Newspaper of True American, December 18, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated December 18, 1838 Page 3
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RACI N G. NEW ORLEANS JOCKEY CLUB RACES!! METAIRIE RACES. FALL MEETING, 1838. AM IENDIIT to Article 31th.--Andthat any mem her giving such invitation ticket shall be requited to endorse his unae theren an sd not transferable. Any membr contravening the spirit ofthis nrticle by giving said ticket to any, but a non resident ofthe stlate, shall be subject to a fine of $3i, anl on refusing to pay the ame mr the Secretary nn detmand, his name shall be struck from the lit of membsers. Iladies' Committee. J Brainard, C IV Brock, John S Turner, W Kenner, J R McMurdo, J C( Ilnmrlin ani Wm1iTtrnuer. Stewards. John tlagan, Jr., Dr. IBestil, WVn Mills, Jr., Thomas Iolland, It McCarter, R H Ilile, I& I) J Rogers. Sesenth day. Dee. tI, 1838. Proprietor's Prtse, 1000i, three m 2ii heats, time between heats, 20 min Usai. IDistnnce, 120 yvd. I. Henrv A 'l'Rvla's m Zelilna by imp. Leviathan, dam by Snoekhloliler, 5 yrs. old, 1t7 lbs tGreen & Blue. 2. W R& It t ItBtrr;,w-' t e Pressure, by Trumpet or, dam by Sir Willial, ofTru'l'nnsport, 4 )rs. old, 100 Ih% Blul sad Blue. After which a mateh race, for $1,000 one mile; Mr. McMumnsers nantes cll It Sampter, by Ieviathan, dam by Whip. Sir. . Iluckett onueso h I Cooper, iy Bertrand, dam by Whip. JAMES S GARRISON, RICHARI) ADAMS, T J WELl.S, dll Proprietors. I3)UISIANA JOCKEY CLUB RACES, OVER THlE LOUISI./l.YJ1 COURSE. Ej FAl. MEETlINGo has been postponed to 'l'uetnday, the 25th tlay of )ecember. First Day--Sweepstnkee, tr two year olds--mile heots--unbscrtittinn $5010, lirleit $01)(i; iour stubscribers, acd cIosed-Jhs IF Miller, A I. IBisgcacnlt, V J Mli norond CC c S Farrar. name Dt,-P-rorietorn' Purse, $1011-mile heats enrnnce $a:i, iaddedto the iprse; free fo r all horses. Seeoad Daly-'l-et Crcole lPurse of $50(1--nilc heels. Sartme Day--Parse $3o0--milt. hieats-roee fir all Thirid Day-Proprtisor's Purse $i,'Oln-two mile Lheats if Iumore tillcit twio strt, the secound best to be on Ititedso 0110-il( ht two, tile winner tot rereive $IO01i. Fsurls Dayg--Jckey Club Purse. $1,800--thire mile heats; ef which the second best will be entitled to $3001, i snuere tbhe to sutart-ifbut two, the winner to receive Fifth Day-Thel.ouisinan Plate. value $1,000-two mile Ibets; liveyear olds and iver will arry I100 bs. --fielr ycer old. and under, their aprpropiate weights. Siotk Day--Proprie.tcr's Purua, $600--mile heats --haut 3 n 5. eoenhet D,ty-Jockey Club tPurse, $),500-four mile hears: if,ore tha, two start, tie secondl best horse will Im entitled to $ il--if hut two, the winner to receive $2.100. EigkLk Day-Post S.nkt -thlree mile heats-co trance $.5 -p.p-free ftr all agees-weight for nge. IIENIRY A TAYLOE. J C IlRANCII, AIA\II)EVlI.E MARIGINY, nly28 Pcroprietors JI bEIoittN ACAD)EMY. F.IEPAILAT1t)IR tY Jetitcrson t'oltas and to oth ters onduCted bIy Ii. tiraoert, I.. 1. I. Exchnugll Alley, betwoee tConti and Ilienville. Tlli; tilltliotu waa.bc t most eligible that cltld be found being entirely free* irl tile aise of thle streets and the rattling of drats anld carriages. The Jeffrson Acndemty is divided into two depart rnents. The .lunior or elementltary dlepartument foir the various brlnches of cntllonn educatito in i French ndl in Eugliih- I'he Senior department Ilier Latin, Greek, Mlaltceatilcs, &ec. PuctullllaltyV, order tanui discipline are strictly enjoined and observed. 'ermt. Jutitn e n leptuccnt, per 'ntu ; $10 Senior du 15 Spantis lIi Ist. Itct. sles, , papetr, it. haruced separately 2thd. A ccclhit once h-,gsta, tt( hr ,iid in full; :ird. No dilluctiol for ctsceel nor for holuidays: -[llhs. I'.luln~ Into be mlodi rncllcc everty tonllth. cysu. ' ep27' ClIAL, ENGE TrO 'TIlE WORLD. r Il .I. loo Mlr. Jcith Cactmietll's colt WASNERI, Iy Sr Iharle, out ttf Maria West. iy alnrictt, now tor year< oldI.) atuninst any iorse, mare, or gehl ll h the" wolld, tier twntly tholusand dollars, tor as Ilunch mllilorle as thP acceptctr Ilcv tcplune, a ran.e of ltllr o lim II tets ov,,r thI 31etairie ('tottse, N w ()tr i lano , tic, furth it Ilao r i,. Mlurh, 18:1). The forleit to he iIne itll i t the . ,ink, and the ne to bel run areei t h.' rollel' tcli she ic'tiaire Jockey ltio. This <chilcg. wir l g e,,.uu opetuuir accep tla ce, unti t the lit,'eocth ditlc cfttt 2 ttrV. 183.;. l I:tl: J.1tiES S liA ItIlISON. -XCIIANGIE RIiI liNG tltlo.i FTE I': proprietr alla re-tlitled his Reading RIorm, in J_ esh . t. it'alu iea cl' oetl , iCtcttornur ti tirc vler and St, tarile st ret , , the t l e ateet slaner. Ilesides l i," tclrinclpal I apers of tihe Ilitu d States, of every city and sntlte. rhe allnadsT:l exn and Mexi o acllt ,ti a tt tOln ciaruttn. tni i t rcg tlarly aIn dl extensive all the .lcltetry Per ldieals tlo te day, and has tIe re Cabinet Miscellany Iemocratic Review, iGetl emen, 's a gaine, Almerican montthly, Bently'a Miscelleny, tlhe Meti Cuhir, rgical Reie.w, and ia vwriety of otlers. All these works are regulatrl sulescribed lir and recei. red. T'I'he room is alcul, vieplicl ui ith a largi e ariety alit roml it cnly llelntcullie, (izateer, and a variety of works olrafeftlenellcr. Tise. ilUtOalaetive c inltelligcnt ieW collectors are em laedsi, g ive tihe t rliest a,rivalc, and no flaieS nor ex. ense will be sprdl tou render this Beading Room the crat tle ccnired States. Subts riplons are respectfully receive 1. osel I--t c NEW ORLEANS A CAR IOI.L'I'iT N RAIL ROAD CO.1 PA N Y. ARRANGEMENTS FOR THE WEEK DAYS. Froes Carrollton. FlonNet Orleans. Iloe Car nt o'clork, A. M. lorse Car at 5 o'clck, A. Luoeootive - I.ucolrotline 7 , " 8 ' " - - After 10 ,o'lock a Car can be oltined by paying 10 dol. lars for the Trip. THE JACKSON AND LACOJRSE STREET CARS IaveCCual c tstee Lt tOhi ocltk. A. M. and run hanrly. At ellfl st7 o'rlock this car will comslnlec running every balt hour, .nll cotnlinc thrnchout tLeu idasy ntil I o'cUlock, I'. M. fnroes h, he. d ofJ.cbk on streen. 'eroln, goilg by thce Lcultutihe lcust crovide thiecelves with Ticket, as nu monuey w ill Iha, iythccctcib e l o.ctnor. OGlce t Newrltullc ,clld CurrUhitc, tltli Rontd Ccllllipclly, l'oyisorlc.IrholN JOtIN IshoPioNuN, tovS9 Clliof Eltg. N. o 0 C R. t. CA Ii,). S111 E Principal of tihe Fglil.h, French iand Spanish Academly, NI,. II, It. 'hlierles sIreet, announces to is fi'ieds alnd tlle public withl saniesttion, thiat hIlis i nsti" t atione io ow i succ tcl , ht hol oertO la Ie ope soonr to have his complllliment pu ~ilswhich will be limited fifty. Ietankens ills opportnnity of nassuring parents that nothing shiall be wanting, which nmanV contribute to tile colllorI nd, ipllrovelellnet ol tleir sons d7: 1833 4- :"V It t tit i tlC. SLEX+ANIIEIt T)\VAIt, late of PIhiladeldhin, is v now o ainng, at No. 49 Cmlp street, a new and very vlllnloe as.rtnentll of Late, .edteat, Theologiral, ScLwool antd tascellaneous Book-s. whch will he sold on very reasmnnble termos. He will treceive thea ew looks as they are published, and keen consllrtlvt ll tile wolrks of tie opullar authors. lii stock illng entirely new unl very extensive couetry noerclallts and )-tieoninol gentlemntn willdo well to tall before pitrohntiog eleewltern. den 8 PlINTs--41; aeae, containinag French and Aneri can I'rits, lauditg fitntn ttl.j 'thanrslia, for sale by IAAC BtlDLGE & Ct)O, dl0 134 Magazine st I ICtE--50 cosrk new crp Cnarhun Rice, landing front hrig Ahn us, fior snle bV WtI'tiRDGE & CO, 110 71 Magazine et GFOR lE W. SMIT'' . Sureon Deatcal,f.-om Philadelphia, 3t ei to nlbform the ladies and gentlemen ol'New Or o Icos ltt ian hiets located hillnelto Noa. 166, Canal Street, opposite the State House, where lie will be hlppy- to attend to any professional engagementa. (i W Sltit ant !having pre.iously vi-ited this city takes the liberty ofextructiltg from toome recoummenda tory lett.r a,tlet hle bearn, tte rallwitg teatitnonials fro those o1Lo have ktnlOvn litl lOng et1 itltimltely. lrem the Rev. S H Tyng. of Philadelphia. "1 take great pleaoure in syne that I have Iad onsider-t. his nquaintnnre nh Mr. -,till, bth peostnaanlly alnd in the businss of his professio. In both respects I consider him sa gentleman highly worthy of the patlouage which he ra reives. Asat nOatisl I hnrnaver found at 0oerator whom considered superior. antd feel satisfied thlat whatever con-i dencs elhall bhe reed in lll by thoseaa less acqttainted with ain, will hae well rlepaid by his deischarge ofduties etruted to him. Smith tlnas operated to a considerable extent for me petaonally and for oniembers of toy fedt}-. STE'PHEN It TYNG. Fromnt Rev. J J Robertnson, Missionary at Syra, in Greece. t "1 waited in Pfiladelitla to give Dr. Smith a fair opportu ; ity ofputtlng my teeoth ia order. Thia ha has done in 1 matal-ly Ianlner, and the gentlennss, a e, and skilt wt a which hneondnetf his Operattons are equalled only by hidna' tiet persevraoo ingiivingneverythtnga thelighestfiniat. I thall in fture he saved nat only mueh asuffering, but ala much valunhle time. A.. Ae.. aReferaenes in New Orleans:.. Jacob Wilton, Eaq. It hoas. Allen. .at ks & To., I In Sloueonmh. Rihards & t.(o, New Orleasn.. Wltliaml t(lasko Jan. a1. I CuthbertIn Itllitl Eaq. 1 tl-K ItANDKERtI III-:F'--:I t .et I'tttae.... S snoted colors; I .-, la-Incv p, tpt, 1n. Istr ale by $10 73 Grnaier t. Mbis. A'NDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Removed fron 17 Csltomnlouse St. FO NE XT DOOR To ST. CIARLES TI E A TR E, CORNER OF POYODRAS &. ST. CHARLES STREET. oau9--1838. 'TO IENT. A LARGE ald ommnnodious Roo over Levy's auction stoare, 53 iMagezinulroe ct. AIlly to W (IlliEF.NE, Lithorapher, on thle prealises. N II--The above would t ral o a o od drill roal. TO'I' LET'. ONE two story dwellinv (Ione, No. 6, Tri. Inlt toll steetl, near 'ITivoli Uorcle, standing alck S from the street, having four rooms, well tin ished, a two story kitohon with litr ruomsO,citern, well sald ever convenience to t ake ita o eolrtable resi dence for'a small famuily desirous of living eltired. Ad. ply to J. OTT. dlec 'O RENT. ru lWO two story lIouses and kitchens on St. 1 John st. near thie Povdras market Ap ply It ROB`I'. CLANNON, nor2ti 12 (untp st TIIREE (QUARTERS of a square of ~a ground will two htoses thereot near the new mnrkel on Poydras st. App lIy t nov2f6 12 COttp st T'O RENT. A cnlforluable dwelling house in Caron ' deist street a Ifew doors oreot Canal sitre-t. It .L as ben recently ipaited op, and is inot in good tenattable order; posession gittol hmediatuly. Ap 1)OYLE & MAY, 10.02R 3 (arodeloet s L3 u . Two houses near Tivoli Circle. Appiyt. nae vl9 1isr. - B lLIAiii IIAi.L AN..) C-IF.-KIS.-- - large oas sorttnent ,f BilinrIl Bills of snuperior tuality att the Bazaar,corner st. Charles antd Common-t. BIJsH & ALLAN. nov 30 EIxclAtnge Alot!. ,I ANIFOI.D WlITi'ERS--Wilon's I trv ed vli Manlhld \Vriters in every styte, just receiud at the BAZ tAR, corner of St Cartler and Conmun Ste. BU.SI & ALLAN, nvoe0 Exchange loviel. IrIAVIS--L. IBtreatt d'Assurantdeet Po'opiers aet temporaitement drras Iorte au no 45, rue du canal joigoant lI Banque des Artiisaos. oeal L' UnICAI. INS'R'IiMEN'I-'S FOjR Nll.rlFAL Y . i BIANtDN- lut received ini fatr sale by the sh. do ia F and ;: fiat : Piccolo and octal, Flutes ; OpI. clolsles; 'l'ringlee, Field ant i. ss I)rulrt ; Cavalry ruletsu . ptlh inl Harmtony do wilthcrooks' "'LIolu OiFFICI N. O-l.EANS ..NAivilJE Rt. Rco. T Novonanx 2, ( 108. t DIiIAFITS on New York ue nale. in our1s, o1td at J datesto suit purchasers. nov 30 Im JAS. CAIDWELL, President B A ZA AR. Corner of St. Charleo 4. Common street, EXOCHANO E OtTEt. -USH & ALlAN would respectfully call tihe at Stenion of citizens and strangers to their eonpiete aeortllent al GentleImen's linen hirte, do camnbric will lines V ronts. fashionuble lien erieftts: lihngt col' tare: silk, cotlln and merino uder shirtsl and drawers: camhri and silk htnolkterciefs: lack nand ftcy cra vats ingreat variety: stotks ofevery idescription: gnt elastic atid cotton euspentders: silk, cotton and thread gloves: gents hoskin gloves: umbrellas and canes gold Iollntned. Also,--Splemdid assortment of ntdies and gents wri ting desks, dressing cases, port folios, perfioeory, cot lery, ountricilt fncy goo,ds. nwlr r il EXAS I..ANI) Str IP Fill) . SAl.E .PT .e+cri l here nieer furae soIettty Floats of six hlundred nlld flrtv acres of Innrl, eaot. IBy tle act otl the Legi lutre this script can 1he held anl tv:ed by foreg.ners, ,tld i. treanslerable by ussigyoint. to"v09 '11)01 T II LEE" & CO. A'rtte mannfaetorv of tie sutscriber. Ilhisting l. Whlel, Ieadll Pipe, of Iall vize; Saslh, Plaoter iair, Al e., Sawig and tl rinding done s slaual by J. OTT. ( II'PIE C(ANIII P-, Otill.t i3i0 boxes New Ilhtdlorol Strmt (oandllee; 3 :ask New Itedlf.olrd \Vinter Oil; 1iol loexe Iltlttutiiotll es, Jackso'lls broandt 11111 xee No. I tnap; II1t htoxeso No. No .; eSheet Copper from Io to1 Ihtt Fine Sotuc ohg Ten, iln half chests; Youtg Ilyson lea in 1 Ib ; I 15 taokoto first qualitv tt' litntigne \Vinet Black ILedl Ioto in canks, aseorted sizest 51 Imlzs while n lnatt a Sugar, uperior t g ual-o ity, in stotr and for sole by JitSI:PIH COCKAYNEP _ov1 . . 25 Gravier At r. -. ; 1nay or , aOa lot, rnwn fyHV 1' I. Sht.'on, it t. vr of Lu \I-;o110, htIo.-re, alll hn v i n eu dtrat ont Anlrew Ithwl "., Esq. lor Seau hud;lred nond .flty ds/d/or,, oedJuce 16th, , I.:(, doe trst olaorcl, IF+' !. The public are cautioned ,lni st ad;,ig for the atve, plavlyellt of tihso'bea hltn I irOt ppedl t The fhitdSr will please leave it at Ihis office,. aI re eeive a suitable reward. ,Ill 1:S3 . Mr. tiEORGE MF.IItIC'K halog resigned the tf. liee orfchief Engineer of tin New Or Ians and Carroll. ton Rail Road, r. John Ilampson lios beens ppoitt ed in his place, to wh ant all persons htringl lhiloitd with, or winhin, infilrmation regarding said Rail Road will apply at the Rail Rotd OfSice, Poysdras street, Ily order of the Blrd. (Signed) JOHN NICHOLSON, no17-st Cashier ýOAP -105 olxes Soup, K 50 boxesTallow Candles, landing Fonl ship Forul, and for sale, by JOSEPH COCKAYNE, tnov20 25 (irovier sOAP & CANI)I.E---LtO) boxes soop, brandt Jae - 7 Gouhd; S"01) oaxes noap and ;nmdues, brand of iack son Tnd Trowbridge, landinaf fro, ships Cherokee and Bazaar, for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO, dOll 1:34 Magazinesat TrJ"HE price fConke fotantnod after the Ilt day of October, wvill he litv cents per ltarrel in the Gas Work'l yard, and if taken iu quantities ol one hun dred Ibarrels, will he delivered free of drayage. The odlvanate thot tlhi article of fuel possesses o. ver the anthracite and bituminous coals, igniting mure readily titn the formetr, and freea frott Ste unpleasant smatoke of the latter, sltould ioduce every oal.ily to tmake use ofit. Orders received at the Gas Omice in Bank Alley. E W WELLS, se-9, Sec'y THE lSubscribers ofl r at wholeolae the followitg gotds. SHATS--I f0 cnss tmoleskin silks, as Lsorted size" nan brims. 1IS) do best No do do tI10 cases best No 3, assortredeize and brims. 24) do Ihoaver, a stperior article; 50 do Fine Nutria; 51) do Extra do !")11 dit Bloak anto Whi:e Russia; 550 do E t t lock Iit-sioS 100 Slo Muskrat & Conee Itar broadt nd narrow biras, for le, andl Vellvtry trade " do Alll rnks ofIltlitarvt & Clt.ha'nts; Sde Cthildrek s silk noad Slio4t-i Halt, all sizes. Cnps--Fur, (ter, fur Seal, Natra, M.luskrat, and h te Seal, in two dozen cases. Seale tte. ('ic t Craps--Pikwiohk, Polish Avril's ShO t rslt'e, soll tlop. Ftrest, Forage, Mtilitory oldrese, dl, Leather fIraging. hildren'a Fotty 'l urbntt, Plaidt antd Velvet Caps, Freetcb patterns. ltocks--Sotn , Silk ad Bo bazitne, ol tle neatest 0tvl r. tlbhrellna-.ilck and cottoa. Military PhIones, oiled silk. Silk tltdkerhoiels--Poogee andl 1litalflells. lBandoxes fLir h atters, wotod cnew, dIoutle f.or dry gor i Tllh above goods coprisen a larce sleck, anid. af thelattt polaiest, anld will hbe sold at a tstrllle. a allte, with cost aoll careys oIr Now York iTriae ao d i sluhecriltrs ill take itr oulth PettI , o ad lsot *I oecsmrket", fir Ste hlorte ofn I m tiot ip jCtom ible to OMatotu oo toeeeNew Icrk, tltd tatl taooort, aotice. Giero and Fore nSl 'lsto hneo 1k, CO., r o ni v is tiln e o atlters, Naval. Mailitary, aod Fanthti e l Hotel, 1Ex,7 t Carles e t tooRv ott.ceived direct -I RE T WE'I'EKRN PEN..,,e of the Great ýW fryot Loton, one huoldrete4, filrstatioers retail Vestern Stel Iell,u made etprg now"0 i oe, for sale ales, and warranted St hebat, ID FELT & CO, to hy P now s e4 Chartreesrt. - NSHt'S-S .tnd extensioe stock from J S-t~1i i.t Si t S lt & Co. co, tretoi V ile ioanfnctoryoftr to1liohiltg o I, lo noli oS in partth ' .ollolwin'jo 3; coaeh varnlsll no I, de no Is i rnituro 1,o it.3 fr orlitnary use; black aeid m :evartiso ndo , o y R row. jttIpal for a R. CI.A NNON, 12 rnp st --AY-I0ai F mo prtne northern l lay, landing from ac ket 1 Pa ntle tt, tand Ior saloe Iv ete7 tH(1AOAMlS, 4Coamestreet trin .kdo oiechlltngeable light hlue; In do dark o P --ArnoAld'" machine copvyttg ink; 'Ferry's do o,.d voard 6t Noyes bbltck wrierting Ink; Perryat in. °;,Ie'el vans Penneo tuyot & c, a black wriling j; ý LGuyot's red ink; constfly tO tot hand, rnd ora by ( lctKEAN. S10l of Ctlmll &t. Common Pte SlEW HtOlKS--Nojotleooo Memottir',-eetlltogo Sith Prior,( .atlmoceres, by Barhon L anton, in 2 oIs; TIte Middy, or scenes from the Life of Edward scelles it 2 vols; Parley's Chtrisrmas Tltes for 1039; arlet't Chritoa oGtft for 139t just received and fr t le bi W MeKEAN, derclt crner of Camp & Commr n nrt tl A CARD. , 'J 9. JONES, Professor of inging, the Guitare l td Piannotorte, hegs to anlnllllcc er arrival ,ta G(lasgow, and frot seteral years practice in Edit trgh and Gla.sow. sIte fltters i erself that her ees in of inrtolrton ,oill give satalfeetin to pupilse. 't, slinloiaia:s .s to ,'l', iility, &.ec can t e sllowI, t n tpliatin o Ontlt.. 5iitlrl's "17 toyal sift et.t l--nlll a0)i til,\iIt. --ItIU dacoo (.tor (thatrt, Ott rt- - coniwd, and suitbhln for chipping for rale at the ,ouisianai rtrnittwt Ware R, ms. ncvl3 'WM B C(AINES. bHIPPING. For -urope. FOR LIVERPOOL . The A I fast sailing ship BOM BAY', R. P. Gay, Master, having the ereater part of S er catgo entanga., will haove spLIIIA Fr reigllt ur passage, apply to 8 & J P W I'I'EY. d17 73 ('nmp s FORl LIVERl'lOI, _With ininediatie de-lntch, Hnving the greater part n Inr cargo en gaged, the A I,fast sailing ship CtNiOI RU i 'ION. For frcight, apply to I WII.I IAMS, 5n Rovnl t., er to LEVI H GAIA:, dl0 93 C(o ,moni st FOR .IVERPOOL. The Al very fast nailing InrqAe MARS, , apt Rop1er, vnqties 201) ines lecoton to aim.I plete her cargo, will la;e, imm.ltdiae dispatch. For freight or passage, having two splealid c oaitiln, apply on -hardv, or to HOLMES &. MIl. S, decl2 Bank Piece. IFoR IIAVIRE. The A I lact sailing ship IEUCALION, Capt HIlowes, will hnv immediate dealaptcI; fIr freight otf 2l0 alvs, I patge apply ,t S &I J P \VII'rNr:Y. dilO 73 CamIp tt FOR LI ER POOL. . Trh A I fast sailing ship NIIRMAN,J. E. T Wand, aster, will have iitediale des. pateh, for feight of r00 hales of cotton, or pan.c'e, apply to S. H. J. P. WVIIIN EY, ldec10 Lamp at. FOR GREENOCK. -.'=. The well known ship MARS, n regu lar trader, hliaing nearly all her careo enga . gad, will hove early despatclh. For freight or paslnie, living a nmost cmfortahle cabli, apply oti hoard, or to HOLMES & MILLS, dii Bank Plane - FOIL HAVIE- Pasiage only--TIh Al Snd fad t ship IRa.naLEn, Cattain Balnter, will , a t e deslatcll; for passage having hantdsmc .clyi ;notdaiions, aptly to, de i I. I GALE, 73 Common street FOIL LIVERPOOL. The A I nand fast saililng shi, MO HIAWK,(aCnpt. in. T reqnirei s c On hbai cnot. Ion to fill up, and will receive inmediate des patch. For tersI, apply to L H GALE, d6 9:I Common at F(IR HAVIRI:. SR The A I and fast sailinc ship MATTA KEIESET.Cnpt. Sprapg, lhaving the great et part of liar cargo on bohanr, ita I0 to 200 Ides cotton. For terms, having very iihandolme ac comniidatinns, apiply to 1 II (ALE, IFOll II. VRE.-'he A I itie sailina g ship II Ai. %Si()'W, ill have itlielndiat detpantcli. Fo t'.r passage only apllly to S & J IV WHITNEY, deel 73 Camp t FOIl HIIAVIIE 'rlue A I sulperilr fast sailing hlip AREA 'US, Captain Sntw, will meet with iamedi ate despaltclh. For passageonly, halving very handsoane ceomncadaiin saluppy to LEVI H. GALE, di7 93 Comcon st . ...oastwase. FOR NEW -YORK. One of hie new Line of Packets. S T'le A I ship AUnURN, Capt. Durfey. will begin taking in this mnrnini, and havia.g lier ballastin hoarld, will have quick desa pait:ll. For freight otr passage, having elegant furnish ed accinnnodations, applyon iboard, plposie the Mint, or to PE'IER LAII)LAW, 66 Camp st d17 FOR NEW YORK Packet of tile i21 Inst. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE. S T.le superior and faCslailing packet shipl OC.IIULGEE, L.evltit,al, a vielang part of liher carao engaged, will sail as above. For frc:ght or passagc, having elegant accalnlodatinIas, ap ly to men Captain on hoard, two tiers below thle Rail Road,, tr to J D BEIN & L I COHEN, d17 911 Comimon at FOR NEW YORK. Honlmes' Line--Regular packet for Dec. 20. S. The fast sailing iaket ship ALABAMA, CC ierrv, mannster. havinn a large pat of hier cargo engaged, will sail oni ler reglr dayt a allbloe. For balance (If freiLhtI the blk of 2111) Ios] Colton, or Ipassage, applyv in noard, oppositeI tila vegetnite markee or to iHENRLY C A3IE;. l17 l8 Camp s 'Tlhe A I, en pered alld copper flale'fne, fast - o....t..ilig sip FO)RUM, CI apt taldwell, hiavin tiLe g-rtaer part if'tier eciargo engaced, will have dispatch fCr liIt aliove ,ort. Far halaice ,f freight or iassage, lapplly oil board, opposite ii at No I, :3,1 iMt,ieipialiti, c, to STETSIsN & AVERV, dre:l I;n (trayvir street , FtOIL Mttil ,E111'. ( i T entie nive. r The fast sailiIg svite 'TAIUNCl. ,;,tiill,, mailler. wll i, rVeady I, ri-ceive feight or the atbiov e a pit ti iVed cti. tl, Ih e I hii ict.ig ,usi i It e "'ri i le dlilges, eit 2lld tlllll ciility. For "Ie II IItIIe). 718 PIt lrtic a HI' 1 I I - T'll IN. . Tihe A I oil tfot sniliRng.hi, JIJpITEIR, c ....., wlu,,,ila ~e' ... It,,,avingher np v to L II GALl, S;ll _93 Con inon st F-llt (A RLE.iIAON. S The bst ailig COUNSErior shooner PII:N il patch fr the abovie porhlt.Ir freight of 1511 o r0 0 barrels, on deck, or Iap Pge, apply tI dl l .l Clatnl n at POI( ICltLi fNIIN. The b rig COUNSilg ORi ClN PureT, J. will haveo immedia ispatch. For Idreiglt or passage Itpply to S&J P WHITNEY. dli - 73 Can) at L___ 7I: 1A I{LI']WI () . h The A 1 fio t sailing hrig d .NCET, J. Clark, masler, having two thirds of her ear geingnged, will have ioo ediate despatch; Ir balee of reit, or o t assage, apply Io SJ IP WHITI'NEY. fFORl INIWICIONID. The briga IICOLN Cpri . Gralftll, r have despatch; fornassa WHITNEply S S JP % 'rTNEY t d5. 7 3 C.apt FOR NA OKUSTIN, SlosI. d. The fast sailing coppered anti el,r, hay cned brig TROJAN, Chandler, in a few ing all her cargo engaged, willccotugotl rays. Forp passage olyhaving hunlso dations, applo. to RTER, 1e3 9VO Colnlmon st THE fast sailing bri Itch. For freight will have ialnlediata • orpassage,applt to WHITNEY. in S. & ' 73 Camp et FORK BA snr AUSTIN, Svls- P. The fstagll her freight etgaged, te ter, MNaster, Lu days. For passage only, I. will aoriin .ions, al'vly to ohattllig goiao lno ceo \ I'aa , h g fine S E56 Commonn at al the i nterior. l air will leave for the np eve and Fon Silhg on Tuesday, tile lth inst, at Re Rer.'lok, oiatg eao ialt.e of freight or passage, having fine P. igdntions, t Ipy on baINrd, or to mae EIWAfDO A. M IIlIILE ,56. Clllon '. S. The rr incy is t very ligho drauglt leoaln and 111 e able Fo det p. e. For t 'greeupoprl is anoll latding on Reid Ritoer. ILO. lCnpl. H. a aydig ,r, now uadergoing 1 e thorough r 4pair.t laLrrd e & llngh's p yard, wi (i watper perm Oil ) e ready to take ri,-ht oar We~lnesdy, L th inst., and will rOn Ihe e- - 11- k. g stemer n IRNo. Eow, CYork and Piler, will leave the lake end of the Rail JA VIYS & ~UNDIEAYS, tfier Ihe arrivall oflhe. 12 o'clock care, and on her re. orn, leave Mobile, every gi For pasande apply of n i oard toa ri tor CAPI'. SWILER. O' P S--lenever a uffor Blient, nlb of plaiosseners fief tile tiralttl will tonhe at iny of the intermedin, juat rceidings, upoI prvios notice beiUS g gien to ALLAN p wier Fancy Sore, t Co FLOUR--300 brlluanding froth l eauter AIgonqnin de l Et 41 rNw Levee I9L, BTURkPENTINE &c f-to56 casksopure y Lper & Oil, o0 casks Linseed Oil. 16i barrels Linseed Oil, 26 harrels Spirit.s Turpentine, 500 kegs purme, and No. N New York and Phila tt delphin White l$ead, It 75 kegs Green Paint, in store and far sale by JAI.VIS 4. ANIDRE\l S. Wholesale Drngggists, b nov27--m cor Cront.n & '|'e'hopltonsat it IllHe subscriber having taken a coalmodlldls fire • pro~d'wirehouse, respectfuilly otters If. services to ihe merehallts and traders of New Olleanas fior Ihe pur chase and sale of hides, flts and peltries, anl to re Ipek the atle, as well as wool, tnoss, henp, nbllcco, dry goonds, &e. Ac. He will also receive anv kind of tler- I chandize on storage, nlt I TchntpitIolnes lee3 R W El.LISTT r i For chngillg the Hair, Eye I rows, ,in Whisknre , to a permanent Brown or Blsk, by nlne application without staining tle .kin or tile finest linen, just received by BUSH & ALLAN. !?nov Fancy Store. c. t Ch:arles & Com. LONDON iT-~,i'ER-I reks reveived per lars, for sale by HIO)LMES & MILLS, novrs 9 Bank Place BUSINESS CARDS, J. P'. FREEMAN & CO., I holes fe Cloptkiss Etranbliskme,#st No. 3, .alngLazie street, or .AVEcllolnttly on hand u Ilrge.olpplv of Cloth ing, calcul.te4ior Ithe couto,rytrade. Their o. 11 sortlnlet being I.tre. nerchahts fron the counort can be supplied at the shlortao t notice. oct4 FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, 0 Ne. 14 Chartres. lreet HAVI a eonstolt ot Ottlp ', *f eryrett Irncle er in I to gpelol{iilnell's dress, of the latlet sole, lul N'w York pierl dbr ot J. B. Ross SURGEON DENTIST, y nor No. :3, Loyal street. S A. PEtRRil. tICR, MERCHANT TAILOR 67 Common stret, ii lEGS to infornl the public ttinlt hlving purchased fromn Messrs IIOUC; H, dKEIt;GS &, CO. larl of Itheir stock, he will continlle 1I1 hsiness at their old stiand, opposite lthtlolp'o IHot) , whereo le hopea4oI merit .nshare ofttler patroooOOe. Ie hls maode orranoeo.lo t il the Nortll to be slillid il010l '. ly with the latest old imost Ihshioable goods nor 14 CLAY & CIARK., HOUSE AND SIEP PLUMBERS, No. 10'2 Poydraos reet ew Orleans, MANI'FACT''RF S (IF Lead Pipe, Water Cloats and Pumps nofall dcripiomt. WARM, COLD, ANM) SI.O ER IA TIIHS. Fixed on the moalap:llred prinleilres. 1MI11Ii'D LEDl), PPES, &c ID.( )rder, executed it aoy partf ithe Sottheln IStates. Dr. Hoberl F.Li.doe. ufFI:E ExCHo .no IrtIo. ftm Plumbers and Lead Pip Manuctureres, No. 10: Pldrastreet, t K E:P on hand a t.cntallt lpply of Ieadt Pie, do ,'olin ill. di.amet. down . 13.. il. di.llleter. lir do ORLEANS LITROGRAIHIC PRINTING e. ES''AlLISttJ ENT, No. 53, Magazhe Street, Opposite Bank Arende. GRIEEN PROPRIETIOR SH. PAsER e Comrnissio anlld orltrding Merchant ht I No 6, FRON LEVEE, Pi cr srs. j: New O:lenns, Feb. " _____ - JARVIS & NDREWS, WIIOLESA.LE AND $'TAIl. IDEALERS IN [ MEDICINES, AINTS OILS DYE STUFFS .A.N;WIINDOW G(LASS, I1 Corner of Comllon a Tohonpitoulas streets, erat NEtw.LENs. ed t NAI'HAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANI)ItEWS. A large upply o GardSeeds,. warranted the growthi 11137. AT IveLE, Ala. S. I. &. I. JONES, AUdONEERS. Wh, Nos. 61 and tWATElt STREET. T liE undersiglod oing eotablihe thllemato.n o in Ston M1obile for tIlle Ieto of troa.lllctin thie Alucltioll and Colllllission busmt in its various branches,t be eg leave to inform thteies0 andll the pnlic,l that they are nw prepared tleeive eolnilgnr.elllnts, and makeN liberal advances on oame, either tor private or Ilulic sale. SOLOMAN I. JONE:S, i ISILAEI. I. JONE:S. Refer to Welker,ight & Co. New Orleanso , t ir Motbile, IFb t, V1 feb 3 deep - - . ...- btlnk te 'CARD. SAMUEL SLATER. ABRAHAM TRIER. Spe S'ER & TRIER Forwardins;Icommtlissioli Merchanttl, ant Til0 Poydras Street, Nin ORLEANS. They will dlevotfr part:nlasr attention t the sale gesscsstrle Produce. ''References. t S IIthincI, Hart 1 81,S New Olleans. itl, A AM .lath es Sesr. ,aron. & Co. Crigl',V,.& C o. ? Borston, I.everI Ihm. . New York. ht, & Dunlap. Alton. t ,lof nilre ES. I in. st l. ii .-- ouisvlle. . .. N. DOY.(,E & MAY, SI)EAL.EIRS IN 1Li CAN & ENA;LISII cROVN (.,ASS, AIE. No. 3 CAR)NIIlEI.ET BSTIRFE ol OF NEIW 0 ANS. htnow prepared to take Phis Cotnpann.ANST FIRE. e RISFP" OFF , his tI .,tusson's Building, Canal street. No. E L TRACY, sill J. ,rleans, May 15, 1.33. decretary. lar -I ROBERT CLANNON, . h. HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER Ite .Il No. 1I Csamp street, lilt llsolesale Dealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, sat .ll t) Window and Picture Glass, 6Le. &Ac. T. W. COLLINS5 tli SITTORNEY & COU.NSELLOR ,17' IAIV. N.OW practising in the State and City Courts. Cli Setstp will fud lhim at thi Clerk's ofliee, U , Circuit Court, in the Culstom House builisng. jel A CARD. T Hl. undersigned have opened a house in this cityt for the purpose of transacting a GENERAL COlMMISSION BUSINESS. OFFICE, No. 10 GRAVIIst STREET, UP STAIRS. At H P LEVY. The house at Grand Gulf, Miss., will be continued qu in the above hIlale. I References. Co Gdltre, Lassrie & Small, i NeR Orleans. La. Peters &% Mlillard, . t Hill & Co, L.oui.sville, Ky. Johtn tM Gilhmore, Vicksburg, Mise. Ilarper, Cretr & o rd ulf Mis rel Moill, ir ure. & o, itr 5hs. Sil.,s Lillard, Natches, Misa. New Orleans, July I:, 1888. Jyl2 LONII)N 'ICKI.ES SARts, &c. just rectied Iby the snlsserllbers, 12 lIoxes English Pickles, assorted, S ]I i' Salcees, des 1l " Extra qunlity London Mustard, el 10 "" Anchovles in glass julrs ll " Anlvy Ipastle, Al 3 bhls. Blacking, I)a & Martin, 5 boxeasuper. Olives in glases ar, 5 " Salal Oil, G \ PRI'tI CIIA) & JO TIAGAEIT Jr, gri Inov'4 cor Poydrns & Maglazis at .r NOTICE. , D URINIG the temloratr absence of the subscrier TI fro.t thle city, lltharles llt. gg, E. will .act .n of bis authurised ugellnt, ald to hIilts Ill having business stI withthel tod, rsigsed, will aplply-. J IFIIANCIS ILSI.Y.JUN. Sc nolt4 1828--tf R_ NEW MUSIC. ( RI AND Triump:al MUrchl of the Louisiana Le gios. Magnolia, or I.ouaiina Waltzes. 6' la IIIUFF, Jater Achtltng, ,as redlublc, dledicated to the Ger man g.r CoIs)sUs; I.ight uf other dys; Variatioos on Ialis' celehra ed air from Milid of At tits; 11t. Dout tlhu love me t ly Mina to-day? a celebralted solg,dedicated to Mr. litruh. ull thlse above ctmnpoe- e ed by (i I' s Maservria,ofelZsw trleans; and constantly on hland a lll sssorelllellt e f new, hlSlliouAble sand etal- ca durd Music, Vocoal a llsnstrum lal Engli.ll Frenes Nt and German. For sale by & C E JOIINS & C'), cIh nost cur of St Charles ac Common ts s -t TIIBRELLAS-d casees black eIlautua llUmbrellas, fre U in store, and flo saale by boatSlR \VII.I+IAM WALLACE, now rnnlliu; on the Lake, i well ada t te the iver tradr131 i Iael the inspectiotn aw, and is u, complete orden. Theaseam hoat Sourn n,',l) which is now a Iing repairee ani. willbe. in ct llet, order ia T w di. 78 I ydORSEY, 7 received 1 ile LNUIAN RNITUHE LeVeeR Im EAM for e F lowest c:as L T p ericei. W hsstSts WILIAM WALLA RCE, ARNo ntt e de , is Bell ille sa th received ti nd for rl is t Iv e nov g30 e 27 Common at dsyOR. THE MONEY--Gerrd's Bnk o Pilerl, J l delphic, and Mehais Banl k o N York, foT r sale ARE sby dec8 HUGH Ps 'Lbee, : 17 Old Levst hy dev11 HUGH PETI.IP,IIY7 Old Lev). OF EVERY nt:nCRIYII ;et, t dPEEDII.Y, HANDsOMEiPY AND CHEAPLY EXE(:C."1) AT THE OFFICE OF THL True .'Imericaeau, -'r. CHIIA LES nI'ILI:EE' NEAR POIIIRAS. 11·:1 MecCOLLLJI .C, DOSSY, I Factors & Geceral L'omrnensiort 31prrannfs, A nOitiI.E. S lier neree. in New Orlee - Ajrknrn,,, Aknfat & I/fen, (enlder/I b I/li~,'/ I'epe, Pauesee & npy d8-In, I;."I AAR. UVSB a ALLUN, No. 1, EXCLIIANGEL HIrEL, NEWbrner of SG CharlNes and C Swr t. NW a1. A MrPORTRFItS andn Deaer in Yneinnh stild Engli-Ih A rerf ,' lnfrv ·rengCeen Ca u PnelYnoll I teak,, 1 Cultlery, Hosiery, Glove,, Shlirt,, Stocks, Uto~lrrsllns, Eane lil F,,ne.I*levA itte." FASHIONASLE C LOTHIING . ROBIXSO.v a GOOD rI.V', No. OS, Chnrtren Street, C One Door belnw Birnvitle [[AV Ee cnnlntly nlhnand every article apperttin" 1 itrg n gent h"Illen's urea,* , maLrls in till-Il~ I''., mn- I ner anel rnut fahionable stnyle, whichitnk y unier cil IJ cah, 'e 1 13 l~d prices. -`- - - ý dee49-1838 L()lllSIANA FUPRNITURE WAREROODSI N i. 53, lienvtlle r ren il. W lLri.AM1 IR. CARNES, wnnld respnctfullI in. Ffrlo hisrri.rdi and Ihe pelblic that he la t ont sImatuy reciing frnng No Ynnokn a lind eten a geodld IaenneiuenielFeniini.., nuch en enonluy lors snfas, lied-tendn, eaple and niaited chairne, nlp Ie nd cherr ybdeteeds, enahegny end chirry talesl ofnll , demeripmien., nteesu, tnilets, .ctlrmrv a, ritiu, densks, wleekugm fmannhognyn and chlenrrt, weui, sadlkigglnnnes~ntheriee, tn.ddiing, C.&. Nit. Furniue pte tcked run itrnspeortation eith grenn JOIN V. C1IIreDt, ENIGRAVIER AiN') (II'I'ER.tPLAI'JE InlINIcErI hn. :t, L'n 1, St. rt NV 11.i, eneravrand prilntto ord ter, hank net. !'ills ul'e e e hne , An Ills onjldrinr g rlilnner, , tutu unnee lieanedFi:g card. e n i emitr ttlend Inole "ten, dour iUttesenileenr wlere, lpe. -nlwun)ron bauld, nn ussorllrlrnt of silver plated maill best's dour P d Cards pr uled fr om ll Illaea nlrea~ly elgernvecl. ann JOHN STEWAR'T', I.n no. .5, Plalt Street. Newt York, T COMMISSION MERCHANT, T MPO(IRTIER netd deIler in Hatters FIunlthen anti I ri innenenge Amiple sntoage nntinbe lImind uo nl uod crae term, an;ed every atituention id tgo ,dnoFoorward old ed thin ue lite:erenues: Menanr. Larue n& PrOVOt, N i. ttr; nnn22 1838i-ly Idenip 4. Co. A CARD. CHRISTIE & SJYINOTT, A(. W/nolesnle Greoersn ntnd Cettimissiee Meirchrante, N:V.ui7 ComCentte Street, New Orlenns. ITPnrtinalnenttetntiutt paid to tiles ptting up of ?itOllnl hoit Hald Ship s tores.+ nov? ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC OFFICE No. 3i .lalazlone troet, opI'to ie I,llikn' Arcade, IE STAIBIISItEI for the executionl of t1a, l)plane t anddttrawilog, inerch ilt' circular, busin ess and address curtlo of evtery descoriiion, futerj l ciruhar, ol tdcep ooUrning papero, ipt Iterv and drttggitSi'lt:els; bank checks, drav recelips, &. IlrhltPd Sld .Xctt itd ill aclea, ti exlt.peditiols style, ly tie iroirie.tor. WI.I,1AM UiGEENE. NB. Rank Notes n ntltv exe unted.n l m)4 CYCLOPAEDIAS! DICTIONARIES!! EES' Cvciope tie, 47 vols., Edinburg Encyclo poedia, 18 voIs., P'nlly Cyclllpeli, vot 11th. Encyclopadia Atmer IPenny llneimhe foi 18:37; Giorton's lBiograpi cal Iictionary, 3 volN; Walker's icttiouury, I vol. l;yer's Dictionary, \\'e' titer's o I vol. Johnson & Walkei's tietionary, I vol; Newanll &l I'lrrelt's )ictio uary, '2 vols. Joils.o i', ictionary, astr's Dictiona [lover's Dictionary. ^ yids; Al tio a oirgec s.uppi of Eglist it venir. , &e for *l l ........ \ K N, j'USTI' rtecict . hi tie o ittia-Furotr---o Wo llt of Ml)lle, Whllloht, od llt o uinttie Chlelrs, which will Ibe sold for tlhe lowest ciih vllhles. WK R CAIRNER jy7 5t Ilittnville street 0 A Card. ORLEANS LIT'HOtGRAPHIC ESTAIILISH AMEN'', 53 ;MAGAZINE e7'REET, I' OPPOSITE BANK'S ARCADE. i GI{EENE retllrns tis silncere lthanks to hlis tie ills aunit the pllllic of New tOlrleai. fi)r itIe patronnee bestowed lot ioln obr tile last two years, andt begs leave to assure th enl thit all orders cotluilltted to his cllarge shll be punctually attended to; lie will as o Isual, keep the otldie oapet durirg ti e tsumer, andl tllt lie lwtaitys ready to otrike ttff mereckant's circu- 1 lars, business and adlress cards funeral notices, ants, plat, atltl dtrwitgt, o every description, at tle shortest notice. and on the most reasonable terms. leing assisted by artists superior to any othler enstablis Intellt in tihe city, and froom lott experience itt Ithe illthographie linte, ie feel confident of giving entire tallsfacltion,. P N II Apothecaries and druggists' labels exetutetl in as gnoti style as copperplate engraving, andi at one tlirtl oftho expense. jyt4 1OM,1-d-TlheC lbscribers have just opened oever / al case tofCohbs. HIGH TOP TORTOISE TLCK. Quill top Tortoise Tuck, j do do 'T'wist, do lo long, do t io 'off, a,o do Side. DRA7.ILIAN coalBS In all the above variety of Englishll, French and American manaoufacture. Ivory fie tootll Combs, in all the variety of size and ti quality. Pockel, Rack, Horse, coarse and fine, and all other it Coblllss, for sale by IIEES & D'LANGE, nov13 18 Catmp st - INIIDOW GLASS, LINSEIED OlL-70l0 box r es of Wn to ila n, 13ti0 gallons til; itt bar relt of Varlhltesi; ti5lo of Paintt lrushes, received per slip St Louis and loarque Voluclhett, and forl sa:le by [l.olBT. CLANNt N, lov27 1_ t 1,p EW M i I;SIC--Pofr uisalie-I dli't meln tli tell Swreot .ltton Water 'T'lIe Inn gtt'.I Farewell; Ic tso - es n ier iln rrrmw; Ilindtn' n l.on I; .hey hauve givnct 'Tlhe n to Another; Ltivelv I.rdy tli ie; 'The Btritu, The Iroken Ilenrt; Ilv hIear t is at l Alonu; 01L! Meo wlloatillv hiongL yol tret Oh I cat ol , love hIln; tCi! Patrick, it'h frisn lte; liut llu[o ar hlvl. 6 Iv wlo'll deny; T'lihk lly l.tlve, Ot! Titittk of Mes iVon tlhink I have a titerrv Hetart; hle Vinllte Song Tihe sthip is ready; T Sl'lle I o.i lrlotlt N. aie re, grieve ilte; Nit itr tle; I've o ee l tIerT Ire-I Ito lwers ire Sprilnrig;t I dearl' love Thee freot; n\Voodillln sp I. that I're ' Tle Wil;d Alhilrols; ilt I'ttries, Rise: I{ose fJeist y;he Mit I wo' id Dtrelluter ou t i het ; tIhe tlntl osts ere bidden; \IYv . tIlYr ltad; 'e .It llult oftite ioOutntai; 1i. tative LoVe ,oe l eart's best irta-o stre; My W'odlanh Bride; tine tloot be ita iu 'l'en; Sly citilldloot'o ItItUIH F-arewetll; Tile I (;reelitoott Free Riises; it iprtt-Y JIte, . SJut tcc tived and for sale it B ('AEY'S Piano Forte and Music t tor e,! rovlS 1O (antlp .t -- it - F Us 8cO.UTi. T H Rules of tile Circnit and liastrict :ort of tihe U S or this )istlrct, for Sale ult tthe oultice of le Mar'hul of said Court. Apply to novl9 J p t 1"A.DElN. O ILS, I'AIN'TS h.VIlt 'R1.I'E rNTSN;-_. c-sko No. I rLsttr oil; N01 I kes New eoIrk white tulnd; '0 J Legos Pliilatllphia .hite leIo.1; 70 kego, reen point; dry chrolcnne gn and yellow; 15 biti shpirits 'trtpenitttor 21t tin canioters,do io; togetller witll an an'urltlnlttt i. renh drdug at medicinesii , titr ale hb JARk IS 4- 'ANDIREWS, i5 colr Colnlollo, & 'l'clittitlltut.t et EAtt' i'-tI'-I:t.DS--A large supply oftlle above S r'owders lor sale by SICI _LEJ & TO, _o__ 441 OCanal et fl(lOUL) CANIII.1:S-2-.50 to.e- N^e., Mioul Con Ti just received anid ftr sale by JOSEPt C(.)CKY.\NE, dec 10 r ( ravier s I Sr IIECEIVEFD-f160.Iin 0 Runin Qil ll f article, anti or sale low bIv tli Ith lltat.r hundlreld by . VIII FPIT.I & 5 o dill ' New York Stotlntters' Ilall. 24 'Itbrore et. l AL..T-.5,lo lsallelte Totrk Inslati Soll nladtitg frtln %. brig lHnrriet, tot sale by N. & J. P WI'ITNEY, de-tl 73 Comp at. No l'Ilt:t... rI SIE Otlic of the New Orleanta . 1 Mobil Malot Line in renmoved, frr.t tlntler the Eoxchange Ilotel t, No. 0.78 Poytiran street, at which lplace a leltr blag will he okelt open until S-Ito 12 A 31. Fcr wItt ietert ,Tn. Iltooe ltr Mottile andi further East, will Lu pllt in tli Post Oilee at Molile. novl GE'). WtlITMAN. _UT'TE-P," CHF E:SK-.We areju t roeaciv Sold favorote bratds '0f Buttr ttd Chet-en iS20 boxns Chesee; 46 k.hg Butter; nnw 'n are f a, fter-ah hv iWINVSTON & r . L.HLI 111 d 0 ._ Y,,reut N RW 1100KS. LAND OF' SHAIKS & SEA GULLS, in 2 vole. S The Wife Hr , l iterin 2 v.a. Thle Sf'anSer inl China, in 2 vols. urders id 4)arruages camn,,i,,rdin this ,olltea an) Ulbea with ·t anvioge, rep,,, aeli,, IIhe senen of Id,1,, and correct tIebesaes olthle cries fl illula. l:trrinsitiea of I.ilreroure andr literary characteer ilius rated by J I'lIrreli ayl 1) C1., tuIth edition, com piltte in one adl nine. Nicholas \icklvlly part firt. enomplrte. lReport, al'('une, argued a ndjadjde In the Su j,)rernve Court o f t· Unit1d States, Jglluary term, 1338, y R Iichardn I'el,"ra; Vol I.. -nai reeived ,and tor tale by Vlt 21 KEAN, nnvý ear (Crl no, and, ' at I!,,L) U I;- -1(111hrls funding (card Ite',aubot 'I rve ad dlier alely aG 1) I(SEY, _____ 41 Ne Lve uO(KINti ; GLASS F:S-4 Itnal a, emir 111IIII g I.,y L I.ooking, tlaaaee, of sizesele sale by d4 Ju)e;lIl'Il :KA YNEF dl r'li Graou~r st LAW BOOKS. FOR SALE atF New 1oktoe, 4 Cap 1,1,, 4. Iqlna I ,,, 43)Cnn street, viz: Johnsor'a Reporl,~rts Y7 viol a; Rogliel Exchequer Reports, 6 tale1I; Equlirv I~ieest;:3 vol.; mat1"ity I)rI.tnlc, u; Cl hity' . I'm man 3 vll; do 4'lead intga,,) .Is; dIotkrrtna,- I'l LawIn vllar, dolackstnrre 1 aoti; doion (ill;da , :t va , a ; Ea, g ltj h Common LaI) I I Reports .32 till s; E;(·)IIII1 IIYLd Eueiialol Chuueerlvaedart- Ila;ee a 9, l Itra lll'' Ahrlt lg lllll 8 role; iilrllzr illlsn' )ig,:slt :1 V o l mud II1'li(kepinU~a -; o :s:I vole lrs rdui ml;d Coart lptt, 'ia k,,,,v Ikel'nnnn, ,,.4 l; So eel's )aw .ohslh, Iirrlleu leafs train Report. 7 vole, a ta lgh' Nidr 1ar llatiuan'a Leeal Sind, 2 vols. It's teNdrt'adpt's15 vols. t~revieiL,,a\t,ia ks It butsaian i'rittaor loua ola at 'albi uaala nCi 'lieadg mad Evidence, al well ,,Ia dMortgages, Mail dlak's Cda- 4 Yaa d-o., etat~r A genleral cantlagn,$ l t o be bad at the moreln. It mno nhad t elun-edt rdrb Merchanrdise Broker 3· Camntiiuson .NMerrhonll,t 213 01ice l;,I'nopst. Fa te pesnt I "ANCY (). !'- 1(11)b,,xt a facy aoo ;l~ 50 it., elm to vi u, Ieatl,) by a dar 13 3 4IA1.. BROitlWN, 9i 9tagta ve at. (OAIi-51 oe Ii (Robinhj' tatra No, I; 5') hbl da, s do, do; 50 hose. Snngrat' io, do; far as) ý!/ INKS tC CI )lil)I?;b,.r -lee Jata, f,,ai Brem. G ta uu( laae I,, aNied N,,, a nloca,.hle . a,, 1)dA-,,, I.. eoo I s,), oaaa, Todionst- ,,Cidaa. Ouud Ea ndty,, Mirk. Sia rtrage,k S ,,atra, llrrr (a,,k, aiGharra. ('Ikutc7j ,a. Gra,,ietldarl and anrd Whgitae , e Malb ce,. rbiai,,t-,, old anI par,. at itll4laacd ell* Srpaaykagd CItapamlglr, a narat-la aol,: l'ou d1 and Na 1-4 oPat . Genuine Mar,,ae~i,,aa4dd/i Zer, da Sort,,,1,, 44, l44ra,,, (,rlie CVhirjt, a,,d lIe;d lonl44a lda Arjaat,, fl4e,4ae',, I-i La o e Itatatill S i a .ri,,,,l'l. Ax, iscaae a ol KidGaol aadaMr, alerdt'an llrond Clrart ta,. White Uardraua'W\Vie Viatgsr, Faaa Dssb r F .1IOHNS & A;T HIr'E LITALIAN .IIII.IJIEI(I~ I'Iy LAI' e nuine ea,,l Ianred aebtah),, Mucailal Madeira Cat,, tlerer a nax 'bee il ti,), nl),e ae ) tha,,adl~ricel 'riding rn IChm lagke nin,,, t', ad,, Iba ,,re , o ,3 ga'tat Iiz Whitean, O aM,,dBrildeaux d .iao, in r ai'a e,, ntat. JsIA 1.0 I:UII,. odea3 Bran tsoa 1 WHIT ITLIA MUBERY 1LANfS. *' NNew Orleansl, ti lOee., 16:311. il OTES. oft le Municipality NoS~. ifl~ New crec~tnll Chia MiMk. a nd ml and ratlrt first i Monday JtIlt' il ry net, will be redenedo t t in Jnttnn. y2 be t '1'. J. P ALFIIRIY, ill (ifFice N'ere Orleans _? Nit.schviN Rail I Ioad le.7th,. Jtnnd. FOI)rI-IE RACES EVERY I)AY. A TRAIN to Catt wil leave tetn DIeot, at the foot Ikr A f Cnan street, De part Rtr t A.M. 811 A. M. a il Iti 12 Ml. ~ t` S. r' I2( 1-I1 - P. il. ill, A r 4; I Passage nlor y ill. *, ll 1 n .,o . . ...... .. ...4,, .... I. tai tickes, onle to go. li rIther t retlutn. U' Pnesen enrst e purticunltl* rI·ioest to pIi rt a it tickeitr, no by it ntnll onefusiiion ni dihnyv will be sn tth te the collectirs. JAS. II. CAIIVA bIIL d8-1lw Pre~sidF it [I lI.e Bureau ,Ii Is Coii In t nii i '.ingtti . teI I'umpters tran rt trio ni No I, ru ied Cutup. 7d N a)'Iul's itO BLUIltERS-The Viettit it- rit t Pauie'n s Parish in the 2nd Alioieipitinl, ivt builders to tlitrto AIr (G W I'ritelhni. un oni tfire thIn 13th inst., yroipoals fnr buildingn a cnhch. ieoe nhtt: hit ipnt', lientiens to be seen tit ltie store ni tles are (i IV htntod & Jo Tngert jr., corner oPo)-dens annid tMrtn strerts. Thnne said chuhrch to hetened on ltti,'ar'tr of CnI1pand hnlrtonnettw retnre. iotO-it p11,01T BREAD-Frenhti tent Pilot Inetd, in toire,for naleh fi IVINenTiN & SI-tAvI., tF ntA L. -Antttt rn. its C tnI in bulk antd in ciitks , nit e I.jnrpool cntlin cnanh delivneid in [tits to snit ptnnchasert. OrdernIleft ni the Cntl Ydnt in CaUnil at. niat HOllI.ltS &. At.I.t, _No. it Banlk Plugs. B 41.E R/OP'E-21111 coilh, sa iperi'rinrtitie, fir sale by IOAAU tRI IN,)E& (tt, ýdS li34 iii. t'ttnn PIC.S FEET-III hanlf bnrreo,ftr snln bt S'I'EI'SlN & AvrERY 410 88 Ciruvierst. FASHItNAIiLE PARIS AIlINERY. HE subteriber hnias tthe honor of inh titvlgthe In II dcora tlhat lie hto reitnnul per nltht I fytitett and Mltarengot, a supply nf filtl nd winiter Mlillinert, oi h elnoolat id rittlrtieio miteitnt itn Parit. whliuh Mrt. Scanlan enpents to haeiloptenedt andllenadyy lor enntu r inntion l Mmtlulday and Tucuesdav next. I) P SCANI AN, novn 2iltetrtnit LX XCHAN(E nit I Philadelphit tor snle bi t1Ivb J I 111WI11 Y de7 i~7t Cinttl sit 1I-JA.-ittl Llnt tno landottitnie~ tt ta :i J 1 W i't'NEW, (15 .. a1: n 1 I oTE: I mL~. L & C .'s six (.reolua Salves, siitll file for heI;C lls o £ wl:.e O otiIhtninnlit tiIIiiii titintit nnlrn, inn (nh t Itlt0I 'r b ptot lat \ TO THEf.Al)IES-1l ilsiaOplSutuy An o Oll"i wins, with equal s nfi~to (end ee itltiutr, letvinq t IrA skin Aiter air(] wt uer i hi n'berlrre til e ti e ii·ti hn. A Itrcah upitply juit received at the Ilezwtr I, Exeltance Intel, errr St 'llarlvnrl L & Commis al b Hair, to it beulltul brown or Al H'k. ~15 BS1&A,.N I; lILUI)jLtIS- "are Co~onear and ll o(pn jne(fraud. in half pil'es, ·0 aild2,1 nll ql ll hnxk* and htn alftpipet Maudeira Winesr ofall quallities, bothtl in woocd andl rl glans, 'I'eneri0'e. lilorsnCargo,I lnlit nlinnha Lotindon Particuhlarntn i.tntnnits Seetn \Inllnu ttntet, 7?u-itat, fnit, ind othler " low priced ,i tws:rfor rinl Inv· WINS'roN & OIIAIl., il7 7 Fronti Ienet ,f! tlAiIWrilitingsiifitoe. 1Viirlshiignit. with life, tint stiIll rlaltrarion I by Ji Spar ks, m 12 tel.. ~UI~ Sevent nil tunen unitin wiirkti nof Itiij. Frianklin, witlh life andll notes, It Jaredl Sp~arks. 7to ttjiiI ittitnij tiiirentiiiiitiiii tf tie Ainrte~nn SIlevlrllllutiou, in l2' vols.. by~ Jtuvrl Sllnrkn. Thlei rioitnry et Aitirrinito lttngtnphy, in 9 vnols. hI JarId Snprks; for sale by Vi'l. REAN, di tnto Comn p 1i\" & m ninnii It I PORK( & RIEEF-It hmls meta, mlnd sIl do ptitlmi 1Itrt; 16 do BIeetat the iiin1nnititi) for sIttln h Ii Ot)IRSEIA o, I rt 47Ni Lteve F OIUiR-. 10040 baotrrl landling it ntitt, tottl dfo itle by to. lttuRtSEY. d13 44 Newnr (ue it PAPE R-1110 remsnn WrAnl itg Ptr, irnunitied; '! cases Leitterli., tor toint by d5 ShIAlt. & lI16tIR N, 10 Alenotinetoit N lt r lSl n ALL#)\ I, 07 ti ritni~ra ITT AILS-700 kegs Na~ils, rrrmorled sizes, for sale by I, U. ntat n neiiippi Iuoti tahen at iti'rtlll ;~ r v'in, tnr rt ritiee. dIA ii JIPOiltrANT)o AAST'ERI or STK"A(AI IiiA1JS I1 thn tt ubhsribers hlve in stort a fiw birrels or 'iiitiiiiiuatnit Pentoin onew atitntrleitly inoented in New it. York. A few barrnls oofthis'feaotwaos rt tll bonrdths (uni Get Wertiitern htrt lust trii;t ht engtint-ritntss that nil ttt rtastintt thin trial Itssatisfae himnt tltl10t Ilbs. of ii Panterr: , Aintto 3illtn. iti Ctal, ani thalimn case ig whios ithti is difficult, in grtttunutig or kto ting a r iiet l healdo steit , this hiet to inditped nnble The llsdi in .0ete i hr th eat W nttern isi"red the purttnse of .100 brls L, til use of nton ship, wolhn was pult ontnboard on hlr Intti doparture. F ora tral,ropply to S LOCK & Co. No 8 Front Lotie at NB-tnzr 2 brin at a tiits roi tnly bt tlelteereoi to con 0on tainso bin unlil a e got a nurther supply anhubl nti!! bo itn aInw dsv.. nni doji 9 I.&C. Is. rALE ROPE-8tt coils Ksettucky bal 515W.u IS store and for sale by J ?H1AYER de , dli 74 Poydss. W :rv EARITHEIINWARE, ('1 OUNTRY IIERCIIANTS are invited to-cal Itot II, xulne the cssortmcent of Earthen Wes', B4mm, Ctciuu, &c.juat received and fcr sale by ;s- BBROWER &C0, n- dl fc J~w17 Camp & 4 Common at. T ON8UEAaid doundo-204 kegs ie lncwordns', f cole by O"H ulsy.1lt4, o- dli TtIPoydrnetP 8' G1otII FNs~~s-.ln bcer, gnarc aricile, W1r .al,.· Iby O HBLISS, dll 78 Poydres w1 st Q U':AK-ýq Irlulr prime, Inuding nAn Ichctc p dorli eCo Coalccccc M.ogazione sn. LOUR. 411n bill landicng irm flat b cot, and for FI Iin y GC D&5ht EY, '4 leel l 44 New Levee. PORK-1"! ants nines &S1 tridem Pork in stor'. " " IJby J lI'HAYEK.& CO, 411, 74 Poedron at r 1AAl.0W-9 hblo in atom sad (err ells by J frbElt k ens', tit I 74 Poydrms at W \nl.l' E PitlE LU.IUBEK iOIINa Al feet clear, fo ier sale by O H BI.bSS, _dl 78 laydron nt I 1I1I:A\5-11l1e earWsC~nfnihimg aen's prime kip E galuils gici hIeacey kip Iicoic, loading from ahir Pbarrrllin, and nc itale by ISAAC I8RIJC.E & CO. der lI 134 Magazine at fj VA .N1 (Ic F' I l:.-41tineltl price Green Us, 1 I A wa Ufnjust rtJ eiceied ucil tor at JIJEIP i COJKAYNs. btcCO, T EA An un iuccttcc Imperial Tecc, Yooigl Hysct I n,"'ee ,um cccna,g in half clcset,, mmnd cr -cli"6 . IPIcy(l ill , l·IIIB ill &~l IietJWN, r rally ( I)(lxe,, lir nlF by SHI.LL & (BRIOWN, itl 1 6 Magaoine nt I ' LI OitI13 'it til. tingcc eli' iteomere Dianic, los' 1 ..Il. y 17 r ttlttlt FY, 44 Nee' evee. ( l'cY llbit -1 ae ultbg it" star G sad I 7 lehy G'l)(tliSEAIY,44 Nsc Levee. i )~,ir FS'·r ICS Re--·nri hair , innn~irtlr: of Hmup_ *Iriil· ,ll~e t,,,g; 7-8 unit .t I.twellccttcce;ecct tlundes, I.ud ceai Klooyciand RUSslit lclcieliicgo, its rire, ald fusiale o by ISAAC tRItGE 4.' Ct,. Illlv7 134 Mlngazilw. at fI iI'cc ut-5 t bticccýtttl crci.i-lie fcier by ______ 711Iccec s CIldccl I ) 11 111.ISW, ?;i Po drae t Slit 1'0[t'1" F-,0 ilik= miieiarticirlctc forctcle by ti' t liltl a Itt1'3iS, 7" Poydraooet ttl[ c PII t' It \E 9.111 d3tlllllc10 flt scont '21ul d l liciion ( d oc;ttiiici-itccil iccccs.u,t.g mgl illcnlle'eIi ic,,s'lCen. l tl Mctbcle, fir saie by . ItI1 ) If. ' 1 -1'-'S 73 ' *ciu'itects i licit 1I tIIS-,-- 3 ccip atO I'l Eil hi Ii li RI-6 cc-lm L ectr fint receiedec atnd lA for -ale 1" t CItttl-IF. & -liNO7IOT, __v_3 ___ Comimcion at { (1t8-cttN.'cc t lI 'c , cic-Iic itcllness est to 'cccl,- Icy 1 l: .Ivl!(Iiond for oio by CHI:ISTIIE & gINNrT T, A L tlUNIc).-, Ic ruid! all stair. tac hck 19 A11 'Fl kit 'IRIER, _14 PIcec1Poale a J t IL tl gltt clcic 1( Wh-I (il, ti, ani t d.P by WH1Ti HI I itl C t,,, cjcc*IIccccUI.-.....t rcihi..,tfr siie byt5 d5 71, nc e 7cruc I ltucE- 3Ic tericccs neci Ilcicici lice, tltc cch ic'I Ilavl7 41) Puydraa st 770131;RT H Will fllean nave to 4o 41 -LL I'uvdrna natant, __ d1).3t U'r'ER-25 firkince rul- hiee GCoitcsc Bccutter to stin t tIccmiliec, ILcr .cle by llRii1) & It IRSTOW, 117 7 Bunk ('lace "Ill, by j1' W 14 I'1'N Y, dl' iuc 'ur di, 731 lcmp et I tEAS-1118 1t111, iiccoi-ic-c7 8tIh do-ccd 8-7-ca sea 1I2 caccccters eahI, lie ecle iby co ItIN4I'ON J. SHALL. __ _I.3 7 I--iut Lere, gAklt-ill-;I kigi ccni hal ct' kchg iclling 1, fi'ccccleuicbout Ozar ,'ce a ncu4ut iCe lly 1 ~3 J ci'19918: & CO. 74 Pcc ctran et tttt.,:.-IND (IN -31ýp ilall-nt4Gin in scoccrstsand ilcucinI J 'I'IliiEI( & CO, ______ 74 Poydccs at / ý, Iti-tI~IU'ij1'tTR-41f.1 h~i-gctcefiheuI Butter lain stare e and for sale byr dect Cllllld'rtE 4. SINNo TT, :7 Common at L.A It -'- 2t10 boxs i-, ccrui. cicct ltor soae by li drr:- AIllK.1Al 9I I1C:R, ------~~4 1 Pa vllra. at uud11 l'ra1m118 , fur sine I 1I 3IIt tItt IREAUX, d3 6 Tel~ itcccllsolst LI~ll ccc'L'taW b ,yl F :E X,. Jennings' I.n dsoope Anonul, or the Tourist in Pot. toual, lilo 1)19 IRiereie this bonund oInnr s fi ot theoe Hookstor of LEX.AI A JOWAR, I4.1 Lo9oCamp_.trnet. 'N' EV IL 1W Ill1 lo'ý-.In'tnrr ev ,i per ahbi Em 41\ np. lroot Pil. nel, , at ile ,Von' R ot. am 49l ('snip s treet, Leig~h's .\isi Tito.I. in 4 (urge t claw vollumes, with I Iloteii and I.Iler-uses to ti lt.( I·IItcl Amer. iconll case I, ho AfoI,~n n' Iorgo.o A ,·lhlobd,'e 1' rntc ice, a uew clin, i.l bIll' P omn., f salL byIDWAR. d8 V ACKl K,.EL-'Aox. I, 'j, . 3,nn'gooIfrpl l1 tb 7~ n !~ *h , f3 ofod ,a dlifto salo V S & J I' \VhII'1'NK·Y, I (NOR SALE -A n .Iilrt, likely votin negro tJ,. aged fifteen year,·: he twill he sold i t bargain, by *.pply ino, is)001* & MIAY, d 3 Coreodelt at M At *bvS-I 0 bonarrelo, lo finn loinliog ordor, loondi,n1 nrm otamnt ,bn,ph , oppnosit Itieuv~ille street, sold tier sale byl "AV\M PORTER, IS pi Cnono a t S;OAPI)-11ju bo1e0 ,\o. I Ib -too, Son;., Inr sole by I VHI'IITIUD.IAS i & CO, 5___76 Malg;ooiaosl P O'l AlfItOE- J0h~ncls,l..ndig fiont brig liar o race, opposite, the market, to, ocale nI V'11l I (RTEIR, 16 :'5Commono, at i i'Tý oi bon'.-u . 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