Newspaper of True American, November 23, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated November 23, 1838 Page 3
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JOB PRINTING. OF EVERY DEdCmIPTIONt SPCEDILY, ItANDS.O.tLY AND CHEAPLY EXECUTED AT THE OFPFICE OF THE True dJmaerican, 7'1'. C H1.I:I !S '' STREET, NEAt Pl'OYD)RAS. m.23 WAN i' IEl). A NUIR1'N W\VAN'TE)-A middle nged woman SOldoid be I cirred; and one whlo has no ohjec tihe to tIUravel b eu. lon nothe al udIV without a good tcl:lree. it.,Apply tt Mrs Ilnw!tcy s pivati + boarding ILie,*.,re " .,f .nlagaslUe aId CoUalton streetd.. .TO* LI:r. -- A e ,limjaint two story dwelling House, ~i ic..r fin ,Ct. Jo .Joh . aIi Perdido strtata. For S pul,.ruculura apply otn the premises. WAN 'ED TO Ilireor purchse a roadl Conk ind Wueher-we* o t .Ateplly at tile cetonr eofCnlp and vlierte Itrtfcts. IIOUSE IFURNISIIING S'1'T)RE. IIt WEII ,h Co. have, constantly on hand at B . their exlenive establihmentllln Vo, 17, Camp Si. mnit t4 Coannat astreet, t very lurge asonrtlnlt ot hntoen krepino ao iile, i consiting of Earlhenware, China ad (l lass; lBrass and Steel Fire vells and Fandars; KIitchen Utensils; Iron, n, , WVoodanre a.nd lis ls11.; silrrr plted, hril tntttna tid jrpanned ;toods; ntttpsn and rhdAndliers; knives tnd /brks, andlhouse f utnrt lsht ,i R. o In Ito general, whlich thlley are Ilrep+ared to anpily at reduced pileee to t pivate dwcl[nigs, boardillg-IttaH, Iluss l, elstlpe, asteatboatsi , t o. New Otrlelnl, INov 'I, 11;:3.. MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Rtenanerd frot, 17 Casionuthouae St. TO N EXT' DOOR)lL o Sr. ICARLES THEATRE, CORNER oi r uYDIlAS & ST. T. CIARIBS STRE'E. aul.9-1-.83i . PRIVATE BOAfRDING HIOUSE, N; 13, Totnlouse at,-- Dy Mrs Holt'tlaln. 1ll1 hluS o is tpan Iu ln adonveniently iituated f lr ttatnll oil'buiecss, tlcr the Levee ald tithe Nw E11 tttc t1t. it tuntlen will o w, well suppliedind attended to, and Sliar ls wi sting to have lodgin, can be accolnmo d ated, it ditterelt prices, willh, 'cnutnoloua furnished rnoos, Ioanrdnrs will Ihve the saatisfaltion tno meet here, pel-otlt speaking the IlFrench, English and Span alt ilinguages, augi3:3m PIENSION BOURGEOISE, Rue Ttlnose, n. 13, tenue par J.Ide Ve. Hofnjmann. .(l ET ktnbissemnnt eat snacieux, et ae trouve naltu Jprrns di In Lovbe at ie in Nourvelle Bourse, n'east dilre tu ettre des anitires. La table sCra bicn fourlnie, propretent tenue et A ',u x qui 1rnanat en.ionn dlsireraient y logcr an rent des appltrltemtns du dillbcrs prix, bin, garmni et I.a liltnnaiLres nurtont tI'iagrtment d'y trouver des pro nee purliant les lingues t'ancaise, anglaise tiIItE tr story firey proof brick store in Camnp Sstreet, at prescet occupied by MeaDrs. A H \Wallace + Ct. lthe itrt slor brick stnreet tile cortner of Batnk Al litV ald ttl\,Ili " street, it prtesnt tocupied bv Mtlilsrs. lcatilt & o.i; i third atily being fitted for at bed Alto, the 3rd story of tlh brick store in Ilank Alley, Itlltdlurrioln te lst lnamed-the i2nd and 3d stories etl NIn nllited aep. Iml lw.ePbltltt to It give on the. il lt NovemberT next ot:t--U t;IIAr. A JACOtBI. COMiT"1 i L ..I:.Eit ' IFFCLE-,UEGOND MiUNL CI tl'A LI T '. New Orleatls. iOct. Olth 1838. X tl.+IPP I+ii \n, it t reot.ittiott l toi th'tnuucil; dntedt A !.ti+th ýplit, buliit, otr altd proporsale will be t',h r ntt e' ue. t,for' Three tllitdred itthousland [telleri . JHou,ls of ills ulllnicipality, payablcull thirty yearm, tlrli b, tin. ixL per CU tlt sr unIl t It h in terest. [l'i. in tor s)tt Im). s t.ili- ltl ti.dily ill ltondonn, New York ur :Noiv (tl i nllin: nn t l e grcd on. T'1'lt, lhtolnl.+h b-fr tlr tl) , tnlth, i t Illt) inlel tst be a)eblb ioll lh Ullite [I Mlitls, anid otr 2If,0 iS, each, if I ht. ret- he imudlI in Lotndoln. The p -mpal to be JOIlN CAIIHOUN, aot i Iolunptroller. (INur,)o du ll:uoI NlIur-lN'csoade .lurici dlile 111"1~ Htl I I "' A , a ,,I eo t r.edolution d( seil l n i rlll [ re'~+ , 1 ' o cI.l1I otl i4 llufYll' Illl ,li, le 2 7e j j lrl e l 41 , / I( 1 ~I, I Ntoll + lr H (:B lt Nllil' -li e a nlr i td s !+lluo Iý" ... d, r,' , tt,' lil t' it,+, pIaiyablleO dams str It e and I , 't tea + ll' il 1t ll e , hr [d Ile s ix il ulr itnt Iui I llt, er play-'ll i aer ..· I r I u Nllato 1 ~~. l.)u1 r,+1Itrk oIl ; la , . .+ ,, h : *i,,t 1, -,O.II + I - tI atIal O lU r -. .I- l- nI o'l , dl, '1 linll I ' ,ina.,re ch k ,in i,i i 1." , Alc . ea, o isr Uni+, ' pourie , ' I^ , , . i,,,, I ol-"u.: I,, u ,ill, i ,'ht gloleIaIC5IOI. + Jn, d a,,nd1 o \ Arv i·+·; ' h a. ,,c ',sgalar' oel.'r rll l at rhlh T l ul . ' I II. dhis Narriri L OIilac. .. V,, ,,, . t', , w St ,,l. Cha1rles tIr'llelt, Ie tl 1 ,"i _ I, IT , re I lnu n uthe t he of t t"ile raie, Illaid stig L , ,,• , i l d P" t e o ll llll i h into twoe des, art ii,,11 . 1 1 ,1 & I I l 11111g11 1'i.)lllg"t delltfliOg'dllr |tIO ,lloa-il i !i, III i- c ' l el l ult lll tilllil ,l h aill t C L; I.Nl-ll- - ,'h 0 I i lltlr L l I asrt is llr llinl r ree ky ,Xlal +Illlti S, Sa c. I'tlll:i lli chi , older mill discijdine ., t hall+lliV tm11ut ini d ob s redoll.le.hrc T1't",.u+. J uc n aliAlll, ent, per I ruethi I 1e R 0 I·t. I sr. AC" A5III WSiAIMo AY , ,ir s ad Ia,2Iu)r' 40 Iales Fasters I1 st a l ,, m a p rper- c. c barrels seplrttel, :;Id. :oats N d,'liilll ll s lru ior llencl:L lior ir Iol dll ys 11h Ii. ,I'lll I lis aIe liaIrde regularly every iion lh. laitl hu .d r111ir l-2I by 3 o'cLEVlk xcepI l rALE, - ,epl7 T II I ',p.rd 'o rd hi es C removed his Notarial Office Co tO Vli,.da, ol St. Charles street, betkwean SC.lldi n IuAd ll I AC BIE &CO, WILLIAM CII BARITY. n,1al.N 7 th k P-iace ,1 lt, rllitfactory of thle oui leriier, Iloisting l \ Sl Iad Pipe, o all ize sllt wh o Pla lter r, &. gwing and rinding done s tual bIy J silk, a IT. U-l bT l...NIS:- Loxes in store, for sole by ABR AAiM TRIER, o1v10 o40 PEr ydra t 1 'l: - i a cu . , i r '. li. d or I u i los e ABILAIIAM TItNtERi I o ll11 40 PIck ra st NO I'ICE. [. Nathi."i , *l'Pwniri eu hasl reme oved Ilir oLce to he t , i ' 1 M gazie -tre, o vf er thes stole Ill 1,1+ . A C & I r Sbaier I%,C lol, la12 0 lj 0 ai ohld 011, SA ,, tItI, "ks a d I,uomlair--,o40 Iblea rs Easternr j . ll N Ifrl,, iei : I, n Ioad, ll b a oh i f cI hip Liverpool, ri d ,clg ollad fluir al e by L r n a rr L(dVc IIt-. (&;AL, Io.t 3St Coae1on at ' IIo1n ti , sl - I1 N I'IT IL-- t caks est Brown ,1 tout 1v ll9 BCk Place "I ii OlI'---14 N wl.agl.+, contohnin, Vertlegris, and -lline, -. O 0 l, l ding fr ln d sehul er Da .id Coldiu, mid for valoe by no1 I 1113I < I agazino sat LEAD & BA lSTOW, nOvl.5 7 Batik Prlace r- l-Cl l- clarim rs oiler at whoule-ale _ the lfllhwing goodd. IIATS--100 cas", moleskin silks, as r+. olt.d size,, aIl11 brirlls ,u dmlld best No I do, do 111O do do No " do do 100 (.t"te iheal No 3, assotcd sizes and brims. "0 1 IotBever, a tUPIlrior article; ;)1 du xtra do 1',2110 JoIt Black an I \Vhi:e Russia; 50 do Extra Black Ru sia; I'M dou ,tlllhklat &C nyllnylr Ibrolrodtd nirrow [,riwls, for l,','rve mud country trade:; dI All rnlllk+ oflndlll r1 & 1iYlly CilII peauis; du A(:hlihh'irens silk aud Russia Ilat, Idl sizes. CapIlls--Fr, Ot!ilr, far heal, Netria, Muskrat, and (+'lot. --Pickwick, polish ils hat +-halr,, soli top. 11ihln ry nlilte-s, Chillhhn's l"c1 'I urbanes, I'laid and Vtlvnt Cups, J eec. h tll at.erlls. 1;infohcc, l ,s--: itk Im I ,'o tl. M ilittr v I'lr ltlllo - roietld ilK. JBumIl IIIIu '.v r i)p hall 'r.+, ,. cud i '1 es,,(l lc faI drvgoods. Th'l ll aboIe e,,i)A.l mpi lllprise It~ irle slltock. mlld all io11"I1. Ite l l lam ls, p1ow11 It.'1 -ill ibe IOI II a It small ad( '1',, , 'tr l..+t., f,. Ith honse iof. II tlo83ip & Co., fIat :t)SSilP & ('O., Nzl,,n, \li in:y, ,uld Flamfi,, l. itauels, L::itvtdge Hotl el, uu I i St Cih, ns s t s 1111 \l1 : 11,, -31.',,)0 mils - ha:le oil for Floc by S' , &J P' \,IIII'TNF:Y, mlhl ll~ 6 C ti st NI'V MUSIC. iT ri Fell.-;';elllel `I'Illll. IIil.IIp ylache* fIr Ihe Leo. ,;iI il, a i .Ii'- ecr' lo ot ,,Olll i ltlt ,I ve + (i c )lF)l , r " ; .: 1:.I ,h N & ('(), I A . I+,, t L'h :Ii e t, - +u:ntlO ll II FASHIONABLE PARIS MILLINEKRY. T IlE ubscriber hte the honor of infodrming the Il. dies, that lie hae received per ships ILafayette and Morengo, n supplly of fill atd winter Millinery, I1 thle latest ald richest materials in Paris. whilch lirs. Sco:lano expeets to have opened lnd ready luor exam i.utiuu on oModiy and Tuesday nec.t. L 1' SCANI.AN, nov3 25 Chnrtree et 1~TEW MI;SIC-Poo, KRosalie-1 don't omean to tell i y.ou her enute-'lThou host learnt to love Another Sweet Afton W\Vter; The KnIght's Farewell; He pess es her in sorrow; Ilindn's Lamenllt; They have given Thee to Another; Lovely Lady Mine; The Bridal, Th''e Broken Heart; My Henri is all Alone; 01i! Men whlt silly things yo are; (Oh l cotl love him; Oh! Patrick, Fly from mte; 'liThat thou art love ov .ho'll deny; Think Mly Love, 1Oh! Think of Me; n thlink I hllve a merry Heart; The Vintage Song; iThe ship is ready; T'he Silver loonl; NoI care ever grieves ie; Not for Me; I've Ieen v here fresh Flowers are Sprttgno ,; I dearly love Thee free; Woodman spare that Iree; 'I he Wild Alhatross; lIlte Furies, Rine: Iose ofJesev;. TIh Minstrel woo'd a beauteous Maid; The tGuets awere bidden; Sly Father I.ntd; The Mail lothe Mlountain; Mo native Lover; My heart's best treu sure; 1yv Wottdland BridIe;Mite mast he a silent 'tTea; My ohiltllttood' hnttee Farewell; VTe (Grceenwood Tree; Sloloaon Loll, a comi song; She wore a wreath of ItRses; Mo pretty Jane, Just received and for sale at B CASEY'S Piano Forte and Music store, noel2 19 Camp et NO'I'ICE. rrllE Office of the New Orleans and Mobile Mail Liner i removerd, from. ider tle Eixchange Hotel 0'. no.78 PIoydlr street, at which lvace a letter Ios will be ke t o en ultil I-I tot 12 A SI. Fer way letters dce. 'lThoe fr Mte blile tid furthlr EaNl, will be put ill the Post Office at Colenile. tnEol rEO. WIIITMAN, SEAt'vN Sk ILUP inl Ile,xos if 1 tldu, ech Io sL tale bhy KIEAD) & BARSTOW, y AGNESIA-A suptr ply of Heery's Cahlited laatg t nes ltttld lhutldier Megnetittn Aperientt, wnr ranted genui.c -jut received by tile nulcribers. SICKLES & CO, oct27 40 Cennl p e AILNISHleS--A lare'e ando extetslivo stock Irotlll V the ilontellaetry of P It Stitth & Co. .colpriesing on part the foil wilug: extra polihting .o I, tI no 2; ferniture tlO l, do eo 2, tio t ; ettnhit treith o 1l, tdo nt ; varniSH no I, 2 On13 for orlillary Uoe; black u.d rowtn japan, for sale by etptl19 R. CLANNON,I2 Cnmp st NtIIICFE. P H: FIREMEIN'S INSURANCE OFFICE has Sbeeo ternmporrily remlr oved Ilttemved to 45 Canal street, trxt t tthe ,Alorchmlt'es nd Tratders B tnk. nevl- 1f7'AVIS-I. lote reau d'A\s urtn toale IltdOi t ret tem tornit.etet traleporte atl no 453 rue du canal joirgant I Baqtue des ArtOians. liton COKE. 7l IE price of roke fonrt and tfter tihe let day of October, will he ifty cents per iarrel in the Gas Work's yard, and if taken i, lquantitieo a oone hun dred barrels, will he delivered free of drayage. The advanltage itat this article of futel pssesses o ter the nthractecan d hilutmt ous coalr, igltiting imre readily than thle former, and ret; from tie Iulpleasant tmuhke of the latter, eou Id induce every liOmily to Inlake us ttf it. Orders received nt the Gas Office in Bank Alley. E \V WELLS, srep29 Sec'. FALL & WIN''IER CLt I'lING. J P. FREEMAN & C(O., No. 3, Magaoine street, . are recoit itg their suopplies of Fall cnd Winter Clothittg, and e,.ill colltiUe o receive lshipments ot gou-i larly Ihromtgllghl the seaolen. 'lteir assortment benge large will enal. theitn to sullpply rtchanats front tie ioultry, at tle slhortest notce;for sale whllealoe or retil, in aeeott unoutiag terms,. StAl'''. OF Lt)UlSlA.OA, AI[Sli COURT fir the Parislh of tlhe Cily of New )Orleans, IPresent the Iloorable Charles Mau rian,Judge. tjctltoer25th, 11.18. No. 112113, WiVl. 1). Co.tper, to. his Credlitors. Thl e cro'ion of propertoy Ib the t'etititler is aeceepE Iby tlte Cotrt fir the bhlleht ofl isCretietrrs: t is otut rd that a tecetilne of said creditors be held elbire B. IlBarnett, Ntary Public, In Tuevduy, thie 7th of Nove;ber, 18:38, the, and there to delibealte oe the alfitirs of tie Insolvent. In thle neanl timle ell roeedlngs 0igltgi st his person and prop erty are stayerd. It is titlhrt or dered that Jl . it. urytts, I:is. he altlplointed to represent die abentlt creditor ill tllhe oase. By order t'f the Court. Clerk's Ofice, New Orleans, 25ith O)ctoher, 163(. A St GUYtI,, oct2l'C--3t Iv. (l'k. ' I l'A'T 11": I.A I.UIJISIANE--Ceto deti ie Sat vdi e de Is Nouvelle Orleans: IPresent e 'Hoeo ruble hriea M tumiae,, jog,-No I1,038W-- , I) t.'"per enullre ass creanciers-l.a petitoll des I)rolri• ie du I (,thittlt o ottaire ltvltll fti e.' e:ltcle t ar I lc ou Otlle Icec:ttt lie tleodits crci;tciers cit lie t tt ev.ilt ie E. iSoetrtt, 'tottine' ,lltlit, tonrdi, le 97e jitr de liow cr Ire I:; 18, ta 10 letototos tittitn, flill de deltcl rer ear le+e .1 fin datdt ltti,itttllllltir., tt ell altcdtIll tout oes eIl'"rsila e coniltc sit pIerstlll , n Ute Be+ 1)ropnir6les soul ill t-el0.t c Vliar ordr de la Cotlr--litl'eauu dt (JMfer--Nll )1 fIl Um tJ, Ot 113 43. Sl oct A MI GUYlII., ' pl). l nTlfier. j MEIIF ON'S I+A~tr t S'ILt)l:'S-Thr,:e cae f tlhe gnuinue aretiCle, iust rtterivtd( by ILeL,&.S 'It\ NGE, C-t) ttLi ii 'WA'I'l-- I-'ertetrvtc&t., jtttt Ittdiog goe1ii+*, putll tip e.Xp)lesslv (ilr the relull elnlde: also the pures i I/l-enle• pertoioery, lllL ml·b· , l l',t-.i++ t:,el·) : lliieLy fo the" tet,+I f(li te t I8:SI a I)'I.AN(;iE, 18 CItop 1st c- ere Ilerlinolln, fOr teuet Iic ntlg; tlil na d \\i'n ter colors; iritsI s anlld lit it touls, al"ld an lxtensive stock ol" Bllllterfur VARNISIIHES. Itrluithe. unnolnfitery of P IS Sllidh & Ce.,ceniprising I & 2 ordniary I)dmeti lilniLk Japan, lind BIownIII l d(. Also, 2rU keys Crbome green, li 25 lhi. chtli, eround in oil, Ille 15i iciiser c1superitor reneh green, itls tn nil. 1 r llo rr liirli of i IIlesiiiii and Bliled oil. Altist'n Colors, &c. (Iteeveo d.. on,London,) ad il hboxes French Lake, for sale at the Paint Store ofl the isubsriber. MIONI.EI..I, oclr) !.58.i (onll ri NO CU(RE ot) PAY. D R.JOIINSO)N,(Office 110 Ilienville street, con ines hii practice to tile treatmento of Venereal Illease, ll all its dilerent ioruts. Ir. Johnson, J rnl I residence of nany years in tin iilials in Eurolle, devoted nt the treatlnlltl of Venereal )ienses, aotd fronl his present extensive Ipractice in that palrticlar Iranch of the profession, guarantees a safe, spedy and effectual cure to such persons as are toublled with any of the following diseases, viz: (iGiorrlhoee. tileest, Stricoties, Chlbocres, Biboes, Semionl Weakness, Aflrctiions of the Blndder, Kidneyse, Loinsl Urethra, Prostrate Gland, Swelled I estnIles, Eruptions on the Skin, Sore Throat, Paine in the Joints; Act the numerotul syinptoms which generally follow this isiease. Recent cases cured in two or three days without the use of lercury, interruption froma business, or altera tion in the mode of living. A mediclne to prevent Venereal D)isease can be oh tained of llr.JonsIon. It is lrin thie recipe of tihe BroeoLarry, a celebrated French Snrgeon, and was used Iy hlin dring theseveral caipaiens in wbic he served ien Srgeon llt errl in the Freinuch Arl¥o. Sold by ih. Jlthnson, at his nlfice. 1 hose persons oloaing ally nRo.tioen of Venereal Disease, na allbout taking rsen voyges, or renrioihlg Ill Ihe enntry, would do well iy giving t)r. Johoso a call, Its proper medi cines wor their cure iin tie shortest itllie can be pat f ll with written directions fii tlheir nme. Olfinenion frunl 7 in the nitrailng until 10 o'clock at night. AEI(NE.THY'S DYSPFIP'IC ELIXIR. I)r. Alerrnethy, the greatest of Englieh mrgeons was lopiniol thi t noi,-tellths of tihle dineeases that Illna ta tiankind originate in tihe tuenlaeh. 'Thi Elixir nas used lby ins witlthle nIOst uniirccerdented sttcces in his proivte and pluablic prtneai tic br p wards of flric years, ftr thle removal of the foll lWillcg dseisesr Loss otfialetitc, Flatulency, d)istelioet of the Stoln nchPnin Ill h side, teavilnjea f te lead and itlcli naiin to sleep ,Irregoulrity ol thle Iowels, and it all cases where lndigcstion or a rnuttive habit is nfund to exist. This medicine must not be nunlinied rl ong the hnst oftinuck Inostruls ow before the public, as it is tile sale invention of thle ahleit allld uinst scientific surgeon Europe ever pirouced, and th-, secret of pereparing i was plrchnsed by the agent for a very large runt. It is agreeaole andl pleaunt to the tl-te, acts as a nuild tlter ielt.always keeps ihe bowels free, iniarts vigor and lrengta IIt tile ysetel, ead cbheerilnels o t heo Iniid, eied a few btl!les relnirs tha e ioustle cilirned cases of Dyspepsia or lndigestion, and prevent c return at ally future i-eriod. NEW Yona,17lh Angusn, 1838. 5 autdiasoeurtreet. SIR:-Iti consequeireeoflerding n releetary life, l nave bree troubled, Maine or leas, with ladigesli.n for tell ears; hlr thle star tbree iarrt Illy n lillnge hatve been iisupponnrtale. I have tried everil phn-icinns, and na nllulerr f lltnlk ediccils, wi tllit derlriing ally benefit. I d repllliled of evr otililg ally ierellln lll relief, and rrii,,eid myself to bcniultq hopleh.s dee.pir I Wlo irainlllled ci aty fcecln it try Aberrletlhi Dce.repti I Elixir. I hiave now fihashed the fltuh lIi. rte. anit kllow int inow toll xpn res in .dleirttilln of its noudectrlulvirtuec alul thi.nioiucl it hits ilerlnomtd ill restrig nt! Ii thlat healthb which lI tlhought io-t fi-. ever. Send lee half a dozen Iatlesa lore. ind except ,y ineks iir tile blessillgS you hae cn.lerred by re Muting nit topeilect hehlh. I reouiain .eclurs, SiCOI I)TONliOEs Tibea n al at ain his pnsse.sien several hundred ter tionilltls sinilar to th: nablve, of llth extnnlienary t t oler l'timedicliie. Sold by cllluilllaeult, iat l)c. Joba oions, 1411 ontrille.streei. nov. 5-tf NEW ORLEANS Sieam and Patent Biscuit Butnry--LWaters and llillolan. No. 89, orreau (heur the Piellba|rrin Raiil Road.) Pilul and Navy Broad, Soda oantd \VWine RMclut, Butter, Mldlbrd aud Water Crackers. All Ilhe above articles are warrante.l to be ofl tihe first quhlity, and to keep inc ally clilctl, being colipileely kiln dried. Alo,--Kilt d'iedl corn meal. Orders lets at GC. . FPrl chiard ad Togat t, Jr. ig:orner Mllgane snd Polydras etrelets, will receive pronept atenltion. Smnll kleg pIut up exprerely tfcc IrntIly use. 15rov 3 ijS1 i rciit.l aI toe I.oiit.lin FIlltci,u2 \Vare IcIoman, 33 I:,Iio ill, t .*elt,( !110 hnltle tald ihelrry 3edsted,; a fhiei nae , tidte, irse, n ,ilui oelt oiilniu-,b, WVlnut, iad Pai i.1., Chirni which willh canol, lgt tle I.rta ct ca-h toit.te. tb ILCR:igNEe, j,7 U. iqtljille stt..t. SHIPPING _ P o Europe. FORl LIVERPOOL. 't'he 444eoili4.g chip NIAGARA414, captain Cult, wHill have ilualeuiatr, daapaleltI ForT 1.h44t 41''2L41,4454ales or pa444ag4 , hovinlg gauld 44cu4444 d4.44,44p, appy4ly Oil4 ordI,44or to4 4 .J P WII'rNEY, 444423 73 Camp treel. lORl LIVE4IIP4)51.. 'r hie A 1 hlip A4:'rllEb s, T4,oi, M tloe4r, re41.44r trader a ll4441 Y flu+, 1 -4'rh.4v144g the principal~l parlulf Irrareu eoreedy and going ulll hnt:,will ave 4i4'4441444'441I1. F..r 'r,'154.44or .44.4 stlge.,bnlvilng cotlllrlobi~e ftrnished er ceelllrutio llr, "1' 1ly 1. 11e c4.tj44i44on board, or to LEVI 1l. hALE, nlov 16 3CroinA 1441 L.IV'EIII'( 4441 (p-.-a4..41e44l4'.) 'I'l., fioe A I h'1i4. SI 4EI) , Cojpt. C..e, ene4. 4411 h.444 pei4 44 de4444r1. Apply to LEVI H GALl. ou9:3 '4 ('444444n st loll II AVlIIE. 'I t, ail cun file 25th inst.. Th're A 1 and4 very falst siling p4acketship ROCHE:ST'ER, ('hao 44 Owen4, will 4 - .4,4'. For t.eptage, 4w44in.g veryl hndsom4e a4eo.4444.du4.1,l4,4, apply to the 444444er , i 4440a44, or to LEVI II G1AL.E. 44444' 93 C.,',.440n lull H IAVRE. 'The A 14444 font e4ilioo ship MIATTA Ill'1140ES'I'. apt. Spr44gu, requre e 44110 b4ales 44.4on to fill. Flor freight of. which, 44r 44444 04g4, h44ing very ha.ndsome accommodat44o44d4 a ply to I. I i It nnov14 0:1 Common st Li W4)1 Ii A VIl E! 'rite A 1 superior foal soiling lp AREA S'to, Cupt4.iu Sno4w, will m41et wihlls i4444di' 444 desp'me44444. For p.444ge1y6h4nl444i45hvin4g vary handeone ae ccommllodations, apply tor 93 Common na t. FOR IIAVRE. A sApereio.r A 1slip e1 take 3f0 hales 44041 444 ift'r 444444444 4 4pli444 tio44 4 4 e 14444444 to LKWI H GAi.E, Anent, T'the fne fa1t sailing1 Al 1hil) ZO'rOFF1 Jaob444 Mlerrill, 44444444, will have immed444iate .l.'44.041, 444d 4ants 4044 holls co4444 14444o44 plete hier cargo; for heaight or paosnoge, ap~ply to ;.EVI II G:ILE, oel'J 93114 044otl 4t. FOR HAVRI '1140 Al4 hp1 Al.I.lIANC: ; Ferwoltl master. having all 44r car4o eng4ged. ea ceps 5440 baleseon441, f4r 4'reigl44 4 wh4ic4 , ap ply fn board, or to S &J P WHITPING, 44412 1Conti 4treet aoastwise. Fi1R -OST1IN. ,' he4, fi' e ship OH4)l, Cotter,4 mnter, hav ing 445 et 440 h5er 4 argo engaged4, will have dis F- htel 44. For b4ee of l'eiglit or p44s.4ge, al4 py on beaurd, or to 4TETSON & AVERY, nnv 16 88 G(irvie~r et. FOR NE 0 YORK. P0*40444 Only. The fast Failing 441 a5 4444 Lnf4*po41e, captain 1Lan4di4 , will 414 d1spatc4hed1 in4 4 few doye. Fulr passage, havingp Imudlldoln nl·<lmnl)la 1410na, a4'ltly 44 L I GALE, 4444423 73 Co,444 4at Fo11 NEW YRII.IK. '1'll soil 444 4he 2841 in44t. L.OUISIANA ANtI NEIW V 4)4K LINE. O.A / HI1 fol 441s144 144441444414144 Noohyille, Wood,441. Muste44r, ha4vi44g 4444part 44144er 44444 . nt .'oaP.d, will positive ly44 ail as 4414,44' for 1444lan144 of f44eight4r 444404age, Ihoei44g 44lend14id uc44404. 44444.4io444, 444444lv 444 t41e C4.044444444444444441d, oppo44site th44 4ege1abl4 444rket, 4r 14 JO IIEIN & A COVIEN, noor2 90l Cuoai,,ion St. 1FO11 N E444 VII )K. T4 e fa4t sailing4 new 44414 J4 EFFEIIPON. Capt. W44tt, will roil in t law dIuya; f4or pa sag 0 n44, apply to W3Y 444 noVl 1 5 l om11mo'ER, 0,l 't)l)NE .(I. [. 't'he feat sairling A I coppe~r Heisell ,tý Ina SNOV, ('a!tttll l' 'llrrnliik e will sail id a lw dlays, havllrine mos of live cargro engUUI gad; pelr heavy height anf~ld il t Mile' s 1ltt01, r pIIligel, havi444444g 14444444444 544444'.444,4pplit 4441 1 011N11:11. 'rhe fife Imrgrlll HENRnY, plain, nosier, i*, now made to r rerUIti carg ndIIwill have depatch; or t'reigltt · pusge apply 01 14 Lounl, olr to S' 144(4SON &. AVEIRI' n4v4a4l444444444 FOR IIAVANA. Rrfigorar Packet. Th. foot 444din4, 444cket 4.rl" (bANNI CLEF'"I', Unfit. Wa-llker, coppe)Pr f-Istenetl soulI tilted us rloell ill till: i1c minlalle$ L nII1 1 I1'1 , for the U( Iloalrll ·r, attenltive Ielrlnlsr nl LI0A, aopplieir l w ill, ev a 1ply itood t4 opp 444te l t e' ·14444,44444eol'oir'44.4 F01 0411 4444 '4'1 OR 'I1414 Ilrls l,u lrtl l l, eo, pe~r fa-n'ueal; al) d) toIl 4444444444444 4444 III,44_744 am44 s1t4 e t. .O 144 44 44.'.,' OR 01.44.4444444444.4 444 auitabll? for augr I'rtigllq aply t Iruv21 73 CoIIIp street.rf For the Interior. TFOIL MANCA HI.TiR, (Yazoc) Fort Adants, Nlhe. Rodeyi, rand Gulyd iWar. re lonald Vicksburg. S 'iTllshe superior steamer CASPIAN, Jaes Brpdish muster, havino ud . " d ergon most thorollgh and conlrete rrepair, will he ready to receive freight on T'Ihursday, ther 15th instt;tand will have quick despatch.el. For freight or passage apptly t the Itaster oil loard, or to ''UILNE.L Se Wi\OODRUFF, novl3 2 New Levee N I--The acconunodation for passengers, are excel lent and superior. FOR AL EXANI)RIA. S Thie meanler DENMARK. will t runt as a regular palcket durioll ow Twatr, fr. ,il, ,,o t ied Rver to Fl assdrhh For parti:ular q Tl, y l to heri22 JNro Ht (GRAIIAM. F'Ol.L M O il I . 1,1 P SWhrse hl regular pnklel .o. pessue... steamer (;I FE, , alet. Swiler, ie will oeave the lak etnd ot" tihe Rail after thearrival ot' 2 o'lek clcari, etnd 'n r re turn, leave dLbile, every Ttuesdao/nptd Fridays. For passage tplpl) uii boead it CAPT. IN VlIPER. I' S--\Vllerever a slltiient tllltlle tIofptee,.1Pgre h dfli' the t;irall1 will t.uch. alt .. .y ,f the il .......lisle lalldiiga, tpo prerlious nutlice beiog givell to Cap(t. Swlor. _vu7--li ll tti(;\NS, &c--76 casee, eot,teaining elr's' fue u yra's lille kip Breoans; Mleu'e clra eri/.e Russet Itargane, CtMen'seKip, talle nt water - roo ootsoa, tlad itg Irot ehslt, Norman, tar ale by ISAAC BRIDG)I;E & Co), nor9 134 an wEer , rW ikes A IeIN--10n t boxes NHRB Raisins; co I ` 2o;1 half boxes do do Ill quarter tlhe do dol 100 drum i-ie, landing, for sale by CUHAJIML'IIN & CUOPER, nov9 ti Ju lie A IIEETINGCS & Slortings--12 balea RIluieei seet i -go, std 5 balers Ltwell Lintdorys, ladliag frot ship Nolt latl, for sale by ISAAC BRIDGD E &CO, nov9 34 4 ,el. rite. s ALLA AD DEEN MAHtOMED'S I)YE. For lchangi.g the lair, Eye brnws, or Whiokers to a perrmattuoet Brown, or Blak, by onte pphleation wi hout staining the skin or tie flelet linen, juat received by BUSIh & ALLAN, 17nov Faney Store,, . St Charles & Cott. bI L"" cN fr sale on howd shipOeotulgee, op. A ,,ie. thle g'ee table le bet. Office of" the Fi,,reen's lasrenre Com,pay if New )'letns. J 1 F Sot'khle rs arc hereby ,otifiud lhlt the r'er"o I I I-dl ,eet oll., i tiel k-.a dik i ad ,lid ytlya l al , the 8h DecE.aber leartat tle olie o the 'ullpany. E L 1'.Ct' na9 . ..,.'y. DUKE.U c I',,l't1.\(;t,: II"8 - S MPIIplKt5 C lll( it .I tlll ttet SIi ll I t Ill'elIll+ Pail dll t l devrarnd(·: pave Iii 8 D~eutllhre ellc-a,'lll,.a Btllleao de SOl:u nltl.ltgi t. Ullliv +L'+ l 'It:i]Y artcrelllilre A CIIOONEIR ofthe rapaca ilv 10f I0 Ilh.dugal ot, hnt Mubile. Ap,Iply to novl4 93 ('eUlloan st -- ondelli t Reynolds, AIiCHITILCT'I'S AND Il, ILDERS, AV lA\EIep rlllOved tlhler ,Slhce te tle \e lC:er 1-- { XCHANE, GE 111 i lStry, N,,. S. Elltla lit., lln E ixchanl e bPlate, dlIe t 'e u, lllnce. I EN), 1hiL1, HRrviW I 4nD. % ll a iltive .Til, ile. 1 al;,.ph grnll', ~ d aloti thIa vears; i 1,,k+ Frernt t, L. gllIlh ; I , Io.1. 4wl+ a:d d oell e Ill t llp a.,h,"rsvlfa lre. Tino ll+lle w,,ard iI11 ti,,ned -lltm tI k a, , or h i l eIIEI h oI e Ini a KueJ l -- £iaIJ ,l BIUSINESS CARDS. J. I'. FREEMAN & CO., IPLh.e,.l ClothkIg EdIabhlurili No.3, Monazine street, H AVE cnsttantly on hatnd a large supply of Cloth ing, talculated for lhe counlry trade. 'ITheir as. 'ortlllent being larRe. mercha,,ts trU the country cnll be supplied at the shortuat notice. oct4 FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & IIADDEN, No. 14 l'ha trare. treet IIAVE: anonStainto |pplye f eeerv article pertaining ogentlelenl' dress, of tie latest style, at New York erieR.P· dlerl J. B. Ross! SURGEON DENTIST, no A No.:33, Royal street. S A. PEI(RROS.IIEIR, MERCHANT TAILOR 1i7 Conutnon street, I EGd to infurnt thre public that Itnving purchatned , fr'on MNessrs ISOUtHt, SKE.i(i & CO. olart of beir stock, he will coltitlle the bIusiness at their old tolnd, opoamite Bishop's Hotel, where Ie Itps, to inerit ,hare ofthelr utroeaee. He has e ande arrngountst t the NorthI to be supplid moot lily wilth the latnst said onut falhionuble goods. or 14 CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 102 I'uydras street New Orleans, MANUFACTUREnS OF Lead Pipe, Water Closets and Pumps Of all description,. WARM, COLD, AND SIHOWER BATHS Fixed on the mtst atprovetd principles. MILL'D LEAD, P'IPES, &e EFOrders executed itn ny part of the Southern States. mr Dr. Kobere F. IPinda.. EtctCHAN: ttottr.. eon CLAY & CLARK, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manufacturers, No. 102 Poydras street, KK .:.P on hbnd .. c .onstat nupplty of Lead Pipe, Slion2 tn. diameter down to 3- int. diamneter, tOr tale. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banks' Arcade. WILLIAMJ GREENE, PROPRIETOR atr J H. PARKER Commission and Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP STAIRS. New O leants Feb. 2'. JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIIOLt.E~SAI AND) RETAIL. DIEAtLERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS JDIE STUI'FS .VND IVINWDOW GLASS, Corner of Connon andt Tehoupiotnula streets, NEWY ORIEdANS. NATHAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANIREWS. A large upply o Garden Seeds. warranted the growth of 1837. AT IWO ILE, Ala S. I. & I. I. JONES, AUCTIONEERS. Nos. 61 and 63 WATER STREET. T E t undersigned, having estblithed tlhemselvon in T- Molile ior the erpnose of tratsnctne tti Auction alll Conn ,sson business in its various h|Ranches, beg leave to inorm their frienos and the putlic, that tley are now plelpared ti reeriver consrgntrents, and tmake lilheol advaces on tile same0, either for private or public al.. St)LOIMAN I. JON ES, ISRAEL I. JONES. Refer to Walker. Knight & Co. New Orleans. NMoile, Feb 9, 1838. feb 13 A CARD. SAMUEL SLATER. AnaBAHA TRIER. SLATER & TRIER Forwarditng & roalnmission Merclhante, No. 4ll1 Poydras Street, NE W ORLEANS. T'hey will devote their plrtictlar attention to the sale l GVcatorls P'roduce. Refrrr, oes. Abijah Fibk, Farq. S i'l.henlloard, Irt n Shilt, New Orleans. Messrs. KuNhn, Iaron & Co. J It & 1 NtVilliac, 3 triggo Wilt &Co. Bosoen, "l'tilll Vtse Fo.I. r.b, eta 1trthlrs &. Co. l.erv.let o'l'houos. o New York. Von Plohl & He tll.. ) Stuatfor & IN vi a. . St Louis. nla-gutI, haw 01 :,i, . . u . Itolew, Page & tllat. Alt,,n. A It .tklr ,,,me eoq. (It lOMrtholl & C,,.--Louitville. ELI S'1'u E. B. N. STONE. "I Er&l. T. STONE. F.erRI.~dst oad tilsmRision ltlerdhnas., ANDI FUI(NlSLNRS OF Sll' ANI) BOAT STORES, i No. 114 TreHOEI EOULAS STREET. d, New-Orleans. ReIfrerens: Melsots. lal.L, BARER & Co. LIENEZER VOSE bCO A. B'I EACH & CO. New York. It. PUTNAM, .* & l'. IOLLAND I, CinCinnaui, 0. OVRIaHT SMITH IDAVtI, STONE, IltOnO 0 It. COMSTOEJ & Cs. ColunlSEJ. N. A.IiICHl, & Co.. LoujN1llo, K( VILh.IS, STEVENS & CS.t.rls, St Louis Mlo A. B1. RtoC, AIton. Ill. it Wal 1E. 8VITRHKOSW, Ruehtille, Ill. J. & P. PY. FASTRELL, BRYOU Soora, La. SOLOMON 1HIGH. NoN Orlean.. DOYI.E & MAY, IHEALERS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISH CROWN GLASS, No,. . CARONOET.ET STREET. RI FIRIR: XIEN'S 1NSUIý " CE VR¶oll This Cohmpanyv ere RIow prepared to luke - RISKS AGAINST FIRE. urrrce, No.24 Mosoul'o Building, Canal atrret. EL TRACY, New Oronan, Slay 15, 1838. SeEretory. WILLIAM IRWIN ' Commiaston Rand Forwartding Merchant, CINCINNATI, 01110. Refoer Io I.yet & Allot, Now Orleans) Jos,. LRandi AC. 0124 I i_ ROBECRI' CLANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN FAINTER No. 2I (,pstiffteet, oVlslroule Ieale Iniaits, Oil, V'riohos, Bruslhes, ' 11) 30iidow, asd i'tiSelurO Bis's, AR. &c. T. W. COLLINS A TTORXSA & CUGAS&1.LOR A 7' LA W. N OW practiRing is the Stlt muai City Coohlt. Cli eo,,sswill toild hint at fle Clek's ,,llAeUSU CiENuSi Court, in, the Custum, Mlouse Isuildiug. jol A CARD. THE udlsersigned lhae ,lprnoed it huse this cEMy, forI trhpurpos of GENERAL COMMISSION BUSINESS. OFFIcE, Nu. 15 0 GRoLuR STRLET, lit STAIRS. H P LEVY. Tkhe,,hose i rttrlad Gulf, Miss., will R cusplnued in the abut name. Godfrey, !.aft i, & 2Smell. e E, st.R Po""a ~ ~ "· Naa Orleans. La. Psst& SllillosS, 14 It Hili & C,,, Lo,,,isille, Ky. Jolts .1. (tiilsssss, Vicksburg, MIes. ltpoer, Cct1o'sr & Co. G,-u d Gulf, Mis. Mutir,AMoores & ICl,, Sitis Lillurd, Nulthee, Mlrrl. New Ocrlssauo,.luly I2, 1288. jvI2 A CARO. Th.ATIIANIEL 'I',t8S'NSlENlD lhauing Iso-ted hint, 11 isi Nt's !ean ur trtlno urpojsoeof rttnrnsacting uU,-,ttul Ageos:ss .lad f uollllfi'elull xlsme , wo ulI re Sos,,tll 11,5i~iII lll J llokIII T uttts 1 tlltris I. trlssge. Ilnvi,,g a, lhoue in hI e ITll s(ttesdto the treus u(liusg Of sos bul.innos Otlboe y bosr.ln'd inl ati cower), and sill go.lsrsor teproUlsot usiot unttesitledu. sluli",a Itoall st..seso entssted to loin chargE, nod a loithlfll 515llcau555,5(in Ii ord,,so'altts iuatruediots) o oil louds dial 0111sue, t hiNO bound:!. Olli0s iso NSa lo rl:lua,', oil GtNuvi15 0150e, Ojtppuite to l e, Clolulsp's rlsuo,tsad o.lloiltuug Ulblsos'E Now'0rlhuuo, NuvrNsbel Y3, 183i. lIssfssstost MI oos, l illlee, llu., & Co. S,,, York,. Asssss,. I' el, \xits ,Mic jo , V U lis, I). 1 s.olADer i,,1kmssoolls, Ks. ta9 il eN FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY Olfice No. 24 Musa'u Iuidizing w '..1. L n i'IlE l'. . ttt"l ~ --ssl Stosss I.ood,o'i tielESsb rhlo Hssiilr, 0 I 55tr OsO~iuatilO.S Il tEi-t 5\- , AL.'·l S lot url.. Ir is ,l I·t'ileli I·' I~il BUSINESS CARDS. II. i. F. D. Newconsab, IdAV opeiud abeoefu r thle rte trensating ofna gen eral te,,ucs ln husinat' a Noth z, and llln tl-iless confided tu theew hlall be litlhally ualended Ref'rynces:- HI (aClmack & Co., ) MSauniell White & Co. New Orleone. Cahldvell & IHicky, n It 12--eot'l I. A CARD. CHRISTIE & SINNOTT, fYlutleule Grorers and Comnuesston .Jttr'diant., No. 27 Collnuee Street, New Orleans. i l'iPrieon laerattenti.n paid to the ilttling up ol Stealll at uad dlip stles. ORLEANS LITHIOGRAPHIC OFPICE No. 03 t:ag.,z..e , ,rt,l ,p-,e r anoka' Arcule, El"'AIHl.IStEll fir the execution nl naps,p d tld tldrawings, merclatllns' clrel;relbusainess and tidleas icrds of every dlescription, funeral circular, on Teep mourning papller, aptothecary tand druggtste'l.bels; ank checks, dray ereceipts, &c. printld at exeeutt d ia .clieatl and expeditious style, by the uolprit'tr. WIlI.fIAM ltt EENE. Nil. Bank Notes ne..,lv executed. m'24 NEW IIAT STORI... USJ received tar lute arrivals froll New Yolk, lae=, al litoeseble aeIrtItllleut ei IiAl'S. lThe bIac,:liber would particularly eli tile ltltentin f ihe lthhie to a style t beaver bhatu of a t ell rita Illib, Ine tetxtutre, ri an beaotifll laTtre;i l o tor a Ille plain Itusiu lat oft a uperior qllality ,and alo a ; lendid article ol' silk ht, togel er ithll a gener;al a sortent rianutttau etd by htItnsell, eaxpcealy for this lrketr, welolesauilr alt tail J W SIItORN, 34 Camp street. N. II City and country dealers are invited to call. fib c PORTRAIT PAINTING. M R. I'A respecthuly in.orws the public that She will remain r. short ti ne in New Urleans for the purpose of pinting ortraits. Itoleallm erier of Caial till Stltharle, itltl titte te occupiied bPa Il'ully : I.yol, lenists, wheresltu ,eilente of his paintiing can be seen. Entrance in :t tiharles street. nitlb8 ire NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC.-Unfounded rumors of the undersigned having sold out, or discoatinued his old and long established GARDEN SEED STORE, Nn 85 Custom house Street, Having been mrost industriously circulated by self. interested parties, the subscriber begs to assure his friends generally, and the putlic at large, that he still continues within two doors of his late, or former stand, to be furnished with a full and ex-. tensive supply of all the standard kinds of kitchen or vegetable Garden Seeds, of the growth and itn. port of the present season, 1837. Sinee the early part of Septeober, he has re. ceived ample supplies, by the packet ships Vicks. burg, Kentlcky, and Arkantsas, all arrived in short passages, direct from New York. By the Missis. sippi and another packet, hlie is in daily expecta. tion of a supply of Fruit Trees and Asparagus Roots, having already received invoices therouf by mnil. The subscriber begs further to assure the publia at large, tlat he is at lresent as well enabled to meet and execute orders for all the kinds of Garden Seeds, either wholesale or retail, as lhe over was since his first establishment in January, 1822. Country Dealers and Market Gardeners' orders filled at the lowest and most rcasonable rates. by the pound weight, and gallon or bushel measure. Catalogues, eitllur in French or Englilsh, may always be obtained on personal applic;ation a usual, to WM. SMITH, Garden Seed Store, 85 Customlhouse streat. NOTE.-A constant supply of Bird Seed, either mixed or plain; pulverized soupi herbs, and Shakers' dried herbs,-with a supply of peas and beans. CLOTH IING--18 casesseaonable clothing lanlditng lfrot ship Norman, tor saile by" ISAAC BIlIDGE & Co, nov 8 134 l1agetine at CIHAIlt'.! CHARTS'!! TUST received an invoifice of luat's Charts, cn t singof tl'e billowing, Gullf of Mexico, West In dies, it two sheete; Bahliata BIit.ks; West Florida, Coteat of Braeil, two shelets; ledliterrntean; Coast ,I Alrica; English Chainel; $t. Ileot)ge'e (Clbiniel, ~e lor sale by DAVI\) EElti &, Co, New York Stationers' Hll, nov8 2- Ch rrrs et UCK-50U pieces'. ltrusagan' CltVats; 5e Io X U do 20 do \V do 50 do Heavy Ittvesa Duck; b01 do light Ravens do; Landing from ship Not at, atd for aide lby 1 J 1' WIIIT.AREY, ew.vl 8 ',tit at EW Clttl' SJUGAIR--lil) ltida time four ale on Iplttlt.lllaui, above ihe city, by itLiAD & idARSTI'OW, novl8 7 Batik Place FOR RENT, S1 Sundry tciteielts eI itvacant i.oiitlll tht a,.. 21in tli d Cl litniei iiilitieu. Apply to Dt. ± IJiceL , na. ti G-ovloter ste':t, ior Ic agitnt 1r. ic Ju.uc, Noa. Itlal itrett, 0)NTrj 1E firm4344,nlr& "& TrJ id ,4.,b,,,e a44 441144E f J 'Oh i14., I-y I he 14144l 144444414, i4 Thle affairs of rhlo coulcern will he. liquidateud by 4greeooeo, i.ldividtally by AribraL. 4m'r'i1s. A1444AI1AM '1'10144). e 11sa1ll co444i1414 the1 (:spend414 I"441or4441d4g n4444,'4.h mnission business our 1lly own u4444uni. at No. 411 I'll, dr4,1 s1ree1 . ABRA1IA41A31 '1IER4. nallll `hERIt CANIfl41o, (IlL, 2,o.*.t I343110 blom New I4,'d44,rd 44444.444 Candleso; 51 barrels I) ei xi d W ittil i; Ili :13 Cu,.k. New Redfor.4d Win&'er Oil; oil 70)44 ,oxed 4m4oul44d C.4, os , Jacksuo4'3 b44r44d; 100 boxes, No4. 1 S)a; 114 It,, ba 314o.2 d.,; - Smeet Coppr io 4 to 1!11) Ib; Fide Soi41hlbllg Tel, in h1alf chests; 144.4;t 14444g14 4171 e in44 I', 44 13 44 15 bu-krm 44444st 44.444444 C14444444414441 4Vi)e41 ity, in1 s144e 41n1 d lo41 444 e by, 3i2444l'H COCKAI'NE, 3414145 251 lirnvibr 144 CU'P(;Ll L'UrLtLL3l'J- ddoa I'r solo by c ºIWIJ 1103IL & ILL.S, I nov14 4 I44 k Place RME H MALAGA RA L( SINS-l.-I ,IU Fllho*.I end L'1l414bloated, fu sale by I AB4RAHIAM TRIER, nori.5 41) Poydras r I A LS1UNI)2-05 trol1 41' sa4le Iby a1 AB1AI)aIIAI '1111 R, a 10115 411 jo, 411444 at L U LUON PUIL'I'Eli- -111 casks eVevl.CIIl ter Mara, for 4144 by 144L,4LS & HIL , o 3uv41 __ 9 Batk Place P MRS. TI1OLLOPE'S NEW WORK. IIO3IANCE 1444 VIEN.A,Ab F4nn,3 a Tro4llop.4 1 R author of'I~ulllral kiloliters oIf thle .t mrriran ,ý 'Jonathan J114crs4 4 14'hitlaw,' '1)14 Vicar ofWhea tt 44ill,''P14144l44ls t)P1ri4jl-l,' 1414. i,4214o34.11 Ju4 1414ived 41d fur 3 ale by to W31. M441(E- N a 14,415 cur of 44C4ln4) null4 444444144141n 1t 1, 1'U Lt't. - - t A 13444ll4e h44 1 use4, s44 itabl411 f13 r 41414 all t 1 Sae ft 1444,4144142 ed o n , ondva 14414 , 144 r44441141 33 'Tivo4i t4144')4'. Also), t44e 14 mo:Ime in 144414i hou4e f44111 ale; it was all purchased of11 4444 t11e144ort1 1.4 144ry l144 rat4, all(4 will 4 e clhid it u bargain4.1 or i_ 44.. therparicular*,dea antra of D~AVID FH ' New]wk;ttlm~r'o Hula, nov1 ? it44 , 414rt4 4 (3 ft.)3121444 11, 444 h,,i 4'4lfu14o., 444r 1al4 4 ly V 1J.5AC )41)3444 & 4,u,, nlvl3 134 Daga44411 S4ra4 0n co4444g1441414444:31 Ju oi14144d 1444 for salo I G W Pritchard and J T44g.4, jr: 140 boxca Lary bottles Boraac w1111; 50 boxes c41ontaininlg 24 bottles cbato1u Lafill,. 50 "" 12 super 41 lad oil. 50 *. 12 assorted cordial1 51) Extra WVhite1 W4144 Van '1 m 540Mrk44r 14041414441 A,4it.'414'. 134414 14.1114 444 l o3. 4,li. 4.l.A34 &lr N.4o 14'.' I-l,4l',4. 4 4112'14i'h14oatle & 44J414444'1444f144 11.44 II.II J3 VI4)4t 4:V- '44444)4344 exIepted)4 trai44 44 1'., ~114' 4444 21'M1 41 I'M SUN)DAYS. De41p1rt tire. 'Iar)144 1, Ib AM n41't1 JA114' 4.1' I J.VI 1144 ', 1114 1'-- L.'. 444 ,444444IWE,, loeco 114C412,. 310 IIJ'Pussrngersn rlrr a~yurrteJ ut l a l ire otil te gongr I Aoll. 44e ('ors I'41 -'' 1); lauddrlý f ·IIn hill Eullaratess and1 I',r gale b y~ J Ll l'Kr: t i (i nov!) Y Illlll Lever fur ca~c sy S K J l' i1'HII''.\1":, nu44 b Co ti 14 IN Ii I''1\/ 11\'1:I '11 n ns i, ,,re ll saie 1 by \41.14 1'14.14444 () 444 4444,q~ ttO~l1414. -Il 44 r 4 -44.4,4 14144) 1 Sheeting-, and It bated linea It lllliJi~l 1(rd11 hu~lmlu hw hp 1,13t.4.4 244444 4,a144e by 44444442 1.44 .1114"44144444'14 N ur lba 1t, 13; ('l 44 Illr-lli '. III(uIma is talIII II 1u,; - I)ILLnul r ,a New York. 1441i I'. J1 TALI- 1.1 4o. 71 hort Jr 44. 4.1 4,4,444nt .44,4 th f.,444 ..*4 , ; JO:I:Il` 7' 1441' eJ4, t4hnr 144444 144144444444 .444 44444~l 441444,4)4444444444444444 r11 1,,1. I1: 441Ales .4,444444 \\444' i444444144 RI 4" 34444. L F i, II a I 'i, ID ý RAUlONFSP. IA EAIUTIFll head otfhair it the grandenl f rac. Smenl ,elongineg to the hullmn Ifrme. Hllow trange the loss all it l'hlnnep tlhe lolllner', "tlr, nand promto ir,"ly I.riner on thle aepearale, of old .1+. whisk r. u Smn t recoilt ull r. g aind ninamerines rPa Io t1hro -oriPIv to avoid thle tests anid sneers of their rqull.i.tanlce: h rem derth tid ir livs are yon qntotnttv sp..,t ill retileetnte. In thrit, not cvoa the 1 loss nfua opertt fill tlie gneotnnm thiitbitt vtlth with ltht nvv sininin t lnmt as doi n the ih ts of I:ii h: r, to avert all theiP ttin letRRnI tcir. itttinC nee- tid.It' hnlm of t'.lumbia tps,, the hair free fialling .frnn lile rel nnplineti o, oand n few hottles rmrto. it arin. It likewi.e prodnlcr etehtrow and whiskers: tprevrnts tlhe emir tram outi rn .rnv, makes if Ptor hl tifnlllV, and mee' it froal otnrf. Nn nmPrnnir cer ifieni P of tl first resprectaility in mlpportl of tie virtten of Oidridged 1ialtn, are Itown bty the proprietort. Ef kend tihe fillowing: Robhcrt Wharton, Esq. late M(avor of Philadelph ise (.ertifie at miay bh" reen below, to the high chtai terof tIe followinggentleme. . Tohe undr. l inn.d fd Iherlhy e ·tif thaIt ,hayve unsed the Il dm of 4otombia divenvered hv J. O)ldridge and hite fitnd it highly .ervieabrln natonly asl preatventive aainast the falling off tf hair, but also a cerinta restar WIl.I. t M TH 4ATCFIR, Senior, Mlethodist linister in St iteorg chtittrte. No 8611 North Fifth st. JOHN P INGLIS,321 Aleh street. JOHN ID 'ltH iMAS, M D, 1631 irlln. JOHIN S Fi'IiFV, 16,1 Spellc sitret. IUtUII NcCIlli'Y.2l3ttuth2dlnihst. JOHN GARili,Jr,.123 Arl'h street. It is known thatl three of the alive" signers are mor, than 50 years of age, and tile othert not lesa than 30. [From tile Mavor.) Cot.nllunnetaltlh of iPenatlvnlila. Cilt of 1 0I'll jlh.l a, I, Robert W1hartmt. Mnvor of'said eitn of Philte. phi,, do h-relv eirltif tt;lt it t ell ugtlitntltei nilti Sie-trs J P Ihtiia.l,ttii F'tre t llid Ilhigh Mi C.trti. v hose namntn are signed tn tile above certieficti,thlt Ihvy are entlltemelln of chrllcnter antd reectahility, and as such tilll credit Ishouit he given to the sIid Iertifie'te. IlI witnesi wh rln I hlave herrunlto seo iv mhand and lllsed the eal o the city to ie .,lited, this Gth day Iof li)eteIr, kre. [L. S.] RItiII:iRT WilAIITON, Mayor. OBSEIIVE lihat each hutle tOfthe (tettinine Rlilnt ltst a splendid etltravedt wrapper, on whlic is reprenrluted tite Fall ,f,\iaglrn, &c Sot' .holetilr and retail hy the tole aentsl for Anit riea. o 2 Fletcher street, near Maideni line, onle doe bel , Pearl treer,and by lust druggisatand ltrfulers t' ugih.he outulrv. JARVIS & ANDREWS, mn9 Wholesale Arents, New Orlean.. PROSPEC'T'US. THE suhrihober p-oposes to publish. in the be. ginning of the onaasng winter, a Condensation i f the twenty voluntes of the Old and New Series of Martin's Louisiana Reports, to be compnrised in fnr, volumes, 8So., according to that modnl t Peters' Condensed Reports. This work in now in preparation by J. Burton Harrison, Etq, of this city, assisted by William F. Brand, Esq. Tile Editor is also permitted by a distinguished retired Judge of the Supremlie Court, and by one of the sitting Judges, to expect frttomt their personal supervision all the advantage whichll may naturally be reaped fronl their expcrience. Such a work is becomling every day itre lne cesary, as the original is voluminoni , nxpelnivn, and scarce. An increasing curiosity too is mlani" fett, in the other States of the Union, in reference to the pecutliarjurisprudence of Louisiana; anld the circunstance of the numnerous principles hnere den cided in tilhe adjustment of confliutn of lit, a, irnak the knowledge of our adjudged cases of ,rilne uti. lity to the jurists of the whole Union. Mleoreov.,, the rising republic of Texas har adoltoptd our otdeas, and thusan there isa greatidemand for the Louisiana decisions frat a fresha quarter. Convenient notes, indicating the parallel cnsas decided in Louisiana, and occasionally those In tlhe more authoritative forumi s of the other States, will be added to each case. The work will form four volumnn, royal tavoet. anti will lie delivered, hbound, to lsuscr.bers at $6 per vol.; in case it should be ftulnd practicable to coilpress it ilto three volumles, the p'iae to sub. scribern will be $7 per vol. Subscriptiuns received by WM McKEAN, ji5 car Camp and (Coltonll sts. NEW UILEA,\t' ClI,tIlEIt(cJIAL IN 'l. TUTE. PLace slrele, brttceen .loreau and (Callwale, sub'b. PECIAL. Course or Book Keepir.--lhe ci.iuran 1If lHiok ep.lnilg opmend since nuvta lltllnthel, will cel-e il a fiw oays. llaty good necunltntts, among wom) are gentle mehn euh(high .tnig in Mlne,, will ,e releron ces ofiiredil to the public lrlollllpge. A IIw evPmi ne cllll. Will he ensnled nol sIemII all a 1rf it will cln te i t N b',l llhleIr tetlI. For geintlemen i. Zeing it toe tippet part ) r sheeihy, t in evening ci:la , three lilllt. s pek, ill (, lopened t the lcorller of St. I.onti atd Ex.change. Ingue, it sub revei, d. FRED. WILKtINSON - DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENEPAt or LUUISIANA, )TFFI,.Il t scrvnxcs to IhPth10 puhlic i; th d-hepart l- menttsl oI l"tve'eiug and 'jivll :neinlleritg, loth inll town anl countillry. Frelll' onsiderable experelll le II Ills pofe inll l ald Iby l O'l rnll lles and tidelitl in ;he execution of businlls entrusted to birtl, ll holes to lmeit and ,eceive a slhr of pl lic ptroI gelll t lll e l lsto mea.sure anlld calelti the LOctints ofi walls Init exvalltilld. Otlie No I Chlartrestli'eit,saecoh *tory IUSTII'I'ON & ASPINALL'S J. OMPOUND TONIC MIX'IUIRE.-A speedy and curo tbr the Fever and Agan, reniitteit and intermilnitat fevers; prepared tihe original focipo. Used with eminent and uni versal success an 1832, by persons of the highest respcclability in this city, as stated in the ualnoted certificates; This medicine is highly recommended, and has been extensively used in tile above diseases with such distinguished success, that the proprietor of the recipe ihas heen induced to ofifr it to the pub. lic ill its present form. in the hoe Iliat it may be the meals ol' relieving many of those who ate suf'i:ring under the scourge of our eonntry. It is a ledlinme possessing great virtue, and whlln usedl according to the directions has never failed of affecting a cure, even in the tmdst obstinate stage of tihe disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, end persons of thie weakest stomach, and children may take it with impunity. It satrengthens tlh digestlte organs, creates an appetite, and seldolit requires more than one, or in obstinate caase, two bottlea to effuet a cure. There is neither mnercury nor arsenic in the medicinel nor any thing injurious to the human constitution. The proprietors ar so well convinced of its efficacy, that they ngree to refund the price of every bottle whieh has Ibeen taken in accordance wit tile directione and lhas not efeicted a a perfect cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for Now Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug slid medicane sleor, co a rn itr of Blenvlle and ihartres ltreeta. tFor isatrict Aventies ati!v to ,i loudA 7autl,,y Iti i a i a, C ia lul hv ' It IYItt &. tl, not cr \'tolHil e N t llltl ll a T IITfI--Itd) keg os!iokn hair Ilutter, "of fir qu i g nq , y, landu tg antd itr Csle hby rE'I'ETSON if AVERY, no. 44 tirnvier t at r •HE hlb:isriers take leave It inlonIl their patrous, a dllll te u t tic elltrllt lill at thy ase noiel pif ilct Illrd t ,ll ll Itlei" tall fuihioIl . ;Oa.sIP ,ir I'a, 'alhionable liatteleS, El xlhnn Hotell, ml. St. cha les It l, ItlNl .. CRURI'. I luut'I lienl Elatui r at .2luriton ILL bIe ':l o T'lHte-dat, 2ith initant oI t: o' f it il ill k it (i, lIt ; I. lil , SI. Ltlii imetllt, aI ' , I.ew ILevee and Hulntr ,llet.rluTnediatlely flningl t l'll r (te ee. 'liton P res. tilllldi i'n lthi- ,ligi ,lIe ilt woll!d nolw reallliv ttlll aI hi'it itital nl d a lli l.h il ditImn hl, nltit0i la d-. I.hl; all the s.leets anld banllqllueleS are a iad P-rsn+ wi'llhnz to hblil rnwellg+ lt "one hav. le A lie Ii. fo lulily tll l edt ul sellitn blh u ctenlll. TIe Ipl iin nllhlbllil t til, tilh y FcrbItnl. l'ernts li. bIo htalt . P .tikula.. at sale. nov 13 t 2 -NEL. N tA-----aom; - 1, H public tir i re eeny 'ully informed that row ml - tfiow it erecled m thHe isnit improved slo.r 4m04 iu an o u'v nw lOl c tt o litoorobie slfnetiOn, in thme rfauhol f Franklini, upon the raui.uad, one alke huom the Miesnl' Lthe hbilding in lnrge. end most eomnnledimotly diYilomd intl, epartlltls. for khepg ajlls aremlW dl t . ll leslr endd tITirenl oisenevm. 'I'lls im,,utio, in suppliled wsh Eot moe( ekiffiu' ind atlltetivr noIode I nd tnaoe imlde,,ud oeadnkig kilhg bll Private rlomn an y ike had by gentlienfleh sive ,l trs pir nov. inoa hldil, llttnll"' co. ". Sieve .iro two dolhr.. Shmall Pon ill hi ,ordiserv woord, five doll'aro. it1 captia0 ,ors "itl oernirrtto5 enatrn. floe eaioioot plot o ino im fIr 't otlo(r ooltt., *Tmmh uppliooon . for t.' iooo ...t . lo -,'us. .wo. . .t CA I.nsembea g, No f len ari . streo. aj '. New Orlenat. oaod Cenrpellten llO I Reod Arraunlg lleltIl forr Ii rlgtellh e lrsb inrun hbo dote.( Fitote (Caetolt.l.OON j.ol,% .l. W t !lOLKAf1 i ThP Il. ro e Tro ii-lJo'ci'k A ,1 -oe.n, e4mw t7A 34 do do Il do do do I I.hoarr I. . do, dor steom.arat r 3 do, reim or 2 .lo P ,l dole do I do do do 4 do do do dra 7 do do do do do do dn9 do dH do 8 .lo do Tihe Ja:kson ctroele rs nmd I.nfevelle. khnlatI o'.lock, A M. Caool oirt kli o'c o'hA .I, m foi. lm nioe huolry ar 7 ,oeml..k Illher comoswiill cu.Omrsltm rlolnillg every aolt hunlrr. ntlo COliilll,. tilroughUut m dao atuni7 oclnock. I' M. 'ranrrae l:ent for 1iti Lo Co..lursne m 0et a l erIt sunle ,in for Jack-l,- crect. 'I'. .Atiou 0 v' iKn , iorn gorao tb g e.- -1(N e0io, per brig Star, i stoe asIr aler by. SLAI' It & T'RI.R. m503 4U Podrat dnLnt. H AY'S LIIIMETNT.-No fmoiosn,"-?Th m1. Strordin.ry hehlmican l co mipitonl ties rusndlt of science, and the inventlon of i celebrated Inedi oal man, the iolrods .,u t om"f llwhicl to thie publis was invested witt tlae noluen.itLy or a dyathbed bequest, has sines goined a repot.lation unpralelad, folly astomainig tlo eorrnectnvs of tie lamneltead Dr Gridley's last confiesion, that 1i he dared not die without giving to poatdrity the benefit of his knowledge oil triis suject," and Ies therefore htuqnpthled to b.o Fimadd and aittelodallt, bulomnon SHaves, the Ceset of lhs discovery. It is nor. used i thls prurloinsili hnrpitnol, amtm tho provacte p100ti¢o inK ou lconUlltry. first and IOoon cerlanmlyv fur Ilr e Cla ofu tile Pillsie ans exote Mivoily and ,fIocaually se to alflu credulity, uolllon who re ints dber s ore witltoestd hxtrrloally inrr tb following omllpluints: For Dropsy-Creating exttraodionary aborpatoi at gonce. All Swelling~--Reoducit ig them in a few Ilmtie Rlmuntlamtom-ltnce te or CVIromloc, giving qiuit. ease. Sore ThLrnt--By Cancers. Ulcesr or Colds. Croup and W.lloopelg Cougi-o-x-Eacrnlly, aind uvertlie Choal. All Bruises, Sprains, and Burns-Curilg ito a iSores and UlTeors-.ltheta frest or long f s.anlding, dexfver fosoreso Its opierafions phon ad nlte anld childeotn in etdu r in rilomnollino swellng, anl luooming cougnhs at d tighlteore, of tile cherst by tlenltion of the part., has boas surpriooog bn..olmd tonoerptin. l'lT eoilltler rematrk t.o lothose whl Iove oued it ii tu h Piles. i1 " It 0cts like a hnuiooo.'v ' ihIt I'ILE S--'rThe mrie. 1 in retooidmd to any er on whtto will use a bIottle oi Haiy'n Litniment St;r tIe Pio-r, and roturn the Oepty u)ttle without i bouig oell er 'd lonroe re tire poMaiver orers of the proprietor to thtel goll; t illd lo t o' ltlly tLoIU. nomllol nold. not one hlas b, en h loneee.insIl. 0, W-, Might igtetrt cIIrllttC.auo Io lany lengttl. but "prthlr tIha tootoo who soll tl.e arilelo, siouhid tO e oI Ith tohe rigtllnl to pernthato rs. ' (CAUTION-Nooe ca, tbe genuie withoont a I, oplonodid nollgravtd wror, er, 0 llolch im lmy n el,5ll, and aloo thit ul'tile Agetnoto SOLI)MON HAYS. ,, Sold wholeosle and retail, by COMS'I'O(l K &, , Co, New York, atd by ole DiuggOt t int every a totn Il tile lionUl. Flor sale bL t.oe Wholeoale Agents, corner of SC:ommolln & '1'cillltlhluuio+a neseltt, anld by the SApotlhocm;rice generally. je3U iii STAITE IF-' I111S ,NA, iitlll iaii· i )llri,(:0o tI,. Jii·.iaoliO I. Jan. l,ihsioIJ II ohI·)r(I koI1.,I IhIU~ilyl' Ii~li.,. Mooo C~ile0. ...o;.aoI~l dlit Nliogo'aPlle.oa (la'co .-t~ oii. Ioikjoao kia,... Hisrd, Ia -o, the Creldit~orso Mr'u.I Thgiaiolw t I I'd Ienlep r p..(oei is aeri pted I+ the (,,,ors ur ilia he ,,v l ,, hl. I. Fill ay i Joa,i It i*ordr it ( alt iohc, 14 avi creditor \nu-teolwrd iiosiii n. ni. I'. .haou, Juadge p (th Cow ,luur.Jui.l, Ihi, '4i. Goiiol c c, 1 u23i. P' LEI1I[ANC, e2.h.7-. Nloll c e a2i . t .fr. 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Heeve's & S11ou'a Wu.r Couioo; Ni-c-moon'" da boa. eitof Chilli, soft (Crarulo -3-li1i, 72 nd 144 difllveot .lmulde; Liqulild tlil; 'luiIl onld Siljer Shello; Malnde andl hdin,, I-hk Sllalas"Chai,, Suwer.; Chinn lil., 3. r alud 9.litucluto; loteem, Nillioglnv, ad ('lienu Poalutes; I',Buui brlushe; hle.t lnldger W'oowh tncll,.o; Pooch knioes) Alaca. owd Sketchi,,g Partlidi.oa Paperp'. .sloo rr still C:urk clleape; Minictuoo I00110 a.d Cao. Sc,-w (Quill Pencilc; du (lirk S-lloe do. OttlL ('0l1ililO, Ioijeco0.l e-o..ceeo Jonpc ".i.-d Lin Doo... HRlcdt.r 8. Iote. wil, thI'.lol . Iieaullu, Jj-.. P 10(10104 l.'eoso i17.3 I& & iii ho-. (I'Ec'i Il' 1(1015. WAI.LLETS. otlssin and IM. ois,, tuinrkor (hobo; Hue-in Iaerbu Wallet; Clooci,, Llclelur Plc'ie ol..h , 3 4. 4 Ilcoy I-uaoe; patl--i '1lelIT-ttr, oithl Si pencil cuO.. Oi'ltil C-I1 ONH) in cd 111 I(erdrd1 HIseanlodl, Iti, woiald, Mot gold I iaoicllcd gold, Yiiani colioell odud-gnld Scrot SIcr dine. I'F.N 111iL.DUi:S. 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