Newspaper of True American, December 10, 1838, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated December 10, 1838 Page 1
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Pumecr 121, CsENrls. NEW- ORLAN MONDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 10 1000· ~lU s u f th Nesnanr Pess r Nw adan. ME Bens res* A.a . Terns tl(of /Ire aetrsptpr lJ'ress o' NVtr Orlerttu Ithe iPrt.rlhl r.-,he (Ithi li tr It. clht rM t rll'arlt 18:17. SuncII uTIP 'i(" ls.- t'w Fle , I 'ILart 1 f l;' lied ily pa l r Illll in, pLVA'111: +ei-tlll ll # ill IrIItr 'ly" tolt tl fln lf the+ tli~ we+lv e le lllllrv }.Lantr y Hll r, p yad o one vn1r inll dvalell , ,vwhere o ity r,"If"lnl ib . - ita. No i:ihcription will Ie discontinud until arrearatges are ,:ttlell. In cate of di cllnttilllalell , llone wrttk's notic i rt ariltr;g tntmrl Ir illvarlra!y given, previous to tll xplnttion or sHllcr lit till. Atvarltisarl N(.- )nl+ dollar per rltlure for the first ilsrtiln, talln hail' that price for ecll sths1et 1uewt lll: ,t materiall IloerIation Irln'a the original adlvertierlnenlt will be c'lnriged sIl t I new one. YRArtir Alrvat:ratsa:lts.-Mcrcltbnts and Tra,'ers, orty dulllsars fi English alone, an:l sixty Iaor both lan blll ntinlttliloa httv filly duphrs in I5nglhmh only, Ind igllhty for both lahngul:ages; Slhip and lHtnnboat Fac tors, or Coulmissin tnerc:lrnts sixty dorllarI i in Ilglislh rne, lnlll eight y Ilor hoth luanllllra esl NI tI.alA eu^a, ( )Ilroltrt Nor : E', lndt arti.lscall iog tilt' rt' litflltIr .1f the l uhlic toa +i0''0 r l property c: arlls of plnw,4rnerl.r r Ihrclilt,, L&ar. &a:. Will I. ehnlartV I Ile dollalr per p rsquare iur the b[rat insertionll in eacll tall C (JOIII II t X i'll s, (it \dl- rtlilnr llm nts, of rilly p•mrs n al ltalaire, rlt 'rn :Illi r.aibl Irr, llall Irr. bllargnd onuble, aind inll Intlteiai A oft twrntlvfive percent.I will be IR al to t Anl tialal'rrl hr, h IIer i, I girre r il'r t WlillLsanr mlaralR it ol- ills olf real t:te, piblihherd in lbth languag(rs, ill 511 per (.tst. in lEnI hhal alhd ne: 10pa'r cent. onasal Aovrtlr' i+ rs n tilt of the direct line of business of the adverltiser, m'.t Its l'gtal, ar tirtt , atnd ltplanta 1 oil solo, rnlllltayll siv , tlrav ul nillll, &t. &. . will be! th rln d llr llllttly, anl I t tihe ordinrll y irates. n.\ovintrttEa tr'r i noat tte'illed ta to titi'me, wtill Ie I,'' lir. I l ll " 011 101,th laId thargeL 'i ordirrt I l n bll lit ' r\o ril,'ertri lr'll t.rli I il.n llaItti -ir l will l llih shed ill lilly ll ll-l paidllth illr prvio i it illnsertion, tIr a'ii'mn trt1111" r 1g l'n 1 ~1t1'4't trls ti ttltt' trtr.rtt in towil daily or th. e :aon,. rto be chargerl $10r o, r Eng lish a I o.I:, and 0 t't l int ottlroI IrrItgttrtr't·. All a;trrrara'ro',rrI ttarf r.talir tt filfr pnllitrienl olfirC will t l cr lihr l'rl I ulirr l.l; the, plricte of othlar advertise Ia ing tIr. m I rt l lllllile Il.s . ainlr l Ilby nlewspaperii lprorp t rl-, hv th yhIl vl . lllI to. the emlislion thall t IIthe, i'iti.-t olf person.)ll who<r iacellllllrnts ia e Itr it been pIllil Wthin ort mointh arir rrt, rltatenet, hatll be tde kt qyln (to for lt< 111 '.,ltlet'a h l In .-Iteli l ll r--bl e Iy obli deliilllll-l lIII+s ill,, I!1 ll VertC Of IdPnllnP payrnrods. i',nitr'l) J.1C. Iar: S'r. ItISIES I. IIlAYIIN, I'. '. RICA. J. C. Iat,'lNIlFtIEILAS'T', JIIOHN ill lit)N, I.I lMioI']N. I+>TL:y i'r'.r''.-- re, itrr icrritr lr'irtrrer to abidh Sllf.' rt :-llltIr ti.rlr , r Itor'lt i+ its rtt y lr llr a pp lt a ll ti llt we,,kly I . *1,, :1~ s. A. II. IAWRlICV Er >1 l ".+,i t ii.ti + are lltaken . fork j thantli lnolnth.l lo e, mas,, , l il l a ', h, piost I p iSd. )trt'ctt rinig. of (tOIfitLI. 'T'l'dl l .%Y. I ,lth |e+ 'bllerl , | 1831. IResolvelI, that Mr. I':~ ter heut rellird to' tarnish alddritrintal r a rlry,for thie frl.rn of Ptlydrylas Ilarktnkt. .I)SIIIJA IIA I ,I)W IN , R ecurd, r Sent tlio ih ' rlly rt', I)('c. 5.'ved, That p+ermisslon he anl is hoierhy grrnntell to.o tlbll lh to tol erect Ir two m oln th e, n ,lnalrt l'-s rt illon, ft r ' , t bitiot n of his GI iranie (,i I M ,1 ,.i," egr?'.. .ll)roiLlT.\ IL.ll)WIN, , lcordetr. Sent to t1e .11Meour, Dec. 5. Itlonolv: d. 'lt lthe tec'oll'd I e and he is .II 11 II .X IL l)\VIN, Recor+lcr., S~nLt to,, the MnlorlIr',r)c. r5. It solvd, 'That in tlhe ipinion of t it tl' cir it is tla,.. 'i,, ,..i to+ otl. l, . tlr 1, or ,h rpr to ill •is , It;ov d .r It uds of t.a ny .fitrnr oa n lr rt ,,,! ll: v. !,n lo:l; b <n eilleph 'yd, i- nl w or her1 . .ltr i. Fv h," ell: , y I yl tlhis I lm'ir l lity. .I lsl l A1\ 1. I)\\' I N, Rltcordur. ti t 1,,' r\ryo r, e . i. |"<, I. ' 1 ..'. ti ' Traotinrtr a co rn .rrPra the rrit',r ,r 't,:li', l '',t f r " Ie:l', an th, co n 'i I ,! v . I ,,, nry .3S , 1iit(r r ;tlr l l lr tren at y' . . '0 I .. . 'i n i r'rIo r I 0 ta t. Fnl t . s 'par r of tatt.. 0:111 ,t0t0tlll'/ .I +~per.,,, i'o Itl to pay snl' 'tax S1III+ L I,':: t', +,t alter nullti e4:,t- , l ur l ' th, p li o "t the T e, hitr l it',r stl at the ratire 'It elht per r't r Inrrrrrl frotllr the d rt 1' onotilentln, JUil Ir . I\ l l-I)iVIN, lie,:ordter. S' tl tro te iMayor', Dec. 5. Ilevlv'', That tihe aint of 250 dollar. ir ti , Gtr. I i, 1 e tar r l lhavitng ni ad oul t thle tar tnt inr e1304, witht all alphabot of lte tlame, and .1 )S, U 111.\ BALl)WIN, Recrrle,.. Set to the Mayore', Dec. 5. Rsonvr'rd, l'That [ Ii Treasurer pay to J. Ellis on warrant the Maytr, the suran of thir y five dollars ftr .slIllt i g lil 1 lI, M anieipil notes. .iOllSITA I!AI.I)\VIN, ltecorder. Sttt to the Mayor, Dec. 5,. Resolved, Tl'htt the Treasurer pay to John Tobin ,n Ihe wartrnlt oflhe .M.ayor, the a.n oft twelve dollars Ir grditg the Levee at the fotot of wharf Nu. 2, by order or tho WIarnlinger. J,1()liiTA IiAlI)WIN, Recorder. Sent tIl the Mayor, lDec. 5. Reslvol, That tilnhe Protest and Petition of N. lHohles, .I. . Mcalaarland, IE. V. Jourdain, W. F C. IDutp!sis, and others, protesting agtinst thel trdina.c ' of this Corntd, directing tim paving of Circus ,trrr't with round t'at .ea, o' rejected. JOSIUXA lA li)WIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Dec. 5. Resolve,l Thlat it tis Inexpetdient to grant the rrytq +t of the St. Mary's Market Steam Fearry Cuotpaiy nt thi tonl . .IOSHItA 13iALD l\V IN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, )tec. 5. bRcsol.vd, that the ontlr of the City Blank for the St30t,0tI1) lfndo authorizet d by resolution of 25th Septcmbhr, 1830, for the redemption of the smnall note.o locu!ation of the M onicipality; to wit, eighty d hdlrs ior every hundred dollars of Bonds, be and the same is hereby a eepted: And the Mayor is ,irrehyn aut lrized to cause to be issuenr, and detver-. (t1 ItoI..aidltiank thrti hundred Bonds of this 3Mticiriality for not thousand dollars each, intho .-al Ifo t, with interest warrants annexed thereto; .aid HIlos to bIe dated the first 1)ec!cbher, 1835, p tyablo in thirty years, hearing "ix per cent per oitir interest, payable semi-annually at the ''relasurrt's sillieor, or at such Bank in thle City of Now York cs tihe City H;ank may designate. JitSIlUA IIAL.I)WIN, Recorder Sent to tile Mayor, I)c. 5. PROSIPECTUS. TIlE Pi sacriber p-oposes to publish, in the be. ginning of the ensuongo winter, a Condensation fl' the twenty volumes of thie Old and New Series of Martin's louisiana tReports, to be comntrisod in four volumes, t to., according to th model of Peters' Condensed Reports. T'lis work is now ill preparation by J. Burton llarricol, E-q , of this city. assisted by William F. It:rond, E.S1. The Editor is also permitted by a dl.tiogti.hlI d retired Judge of the SupreIme Court, aid by o.c of the sittitg Judges, to expect from their personal stupervicionall the advantage which maly natorally ht rlaped tfrom their experienic. Sucl a work is becomling ovry day more no cessLry, as the original is voluminous, expensive, and sc coae. An incroasins curiosity too is tani liost, it te other' States of the Union, in reference to thte plecuarjurisprudenetl of Lousitaua; and the circullstinco of the nUmllorous principles here de. cidod in the adjusttlllet of confliots of Iaws, imakes tlie k nowldge of our aIdjudged cases of prime uti lity to the jurists of the wholo Union. Moroovel, the rising republic of Texas has adopted our codes, and thie theres ina greatdomand for the Louisiana decisions fromn a freosh quarter. Convenient notes, indicating the parallel cases deccided in Louio.nana, and occasionally those In tthe totl authoritative forultm of tihe other States, will beh added to ealh case. The work will firrm four volumes, royal octavo, and will be deliverdc, Ihomtt, to subser.bers at $L per vol.; in oase it sheitti abo found practicable to coultmress it iint t. hre volumes, tbh pice to sub. scriber, will he $7 per vol. Subseriptions received by WM MeKEAN, .p.5 car Camp and Common lies. S)EI.t:lI it i,\. ltI-A le bblt, oltl anId sueriil atrir le, fto s:. e .iy S JLE.tD & BlAItSTtW\V, ,cot ! 7 Bink tlare r A. Bsrower & c. g AVE just their .FirnishinIg W'are-honse I No. 17 CniHin itreet, by r lecellt arrivals from ,. op selll the North, llarge al lition" , tll heir stock of i ul ill Hllornamentall l h/..ia cekpin/l articilieles, which ciol lectively (cthey'beliere) lormeI rsunssrlmclt cllllnCe ge.e.r Sallll comlpclee tllll is Io be 'founs in lHly lllil r ellab lsnmel t klelowll; lec .lsisltill of SIIVEIR W\VARE. Colfee llcs lea sets; pitclhers, waiters, castor, , eadle stickl, ells, tumblers iand gobllets; Itllie cdll descrt lurks; table, dese't a.d te.l spoons; marrow s dll gl.ravy, or ra gslet speoosi sugar tolgs; ugssr, slluce amct soll helles; hlctter, fruit, plllsling sIlll fish knives; Lckle lsc sllrcset klives ncd forks, qapkins, ricgs, &c. psincipally f6e, the mauhefactory of Mr II. (G.rdcser, of NUw YoLr., whose long established reputation for the manuiseture of silver ,na·e is sulficienlt gllalrraltee of its superior quality. LATrLED *'ARlE OF SHEFFIEL.I) AND IlliI MINGHAM.. 'Ter alnd coffee rn, te setls; .castr,l liquolr and co r dial sldsls; suelrb clllellc s, llll ;.'ticrgutues with fIli-, rol plnteaux, lfor centre: of thel dinllerr o suppel table; waters roulnd and ollog, frootn s i I'sl inLessc beef steak ntlll vegetsab:e dishes; rich dlishk cllves; eak 'll lreiad bhaskets; dlecacter slanlds; mantle l Iii chaml(err culnlesticks; wille strailers; coolerss tsed syphosll; lecall ter labcha, claret corks, te: strainers, tible bells, tea, tIs ble, egg anl Inustarl spoons; egg boilers and st'nds. toast uRes, )lc. SIlVERI ON STEEL \\'WAIE. Table and rl deserlt klves, fcks allll poons; soup and mlce hladles; bulter ar fish kllives, cheese scolop, as sparagus tongs, vegetabl, li frks, ilc. IAl'ANNEII'f. Pne Gothic Sandlwich and round eornet wa.iers, in setts :and single, fro li to 31 inlches; do of paplier ncu'e; br'dl, cheese, and knif'e trays; large upright IplIte wall''lersc; slpice, susgsr slllsl .sh boxesu ; lsscgllitlg e:;ssu lllia tusa ilcles i llrets, eall(s Je ,sppllnsU ;ollll ofurs h lsltoise shell, etc. LAMPS. An extensive asertlmlll, ssamong wnse re Astral he)ps, all brozed ailc gilt, .ndi ol'rich cut las;sf mlue le lampls ,, doo, echlasIc rseell with Rsljcsss sslls very gluledid cut glass do; bronzed and Japanned side or brnck""t lamps. CHIIANI)EIIEIS ANI) IIANI(;lNGI I4AMPS. Esnglish and F.rench cut glass chandeliers or lrstres of 5, 10, 15, I1, '20and 24 ligIts; French Ibrezed a:old gilt (Grecian lam cs, 3, 4 aslld lights: hall lamps lr d lhn tlrlst, rich blllrze boat or censtre lslllts l for <llsilsng ollls, from 1 to liutls, lcamp slhades, gilassealld wicks. MANTLIE CLOCKS, ICANI)LEIIIS ANDI) V'ASES. lBronze istllll marhile; blrlolzell andlll gilt, anl all gill, with lixture's, etc; coulnting house aod kitchen clocks; illlllzeds inksal:nds, cegsr dol; paper weights, thermon era, carl racks, casslletllick ihtc. CIIINA WAIRE lt I'OR ltiREI.AIN. Essglish mill French dlining desert, ns muld e)lcbe, ser vices of plain white, ghl edge, and vrry rich htter styles; splendid toilet setts; wat'r andIII milk pitchers, mantle vases; t'nlcy card relks llld haskets. EAlI'III;EN WA ItK. l)ilning, deser, te:l, colle, lbreakaibl dlll spper sits11 ;s oilet ware; pitchers. Also, a.s.s l china dis'esr sess, C 'lT 'LASS. l ecanlltl e , pithllers; cll'aret ii lo l iei ock delrlllllre bowls, dlibl , celerl1y v'asx , sait 'tallld:, ecll U iill', l% lbuttllLt" llbs, ll ger bal ) , l lllllh.l' , wioe, i halllpi ll, sclaret, cordials, e llion l :ilii jelly glasses; lite colsre't isTA lils. ClUTIIscus. Fline inry blalanler Ih , lllllh eilf l ) :enl hluck halll e, kli~ s and lrks of" 51I :lu i i ll r Itc il .ll; i l'" hamille klll 's onllly 1r sillerP ioek s: guarlli ( s al la slr ss's; lsng slices ll i' rm'l k beef, 1s ' .l 'ksll ',l, lturt ": 'rac'.ks aid( ilkck : ' s L I ., rock ,c·k:',' ,:a. HItlTT"I NI.\ ANTI lrile(le'K '1I'I \\\1I L 1., lilTea anl r olle st i : d A 11 ~l. l Iu 1 2 N i Iall c : sitlable Ilt" hotels an lllll st l S sll l ; Ilai :s. , 1 e. srisn disles ih i coer,''s, i, . " rss ,tis , !I,.s; 0h-,h ei'cs pl ate h tl'ri, c lls i 'l· ' gr te'is; 111lla-111, o lh:l, ci 111 1 S..ilLtls, egsg sotlil's, a.Ic. .: Ih ' w ids hi e de , hlso tk :odh',l ; 'bras:,l se"t1 ;II\,I, Ise.": t ll'nd 'c 1t,<. ",I,,, t .i.,lll l - 111r11 1 1: oe, t SI br,,zrt' h'~lmlh" h(:.'rti.hru't l':, i: I d ihe. . p, :, th tasi T grll i '. l'll l ,l l ot Iiii ss.l s isis ,ll" I iI l'l' ;)j'\ l't I'N T 'I ' - (;' fru', . , I,, s'i,],]J,'," [l1lt ! ., "1 1 i)' ,c 'I .L· I'h}·ii e ll I II ( ,;l.lýI, . I, l i.t. i i ii.,+ r I+ N b, I I. ll r . t i l,:' itllc 'h ,, Clo, f lly ll .,tl( ll-,c: llr e In," , .l... .lr, Sii C,. l I in llllh I lCi'.ll 1',l.all lhl . I t1. 1i . .lsllll s'a ,sill ecil.h I, i t t 't. l .rocs "ep li,]., ,I .I a .rc, lannin l s paired Ind l ,o d dht sI ltI i) l'Nh Itl ", I l i\',is I' ) I I ).\1,11 ..'"l ITl 11'..V '" L" I,' !. : Ic 's s. t e, N . ' c i \,:.uc ,', , ' lT I s11." l \ l .\ I sl .l Ill i 's.l~c s ; . ts il' :I do bll h Is ill o t' tlcu c cis i c .'s, S. c c. I dlt , lll tlr i g i0 I ' ,I C i I 11 uslie.d, . ui sl IOcll u'] , ca , Ac1 alcc . sci 'r scc. oljC r 1312 saws i ife,- ,t:,ls l, Irilu'Ls , \.'. aI st.allldl at tl .-Ti per saw, ofn4\ t) (ll. n. of al useason d". or Ill sawl s ;l le , o' 1, utft.30 er sea, 'r Et .1 ol'i)), ciruilssisss. (I slsll or ido of si il saws, sl iths ers ire .t ' i1 I5 siut hc i sillu sish c iilrsic, 3c. all Ih d til, oLf 24r1as wtl fws, "eurs, &c. at ,7 Sto 5c) per s cigaw, 0 0i1ir l lI S llxr: iteeth where desirle, l 4. ' fe i rsc, s rppldil a l1 s tslll casllll; tl, i mlleslr oisf teelh s ,icn, abllout Lqual n tlle imuiiio ll, tiass. ine selt iof lsuihe s, i is t.ic s si sed ll'hou'Ieer, will wear out ltw. oAi rtare r'L oel I sous. l.xstra saw s aeldied at 8U cents ealb1. The Iiac ordered, will be delivered to the agen. of plnlterls tio ' Illl the sea port townl of the cottonll (i. linSl..tes, Ili thisisisis lo'icuriiusilt scix. ui i a in1th il..sild sile rthie amou' t of ' he ,inc..\ (;il ",e.l.rh ailsk ll ltwiL tihe inllsl l ps t thn up llll lolle di e ti rolnli.rII i iiiirgearscl alsohe oerill ted i he.l e hlesiressl, iC e Isa ugblle le t as, but will re charge, d eris. IHorsei power, ofiny dcscriptiu' , cslc be hsursisted r l like Itridesiltl, when ps nters give orders fir (ii tlhey should'pan1 y them with their- views in re,;url totlearlangentl.ll saws, breasts, brushes, &c. "t S is l IItni tll r dic el e " o.pillio . Sollle deusir: sas' s olsi Luger ,lhionmler di:, others. The most comtmcon size is I9 or It ilches; I. some wish lthe Il inches. Si l w ith 5 or i rows( I brus iles oi an tixlc, ~Inile LIes di is llslit tinlge thns+sl:it 'most. S'slse u ishsrsi s uit lsh rI'J tulclc Its ) the ici h, whlih culle es ai nt it).r I I. 1 .\W , uIch hllscrep.a:c, e prlefetr thty .h1111ld, at h the lime ol ogiing orders, turn si, a sitaemetl l. of their S wishe, allld lhe iallUlthIet r t.l'l i ll i1 the il e l, iymrlhicuhl. \Where it is left to our discretion, "i e u ll ;i make t ten te lllst lllldelrll and approved plan. i order cn be.exl lltel, llfroll the t it is r, ct'ied, i n the sci ofe'Ih or nis weteks, d Ie lrin li n t.hat uthe plaed in the hanrrs of the factor. To he in itle s I.or :he next crop, all orders ought to be in the halnds o , .'uilllllc , l a thc s lu t oi ici e s Is \isId ; .siislisc. iepl for.p lltrilll s1 i whc ..erell y arelate ill elllllllllli to , N. I. 'Thr th5st tlight, hir ' opice us tLe ' t.ine u gro tll , clut _, wille I s;lu o I liu allletelilLs * tcit sitcll' Licseed r il,stii s es i1ullld barselu, Is isis AhuoIisl lslss n ill 0 c1 l. c.s po usllil iii sli, fil ei r-i s u ll iss' ini.essisi . ' tills i U ils hali tohstur, l, n arn 1 W iste" * l ats, list i+ssrstl I'lti's S isbh , nrov d ci r Isis' ;inroi', .tsilcn ii, Englishus issi ALLA AD) DEEN MAhllOMED'S DIYE. For chaogig tlhe Ilair. Eyo brows, or Whiskers t o a pormaoert Brown or Blak. by one applicatioo without staiing the skin or thile lilnt linrn, just recoived by BUSIl & ALLAN, 17nov Fancy Stors, c. St CharluoU Curn. (101.0()( NE: IV.\1'1 III'~lL-T P(ubscrll~ibr havle rece.L'i ) wr'I, the,' illp+ 1 I ' lt,+chrster tl ltRepub th1:lVl. rtnl llavio, a srollpply o olotanh) -1. \Vut*',', Iou~th lrshl 1 'Es, Nllit brutsilhe, &c. ol a ++ulp rior qtality, whine th,,? ofeir Ior sale uol reasnahle ,tri I &ll . ( i )n l1o V)'. tI' I-ST~ rcrt, ch'Pd paP lid,+ trl'b'ala fromll NeS, l'tlk, nt tJ rt-hI Itl~lI lilShlillllahh' III(T~s1rtm..t +q flI\IAT. . The. ++uhecrl'iher wolln particularlnl ralll lse ilatl eth ioll of' tihe+ punlit tol a -t'.it I heatet~ r h:H.te "n supeitl'41 fill h i ne te t use'+Xtl ,a liC.l an11 beallutiftll ll*+re; ::[-o toJ u litn e plin usltl a hi,| olf: a t su erior r unlity ,und ul+,o a I l i d l l 'i tle I f sll l h t+i k h u r, to e l o r i h gll e n e rl l nI t lIto n t losni not' t ) y o lut' lll xon"', f.o, r th ,norot, vhlt)h.tlo ou.Iol'lioil s " J W o.B~inN, 31 Camp -tw.rn. N.B Cilr" atnd c'unltr+. ,lales ,re i+ited to ,.all. I 0 [cb 1)55 I j!i " ' I. HAL)NESS: I lE,\ITTFI , henrl of hair is th, , randelt orna I. rne i It helnIhin to ith Ihmerln t'alt e. flowl ni• e11 van th r ]o o it tintl l v th e ' e.Ttrl and rprip nf lurel I.rin es ,i the ppoarane .if.i s er, hihi I et I~~tl o l t 1i1n - Igra • vin ered, rid t onu tinily ,: I'-r 1 IT lll n s l:ortv toInvot t . till atr :kI ol me f (It thit ar vniua Iht rII 'l Ilt r of theIr O l re to.o : bert"nnV Jll, s t ill Iirtl, lP ll . . 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T h,+ II,) I) . .h al.:. l c l 1 ., 1 ' ,I lh t . I , ,i1, ll. i , I I l - o ,, " (o , I I , ,', I_' Ik ) . i n :," h:l l" - I:- I. 1, it,,'.t,<'~. ' 1 ,,, I , ,l , I-- of I,1 ,"' 1'1 ,,. "ti , m ti ,u.'.ll ',';! I'1 !;. (:, ) . ,, ' (,| I 5 i ` . m . l. !, m :"l1, n iil ? ':. ,: ; Il r ;1I, 111 , ,,, ....... .. ... ......... " ......II . \, o 1 , ,, ., i ~," . ,,i; I I "I'? I. , t ,il ' a . ,, l l. I, I ,I -llo- :I ,+u - , +l+(ý!, h I :, x1 1..1 1, . ' 11 . I0; . - ii i ,1111 i . i, , 1 \~' 11x+ 'I i 11 -I I]+:t i I r i i I]11' ? 111,l . \1,l h u I, ,ýIt Lh IIh I-t , I I - I:. , ' - l-t, d I," ? t o Iit ýr'll I I. " I. : iIh , .ItI t'( . ý1IIII :il ol . ] lh II.\ 1 · 11i· 1 1 * ,Io aI. I: ll ;o ,\ !I. i. II i- , 'I r t, , IO t -:l, l ' ,+ ,h -" 11,." I ,' I, 'I'II " , .1'i. + , ,1: ii( , !- " h 'I ':! Ol " ,I I · I' , ,i 'L :" I: I II"'!'., " !. - IIIII II ·IH I' i l.%. lk i 11111 (1 I.." i - . ,, ,l ,I i.' hii I : , I. D ,ill 1 ," . 1 0\ :11 i ,, ], I l ' , h h . t at. 11 I2i -\Ii " i, I -,, .i ni r o\ 1[I , I 1:, ,. : 0 .' h { (\,,' 1. 1,, 1 tr , ,r!'. r.',! 0 , ,.110" Vc r,' 111h ).,, , i i .- . ·1 .Ihhl'l " O \, ; ,1 I h. ,,1 1 . 1o, ) I " .: r I r t"!'.II · A 1. ' I 1" T h(+ .u I·:l ,+ 1 II1 f), t -,n, ch,. ",. . ' 11' , t : '., " tl '. , 1:r,,z , T, rl , t L-1,I " L' , Ir ,, I . ·'-,LL"I ! , . "'. ... JL tI. t£ t. ,,"+~ .t ,h ' I.O\ANI1IN ''ONIL IlXTL'E, 1 . lEN years thave niot "I-t aoLl fir.I r,,gu"lt rly' r ., :I t: ,i tIrt lUiirli ro; bI t it has atlan.ied the highest reltt tlf : i .. ti. t l,lanted evwly other icdtheire for thI Aqt,,te, wherv. 1, rr it hu,, bcell kll.oWn and appr, ¢,latd. All'adv I,. lha r it been carriid ii ll y d 'i0 lu 1 llif llh,, I, the h li id talllt.., 11and itd! f, t .:. ' ol h "tllC :t ll, ,1 Iavi;tl' r i b n ll . lti td by l . m o: 1 t, I a ili .'nine IIl 'l ld . Tioulad .I l1 ie rso n, have not only h, ,1 r sl,v, d, butiii r tiiii lrd t , h ii ie , vigor tlhrull .igh s l a , t. IV; and t hley nriow c ,ll'I to ftlly, .I uvl)" up lltrtllnioy, Ill il; do^· : id anid II lirrIIno .lll ncy. 1: f f Is ulllspo d it"of .u1cl IIhltlllrlll Irincllles as ale i calcultetd ti t renc lie It:he alth-y :Ii ,i , lhf th ta inti, liver, and other itilrt tt t i dI lve orius, th ho ls f' whitch harmony i., the itn ia.h te cl tu , f' the di-..ei . It is ttp rtnt al>, that it p t .i- I - eer n, anllll lc!, .1ie In tile cl)ldlll llnii Iof th *e tcelli, ai ritllc rti i y d i ri.irt s ti m Ii vei ( Irhit t y o t rl.ho - il ih rlly othcr 1cuollldallt , thi Iii rtuth, A of tI ' ifir l io ' : oI f r it - Ir I di-i it it t I". li,! .1rtr o.o .irti.,' y h lt ihit., i-tl. t;th ,rt.l t cr 1t I :Ir . , buldv dJ nlo, y h, ll i mll l., iI l "I,',.thrlr t. o '+lgor It IiTI , I t l, t i i l l l: i -ll e " , ii r lltn tt, ahI II 11 ilt Ivht y Illo adU!lil..l... L; tLll!i~i ,'li, t' Ill It+, rir tlfr oh It i h1 tllov ',el'r. ti.t , tl .r 1'! vI ItII il a r .o ll Io,tL i tI. ar .,l ' t lei t"" 1. ' I! t o it. Il I ' ll h,1 I III.. t i 'l iti : tl I ,,, i It I tn . , .Iti .(i ',. I ]r t h'. . ý , II .,:ur,. rl .'"Ii i il.,i . ii t ! .t i i,i t , t )1,"r1 1t .' ' i, 1, t r. I ly ,0 1 ' I iL I m ,,n r 111h"!.h ul . :ui (!.n.,, , t ... . 1,h1, t .,.. i lr ti t c : , ;, ,I , d ,t i 1 ,t£, ;l,, :, I:d ' ,, ,t ~ . , II ,. ll' tlh', l tl I, lIt II r il Ii i ii .it l d1 nI lll d . . , ::II t Ill I h It Y ' I ff, I 1 ! , i i. . ni.i _. . r I 'il, ii ill ll i . it., - , , ' . , , , . , ,,,, , I I I.+ ,.. I, .`,,.,,, i , ,.t , t,., di, i..:- :,,,. ,.. t!ý !,:. · : ii :,1, C'" L It lo I '" !' . to: III. 1\( : ·1 11 11 1 I TI I T ,I..':. 1 t:,S '111 II, I::.,~I~-I.. I~ 11 .:11 . ,I·i II!d l I· 1.1 . ,iill.ýl", i,.t, l t, :.ýl. , . t, l Ii.., ~ :, , " 1..1: · '. - ;· ý !: 11 Tll, I 'j . I II,: / I."s ".t I111: L It ,I, ,i. ,II. Ic "lo, I,'' I., . .. . ''I l it Iiir; (',sliii. .,.' ,I.I i \ ..' ,: · . 1 Ali i t l tat tl . I ',, j t.'r 11 . 1 111 I,, ... . ,., ., .: JIII. ·l"a lllS k * I :I.I: l lill .I Its, 1, 11 l ,I.., " ,,. 7. . sr i. t tt l i.: :1'l1 Illll ,..u l~ ,! , ,,., i.....- : ·( :.l I% SSI,; ,,... II. , .,n Ci · I III,- . Inl ~" ....." 11.," ::.. i I:.-I It, i· ,,,I s' it .·: a "r II; · ,u, 1. ,..:, i ···s .' ." Itl ~f ll," pr, s l. t I ., .. ~ I.. :... ~ , . ;!. I ril cill IrlIlit. JF w ' d l/'I'l:Iti l :.., ,., . I t. i -. . , I ' I " I I, :tl.,! '0 11 l', tli Il i,,,t, , I\ ,".1, ,, I". ., I.1 - " I t'IIT III.~ l's II I'.. ,.!, 111I I I ·I. ; · ,.I ,,: '. Ii~ 1. t , 1 ... 1·ý.( :111111· .:I.. . .. . . .. . ..L ii~illl. li-ll l 1'1I( ll~rr l ', ll Il. .,. .. I · Ir, :,, 1 U I .rl~il ' IC` tl: -,,IIu i :, s ,. " . I li. :.I . I ý i" . .. ,\ I"ýI It.I 1.I~i,.:l~11 1.1~~1II. 1 ,:.l 0 , I, . ".t' i,' I,, 1.1 , " . I.,li i/i .: I i :. .. , t·l l."tt,.I.::.,t l! :; .I ::l:: :, ;: ,,.,. i .,.. .ý ' ' ' Iv I. ý It I::.. :"'"r, "t ii I-: " t 1 1 r t , 1 1 . " . ,: . 1 I ~ I : " t . I t : . . 7 . : . , : ' I . Y 1 II: :. :..rl ,.I I. · , ,I 11 .1.~ ···~I I, . 11·;.:; 1 ·1,, 11 1.. I ·. 1, · t 1 .. .... . . 111 I II\ N: ~ I~ III trl. :, i .,I...t. "1 I'··I ..i · ` ý tlrl"~i;;i ,, l. :I~1 ,IVS I' It 't... · l l' I r t , ·· · .. l iillll'. rl:l^ l~i , ýl"Ilr. I. I, .,i·l ., t1.I I, ý . ", I i", .:Irri,",! t!,~ II II I ll 1'·111." .\t"." .,, `I,, .,,, ...ll· I ll 1 . 1 . . a , ts 11 t 11 t .1 .,r ; , 11 ".....,t l"", . ti~" I II~ 1I ýý, I nl!:,I ,I tI . tI":t't" " r'yI ",I, tv"It .-~,, ,'I. .II.: N"" * I. I, - ; 1.1Ii j I IlIbIN I X " '"1*1' 1, -I I'l(l: "1"i II I.,11 11 1,. t 1 111 iý,. t,. \: ..·· / Iw : ,, ... ; .5 r " . ,,,"I tl,. t'II:It XI· , ,' ll. ;I: 11 .. · \1II, .ýI, "I, l ,,Iý L . _" Ii IN Y I l l s ii .I .. ' : ' ' ' ' :I,1 II, :I1 ' I -., I · '.. r:,r ýI: · .I t 1110 1, 5 !I It, S'k.r- a Ba.ltimorrc raclets Ni %i: N 'W t - K .- ew-L ne. ---'', ,,I I ,: , . ry .,,u d M onday -.s .,,I, , , a S. ears, \'. " i, d C. C. Borrr, I, _ L ,L ., 4 - 7 , . E S D ennis, I, S r I d W n Hathaway, II , ,.D Jd h k on, J , ; 1 :a ky, ;12: ' r . J Bunker. 'i:., ,, t,., rI,"; .: , ' ltl, fr, t a. a :; , r opp4 lred. "! w l, . .. r'n built in New x, r-, -v ,r . Ihl I:.s t, y am of light +:, r i r tot , :.:,n v c aon:.: the bar , ; . , r., . a ,! -. 1 - n, ai,-aysbo , , r , ? . · . ·-,,i, I I r~oI I ate . i . I : . ·i, ,' " · ,il eiwaye be without '. I,, h , r, r I , ' .- ,, ,, ,, r f,,rli bhcd to a go appy '11 1 +, Camp st. '!'2:," _. ! . ,,r h , :,.. . :t ,I : ;.r i reakag of ', r r , ýt ; u, ,: ,,7 M, . i., i . ~ ,-1. + |c l f iu any , t hr f:dnty t 1.., l, :,r , t ! ,il thl e c ts. I , INC O t1ier, r',,1er , tiLn ar .I. i .. .. . , 44 lea l(l , , : , ... ·... ; .III - a ind * l *" : ' ' 'c tL Lil c' n the " (.,, .' ·.., i" .. I,: ,.t cut the S...' ,1 . S . ..-, , + ; , . .. t i', p, built', n t " , , ". t the S .I 'it.... : ,"" ". " ' ' ' ' ; . . . · , . "t\ i '. , n o t r. I" ,,.. ~ t, ,, : ": , a, th ,. , I, "., i "i,. i ,. i' ,. . 1 .0l a, re . ... . f. ' , , . , -. . , ~i - .. . .. . .:; ! . I " L f I : ,o , , . · . : ' t ,1 : V , R , w , . . . ' .: - ; , . q.. w il,, d t . . .. . F 1 .. ... .. .... I ... : i... . : b, . .t fliur ,I .. , .. a..5" ,.. '1. \I ' ," , . . . r , . . ". t. . 1 . i i I itl inOw p , i. ,, f; :- 1.. . . . . . . .': ..".. . u 7 u, , , i , I ... 1', " :11" 1 1\1 11. , 1 .. nu. , tut I t, ,..

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