Newspaper of True American, December 12, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated December 12, 1838 Page 2
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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE. DEC. 4, 1838. Genlitmen of th, Senate . ud of She House ofRepresenteires : I congratulate you on tile favorable cireumta-n. be in the aondition of our country, under which yaou rassembhle for the porformanee of your ofi. nlal duties. Thongh the antlioipations of an abun. dlent harvest have not every where been realised, yet, on the whole, tihe labors of the husbhndmnn me rewarded with a bountiful return; industry prospers in its various channels of business and en. terprise; general health again prevails through our vast diversity of climate; nothing threatens from abroad, the ontinuoance of external peace; nor has any thing at homoe impairel the strength of tholas faternal and domestie ties which constitute the only guarranty to the suoceso and permanency of our happy Union, and which, formed in the hour of peril, have hitherto been honorably sustained through every vicissitude in our national laffairs. These blessings, which evince thecore and benefi. oenece of Providence, call for our devout and fervent gratitude. We have not less reason to be grateful for other bounties, bestowedby the same munificent hand, aud more etclusively-our own. The presnt year cloees the first half centutry of nea Ideral inssltniions; tnd our eystem-differing from all others in the sokeowleged, practical, and ualimited operation which it has for so long a pe. ried given to the sovereignty of the people--:s new been filly tested by experience. The constitution devised by our forefathers as the framework and hbond of that system, then un tried, has beonme a settled form of government; notonly preserving and protecting the great pris. eiples upon which it was founded, but wonderfully promoting individual happiness and private inter. eats. Though subject to change and entire revo. eation, whenever deemed inadequate to all these purpses, yet such in the wisdom of its construction, and so stable has been the public sentiment that it remains unaltered, except in matters of detail, com. paratively unimportaut.' It has proved amply sof. ficient for the various emergenctes incident to our condition as a nation. A formidable foreign war, agitating collisions between domesntic, and, in some respects, rival sovereignties; temptations to interfere in the intestine counmotions of neigl. horint countries; the dangerous ifllafncces that arise in periods of excessive prosperity; andi the anti.republicnn tendoencieo of associated woalth these, with other trials not less fuormida' lo, have all been encountered, andl thus far successfully resista ed. It wasrneservedl for the American Union to lest theis advantages of a Gverrtnlent dep.endent on the eontinrtl exercise of Ihe pOp)lar will, anid our experience has shown it as beneficent in proclice as it is just in theory. Each succerssive change made in our Ilcal inetirulionl has cntrietred ato extend the right ofnfeurage, has incrensed lie di reet inluence of hthe clmomunilty, given greoter freedom to individuol xorrlion, and restrictedl, more and more, the pow r e f _revrrnmcnt; yet the intelligenes, prudence andil patrielis, of tie rieople have khpt pace iih this nonrmented res:onsiblhiy. In ni country has edcarlinn beern so wideIly 'diffused. Diwmetie peace has nowhere so targely reigned. The close bondls f" social inlrcntrr-e have ill no inbtance preeailedl with ilwh hnrmny over a space so vnst. All forris of rilgIcon have united, fir tle first imle. ro lihfflutse lharril nd il pi stv, bIrcnuser, for Itie first timn e in Ie lhiitor, nctiinsi, hol avi hrn tonlhv onrrammellhr, and ehsoluttly free. The deIepest recesses of !he wil derness Ihve hern penetratel: yet, instead of the rudsaiss ii Ihe soeial condition consrequent upon such adventures esewhere, ntoterllos omn utrlies have seprcng up, tready runrivalledl in prosperity, gent ral itelligrence. internul rranqoillily. nod Ihe wisdom of their piliriilai nsiltorni . InterIto l im pr.'vetenlt lthe fruit if individnd enltrplt isel fs tered byI the proterrction of thile Itr, has addedl iew links ito the onnfedrlin, anld Iresh rewards to provinenl irlndustry. DoLinlhti qo-r'ious of dI., meeric policy have heren quierly srttled by utiutat Iorbearanote; anoI nriculirre, cotntmere, and nma tufnerurer, minirler in each iother Taxior;on rnd ptblie drhi, the. rreens which beanr st, heavily upon all oteer erurnlrier, hare pree.ed wiht com poraive lighl een, uipon u=. .Vithlnut tone entanug lingallnnco, -tir !riendshiie, in prizred by e\ery na tion; and thbe rights o ounr irizens are everywhere respeterted bhnoie they are known to bhe guarded by a toirel, seensitive and wrtchf'ul people. To this rneoricl opiranin nf ror in.titurtinse, s, rvident and Iisuccessful, we we I thar increased o .I trchment to mher1 whirh i.o riemlni tle inco cheer. ing exhibitions ,f pioulnr renrimentt, and will prove their best sernr ty, in time to comu, against for. sign or domestin i ssault. This review oh the reselis Inrfur intitririone, fr half a century, withnot exei' n a s;iril of vain erxultntion, Phould serve on ili tpretss rpn us tle prst prineiples fromn whlich IhieY have sprune. con stent atd direct eoupervisin by the ppro.le over every pubrlic mestire; strict forbearance in tile part of GIverrretI.t fr, r in cxertrirln any dorllhifi[ or dsputIdi powert;latrd a enluinoiersrnlinence fretom all inliteflr rtncr- tiihi concerlns whoi l pr.npritlv be long, and noF best let 1 i Sttt, te gu.ut1lttlJs anld ill divlidul enterprire., Fell iiforlnatitin iof tih or nn of nir loriion of. faire h violn I in rll r, ri il v , 11 lvl ro drilerTr iirit rcad nsin tl, htI r to ,.,+ + [( d C.o.rsel I eri l i t Ir'iisIirV lnw to br nc i your iiifit oily arri-'rh eveii S asi bovesubslquerqcir' occorrtd, or tre irf sootlh ilnipor. tance ns to rrqllire pnrtnliru troula l norrl.i it The most anlelrihlf, dlitton. cominlel to be exhibited Iiy ill the narrins e iih wi icin Ih le Giv ernment a .d ( rtizrns if ihe Ulnioed Slates have an haitn utal interrouroe. At tihe dare mi tyi lisi an nual imessag , l xico was i othe OIIIY enRliu whichI could noi her intl!ili in so gIralifyrig a refern.eC to our foreign relaolr.' I arnt happy to ie now able to inform you that an advanre has hbon made ilwards the adjtro. mient of ol r dlfl'iculies with Inat Republic, and the restoration oi the cutrarnmary go )d fring be tween the Iwo nairius. This importRnnt change has been afflcted by c.ucrilialtry nro'iatiors,e, that have resulted inl tho con.r;luiun Iof a treaty between thetwoGuovernellnts, which, when rarrlid will refer to the arbitrament of a friendly power all the subjeces of ronr, versy etrrwer n us growring out o injuris a loldividualy. Therel is, at presenr, nlsI reason to believe Ihat an equ;table settlement of all disrparled pin's will he attained wilthout fur telr difficul)y or unnecessrar delay, and thus aulhorize the free reoenl plion ' f diplomasc inter Courae with our sister Replublic. With respect to the northeastern bouanary of hlle United Stsres, l oltficiail o 'rrespondlonce between this governsmnt ai nd Ihat ofGrsna Britain has pnsn. ed since that commusnicalton to Coglless towrni ds the clsso of their last session.--The offer to nr gniato a convention, for thle auppitntmant ofa joint costnaission of survey anl exploration, I ant, ilow ever, assared will ih met by her majes's 'agovern. ment in a cocilinr and friendly riearlloopitn, san in aructiino a to enable the British minister here to conclude such an arrangement will he transmilled tohirn wirbout needlCes drlay. It is hoped and. expected that these i blruclions iWi'l be of a liberal character, and Ihat this neosotiatio, if suncessful, will proive to ibe n important sIp townrdi thl e sarl isfaclory and final Idjustml nt of lith dIllieuity. I had hoped that the respect for the laws and re. gard for the peace and ionor oftheirown countrv, wliech has ever characterized Ihe cll:rzes of tlc Uniited Saires, woild have prevented any prrtiou of lhem front using any Iarrans to prolnotn itsr rection in the tcrr:,ory of s pown r wih whleh v to are at peace, and wilth whiob the Untied r'ate, are desirous of nilaning tihe miast r.endly rilari l iras Ire.grel de-pily, howevur, to bie (roblgod itil iobiurna you th thiis .nt been Iho erase. Inform 'ion ha boen given to alo, deirrved Irori official a, other llnurces,rtala ht Illny citizens of rhi Unired Suales have onasst ia trd 1io', e he lt makei hronile. in cursines Itro lr t or l'rliltlry i Canada, anld tnil;loi and abet insurrectioi n there in violation of the obl gations and laws ofithe Uitoed States, and in open disregard of their own duties as ciizens. This it formation has bhren in pirt confirmed, iby a hosr ile invasion actuall made by citizens of the UnItond States in eonjunteoin with Canadians and accrom panied by a forcible seizure of the proIrritv of our citizens, and an application thereof tr he prosecn tion of military o,"eratlons against the auihorities and people of Canada. The results of these criminal ansnalts upon the peace and order of a nighohhriang country have Ieell, ias wu, to be expected, fatally destructive to iha minguilled or deluded lperson oengiiled in thema and highly onjuriour to tlhose in whose behalf tihey are pr5liosred to Ilar' been undertakenk. Tihle anltorlatisa in Canada, ifrort in talligence receivrd ofsdtch iitended lnovclmncrnr uamin oatr itizans, lave tiiems.lRsea d io blligetl tr ;oLe pier cautionary no as ires aginst Ithem; have actallv eml halodied tshe mililin, ai I as-n++ I an h atttnI e tnri r rr "l thie invasion to wlich rt'y iolievedi the Colonies were sxposed foam thr United Staten. A state of foeling on bIah aides of the ronti ar iha thno been producr.ed,wiero called for prompt and vigorous intlerfereaa. It an rn earrection exiated in Canada ithe amiealle dli*position ofthe United States towards Great Britain, as sell as their dtory to thesaelo,, would lead tlhrt into nainttain a slltrt nutralits, anri to restrain their cltiora frao iII violations oftlse laws wbish h','e beon passned for ts enforcement. Bult this G(iovernment recognizes a still hilghr obligatioa to repress all attemrpts on tle part of its oitizens to dittarb the peace of a country whale ora - der prevails. or has been re-establialshed. Depredationa blyer eitienas upon nations at peace wils the Un sed .atates, 'o eoslbinationa for oraierttine theln, Save at aI lisea beetp rearded bIy the Ameriera GC.vernmerat and people wits tsi greatest .bborraree. Military in curoala by iour into eonltriss so situated, and. the eommirsaon tf acts of vialamo on ta U r lleha mber thlereof in order to eslftl a change ii its governenot, a o.r under any pretest whatever, have, from tie nommelteo ment of or Government, been hebald equally criminal on she part of thole engaged in them, oanu as tl.uch d.-srv ing of puniabment as would ho ths disturbance af the nubliu peace by the perpetnralia of similar actr s ilhin our own teritory. By nMo eeDotry or persons have Ihese invslu: bhI prieipleo al |timatinnstal law-primdples the srict ,,seemrae of whlics is e indipsnsable to the prars. ratinn rf iscaSl order is the wurfd--been more earnest ly cherished or aacredly respected than by lsae great ead goal mea who first declared. and fially estatlih ed, she isdep.ndenen of nttr own counery. ''hey pro psllgpeedasl maiotanedd them at rn early ad critical peiede.a-trhbisnsry; the, were esblequesltly eaibrhied n le ielaaie eeatmentao s a thignly penal ehn aetor, the filthful erafrcomeant of ahkh has lbirtc tIwen, ar d will, I Iri,nillwys conti;nu to h,i, relor,lned l a dly j inoeparabl ai.ulom:oed l ilb the mi.iteenalwci o uarlt In ti anal l :tllr. Th'lil, tile. people ofi' tte U1 itod ,41tate haoul 1I,1 n iotin the t i theipro :I of political iistitt tiiis as fiero they reII rt thiir own to be, is nantlral; nm r colln illolerL iril i. llOi i'tre o tlih SI e ofnT'nill hi.,' - wo s, a. t :ynv timne. ion Rood foilh struogliii fir their aIquisiiiC, be implred t nour cit ens Its crime. hI ill the entire fe~,elom i o. inion, aild an i.disguised ex pl.."silen elle.f d; n thiier p ittth asleioe l (. lnnl e. ti ther the right, nor, I et the t+ u m t nll terfere ,ot whenver ti e interest or the onor oif the United States requi;e, that Illev sholdl bIe made a party ti anll aihitrh.g le,anid, by illnvitnhle con rqneneeto il war which is wa.fed in it, support, in a qlueltine whla II, by our (ountitutoio, is wisely left to t onires aloa. ti decide. It is, hv tihe laws. alrealy imade crii inal in nloreitizens to emharasus or anticipate thalt decision, by inntlnhorizeiIl iirliary n ,tinll i o thir nmrt. Ofthael of hi. chiaracter, in lddltlon to their crimien'iy il violationl of thelfaws of our thil llry, hnve Itireot tendency to draw downt upon otlr own Eitioen it large tin Iultillied evils oae fiwien waor, ,ed expose to injuriousimillatione the geood faith and ho r of tle ou r ntry. A sellch they deelvo to he put h.own will pronlptilude .oud deciion. I coastl he istaken, nln confident, in i ouneioi oni the euirlia l nnd iene rleoi neurloner ef our fllow e itizes ill this seitiment. A copy of the iroclllnalion which I nhve felt ii my duly to i.sue. ic Ilerewith Enllllllon eI. I i lieot lut Iop that i theigued eanne and i,i;rio'ism. the rt rd for the honor and repue ion ofalieieoit i y ri. the tiete, l fir the Ins which they haii themnrelves snsietdl for their own A oienr,llne, i rndlslore of orler for which tile Inallos. ofur prioplti have ben t.o lai atd jiijustly dl.tilii lrell. will diter the coroaotivesly few whi, are engael to ihem from i further proseenltis of lthe del. perate enllterprisei. In the anotime, tie existing laws hae been, and will Eiolline ito lie faithfully eceiulerl; atd every effort will itr male to carry then out ilthe ir full ma,in. Wthether btry i re tm,.ient or not. to maetl ti acetsial iatn of thing ion the i.ldill fioeolie., it is for Conlresi to decide. It will :apeanr Iorlll tile correspnmonn i herewitL sUhblitted that the ,loo. enmen of Ratio decineo nanewal of thl. fonrth arliole of the convention of April, 18e24. between the United States and Hisl nperill Manjstuy, hy the third artel. of whwh it in ,treed that "hereafter tllore shall not ihe fbrnnd hy thie eititlzen of the Unid stanle or under the authority of the aaid Statel, my estlhlishlett upon the north-welt casi nf Aoleria, nor in iny of ith. lalalnlds djacent, to the north of 4d 'Tam of anth l vtilude; adll that in tie saln manner therer shallioevole airnsed Ib Ruissian u'"jeetl, or under the autho. rity of t oin.n, souit of the smes parallel;-anid by the fourth article, " that. during n terml often years. counting from the lilntlre of the prsntoll, ionrpllon, tle wIll. ai oth powners, or whirh hehms. to ihir citize n or nuhypect lespeclivrly, iany reciprmoally fr+ tlitlt withollt ilny I itodl nee whatever the inerior seias. Salft hrl, noral t hreks upon tile crm: metllioni l ini bhoe e.lioe nltiele. fortn Ihe llrpnse of fithei and trawi ll wih the -mtliVe ft" til arontry." The elaton asrinled for delbiinhlt o retlow tile iro, lsinl i of this atno.'e Aee, at tile iillly its imllo by our eitiszll of tlhe privileno it sceurst i l, ,etii he n Ieoll tit supply the lb lion. with rpiritu olln lil qlm rs anlnUl ltlll ioti not fire. aotilt that thil trpaic ef Tlhet whir eud xel frll h r thu s rade mlid an the nppb liiio i"hl d foorlt ile [ointi ,d Stati e are ilt j li tll a to Ihe tleltiln ht tiih'i..rnlntd oti i iert, lll-wes. eont, anlld cnhlul:a ed to pr t.IIP lTlhisll e I I(Y ewP Io I iI two (iovrnlalitl. It, l Isiperinl ballenrty. h i otho it farhe inoLel.t eof ,niI PoU, hi laot to lel'lli tho ie rolesill bllai,d by lti Airierican (;io ornlola ne.r t Ihe olerwal of the arti, lI Ilbul ,tewrred tu. The l orrespondlenie hb ewith eoiml tnieitod will show lbe griondils Iup1on wlhicli wo eonote.d that the citizena of the United States have. indne. pendent of the provisnions of the conventio of 1824, a right to Utiodl with the natives uponl the coant in qlstiion.. at Ilnooeiupiod plalces, liable, hnowever, it is adnlittoed y o on at y timeo xlienlniklbedl by the crea ion of RuInian eltalillhmonts at llchvpeiolnt Tios right is deonied by the Itossian Government, which asoertsl that, by the operation ol'theo raon r of 182.1. noeh party ngreed to waivoe tho gneral rililt IO lind on ti0 vaoteni coast on thiir reospetivo tides of tho degree t.f latitlel roefrred Io, and ac. ceptod, in lio thereof, lIhe utottn l privileges men. tiOndtl in the fonhlllh aril,. JThe cypilol and too. sIg onlployeld ly ur ilitsen inl their irado wtll thi norlliwet coals of Alnerieca, will, pi.rhapt, n adverling to Ih official stalnemntu of the coe. mrcon and navigillinn ,f the Uniled States for the last few ioeareo,o ibdeecied ineonsiierable in amount to attract. nll0h aliot lnet vetleo soject. ay, 0i ,ther reoliols, de.oarvo thie carefl conideratiou of i reg'ret to state thon the iloNli; lo of tlb prio ilpl plrts on the eoa,iseo eost of Mexico, wohiOl, in eonsll'qe ioeo of thel inditfforeloe betwee. that IRepiblio ald Iraneno, was instliluted in rlay la.,l oiiforlnoitely olltinuo. enforoedl by a coompelent Frolh i;av:il lorere,and is neeeossorily embohrrcotio to oaur ,wn tradll in tIho1 f,it coinlnoo with tihti of other iination. Evepry dispoilion, liowever is heliverel to exist on te plirt itf the FreshllO Gov. ernlllll, o rendleir Ithis loiaeuot his little onerous as pranticnhlo to the interests Of tiLe titllse, of the Uiitcll States, ndoll to thosn of nutratl eomrn mocre; aod it is to he hoped that an early nettle. ineent of tlI lilfcl:li ins lbiewean Foailce and Moli. to, will oot, re-onililtbllh the hlOrlnolionus relalions formerly SIllSitillg hbetween tIheo, and oa in l open tlll ports of Il tat Rl'ublic to theo voeool of ill frilidly nalinlS. A otlllveulion fir narLing that port of the blouloidary ll.,wolrn the Uloted StLte. and tile Re. pliblin elt"lxas, woliilhi extnlda fionl tilht loltlh of the Sallinei to tl. RIed river, was conluided and signod tit thlis ci y on the 2tSh of April last. I: as liueo bLen rLll-id by both l.Ioveintlooite; andi oseoiitnhlt Ioeasuroe will be t;lenll to nary it ilnt effect on the part of the Ulnited Stales. Tile applicalion of that Rupohllc for admissioc into the Uniio. iltulde in Auguast, 1837, nnd wiclh was deiltned f'or relsons alreadly oado known to you, ho. bhen liormlllly withdrawn, ts will appear fiolt tlhe aeoiCOlll ying copy ofo oit of the Min. inter Plenliplotoentlary of 'eox·it which was preeltot. ed to thei Slecelary of Stiote ot tion oeclsioo of tli exchlango of the rlatifications of tllhe ovltoltiol ahnvu nenloo ocl. t'oiofI ltfheo collhooeion wilth Txai, ofoa cnm inlreill 1rca'y con{el. utile wi t l King: o..r, and a+limlir frety wilth tooih'mu il,,eliion loe,, li:delntililu, the relllihlilii l of whliclh hlive beell rceetily exehaiig..dil, aColmIp):lly thllis letollge folr "t ivl [elnnc.........i ts . .i IIly- l g i oll! i...le t a or . .. T o w a t ch ow v r a h d fh i lt e r t h i nt . r e st s of a gr a d rally iorloresiltg ,id widely e.xteIled l orinlllrce to gourd the rights of Aierican eiteanr whorr busilne.tssor plht:asre, or oithlr IoIVIes oIIy Plrllp to disLnt IIc:ilies, iirnd ilat the tI.I e tLne to culltivat those seltimntlll s a lluual re let and good wil awhlich experienee as lpriovl o bcnefiiai to inter netional titreolrese, thie (lovser ierit o ithe Ulnit StLtea hals ((dC.lnlld it exel)dieLIt fromi lilm|e to tillle itoetibtlish dilroltnahe otllnectinirs wit; dlltffrren1 Setute, by Ih oillttlllinollt if r)respO llttittlVtis ti reside within theIir respective tmritorite. I an gratiod to e bhdil to al oellllllncae to yeu tlat since thie elie of yurr late seesinr, these relat lon torve I jitin ilirittindl r tl en hliplst euospirre witS Aeltrtln and elite Toe Sicillet+; tiler terese noltn , leions Ilvi heren tunIdo in the respective mijsloits oc Russia, IBrazil, Hlgium, and ilei \VI~Pi sod Niorway it this country; illd thalt a Minister Eoxlrorlioary hins bett receivel, acredited to this Gouveremaut fronm ie Argenline Conlfcderartionr. At axpestitiiil lf tir fiscal atlires of lthe Gov erim ell, attn thetir condititn for the past yoear, will be made to yor ly the Seelotary of' the Treasury. Tli rvaiable btlance itt thi Treasury, on ther I t of J anuary inext, is eslirn-leed at 2,765,1342. T'ie reerlpta of tue y'tr, Fe r cutloe ls llll re lads, will Iprolblly allouinit to .$8L0,G60,53.. Those tuesal sources of'revenu Iave beenr increased by an issue of'roaury notest; orfwhliclh less thln eightmillionis of dollars, including ilrterest and pritcipal, will bM oeuatirndilg atthe ond of t'the year, ad by the sale of one of e bds t h tl t, he Bank of thle Urited States, for $2,234,871. The aggregate of meanti from thos tlet oltlour t alies c th t tile balance ol hand oni the firlst of Jaltuary last, his been i pplie:l to the paylotiilL of i plprola riatinis Iy Con gIrss. The .hle i xpenditiuro otf the year on their aIccoutrl inll+hlhn tile re'd,:lpltion of mn rel+ thafi eiglit millioits of 'f''eaoery notes, cotituthois an g gregato ol'houi intly iUiliran rf doliars, iad will etill hivo in tie 'i'reitury tl baltne btfoi e rtiat d. Niarly oghllt mitrhlS {11of dilrloll ret t reraoity note ir to'iir i l it. lld l iriF g tll e nciig yeair, tI adiiii ti on thte or .ry alproiirutiruols l thel ljSIpport G Glevrer imlr Fir ltoh loheso plrpor·io tlt re..oures o'e fIme ITreiry it ill uaIoilrrtilrcpy lin itilicientr it the ciharis n it r e rri nt iinl r t airloto i bPuyoid tilhe ao lt! estclnltr.i Nor eroa the rill is iiklrytoexisto nor trilrni the psion d intrl. nlt o thrile urhs revel e he oslted flt a liiii o tlre S'tainit lloar alc eon l derahle npprrp itolls butld _the esumtelllt{s be+ mlide, wlnhollt canuing a dt'fic: n. ciy ll the Trersury. The great cai ion, advisabt e ci all timex, off hirirre ugpproprietiens to the o'anto of the pubhi strvitii, I+ rerreoded ete'eesary at preee rot by the prosaletive and raoil redueeion of the Tarifl; while the crgiant jralousy,evidenttyex eited amtng the people by tpho oecurrences of the last few yprars, assurer us thate they expect fione their representativer , utld will sustain thlem in ttle exereie e of, the mnct rigid economy. iluach cran bf - ,tlf;,el My pontponing etttreliris. tiotlr tIrtL iotmredlitoly reqoiroil for tire ordinsry Iublic serrvice, or hLr any pressing emergency; tlld ctich by r ducing the exrenditires whfre tIf on. tire nad imtilediate accoi;plishmentt sl the oiject in view Is I t ittlistpetlable.o 5fIoVllule ir ll te Ininoo utle rrE*lt stlr elteterni, eIetonllel$t. rleitis uiiifcsory at:ite a etorir .ikpoereaheeee id£1 ry lhe c raertcil:ll wlthioenl t oot ftlh ft.ur u cnfutt llld Il+ llP~lPV ltbkt dl rtlltl'llelsl tIII ,lrl-ill F " 111ll |I( (IIt, +hstrih n no" ihe ourl cul r i r iC( otllP *itu'O Ih i lg)Ieb ig rPot the ttr (r I Ir-r i reftf;t:oIII l:Olltrdtorllou oloho hoary re iotreit tee rrd by too. l tt i' the triroitm tlrI s i~s L Iy irtrrlitri tr Poirr tes illren Flori~.;nltd ; u eodco tirool otILhe ulut ,oro Ie apprenria hillla l.+LI(I· a1t lh last two alllllllal CPIO.$1 QT CII.-*· (..lll~rl Otl-rt rr ootrl e hps retwkler eso ldPtea , ir 4 the pre.eot ecltuat stare ol'ullr filllc·, ul" tlhe tucr toltdlt ruireerer arct thera letry to fulliil tnellohp tilllur . N,,r is it It fr a rrti yhrg . to iled hat tihoe entri buor ern o the (e.olllllotlllnclyn tCPple u.eiorer io iS tea riern. ii Itovivlile eith dlllt ion l rleor. chess-srd ir thte I Jl lon ll he o ie t .a l lar lo Cl fal i r ter hroy h tr hoi ttl 0 t h e . ,,,.r . it+. l° ,:ll,.t..,..,,. ,,f p..,., eiblt .... ,y ¢ . . suguiesila t eUisaroracruplrl t lr qrieulrrion tr llee bytrile honoreb t c iaphtton of itl trail.hiea mean. to tile faltfimterilt rfboigllseloce. eodeoslle.e hf busn restored bath et htoe ansd sredn o lasd rate and rteility mneurod to mUi the soterltliten of trsde. Tft tgerny fthe tlntorlecert ill protllieig these essultl b t eel let aneiiierrit ie l l )ie wPlraell, s tir lee lreoire d.lll se ..iftitt . ri om e .lle derpo...i of tltu lue lsly e gent, ouud itolels eiirrrigl mdlllr, e at hllg cledt . w th the troeb, prlncrpity inl aelll ecil| of tile cotuTtry alld nore tmwcdltlely ftlltftlllrl to It; and at the n.noe tilers eiltni the 1h.ah f tller cJetllllle.c.t exclareily iln ofher sIctiuln.f ty pnel p oo b l.... .[otr .,l: t Ivol n~l llll Lo ll.r ; dto laln....."ll 'relll a.: tweec li ter aid~ tire totltiftore OfrtttIIsre it yeo rsreo 'PU I1trsea - ey nrte, a0 merars It cnar,ltn the goterailtet t,, mcei the e m erqntlel ofl sIielr inoluaiencir, bat cilforidll nt the rull lire Iftclilie, ti~r reruitt.orr at axrct. reg ; xd Iey steouily retlilrinte I1 eteplcoy segrnerel deposltoriofoets thattek res .ous, or" iresez e e of thf ctwll thich refutes et re deohali rinl with 1per t the-re oteonne, sided]4 fry siten tasrel·rtits l .iirrtt~ oeaetri iiauLe,srri My she rpwltapprro rerciseeise cfs u~rge poarle. eftttIsptceemuity.sltaee sltresssetaosrleiyeetoapeoie g strafe pyuperette leose gretsreoesmrdhaitlpnitJ, psoomplip fuoieertd is ettOcet test petsr otet tc!it oalrtiss. 5Sres~lt tetsl beer, seeks set rislRy iiretntsttseeoan odiaoooeru, holh is so aw"'iib is cIIoax lII· cootr~.eftrtscretre top a)retirtou of( thee iou · th S8.,7, t e, trikle. the ehort of the t ter tbi prompt resttoraten m1 businas ; thie evident benefit reolultimg turbn nu andherince by tai gver mnttlo tlo the onittitnnl stnnirdm or value,. mstled of nanmI. .- tllerl spe ion by tie receipt of irredeemable papr . llo dhe atrvbutIres de nrvd from the large it nellt of fper iclntl..reld into thn ooftntrr In"vits to II37, anld a Tvalite tdus tratmin of the true policy of I he goverome tin iucha nement. Nor cne tlle conarie llo tlf to reh e tir.eo intcoelin th e a Intionl hank te lesgryLy in ludll e ner.rc. Not onlly wornce spe cie pneynloll re emnd wilhalm its ad, but exo ho lleats .l so hlna more rapidiy restored tano hil.te .i; tnierIty that private capital, toarprien and prudence are folly haqot. o to these end. Oi all these plnillts iElneriencn elo. hanve orlfrlmed Itho vinra horetofore slorllaed l Wea Iavo bool saved tile mortification of seeing tile diatresses of the anmo=,nity for tile third time oeized on to fasten upon the country so danger. one an institation; all we may also hope that tihe business of indivdruals will hereafter be relieved from the injurious efeucti of a continuod agitation. of that disturbing subject. TIhe limited influenoce of national bank in averting derangeomnt in the exchanges of tIe country, or in compelling the re.. um ption of speoie payments, is now not less op. parent than its tendency to increase inordinate epelation by nsudlden expansions aid controctions; its disposition to create panic and omharrassment for the promotion of its own desaigts; its interfer ence witt politics; and its far greater power for evihthan for good, eitter in regard to the local in. slithtion or tile operations of Government itself. What was in tIera respects buit apprehension or opinion when a ndtionnl bank was first establi.led, now standh confirmed by humiliating expcriotmee. The scenes through which we have passed prove how little our cornmmerce, agrieltire,l monu. factures, or financet, reqirot such n institution, and what dangers are attendant on its power--a power, I trust, never to be conferred by the Amrni. can peopleo pon their Goverlnment, and still less upon individuals not responsible to them for its an. avoidable abuses. My co viction of the necessity of further legis. lative proceedings for tIhe safe keeping nod die. hurermenat st the public moneys, and my opinion in regard to the measures best adapted to the ecceotm pliah tdent h of le bjects, have boon already sub. mirttd to you. These lare boeS strengthened by recent events; and, it the full conviction that timoe ane experieoce must still further demonstrate their propriety, I I.ol it my duty. with respectful defer. once to the conflicting views of others, age n to invite youir attention to them. With the oexeption of imrited srms depoeiera in the few banks still employed under the nat of 1836, tih amount received fbr dtirl e, and. with very in eonlidereblo exceptions. tIlose accruing from lndcl also, hae, sintce the general suspension of spI:cin paymtmenis by the deposito banks, been kept and disbursed by the Treasurer, under his leoal powers, subjm.ct to the superintendence of the Senretary of the Trensury. The pro priety of defining more spa cifieally and of regulating by law, htme noercine of this wide scope of Executive discretion, has boeen already submitted to by Congress. A change in the office of collector at one of our principal ports, has brought to light a mIn falcation of tie gravest charactor, the particulars of whichl will obe lai ofore you in a special report from tshe sreltary of the Treasury. By Ihis report and tlto aceompanying documents, it will be seen thlat the weekly returns of the defaulting officer apparently exhibited, throughout, a fai hful administration of the affair entrusted to his management. It, how. ever, now appoars that he commenced abstracting the public moneys shortly after his appointment, and contiened to do so, progressively increasing the amount, forhe tIe term of more tItan soven years, embracirg a portion of the period during whieh thie public moneys were deposited in the Bank of the Unit d States; the whole of time state bank deposite syater, and concluding only.on his re tiresmant from office, after that s.ytsm had sub stantially failed, in consequonce of the suspension of specie payments. The way t which Ihis defalcation was sn lung snnieserl, and tie steps taken to indemnify the United Srtatese as far as practicable, cealant lIss, will cIto he presented to you,. The case is one which impenraively claims the attlention of Can. grres, end furnishesa the slro.est tr liva for hile s tbiliihment of a more srvere and more secure , srtem forthe safe keeping and diebursement of the ptblic moneys tham ary that has Iheretofore existedt. Jexisne[. It seems proper at all events that by an early Snaotment, similar to that of other contries, the appllcalion or public money by an of o.o vernment to pirvate uses llould be made a felony, and visired with severe and ignominious punish monnr. This is already in effect. the law in respec to the nillor, and has been prodective of the m et salutary rensolt. Wharever system is adopted, such an enactment would be wise as an indepen. dlent measure, since much of the public moneys must, in their colleetion and ultimate disburse ment, pass twice through the hands of publie fC feers, in whatever manner they are intermediately kept. The government, it ntust be adlmttted, has rbeen, from its commencement, compatratively ftr tunate in this respect. But the sppolintng powes cannot always be well advised in its selections, & the experience of almost every coun'ry has sh nwr that public omicers are not at all tiuen pro1 ngoinst temptation. It is a duty, therefore,t whicl the govetllnment owes aS well to the interesls cam mnited to its care as to the officers thelteselves ne yepronvide nginst transgreasions of thittl r'halnree-, ha is con'sistent rithli reason and hurntnntry. Con grts. cannort be too jehiloous of the cotlduct of thol .iwho are entrnteed wit1 tire plhlic monley, ad I .shall ot all times he dinpooed to encorage a watche Sli dischtarge of this drl'. It a mortne. diret co. ,)oration on the paot of Contres, in the slip, rvi sitii of the conduct of the oircers entruslel wttl the custody and npplication of the pubhrti money ti deemed desi'able, it will tive rne pleasure tt Srasist in the estabilsol c'nt of any jdlldlious and e u1, nltitnnal i Pan by which that object may be reonplishle. Yeaou will in your wisdom deltermine upon the propriety of adopting such n plan, and pon the measure netcessary to its eff.ectu1 l execu tie.n. When the late Bauk of the United States was incorporated, and made the depository lo public moneys, a right was reserved to Congress to :nepeet, at its pleasure, by a colmmliltee o thot bIody, the b moks and the proceedings of the boan. in one of the States, whose banking institutions Iare supposcd to rank amongst the first in point of srnbility, they are subjected to constant exanmlna. tito by comnmissioners appointed for tiht purposet and much of the success of its banking system Is ltrlabutd to this watchful supervlsien. Tile salne c ,urse Ihes also been adopted by an adjoinini State tanorbly known for the core it has bestowed upton whatever relates to its financial concerns. I aub mit to youarconsidcraton whether a comnmittee of Congress might not he profitably employed in in specting, at esac intervals no might he derme'd proper,the affrirs and accounts ofofliersentrursted ,Vwih the custody of public monoey, Th e frequent performonee of this duty mighti he made obhltgaory on the committee in respect to to these olffi.ers who have large umts in their possession, cnd let disetretiotalry io respect to 'thers. "T'hey might report to the execative such defalcations as were found to exist, with a view to a prompt removnal from olliee the default was atlisfactorily accounted for: and report also to Congress at the commencement of each erasion, the result of their i examinations and proeeedings. It does appear to titn. thIt with a o ubjecti on of this class oIf publi ollicers to the general supervisio of the Executive I to evntinarlions by n contlnittee oi Congrens, otpl - rilds of which thtey should have no prevlous notice l,d to prosecution and punishment as for felonv, frt every breach of trust, the safe beeping of Ihe t pulim noney, under ithe sasrenl proposed, might be placed on a surer fOundation than it has ever occupied ritce Ilie estabhshment of the govern. The Secretnary nf tle Treasury op la Iny before on this interestntlo slbjtjt. Too hose I askl you e:r'yatrention. "' tit should have iven riso t, great div, raity lof piion cannot be suhIbj,,t ofI surpri.e. After the collection nod encsdy of the puhlic moneys has been ier so many years inace enneted Hitlt, andt rntn(h, subsidiary tou tile ad. vaencement of private interests. a return nto the sin. pie and self.denyingt ordinane.s of theo enntitruion could nor but be difiuelt. But time and free dis casionn a hetling rhe sentimtars of the people, and aided by that conciliatory spirit which has ever cIharaclerleed their course on great emergeneci , were relied opon for a mrisfactory settlement of the queetion. Already has thisanticipaton on one important point at least-the impropriety of divert. ikg the public money to private purpnos--been ful ly realized. There is no reason to suppose that the legislation upon that branch of the subject awuld now be embarrassed by a difference of opin i n, or fail to receive the cordial support of a large majority of our consOtituents-The connectioh which foIrmerly existed between thle Government and banks wae in reality injurious to both, as well as to the general interests of the community at lorge. It aggravated the disasarrs of trade and the derangemenlsa of rcial interialintrcourse, and ad ministered new excitement and additional menns t,, Vill, and reckless specula Ions, the disapoint mrents of which threw the country intto convn. sIons of panic, and but all produced violene and lloodshed. The imp'udent expansion of baok credits, which was the natural result of Ite cotm 'iiand of the revennea of the State, furnished the resourcera or unbounded license an every species of adventure, seduced indusrry from its regular and Salutary oecupltrious by the hope of abundance without labor, and deranged the social state by tompting all trades snd professions into the vortex of speculation on remote contingencies. The some wide spreadling influence impeded al ,othe resources of the (Government, curta led its u'settl operatio-m rriassed t[le fulfilment ol its oblig.,tions, and seriously interfered with the ,-erutolonofthe laws. Large appropriattons and opppreive taxee ore te natural eonsequcnces tf uch a connneclon, since they increase the profits of those who are allowed the use of the public Cunds, and make it their interest that money should he accumulated and expenditures maltipled. It is huas thata concentrated money power is temp. sed to become an aclsve agent in political offairs, .ad all past experi.ncehas shown on which ado that i fluence will bearraved. We deceive our. SeIves if we suppose that it wtll ever be found as_ certing and supportting the rights of the clmitnt. natv at larke, in opperstiun to the clairms of the It. , Covernferh: wil osa dtli.ingnishrrld clhair. eroistic nthould be a dltfusaion and equanltion Iof its henfits ond aburdena, ihe ndvannae of inlivit' a:s s ill he anl eutl d at the rxtrn-e of l.n nmass of tihe peple.; nor i itin he natare of c-Ubmlous for the a'quisitions of li gl-l;tilve igflulrnce 11t rne. line hei ntf.erlerence, I the slnaitehbjectl (r \ lihe!, thby wre originally io-c.ed. The .-eptatin I ex Cnd ii to other I,antl in, Is, the ctltrite, not itf, quenily too strng to btie tireistld. l'he iftlnclce in the direction of public illsirs in the cenm nlulit at lare, in, t leretorf, is ln slight denger ol hbieg sesribly ned iljuriouty nt l' cted by giving to a nitltaoralively small ln t tery rttflici.nt cltss a idirect and exclusiviely iersunul interest iu Si . ihiportnltt a patio oat the legiltiain oftr congre-ss ti eit whc rlate a to the eustt.o of Ihe publilie stnieh . Iiace cttting nlon t rty - vate ittterests canenlt always be avoided. ther sholeld The e ofi ed wtthin te nalrr.est tlniis, antd lell, t tre ever posaiiae. to tlh Legintlates of tine Staten. Wi e anot ttis restriated they leed ato cnmbina tins of pteir F.lassoaeianionsa . otasteru llfeuence nenesalily selfill, and tuin the fair course of legit atiot ta sinister seil rather than to objects ths t advlane public liberty, and prnolnot hete g nel good. tie whle rit lject now rests with you. anti i etant but extress a topei tat ane eti fioite measure will be adpaited at tti n present sesion. It nwi not ant sunre, be deenme, out el'plnce finr me here to remarnn, tat the dererration of ny views in op, pasition to the Iplien of elplotyig bnnba an the depnu nittlics of the ievectmneut funds, nennet bejuestly con strued as indicative of huatilit, amteial or personal, to those institutions orT to repeat in this herm, and in con aettiot with thin stlajeat, otpinions wi ich have uai fortiy, entertained, andon all proper cansions exprees. ed. rnoughI alwnays npp )ed ti ateir creation i the fri titft exclusive, and ns n state magietrnte aiming by applropriate legislation to secure tll comnnm nity agniaul the ea:tarquences of their .enans.tnta mis aanngetnient, I have yet ever wished to see thenl pro. teated tl th exercise of righns conferred by law and have never dotbted Itaeir utility whten properlv ma aged in protnotintg the interests f trade, and throngh that cnnel, athe other interests if th nuotnmmunity. 'ite Itel:ovestnisent they present themselves merey as state institutions, having na, necess trv connection withits le gislation. Like other slate esialitihmeits, tihey miay lie uted or inot in cndtntilg the affairs nf tile govern esent, an public ppoliby and the t.enral intereta aof the Union nly seemn tI require. 'Ile onty sebti or nar pIrlciplnn upnn which theier inteour h the n oii the overn r ent cnt be resyhatel , is thst whiell reg ates i teir in tercourste wll ill, private chitien--he nt cferringof nta teal bentfpte. Wohen tthe government can fc,'ompish n fitanll. l o n t ernatii better wniol tile i I f the batiks thIil, it ehntttl heat liberty to seek thtat aid as it wntrtl thii uit of n peinlrte bntier .tti:ther Cnaitilitin or agents, giving thie preference t, tlt-e htt will .Itte id ohn Iit b-itll ers. Nor call there ever exist all Inter iaat ill the eofiteer of tl, geineral governnmet, as eacit, inlduiag Ihnl sto ematnis or nieluy tile ft1te eniks, ally tn a re than to incur tie hstilitv f atney other claes itatcte liostll!iian l u of ptrivaite citizens. It i not ill ol treor otthing, that Ihistility to Ihese institltions can sit ing olm tllis IIete, tc e nallny ot)posniti1 t1 tiheir counrse o'Itulieis, exrce "t wslel they Ilhelveeses de larl friim lfhe nojects of their crention and attentc t it, anurl powers not can cned un them, or to subvert thhe stitllard of eifoenbt ili.ted by the ellstinttil.- Vnhtie o plosilo to eIhicr iacgu a opt rontiollcanet ex ist iu tll. querier, rehierta.e it ainy attefml to make tihe goerlnotnt depeidient ulaon Ithelr flr tile slenacs al adnministratinm ofllblict affttirs, in a tnatter of duty, as I trust it will ever be ofinitlinntion, onl.nntter front what coneideratien or motive ttn attemnpt ana. Oi oi nate. It is no more tmnn just to the batks to say. that in the late emergsency, mnat of them strngly resisted the strongest tl.p Sttlions oextendr tteir lpaper issaes, wten apparently lttaisindo l it a sntipenaion of specie payments by public opinion, even though n some ases invited by leaiasative eactaelltia. tn this honorable course, aided by the reistnae of tile general government, acting in obedience to tn e Consaitation and laws of the United States to tile ltrotiandne of an irredemnable paper amndin, may be attributed, in a h great oegree, l speedy restoratian of oar earrency o a sounn d statle, aud the business ofathe rorntry to its wonted Irosperity. Tile hankt Iltv bau to continllue i tine sano soaet oursendn be olntent in their appropriae spitere, to avoid itl interferenee from the General Government, and ta derive fro it all tile protetionl ald beneait whih It hiest as on other Satel stnablilmoant, al tile people of thie Siats, and on the States themselves. Il this, their true position, they rann t bet necure the confidece ad ngood will of the peasle end the Oovernnsmn , weichi they ca;l only Inse when, leaping aTin their ltgitiatio peres . theiy lmtelntlt itittriel e ti legilslati(on of tlh counlry. nil prevera the operaonlla of tie a;ovrenileet to Iheir own alrposee. Our experience undner the at passed nt tie •ast session, to grant pre-aenptio riehlh to sPttlers an the piubir. lands., han ae yet been too Iielted tl ellahlo its to prnnounee wit safety ,apon the elf,.acy oir its t ...... , arry oa te wise . ... iboral policy i the t(invern lent in tlit reipert. m 'I re is, however, tihe best rensoan to antidipate fewtrtle rtelts fromen ita opertion. T'he reonlmendati nns foerly t saen llel to Ya in repet einto a ngradnatil oftite pri.e... tn publ lanhs, remain to be fnlly e ilnetealon. Havi. folund ion reason te change ilte views timen exrelased, your attentiod to theul iI again respectfully reqateadd. Every pnropel exeratle himsnce maden and will Itone ille.l to arry ouat the wishes of Collnres in remat o to then e Ill e a. trad.e, as imi.tiait ithe several reSeOilutioa f the H,, I: of ftpreseltainve and t e IaaOistlion of the we Io Ira dcire At f.,orable ili pre-slon has, 1 truit, b+ien fe te it the dilfetrnt I forentll ounltrei ht whin:ll p;,ricule r h ttelelt hie n.ed h- l rented, nd a ll th wO ,'sllllleem ho ,a far is ea, Jat, o In their policy a. in. nay ofI .the. n ccceieanelll lldeC .. i n.i.i d d.erd frm .....nnpallicas ill the fabricldlt slid sale a tf this artiee, yet. as thee. lmnooatien are rn!y injriot Itn the people hehae thy are abatiiinhod,a I" n'lhnfrtlielnnn der from them may Iebo tee inljurioully and with ednaln fcit, i obtained from another ind nd liheral avntemefadiistrtn weeaennnitdbt that our ehorts will Ile evtltna ilv rotuilw with succesa, if persitedain withs tcnmprte ainfins, atnetd sauisined by pruldenr opt iore.lins In reaentalalpe1inl to, Cenearn Ild atntioa of t'e inera.yr i at thin snaeni feor ihalg ale, cnt " e miteraticat nthe imitablitenlla rlhc tlnide, .nlL e,; ta elnP" tit yndeinc iniiat' wththcr tie an ine t ill moin ·:ns c areosd rilt aP]r.endi ilr. tie itlll iii bu s l iv ofi Tle sted~ofauit re ri'np],of theye d ,elnfary or th pt IpI- ,sm" naseal bwnnh tmc ni ticl tie tLra no·tii e eu lhr r iatanitnvleetd wlith niedtn Then lat iners o inn antnd oraneizinagte nilintary eastilitntm tin oif the Untedit Sitentna len t ntesrlty carried tin tr want, nd tie . Iiiy thie beel tat eatipr Iy and usofntily iantiye duraning the pa.t m nl o I natlld ngain calll to easr notice tin Ulowcts connete d waith antd imm nltan tiiii ttnItmilitr ii of the counryei, whdeh were im rtantnite to b li the latitsession, buht anwlinhnwere n aolt.r nlen. is a pporad, for wast n ogf atnil. lllt o tilmst eatr Lant of them is Utede organiz its T e t of aili militia on the nlnritiane and nanpdd I nnntiers. This etasure in deemand imporlntnt, an it i beliet - ad tat ait nwill f enish an effeitia voluny er oaein., in aid oftth red guar namny, and may tyne thte tbais Tforgene a nral slom of organiza'ionTor the entire militia of the United ttates. The erection of a natinnal foundry and gntipowder aenufastrty, ontd oane aor mnakig rnalt anut, the latser to he situ at ed at somne apoint west oan ithe Allegaty mountaina, all appear to be of auffinintat itnatortancn to be again urged alpni yreir attentihn. The plan proposed by the Src' ylry of W nr ftn the diestribulion of lnt force of the United Staten it time of ponce, i wrll calculated ato promote rug., tarip and econony in the trenl adiainistrastion oft the aservice, to preserve the dincipline tihe troopsn and ato render athem avaitable fn the manateetatie of the peann and tranqulity nthe counntry. With thin view, likewise, I recomnmend the adoption of the plan presented by tant affinaer, for the defence ofnthe nnnntern frontier. The presnrvation of the linen and prliperty at' our fellow nitians who are Sntld uaton thatr herder country, an well as tie nai-tenct of the Indian population, whinh naight be temptad by our want of preparation to rush on their own destruction and attack the wthitn settln. ments, all scorm to requirn that this sutbjat nhntld he acted span withaouc delay, anil the War Depiart. meat nitlatorized to plane the colbnitry in a state at complete defeane agnanat any aseault froea the nu. merousnand wanlihe tniiben which are cnngregated an that bardna. It afferds me sincere pleasure to be ah!e to op. prize you of the entire removal of the Cherokee na. tion of' Irnli"tnst ti their new homes west of the Mississippi. The measoeures nothor zed by Congress at its last session rwith a view It the long standing i eontroversy with them, have. had the hl.ppiest ef. flets. By an aogreement concluded with therr by the commanding general in that country, who has I performed thie duties asoigned to him on the occa: Ision with commendable eerevgy a.nd humanity. their removal has been principally ulder the conduct of their own chiefos, and they have emigrated without ally apparent re'ictance. Thle sureeossful ocomnplishmrnant ofthi iomp rtant Sobject; the removal, also, ofthie enltire (C:lreek atio,l with tile exc'ptinr of a small no.lel r of fugitivero amongst the S.rominolca in Florita; the progress al. ready made towards a speedy completion of the removal of the Chicksnaws, the Choctaws, the Pottawatomies, the Otawas, and the Chippenas with the extensive purcehase of Itndian lands dur. ing tthe prresent year, have rendered the speety and sncesefult result of the long estahlished policy of the Government upon the subject of Indian affairs entirely certain. The occasion is, therefore, deem ed a proper one to plane this policy in asuch a point of view as will exonerate the Government of the United Staten from the unaleserved reproach which has been cast upon it through several successive admrnistrations. That a mixed occupancy of the same territory, by the white and red Imen is incormpatrbe withl tihe safety or happinesR of either, io a prosition in re spect to which thecre has long since ceased to be room fern ditference of opinion. Reason and x. perience have demonstrated its impracticability. -Tihe hitter fruits of every attrempt herotofbro to overcolme the barriers interposed by nafure, have only been destructlion, othi physical and moral, to the Indian: dangerous centfiets of authority be tween ther Federal and State Governmentst; anrl detrimental to tile individual prosperity ofthe citi sen, as well rs to the genoral imlprvement olf ther coutlry. The remedial policy, the principles of which were settled more than thirry years ago, under the admirinilraotinr of Mr..-et-.,tim, consists in an cxtinetionr, for a fair consideration. of the title to all the lanIds still o'eupied by the indiansr within the States and Territories of the United States, their remor al to a country west of the Mts. sissippi, Inuch more extensive, and better adrapted to their condition than that on which they then re. aided; the gnarr.rtte to them, by the Urnited Stales, of their ext hIsivr p,)se of1" that country forev er, exempt from all intrusionrs by white men, withn ample provision for their-ecurity gaiusl oexternal violence rand internal diaensaions, and thie extension to them of suitable facilities fLr their advanern-ent in civihzation. This has not been the policy of particular administrations only, but of each in suc cession since the first attempt to carry it out under that of Mr. Monroe. All Ihave labored for its eeecomplishmnent, only with different degreea of success Tre manner of its execution has, it i. true, from time to time given rise to eOllliCrts of opinion and unjust imrputation; bat n respect to tile widomn anlid Ileeaeity of the pIliny triclf th',re has not, ftroi Ithe hberrlinnugl ealltedl ad rubt in th cid of any btin, jtdieioua , dieinterested friend of the Indian raeo, neeustolmed to reflection and en- I lightened by cxperience. t)ceupvirg the ddlihlhe hltrne'er f con trrctor on its own accmount, and guardtlian fr the p:rtIes non tracted with,it was hardily to be expected tihat tihe deoalings of tir Federal Government with thIe lI-I dtman trl. rrwould ecape misrepre.rtetrution. That tlere occurred in the reurly slttle lert cf tiln s cl tnlry, as in all others wller e thIlre civmeric race I::er tetEceeded to t.e posserssiors or' tile eavage, in. .oantces of oppressiou actl fraud on thie part of tiLe fbrmer, titre is too tnuech reson to believe. No such IfnProces cn, hIowever, be justly charged upon this Goverlnment since it bucamo free to pursue its own course. Its oealings with toe Ildian tribes have been just and friendly throughouto; its efforts for their civilization constant, and dir, clted by the beost feelings of humanity; its watchfulness in pro tecting them from individital frauds unremittirng; Its forbearance under tile keenesto provocations, tiets deepest injuries, and the most flagrant outrages, may cltalleloge at least a comparison with any na. tiron, ancirnt or mnodurn, in similar circumstances; and if in future times a powerful, civilized, and happy nation of Indians shall be found to exist within the limits of this northern continent, it will i owing to the colmsummtion of that policy whioh has been so unjustly assailed. Only a ery brief reference to facts i d rooeration of this anrteio can in thies form he ivenc, oand you are thorelore nte nolserily referred to the Report of the Slecretary of War for ofurther detoile. To the Chertkee, whone ase has Perhelp ecited the rgretest shtre of atremion antd sympnrhy, the l. Itautee herO grtrt-d in fee slrlpenta rerpetttl nuaralter ofe.n elusiveand peatblehtpossession, 1t,t5.t35 ncres of oand on the west sille of tile Oltmsisippi. ligibly sitatet ion heaslthy nlmtre. asd in all respects o etter suited tohe ther soditiethan the eunotry they hare oe y in exhahnge for enly 94m911t0 acres on the enst ide of the s om rver. The Unoted Steters ove in addition stipulalter to pay them i fee millions si hun. dgew thousand dollt ot theIr interest in improvementses on Inds thus relileqnished, and one milliot one huandrd and si ty tiusandr dollsrs for subsistence Irp d other bencncial purpo se, thereby puttinog it oin their poer to become one of the most worthy anted independenut separate cnmmuities of tlea se extent in th e wortl. oy the treatiresr ne tmd rid ontitl ttheMi aml's, theSioux, the r e nI o t a or nd the Wi webhaho, durimg the last year, the Intdin ti to eighteen tmition four hunadre and Oey-nighty thousand acres .hae bhner eutiruiehed. These ipurnches have bers much hore extnrive thean tOre' ofn oy trvione year, aind haver, with clrer Inlinn expenses orne very eareily npon Ore Trcneury. They lave, Ihownverr ht. a small quantity ofunlroullrmt Iullela as witill tioheotmlna alod Teerrltorme, ani tile loateilure ano tile rxncutive were errnom noohirrraertcfyrleybencnirmyceoSenoineo0osphvy eqllnally cnvined of tile pro )li~tyonF finn and tmore T er dy rxoinerhir of itrdiair tintle withrin thonre lirrtis. Th'te irerticse whih clre, wituh a niogr nr rin ont ide i e p uresnUroe of hprevinusnpproimrialrs mor refirn illig the expens, huae suh tinerm offontrn try the orryrnrmeirrir rrnrrory mto rrry mime aiontrrmy neen tlf. ,tmr leSmnrrrt , rmhinir trecmm ileor anemr noteieirtionst wnreeonirme d! n call npmPk from lirerl krwelt elrrg rnlnl I feel nodirniealty IN:nrirrlirratte iteresn of ollc, lllns in tile xtelrtLrr e rerrrrytlr.r y rormceEd ry mr,,-m0 re to Ir. ierid for a rt Its ru r v rralr, alIrIrIr Ila rrre n.orr l alrebiler a gr mplerinohtll uirr rtrerr rrn w rnh oheir tr cinble ofniprecialine Iehlr own righmt. Inor tile Irdisn title to 117,i49,ie7, ocquired since the 4th of nrelltrr, 10. tile U Stares bllerP prid $iO75,tOiinaairp eee'nr " te... isndl, m er berr nmfior Irrrrisnem r.o.cseer ofe.rreo eetrrrdeohe~ietenner oreeherdiseomrreho~eu n ioo eooq.0r netarrliihmellto, and Implements. When the heavy expeossr inourredhy the o Statesm t ad the sire ntar e e tho t so targn a iortion of tmie emtire territory will be fmmreer ueosestenme are censidered, and this prie is compared with eat which theU States sell theim own Isnde, no one can doubt nhst justis hns been done to the Indiana in these puaehases also. Certemlo it is, thnt tile trauamtiomt ofrthe American rOnrn meet with the Indians have beoi uniformly m haraserized by h sincere and prramont desire tot promote their wetfare; and it mnst be .tn oures of the highest grttitectioe to every friend to justtie sld bumanity to rare that, ootwlthstandielthe oh, erruetion o tiere to time thron it itswsy sod . A diE ealtero whieh hare crimen Croshrpeenls~reand imopesotlenbi setmmren mhtol disoehrotrslrm the eeembenee sodl cede risting toite ofhle goerement in this e emoet dieaultof all our reletionosforeign ordiomestie, has et length bherl justi tint to the world ineitm ser approacshmo anhappy atd certain i:ofl~tnlmalhil. Thie condition ef the tribes which eerlpp the eountrytet aptrt for them in rhe west, is hitly proltpeeru, end emneours gep the hope of thiie emeyoeivilization. They have frr the moIet ] hart, abandoned the huntder state, and lorend their aste tien hoagrienPotturl pursufits. All thoese w have been esto - hlishe d for auy I length o tim e ill that fertile r egion, m aintaie themmoe by their own ilrlrirsy Thleremae wo.op them melarero eno icoesidetshtt nepitut, sod r...tte. reporting eottro tosome emtentt; btt the greater number are stmalltg', in e.o..ort upon the .I..odene of their The reerlrt emigranis, slthough they hser in sot0 inotsn me. remooed reluctaotly, have read ly ac lutercd in tbeir an seoidhble destiny. TireY huae fCund Stoncea recompense for pant sunFriere, and mt ioeelltive to industrinut hshite in the obhndmtarre nnd nomfort aroundr thrm. Tfmneninrereaorm to heleve that all these irihas are friendly in their feelinEg towardi the. eitedrStntee i and im is to rh Imred thnat Ile pcnpuienitiono individualwealth, t e pursuit of agr - culture ani habits of inrustry hill rnarairiy mundue their wyiaprpnikie pL~ ropleadts tlld Jutliia tftll to n atintain peace a nong ToenffetthisedeirahlehOljeert, tbee rerntion oCfgnress is Ore eI r t ennneear es reenatio llllbl( e y the Oreerery ofI Weear. for trmir furnre gerernnuremt med p'mtecraet, ets well l'oln eomch rlhe ron froln tile hontility of the earlhke mrnlsl aroned them, antr the illtrumiam nithle whit rs. Thupotiny of i'lr g.Vernmoent rhes giVer Ierrm ir.erlannent hn rre, anmtgeus neelurd t eterr its peeefuletllll Ilndllrmnrehi pn"ses. one teonlyrer... .?o es, . . a ..,, ...... g .... d h o iwl nllnourngeia dustry, and secure to them the rewordse of toelr exertions. Tile impaorttae ofeome fnrm ontoverlsmenee ecanonot . .o much insismodupon, The. .eest ewemts di Ihe !telIrlnl. le eaumse es ocesdoess for hoetihiies imoog the I trbi, te imnpirt an interest in tIe ohsorvanose ofthe laws to I womiheltoey nilm home therlllrr.e.e aesemed. ntrd to eatmIipty the u RFEUII~~ nl,.~pry. mnll ite monties fur seIftirtroeemrnlt [ntienlutrlv rolltromed with miic euhtject, is the .tmaldrirhorot of thIr,tilitury deenelt rrercl,lreltleltl by the ..crl..ury ofWer, holn: e tarmnlen rrmady referredtn. iirnnm the,,l hogexer. ererllnt eaill bre etowerlete erledehln fi pedeeeCr of e:r.teton to hrte trriilllrr, cglerrrnt mire Iltalnrmeen wrlikb mrlmrs ttar slur-. rellnt IrhnPln .e l torrltmefir Ier thsafsry of Irls f: tier I. [ tlcra oeesmr bhrderintgs rlet. Time cnae of thim Srmllrirones eenltitrtPeS at present t!to only exceplion to Ier sueces.fad t Aleorts of the (;' nvidrr n 'O llt to ren eo Ile fI mldiane to tihe h~ tn[s aenigrred thmtrl met etf lth Min neilrpy. Fnure tu. deed oi this rtrihe eelier ted in h836, and lrneem h Irrtadred t ]837 llad 133t t :s, iheViag itt tihe Rortroy jit nrirrrrrtrri,, nilrrrm 2050 trrdiaorrr. 'tire errrriiu treerirlr I, rn rio ru(t M'frthene rieul: t In nly U ., rrrirrel.rriteyh Irva hltteiy coar rrritr cr1 , Im rnherillf \ r irrl, r ilierrlirS" tr. lire Lre. rilory, witihrrutr r ,rutirrrlrirrr. rri age t er rXr1rlmik iag thnir we y into the. very centre and heart of the elunlrey, so that one parl en'it is free frani their raee. geri nit, ir frt·quentlackrn oet thhe ligre Ilol hos along thmort laengeroes onnsl attn thel berrbmrity with which they honvo murered the puenengors and crces eft eanhn Yeoa s aa hvee hneu wreelktd upon the reefs Rad lmeym wnhini border the Gall', lee.vr tie Goe. ernrrmnt 0o altlrrnotiee buh no conoinuac ie thmilitary operalions against theme until thsey are totally ex. i pelied liont Florida. Thmere are othrer rotives which would urrge the Grvrermoent to pursue thmis eourse tomnrde tIhe Se. minoles. The Uuited States htav lulfiled in good faith all their treaty stipelutions with the fodian trihet, and hove, in every Other instance, insisted on a ibke perlbrmoaneo of their obligutiermo, To rela frou thin salutary rele iecause the Semtinolos haoe omainteined therulselvee so long in the Territory ohey rolinquielied, and, in defienee of their frequent and solemn ongogemenes, stmll continue to wage a ruthlen' war against the United States, would not enly evince a want of cosutaney on our part, but he of evil exumple itt our intormourse with other tihmee.. Experience has shown that but little is to be njined by the march of armies through a country so intersected with inacenesible swamps and marsh. oes, and which, from the fatal and mortal charac. ter of the climate, must be abandoned at the end of the winter. I recommend, therefore, to your attention the plan submitted by the Secretary of War, in the accompanying report, for the perma. neat occupation of the portion of the territory freed from the Indians, and the more efficient pro. tection of the people of Florida from their inhu. man wrfarre. From the report of the S ecretary of the Navy, her'ewith transmitted, it will appear that a large portion of the dispovable naval tfree is either ae tively employed or in a state of preparation for the purposes of experienlce and dlerip'ine, and the protection ofOur eommerce. So elfectual Inlsbeen this protection, that, so thr as the inrlbrmation of government extends, not a single oetlat, e has been attempted on a vessel carrying thle flr of the United States, within the pireosnt year, in any q torter, however distant or exiosed. Thnexplorint expedition sailed frnm Norfolk on the 1I 9t of Aong. t last, and information his been reeived of its tfo arrival aT t It0 island at Madeira. The hb:st spirit .nimanl s 'e Oficeers and crows, and there is evero reason to antir ipate, frto its efforts, results beneficial to cotmat rc and nonorable to the nation. It will also h. seen thalt no reduction of the force now in commission is contemplated. The onsettlod state of a portion of South America ren ders it indisponsablo that our commerce should re. caive protection in that q'artor; the vast and in. creasing interests embarked in the trade of the In. dian and China seas, in the whale fisheries of the Pacific ocean, and in the Gulf of Mexico, require equal attention to their safety; and a small squadron may be employed to great advantage on our Atlan tic coast, in mleeting sudden demands for the rein forcement of other stations, in aiding merchant vessel in distress, in affa-,ing active service to an additional number of officers, and in visiting the different ports of tihe Uited Stales, an accurate knowledge of which is obviously of the highest importance. The attention of Congress is respectfully called to that portion of the report recommending an i inerease in the number of smaller vessels, and to other euggestions contained in that document. The rapid increase and wide expansion of our commerce, which is every day seeking new avenues of profitable adventure; th absoluteo necessity of a naval force for its protection precisely in the degree of itse xonsion; a due regard to tile national sights anod honor; the recollection of its former exploits, and the anticipations of its fiture triumph when. ever opportunity prerents itself, which we may rightfully indulge from theexperieneo of the past; all seem to point to the navy as a most efficient arm ofour national defenct, and a proper object of legislative encouragement. The prsgress and condition of the Post Office i)epartnient well he seen by refe once to the report of the Post Master General. The extent of post roads, covered by mail contracts, is stated to be 134,818 miles, and tile annual transportation upon lthem 34.580,.02 miles. The number orpost offices in the U. States as 19,554; and rapidly increasing. The gross revenue for the year ending on the 30th day of Juno last, was 4 1102.165 00. The accru ing expendtsan s. $4,680,068 00; exrces of expoul deires. 417,9923 00. This has beea made up out of the snrplti prey ously on hand. Tile cash on hand on the first instant, was "314,068 00. The revenue for the year ending June 30, 1838, was .g;il,t4) msore than that focr the year ending June 30, 1837. the etpenditures of tile dopaitment had been graduated upon the anticipation of a largely increased r venue A moderate curLild ment of mail service r''cosequttoly becamue oc. coasary, andl ha been effooted, to shield the De p:trtmont against the danger of omlarrassccent. ls revenuo is now improving, and it will soon rrltoc its onward march or iimiprovItntitt. Your poarliculr at'tentnt is requested to so mluch of the PoasmcFter General's report cs re. loaes to tihe transportation of the mails upo.e railroads. The laws on that subloct do not seem adequate to secure that service, now become almost essential to the public inter, sta, and at the same timen protect the department fronm combinea tions and unreasonable demands. Nor san I on earnestly request your attention to the necessity of providinc a nomre secure bu'ld" ing for this department. The danger of destrue. tion to which its important hooks and papers are continually exposed, as well from thle highly cone' hustible character of the hbutiling occupied, as from that of othors in the viclniry, calls loudly for prompt antion. Your attention isagain earnestly invited to the surggations and reeommendations submited oat the last session in respect to tile District of Co. lumhtn. I frel it nr duty also to brine to your notice cert trin proceedinge at law, which hIave recently been cnrsectred in this Dilstrir, in tie name of the Ueiced States, on the rclsations of Messes Stckton & Stokes, of the State of M.rylannd, against the Postmaster General, which have resulted in the paymient of money out of the nntione-l T'reasury, for the first time sinc e thestablishment or tivs Government. by judicial eompulsion exercised by the common law writ el mandamus issued by tihe circuit eourt of ihin D:lsrict, The facts of tie ases, and the grounds of the proceedrinser, will be found fully stated in the report of the decision; and any addlnionn in formation which you may doeire will be supplied by the proper department. Ni particular case is contemplated. The money hoe been paid; the claims theprserutors lhave ibe n satisfied nsnd the whole subject, so far as they are concerned, is finaelly disposed of; but it is on the supprosition that thle caose ray he rerctded ors an coteoratative eo' positir of the low as irit iow itnds, tht !l lave thought it neceaery to present itto your eonsidoration. Tile object of tie a phlenti to the circuit coulrt was to compel the Peat Misler Gelnrr.rl troaey inr et fost an award made by tile soliciror of thi Trefrosllry, ndcr a special act ofoogrecss flr thie erlr.ltent orfeertali of the re lntors toi' lie lost oilhre i)DeIrrtrrIt whicl award tie piost MIIstCr GenteIR I declined to excerle ii fill, ntiil he shouhl receive firiter le iolatelo direr. tion on tie subjecrt. Ifthe dltyi.lpoirse.d l on the Prostirr - tea Gencral, by that law, was to ,e rerrnarlded as one of an r fiic al nature belonging to his otrlce re Ir broich ofI lthe Esc uaisve, trhen i lt isovirus thar thi ollllItm tion1; comlpetenrcv oif tie Jurlieiary to direct sild cn trid him in its ilirchnrre, was teiCeosonrIp ilriin inII question. And if thle dltr si inposedl oi the fort-. master General was tone cn-idered as nmrely nrudie reriel al not executtive, it yet remained io be shown that the circult court of this district ihai authority tirn intelrfre by meeandames-- ch power chisl. cever be fore beforehbee asserted or claimed biy that court. With a view to the settlement of these impor tant questions, the judgment of the circuit courl was carried by a writ of error, to the Supreme Court of the United States. In the opinion oI that tribunal, the duty imposed ori the Postmnaser General was not an offieial, executie duly, bilt one of a merely ministerial nature. The grove constitutional questions which ihad been disanosed were, therefore, xeoluded from the decision of the case; the esurt, indeed, expressly admlltlting thar, with powers and duties properly belonring to the Executive, no other department can interfere by the writ of mandamus; nod the question, there fore, resolved itself into this: lHas ConLuress con ferred upon the circuit court ci this district the power to issue such a writ to anl mClter oi the g" ni ernl government conmmanding him to performl n minieteral octl A nrjorlty of the court il.evt derided that it he, bul have f-nnded thi ii decr. sion upon a process of rensoning whlich, in m judrment, renders lurther legislative previsitn indipensabhle In the publia interests and the e-lual administra'ion of je-tice. It has long since been decided by tire Suprelnt Courit, that neither thet tribunr l nor the ircut courts of the United States held withli the i( epective States, possess thli power in qoeusinn; but it is now held that this puow , denied to Iiith of those high tribunals, (to tile louner by the con stitution,and to the latter biy C.ngirssi,) has been, by its legislation, vested il the circuit coourt o this d istret. No i such direct grunt of power tt the circuit court of this district is claimed; but II has been held to result, by necessary imtplicaition, front sevral sections of he law establishing the eourt. One of these eselions del Iries, that tie laws of Maryland, as they exisred at the timer, f the ession, should br in Irce in ]iaot part f thr District ceded by thant S:tur; niti, by tits pr-v - ston,the common Inaw,in civil and crimninal ca. , nsit prevailed in Maryland in 1801, iosestab'bh ed in that part of rhe Distrect. Ir England, the court of lingl's Benh,--h. cause the sovereien, who, accr,rdling to the Ihero of ihe consitutin n, i tlhe, foun, t it of justice, olr. g ollcy set there in peruot, o1lr is .r ll deemed r fie prese,-ir t rni t e 'rt"ii of law, nilo e si . rsie? the high pater i i 1 i ss ;ni n the writ f" re'l - laf ", nor only to i2nfe+r r jlrliedhesion l Sand (. n. pornthi , ,her tlrPo to tna e ral res ,rlT ..R id ni.;,r ,t mtlndici r them, in he i n.. toe I c n to ih te it tfiy r, gt ires, i c's s w .t, tlh re I - n t d( I righr, ann nr o her s;,,o i , r, i eeL s. 1; tr v1 itf :"n.,, f ! rv=d .r d i',{,) ", i t l t 3 + rv , r, - Ilz. ! u r . , ...., ..a ,i r. . . c. n.. ni. hii e ds . ot o cour of ;rJen r rl j irisdersn in goes of rnno lr Inw-, non tihe hll he 'trr nt of origfinal jurisdl e en in Irb Ditrietir, hne rirghtr irnroee owrit of rand . illm a is ineide nt to its lni lOo i -ait' plt er rs. Another erond relied upont to maintain the power in questionr, ihar t was toeicntedl by fair construeionie, in hle power it granted t'trhe tirerit ci.rls oldhe Unired St ates, v the cr "to rprovit for the more convenient retamration of the crort. of the United States," pa=sed tills 13 day ol i. rury, 1811, t the act e b h the et rrethl n eirut t tl enurt of this Distrel , passed ithe t 27th (dly of February, 1801,cnnferred lr n tient cro rt ntd tlh judges thereot the same powers as were by oin vested in the cirenit cnitsot rhie U -itred Stores nndt in the jt ore of the said e rts: thei the repeoat i the first mentiioned act, which took place in the next year, did not divest the circuit court of this still clothed with the p.row-eres over the sucject which, it is conceded, were taken away from ti , circuit court of the United States by the rep, ni of the aet of 13th February. Admitting that the caption ofihe laws ofMarr-I Ined for aportion of this district er lere on tihe circuit court here f, in that portion, the transeel dant extra.iudteial preroeative powers oft he Cou rt I of in'os esnich, in Enelanl, or that of the cets of Congress by necetssary impliention authorize the former court to issue a writ of mandamus loan of ticer of the United States, tocompel him to perform a ministerial dtry, the eonsorq nreel t re, ifl oe. respect, the same. The resue i eis ier case s. that thei oficers of the Ulired Staeoes, stntlmlcdi ill dilferent aoris of the I1lrnlt Stle sO, are, in res PeelI ti re perforlance of ,ir e s Inbj iet to l ttird ll r an a t nl a dtilt ritil :ITerV is( In thnse il nhestatesntrace rl-e, ac d cithle in the Dc.r set tioa jallori ciClnell frot wichill the Stsrt thee are eXtorllll cr i \Vheltvetr ditfl;-r-coce ci epii++O minr cupil as c time roircdiroy .I Vein ci-riso lsuh tree c-rio l -i Io inc cir)-, Osa 8,celrto ti c t t+t c it or i -co stir or el tec thIartiI elhe Ulllt -d rtrlri, rrII til t a1 +rcc these tnltoarae.l.' ioc at.ICci- rcs IC hr I ] the tire tdmi ,,i' lrariot irt jci -ir c ri-i it rItI t, In er. 31. hAN IB'RLh : ii t 11. VAN L L'REN. METARIE COURSE. I ElU Ei.S of the Metaie ourse, can ohtain theil L budges at my) ofice,o. Ittollsoll aa Lo's. d12 1' ET''.I CENAS, Sec'y HE partnership heretoloreexist.g ullder the allll:e the llth inst. Thomas Toby is aqthorised to use the name of tihe firm in liquidatitn. d12--3t '1 tO0S TOlY & BRO. FOR ItIVERPOOL -With inrmediate despatch, Having the greater pa"t of Ier clrgi en gaged, the A t,fttt nailita ship C0N8'AI rU I'ION. Far freight, upitly to 1I WI..IAMS, 5 .leval at.,r to LE VI GAI,t, 9311_9 Co.,,.on GEOIR.E W. S11ITH, -G reeon Dentist,fromt Philadelphiae, EI ' l to follltn Ithe lidles oid geottlllell ofNew Or leans I lht Ie has Iocatetd htttnselfat .o. 156, Cana Street, opposit e t tai.t House, wlhsre lae will he happy- to uteud to an) ptrnlteeionnal n1 eelllnt. So hith tot haaitg previtttsty aieited thas aity thetsa the liberte otrotruetinogtrout t otte recoaoa,,,enlo, boy letter, thlat he, ate filluwIing tastimutniai from thote .ho haveL t klnown tl ia long r ndil intimately. From the Rev. H Tyng, of Philadelphina. "1 the great tplesuro io soaing that I have ad consadera blteaquntit matr with Mr. ritobat, Iot rsalla y nold i tll butint e aofttttrofeoaiun. to ott.t restrecla 1 ontidoer tt, Sgeluoallnnhl hihly eorthy of the naaltlll.Wne Wllh ie re olives. Asa tlenlit I have Itoeer fIuld all operator Ia tm I considered superior, snd feel satisfied that twhlever colel dese slltlt be relmped ia-hinm Ly toso loee tcqutitted with hi ll ill be well repaid ly his dellharge ofdtieas etlrusltod to him. Air. Smaith has olloeruttd to it aoiderable etent Ifr me pel onaly sand for members of ly fallll5y. STEPHEN H TYND. From Rev. J J Roberteon, Missionary at ayra, in irsee,. ' waited in Philadelphia to give Dr. Smith a fair oppartu. ityo Tf putting my teeth in order. This he has done in msteetrly manlaer, and tlae getleesrta, ea, and skit with whia. he conducts hie operattons are equalled only by his pa tient tpeeersauca in giving every thilg tile highest helith, I hlll in fturbtar e h aved not 0atly omlcah suaifagl but alo I Iotic sleUable lime, Se. Stc. Rteferena, i New saOrleans.. Jahob Wittat, Etsq. 1 Thas. Allen. ,s,.ie & Cs., I Saeomh. Riehard C New Orlean Cuthhert. Ru litt, Esq.. Willitm Clerks tun. Esq. i diii TRHUE A rtIEIIC'hN 1)! F~t E. 0 J i2D:K 1 t:,, . . 0 .f 'i r "t In cou el i ot l 99 ith fll, t mcie i+ Rt n SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE e Pamphlets Blank GCheclks . Catalogues Bills of Lading m Labels, Dray Receipts, so Legal Notices Auction Bills, to Bill Porms, Show Bills a' Steam Boat Bills Circulars I-d e. And '.-Vry dscrlilption of Job I'orlI shlnt re "ny ' e required. 1 ' -1'llThe prolpriero re,.pe e'uIly call ls tile attention of as the public to tllh above-. l~rd, ll nI asslres theI that or all work intrusted to his Pare shall be done ait the saort he eat notice, in it style unsulrpased in this city, and or at the lo est rotes, I TiHE TRUE AMIERICAN. en sllrrEt tD tv J51suTr scllsrN. Il PFAITTIPUL AND BOLD. to iL'i' ) O I EA In V: t WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 12, 183I ' DItiECTORi.--It is Crlnltl, paled by the sub d. scriber, provided sufllient encolncgemient i given n by the public, to publifeh, an addendl, to his Di d rectory ad Guide of the City oul New Orleans. comprising the ne, residents, and the changes that linve taken place I.lring tlhe past season. n Persons desirous of having their tnioes Inscrted in the addndn, will please leave hem witlh Ithir it Irofessions ol, resido nc,.e t o reho Colllotiti g RootI It of the subscrit i r, t e, ,hanLue Aurio l. i Cardls Itnreflly inserted at a moderate price. The Addendta will ibe sold hooned withll the Di Srectory ft flur dt.ll ,r ., or by isellf t an1,1 dollar. JOHN i 1ay It- T l';" e th teof lhi PleIII:I e llt"a nII I oa ts oIn torhe prperl Js P ttl dlliu n oift tl t oollti, l oeri i t, is datl ty I Ths Preside n lds lioto 111, 'lmlIle Illy 00 tc yscerdaite ri general peace with tnll ilu llIIls, ldllli harvests, bounliful returns nnd r acuntds tol iodtit ry ind ell. terprizi ; the general heatLILh lrJrlvIdliltn he laud S all of whih evince the art llllnd bIenlicence of a e wise Prtvidene. Ie II hen speaks Iof the present year closing the , first hlf.entlry l oInor Fedtral titt,.n ," and I and shoclks intll' Lt O It ll lll l I topl ratiots1 . within fhlit evendullli poeri d cl a d b iiiiie a settled icily on the exr, odet,, t t o f u ni e a d t1lO 8 -verelg la y of rtho ) ,,h O1 ()llr rIt l io sl lli II t 1r, i to nlot l o: c Itefi to i t te Inello y i ptarcL b, ; cI , tuir i11 1,rt aces n with lexruil ore ar b io h+ ; ,! il 1i h l ! i, t et el rIltolrlily 1 venlt... is alo , r rI ,n ol 1: h in ni Url Ittln, o , l t 1 niI, ,,s ,, , " of + p lott 1 On i sslon oIf s fy .1 r/l:m r11' 0 111i," \ r; ];. tura1 " il ia " II, i , t I ,t P . - I'I, iI 1, i:tinlll; I liltP- , , , - tl:+ ,.l, , I, r, ! :, . , I r . aI It , lili t1 f , 1 a .1 orl . t . . I; . c esing r, ; h: in . ... ,,, . .i .... . .o. 1,,rm;!i n , ' !+<.. i , 1 14 . ' I "11. " '' ,, :,;!,e, ilta ,.ll ,11 11 I . , , , 7l ill e1tI ;.ry if tlt i!n, I 1 S11! s . cit 0 1i l ll ll tl i l,· , i ++i l i lO. , t aitot l 1 11111 111111 Il.. 11o 1: 1 1 II i ll fi ri ll iiIclt g , . i,, , " , ' , !' , , , , . . ýrr, ,, l i . I. . . ' 1, lt 1,if li , .+)[] I;,, I Nol. . %r to r , I m i1 "' lion- df 'I'l- a orit ,) ;ll I~ to I., ; l :il1 e l 1t 1, tlI , I " I e 1. i, loo 0 il ThuS'uLbT'reas.utry sr/luee. ; ,"xt :l v, rh d to, arlid tle furm tr tv-,m ll tll ,l.t , l b III l, lavor, r t aea td. 11 t. is aa he aa Ilpt by suTrela'Ii r,,,a i,, , 1are ,, ani tsl dlilln d Il' a Law o ('<, I',,, .;r aInd all this Ill, the Ian of t l tl l l a wa t~ll. l -Itul 0t.() ll or... . ( (o l I 'll h :flllr, f Irates til dang elouls l l :t nr\' noI 1 0I,. 0, ble s1b-T" 'rt't"tlý' 5 i. lc '. r ' o , Ill. .l I t n a kes w ~lt , c ,~l ,a nl b, , I , l / rndlu ,dr t i r. o ,( 1f tl II 1 00 I -,. aafl/alaa h, ,a .t\e a' atl ,a, [a h a, ( a. ao n L e aacruald y h"1 thl u l l, lollr the aniye r' , l e" ' : f, i, , nc+ l ll he or llTy 0na0 .o1 l 'a I ,I{ "h 1v+ r Iit oppo itd n t 1 cal ln 4 p e wound l ' ,.I -la au sa l h, u s s a g e d l l orI, !, I k e whicher, is a'a la' T hlr at. i ,t gi i+ a , ,iii , U H la l ]t, l d it r; t a r;h. a i Ia al,I,1'0 l a stte rt e, i the r l t i t li . . .,,, i, " ;, I + n ' t o to - a. It l alll a la.l l. 1 Ia a a the 01if,'ul rt0 0o + I" +\+. \ 001., ~,+ -, , I g,+,; llover., +ll~liln i l p l I t 1R l il.ll. J~l l lllln t I. It ,10 i. t , d, h1,.t Ir , th . t o t al ll il tl l , lr roti!~ror",·; a~d poa I- ills , ll I tho ,t i0 r "ll. rtl d h c lrtile i n ImPe M ti'+ .llt l ', ' il I ' lThe s sage+ t fin lly , l " +' hn s h t,r t. i r lltnel t or+ ag illa 'a na he'J rca ,' T l t , llll s ellih ia a a Iud , lt lat. ia" l a -'n Icontr plalp.lotl aatl i. alh a h a t U.k e n from . w thl- t it "in,'r I';t . 00 ethe Ia l.,i the xcllu, h|tile andpep the d Flnlerilli :f ' h1 .rh.i, U Ipoth - ! IMi h lblr , [n IltI I hIS n . "p'+; " .lllct il eo ,I Il-i ll'tllid th h o.I.. it, the tIn t an" l r , , ' l fr o i r frti h'). It ,ivrakick l, tI ala i t stll ra1 ,ln tl ha-n S. h rlT k, i al a r ,W. T h.e I l i. a,,, i a a l a iCi l P t it l r ore fi llm m tl Ke ltuil , r ,.rn h lll i iT vi ill 'ih siS t.". -penini t o the il , II lln Il 1 w a' ala n t he la 0,0 -e1 ii It, + 1 i oe- tie i , -t. , u . t. I,, .t e lhie a nnag t finaall a aa b" . I t nI tirae Thlaa A aaa I naa, ( ol i - . h ,all It, l r,, ll tptl~ll IIgl ,l aoI ,.t I a ,,ltI , ,t -a' a 'a - I Ia , ) , , i i il lltroo a n tor ne and ,e s oia,. tilh , Il-;, . , + fo A"" Idh. tanll ' iifro n a t ara t,,,l, ial Il:l pIh,. t* ,l i,. Whll! "iin it -I ,l l , -'lat d ala " - a aaat Ir : ,0 ranta ,ra '' ael a t :t ., lo in , .th i: ll Ii al,'a .T hlal , oldr n hi a t, i 'aaaia l a , rala l .h F ,ch Il'-,. Iaid in tarl. i a a. ,,+lt., , . ia, lai I aaaal a ,0 1 , 1a'a , , 4 h , n ,0n l ,, +lo l.;,to pl.-

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