Newspaper of True American, December 12, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated December 12, 1838 Page 4
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NIW, VAtLU(AB n, AND w'rA\tUA l 1-ALAI~o PAND SCARCE. 81IR \1'M. (tf.Il'T'z I', npo)tot,, ot, 8to HiLbhlch, Itnh d (It to tIrs ouie j('iv It,. P". 17:1 to r Elierelope'lir d0 ,. r~ll- ~bi·· E II. H . tr.I. i ORKS 0ewis1 110WF.wr-Math:-l nlll ototot 1,," F fa d. ldto l Ju- rioetcrnt cr Inttnity Gibon; rrnrvIs tn's=nn F Miidoojpter I ii [rtotd-. outto populr Meodoic (re'sr Il~cltol r( urf.illl,,ifill 11.9 o 'ooleit trJ nBMMRRCrlIA· AND NAUT111T.. Amcricet Almoaac ntot i:rtooilnr, ft r 1:1t 9 AIlrCulltotll' to nut'to-ol I)ittioo,, Loudon t'o No looiil Al.,,rll fr 1839' Pilot-.1toolt011 , Nvigatin flxpedittiitoo Ilooot AORCtTEfOTUR IAND 000II01 t(10. N Ieon's lioti -nort-of Arohitt'ct lo, ttlotnnI v. ,do *Arohitetto0, I olo IoLodont Shotw's Architecttre. 1 redgld'o Ca tlttrO .C, etRnaners ro lmllir'vclni:' Encyclopedian, Lunld v aItto'oo Mothtotittti: TI betle tpark,' Ameritat DLIEgn)p'.l. , vole Philuoopliool Micoellaoio'forontthIb Flrtnch of V. Coomno, Joniler and 11. Cotnstant I.ordl 3. n'oW orlijl vote, l ondon II'Irootdi't Cotriojties of Iilterrtre Lotdohn (hlitial EaIhnoy. I'y doy, do Vethoho I·3ckllart o 1.14, f Walter ('curt, onoto eenlinond anld 1nit, I tt , Iy rerottt t ,v13o 6h'tok-eopre, splendid oittico,,, O7 ols.oi8 And u ogoer olotssortet o oiow, :Mledical S, ilooifo tifr8.h`Slitece.Iia ouo Rloiol4a tools., o'hoollooko t ttoarie., mooa outr, En !itoittttnd s r, ?paniih, (orinoan, Latintj nd Goiek. I:J )HNIN & co. 026 eaor. C'hal,llr nn'l Cuouto11 r l t+. ROO1VAN'tl TO' oc MIXlTURE, For tt-enl teot tnl rueote,,fth Fretr mutd Ague. 1Twtil l In~ hni t dtso-ot-oo hoitrittite, I',oio Nio tore io copuiat to ltc utrdi ry ttt- JR Of t treaino the Feeor oomd Aoo'. In Ithe loot I'!uto Ie , io Vege tttdo.. Extrot, and foe iron any d IIeterittd nd poiso0n ous ingredieloto, it (tov hlot ake oiwh oth m00001 sofe (t Oven ho tite todor iton:, oa Oged ir.tulith. It proe octot relapoe of the dittesr. ontrq eetotttv tltt ctttlyito tinl soon regtits its t vontrd tmir. notd citivittj. It -lab. lithet a eoni.l otd permttotoot oiretitt, by iitvitgorotttg tte Ottthltantld givrs 0 relish to tihconjtooentot ol toate. tlnin ploeolior iot ihtttent a plttottiev o gamil, it rettaoins 01011in the bowols Io t trnOte this diortder, or to create other Ilinenooo, but titolto cleootet hoe sreverl or ouns of dipeotioo, ,tlf tltls hermits ! le ssten with flin-ver oltl adil it ttt be toppresed. indllivilloua, if 0 rit' ot'e TI onic olo in hII a tote, bern expoedl to lt Ills h til oi otteoof tihe dioeaso, h-'ttI ove .e tte olotto tpotoijof rtitotor: o Iv bll y t n· 00 n ittrootol Ioinhiite' to tottlttoreooe. 'it1 tlttttgerrt f Ifreqooeit toIqtotfi te itguA, is vurv ltvio, It, for hoe ale to rieam illt inrdetiur,,t ad itto oti-it o, VICo tilt (~, to ch illcresilt viollrl:R oThe ooilic titil o is o1ffered it ot1oi ito rerlottttie priti , as to 'tot-itt it tirhin thit reaorh of 00v toloo-tt tihat lothtpoor ao drtitute are hvrel lo v funired wlth o-sictunce, without -oliat mig the too li uell l wihs dttiei d to th~lnl, or ulrl " crr , eslocltliltl b·rct-~re d. ThIe uIblic are rct,,to t iitllr: till oI ll,- 1 i t he sIit rims intlitatiriiiiiiifiiib o,.medicl, t t ;iot diily ooi Ure leer sale. It is pl-cpnlll 0110 1 ~I I)r. .1illr l R. liowc:111, f his Lnldlrratrr, 1lnrrkrial r·, n I'ItilndlltpIllit l tttoottfiheran A l, i htt lcneoetoIt h tSoh lO toly te', f01,wi heol b theit JorT 0la thle Pltilnrlrl lllhil p l:"" .' Tol Ilie had 1 .Vt:il Lllii~lU molst~ ~fll ie Alplti;·:. 0ari ill III: cif, JOil , lVIS if ,,, .1 \ '·1111: ll'.",li ---V-t-i-c---- -ar ---i-s+ 'RS. MARY KIIII i.ANI) respectflily an. rounes to her frilends and the pubhlig tene. ally that she is prepareJ io accornmodl.ta them at he above estalblihmentl, and hopes frlin her exertions to render visitors latfl;rtable, in receive I contillnance of' forlr f.vnrq. She fIls confi. dellt that persons viCti, n'i. o, ,,on drintdrt thl ltmmmer month:, hnaenl t tlld blt r accoEn,nodatint~ than sihe can afford thin,, on mor, hliral terms. lier lhonsan, is p : asantly si tedl: , an.l well .upplied wills every ; the bar is :rdis:hed with the moat choice, Isqurs, &c. in thortshe promises tmt nuthintt shall bIt wanlting tn her part to give t tire sateiatnrini to all who may patronizto the %issisipi and Lajuisihna lhtn. j'3 tOe TI]E PU ltLT(i.-Tlhe ,nd .r ind.htnavitng Sstudied under ir. Sl mnitt tof (htrleston, Soutit Carolina, and f, r .ismno yenrs his assistirnt in the ipractie of l,diine aInd urtrti lrV, has In h hoo.o to ofafr his Irilerosional C'rvlrc s in this city. ie aAssures Ithe and tpantllmen that the most prompt alteation will be paid t tthe calls a hich may tie mndal.; ilnd also ollrs hlls tservices to te holders ofl' lanv, ittin weII actniainted with the the sugar hotuse i Chnarltstot. The famous antli bihous pills a iter the etnpnsition of Professar Sroolette. nitlh dirc'tions, can 'I had, of the undersigned. The clr:et whichi tihey have produced in this ain ottlir citics, has brn attended with the gratetlt uee:ccs:, to whichl the htest of references can be given, Aptlny at No. ii; Wtaga. Cutre clrnt. t. JNO. SIdlil it.% 1I1ONS, &A. r IE IIOWVELL WORIKS C(OMIPANY, No. 2u38 5 Wtern, near lItktan atreet, Ntew York, have received the p.tOt setsn, iand ue oetslantly receiving large. and eontl. o a titons to tle slock aof the aboe, goods, w.l]ti now c nlll nsists of tlhe oilowing lasIn.tsrtn, auitahlu lo the southrtt n and l western llarkets. iollow ware nn of npelior quality, consisting of ahout 1500 tons, vz. Pots of 12 dit.erit siz:sa from 2*, to 50 gallons, Kettlea, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 31) gallona, Kettles, 1,3 izcst, fro': 3:S to 18 gall.ons, I laleparm or Ovens, 7 dt f lre nt s ize, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, - . 5 di Flat Sptadrs Covered Spluetr, 2 d,, Oriddles, . .1 do Fire Dogs, I; re. Wagon ibxes froma 1 I to 4 3.4 inches. Canrt do. 5 to 7 ich.t . Wood Serewa, 50.0011 graoss, iron and brass, from 8 inch, Na. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, l2 of a superior quality and fainish, and less thatn Jame's itmpoted Saishweightt, 100 tuns, teno Ltead fromt 1 4.4 to 20,. h Bells for PIltatintes, steamboats, chu;rhes, &A. madl a to rder, Also steaantatlaintd other ntaclthitery mlade to order. The ts al,ove assortment of goodst is particularly recommended ti ttlt attlntion of Southtiern tand Western mtrhalnts, andtl are tllatrnd Itr salt at low prices, tutd llon the most liberal tirrtl ; it is be. lieved to be the largest and best assortment ever ofstred for sale by any o:n ean tall!ilautent in the United Statelc Merlchantsa , y ftn ardin, a request by mail. can have a printdit circtulr, with de ,ripttuon of gooids, pricesand termnts, ironl which noi de "tatiao is raer inade, frnishttd by return of mal. All orders will m.reivn itmmdiate attention. New York, 1838. le3 '-NO I.RbuT Hll ffe RCI 7VA dmsdW t)l'[e ,uis , \,n11,, L I117. ABOL ' six mttt lll agol I had thle iuis irtutt' Ito got n ,oelnen diets, for .'hichl I htv, alel.)nli to seve rl dctor Ibr ln are, land the:r did not ine met so now on the shove dale I puat my-elf uler the enle of 1)otul Huet, and I him to cure ntn. a ,rie that Bile ltiedise.,se gt'twrtt,, s ati t to break ,,out inll large ulcers to the inthlser of six or eight onil +r h leg, atn all over lly tace, aln i sure thirot, amd ut ianl to work ait he present ttew on etrot'nt of thie disea n.bre I het r o tle rtight si.le of tne throat,. am n llltnnt Putlin, myself c llentisly nud . th. ct ete of l I`. Ine ll f E N. io be pertietlr ee IN c dt JON DEAN. iJe 14 ly I DO CE.RTI'FV that the abve na, .rtoned dsrnate is quitei we lltettd tay enW s atisn.tetin, for which I thantk 1)r. Iet and imoreover i. attre that the intrllt. inl lsI h; tak. tlas mtie till, nlii dtint uitinre 'any Iealth at all; ltherefore I advise mly It llHw suicrers to lose n tie and antply to I r Ae . Ilnet, 121i Canal strers, betwoeat Datluhin- aln Ilntll(n()i itre'de t. itr. Flout is at home r from tat t'clt' l:.i , until 4 P ,t' S. They wtill itd a true d:tr r this conpluinr JIIlls DEiN, It G(,ravier street. If any one wants to seeo se, call at N.,. 4it Gl' inei JOHIIN DEAN. New Orleans. Fh I[, 1l030. fI IIly T IHE Genuine Itndmn t-.Itf l.iverw.rt and ll re .U hltsud, is ptut uin t at the. low price of 50) .esnts each, tonittiig the trentith of throe onllures of Liveswort, ltsi lea thia intues of mainnV other r.oots and herbs known awte n' the tlitaus ts rcitnacioaus in curngi Pit[onttary crmptints. Tha u sivalled success which litss tasttttl'd ihi use 'of lhis ines.atmbt Baltttatm wherever it has been intr duned. has obtained the .o.t~idnence nsll recnuett nda tione of respectale phydsicianst, for the care of coughs, colds, pain in thie side, want tof rest, spttining ot blood, liver complaint, &. To whomn it tma c.neernt. This is to certiry that we ha,.sis our Ianetei'te ftrequently piteosried Mrs (lard uneo'ststla,,II. Battttt o' Live'wtnter atlI Ihstn ai,,.lih ai decided goodl effeci: we call thertatre, from the know. ltalge of the materials it is made from, and bther'ation, atlfv xaerirne re, o n en iit sn srure;" prneparation or ll thoee allnatids of the tlnungs ti'n- whih it ii re wamnded. At5.R I' IV "llI.Il1, M. D. CAtIVIN EI.IS M. D. MIembe.s of die Bulotun Medical Associastion. Bosts, Octonber '25. s ytt¢ J tRVI Se ANIDttEWs, itlnI/'t/ernetble HaIr 5sOil, fr the tes.altai a I sesentins bahItltel,' I1efeoe this Itair Nl1 wate offrel t t the pthblir, it had seen tried in hundr dsl ,'case. of baldness, thinness, nand tallins.ti'f tie hair, +tta in ete y istant v its ahutary esfectast ae been reit.'t Ihdtneaarntfai tnd a tproduce it new and bleaatifal gi . oft hir oil hend., naisedy bald. Itt, onsen wlhtre it Lecmntvt n I.? ascl'entatn,.s gr"ow thil Oil will sers sosttl render ts healthh, a.t, strntiet, ratid and bsitlatiiil growth otil hir. whout n e t eiury to te saed. Thiis Oil (i'ets t., hi'esaile iA.. S"hr l u!.;) me t Fur tsale at H.C- TA' GE. SrIMONS IIARLTT & CO, are now reoeivg'lrtol ton board ship (Orleans. Ele, Ili ighlandr, o'nker fairy Andrew, Frnch lnd Germain Dlay- I:rds; fllack gammon IBOarrls; C2he.ismlen, o 1-4 and 0 1-1 inch Fill' ard Balls; , 9, 10 and 12 inch hislre hlovi Kliv,-: Leather indi other trttvelHinel relsin' (sCases: s lilt. oc'ket, HorIenian's, al IDuslling P istols; l sdouble and 'itsle slrrelld GuIss (Galoe IloRg Slhot el.s;i P slowder nd Pistol Flasks; D.ilens Bttles and Drinki ng Cops; Psrhrcainn Caps nld C:i Holdsrs; CIloth, nlior 'fndsh: ld Nail t)rnllhsi; Orrisl Ist lorio Tooth Warsslb uotlh Powdler, l'oilet anod ,Shlvinr Sonps, isn great en oe; lon Hair Brlids, Ringislets and Frlzetten ; Peor: and Toilet Powder; Eontrv Bs ; Ivtlr;yvl Toll Cushinns Patent SI -s or Giarters;s lss Elarite st'slspltn,ler.s; Powder Pnflo nid iloxs.s; (ilt Chloins, Seals asd Kevs; Fas'r-dmpts; \loistl liscle teleta:; Bead Neckniseo sod Chihlso ; Gilt sod Shiivrsere Bends; Indlin Belods, terll and Plotor; Shell Twist; Side rinsd Dreossiel Csllns; hlilch,i n sldition t thelr enner steRa on s ha . Ikes their asllortlls t very enoo pletes nd will he sold ow and on liberol lerls st sis sign of the Goldenls CUoln. i2.-tf 70 Chartres satrel. 'rElEo1 Swlsserit*rs, Agesns for the eshtosie hspse oif W. & S. sButcher, Sheffield, EnPland, shave s t ceived n vorv sxtlrouive oet of ' Is. .s, ssIsoisistisl of Tlihle and Desnsert Knives onr eo" slo'ersitioln, eon. Pocket, tisk, nsod Spesr point nol vesll Rnzor, Seis lore. EdP Tl'oTssls, &c. &c. &e. whlihl (hoe are prIepredl o exhibit to the trade Ior rdelrs. Tcr .s iald condiioss will he adlne known at the uinle. mi6 J.I).BEIN&ACOls:l,s.lCommnno t. IMtif)NS, IIAR'PTT & CO.-Are not eeerviisg . per ship Iloltsille, Eagler , Maer Anllhscw, ihtse Onder, Flrasshlsisllid termnnss dslossilno lstvn s: slerbellt ssis ptcketssols s pislois; hs ihhsls as l Sli, coainO elap's; cap holdersl se iser s, Ilo'rs, Ipet. vest Gillott's eommerciol lld ollher steel lels Vin-l not Violil stoihllgs shell, ivory tllll olootl co s; walirs; k, heno sllcl lelther prtses; hair bradstls, f.sllt nlll lsck higllelts netl. o llffs; Germa a:ld Fioelch soil oge taster, lowlasls acineaslsr oil, itnitltison slo; ntishle lnld hears eil; I rtuebl. desks and dreslllng els: l: t cs cIl glosles and views; Intllan hls as li.Ihlls l ll anles; soordes nl whirl wisnes toilet oand o ihsls'ss s is toilet owdler, e+,snlciie wilih ),Ills; scented saiiln usillhlliilnI poolee, olssi l s srew llhi I'anev hs'al d lha;is t necklasres; Iilliors shalls; Isocket bioks lns d walels (erIsan bhonesl; iltoor itrlls fille nlll sdool nnllol gi oloali snspendler, grseradl; Bo ll ltesifr, s e n aees; ail tir sellsils; Cegytas, &e. lbl The alosein asddliilon to onr former strok of faney estitles, loskeonr lao verssosa o liteors . h Iirtstd s ol wholvsale tr rehlil1 as the sisis -nie Goildle Coss, 70t Cln( r ll , street, inn 2. AT 5)TICls---The Isosnr'os'slail ofa Koler, .lsoonn sOs Sof Nliw Orlseos ; Molsose , lnrrsis &C c., s INoltse sz lid l rrist Kellvey &Co., f Rodnly, wanl disslved tin lie 21so'lt lnv oe lt, iy thederoth l ofSlineol . Allason, she ole eparler of tilhe firsn. The Illsdersigslll ed rvivo li partner, will he lsargert with til. oretlinsgsol entiosnl sid Isoisle as s.o Ihowss Ltevi C Hlri'ss will tsessl tllthe rsettlin of tile Iusiln.s ofr lt;lrsonl Harrs& Co..s I Nathlle; stin Iesrri, Kol er & Co.,sit IRodnes; and tlenry Kelley will sttend to hoe seltil'ng sf the hbsinesso nfKellev, lI'.sos & Co., at New Orlenns. The slnlelss Of the everasl fiomls 'silll e usedol in lllslisatill ons . 'lsose illllshted toass l rirms 're arornostlc reqestled ocllleo forwsrslld s llrllok erlV oettHIsross; slld thIos having clahis sill lesssr lre.orll thells wilholls deliy. i)EV[ W IIARIUS, IIENI's KELLEY. New Orlosn.s, Jsone l7, 1137. .t .iN l llll. FAl1lNA'S COLOGNE WATEIR o2 r fis llRire of thi lisluerlor Coltolle waser, sast rrccil eedl alI e for o s de ov tile aoze s or sill s bostlis. Alcs i;, eriase n50id I%:neh s oilert pwdrr, powder runll ld Indlltbxes, ·a g c, d to;s il.ti sos.l osllsllrtic ss als a I ml, oifi irossP e' oietie cold croon,,I exirllc o nililark, ke0phali (llsrll sssWa sdl' vete ll i sr oil, I sotlsl n Sr..,e de ,.rr le, Inolhla. In[a ulldlr, rose flll Inv wtlloo rv Pir.ce, I:,°s sltsl M lnr~eilh's p ll'riiunierv ill truiiiks. ve ehLI h ss r idsIspuid rona,(lshlorinae nil Orri.ssoloh wiash elns'ss nihllos l nll si ld ss flesh !ts ihessI tloetsallr wilh all dt l ".ion ahll eirppll fashi.nable horn I nlhspil (' ba hilidl jecLieh' forlr.ste low lit wliholewle or ratllo! hy SllOS NS, ilARTT'1'1' &CO, jioly f 7l0s.hssartsrs ateet. SNO W ( o().) 'S-S'illu;Omin its-lt & e& nr now i're ceiviue fnl'f us11 o» Id sllssips \lzoooo nlllit Siorsos' stosik si 1·1s slslslilokso their aolsirhs rtsIvery:shossrte. The Inllhl in, t ras l, -a Isrtniia z: ell tsig t, ( ', :s;des tslok noul I soo.inses' onlls hosrn'dsoel'ni des.riatis , I s ain rhlsr, silk lillo d wsrs d elnssss i s s e sIcrss rs onoll &L finle rlnstis naIsI'sIsssls-r, loselst) nlled Lnss i ir mIsa ches Seidlisz iowderso ,owdr pllo l 'pol Iloxes Itoiloet s wdei locket oelsiks solt lills i-o eodle bllooks5 sllol pearlo ii'M iinod i·lolrorl~o ,"d " benidn Itheadl nrllntlalents, jdhui o rnll 'lbll-,l nelskln ce s m oi s ne sligsees, I.od sssllulls, bld ;5'isoe'sscs u n l5hs mid s lii' i s eeds s ilver niil -iltl ends Indibsls sciadss ell'l asllllulne.s; pistol alp d lsl'ree plsw sset 1hiks, ssut halssls, hosre bell. polket tisnd diiliW .,iltoss dulblllle rtod sinole Lbarrelled , Bo wils ksivc, inuIl dirks. nis lre, Sallhllrlspoiesel kilivesa llnlrd shiiln ilcd hi lt wasiil as lllu klis, chloh, hair, tollllh, lilcni llih and e.t'llhlclt,:ll, ct'lr elirr, ller, antllliqlue andllll II I(rd'a v. gel isie slnir ois, ltsnovinlg sisd toilrt sosps o'adllPes l sipliosll 's, slsdi s,' oll , g slltls lllns' des k. nn' d dressss ill 0id ssisvssrisi, 55 casssl toosihpcks anild tweezers, tsl ted Iaiind gillt InIk t:kl, Iillll (ler rho, siher, h (·ll. I il sleel 'i hlos, onss l io s o '.Id vi , lhair lillns iniutiol flr lt blk alld I'.e, ilk Il rk l g, .k ll i ll lilns nod snit~ rv, rillel [ nl [l Illlicit perllulslsillol cIi s ia ills ll tslos it , sos Lss' t s lls ll -alll-,s id o lllh lce ' ld o rlsossd s lltts r ss o' r lilile gsld, hsltsd ssd gidhll ssowe osllr oi & us h:s s re osinredis t at iholesale or ris ail oi, 'isssiouoiluditisl gssii~ss'a~siossl'iisi-ssiiss~u- ' re I Isso,, sosoosiis5a-ssoss ss ss.r oi N L II eil .oi a re. pa ired. S+ II OI E EI L .1 i I I-I l+ T' I E T :ll .l -T i i) 1'-T S'V lIT1'Y STORE--at th'e ign Iof the coloI eomb, MoTo Charatre e1teet. 'I'l heubmribe- rs ]h1n ra, ceivdt, in,:dhblioni to their lreeos Mtr-k on hand, a tull sand complete assornment of an'thle- in their line; vie: combs, perfilnnerv, Jswe\ell, brhedea , Inchinei glasses, funsy articles, &ei.C ,nsistilg in part n1 licllows:. S('41111, Il.,--ttint shell, wrunre id s han Blas twi·t qiilled baik, long, round, trscsing, sid: puff, curland neCk, IBrailialll coillb of elrv de'lcripitiol amongst wlic.h are -le.e Mlexiin paltters, hIort coomh. of cvar\ daneri ptiu, hIrc, dre asing ud packehi, t5gether willt a gnllera anolrtlnlltt firel:lllaal ahad iireriI. I'EIhFUMERY-Cologne, l.assld-r, Florida, hony, hyv, rore,aut orin~etitwer waters of cewr size nud des eription, csllphlorted Colloge, extra:t' f EI.nlnttae , lanc- s8alls ,of :ll kinda, shlavine do in eake and otst creestrai o,5't \Vurd'n vegettble lair il, bears an, en titiue~d<. i'et s', t 81tl tli ll -4t is, plain l itprl'llld tntet powdhr, p, arl powderr, I lea Ireall' and h ex+,+ pu etntutl in pout :ald rollsilrim and ahlorile tooth wapsh and Iwd'ras-, with a genernl Isartnilnt fll JEWELLIILY--omie ofthe lirtest and mos fthshiona ble setts, cinsistinee of white anld red cornllilu, tp +d '. let eardrops, set in flagree, breast pius ol'n flcm" ar - tv if'patiillls, watch trinln lill, gilt anti silve" ,Icklea, tih'erP tlhimblel , sileral hl pl e ila ssd ld aird cha iss IBRUSlIE:-ts-Chloth ir, hair, Ist le-,crl,heairth,lhr, haot, gah, ,othl, pltde, comab, Nail, :'lhaiing, shoo and whitewash Iruslhew+.1 LOOKING GIAS.E:S-(- erman statlia and toilet closas, magaifying and French dressing ghasss, homean dlo, with a vries' fstlher kinds uIot ellllnrin tel. IFANCY AND) VAIRIEI,7Y ARTI'CL'. .-French InI Aairiell c In l loble desk kald dresei.caser , molle, very rich Surill in i 'le illah'd Iillis work hl rmand dres sing casef, with nid winthtu, nl, leimsieal boxe, Ac-' corlnasn of varil's kindsa, viiisl aluni a uits'. silver ad plirstd penailr nsdll 'ad,wond Is'a.lil or sarpeantrs anud rlrol.-l,,lanlltIP eloros,gtul lllSnud wistll- with ard wtithout came., peren"uillnl epll is, pwreudiolln Cu)p charelnlrs, niippde scl.a IldriverIs, "hat Islt,g Ltcie balrLn, piattei' hlie, ing, toy tar: sett, ldisn, hcads ofleversy kia, Iell.s and pIluan, linesed eIccaciaton kllies, razol' aitlld sciasOlr, IItlillsnl, needles, illn, silver plated, steel and caollllon nlcel.t cles, pocket Ibooksid nwelllet. of aVlailla kilos, vcSitilL cirds l:ul card ucaes, playig cardls it' Frecll, (iernnll aald Anericana n ,iatacture, doll., ilniatiell nruit, snu boxes, snilts of vraioaa killdli Sallllerll's POaIea.y)a18, Essnslllersal', ilillrla'n atlll Ilawchill' razor straps and etnllic hnena,dirks, fancy head necklacesn, d wit n '-r dccli,,tsss siillthesrl hnalttolls, piowdller islc ks, nc aild plu secd 'eadtcns, gilit ad silver ro, gint elaitists ap densld cgarters, plain l anaLl a.nd w idcan.s, b;ichkgaaIIIaOn boards, lire, oal ical vienesnjewslnrins, luloisreo matcl esand idrinkilg cups, with a great variset l othea r nrti clby, all h t'lhie It will be sold tier casll or citv oceptan ema on 12 nosnthsi credit. B111 NIJd ,M(i'ea, & co. 14 710 ,trtreshai. D OLE EAiR'S Seicnbc of Psl:manlship received and i fos saile ast their perclan'ens tli hsafldiserI N.. u Csastre Tn a rdt, .w t)rleanci, Ila Ilotadwiay Neaw trhl, cral)uphii m C at., l a obilsr. It is , Itticlllarl) deigned fir Ipivate lerners, n lld s rhoolis, a c d ibi l ci atndhis norpr ore 0iaall1 ue.b . Ladies aadt geastlitei are iviiteadl ts callasd i.aauiineIs the system fori themselves. Leoss.ons are givene at s tells sas sayv sillt the I sollvelliense u' ,ll, and to rcntes israind i " prl i of tihe city. Ladies wali prefer tIac receive lessaas at tlsirown re if sidences. 'ersllas paving for one : 1 Irse of lessons ar delsired o attend unltl ey writs i ell as they wsh. aLt DUI.2EAR d& l lll)ll.,R. DEAAFNESS. SNEW article forplersoas troubled with drenm s, (salled the Ear Trumpeta ) hbs jist beeh receiedi , Ii the sin ie, alIo ' hilh, thl li!~ iest sartlsihtiil o lthe IhuII Iman voice is cocves)od so tine ar. Ay iolle whio has ever sean toaver's with a vers dsn pern.on, inml he lfully men sisttliif the dilieully at.d ei. barraslment eaperiensed sbot bey tsiemeloes and tuo ini. dividuala so unlirtuaalnel atllicted. By the inne of h Ir Ea 'I'rusnpet this objeelion is elntirelv ociastedl. 'I'ho most septinal have always a, andoell ditlir doubt, after iaving used iel'r Trmpes. For sale at 'T F GUIONS, Fancy stnraerniosa of Cantmai and St Charles aisrets ndIri, la -,ls liata Iutel. Peb, 1 vPERM OIL--I"SUI galians pars wintalr d I Sperm Oil, in acaks and lils, flor sale by JAIlVIS & ANDIEWS,. Whnalsala Drugg st, .arier C.ani.. n aid T.:hap 2011 do 25 ' Enalilsh d--?5 1-4 bbl*. 4(10 " m lidi Paint Irialesi various aizes; I an e Veri iilli ns; 5 ibhla Cpal Varnish; 2 ' Japan i Couch 2tl packs (Gold Leaf; 50 iu Silver do;n Ini do UIteh Metal. WINDOVW Gi.A.h., American, Ernglish and French --l1IIhi imxlm, varlous slesa and qualities. ioiiOll .rswns du.-.U boles, eonsig i ,il. t ,ill he Also, a general asaortanst of artists' aenlours and tIgle, for sale by A \V CA'I Edl , No ii Cantsal srest.' N Ii. Alabama notes takea at it r. and MisiaissIp. "0is will I, received at 10 pesr ent disaount for gers, Sl, ft of die b:s. _ jr I I aOUR'sn4i l ia.a nlig -sas stleanmernldepend aen.-, thl j IrI1SEIY. a,23 4d Sa.Lu ee. MIll. Wit ldlIt5', OC LISIT, NOW AT TiEJ EF'Ft'Riiii H'tSi . i' Jriv :1uv' TtuiT :r, LIUInYI.I.I.. To the Eddor of the I, ir .! r: i II --I[P r!()III yII t'o' :I .b ..r, r . :vý ,~f i',"+ 1:.' t le I,. of the olsl h i;I0e 'Pre h . I,£ tl, n ";:, '1-' ,* rrl t,;.a well o.; the- rdltht of, the 10 .,it;-'. ý~. "', tha. t lhe "' 1l ,1 ( l ii,: ia: i + i i,,,, I ,' , t, , III I "l'i- :II. vi na shortil l I of ltld t th " i ,;, l l,-nt 1v,`ri"'n ,,:l . IO'l, r h nre aI lo to j dec r lt hlo.f+4` ',\l I all" I,,- el n d ihmp ls tiions. T he w t'' it-t,, - w , D)t ors. thel proprietor. el;tol or il-sub ,linov of+" thbe ohb e llght In ialt hit d I roi llv v , fron pII er n | hu e ,lrslr d to tir ll II n h: oh", --?'1 :" , 11"- ., p1,n>. I. The fact its, t'et, I t e I , i ..! i , : e ut l,,' within l o fli itd a letri"d .,l 0'l n l r ti, 1 Ijl tii. lOne to ally lhotel, iL.e id of b ing o lien I li+ e l ld , h I,0' T o yfoun I ndies,. ho had eam h l+-t thii sitll of "ne eve, onei for ten vearl's Indll t other le ,nrly twI, l trllný they Lire underl<p tile oll] " IeJ " ur I-ni( :,li f f the Medical l octiors. i other is the 1a rI of a respectable merIchaltI. who:te ,ntn. I Len tlll ln Il" to lliell Iion, (as et+ paid rite liy fors+), w i raid s l' 0to. tlh ,ht the l l of e m Iee t hlle alce of 111 oootpi+ bilt that sier now eit;il it rtetai larice -ter , i.r ti, e other eve cenopletel shot. This tihet l oriet lrs kb eet, it the e'tttltiliit ,ol tie Itiitrll'of ht " con. doe e his da hi, o th i office if the 'licI etlim's. Thatl they miIlt he inf, ri ed of the fvI. Tho hli I thtll lilc it e ciiIitttvlt It I vetllv liytuil h it " unt, nipeairly t', nllv v il-+n' of ae, t l odoe. w ~l aPi• + I!. I ii b Iicly iv letr, h lie tonI IW <ll Oht dIltIti:`rcItIl . f'lit' in Nal .ville but ilone, and hios hl ol had al ior the inslortio wlih . tvr they dJii o m1 l IIf.i is i ,c I eli u that letter that he hl1 ) 1l 1 tla l - rild oI the d; iit tf one of rco 1 0Ov f m f kn ,tl'D'r ll s iilrll which his uothrrsi-tvd to l.. . . ~ecnsioo, ,, by thie mntdles or sumll p x: Ilh.t net v I ," c"u Ld nItll 0 Ii0i,0il ihe light of the tlln, fi t th11h Ife l t time thii t I . ,P' l l -s, hUt tile tiarsi alsco l, n wtes b' til til n to di'lel g ill many obivett; atld dl ti l . b l es , "e t v l e c i tit heen a member of Iht cittie l 'th ,'di I . pi h rii r ne, rlv fIrty rearr. an I that hit oolI ~a n;er doubt ed thlliouglh the whetco e of his li,'. Nalville, a t;lih l Oc i il dirn litl ehlrica, doctorsi' had aECverbef,. eo a ,1 'eh ireasoni l t llo be c.ia,,d. Tile ptuoit dignatl;it '.' iev. v!rki l Dr Smith iie; fihoh 'P tati dto tiot'3 thll ii , , i ,:r ,Ili eo vwrl't frnlm I l a ilerbl hinf'lh le u, li e Li,,'or n the o h e'u iin f hP l-ble, the,,th t "',fit thovet,,I t I lril. jl irror- that i t lll i v mi n liii o l i%' Ililh l i;i·ar 1 mi edlti ottl siv ecie to ollt l . heo n i , t rn'.l, lid from peaceful ll and hll eni n lldll it i r' of the I f+ s rril , dues not breathe nout de..strntion, rae, cattnmo Ind j rlly to iiant lllone. All 1ihe i lhin ts1 ,,; i.\ ll \t 1 i:- .h poke o l t tlle o t e Lilr ecs I nitii tini h t l't i , t ,. o f jtio l h illgefeti f l l hto t I til vil1' r!ii' idi h i iu r ' li(di tr1he carle PIIrpr ll'~ll iii h 1 ' till, bliIn evet'. S. Thili e IIlotlie 1(h iah iv I . ofihi ill t i1 ' rr' t nt thatl an vlI in the S \\.liol n 'thiih e ispo llro, rs. [ r', : l r.,:r [ had], ainl that I l k oll h in lilil 1 rrit' d i i i~i i ,i. itt I I g tintl d I lne in the noe rh, l It o ch to I o 1 : l,: ':; I ; oth er in the suth ,Ind s.othwet , f, Still ho ,e t0 ear thall n my very , youiillhfil I o the ,1l) 1 i,,c'f, in spite Go tlih.h a nd.p ttioa of the crept D r I nv judie from ihe minl 1 oih ii, btu:' ill ti i. The obj-et of lte t i tii infilrt Ihii ti'di I alt , Iol ihIs ai d edt orl pl i h' li' II ,i nd 'li scrit, at i r-I w ll1:) Ih oe, t ailtl fl 1- A111 h .f o Ill, A'al.e - lirt 'llern.a ll ' i, I o the I ~io(lu, of l lih,', wall lC tstli' iedu olind still o ti'dill edhtli to lihe 11,pil n, if rvliapo-t Lis. welPl s r l' t.o , the edllli~ tr of" Ie- jmui," llh Jotnroni, will altoe ihI,, m II-i,!rj ,+ i c i I, f this Solty, ihe Trent Ile t., lhat I it AIf br.lio. , :u' !h I atel. allftr y arrival in\lli N v 1"nti ,;l, i0 1 ,, nk,. t their amiable htehren the rdýol <;oliahl oi ti he nth 1 now hin lld niselfhy LotoIn .tI, lrl t , ,' i I'l li happy Ililo d of lie.ty, ilntil hI avI, ht'.,liltl I t l - o i S elredica ( linahi t h r , , II l - t fore, finy lcllate nf ltc lo 0: < i, li w.. next vearn if. Ne Porkll., w; h," Iroi,', p,,.t Ipi, anl o lll l s w ill he i .l re Io ,,,!, ,1 l). 5. 'J'o ill lll ' lho F i l.l til~v n 11,0 fo I -,I! 1. "i r"i 1I.t,, w' hith' tile lit i. liCt 00 , I i I"i. i a n dd in te nl e d th e fir - . l i t, l . 1, ll Iw ad". , it h Ily prese cti withoultt nl,"eli ngl :,i, t , on thiieco trlrv, tollk it to his t il, -, ll ,u ', I it to wtrt'r l lilly ]pu i so i e I II 1; hIi ;lt led th llI 0iii l witiho lt Irten;o I,;l l to i h,,I u. !r II ,il b1o hfI dutty, as1 never ,onlh ],0t0me to ,fi. r that , a ,nm otr lnv other, env r ii u ,.O lr " t' lin t,, i " j, lI Dooim 'sown lutt l t i, I t e , t: i i l t e l1xan llen'i nll y di t+l>t' ,"r, ., \r . ,, l +i h ,, 1. t^,"o n, patient at it. i II ll V I lilt o lt I .I r i t I' t ;I" I llI re or lest hioril lt ld, h ,I v i : I~ , induced by o total s'v tir th .l I I i as bi wrote li " h-ellf ,ii , li.,,1,'' i M r Slrin,2fiehl, edito", flw t\' t' ',i-, t". 1l. No wonid r tel-, r,, ,':; n h diI,, o" Nashville too!: the IIIh i,', ii,+,, ~-"",1 Ih "h rt ,ria ilnti l. I , lit , . , th , -, i k t irihv i ri ,Lat I i i!' t . i ti .,", ; , , :I ,i1 h Iasto .t'ilii ttreud 1 , o, .to ' , ,ihiP L et "iii 0c~ lit i ii ;i11 -ih. ,,l h 111:11 t,,I , f hIvey will n ,o h It ,ih.n ' , =, i to ant het eu , ,i 1i,, d l, . , i ,. ,,, l. i car'hti ol b lute ivih'Nioti ,, itqi li- .l.,'iv t', i,,, fiv r 0i001P or~" ia o llte t ; l i, itt,'' '! i I,, ,' i .1",' " cd ,o or ;11 e cHo at i'. i ,", ""' . 1 , ,] '... ,, lh tilth, i. tli[ til,, tu t , i l y re ont oie It.'. l ,r d oit, ,i' hed think he i 'lu I "vvr hien nd u,l !I h i ,,,' 1 o ,, - onil, ' . I he ,, atl pign htic r), h, b, ' i h i " Ili " ik n ll ti ll: i-i b • c l-, ,1 1 , ;c. Is no fi ne.t ,,,' 00 t Ix!00, eto in o , hal more isu liord to ruo0 i ,it 0a, 10, 00 of h 3,in\ . I li the i) l t i 1r, - iills , i, a s it,,e 'tn, I ' lru l . 0 . Oil the pI. , nl i bs t',tlhands ,it "i • h .ith l l ) :l'l i + t h I .lo ,;'l,,, iI , iolt U -le is ne wovrit, oI hav,,e I s0 it oy r hr-. Sn, hh' ov te. wi po le h i rd t illT ini l, ilu dn Ther, aminbl. youn.,!i tl, on f ir ;, il , .,'co leer I~cck~kflc. .1 C"1.dcctk C . i II. Cl ' ' 1dr.Jl, 'C:. ,, I11I fis ll QLL*I t of I ) . l l 'l l l : ; u - , t'. 1:t~"r. s . " l l...... inchl d l te t. 1 II''', i, ~1' * dikukr c ill `v- 11.c 1 CC, Il Il: I· 1 , 1 c II1I t hk , it i clui as to hill r.. I~lloll t't. ,l IIII Ii· Irlri: *: WI, r ;l, o ttt rulllleti) rrcivl u r 111' Ito. tor':. 11111· l I) 0 ll 11i, · -111.( - age Icc,,l','ccc'.1 of i i i, r \ II nt II - nutiu in :ushvtllr t 1 ) 1 tc d.6,ýil 1 l r. \ "l .lL tlll 1I ý :1t lint:ll liccuk kn' k'i nlilc l nviu !,orn eq ucsl rd by 1)r. Wll'ckc'kms c, Ithe ,'l l 2k ll, non' i to ili olio, I:.l. \ mine P. mnr theta I Iiou ?i I iI`X; t beil'ls c I', ck llc I,,',,' If '.ihr .i Co ,' th'1, I : Scat ikc I c usd ~ll lj\g IOt l l dl. e . II IoC ilt. l ·.i .tII -. l li: :tll_ tt, "n uiwile"r i tlh~ 111 11 its d l~, II s r ICI tll;' ! ýl!I ll ~ li I cccc lic. iil' aclllI tnd cmcmnl be Io hce S'C', ie l t ties of France. He has l illll Illlielull+ I.·oorhý ii .+lj t Ilion· kn in tohe '1 Xiflti(·U 1 li s,, u ihi ~It l.trr, . o, it1· paiuc i pdrtu I'llfl c utd ;''I'CH~I the I~ ,lcC 1c C', ''55I1 li..~l: 1 CcI ~ 1k egad. ~ ~ IdXl Xeen ,ý~ S~t. I k e o , fSl n o t t~ i~."Itou .(-,I0 ti blcurem, nheummi -rr, lmtr BI:or kingseil, utd,,ui 2 ii ni .re eyes, ~r? a 1 l..!,!,. udcc' ~ 'cv, u ,. i proce ling Ifu \.rol n d '~~ln.n ~ i'.' 'tels nl ii :,,<. ,.hi l if i:,tie tlttt ttitiltt'e s t 'r ti th eu c titt i-t ett t:I';1 visel tid ~ nel' l~tiX'.Ssl ofN \li Akh til knei:+.' !,.Bul hc~ hea lb kenl ii ownl : 'b" ili os i all ttll n i in ;i. h'Pec,'utlitir. In 1 navrtl ternI, it is I·(rIo or mh Illon.[ Ia1I |lllith dlilll!OEa whiChar lIcom.' mOfYttlrL. I ies it h Iodr i ' n . iti ti o " the hc l moSr, o " htl ver abolicl th l - corl c 1tsll rm rett ile.l o.tene Ii I uln :, s l sll :l l l tin i , h lt twhe ircultna cs te t .HI ict'. t" but " alh ra + nl m d o Pwtil ator ' tie sI l I; I I llt(1 : t. t tCjt ll generaly belbuia suIlyient Ilow true it is, t:,t ,. .her1+ Ph-sicias,'nt thes T n iii t t lt li tit:tI trit teit l t.ioie h m jiltil liehh eict -cc by the ahd ol ch|t+mistr"y" and seek out new re w nl1ll0ll (Iln:i.; Il l itiI ll lieut 1iiv it lr iletiot il t he pl fllcticel by Im aLnsLI. of ' lit alon ·:1e,- -ntirely OVel look :nul h1'.le. : t bI ellAthtl nol1 tellr , il thelieh eet I ll i tt.llll u.S 5. o medlicine, a hic'h the mihtlly has caust'd to it iii ll i . u o II e ill it lle e i i t see itiit Ite tI A tit hllw iCII.h riore tr@ isit I~lul while the tmericttu Piihih Ic Ito thc·rein rrcunlrlesib I:t,+a" of" his mot ufthle nIece ti ttitiles Irtully hn1llllgn S' dhv .e t ': dh h:ltls o hilt i ly" hie is isu lold l I i his iI e In nuur ib "u enaes' }ofuasihea ut po+:ts , nlot jel: c alllLcletci~! ~11 t e trlnse lor tol~cl eti jis Ild lll~ti+n o Il~l~ v.i{[lp il l*| 14|1 t1ns r Il I a y c 'blU is o r d e ra t l h e is i .ra ,r m t f ' h ' i v h- - ,. 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", Inp . 1913 ii'. 2311 'k ln. ( '." l'h i.+t:«. 111 Fl t1 340.01 1 ,dg. (I ; 1:3 I14 24 p.m b hl. 53 i i.m , +: ......... 130, 1 1... + ., o 12 r 3 l' cel. n.\l t. Il1 1,i. 13 10 on. w L~: .. 100 lI L 'Ii,. 2 p io. 90 tl 1:10: 1.1.3 . or 51d 23h t++l l'''" 1'onliua. o ftllhw trd, the tjilth is siix hourl S' Y N\P W,':1 ·n I L , 5lt) c'N rlde[t ,onor of Ilevia d I t.,h,. i 'ci, olf t 1'1 o , ijg s,,i afd we s ibi'l l r ,lho , igni ,m1 i, r 1 tigiit egro ny ! I ' ii 11 , I e alt r e uire n ilp of e, o ind fee ,m lh!:',,'" ,'I, t 1i;1 hi,.t him.''v hl 1,ci, andll h an i nllId .l'nl' it. t,-, ,l!a, to ['1 h s. Ili lo H oflNre,'ill'l c Iya I. . m h1i I, he had ,,e ~ n u hr e ~cr lawnt n y a while ('0, 111 I, l l ll, l-hire« «ll while l ol t n ti l illllo ll ool . - of r~" -·I, n Annd tr:n11ha , Silar cn ution. d. n ,n.r t 1 ii - roe, , ,r llc trring saidll- egro, at+ well as tIll (,h. 'l l q-.h-l I l thie t !h ," I ,et iceri. llr f the law w w i he. Ollr nuali.t th .Ian. 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" a c .., o ' +I, " l' I tt I w lrh f !, 1 ·'· , i 1 _, Ac1lI, I lil, lr, ioc1 I" a1 1o u ll nJ, . i:, , )... do11. i n l.. A r l . ., ail, , h t, , o , , , ,, " , It o , , l l i: 1t I ', 'l, " 0 ... ... l .. ..3 IS .. lilac,+,, " . c . , [ "y.. ý, .... , ICI' . -, lro, ' I, !,Ill. , A ,: II, ;, h , :I, II. par' . ,, !"i ! 'l"r.... ,,, ', i, t N tI, I- ll l -Sbbt ,'1'.11 I ":''ýI"I'''u- \ r,iiy pjiimbho e so Ih:" \;,:.66_66::, ~i I\,r)·l)(· P)-l Ii nu, by t ll apl'uncnh ,s q `'1'r". ?'~t,'ir, r, (: r~i,,,, nr·,r, of tlI. I'niu~. l atcer or a "/'.,x,. i',!,", ! r ..":I 1611 "hainct. .\.F. : iliý ., ;. ,66,";,,6:,, ii· i!':,I I ;n·, rn{,"IF~ f Il nglallll ,,: ",.I,:.:, , :,, t~1 n ll 1(.I11·I.LII illlll'h of IlnelUII · 1'I:-:,ý ,. ('·,I "i:, -II. I II:,-ll I'jtl l !I in l Iil ll · ii klil from '1'I.. rllil ," : ,, ,: ,,1,1 ý ,11; , i~ii lull l arre\· with iliat C I'I,'ý 'C ''"ýI 51" nr Ialn urv I r r"ý, n": ontai " ," .. 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Crh tii-y bo hII for "Aoirilntio thr e tlu on It CoU)Cp1,1iuallooynfus t~~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~I) "-ish1,*,,II ,.t,"1r: (aolulo al `'''t"'_' E ·rlo. ;llll D I ydp ll blrtuedb rly Gea~ b: F)111 lI'ilAN FE & IJY.t---

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