Newspaper of True American, December 19, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated December 19, 1838 Page 2
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COMMERCIAL, Churl ton t e . ......13 Wa'hibtonDet , ....10 N w York, d o .............. It Cioinnati.o o ........... Plladlph ado ............It Louiville, do............ t Blltimonr do.............. II St. L.oui. Nov .........31 tvatnnah, do ...... .. 13 Litver nnl, Nov....... . 4 Bo l l ('Clxas) Dec.....- 7 I t Ott ............ 7 BSlXa*,o ..... ... I otndo. Nov.......... 3 rk t...........24 21 tto do ..............2 iW FI ,'O ORI)KLEANS. CL+AKOANUIS. ' Dccrmher ID. Brig (3Totet. Snow. for ollimnre. (loeo, Bedford. Shr 4can*tdomt. S.,l&l. for Hntott0 | b--Ilan.t 3.-hr. Vn..)er. Cook. foir St Jnlrpl. Beard & Brown. S.tI r Fact-I, A.tuI, tor Jt.odl:, d &Ma.ter. AR+KIVALS. Towo1ot to,,-,,,.. - I- I-tt \VW Pat. ToInI to Iea hItlp Ghon,. It--utgh up |ocket .hip Ortln.. and dIip Cnlcrll'lln. Nlorlllll III) zS ip C;,led In.,,, C.olieg. 35 day. from the Downs, to the Lmotter. .hi,, Orie in,, 1:3 d, from New Yutk, to tt O Ames, 0 opr CI.t~z ltd oow'00. 35 doys footttLiDttItlt tickr. Clltul,, f 1,, ,, 21 M y fi om n;, l. Ilallglr, to mnaster. Ott: 6. to-., from m31.' tlo Lootsto. .tI,.ltr Altolope. Coooon. flolu Bron Rongo. Slttolauer tttea. Wtlt.n froo O \ i.kb,,Ig., Towed dtlwn bt i. F',.et, lore, I denl tith for New York tea.:ue- Lvingston, wn^wa.'tey from \Iexa rlue. S Lot , pocket tluta, Crst lt, ou. tiah e.ton, in ball st, t, Bog1trt & llwthurt. I:XVOR'P.. IAl.TJSIOILO..Per orio Gtltges..c.trgo 330 hhd. ,ar aond i.ll hhdr ,. lsr e.. ST. J4"10EL|1.. to lchr Vesper..tbrgo slltdry Inc hotur, lrd, I. l l. hoorUtter, wiloiseo, t 4ot . nll y, su Flr. ctheen hlum,, mOu.n.a., colty raisin., bag. !OtIt11.. Per stotmnr otttr..rr Ft0tt go pirems btggigl lol2 2- ttoile r.p le, 20 , I whiskeyt 1 L geelo ck. in. yarn. IILI'ORTS. I.1iNG( S--lot Cl-rtlo..ctrgo 85,00(0 feot lumber to MO1II.1..Por ,ch.r itlo. t gI" 44,;() lumber to order. L1t1.t .oN.t'or stip C.tlt'dutia,..curgo .(10 dmtijohlut to John A harlo 4' co. KECEdIP'TS OP PRODUCE. AIr diI...p.r totmoor tivhotol..O . Itlt eotton, Lai. 4,.11 ti' &Thmp.0n; 32 do Kirkm~anh Ahel~athy ,P Hnama; I1. dou illttlto e.trido3y -dt o: 1,o. tPlotoux Arcioul t co; II dt, Ltllir Sottorofi.l; .I do, A d .mlhux 0I - co; l dooSmIth or Voorhces; tldo I L'ro; I: do Lo.ulait Bellucq and ]in++ etos. CiCilh-ll..Per 3lt I,,ttt..oLO Ato I mes th I.eefttoondOt0 ho.s. tI,,,cll t lu J Meha ogoo Firo thl Cnat..,er sl>oop Alllctvo..4t hhds oltar and I40 brl- l t u lrlr. I'or o-.h, Ilu-4lutlom..o5 hhIds oulr ad' I,,1 hrh, In..,. to nt_,mu ry. lPar ecilr Juliiu.75 4hi ol I. : ll.It li -ioo eoo t IJo-olll'tlooo 4 dlo t hI tooloe ba. ,g h1 I~to t flda toIo,ttto. 1 \V, 2,' Iulw. p,",r ste,lr (, .lltrgn..424 Ialeea ,htn on, to N . J I):1,3 A r.,, I I 'o l' h , I l JIlt toltdrsol, 14 do Lorklhadt '"1~ A 1 )UIIo,.. . ,1o [.trlk, Wl llt . oI , 31 ,It rIlt dder, It,' \jIt I to I l O~lo td 0It 00tIdtaolr 'Ot dolt5 Whott~llll· 011',s, 01. 0 100', I. 0 "0 01tt I a, t.10 0p yon , I b o mit. ttt,0 *: d~ '1'., . do (01110, 10,. 1111. I t (. l Id, - " OTh Oli. Isl, do S',,1u 1 il.01 I' ,,nt lh 1. s ,u , ;ooh, 19 do ,errett, Jo,l - 61 01 l l. t T 1rphlo , 0. \ L% Codt o do t, 11 11ee, ,o .oo tl 1, t., ,1o A II ,11 'o..1 ,' o co, ,t dot l\.tottt o- ,to, Fto'u i 0u :"1 \a2 d1VA B.. . I.-No do h ,oolol,, lto y..i ,r 0 t10 ,-, .Il t,-loo lo . baot , cotto., M "i lu'o, , du Clll hlw 11 I lhlO , l, i It0 o Alt d 0 "1 do ,to 1 \011.nto c0 14d0;.110'1 tod ntit ,oo 000d t t'ocoir.4 d l;. ,u.;iIB, '0 0 . ;nO l tt i do 1) Le lt:trp ,,t ro F1O? . i0 llook It .i 1,'1 .\ D..rolo.. in] b,1, Moto ,.' t l: t Couh toot, t O bd aul ,rand .3] brie m, ul,- s.i It- l I,, F.icl ur. New 111 1ork..Pr .hip O h I . ..1110 r.11Cr . llt'd m a. to Ito Amo.,, F Wl[lt. l-I'. I ,urO/. ao 3.Na,'ir .t- Ito S.+2+1 0 1 0 0. 12 , . I1 I.. , ii S, .:lhu, ? tol o l" Ho, W od, lltot tOV."s a <>, uI-. IU (' I.lU P rlu ,.i., I \ l|l·e,, & Th m' 'lpson 1111 I 10 010III0 1.UIU., I do P , o t,, C tI)O ll., Id·.I Itb.olo\Io l~lt4~ooot (lotl~ui. tItY1 ((o 11 tol. JLI· \ r Ti l . . I,: J aih,, l o , o, l) vl d, W."l Dnlnl,. )nlttoI, ] , Van 11,1h,1 fl 'y k 1,;, I0 Ah l l kI t '''0lolt, (3 r t n.t C S.1"211+ 1++1 0 1o 111 b'It Alll1 Av01ry, ogg tO llofk, f GrlI '1, 0 I., l r3.,; , i0., ,vns1 . 0 rel, oll ruloo o- ot·I.- VII Alc, +;,t, 0 S.·i -e +, n- . :III .n S Jt U I- n. s . tltlIy t uhi u 0 - 0,,1J111 ' 10,;:. It \\ 'L,: I I , l& r a III , " & tDot n, 1,, 1,0 . ".1011 . 11"k, \\ 0000 0 &to. S ,onh 4 t .o.hur ]'uH'rht. 0hu l. 0 t t', . .0A l 0rk 0 A o ll P lt . &ro&.0 L~e.1Jt01111l. Jo 1111100111011 OotI.I1trooo'I :,. Il o· d n, it .1. 1 n,,,- -, . n I t'..l~ljl II W 6,1 A nn I ·m..pto, 11.o40 I t,(,I ; l r I tl to ll, tIllooltu .-, 1.10· 11.-lt.~! ItOlIl t- .oh 00 1111 11 ·(1il00't'll00kt ~~l~.oJ 51Ot,1t. t \V1,1,1 \V llo .111111y, Il t l R dd, J .Iy.on 1 ,,I," , lold , ~1 ,,,0,, 1 .' IdI I J.oo 0 vo, Jt V 200 too(.roE Berd 111 I0 "' ~ D-. ht , lo 1110 it.S AooSit-, .1, r,.I I .lt , t \ I) ,.1V I. t IJo S, r1 ,110 k 0 (1 r l g 01 co, C' !.; iLr , , I: 1\% l l,..., l,: . n,, ' ~l'. , ck r, ,l,.knr & I ew l., 0 i I:.,, It i ' 0to,..0,0, 100o I boo 1 o odn J 0 1 ,I Ii- .t ll ' '0 1 '0.0II ,, .., 11t lo .& t , J ' I',,;tt im ol a Lott .r l',, 1. il l, 0 .,i ,. l llo o .ohlll, o , & I1,ot. J..o 01.1',+t I0,*.i. ,l ,l KIt. 1', J I1 I ,oo o r,- It S. u, J '1 . , I% i' '1l.'u .0 ,0to I:tL.'cldr0, Io11, Iolokd At tl+ 'I I},' , ' C m (.+11" ( J .I * '1 k, . L ill S.. ,M(:t'rnak".k J ,1 1 1 ',il -,, 0 100 ,l , Itoo l u1 , lId vs 4 oollob tJ luoa. Lo o.ood udJtt Ntnw Y., eh,,p t1h, Irn..I I' 1:ml! CrI,y4,3u, and s .t A F J . . .. 1~ ~,u+ ",,h ..I .1,, t I~ligh nt,u A1i,+ nIo.s. 010.I 0 00v . otW 4,l 0000, od 0 ' ' t .tr(.', i '. o. :l lllot im , tlot.i Cu o l Cl,,ry. 1000 +-0 p r .i '.,- ...J'; A l ,,l er, Mrs. All, Oil,. I .Ltll1lt'. 0- 101.i 0..I0I0I .0 . tlr h, 11< ;l,01 ,1 oul , 0 . ,1 , F \\ 11' 100 ,, tt u,, ..Il l 11]0 J i0i 11,| 11+,, .00h, .; r 01100 .. I oIItm lOrth .i0len. '11md+*t~t. Deck ni" ,\ '"l'ht,,,l.,l \ 'o,," J C¢O, %,,,,d "|' ,, +P t. N o --I, Irl N",tl+ %t . tlt ;,. ,tk % . iie 111,,v ¢,. J,,n I.+,Lt.,., It ,","^ I I€o 1, . ',0" ~,, t, I ,",I go. ]. nnJ ~ dock. Ah .s..:+. ,.., r -,". , , I,, _, t + l .l h .J p "\%ill tann, h~dy 1, ,< . l) L| " II.+ , thIoht, J it ýý'o ,der., U hlSteu,Luwiltluu, Leoln~. J ,;rll[ L, .U~o.14~a.t Bunhs,,,o. J W,.-,. S C.,ke.r 130m ,., e l .- , Per t" w,., A.,telo,'e.. 3ii~erf Smitrk' tie bout,,. \d ,u.,,.+.l r.,,.. I rl+Z. Ihu,,,d I." u , , t o. ii, I , , ,Inge.. - ., , , , . .+ , .. .i I Ii a,,u J,, ¢, l ;< ~ ;r~lnd P,,inr. .-h".,l ,, olotH ,, ' . , I nr I I "nllll .,LPL .1, J I , C lol-U~lus, 'I , b h +,i ,.. ,, ,l .,I]'] .I'...d ".th. all lh ,i ,h,. .,H .."hln, I,t,. , \ ..... . i,o , .+,,1 I~ - Actl, n.-.u ld,",: ",,nl IL ,nu+ u for (1. 1,,'",, , 11rt ! . I l. .. ....... ............. ........ . . .... ... .. . { fnG.I ,.liii s'itt rIFr C q ,,.I, ,I,. f ilt II I'lla IT Itnmn li)'t i .:.n .,ru, .. J1 ono in iiw ot t u .1 1l t itEIt Fi 1ttttitii'tttttt Ly4 '!'lu" ~ ~ ~ ! - - i tJI 1'' 1 , it f Jn 1~n ors V~ Pieatep., It t ,t.e~t It v It ik i'itt to tthtt' k i n II, alterthe i titi flle t C ii ý'- -!"0'1 I,.I ný n pii ai, ,, m, 1he t i 1 I I, i;11.6 ( r ,ir i1,,- lililist.atE & h St. '1 1 ti"", rrs .,,A l , 1: 11et hinri ,,'oI,,) te i h I1, nI ii~rr itttt 1( inig sout $ 2inro uue , .1 h, lotl..o t,e h.,u I~s ym, l'011alFlpat, lIt'r,,tr 0 It. 'n I';,$ ' . 1.'"lt 'I,,N , I :t, " '1 7119- Bal f1tte r b.r,:;t,,o E l PI F:..I LL'9 1E 1-3O V PitIt te-I rlr , It tttlor,itt,'. 'utitt tittr.ripre. ft tI t ,u, ll. &~ .1111 C lNn, t7 Mug eir S 4. II NI : u." t~l a >- 17t0,yIT Mex7'I rdt~, to rd tit .,,, e'll! .Ii. 1",:I. t, ld ad a, datieal I 1,.7 9171101.1 iiwtllt e a13noltt'e 12t.h0 l,, 'I' 011 [lttftt A in,' I, ,'atIjThr ,ilit h.7 ltniljttofthe .1. o It, t t., o K,,N n randh"o lb sp Ut tlr any oe bs ortr c aleby cal~l .unthero.le nd1 N-'t YIr"" ,,r" i.'1ld at,,,nte hr" ai,04 Charterol lat 7W'; IAb," Otl"t i. or1. alt h, tnoorbCa thewBar ofl the Al t I tol, lt _",,pr o, jicl."onre the puo s at dre sse It Ihe nul, WL11 teCIllt ('dice wntllk, dieti~ons, u I"..rlu l :,i 1 di,'hnri., t' npr ttto,h l e diOrleteCdl. i Pnhoi 'IsAiue rtplsenrn tth o.'tf dis ~ , ~ ~ ,ki utInd rm 7l shpe TiUE AtYI5RICAN OFIlOICE. 10 In connetinoa with this Otlce is a NSPLENUID ANIOE FNSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE .4 VtOtE PRO50 0t¢ or 2 P IOets Blank Checks C gesg Bills of Lading L Ltab ls, Dray Receipts, La o -es Auction Bills, Dl oii. Show Bills Stcam Boat Bls Circulars And every descrlplona of Job Work that may be required. t-FThe proprietor l.spectfully calls the attention of a the pulblic t tthe above Card, anl aortures thorn that all work intrusted to his care shall be done at the short the et notice, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and se. at the lonest rates. l THlE 1'RUE AMERIUCAN. l)ITIIEL) 15" J*sgil Clilussa. , to Ell rED BY Joys C "4ON. FAITRFPUL AND BOLD. t"t N:E1W OR LEANR.: V WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1S3,. 'r, DIRErroav.-It ip contemplated by the subh scriber, provided sufficient encouragement is given to by the public, to piublifth, an addenda, to his Di rectory and Guide st the City of New Orleans, " comprising the nswstAidsntsl and the changes that have to sre place daring the past season. I Pefeons dsirous of having their names inserted in the addenda, will please leave them with their t professions and residences at the Counting Room 0 of the subscriber, Exchange Aotel. r tCards tastefully interted at a moderate price. The Addendat will be sold bound with the Di Secntory at four dollars, or by itselfat one dollar. JOHIN UILBON. o Short crop oftottoe ntl th /eiilo throeof in e.great eO, dg-ra aveoroted softer as one fo our sister States is S concerwd by tlhe lliaissis.ippt Union Blank. This powerfill institutionl is ve ry opportrlny Icclm i nndating the Planters which will enable rhhem to Ih hi ltheir crps until the spinnlers in Europe an d Anmerlca become colvinced of th- oxtent of tihe deiltency of the present crop, known to the planters to b neon half inl Mlisissippli, uad one fourth in mostt of the other cotton t growing MtatPs. L.ouitiana has however a full crop of Se1x.llent quality:--not so with any tother slate i tlhe SThe cry ofulf, Wolf has been so often put fortlh twho tIlhelC was no Wolf, that the spinnetr wi.1 on this A occasion be slow to believe inl the often told stories of te tlhe lortesos of the present crp, hence tlle good poli. to- cy of tht planterl s cr cepting an advance and hlolding ls, thoir cotton to the end olthe season when it will sstllr i.dly netan grelt an amoult as a full crop would have . ldone at former rtices: it is therefore particularly for ° otunate that the Union Bank is at thlls time in Iooset i, sin of amplle funds and managed by iimi ol intelligence and liberality, with a diollOsition to retnttdr thlit institu tilon useful to lihe own citizens. I III1 eOllllllniallion under the sigi lntllr e of Jllslic, rtorecently publiihed in this nllapel'l, the writer ienlldeavoredol too ieounstrate that advanlet s Iv the lank to the Planu J . ter were ine the agereauteo highly beneficial to New Or SIeansas olthOnghl it ditinihed thle profits of the lBrn ker, the Factor, tile Cotlton Press, anlll tohe Dtrayolrn, nd the onley dill'osed by sucll adlvances through all the 0a0enuce ofcolnlllnerce was of infinitely moro advantage too tihe trade of New UItte.lls. tic In thist.pinion we cordially unite with iht writer, o anil in relation to tthe M issitsilotpi Unlion Bunk we hear thei most ftvorbille aecotllll from tlhose wllho have ii.i on, led that institutiont an l hId bsitsll s to Iranenct with! Sits otlfters--the tlartked po'iteness and otlbtility of its k. i'reridetlltld COshier cannot fail to wil for it anlyv y friendls-their w illitgntss to wait on stlrangers afoor bulnk hotlrs has beel n IoentliOlt d as prrtirtlurly praise w tllhy,ad it oite IevetoIIII a day's dlily at Jacksou of ro- such stringer. Ltet our .sirlit by tuch a wio e example. . It is lnlamusing to sltme of the d li'l stcrib'el' for newspapers tndeav'lr g Ito ildue a hblief that humlan t devicts have causedt the pIresent state tofthillegu-tho two great Cin stellel are kusnwn to be thle chart t elrolps tand the tlow ,ttge of watler`t'ld yet we aroe glavelIy told that it is all the work of.1r. Biddle and the IlUnionl Ieonk of M3istsilsiltli. 'Ilhis is onking themt toore than msortal. Let tihe rcllder deofde for himself whether or not Mr. Biddle and the Unlion Bank dried up t[Ihe. Ohiol Iver, it being lthe wanl of water therein that hais preenlltd our ruecivirg our uaccusomed supply ofCotal, Flour, Park, and othe0 r l eeeqnorie uof life, or whether or not MrI. Bid tr die or till- Coiont kt caused a late spring-o suomner d otulh or an early;, at.whl.ich cornlbned to det..ry our SCotton and Tob tte.t ? and he will also decide fur lhimtoself how far tl tauses have led to -the present or senreity of produ to Empty stores ai le hips are the inevitable cunse IL""" ! .... UI lJU .. The President r n Buren loves a joke-indeed If ody knows. hew many punsj. *'een perpaetrted at ih expena B nhi measage, the and gravely in tanfely at the where the bent pinnts animated` add wa. No Idoub, no doubt they them! Nothing like ald Madeira to do th. Vhe wtran.--Banner. Senator Cuthh G has nit resigned. At leati, n states. a b We hatn no Exp yenterday, bua by arrivals from Enurop we h d l date.a to the 7th NIov. .al by thie eamin' 'are Te xlan amis Maexican niews to the 14th il .I 'f Jl'mical F. i arnrived aniotg tn, and will ho.tly show his, I 'rememhbered phiz at the St. Clhrle. H cnoA eHood with whole volumes of whims and odditie rmmaned as Coleman was to pro oue a plenty of fins." S Thea aniversain e 'e-glorious i"lwenty third" will ilceleraed hv t l ,lana Leglon on Sunday next. y I`ans t Baaines a hiis intntlion to review the ifferent compn nt array of thie hivl d y of rite state is q be made. ait Csatpasy--We hove the hihght h i tfblie that this im otntlon will ee behlindl her ters n t rk of Runalion.- PE h ll rTill of rhi city will rashehs pa- MoindaJ ini tJniuai r ae received last Ret e olvetnihn .F a t ntithnution. l Mess nR. R. ('ntOaon RtotChPz , Dee. ]1): Ie:173. a lno io, l , othhe o.,heate ta n,. ion ,sed tintlIeld ai, diseeting t Vic-lian ; nild beg ya. ht willhea le to aive a t publirity. Your obi. Servt. E. F. IRA'1ER, Cashicr. Lte. BAIL ROnD . ,n ý" llet 'z a, 1 1th Dec. liE:II. A a reg elieniiofthie Board of Directors h.hl t;e It i dla it animnnsly Re hi iiinstitutin will ,iom enive rpelet Ie pal iaia nation with the ather ibank of this ciity, on t day ia .ahutI ry, 18:19. E. F. BRAdn ER, Cashier. a s.ii.-- 'bi iatnitiution former n a known Wa+hilngton antI Deer Creek lrail - Ilnd i, it will le ieitIinlled froln our arti besatrittdeiuncd to resume s leeie t p sly ith the biksr oi thie city of hne o as.' have ever been die at - g of t y all the nein lighl. -Oi .Gan, Theology, oraa Aio td+tmasn Connec icut hanv e entll Meteori inhower, which daes :bshown itself elsewhere. Tihe ot Hay dot lthe 8th contains thie follow. teaon bjict. S Ithllhvinl ben enertarined of lte N of a faa it shower' on or about the nieht Safr h ant. rnfigemelts were mseal far its i .Tr r Ia belta given will bow nha a Sed pitliag l f metloris dnid not fall to n anppanrs n aa t tihe app,,ined senaon. Ot ei th ea lny tlle 6l h isatm I el thr h(or I and n observer saw in tie E.ait 2:1 me t to'a -rlceklc, ire gai n ,abgr. a rs matde, atihe n peora-at re ran, c 'ery i- bvarilta, ns estified a vri -niti pi. an et bns at ,the ,im.e, ,;,d aiim en . -. of atitt . aedhv hr ditslIn, lalan h .... lm (tl n.,aon, five da;'a past thi,- ma I, in. Hmlmomc ao obsev.ra raw 44 line t.nre. In 45 minures endineg Ih.20m. A. 31. of l 7th, tirr ollsuervel s iysaw z3 lleroura. In the haor rtno-r 511. ,f lthu sallt morlning,tnore obaer verr s., 21 I .ii On the eveninrg l Frulae, the 71h three oabserv erel witlltatu a very strict wateh, countted at leart a hlllldred metore between 6h. 30 Si. tlnd 711.30re. In the hour ending 10', twe obshervers conled ninety three meteors. (GL in the E. and 31 in ire N.W ) In the hour ending O9'. tw.i observers o .nted 60 meters, (41 in E. and 2il in the WV.) In thie hour elldint I li. one ubserI vr saw 46 Ille. teoas in the N. E. Anoun ill. the .ky wasa much closuded, anti no farther olbservatl. ns were made. The pitnt of rnrliatin was not iix, d with pre cisionr , ut it was euvdelnt, lon hIlttl venlligs, that a l rge ntnjtrityIf the meteors radiallsd lriml the vicinity oi Cnsitype:ia. Many oif them were very spih ndid fire balls attended with brilliant trains. The average nlumbr of itetetrs visihle at one pines before midntght, is supposed to be about a quartertead two obslervers about hbll. T'he fiste above stated ashow that the mreteo.ic display tof Decelmber, 6th ntd 7th, 1838 was e x or seven tirnesabotve the oversne. I.C. Gt. New llttveu, De.. 8, 1838 [ctiA mM1UNICATED. I addreased to you, some time since, a eommnu nicli rn poiltitlg out the lpro'ahble origin ofOD . PlouaIh's propeised City of the Deal, sholwiln i to be a puny Itnitation of Wilson's Pyramid Cemr. tery. 1a that ecommunisation I suggeeted the practicaility ahd greater economy tf a Mauser leull in the forl of a nower; an Ie tlllinppII ed telat the follow:ng diinensinmes would be the best, height thre hundred feet: annd hoe. aixty tlst in dia meter. In his rply Dr. Ploggh escaping as well as he could the detection ol hiti plaginrirn, enda,. vored to diverr the at enti,.n oIi thle ps.dic by dis cussing my suggestion, which I only tlfered ro pasanita ard without any prelension nf infaltli bit. At the time I toot fr fgrante.d that Dr. Pliugh before condernine i my s..,estiouns had at least consulted some able nritrllei. I did aot hbse.' ver give up my idea, bhit shwed thit the propor tiirs I had sit down were Iot materelt to the plall and might be altered so as it suit the re usl iit, s ,11 art. Since thlle in the course if my reading, I accidentally cmne across a description of the IIIos remarkable towers and pillars uof tn i-nit anid ons tdern tinmes; and I ams highly gratihrd to lid that far from proposing a new a ihng or an absurdlity, I alm borne out by the proportions otf monuments which have seood the teas of ages. lere i-a s)-. napsis which will serve tI, corrtaet hedless error, and the reckless assertiions of the arclhitcat dioctor, and at the amnie tilne prove In-tructive to your reande s. PUMPEY't .PII.,A~R , Preited near Alexnndria, Egypt, by Pompey the t(re at, itt hunor of Ci opa tra, queen of Eg Ipt, is 95 Itet iiglh, y leet dia mletrr. 'THE ODELISK OF Lutoien, now at Paris, taken by Napoleon from the ruinsol LuxLu i EggIypt, is 130 feel high by 10 in dltaln ter. THE ('uL;rAN IF VENsI'OME, i Paris. eretCl-d by Napoleron ii hIonnor of his anrin, s, 133 ifet high by 12 in diameter. T'l. ALEXANDRIc E PII.rR at Srt Prtershurlt erected by the lEn err Nichoilas, in honor of Alexarndr hls predectssor, is 168 feet high by 22 feet dinneter. T'n INCt.INED TOWER OF PISA, Italy, which leani s vetal lues towanrds the ollrizon, and from which G.Ilileu. whot.s a native of PIls. nlade his experimntlis 'I thrie ill of bodies, is 175 feet by 51 ihet dianmeter t ite bite. T1' Pa,-tDA as NANKINa is 200 feet bigh by 40 feet diaelmeer atnl he ihasi. T'HE BIARFL.Er LicrGe HOUSE, Frinee, is 210 feete high by 20 'leal diamerer at the base. TIE INCI.INED iJOWER AT BIOL'NE one eof them is, at the lowest -lllllatiion, TcIREE HUNDRED AND SEVEN BEE stIGIH. (307), by a dliseter olJifl[y (50) feet. It lenus itwards tilhe horizon, and ls bean ilni rialized b) I)Dane, whlo complars it to the giant Ant, iiit h, Ildillg towardst the grotlld. Al though this tower Iroi its inclined ptslltion seems in tile vry acet ol falling it his so stood hlo na es. Now is ii it absurd to su osll e it praclica'le toi erect a tower, such as I have suggested. S f. 'IlO:lAS. LA]'EIE' lIHiM ENGLAND. The Caledolnin, errivetl this morning, brihtgs Ii" vnrpiol advices atothe 7th November. We have been peiritted In copy fromt the flis f the AM , . chants' Exithllla,' , lthI fln.wing syn, pa is of news fruom the '.lier of lh. 7dh November. The numbetr oft bankrupltais tain the del..inent ofI lte S:.nrn, for the first Ii. e minonls of 1I38, leas 323, nld 37 ntinre de,.lard in ltitoder,, s., it . till whole camberin ten tmlnhb, asa361. h m oun t i" lre 37 it iluraes oI (I ,tobher weas l.R:)it,00 i,. and that of the tell limonthls txrCee.:d 2-,0 0,090 fi nes. '1 he war ii SO1ain is artendrd waih the Innrs n.a heard of ihntltlerlc.-the prisiners~on b lh saides undergo thse r.e- i n ap lieng tillluriigs belire dentlh corlnes I.tem as hi reli f Tihe French payers deno:,ialite both iairt itn Sdi"an ;rs co'tenrdeila e.I hlnloo]hlirs'y aeseassi p. The itti gel rt ,c n 1t , Rusa-i is .te 1tatuna of it Accordi;nr io the Angneshure enzette, the mtnnr Iair.e r i of lie (iall:8naP . were rerta'ling bhc r the senyquerini ori-res of Fit R -esi.ns. Positive iniiorttatit n has b en rtecevet l h that the Frenclth ilantd tiV-tananle tA collCt, .n tc the with drensi if Ihe Austrian troopsl frot m Itl stleatl The tlnrtiatn cogtvrn-ttent,tr acnordina toa IP ia Ipaieer, i ell lin n ding to ri, thi, ie riof Polani d. retiark s: wills lieave nhineti a prli e ext feor ,o ,plulint the oppressin of thef I,,si wreck ofel p laid. Calrera, the Carlier chlief, aflr the nil.air of Maiella,n, nti-n, nled 8I of trhie nnsurg itis of the 'i vision otf PaIdennrs toi ep out ,f ite ranks, and l t tered Ithc thbe alternative oa heing shot or taking Service with Don Carles, which on ahiner refused, they were Inhutmanly execeure.; ito by 1®. The Patris journates conain no domestic news of imploU, talce --Courier. THBF LAST OF THE RACE. The sports on the IMetairie' wound up yesterdan with the three mile rake, Ifr which 'Presanre and Z linn' were enter o4and no soiner vwere he nominations made '< sian' s tIai!prone~ were froleelfokpd, that: wonil' itkea tie purse. Butr the 'high pe-.eure' principle, though nororioas for puHlirg, ddoes not always "e nhe'rld, Ibu i as linhle to blowh up on the turf, as on the river, and as it proved but yeste+rday. The 'Pressure' was evident'yv tl high-not in steamn, hut in flesh--while Z lina was gay and livel-l. nithough even she was not quite low enouCh. S tuthern Irainers are too apt to keep their nags too, fat, and a vast nnitH er of races and ri'cers have bercn lost in conseqentrep. Btfre quitting Iown yiasterday bers tere plan tifuly made that the titHme would be down among rithe furttte, thoulgh se,.c opniou s were fal lacious in the extreme, and bviently emanated more from local; popularity, then s ,undl judgment. The doubtful aspect of the weather placed the company, and tie lles, in violelnt opposition or while the latter were Illuch too fat, the former was for ton 1hin. There were IOo few vehicles to render likely such a miserdie as I appned there on Friday. When the git horse, and the Paddle nlg, on thor day came over the score with the racers, a serieus looking lurtfie said to ue,-'friend -I have been or. a heap o' iracksin mty tiHer, but I nevter until now saw three nags strt, and five coHne out.' The rsory olyes'erddia t aee Ic brflny'In'tl At the tap of he drum the moare trik the track at e aord paer, and though running at her ease the horse never lapperd rthroulghout the whole three rnles, &6 lie won thle heat without distress, in Git, 3 Hs c Illlrnedintely after the issue of the heat, Pressure weas tdrwn, and tile mare cantered quietly round under ier eblankets, Rlcone: METl'AIRI COtl'iRSE. Lnasti'ay. Jhkey Cllub, Purse l1100 -thre'e mli!oa he.ts..oa ly two started. . A. y. A. '5 bsIrul Zehll.a 5 y. . by Leviathan d.a hby StohHkholder: 107 Ils. I. 1. Messra. Buarrrt's b.e. Pressure, 4 y. o. by Trunam peter, dtm by Sir lIrtlaan: 10t Ibrs. 2 dr. Tine, hant. lt. 2. nd heat walked over. After the regular race, a inateh of a single miile w s run heltwen a bay hrs'e sal tI bhe by Ber trend, and a sorrel, also by Leviathan, whrich was wtortn y the former in 2m 3 seconds. JLatest fron Texas.--The stcan ship "ct'nhba," Capt Carsot,arrived esterhdaey ntrning, and hiuglith Iliua t eon ews to the 1itIl, rund i(ilvestolll date to the 14th. Ol the I'thl instant Genrral Mirabeanu Biuooparte La taer rais iuna guraited Peid,'tiit of tihe ll'plublic of T'eaos. His in.augural address published in tie nton Register of the 'dl, i- Ua rhlorr to be reprinted illourcolum-. As mnll hael heenll anllipated from thle frequent expression of hisi opiniuon when oit a visit Ilere, th, new Presidlint is decidedly lverase to anlly nll nexation of Texas with tihe United Slates. lie ac knowledges thet hatie tjiljrtty Ofthe i people are in favor of it: that Congress inhibited the witllirawal of the pro pnition ttin pending at tVnashin.tol, ye)t he dleclarcs thlllt ol a moIllstl Ilture co0nidel atlio Io has Ilnever h ,,n able t.o pe;ceive trhe policy of thle proposed Ounnertion, nor to diicover in it all advantage either civil, politicUa or commercial whirch culd Iposibly sleoll tIo Txas. T'le fidll ·' i m F , , 1 I ., it. d account of tihe sur renderro'ilice by ex-President Hotuton, and its as sumcaaith L'mar. html ito Ti er. The ineuvgra ir n of the Pl'retidnt ,i Vie Presi-. dent took Ilrce oil stondny, lat. a t he 'erenmoy ase pi ttorer e irrllrdt i uliy In frontI of the capittl. An it - mnlIP Col;.n trteit of epe iterttrse w re a I'rdid ne the ocn.liLn., Preivous to the c mnnmcen /t t ft.,eo e.te ininy, General Hon ton anros, and inlt noI tidltiln cIl i prea siv inttllller, deiliveled ic ll vale il.lrov all relsm He reeottn:ed the toils teie rivaivn, te suil.iog hee hal etdured ill the oilcharg lte utittolo tia I i.e otlItit which Ild loivdl to him Ihat a'pilllw ltf tflorui ' Ii ' rem ik,.d that ihe had adopted several moeastres t1at had been exceedingly unpopular, and tleat, in conseqllence, he had h, en severully ce nured by hil fellow eiiizaeln, bt that hlie iad ever be ir tainel bylv a crleiioutsiese of the rectitele of his inten intl slid that lie lookedll back npbn his past ctcndcll:t withnl reret. lliete had not eqtnlled the expectaionstlt his fell.ow citizens, they shiuld recollect that he means at his disposal had ever beten exceedindly litited. Hie spoke, with aiparent pleasure, of the confidence he re posed in the iltelligene, integrity and wisdoiim of his sne<esiorc and rcoeilulod by addressinga itri Lef and Iervcnt pro er to tie sapremeo Itelneg, to guard o echer i ee and sustain a people, whom hte iad ever looved, illl for whom he was ever willing to earitice his property nnd even his life. )ring tile delivery of hls speech, he was frequently interrupied with tilhe plaudits of tilhe asenotld crowd. After he had concluded, hie ordially sauinted Gtnerncl Lamnlr, and invited Ilim to the chair of state, whichl he tlien relinquished, with dignity and complacency. The President ond Vice Pteotdint having lonle duly installed into office, the secretary el tile scenla ,rcteed ed to read the inaogeral eldrese of the Pitesidlelt, who was unable, on acconnt of indis iosition, to v it ill person. This address ws receivel wiith gnercl t .p iprobation. It was plReaing to nutiee tile reumrkaohle degree otfllit tdeoee cond ,sterle, that wa cevery oltrer teanilosted towards President I.anlar. Hie is ilimos unnlimonusly regarded as tile plie aod ornlamelt uftlhe country: and froat his ndminmitration. the anlst f ru nale r1,surlts are expcted. His ilallgeral adtliress will he found i anllolhler page, fuill eqals tile expectntlilor, of his rost ardente l fetdli . i brIathes throughout i tone ot morality, ptritlism, and eonfidipg genserosity worthy tile first oeicer efan intelligent and republiean people, anrd conveyv to the few wlo have ever viewed Ihim wih distrust,'tle asstlurances that vieiectivenesa rand procrPiptive ".elings will not he permited to intlu cnee his rilit, cleducet, hlt ethat his elninist atisn will ae characterized by strict impartiality and jistlee. 'I lie entioments emhraced iln this address are sue h as must meet wio tile appoelation ofevery plulriot. \Ve shall look to it as the itde, of his future eodotl. We sei there designated, as by a chlrl, the lines of hlis future policy marked our; ad, from the knowledge we have of hihiraeceler, we cannot fur a moment believhee will ever itenotitollall deviate froln them; we look forwardi with joy to the new coriver that is openine befire us. Asthe principles hlie has advanced meet wilth general approhif ,l, we Ietol confident that all peulic ofli ier will tos enabled to harmonize witn the l resent admni etratien, and to lend their aid in sustaiing and nil'an ig Ilnhse grellgt ecasers of policy thai are illteltde alike tuelevatie tle national eharacter labroadu, andul to diffuse peac, security and hIappinees tuioughout every eeetioa fl tile republic The Ilouston Telegraph se a -"We have jot' received a letter froml a respectable genlltillm ln i!o Bexar, from which we learn that setv, ral p irles of. traders have recenlv arrived in Itht city ihon the Rio Grande, who have brloght in elli.tence that a number of states anld cities of Mexico have di. clared for fiteder.ith el; among them are Tamotltn, tlatamlorea, Moncilvel . Santa Merinn, Vera Crcze, Zacatecas, Du angi, Puebin, J. Ilp and (;uado laxara. Monuterra being overawed by a military force, eontinues true to the central governmuent lost of the troops have wiildrawnt flltil the fron tiers, and are co icentrating upon Ihe const. Toe Mexican ore tmakin;.lgreit exertions to levy sldiers ill the tow neot the Rio Gronde,iand ontm. bers of the citizensoof that suction are liaving to avoid the levies. MlanyofthtIm have remioved to Boxer onl thiaccount. Thle citizel s of Loredo are prevented lion declaring inl tavor it federaliml by a small military force stationed thlle. TietCu. aneheso c hlave lately contitted somne di prelda. lions in the towns above LorLdo on the R:t Grande. Another ofthe prisnners captured near Bexal by the party of Cuenanelies that conlellnled the lait mnassacre nearethal city, hits rculet.fli Fie esct ped from them while encamped u, on a hbrnch ofo theCoa lradoal. d brought with hll two horses and a ir ne, whil'h he stole flo I thio. lie states that they b ive tretied the prisoliers in tie iimost crutl in inner, having pluckttd out their beards, iut hI, hs in their ears, and also floged hean tIr - quoetly slod sever:lu. Many of the ciblzees of Bexar are deirous ift join n e in al exp..dtli ,ln ainerst them. C.I. Kearcll to now it B xar, and will priobthly lake coItmeand if a Coiuitany shendI b be raised to pursuIe these saves. Mail Iteguhittion,. The Great Elasernr Alrl is closed every day at 10 J'elork, A M--Is due every day at 12, M. The I'r prr ss.,lMal is closed overy day at half.past 10 A M-Is duo with thile great Eastern Mail, every day. 7'rTh L.uke .la,/ (via Covington, La.) is closed every Monday. Wednesday and Friday, at Go'clock, A M-la due every Tuesday, Thursday and Satul. day, at 5, P M. The LJ.ouarille or Jirer .mTail is cloans every Morday, \Vednesday and Saturday, at 8 P ' -Is lent and returned by steomboats.--Artivws irrrgu Sarly three tilies ia week. Tihe Ba1iyo Sara or Coal a.ila is cluoled ,veoy Tuesday and Friday, at 8, P , sent antd sto turned by the steamboat Brilliant. The/ .ellrandria orl Red iirter. Slil is soat irrogu. lay rly by st aboats, twice a week. Louisville or River Mail. MoId.ay, Wednesday, and Closer at 8 o'clock, P Ml. Saturday, Coast .lail. Tucrsdy and (Close at 8 o'clock, P M~It New-Orleans Chlamher of It mineroc.t.I .,Flcats 0OR rtlE YEAR 1838. S. J. Peters, President, A. Quertier, Ist Vice President, W. L. Hodge, d do. COMMITTEE OF APPIELS. FOR 18tSv. James Dick, Th'oas Barritt, John A Merle, II C Carlnmack Jau 11 Leverich, Abijah Iisk, GEO. W. WHITE, Sec'95 J S Tor rereeiord by the iuborihbers, a lrgoa.cll.tto . of White Stone (Chia, tuogther with a 'reat vao aty of Cut and Plrain Freinch Tnmhlers, snitanlbt. I' Baia an4 Il.els, which will be sold low by 9he g d19-02W " .tpm end 84 Commoto arti liAb"'1'S at 3 days after sight on Louisville. 'ost sale by IIERMOGtNE BROWN d co, d19 9 Conti st / rITEN DLLA RS REWAlRD-Ranway oi thel 3th I instl. re gr flh girl Brunette, aged about 26 or 97 yeoa. of agr, arouo built,aobut 5 feestor4inches high, apeak. FrereL a m Eangliib, is a Ereole, has a down cast look; ase fornervly bIl~ iged to M. Robateau. d19 At V IROIiERTSON,No. 30 Basin st cJ'OVESS-A esp'cdid assorlment of torves for Par s. Ior's, steam boats cooks' uie, of varitios patoento. sad sizes. For sale by S LOCKE & co d19 8 FrontLevre (leaeon's Stoves for shlirs, steam blhw's, or Ilotel, a superior article, can cook for o l .10 Iersee. C U'TI.EIt'--An i,.vwice juit reoeived cnirciisi in if l iong bl led, D)irk ail Daover Knives, at mIanufac turer' o prices, or sale by SHALL & BRIOWN, d19 96 Mngazine st CARPENT'EIR'd 't)OL-2iid iand 4 laurd rsut l oxwnord Tules, in any.qaamlity, at 1ca:iofrctu •er's pries,, or sale lby Sli.tLL & BIlROiN, d119 -.96 3lgziaie at tW MILSIC-O, Native Malic; The Cenvn BellI , I I'l a ranting, roving ltlade; Never Irespair, Oh. I dolrt yo remniciiber the hbeaer!iil glade in the Dtratnaiice ralriare;in helle White Horise of tae Peplra; l'thcam art cne slind , I.rLve thno art near tie, rung by kiias Sler ri ir tlhe gradl omrantic Opera Armileie Goiod Night; The rneebing anoiportiag; I care not for spring on its fickle winZ, by II tuserll; Come, corne thru art in sLire row; A Lile oi thIe Ocean wave, by lI Russell; Site watched Ilr hitil; o me let full a tear; eto se to Ii Aorelig; O'r tile oaters by Inoonlight; Thee'rr'sll oinle like:, arranged for dhn Finf. b"1te ' aahl Iiya|,.hiibst by A li'Beohe; 4 eau Vfictluin's , Quadrilles. JuSt received and for sale hy di9 B CAmSEY, 19 Cimp o et OIR S.LE-A f it rate Negro, fron 0 to 0 n, 1 v s 'of ar', fbuly guarauteed, Iby d19 " e I akILTen ,931.olulmn ot f 110 1 idt itALo tICea'icre GRAND STATE LOTTIEIY 16, 15, 11, I , 6. O67, 23 75, 59, 3rt, 31. 1TO IBE D t WN O. FRIIDAY, Dee.siar. I2,001 Ctapital Prize, lTick, is niil\ d4 00, "I.ASS No 7. AiT. ilhorisail by thel l.egiclillite of Sthlle Shlie. T''o ie drawii oil Fridray, Dc. S2lla 1838, at 5 o'elock, P. 51. at BIirshop's Itel. S. DAVla & 1O..1,St grr ra. 75 Noalbers--ln Drawn Ballots. SCHEME, 2 81nr prizea, aionitiir to $$1 539 'ticketsla $4 I0--Halves 2 00-Qo ariers I Oil Packageast 5 T'ickets fiir $01i, warraned li draw at least $180 Packages of o 5 Ial t'iiclr $5I war ranted to liaw at least $(4. Paoxkuges of .5 Qutlrirr lTickets $25; warrantrld to idrawat least $1l rFor paekares ofsirgle tickets i anply at ofh S \MANAGERS' OFFICE, Wd13 11 '.hul - 1 t I N STORE & Fill S Al.l-Gr.eeri on l errc ir i terms, and at tIe Iilowest winlalele rall-. p. chrn. ta arnd ninessee minlnty taken as her'u.rolblr. l28l bigs.ltio aCof:c, 10A1 do Gireer rice, 21ii Ido, tliinvlaa, hew crop, 46 bnrrels Ioaf Sur. t;7 rbetrs Java ('olle, 137 lr,aixs To'lacro, varii ,s brads i0111 blies Riailoins, k, and whole.,r 275 do Sperm ltadilles, 5 do 'tlllow lCadle , '2 tierces new lice, 41111) lag coarerse atid Se Salt, I 'loae a lTable Salt, ill boxes eacih, 25 do Picklesr, with a geeral asroino nlt ofalli. r gro"'res, lor sale by WINSTON & SII\l.l., (I7 llFri ee IýO .11 lnlarld2 chopprd elrn, 'I1ill hrishela fhsh groiind eort metal, "0 dti bnukwlieatoo iir. for sale ibv J. ()rl'TI'.'f l Place. ]'uIrrning, S.iwiing ad Grindig daone ais uaail. d14-6 I ARI)--I2 krgsand.l brla tirt . e i,'lr . ... si aIlyc O.H. H i,I5tS, d12 udllyuse ItPPtR--150 bags sl.,rprerie qiuarri, igd or der1 tbr sale by kI, ALI. & itOiWN, 1 l hlag..ziot s Nla \ Iv I; l() , lIE ['I e\ , 1 AG 7LE , a naell, bl y 1 lely of 8 Ia. in'_2 vol., A I'ry, ir aia Ithe .aIa'r ll G\ralaps Iollald by 'lpi Alra,ti.,llr, ¾ !.. Staarne, at tbru Ii a , a ,Ilan th \Vnri iard a vols ilhelCity of th Czar, or a Vilit it)St P. tarlalalg in citer f 1 -1i1-:bI, by 'ThosI tuika Esq. P'aa'arb,the iran lI dlir, Venetian lira-,lei, lba Easter (i t, &c & ..,., i ja vl. Alao, 11h. Il, "a. af Sirbllaa Saeklala Jus art ceivd all for sale ly WM8. i151K 881 i S0. II . It R . SHIP BIIOKI7R & COfMMISSI() ( ME RCHANT, No. 61, Paydrae Streat, tFw -arrm Ass. j %ARD-143 kergs 1'ailar. Ira' Laud, Iooh 1 fair sale b 'Iy 'l'8N & A& I:1E V, , 11, 1 ~~88 rn,,s ( 1 8V 8'raD Il1118 MI ill s bl.l v a fla t Pa tit byJ d; .1 & AVER ,0 (& lbvl, 11 INI DiLi ,-75 axec aalta 'ln lllaavslalal'a l ralcy II1 S i111 8811 881. l1IIRl.-t5 cask ls winte r str ain",l Ilia ,r nleIll.·I JII dlCV I;II tl81) 1 ) ()lR aO bIAa .raa fall bIa nds!, for :ale by - 1. ll 01 111 , r 8I 1 SS, l ,it li at I. rraI tarlaby 881881088. ii O0 d ll SýI'cSRA -u~l .I na-400uf11110 esllrfllilrd1 ilI'a 8'f'114L. I1TYOl' Ia48alaa Ir48 smal t.fu sleby ()H .SS ttecl8 SI (l',tvir " n ----~---- 88'/ 11 '11:1(1 i to 0a (la'a' troa, 0i efnd ali,.g IL aai ft ai~i lt by AlilI lll~l 80)P iiiu "1~da 18 01 II~, ba, 801, . 131) lb'Iaarr'a oil Far raja by OVIII'rRIII117 &, CO, 1118 7,1 Magaaiane -t *ulmllr 81 118 11 'Inll,'1 (i FINIil *l I I r 7 Er cral to pIaIl.bone br (alala fla s8n ta $10,00) 0 V a ulll i ai ailp ll.lAll pl. A p tl y a l r l e 418 r7 UCK-.581,iece -toogo - 1_7 50 XIII 141 Ia I llght Raven For sale by 1 1 ' E 11 I7I1 \VE:INlp 'F3311P1N'l'INE aad noe'r.:a i0 -1 bIt I pi, il al Taurpaaan, 98 hI,)', 1111 (ail fin.aIe in 1 J811 VII & 1 , o 'tl88111 ISAA 184 l 8t lOI118 I I)0113 Bl_ 11 Ma'8in 111 ar ad i C) Ri. '11 I~i.At~ X.IS lnb(-fi Ollll) g ..llcill fn.,. E l . F Fafila far sal b 110 131.8I. )181I1 n1V & ( IOWEIN.II.INSES-5al, oyo ci)st, IJ fir aale by, S0015111 & 4081R,8 , 0(110 83 llnl ;Ildl-fllTR; OvitI d"illl ·l lllll Itl)1'tlS. 9 ca*:l llaarlllll a IC'ta 1'rIu, lot s~aleby 88 11111811lF. Co,1 1110 SI.IOTH1NI-'I'8r'ttl.rrllrer . 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Ar rrl et's"I . riiiii hipi mr e, Ifrctin New n .n'l,, ic hereI i 0le ii i thl t they e n stored bly T['1"'I'O1,'r\ VIb !Y&L( & 31 ('Olu;,4 l+ as "`;rt, clllo ' MiItN'I' A I CI' I.:"S r .1 ltill lolll l 1 /' 7 - e' h eai bot le. oh I illll i l , ii sui i l f lie o li vrr I' l Ac ic .III p i lili, C l'l' liel'lit' ll hi v l vide. to SU il Ac . 2,tlr s iti al ti ii i i l l cil vi llesat' i l the U ld St atellls, a ,l, to r, i hlt wl h i those lr rihn dlnlld kl v slu ell:,r this l lots re of agnll a.,li -u WI ptpltied a t drct ,i ir t h .never tilis, sti lrd it'rs ib illlce, 'll'.c l S relief. It slc t llr re. Ii II he. d. iii defl tiv t eiotl a itInin f tooth clieels ''lie ), cii .l n' iol lenis are e iil lli'e itl'iil v ,i ll i )l th'alit" 1l l 31.m i f pervoall s, .ll 1T rIsII eI tiJ ll . 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Pmucl~u~,e oft +-15' (,lll'2(12,, 'ricek.ts, $ :5, T ic k i ,(lnrllp ," t h w l.p e ast ? ! :. o r e'.r e k agess ou r ing he 'ick, n M1,, i o i .. " :1;"11":'iO V Si C , Ibc :'1:,or, ei. c] ic+ "l l ol ll l 1,1II':itess N'' 1 1 ) Il, tiSall".-:A st IvY o 11 l'+lllr~m ",l' 22,1,l I Iiu',ft.. l,'/'t' ,1 Md nl ll . I r d.e ht A LI.E . 'I) T .1 111, lq ('~ , -str ,el. "l1 The Nw N - t o l IH I+I lio Bo'!. Mo ~ li] lll 1I~l',00 I :u_. 'T'utlor, oif, nil "impr e l rs ; thePl'um', '!O . hThiruhtr, Io he v'all d ; Ih, N 'l, o .. 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(1 v., , I UIC IIINPR CED TE il, I/l l ';,ETes ! #:r].dil,, "Id in itagl t il//l it lS~rl~S.ed in NctW IIIIIA'AN,, M' tIst O I 1,< .flt h ('it? lr ('htlh rrs i - cha'te, ((,',,',t r" f 0(ar,'a r .i' ) oe a/ TI 12 11 1 A I ,R C .A _N I'IRIN 'I'IN ': t)l,'l'I('l:,' c rort r of 1'oelrb,,r' ai d St Ch'1ied , t' 1 Will b TillE lallriIdTd to . r OFFlt,-z] 501 Jg. iti-. ll',,I t, f-r-Ie OI,t - / CJ\\ II!'I'Itli++I'; ('0,1 di. 711 .IIugIIZHI+ , 1TNI"REC g ) lENTI,] I) N! }VI,]LTV! Tht G ir.ui'a llle, or . 4 a11ioaa. l r19 r1 i,1 1D!~., ,, 's'ua.e,' Bal,, , . el.,roi.led intt he U iltd ,'.fi, . - T!, :I p:\1lllll'l'lt1 o\.f tho .,hve ",,ill o,, li,,hrlh,, 1 ~ u ou's lllU il ,hllhl I+:, coin_. the, 1711 ] ~I il . (lol'l,l. I1t..\/1, h,1,l ec) I'e'. M.. \dl,,tt,1, iOe1, 'lo, 1, - I'io , ..1 , I . . 1,o l f e u ,11 I if,1,1 ,:n,[ .S ,,l+ tlll. ,11 {+tllr,, ' Jl i 1111 lil+ 'ntt i~llo ,+ .\il,. S . I,;. Gi. \ ,ii.rI,, burn: ~11,ih1<2,22,tu, /'11+d _,o ,I,H,o"_h his1 u- +,,i,-h, . II.P A ... .... .- A, ,' ..... . I loh,, ..... ... " , i ':'" holl lphCc. 1 MX\Sno \ ~ill II I)')-11 , SI I illtO . IHrr. !III Nit~il, Iirtlr" -II l ; III . i.' " u·t, 1'- I. i,,,,, .Il., nllll " 'i ur,.ll ý",!I· I I ii: i"_I 1'I . I ..I ý II ; 1 111 r11 1_II"!ji~lI nllýI.ýnI' I'. '41 e1 1i :11 '. Iirr :. "I- I . .,, .". .......ii i i I I rn :I' : " , ' I · c l:c' '1 , V III. I.I\I··I i l II 1c11 XX1 n l" 'i 'I 11 .t. III t I1:Il ii ) 1. .1111. :;Ir1 I it ll, It \ I· ,II tit I (I -1 `11, p iii IIurll'=t l l I I' 1 ·I1I . I . I i'ii It l 1 i Illi I'i u 111i1.1 r,", It, III I" .!., !, XI cc I 'cccc I c' ccc n, 1c ý +1\(iii i:5ti .1\\\I .11,E II: I:; i -- ·1·;,,. I:,,~I, ~i· I'il lllrll'- I'nlllrl[) l ý 1/ jl, llr 1'1"llri'- I) ''S ll n l;. "". I II x111 I I:. R~i In1\''- . 1.1)111111 tali:11- VIII! 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I~rnr /;) 'rcl ( itm nr Inre (..'lurd Ink nn Pain n ('ul rd lnttrr wit CAR1tS 1i' I·\l'll\Hh, it Fls olieiiii't' N¼tii e, inii hevtis ea ,!r ·C., (I )i rr,,,,. , rrr W iw iI or (,:rl~rlr l Mtn,, or, i·:IIIIIIP c~l, \\1161," I·l ,l, c, or Plain Sulll I c(l)tl C (I·.I.Y, anda 1 ' r i *ivi ,, rriivi,, ,iv it'r IF '1'111,*Ili11I \N ol' Pvi, vF\ irirfi ! ii i i vrl 7Il' i'yli/iilve / , ,'` I'~~ 11 I I, , a vt--/i -iit I-;r,,, o x ) Iic oin, r ~l (ii - ý , I r.,., i'11 );,) s/ 11, ti, IA t1 1 11)I ,11 ()' \ l I 7I)I1 +,' l~ni i~i I~ I[.llll' III I"I",- i; ,l iis1 .; h"71 ' 1,, ,,,1 fill it ].m . I:. c,~ I ,u fill~I. -, ~,,I p olity l N r i:"l, !.i I cr rem . 1 NA,,rc, c )_ ~ I~" I: ulu, i, or .,e ~1 ,,,,..,,,ý,. ,,,,, cc.. [ xi- i ll I i o J I ' I I I -·' ~ .11 l.,w 1, coil~_-,,u, -Iv b 1 1' \ t1: tS (11"-"'. I:· , " vi- , f ,11. ., ,t iiiii ,,, _,i 11 " 1 1 III ii Ilii t i~ ). Xl ! 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Iil1 1 II kIII I vI Iii I i 4i illl I.11I ili-\ i /). 1l I- i lvIIIIi-l iii, l.111l i ii i iii i :1.ii i1.11 ) I' :1L1 /, ),I] 1 :1),,s 11111· r (I 1,'r c1,. ,.1, 1ý1!1g 111·: i1. ,,f 11 " c1 a or11111?rr .a 1.."1,,, It...,, or 11,,,1,, by cur r Pl'Plic tio 'l iii",ou iiil i i ii I.): Ii t ' it Iie ,just ii IIIcc. l i 111 t ii & ALLAN, SI c~' v 11 /1 cy J11 iic I 'ii Ii(r l &- -ii n (1\ I)1)\ "1 ) 1;'11 1' 1.1 . -I In c',-1,-,, 1I I ',t,",I 1I1,", ;ll-i urll e do '~l It 111,1. \ Ii III1I( III II: fý \ ,1111 I1I.Nld act :, ') liuu' ii vii tr.+ltl` , i i III ; it1'ti 1 ,1; li. - l l, I iin 1 l11111T eac hl 11;111'N ,j, 1;:..'.11 . IS.1 .t I·: '1) v-i ,lolj l II t ) ,; \ 1 i': ("1 .. 1'1':","1 t:;ti' ~f 1,:, Ira:. .1it ( 't io n . li...,, t":t ý1 ,, t t:x ., "~ ,tiler., ,,,, 1 fta-h /7' 1 n ., r,,l rr". a ,, ,ra L. /I li-I-; 111··./~ -/1( I _I·nt ilg Ifir

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