iisll II tile aIheuty and nlbility, al is now introdiuce .d totlhe rotice of Ire Amtericrn ifmlie, at ilie eatmesi s0 lioitatio *fr it lmber ofgentlemeor of luog cand high tanding;a in the professioln. It is hloped, s aprelimi iary aeir, to check the evils and fatal eonsetuenaoes alisllg irom tie use of tile iIllllle'Os sehnl rdleeio.s sIriTis toiaoisted Ino tihe piiallic Iiy thie aid of fabriaited iprofs of mi.tculuur riitsiandloillhr iillllt, ie c set of ilUel.aliv, tltiilltirlicll rietndlers so tsotlly igoiiaoiI of mcldical aieuir, lthai it ioallmlpssilc ihe iIIaotlsliu delusion call any longer go o u cit ll tic inialligeii iwoprle of this Eounltte. *'lbiest pills, mild d nduKi Us:dale air their n:ture, shetllie kept ill every iilail)' ill cale ofslldden illness, fore, by thlleirl plrol oil hiniott-atin, cholers, cramps, slilO.5s, ifoelr,, aill other laimin g ctsplatlla, whitch to rlicne prove itaid, nsns be o Iv tredlior plevented. Intfact, all thosewho vofb rto il halili, shohld nevcr be willthout itilmii. TLy :ae sie' in pIekcts at 5s cents,.1, $ o s 'a each,l h ever recsr er table drtqgiat, bhkscilrer, anil vendorlof ierdicine ii. iti United Slltesi t I Ie ('maculas, with rolfous, ilit iitiiltai witli esaltnonilals of iirorcshiiionl abili it fau the 'lleoging eoiiieot ientlrcnir: Sir Abtley Ciapri, J Alberoethly, Jaiies lluudtll, M. If., WV. IBak, Ml. 11., J. Aaoi Key, A. Frampton, M. D., and IiUierous others. The originals imy Ie seen ni posseouio of the Geieral Agent, by whli tihe mefriinefis imported into this country, and to haum all appldieationas orag.aiici must be trade. J1O. HO.I.lEIN, t29 W.oirly 1'lare, N. Y:TCk, Sole Geneala Agrent fr the United States, &o. For rale by appoilomriet of the rig'iiial Ilrolirictor. hy Swati( llnoros, IDruggits, No It CmIl street, ocene. t A ient lir Sathee ot Louisaann. jul v8 SEhNRIY R LEE `A co, No 3 Mgazine street, are row receiving from ships Nashville, Louisville, enlky, Eagle, and other late arrivals trom :It t.tern cities, a large and new selected assortment Hais, Boots, shoes anti Brogans, sonsisting o'gentlelllen's fie calf and Morocco hoots to 2d qlality; do buff'd, and stout wax pegged boots n nariotsqtahties; me's fine calf seal aid Morocc -haer ihonnps and brogans, buekkin shoes, brogans a altppels msen'sfine call and kippel pegged shoesaod rogans ,In hoots; do stout ip land wax Iegged shoes a dbrgs gentlenren's best tquality calf sewod shtoes, loegass rand Jack Dowsi gs; tdo call and Moroceo i totle sl as anti brogans; tio calf, seal and Moroers, I tdisc slhoa and clippers, do calf, buff anu seat wtllgs, amew article; do tite call, sell aurd mcooceo qarlte tots; boys', misses'nnd chlildren's peggedl and sewed brogans, anIr shoes ofrevety qcalith and kinl. Also a generdal asortnlelt o' toe's Stout wax asnd rotat Irogans ntd shoes, together with 10,toou loire ogro lhbt quality, roussett brogans, nailedl in tbti I.tlllk, uInmle eprussly for ptatio l use; a good n, Setmclnt of elt's fine aod stout kip russett blgacls, , Sw article, ando a ,'ge qumtity of an inferior qualitt r, sset and wa brogansa. Ladies' fine cal, sealrt, moroceo nati groin welts, osd ptunp sole shloes; tn finte Frentol Mria:co andkid roi't ,ttlsd liplpears tlo rne sloes, wilth antd withot lhetls; bI calf, seal and stoat leather ladtt:o; do Pi'ltella soe, I flll kinds attd qulioties; do lasting hrogmLs; io goiter• "'ard fbaed boo'tees. lisnes' latitlg sprillg shotesau, oa lgae. Children's colord a oracor and lasting tt-o. la LandI hoots, &c. s;entleo'nfttetahio ithonahle lack silk lats; dio black to I drab lbaver o inl a supleriocr quality; d imitation lit mlm do btmoad tnd nrrow htim ttlen's flne drab and Ib ck RIeosa short ,apped hat, a ten article. Yorths' It ;e size hats of different qcualities; do rhillren's. . mo'satold hC)'a blackLand drab wool Iats of various slapesa, with general assorttlelt of boys' andl men's awl rCapS. '11ts assortment will be reple.ished by the arrival of e Is ipeaetalrom thie a iooe named cities, all of whlioh ailsIe seold on accommodating telms, atg I--If MtJNTAGUE'd RBILM FOR THE TEETH. l|esletabliahed reputation anti conatantily Inren in; / demand for this effet.tusl remedy of pain, and pre aerntivn of th teeth, has induced the subsrcriber ofer it to the Amtericn pulblic. Arranmgements talv been made to supply agents in all tie principal citie and it the United Statesr, so as to place it ithi the reach nl those olullhring and likely to sulffer tit aoo lharassig of a ll ache, 'l'oItllouecle. When applied ancortdig to directions given on bottle, it has never ftiled to affmrd immediate toad sanent relief. It also arrests the decay io dlefctiv' teeth, and relievea that sorenesa hicbh so frequeatly renmtiers a stntng tooth tuseless The appliecation and temtedy are simple, inaoretst, an not unpleasant; altd the large nomber of persons in different sections of fti eountry, that tare alnr, ady experiesced sclh leliehlfu end salutary ef'atoa hrem the use of tile Bolnt, are ready to bear (ior the public good) their testlimony to its on rivalled qalitt's. It is an Indian remedy, obtained eingularly and uaexpectedlv, andl taV be regrlied byo tihe cicilized world as tile Iost, valuahble discovery ret.din of tile woods. Plce $1 per bottle. Sold ty JARVIS & ANDREWS, ter 5 Cor Common and Tohapitoulas ta. EW BOOKS-Navcl Sketchb Book, o, the Service Afloatand ashore. Witht chloroteristir reoiticelt c, fragments and opinionsl. By the author of Talcs o a Tar, &c. second series, 10 2 vols. lnndotn Recolleclions of the llouse of Commons, fmnt the year 1830 to the eloseol 1135. inoluding perao mal sketcbes ofthe leading membere-by one of-o par. yjt jst Iceiveld and for sale by W MIKEAN, LATE PUBLICATIONS. lROMWELL, an Hiatorial Novel, by the asthner of "T'he Brother," &e. in '2 vols. Popular Mledicine, or Fatmily Adviser, consisting of Outliones of Anatomy, Physiology, an Hygioene, with tuch hints on tihe precticn of Physic, Surgerv, anol the diseases of women and chtildren, as may prove usefnl in famtiliee when regular physlieiano esnnot he procured: heing a compaioun and guide for intelligent principals of manultneories, plntationr, adl boarding ehali', heada of families, masters of vessrels, mislimtarieo, or travellere; and a useful sketci fur votllg men comstenc ing the study of medicine. By ieyuell Coates, M. D. etler Parley's Universal Ilisturv ao the hrnes of Geographlty, for tho tie of almilees, illustrated bv maps cd engravings, in vola Just received ad for sale by WV McKEAN, m9 our tfamp anti Cosnon stea. NOT'ICE.-Tho ewec of everal pkagoa m archaun Sdiae marked ladaumesV. Artlquencave. per ship Groten, from New Yorlk, is hereby not-ied that they have bIslt stonred by STETSON,AVEI V & CO.. w31 Cotaigotac "urutou,' JUSTPUBLISHEDFROM STEREUOTY'T PLJTES, The 'ilc EaRdilionof ROWI.ETIr'S TABLES OF INTER1ST: TOi which is now added aa Average Time Caleula Str, or easy methods litr fireinlg the average time on storage, notes of hald or bills of goods, when pur chased at different dates, on differesti credits, and for various amounts; besides a useful and complete Banoking Time Ta' le, the beu ht Ihnt .n e contrived, or that fi gcdre can iprloee witllin the same condosend compass, sald ize oft) pe. A s avertinsement in the book is in nearly the follow ing words: l'e khiglh distinetion this work has received through the ten legislative acts prefixed to tie title paoge, is a re commenatlion in itself, so uncommon, and so conclu sive, th Imlthing is nesesary more han by wy of ad vetirseient, to give a ondnseidl vit:w of some of its pe culiarities: an fer nuance, the Interest has been compn. ed from,and compared with, what is equivalent to four teen setef ealeulatione, examined in the press thirty flue times, amnd priitedl rom tereotype plates tested thirtyty-ole times, from aol which it most be evident even to the sketic (esp.cially on the pc.soal of the de tell of ipriif in the preface) that the work nmust he aritho metically infallible, and in confirmatios ofthis beliefa premniem of two hundred stan fifty dollars, is now offer ed for the deteetioni of an error pfa cent ih the present or fifth edition, as exprnssed in te preface, making five large plremions offered for the sanme error silce the first pnhlicmtinn in the year 1l0. One of trh most conspicuous fntaores of the tables in inthe nrrangemont of the l'ime stil Amounts, which for espedilih.a, reference olidtmrspieuity, with the help of the side slut index, cannot be excelled and the saly ty and eone with which the interent cas bt foondtto the extent of gtllenel business, wilhont loubeing of stms is bheides a convenience so essential, that in the estlma tienofsome oi the most competent and practical busi noae men and ptlbll ofiiers who hove mde greats iuse of the work, it has been distinouishead by tio honoable appelltioo efofa "master piocis. And considering the infallibilty of die method originally adapted in aomposlnog the work, and the extraordliuary number mld valety of thle examinations, anltests of every edition it haspossedin the press, eotwithstdaling the whole is in sterLetype, econsiderlng. io shi: t, he positive aeeeuray secured by tile nsmpreeeodnted sieans employed, the vi lumeha s leen heldup and emtphatically styled " the most wonderfin book In the woslkt" most certainly no mancan names figure work of the same exteslt, which since the beginninmgo creation, lin hall the eome nuw ber and variety of teots in the same nutmber of editors; no, nror onsl slfthe numher, as is clearly shown in the prefaee. Besides, astest and standarl, itoas been tried ndit r hmed in nearly ll the bank and puhlit offices ini lte nited States, and by ttel pnlie gsterally, drinsg the long period of thirty-five, yet no error of ihe cal nulatians has ever been foond in prinet, althongh continu ally ellleipced by the offer of very l premiums.or eu itact yexllr oesly adopter 0 by all the5ou'ts oflaw ei sevoral of the States onas the "rate of ealeulatlon foratnoute interest," as also by law for bak inlterest, aocording a the book is used, and asn ay be seer il part, by .,i names of the subhfribers, and o few of the subsequent prchasers, in the list at the Etd ot I t n mook, lain iossesion elevery closn of citizcis in every quar teoftlie Unit ed Stales. It is moreover well known that, Iby its rerly cheek, it has so oieu cdetected oinrge errors, long after they were einde, even by the most careful and most competent asitlunetiecbain,. t'at its nsefulness, aind the absolute ne ensity for its usJ, have beeul rtenaiyrly insisted up-in, m evhlent, iceed, haivoe bee its advalttages, ld its savings, that, severrl years ago, wcilme the first edition was sclee, al d out of pirlt, a great Inmnber ofsecond hand topies were sought Ior, some to a gre t distance. and reranscd at various prices, as thev ouhld ueoasion ally bo picked IIi at from $1l to l25 per copy, onot some pe rsins have reeceny dleela'ed, mid 'ntstance ct-uld be quoted that they would pany t511, $100, antd $501 for a eopvo, tfuot to be hal Ier less, at an individual in the latier ilintacnse peticvlrity, hving at the Same iime rxlibited satstaiolery proif, to several perrson pre senet tttohiim it wnts rettlly worth that b iosey ani mtore throughli te saving if lhis very vlnable time, he beitg a very rich mai alnd itn plblic offiee. It is likewise wnaiyl of irnee, netid i.,ledl onprr to imlirco, l tiit such is thle onatre of figue mwok generally and aspeeialmv wheel of tto cxtenit ad im otrtanc e ol these to Ins, it litilid this book or its aitie bnit liteor el in thec lsIal monnelr lone, by thi oumt conigl tenl slculator il tile wrldhi, m and llerw185 ls su lrinld i melt eautiouly otnder hois owi itnlcriellti of iroof seetts, it womlldt, hallst too a certiniy, have thiens o nnfi fr re Ferelee,oatld dearo:to any prilco as thie 1orf oreddiilc larll exlalhins. Bul so pellelr t atl i ll rvnih le Ilt a the stereolypei piatev of Ittis woill khen inlitll. tllt t~I vvcrn henl, wihlhtbeir ltimercus ond, exillordllnar exllill:l tioltl, ngnilst fire, for thi grulniut benlit, tierv ale (IY advertiseoreit) col.tantly kept in a piee of tecia sahuty, except while itoei ihirhii . Ampledretlitnes to foind it blanks iun seit tud iletor eat wilh ilscfil ontes fllow the prtfce. wlihe, intllhi fish i ini tie two iti-eediig rdilhms, c tat" liene in fertatlhj einerl i g tihe two lii I,. r t es of A .cin ypu i iueo ilter sis, tee ilvs afg nce, t i s. lIvnnOlo iy toirly WtilokI, hlic was unblihnC hcl felil t iJucrest tabes weri . idrodue.d is dIIollas tyll W be yelld analllmlnlne. las hcen msOextoCliVelI( :lId wI Iiheralh' palrmltisled, it ihisot teii so iithll s tutw t in e iCr tee heavy los of ithlel" lirlll thousand dorll.i'r Ipesidlo t eiltio oSf 7C 0 -ipe ielinr iits cih i ly frone its iolilic - ion, atlhiat itoll at oiuler trieu tor k iva'hiln tel sonlin plll iticr aimsl a- liNF-tiXti dttO o--l l : i t sacrl ice. t % i foe t lle l still ol-lics i t thei. Sdtierlncen ai~t uiiil -ima oflur ti u lici or ult ilnllt lv ri&'to- ill Siok.'ltllrs oi tmhe Ur,,; ohoIe. etlli p sion. ot.l ahl ; prpll tI r p.-te i, iiiitn xtin Amo'ng it which ary e ath llowrnf"A Year inL:,I n,,, tDe bloed cedle. iu, pa ; h iws o lat le po lu oiC eomo stu uutoeel t \iut- o his, ob tv a Outli thlg; c)|.tlihi iiciliiet, ai. d ailucoidico nJustn Irceivle a ril e lat of tyle bW lto31. 'il \Nut eraidel ,ant s.-Sei clriila, olr W ite litjdi of eo oea erAlption of the Slon;' ros Wor p Syulp, or In. lneA; ioog whish are teIrll ilpro t-Iditn Dyef te blood; Tooth Warush; Carbonic Diuttrblfice; Oraige Flower Water; Powderui, P or i and Bo ; Awheri. coo Cloarcoal, natty put up itsfour fuse vils; Poeston Salts; tColiigno; Kreosoto rooth.ache Dropli; Hair Bolisbi; Engeisa D ag Coirderbs Irisin Hair Oil;-owith a variety of t born Perf- l mercs,&ry. Forsaleby L W GLENN'S PERFUM RIES. J C T trIN.. e; OrngeARD, Corner of Cwd anaer l and Box urbo street Corner of Canal and Bourbon streets OYLE I I MAY, House, Sign, anI Om:anwnta SlPainters, No 3 Carvoldele street, two doors lfom Canal street. Imllitations of thle following woods and msrbles, ex eceutd iH a nastIer) manner. WOotS 0AO.ntES. .lsahogaony, Egyptian Itlek ald gold, Oak, Gialia a:d Atico, Polhlrd do, I Oriental or Werd antique, Colrled Maple, I Blold i tooe, Bitds Eye do, Dl r by (anite, Satin WVood, P'otomuc, Hair Wood, Iknse or IBordello, Yew Tree, Italian White, Coromandle or Blauk Simnna anod Bretells, Rose Wood, j Amerilan Grey, Ash White Oak, be. lo e. Curled Rim, Specimens to be seen at the shop. Paints, oils, glass, eopol varnish, &e. on hand odlor sale. ml I RON,STEE. & HEAVY tiOOI)S-lant, square andt bundle iron, well assorted. Hoop, scroll and rod iron, nail rods sald plough moulds Cast, German, shear, blistered, spring, shleet and Crowley steel Hollow ware, cut and wroughlt alls and spikes Zilte, block tinl, mill andl grind stones, salt kettles Clamin ables', aoehnrs, hues Ox, log a.d trace chains, corn mills Anvils, vices, Hammlersanl hnellows Wire, shleet, pig and bar lead; shot Coal, and cooking stoves A Ames, Itowlanl's and other spalteat sad thovels Hook and plate hinges, door and window hooks Collins, Huats, Starps, alitl other axes l'ar'd d i tMailla cordage, linrc and twine Bolt ani sheathing coppier; Naval stores Paints, liseed and spelrml oil A full assortment of hardlware tand ship chandlery, always on hand, and whicl are olffred for sale at whole sale or retail, on the most favorable terms, by m4 LAYTON & Co. 53 Old Levee. U RROWGATUE SPRINGS Mttu'gotmeey coutttyAI lnlcou. THREE DAYS JOURNE FROM! NE W ORLEANS. rEHE proprietor of this establishment has the plea sure of announcing to his frientle and the public in general, that he willh e in readiness by the first day of May to receive visitors. He will also sltate for sith be nefit of those at a distonce, that there haer been large imprtoventet s eade, and others IuoW goiua on and in rnpid iprogresa foer completion, wluch will eualle the subsaerber to accomnmodate Ita nuch larger number than heretofore, and at the same time nuch bhlter. Familie can be accolmmondated itih good rooms, or thore who prelor can have large cabins ,ebnched from the tmain building. It is deemed uonsceseary te say anylhilug in psrtint. ler of the character ot thes waters, for it is generally believed that they are not inferior to anv in tie South ern States. All the amusements that are geoneally foutd at Watering Places, will be fountd at tiis. Thl'e best music that this part of thy country affords, has been engsged, and will be in corstont attendance at the Springs during the whole meason. She subscrtiber will avail limselfof this appnrtunity in returning his unfeigned thanks for thit very liberal usoport given hlit last seaso, anal ttnpes by tile exer. sions tilt have been mtade in itnpmroaig and exteroling the acrommodations, to merit a liberal patronage the present season. JNO CRAM. TO THE LADIES. STKINSON'S DEPILI.ATOEY, fr emoving se ' . perdfuous hair from the face, neck and arms, witi astal safety and certaintyn , leaving the skin litter asld ohier tltan before uts uprlioatit.n. A fresh supply just received at tOUION'S, \Na ! I~hcnge lllitel, eooel St Cnarole oand C('ontner m as,. ap tit, MAIL ARRANGEMEN'' - i e Every y at 12 51 Northernmal Cses Every dav at 101 A. 51 Western Mail, eeverv Slndoly, Wrrdt ei)y an by tray of the Fr a, I t, l'. edesd Coast, and Saturdnyby 9, I'. B1. TheLakeMail latun 5Ps , Thursday, a via a Closes every Mloiday, Wednesday EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, DEPARTURE DISTANCE &c. of the Express Mail, beWatee Moeile and New York--leovine MobIle dtil, at 3 P. AI. Northlwar New York dady at 5 P.1 M outhward. Arrives Arrive Naorthward. Diestnen. l'ime. Iletirn'g Montgomery.Alao. 2pm. 19Brm's `23 I 1im. Columbus, Ga. 11 81 91 3 a. n Milledgeville, Ga. 2 133 144 24 p. am Columbia, S.C. 71 am. 163 1741 0 Rnleiglt, NC. 54 215 21 12 Warrenton, Va. 12t m. 55 I ti Prtterburg Va. 10 pr. 83 10 9. am Richmond, Va. 1 am. 21 3 64 Fredericksburg, 8 67 7 lI p to. Washington coty, pm. 61 5 Baltimore, 6 38 4 04 Philsdelpltia, 6 am. 11 0 11 2 New York, 2 pm. 90 81 1305 143 It. or 5r 23h Nortlward. Comning Southward, the tim it six liurs less; bhing5 days and 17 hours. TEN DOILLARS REWARD. SANAWAY from 169 Corondelet corner of hesi "t ntreeta,oa the night of 301h of Augnst, mid won seen the next morning in Ptydras street, a negro hbry named CHARLES, about 17 years of age, and 5 fee or thereabouts in height, verv blnck, anl hbes nm lmped bient in his speech, one of his legs is sore, oensioned by arecent hurt;bhehnd on wlhen he went away a witit Cotton or linen shirt and while cotton pntanlh ano. Masters of vessels and steam boats are enautionl ait gainnt receiving or harboring said negro, ar well as ohe other person, s the atmost rigour of tihe law will Ia enforced against them. The above reward will Ire "1is fordelivesing him into any of the jails of either offtoe munitipalitiea, or at 169 Corondelet, corner of levi. oteeet. t sipt ArsOTICE--Thi eopartnerslil heretoiire existing 1 under tlhe firm of I)ubois Gaorretaon, his Iben diassolved. The eubncriber will liquidate the ailtirs o tihe concern in this city, and requires till pertsons inideb ed to make payment to Irim a oly, and all those l vin claims, to present tem forn ettleMulat. nog 8-7t IH GARItI ETISON W. W. SWAIN. No. tIRCaearl .reet Anre Otrriru. HLTAS always on hood con taontlly raeivin- Ir(. In Dyes, Chemieala,nsld l'oul:,a olr, thI., yr-, o l mow nia1:C o IcES, Antiony, enrue, Argnlo red, do reguhlua, AilIIri), I.IU- . Arsenie, enIde, Alum, do powdered, HraziUrllc wroo, natlOai npaviO. Clcillchiol, DBoai, cmile, Cenperar, Alillelri lon, do refinled, C iinbean., Brilmtone, crode, Fustie, 'Tampico, do roll, do Clla, d flnower, do M:inie, Birmuth, French berrier, C(:astoroil, IIndigo, Floogil, Cream tartar, do Manilla, Catntharierres, tia tnrcetc, Gat aloes, tdo In t titond , do Aiahie, Logleril, Comropmlihy do alaoImttida, do SIt l),,iitrl o do amotnia, ado Jamlea, do benzaill, Camwood, do eial, rough, Miadder, omhii, odo o sereped, Nicsnragno, IItItn do do S Awn'is.e, do Col., dio camplhor, er e, o '\lararoib do dlo o n, Ii.. d ill acc. do hkino, Acid, titntm, S do mntlc , 1 , nliie, tido Tllellae, ris vitrlol :' t e egal, l .g lit ,, Ii I' do etaimder, taeb, t 'r'irt3 lt li] r.ldo Aniwchtl .lti.iodto t lirta, tloirboge 'c tmi satll, M ig , si:, I nglish, 'Ini , t, ehat , , Li-,roticni ball, Stiar Ircn, Oil Covesl, Sull. zinhc, 0 ti, cssia e. I i et ir;ga mot , l m' .t'rlil , do lemon, I'AIN 1 T.- Ill,r . d,,o i.lppermin f~ibih., IIIu gcna:lna Chr m iril lolh d -,(, dto ip.tcc, ho jalapot,,,,, dlo h o"hlon , de tt'i tI ol, tdo ti rst t i ho tnir"s, It.ttt,I lr . I ' ) Id . "lll wip o, I+Pin .ld? , ti.r tin, cI r,''i dir, dioh I lil lt ( 1i it , ld, d~o ito. ai:tont ýr 1":, cd. , i1,71--te - C t-'t.t. N AIt tYAlTT'" NEWV NiVEI.s. lffth/ic the &'ehr, Jy tilhe autho t 'rttr ti,.iht, 'cc CumminTsor ia Winter at S Ihll ,- hi" fied in 1.n., h tnva, by Cp tain Basil 11 ll., It a navy, F. I Lord Ridd n, a romance. y Allan Cunninghm, It v,. cahe crd I/., writte,, by lii+eli; in - voll. 'riginl tlaul,f hyNalthaniel (ieed II inl tu. lf' elin.g No. 79 of llurl)er' Ean IvI t tilr. Volt.:. 4c f the new e top lye' llll IoIn edit ih of I.ahingtou Ireia,'s I',orks Roger's Frce'h oad Enlish DictioaTry, i I vol, :ru A'ugent's Preach ndc English Dicioirri. ALs--A few more Combde's'I lienolo.y "Rienzi." lanrg. NlU'veyor's (,iiito$1.Se (If-p1ri ,rl )r 1II|n it ity, th chiins Itillitad IBallsol21-4 ,and 2 1-2! i' Gillot's improved metalic Pens,japmed plaperti , weight. Ju;t received, and for sale by SPAIN RF.VISITFI) ,&c. r&c PAIN REIVISIT1'E1),cby the nautlhr o A yearur in Spain,' in 2 vols. Traits ofdlh,atnha rart*r, as Go eolllr allynIlieablt. to the Aboriginies of Nortel Aterica, by G Turner, Eq 'IThe Politlical Grammar, of tih United State,, or a coinllte view oflth ttheory lnd iprltice tf I ,, -terat ano slate geverjleet.n, will the rehtils int so IIIhm -iElliltt tnold adaplted tblte )nO oIle of t1 L llted Stutes, by E 1) eansrteld, E.ts . Ai,.ot d'ais si 'rar intererser wh llnllr, er istiec aicdotes savieng dii nr, oeio tt tis mtiel in Chronic Cutaneous Dis- Paiins in t il olie s, by free eane, Isre, of ItMercury the blood being in vitiated sntae. This very ecneentroted Svrlp is peipnred with the greatest pharmaceuticul care otf nccurato,oideolltaini the active pnneiple of Sarsnparilh in the1i os t ctno ,e troted degree, combined with other vegethll subhtanc o nf known efficacy. The great desidlerntut wiith physiiians in beitg aohl to exhibit n large quantity of ISaraniparilla in a slt dose, hoe been o,btined itn thins preltration-the, bei ng fully convinced of its merits, coefidiutly tdniii.aitir the course of their practice. Price $1 50 paor ottle. Sold only at SWAIN BROTHER'S drug store, No. I ICalal itret.t, wlle may be had, fresa ind geuoine, direct front tohe it r-fri,. tora,e Swait's Panacea and Vernltit.e, Potteri, C.t.ltuil con, Carpenter's Preltrations and a large aiud genera assortment of fresh dru g, to I PINNOCK'.S ROME, &e. lINNOCK'S IMPROVEI) EDITION OF Dhl Gioldsnmith's Abridgment of the listory of Rout, to ,hich is pretixedl an Intrd,.tid to thle Stllilv o Roman listorvy, aid a great variety of eviliie i,,ir ilatiounl t ddd tlhroughoutl thie work, oil tle ititmters institutions ndi Antiquities of the Rotaiins; willth u tnernous biographicl slind historical Notes.; and line tions for eoxaination at the etid of ealch s.ceti,. 1I lustruted with thirtyenigravicgs on wood, lv Atherton Pt.ioen'n Improved Edition of ir Goldsmitih's ilistory ofEngland, from the Invasion of Julius Cesar to tilte death of Gieorge 2d, with a emttintmaioi to the yea 183"2. With qusntions for eoottoation at tie eoid o t each section. IBesnls n variety of vahluble initrmta tiun added throughout the work. Counsisting of table of contenolpray Sovereigns mnd emninentt parsonn Copious explanatory notes. tReianrks on the poll tics, manners and literature of tihe agei. An outline., thie Constitution, &e. &Ic. Illostrated by manoy engen Itgs. Gus' ELEMaEIrTS or Arnoon.y, antio an Aorid.len of Keith's New Treatise on tile Use of Gliobes. Noew Anmerican edition, with addition nand improvemcet onito an expiation of ithe astronomicul part of thle At. ricn, Altllutac. Just received anud for ole by W\VI M'KEAN niov 24 corner oft Cnamp and Couloulon st IIAItPEI'r'S CLASSICAL I.IBRAilY. : L ORACE,translutad by tPiillip Francis, I) D, with 1 no atppendix, contaiinig ounalahutotu ol various tesc, &:. by Be Jonason, Cowleay, itivi o,, LDrydoe Pole Addison, Swift Jlhittertoa, Ui \V,ikclield, Ip ranO Bryan, d&c. and oalmt of tile nmoreUiliuent ot its of titi dl1iT~DRUS, with the appondix tf ;uilus trnislan ted by Christopher Scart, ih i vthi firilti voluames 18 and I9uf"ilurper's Clsaiocal Library The 6lpaditiou of IIU\IPILt CLIN KE R, Iby Sitollatt, tt, I) with a moanmoir oftht Acuthor, by 'rliii uos Rocee, Esq., oew edition, with illulruitias, by Go THE tePSY; a Tale, by the author of "Richulieu Mary oil? ergundy," Ac., law oditita, 2 rules uompls n one. PAUL 'LIFFORD; by the autLhor o "'Palhta The Dit red," &c, bait,1 voluae I V olnf t new ad t oft.Eit auraL Cottple Virks. JU.lst received a sale, ) WM MtKAthN "- ACON SIUES-36i casks Cincinnati smu., UIlaeril, frol trle atenrbnet EiL|o, autI tor sIae)i OGE:r 'A & AW r

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