Newspaper of True American, December 24, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated December 24, 1838 Page 2
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B t1r anl Nulattl, Btlonsu ' Esq. TO tits Hn JoaN QUIocy \Dlos. FI si Honuorable Johni Q. .d n , Washington, I. C. Ph/oldel,,ha, Dec 10. 18'18 My Dear ir : The teiral re*Ur ption of spere. layments presents a fit celsion to elie. our t.r hmpondene. wilh an exd.1 ollni,, I ot rh1' cllrlot il Ihe Bank of Ihe Unied Sl tea in reig d Ial that Mabject. Tiia shall hbe detne hriefly and fin til. On the 1Oti of May. 1h37. the illntks o N w York iuspen ded rprecls l,'votel. "Id 'hr". ert pie Wlt'immnm tiately tnd nvrsenril, $ lowrirn le the oher bansk in the li.inrd Swies. Tl'he relrine wae thug placed iini s'oanl.,t "I exlr,.ai ditf.eo'tt. from which it eo ld bi tl,,ri.esl,. ,Il:iy Ii. n-,tact atnd vigorous iml,.ure ir tnt I prlotrlon. 'l'h. dasnger were-lhe totial rniIrat itf ia eredt and characterabrodi; tle rettielltian ill prlon. of all its puilie eeru itii" nod its staple mrodll. aioln; and last and wrors, that the d-l, n'.lv r,. m ydvot suspeneion might be ,pror'lcled ntlil i became Itself a discase It w.,e nini. l l)s lLthIt the calamrity had lulatgr wn Ihe aupasiy of tim'. politirtian; that thle vmolllrv tourt take rare o tlsell and rely ',nlv uprn i'self; Wid as in liars i, petal, the voice of the hutbleot 'itlie'n mioy lrotr. limes be heard above te the rmulr , ly Lown pers',n, position seemired to justiy the assumptrn ,o insrant and deep respon.tiility. Aeeordingly, at the vert moment when this inational mosfrtoune occurred, imme liate measures were adopted to mitigle anill IS repair it. Of these in their order I. Aware that the hrl Intrelligence of thie ate. pension would degrade Ihe character if the caulry) and asubject ua to Ite reproaclth l bad fih t ll inuolvency, I addlressed In yu a public liater, which went to Eurole at the oillre linme with tle ewal ol the earlrtelllrtg in whltch I vetlurld iid hlhdge myself for the lidellty ifour t ollntryntto. 1 . that ietter, of he 13 h of ,liy, 1837, Iaid "ni the meanllltime two greag delitiss devolve on the bank and the country.-The firtr reigards Saelion, he seconld iti, own. We owe a deib In foreigtners by no tlmeras rla re for our res urcer. hbut dlsproporlioletl I,, our pretllent llleanl if fitt. mert. We triter tibte cvire [hIl this lale Ilellllr, shall not see tlo be er rlfirr to oavhr the patrlmenlll of our hittecal dehlrs i tillell. VWe hove w-lrt llrll eateti agid drunk the pitirittre if l it l r iidirtier-, t.... much of all pe h.lte, ioh, t istur f:,uol irt l lrlI We iay take le.s Ier"olltr, It rite cUltlnlty ia dilholloured iles. a e delclarge that debt ti iti, altermos larlltinr " For this pirpter--he early and trIal diarharge of our debt to iorrLaners- lie whtlei power of .e NanK uof tha Unlilted Srlllls was dvotled. I stilnl. a crisis it was evl lent IIsi it resort was had to rfgid urtallirmnte, the ohtliry it pal wouhl hr lr,. puriunalt y diltlniri.hrtý.....ell, rht ItIly true ait. tam was to keep tilhe .',tllllry as ltiteh at rtse a, eoneistrd wilrh ilat, llfl, sill a. eto rtllh o tle dbltors to cI.illci thelr riaILurces irl tIhe dilchatrul - of theirdeblt. For the satIIe pulrlip. e the tbanllk though entllrely ut ill tri c Itrse ,I llllinles· and in sruele degree of cEllin wirth its twit exclusive inirtect, urllnlred i active vlUrey ill cllel:lrllng the deitl of thie .itil "I E.rllorll--aavc eer) facility for ihe recovery dill lt derl,, land at ir rulr tled our crlulllr )le ti ii i ris duly br earnesot lnd eonsiant appeal toi their nlouit ,itlirle irPt+. W ith what a neut rol us i nlllllnlit hnl int lpe.irl ris auswered youl well Iilltknow e i r it orluhed I ild which lies deep in all etierlcann heari-, I lite nive.real die.rise wlhir.h it.rlded the c ntlnllll ll eould not be ll nessae wirllut a pliniful sympiti. Its IImelanicholy was retirdelred by the haIll and manly spirit lwhich it lorred thr.ilghout tlhe country. Fir never, oil tintl gh-tins heldls t hattle,swoi Ihere dilelnyedt a mire ItI v l nilmen of hona.ur tnd colt.ltte than was t Paexlhtid. 'rhe holnest pilynmeilt debt-- hl hm.I,,to dutyt -s private lift- 0was elevateid by i1s lnilVersaltyl into a sentiment l lalltlralit, l h r, its the l iholer country It mass pressead lroarl to its peltf+ii. ance, as to rllela ercred odlid ptirlirollic rolignti.. W halever collld bt prid. w.ilspJld lllilllnta ly eoutlll cheerfully; wihait ii wasinpto. .ile I.t ply at ourtie, wasseaturd, with amlle t Ule.eIt or the d-lay, wi.h aUl utiter aiAnllh IIdo.n eit if uiter viliIhnl e , and a disrieg rnl oif aly, iiry slltliei e neces siary to iulil their en.aeiiti. tiol. Atcttrdlint ly the, nltllllu r IlI in hlb h the U.-rled S'.tici havve s, tin d their i eilitnse crtiltl rlrt nill ilil ib t Ii , ti lpe I l it living nnllluml ntlnl their it.r r ly Nho c n ic could have hlnerer tlireld V n I l , a# earliest IToi etsl ii t oi r 1, Ier), n I 'I , r .e s l coullld scarc, ly ite d lll irld i nS al cl('.pUlllithll. d imidst ltl.e eneral wr.i k lanllJ eillt us on 'l ail t llhe great Inltelr to wtllh whhit It I t etilre rl ,t, r wi , - al flie,'d. The c seIll lllllec is 1 h h st te ty lla. I ci credit of ilhec Ual ryi ni v r letnl, u hllher 111ri .lll 1 this nllllt. ; fort it iis n,-l o re rlred .i t rltirelyextclusve and rh-llr.trtiti. l, iha whrit < the gov rlllllelll of 0' UIlitId illiltl is t hs ,,t ltl . goverrmr ent oil earilb I hae I eve pti t.I h, le Iasi et cent ii ltiot ,nal aieh', thPe Itle ri, t. , I l ne , c Stales have dischrrlrlirt , i r pri vail, , nterIiles with an unxaiptllla ti i ty-ia eall glary iir, wortlh a ti sad vit In the midst if the-e tir.iilen the lchiactll er of ouri in i stitutinll w .as i hlrl niued ti ~ caut bl~Iuit f ll i ,i lll . r oian il ilenltlv i d, e ' o t ehduvt ,rtd i e0.1 1lren,. Dt, the b si. . Tillelll ISl Iw LIl. I ablll, ntIh 1 c h rihi U ie r . ,r - u , .n Gho.riovelrlmeti elrdta 1 l tiiiti "lht I.t illtltli r rrIor II ohte irth utviilmr ittirdht i. -el c ioler 1 ft s l l .lil;e ..r ea t u3r b01 11 id i 1i uI A11, 11O -.illd i Coneeeiiot.-Witr i'iltilt It tianiltr i o ii i n, all Id i ly Ihatl dogmllr t , i.liei ilt a I ii (ti n t L tl .r Irachillcti. The u -titol, ofl la Ii i rlc I- o y . al e ioverllnt lr , to InnII ll I I I pi et l , Illl i r I1 1t Itrl Ilrt r t III IImr i eiiint it h , ol r I t nu ll i orll "iII I g r under a ie ulllwiv ra inir. .lilr I p Im t ,is h,1 fil te iois N wllheric ,t illtlilulil ll .n I t, I: c a I n, y dou it my letter. "'I'bii witt a . itili I 11 i111t11 oh le lldelrd whllher thils I'1+1.II Hltllh ., Io Ir, i- it iar'me Il, l 111h.. ho:Ull tlte 1 t1, nire ,0 i ertti i r.11 I rir-Iir r iil i I froi tio ln thatl l ,erel- i o I,, p. we Ii Iu 11i Iilln l'fle i I It mine mlnl nvili Iht.,a ll dot| e, 1 i , the 1on111 l I tihl uarte, |lr the cha etoetir if her I istlr 1tat-, iand II Ith e h stabldits iI otr I iputll r ii ;s1 tit oi " A., whell the tlloveitovn tie, ore if is no moel ideidle act wur tIe bn,lluwlu rer.tlutI olutsseild on the ·let Novtllller, .3; I: ill( Hesoled, 'Thl i ii .lthe asmen of this Conntitrin thatl i a charter dilly graintd under urt ant of Aesellhi, to a bank or other privatue col lur.tli, is, whl.l actepiedl a I T eontract with tite lpirlrie to whetit g tihe gin i llid and if srtuh lchrter b Itnlhly granted r suertbLqilltly .A miLused,jt oy he .ttl by i eju 1lt irjli CUl nofjustice it dlle coler .le, latw, nd I.,it oterwi e, l lerd il pursuance u' ao .wr expresslt reserved it, tile T charer." 1 heobligarion ofth,. Iate I.egis trers ti p ig1 all NO their eenlrr irllllr tilldt, wi iti t n tlieill, Nnl tlhe llXi cyv i llf in dlt Idtilllla to Ipa itl.ler l itin f t .i-i ,, t CA!h t estahli-i , d, tie text cr. wii s to erIable lbotlh to cot mply with their conellllotrllit t little a- pIl-r le - I al dute ito loi net,l n tl tlrl every dbt slith! i le pi d -it wtasdue ito iur I, i t" mr k the li it it "i1,r ri.r solureea ill tIe Fetllt ehl. N.W the y e r.t(ure.t e'il. J A Misted utatinlt ill t te p htl'i r nerrioiea. and the s Inle O" prtrilitliOll nor rte Ceimtr y, j hr hi rk t of - iltpei l lotn d w*otr d, hof cut ri , mi. I. il t t e th ,elm t al 1 i tlc peseio. a.nd it 11 -,V ellte e ri ,I tI, etve II.ilm vrull Iacl 'aecll:fic. by I it, .I ll' hatIl li 1t.u n Ir It ih, fl.ue.h a l t.<:,i i . t ; n a 1,'. , a ..'"I, t c h. 1'. ern' en 11sell) V 11 ·n, I In:In of rec::ii, mhale 'afe than herenn,..rt.,t tc' ee.'.e.lte..l Ihe. ate-. 'i'h:y have a tnoot luIXu itl n II-,. luable pr ,lb.ct--iumitr: natural advella.e-untirit.g id.ltry to dlev, huIiL th-m The, have a ery di in, htt :.moeyn fr that h theyaele abl e t Ipay..and ,'i.lii:g t~ l,, ai ll h t.,,.1 thlanl the heis preittalie ,' ut En. e e eau E N..,q to py. ''Ther lail;s, tIu. of being wUted lI r e u tflravgnice, oa to ihe dirct et r ,etrent af the borroweig Jtoues. .o imat here b.' n) better au - plieation if the mansa n llnay h.r.pea en. itnllI throu to double his incime v A tre h i ln it eL,,ial . .-1 t all ttlnse leq,.. e k..hledge, m.ul inor, llthe meaun of et'crue 'e..fidneiet; eml it w.. Ih e ulhl mt ixpedieut I, u.tah!ld tar ...teticams.l.,le .m Lom.e, als theucounm cenlltrle an.i the ;eneral sU+ln),.lntf Ull Areriean U ecllriliiesi, wh(er,'in alddllhinll tht' lpprull pria b.bniness ft :he. blank i.e*lf, a ll :h " h blic tolld e( n - p rate stockls of lthe 'rtler, miglt filld ltleltr at11 ori - teetion. en like t.anner thl" l,.enneen,,nt of tithe ctrre.c'v id red the nm or s hll :i hit nth enIIi l at tII i lelrw .ne (, ine foe ign e,'I ir er tc', ei n,.,l h,, t. d:ctud tite tEiumt nof ale to the prc-tttedr planter. It was tht l hIt lIe per to,'c tttt ,ltteil ' :e.." 1 art.p, i,:,,ag Ia eg). · the eatpitl ut'the halnk III aI;.kitme Ml.utinc+ tIoa ull (lllarnl Prtducu. 'Il'eu ad Iae. rfe ; tlle 6.s1 wl t tl o pro fide relittanrees .o l,: It, sow\n hii bnu Enulan i, iesu ed ti the .ew nl rk iner, hLnut- It n tleir , etr. ma dil trees, fur as. the hank .lu;d not Iof coirse plurllita Ihese at~ple', it :l;ull adll nuc·s n I tO I the toI11 t .he+mtth, thee. tlrl :i, e.itn lt. e b.lln . :.,,loae., lie ,elled r, - tert wustelo iltludu. rrelto tle market a . ew :ul , utli, tion,ae.nd thua irvti the utuc.:tidniue.l e.bjertio:. it the planter to t h rteirln prehilter. 1' ele .Illlva . waere made, net as Io Iehl )aty'are ,.n th mere eper-Oltli secerity ofthe Inmer,.hant-whicll tl,. ton'u.itui u'i I ell private.redir weo d halve rerleled t t, Itazard u --hut o tite actual shipin a't ofl th, ` r e; oue .-o meri:tca honlles in EnglandJ, ilhli,' h nsll ebt i tI rlect Alt.ll Can ptlpett I'rll thl re:kless wu-lte with .ilii, it Ie+ beo tol otel rofe thit to the ilnlltre, ih ishe tentlre diereea'd ot'll Ametrieal ill ret+. The enm'tnlltimlato theh cau.el--ltle appttctine of e'api Il re this aile,. ,:ile t .e pltml rller.a e lle i tie otllr-h.,r- e saed t.ateithelti i.t llel teetn a aIO.t ltini h it i dlttltct toetltlmal balvsteu .r lut;en :tilllltl. of.lolhr. I . el..l.e no, tlau anelre ile heli ,itte ile elerclu. d-tot tnl ttll cIut Irey to Europt he beta peid by thr ,ltre drcarcall.. lrtmeite picreethey wualtt hn.e rrhla "d hintt t tll)" bIne Itwa tll)ru tatlud itac the h tileo tar i,.,.cpeu :v. Ttte nIearur.". wtre esset.tlly) of.t ttmltnr tr' tllro--leiy w.ele e i t it tly -feln tlrleliy .llll ad,llm:+l h a n itst',l ( t a p..h llr,' , +lo .and sobs dicoetieutil tllll teltr u'.t-y.ul wllcll. u,t ItI II,. It A. naeonuetheretIee l the caploti u1 ielu.lly ,al the tIII,' ,i, ll h,. lia to auleidela ilo thlle r at u. e tlllenc d Ic l.I l tllons ,lni,. ttons ware retliqulnlitI, uhl.eoe they hate tlty tllalt tlii.lly seemed. Ill Durn. g these evenlcentl it telielllr importallet t u.dlr tlndl diliently It a.ltre fath, ' ilteri .lllllllllt. Ill ll letter to Tyou, of bte tnh oftllril aIt. I .tLtdlii my. alll.lvloll ih.,t culd bte e sl.a ,r permanert ,.; el, pn.. + lt. by the BaIkh eent lthe Ip.licy n l lete uvernlll,,Ite lelr tlihe, waeeltagntdl Tlhtti,euaeta w nitteiswsd Iuptlly ade. t olu theelthl f May the sptin circulari reql.rlllt g pIyn.'lut II, oie in ti .led Om te. wa eetIlltrld b COle ea. tt tlIe 5ta of Ia.te tbetbit <alled the rub Trtnaury. n quati,. cltie taa ll tpeyntllnl t lte ote.rollceU, ewia urCeit'ld. Itc the aaIt ohtfJlay ttlle IrgcrclIaet tLred tm a-.eie an tl.t cup. sad praUaol tthe etets oe thi baink n the ullll ii e el'le ..-n lolte wed . jle aiolte- citeea it a ert it to lh''lrna ar te thet blke ef ihe' bulek a nld err.ntrttlilt w.r' lillt e AC theL ere dtit:at lb'pbtic tdi-"1tcetreet I' the Ier. I f tlta a41. TheW errlaeatrnel. uc laller..hlto t,h e lt.Iulluvle a. -thy wepa lelM aU..l Ia Ihe public acltet. I.r' lhl ftO ettleremlt mtietecice lt ct,-upetlaiun licr tli e at tatt.h -as, titlho Cectrev adi nltp, aht tat o It re-alitiullltllc, telaoellet Ibe mlddT,, rtleu ea: the at'th Auitl, sod 1, many rthe ut ther atdccrect, it W Atet, tl, i,* eer. lebrt d l11 ethre e ontc eeautc ta B outthwele rt 8lllp L et obi apee , l'hit bliatrudc ltl.:,lflll teir Itll' iet e ý ialt LapI hsaidde a Ldt thete l h utte, aud de4te ttssd Stet in acty by uehr. hnbndnt renfrer. and parlel wiltinmm. It - ruotal.t w ,s.ed 'lo)nl. to heriat Ionm. r pr .,l to 'I a -h.rt .I l c ei..a.i , hl|,tl to mo u t Iheir oe5 ThIe hbeall th B:elie.l stat h i ilo d it r un dit a l.*14 0 . 'h Is po ..ho Ills leraking ..In ,e- I. l tlle IsIo.t llOll fmIOl', ll1.11 rol. tohe P ther.r k n h )s f 1a ,: al c re f d bev t will it i. 1rr Atied, hy dhe witht ,f.lllU lye, th ngra s Eoa,.ie enly - rlil theyp relnlpltle the cIIlu oftell &UlIIIion llplu r hout the TAd tow, upon rr ( ithe eonts which followed the ,t scoll a,:l ,, t. itl ,i ( s f.. 'rent eratificution to ls ee thai all than it w,.,ls-di ..ioide hl ni h el o ll olne. Ii we. pr.'seI toI pr ten the ch.rlt .er oiths oh untry from the hryck oif ,.ion-ty-o el]Pet thl, hronoraIfr a i6harcr f r1, o.sigeindht willl nr . R r, I ari. oi tle properry uo the Ilor--t, v on !.I.: th" ned o filth of thlt Statr I.egiIa lure-l. u. hry In a wIlio sdelay for thlsOtlole ohie ro .He dolI. mu I lr' trrbl oa ou the coufllry lave haippily Oulhe future it i a dliliult I po i hlt ill that lure h RT in llk o, r Rlh oted .":.n- w i rlO lloo.el f olly IIs pt pir . silo. TIw, aikk ofthUlo.d Slt.t, h Il e.l'd lolle a a. liulln il..t!ltlutio i. 1 t31. ilodl . r, fl.sing t. Occupy it. u w ptae i a n Svlp b I ek, whrn lt ttrobl. oe !S "i A lrel it ill mln dli c't '.ork llate It. ohl puloilll+B 1 reed it then devo 'e I e1l its po. ers to n-.i.t i, ryll Ik Ir l·lt uk ,. ue' t Ilh rt lheo' i l r ente ll . thl H Vll. di e ,n' hi. t Cits o at leeur ryti.+ c V-%. I. FI, the Alllre, it Cl, le o lllii i ollelolsrv power. II' h- n Iia1C ,e.ronsihihtl ti the 4uer. It ha. il, lone-r iy cenllnrlsaie r with l oth vIosrll:i.ct i tl.. Uin,, It or l r-rilr Ol Iy pIo.r, inl it will ake It. rskll heraattui us a simllt.lSate illntilttoll, deotid e..elu-vely to It uoWll W.rrin' LHwdrn. OI I'Tjore', at, hla i. nec pP.iiLS, f, FOR? b lk alo'n. lunr plblie s'dlaoilir' jUclify the a *P.l"'h1rfrttw,lr.. they rrJAuire. itgreat dsngero err. . t lei defy ny in hem m y took i-..ow ended. s1a1 I g'a"ly withdraw from these rseplm .ibilities, carryiln , wvith , m ItIe ollly ellllftt ll .oulb t ill tlhe, the coloniI,,se... of h.oltll ,s dul my duly to the Luuulry as a good citizo., Wthll gat regardi gs'e. N. ITDDLE. M.ail .lenrlattona. The erFol ,rn a! i losed every day at l t'oloek, A M-Ii ptit every day'nt 12, M. The F.urr as .-ld is closed every 'ty at lalf.lnst Ill( A M-It duo with the great Eastern Mual, oenry day. 77,e l.,,ke .M.i;l (via Cnvingtnn. La.) is clo.od ev-rv Mouto., Widio.tolay and Friday at 6o'elock, A 1t--tI 'lie every Tueorday, Thursday and Satut. day, at 5, P M. The Lo'oi,,ile ",r irier .nHil is close,l every touudy. \VWed'oh.dv end Saturday, t 8 P M--Is rlet nnll retlorllod hby ellemboats.-Arri.cs Irrego. I urly three tilltis a week. Tier a.qr Sar or CC,,sl .JAl is elosod every Pue.l.y und Frilday, at R. P I--Is soet ald re. turned by thle steahoat Blrdliant. The ..le.ra,,doia or Red Firer la[il is sent irrgut larly y sleatobnt's, twice a week. louisville or River Mail. l.nnlny; I Wodnoeday, and Clos. at 8 o'clock, P M. Saturday, Coast ulail. Ttulday an Close at 8 o'clock, P M. Newt=Orlens Cham' er of 'ommerrce. rvFFICes roaR eHr. treai 1838. S. J. Peters, Prorirseil, A. Qierli'r, lot Vice Prenident, W. L. Hodge, 2d do. COMMITTEE OF APFPREITS, FOR 1838. Jiota, Dick, Tlihinaoo ttrr,'tt, Joh:t A Mrle, lt C Cammack, Jat i Loverich, Ahijol tickh CGEO. W. WIIITR, See'y. lrtle./ sr, ;h.. 'h,,rl.,nnol ) ...e . .. ...... .s.,l l,o.i... Dee..... I to .a ,ork, do.. ......... .I "iCilllla., . oo... . 17 hlil ...l lpl I dn... ... .... 16 I.olli idllle. do ...........Ill1 ':aloll ,er do ............. Ill St. I, i, ........... oI .in,nltl; h. do ..... .. + o l ~ enrnll, l Nov ...... ..I Ilnll. , e UDc..... I Psrl O,.t........ 2 Nart,.. do......... . It rlot,,d.. ..'. . \v.s,+it , . .....o . .... . l26 ,tre du .............. . tI ' l 'L IIIAN(:Io 0 O.,'oI.E I. t i . Irrm r I ll , 10&. t bhip Aznhn. Fl.k. for New York. r " a 4 1 ,"|w ,",rn .! Sh.IlIlll:l lo. . ld.0lo1t111h, ri t St Jo.llh,, 1' I lixt. I I C o.Ill.,uct k & o Ship % .r;ohlnodl o o oo 11,orr., fro Iilcrpol, If. do,.. h '.l H C ('.ohnnock . Y",n. P[l~i) C ~i" il 'l BRIIItow·, ror l.inl pool , Rc1A 1 r Ih r gInw. 1ih TCj0.o I I''oll' le. o ,o1,lr N Yo rR,, \V 'lltor. I tlll . ....|?......f;,,, ,oo....o,.... , + 1. h ,o,&I . .....j I ro I A o lem r. I),1 ll.,,le ld . r A tIl ln, t A n.,ll " Slop Ju.h ih1. oolr. P II"r KH r II Ih " 11· (loo. fo .rvrnn, \(r. PUt,,r I) ) r 11: n , sA 1 ", fn-llr "a1l,"lI Chl~e A" ID-x.y Scihr 1 Ollui6C. 31tJ IIell 611 It J. uI Cubll lo bribd g I ,Jollkill.. SoIotr Corooo-,ur Hll o-oe, ,D.lrrrlo'. To-a. 300 Ilonood. iI. t~nnol loe. 0.l' t tlhelofoolfl..o t,flo'.43n 9y 'Im ~ ''," 1.,1na1.i. 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I[% The proprietor r4.44444414 calls tlhe atten44444 e." the pub~lic In tin ,Lol·ve Curdl an 1 srplre. thcPls h1· f all eyork intrustedd to his care shlall be delete a1 the short. a 4 notice, in a style un4url4),44 J in th4is city, onto 4 4 at the I .West rates. ICIIIII iRJi 1(ý{t N EDITIWED R\ .IsarU eI2fR444fltt. ?AITItyUL AND BOLD. is % Is I' O 1, F A N -al MOND 11, D 113 ',8~T 21. IR3 : P DIanRc.,n.-fl it contermlplated by the sub, scriber, prllidred rufllirnl rnroulagrmmnl ireivel by the public, to pu44liah, an addends. 444 hid Di rectory antd G4lide of, Ilse City of NIw. compr1isin the new resideant, and the change- t4 th4at have taken p444e da4ring the pag4 mention,44 P.4,,44 dtgsir4as of ha4ving44 tIhir n4me, in-errt,) (1 inh, the ddends, will please Is ee th444a will) 4144i "f professions and4 residences at41h Countingf Root,4Il of iia subscribler, Exchange Aidel. n Cardls tastefu)lly insertred at a moderae 44ric4. . The Addends will be gold hund with 4he Di-. y 4444 at 44ur doll .re, 44444y itselfat one d JC'hIN G04DSON. is The Glctj,,a, TwentypTTird! wann commemornate4d 44 virtu+,da iy '..t.It~l. "',. I, t.Th I.Legiltll Inns reviewed ) byh Geulsrol Ciaiilea on Ilb· Place d'Alrrl·, awl nearl of it thoser who mnrlrh ·d to Laois loved.t-fotlr years age 1 u·-,re re.,dyl, and stlill abler to do thle eanle again lirwllld common cai te de I·sll it. is The, intents kickeCd rap It dust yCSIIeldllv, and ao Ill yi' didl inl '14,,, Ilse high hinild lima hellped to keep ell' thle 'o memory of the 'Ix Ilv. The u rniform l enilllnii·e made ,. no an'nifieen dizlplay as they marched toI the insp~iringC Ii. music ofC th""ir rveluCt~re hands. lil the way, woluldl it let not lihe well to ndopp( olnt? re~lllarp'ar. with retardl to musici, n~n all net~m~iilnl n hen a plurality ofO halide sea. a obis?~· A' older, are now . conduicted, teh petty IId·? insE dill r nitl ir',m.n ll··tnoys th tiler, aid it r~ n.,uld ,.dep)Jt tin' mule andn ChPer,-IIT our lsll a h lp the othler (lllyrd, the rfn t wouldll he greatly eighlrmcd. It is hardly pnatihlle to ('to, oan at'.ttrute n··illion , (;amdda, tlniter* fora lint is ntsrrtred t'.-tiny, is Realty agile in h~e contrnm·I, t A to. morrow 't'he Erie Ill arrm n of no ini Iolke: ahi!n the I nll~ln .lercllly If the 101t, PI sly.* in direst c. atladi.· lieu to thi--' Ilse I strint fires. hots "dintel" prouelde,l to the Londlon district1 Irnving Malenthee~nnohol ofth In(P olrnl rl'tIn temt In the Plfrinta ImrnePI Sal dwil hI.. iso the firel irh arm . 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T a takinotf Frt Malden and ITS prim ,nere, wilh .ro..iderlhl, alolghter was annoouneI ion the way bill of Ihe Western stna . and a pna.enger from Toledo had heard hte Iame story: but both theIse sourcs are dou U.l.I. The mloan m irket in New Yo k wae still im. pr",vin. on itt .12 h, when Untted SaesI mltrk advanced a :r cen,s the s'loing paric. iein 120. Kenitcky bank 11-4, and so.e. of I.her heal .mo'rk in similar i.rpotion. The ra',. 1 exch n ,ao. England f.r the packets of the 13 Il w 9 3-4 410. -''. hdite'sLetter. -W. publtth ito day Mer. Btddlr'o Itler ,n the anin"gueoent of the U.. Bank during the lmllspenit.n. It ii a molt admira hle. clenr. nnd interestino docunmet. and we clin. flior if the attent ive t l ofonl ri rt ., 1 ,i . 1T It is not true tel, a diltate. warrant ho l een i-e.ed -ontge ai'her 'he person or pioperti t.o General GtalGth. fsr hi= dul(Icatin. Thle trial -ill nk"i p acte at S,. L .111. ui tihe aext o' lhe U.S C'.ur, in that ciy. Cheap Farms.-A letter Iromln Dietr it ys that It the preent pricest. f IbriHed stuff, (7 50) ls in hdutrius la'll In ',chlgan can to oie year pa. oir li farel, iogethrt wa.h all fhe -apensitt it I oring, pilitlllll t. and f ncein . PRlAPlII.-.rall .- i h- el,l; Ita , l,.ti.ganized, mall il. S esker t ies iokenll his elll. A corlllllllr te,. ive, aFrlie, Eollin Kntt.slri. Seirn.ll .in ,v In, t h heen appoii'tel Iio aceal'i it i here & * hullso,, e tre tiri nttative, 'Ovetrn ,r Ritlner h la's ar', rt flu d tlo, renmu ielae with f liep le'al tr. i, aill , .o erltv raa~ a id. 'l'. Govern, r a . , ato alrrived at Hlartrinur.. Pr of the amiblltr) ý 'ýy nt t, t -] inS:l h t ''Snri h hig has beeI n. eted Sentttor to fretn this state. General Scott heas heri hia guilg the citizens wisely and esrongly, nt Cleavehlnd rnd elsewhere. on the follv, impolie^, tan di.hne.ur In exis.ine I ralit, evincedI It, tskinig ear with the Caladi. ans in their struggles against the British govern The Notth River is Iull ,f ii. rto Newburg, and dnuhllles cl,.s d.r h..he. ..,e .w.. CnTToir -ilolders in Nw-York are firm, and +sk high.r prices. 11 The Races "vr 1,r t.e L ianna enttral. rtom ,,e e i toemnlrrow with the "Creole Purse," and the race for the mile hpSat putse. Rihert Plrl nt, wu oe evidelnce a.equitted R., ',in-on oif he murder lf E'len J. wetl. thre, sitself into the rea, on hip vtynge ti P ri(Cashell . Fie had previously seted thnt he had been imp.,sed to, aIid, ithouh unknowintle, had given eIls.. *vidence. TREE passed through Cinhinnati on the 15th on hernwa to this city, whlere'she etpected to arrive precious to the'5t i. Boo il tok a a ewell IIunet t at Louisville on the 17th, and was to lelve ininedittely for 'l~ Orleans. We give an account , o-day trim a L.oisville paper f a nblood antid tial iliran. that occarred in tit- (lilt II, use in thateity os the 16th instant, lutween snJdre Wilkinnso, who is relpre·enl.i to us by *ome of hli an: uanilrance . a very quietr anI oiaceable man, Ilie 'on ands Mr. Mendesrns, aid a Mr. Red'iing and some of his friends. n i the 14th a man by the olame of I hire, was itl ed in a house of li.n repute itn Circinnai, br a mah r named litti'r. A rtward .t $.iul is Infired four But ler, who was a stranger to the de-elrae I. From the I.ttirviev Advertiser. Fatal Ajfray.-t moet unfortunate and blnoody ne. eurern.te olk iplace at the Gali IHlouie on Saturdly evening last, geriitr ot'" ni a i.i.iinderrsanding he.I tweest Mr. Keddiig, a mi rihaoutteilur .utiir tplatne, atnd Judge W'i:kiuson, I'r. Wilkin-on, aind a tr. li) dei u, if Mreisn ippi, in celstitu to a coat which the fioemer lid reiadefrrone, (if the l tter. 'ine rlc:t to,.hk plteo at Mr. ieddirg's shop i. the Se'nt itntane, let, u theg entle..en nane and iMr. It. whl. however, wer mep relted. tDefre thIe injury wna indl terd by either party. Mr Reddingand anti Int rofhi frie. Iiedsit an pears, wret to the G(:l htII' a ehiort timne an erwnrd, ,there lie omen ith the Judgen ll tie h;r rooi when aoinesevere Ilntgsg inid b twern tle. -rnhortl afertwhielh the Jiti left eh the ro .l, et inter in .b t nieli fatVly l;tees mionurl rtlcrnte . ill Wr ito any o hl Ireother ani li r. Moraldesue, n t elmoat inaimeliite. I, neferiaoni a itroerel r iti. in lit ce r Iens-en the nrtties. .a Meeks, a hbar hke epr l i the Wail Street HoreP. was killed i staitty; le. JJ.Iiiothwe'i, a rela. tint f Ole. Ietnt ng,i re eltel n iir' i oiii d, td.on the efnects of which he died I .rl ihniii about h i i',Iloek and Mr. illtmer , tlli!oer of ti e i uit r ' lay, anl a fir. Oldhamn, err eush t wod ii, e e a tei sipli nelltlellflen reC.ll .I, a or wl,.s II i t. t rtle tr. fair i i rto n' g r io oli iii inWt . i s tlins I Ian . ntny.we fort-ear .,,t .iir ln, , ao ruI,.,r, af .tr in re. hinl, to it e'irentitlne our srle., with the ehil,r itrate mtent t f+cltt, . we inueirrtand lheSu riven ture m. Judi.e a: d ite. W ilint n ind \ r. r. wrir iwme media ely tnken intorouinidt Ii en officer .nI carried to jail. It P.etnaster General's R-epor --'h - rl elt u,,.n. ;s Is ulcrcd-e, , f it ine,,tt+ le h ct re ,. e d ,t W is threnlnlnegee in-ilrii to it n.rr'is "'hh,, wsh,.iufa.,a h "la.iru.,fhi ho et r e. stinc ivel I-~"klo nt et poei ra; .init hIe. K nid I'. dar teny srmilere l n blitlhm, nr .,tun ira^ini so mul/i is ,.l'iuense , " tinitr. nilt rite'g in t itis0 . ,ill i ens it i .. in . . a' ... ..... .. .p.,,,l i,+.d t,',n , e,: v'e." t u.u tI .r h e i" =r·l|@,t O '-s., i. h's dpacrtrrnut, whin.h it will -uqrr , o fettle l1.1y v ri c trry thrllu lI V n1 ulV e ( ol)d ,, 'a+, y .e. ny 'a e rtef, trinoir,, ,n \li Kt.iuiire tre, i" read to It .e.r bnn trlibily, . , lhe P a tI)l,,l . Ve necihr hii'uin ,ithre i . in n e ,-i' -Enncr inutin ulI hurtjuiiirr uh c nuo to --- - ----- - -- Fit 'Ti11Pa I'co. .I . + i patch for the ilt, +e hfurl; ha fiie .i lolllo c l dnti c llfL i sclrti e gpn,. e rll'. d'4 11 ' BlIS,, '3 PIydra' od FF R NE: YViI( K ag".kt icl tile Lclh Inr+t. f i.UIAI StNA AN'i) Ni.iV A" '1l8 1.1'F;. A' - 'Il'h llp-rilt an I f4 ·c cnlicln p.agkel ship, re VICn K"ýRU oir, lo kpr, .-Ie h vin ll' Ia " oelftevrar o n .ne ml, will -llt n nl, w.. -or i C I a ill eI i nln , hllVll I t , .. . .1~1. .l ,"il t i1+ tty pl? I~l l lP (?ale : ain o ll o ,r 14d, ilvlll tl e thr V gt n:al.+e ' market, orto Jt 1 B : i . . I Ihe11I.N. d24 . .i l'o , , c .cci f YORNF TVO7. Parcket df c 'alucrdintrv,. 21h. .t he ,A I sli ) Ip 'r.UI:N, I"apt. Durfev, c ill def aso ria I.,C. For friclll GIe c IcaI'. n "ucollmnmdnlillal, e i.plv t hccll d. 'ftclc. , he b tililr, 1. 'r to f'i ITi il I, )1. nll, 61; i atp At ig I c FIN/P-. -, I1- ll',\. I ,! 1N . dI:egul ar Pcket. Il rTI,,.dll ,Jnmlllrv I . t. ''lle ,pellid iw pli e. rkLIp PN- i ei 'ci T!I1ATr e . r a hlr u r xI t wil e i l Sh i alr on e Frr fr t o it "i al g.e, at. p y n c i boArd nipn.,le lice Illgcit , :ec mt'rkll, or Io r d'l r itcry t' triE, :48n n ant ie i~ OIcicccc'',4t Itc,. i8 8 r 'i' S lrigmnfh 'ricer, N" i. h" I B iadellrllllly wi th leN "l:l wt h l no r n nizali.,n of tJeI e, li litin ,. ih ,< l, if I"l"-uin,,'i I. t I i+ li ,vnta r ' clltn:.OhIlc tihe I, Brige del . M. n will cl i ce n it i,,. 'l""l"'cn f l.r w l y ar l d .u n ii i OThIe '.t eilll ont, ll. c i'tn. c lrcitlere, ;ill . len ble I ' o rt h lace icrl 'ilrl clti 'Iiin'u dnlicv tih d .'.it1 of JanunrI yr Iet, al :; ,J, lick., I'. AM. Fr 'e he2nd R.limentr , l. t V. T. Ticc c pn will n . c a S ehlllll e tin i a': illglon 'q lenrce ,n iliedlc e t rihe 3 '.i d J Jnllut'rv nle , i 3 , ' . ' it 'The 4th ic l ' in. c'l , l. Whicie, cill f ecbl, nc i HI a ftl I" Sqlnre in 'l'llrlinv lile 3 9 Jillnuary eLat, It .Ic,'clfltl ' b . i By ordr of Brig'ftli' r Gercnl 8 J W' JUSTAf')Nfl I ead Qunrleer. ldnt ri.,M. i le Vtluil i ,or I'.,Im y .'rno f Ir l tl Irmlnl, and E lI.. ., I ,l ic", ln.l I' ea lll rl i t IIth, fn "iln 'nv dl, t "'1 llclcc't e sqirell. Tl e ill i pr lm-e ed' crr .i .l re , . fll t. Ii0 ,', .are rcci n'i.n \ ' I'I :n er ll r 'e . ',,r Ilso llllh n ..a t n .ie cpti s r hn ll r a I r.eI d t rn , .rl,".rd d g r, e Iu lhe ,I elH ni lt,'r it l ,lh n i.lov Cordu. )theI , 8thk : .h .- - A ll o, ail ", lltll% will h 1e 6l rdit llt | .6, i Le 1q rei, ) 'Ietr lPte ' i l Iftn. n .trnlhilr i ell c -urn ile, i c' al d ar lu aGll.daS, Ih Lv The -tti. brarntmmotlng the lR",;in e,, to am 'hih oi h VI nner 0. c. ,re ci'hih iI, wilE ItAll n I la c ch c;cE cc'ci cci'cc, clcc' I cc I ehlell clva un Ite parade IGr.lil tu a Bilrigade illff I Mi'her. SB1order of n llicllg. Oenl. J Ni Jil'ta'cnrcc,l ll F..oRANa'E, CIT'Y BiANK, A Il ew ic rel,,i,,. '23 1,ec. 18:11. fIi] 1I ll nl.hank w'ill oi d coillle in t irie , d i te 25i h I S ictc, ftfd cllh .l'illl, I' 'Jclclll lr fexte . ' eu. ' hi : i llinh due ctu t'ccn div, , cu t hibe naid c the dc'nopceviccuc. I'ff rc isrdi'cncct .ih'n!,lbe m nle o - te n cclclcyal l..,.. c II+cT. ItiJII. J3 l'.il.FIV' y, d-4 I..nlier Ih,,idhhr 21d,1. 188. 1 - N OTlEft--''n Cnc.etncr'---eclyd irlccaclci till * h' re(. 'in.cll 'Icllll It l.l: (. o l1J I' ,llc , l , 183 , f.r 'nakibng :he .' rnf tlcncccccc ,i% lic m five d t, Ic cen c' r. ccc o : e rlllno e efltncc c I'naic .,, llc n·t nlid ext..dClg i. wardL. d,i • city. flc, cifih'ftiicccrtnc be nuec, and enonitconc made kbcOcn cn, nil'iculcc c ,,i dll c 1c ii'. I III) tiD, ll j dd -I. .. . Sfh..,,g'r ,,l "'' "'i..__u __r'ct. C li'ltcS'l'. 'lA .n e r Ean c The L .... dl nd o ,.,pll ll llt . l ,,ll . i, .f I 'lnglii'l EdicI fc f Calcinou vulu clie i, rk5 , w.h The ti ngl hw'c ' I t, i' I'ccc ric did il'o lc, wii otlre, l'cuver in ok,, ilih Ie. ,i.E. diclere nt si.'u, and iu cUl thtn . k ccoreI, 19 .nul i airc . dA4 Al. X. T WAIt. J S "c"K...cC: f, \..n. 8 FIncl I.evn. a,'e re'cscting lIYL! S'Scgar!! .' SILft K~I' C'. Nipn bI'Frc if e illc.cci,.c r, ell I r lugpc lu, l c.icll In,:1t in c ihli I Ion ildiir i .... ' ;- oi,. a·,, ......... " iI',., L.uL -I If S clh Ii tl 'in b ll iork'c ct yna; t lf o a nive, I dI4 G Il)tSI.tI, 44 ne. Lvee .t F II111, . 'llKlV-S If brelacet.c,,itccg fnt t-encc-er.. , Ylgcrcc, Inr ,rle iy d.4 _ G. I).IcRcL , I" New I ec' 3.4 pecicccrurd'r, cicr nai- by L "( 4'L . Ir''i d " _! '3 9ci. llon .1 -ui 311i B,,lea K.,.e.,. a upi , lcc r c ,ticie, icc1t.,r , end 34)e ......hlby t.'.VI Ic i e "I.E, I ail AnS , tlliii eldi Oil in ec. iifur fle by i at d uc4 Lli ci.iGA , rJ ctbc lei Ic t 'itl dcii1 iiALL.Jt3cccncnn ccg 1 RI'4T".IAo enl New Year'" Pre'elts fr I 39. 1 Fidvn's . ni, anh1 of the Aml"'rioln. In plitles, do Iit, ~tlll tt otflyr n, Inor.ttt,-o 'xllo, do lcilvlerv of -h,- Gerveo, do Illu .tiltnl ofnfByrln , 120 I tll, 1 evol, do dLo - Ihie 2 oole. Oriefle Anteal,. fleith's Pentllt ' 'lll, do ShLakp're. Ga illery, de IKeeptme, , Idtllrht- int, fclllal nd n the Waverly Noveal, Ruda and (lhin.eno T'Le Opec of t male Rltnttyl, I- The n tf Rv Ite, I'l pl)tes., richly colored, St, ni-hn..'+l 'i.i-icevety,O e oie," Pi .her', Jntvenilec crap buok, ad The Iteperil, itnfiehl Cat , cener. Jennin"e't l lndenpe Annt, l'lenter tlnl , tttninl' tri-nlma l Anlnual. d kA r e aen' FPeretle I out,. The t'rinodlehp" If ro'.," 'npII (',hri;·l;.i KP. l.Ptka; *P +e' ;il Th,++ Pn Pn, 'Pip+ Vinlet, 'Te IrPo irlller nci.lllend, NetThr |liane ti e enllrP, "l'h- Mtml of rltow iri, 7i~ h'. I,.;its on r ,h+, Yn+. ~l;1. f..-h .lll 11 H4 ' K.'Phit. nat,.r, tcr i.iverp -nl. will lp tLken awla flolltlle irerclolnt'o .rhln'.e, at 5 l'nle .' P' 1. "d L 't t1n1 ,.83 o: munnlllllln st .PFq S .--.o11 io0 gall Win r ra . r ,~il,l· t"s9le b? Y'IAL, & ISRtt)VN. lay 7[ANNERS O'1.--7?5 It' It ivat. tannrc oil, for to d'e·24 96 Mane.zin. -reelt I`O'; l".)lr . oA IA-ORG.E vetra, BBUL. 1+itl. Ine toht hOall r of le NT.POIid 'iV 'I'lI'dER, tlt tihl Iv v-e'. io Ftri.d ihtt; whith theilr wner ean b ain Iby pt.n1 ie'lte,'Ierr.o ndi iin i hnroieta. P'.l ,r-. .Iehite I... a t , tt.. a. ye.rold. III 'd 3 S T 7e, 1I. I. rt 5 t. 4t, e I , 1l. .f o. . i6. LOUISIANA LOTTERV. td Auttllriztll It Ae, nct l trEie.tllte ''letl t'r XI.I [ e'emwr on 'l'u d ', I ', itoth I'R ,1 tS cl. ch1rk, P. I' N. attIt l rel,.1h I,+ h, tti,"t. Clterl , ct ). 5.. Gi.(E O l ' ,'' ,C't O'tt.'tors to YATES MelVT}'RE I Co. 7.5 Nu tll r r--l lr, l t'nlllllltn. GRAN" e'"I'. Mt. I pr o f $1 0 0 is ,15 ,n 19 d. 2.Ott 'I Sl+A t 1 do 91 3 Si d It do 21111"3 Sit' O il do 119 3 itot te 122I 4' 10 t52 2ii T lther rPrize. nmottinri It 9?814 a. Tic~ketr +5 .II Itnlve. P2 A,.- ,lnl~rt..r. I 35 PrkanrmIdr ,firk.' f, $I'n5 wmrr- it' I In draw $r', ntti mU tlrlwt t Y iLte fir t tr r itnl - Pt ehk cv et2' tickh. 01;2 't,: "-, e rrt lvrnm tri ,lr StI letiv e 30. I'ndlotte+. tl'i... llrt'r I lit'lvte·I $3 2 5, w tr'slltlel itotrton +t tlieti SI. Pter PIt.nkcveror rilltci, 'rich' Iea oith It It 1.4 i IO-Y &i t ll&e tttnlrc , IfeeC, tin 3 n, . : c. ,] ot, nent r. nl'sm , t lryee. dH.\Y. V'.bt I'+' IFI'E--8: hne.llm rill.e leen l{.tvllnl Cd l flre, bin dint ro t t itor tt.I.t er ntnh hv J S Pll C kO K Y I', tt $-4 O\ r her e " L O nt r er stR r. d au2 t I DI Nintltet ., ,r a. r itatr ft tde tttt AniDl't tit IIIl"s S 1 , 1 lto,', It t.-ov *, tttir , teIlv tefo llo.rc b I:h I,';,r lht tt' n 'tPaltf hltn,'.*. lll,'+r .. I!'-:+itlc lll.l. . . n. ,. i. I·(,n'tahi) i:E, a lI rr," flr ervel~v 4 tie IiI I|)l: aIiI el~l ls;,·l~ll ~ ·lll ;i,)111 l |l r ·r 'I I I i and tltlc, tailll, l.e .n l i, I.' alVd il 0e I' I'e Ilotor , , fr ll dy lo ttlte Inlr fe tt 'it' it ihitiA K 1 1011 '' T i n l 14 Inj, "C I Ji , " or ilo'tn ltu n ,t ti n .c , , l er . In Itt' ittit los lit-a e 'c theW erly no1,i ltt I 1slllull~l rl n hle "~ r l iillnt t , t Ia l h d:llv I : i litetot 'iic tfe *-ll+n q lt'n 'ttt~ IaV ti t on ' Iif Itt -li te. r tot I-ttIc, tn tthtlr P I ., too . D in i-i he -' 'o-t r n iett.-oj t t-- ette Icit eIo .IrirrttteicC a "rell+.V.+k of ,,II (lg I+. (1 hl11++ ·I. oit·r'* Jme · Plu I~~illl, X )I n' I'+I, e L :\ 'iler ll ,+ o . ".' rnn Itie:, I lIea l:t'tIte Ia'tlrllte Ilt ttnllllotL, Ira . l otrk-et d it ii l"tl ilh+1 P Illeto l ii l "ltto a l tr . tteit " rtn i't The I I I ry I,,111h. r n Th K:~~,' llz .e l'h I '.n· IPiaId A rll.m l, JI; T~ ". n i.- . |J hi r lllll.). 'nl;lllR,, |l'1t1t ~ltllllq li I" +c,,thlr. l ,lJ th,. 11 .'.r'o ,'r V . l nr '| lr g 'l+~e l nlr L\ll. a))1 (-llt+,.r'It ent1 Uilhl-t +.i f t T)he .ntll),+ ial, 4 'hll l P (Pllt1+e., Fr end +hll,~ n's if.rill :. 1' .l'lle (Tarlt&llre .Xnt (jlltmI, I'h .',llrnlll. (IIIIi~l~l~l-ml.+ I)IICd ]l*Otlig Id.'a ..,n-c tJ ein / Illtlflr nlllll.· "I |Il~ra Tok.%l'ue ' ,I.I : he VHIU dl~h' 1121,) r nlllh r+, o~lrr , ll c 11 11· ' E SPLENDID EXIIIII3tzION OF TIlE T AJ ES'rIC:. The Giraffe, or Camelopard ! ! I ' . In' kepi opens Ir, iv 1'i.,\ o'u i k 1. 11 . f I 'i " ..\I \" , o , k '. . ,v'r d flor 14 d.. loi gar on tile e roer of "t. Charles al1 Perdlido, I. - nd togi.,,a, n a ll II'I It. ar cls nllll ex llllliln th all I l U ll ted - tal P-, the ,ri :e " f d m .hll llill W. ,I Le re· " horn wilhout nr ,us w.1, rorti o, hia ast ll hiaiu "er 1-e ii2 m, h 3, I F. a 1li.. ale lion l . ). cl :s ,I ,.i MIilll Milli,, ' i:lbI.iheh3ld. hd.illlis 'ilo.ll,, n HIonlda llcr 71.h ...i u l'J illn i a:xt, bet. i llll tla h lus of u I-l evc end #'w..... Ith. k3. i ;d 1 'r ., ij J P iS i "c . Ca hi , l . LII.IIUI, Is' n.3: \NL , t Nc" I .... 3 cli' - , 22.. I l . n 313 , r i I. lo1 Al AiN li M ' liU Ass lr-Ii I J 'ic? .32v I lllllt L,', . . .t .. t ,i-i i., *.. . I i, . ui.i , d u. !i ldi.t1' J . E III I, (' i ti.r S. ....F.. .. .. I ',ENT I i 3 EIN I ., ýý ill tel lP mll ,ll'l lll.. II nlr II, nlw l t I l,.ll ,r-, rill b",l rar il,, d l.: . d." -i b I i i) Ink anJ o1 ,,d3 a ter Ih ti 3 I .) ad,) if. . nt '-,i ry moat, wil be Iedersan d us1 pecie. SIt i --A -. --, New ( rlean i-, 22 i D t ttutr, 18 t.3 I M F llll ! a .k wi I h r:itlll o l'n Iuscday t 25th, Ain t. aill I t hi l -. "+l+l 3 i ii . ten u d 11111. f liti i . i ee It.,,e du, a Iult be piid nu .he. ,alit. iri. . ,I If l l d ii r aluual Ahtl d Ie illM det I No ,+ M nt:aIv pre;i ,us. d2 ' " llsT'r. J. '.tl. IfI f.{Y,Ca her. OFFICE N. ORLENS, t ' Aytl.L'E It R.Cu. I I l l r , New Y ork I a .. ,a In sill . aid at il .ill III J I.. ; lI IlIEI ., Pre ild nti. i ,111 e ,.'s l- Uit , ; ia :a Is A lt i -t . +Flt -. . I.I\ . -- Illlte itn. I. .:, , 1\ 1, , sI r r::l T I .x. do r tlll .lll l h x lanar . Si-L-8i Lt d- --- - -+ .I. 1V|I..LE a novei, hy a lady of rank, Aul :r d;nli i .ll* " it , v trV i to ith Itlleri r of StaI3 rI oit Ait. e . -ctn f a , an o.. 'f i Ii ill i h • A iti. r ,of " i - ''rI y *I llt,, * li4,d es , I..llt., .i i " vol A. •Th' - P ,: .e... .. or . of .lis I nd. n, , ' ... I.. ri i, I - Ilhe n,,, rvi atr. ,, "ol .V met. ' 1, .' IIe r I ae ., I. I on ..l i', Y n roan lIra, , Ire l ill. a .\u., lla ' 1. AlanIth • h o ..f lwh ,a ,wkl-',, JIl rceived ,ilt in stale L" |. ,1..l K" IC"1 ', _dis c. r Cn rlln.t, .. " fi n -+ I AllI - ;: keg I n l.,. f IXni, 'a , r- a ld FO .i N -1:V YO ;K Ka. IIolnes' I.III - en. .r p c+kl I or re. . . r . . 'I'le fHisn u,,ii,"g ,,..- -h.I A ,i 1B.E(1.1 , , C C lier', Inllati r. Il in ,a ng. pair of nll her artg", I. l llglud. w.l1 sllil o I . i r l. .ulur ·. delefIllh inrkel ur to It,.Ml t', A atIll. dtl) i as (',.lllmit 8 For S>hrreport, as t all. t tit Im l on Red River. . " J 'IhrllT eW* w kno.r see:mer.11., ItT l: J--J . ___ ,I,:. II, !'nvior, now under,,mine ,. -, týl.o,',n,_h repair t Harrodfti . n fI h' I'i.lli n \V+..lnrsdtly, 1"21h. llst., rmnl wil: ranI the ell Crr , lp iy to WINS 1',N . S.tilI,l. dt 7 Faln" I.rvre LT VS-Le liure 'll 'tu al' nnc dll ,e P.-1pirr . aIt tel r vrmilnei nt Irllplrr to au no 4"5, r e d canal ') o nllatllan Icil,'ln- des A\rtisans. nnn 39" Si. Cenjatleg Theiatre. Sixthl ight of Ithe 0, foliint of 411t22 1LIF11N. 15,h night oTfthe. eng,-rtoluten al, Mlr. .)1 /, . 8. It WN1E. Fitl night of the oanlretgio.t of M1r. IVN. Will 2o,. hen..,. ,..l fir nif e to-1 or M1UC210 ALP) ABOUT NOIIIING. 'rlo, Renrdiok, Mr Ilnono Dogheory. Finn, llratri.e, 24., Clifto,. li OOverture br the ()ThrPtr Grand Paon Soot, by Mlnd'lo lloreo.ot. The whole wll e2cnn-lode wnitfh the' Force of M1ONOIEUR JACQUEt. MRon.. Jnoqnor, 04, lioni,, William, Ninar, alr.. Debar. Dress & Masquerade Beill, VA`1IIdVGT4,2 BALI( ROOMI ole 2,. I'hil,,, -too,.., ,lhntwf,'ol 1oya I 0 lOotrfbn. T(o: fI II~; oniotg r of he.2 no no'.l 11h,11 ill Ko.,ernIto n at tofon eohogcl Inlr the ortt~emrnt ir v.notol's and no. 'rotI ergoet il4,0e.0., rrfolirr. Ihr oill heoourlnn,.,f hfly, tl ii, qgieiitv of I quorn,tnd.llhe rt.torl t ill Ino of kept ythe abett r~'o~~u toielute" tts T Tl r)otom ll nifiopnj.. no tltltrrdoy even 1'g 3rd of fr No-rrinfior -next ht tlt. VU \4 tlEl.I'1 & II 0..Q(TEfRj 1)10 1311,1., 1t eotal 'rill t'ke n'nee aswonol eovrt tltondo, We i,.e,. - .lo nale'.,t-rdnon. leneoing, Curial the stesooo,wio ch an il ntell .. I - t lion,111;lb,. 2239. ICr X. It. "'the "r,tnotoni tat~ion w,2l 2,0 paidi to k.p Ity int tor'`1t itrilr tin-, u..lino, the e0 nfhfish,.,,t,t as0a dont last itO-c111t 'Id. _,22't4 1st GRAND STATIE LO""1' RY. 20,000 Dalliers; nii t lgintir oto lit '1n I .', al ck tt o+ 1'lITHE 42OS2 PIWUL OR 1.I1FVEIIY 10VER Ie IIAWN IN I11is COUN I'LIY. P. I P ze ,f $2 ,0 0! ES I do 4.410 S I do :,-01! 1 do 2.00! 5 Peiter if $ 0110!!! KM I.ol Portl'nize$ II, tiad Ti kotetitt $4. st , t . I " tn, - ,r,1 ' T0 be dornwto ''o toI,t , ,t'', 2.:m.111- , t .lt6.t ',lh 0.t ts i iht' II"I. it-lm~ of.2 t.toj-e i014 73 No-ito .-t tree, Ballots. p'Ole ntlodid SrloIt. 1 I1 Prize of $2021 Ol1f $20 01111 to 1 i, 10 00 Illoi111 I do 5 ilfl 5 fi0ll 31 dof 3f111 3 3 Of Sdo 2. -06 2 lOft 513 do 1 ti 50 0110 30 dio 5442 22 02 5, 30 d ,410 1 1 01 'Ie 10 do :10.i , IfO Io 30 if. 2--If 1'"11 Sd 1011 4,5 ol. In .2II 41.-. P,. jot, n-nnmoi-ii , il $25 75i-4l1 Idri t-"Iink,, $4; II,, i- $ Qiiinit'.. $2. tilt P, er e of '!.·Ii, hk t *- o oii i iihit,. l 11.f numnbliers in ih " Lottery for $11f1',nlt IfI i'-ln Iorwthief,oihigherOt .t C t i'.·l " R it .$ lu' "o $'a IIIl Pl"i~re, 2 I, i-k.',, k;r$;P h -a er ot Q"1 i'tt I 'lt-h k.'ln 1nii$5 t elI 0' l t " 4 'l.\ \ l' L" , F l S /22 ~ Ili. l'h'rt "n et a t. +.' $ si' O() ('I ,1CUI .%I -I3. 4t l {';it-,it 12.. t o. e"~ atiio'id j,.,,i:d I'll in. if jit a in...,..ooel i~t Nrw 11,- E i .to 'Y u I), ..oinfl./' ffontirtefi 2 Itv i-i diS t..F of. .n." C, air ,;l' G'.0oie, N ) o, at I' K I1 P \1ff121 'I \ P F~Ii *' 2 Nil Ii 22 I' it.rrifi'",r,+ :liai t C2,ttrleo t-t ,owt/l b, r Im,. I ysile.ddl SI) - 0 2r. I.. gf. i & 50 1 1 \ I 128 on t',Lighti - n 2'1. FoA*lIt lthito.i fitlo l fitt0 u. f 10 421 .. n r il .t S 'iPI:; I'IYI · VF. nal '1o o'.'. lliil-IS bb's . ·(iritf ·I·1Tr1~' to l(l tor, 111, 11- ·(·1(11)'11 1 tI InrI -'tl· Ily .1118 car t`1,* ln . i I'l dn.hif ý. 1 1.2hI 121.1 I t)1. ,11),lf. . f It tIl..1 l o . ,i.f , I, t,i f 1 1 II ff9 c- II l t'11 1 V, .ll lil .. 1v ,11.()I` 1 IN 11r-1.l; 11111 iI I., 67 (:llllill r, ullr -tl lliti Lttto' t~ll- in~ tltloi· oil I.1 id11.i0 ittotIlnter.i ht Bhll:,, I,.nteto plrlO, (l,,olo bitln, ('ill1,, t,: logite , r e1 *d- I II" ILt-ft hoe Ahboe . oo-foe-,y oiftei doe.' h 12..ti of' fit L-'I it i 1 ; tti. 44. if tutu o if .6' 19 ,f- 111,, '.t i 2 if o in-n-Is LIoirino o,,2 fnti"fm rii i t, h,.d dE 0.1 foodtfef-n itnoot12.llll LiiOd, iti.'.,fail,,7e1 er li el 1I I1 /i il;'1 I elf, too/,o, d In let,, 1'I or"-,.c; -o-Ilprtczntto.-/22-oe,-nfoll o:,I tjf i iosf in. , Il ,.itindlno.tof,,ff. onor l in*.Inhor ltfinr j -'to lote "u Bill,,. l'tta hlSf, h w bill C'to fo IN) II) rIln~llr ncl~l .o.n~ \·~ITW 9311 iIIti~tifo r thne non, if 4 eo e rt llotihrer-d. 5s iiiu..n I, ify or I, finn, r o r a' noe2 litte MTEUr f HERA I' IILL% 4deatlrh, a it anJ ,ee·rabal de,',a,, by Ienerni Iherr \'oydrnll :icrl ". 1'I arl n ,ucr 1 1` I I .I NC I I I 1. per 'lop 1 18,.,1", a d Ill H, a r (r b rn tea 1' \'" "I n1 I1I I'l 'i r ( phi:,'j 400 basn'In r rec', hal il t Iure 'C Se 25 I'" In ".loose I In n l" lot _ to 23 ley r li, n 5 ·.lr ci ( 1 .II II1· (;rre l alld"ll cli qu Trri ty l "hrlll·-.le ~ I'1I lF IiJIJ~ ".21 hurr. I+ 11 huir8 12 I, ~ S14'1 II' fell a '"he., III:: I 1~ ·. III hld" `iuprrr r Ik ruish, (',,pal, nn r l ,nd \, . 1,,, ll~, con-l, tin, II·CILd 'r) nn i 57 aullo n -nt r ia sapa·aet TaIe'.l, I Ia . n" la ..hi cnla IzI1., Ie nIwllal ,In " 25 ark. ,, _'' tod I neabul,",un.- la.i 'tesr nm Iren and 1I l,,n, d. ,frrl ttholOnleti drr ,it, (:I~ll MO v 1":1.1.1,_r~ll~C 115 0& I P 11I l'Il1\l. 73 1n"pt I'll 11>11 ItY 'RIA I''11.1 atte shoeeaz Not,, Inhe "east eteqa t'wtn1er.,,,n lI'n' ka,-r',,',ed In, oln a',cl Fa."l' \\'n ·.1 I" h,;.r, or !'lain (it hired l II· Illll , and n P"' ea reee'ieea o,'atbat I' I F t Il II. 1 1 (2 4 \ r F tSee'a, r,"'ar d ''c" aRand II.,a,nt, saou o,tn. " n-I, be'"a ed led 0', the /I anla~lahab,,,e (lyder ea'eieejeI, ati1-,oprn,a I(, -en. St. Chrbeoel It,,- e, a c', of I'..tde.estu,, k. Ciro <toe is. nor]l~ll If uiIU ·l!tI.I1.((;\1 JHIIO DEPUTY SUXJEYJR GE-NEe' b,.U IANA" in t aOr a (d eon ,o r, r o c., si irlr0· le rap,"r rlcr ro e l 'c I,,.1 at h I ',, cnrr ),,ee aI'll- I eItohinat it ope C to to errtro~d r,"r~iat /a"op 'iptatar~r e', e t 1 r lt ihBreeA~t'lt-,af a'llu u"ad 'I I i .le ans I all inns. u , c,aae a b tt -'re ,,1,d tr a7" e alF he: WIIITI'IIIIJ eo t Cni u ING Ku,, at ('I , of lla ran I'u'n\, I naap pat'te ti 4 ddrI ilU( LL ;(,1 10 N N In a 11n'aa'.rsi Cam- 1i St. Theatre. 2nd nighl of th, en ig, w...e., If i a ,e 1 . o t', ; l l ' rE. 2nd nihlll of'he '+.. 111. n t 1 ' li I . .i '; ) P 'l' ,. This Frening', Dece bie,,r 21I,( 'hristri.t r -, i ,) W ill br plerfrrnI,,,l 'I t.,,l .anat1"h ()Op, l of LA B3AY.DERE. Olilumr, Jlohn-t.(Ofh 7Zlc, MJidli~ tl l I.'lt lll.,t iP nait a, Ilia- Turnlull, Zelhti, 13s.ik. Overure, by Iw ()rcetrarn I'll Ii ARt .AC A u l) l. 1rtnit i de Crusre, Mr Jhnnao I'll 'Peler, arrel.t, Bernlard. Greene, ('lnlriase rlde Cru.snr, AMra lnrreit. TI'ul-lrroyw, ('hristngl nilht, w iii he presnented GltRl..; E I.-\I N ., ELI. atlhl tile CRADLE (I I, IBERTY. SDress and Masquerade Balls. MANSION HOUSE HOTEL. N 1l. Ie.ienl ,Ie, .E.l Ieri , T , m i,,,iimtly in tro.t of tlthe Iti llo hosr wilnrl e. The abo'e estnhlish ItmeI t will bhe rPlopi nedl on t ll vl Inlill, Iec. 2nd, hwrilh hle cllllir Pi 1 ,llllll, Uland i llll good lestlurIl will be 'I'hell.nnneers ofF -l~ill Pctllllhllhllntnll h lcove engage Ihe elnahliel n llt : Itae il l%,p he i it pile, It d.lltit II' lvt. desnks. ener, ie. No per-o1 -hIi It, admitted in he flan' R"nm will wraponi ofIany kind. .li. 11.' 7.lIN' Is'IIO ), i. IItr' )|, +. IIi A , Lo ly of 1r nI rr ll', I I eI,, , . r ,rei, an rnf i ,,,lle br y At. X 'l'",1' Allt, ,9 r'n ,,.-lre, ; e.':--Tht` Nepv Nil Olnll l S:-ll ng I." I.. n d Illl P ()liilllll , utor ' l ollIF nil in, nir. d t,11 | l nll; t II( ,,ur " I - Iallldr , r, I or u ile Iltllllr l h , I' 1 i,' lll n llllln d 1h r i"l llll ,lr , fill- lhl, Usl oil fill hi_' artel* -c : 'fhe ''r 1 l A i l ice Aritlein tic. pati, wrsting, orni nul wr~tit~ I e n eI h, o + l ro 'lolllll l f ·l ll-flp ldpI~ lll.lllm . hndll )us ll, i ,and Ih r ee lli!I c Ichl I he.l p ort.+, IN- wi, l,,il P insl Iva Ilia, I I ill illlian,, K uso Ik , Hlll I te'l ,illllr andW est a.11;rnll . . MI TAIIE JOCKEY CLUB. r I llt II ,e . . . h . < "hoblfo· ,9r t i I. I hfr ll' h rt` i o O fIill ,,,,i,l' ,llll , i td h, r Illtltr -, w+ill be Ih,3l, at 7 Iy'chnI k. l) .1 A :1 m..'oh or Ill, Exml'rll t iO ('llllllhm t ill l nk y pi lie Ill r. ':x, kllgle Ioltel, uon n aoIIIIIy 23rdl Dec. It:, 8, i l 7 i ' ll,'k, I' 11. : --:31 1'I I'I: I' t I . A., Seti 'v t -t- l\ i W3 I' r1 . l ' ,,- L . ll t,, t \ri ill -. . . il- I-' ' 'i .n nc ill " 1 i ' nll, by. III- r ,ili lole, .vola elao h, t i,- I il" , , :o)11,,,' i tll ol1C; Il'h. , Ilr. l ,' 1 5, lls; I'il iw , l IF" .l . th , f llia lli e o ; 1 rThe Ii, h , -Ih - 11l ' I h , 11. I i111, I if; II . l ld 1 h rel., -, 1 ,1I i 1,11 i. 1 h .s - c ck, It A., If t v o1, lo, ,s .oh i nt,, 'r I' , r h . \ (o in o n at FUNITURE'! FITINITUIil!! S I" ,et II I i' I. , l o,-ul , I 'IrItl VIR . r S h -," ni Il'e,. i I, ,, \r, , ' oIl'k IIII, lo- i . I I e , us in Ibe ~ n , fll llill e . e l hdo ell1 I. i llr I -t hlc l re 'I i I ,(' '. so1 ol lelll lh hrl .f and large I L· tok, n wY IIIt " ,!. W11 Il 11RNEN9, n ,h; ;,I Ihcurllh, at < It1 1 rllllT Ih)l h 1ook, 'ca n I.'t1 10 1 \) - IIlltl ; ' Amrn-1 I 1 11 2$ I'd \1·€ 2n i+' 1l i l ii1 A 1 ; ,141 n . I .l 1 IIL l ,l et- hi o T I' , u i'. ( all, . I (,.' , Ih, I,,1,', t , -I i] ?- '-; 11 h - ++1- 1,, ,,--4)tB+. s; A J .lI 1, 9. - . I I ; I el II h lu b imi • 1 .1;"I. r t, ' .n ,,. ,,,/,,"o . 'I1 h H6""1. h I , 11; 'l I h. I J.-,., r I".-e. I. ' - h -N( t. ITh , ~. +"llni ' I11,1, ,, i Con"I 1 1) t. ''ii ) t I ) "'-I n ",.. .' ,w l, .nn,, fo N .0 1 i %r , "1 ` n 11 1, It . m . .'..m f .I N l.,l~i,!"() , U ',. 'm1 1 ,,, ý,,, ý. 1 I_ u'-i , l m J'h rs and ,ti I' n. , , sik I T l lf i ' I ~ , llllllou , i, i I , , I .i ilk I h 1'sr,2 t r1e Ca,1 , tr, 1.,, 1, I l T O W . CeR -A I t---1 l'., ý,n l Clc I 1s1;1 s1 the first rrr l s, t of !'s 'I II. i. s , rn sor tit the I n lm isea bit If:\7' lSi.I~ J . "'''' 1 III Illr ,lllpi 1 · , r `.I sdl \Vi lul e (; h ... a d 'III ."..utiolll^ t~ r,", , Ivr "1, if llll. r T rrg lerl)I if ,sspl join Ihr hl'il:ll)·. 'I ll· lf CL III 1 t Mons bestir Ldouble lo-· wit -soull, 1t1r - ",I· Ilv SW 811 Sit'I\E \ . I wa.ijjlp; - III,.11 Iw l g,, -. ,. II.', ,,,'"I:":· I,.. ..I. · Iyr J I 4 iIijN5 1 66 t r "s.,, unl~~ll ioll rIII III I I l;r -:lr by -r +111-1i , I I. I. Is. oil Plus r.* +r~ ,r `Iris 1o.s 1 ·1 I". ;~ I. rt t'ir 1. o In :eull Ea (Arol eISI ", SS .i SSSSS uIS"S 'SI,.IjSS.5 fo SS3. iS' .,illr· mo tier(· Inl Jclul utI,.;1. 1t)\\F of SIS II ISIS-St bSS A t f ,I I. 1 I.3 IS III t SS ISIIS 555555 b oS 11 L'd': e, 'I' nlslr .1 n1n. IS IS r 1·O1 ,"i·1· le, xI e ·II· 4 I) S S. I S I' Iilr tit . rorrIr'l:. II clInI 'l l r· j I)'r .l lllliCT. 1.3. I\. I) \ , I1) If III1I: A I··· r, :I.I:;-1i+.,;, r,,rr , o ,,,sua "\Sii 1ii I 551n1 n i i S . l I S "l I ifi li ·im 1'o0 1. , CII·ll en dotl T~111~r1 1 if,, wo1 i.r", 46 AX rei ISI susIsr J IS *iri 'isI-s 1 lrr, 137 b ' -z i E,0. -Sr -, s;. , ISIsi.55SSSnilsi 4(' ssL I, s I nS 411r11 hný olr," ] ifr rJll 32 g . i. e, jl 7ý - I '1 · IS ? S *5'55 5 5o S 5 -I II u i i .l, i )Its III, a, et. siW V- I ;SiNI 'hAglLL, - S-A il ls I I0 .u 1i s I s ad n lS *e. IoI. s& it, Al .I nu .I II .. II I ll_ I I. s k 'n51Sc In .i flodio s tfire e .n . and -nli ll 1ý+ r,, and psits i,' ,ut111 to l e!·l. Imod; z ou tit oo . , t I . S . ) 1 1S 1st S11I1 S 1515515 ALL~11i I:IN NI\ll0II"dill-tnE Str IchllS -SIt g 1nsiI lis S pl 11511 5 flI5''555 5 "t'l1 huntS Stsl o iSlh i.ie55''I'li1+'I!s bSSetSi'tset' U - iivri :.y I' < 17no1v Fussy S'orrr·, c. s; (:l;arlna & Corn. AL L AuI~) ril, aIie Ne Sisilh i'- D E 'Sfr -site bS 31r 'I's, ISS 55I' II 55 SIO ISltHar tioite It S S ESSSSI tsS I ol s -I S 1 1 1 -· I ISIS 55r f rtI 's m I t t S i1 0 j0 0 a0 ' i'S ib sly , ~md.. AEli IIu ho& t LeLee. 11)1II ils illg ( 11 '- 1 S - 5, ,s' ii -.I I r i - I )lItI( 'i'I :s 51 lb I Ofr by l d,3 <S1l II ilI'S, 6: Ittydranet )1"t1tIS a . s I' ''r'IniN & SlIDE, l relil~h ý'" 1i\; O'fnoSsz ILts''

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