Newspaper of True American, December 17, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated December 17, 1838 Page 2
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Tb.e ship BIworctHt, Capt. lthnmpon, from ie IiM dmselargiog opporite the Upper Cotton Cifmirgnea are requested to take out their per. ad reeeive tlhir goods. 8 e. J P W H IT 'N Y, 117 73 ronn or followig oae tid mdr .a allrt ut to, Luutot Lottery, Claon 27 for nMt: 5L 32, 860 72, 114, 71, 04, 23, 42, 40. 20. WlUl DIIRAWN ON WEDI)NEIS)AY. $li,500 CAPITAL PRIZE. OUISIANA LOTTERY. Authoriaed by Act ofLegislatare. Cltptetr XI.ItIl YU. Mchb t1, 18928, Clss No.28 for 1838. to h.e w't on Wednesda, . 19th 1838, at 5 o'clock, P. .9. GREGORY & Co. Stceetsors to 3IA TES, McINTYRE S Co. 75 Nnmbern--I Drawn Hallote. 8HEMEI , 29705 piee , amounttitg to $18'1 070. Tiekets HaIves t$2 O-Q.turter I 80) S P drkgea of ticlets facr $100 warranted to draw $52, Smav dr:aw the four ir-t tl'aitlo - Pr okagen of 92 halt tickets $50, warratel to dra t least $46. YPakates of '15 Quarter 'iekets $'=5, atranted todraw at least $13. For Packages or single [eketsht, eppl at . c9 l OI.GORY & C:o, the Mnlnmers lices, dl7 35, tCanal st, text cer. ('nmlI street. GRAND STATE LOTTERY. Drawing of the Grand State I.otery Clanss 5. 0', 3it, 41, 31, 6, 72, Itt 780 75,11, 14, 57. TO BsE DtWN T-MOitlIOW. iOO Cnpitatt Prize,T 7Ikrtenoly $2 50. LASS No. 6. Aurhoriseld the I.egislnture of the Slate. To be drawn 'I't)-11RROWV, I)c. th, 1838, at 5 o'clock, P. t., at Bishop's Hotel. S. DAVIS A. Ca). Tanagers. 75 Numhers--1= Drawn Ballote. CREIME, 7 81 t prizes, amontinti to $94 539 Tickets $" fO-Halves I Oi)- Q.lrters 511. Pockenesof 25tickets for $51t warranter d tI draw t lat $21. Packageo, of I5 lalf tickets :5 ar tntted to draw nt lena $12. Packages of 0'5 Quarter Tickets $12 50; warranted to drawot least $l. For packages of sigle tickets. ntpl at tIhe EIANAGEItN ' OFFICE, dI7 If, Chartres t flB.--7 hios Castor Oil fur sale by o dl7 G BLANCHARD. tA.AI)LIS-52-5 hoxs ap/nnro oa,tlleo,varlos br'd iJ rale bty 1817. S;BI.AN CHAtItt. hI(AP-tIo hoxe, No. 1, anntd xtrn No. 1, Ilostoa Sop, for frle by 8 G BLANCHARI). t3 XCHANGE tIN ltOS)SON-f,,r onlo Iby -J. d17 ISAACIIttll.t;E & CO, o i-- c an WATl Itl-Jlst rce eiereeinel, rik frotom i the foctorvof the nri&ia l inventar, J M I.nrgape,' of Baltinmor, aod :,r saleby ILtEES ,1 D'IAN(E, d17 18 Camp st p LAOING(; hA i b--E vryb v:riety of nunnfitctlIres r ia ndqtlties fia sale b ilthe grot nr case, at New York rndces by "IEES & I)'LAN(tE, dl 18 Canlp st T.H'UI" HiSII'ILI)VI'H} DIAMOND STRAP--For tles strap reqoiritg no oil or heltr flulid to give it effct, and beiag in its ure extremely eh sile, it recommelrLed to al twho Ihavel them elves, (ptrtictlorle to those who hlae stonlg heartn-s nl Itellder fceso) il razor oanplie to it oee ;oinnlly will receive sal ret.air o perfect an oedge as to realer ahonvio. t'srv aond agreoald.. Tln, bove u'eful arnhkhe fiar ale hy dl?7 lI:'ES &A I)'I.ANGE, t1 Camp dl7 18 Campin st strile lOl ck, i Til, -d tI Ibue Il anh rt k ,nt1 llennil : I rton rv, cuttoade, duck allellrd ioni casislllis re dolconltoilhd,. duck naerrv f r aile ilors whi el o l& Now ellellt l l, ilr'tt flaiel,'stri led, twille d and clirn nhlirts; chabnlloray, hbl ,A. rlttr, iottonnde frocks; wlite Angola flinnel ;ltdershirtir; eolntto dilling atld Anlgola flantlll drawers; o.attiiit allt ojeon vests. ISA.R Y BRIDGE & Ct 117 134 Magazine o , Ist dttA P-llllll Ixe. to trao No. I Soap, bttra.d nl"so. lbtbilo , nantd. g from shl, ip Adl , t'ri e.r oale ,y ISAAC BRIDGI,. CO, d17 134 Mug zinc st K ER.thao 4eSr"o I I.IAevr t.ntnd iKerSeys aldling root slnip odriul 6,ir tie Iy ISAAC ltRIDGE & CO, 117 131 MaP.i.oozior A-LC-OIol.- l',his BhILt olN eIlhoratir.- pnre -l spirits Turpeotine, for sale hy JIAIIVIS & ANDIREW,. i17 ear onlC & 'l'clioopitinulas 0t B ACO)N Stlio'--11 lil itls 'lneron Sitlen, eld 8 hldis cleardo fir tile by STET[SON & AVERIIY, 117 48 Gtovier st A11.S. 6(10 kl:. nst.. Soailo, ImTtiitg frotelhoJ N Denmark, lot sale by S & J P 1W'IITNI:Y. tt17 7:1 'stilrat FOR NEw YORK. One of tol nOew of Poekota. . The A I rship \UUIIN, (:lpt. )nrfi'yv, will bregintabng iitllthlis e rtlil.t, nll hVil.g pit:h. For follt or I,aPtge', ovtlo , h' I',h l nccinlllaoutot aitoi,., olply nol rd, I.1 o p).,ite tIhe 3Mit, or tl I 1 I, Camp st Pn)-t NA N) I0' Y ` 1 In.1. 1,01.Ii11.1 AN NEWYORK ,0,1E OCDIUL(;EE, Levilt.lla: It , hn."ine hart ofl Ilel Toren e venllerd, will sail RL; nli()YII Far on to llr o e Captain o(Iil hudw te: brlY~ll1 coot In- flailill~i llp I r to J I) BtWIN .5. L Io ((011N, ,I17 ~ !hl Coa11111litin t 1 PA I fh.-f siling chip 1101111.1 , 12. J . .ayoMatrcr, kuovino tIle.. crcclal 000rt of ., bewaro enoccc.olovcilIhic.e;,wo(.h Fo.. nitr rpoco~go', appoly to S. & P 01'ltlTNlEY. .117 73 (coup'st '74' NEw YORK. lolles' Lnr-lio'g(tlor pkcomfr p.,,.. '20. l Botsiin lok(sijo A.21.tIOA3A, C C: Ilene~, muster . Iaviee larIg part o! Ilni:0 o.,tho or I"'""l'fi·o1, apple.n hoard, opposi07 the yreole marketor I. 111:74 C. AM 4117 42 ('notp at ( .'lo c. Oleatohciog th prt ' ter frighI .'ornsgcrl andi Fn'In. rat1 I.~·r;; d ill Ira ve~ lirr the. ,o -c " ,I d ltrllne litu 1111 ilc.on'Iros~nv teliioIoiooo, at 4 'pI cktl, I' 31. F o olr b , .oill cc f li.uight or poc...ho, Ivio, ' fine., accmntllll atllli n:, lllpl? r :, Ian:rnl. r to ,oll a I" te' In _,"t op. I+ ,011;."21.1(!,n Ion incfom.,fa e Dcc-,, fur dII by (al2 4y 11 r ORocEY, 4 Nec i.cvur. S N I111: {I h I'I'El.Sy' r &AV hxiI 1' 08 Ucjrrc I'Iac d fo '7 I,,l G -.0 )O''""I' ,i 74 NoIo, , 4117 Pc- -Ic- Ic eoI-- l S (1.11'< . {1111 bIcI* I~l· ,:51 I, extanl . 70 . tI m a no i 01 'oooleloy S1'. 1 511 ' S 131001 7i *Ol7lOP Oie t 0 ll77 11 I(K `l 2 0o . 100 doep, 0,i , :' .cu osk ll.p & IIIIII~ooWnr IIIl Moojoco 11 ) 1 0l .`I0 l oo'1 , 0 1. IIri t olo r ad '10 - Irel: hio e Ifocsalt- by AIIRIII (:I l 1.10111.15 1II (tiod,ifuro ho117 IIlebyoroAlo, le AIOWIA, 96 1IoaiIe it ~_AV N.'.A VO~FFIIE....4 hooco ofh ~wer .ocjcutlcpoiooo' IoC . io u f In.ocI .'n '.Jrc -hoI.lo oa rnrr~ ~~~____ hvcl H~\. 9 ~~tR.740'2Coojr.'~ 2ARl(5N.N0As Al'o~l;. OVAN'rEDI,. _ by 117 OS B 1.RE1 & Cc- 8, 9i oo toee r 0 b 1,1)1T (; ;;\P F;S, 0 hos. tie. I 5fl do he, land-ll log front ship eo taro- ofonr ol," ,r hr of oooric,,o cier.. ociol, cl oc((ri~l,,cllo ol(k, (Ic icOcclio. ,117 'OEHC(;;YE24 OGlncceoo'o ý)ll l C,)F'crI'ýE-127 hags in slteI Ictl Fr' salp by lPncjdln, CiK ciNec'.1cc,: 3pcroeie'r Ho. (t(oclee 3lsciao. IcOlgo 111. 1f10. 18:0l. an. I 1.1,ce, lBck,, ri. hoi'. Codiloro. by cc.. cool og)A 8E 6ik~ ie Pouilioon ld ecl..dcll in Ikio oFooo. ir i.Ocloccol 1y 17_ Co31c 11,81 oceoliog of le I Gcolcoooo'cccnlior cc -o tk1 Nlee ii. Copn cobl, on Ikon ofcy ohfe nwcrop 109l a1 0 1', A. oI. (hlr. i? ooI boIcn Eok cRIooR oijnglo lew 80,1 cn tke nc000oooise oll p:eoeoljoogo ogojoor Ifiopeloonood s cooloeno. ore 4boyrd. IE R , ctl4'c ler eeMd Ikol 1,. KloccN Ecq. he Ntc Iol) lo copreneno (ike sOcToL Ocedilor, ly o adcc of th'e C Cas t. A. PITOT, Clerk. Clerk'c O:i o, flee. 15k, ( h38 . CHRII~A S SD NW YCI(Sl'ILE9OENTS.8 no.1, iIluonlrm.d boor o~lood plowl Alllonnlo )Inotltjil,yl boond; sIre, the ooccroll A Ike,,, 0 occl.r coc'cur(osencd in pololjl ol elegolor ono olenigo. Foonle kaa y I). FEL'T & COI N. I. 0910iocorr'n Ilell, d117 24 Cloaroros at liljTW R1RR~l~-~Hi;~·ltn llncearple. in no. EMPATE (IF 12tRELS-11N. Pteloocc (war FiAte 1 Parish nod Cle Ity s C Ne R llrlIil p e C h. Blan2 Ctnkern, Bills o r Lading, euction BItt., PunuphlntSl, SIhow bills, Cata flogur, Ich . P ic. IhyORDER~ifee th e ABoae, (081 erehu o n tot e dor crsptieatfJ3P11dNh INII.L11 racliel d a Crneainsg hionos sodTRUEo AMr rIyAN," ixe Sr. CIfRLt, En ceaub, nd donore m (ans street, br or dee Priotino Clerk's Ois of Poydras 5nd 8 Charles *,Cerk. mRIstM Aw bAssNEWl hooK uAl PoR FnNS JPdU, illu mi dr honiea Ustlul .Wates. bowe just ound also, the atcreodp aseU wok bekd E sk l cuhraenti -dd~lfliosamIf. heereed a LoLc, as Cea1pl, 1pTeditnuel3 Ban B Eutifully, anal any rrker ink. .isý ie fiy. 47 7 I-9 A7 Goul, for ote byIS.1AC - ttr E&. C ) PORTI' OF NEW 0:. ,ANs. CLEARANCSE. I.. hbr1 thip Arkfnt.i , Dennis. N'ew , lrkl, H O Ames IhiIp Glaow. Ii.t'e. H r,, . S J P Whhitey Ridsi Lrd.., Ti, ... No.w 1otk, B .1n ¢ Cohen Ship Elilialtih Fril. Br.,d. iPortfmolth, NIi G R.drf.d Fr barqu. Ani.,H, IVild.i, Vera Crux, SRhmit 4 Warner irig Idd.o, Tildn.,. New York. 8 g J F Whitnep Brig Centineola. Loieuera. Havnna, R (;roning cr Alispa., Yera CrU., 1 ',aellrin , c, Schr hero. tuelnls, Matnnann. D Marston Sehlr Allutin. Sylvesmr, Haltinlror \Vm I Trter Schr Iafalyettetlidmore. Motile, Mater ARRIVALS. Tow BRnt krnmpln. MIorridon, from the PassLt: .nviu towed to sena Hel Caroline; returned to the city with ship Detnmark nd barqIue Magndolia .eft on 14lstbdt at 2 p n.i RWirmue nothing off the Pules. Brig Eliza and severn utt er veusels In the river, .Tow Jot Grampus, Hlorri.on, from the Turn, with bri I.ime Rock. Respr.. shiWi Manch.ester nd St Leon at ag Call's i':at. ;ir brque Wander nnd s lumber loaded ,choo. .er from Bangor at the Turn. Ship Hrmitage, French, from New York 25th No. to ms ter. ShIp D 0nmark. Lt.nvtt, 1.5 dayl fromn Bton, to mis.ter arqe Magnolia, a ronid, 14 day from Brbadoes., in ba.. Ia, to nalnter. Brig Lime Rock, Butler, I18 days from Thomaston, to mh a ter. Ste.m.r Mhrmion, J Sthley frdom Cincinnati. SteAmer FMemphis, Peter, front Columlia. SAlAnAer mulc RIy, LusA, front t l.,ouit. Steamer RKudnilph, Wson from Manchester. Steamer Brian Boroihm. .Edward, l,from Alexnnria. FTeallmr Dian., Carter. from Padlluch. Steanecr Johin Jy. Maelon, front mouth White River. tea-e- r Elletn Douglass, Kiely, hfrom Rrd.. .y Strealus Shalkepearu Wiring. from Vcksblurg. Steemer , Imeo, M'Kmn 4y. from r P .t Steamer Teehei. Cheuven, from I'laquemne. Stei, ner Heil Coil.dmbi, Miller, frm Vicksbur.g, RSteaer L ill, Rookrh. dnedihl, f dns Louisville. Steslller dhine, King,from St Louis. EXPORTS. NEIW YO.K..Per ship Arkansaa..emrlo: 493 bales cotton. (Ilhd. 5 brl sugar l.e I2;7ots tohncco. I Ime oh., 1 box I trunk eillothi., 6 hIxs dry good. 2 boxes books, 2 piiei wine 2 brei .yrup, 2h brits tallow -- - Per Ihip l.nomn..cargo: 103 bvies eotton, 3.54 italre. 119 half do. arid 03 boxes tobacco. 50 tierces and 24 brim molasses. 132 hhda sogar, 500 wet hides,349dr d ory, o 7 0"a.f skin.s, 2 boles sdeepd do do dFeer do, 6 boxes did I10 ke.s union. er lrie . . ddo.d -cnrgo: :.. I.. lds ntolnsses. AVB'i ..djer shtip (ilnegow--cnrti : 1S81 hals, otton. PORTOMOUTII.(N II)..Per ship Elizabeth Frith--cargo: 951 ba.e. cotton, 10 hhds augur, P 6 iercer a.d 6d nolnasses VEi a CRUZ..Per i arque Anais..eargo: . l0 boxes seRd ., 4R1 b Ira and I parrel paper, 359 cases. 02. bales nlrpl, lol4 delmfjohls gtn, 70 baskets ehSm'per4 30 boasket t 0 boxes other wines. 17111 boxes red wine, 45 Iboxes ap.,uish prnatms, ,5 boo tin plates, 20 do linens, 120 btuxes window glhss. IAV.dA.t..Per Itrig (tenti.eoiu..ecago: 311 bales cotton, CAI.PEACIIY..der l rhr Ablpa..ear&,: .200 hris flour, 3i kegs white lead. MATAZA..Pelr .chr Ilero..cargo: 500 brls fiIour, .nld 92.e keg. lard. BALTIMti RE--'nr chr Austin--.cargo: 99 hhd. 500 ibarrels mrinsse,, M1OBILE..I 1r tchr Lafayette.. cargo balluat. 15IM'PORTS. BOSTON..Pl ,hip, Denmark. iHay, Potatoes and lerchan dibo Master. COAST..per aloolloonerCrol, 100 hhdais sulgar to order. Itr schne, U, bit, 50 hhda sugar aild O0 bbid nlolnsle.. -- --- per schooner I.onislnnn, 92 hnles Cotlon. Piy. ral%, Arcitel - Co. (Gourden .1' Perrett..41 lill. nolasees, ..00 ilhdaileuar to order. -- - per scllooner Cere. 1010 ahds u snr 46 hbhls mo lsses HrnllI & Sandry, A Montiu I.nce. p r stealuer IRonleo, 150 hhds sald :1 Ibls sugar J 11 Flrdd a ro. IIJ hlhda do Andrew Bowhls. THOM.ISTON . per bri, L[.hu Roek, 1Oll) casd· huno and 160 hbll potatoe to elltster. RFCEIPTS OF PRODUCE. Alnorhoster..peer simlate fodolp~h. 150 bales corton, W It B..l, IU dt, Rich,,rd ,tck. ,,,4 Ian Burt. H..,,O re 1, doLy. L16 to Mrlett Jeuinnies. 51 do N r J Bi..ckno, Ilarris & co Uco. 8 do I1,under, 11'Keuard & Wright, 8 dn Lockner. Finu .- en, 4 do Blelluett, Ferreday & co, Il do W E Burhelnnal. 16 do, J B Diggs. i do order, 37 hhds sides and 65 hhls Pork, Jon (odoln,J I4baleanud I box nwrrhnudlae T B Lea & 'Co. I hale and I rarcel Iannmbth andi T*lngsll.Oll0:.u sacks corn I' K Sleffeld., :$0bates cottnn Hobson & Gooch. Cillennmti..prr atr:tlner ,Mn-mi,o. 47 hhda hnron, 1100 kegl hlrd John Goodwil, 166 ktes lard Heard 4' Bitten, 5t12 kegs Itrd Varien, & t o; I box lebther (Ioo Ouderly, 11195 kegs lard AIlotn. , Hartwell, 111 1.10,I rliorkor· 5 Ja .000.1,1,. 9 keg- pips fret b 121]11 brae, E V B :tons. I bbl I rneF J lkinlrbw, 5 bbl- doullr O) se~ll 1, 8 lldd Daman Ocden & Suolll lea o. Colmob~lin.-pler r.lnllnr Alcmehllli 295 bob's totlon Pork Whatt r co. 275 do W Al Ite;.l, 1.1 It, Al W]hite & co, A Ledoux a. co, 1410 do L.anheth e ,Cl.-Tnpson, 125 d.1So\ Bo girt, 98 do J II I.everirh & co. 60 do Ilreeker. Stutou & co, 5:3lu iohonrl Peck, V do Price, Johns..nn ro,50 do iReynold. Byrne t co. 48 do Jalnr· Armour, .27 do Ai:,hael Mailer, 15 i 0 Nun gent, T ur pki u & W att. 155 blb!. g oi k 81 do flur, 49 k;egs Larld llnehr.xte., 12 chairs W AI Ilul, 3 Iron rings tnt tlstlpes Ilelltt, Ferrlday & co, 50 bags :coaten sdt owtler on h.nrd. St. Loui...per rtunmer Quincry, 4011 b!,s flour. A'exandria .perjsteamer |trinlr Boroielme. 439 bales ctllt ,;00.tnlt &1 Thompson, ,00do Peyroua, Areniel ' co. :t do A I.edoux & co. 31 do Kirkvlulme, Ahernethy it, Hllsl, 44 dn llthir If Satltrfield. 141 do Cillotnmck 4r Rigcold, 5 d1o . I.o I:eelsaree, 4 do Folllut, Bellucq " Dogolns, 7 do Bl.nd R [ Snndry. ])Yducaib..por steamer Dins., 5 rnokL Baconl WV Cirode, 411'"Iog. Isrd1 nd 74 hides prk J Varat'n & to, 1011 hbils whts key nnd IUI0 flour Heilocq, Follutl 64 Il)eoleas, 12 blls cator ,id. J,.s I.nloud, a co., :;441, 1.| flour Gr ID.racy, 5 hhda urn-I tine 5 bblardo and 2 do hee.sw * I hox nerelt',ndtse J A Mer rett. 19 Id,1 beef A D Gory. 17.kee* an;ss ages 85 da do 11 112 ,In cliekese 3 16 Sack. are 4 bill s apple. and I It.. a0 to 0x01 on I hoar,]. Viekhohr...per ttp me i r Sh.2k1.pears. :'ri, I Ies rotton "Tor riflcbl, Pearson A c,l,, '266do NugeInt, Turplr,,l Y" %Nutt, ,i1; do Inla. F'OIIle o! aln, 71 do Ilnh... 4, Goofh 41 do J Arlllllou 361 do CPahlwl & 11,kpy 32-Id2 , Nlpaoer. 'i'sd.r & Cso. 2 d 21irt3 l plC;ll. & liI, "24 du Bl..Isett., Flrrldn , c-. 11 do M1,,ilts. P n, 24 do1 J l., 'l24.2a. l,5.1. 5 ;`4Les', I2-noN 4I J I)irk & te. 1i to S "1 Oak'-w, 1 do Reyuhls' . Byrllo n cu 2 Io Irnder,.s'I.ll . D',.&VlVrihil, , 6 1 1 A J Ct, p knye4, 4 dI G Yinuad Slteart, 4 do 2IV Ws.als. 1l "of hlde.4 Juhn T ar hie. ,reamler IEll Dolluglas, f(,03 hales rots . ...,os, l5...l..y A ,n, 115 3f.u.k... Isks. 21,1 2. Il Ado 2.'ha1rd Rcnk, :i do ti VV O.lkey, p 4 do Johui Gloodwi. 46 do J V Fergll.On. 1 2 io)4rolllr 4 JHellndersll, t1. do Nalglalt 'T'rpkill & 2iVatt..I 2id P.yrol, Aypiuel & co, 5 do .llorrls 21 dlnsd, I0 ,h I. ilrth.& 11 it d11 Bogart. 147 de order, 4!I le llid sck ",1 n Btlckller, StllllltO,, & ,,. Mouth of White River.. lll3 !1l.s r.oltti.l Oden , SouIth gale. 1"0 i.d .11 21V2sl o a cs, 07 do 1 ,V 5O.keyy, 34 do iaurrit ,Ilnrl. 127 doll Richard kl Dllsk, do r:lllskn .. iled,,ers.on, 173 di s KRey'llds. Bylle & rt21, tit doy C ,lirrlll slid 50U bll. fulor J |, Fergusol. 1,.slsalill..ller stnlor se.lho,l13 I ,nle. .Dllon York Brothrs. i7 do C Toladeno. l ido 13 do Ieather 9 do lad fle I treesl in. Irlshcq & Desolos, 326 Il,,. .garsJW 31 SSlilwPll,. 32l hles cotton andIl3l Id2l2 A `4Mours., & co, P bales rtt.n, A & co. R hhd su._ar 3 Ibls anId 1 su gar kelte J II Field co, 24 hhds sugar .iile & Ilei,. 4 2hotl J ltlton J I Islonrhi.Sl5 cotton s rdner & Bruid. , 0i do A II V2'rre, 35 do A Rivtirio ,s c, s44 I.oJ iltilous, 4 .o l.reld 4 I.slldry. 25 do 2' 'il,,d,', 911 Ibls intlllse 1. II Levcricd I ro 4 coops.fpwls, ownsere ol Ioard. Viekls.urg. ps shiinsr Hail Ohlln,in, 1 I.2 hle.s cntton ,ne nertl. Fe, rjidly :o. 19 do Bust, raste & o, 21I! dl.. Nlld i b hlo wool WV AT henl. 100 bales cOtlln J A Barlli, 70 do Lei. hith &T+ 'rhlnpnpnln, :d' do Buckner, .etntnlllt re 60 e lo ' ilN. a"" Tlrplll s W;Ial, .53 do WV 13otpi, 42 do N J Dick & o. s.7 Artlhr Fullonl '. e. Sdo A IH W.illne. , i chest Wiallton .s ol esei rnplpor I bix2 trllunks I tool helt 1 11 Deve rux., I h, x, Byrt e & co, 7 bssls g trusnk and I lot I'lruitUre iepag-e llrotlerr+. , lalui.sie..psl ste,,,llner LRi. Rnokh. l44 picnA 1,Ae.ill,, in,14s42 coils rope R Orolnilg & co 364 kel. lard lW E Bt13 chonan. ,t I.oui ..pnr st.ainnr Rine. 4i bbl. sofl" an2d 2 keg. lard ,not s linluns. 4l" hhls heefatl ponrk ld 9 dlo 3 l0s or oil J Vanrin. & r.o. l firi hurter 6 ds. m~1 I5 hbl. laIf J S Daughertyv O co, 1III balercottoll N & J Dick On co I hox inelrthandito to order. CONSIUNEES. notonss. pr ship Denmark. 40i hbls polntr. 50.,ln, hay 411lll lhs pIIpl; 70) kl.s n ,ilt and asserted nmercre nl.i·, 2'V C 'l'onlllkslns 1 c, Kldder & Hoad. A D G. os, 2 ('llpp, V liayes; Sclbllnt A W!rner. I'r5ssltt. Jo,,e & .2 , Rsl, S JI.,ll. .i i ' Ree,. d j,, Bridge .t co, J Ki mbal l.l, ' 221.Ve2., & cs, Wlilln2g .&trk, 'll,'l i.r lo.. 1 ocksyl&o & co, . P Bord & r(,, F. Stsne ,J co, Biter., Godl. C,, ,nwrle , 8m:,I,. A IF Dunlar & eo, Jarvis , Andrews, S. Crane, rl'hne Uf Dix eey.. rot.ols. lmith i2 Vorhss.P WVheeler. C DoI;Cti. Folss 'o, C Whssoset A Lsosa & co, J ilLed s co aid urdor. i'sew YsrkO.per ship lero'itig.. Carp.n slsnrtd I,,er5h.l dish to |;erh 46 co. Coil & r . J H il,,pkin., Ferguson 4 Costar, Victor % ...hi Dufre5 & Blanchardd,.ll older. PASI:NGEII1R. olston..per ship Denmark, DiL,.ar. 3i0rsnd sad Thorn dyke durah..per tlelmer Dia.lls. F. hil laly anid serv', llss Chflosi. Al Gnrderlch aad lady, mndm oornl, mre I'e'l '0 iad 2 daughtlerl nr Ilear andolph, rs hrckteid, 1) Wo'f, Halford, 1. J Pats 2 il ,esas.t, 22' M :linchi,, J Addison, Wre. Ags,, D Car, 1) N Kea, IIt iiphis., Hi Laro.s;s , JsAige Dawrescs , .Narrate. Ilha derew. Dickison, . Harker, Grimhuaw, (;ordnm, BoylclI.l.1ngal, W1'srght, J Klrknlens, N II K.sol, Illtls asd Tb lnkmortoll. Aleiandlsa..p2 r slsee er R. 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RtIdlry. par ctller Ellen Doslh., |vr., lady lld child, iI Penevser. r A W2itliils, J , Alexndts er s .s 'r, J s Alexan der2jr J tlustson, Illnlnard. i ('+suli; John Kiss, J I)pnee' A Fpll. r2pt Giordsll., J V Clllll, A 2V l2islllsls, J Zug, _ llortreli, it Hall; Koeheller, Lulher Paldec; A J 'J'hotup *os, Dus op, ladiy as d Iatlly. Vickshurg" per steamer Shakespeare, rl n anes nnd lerv't Mils E Perrvylp.,; II.- 1 Gre1i,,, J o 1,ie. js. , L , lvy, enl't A Bnnet', dset 1Veilrh'dsi, J 3Person, 2 I), E Se.ylour.Heil \Viiells,,, A Blanehard W Pugh, A 2'111.o. ald. '.'K'.e. J Cotlls. G E1Sli, K 8 Chdsy, .2 LDvls, I. L I)Die, TV say'sr, s And 9 on dock. 'I'h nnlatnn..per brig Lime Ruck, Burett, Marton, Tihblht *nd Barslow. it l.ouis..ppr stelner Rhin., J 8 Armuus.. Wiard, J V fall. H C Spicer, G .0gow How, E LDoy, 1 Hesnry,. Lee IPllrhs, hlrdok. N I Troardln,s. C Rak1r. 'Tiw.,l, Lsurie, II Liwslee.. N K2ll I, C Trepnslsr. Morel, T ArhIy, J3n klsn., SN sullis,,,, G I2r,, W2' rViliss. J Mrse, W W J.lllls.1 K5atbl., P 2irshm, Wilonu, G2 Drake, 2llurnil., 2 Swseuey, and 6 sla,.i os dark. .lessmsr Lall, smkh, Col Owing.s daugh teraud serva.t. Genl Smith daughter adl isevanl. Culn,, King.outy, Robinson,F Fiser. doer JJnkins, P Day. J F at. rlek, Iloultuon. Iursev. 1I M 1 renalr In .y antd *rvat, Vick.hurg..per .teaner .ilsf olumblia, 11V. J Birn,. .Col Tylor ,Ald .dy, I.Web b asAd ..... . Smiley, d 1. o deck. Plnqumioll ..per ttrInner Tech,, D PFagntt 3 ldm.. and diughi5r, A11..L 5 ,rYanits, C HOUIas, V Sli.Ils Con, B 'iilhorltr, Ingalll. P Danderoux lady aud ervalnl, dIest I.ndross nd etsila., Dumon. S Tnrer n.d 3 Iditel, K Bretud. II Vlr, J Gites.. K Gotre.ll, Kouss.el. J MI.r con, 1. Crairl. Mlii D Miasu, E Nishie, Mr II DUucl, Mhs A Braud aud 9 ou decrk. MEMiORANDA. Barque MIgnolis rep.rlts s Enxlih frigate sad I stoops of wor havng arrived ou the 151h ult hound to Mexico. Several .thers espsated, ound for si s sllasce. leomer Bhakespere lowed dowl brig Arethusa from Grand Gul. Cargos5OUbah.Colton; bound to New York. Ir lE suhsriber, having received ar commissiosn as JyDeputy Sua.eyora ofUnitd `Staila, lo this Bltut, oSi.r his erices to i ts publie to survey slid lhcss Lauds in any part ol Iuisissna. As heretoeils, all nsptlion., eitlher of Survea ing or Civil Enginserins, stelh na. alignment.s,.urveys, plan., draw. hglv., levPlii.gsipro2tilesn, cilcslatilll s oxcauvationl. plllbllnls .llelt, ('llllit of llI, -'. eillher ill loWll s n ountrly, wl hbe prUmpily and fntlhfIully atleuded a,. Chbsgeu nassnnahle sud Ierms casl. Uffice 5a Ms g·lilln Ptrrlt, lu Hanna' Ar, aIr. gati il-iaw-se I.KED. \+ lI.KINSON. .. ..II.W-.SI l- . TRUE AMERICAN OWFICE. In connection with this Otice is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE FOR TIIE.PRINTINO OF Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circulars And every descriptiole ofJob Work that mnay be required. IlThe proprietor respectfully calls the attention at the public to the above Card, and assures them that all work intrusted to his care shall be lone at the short est notice, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and at the lowest rates. TIlE TRUE AMERI.AN, EDITED BV JOssu GIBMON. rAITILtUL AND BOLD. N L w OR LEANM: MIONL.TY, DECEMBER 17, 1838. Dtn.cTona'.-It is contemplated by the sub scriber, provided suflicient encontaoement is given by tile public, to publifah, an addenda. to his Di rectory and Guide of the City of New Orleans, comprising the new residents, and the changes that have taken place during lhe past season. Persons desirous of having their names inserted in the addenda, will please leave themn with their professions and residences at the Counting Room of the subscriber, Exchange Aotel. Cards tnstefully inserted at a moderate price. The Addenda will he sold bound with the Di ectory at four dollars, or by iself at one dollar. JOHN G(;I SON. Pr.ENNr[.vANtA DE.McoRAvY.-At otor latest dates the Ponnsylvania Lecislatlure was still unabhle to dr husiness, in consequence f t e menaces of the democrntfe mob, although a week had passed ,mveri Ahout 1000 or 1200 troops had arrived in the vici. nity of l.arrishurg, and between 2 and 3'0 had been tiationed at the Capital, to restore ordler, but we have not heard of the result. The Lgilasiture assembild tin the 4th, and our latest dIates are to the 911, inst, when things remained nearly as they were. As this is tine if the greltelt nutraies on lawr order, and good gvernmrnt, aind alorming to the safety of our politiclal InStalltions, ihat as occur. red since the lanlous Pennsylvania Ihiskeq instur relion in 1705, it is incumbent on all good citizens to reprobate and denounce it in the most unquali lied terms. It is hilt proper, in the meantimle that the world should be correctly informed of the original cause which Inas ld to these diagrace ful and alarmingi proceedings. At the last October clctinn in Pennrylvania, let it be hrn in mind thatllt Charles Jalred [, sail, the Van Hlurn candidte lir Cionvress, list his election in the 3J e.ngressioinaldistrict. which includes a part of the Philadelphia county, and Charles Naylor, the whig candidate, was elected by between 7 nld 800 votes mnjiirity. W hen the judges of electon assembled to conunt and conoliilate the votes from each precinct, which was required to, he doine within Ihree day, fronm the day of eleciin, Mr. Inge:s II came itr ward and claimed his election oner Naylor, by the rejection of tlhe voiea of the Northern L;bleries, for some trivial cause. T'here were 10 V. B. anti 7 Whig judges of elections from the several pre. uincts. 'I'liey met the third day after Ihe eletlion. bcing the last allotwId by law, tI m-,ke their returns. Mr. Inlgersoltl, the d f.avted candidate ir Congrass, indueteCd the it V.. judges to act side the whole vaei of the Northern liberties, (,hout 1000) contrary to all raw,jasicne or honesty, which left him . scnae ll mtajorit.v: and these V. I judges gave him a certificate oh eleuitih. It was lten tin late, as the majority of juldges thlougt,. o count and constoldate thle votes ior the two Senators and right mvm hers to the Legislatnre, and they tij-narned over to the next day. The whig judges knowlng this was the lase day nll:w ud by lanw, ite again the samne evening, and each preduced the return for his own preciict, which gave tie h wig andudlates a naajority, and they wvere secordingly declared duly elected; certifi. caLes were givoen, sad the legal return of the while made to the Siherif on Ille same day, which vas forwarded to the Secretary of State. and by him recorded. This was the return which h ' laid before the Legislature, under which Ibe whig memhers took theirsents. The Van Iareat judgues met the ,ratt day, rind After emnparin the returns. declared tilhe andi dates ofrheir party elected, and made a return to t'e Sheriff whoa declined to receive it, on the gronl. I that the time limited by law for hin to mthke his returns had expired, and he had nn authnrity to aeetpt it. The V. B. judges made out certifiertes and returns, and gave to their cendidatnts. In this si!n ati.n thin"s remr ined until the ,o" islatnre aenemihld, whe n each st of represent-i rives appeyaread a elnaimed their seats The S. e retarrv of Sate, as h was bound by law to do, l id the reares of tht Whir tenlmtern before ench lHouse, anld tihe other metmlers presented their eir tifientes and retuin nfr.u the Vin Buren judrtea The Whig returns were all smde in punrnance of law, but thie V. . erticates shuowed the highest nulhber of vntes. This is the true state of the ease; and under such circumsstineeswhat ntg'it to have been done? 1Every dny's experience, and the laws governing the ection of all deliberative b.dies, declares that iene houie shall decide and determine all contested elections of its mnemhers. The V. B. mnts era htre, instend of raising a low less morb to carry every thing by brute force should have presented the evidence of their claims to be nmeethrs, and regularly contested tile seats of the sitting (whig) members, and an this way, the whole a atter would haie been decided according to law. BDut this did not suit their 'the ith nll e c e.i'ri re t'r rthee r, tha its origin in ti t conduct Itf.' ..l. Ingersol l and the ten V'tn Buren judges, Itn inlllll asnitle thle voites O the Northtertn Liberties. Thie whole election is pro. balAy illeg al, in conseqeence of this miscnndnet. But the sittiug members hanv a right to hold their sents until the ,leetion is declared null by the pro. per autthority. The rett.nns of the V. B. judges are clearly illegal, hacausen they were not made within the limte pteseried by law. In equity, the whig nteentbrs, in a contest, must he ouited, on pro.f that they have not a majority of votes. But no Ie enl return of all thes, votes having been made, the election ennnnt stned, no ns it allow either set of members to hold their seats. The election should, and in nil prohability will be referred back to the people. Sneu scenes as are, or were at the latest dates, enacting by the detorrettie tmob at Harris hurg, have never befro been witnessed in these United States ; and have only n parallel in the darkest days ol the French Itevtlution, headed by Danton and Robespierre. This wdid Democracy in America is to the same results as in Rev olu:tionary France, where all law and constitution. al government was destroyed, and an iron despo. lism erected orn its ruins. Miss Josephane Clition arrived in this city on Saturday, in the steamer Di na, and will, we understand, make her first appearance at the St. Charles Theatre on 'Tuesday, as Pauline, in the Lady of Lyons. We learn that Miss Tree, Madame Caradori Allen, and Mr. Booth, owing to the closing of the rivers above, have bken obliged to return north. wardl, and it is eotn n'quently doubtful whether they will be able to fullil their engagemetis in tilhs city. TIlE DEST RACE SOUTH OF POTOMAC. SIXTEEN rILEs IN 7 52-7 55-8 04-8 27. The fai.r mile race on Saturday produced greeter ex citement,and brought forth better running than was ever before known in the south. Four such cracks as Maria Black, Pollard, Melzare, and 'the Pony," were never seen together in one race. The betting ran every which way that could he imagined. The friends of the imported filly, and of Pollard, bacued their favorite freely against the field, while those who knew the Ins ting qualities of Melzare gladly took up tile bets agninst the field. The attendance was numlerorus andi fashion able, and the whole scene more redolent with mirth and enjoyment, than ever found hereabouts upon a race course. The change which took place on every heat of course produced the greatest variety in the bets, and every one had a book full. Such a contest nmay rival f the famed contest on "Chevy Chase," atid tile specta tors ofyesterday may well say in the words of the old ballad, "And when they next go out to flght ".llay I be there to see." The Race.-The Poney seemed determined to cut out the running, but like many others who ecu t out he left some one else to do the work. Though thie I 'ther three were much in a bmneh, on the back stretch Maria pushed out of the crowd, and collared the 'oney for , while, followed closely by Pollard, and in tllis order they camin riund in 2 m. I sec. Poney l1t, Mlsril 2nd, Pollard 3d, and Melzair 4th. Again were all four bunclhed together, whence Pollard began to mtake piny, and on coming home the 2nd time outtfited first tile filly, and then the Poney, and came out a head Ly just a neck, in 2 minutes. Maria now took lp tilhe running, and pusllhed Pollard every jump hle took, and hnng on to Ilis skirts lhke the bogies that clutched tie tail of Tam O'Shanter's mare: while Mclzae, and the Pouey, as if in a separate race,ran a.lp tile whole length of the back stretch, sntlf thus they came round again at n i quicker gait, doing the mile it 1.55. Brush and bhrush Pollard and Maria ran the fourth mile, while the Ponev and Melzare followed suit at a distance, but while tile former ran ftr the heat, tile latter pair were going at theirease, and after a sharp contest down the lest quarter-the mile being done in I. 56-Pollard won the heat u:rlnr a good pull m 7m. 52. Maria was run lihr the heat, but her rider gave up his pull after 3 miles, and lost. Pld;nrd was in superb e' dition, anl is a horse of remarkable qualities: gathers quick ant has great foot, for his neck was never straightened. Mel uare who is every inlch a racer, and a guame a Ing n· ever took a track,' just dropt in " like Paul u ly, with an evident irtent of mischief next time. Second Ileat.-All cooled oeff well, tile unre none the worst for her beating, and the "Wild (Iill" cult as blithe as a hird. Pollard was now decidedly IIth favor ite, atid the Ilobilians freely betted on him. At tilhe start the Pony led followed by Melzare, and Pollard, the mare being behind. At the back, all gat iunto n crowd,--nd though all were well in hand Melzare cleared bimself first, pushed by Maria, while Pollard lay snag behind and in this order they reached the stand in 2m. 00. Again and again did the gallant feld cluster together on the back astetch, hut tile pace was too greant for tile Poey, and he fell a long way in the rear, while MIlzore, Marine and Pollard, each on the other's flank rushed around again in I m. 57. 'The third mile was a series of dashes:-the three gallant nags would crowd together and then part again just as be fore like india rubber distended and replaced, and an they came outof it in 2m.00. a yard ofcord could have tied together all their stirrup leathers. Exciiement was now upon the stretch: if Pollard was to have the mon ey he wotulhi have to win it hard, fir Melzare who led took the spur at every jump without n flinch. If Pcl lard will only reserve his brush for the last quotler he is safl! they near the leaif thile back stretch, Pollard goes Iup! hurrah h Irrah r !-h-e is too soon he ant nev er hold that brunsh fr halfa mil e;--he passes tie mare with thelpeed of light, and now Sielznre feeling his honors shout to depart, redoubled his speed :-they ntnr,-Pollard is on his flank-the distance stand is past--the people shout-Pollard has it--no! Melzair takes it by half a length! l'ime, i.5. So gallant a heat lha seldom been seen. Haid Pollard reserved hil brush a diflbrent termlination must have ensuedl. BIt the run was evidently now takenl out of him. The mnre was thought to be dune over, and I g n at d loud were the shouts of "tlle kuoing nlle ae taken inll." l ut no one it governor till after thlie election. The Pney had been distrl.ced altogether, and tile importrd ili v iot letter, and beltel every ii'e site went. Still Mclizare tohked finely and ealre up to the pout 'eeol and iollec ted. T'hird leat.. -Fovr ver two mihle Me!zarre led theI way, fllowtd a l PllyPollard an I pul ed i tl Ilthlllnmt ,b Ihea mnare. IHis neck had been straightened ont, while lhe filly was running under It dead pll. In the I .ird mile she made a dush at the gallant little hay, the cld longe was not nlswered, antd she gave him the go ll .- Thle sthouteLthle herlteorte despise I ' knowill onell" now rent the air! A hundred to fifty tile pops Ilim! no response,--ten to nlle Maria tnksr tlle lone --hut no answering "dne" draw our the docamenii ttlld the mi .re ran up to .1elzare, and ill a terili, strtlgle piassed, andi culle oun hell Never waoestluch it I deafnling shilllt heard oin a track all ow rose tip. Gray htalded mien lanced and shouted like merry Alndrewt , and loaser, as well as winners, seemled frantic withl exatelmnt. 'nol !ard was now drawn, and thle Poley being ldi.tanced in the previous heat, Mllz.lro and Maria had it all to thenl-eles. As Ilood aany The field keptgetting more select, E~ch thicket sered to thin it. Twelve tmiles had been run,yet tie nare looked bet ter thn whel site started. Marria Black is, without doubt, the very best running nag ever imported ! and Malzure as gainm. a ung as Bertralud ever gtlt. 'he fourth Heat.--\ot a jot of tile excitement was last when l he te o started for the fourth heat, nor Ibr three miles were. they ever wider apart than just to save their aliel from striking. At every jump tihe spur was given t ttire horse, and in tihe last mile the whip flew merrily about his flank, yet they entered tile quarter stretcl oi a lap. But here the English lady thought it timae to trake offoo tenacious a auiltor, and with a rush nai fresh anin her first quartr . lhe left him behind, coming out a Ihad eight good lengths in tie clear. JOCKEY CLUB PURSE. $2.O.U.four mile heats. II. N. Tilone'nsilllp. b.f Mtar A en Be, CK4.y. . 1 ty 'i'tlh -dal-pltrt, tf ln lity atnek 1 e s. S 2. I. t 1 D. Stevensorn'n b.c. Mttnzrt, 4 y. e. by Ber. toerd, dar by itl Richard; tIO Its. r 3. 1.2 2 J U.Gurrison'r b c. P'nOnIAn tretna, 4 Oy o.n by Wild till, dnt by acant; 1in I s. 1.2. 3. dr. T.J. tlls' r" h. r.' "THE 'nONV," 4' . o. by Lea j vialthrndah by Sin khulder tio I1,. $ 4 dis. A Bumper of Holland's own pr-cltriag, will, we a trust, he liund to-night at the St. tahurli s. This pure disciple of Momus, this laughing iphilo.terplcr, takes his benefit to-eight, and preents ont the notetion an ar ray of attraction quite urnequalled. The spectacle of "the Flying Dutchmaat" got up with great pains, anda new pltrantasmagoria, will be, toge l-r wiltl the spectacle of "Peter Wilkins,"-in additiol to whicil he gives a novelty unknown in this icu-nltry,--an rvelture played by the musicians on childrern' toys, penny trum pete, drunl no bigger than a wafer be x. acd cuckoo birds long tite pride of the nursery Ith ugh unsreren for years. Give George aI buoper. Yt terdiay's race was wot eaelyr by thel imlpnrted filly "Britannitr," running easily ifrom tIhe jlump. IREPORT Fifth Day.-Jockey Club l'ur:e $1.0l'. 3 mile heals. W. J. Minr's irp. hr. . Britannia, 4 v. .) by Malev, out of Nlancy, (Longwaisrt's 'latn) i97 h . t. I J. S. atirrison'r hi h. Cippus, 6v.o. Ivt Industry, dam by Marc Antri;ny t II Time. 5. 521--5.54. The Race, to-day -T'ree cpltanl iags go (or the mile heato,-3 in 5--nd an erxellrnt race they will make. The imported Tramp flily, Ricth ard of York, and Rhoderiek Dihu, are entered and will go their d- 'si frome the vtry jump. alusic.---Garcia Ruiz, the talented sister of the gif ted,and lamented Malihran, girve a cI'olert this eve ning in the Ball Room of the City Exc hallnge, ans,ited by Messd'lms E. RIasi, and Ellerluan, wtah Signor Rosa andCeresini. Suceh a i-play of vocal power eannot fail to ensure a full and fashionable attendantce. SamrIT.'s CASE.-Placing reliance ltroon tihe grate. ment of a gentleman who, dtnhbtlese, had been himaellafo informed from a sourre that gained his redencea, westated in Saturd ,y's paper that Smith had been sentenced to ten years' imlnprislnmr nrt at hard labour. Tllis, it seems, is an erre.r. tlIw it ariginated and gained eirculation lilt it reached our ear, we areat a alos to say. Smith has not yer been seatenced, and there is yet rao i to hoper tIlat Judge Lanwrence'a curse, ans reagarrl the anllrru nate crimninal, will be influenced by the award ri rae Jury, who in finding the aet.aud anilly, re commended himt t he merrcy f Ihecourl. Thie.ark Magnolia, 14 days frrom B,rhnhre., reports that on the 15th ul. all Engl *I erlgaoe and twno saoop of war arrived there, hound to Mtlrlto, and that several others were expected I.,r Ut.e .allle destinatione AIFAIRS AT IIARRISBURR&. We referred in Snatrdany mlrning's 4ntr;rran tn thie Cnmpromire whilth it was spltposed wntlr l ,h ri.tcted between the itw. it.rllt, ts ilatl rarirh ra . for o iviatng the ddira cul its and dths .ra rs whlth Iad attended thie orltanizatl.n of the L githlniire. Tnte Canporomise, we tlin.., wa;I nIludedI to dU ri ih- silting of the Viian flren divisbion of the foruae, on Thursday afternoon, vlwar, in reply ton qurs tian frlul a member w a , .kread tar Itrcltrantiwt in reerrence to i, hle SRalkr steaed thltrr lt Cartn. tittetn thatlteatbject had ni baeen app llttred by tse fleieues s b.tty, nd rl colletnqoyit i onuld n;t itake a retport i Itte fltne, fin lhd sati d ii, thie morning, tarnt n Coll c prnlnie was In train, bit in eouoseque~ice uo tihe Ahltrltn e. I. n , [ liea Illse nti Iitlee ex(,ctred to bIe appointed tby re otler house had not met the lllne aippinted by Itrs. Another member laS s rated that a enttprInise was in arain,nnd he thollaht, iroml tie infrlnatron which he had received, that it would likely be consentmmled. The aHouse then ndjonrned until five o'clock in tise evening, at whin cli hnor t again nSeltbled, whln lir. Brodhend ltted lhait he undrersrrod the nrronrgement in e elllo n oI f ealncprlt'se . al nut yet rconsuleatedl Il he ielievar thelrre wais sturh aI arranahlretnt ill agreas e tls wnwld terlninsr e u'tltontefy iar ite goond of tha iecale. rtAi Od tjrnU'lonet then tonit paIce utaril Friday. iThe Hnrrsburg rielorier of Friday sys, thert up toI the hour lrfgoig taoarr Cars T'lurs:nlay nioh, no, conipromoiso had beenn rltieted--tie lottis bring aunahle to agree uipon Ihe rermas. wa'e were not ai aiin I rbtain a praticle of infsur moion froan, iit.risburat tby Slturtay niI oirto ,l road Cars frota Yo k, N. pasn ngercs Irmn Ii rrir burg eaome n in tie Irati, ond naitoog thr tell en dnctor meade diligant aftlauiry blftre er alei Yrk ont Satnerday ati 2 '.1. he couad gniai l nfer a tion o wf the irete nelfitirt at lairrsalbrq on Friduy. LrLne --'rhi, Philadelplia Nationcl G,,zetre of Saturday afotereoon, tereolvtd ince rile tiiregoino ,war ireparIe 1 ,oarlltaiisa Iltttr i at erl nel Ir irriburg on Frida, tire 7r1riv at hailf-ast I I o'claok A . It says t.i t uip Ir th.rt r i sme, ma ttre w ere yit ial stla uten, and tetat aop ltrenl ti ocalln nr had tanen piceo In tie rituatior or dipats ition of the bellige rant atrlies A ten 'clock atn liidlv, Mr. Slrnhm took tIhe chair, havilu been roiralf in di ano by ti cjeakerna pand it pearmn t it tletre was not ar q itruti prn,, 'lfd sirlle s ourrt was h timemerS toIn ti is A t:e. It Wa rlllllto llrellt ; ltat civil prolenea c wtas a.iur t1o Ie issued agirattS thi riallzleldlera relf' lnu diiurbsones. Tte following isear tp a en the ollicinl requiritinn ,f theo (,*vrI tr, nddlalse to a eo . P lttere oni of I'lllad.:lptin,l in illtSittart Ce i(t whicih he hait itr led hi ortceIs lui thr e 'ilitatI to S ir he LFirst o DLisiiomr. led Quares, arrters, laibrg. Deie , fla31 T'o ljlr (elernil Ilou.dlr Piarrnts, Caol lla. dill:g First D leioan fl'tlla' Mi:tltil. r-.r:--lfVllla rt.ttive a attftraantalt oar oan inaur ritiront intgrlr. eratanrd by a ial o p iea, whio invaded tile tilnte Chatlllrr traterdoy erenorg. d llrlll. le aItS - ilil iltha t)a , nnd by aInwrets vittellee nlll l threCt, oi elit)ersan llllnj ry Iny 1tar ire ar . ere, and Ilotodslhed, dirsturbed the Saente and prevented it front proceedrlig with its deliberalions, and compelled Ithe memnlers to disper•r: folnng also heeo reformed thant the same iaody of amen onhave rganized tIehemselves and resved to compel the Senate to andopt their will as their rule Nof ation;I wmn comph elled to order nad require you flrlhwilh to call it ot ferm your coLmmn i faloreB suficient to, quell this inurrectioon, and nireh iheln illnledinthIv to the soart f iovert lller t i' JOSEPH RII 'NERI, Governor, &e. The Phildelphia pnper earnlrain the fiIllowin g Order of Maj,,r Gfen. PrrasERoa HeadQrarlor., fat Dirioiar, P. .4. Phladlr, rhito, Dues 7, 1838. Th'e Governor of lre Caollllllo neriletll l Io bha t'licter l Conlllane r it-an Clll i, hlr vlne l iso el I la ord er. cnlrlng ,r tie Uotintai n r ad laew , requiring mre frthrlwilh tIn call ut Iriol miy cnl,. .tl anael imme eatat ily tir to [Ir i seo ti t o .ovrianlnn, a torrte t lfiire ntro iqull an l .hur reclilla wbichr ha e "llilla"hU l IoIlrl' d been raited by a body oftmea, who invaded ithe Senae Chalntoer on the 4th tinsal, dlring the session ol thor body, nod by lorwleass vlene and threals of personal irnjury ton thie Inebers, and bhoodhedli, dlrurbed Ill Senaslt, and prevented ti frolt pro eeding itit its aleliberations, and eotnpelled tire memlerars toa disperse; and further, that the sailO body of iten have oritalaezd Ilhelrselvs and re. solvied to eonlpel Io Senate to adapt te[ will as their rule ef acton,o" Now, in cntmllhnnee with Ihe said requisition, the volunteers ol Ite First lviaji,,n will saetlnble iu wtnter rtniatntrt cl, with kllatta aek, provldet w hit hirteen ran:a ol il buckhlor cartridge, and seven rurnds of ball Cnrlrlodlg, IIt roalt sait el, a outl oh hlt:rkeitl slreat, Io. trin, (Saturday,) t seven or elok, A. .1 prcisely. The faja.r i.tarrat rii rr make no ither apteal to iI1 pao riotli l I h i lit va: lllllerrrs ol I It . diviI .Lt Italln I retllltla t lhI tartar It t IS I ta a hr lltaCi priav ier,' ns l I e e i f ti e Ill(ian Illlait erifl lI tlllr, rtf the citIt n ta ah r iri r tcoart i tihe |'el atia or, wlet iiivtr ihe ritlloe ta tc occttrs thirh rellders na utrec a ty n r aro el garat 'Ihc spirit ol older nln a encredt rertlrd falr Ihe rerlg ar nonc t ll i rat larw, a lilldlr .tllt.t atoll: cR allr our liheriea bel rciai ettr t dl, l tllllll t IIItIhe I piti r a l lora le, inuso hea insicanlly, retrg llavlt lly u ,taerually suptf r e,.tei. litat iirt ( tutaaeralo, (lO dWiltr nd Itrevna t will rake Iammedilte Inltlnr, s a ltia their Ienspecp1vo rigrtides, In carry tits orda.r 1- t I lul t'Fnet. 'lie ellieers st the I1tIa Rad have been r qaia ed ioadl d'ith Iha IarOt an ir llnsplrlIR.rn.a By o.oUmad (,Ih Mjor (;ietrail i. PA'iI'TIEiSON. JolaN MitLEria, alhd-S.l-t.'ttl -- __rIl· rl· DEP: RITURE O' 'I'll p I'IIILA DELPIIIA TROOPS FO )R 11.I iRISLhURoG. The Philndelphia Nllrltil Gailatte of Saturd lay nfternton oays--iSctvel veulnoir lc ii.pialtirs ii this city, numbering nearly one thousand ilen, arned ald e:utpped cecording to the orders issued vester.loy, took pnesase in Ithe rail road cars lor HIarrisburg, at iine o'clock this morniing. Their presence, we have no luestion, will suplpress all distuabances at the Copitol.' Each of the Public Meetings held at Pltilade! ptia on Friday adopted, among other resolulionls 'no for the Oppointmnent of a Ctommittee of Confe rne,. The resolution of the Whig meeting, wtllclh nrsernalced in the morning, was ars fllows Resolved, Tiat a Colnlllittet of Ciorferoliee of five e appointed to confer with a oelmittellle, it isch should be appointed, to be chosen by the meeting thei aftrlonoi.. Thl Commitee nappotinted in psursun ce os thio resolution eere lloroce Btrney, , Matihew New kirk, l'Thomas J. Cope, J. 11111 Btready and George The resoluitino adopted by tile Van Iltren Imeerl ine, which assemobled in Ith alternoon, was as Re'ohied, Th't a coonrmitiee of five he now ap. poinred biy Ihe chair to meet the eommittee ap. pointed this mtortnlll by a mieetitg of whig citi zts-n- d hutl thli ey be instillncrd to colner wirh that colllllitte wlet h view ti the restortaliont of ,order, n d the re-sllui lishi , t of 1peace and llll It! uirernmaev of the I.rl • i , is +lllllllm llnwelith provi , d h ile t lit, ' t 'soi . itted on b It it lof this nir tig shall bI. an.t nlld Ihat. a ni!iltary Io.ce w II n'tt rl;l roi tll e city iln.d ctont y of Phil. de'pr i t i nder t lie rereot pre'.a'tttin of ithe t. oa or; tIisltineeti, ble i, Iliv sosi itu d that thlie interv, -rion of n. , -re, torc. most e destructitv of oIl hope oil' enelli Iro it the lproposed confer The fiollnowing gentlemnin ere nppointed tho . iOn l ill er r - Jo3hn K Kane, Hlonr fllre, Dr. George F. ebhmatn, Cololl'l Jame Pige, . ed J hi 11i. Do T7 \Ve find by th it Nnlit l (n tl..lrte of S titlr. Idtiy aftciron, t ,t thi.etitu tio n I itlllreb, whole ap i ri'i"li'CI't lie III"ttI,1II d r +holeI) have h had a eor e toen I tnnce IthItoui tir respel ve chairmen, which Ihas trlin itrll itIit nlly practical re su to 1\'h0 a:l pulhh-h the . orresplt dtliic I. Ilori l , ril i l in the meni ti l e inllerl ll, iotl, wilch e ittlt, L Bde iI, ',e hairmra t of the lhig imro ittle having pr, oed a e rlllrt i e ,i the tI wo co: mitteet the pllroetllo was acie pttld by the ehairmanl of the Vail lthrelleolElllLe, mil ten n'"loclc, A. .I. on Sottrday, naled as itit hur fior holding it. Tue lollw' ll'n notes thell ptssed t eltween tlme , ternar. naring thes crespumth i.e : dMi -You were aware Inst nigh at th e con n ttei a of which I oamn chairman adjourned to 10 t ns tilnlg. I shall conllequntly be unable to lay ht( I~ teInt ut llhlll o iit our yotur la.t note of ) esterdi )'s dasli , r cld It ,.dav. I aml, sir ver ry sipel eilty Vollr oh'dr avr. 110ti. I;INNY, Chairnnn. L. K. KamE, Chiiriniiiu. 'Phlludelpria, Dec.8 Psi-The comlnittee ol I I rln'tut citizens have. just leirlot wilh exrenl e pamEas ItIl a IIu litary fore has itrehel Iroin Philbdelp hi,. Ir Harrisburg, i derrdltrs Itrtni the (:overoir. Phfis toilintience, by the terms of their np .,-i nt,"le nitoiil s their authou rit) to meet your voi ntli ir ile I I con ertenee. I atll , 'r, your very ob't sirve. J. K. KANE, Chairman. Saturlay,8lth Doec. fli,. llllliey, Chairman, &e L'I.ES'I' F iRO \1ilI"iRtSLURG. BIy the Situiqlehlnnnt Railrod Cirs Vwe have re. coived ro launt mInt egi.get Iroton liartiiburg, hiceh we lubjoiil: lEr!rai ofa Letter, dated Hartrisburrg, Dec. 8. eve-ail cmiiipnieiis otl vonlltlers,70 II nulmber. a rvedri IIre to ruiuht roml Philnilelllhia, and 400 more tre exptecl It,,nlorrow nortting. Affalre are atill in grtth iionuie n. Extlret f anolther Lr/ier. t i[Lrris!maru, Der. 9. The Sellilte rtold utlhi dlvisono llll t he Ilowr lHousu irans i ed Ii- pe, leabll yesterdlty. 1'. prl.tre r of a comprlare lndes alway as itle p ti rerero." l.lrri.burg, Saturday night. It o'rlck An armed I r e, t ho n 11cr flly io Phlhindetl ,i.., hnve pniel.tron of the C ip.l uof the State. 'w·, ompRnie hove alrendov arrivtd,und fi. tn ,te ,ii a pecled before llnrning. St. Charles Theatre. Mr. HOLLAND'S BEI EFIlT. This Evening, Decrarb' 17, Will ie perfinned the celebrated Sprctacle of I'PETER W ILKINS. Niiodletrdts Crowquill, Mr. ilald, John Ad Itit, liege, I'llelilll i'Seud, Archer, Nindesecript, lie lisP, Peter WVilkina, Mrs. De liar. Son., '"The Sea," Archer. SOnle, "The Banks of the Mississippi," Sam Cowell. To eonelude with the Play ul the PIIAN'TO.M SHIIIP. Captnan I'epperecal. Mr. Farren, I.ieutenallnt .towdlv , le Btr, Peter Von Brrummnln , ollanl, l'Tbe Varillk, Cowell, Vanderde ken, thle Plying Datelliman, Ilarrison, Estelle Vnhealm, Sire. lie Bar. HOW D'YE DO? I EG pardon-,--ope I don't intrnude--but if it is v t a asking, an question, did you FLYING DUrCIIMAN? You know he belonged to Ihllind, and eo does the PH. 'INyTO.41 SHIP. the very identical one known in I.ndon fr ar hundred anihts in succession. 'i'i- is tile real pllan lon, setll out like Vnnderdecken' vant re, lit thli BINEFI'' OF ItOLLAND. nMy friend George received it per Euphrates; thllis Flying ntehmana in sanl to le all Alaiterdnl vesiel; Itrlllge sturv toldl of it; tilly iher hi.w a Itle : Itlackwnod sav thile sill ewat I:ttItIt atntl, alo, a hlallndred ellrs no, by onrl Vius tit,;, whle hes it waas, tl it he 'aulld have his own way inaspiIt t," il')nci i n doUhtaIniig tih rape, iIey w'i' whle d li til to wealher ''ahlle tid t, the wni idelaicras salnt] ot'ei, atid Valll'frdektn, tail kikg Ille Idck ontilllled wearllltg Il"trflllv . Just lliter uite. ie ile ielan st go iet,, the why tha nih? t wheh l lto dieeketh, wvitli a Ierienlltl e atllh, rePlied lie weold rat tIhogh hE Nhouhl hens shout till the thoy of jutlgclnen. Vadleareken never did gO intoi 'ITale ialy, and is le lieved to haec uilderoner the dim he scl despenate dared His vesel is st ill .:an in Int cap seas tr filll weather, sailing against the fieNrcest storn, with ever. stitch ol canvaasa set, striving in vain to real I iti homae, or sead despaltllee to relaives by other vessels! Wonderful,aint it? I lamust as itIiati)gli that by pir ticlar desire of llai frieucds, with l ti. juvenile plrts of ilt ir faotilies, to witness the spIlelid sf etacle ol PETER WILKINS, With a vnriett otlntlor enterltinatenlt. Priced lliore, therele, r.peetflll auggeast tit, I the aure 1n11 is ofaa ulluulnl y iaowt l erJ nature, Ih ine whio I)hltpse honlring tie ocla. aint h c ther pre tre , wil l hat oe illas arly as posible,with a view ol see ring uthei elats; he begs to aldd tolla 'IIIEY WII.L NOT' IN'rTlltDE THIS EVENING, (Monudany.) whihl is set nplirt for IDEC.17. H .DNEIIT. DEC.I7. i' .tltl'cN'S S(CHOl)a L Ill'(Kt'i.tltii. lluppi " lt AL.hX. ' Cit.EVAil, 49 Cantll.ltNreet, l vi:--The New NiY. t onnl Sitnlling llook aild Ilrollrlnti tr Tutlaor, itn sit iTlproved plai; lhe FItirlI ('Ilas Readerrlepir lil vtlllgeat glee osste the lthied ld. ifr tile ferltier Il ranced; the eeond do. Ilo the IIddli classes. tile 'lral aIlo. a seletilll of exercties ill reatlillng, frlon atalldarl Alericai ald riti ulul ltr for the Ilae .if the liiglierulassea ; tie Nortl Amnilcae ArithnPiC, first part CnlltahlhnllC the enlementary leIssoinl, the nnCond prlt wriilig, ortl nfid written exerciseir. leniraon'i sehoiIl books ara aidopted a the Itit i schlooll " of lhiladelphhi, IRollson, iin II C II an1dr, fll tli:i Intlta unliilthellet pllrleti If Newtritrk, Peltetvva nio, Ohiol, hightl ned Kelltuckv, Slid the Soutlt111 Id WeV.l geueraly. COTTON CIRCUILIARS IL7 PRINTIE) titilh/i (Itr Gate t Irlrdrltiol, atdl in a ilyle ntlsurintssed in Naw ()lRiLEANS, or ise. Claterns Itfl aI ('oorriati Ritt in e,. (lharhlts :x ihllatnler, (Clirnlr f 0 trittr ,IT ) ir at T it I' Ei A l iIliC AN PIIN'I'IN I t Fl' I( ,: coetr ,f P.oitrat and St /harles Sttaie t, tir l he lpro y l l igal iI tnitli, d l t. l.'l"i llle ol.tlF n d;11 O lh-g tilu Iti,, lilr:. i- ' . "J \ Ii I11III I I llu . ' <'O, i _ dl y.. . . . ;i A1llCllIIllO UNPRI CEC DENTE I) N)ELT'I TY" The Girallle, or Camlelo ulllprd!. OitIht Chree mtittr rat, ii./ ti!,tter lt ftire'hited in the United Start,s. rlltlE EIISLTlllll iN if lhe 'dvllt atill opreI ftieit' l. let lime iotiMotaly Ivehiig, tie 17t sti . i t from Ill A. M1. if I'. hI. Aduittance Oie h:a/tir, Cthildren aid tirtrvcta 5tt/0 Ceilts. II thie aidt i ni g I'i a ilion it 11t . At i. G. hi. (I. N s, ptrt'ormttlne. For itartinUlate, ee, hills if the I y. D S' Anttan 511 Citita. Child n antPie::n: ha.l price. I_..___ Dress and -Masquerade Balls. MANSION HOUSE HOTEL. N LW LEVEE I'TIEIET, Ilmnediately in frlll o th steam boat Intillng. The above estalbli-h 1831, forthe seson'. 1Ha1 (int'. llldt.,R 'tnlonsI.. and Thursdanys. Said ettblietI I ,t will the rl.Pnhd with Iti lhoicest liquors, and i good ltestaurat will be the Ilnl! IRoomt with weapons of any kind. n htv28 W ANNUAIS Fil 18it:; Cnarrilalrre \nnualtl, LIondon; Fidellll (;nilery of (' raes; The ln mpeiial, ollollon tnnl A .lnit A OV , (ttt, ( tinles, for 182t9; ting Ltady's Anual, ftr 1839; oo nng Ietlent Alllltll' a , or 18:19; Ie Johns ti C 8's Louisiatna t; llllnll i It' Just:eceived and fur isae in A r I" JOiNS & Ctl. annr7 . h et (nr a n t'lll iinn NeI\W PLtLPt A'Itf.N. t 1T H S trin tnger in C hi nt:t t o, ) ltin ,. S TIh, Iritish Snale in 2 1,n ; IRomulllnce oIf V',ienna, by llt, I'rl llnlo , 2 voln I'Pelav; Ihe last ofIl" (;th G h-, i I v eels' Peter Pilgrimnby t)r. Bhid,'. rnis; Pidrlahl, trlll the French of Saintine; Thek W . Ilfe Huter, or the lorinrtv funily; eick, It N., i. 2 vain, furt sale, tv |: JOItS & Co, nov21 car St litrltes & ( i I m FURNITURE! FURNITUlfE1! 1U-T received at the Ilisia.ia F.rllillll \Vrte tl call, tllld .elett 'leiri ,lthc les flfoll Oie of tlI. IIehr-f 'llt Sarel strcknow inil ecity. \V It CARNS, N Int-Partntinlar nttelitt t ai oitt t pnckitg htyl - pillg Flrullitlll, frTee o' .pa lse. (li--:w n t INI.-20 b!l ;tit prutf Amteri cnn trandy, flr tsale t I,'AAC IRIIGE & CO, nor 26 16,4 ,'naaein, sr OSEIRIII.' E INISIIIN(; S'I")RL. 1B 1 E\VR & C(o. hnve cnstantly ion hand ,t t.heir extensive establitshmentt, . 17, Catm 5t and 84 Cotmmoni street, a very loge nuett.ollln of hOttne keepitg trlilee, censict.le of Frthettttrar-t Chitia nd Glans; Brlts antd Otel /ir. t Settl ntt Feiders; Kiltchen Ut.'sils; Iraon, Tin., I'oodtare anttd Baskets; silver plateld, brittnntitt attd japannenl oties; amps and chandcliers; knives arnd .forks adl hosae fnrnishin goed int general, wliceh tIltev ttttre t.epared to suptl.y at redtucetld Iaes to rivlte dwellings bnntrdillgou-nsean, it:ets, ilte, .tenabotl s, tt. Nn'w trleans, tov i, 18:1 LN(ILIStH ANNUAL .oI-It-l 183(1--Th'le etook of 1 Itoyallty, Sltieri; tttlt piuti e. Findle's T'ableaux, Fullllns (Galler of Graces; Fisher's Ilrawitg Itotml t crap Ilook; JlllolV'sd CoIIImrae; Buds an lllossmllns; Friendship's Oltttrina; Juvenile slkerch Book; You.g L.ades' Annual; Young Gentlemtn'saAnnunl. Ameriecan Annuals. 'rlt, Ttket utt Atilntic Souvenir; The Violet; Tith. Gift; The Juvenile Forgetr-el-Not. -Just received and for sale by dec' corner Camllp aIII ColItiton st EW ORI.EANS ( .l ARI tOLI .''1 ) hItl I)'c.,1874, until further tnati e, all Extra night Unr will lave the car Ilhlohe, 11 llrat st reet at llhl' pilt II o'clock, P. M. flr L'ay.tlle ilnd iltermnolldiate Places. Sogle 'lieketa37 I-2 t-ent', or t $:t5 Ier. Ihonie, J(tlN tA.1II'. ,\ I' Let-A (ollllltil Roomlll the "tit a floor t of 49 .p at, enquire t le 1 . *l. t . Il " --, it bulk, or .sw S Irm thlti. e by (1IIII IS. , dd1 ,8 1o I' ,as, Cas ',t; t f. Theatre. 'l i' ll111 \1111 I lC. IT, \11 ill .be p,(ourtel ht, lr'. I'1 f Tit i, A)Y OF ILfONS! ('lnude M hloorth, ,t', t",rdlri k', |. Pl| I~CI..IIItPll I i,'hhnI Hcnu.:runt, I" irbln 1'n Ali n, AiArs. sulrell, % i low ,lrlni ttur I iIo g II O( erinre, by l,; . i ( 'riestra. Afier which Ihe tllrilling I'r,,ua of Al Z ll'.\. Malnzr m. th'. D~e lht, rolinkn, B ar. i , i irth n, gr.. Green. {GRANI) CONCERT, M-nday 17th inst., in the nlon of the' C'ily E~x P aRT (I IIAM fT. I. flsn. lrelisnrio,' un,; by l 1rs E RI .si. and lr. Cer isii, I hlu ezetti l. Bl ,ltanei r of Alicr f 'lsAublrt It DiaIe,I , Iy .illr Ilrlnall, , l.anyerbeer 3. A:r l'lthe 'il.un lbn ulal.,' bly 21r. C re mini, elrllini 4. Air, wii vnr'i, iFF it. violin, h, ,.Ip.-- Be- ot . t r Si l a ig nl o ra ( 'rr in ruiz c, lle llin i r5. c ss,,,r Is- lai hur dIIFil ilF lFr. V A l,'TON I PART, R and Mr. - RIlini !(. l iliz r n 'lo ra. re l,,tr, R, n o. T io r n, Q}'"l'Isil.slss iiii S111,. I/sit. .I 11 3S'TP , .I I.rns . C4., corrler o i',:o , s,} noe l 't. In in s .1 I I no il r elrtrIs. , 1 1'en k I rornl, EIisrln-,-l i.n I 1. CO'ur ll ill is, lfP ntl i't lor. .'ll krmt $ bl 511. (114: F I)I'Pes &. Mauiierul'E Ir:iIi, IVA, lll I NG TON 1A IR10OO St. lhili p hl I e lt I, set lrol t llv l an IlP iOll.rrl - I :I h'. ,Mil nr Iof .l n1Ts,,,'.r h l l I,. FF oo grate Slfiltl ll- ,11 teir n llll 1 r e ll), i ran - vml, re ( l olir lo I o- , IPIl.i'll on 1o lIor- 'ed'i l P .PIIHIIIII ke,,ell 'ln.ler I lhlr l+' ;ll lllrlol'llfl'ollf ,Iit +IIIIt. td tii Iderr.lC till oll ' r, . Irr. Th g, I r b i II b e .hLiri ",, I b, the i [ [r-t I rI . : ll h P "l5 IE, il "1 r. tr o. 'Ii! ' l roon ~e l l re 11 r':al 0 lldaV ,,'Iao'n;;, ;ill lot .I l \NII r IIIlt.-' & I31 Sll I' I;\Ie 1B ,1Ar ., ayl+ll "'ill ll,(ll r lllv r ll' ll", llllo n rl eV, lr, S (l o i'o y , W ll S wrill nod n the, I1 , ( 1If i ..... ' inlli;i :. l t lder i,!,fluhr !!!Ib llltl ll, lllllli ll, as W el oc l' l .1I IiTho , rn t r, iou disso ve d h I. h 1 W ilit. '.l T lh.1r ItoyI i lllllhtFli.rl to list, the uIIlike Of the fillll III lilll~ illl,+llh XdlX--:t '1 li1 '"IT & RO." T I tlll el(?--I I lF FF It, .lill \\l'hiskr ,I Ililaii 1 illTroy the bor~rake r e I1,r r sale., b m , I..\\VR NI:I :' & I.I' :i';NI)R;I.l _ "N I'IX:I) T,() llh. , p, l.Ir(.hnl, , /o)F ('o/, nlbl \t'arhFr -wor Ii , 1i. II plI at tl, l ln r oI t'IIIIF . F nlill l illicerto I i a',I 1 I-- " A\NI -'iS r.F;FFFFI' . ,, l.r 1;1', VI'': Can /,,'r,'llheir Ilills.x/,",,,"/. off;i+ in he Or mo r s (',h re, Fi k. l,,, I',,,, I t FFl F r ,, r, ,F aril delxpatheh, rekId or Ilt'o+.,th/r "'I'+rrls, by ,. ',,, .. their ot.l:lts at TIll I .\ 31' . r a t rn itrFr ofI Ioydra lll, a d ,it. Cild, ."Ll r ,rI..l U. n N l,'2--lf 1 'I141F IA 11-I ,, . 11.op \ l'i .n 11F, aw R ,111i I.). , Ii I'~r I b, 3, , , - l lli ll iIF,'N. Fo tot v, rr,' - Fll .s f IIIFFF. l It I'! ll ,l- hy 3(i , -F I i ,,,, III rI h F 'IF , IIII i ll. , ,, slllll IsF 1rl', 1 141 11 I,. 'I ,' I,,,'. I n 1 11F F F lF IF - " llh]m Illl0 ) in 1 -II h I .lh " F, . I, I , ol rl I I y la F,7IF rFFF/.F 1F. FFFF ll,. h \',,ssi ,I .I j dIF .F . i"i F I1 11111 ,.I; i/ /F I aaF FFF FFF .FFF'r .'I , IrnlFi- I .FFlIF I kiln. '11IriiIIIX FF1 SF IFp FF1,11 ,'I F F/ F . t FiF , Flr, i t , o, , I, ",,.,-. I II , i llltr , T'ln - hrd, V .lh it,!,., o." V h'1, ,"1 ('\ op., and at P e I, e.," ,.r .'! I' h', ,- 1F 1:F. i ll,.s F N - r . S1i.\ l ll'', I. i {1 IF' 'lll 'I- lltl I l r[P ;" . .l It I rll l ll i :I l' .1 ', li , .i . i I< r h, l ; rive duo LX -ILL 11111 L1 111,R Al ILVY r.LL~lLL( 0 1,, I u- lil i I ll ; I IL IIIor IjI ) as io ,le l . i.'.& ro idl NI-C . L'1.'lLILLIILL&11 11,111 ~~ 17·~l1111l~(P (j" )?()ILLt UI, e I IV Ill - NIl ll111 ws, (sr nI X''(IIIIIII IN ·INIIIIIF'XIII 1I j ( II. I, .\I I \-i i tl' ,\111 1111 :1'," L·11tNl'- .lI 141711L LILI \ I L1171 Id 0\1 11.~5 rI r 0.....0111111 IlL III XXI. 1iI RIO 1III , IIi I i 11111 - l:, rI JoI It IM ILL 1 \ )111'11, II Xi iis I 'I'elaI I _ & 1 1 1111,11` LIII I· ··' " " · 1 11"· V. I II I ItIii IS & :\III i~i Ns III. \m ('51 ln u LX 7\ ll o,+ nis t 11 1( :t' 1l'A -lil 'l l 1' ill· :'1·c 1::1; 11; +cn 'Pe e(!,-; do.Su f ear I ' "e;: ", I. CIin; In(. l I.Iill (LII N lX 1111% *(110 XI I ,l .n 'L II . l.v +Io. ."cie III-l b 1 i II I XIIII' N l15 1 1 .\ i ' ', - + I X l, h IS1 , 1ifit sX, ll. LlI n., 11 .1 ,`o1 1,sl IIIIII1 XII(· K 1 . I IIN' 1/ NIII' & o, rflGfl WIL~IaNSONJ DCPJTY SJ l9EIGH GENEP7I 'r LUVISIANA, I I' , ti }' ont·· I 1 11 !'' 1111 ILL·ln I " I 1.\ .,. \t I 1'11'1 h: I LL: In + s LILL dI ILLILS II 4 I ' + + 1 ::;lo\ l',i III 'IlL' L X 1L.'11, .\" I )UW I1I;I""l-·il,; illl~ II\ "1'Ilrlll· VI; III ill gnl\ ilw atI Il II IIt 1111 I' l., I IIILL+,\ 'I\'LLL 7 LILI k ILL IX o/I f l11 01 1(.1··111. Li L'I.IIILL II. I 1 1 I L I\·. L L 1 II ILIlIL L~ ~· II ILLLr L~r OILIIIII.f s loll e r J L ' II'LLLL, &C.,·111 in Caw),St. 9 .11 StIIC.!hi t - .10..~ I, :, II III hul* I. CII . bI'& =n 111 1ely .tItIXII&!o0 L\0'1.11\ I SII& lCB., LIsI I'l'LII'LRLL RIo 11 .1"`" L:,I 'I' .11 711, rIII I o -11117 II llc 11( 111 111111 OL I'L iva us L-'.:, ""~ s1~ i ·i · "" Is 6'r Louev oi, I ' v'1" t t r\ "I·, , hll . & I.ItL)XV', LII!I 17r+cm el(I;iIIL 7 1 /ltI \ I i I I s "' . 11111 11711 II I ILL ' I1 L 1111111j `1 LI/I XIII.? I III IN I'.*rIiiiru II1 DE UiTi 1IIL' .117i111'fl I '1 "! Il. .."r,+ 1 to i· I IlllC )IILI I Jlj - In Is .I II "1111 1.1.. ' ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 110 11 1,n,5IIs's nlse.Iuwt

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