Newspaper of True American, December 10, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated December 10, 1838 Page 4
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Misileslppi and Louisiana iHotel, r OV iOOTOt. 1I4 [RS. MARY KI IKLAND respectlflly an. nounces to her'friends and the public rgne. illy that she is prepared to arcolnorndai l theln at 0O ahove establishment, and hopes frotn her 'eertiono to render v;sitors cmifortablc, to recive o continuance of former favors. She fools culfi. dlnt that persons visiting Covington 'during the nammer months, cannot find better ucecommloldati uls than alo e can afford them, on emore liberal terms. Her house is pleasantly sitated, and well sapplied with every convenience; the bar is furnished with the most choice liqueors, &e. in short, shit promises t*pt nothing shall to wanting on her part to give ,' tire oatishaction to all who may patronize, the ,dimissippi and Lloisiana Hotel. je3 i.-O TilE PUBLIC.-The undersigned. having " studied under Dr. Scl.midt of Charleston, 8otth Carolina, and for soens years his assistant in the practieon of medicino aold surgery, has the honor to offer his professioenl services in this eity. Ha assures the ladles and gentlemen that the most prompt attention will be paid to the calls which may be made; and also oeftirs his services to the holders of rlavos, being well aequaintedf with the diseases conmon to tllhln, having attended them in tls|eugar hlouse in Charlestoin. The famous anti.bilious pills alter the eomposition of Professor Smollette. with directions, can be had i of the undereigned. The effect which they havel produced in this and other cities, has been attenoled with the greatest success, to which the best 6f references can be given. Apply at No. 166 laaga. zine street. JNO. M'LORING. H-OLLOW WXREi , WOOD SYRGEWVS, SAD IRONS, &e. IIIE HOWFLL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Beckman street, New York, have received the past season, and are corestantly .eceiving largo and extensive additions to the slock of the above goods, which notw consists of the ellowing assortment, suitable for the uout ern and weteorn markets. Hollow wore of superior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 22 sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallone, Kettles, 15 sizes, fromi 3:8 to 3t1 gallons, Kettles, 15 es, s, fro: 3:8 to 18 gallons, ! Bakepans or Ovens, 7 differunt sizer, Tea Kettles, " i do Skilletr, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spidcrs, 2 do, Oridllcs, - . 4 do Fire Dogs, Ii do Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20.000 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inchl, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and less than Jamo's importsed pairs. Sad Irons, assortead, in casks of about 500 lbs for reatailing. Tailor's and hattor's Iront , assorted. Sosh weights, 100 tons, acsortcd fruio 1 4.4 to 201bs. Bells for PI Ltatioens, steambtals, churches, &c. made to order, Also staoibenats and otlhr machineliry made to order. The aloeve assortlleont of goods is parliulearly recomcmendevd to lthe altentitn of Sul hnrn and YWcsterieerlnrchants, and a re oiffreld ler cale at low prices, and upoen Ithe most libera:l terms ; it is be i lieved to beI tLi largest .nd best ashurtFienit x(ci offered for sale Iby aly ocne .ltabli-ictmunt in tiie United States. iMerchants, by forwardin g a requ crt by mail, cat have a prin' d circular, with dc.criptlon of lioods prices and terms, foill hic lll no devlatiol is ever made, furnished by return of imol il. All orders will receive intlcediate attention. New York, 1038. j,3 EFION Sntlit e K i- dj d0o1 m%'T p en d t lr h , I, ,,ss n C v ,, : . he roxsflee, ise& e a l k ill', s i ,'le tei , l , b lie ai uonldin ~L, JARi'IS ha l d t eNI)Rl..\ , c l e( I' . I I, ci lt l' ,It, , (;n l Nd, fu,':;sal:by ti leA 110 il :, ('ii. N blii,; : , , :::, 'l'oft do IVET tn'?9 . i. }, 0 to J . . l ' , Tý II.n;l, aII\ "l+III IN C Ittilo ugra, ,I;L Sl dirt tol. C n tie o Cte, i, . If:I ' i: " l cell iaced Mcili c ec eec 11 . , 111e I .el e ()1)\ 'f , n(: N eu itin l', "11c te IIT tl. S )IN C l ii ct li el" th p Iu IIm li'r il ,n ll :cl l tL II I \~i- ,'xi l ll ra. II or 1. ,'I " , it l.l:\ It ; I",NI , Il V.\ f' . t l m I ee y e el ' e ie l de bl r la dil, lr hl dl .It. l II ' niett Nn I'Statlcicm :, ech I I elchtieh: ,lr t, h. It lmelig, le at i ad i , ib , tit l \' i 'c , hi ' t tl l Itl i, ,, l llo I h nt,.I 'l l I . i... . . L.. ic.. o ilE . 1' c r+:r oiil F:tw to Ih, I, p n', " ire:. 1%5. tl: , s .,ltce - i?, i .te t "Ci, .h I rleet. H4clt l' t I 1i.:.llr tl rl l t . n1 1.,11 .I::g-hie Ntiw I. Al-- , IVýl ANI I t)i'I",-.1 1 i,"",., I t , ci rlol 15, ul, It+ tl!e, I,.. . u -li .,., fron ,t .,y . ... I+),--)ulor by IA YEcI' l u A\Ibi: t lt, n11. 17 (,nulnulterce as t B- ( I;!-5'11) pleces K aetutkt itt _ina, In (in t from st.Unr GUar W\:aVrl. ll I flr ;lle hv Y'OILKF:, t!)'il'I't , .', NO MERCURY NOR COPAIVA A TnOLT'' sit atttll, nt )a ad a iie lifisltonea to elt I . a secret dir:..ns ,oI. r 1~ Iha: b 1 1 e .e rl dot:r urs ' r a corn,ut Ihe dd ,, cu m,,. o to !7 wt77)7 7) no~,., .oo tlhe hrbove date I put' I'y f+ lot uni~re th,? L.+uetl h )a of ul oluet, allll i Iexpo ht bi to c r illnP thn tio thu di·sceus got wolS, au no, t, hreal, out in o1lrer to tihe unto fe ,r of six or igh oi n ai t I , nr dtl l oi ,ny faIeo,l Ea, lre tltlrolt, and 7o r l, n r at hu presple t llti ll. o l".1111 ((lt'l't I'r* h 1 Io ,cr a)lI .a ntfi t tt t d ,ti.rth" carte of Ilt)r. Iuart, 'ri , I to be perfcrtly turedl J Ntit IDEAN. lor 14 ly - 1)O CI'R'T'IFY F t ih the l tr llo '* ,1 7 tha Ik ilr a I ';eru an Ild, et ) rvoer I 1a's77 lx Ihll tI h ''a di -ior"1 I h ve lnlJ+rt= iontc-l,. o •` ft. no1 Id 1;, i llnlt',u )III IThey will flld Ia titl l r Iehi. 0 Ii r li Jo)IIN 1)I+>\N. I) :;r,, itr treet. If nn'v oIeI watlll to see une,.call at No. IU Ilrat itl street, aind l ',' ill he qltq . To b, lublishrtLd t tkhe ptitlp r f a:'. I t u't.t J"il, ',l",N. New Orleanis. Feb I, ('t" I" ' lE (.Pllllillc: [i1dllll )Sul l uitll .lol 11+P.II )1 I 1 t olll ll I. l ullln!, i' p tl dp ini bollr' it thi , low I et ..l "f , ats e chllt, CII III I tI rihe astroll'i we ' lhl ' ' 111"i herbs k l.lwn nll hi+ llong l-llul'S lII Ihi:JLL; ( iitJ ) 6r ) 7lil 7 lll 1Il,~ tI 'i. alhd ."'S w'. hieh ] o, a :itl"lhi+ ,1 olit f1-I. ll thllis inIstnlllll L'+ lIt l.Ian .heal'P r rl + l )l- , h o illll' ' ict . hls obt,:illetd lthe collliir' nl d lllllllllli " tlilns of 'esp"leCtabl," !,hywicianlll ,,r Alit " ro te of Iown , hrlis paiainin fl sid:, t 1hwat ofI ' ret ', spiittin t. hralldi liver ottmplIin't , Lc To whom it tlav 'l, l ."ernt. This i' II -li,. ihr 1e hany ia oar o"ll.tilct frtlttlltly llo l'.rii ,l ,Ils (illlll oar's . nldianio to l ot't ,."' tr.a 1 a Il l+ l i [Il it decided good etr e : we rilt Ihtr,"fort' ltl 'b i thc kt, ledge ofthe miatrials it ii mitde froml, 1w,1 I hsel\.fli nod ela erinttt riColl lll it n n Frl , cr all thol n ltih ' i''ll f thel Ion - I't i", il'h it I'- tl , tlu ntatdlu . Ai ,1 1"e I I' \t I 1.1 i \il 'i, al. t . I'UALVIN F'IS t 1. at lllemhe, of Bo ton llli l yIu hdi,'il \.s.ciao ,, OSttatt, O 3b '' I5tt''". a''" " 'i' llt II &- A liI'Ii:\'", o , t ed it 17 rla tilt d' i llt n, ,l, ' .l, 1 i",,t't" I7,' I t i o ai l' rl. t U c' t E I t'Ir v s c e u a aat 1 o '' i tn , V i r 'i ' n l - -l ' , , dya dvlritI.l or h,7,lie i ; n, illll ll, u l-"1 I dro llil , 7o, !, valituadt ' geatle., eooline plrLmll". 'lthia+ eoir~tille l.te.atittttat hia receiv,'d le patoe, aoe of O',.,y eoin ,ot i ti , nat 'r ' ,f -,' irf-.-io , ati itted otinanila h, fit .tIta tiea y tmd ce te. lroe elicited. ¶itth oll the phnttta tasn '- u tite o," tl ' lna r eoda waner i rl i t hes a llh lle Iler.l ,il ll Ioa ,l li,, of the ast i ,e , llei p. iit1t t ia I llp il~. to Ihe pila nlo' 1 , rrlll d ' ,'lrrll t , i Fllllll.l- l. IMI'OII'AN'I' 0AU'lON--re ioer*,n'inc rA ,Il Iiln and greati demnd Fur Ritle.'. Il|tervr:' lt .'t un sit Ap ere ti hal blen Lt it atl 'tltllla'IIt for it oa re ran iailatioan to'this valt tl e tl7,t c hlt . tI ooit hlil Ar. par inlat ly waIrned of lhia Inrll ha' 7 ^7ll ll77.,llN, b 'The) iotrl'l are re rertltillv int r , ilaht e b i.; ,ii blatrs Ire eOlt.t ly irsuip iet I hia the, ri l'tll It id •r iu p.l repnrltli' a. For FiiIa ' , it" Ialo' it 1 ri,'ail. to.' &Io C ) ,) Io tit i ()'.ll " -r-y . Ket- ll ai fcllali Oil, for ihe rir-ta orlio Sio d irowht)t atil IIir,givinglrheuind u qln SBefore hi Ia oir Ut) owre tfeaed a fI phlii ha s.eo tried in huodroda aof ttoeof talda~stlites-, au Sles1Gn offofthe hite, iron'd inaevrv iaaomcv its ahluar elt'ots .tter been realised. It hanrtrrefailetlo prttuar oapea end t)eooafti fil groott af ' h it'tto t r , r+d "" 11tf ) ltwill very oar, oner it ha.lthy, a!,rIlu.. '71t Ioboooutiful gre.ttt ot hairt wttu ittt "ae It.+t "-'t.v tg t to the hood. "'h'I (Oil e- " '',, t 't't r fill t+'eotatltto and 's iheferable to nv other ta it lil for per a '( ,) it. art.( {'(IlaMON9 f{A'tT' CO, arc now v nte~ivm_ lmui nn boat~l rhip, Orleans . I-ollr, II iulanlirr, t'llkcr Irr"Aurw I Iw- In rnn"ayerl;R nedPvi i I i u,ILI I-,- I bt"lio. ~ In · ·*:l, ("r r; 1l nt :1O 11 (r,,. r -i~"; 11111-n1- ('a> rll !; tl l Po1,-r Sl I),,k xxi 'p'x 1444*l~ll hxl~lx4~lf RxxIII \-IZ I'",tl .'r.Ilr ..;, r I,' I, lu11 l d,! ln , 4411 4. x ,,,ltiltin' . -irr,_J . ',,t, re li," I t .:Li;; (:aullr Rli " T ut I··T/llfl-; I'u lick' lad Iim fl44s Iii NA. ,,ll iII'd.4 lxxin nl tnd \: ,; l Chlorin, ,'t\\al Poolh ' 1l'n",I rnr; '1' n lillri n", .'.; 1 Shat II" 11 ill _^;rat to xxmt lxilToxilet Powder: Emory Ito,.; x lury '1 (h l;lllIi Iatent ;2..a!,I: ,:,P, I.4111u I4,'xxil, x IP xxx r.; 1'"w r fuil anIxd il.;iltilt I'll 4 i eakix,,d I144,'lI; ('11111411 Il1·s (lil cu 1 Slvered lk elu xiixx Rll";; Imi Y F Ilclls i and Wbu Irý: Shell 'PlaiI1)t: Side " 'd 1Irjrlinl a 'Ior uhc; dxieb i ii lit11' the Ix'xx'l'iixk u"hand. makes t heir<, notlI mrttit vp,, ll 1441 (m.4nr4il4. sol aur a d ue 'il~nar l terms, ill t lilte l llfin of the Guldrr l I44114'i 4 '41'1 7 I-ll'i44, 1'41f I7 1 1 (xx4 t I trut i 1,11. ' .S ih ri IrV= 1 -eI,,xi,,a l44414 ,41141 4.41 tut o I,', 109, lxi 141.414441' (.4' Iennr ~~c~v "i ,42 , R.414 , 441141114 41, scix ms, , 14. e j44, & 4,,114 -rl- exit' " IIf.',al xf "",' 4,,.Ilv 4111 .144,4 Pock It" Dirk, arni Sprnr point Nnivenn; f tanturs, Sris-ll vnocsl Pelee Tunis, &elcenasc. i! h ih they a re preparedll o exhibit to the tradeilrl Inc orders. 'P, ruts unitl cumlitions .viii ,,'xe x"iiax I.;v 44t, Ii t1i44, I'O"I ,1. D. L: R.I· N & A ('I iIilIl:N .!'o I CmmnuilS .i. # xl·I" " p I ( ufc-I1',b~agle, \e An xi 14, ander , f'r ieual~lli and (7 (Ium rl ulrm lewd plevinz Tarlcs lix 1;I. ll xtl's x ntmelr, am4 7.12.p4:7r. a il Iie k, bead an llr theIY pur ge;; hair h:tll 0 iillll .r .rit 1011 NN((.", Ruahutds mac unssc r oil, i miulia " d"; l· tu . (;III)((-( ,rill bears o Iil; part I,).. desks and dres ilo, eases: past,111 bl eknl;; l lia n l oiletrsses crn ec mie'"",; op un er, ',',i,lud c oi r als sene :I li lill.I:I.V slimtalll; ll;l11(* I ti i.. . .l i F'': ! I'(i 1; t'r4 : I ( t )I . t : ' \l a I t'I ' 'tI "c eit s u, of 116 i..n erior ( oil, . .e \;trot- last roe{-i. Anw rCu h6 h dohhzn or " t, l Willy. Al bho I :i5 urllllc l t ; lll 'li t(· It it',' I l di It l lll r , '1111" itnd hi g,' . _ 'il hd t , 1 1 il n c iIt l-. al'h o .llh 1.541,i w,. (( ,,,, r io l ' "s i l hll I( v,,!, lrlr lll' (2I. r- i I , nI 7l' \ \ t(U N)! III-' lh1 Ili n it , Ie .illlt l l 1'66-r'l .l r, t ll iiio .sc l 1 I l , i l. cr lil. ly. r',h l' I"". i6l. . ,l~ l h,i I 566,"1! l,, In,1 16.1, ! Owl- ,i ' ilrl , : Il idthdo l Ir mdeIrV or F il-hh. ' l il. ,, ll lld sll l r 'llilll, lio lldr j"i llh \ |.1" 1 l ll'lol + Ill h -d ,, r r-u. il / y 1' " " b l1 . ll \I( , , 1 . 111'"I'.T 1 '11, 1 ,.ilT 1"1\ " hilln5!"ý -i-r~l~' I l t l \ .l 54 .Llll i n ' I kII1 li n oi nbi h1 P-I i, (, go. V . ,iih 4,2ii ", II l· ri^ ('ollr . Iri l l i i 1 6:III .,. I !l,: tIII % I' 'l I dr1 o c·llllloc : o l ihlo h ill,'. ; Ih.' it,'_ ihv1.425 1t ,"n; 6 ll 1rll6.i ' >'h ' , fh l lo~ i5:': 6...61, lt. ' a oi , ,ilt , ePll It~ I.I, .,r., i , , t ii.nnd dl+,-ii' , 2,1,1 h~6~ do f 1' 1 f d 'ri ...... I t ,lit r~1i ' r, =- ill. «od 2.l 1 h d 61, .li," c,11!o , ý i,0 ,5lllll· l . Ih o i ll - ,i lll-l w · , Ilo 21 I5ll6 ,6lil itlll:`r i:;lhhubs , 15161.i5d ho -,k . god ,,se ro t ," , 56 , h, . .rl, ol,h ni- 5l, ivory itt,,,!' t roi hiit " h ,' l t, !>% I l-.1 Ittitit''I ' -t . ,l onk, oir, d,1u in ,6 u r ', I , -, ed, th, n,! ch il- al. ,"'1i.1 t , ,ht 61,6,r ,n Illtin,. he ll. , 1. 1 ,h: il hl - odt' i: h; ad, h.i , ll - 1 1 1, Ir6.lh , i t.,l.l llil'lh'. h it ll htll - ih ll-<, b' i lll- t, h itr ,6 i1't,0 1 . , · Ir i :i ' it t l, ' lil 6'.I 1 i h ls titti , Il l h'-i .i ' l It' i .- r. t h, 'It'. I n'il't N, i t ! i ii mi ee1ti 6,- 160, or atis f i ii e u si N rlla ih. 6ise , tnd t, It, I - cl i .th, Ie ir. t :,' l, ' i~it lll1,'ll ra Ii - 1'owlS t I i, r it , I I0, " lb d ir I i Int, m('14 5 w h I ,it,. , 6,i t,'. t, ltl-. It li lt i it h i ll 1-\l lr, , 2l I I'\,. I h.lh r I-.-,'.1l,5-, inll l to liit 41! 4 t) il a',l - S tthio 1s. I tiii, e' tao ' I er1 ' ni' ll' ' ,,,.kl-l l"i d tI-II\Vine *I11 i)- 1 h "0, !,' oh s, ,~166 I l 615,l ll, l :l . . .l , 61 .61 ",1,1 e-it Ii ,i -, ' 16 -rl l sli lllrv >hh'd, i s llll h irt <hd6,1h1old ii l l'. ' ,,<,+' , Iiooih I ]. lYl III I l, .i +i , 46l,51 11 i ,tnd 06)+l h :-, rit ini l ,, dittt tiuti . . I- Ivu , 61 it Ii t h t i l , ci' . , I:.:it II dl.tiil, stliilt If,;i' itk Itlill r,,I hil., ·I? 1.h , I,,I II·l, i n ri l i In - 00'1 6)1 .')"' , I' ,ltu I MA , 1 11 i , tl 2 9Sl i4 64' SrI , , t. . n 1 ailD l TI'ho «l2l. `, tll , " I hl ,"ri 'r ll· 11,i i ctil I cll r ' il'l lp <6:` ,n i .iii 1' 165," l it l I'.t 1 nhuh 4al 0t-u Il. t~il,,! 'wl ci h lln gt li :luilul 31 Ii t' -' h ! .lll'ii r''' h,'i d l. Stilt '-"li l It ,. " i t ii el '., ll l iitllll \ e, - I,' 1,1 itr ,'i'l ) i ll: i tu-- ! tt ,h' -F1i ll t il1, cIlll ll tell :d, i lllh l2l lll X -Illt Ih'" l" l m itl, tt I, h llllid it 11 itnd ~it ' h i i .llll-ii it' l , iil'i li It+ iit~ t ii tl' , in l ii,; , .: 606«14, oial i00 I1 , . h-l"-.1 r',, ..- ir,,h1 k w i~i_"r llc l :;,t 1, . | IIc --III' I ,. 60 ll. (\b 111 iii llht i i p llllll w .i l Il()l(·E( 111 .II. - 1 - II.II)~itt i-' w irn. i't ta-' i(i Ii' , t it,,( r k, (1' , th i l i 61 ,1, of 1n 1,I t i h ii - i i,;Ih' hoc I. '-" ric l d i ,l"« 1 rit! 'l' r. la , , h ,ie-i , l poc.ket, :ttil t wih t htoul a., l ll1r -rnll~, i I IIII.t 1'URII":51: 15,, ( -- 'olo .h ii, I,;iwc5,Lh , l'h rido>, hli1r.Y, v , , . r i f i i d s1 Ianv 4 ,i,- i lnd atl i k hl ,Iof i .l:.,s iil n o) l .r IVINlillti , ' Id' v Airotitlc ha ir F i, he IIII ul i- ' i ol liI . I - t'rslnoil, . llhll ..1 11 ', d i , I 1IJd iul' 5 l5i' ill't l h, i, I', ;16 r1, ir , \1 ' :Iler, Iro l" 1ll'tl- 15 14 tnai l l h I ti-. i« illl5l)l po wii rdII rrl ;,n,! chlrUiue to<th wash6.,11 Ai l 0i , a i1 nerI 1 a.s all i . o i. llid [ of t t , Jl+:\\ ;:I.l,\ l l'--.o o l, "h," I sIh'- tlwli «614 I slhio La 10 ''-I, cols- ' - k i '-hh' I I t ll i ', It, i ,- `.. " wv r th nll )-, slyer nted Mk I ahil, ,1lh, -"irI cpl ir !1nIo t w': ',i-- ('h h i,,h, ,6. h hat, !II"I" 1211li, Illtc, c5illh5" \ ,ill ,· ull . 41, )5) and ,v h, ist, ,-:,_. h h h \1.\.\ A.l.ll Vl.1 tii 1" Il 't t ' it\:ý- l l,'h %('rv t h'k i+lu lit), \y luni~hcI lldle: .lk h,,.\ r,' > 4ill. ,. ii l62,, ) 1hrtl iltl - '·. w i.'.l I xr ,,:\(.= t..£,)'l: lit. -_ 5. 1 . ,' , 2 . ,,. 1,2., .~1 iA11. WILLIAMS, OCULIST, NOW AT TlE JEFFERSON H00OUSE, JEFERSON ST REET, To the Edlilor of hthe ,ortsr el drertliver: t S Ill i o.n1 <h 'rill t ti'ro l terit n, N' tion nint ! t'ran - L cript, asn well as thle editors of tile |Memphis Inquirer, a tt the, "(1),1 tlen tlemiu" is atoo g tihe )octor. This Io is [row.ved t ' I s kinoty riac, ktv n thll;at his time i t hart shur, all,] that tat" independent ,\nlu ri,'nn people :Ire alie to judge tr t hei tti l ve, V .lhat are p lf' 4 o i ll ilspll o=,b os. Tihe w tIlIv 'edlitors who are I1)om 'r . lie i-itttorc, editor, m" sotlb-editors of the above t uned iourntl' , cll elvery letter from persons I hatve rsoone to sight it th i ob ove plraces, pul~l. I. The f' eti tt is, t it Il tt"t had i 1 ttt i 'reoat ottlcep'o' lilht fima his birthl I.'atn to see to follow his Inatcr to ,ily hotel, alutetd of being oitbli d to be led by Itial. 'Iao yVou'll Indlies, who had1 eachh lost the sight of one eye, one It'r toen vl'ro . and tile otiler f.or nearl two yeors, hnvine both ofl them the other eve very weak; oet en'h tof thooe vonn e ..o tdies bet' oi see with both r..s, which beneltit I pled'ie mvoelfstill continupe, ex lptino thot are ont.ler theo inflttence or Iott.tim li ,o t of lte otio.ooil l)ooros. Aolother is the daulo hter of it tres.pec:tab Ile lerohat, ihot'e nalmt e II hott'innl inever to mnction, (as he paid me moy fees), who acid she had lost ilhe oiht of one eve fro ml the af e of I tllolhs, Ilat that silhe now begins to road large letter. wi:h the o other e've cooigpletel y t This the d(octor eitolrs d1uc'Pfl hi.,; dmtlll.hlee to tite ofi' e oo f tio tt edie:d editor. tIt they mlighllt lhe inaLrmed iof tile fialt. The hlaot I shall nm wion iPs nld elderIv Eentlenmn by the nuane of Ye'llo , eot-'LitV totO'Io o Voeo't' of Lage, two'odo:llll'Od e id Ipib lihh ' bI t l otter, wilith:I at'e took to allo ll tt iif'tlld t e lite in N'tohvillt- bit one, and himself told to e he had paid for thel is,-rlion whlatever tlhey dirUanled, whIlo d(|'lnTr e,. i llhal t letter thhat hle hll ', ll y de riv.d of the iet of one aye from f kt Iltoer his bhirh, I iit h his mInl' heI' tat t o'll tll ,... t o ca irEt i l vt tieo met llrl mU" :nll pox: thalt nLeat [Ile.·lr'c llot "iljlly roe ithe1 lel,'hI of Ille "1un filof til I r ft time thut ht' reo'ltt et.% bti t tlic' st0r t ilr 1o, and was ttbeginning tol disligt sh nnyv obl -t; atal did, before I eltt that ;ty, ivet nmia wdith lhe other ve o . nvito leto hooo'ed. le f io d lio ioa been to lctmber of sho Ihethdiolt Episcop+l Church for ne:lrlv forty Mears, il I ltht lis word wa never doubt ed Ih;u, oh to whnle cours. ofhi. life. . r. IttiitrtoL-'.'oI had never ,renter ertlte. t nll nat ''a' i lle ilitl a td til a l rt m diicial lri : tlotrs had inoveorh'fno' cr it lefh reaon titl Ile lenrail'.e. The pIillo indantltn ot th. Rev. i:l'ericl D)r Smih wroves, 0 h ba .tt.e stat O tr t t in, tha t o m - sir vtesre l pnt, ýli wn It idctlri of ho If' o l eh , t t he muiit bla- h e eniiiaL trilling erotr-or-thaltt I I to any, th ielbreo thle I enldl of six l e ' to c Il l ll bi oChe ronvertod from otiooiofl toll hetitn ooiototo f the i hri'tt lit l reoigioo ti ,,ei t brathe o [llt dtl, iotl'tl ivtillr (blltllnlV ali ndcr filocltooti to ' le io. llim edi o fto i t'rl'l ds, i tin'ttt thil I lhanl I hoIII he lllo Id ll ull lllll I' ar, a lllt er, i I in l to il t oil l. All t te i lha t i lott tin o toiN v ii-. os toike I ' ' i, r - reat -ucc- I land, .-c pt ith ,, le I ,adctor Is. ithlo oflhel i r t o i fn oll beol ifolo'tiire bo I la Youttt of ithe iutrlr p rl dll pront it t iht, f otrl tlin oe di nt. ThtTni o n t'Nio h ih . oflobis tlln lltends that I o lot,' fo t otltottt I gathtt hi tihe Niri' h t l ine i to troival i t',toi o'ih oi't. 'l' it rovedhow +,[ hlll, dl th i [k iie i foo o til t oirtt t ,it n tll ai llo t io n i f I toil il lib l' t t re ii rih, I o llogh to I o l lill l not]l llr i hll e ., lih tn tlll lite.l it tL. id till ' , t i o weailr htal o ll ey t.iowlifll htnow o il th, d I It vr, i silre of tihe Vi tla Illtil o Iof th ooe r thlril r ., If t ilt jl l|lit o -Il t hi. the r .t I iat hH l ly hn reliltd hi thi iy ittl i t't e i tll,' it "1i i'tol·'e ib . o tout i Ire. ntto i to i e i rn tl i aii / a ' ol e emb' r tnll U I to ' I t('eh'o ti iiotII ot l nn Tratilt to ilt t, i wt, l ih t.!ei 'a Ir l i t o t I tt'ti' t l I ll e '.l 're. Sl : , iu lln ,tiioiaf " ilI. I "lai ; il iti . h , n. well 1i thle ;i; ,tot ," t I, o '! l t lt"ut i r Itu l ''toilto oIliI.' o tilto t. . hlirn 'totlllll 0'I '' 'o tith lll' m llil (t l ' ll'lll dlb I lr of ti s t o th ( il ' I oot I t- S ,. that'hl ' ll' tbrin i eXliti.' tJ a st hb ." , n , I r vlil ,ntrti Il awle, rl.ei " or c ualdli v, ht' ll' ,, i nthh . to t or Onttv nrril i n to ew ttk, a well o zI aUainst lhtir ||i0l.bOi o hto'n I thoeth l t oliu' * ofthe north. I H.ilt' hin m tii).elIhy tiolli' e I1o er io nal ilt., Illlno 1 hin lll a in ll b I ha\e t ho lall-,: I til i t nl i ," " i l Ir li t Iti t lto totot L li ll nti ati.tll ;l t1'. t io e g toi i o nli, 1 a11 . ' llt o trd, lohlT e lo l te, 1lt ',' hot'l"t fIntno .g mt e a it l .t he woutio of T I oU. ibel ohe bo re iltl a bvre ,e woot;bl t ii too ,l i,- II " hve' h l ct ior , ne tt \ tuho Le A ee l j l n. rt lintul 0il t0; ito 'li' r . I I.+ ir I ii I''''0 oLe'.o' '''''to I' I (whmi. i ihoIltl wI o IIl;I, n r ll more ti+ lllt n et io, nlll it, ol, thr l h (thn I he w It, p wll , wo wI IEtl itl I tli l i ' o' lilho to io lsil t lloa111to ditaolt hiliu I i til o l tl i U it; v tit rl u i l t is IVt i" ld im i l, it i ll Sh e l 'ii lito' totl, .. 'ic li I Ihtnlv t \tom Io d an :tac ty T I uilA ltrac,: he th lveo odl theihma both I , itoout b ilhli 1 onr e , 11, ill w it|lenwn Io A shi.|ri e a ll ill l ]1:..1 or,1 Ir.l'l'illl " Ii o I vI a 'l o o ll tl totrt m he t lioT: I llll If v ~ll lil o l e t I 0 illliot lllt, l ll iof t il l llhl t t mo rel m itO ' toh'r it'l , h l tt'i nr ctito . hatI , bto li mII L,'e1 lit a oltl P. '.at I Ih'd1aw' tapill "l10,il lui illcle I t it'O,l ttt O tll I,,l- ft r It h 'itot i o lilt ,I It llo to l ot o htoo h,lo too l, lih, nl o ni to , o ' ,l th,'i, i tool ,,,d inhl~lc, tt lla I f ill't t'' o ot : id 1 -11'-t-1111%ei'1e11 0000ili l. iI ll 'l' oi l oil. tait i tI t i ,o'o Itila "I, i. tlllit k'ot' I it o l'' tit'."' I ' 0to ,,o.tyto t'0 0 ,0 i:r il,,l 0L;, loo,''hn l f'.t tt, oh t 'it o o- o i. t I t. ' ii,''"'it. Wtoott hl.>ohlbli i. iio'ral rp 'r ,I l it l'', ,,bateI 'to Ito'''' o o ' l otto' T to' t' too i 1i to olol,.i t.l \,i~tn , i lt , too who in the '. ot: o ' I1." i \ ,t,, 1', r toti t'lo Ith t tl ito , m co, l io Id , i tillllt' Ii 'll. I lliltot : m1€ , of1 icr lr pl r unel ,t i, p'. tr , ini his lo~ ii altop,! . _ 11l' II 11i1 I \ I tl It " I/t h, I i ; '((. , ll / I at 1111 nfnll llii In call l i nt 11 hI I1 I r tn [].i ll netI, n 1" t l hoe II( of 42 ye,,II Il llllal lic a au o nllll , is t;I,, Il-t· Ilj tll·I , lull1 ns a I ntn i)·ll~l li ll tie' 1!t " . illlll·U 1 ll·(·llliio Inu1( thee trunldr o n ttlli vit I l-.uc lle l II1.I1; rt II Ihen;a d litI t X alil\)ul\· inure·( in. ~li and in re Inc', l.l l lilIu'.I I!Iillll add n). 11IIII1I·-tI 1!). I.n",tiy"-The ?Ilrllllli. I'll(] n firer Ptr itll or filar. a·l' " t will, al t-· 11li*-li l Ii I t. lensedll front their bret hren· of tht". 31I. (;,lisp.; of the ' North, n ullll I slltnll l·1tt 1II1·II Uule":l it iv true , I,,ii I Iratel : I~ ell i )l·1I(lu 'd I I Ill it hr 1 a r, a nd yn 1 till vl uclt n 1.-!'' 'I 111-"·1 11 1 luridl\( I·I·.1I I'n Ir)lly al t, t n- · )(tr (·t ) I. o' too or I three insh \\llt/ t tll'll l' 1r l" to inertil Iltt * L iii.. ill y I:)ll next I'L tie I:. i'pti icn i , 1 1 the + t l n e . t ul I > r . \\,t 111(((1n11. 5(l ll III he lil ln l.· \1111 11 ' II1.ll 1 l illl ,1 r I~. IItil el l , of I)IIRllt ill,, to the \\.Il· l i 1 t p " . l . t n I t let n t' h \ i, I not l 1i 1 Il·-t I,, t+ IliI In rnn :ývlnea r e nl nu nc- I frrlll e II·, Ili. ))- twll il· nwi in \nI·`r ll t ·· fe it li 111 du1· r ll V(III than it,, tit liraI inlý 1 111." 11- ·Ii' i: the let 1Iil llJc, lllr\, .y. "v ·l lie,11. 11 It (\tI lirld:-I1( 1 I·? iu? Ilre jll le gillted b y l ie.i illI;.l.T Il to 111": (1 11111i IlbVU till hsltY ltlisi Ulrl hats, .l talln1', them 1 ll't,,1/1 .t letter 11 i·?. r I'n ent, iitll ltc illlIlll!\ I-1 il -.; 1·tlll " Kin_ the, 11\I.I1I)), iltt \1'a ItinýLnnn Iadd re. ýcd to I/r. ", t"-tt 11 1ti111' hrd lirlitlr.init, e. nn l.vll t lII In :I from the .1111111111 n1111 tie; of feaster. Ile Its, l 'l. tnle·111:11 1 1o li.hcll I lints Ines·l r Icn n.. I ttt Ile of Ili :p reln litt ltt ill tin.. cIttt u tin, recri lrd I;t I: ' I r riarr Ili rl an it al Tlt the I1It1((. 1 11·1'.., drtailiu I I. -LII of ý illi~ll / :111(1111, ill e r"·lnttI nn o 11I1.. n Ih II. Iul. I luttt" sr"" C n /-i" f1, all 4,ii 1 4 1 ,ta icnl( i thi lcuI(T. 1!. C III\,W1. ,, I' 1 * II''' I IIe lit, f InInI, nor ,1o Dr. iim III '4~n,4 le- Ilri hltn *fa,lt ii,-ý .e41d41~ nl bn it 1dca e Ina~ d elr Ina Its11 ; n li, Intl th,1 II ;;rt'Itn u ived t1.y44 nr li~B. C III)WIA :II '.' 1.1 5 1.\' .1 11, Ii. 11111 I11t'1 .\~i 44" 444 Ill 4I4? 144't~ :: 1144'.I. e liii 44lun 41.4ll n~ttltll'lnIe Lrta1 44,4I iI'Ii~i1i lt) iii' 1- i i':, J~ ~ ~ I "1 n rn' ITHE INDIAN'S PANACEA. O. tile e e ofelrheumat ism,scrofulaor kings evil,gout, e. itica or hip rrout, inoirientc ancers, salticrheum, ilhirottir a et'tr 'l diseiases, pttttih"ldrly ul'ers totd p1titill rltaarrlttt ti ho lth boneo, oloerotedrthtoct ,'1 lrOs trils, uleers ofexerly- dscrliption, tfersoores,rnti hlterlaaal usesse ss, fi6ulas, iles, sa head, t sati h rvory, biles, chro rlrt sore eyes, eetitsilalrlsihtiis, atrta eto lt3'rlt'et ofictl-'O toollrls etertioi eolorttioe CoraoeIi, hltil ac]e Jlreted in1 o"Rn aci rtieno t icttt tihe stolm.h Id d Itp'so prtoeedlitg frol 'lc:Iin thtitntt, Elt of the lirh er, rllolrlllc in'lamnulthi eofithe kititevs, anlt geen l al hili ty causred biy tlorpitlalrtho o 'theovesselsofthe skin. It is solg'lr'lyrl eicacious ill renovating those constitltioo s whicl' have bleen blrokeln dowI 11%- ijlludicinus tl entmnlelt, juworile, i gecieral ternos, it is re'or-, n-rllutir arll tlrse ditseas p ~itilricl ari fromt imlrriti s t I oftihe blood, or initiation of thie Ilumors, of hllatever , inanle or kind~. Some of the above comrrplaintrsmay equlire some tri. it flhlgsistant aprplicatilors, whichl tilerclmstances oif the ti otse will ditartr';lut for a general remedy or Pir'ifieratora tb oremolvetheenulse, thie INDIAN'S PANACEA will generdly bte Fouied sufliient. TO TllE PUBLIC. Hllow trlll:it is, that modlern Phrysoiianls, t heirh am kitiou to excel ill their rllf'essoion; exploree the vast fiels ir oalcscience by tile aid ofclohnimistry, anllrl stok olst new re inedlal rlenits' inshoirt, to urriv.e att ieri'fLctiln i the 4aletice ryot meons olr lt altone,-rutreltry overlook ind r Ileglet, as beneath tit etir, notice, tle richl and bonteouso t stores ofmedloine, whiclh the Almightly i ls crasedeto t srr'ilg out of thle erthl ill every clitle! Alld how locll t nlrole toue is it tllat while the XiAmcri'ai! Physicitll looks to Fireign crountries fIour nney of his most commonoo atd teeeslary artieles, perpetrally elhanging as they are ot the dicrtates oft.sliio or fily, he is sulollrrrulerl ih iris owrtr atlttrlrtty with at eldless 1 rofusior ofr mledijial Ikhmts, sltlirrrt to llrsweetrany itllicatio. ir disease or to ture I iny rlll'loil rlislrder; salid yet Ie is iignorantt ol' theh viri , t rles, ltl tley) ore atiffredito warstothir hliealig on the derslert air.' lThe eircts of vegetable mcrdlioincs upon the system are Iterlliporr')-y-thoae of nIteiootlalas lasting. 'lie iit'llter er Seet their efft'els rtid pass tll--the laite lr, certury 1hill Stiarulee, act thirmirally tIon th etl sltis, deaomtposing Ihe bIolles tit rlltlorrltitilm g ti r le co'nstituti n bra a sitly / I and stlre desh'uctilhn. Thecongeriralliya effiriey rul SA F'lIl ofvegeio - ble irl'lllemlio t elesel mineral, mDil he estimlmedl hycontrast ing the :nch, n~t p iee with tie modetrnr; or, to hinr g it more imniattetlyt ulhe ouer ownr obsev:ltitor, th Ihrlli an yeactier with that of the whites. Vho, in Ameoien, rrts tot klllw or heardl of repeted illnstncces whereilt sriotne dtrelttil, tinrcretettdlig fmaotoletlirtt,htyeoaisof her simple 'emledies alone, hasttirectd the most riapidl alldtoisit uoiriotllcrrlrrer tle ir riteira .tiedia of the Srtlmlrttoatice, directed il thle most skilful imanner· i ~'crtrotitrooir ritthrrlrr tlcraashrit rrtre, iaaits riileoi Aori who ltlos ot ieealle tritr c titlehcilrt i'a'trtectao t lrloe'lrtetr itI whir Chi tile hIro iHr n fia'e liln t: i.f) any diistase, and at the ahlost tora abstinence o1 ol'tro.lnic diheasi aLmOrg them? WVho has eler heailrdi ol aln hInith wiichia cosrtiutionl brokur atnll rrinedl by .illIlreatmlent i A:tt ealit I t dorllat elst that this hraply ex ell tion oflte salvage frlom most oft the ills which the Iticli el'inIn: I is hreihtr)r is chielly rtreitltg tt ilOl'e trr ii a ll linit:l't.ic il n uecess, is a thiir exenelifr atioi of the t iiitite sisleriOlritry of the sitillth nulla saeti means of elrre e titlh t'it d has c,'rte ted ior the bent-Cft of his chitrenr, i, over tlos: wich tlhe pride and thre art of :n have ill El velteI. - 'rom a long residence oi noltg a portionoftheohorigin llinlhlitalitsof teisconntrey, illlatni iirtimate iltlllhlre - tr tolrerwlith the methods of curtle OFl some of rheirrmlost Ssuccsst'ul Ipractltihers, the pirolritor ot 'The Inldia's l'tanrea,'aequired a knowledgel of somea of the most p ower'fidnland favorite re medics. Fromn these hle seleed i such as were most efliecaiouus a plpd : anleoIihltus ..d after iritoiurntls textlelrirtirt iteo tt teir r hitil'es ando sltrengthi ie hi s comb liel tlcnm in tle frnm elre lresenlted, as th.e emost ret aert' beta uficital lor the alrll'ost Ior whlichl it is ret, mndd 'i prot i iilor tiier.'shis prertlrarton to hie Iiiblice t ith th,! cin~ichiiusliss tiat hie is plachng w ilhhinthehr sea, i- remied aallllblle of relieving imany" of his allleted lfl t lrow hIlts, . ne't h , suttferir' llldtCl the V'ilo 'trth'r oll'' lic i nad olltilale comllhinlts to hich iat is aleplicni le. ITo sucl it will il'll'u of ihlcle lable valle, |as the mlc:llls, lid ll in imany% icaMses the: only men se2tl re|lielvhing thwisil| Si lillR9 rlllll'l'estoriing thtm o lOnce mllol to health l ilid I p I a ail This is l ii lbt'l as i c o ll remedy, thit i n mle tI:ar tihae 't' equdit garid wih mlt otlllrs inow (I o ui e bU5i . I l t as o I Ie w h ie h is c ; iln:hl e o f s gt i i: lif e in ium erxttrtee E:iSet triahhh itll tilre rtsealrrremledieasltiael. Tlhis i I has I hoi . r' t e.itldly; l ll tllir is tt'it 't lllt ation ii s hi l h : inehd .1 heri'v<r ht has becnin hti'tliuced. , I t is ollle lllllr ul : hre .etrsn ll s shil e this elaration ,arls I tpeseoi ate t rht tulit : htt t i'e that shorlt sircer of torae 'o "lllU h lll, lc o" e'i l rllrralirlt ret Ilrlrril., hrr wilt 1 slav' Ib it, h i in IOtaotSE Slit tirt"hei t:il tried n y tad 0:h. a:l ite Conurotr'rnrerdhs i ahlr i . \t htl'r tr tjii. it itoirtli i ea:11 I oIn g intot toe, tloi tlis ali'd a he ar)t stabatltitin arol t orIhct p'oo' o 't T r hie ,.f ra' ta I rr lttlrtri i mo t, tati'c l h In hose hllo staLulig and S'lhililie :l' s' c a olrt llo ll i a lrMait which hila lir't .l a lr tr thar i i' s, aaltr l rtieilli it I ill those caise' wi hllI'l owrcurtyi .\I s Ibeen so) favisl !y Ilsedl aIna ari':l itl . htll'ii , llllll es, ' i lltl' e ll i i rev anri t ' l if e di.estive org'.s, de. S'Il' 1:1inlh111'..h~ i't·iiili((.61.aii[ 'ill all ease':,. i( 1il.l'l.( hiI tl.r 1,r'httlts iltr, rl. at: t ,t1 Ii tt'llr S i a .lloeiema litlilr , :lraa l ht'tc l llthr(a r ia ti stlIu h tdl ' .toII . i haat l t e or i aia li h, atle ai ed s ll th i , a i i - a u 'n l iI Id ., ,, hul in 'c thnlt''",'i 1 :. .,;,!, I~t t,,lid lt, . u't l h. i hlyh u sefll, in., ma.' , :ii I.,ti x. > , f lllltl-ltle llll t lt I o ll ( i I i ItIl illl ur bt .. co,: sius, t : purl, rioa Itol llllllllli.o . (S I'L . so will o tI I, ll to us ilal.i o h r, the bat:Cl'tl e'hin :IItl| t·\ S T is' e r,,ici n: ois 'itll s i d t I h ittr' ll ; E i ll nllll piu!ll ellln.. , ii a sle s i htat Slillc :n it hat Is iot Ilvllu a t~l ( st.I II1Ill 'l't hII:~, itl ) ci ,l. l~l~lp:I~ s 1 ot" I h., 1 i <.. I.,*l wis l I1i, ) ll' l~l St'i oi' "t't (1 I··· IIICillusi l slli d. II rtI aigrlI'ai rrtti 't' e i clt'-slll oh 'iretti( at'rll nw .'ri'tall ai tire ilaairr'0 i 'r rot i lls ' ilt', :It 'iaea a',1atii :rlra ill i ih agletllch iI-llllel' th 'l 'h I c Mn 1o1 dit drik. Thelll 1ilolicit clt i ficltl e, oultof Innire. dsll lll, m t te Ithalr''a alhi',r:um, inl''o arliol s t'itg lairo Ilsrr' tii l lltlerntdll;arla lutt,toicxhibi io tihe coc' satislactilty iiIllltllhti· ilb SlHi I'lli'il.% O\e~l' th,' S)Il'lill ill 12(lllll/llll tLjC. Cu1Ani.ESle ,- Nov. 15, I1,io. un~g ihelast winteh lar'n sI iatrg, l wao allhet d a very sCverc a1 ddIstreslng 16 unnatism,1i OccaioLLnl)ll(:ll iby ime Ir eri',tltr helarrlIed I' cortidncllyi rtcoillrne' d it to dl!il soitin) atriiidtc. JOH1N FERGUSON, Iiltg st. Ci'a tnt.rit.ToN, Manrlcht 7, 183+2. I was senized abtutlthrl'l e 1e.tatrs stil ,t t itllh a lioltresi:, rlllllmatisn<l, cal ld b takingll i s\er e cur ohl,, lio h ,llllrt theidlueooce)' me.eor), and which has drabl.ed r. lirm i l bu Il u:irthly ever sillea . l)uarin tlis per.leiod ii s \.l nll m , Iit in the i ldtimore Hollh spitl , And u ried almost ever CIAES oF SCIt"IrFULOUS ULCEIts Nttw i.ot , Septl . l), tt! 3 . l't istl. t nta crtifl thtt e it , ( I d tti was seizet nlsl e it il-nt t ti3 - l ctite ti[ e, wtllu. . oin lo wt 1'. I'lIOllpllll llh tll Il lae I sel f ull' r ll l thile calres I)rs. I'Phste nsu Ilench, wohenalOiter reinted sdlisaltmon tg i t tlll tt I , i as priou ied utterly incurable. Abet.I walis bioklok en(y nottlesotSwaitn's-e nt raceamulight bottles of tt.r's atholi'on, A W i', 1no materkl benefit gI AEe 't seltup t i ngering U'i th. l ilNN. of tlt sim-ilar to tIy otn,, I as lersuadti d to tr it, las aL t Ii sort. (1 i my great slrillse, as i Vel l las satisl,] tion,l. soulh.rn d :y self rapidly recoverhny , and upon takml srve ].. Ihtles, t lhe a )ltrsle allull llld Ir h,:llle perf ctl. well ih th icu r l 'l o ttwo months, adl ve hhI l lreml ined so ever slice. I make this sttemell O d wishll it publishelld Ii'rltllr nei tofol'sll ewu )llt'lSe S ork illn lur9nder simil srolrildots or syphllilitic ul letll, tIIa llit they. may knowl iwht lll c. t dll o e Iwho hs . suffl. l tot't', tlhin; No I death, . nd ls f corsiders his life soie d I,) huty "\, iup.t lilAi C.ant.s.rov. Jo.u ly I , ) I }eil. In' iy lli .a tltint r I, o n't- years t n lillt it - tnt l :leg, resi~onaly neonlpaniled with crysipelatous infttmati a-.nd eLvcrsvive nai ll the leg h ll' anell joint. .I '.v i 'rl 0h:, hr (,.ru.II(· I . who hI as it i- 1 I e ttI nt tliti- ( i tt oi.ii' pi11II si lti:ms exete their skill llp l it, but with o o pi .I aniiii' t " ene t. ll thlis case livel butlel t uli. 'l'S .I' made a peI ti-lt ire. In IAliAtlAi i lt ' A t 'aI'tl'TI, 1i 1 Mn Irket tll' proprIieollr s, T lrlu iltn:Ias streetl iiP NElV OILLANS NeljI ( ll1LL. E 3 .111 . ).11 t/ll lll: stonl. kholnhl. 1. h , i"n-t. l ,llr)l a l(r18 hely uo J1 tllh I thl s l.b Ir t l': l ).lll ollr t ) t lpvildn ol lf lit . 'j tt i -tdt o ) it iilh ll ' In-. he btlli IcII' h IIrhe' i i hlll hi l l , ri( v i " , flour n v tI llh lnl+l lo live dollalr . 1pwi leI, oi:i, leailIms''ll lhlr d Lte Deeilb r :loe ,I aldle tlr. dnh: l i l il 1h1 ll u \VII ,. l I b.\ y t ,,r n r e iol.[fI , tl IN r In t 'L. I hlh t luI I i lltoff h i b te l o d +n li.tot'khoh le ,I, I )llmir w y rallll lll n oLh illt e I nI l d (..l e rlllo lo p Ivre l tW ill ) l dnv1 oftl , ll ( e l l ril ndo.t\ hl .l Ii f too Slid h l .. y lhr ,li" :e - p w dllllilll' Ithe ti h ll t.. . hT 1 o11eoc li ll , ]1. r (,I" oti.0 ll l hi illll dl,; I l, at i" s tl i poit dol )v ph. n,. h aliv 1 I i v Il renure h oler tr, tI o eIO l. .igll)," l lil pr'.. ehl oilr' ll stc , idl copil y in r ,!I i.) Il t in 'll h toa llill'u iltl h? rtlh 1 . ll ll ahl p i,'othI oli, h l' ul[lp"r Ip',v m l li r u e . l i' t lil th le l l 'elis d"4111 .s p ia l f tu It tl. , of / I)rtllxry nte, liiotllll nodt of' tlt tl pr l 'l , t ::i;,l o" .into' dnv1,'+ |urllllll'l ll 1· aft t' .l.1v alt p h " I n il b it h d l,d ol l te +l lllll II l fl ; IIIa , tha ile the l'reallmt "' ol'l;i' 1 l t he I' iiip llly, tle r r 1'lt oIote oilhdell point l t, elll ;lilll ali'il . 1o r ml'l )'Irrnit llereiLtre, t: rl-l'ol d ntof"I, ol tie * mly. l hrr ile ".id1] t: lio,'s, u in liank ,ro rl, Ii , o " hl | v l i heir muo li ,+eh ,I Ixt lh," nett hbl, I s l , wl i' . tSe r l,l " iV Ii tIII s . , . i . l l i \I. STA'lE ()1' LOFUISUIANA.-Pnrishc Court fhr tile J. Parish and (Cilv of N'elw t)rleanrs. ITHE STATE tF f+UISI;I NA, To all wlho..m F 1. ht-we IProellts .hall coe , It re.etin,.:--Wh V treaL:, ,us lin e lyi ,t In i lht "t i lo rae e, min h.l'lerde l' r ibeL susu i'h ,. In. + the ek o r the ct 7IltL ' rll t tolie the dIli IN gale 'I . I IC rdtlv in I hII·. 2I dayI of A~pril. :\. 1). 1:'.3.;. fIw,· ·1 Ill rlili,. i (Tr miser- "j mll: l .l . ~l~ lulatil s n l 'tl el e .,t htuce' f the vti" ....... I onu i-i ........ \led.'.\...... br" otl,,f ther ...... I ne td tt Ir ''. atjudictial stlel"' ujttved NO\W, I' refire, knccw ye, an I l·erson Intrested IerL, in, tLre herehy cited and adluonired il thle uInlle orf Jle Slat,: ur L+ti.nziE nH , ntld o,| tile I'atis', ho enII set u) IIcV righti title r cclni ill and to tle prcltetty hereialit'elreseribted in conlcselentollaeot'ny illetltitltv in thle ,rd.r, tel e tree t or juldg.l' t lt f tll court under a .hich the sale wa.m Inade, or ally irrerlnhrity or illegality ill the ap trisenitens anm atdverti smlts il tih e, or manner eh sate, or lief thy othtet t efe' w tso 'elt; tto shoe ealtet se withi thirty leaysit 'lll 'the day thi tnoe itiotne ie tirt itlsert d ill teilly l blic IltA ersi h tile sle so lmadie elhulll d nlt be Cotlllilluedl I dil[ h olmot. log~lerd. ( '!''1l' said prlrroprywa. sollld by) tile Sh.,fi· +.1+ tlh par ish1 ,Ibrrnil onl th1; I11th tluy o[+ April A2. D). 1:::8. by virlte of a decree flll thi, C.'ourt,rendlered on tih 5th day v otfFelterv, A. I). 1838, i3 a suit entitIetI Alexmh( r (.:a t ~Jl v et Jtes It lanc, Ntt tOliC7 of tice letck't clii this Court, lt which stale tile saidarnles Ilhse becen I t rtlellta's, r fitr ithe ptie . ,tf .w n.tly o..ll tiu..s. dle i II'C li I)scrrption ol' Proprtt as given in the Juldicia Con rvtlr.v le vi?,: A eerlnin ]ottt lf I l e itte ld ill the sutit bth An nunciationl d/ias Lucour,,e of|' thi.= eity. in sFqu re Nolr 5, tedlelht hnving I"reett 'lteeaeccte, billet front ree ehou pIitttie le tr eet,:l 16fi t t c 'I ttret g tlll.l $ reet, llll (ill fctt cc1 L.lile lde It, Alll lcr:' 3, et'e'tq ill ,.Clcll lllltlPr ) thlat nuidl lot of plr(lllld iY (10) I;f'el ++hie 'tilluu ()e sideO Of the seqare to the 'thit, tttlelht with a dweleit house felont.g I o'n lTchloulitolat streete, thie kilthen tlml de ondelenciet, clst tile distillery testlithmie.nt erected thereon and other huihlings and im tInvements, the mnlchillevr , iltesllils, icllte tlt s t lt't It xItrs hel ' ont ' in g to said d..tillerv, its depe lentl~cies andt appor~ltenancesl+;, and the right.,cationlsand it'i ilegti's thretu belongit g (ll" ill IIII, "t +Ii'e n ItI'+tilli n.. r h. rbs O 11e Net Or cnus.Mdv 7, 1833, ml4,l,.&j3l .. ttL~Ll]., Ihputv ('hrk ]'TAT 1)1, LA LO(+(lg.lAN--5-one -dIe :;r,.,.e poumr l Iproisise et tilh. I'I 1; NI el' e (t rleLns. ' 'ETAT lIE IA IOISIAN.--, t1'sIeiux c ue, l+ csesPrllente co(II entlll , Subtltl: Attein ullll .lcames IIise myt atc het't B It lutt trllle t Lile t :e 1 e' Sherif Ite l a r]moisse d'O()'lr ltel l ' ns r iti ci-:lc t i s deI l'ite, / s'est altl'eassi · @ Il (n l' rlli+ te crt'le Co. lr l Iflite v'nlltl fltt cregielt' Ic V'2e jtr tc el lal de ltt'. titeI, ,I rI utI alis ctll 'orme it on ac" de la tccgtishtun de ,' Etttt e I Louisinel, itillt " Acit "uct tfielner t' s Stitres di.+;es a Icuecur's till ,.entes julitcinilres ;" Lip ,rou. l 10 ..M l tes 1. ti. t uil soitonlllllu et ttulltes Ic'I'nIIIs Si n t t l - +s s , e s s o n lt p a c e s p t 'e s e n t e s s O c e s t lm I t e l ' E"tat de la [,oui slianC (t do 1bI Cur lDe Parlll'lss(1, Iqui pulrtaiect avoi droi t A 'la te. i-s dlc ite, en conse lllvtc' t Ic" lll I UilU llllc l'rdre,le dt'ert t oe le i nt de ' I t c our,''' n ' I'' i titllt 'a t e at e l t, on d t te ijrcla. i l l l ga l i t e d a n . l e tI a tli n t a t i 1 ' am i s o u t e I ct 's:; e. t .l m o d e tde Lll't i le IIt I lllr t lll'llle ec ulse' ]e lll lt det'liru ! "'oi lr, inlts r inen te jo u ll lc R/ ( 0i t Illel l p u blicatio n it (l rt, te la i, r l a '\e n t e n ii n s i th i t u h e . er u i t p u s c o n fi r m L{ , llct ]1o111o ~ ogu.e, Ir. ii l ~n,'l~I"1. 1111 I"la pro p ' tfit vendue p q c ]l qll fs, stll l' ; lS1lll, it iunt SttzRiine leer d'nvril d,, IPomw e-ll ;.l. en w,,rtu d m o d:,t lt,r t ll depe r. our~ I l e 5 do:ll I(,.rl'r de· |'l:l~ lllll't I 1II1(:III <bins I'a~l~l ir d'Ah~xml~h'r CII(lll llt~lld~ll, em.-trel II.|f i·Lp Ilianmt,,,o 10,3+k7 do docket tie caste tour, 5 huluelh, "¢ ei ledit Jamnl esl [[liiise s'et't renduIit lnl'llalb o'ulr pouli r leeprix ,he $21 ,t000. Deseripltion de la Propri61i d'nprbs l]trLlawa J.T ]udiciue "l n ertal+in b.t d ter,' -ill.; an fiunh '1r;, tl P" l',\ii ciation alius l.neours., de. I''tLe "ilhb,t uls) l'ihoq ?\ .5 : e dit lot d ti t [lls ' ,t ''''' I" l 'tl [ l Ir-l l i lrrN m l l s l l t li t m I hl i l J. n llt u I*.1.11 D e i, i, t rl 9' iii'ii llll '"l'?in II I'I)(I iii l:! I :11', : , I'nitrll! ,l :\lr1.( 11 g cine, In( cl::rell I,, l1' I i(lli:,, ·''.a . 1I: ~ýt1i ,. th -'. ' ". ll'': it' a Iit''i ti-nL.I , 'I· ill' \IIIb rat")"'a(.nlpao),1 ,n:1 I,,,, ,ýl lioll I:~"" Il S (· illl-· Sorb, ,.II to illl~l::ii i) lf i·(l U t5o I'. I" ir o l\j llrl.: Il: 1 :lnl· ". I" 1'i'll-i It ,,, ,, ( Ill-co l i *'.· i i-iilL. I' -iit,, 1; · ···lý · 'I'bis va b/llllll , l:i .II- '':It ( ..rtI'Itl il i "t It re perie rl· :'.,I ,:nl:: "lIIý"I,'I +. i", I; ii: .l i iiil\ 11 r . an!I iNst1( 1 liii ,"c1·* (iri . iN a I ,. Nl' I!~ \\ · Il .l'k) !,: : ·) nisc",l I,) th'1. ()lir fili' l Iý1: jý(· :,yI II i--,",:~ ll 1Il~l (;·I·. Ir#·~ (I!\jllll··Illilill I t hill il)ll( l I1 * iai ~olii' it i t l iI1 lýIl i lli, r I -... (·:I"1c' ii1 t : ii s i.i i i'll l oi5l lion. Itii ,-;-,! , a . .. I . iii iii A tltl oote Ie ~ ' t'l 't I ''"ir,.I ' '' .! no:.1-or1,t p1, invotleZ) I:gll . lll 11 I1l· :1l: ·In , , ., 1(1 11 p It.-)Li o 1 III iis, Itl, . : i i lll" it I t i t' of socl :1II I~lk II ll ," l iI. , .li , .:',I" ;:' ( :ý, . " ., ' .l Ill r~.iC~. I ,:, 'I Cll, '. · :ý! ! :: " ;.o.. I li~l~l· l o i Iill. , .,a' , IC I ,,' , .", I I I til" h' " it'll i4l ,Ii pllllll ,-,",. il, ,S i ill . I.i I "l llll'. ..,I ,1 i -, 1 11 e lll, "ink e..inrn t o I ý4, n ,lit 51 , \"1it., 1: I(·(c ti.lli t Ii)i , -i -I' 1 I ( iii ill II, It. t l t,1,,1'" ol '8"s. l'b, i of i iro s olno, e IN s t I< it l:.",,," l~~ll ltill-, ) L t III ai i )lrll-i 'Illl ll-' ilr l li ·:o lict''r by bw~' iý ii 1tl o'rin t it, 1l:'. 11111l .1? No I! l:: " al 'n roll1 ýI":\flf1i It l.I/1\·i!i" -t i,' t Ico ,\: ii ' I I),,-' i i "0.:,, illlll Il) all I ilI sh i ts 'a at,, li, I.t si(li _ll~lell 1I l lies iilole anll l t~', sl~ll1 II :l t,. tlliiIllll Boom, Slane:: It1II 1I·11.- Il·(l)(l-UInll , coNs lt i sil ll:1·; Il rrrr liiline salt ao1 i llllii Ironic ,1o 2,J.I11al.1ftIa 'S t i- I5li't anl toa xa I'-p-eI boots o Irvlwl " l> In ,IOI, s alb al l ror: ia·~s bnvksk fn s llilsillro l ilsicl IIII' 1 Ita r'siil c c ;.ll will Icfpp1 ~ 1 p. -."'god s11:11: ·1111 rrokanl- if,, L ots; to i · ill/ It Kip :.lil ".,a - pr:I (ICt sbý.el nI1· i-ll r ail s; rcnl pll:::[-· I b, tit lC 11 a.111' calf llll ill :I .III 111 1n :: ho (I olll l , illlllr(: -· o (ta ll; ball -liJIII1) II ii 11I 0 stew urlil I(ei ,!' fill, lo ft, ll:. i : t '·ill oclll ll,:o tlll i wil~ll;l Ill. )s', ,ni SIIPIs·III\ · 1111( 11111 I l' I;"i an al 10\-1 1. ogans, :oo sbors ofe:et) . oi ll' mi I~irillll.!l~r . A l s o a general l a s s , 9nI n ( i n l ' s : ,,\t w a :,;l ' . t I o g , 1 6 : T ll h o s l " e t l .e r i · i ll , · ;l',, k l~i t'o. * Irinr ,llll li* ill Illllill'i it 1 1· :1111 1 fn (11 I~(all ies' floc call, seal, nI'~jllo (i I :: nn!! ,, ralli, r Iall, ll pool, sole shoes; at,,1 1 I'i e illL IIIllllllii-.ll I1II· nn .! L ill u I I'v'lnnl l r Il'purs; do ,st all ls~ lw ilt, :o~ Ixlllll-li lI III 1, ll,, s t :sti(ll sto I~l.i(n Ir:, h 'l \ 'ii·. s; o0 PI m., 11111 111 tit guns. (;I~ill·l,ri:iIsilllllillre illl \ l lrlollial- n ·' 1 :1 ~ It, ra do; Is malili(-· li.L~l l* II ii brio, iin Zll f ill, III, 111 , site hat of il!,",,,,1111 ,',,III,1,, 61 u , ~il e r.1: s i, i I'ta ill of l((l s' :0~1 Loco'; 'I h ,s asso ltn~cnl'. i I L: r. pl, ill x,,11,) the :' ril ill o 1? ."71. .11 rl..' /t 1'[l l': '11'1:' 1: 711 1.· -11 I;Ir,1. 1I, 1 of 2Ehr I .1/ o h I It., i iI.)tlee ll 11 ' .' 1.\ oft',, it Ill I1," A ,", ,"a , poll ii-. :1a',,. n; ots ho hr l L1 et lppv c a., slf r I hllrl. IUST IUILISHE IFROM STECE0OTYPE PL'ATES, 7TIe /I'lh EdiCiroC C . CoCCLICiTT' TCIILI,' 'II' INTI l:l 9T' IT() .M.h t is n Tl. . 411Ltl al f\'l'tg 1 e (1'i ul hla - JI or, or' eaC methmds foI fiudin' the a.roage Cime \' 11 C.CtC': , \nt..s'+ haal or Iill of g.o s,, ,C h n plu r- by aIS11 't "l'e 1' M d , t it t 1 redrits. a d ' tor I,1 i, u l'· lnl-c : hII'; I-,eidt a , i".,I llt slost coo l ell llt ankitg 7 Ittll."! ' :1' h', thlle Ilb lt Ih : c n:,nl 1 n llllln1'iul: . 11l"l (lll fi .Cd size C, IC pe. A :,',-I -tiscl nl i thre book is Cit 'oe ,rly theIICjIlow-II ilg wol'ds: The'l hillgh distiuction this work ha:s received through the ton It '1ill s ,n e ','ts I liC 'IiC tothe I tCitle page, is a re c(1mclri'nL.tion itn itself, so nulcommon~,, nmll so tonchl site, lth il nthing is Iltelsarv more than by wa:lyof ad vert'lsem.ent, to ei . ea co,.nset.l i8w 1 somenof its plle culinritie.s: l e fier illstlane., Ithe Interest plis been comp s-. ell lfroln,n ld colllpared with, whal is elluivalett foI-ll teen1se1 sc.11 eIcf latione, erxniued ill tilte prtsslhirlr five tilln s, ;ll printlled Ifrom .tcrotypl e plates teated I thilt tl-one lites, fr om all 0hi6ch it most le evie e t 1 even1 o thlh skeptic (tesp.)ciall 11Iht if I CI.sCnCl 1 lthe I lc meCtically infallible, nd in confirmation of this beliefa npr-mimn o" two huldred and fifty dollars, is now ofler clld nl llthe detection of an errol ofal cent in lltllhe present I or fifth edition, as expre'ssedr in Ile Ipreface, makngfive I FC ClllCliilnS aCIneCId ro' tilC e sIlme c.lrror siLCe thIILe fIC I Ilh~liatim, in the )year 180'2. . ()11 C of C the mn st con'lsi lllCC5s fIlatlres of theI tables is ilthe :IrrI:ICemenI t of the Time nd Amoulnts, which1 lm ll, xpedititons, reolbrence and perspicuity,il with tile help ol' lle side a CCd index, cl Clll Ct be excelled ; and lth sadlly ty nIII ieae C .ithC which tCheC in:CesI canll be I iiC uiCto the ex.1n111t' o . lra'l. llsilless, withllmt (doublling of solms is besidl's a con'Vtnience s I essential, that in the esti. mnl tion o some oi tll mot colpelltlnt aid prllellc:ll busi- I ie0s Iman uitd lpubllie ofilers e who hate made Ilgreat use of the work, it hits been distinguished Jt (ho honomble I:pplelhii C, CfoCa "master I.loce". Anl considering I the inIhlllilCitv of the method Iorigmi;ly ntpCIIped iln composing tlc1 vi ark, soi] the extvaordiiilr'y nImher and vl iety of the examina:tions, sI tests of every eCdition it I has passedin the pres C, (Cotwith ',Inli11g theil holeC is inll st pe, p't , nmislnldl;g. in sh6rlt. le Iosit ic acnctll'n-cy most \VolllIfll l hook in the walk;" must c'ltaioll I:1 man catn II:nltme figure work ofthe sillllel 1xtI, ~iich il ace the 111'ginningo o creation, has had the same num Cbe C'Cll-IC ri Ity of lestC il the C ai I e C llllCC I ' of editors; no. r one hall the number, as is deat I) sho ill the i lcii ih-, "rltl stlldlldl , it halls been trie.d a ll prCIe'd I Ine lh alC l the bCank :t l nIId II ic CillitCes il the .:l l:ltei Sl tes, Iiild b thIe publii gll l cr lly, dlll aring theil lllong peri'sll th 110011-lst1 yl't i11iti tlrl of" i l cl Cl:!ti s ha t beel h oo CIC nCtl I oCClCCCl r hC C'ClihC'CC Iiith - i - dllh Ch:dlenll l bC I the oIh l', 111 C I l it rg C pr IC nilum ls. lThle ill Ilect ex i si .l,.n plllted hy all the oullrts f111, cl s1101r1 l oflhe Satlls as the " rate of calculatlon flrll'lnt;lr t1 illterl00estl " 1 llsI,' ( l1 , rt try l btank iotlerest, ecort'di i lg s th book i s used, I lid s w., e- hi e sile l it,1 psnt, by ..e unn.:s of Ithe s1bscribers, iodta ftw 1f tile sil[b plllillt i ltthse rs, i i he IlsIt + t I, n l h bli nf i e ibk, ki n ill if . , s,i l cl ol lnf· r o i itiz nl n s iln tv e r ' ? lul ia r t1 of Ih. Unit ell St l s. It is mn rmllle( "l le(ll k lno n h la, by its reialy check, it his I1 1li ltIctC ICIC a ",'Cirs, lol yg C lerI theyC weie inede, 1a 1II I smol 111 fIl ,d roost com pelent ah Ch'usC, fat it, osel',!n.s, and thC absolute nie ec ss it' s IsCC C iCiCi, h:Cne' 11,"n ,xt(C',siCIl .I insisted In,11 so e.\idI nt, 1i10,"c01, b111 b4a 11" its C lCtC nages, C I d its sav lings, hat, s:ere rl .I u'sug , .hilst the flrst edition IIsIIu t ( , lllll l 5 ut o pri .t1a greel. t i umll Ter o(f lllC tll i 1ill 0,1plts0 weret sool ht tot, solmc to a 1'11 t I i stiimll . :11,11d 1.t11 rv aI'd 11t ll n ioni pri' they cou l iwtllion - C il. CIC11 icl.i iC Ct I C I ,ll CClCll C ll I Ito CC5 Ier Cll y all g ,11 111'1,0 ~ hal,, l;\ e11 0, 1.t . V111 v.. d, I '11 < ll(] io i u -sit', 01,11I ,,elh, l Ih:It I s 11 tbl,,' 11 lh l1 (:11 g,3.,1 g 11:15d +. ,t11 ll if i'' o) ,, it}, 1I.i lt tlllo ,]1 '101 , I " l. l lt, son\heliillu , lht , ,,- 1 ,t 1 . 1 ll+ln ro l B il 11]..1 , h' 1iog : It Ihl` .llll, CI:,1 1 lh I:t ' t i..t i1:1. lI !. 11v0, ii ClllCi C IhlC i'llrCV ;tl, IIC s IC a .Ci. I .i I Io .IIC1 r 'a .1 CICCi1 CC I;l I tIC'lnlLC ' :I. I C Ab,,111r l.1 -l i Cli 11 th l b ill . WII, r 1 C C I o1, C . C i C'l C0 11'Irl CIi ss I' iC ll" i e C iCC I wie li ' a I .at b , l.i m 1 i , ll po ,t itIll 101 I1 ,o d iI;lled If. alv 1,; J. t i n, . i, t i ;v, .r "iti 1 ti' tI I,," ' l l ,CtI ClC c CCrI , e' :1 ,1 1 .,' m ; h.,.1e ,.111· 1 ,.il i d 10, 1 ,01 , . A.h,','m, \ .1·:1 l,,1i·· i li ell11 l1 11I u" in o t, I1 1"br i L n I l i" i - I l 1 ClCll, C, C C, 'CI Ci I II , li , I, 1) 111 1'11C . 'IICCC t liC 11 L , t 11.11~ 1~ i, ll i l wt1i, ! .C soi d a[l ot.I l' ,, ,',s 11 illli 1,1 mt1,1 It I10; i'Ii d." Ii .t) . 1 . 1 1i',th' ] - S i I I"li . ,C , 1 '.1 dI1:i, nI. 1C i h, 11111C.'I ' \1'. 1111; C 1 ll"1 ; i ll ICt , 1ooaCIIIc ' 5t1 p- ,p11 Ir:, 11,u-.e 1 ,111 11.h1) ro i g i1, bs1 nr1111, i1:II:r (M ;- mthl :,,:1 1 li ty exirao f1 > r P 1 -U1111 t iel ', C11 1 I I,'h, I,t il' ,,d C11: I, iC l.11lC , lCLh C mere1 IC ., ,,h, I C. 'C . F I C'CiC C C 1 h y 1 1 Ih I- ilC l CC .CCC, C ,1 , I+ICI, ~1 tC:C I 'l 11,C-l ' 1:. C I ' ,,,C h C " IIi ,, h 0+ I,:I , I' iCC , C , ',h C III , I .... CCI I ,CC C ýC:, !, II ". ' .l, ", I 11, C i, C , 1'1 11, IJ .TCI. A II , IIi' -, ',I C ,. , 1Il, +,1r 1 i, ,1,1 C ,' l 'an I1d ,i C I o ,' , ".. C. I C Cn ' ..,, 1, ,,1, , ,CCC' eC'',' ,"1,: I•',,, . . ,, , . , , ' 1 1.:, C I , ' , , , .C.... . .. .. . .. . . . : , 5 A. . . L 1'I l L , 1_.. n] I ,, , d , ,l I:x .......I ! 1, .. .. Ii, h ur1....... .I I, ll CCiII C I 1o,' , . 1, I 1,1 111111.., rl' ilet, ' the 6b1,.., 11 a h111 A'",; --('etc ,f'" SCId l ' C 'II \'CC )1"111 SCr C , or IlC . A+nmlg 1'15111 CiiC., I It I I+ CloCC' g:-- iC h i D)ye, ICt C ',.tC i CC .Ii-; I ,.' rIC olC C ]CCC lrl C ,:C CCCI' ge F~lo;. t \\'Lt'e C; I uwdhr |I.U'.II,C M 'u"I I C A 3er1. t l11,1 Ci ,'' 11,1,' nio1t1y pI t tC p Cl I; C.r ,l151 vial.; "',fol"' 0:, I0; C'ICIC byl ; l e,.,etvte I'u1tt1h-C e C FIh'o; 11 iCC I,,-t'hCI; I:nC5iC,: lCrCC t1 g CI ACCI CII. LI II .,ir I:iC;- ',,1th 1 1 :CliC i IC ' of C liur Pert I lieCC Se-', IIIC 1',1- ICICIC; hy J (I 'I'IIN(. ARIC, (CCr'r o:' CaCCal a Cnd Courbon CCtreetC o/.Ullllr, Ii :: h( I1,II () IlI~tllll'I'. 1 ()40 0 . \ 11A, Lnh, d a n, aral ( rnAul p I'.iin ., .`u (:aeonel e ·l1 url Iw tld o rs illan ( *Ill'i;(l , ll f ,1w ( l :%!nllw~ing )1nos and l Is, x \0r d\hag h, IEli: , bhlck and ýh,,l, ]hi , ' )l_,',l r r,. Oriental It l' rdl ;hile, Dulhdu 1)ushi~ . r (;, 1ih a!r\ , Ii 'oh :l '> I ir \ oollldll, Ii". or I ,I.rellho, i-<' r eice Ilial ,n W hile. (:Ol'(ll rli . !,ack Sihntllli lid tll (, ll,) Ait.,rn hi an. I.yi, ZýIrch,,llt s ) :.e .r , rn at thI shobo . IPainls, fi1, pl:,t, ",Iatl ,. " hih, k,. o, hauld o,!i or sale. it l . , T I,ý ,1, I"&1 II ,' 1 1% ' ;ll ) :G.O - II - lt r I lll, [ hHH,i!, ll, l no ,w ll :t te-.Ih d llh0b, scroll :Nu M rl iron, nil roh panll I hI t n.,hl.,1 ' ' (".-:., (German , .hear, bli,:,srd, wpring, shout and , ,lll1111 \le ll.. fill fll+ li]· wl- . i Ihdi n wrlll , ent wrnght nils and strikes ihw. I,!ik It,, rill "I Ind I SloS) ul. h:tloes ( h l: w Inhh , ": r halo, crd (i. €,'I iI iii .ltll ll~lY ··I! . C ~ - \l i~i!lls i B\eit. lc% 11 & , l m rs li I. !lws V'irc thx!'"l, pig :and bu' halll i ( tllt ooalin d,, h.i a, s,,h vanll wi.nllow l o'ak ] l~l illkllll· l] ] il JilllI1I'.l ,]illilil. LI ) i W ll\ . ilw ho 1·llk ll - (C llhl 11 I lunts, y1hlI s, anIli c Ihl"r a cs l':rr' al d .1l:,nillta .corll dah , lincs. :o I li ill' h ,1h rl hl,: a Liar c hlalrrr; d a ie sto c ht n {'aimsI, linh . ,,d slrud n n!', ill A lul! [kil r llulr t l ' hl' ' o .1 bank anon sli!, elhalrdtiq l,:t}, 1on h:l i ,.l and lllwh.ichll're ~Ili l.r 1 :r iule il he ll - .. 1"a~ i..ta:iI, 11 tht inrrl Ihlorahh' hilrmT hy I, r l 1 ' I( 1'11\ I(_u,. (l, ,.v ,. en II RTrOWG"'. IE SPRINGS ..\it ou ,li'Coo y r . " 1,,1 ..ll.:la m ,, . THl!IREI,5 1 .11. ' 1' . Y I ROM 'Eh I1" ()Rl l 1.'..\'.'. ] 'r\ ! I," i ei w e i ll, e lal Ih , ntln h ell In . -n rf.' ,r l li ........ in~ to lls h i 'i. 1 ,"roil . ..I Illy .. ... i'k lth n t' ,, l l :,",' ill I to ioi unil pim nli-. linh ,l rir M .'v l e,r, , , -l~lJ- cr: Ifr ,wi!I l s . - b t1 !ir f l" Ihe' :-I i1ul l.h ws ,, it a r li- o i nI ', tin liah ' hn to he o th-r" inl,.r-,: .,.lor..l,t il,rlb, iiii ,,ih 'rr> n1, c t oi , ou a 1 d hi rh stil i, c t:ha-- it ,,' r,,,,l t ,h I, t h . uh t I, ill ,i hI , ýnib :"r I .r 1 n,1 a ,',',,,i . tim a orno'h larr o'- , mu b, r Iltaa h, nero.1 e , andd t ill" sa ire llcnt, : In to, 1 ,1:r11 t. ]":wnlilh iiii o orII I I I) . ill, h good w lnrll t, o Ilhol{" ,11to ,r.,wr cain It tc Iare' c.ti~ia ~, ielnlrr]lli f'rnltl It i.,h.olled nlltwelC'. lJ |cly it s l" lnllylin,l.h in 'Iri 'll-. In , b i, u h u. h l b I ll 'l., for it iw is lbelntll r! I,'h t'll , ii ,' "I' ar ii i nlli~l for to lill ill ill,- oallll - : eI"I Sn llh . A ll fill. llll il.l'lll nq y Illh Il llc . cllr"lrillh , r ll r ai \VaIllr~ Thres I~ c il I r . " I ll" Ii "Iiti~t-. '1'n" be. ~l~l no c hI~aL litis patll oif IIh" t'rnl rll , lli- l] ',l. 1ils S1 ',1011. e'n_. in d, nnI ,will III, in ronl 'ln , ail &I xalre nl th' l, l , Ei' lll '-' I ~ h . - r t 1 a , l.< i hio I,'Illn. 1i,1h-., nudi'i'_'ul Iha::k,k lotr in * \,'\ liheral -l;, :,11, ],,l i Ill, r ];Iti w: ,- ,. ;Ind brIii 0,, IN' .'!1, r .,. i , ,, ,, ,,. ,, I.Hili lnc t 1 r I a aI i ll : hr r1 I,rrl ,,m . _, 1h ' I,_' -I. r " ,,, ton. J: l) ('l1( :11. I~ I'l' l I . I.1111lt'; .r . I, I t,. i; i ri- ]l , irr B o lr iII.. !..1 : ,, r. l. a lrl, .ilea -, n it r r"1i,1 [II h* l h~ r,ll | ll' ,ri'[ , tli' lll i1t ¢ll l ,,,nhe \ ,: I '.:,: h . .. i1IIt 1, .lllI 'i t' t'.,:: ll1 .' tld I 1'llll'll MAIL. ARI RANG.iE. NTI l'an! . e Every Day aI l St. or/her , Every day at 1'I A. M5 byDue every Sndlllly, l ttlenila .dadll b', way r'!I (" every alleav, Wednea _ C'oWasl, d. tt lllt - r , !'1, ...I TheLae ne every v'Je'davi , Thurday, a T'he lake ý.'ai( Y adS.tllrtl., l;y 5 P.. } . via cthse every lMonday, Wednestday EIXPR su.,I- .tAI .. TIMES OF ARI:IVAL,, )EPAIRTURE DISTANCh &c. ofthe Exp ress Mail, heiwar.n Mlooil and New York--letsting aMobile daily at 3 P. 1A. Northwar New York daily at 5 P. At1 outhward, Arrives Arrive Northward. Distance. Time. ltetcra'eg Sontaotmerv, Ala. 2 1n. 198 m's '23 h 12 t. Ctolutbus, 'Ga. 1t4 i 1 9 3j a. tI Milledgeville. (Gan. 2 133 144 24 p.m i'otutniaS. dC,. 71 tun. lt3 179 10 taleign, N C. 51 215 22 12 \Varrenlon, Va. 12 m. 55 61 6 I'elrsburg, Va. 10 p. 8:13 10 a. tT litlchtonl, Va. 1 tam. 21 3 64 l'redelCrickabur, II 67 7 I1t p m. W\ashintigttont city, 2 p. 61 61 5 Batltinmre, 6 :382 4 01 Pliluadlplin, i64 a. 1(00 11 2 Newa York; 2 pin. 90 84 1305 143 It. or 5d 231 Northwnard. Comin Southllward,tlle timas-n ti I hour.t less; heinga days ull 17 hours. I 'LA' IO.LLAI.i REWARlID. R ANAWAY ton 169 Carondelet carner of IIevia il soleet, it the unitht of 30lit i of Atugust, and wan te ' t Itert Illltllilltcg ill Prna.ihrs streett, negro boy anllatdl (CIIAllE, t about 17 year of agell, an 5 fee c lltre, tlbl ts in heit, vtrv bltack, antd tits an ianped by iPttllt tlltltt rlt; t tad oi lltll lie went an a wllhit tltc.cra oft vesse s anttitteatlll tttta ftttcatt eaotilllnd t galliast receiving or Inarlnorillg said nlegro, as well as all ottllr ttersolls, as I te Ittino t rigourof the law will b& Cokr.'d againt Iht115m. The alove rwct rd wncill he llai, fiwrdllivr-ing hoi into any of the jails of either of rh.o neiCillmhllties, or at ilIG" Caroledeet, corner of Ilevi. steenL. .OTItTICI'--The colalrtncrshi Ieretelitre existiag . • under t fir ofI IofDubois &. (arretson, has been lissohllrd. The subsrier wiill li (uidate the afitaicllr o n,:! :--, ... .. . it t tll ''SO N, W. W. WAIN. No. I. l'arrnl r%*. ree,# 1\1.. OArm adn |I ) oll oooatyho oo.olo,.l o Ih)l.. I " so , rcs ,.,: I )IH U G S. DY kESL tim ., r , Argols, red, II g.ll.ll, AillAto , Sloo '.o . Alkl'oienooco, ( ide, A lln, do powderacl , ]drazillete woot , Masanl copala , (Coehinepl, l crlx, celol.r ( po|lppl' s, Amelrican, ihl i¢t~l~l!. (:.lllll{'lll'I LiriSntto rtlt, ,soio, "',ampioo, opI fol . do ( blia, loer, Jo Mahine, ~llt Ilih'nulh, Flrench Ibcrrhis, Casteu'ni~ t Inlign, lb nh al, Io l nl ill , I Canihu1ide, deo l alllracus, (;l 1 e do (nla, tmal a do ..1;a e Lo .sood, (:a ll, vl 11,11 St . .I nlill.o Ill J mlla~lica, 1.1z ,. I Canmw Iood o .,h,,h "1...... Madder, <mi. 10 Ihl l:oI'ic-C o , I .. . ..... ,,, ....i....I r. tl, l '.lib It,,.., I 'itr ln . IIl illll lI. I I h XI ,lI I tl:.on (IIo i·llll:i1 i. o Ctl'a l. I(; l ~l| ,)lllln l l |I t l ll lli i ~ IN t'iVi~t.h'Ai.l o -lr olo o A 1,00."" 0/ I,,,t .t,,,, +,h.. o , ik of o, ot. .. S i.l. ..o..,. ooI N. . .o . o,I)y I.. l I..loo E.. r t0 0.0h01.' 0| i i. g'.' 11T" 1 u ll it IT h li W Non; '/ , A f,. !''b th e d io '.ri1 iof lto r l, .gl 00 ll: ·. k. to11 ,.i l 0,, 0 ''It d.oooIrtI t 1' iin lloIoo oot h i nioool. in o .o I vlO st. h al' ai l inv Hall h': al N v ,F {)· I ( pendI ~ n llT lisorye ita t aristh l l ori, I t ,',l,, o I Itrlo ' llo'otiloeioo, n A ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 11· 1 wmoeraiso omea honlg '1 ~ ~ ~ ~ .o~ it 0fIVAIN~.,~~,~, . OI t h I' ItooIooo loo... ll ......I swl.olsi I ', ,to--,Ioio oo !'o'·o .l.T.l't it, Y 1 1 , I), kle, by (. I i auth or. o A Fy e Ih*, hI to R !, I IINo I , f1 < I, t I,' Ii 1 r h IO ,11ulifl t So.I.......,oo I.d..t. tit, y ... T f Ir, E.,,. h, e it, i carb ,l. t im .a of 1 .hl: I nIte h Stalte rl a r, ......otooot,.,. o ooooo totI.Iha " ' nlllo o chbu wa.m/rlons ftIi~ ~//rg n ij lnes <k il fil I)I 11A Slcr n Ii n Ir i "Ep@ll~ i henlintsllI'l , rtii","- r o is..... ..... - l "10 "i n o l..! . ittmo...e. . rIi. the.,.od,,,,,,,l o, f, t'r h ,.t.,0d It,, l l 0 0., i.i i.. r w!.,,ioth th0 ooiooIotoo'otoooooooI N.... ; oroatott ioo'ooool ool oenr. .od d iooo It I ot ..t ~IV .i00llh 1011 bo ' i'Olfl. oool o00ril i oooootI) . A:1I tioo1oioooi Ii' ,'oo iLt Irm Ipo o , ,1 r1,, 0 ,0 rll it ti,,o St.o lllnio n . 1 L... . \ln... . .I ,,lolol ,o t o "o oo o ..... ..o.... .... oi.... it. , .I p \ h ne w.ita h, d..r "ee a l su hsth nh i o(In ( ill0oo1 oo',, oI.I1 otI oo ooO)ooooo'lollt... . o toI Ito o Toi,' h \Xn 'hiulrl o i lloni o o ith h owIioillani I tilln e'o. I : If/1) -111· B 10000l oololo'oI Ii. oooogiooo.1 o 0 il( oo'.oloh t1·1looooo'.ioI~(ltioo o ill o nvioo ced o fjlooooiot ooo'. Jt'ooob ioit o..nt d n otir . 'lib i u1 s 1 (o d o n y a t SAli.\r: , v rr ' ,\ t V . \ l il N ' 'II. c'H EI i tl ' oroi ot' l oit'h, I loini, o o l o h i. S , 0000 (W,,.toi h nr ths A ril(l tI t ij hh,<- lhd-o l ill t A im Jof he ato nod f.] omo tol hn o f r toh0.-h n KIiA. Iti b', t rS I .Ct.u A Sntt L I t ttiA fty.I ,li d I lllcr Ifilha Ittlt,v ".:i l (I(i ,ml,~r \ iul vl fori~; · I ll ihy 3 I1 0 !. ll lt oo r to r'lol illililv Io o. ,t)U r odir tiws, manner l h, litrl e fni ldo ao0g0 AIg o liro l eio a otf' II.ooSoifon &hb.&o.o y d Iyn R oo en,'rI') 'I t'00 wit h i d it'io,, ary ilo oso, t .ol Soolinoo l i t I", .' ,,ll o l: hIIsI ] I' CIi " t (tif It . II A '111I( II I... -- . (I 'w o oI . Iiill'lt (.oioo lliftii0. ott' io e lb 0l~.0 i."o'o Io. 0000 our itioor' ojl li, ilboootootiooi o,r by tie I'i,~ \\1 h i']nll- I+.lh~a il dIilT eo :21-,t liltl li -. llCI(. iol ialt ott exp toX o t ft,'o o ario.ooloo rt.o o f o 0 eoluo (IIhi' hill udII'"" i~ Il 4 l I.a|iII oll tliel'l(· Ptvtithlla 1II&('. & rt('. i l &m e lndl~cl b na l n~ Just r 'eied aold ftr byle bv . "I1 tEAN nov ¼1 ort' o. ' Caoooop ad Colt mnioosto llt:{ lit'S CLA S ICA llORAN . Oa C \ ,1t1"]\'1.r. l'ted1 b v iltlp . r illli r) D, vwithi I. i~1. -\ mliao, i,' i . .v,, ' ; ' V klrJ " " "s j rni &ca'lnd s,: U oh rhU ' mollirn ml lllerll Int po bof th St eJ AbuCI-i;.ili 1~· S.I1 ' N, i't iit' t )'IIII 11 tl Tt r !r Es h'0 00olilcd' roao"A., t eot ictko. JiooSii 'iom. e ot (' li it vl~h, CJIcI "ill,, rllwr ¥ llll, W o lnlcli(. ,A N1 , . i-lii~ii -lul(,llll( ''llllti e ea in ltl ll ~e -- ld tah d a h d[p ll llI P .I111"1121 ill I'll l sale1 3~~'~nb WMeallll M c~h.ANl HIilx :,+'| i *:atllh l , kI],. A'im'od I lu ,l:. "l'o uri it ll,' 1\i'.olln wlih e~n a¢.l iwti,~.1 U(lO, r·l6S Colill. l ol tl Ylohla · o1'.1(,' rr wn n Sfia or I) i.' Evl, Ihoh Ilcli'uNat. , Chrnc Illlllcll S ~I l li-S P·ilill. :ill ll"i lllnnt lb 611 r1 l th ho t-iz l ii·h'l:l klllAW.

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