Newspaper of True American, November 24, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 24, 1838 Page 4
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kouisi'isto lnotel, rIOOtiltnTO. I0 4 MARY lta ItKAN) respcetfilly an-. as no C os toher frieunds and the public gone. that she is prepared to acomnmodate them at no ahovon establihmsio, naul ihopes f.lrn her Itertionsto reudelr visitors comeua ,rn.hlc; to r,:ecive i 6ontinuanec of f .,rmr lfvors. She fIils confi. .9t.t that per:ons visiting Covilg.aon during thetI ummor months, cannot ind b tter acconmuodations .thln Rho can :dourd tlh.m, on lihiral terms. S hou ban t s ple.isantly situLtid, anl well supplied with noery cnvreniance; the bar is furnished with the rmost cltpice liltners. &e. il short, she promises ¢rigi nothing shall bh wanting on her pert to give Stire satisf.cetion to all who ma:y patronize the IassOlOlppi atnd Ln isiana Hotel. je3 ,'1o l T Er PUBLIC.-T h udreigied. hvomg Sstudiedl under Dr. Sctlnidt of Charleston, South Carolina, and thr some yeors his assistant in the practice of imedicin iend sroery, has Ihe honor to offer his prolfessinnal service in this city. He asshren the ladies and gentnmeon that. the most prompt attention will be paid to the calls which mny be made; and also offthrs lis services to the htoders of Wlave, heing well Cqquainted with the diseases common to them, having attended, them in tlie Blgnr house in Charleston. The ranloues anthbilious pills a Iter the composition pl.?rofunssor Suollstoe, with directions, can be had oftheundersigned. The effect which they have ptoduced in this and other cities, has been attended with the greatest success, to which the bist of relbronco can be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. nine treet. . JNO. M'LORING. IOlLosW WAS i 1tWT)oli) dIR1WS, EAU IRONS, &c. ITIlE TTOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. S 2383 Water, near Bookman street, Now York, hle received the post reason, and are corstantly pecniving largo and extensive additions to the stock of the above goods, which now consists of the ollowing aasortinent, suitnable for the southern and western mtarkets. lollow ware of superior quality, consitting of abumt 150011 tons, viz., Pots of 22 difforent sizle, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, outttes, 15 sizes, from 3-8 to 3J1gallons, Kellles, 15sizes, froim 3:8 to 18 gallons, BIakepans or Ovoens, 7 difderent sizer, 'Too Kettles, 6 do Skllllit, . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Orhdlles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, . Ii de Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3-4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Serews, 20.000 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inlch, No, 24 of a superior quality and fiish, and loess than Jame's imported prices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for rotniling. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Suas weights, t10 tolls, aesorted from 1 4.4 to 20lbs. Bells for PhInt.ations,-steamboats, churches, &c. made to order, Also steambeats and other machinery made to order. The ablovo assortmient of goods is particularly recolncmeidcd to the attention of Southern andl Western merchants, and are offered for sale at low prices,.and upon thie most liberal torns ; it is be. li.'ved to Lb the largest and best assortcment ever 'efered for sale by any one cstablirluevut in the United States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by moil, ca:i have a prini, d circular, with deecriptio: of lgoods, prices nd terms, from which no deviation is ever made, frneisald by return of mail. All orders will receiva imonediate attontidn. New York, 1838. je3 L EMON S'ttll' &i PI'KlCS--inderweood's Il' 1. olli 8iili :1icil IdiklehRo, iniroIed si res; ,lloi, lli si,.efl, :i & l as elohtll'e ,llc li,;r ilnlai, lstare it collliBlluatl, by JAItVIS k ANDIlt.II\VS, t. " r (no Com)mlllolllln a el ll lmapiteuh,. s'-Iliii h.Ilt I.t+ai o . SciSIclllIp IeiI ilfJainJcs e (ioalid, lbr sale by ISAAC 111t IIIE So. Cit. llll; :il ll oei',s i irctll. '1 ii I.I:'I'. ) NEhsmi diellino. os :Oi Triiiton streiet, he r tecn Tivoli ('irltlo ld t urouldilht .,art. it. Applyl I J J'I', I I.BllA-tlt(iW, & h--5 I hellbarrows, 25 ldirt ,do. ill stoU l e, ili : eii lIV ClAIllI'LIN & CO()]' Ilt, - 11 f . . . . . . I7 llln8 1,.nN IIlII~llllC'~l IAI VI~II~t I)·l'I* &1-11 CO 11 'ii?,((Illl S II ,(1..", - .0*0l~lll III· ll illll~ 1II.IH-lil'WI\.·.illl Llii~ illl IICI rolll,' .l I~·lub,. EPtl I1IC·INI)1 -Illill 1,1 V to 11. .o(l 4,7.1.,, k0) hod """""" ' 74 1. 171)1117, &I l.1717111 .1il) ,, 7·I~di'l l 777,111~ 11Ililil" j~ l LuU 1-ll)-- l 1.,1 1.11 Ilir \Ili((I I il..l' ', 4 1U~~1" II'. 11919' II ~ .41(1 I 1.45011191 711111 ... l(o7,.l.,7. I~l(IlI 1.IoL 1171.1 1111' It',C NO MER9 URY NORCO COP~ ~··rla IVA 1, 51 c~il ell., IlllSol IIlwl,.,N 1II;;. 11,. lbl 7il I~~u.. ,uII,.oeobllllla ho. cll,,,11I,,,r .,or llilr Im c oor ol lae.11,,,. PoriollI1·IIY ,, o le·,l lvh III L 1, I.. ?~ll 111rtil (( 0' f 7 177 70(1171 .~~tllll(I 111I11 NF IllC ANEi~r 777 r~ 1.,,,j,,1117 ti ilf o.7y. 1..17o.1..7~rl. 1701717 H,.II,,IN,,.11io" Io.bII ri~lF IIIHY C 11~1;11 1 ,7,11 ,,,,,,1 100l nl171170,1 11litiljll 117711 17011 .9l,'1777'.l d7li 7I77'7ly i7.'ll r l . 11,111,',., I"I I n 11,1,171711101~l I17alll7117, 1b177.ll'711 910i7.Ulllall of clr,,iI7d n~.,.. . l r I 7717 171711 Cl~..le 1711, 71 0U(jl~ rrl11177.lllO.Ii5000107101,1 7 rr.7.111..1.o.. CALVINI ELI~S II soE(;lahyll J.rdilr IIIV1III&AN I)R·I.WSlll~l 1~I: ho.lo,boodo Illll~e71ill of ho~l··a ,oo.I,,r hob i',rcl 17111 101017,1000r 777lll~i0,'.0117 IlIl sgsofo u lirrllyll,717'7l,7··i wl~l ln l~111,7111.7717lj,,71,5,,4 o l~is1.171711109 777177171i(·ll~ 1171717 ( r 17177171717 011·( 1111-11( 71l17I1 7d. WIIIll . ol l 71,17 71III177 1 (.1llg r qo LIIro of o 1711717 S src te rolao, olt, ceo.fo1.1 .rio s 1)11 AprIe. lllo 7~,171007 l,. lll.77177 f,,o rtlio, 4I1 of fcoso illilr ,nllile lrrlf 7,0tl ool,,,,lIr 7171071 Pir1'I,. 117171 05Ir I7117110lI,77I110iul cl11117.iewll~1-1 ll~l~ l~il II,,, pllie. 0117lcb~~l ,rl07177711l7 i,,Io~fur 17 IIetl.klw I0'rcsr..0117711077crry077 117I7 711 'I hI).. 171719:0 71 .o.,.I go 55le~i.77177l~cr01i c~~n l III 111sol'oh'lerllicu dn~rolliul. Sr~ll dIo ~lulol o le Isoalsilr ltror, i 0. IA.I IIVMIIII llol, o,17 sees loisolillI.llco117 l,,o,1,fb.1d,,ros, lll~lvlo. o, ..Os wo.E') 11*491frlrsrs·ll, .f loPI(o soI Aloo~lo 11177104 !505d3511115717if517,ll gLIR~Ooslo 1..I,-, oTIl'o keoi IllS 11770 771heis .o~~lr Is prllot.iss . 10 so s~~ilier 1.rfIll i, 77017ll lIOrsulmr771 7ica ln l,.lic171711791~1,777r Tho11:111( hldIl~li 5707~l7017 d,.,.,p,~lll (·1701 9,I· 17Ya IIdOil,. 71lVIJI eli~irtl Wi~lalltie pR~r; Cch,19ii &~ '.aNEl:wiu. -' ONS1AI1VI'T & GO, ane now mcrivnincle., on IBoact Ship OrlekltFnF~k,~`Eng,Ilitilr, i'iiker tiiry Andrev, French ind Gernln c lny cardn; Iln:k a'n,"I lhiiircdl; Ceinnmen, 2 d1- and 23- inch itil lI II lhls; 1tO,0 lnd 1" inch blide bowinno Kivn-. Iiea! mnll lW r trlvelliin Doenning Cante; I-1. I're ;,.I, IT ,¢r~ n ' R,.Rr l d )Oeilliitg Piatolnl 'donnl l iIIe. in· i.. j,+. tlied Gi+os; c;n- o inags; ihot li43ltn; l'inwdc, "ild iflrl lih-in. r.4lccBt'ftal nd Driciking (Cpn; P or, i Cgopn and Cel4, nHollers; Cloth, Htli, 'i",til. 'nld Nail brith 'k,: Orrlis ilit Chlorine Tr'xath Wnai iinr-ln i o; aIhist o;kle;: hrcelets: Bennp Nicklceir n'd ClhiiE; lt Ilnllhi Silvedre, i neiols Indin lil iearl, iirdlls IIi I· lBerai: Sncll wieI; tii-id anil Iaresliin. Couvnbs; wh·lichl~in asllitionl to their former s tock oIn hIAnd, maIke rlih Powthe sr.l'nt very copln'te, andrv will b e solh d iw alli libne rfcrln r in ; tine 8Elan tie f Glnnden; Ilillf.w i iiilai-exl i;ili Chinio,c HealnaidlKyen-i Feeivlcd ii vlerti ten '; ]ve ant -l i-in, coni tine r n.c iil1l( ihaiii ('ill nind Slovoce it l ; Iole; li liiii Ienl, i r hlli aioi l piieii psll it ' l'nii; rind l)cosojpiio O iand IEa oililii e -rnuns a.t ihesicni the nGpiden eiiinhb |'2.'-if 70 Chiartresnstree. c .r&e . B w hit e rtwi e S h fihi ld , E nd lnan d h o te wceivcI sa vey iaccei iifsof ci oniiof lk'thm tlheona KiKaoeco ofo- ' lorer.tcritioi, lien, Prnti-k, miris i inesr pmeiit hnh-en; Rzecoorn, se onc o lidi' Ielo &c. &i-. &ch . whicli the are pCrepored en cxhiii in ile ircnhl Inr orei-e. Tierms nallcniitioncs aill hi iih o onwon ii t e i-r. -mlf J. I). lEIN& NA CILHFYN..0Comon t. Now Or-Arc oncene coc18i7g LI A SLM A. ItARTIA' S CO.-AO nEw rIVehiATg Aper shipa Ih ullllE+1 Egle M ilery Aeowdr, High aiscndi F'einrhai.l(iriinIand Ionile heioiph, vincnam s: ote, hh andl tikel pictols; ilall, rii iled i l Ii sil yell~rirl :, )++ hnldelo; caSiNse, HlncRa, leC. ces; (;oilln's commeiil aindii olier .tleel ienll.; Vin' soc; Violin hiings; hllel ivory ad lortn cnt eh; waueers; k, riher liilk eanelr parstes hair laniilr, froninin n nok rihlsd; negro puffs; (leiraii owl FPu-ouch enlognie lccr, Riwhnluauln inancnar-el nil, i ilatioll Ido; nltiq tie clil henritiil; iporllde leaks and uo eh,,lg ccoa;es: pat, hleckuiug; Made itilloud glna; cnro vnexn Ill'; 'ie; e, cal g'~lsmr aI viewsi rledand bedstn, bruhells a lomes act-leolleauililhr Iw lin l toilit anld o. lloapsui l ill riflu owtI{'l'+ e ,slat~ie ~VH*II mlh;3 meeal.; ae il ol.ei sinlll ripol st;lllls; l atl!w etllllonliS faoty "ena milea ia acasek cs; Irillid rImell; pecket biaifi ni.l nwllntta niaili lon luiiner u tle n fine nail coinnionT glni l iisti i~, elllin, iorle a , lllnt llr. s hlalfriiit ulclen. sil nor wInilv Ien-nus, dohnp. t t. T'le abone ipahulliitin is oone fnmir ie slek of fony o'tielis, ilukes ouler laltrenerllt veltn iPll. r. lor sale "l i iis:di: nI retaile a the si.i oluih Gidhhluc (comk. 7T) CIt lli· ir Kelerl.,t 3 rlLe rLu. DT' N,, (,',, m., ; Masts~, iI~ri-rii &Cii., ,IuF Nnateo TIhulr neiiil ivng le i rtner wuul i Ii e cllaic arrilu it the otlu lill; alnkl clusui i g lle orcail onali ie fhlludetI IerVIC tirr will aton ten the ttl ag of' t . b s css -f Mayo.,,~ll IhtriTi* (:I)., atl NLttchcz"X and Iinrri·, Kel n* h (:o..IlI RlInev. alnil Ileoav Kellhy will utt- nd to he seltlin. of thF Im'snes Oi-o f K'lv, Masoo & Co.. at ew- OrDlinI.. TIlalncaioe ofC hIe cocotal innS willlie usedl it, li( xidatio~olv.~I1 'l'hui-t iunduliicd to .''id uuufur are rncirtle reqilntooi ,ncoine firwsrnnuld ounlie early netteluaca t.auli hrnocte hieg unlani" olil!l luelns PIo'rcaot ithm withmnti delay. L.EVe C A {RI.,, II ENKY KELLEY. uoi Orhlinot, Iulle 21, 1837. J EN lA IP FI~LJA.J CDIOUNGIE WVn'IRa JEaN IntIre o1 lthie nll mrinr C(olglle. waler, jnia -re red nfietr I)I IIh Iih IIul uu or nill ULh blue:. Alrdo illleruit:n eIell LeodIUI toilet inpu wdnero eoiwdri oi'n iindiilklr, collt lulc toiit-ol , )recinotllei( Wli Illle ralio cohl iriiati-i l l eiiuuuIumc r ic ik o • l ill' mem k iilllul lll-u I iiiml c lt ll ir il hic i'rg i ca ai ii eh~,, Ill~lth ll:li [ aLlll lesh .%,r, shles; tllgctllcr wilh iun iiMitiimal . I f ll iiiiu)ialel hIuic, eiid solii I (onlbl and ji-lfclrI lclorleo lo ni wlmuuleoule or rii tail Ily " tSIt1ONi, IAIRI"I' &CO, 7y170 chirtris tnecca. N J~!w (Dl(iii - 'ilnuinoonI ll~teii do· ~-ict m lv 1 moml. rouefnuoa l ancmnhipn1'nzoo, ni-I r~og ("edhri" Cnnrinelin frln NiwrYnrkma grciiil verinley o giind li t |eirlie, h wehlc in~Flh i with h tnm ril l rl; e alt+.k onI InI.riII ,llllkesl the~ir Insotrlll vrFI t iO~ I lcIte. tllc-k and Ie h'slllu LuOll ll i-iciini) i h iO l elo ill diiec i-tiO is, hl ilnc rhlhlur, rilk oliil worsted.lestil+ .itrt, l'ellnlllln k fieo +lapti: 81s tllelcl·d lucr. Ii.o oo nalld L.Ilil~r Illlal1che.+ + hllinclmt oipllv iiiS )x+{l~.).[Hlll e e ilcu ont i-iiiite l- Itr e:elit oole s anu d i-ii , o swleclu Iofnoka lioa , ee ari ior y llll lqII IllrlH.IlO r lr( 4·I*' lS nlld~I OIIIIrtllnl JlltS )hilltCll r iii iie+ ululm:klca(nIl auiem IuiiiP c inioolllil . + 1 cIe'llei IeaIek i ai-amelo I-odligilicr'a diieillCtall.l lInliaii l-euuIe, I..·I. uiail dueloi .; pistoil nn larTP .¢.' Je. liirrltlsks shtt blls, ho1·rse hehl. p~oekcl :tadI due(·ling .,isl.,lsr; dun1l)h' anldis ,,. (: I "rllen!I d CIIns, BowIIie kiw sCF alld <likili. sl.icYo lriim llme,qlii ii e tlu. kinives, tllllr+. t.hlii-, .uin lil)ulul ,kildiciuileiuueu tlemuCll ir I- lliiii l llllll ni-II dlln lhnieuei ece,(,, lh lnuul llklti-l. k )lu-Il-h, (cOarL'll+ Flr~. ~~'l+,i'ieinn hu iiit| luulul whuh'.,, iiiiilul~l(S~ll, t cIIIl Ixlrncl% Mlll, llfrll r Idiii- Itll i .\Plllll '. l1 l - ciitr h ulihaii nil, diiriii.el- and tcil t naps ololl ili-' ~i ,lil I, l.,lll 'a( 11IIII Iiii lenii i-i ie sl nn' ' Idrie iuie nlli·lll's ha lrr, "L et++l(r( l+itte n~l Clt + ira(+ 1 n Ili I v III tm·l s IICil.a l wt,. '1· 1) I. \,'+% l *lain t (Id .i ll i~lrlP tl ('oat+ +lllrl liiid rilvli l ,",n ,'il h .riii, dci lh n le ll l cii lwi- , r sil dt '1,u(l gihl I~h.'k l I~illi llll'¢ €uI Einl ii, - .iL ns .d i-el ,hil lllllehlec lk-e'o Itn - i.-o, hair 'ine, illlilillillll f'lliillk itmiurediulnlumhclhhlnuieig,viiili.uuc I iiiilnuiac,cilldu I nllllt Ll~llill Pt, l.-liubi(lll LPtl i:+ li...l twilltl" scenot'd tCl~ll nums,..auul ueunnu iemi.c la-e luauf*.l. ;oimi-iueiri-it lcrumelm uln-c·lnci'au fciimec, ,lniuu-crei-i~mi-c-gnia gh'll, ,h11l.,,I .11d .itj welv&c ;I'heI .IIIIF,, I)'·l,,t l~l· ·,~l' w Ith $)(i 'tvll 'IIirV l)['o~lhl 'r Arli I{ i-"alil iii.{'iiiu-uiiinili-t or ricn-l iL uuiiliu- ( c lie ii/' uuhuul .... nIi........ red. W tiKI t S )I~tll lot lthlsilg ofi Nrh lVden ill( , I:·ill lll l it ion t o their p Y Iie * C stork on I tit otio I I "I'd completrlle ti-ortolenl of urtu, les in their line,; viz.:T loli s! i rrll, IIIIIv, J"".oi y , b hlet',t lttkiutt g iftteea, (,alle ii, Atirl e,'le7s r·(:Tell.a;' itnart en+ Iollows: 1't lll II IIS -to rtoise s it(-] I, wre n:; l Ilt and plain ov Il'twiill qio· Itto ak, ltete rtlround, dressint, side pl11; Burl a nee k, Ilnt ezilian iamb olitf veriv eariptio among which :tiw some,, xll cal, pucies IrnIrgtLtt ms' okt ver description, horn, dressing and p1:Ieel titrtetottlwith 1'EI t111 1 '.lll:I;V -t l 'olognlll , Lavender, Florid a, hone r,~lilln limy ~~-:II, ro~r, and rugr lloor wafers f every sie` and dr crition411ml~tlolh'ed ,,'Cti,,'l,,t ittitenet of ltnlnoint irrant sot d, tt ie'tiegetalehi lttdc,itteln, ttis ultnrt litlr. lo. I'l-lon's shelling saltai, p llan moi l t rtn e leittit'.gt*et teeleilt,·H Lol24111N41 il(IASeStE--(teneeo lo thi cud toilet i tiewlr,snr poildPer Itm dteipnit gi te, Itott do, in ot not d oillsr Lrdo netenn tootnlee as !4'ANC~Y ANUl VAR&I'lY AR'1'ICLIot-l ret:Ith nod Aotwdeieu withrttl en l teekocdrntur teig ,teor eere rith toil litte-s attiahid ladtes noik ltn tost otatiena eoselitts, ic strinet kiflwht, ind tilred C1ttit-ic, tIoer Ar plotti ptle ai s tleh Innemlod gceoilt Ind silve" .acrw iver t th ied 'keg lr t d titlo with and gd tledtti Oitt ell-tI ES-('lth, har.lecst tdecria Io~t ed ,th,floo lint, eetti lottt , plat, Imle N.tealt, FeIwig, slhOoeend tetl A t tetlltreittLIteCt', lhiems, pcett cttlny, itFenh deiinng, glas des, born leo, e wi th itv etiivo otherids nltttk etuetreteepo very rich and thirty tniehelld Indies work boxes . mIT Inld)ree-l tin o cases, withe, tittd y w ithout Ioc'k it*, ,boxes, Ac cerdinne of vario k-otinjs, v id pi and guitars, l ie-i at, eted ttkpenils and l a, citt greet eoirt eal tther ran d l ,tfhit , 'tll htk told blr eechl olscw y tteelhlth. d~l 741 (.nrtrotet. Celle., Uercuse liiou Cap pereulaslon sap chargers, toppleli(· lct,. ii etriIen·e shot n! yg, 'o ba.lepatt, e 1.1 !kingo, to Era setts, Indin Inwals tt' ever kind, ells uu plumes Ai t I trlu l e comm ion ni es, r i- jdsie orte nler tret ael eliedet, tins, allort ed, steel re ct 'et ll 'R " clspoliet boks tld wallets of Various kinds, vis iting~anllill the ot t titoo le alt,,eielt tt l bxes, prints of va ri xl kinds, Saund ers' l' mcriy sh En utersua s, Hill at t a Dud I Inwkin's r~lut or "traps and Itt ittiol It a ttitith Ltdit't eltno prefr too' frereybe letoacest dtweirtoh ref I'relt tIo peolog bs rnet t: irine of leeonwtere iloiui cid ottotdetl udltlllyHrteyeel't tell ottlhee o'1eh. Oil DtUL.AEA91t& UItIII'.R.~R IIEAFNYE41I. "IlNEW s ieed le b lrra d pgcttid s iter d toith deafnet, JIr(solrett tittlr etenltet,)leihjui lotie trceeiv tl. ei all tie iufw h the oldghteiti achllfc l nit e itl tit lt. ite on 12 outh credit it. t3 II S tlht one. 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BY the, se of the cotut eepiioiiloretcim ttipe nInyaU.sili o~tcttti r dout, ad,, ettttottertttt E c atiel "otl. fell lie Wholesale bugs ate, corner C torten and 'letupld ,.is str etslit 1. uiI c ,.e Vermillion; 5bir~ll* Colloid Varnish; rSrr= fIst. WILLIAMS, OCUI.lST, NOW -AT '[ie JEFtFERSON HROUSt JEttFFERSON OTSTRttET, LOUISVILLE.. Th ihe Editor of the Loutisille .ldeerti ser: I[- -lt e.ypior. by ithe observation.s of the Editors "f i:e Nshvilhe irl'rtlvyter'in, Union and 'lrrnrs cript, .s wtel.I .he lhn's of Iise Mephois re iuirer, I the "rpri t rl eilttwoa of eritenitres ih e rit sqrone, "rsi, ,itti jrniriltshrs jo ooonrng tire ~octoreo. '1rio is oved ib hishinly ralee, knrowieI tlt irso I e is hot short, tewl shat sh, indepedents Amoeriean reoe are b e to judge toe t remelres whabt are pifo .n. i tpositions. ''o'he rvot'tly editors who are Ijo.teers, the proprietoeo, edoeers or, ub-edlitors of thie boe oomed journals, cll every teotte rono peoaotosl have eiorsrll to silt tn IIte srhier ptolems, ptlms. I. 'tte fla intill tl I nver oetoeth ei grsget soeoss withill soihetl a pneiond ise tln olr twelve dav I one wforh wirs wd hnateh r ten yearsn, w ho h ii clil ar en te light trom tioi iirhl, tresron to see sto frllow tits sor ter Sie hotel, i ru tead of I,.i orlioed to hs, Ind by hir. Trwoyong ladlies, sis!o had eoolnlhbrt the sishtol one evesoioo fr tono velrs, nod the other ftr earrly swo trees, having te of the the she other ese very melik; Vet elthof times te vo i ladies beg llols soee wilh orti myes, whisoi e honeii liede msomeftoii noonti nes. eo elsting theey o rie oo se iha.itntsluene or doNtillt ,o of the Mleionl Doteors. Aioithsir is the diaghti I f a rispectthlr onelrIantso, whosle nome I atm hOl never to mention, (as ie prrid mise sly foels), who sarid sihe tad les the iht of ione eve fromo the age of IifI mohs, blur that r she now hegisr. to rcrod turteletotre wih the other eoe mnpletelo shut. 'T'histhe le ictor e tsors ksnsew, os tire gtetisn tiold oi himself o hle had eon rie o m ios dauoltter o thie oillee of thre inedicl eitors. thset rey might be irkmried of ite foet. The last 1 all nert'in is n ehlerly gentlenun hb lbhe names of tount, nryir sh e .iy reies of age, wholeetlrsd pub ie yrs lete r whieth tihe .bk so all itas dill'eents o mces itn rraville ht one n d thtIself Itod inrie hi llro paid fire he intserion whohloever shoy otranded, thtt d-elar it isothat leter thuant o ie so tall der eed osf Ithe silto f oos aye fros fr t Ie olier i o hireth, whic lis noter.tihe to ls,.r. ,w nl=edsienel hy isheo ioeasoles or rnttell r iox ihat now t, els uhidot otly eel tioe lihit of Ithe on, for ihe lirst time tsoth erecollesel, bitll tHi e eiinsrtrol, nti s bIiteginihng to isisslngrish titlistrl obijrcts; an dlidi, hefireo I left thalis iv, eiveo tira noy roof thsat s eould re lto whlk ahoirt tle str ee s eith the other eve comie t.l. etier d. lie soaid ie hrl hen o iemner ii the iletostlist tp1riscopseal tChiirch lrt OIrit ltsryl tearss oiu that rio ters, wo inever stoeut ed thi'niugh th o re fhole ot s rso ofis liie. i. repeat teh t I had noer erera r s.eeoorss Irn its Nashville, e nd thorn the omedical .nid hnrtool r docr hld inever heofee go, mB Ie resool to be oeraeed. T' i. phi .hidiiriigsrolo'l*a flee. clerical i)r Slirih proveso wheoeo nilettl tneo ie that ionhsix verelrs onstie. wos eoillvertd from b.he ins rt'ef'i inilde,r te beleve i ire Sr.oi theo Bible, illst-le smist hlve lnuiade trifllin errr-tha ~tn m onrst aell onisir marl , it toh ef rep irh end ifix etars ell ltowle, r he los nu eoinver ted iefrns hi iisdelii'rv, is tho e sll irit sio thre trte. iiE.uier of she peoeellkh aotd irerigtn drtriouese eof he Chiristin 'eigions does sit breoithe tort rdestruction, rege, teultrinui turd ftostrehntrisirs hae isoriedilidel riosisoy hoatt s thr e mainl whier le hoklew hnad donme so etetlh gaood,' il no i i ii hry ir any one. All the ilnhniahns o f Nasllthville spokel rsf ite great I hrol, v-Celt tsie resertic l rs. Mostrier of thrent itlso hasl reot iuforflled by fir Yooos of tlhe tre perfourmed oil thils tilolo Idliod eye. I. Thre fslroor Golioh S. oftIlis town, lrretsldos that I hve lost tie latels I gained in tio e Noerithis tne l.o ar ival in thie Southwest. i'rlprioeo., however,[ o aial, ouil thatrit kept tlhem until ilrfived ie this seetion. If I gaineido oe is the norte, [f oughI to have eainedr tnoth er in the lsioiutr nind etsrlltweesitnd I still hope tit weer thenm ti lilyo very oyouthful brow on the siy I resve in spite of the Vitiert'ioo of rite great Dr S., f i lmay juilge foin Ithe sorrili I coe oto'ady itesrefirted in litr oity olhi I three dors. 4. The oiect ofi.the present i ito infori the medi cul tiolirrlss rnrl erlitors iof rhe Itepnflirn eso 'Iroins ei'ri gt, us well as rite eleiroir le Smith of tits C. pres vri.otenhinll of rho Union, of Notshvitle, os wel tt tei ehitor andtitl errt,' ieediesl odinor of rite Menll'rfis Esillriree, 'is well es fir lPreniiie, sire editor if rhe lotllsoile Jouorri rind tliose tsirs setirr l G.olirrh erlirrer sf tris cllylthe g.rleat Ur'S., thati hal hiring ctionst against diem rri ii, ir it risuperaitst, olnder ris teeeluny, iirrtdi styli .fter my arrival is Nero York, os well ts agaist theih otintlie bre lires tire mierliol Grilintes ol'tie siorsti. I Dnow biiidl iilyeelf l't prmoie'nll e vlrtolh quit thiis lilt ii lued of liltetiy, runtl I hirve broghit g ilia inose o" fllol lrV UMedicalrolifirlriahi of tho notte, as wel tielthe soot1 rind ilii west, to ihe gindlstonoi! 'Tioe llftred, here. fore, nvay calulal oen 0irriliog ole durilig rhe wtol eof oieos ver itu New York, rhirere letlloo lplstt paid, tlndt 11 Otill.r " will ie sinto ii toi t rit oMe. 5. 'I'n iulrium tie iurhlic liht tire tllul' soealled, rli,'lk iite lrev. clrsically ('onverled infidel pietend e trrirerl fits hhls, was wr'ittesl rorise thou rweek rof ir-, ntd irtrnred ilfr lthe Rrv. . Howell, who tesd it ir try p'resenc w. horbs inanliltshr anyi i lisa i rihlrion; ion iheiwnrtirt took ilt o htis eoide' ansrd errirlol-l ert ii lire wa lie idI, wihich ler to id e e Ilodt s t wtilrs g n wee'l ny i)llo..oe helsles lie dihlhered theua ILo h to me. wilhoutl prrtele dli» thaut i wantled It) br'ibe ]1i i~le i Tr ia .4 duty', titro Ieve Couldriioreinil to o'hi' r or i t l el rlrr i S oh lier, all iiiutily I[r rsrli r'aliig te ir. r rhe Iteo iD o 5lt ir troWl tte ten l i beoi.oi. Ihe r lbli.: hatlt e r ni t i . 'tiiio all tyi" rrl il tii . \. &. iio. will it .tt hirtilrlrlt ual iotlhnate frienid o' lii..,, ,'1 i tihe whole i f tioy Imli ll, iln t'riripany wtilt irii her 'lrel gylll no anll nt l sti all Iti i riso nlhot irir', innl till iry is i i, |. B tel ' itr ]tutu eaotiri, hgr' e iin -tr cold hive been inehir ed byto I u I t ) iris' t oil ih'e w ii p .ir .is ' 1ri ar l sileo lits he, wirote' hhu~elf tir pl~luhh.tlilno. nill lilhdr.ssed ht to 1i" .l'hrirllehl elditour of the S %V Ci Adv.rcli'tr. ir. Ns rondrln r tlie .'lureial.irlit ierulitioioloisielrof Nasliiih l~le tooos the altsl ,; aiiil Iherelblre useidl their et firl I ii wliu stirh is ithr e alli iwoerfur ltstlhleit, slits ical itali inhl~clle l tri e e' of hlie. sird t -o-lr.-toovrt'eh infidrIr. W read r iti e Iru ihn' t hilit l 'i Ir,. i kioiwn t it iu s 'rlils.ii Ii o'ae enry rirs colitt'r d inidtlr el hots Ill'ached I'ron ihunt plt~lle. 7I. i ditt l i ho sit rhi, troefirti.rloi Iho tistrotlt htir nrit ed or t mo i r ,ire whehrioig thurn lirnt' tltitrr, it "o ilv n ttir i ti1 t oiirh' himr rl wtt ii irr' hs sell alied to anll.. her i-iin,erlee, infdl , i It, ,,i'h inl the dnv ay t ii th' in it iti r fihlire rili ' Itivitue .tir', allel y solhlhim Iitr that iiiris i llof, lof rilt rr. ,1 A lt' swe is, thal it tons o' .t • o ioeo le I at r l io the, titter..' il be eolliili (r1 sit iiiirinys iir', to itir , ihn, m t i e tuirt li ti s hi ten nceitofnrit tie' t'oanoi't plnte'io' fore,oef$i pe lne maii~ler, whic~h were t ol.l he~rep o"alo' t-l t tlii' e o r il ' rtie i reto t le'inr i , 11iilu iii tatlltoi liit r jor l , hme 1 ivcr hiseoder hIt eolrihe hfin, I sooldrhai ii ieed him at itha lo ,iirtllt'trr iiiliir ft ,it, toI i i tull It, which, itt ' lll plrllbuhilily, hie wortldh e' li art. .. lyl rere'ivell its lis fire, ind u ii I te elit it it li i i 'rv i" I lid be • - iei le rl'l lrti O tI ito shtit i h t'rersiitia'i t irteov dt lo it w in s c ioaivei urerto Imii i,'o eii itro. t It. II lad Illtr Ri u. l utr orr ben rer lly t t tlierhtlo t o ille I'elicfof t1ee: ilo~riuus ofl tlh0 .avioul. 1" lee nohl not hae r'joonigeI i cl'sl and exit.tnines nv l dientos oriw iute keepingl lis wou'd, us I halve uiliavs B'ootd every " lmilnistr l 'l" il " Ih " ll.i'l Zel oulls Ili tile. " '!. ]llld hte Ilelli reanlhy t.oioveri,ht lee wol] not tI II - rl, Iv h tove .i'rugint tl.e Aeieo'tooi ioiiino, whillh it ir well owr eer u which air pe rn.hio i tnlrV in soliie iiaris olf Iro'e. is oceonl rt e.l oIl' 'icgnetrti p le edlfllloioerml charf sire 11 r rrr i ts i tr i ' ci'rslr ir itelfrori lt iun ist :'l hits Mie Ille .put,! by ]laving viohlent }lllds inii his. Til lr li rt int ri nrl, hr lllrrr it SA'os hnolr l is w'u 0 w hout excuse, (rlule,-u lIe is oilumnrll riried) tithioih hi l it lhllrk hii Insie 1rih llt etrui oe slt' Anirer' inttultriu o li'l. " ie e a c i rierllr s inidel I o yrlsie his Bloti--irt till ottl ir ili slpshk well i' th fridgIeo bie goes telo tii river. 'fI Ir'n' ihe goalhlat Clriaiu Iirumsve st d severldo rrtheer itio inititrg geniietisiifn of Niillsiie, reet1lleet well the conhlot of tine piutus ooeirpornioer cf rite eioly oel'iptires . Ili.e i ss on, tw suhs a dPiemtn iu hIItap she as Ile v. I)ltrs wtstles hdan I eald t lit (I raso itith hilt weali IIsOaled ely gitwy Ior twithe uiwflesi hld igigfti rn if woi uld hisvt ftlrld uae to the graulal, fssr" darLis to dtra a istls Ulltasster away fromi trnlhledlr l iIitlr l thaull ilIhtl "LL)ld GP~llllClllalllt had1 ulll sIeardss tyilhyh b h is ll t I h sts iti r aii ] I. la I asl i an a atlly dsha sfia sd aui ahat sfraid ,f h sas-a tis~s~sssss a 11siIst, oissit'a a Iulllw'illsss s lh II tucgIIlth c, i ll i th f w y stt s ts"slsls sllsslls I sssl't rlslslssll u s tls iss; ' U t rtls 1t ' iS "aaIys Flllld. its aL·ItIlll . ;lU V U lllUOIII T t l~llln l~ll ilnU I yjul rv t lnllle nl. or llll et . AI 11oe l hr t llsl is d ssiti le t ostsht t si t sr ao l tlit (s sssssiaI sl fst t ser h stt IsssIi a ti sishul tissIh 1'nt I siftg l0itr oilss ts isa Kl sinsg rfath eF st a W hIpgn gtonl addrsse toDrill ~ltln iana!'I, testiyi ng th ces casasttssisttisssahe oF la.sratin ofalse tsiat whi ths ssslisl ,1 s lssI ss ttll sllt-rs iritsss, fratmT I stire isBstssrea atiaf t lal s. ih ftl.s snseIah sndI sa llt a ttret hn it stilste, t 1 it lll ll e illle lr ietLLt- i srsss als r isolsy ss she st s na i U gl0 it re hull Irw h tulii i l. uisle nllt Ili h r ndi wil istsh u sgaIa- Thoas Is. lulfsrsuss s l.ilt l lll H all s oser aio! tof h ire t.e l Ira ist ss0sit sorhri. i Iisi as . tPai t sls ss5,s-st fth s sss dlist d i lta stir lisssitl·o ieFcll, ss stlsis sVHsiillA'etss ldr sst it \VIt 'a ri ij i.It tiit1s .X.i stss sisssssilartisssJat' itits. Iiilllas-tssr'al t-issss ItslbUli~l c sepillstn,.c. asissaiiisasistsfatt sasistss ltt -ish saulirsl. lienuivl Y lcl· J r ,dy . 11;:1 o v ull7. ~ l. 111 sstssttisfraaitasll.afs.-t days iasogttioftas slta J1e sit-i kn t th rut lie Ir t Iligl lr. .~lltllUSI w ill sla eonrt, tlw f h w ci ll Frtlrl frllhPn* l l ~e n. rrl r | ltow ll )' I. airl Iu tillP idhtl f iltsisssi uylhs iVet er Ihiss u l v:t.: h Vut llsstt's, tisr esai ed at, 1 oisis. in say t elttitr d si (urliUllbl llSvic~ive i·$.eIu'o'scIIU l IlIc)l~l dii su isstll ts s.i.i·.ll al t r e lf i sassnssll te D r. swi slfl r Isis lla Istitts tss pletss sssttiss1Ies5 itsitia asrssf iaeis nI Litass, l~tstsw lsssttitsst fssssirsslrsss~cqthta stssIlssigeatss itt 's test lin lsu iu s llalra a f tita days oge t a ll lie istsl 5irs Weissssgsassill as1 rs sass~i ta Dr. Iiliissr tratifaistg tita ttaaadlratsry lit'lstteasJu sssaasly. arststss .rase.ts t ua dnt sfisis c. r resquesteadi ssltiasssttatrY rsIres sill is asiu. s, a h oui st, Isa in hs sis e ait ytIi, t ni ttseii ittitil tltro tti dtslsss'. nyu stil Iierda u ss evsssr -lf hi list hiss ami~le , issa hsies Iaytlssyatml ay t1l l.r rl.. C ,h t l ii . lrtt re dsisse i ii t of iif tile it's illts asal t, Ito t aaisclc a.t titusl tlr iiias,issllr sis Isis siots itisst I~a .tlsttitladst aris Washinto.,addresacrd to' Dr. W·1(IBnr ilui nrre.iy g theIP BII iel cles lr, &e swllrril as those~i c fr }111 tile M edic al o - kn w ulel~l.s ,.f lli r, Ire Hntaliy , IhIscoun tr e e fiatrs tisas irrivalts its tah ite U rstsd ssat si, dtis s si tialean stes tlf r(.astll s ttII~sss liii!~l rs.sssrsisius ofsssit tli hat Ia bou lrl,. have .. it Ar tsly a all t htls jtsri e s t stii elsrs.-ttI~ 'nwuleas st" t il rtsvi rtts tt'ie cis Cat.+rarhistaIrt isrl' tsits if t hae resieu slistetta atrest'11 iiaiitasiisssisi brss'isst sjt sttttsd.sstiarsi lcHlll'T II. c 'IIOWI+L l le lui.IIIICIIIII ssy stih -Isy fldtl~lvIii it s~l l O t sI'aorsutiis v ' I" llll' INDIIAN'S i'ANAIIA,.- -O lit hecure nfrheumallism,rset fula or kingsc:ilfoul, Slinatica or hip gout,l ini et tancers, ialt frhImlll, sillitic and metroial diseases, prlitu:llly ulers anld ip.ifullaffections of the hones, ioceortedl throiatl l nios trils, tilcers of ever.l dertrytllion, Iever sores, ian internal nhsessl a, filtulas, piles, rcont head, seurvy, biles, chro nic sore eyes, crsilllias,lothles, andl every varietyofon tacous affection, chronie Catarrl, head ac:he proceed ing from any acrid humlr, pain in tle stolnach al l dys iteltia woeediog frotvarisation, afloctioasof the linrl, icrunic i*tlammatson of the kidneys, and geaeltd debili ty causedl by atorpid action of thevessels of the skin. It is siug'ilrly efficacious in renovating those constitutions whics have been Irken down by liJudicimo s treatm.ent, juvenile irregulalrities. In general terms, it is irevl mended ll all those diseases whicharise from impurities of the blood, or illitiation of the humors, of whatceer oame or kindl. Somlle of the above complaintsmay require sonme tri Hilng asoitant applications, wlhithi thceirmnltanllces of tile ense will dictota.; but for a generl remey or Porifiealnor to removetheealus, the Ih'DIAN'S PANACEA will genlerally be foundal suficient,. 'TO THE PUBLIC. Hlow trute it is, that modelrn Pllhysicias, im their am hition to excel in their profession; explor thethe vast ields ol'fcience hv the aid ofohemistry, and seek out new re medial agentast in short, to arrive at perfection in the practice iy meaons of art alone,---ntirely overlook and negleot, as beneath their notice, the richl and bonteous stores ofmedlicine, which the Almightly has caused to string out of the earth in every clime! Andll how much more true isit that while the American Plhtysician looks to foreign countries fir many of his most ctnlmo and oeeessary articles, perpetually changing as they are at tihe dictates of fashion orfolly, he is suottetltded in his own tcountry with ao oldless Irofusino of mediical pknltns, sfficixntt to answer any indicatioa in disease or to cure any olrable tdisorder; and yet he is ignoranlt of their vir toes, till they are sufferclto wnsstetheir hniitng on the ldesert air.' he eflrectsof vegetable medicines upon the system are temponr.y-tholse of minerals lasting. The forler ex ert their elletts and pass Ioff--the latter, mercirty in par ticullar, act elcemic.olly Ilpon the solids, deomnposing the bones and underminnlg the constitution by a slow and sore destruction. The congtniallity, eflicieocy mall SAFE''Y fvegeta ble remedies over mineral, may Ite estin.:lntd by contlast ingthe alnnienlt practice with themialern; or, to bhring ii more ilmediately uIllerorlll ownl ohsevrtion, 111t: iiti an practice with that of tle whites. Who, in Anmeries, nas not klown or heart of ,repe:edi Instnces wherein somte decepid, unllrtelndingln fc Ilndian, hy meansof her siplle relledies alone, hals atlftel tile most .tpid an astonishilng cnresnl, ftir the .lutira.t ltedt lica of tile itmlmool tptnice, dlirected it the most skilfill mllonen, hlts filoell? Aliil who his not bleenl Snrii1tSie ait tile eOl paratileease noitifcility with whit ithe tdian fir.eslhinl self lirom any' disease, and at the ahottst Iai abstlinence olfehroniicdisese a mong t ec? Who has ,rsel heard ofnllll ndinn witha constitoution btrokln :mil rlield by illtreatment? A:d cai a o, libt exist that ltis happy ex emilistit of the savage from most of the ills wltic tle fleslh ofllan is Ililrio, is ohliliv owillg to noie geiia alll a: remiletlhes which ht elollihys? '"'his aslolish ing diflfertece in success, is a Iair exemtlitinction of tile ilnsiilje snlleioriiyf lioio n for n of tne tillll sli Of lfe which God has eittelol for the hllen it of "his ctilIheni over those wlilh the pride and the art of man have itl vented. From a long residence among a portion of the aborigin alilthabitaltsof ihiscounltry, ntldal Intimate aousai. tanle with thile, methds f cure of some of thelr moost successlitl prastitioners, tle llloprietor of 'The lodiani's Panaoes,'oaequired a knowlelge of some of the most powet'ilanid fmHorite remelies. Fron these lie selectedl such aswele mostefnfieciousant lilpropriates, aoil after various expleriments to test their principles mal strength, he has combined them in tie itotm lhre presenlted, as tile most perfti ot and bellclicial for the iupose for which it is recommendled. The irolprietor ofl'erslhis prepalration to the Illic, with the coiStniSoPses that lie isplacilng withintheir sol, a rseeltly calable of relieving maly of his alflicted fel low ihtigs, who arei sulfering Iuier the various chronic nlld obstillnate complaits to whicl it is applilble. To snoh it will prove of inciculnlble i allr, as the iinr:ts, and ill many cases, the only means ofs elievingltheir scl lerings aod restoring itheg once more to th alnl hap ptiess. 'This is notollfered a coio111mton remedsly, that may elr chanllee e e equally good with nlall)-y bthers now io use, lbut as onlle which is.scaplahle of si nlg lifi: ill manyl extremIie eases which ail the ulualllll remeiesiil. Thlis has Ionlle relpetely; eli thi s is the trelutatioin it has ob tained wherever it has been ilntroduced. It isolitl yeacs sillnc iis ieinIahtioi was toseted io lhe stublit: blt in tihat shonllt spiict . of tllr, Ssome hIlidtret s of Iersonsnigiht bel'og l, whst O wIthlot solenliy ileclaroe tlt.tthely) betlicled that theiri livt s lt: save(] by i is,o initnoooasesadier they tao trid acme taill Ipel"11i al) i li the tollllll lli I"tiitllei t.eill vtiili. lan \ h t Cv r it in k low.nt it icIna1t lln l o ior alill Ilt s AIllbrdstheins tihostxahaoLiitoioIIl noottitehig ii.oUf of it '"l. vaIlu ,,f ith P.uucOn i imnst cospisuut:l thosu long stalnding ands syphiliti l sroulau ltIs whic:h have denied all other r.-.eies, lan m Id l p:ltieulirly ins tholsem sus Lhelre ItCec.uI'y liss bIIeen I) vis Tl y ussd:l as to ellile distressing pIills ill t -he mn llig s, aIeII l.cre ''lhese it cotmlettely resmols, anisd in all cases it enti'e I) ,ndicstes i th disaese pl elliscts of ceer, IlIn. volicsthe colstllution, :nul lEIeesthe p:tint'll sso"lnd "d well. Ilt III, llin tis anl illdii ull e d I I I lsU tr o: , ils I 5 i ly sli ssts al'e not l te l iss ipt l l g'ly i i.g al ost il - llTake in props - l .ioes, theldin'li l Panseil altlln si i :,I s aslm a l s. S ,,th ait is tl.iSenlsh ito dl ph s-c -silli e lll l iv, Iu l axlatives, n allti-sp:ltllllic punlld llod l ; it ll iii lloperii Iases, Il. hllo mlllhl iI nunl ce 0; t L.llt ·I { ilol' al l slly l exlny lle, it increases all ali tl ' l.ln ll lll lx hitn,, gaessl he stmach, lto excis inn it thle gllai'Is llis a n anc . "From .hs- tn pri ci plr C itl llAllllons nlia) c I Sulells lIui . Tis limedicine ha ello SloIItul highls ' useflll iiI ml:s l almsiguoss diseases not here sss ecisiesl, -m it has l1 c' uied wills wonderful stuccess i a Spe'ig :Ill sh FdI"Is Pu rifier, by thoses who re sttlse i compslaintl IIsht,ie sllss will du we'll o usc t so orIthrle bsolls in small ils l sie. IVhe.ever al dist idink is cOlnlsdleIdi neceIssuly, II-is Paiaces, taket. in a small tlse; w Ill answer all its lau' more ageeable mlanlner than the Cumltsi id drli nk. 'l'he billl iing certll iti tes, ouit of htillldres ls Siilhr, whi, might e procuredi , are gie .t tot sol w tiW o I.flet oI Illtillelllliu ailils l| texhihli s htl l l hemost ou.atis-lctor m sanner itsuperiority l iover the srls l cm t SCASEiS OF RIIEUIAl IiSM. CuetlAI:sTmI, Ntov. I. 5it , e)uringtwei stw Isc nt'ls llter ssllpring,ol wuhs allicltel wilh a very severe altidisse essing ispuis alism, occst ioned e'xposure in tild wtathel.. I niiow take g.retl ieas.oe ie sais' sethaso ix bosttes oflht Islia'e Pissscalt l'tstler iln teinikecet merlthy, anld I wulitclhly l.sutlld it to JOLIN IIN FEGUSON, Ko. sl. Il*IltETtN, MIaNhI 'L7, 18,1.' was nb izs d atla ll Isll'isrlytc ait-iol' hh, w i'esosise orheunatitn, cuseald bt lakif llesa se.etn-lf celdsl whioll Illltr Il hi'nfhlello"e f irltl'l·)·yl atlid which hali( liliblcdl P+, romn business lnearlly ever sicc. luring this perio have Ict ia Itelllt in the Marines Ilosp itl, ill this ilpwals o ilUlr nmlloths, anm il el'ly the smll lenglth tille inthe llaltimn'reHospitil,:uull tried alhmost ec·', renmey, whii littlelheneit. Od t le l6th of elilsoor last, aithlit tihe scmllely 'able Io movasboilut! upon Iritch esl, IcommenleO dthe llluse of ililln's lIalaCea. In One mronlh l fuund mlyselt'eillrel li'oed front laihl, :old ai iiow happy to state ih.t I ulOilltler iiv'.lf etrrl'clv well, WIM. TsUClKsli, s13 Malrtkst st. CASES OF SCIO oFULsOUS ULCERS NIw eosll, Sept. Io, 18.l Thllis may celstify that iu the IeI oS f 8'I.5, I was siize with a swellingin my neck and Iace, wllich alerwar, nlcerate sd id becname Ilsrge ghastly ulotes in mly lneck. A!l'ltrlryingwpvell Idllysioinslono ull|Vllrltc, Is welt' Io hlhiladelhila, and ipaced iIl .tf llnmde, the car-e r D's. I'Physt ald m lcHadI, Iwhenll, ;her l.eatle~d Edivatolol to nod eel, I was prlinllntlled uttrcly ilcul:lble. Alile. wilnls Iholleolllr waint's IP:uniceillllil a ighl hoilll.s ofl Potter's Cathllolio nl, itl ilnso ilnaterliidll liatil Despairingof lite, which hill t oo w beshomsi, a bisthl.o is Ille, Icreturned to iy parents in New York, in 18'il, :1o g.ssave sfell'uptl a lngelrsg ,Icrtll. llcIriltg of its r"stsil t a.ossl OsThe Ildiislls's l.n cea, owlllevel, . i, castl iamillr to IIy own, I was isersladed Io itr) t, asl last I. sort. To Isy great surprise, ai well as satis.littion, s lEnll nld uysclf lilloy roVcrlni iigltsi itIIs Islosil cr ss!ll tlllltlles. llslse l hrel s altslslsl I b chlsie s lso isfetl1 well in tle coaUrse otwo ioItisi, sI d have remainesld so oer soilsc. I illake this sastcslaos ol wlsll itsillishlsd Iisl. th s iCiltofthtIss w slso are sIllllrhisg umsI r slmila e.l'fluillL is or slhllilitic alteCioss, lthat ithey siit kihlon lwhat :llr cl e lll lle who llis , llbi.-ed t.,t.i. t nllh hil t.mi l sni s o c s i i |.s is n Isll ie ls a le ' i.u . .is WVI. IIINIIA' CIIanI.sorslN. lJsly 1', 1 ail. I was allliots'ls, lsresyslss with an ulcne in the leg, Ioc casimhally aompaniet ll ith crysipelatons islslalnll ald excessisve lailc in ithe leg anl ancl joinl. Stiril eminent phyli sicins exertes d theirlsl.kill upton it, Ibt with out per(snment benefitt. It Ithis case lie bottle Indian's l'ssncea made a perfect cure. MAIARGAIIREI' A WES'I', 191 Market 31Por slelby HENRY IIONNAll.L, druggist, agea lo-i tlse proplrelsors, I'tcholuiloulls street 16 NEW ORLEANS & NASHVILLE RAIL R-OA) COMPANY. TIHE selorklollers of this conopany sre lsielry no lifso thai ss n resoulntin of i e 1s r 11s ssiss lif ires the t1ih Februasry last, itsr the pevmllot of five dolla s i shinle was res.itd, and the suiti stockhuolhlera are furlsher lsotelif, Ihitl VHI .REAS, Iby aI resolltion ol hibf t oiis nal ls ii ihe 19th isst ,a clll haso Iben s ill on Iss iasts shlol s c ers of the New Orlens ss Nashrlls e Itlil I(olIt lllll liy liar the oislllowivilgpg i vllmo .n I o tlt slitse ,cklIs h l resipI l livel" iby thos, l'ie:-two doitrs per sta.hrs, payahlhe tl the lusis dys of nusplentisbr nexn c wo 1 shdrl nics pe re lyuable oi thle lirst duiiv of Ilecemllbcr liet; nex it;" t NlhsllsslCr osh.onlO piernLe os tihe Ii nt daiy of 1rh, noxt. lNow ihscl'lissbe it rehsoled, thcsols tis erstts i.s tslis assslsys!lsll soslifvys s s Mlssssslsasrso kshli. through ll0 0t ilic Ipr.leto tof ie city,lhat in onollotlll'i i' witsh ihs saixt sectionis of theo chartse, th, e- m pi rit ti ito posil.1 aly paylllls called in 1 l lls n e stock s fsadi ,l mipalnivf frw the ter'm lf sixty dtays, froni lullHier the day tnll whichh it is minlie ipayable,l with stl e ss no - iilion lowever, that if not regulslriv paid within lis e said lr lotn atiuon f sixty days, frlllll t elIIaI , " Is, da illc shi.h it shouIs lldavIe Lets paid, lllls l hen the l tsol i on whi to said Iylllll n should have iell l l ll e is lill il11ls s- ss 0 !(l'l osisd sIsio h l slalsllnsauIIio rsltllstls- se1 t i I Soea no ies r hinet tf Ibe nost tnes chari Ios th, plloei uilnlt hillq ssssiss 's. In ls lrs 'i litn ,,ts IIsill Ithist sail rllull, ellr tt+k of the tu'ihuidcs in slaid clnlll tll, ul Etsk pruline to u sinilttessia of the i atoar k jise d 1 Ao R McNAIli, Soril.. i,/ (erll, attlI're solld sid ion -- l uihe irt ii sohi,,, Ist m posioit till 11191 sjlun 'I AhR .-- --i, -'V 1 011, Itt'1', t, ru."s-'t d'e',,whi,. 11 SI' It itt" I tNANA r t for the I'aris Cr : ed+Cv of New Ctlcrarr. ri1ll1h K'I' ATI': )i' IOUISIANA, 'I' l whoml t1 I,'Ire.llla triet xhll iromoe (lr re:til:--\Vhelt re', ,lttiews lla tc hial In arrchanrdi aIt i sale aide rIv thle 'Shlcarilf thie ptnit of OlyraIn the propy rI 'irtPenl rrr decrihtd, as l uit red ll to te chn rk of thie I, CIot, in w hlose oilt the tI o salictas inretclrder iln 1 i0 Archdi o isApri, A. tIe i: ', tie r a m fnit ti o r ter-e tIsernet ion t oele rrity ettrtia ie ilt tile tei italtf le C t elll of I.toi lll a, r uillerr cid a ' t1 i he I uburt llrher A rullc o i thione lta ltur.le e t jihiciial sclue;" N.o p.i w the 10th tla, e Id' elnhrrl , lic:ce.t. NOW\V, Ih.crfirerr, knw vcr, nnd al persnna interonested h.l n, a re ltrtllv lrt Wll ai;i nmee onished in tile ltllle of the th e Sto ef lhl. ria, aned th the l'i'nh t tourte troir fo in eIt c 1i uet titt, tiitl or Clkih in and to the prpel ty hrecinhlier desc • € i e e onnr ofu ny t'ite in thep , decreciecior Udy rite Sl Ie i tr ceurt illr alitv ier tln e apll irni.Pents and ayixrlite loApn itn tidl, ormanler efslrle, Nr or sany other rhfrct whrtes pvlr;to shtow caiset witli tiiiv lys luo te lay tclea rEuition is fiel i rictePd ie Lih public upaie rr arly tile sle so pllalie tuld nollt be ,Olllirmednll 1ir|lan al log: led. IFelbunry A.D I). eUe8, in n t s it Oeti fed Arexanlerl Caldwell tvs. Jcames ftriec Nr li3ir7 orf the dtcket ci' this Courtf, at r tich sici thie sraid elaetl ets e I rnecame tbe purchasee r fur the price of twenty cnue tousm uld I)escriptlon of Prolerty as given ii the Jr'icial Con a- -i c t vrya n c et v i z : imllciltio alias I.eoirse Iof Ihis ci ty. i squ tre No 5, lleid hit having 11relti e ttastiri er (ui liet cfrrnt ( 'i ireiIu Iilrllan srtret, r fir fet tr.trlllr l (.)iulla r street, en cill fet en I nft:lelll dor Sile ' 5 e tl't, in such I mnlllle r that suaid Iot ,)l'rOohd is lie fret widle (fromt or side of tide tillarIre t thler othler, toglther with it dwelligr hilret front iig on 'I'oupitrrelio sltrln; tle kitchen ae l 'Ann Cir lenisli also l eN diteilceIc esillhd, lihlnIls erecled the roa ad ither t uihiliS.g and rip o nrtis the tnuchinetay utelsailh, inl plemeu lnd It r blninSl t-o salll d tillerv i ats hpl eicllt ai Nl trriltr iel e ' ne. 11 t1t ie i rlts a.:tionr nl lrivilge s tri reti o elt p gin lg orill rI nv r trri ulpltrtaillitr t . Ilerk. )onfilcc, NeW Ourvllean sr , l[ay 7. t MP,. r l, '4&jr3 J. 1 .()l 1.1 I lr ll i ty Cllerk E'I'AT Dl'. 1.:1 -1UI\tic iI. ('-teiu.- ts'-ie pIctt r la perrrisse el till' d Ac e N jrrrre rl'trriiciles. I Ie ice A'I])'E LA Ir' OUISr\NeIe -A trlj t cr' x line t, \i ee l.rtllt, i r'tle:tn e ire'te, cal tll: At rcnl l gtlll .otlcs i;:i'r etira ranllht. A tie rm e flire Iar r le Si heil' etila priuissc iri"++h'hrlce'rsl al i Ceer di-aCri' dccitr BI'ecSI eller crtrr i, s llert iee : CroI ' oi'rr r -i r e- et, 1. e fmlt 1ri sll.t Ii . e i lrlet nej ttllr i eie11 retr rr 'll ' '' Il:3i, llOllr .ttt de laI I.Ouisiane iatit tln A "iAtet .poutr c ltleilrm'l " les litie s es aer i r. etLln rt i lr \ te'tcs jlrrrCl:cir.s ;" ' r ,r 'outic Ic Ir 'r ars t 8.iIr. ,c 'i rictlriru, et loltis persot net elllrscri eeiis elot e lC IaIaa'StI S Soirellilnie jns aetr in.1 de I' cui mouticieget :e, it Broit lt prulile ci-ap, i's tle..erfill, en colir ll |,+tt i l'tll d lhul'ftlt dle folrme daps iolcdl :, It lrrc ''t 1 oilt c grrii llt r le e lerr e rrllit1, Ic verlj u t ell(ll t Ir vell e a d1r fr ltc , o t e tolrr rr t illrrl.r'llrll.itr ol illrairtlihe dcnc i'estimationl'ais oi ic terp Is et 1e mode lie Ia vtlle i i polr illltrtllld ec luse ellllcoell e a ree vol, daos leellte t.1l19s a II teer dI, loa ipblicalionl de eette anie, Neiouriuoi lar takirsi feirte e scit eir p:s onfirmce ctl hoolocgue, ,I'ar, p'i(fti, flit wvn par cle rile 'ie mmitirInr l qu mllZiillt+ lotlr Il'd vril du I'lnllloe 11:B18, (ill vertu d'llll dclet lin celt te nlr yr :vlier do r'iti erri 18:3, tlus l'afsirei d'Ailexmcc r Caldwell, contre Jalae lhose, No 10,3517 d.t dockel de cetl. (ollr, I laquelle v. tITe le lBt JaellllS I rite. st l'tr i 'ndt g icrcllre'rllr pour le prix tle $t rtr ir tr i)cneriptior det a I'u o r prii' ( di'apre r s le trali tlr, utitiare, Savoie Unciertain I t dl lerr eiti, k at lnhanrg dtr i'AnnOer - cinlioll alials I.uI.IJMI'.I, dlr. cette ville, de1s flilet No 5, le diliotdeilir tre ayirntl [Ietrrr' rc fte hr isrI ,] soixtn lte' ip:cds de filera "n hflue T1chmou ittlolus, +his cent p~ie(d.: dlo lal·e iA1 |I rie11 1. do<.s t iiii ..Ier, i.I sofxaoI xllnl. d lIlIl .; r e , trilt t f e rtlrll r ru d ll \ i :ii i tur'r i rre(iri c l . cc B ItI l.h! l. ns B s r Snitu i llll c t. r.t Ir 'I ,PrIrrr d'ttulll boe ilarreiir tie eefol e "" 'rtx b t lie n(e rnlii-ion tee fai, le It:, S lIp ,' llj lit r lrl.r m113&l J. rtIJ1.11" Icpor111 CrTclii CT Hoyul Coll "'t OI I'hyS'ooIoSo, I omnton IIi nrlgilo, d YVg0.tlofo lygeian f o ivers'o ol .~loi chb.·, It'" .I.u:'. 'd Ily \\' .\iliskhb) E'at.%~u. r .IIIC· III.· lloval C.ll.p 1'g or ICIIS .iIx.. lhc..tli~le of' Ai.Jlhle. 1't sL,. i:,, .l!.wa ,,r' )hdl Clllllt S..,i(·I)·, BUIr(· II I,( the INii - l Ullonl( l PI llln ,i o As r:io i(o , :llllStI ,I aiet , 00l siur ht looo ilg,, .m1.i I' et.uofl I oil of fuy' altll( St. T hen , s':s' Ios.,t;,ls, I , doll n. T hlll i s ;dl· llt il ( ll 'lh(·i l+lllf. 111.' II'l'nll II Ill" I\., (Il· }¢:1 'B' :(lXii(i* 'Tll t' .'lld II l[ };~ (~1 If· I (]·, 11].A.11,.!t ill11 Ih,' [%.|uil lll$1. Thish tabs. bl' ui edic , ' thell .,. "h i Ire l of r it'h WaIr'( ooof'l' ~loo f ooo''ofoo'o'0'ofotoI.' *ooooooo f11 oo1;11 oo:(~lY 00 1: oo'o '0 hliC In' Ih" n'l , I'1 o lt ,"l d l bithv :lnld iwath tho i lltlh ld I 10 ollo(il 'l ooo , I Ih I 'o ii " oilfl" Ii h tl u ln y ' 1 s 'luril~ldo aa1" :11 lllz,*.1· (If K In·,1,1.1 rill ' 1III ., I H |1 .il~l 0'o 00l e '0, t Ill0lnh0to. 00l0o'..' m. " Ifio , IId :ooj 'lo .lo i ll l l'.' Il~ltq., t ( 1111' €'l Ire h ll' l II1 1· t 1 I . 11 (III I IIIII, i,. II' IIM I'IICIIs hi tl'd uS HI II. ' .11? I1 ili I,. (tht'l :Illll~d. 'ibt'il.L.dl 1I cll)l) 'Sl'l·l·:l. 1: 11'5. jl'lllt, s ' ,. I;·I I i4 :IIII "l*: l(. b%. I:l i.fl i i I n·l'I'(:i * I T', p i ! w t ,(u . 1 1 1 u i)h lrl' ln IIIt llV i-a I, nL. I(I 111· 1\(·1 11. t 111, 1:, 1 it Hll(,i~l~l ( il,,( 01 ll t:1il· Bl.ll. ,lLu(I), l I-l\ ; 1, III,·, )ll4"ll I1h ·1w . %\li ll.11) :I , h~ lll. ·'I.. lll IF~a Iil:.lll~l h i~ls. · All' l Ii.. , lls ;mid I , grtlh •I1 ii [f1.1..·il i~lllllll~.1 illl , b .1, i1 I'll~l'(~ltll illllhiI I~HIi(:t ·\ 'I.l~~:il% II? hh(Illh I,,,II!I. 1·'r ,v)·)\. iI(;Dk) ril h. I .'ldl hUi. rd b,1u'l 1i ' i 1 l i gl with . my 1II Illlll.l~ li layester with > oia l liof p oot fionloa lnf' o 1"lt ' ·h'lig li.. l tih IIS Ithi. lo gi hor : i' . Sl S ol.'; I I ll hi ,.'lh m .s It>h~iill, I . 00 ., 0 0 i0 k, 001. 1. I.ll l ll l '%.Ast n K y i\.1i il u t, Al. I i .i ill illl il'. 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It all o arreiti Ihe dIeeIns In l dotel i vn t h';'alnd ild irelieves Iilht l retnllOe ic slo'S( frequiIenth" rouolter a fol0 ng too r lhelsto 0 'he,, an;1 r0mlldy are soIPl:ie, iooleoI0 . n nn0 0 ljl ll l llI the large numbelltr of persdulli s in dillbronl 1SI( IIII II 1 i'Oliillry tlhlt lhnre |drrn~id? cxi~cr~i.!l·lt'' ·Iueh . ei~l '_'1ii Illnl(I .inllulv 1.t}Tcl. |1"o11 tihe u..e .f fill! ] Ia,, 111-1: I· .it %, ai l , ltr ( li l: tl lr lllll ie ' o 1) I I P i r t e s ti i o n y t o i t l I i i ",0000000 000 foonl I VOOrl O K ooll of ooo fIooll 'l'o IIIo , l li e .ill hll Io ftro o oIoo ooioioo ll wonfo ah. itto or oit rlua Le f e isic r ... JAIL\'[ F. IUi· ')l1IU· ,'\Y. ., 1li t f ( oll b o(oIto oI oif' f ffilI i 0 ,00 ft Ool oet'oooofo'oot totootfi ooooforo 1'fo oofo ff'ootoo 'ooooofy oro e Ofoofofo'. 00000'00f %/ i00 'i o ir ofo'l, onoo,,l 00 Iiilllllrlfll LLCerOIIleelhll)P or IIh IhluIe (. 0(:Ollll~llllrl. oolll lf e olooooooor olf' oo boo, ehls. ll 111 :1U, il lg Iob bf io I 'I|.lq"'lu l cll.. ll i lelulil 11Ollllll -Ii nl i i111, .ll l~ l~i |I I1¥ L.ATEI' PUlii.I'ATI'II); . o 'oo o l' \l, f ,o n 00i0l0o, No i ll, h . II c ut ir I:;il) "The·, Ih' Slln{,is" c l ".volr l . i 1III1 il. Il iorTII: a llo '::il ll) hll " r : iilooil o oo' ffooo iof.oioIu, ill lit Illlhlle. f tllllur lr lla tl i' lllv. I,.h,.v )1·lll/ lL ||\ Ii.1tI H II too hiflo ' o Ii tfb li Ifo a,'fts of o Iht-sof ollif-lfro.o di to.' of womin and chlhren, as uay I I b:, en,,. ., r,,.ular physiciru. .. ., ,mw2-, (!! lr llll l··; iillcl lrl l l lalri li lli.., I !1(1 . |l,.llhi ()ll. .."ll¢.l - 0l00, i , faoo~ ooo uio:of in"ty 1 li .in [ac ip l he I til i'.<'i l lJ t tii f fr i 1 . I,, I&.S \f l0 (;hlh1· Ih (i',l~l~lli\% ¥ollik, iS 11","1)1 V ) t 1, 11 I,' 1( II ill. i f i I f·1, ' al- hy ,f | l 1O 1 t .o i IoooorOT ooo.- ooownoofoooerooootftoof Id hitivif if'SON h'i'Iff'o JUST PUiLISHEIJ 'ROM STEREOTI'l.: PL.ITE.1, The I'ilhI Edilinr ef ROIWI.E'TI"t 'I'ARIIS Itt INTEREi ST: T O which is n w addsed at Average Tine Cldeuln tor', of easy mnethmls tr firllillg the average lime on. storage, notes of haad or bills of goods, hlen pur chased at dliferent elates, il different crelits, andld fr varinu nmontnl s; besides n useful and complete fianking iTime 'Ta le, the best that can he elllllrivel. nr that fi t.'I"s eCll I ar ilre within the allle cnldeselld comttuse, ttd size oftilte. Alln a ertlisemtent in tlh book is in nearly the follow ing words: Tcl' gh distinction this work lhas received through the ten legislntie ats preixed In the title tage, is a re eommelnedation illtself, so unllmmonl,, anti so eoncl sir, Ih tI tthing is necessary more than by way of an vertiscmeel, to glvea connsedt vise of some of its te ellaritics:as farlnlsannee, ithe nlateet fhlas teen Eompas cda from,and compared withll, what is etivalentto fnour teen setsefeaalnlalione, examined in tile press thirty ive tinles, and plri..lted neom tereolype plantes ttetei ltit'lyty-nee times, fram it ll which it mst be evident even .n thieskeptt (especially e th l pe.anral ofthe de tail f prlnf in the pree'ane) tha th e wnrk must be arith metically infallible, ned in contirmation oftlis behlierf premium s'two hundtletred tl fifty dollars, in now otffer cd for tile deteetlin el' an err nerpfa ent in the present or fift, editio,, an expressed in tite preface, anktngfive lalge emiolas faltered for the san e error aineethe first pnllication in the year 1t012. Olate of the most conspicaoas featnees of the tables is in tle arrmegem et of a thmeTite aad Amolets, winch for exnedilians, rtference anl Ierspieuily, with the help of the side and index, cannot be exn e edi and the salty ty and ease witll which the interesl can be founllto the extent of general business, wilount edouling ot'fsims is belit,'s a onveenienee as essential, that in the estlman lien of some oi tile most eomlatent lant prettleal husi arss men and itlile om.ieis it hbane am adegreat use of tile wtrk, it Ihas been dlistinguishel hbytho hononable appellation efsfa "mnaster piece". Andl ensitdering the infbllibility of the rtelhodi origianlly anepted in conposnits h ae work, and the extraordilttry oumber ond vaniety oethe examinations, and tests of every edition it tha Iassedlinlhe lit as, eotwitletandiig the whole is in treotlle, conasidernPg, in sh6it, the positsive aecracy secure I the neetn ,ectted measts employovti, the vo lune lha "heenI he'ldnp anll emphatitally styled " the most wondenrful hook n the waskian most certaidy no man can tmeaa figure work of te same extent, whicha since the aeginnig of creantion, Ihas had the same num baer atli vr'aty of tests in the same number of edlitors; no, neros e lttlthe sbllher, as is clearly salrattOit the plrefa e. Ilesiea, sitenst anll srtallnd, ithas been tried anl roednc in nearly aillI te hank nl pussblic anffies in tive lJhlalttl Stasten, cl e by tbeplplic 'rlatally, dt ritg the long ereitld antihirty-flee rears, yet no erlor of ite rel slnti hat s ever been solnd in prll t nalthlogh contli u ally challengtd by the ofilr of very large premiums. T'he it fact expaesaly adnated by all the narts ol'law cit sareal oftthe States as ftie olrte af ancialatlon tfor sattle illclnSt," as also by law tfr hansk iterest, accortlingrs the hook is aned,, antl as any he act in nuati, by e r Ilnlaes of tie subsetibers, and a few of tile ullel.,'eltt t tIrehasers, in the list at theenl of t i heook, is i nossc,.n i f every cloneof eitizens in every quar te ofl le Ullit. , t Stases. It is nmreover wea o.sown thilt, by its menrly thecJk, it has so nalells deterted lal.e errals, Iong after they were sader, een by tIe msanainst k nl i and most competent esithmeticianl, tat its seflellss, the absolate ne cessity for its tsa, have heen enleltsiyey isiselltel spmI, so eavcent, incedet, have been its tvinnclgs, antm. its savings, that, severrl vearsagof, whils tile first l|.licon wasieare, and out ofe prilntta tlgreaft lmhe of seonmt hand copies were soght faor, some to a gre, t istanlle. and pmarasnd at various prices, as nthey eouhld acasoin - ally ho tpicked ljp at from $tl to $15 per copy, ani sonic lersons Ilave recla..y tdeclHatet, a til atsIalre ecoalld tibtlnteld that they woltll hpay $51), $100, mttl $500 for el tls, If oln to Ire lad for less, anl an intividltal is till l:ltler installee tactivhtlaly, iavlig at tile same time rxhihited saaiclaenry proa; to sesveral sle.rslipre sent thait to him it was really worth that moey and maore atloasgh e saving of his very nalb le litll, hIe baing vaery rieh man anlp in pnhlie office, st is likewise woratt otf inoace, ndl ideed pro lel to imlre, tat suchl is thie a llre of tigtlle work generailly aidi aseleeially wn.elln of the cxtetll Int imt iolaclte nl tlhess la ls. thahail this hook orits like btn lreltar ell inl Ibe usual lanlntstr alone, by tihe most eOlletell alcultlor ill tle world, and eafClt ards prilt-ntd lnest atnllitly nnder hiaow'n eorretton of" prodf sheets, it Wold{I, alnts I to t crltailnty,i have been antaf litr i.e latrt ,attltdlttr at any pttic, as the prefae dntiiatt I:ri itxphissI , ltt sat pertftai t and vaitalie have sthe Ielru;ai lattiaes of thIis wetrklteaan ldtc, tlllat Ito seanre I lthei, willlltlir alltltecllS nlld extlraordlina ry tXallllna toattelle, gail ire, I Illt gll, rlll lltie fitt thaIbey are (by Altaallle .l .lll Iy i lt lli bath ball ks alditn Sllt le illltr-t ell will llusl'Id antes ol'lloll w Onlhc l pr Hce ,ill w ilttillys liftl ie. fit tIh i tr'ttcdii tt ii-ls, tenli i ucl ita i, I'rl aei:lhili ,llctrnil ill t a Itewo llnllllct ufIScllniut f;- flllawis.1% herr d,, s sl':f glee, N,. I t rtll rl;lll aolylil to Ie' rkl l ll ,:llt, ii, lllltlstl l11din, thlb illlonlloll iiilly cosily 'llrk, blhlb wasps ,bliab it~ siare intiII- il's Wv l," 'lilan llodl l iOs.1 nll ae a ni d tll. Ii llilr s ht- I:,it ,.,,llisr.l,, it ha s oot y 11 i ift barb as I dili , w ill , o. +s t erc h,"o:is llos oI1 If .l.l Iv l'1r Ihl1(Im oll llars. Ibeshld six " r t.ll i t tame fom ll1 I'7'; tol I SOI., Slsl:lill·ld Ioii foIr fist . Boll lilt ll in., i an :loler prt.Ci cll lltot. trolling of ii Iltilil iill air lirit Ili lilolbl a lilt·-limel f . iil.l·) Ioil, j :IIlh:oti rl Cas 1t% i \\ i'.l·lir'e I1e - stll i , sie nniI f fil svCllt , raIn ItI',o ro.:iily al*nice, p bll c iP r or tllhill l: lnl1t-: o1f prt' .It'·' l:c" llilll trod p· 1 1'ol'l:, l,'.rs:dL hy tIts; I'r'+.t'd ,o/ /I,,,,1':,+ I/l -s t'. Gar CGt,'d .S;te +'+. 1·N10. Iltr '.f \1m ? 'btinit -,r1 ; t... t i TL'h,' l unt " Ilf li. l l.k, I. m l....n i t m.norm rteli ,l(''it'ii r o ( rllrllll i'l*lol lllltln 1h1 t . ri" n Ir h, by WiM. -'l:E0.\N, f AVI' & S(CHIA.FI.R'S Co.m..puno, Fied Elx t`t' I-i:. , t". S;ar.;sup rilk l, lor lthe C roof o'slinntL' Se; bihds wir h .arise trul r an iimpure state of the hdit; ',ly eru ions; p is iot ;ihebihones; chronic .ti rl; to t r; scroftl'ri, or king's evil; whit. swtllilng; syphilitic srodiOss, and all disorders rising ironll an itpure stlte of the blolll, by a long rosidcle in a ho. climnat, or tile rIjudicious uosv of mellrcury. Also,-Cave & Schalf r'n Worm Syr',p, or In. 1mlt Preservative: th, loest prepa'ratioon now trstant. Among which are the it;low'ng:-Ilndian Dye, for ct ,ring the hair; IL-.Lr's O11; Rnssian Bea.r's Crease.; Pontoaltnot'; iChaIw's Freckle Washl: Is. ierrior Polrl Powder; Lily Withle; Creaml of Roses; Vtgetable RIolug; Otto of Rof.,; Lip Salve; Kree osite 't'ooth Wash; Carbonic I)olJtrltice; Orango Flower Water; Powder Putl anti Bon i; Amcre. can Charcoal, oeatly put up ill four .en vials; P,letonl Sails; Cologne; Kreosvto Pooth.aeho Drops; hlair BIrushes; English Dro ng Co,.b-. lltmra llair Oil;--with a variety of ,thor Perfu imcries, &. For oale by L 1W GLENN'S PERFUM RIES. J C TRINC..ARD, Corner of Canal and Bourbon streets --.YL1E k .MAY, lHounse, Sign, and ()reonraeta fI airntlers, No3 C.arodlle street, two delnrs rint tinl sotrerv. limations I' -ie foitlowinrg woodls anld marbles,ex ecutedl in a masltc r allllcre W'IIlOIlS M\B BERM Molngan, I 'iorr ptat Iblack tndt gold, OkL, - Calla and Antioo, 1P h1 do, O(rilental or verdl Itique, ( 'ttttor ltt, ,l rrti tlt', Curled Maple, Illol Stonllle, Itl.hls Ire d.1, )rnhy (ranrite, Satin Wetal, ltot(mnCe, tI rr Wood, ,ove onr lthrlnello, w :treet, Khali.n rWhite, (rCronumndle or Black Sietna and Brectella, lon Wtood, Amci rin Grey, Ash \Whlilte Oak, kc. k" ko. Speillnls to be seen at Irle shop. Points, oils, lasIs, rcopl varnish, r . oni hoand nilorl itt'..,-. I" .' i III::IVY irtrtto-tlrr, goerr n_. d h+.lehl. iho , well assIol td. litr., solr.lnl and rod iron, nail rods and ihglh (:i, Gernan, sho llr, blistervd, splringg, sheet and C(ilrolcy steol I hllhow lre, ct andll wrought nails anll spikes Zito, ilock tie, rmill nd grind stones, salt kettles Ox, tog ain d trace chains, co.' S mills .\,iirts vices, Illllllaers lld hellows Wilr, slrlcrpig and blro lead; alshot Cl, r.ndlll onking stovesa ArIIts, R towhll'snrld othere sitRoandrill shovels lhook and plate hinges, door andl window hooks Collins, Illins, Sharpe, aml other roxeo l'ae'r and hiomrllla rordage, lines ,tl ttine tll and slhalhlirg copper; Naval stores Paints, linseed laid selcnn oil A liil assormenllt of halllwarle slld shipl chandlery, 1i ways on hand, and which are offlrred frr sale at whole sole or reIlil, on tie Ioast filvnrllte tterms, by mo I.:AY'TON k Co. 53 011d Levee. HARROWGATE SPRINGS Olllll'g lltllt r v r:llllltly, lllalo .al . 7IIREE Dl.I)'S JOURNE Y FlRO.1 A' iI' ORLEANS. r11il': pror'.iettr of this establishllmenl has tie lhra sr. otaunllllanllg to his frioudr itl II )lllpublic in erPioial,t.llt lhe will he in retadilesllry the first day oiul illy Ito receive vi'ilrer. lie will also state fitr the Ir. i4i1 of those at ot rldirtnlle, that thlre hlave beenll rle nlprovets tUnalle, and others nfow going oil nnd ior •.phid process lor completion, which will enable the +ubs.r hl r tr o eIrl.llllOdate It lmuch Inrlller lumbhler than ,llollot e, Iand at tile mlllle tilne lucllh better. FIalmilie an hIe aCnOIIIIImI Ilad a ilt goo rooms, or ln..e woh. r l-1r can have large cabins I'eaeiChed fror) h rrr main hilting. It is dceted neclltlea~s;yry tm nay anything in Imrtiet In i rhie rharaeter of thesn winters, lioi i t generrlly "lievcll that they are not inferior to any in the Sonth ''rll S1violo. All Ithe namllPrlPrmtos thtl are gerlornlly Inulle or \Vtlerhlt l'Iocesr, will he frouod r t ohio. The brt nIfiC that this pairt f th counlltry allrdst, has liat' n l. L d.t'I rt I will I inllconst ntatte;i lllnce al thet i 'rning his noir;gned thanks for tit very liberolt ..l.'"1 ;' 6i\, e I . . .. saon., nd Ihpp s I. the exe.r tn++ll l h t aloe.1: r J*'r,, n o!l l '.r"rn r n a a olel' -llllhl illtr iticn+onn ; tl,, on, l, |U lw'it a lihlan ; l paillllltr ,r r .h JtNO CRA3M1. I1t3 'I'l'| ofl t I. t1)11 . . - .t . & TKINCI',\ S I)IPII.TVORYt\"l', r rl:tovin. s.l k pel ll ilu the il t neill I ll i.' . ma c n k and rlis, will ihntro tmi.. i t ire lte Ili , tl'ti lll l. A t ro sll O t pply tn-n tr',n , o I t o;['10.'t " .tan -I,, ap t, MAIIh ARRANGiEMENT N o r th e r n Mi . l / n , r2D a I 1 Al 2 1. WVestern Mail, s rreo i'erv llsyseo at 10 i y A nl . (ilUe every "Inn hy \Vtrfr.,l,,. an b'y t.aty f tit Friday b i, P.. D1. byto Closes ervr Moosly Wendesdo (Doist, sand Satordnv,lv , It'. ,, The IakeMail Ine every Ttlelsrd,'' arsday, a v il {nhlrnla\ Iiy 5 l,. v. a Closes every Mondllhy, vWeo.esday EXPRESS MAIL - TIMES OF ARRIVAI, )EPI'ARTFIi.E l)IS.' NCg &e. of the Expresa Mnil, Tros oo Mootilo nole New York-leavoin Mobile doil" 3 P. M. NE lNeovar New York daily t 5 P. lll sou.lnrword' Arrlves A'rIve Northward. lisetsne Pitime, kenssstv Montgomery,Aln. 2pmn . llmm's 23h 11 1 om. Colnmbus, Go. 114 81 Milledlgeville. Go. 2 133 s1oso (Colodmin. S.C. 7 am. 163 174 101 illeigh, N C. 215 22 12 Worrelton, Vd. Ur.n. 1 i6 t Ieterabtir, Vs 1. I mly 8 1 9n. o Rihebmond, Vs. 3in. 61 4 Frederietksurg, 67 7 I/p to WVshiglon city, lpm. 6 1 4 . Blllinhore, 64 38 4 04 Philldelpltio, 64 as. 160 11 2 New York, 2 po. 90 6 C 1:305 143 it. or 23* Northward. Coming Sotlt ward, the inwe is ria houro less; being5 days aol 17 hours. TEN DOLLAR REWARD. ImANAWAY from 169 Csrondelet corner of lovriw . reets, on the night of 30h ofi Auguso, tnd wan seen the next morning in Pvras sreer, n negro bo, eaoted CIIARI.ES, aouat 17 yearn of age, ans o fee or thereuoults in heihls, very tlck, nod his an Siupe inent in his spoeeclh, one of his le is sore, ccsine4 by a recent hrt; he had on w lhen he weoo nav withe cotton or linen shirt and white ,otton Ilnnnlouna. MBsters of vessels and steam boats are enutionld A glinst receiring or harboring said negro, we well as all other persons ,a the utmost rigoor of the low will he eoforcedl aginst them. The above rewnrd will be pair fordelivering him into any of the jils of eitlher of the municipslities, or at 169 Curondeler, corner of lleria trenet. . l 010 "CTICE--'Ti'he cortnershii heretofiore existing mnder the finn ooflrubois &i armrtann, has been dissolved. 'TIer subsrlber will lioitlnle the nliiirs 5 the cmoncer in this city, and requires till persona indeb - ed to make poymeet to him only, nu alol ullhehavisn clnin0, toiprresot ilem forsettleloont. sane ---7at i liARiIETSON, W. W. SWAIN. -. No. ICmuadl &reeet Asve Orlsma-o AS olway on on hd chst d otnlyeoo riteivio4 le . e Iwlye, Chie.nicalan,luod. ri"Ie,: ati.C. n-. ollownigo DII UGS. )YES Antiioy, crnloe, Argols, red, do rcguls, Anlotto, Sloln. Arsenic, arlle, Alum, do powleorld, Irnzillele woo.s, iallam coesivia, Coelineal, Ietoa, erude, Colppelrar, Amerieoo, lin refined., Capbar, Drimltone, erole, Foallit, Tampico, do roll, do CIolo, do flower, do Maine, Ilirt1htb, Frenh berrie , eloroil, Indigo, lingal, Canthnar.el, de Ireruae., Glam aloes, do G(ltmanlat, do Aolahil, e iosgmonl, Cminpeen hy ilo aouloa titla, l St klloinso do mootiane, ido Jnta mi a is botlzeinl, Comwosn, do copal, ratgh, Maoodder, sn,. tl*a it leantetl, l Niceoragu, IlolMl., do do SAeri¢-., t Ceor, don camphor, crllcl l. Ataltaltib do do S lsrr.i do Ilaehe. I io iIIICAI.S. hioss, Asld, nitros*s, Id r:astic, h, smrr-ieotic, Io oploiu, do . llphnrie, o hilellar, Illoe sitriol, senegal, Calomvl, IP. , do noisroc. O'oiTonivts aoinolitie] '.rlo tegooothin, (hlorhleof lileof Galoboge, sltsit sallts, .oioper keriier, Anelriel.nn catli, dio dto Ftoreigs, lied ls--cioilatoc, Nlllolo flke, Sop ca es- eoll. ll o nols, oIolI iiolaos t to sorts, Ilisor.,aR Ih.iiý 'ice ball, Stlgill hIlon Oil cloves, Sul zioll, too itooosrs - ;till,- I tit iiig do l onlon, I'AI X'l'L-llhlot, lno llo o l [so l ii i It icac, io tn itail do liquoriceo o ill l, rialld arl,, I'b I latla g I bs dol .L'l+cl, do (i." n nt I I _" dIo oieicolllo, h A ,ur ,h, l o.t ooo....k, .Iot e ........ io ,nil Spotk,.ge, comare, \"ii. red I·:(lia llJh dlý, do }fiorll, MIr, dlh AirirI:in," S: h i rot , Spml. ii;, lltl l oit IoI. do oosol s Ii , \' ,lilh i Shot h:oo 0nl ix, g 0 o rlol II, . 11'2il--tn _ . ILord Ioldort romae, ty ..Inn (..neilhunl I v I otpe rd Lee. writtee H n I a, a elf,i a * lil. Ilaen. No.e79 tf iearler's .nnaily h i &w.tIr Vole. t : f tl*e l W ( ,.llllllee Id uniraln edition Alf at'esh1.5.m dA.inch' DIIa+r,'e.,, er s Frencr ed n.alirh I lrtionr y. i. I erl, 3re I'u..err r s Fmr~e amll'di Drin !. Aso--A few more tcopietf Clm 's Phretalogy lini.lreSn~rve~vlr's( '.,n sstae (IF ". Pr/) rttll itv, witll chnti~ll+ llillilnl' Ihdb11*oL' IJl.,l L' I-' " el·I. ('illo ti' i proved metalic er ejaput, d Itltoro, .aeifhtt &ce. lee. lee. . at received, ald for stale by ,e31 IIENJ. lEVY. SPAIN REVISITI'P:.ALe. &.. -IAIN REVISITEI, &eIy nhe ol,.r r A vrar in S .in,' in 9 wds. 2]'roit nf idiot, re).te sr~ei, asneerlt, spptlicale tI tire AhoriJiu tie f Nierth Ale"rei c ily wi loner, Ir q 'I'he Pli tinI amin ater, of tlh ',nied Stte'a, Ir a joniete iw f d the theort ata I nrli ea iftlt en arb --.lciPtfeti and nI~lll le, Wto; tile y~lgllllg liltu Ilell" ti t} ll hlalt, h :n r rl . ail nl , In t iar i gehrq. A'i,'ml'•' #liwet in. "olrr ietllPT .e~rsI wYi I eheRIIeter i~tie: nlllt~~lrler,% sli):llltllr (III tloiugs fi Isor(Il iP lulell in t'lttlttg Iloticle. of the prilctipl erml k r ler* I)C1n~ll~hlili wiith nnlyticol eitllte le eltd general itldei aof Ites,2 vrolllllleS. T1')R TII.: CIl:Rl; OF Sertiule orKing 'Evil; Chronie IhlRttoist, Chironie Ctultileota Dia- Paina in tho InOeiL, ihy fran thle Illoold being. ill vithilted r+late. 'T'his' very co tenetrtedi Snlp s trpore rta itd h thil re te str e l n I re' lllallRI rin 'v tltllh'oll h ill the active pr oeiph, If . o .iial p I n in el Ia st illle troted lageee, e:Olllhioltll will. tilet'etdlr acahat t i tanee el kllo~rIrlielh'ls.. 'lie. c' lltlt i-smtr,lt writh phaneeiiom n lie. . t ohl ftty ehiit eitlarefjia tlerlalcety ti, ,'.lt'ta|iieit •r ally Exlliled~iio of'D lHU~i.. oulllRY ltlKy it, hl ,yt ther l.Ol~lrr l..ttlleir traction.· Prihe i* Llt iar Ittth . Sotll aollv at r VAI.' t ofIlTurER'S da'" oto..r, N.iti.. ttlvote Wile ,illy to' hod, fresht .tltd ge.tOltloe, ,tirect afros tihe t'rriek tt,,Swojln' Pnue andt,,~ tei rn it'uge, iothrt. to C. 1l.~i capon. arene' Pre llttllbotn, eid aRt lrge eaidge.r Iieortltlent of lroes, dru., tel PINNOCK't ROME, &r. 1 INNOCKS IMPRlOVEII EDITION OF Ott II Uetldatith'slrilrldgtuet itt the Iliattre of RelItI to bhich is prefixed an lntrdeittien an tie o.tiy o allltIteo-re. and a grnt variety ttr valtlltle inlhr tnationl added "thirouiiht thr wnrik, on tie alllmann Lnstitutions and Antiquitie of tile Illlatns; with na nlereuos bigrnjdie~ol attd h +to'ic~ltl Netea; and qteta liltes foreeIaiinttII wmannt Ih enad of eltetet tion. II. lustaeted with hirllrtyengruvint g on wga oo,ty Alhterton 'itNaenC's IatproCvd 'Editi.n of Ivr Gidtdail,.ih'sa liotery .f Eneghua, iidtrl thte Iltvsion of J liua Cirear to tl t altll' uf .ieolgn Id, with a e...tiea~uetio to len yera 1n,:12. \\'illllueutiolna Ibr etllllUl~ai, llr atlel~d o t'l(lRC·illl. Wit,,teoiiaa tRVRLI tealiat I,,OatI~ itlt,' etid ati, eh st'i e,. tiejitler ac aril te ef eahalta iefh,,rlnlo tioll adithd tlhroughatol tie world. Vil,ltaititng o. hdd, it, c .tlt eelllcl'Imsv Sle.eer.igtlo and ellliiitt BoerSo, (tiioleIe epalat~u'trv toitea. Ra u~terkh .,I il,e poli tic,.tllolllll.,r ind lii,,ratueI Of tile nge. A itlllihl ) !ie Couaiuetitun, &e. &ac. Illualrated by iautly egire (.Gus' Et.nmEare litt Aorraaaaoiei i n A irithtnet fl'lKeirh'e Newc ''rtattitia <tit te Utoeof iithes. New Aalll'riel edithl,, wit, additiila aitd .iiip etveileenit ittit tilli eotltioal itt tim t ,aillaOtitell port of tlte Au tiel,, Allulaa,. Jl utrerited nd four snae by WI MKERAN ttl,,e4 eoriter otCaamp iud Commotn iea ILARPEIt'S CIASSICAL I I. tAitL .-.tY. jjOltACE:, Iralohtted t y helitill itItirci,, i) i), with = II al~lcllllenix, L·Ollttl~l"i I.: tr~lllPl++al~lld ot varlet •l Poptltehddiasti, Swiii Ctlittttriot, it iVoheiehl, 'l,+ri, a ir+ll a&i, le. altd natIoaaliitl illialleillltllltol of t i tI'l lt C]lhlt w1lth Ihe ipt il 1 tab ittIdi., ,,l sriio na I~ittaao, e. a\( etiiaa Wlll)( l ell· ( iII ihl.lta,,oI, hy tLIe)I titid utit'aiY; o fti',l'e y Ito,g lrull.,,tlaf ttIiebehins nlitiy ti+il argu.ely," eec., 'ow vt1ti,io it. vale n.hleaI I't.. ;Ii, tf lr&erlt Illi nttia io hrarlv 'lI'lu+I Y(::Jleh~l CI"IIIU Yi·'LI.· II.IN( Tt-1| yLL nit.ell WM , ie'huAN BI;ll, -dlasa elh .Ciodiaaali 0,1 Til'..II.'. a ah.hv t ieu dhW o I' hlm

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