Newspaper of True American, December 29, 1838, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated December 29, 1838 Page 4
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h0 W,33A0ir. y fl Aida a i2 11`S(. tr ( i "I Po vitl l 'oil Timo 1IotasI lama, mitlt Ptp eel colpd1 t'a r Htebhntih. Pishlopth; &I [ utill iota Otaitl to! le .ja0j 17:11Ot at N atno ant .eloprdio dlo Je rlt eheeo I MCIV MtDICOIi. Wtnt¶*C lenisun F v··l-p, '1 is r In1II lo"ý{ r:· p Ra 'a11 "",cl Jut'ie' t'eneer onl Inaenity~ Joi, o r idr-Pt t- yml o t Ialt lOvity W vita 4t+_roryl~latn 's nirgrv .ý ý ltfY91hritteal-^nanrul pnyutlr 1ledlxi~ yofiictttatttry of t niitry ftrem'e hdtic.,l ('har'Ii cry Am re YYfi c IL D -,exvrTtrG. 1118. 't 1iointeeac Dptnnry,fol u~lou tO Nlll.1ilun OtlOO on Alnutlac fx I*YI wnitc i's nvitedeau Meaturer AteaIToo'URa AND'D D OANIC'. :,' ut tien. y'I f Architeeture, I.oodtm 2o. do Arcltitetlure, : vule, London M Shoo Aichitect1tre I rodg td's CarpollitY EOgitte~t"o':0 lrcha0ic's EnaOloutodiD, L.uud'.n ilattu'Oa .uotheaotlo.l, i'oblet Sparks'Alieicran fitlytty.+anv le P'ailuauplt~l Ai-ttrlloniec fromO the t Ierd 1 ago rtWort a, YUotrcIotndeno r'lntaali', l'.rinenitirr of LlteratrrrJI.1 treltittl Eronomty by Sty, do Vothako bolhtn't Lie at I' ilrtr Scott, 2 Dole lDnlinand and t'ob lln, yv Prticott. 3 volt Uhakooeynro, toplt1i;l edition, 7 volt, iota And a e pdnrfnl «"sortIltnt of Liaw, 5tedioal 811*0 it Olaerkiel, Jlisresllotour hooti., ned Ntetiafafirs, Grao'lmnr. Englidh and g0100, [toitI and Greek. itJOHNS & Co. 23 eoar. Clorlie and Comtmon tra. Itl1'tl'NtO'o TO\IC I1fX'i'UIIE, SFor trearoest n otdeO lhe Fever n,0 , .ultt. 7 ' will he weerdily die Ilvrred wherenin thes Tunric rllix tare i s ttpooie to tie ordlitry tootler of treltin the Fvoer and 4oitl. In the firtost plre, httng a oVoer t. his Extrmce, andl free from non deleterious annd petion soto igredi.olto, it tooy hetatken ithithe ttmost safr. 1y t-on be the lttdert inlfant, ar srnl intlilt. It pre DInts relsteof Ithe diererscnOortjeqoro tier rOnetito tel.n soonI regains it1 twntedi tnett tlltd Dctivity. It ritlt. tlbhte a tonttold I ndorninnnt- appetitr, b tttttglrOting i-th sttotncth ottd ertvs n relithi totIoe enjttlatt of tlolty. Being l'fealiar in linvi0;r a Ilnr~ntivr. qulality, it remains nutin tthr borwel1 tt, inrrye-te this Ijitorder, or to rio et!,er liltent-ht bill tlhrlltlgiiy clearttrstl t'hrtesvl or gans ot dif sllioln, 011.1 thtlt httnefits thoe with wbllltevvr othvi at nn;!in"o. it many be tepprvbtrrd. ?Indfividoale, after the tee of th Tooia nixtilrr, have Lees n sxeneed to I ll i1 the . enrIt of th tttleoeetl. and havltre enltyl ony sttlltltllltotmn rolf rltlurn: wheol-et b itte ite aftlol tltnn rrlmlrlit.+, tltero is ted lan ittlrelrllt linlli'itl to rernrrellte. T'hle deoorr of frequent ttlellot.rtf ile Aglte, it verY evttil, I, for Piths aretylo oill ioon tt horne too mutih plo tnoto Ill ;. fe nleto to ttt It tith ai ll ti:ittl , aIItI operdily ftll n Oil, ,, tiro to ulc i eccmnnt vilalrnr0 Th~le Tunic e lixturr is 0.flttred at t 11-It tl'lonalel t trice, tot tioplna it ojtttit t.ihe rech o c1rryv not.l'-,oiht the poor nld llotitoito ire orrel frnihed t vilttlli tblreqtl t oc + 'ba ted'and attewlafnre I, iiccle i frequentlyI denieild to tihem, or i: t.CIey rettcltttly bletotred,. 'A .·l'llr /Illlic I1r(' IO-IIPEt)V rtnrill nFI nSntuat the spit >Jer role. 0 It i pItlt't.lC oily by Dr. Jnhoil t Ro. : nd, ot hie T'hoe ieorih, ole ativthe lt-helrliete Oerelts for tile Bathttiteotera atl., al llll.Iiilleelhy llyhe strap - ithePIl eyleiitl prliyoo. t,l be iled at re.1tai ln. Fast '1110 hitoileerri s iiltitl, citt. J.1IVIS , ANDRIWS, n hollroiiie Iittl7isiO. ,t_ ay 11 Itttpi LndL jouioiana Iltoel, I nXRS. 1:\iRY lillIl( repectlly an-0 0ol.tlelOi. 110hr frirndo anld the publiio gtonr. l!v tIht 01n i0 prteptred tooaccommodalte titeta lIat 0lhloytovtt c.allliiltlcnt, and hopes fr Ot Iter --edCrttetts trlnllOOr vltiiol' roltfirtthlo, to rvcrioty It continlttancty of formlr Arfoi. Site fel-I aolei. denlt t.llnt prreoeee visitiing Covi-egenie during theII "' antmer month', cane~lnot fin better ileenllllndnl iot.. Fhnsi.cnhord tihet, antt 11001 iiiyrrii to rms1. lit nollolting ollul b:i nolille 00n hir part tt giOa i a d lm f otion to all who mlay attlr01iz0 Itho PT'ilO '1'111: iU;;;;;.-- c tat t0 01 1 vig t studied under Dr. St lzidt 01of ('IhIrytyn, Z letil Caolil0, ind for 101n years hIle aoirtltlll itl till. prciyll of IltIdicity ttlli tdtrgttry, ea111he illor to ot-ior htois Itlofinltl bervioioe inll tis tite. lie nasoltou ilrtlllrsotn getlrloron tlht. tile 111001 - p ro Itt mlniii d il b pidtlro Ill. c ls hc cony be i id,,; and al sois offi~ra hris acrvicrer to the i blollers nl'eiltvces, Ibcilo Cecil acquainted wl ith thel d nott ol~r 1t l ll tiOlDltl dieae Pocymmy to'tthemyti, hvn teddt ii Vin F illgar houseS inl Charleston.11 The f Iutt" · s antli billiousL pills a lter tltocnonprnr lionl ni Profe!s.,'r Sntulllrtto, w ith directions, ctil ble hadr of the1 Itl dr~illied. 'rthe , ri~t which theil y 0ith1 1t111 g01110t ratterto. In nhirie the 11.11t Ii rteferentes clll hil givoen. Apiply lt NIt ilt SIi. t ?inestret.JNI). RI'L() L119r:. IRONS, ar. TlllE H)tWI;LL. WORKS COMPANY. ,i. - 238 1W.ter, near li:ok.uran strcet, New York, lave rrcrived ll.I pI sets eson, and are conrs tantly ro^civing large and extensive adihtions to the sckI of thle oaboe geod., which nows consists of tile allowing assortment, suitable for the bouthcrn and w.ostersn tr.kl.ts. ollosyw ware of superior quality, consisting of about 1500 tonls, viz, Pots of 02 different sizce, from .:8 to 51 gallons, 0Kottlrs, 15 izesr, frono 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15sizes, frost 3:8 to 1 gallonn, B.akepans orOvons, 7 dsflferentitrze, Tea Kottles, 6 do Skillet. . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Ordddles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 de Wagon booer from 1 1 4 to.4 3 4 inches. Ce.rt do. 5 to 7.inchs. "Wood Screws, 201.00 groas, iron and bornI , from .t inch, Ns. 3 to 3:9 inch-' No, 24 of a Fsperior quality and finish, and less than Jame's imported I,.ir.s. Sad Irons, assorted, in easks of about 500 Ibs for rotailing. T.ilor's and lhaltont' Irons, nasortrd. Sash weights, 100 tons, assorted froml 1 44 to 201bs. Bells for Pl ntntions, steatboats, churches, &c. made to order, Also steamboats and other machinery made to order. Tile al nona nsortmont of goosa i+ particularly to thet attention of Southern salnd WsVsternmcnrchnnts. and are offered for sale at low pricer, oad upon tho most thberal terors ; it is be. lieved to he tio rlerg'est and Ihst assortment evor oftlered for sale by any one esttablis-hmlln t in tile United Statros. Merchants, by forw.rding a requestt by mail, ca. hoav a prmn':d citrculr, with description nt'f gods, pricesand terms, from which no dcvlation is over made, furnished by return of mail. All orders will receive ismmediato attention. New York, 1838. u.3 N3 MEmft URY SUR oUL'astA Nero 1i )rs l S n, v. 14, t -17. A nOtr _ ixia notlll ago n1 i.: h1 Itist'orlute t, got a s-cret di.oass, for nh h I have al-plied Ito ssse raldoctors fir a cure', and thef did not cure lre, so now nll the srove date I put my.elf ulnder tIhe care of D)oetrm nd exrt. slnd I exlpit itm tSo' cur 'me. Since that time tIh diseasse ngt worer., ss as to broek out in large nlcers to the no betl of six or eight aon ra h leg, and all over sny lace, nsld rre Lhoiat, and tost able to work at he ernoent tisl, oil acrrountaf.ite disease; nlare ulcer on the right oife of til thrnatc. I am s o a puttfng tnssell rnn t ltsttr ildcr rth,, car of ttr. l Itet, l,f Pariss, to be perfretit cured JOll.1N I)AN. fetl ly T fO Cs:tTIFT that tisshoe Io is meastlsed disease ia qslit we tcursrobdt tor aen satisfictilt , for whicsh I tha;sll t)r. Iflret; alld muoreover I anssr. that the medi rine I have tlakn matl.o tme fat, and did nut injure my ealsth at all; thercolre I advirnst os f low aulloresrs io lose no little al Iapply to Ir A. Iluet, 124 Canal strelt, betweens Dosintits nnd Boltrb, ntreoe:s. J)r. U.uet io at hom rhunt os o'rcok, A M, uotil 4 P 11. iThey will find a itros doots, for this en tslant. J.1I. I)iA.AN. 10 Grsvier atrrret. If any one wants tol dsee te, ca.ll at No). 4 Glraier JOHN ItEnN. New Orleans. Feb 1, 1838. fell 14 ly T Ii'i-ien;,itsel-esdsIi alsasmofI.iverw'rsttandjlore huuud, io ptt up in bottler at itht. lo price i 5.50 Co.ts eack, cotsmiing the rtrngtth of three oaces ofnl Livalwort, besi l ss the t ll man other rentsls and h.rbs knownll ll1au s IOe luiians aiselficaciouu in curing pulmsnarp complaintit . The u rivalled success which Isea attended the i5"r of this ilasttmable BIalsanm wherever it isn been intro duced. has ohtoaied the confidence and rernmnu'eda. tisns of rlspectahle phlysiiesan for tite curr of cosghs, rcolds, Ioao inn tihe sid. wesnt o raet,spittingo' blood, tiver complaint, &e. To whmlln it may cncern. 'hi js) to certify that we shr.f in o trprnet'cs freqrueitlyv Irescribed rili (fard. ear's Indian Blaltnsmofl.verwort a d llnarhsound,swnth a decided good effect: we ean therefore, frm the know ledge of the materials it is made from, and oblerIatsonl and s perirn c, roeames ndr it as a superfs- 'rrpsMrslion nr ll tlhose terctions of thle oll.ts for wlil:it I is ra I sudasld. AIh l'ERr Vl.l .lAiNd, M. It. I7ALI'lN Ti lNl'.iiS . Snlemhtr.e of tho Bttson Mledical A.entiation. eiaton. October '25. s.leby J 11RVIS & ANDIREWS, I,19 ,1 no .st' s I h t :astits sfo es TglARI'S Vegetrable HoIur Oil, fitr the rerlorstio, r and gmrowll of Ilair, 0filssg Iheith sanid beaut,,an r-rrro'onti mhlineso. Itefore thisa leir Oil w's oflerer to the pI.blic, it had reen tried in hundreds f cFsesa of heldess, lhinsoea, and eflling offrof 'e hair, and in every instance its salutar effects have been rrnlread. It harne*'erfailrd to produc; a newand beastifol growth of hair ni hends already hold. In rea t where if heronrse dry and crasest ror r this Oil will vrry soon render it halthhy, and priduc,.. ra id and beo.stril growth of heir, without ti le east iniusry to the hand. 'Tlhis (il givesr n, upgrerstl frs. grance ani is lprs'ra,'l, to any other Ii ir Oil fir per usinog, uriin astrol ansing tile hair. 'ITr h ir tt beatle - :- r.f":r;,':ter For sale at l .sa 'LA et. 5 SAINS IIART1 b un n O r i letcpa Allrew. lFrench end lrcnael tlI.y Pards; B-rd ke plttna Boards; CIhersete e1-'nnd - 3ti hhll -lit ard Ilels; 8,9,10 tand 1j ellh hld Bowia KIve: Ieotlhtr nnc other travel ii i D le in a Ian be; bell P'eket, lenrcenmen's, antd Iltllolieg I'stttle; dottb le nad 'intFle btsrelled Gsuns- Game Ilfie; Shi.t Belt; Powler i ttd Neil llri.shtet; Orrir and l 'hIh-hleni "''ntt W s it tirte; long Hole linide, Ilieclete ne Cleetlet Hir crnl:Ia 'ncotd Po idesr; Gile and ; h:v l Si el,. S lnrn eat a. and 'mler Powvdr; Emerry~ B!az,; Ivoryv TtIIICtl~lt~lol.: i Pntate Rlt 8es or Garter-: C(Irn I"las;tie .tmPatlerlslCP Pllwlrd r Ptlfl', andi Rlnxf"." n;lr (:Inin.'i ,la~llq nnd~ I,.ey.; etar-derop,; \aeiRt tielkl". Ihllete-let; Bread NnCk le ae anti Chalinac Gilt et Sii err le head; h linl emrls cIrll ant Pluttrs; Shell Taint: Side anl lrersinte e Cttllbt; hichi l alitioerl tal thir fenroer steaek ant talInd mnake tlteir asaormenht vare, eeotl lete ntid sill vheF so ot end an liartert prt e ine, elbict id of the ln Ir Catcnbh. iA5-t 0"Thalrtrrn.'treet Fu h l. &..iluplr,-I ettmelld En-aend, lie:ne jistt raeirer . Vern etxetn aaie ert ,t" no. r..lsi'tin. of ef Tble a tid Ilteatinrt Kt eij.t a . .... dt v Te/lriltl or Pen Porketn, irkt, tln Spear pdIlt it n vetrtIe lnoe I ' ail onr.Erl,, e'meltI&c. e. &.. eh-licitenhr at n- oie in'ned noxlibi to tie ttr dtr rdenthei e. T·I'tnei natld cltlditionate Will het eadeh w trtn at hl, tpctl. I tom1 J. h . BAIN & .\ (1 O11.9 'm ctomaen -e-t olsics qenes aTe.rI sTh li lO.--.cire nrlw rhee; sl ver .hlp is ll'rtyil i, &" & ,:"v A,%! ,. .w. Ili .h Thler arbenll addItI OI n~l-nV alt' tt Ilo . l llrrm rs e y eQsinlN, elopr eartl Inlvl'lr& Il-r IntE rect% t1( i esl; r ai elloq tasilr; l a len olthet r stnltlle : uima nttHaaiet ep elle lis-ln., --Itstornv, wa itt:-e o nha Violt, atinrn; shell, ineltnde hol inrllnlh A :ll;u1o , k, heat c lni Inthlir ilnl(..t hair p letieln - ni rle a llnaa aek ifittel'aticrgoe thpt t Gelann.l -water, Rnrianltds t t:lrliia ol, rniler, ll t h.arntilee hLeiC h nlarisnlInil r tae fse eu In he l tnls i:e t nlekltnnceaitaieaa-a- Itoile -~,,eitt ,.-e~ frnrt+. eel setlin g oflld vit ew; Ilhs liil l ey, he11 o & C.llt aiuln t.. New r :on wi t iwne tics. onf tmhe evrl- Aseii w illel onaltr,r. ,sFm "tie .wad all till sn en'tt-l t a.ii t h iriiillie i nl cr llim: n·ill le,(c hial-e ns lLct ltt le Lnl titl.n l lnd nctmk l:h:te; lillilaci ln:tll. i we:etea ItOnknis til a-llllltr; grltl'lllI hilllt.;l fu~lT illr, ilq+<t !illc? allt enlnnlnnl Sltim tiewrtncheciraeset'nepa- 137 n Antig -e 31tp el rl . In ~ l llttlfnr et.tll sita tl vAn pEenilnl (t t Ceyni.r ,ae, . fr it Tile t anlltr ill Hellltin ta ntit fltrlet n tacte nf tilne v stitlt ,l,tnakercltt- tllll 'tttie· lt larry e , ,ht' . I ·m' s Ihaolenmle or reoail as the migl enl'ih. cramll, e troll. 70. il:tr t e.,ttln- , et. i rei'tl.It l ,tew (tril- - li r 11tit i.r lh ' Fri. - i.l Of watt i Z; cd llneiih, Klelhav &attt ltit" nie.n.. a. tins It:, in hektlt if 3lnv IIc- t,. t , it t itledeili t ntenllllll .V dlnel llii bleee Ine8 liceit etre, tat rie ne ofth Ia rnilratt at tl lr i r it I l. Tlttci and ettlitan lf to Ic l nt o lil ih :n no i le lhr - t aid I jtiC Ilir l il ath Otltt .f ih h'lat4 Iet at Maltee, Iarriste('. Ce t NatIel; end Ihnein, Is-ia Ce &f' it.,t tolacytet-eti Itd tarn K' h' il ttnd; I! rleang. 'Thl00 Innlc s otn.i e ' il'lns ill be hed tletignftiliehnncarnttlotnilen 'It en&iv. net onetl(re tbre nI lt lllne enre lie el h n ill e nd itlve Ihelg heim Intnh cd ll ln reenet tilrl wtiI l dea. lOeee'e teae-ult r anat anit he tranomle i nodH~ e rnet,blll·Isreas orpll, her. mt~i Ie, int Ward'svr:-11 -'ret l e anil ol s, shasII ng" a.nii d lllll] II 111 f all crip ----, lai o '. . un" F ,1 eIntle ens -{: e<i t-.X , : .\l °1'rE [i 3d AN ll elitri 1l 11 , h-I tIh.ll (Bwl l' 1 i oI e n anh ihas h l ntdtitt II it ~l:ttetr n trn , In; ;i i itlfte' n l iltre,, lIt-ce ie cii t. e nh r i· tjtl lllel l \csalaalerei nliat-woetendeiennp i t tnlu tl hll I i Ilil i i l liale'lllt-al etnt kr tIETil t'TOetlceinite It tie e oh ItiI'. tlilaa it I.i '.*,. in l l ot ,i r om nnd lierli walert ir" ', i allt li rtai n li tI .lr t 'u ttrv itot: trllt' i, it--ili eie itua lh ie ;ctt r tthtt rhnte at rta I hratti n it Sn b m tIieyJe elry it b , IthlllI Vt it e I lotr h.1P too +nH~I slld wo it I li·tIte ll 1 ' el iit lit mJH( ti~llt nl .+; )p nn f fIllii,- c~li·i bl\ - hl:rl ' 'i lllld lwlll AIllld t.,ld ne ' l'nt l . eth -i n k. e in e r ile l n uo v k U(I I lhanriol-bs of ,,'tr pl . i~t l ..IIII III1 ll ( Ill ~i- . liq l'tzl I1*· :l> h il~ (lltlt, 'l~r / .ndhrI Ii~i.= Cnn(.o·,sh~lrIia frn n .'.e. " ~l'or~l<, a r,'.i n ".'artery of I whods iar th er l eira nu pheh l Iv h or: "l'~'li~ | abs ril I-ik in li er t t .l'on-i hu, ,I1i·1- tolwler La , Il vr I' b ,uids l e lgut i llltdu-p o 1 i, iillin e il i iit:' -ll -i l t il-i rI rteli mlJet silik i IdIII o::leltlal _ar i, int ndi t l l lill . llliltV r ttlt!nittt m- h , lnl 1, plId ] .," a t' tcidllit i} derl al'( powdt1,i po nl r n utls l ad hoxt % t <fIt p, o-d r InIItt hoi I llplt d r1 nl h ,arr ni edi- - ,ll eal h ivry adi.~I;.lon+,eeo \IIIICtlrd'l .i.Iio% lIltdl'll~l i)tJnt:4, ,liliil 'i and "iowdow, ne, h n ¢ enl al tae.] rtv , edclti, ,d Ilnl'e hql..;cl til _.~ ll~llI. f Ilind I. ilnho lliv :lil~t_. i t· heI': ]<,% Imllll c I1eall., heIILb anI ?,1) ll·.-ll~e. Si-tot an ll'.e 13 1r w-1. lterlttcInnneilmt-l-l Ime Oft, hol. <t* ktu ndtdtllo - li tttt ttsc, cu s imetin, o wr e tart ' r,. i m t lee a nt r , n e t F , dit .e ,a1 i. , n alnlill lll Sl l , H1IItE t lo tl i cill l e rn h a i. nthr el Irn t, ile , to t ipl tlh c b Nlil nllllli rt, t i I itl'lld xti1'I, +.lll'll+¢'t'li vCt+liprit. (·r:iiii[ Ii,., tllltt XV~i's vr; whitew h brsht ilOlO RIN"I l, 01 ha G ili.S,-Gernnnlilld t, :l Ioi lI a -I toi rilan y, hmeric . o ndbl sle' ra n dhl's alreing us11€ wlp.inle - vtut htih an h, n t- i'-ly i ith. 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H,, lll~leI .~ t \+ lu~es , ,,1 .'il ,i ,m1;;11 :u', ,,:.;, .h~d, SI ii t I t l t lii II% it ii Ii'd t..tmlred. .i% ' e l-)~i~ lTi i-tell \ InI -17it :-. -i -t .'-i i'.N -, ceti: lIt, l'ill l .nei -.' -,. 1n ill" ln itt-h--l eor~u lli~l ., \ll;ll (;hlrllf~ .to . ri'l."·))1- I.'l~'''+h't [:lr:111' I'¢' le'i t' hh idteen, t-teeie'i l'li-,in-i--rk li---::,tl tfl .trl~l emn dt e t~i s.Olr I'tl(irl'lO \ ·t .l"i ll .l, - ll th'h" [1111,: vl i:·* tlhel-l-n, apit ulltli-t i-ir J t'lir, ]ii1i t-.l i 1 .hL..e., ie' ri Bitei . - snn hln "i i i I f k a p1ti : ('( ]|I{ : -tm'fi e ohe l, h i;' o!1 l ot - ai 111 t u1n%\; e-hlltae-sete~leanh-en i -I ell -i t-i t , ti ll ti, lll iiat lt', ittll dil , t il. i ll l - - lli l n il -ie+ k, i',il i ann-ln c etnb o ll " innIn.n I'tll 11t¢1 1. whichfrrt l ae srl ll \,l'a lld Lli V~lt~b ll* L O, ('ll t rlj' flt'"tl'l, -' ,a.ct lic hln'P.'lliim'ii t rP<. · II.( I1 am pn•.·li, t,,.¢'her~l whht/ a hinl lq a,.-nrt11 lll P11 h-i ni-i-nlll I : illlt:t . 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O ne wvho wns aeeI al'llllt Inn tellrs, ,vlln Iild ,Ioly seeln the lig ht fro, Ilia hir-th, bea.,n to o.e to fi.!low lis In ter to my hotel, in'te:ln of bieas oblied to be ld by hi t. "'wovO ladies, w~,hl hadt eacthlolt thle ight of olne ee, ne tir ten near, an, the other ftr nearly tvwo yeur, Ihalvin ,1 b1th of the tile , lher e.e very a kr,l t ret each otf thie onht ltdites ,nol I. see a ilh hoh .a e(, ldhi'ch I h at. Illed. e maa ll lil l ot.'a 'l i nues. x reprilt;ln h alrr ,t l cll.r Ilio infli ell.ce or (luint ll ,llill"f Irpecllltl merchanit, lwhose nam I aIm Imnl never. to ,ilent!ionl. (Ia hie ail ) I 'ey fees), who a!,I shel Ind lost the, s .t of one eve tromn the nre of 0ilt months, Ihi1 .tIl l.h ' 11a . h.rin to read I.lrlea Il. arlrr wla h thaa ltler Ieve tmplt' l, shlt.l 'Tl his the do. 1r eh..'lar k!r.e ,ns the eI a llnlllnm tll me hires.,,f he hd c1 n- I due edl I'i dlhnhbr to the mliee of h, imedic', editors, (lhat thu" tiIhr t be uno of the a : tl . 'The' last .I hoall ntn ion is an ehloerly "" ntlellllln by the name ofill' in' il, niai' rl l '-l "t sears ýi aE ce, whoudr lmll 'e I talnk lihth Ibv I'lt,"r whi, IiI 1,, has io,,k to ll nilam d Flill 1IPt olll p. in N .-vill hit t o il, ln I hi-self told 1, he hadllll paid f.Ii " I insertiin h: a'r tll.ry dIraIInd.d, I h d 'clar I inu that I" Itc ilt: li nnt l II,, I'er' I llih" r vl' if atie ':'It Il nr hate l' rl f, k siir h irl which I is nli .ith r. "atd lto hI, l . llld I t i lIn 1IiT rll nl, sm lII p )x Ih t 1 . v a'I a '.' a id a alll . a.y til Is the lh t ,of rile slllt, forl' thl0 fir'st time that -l( re,',ll,.et, but 1he hEtra alo, mod w, is h,+ ahniu+ to di-tinhrnish m \ vltli ! j,..-; n1dlll idhl hefore I lel't that e;tn, : e l,''- i / fIll r thl at I h.1 o coal',|ate tlo walls an ho+it" t11m s\ l ,t lw ith ih' .,thar a" 'mplna,tala .hada. lIaid he ha ben a wn il, ller" of the lletlh ist I]iea pal Caa t r'lltl a e ?Iv 'rt , r a. an I tlst I' ii , l i . n ne, ver doa bt d tl, o0ar ]l te "'.' 11,., '1. (la ' lla i? lifa'a . . I rI 'C t'_ r''. ia d nevper rconfter naeslil than :It :N hailly, ni I. tt=. he mtl e n lir 'l n ile rh'I doictors ha h h tn llrl-le -:: ; tei lan ll lp Inla', '1 l f lr '' hea .id fll'a. ' at n a.' . . , uaaa ,,. l rnl I. a .... .. mih al .r'.r , I i, ,'r , 't ntcud to thr . L; laa thnii r n' r ' i', ter waf t" ronllv ,t fir.,. tucl ,m o a tfe+ cl Uii1. 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(,ih~h,. aee't -e llh ,eaead i e shal tro ift-tar xi-l-- ai'e fr-'i-a-ri, It tnr-rr ir te - 'firoi 'ra irlle lli s - haf, aaicr iaecaitea- nrfi rhe ffc.i-;trfrcr tlnrrctnher-ttlcr ]rnI fie'h frIre .itd ,ittff ir IItite ir -rf rei lffir i t l,,,rttcifrittli.i.ityrrnlradrtre.r I I thue 111ff h-h lice, Nrtt fI.+lt ' alc.,. ia ttft. .q t.,e ¢ f a tnt It' rn, .l .\etir ifr' rttirr'- ,fri, ,Ihcc f''i;t-' tItf(''theftitlf[r " tic ; f nrri cit ll i ,+ rxitrnriI Ih r'ritrrnrff c-t in, h r- l,'l I -- n]e-- - - t:t i .u . i -+.M , ' " Iei'~l-l~ ia"Ionleql~td ph1.i nca l ll'tl l, paI.ilcularly tlcers man palnfulnlfections ofl'the bones, ulerated tlhro.ntv,. nos tlils, ilcees of everyl description, fi er sores, alt interneul ohsesses, fi.tulas, pile.s, sc::il head, scurvy, biles, chtro nic snre eyes, et' si pclis,l,]o~thsl:, allid e\'erty v:(t'iet v I,{'cl :lnneotts alffetion, chrnuie ':utrt'h, he:,le ache :.,, != ! ing fron any acriI humor, pain in the stouwl, ipepin priceedin, from variation, :Itioli;ti. ehlloic in':lmn;Iatiol of the kill.,i tv causei hv b torpid action ,f !h, ol is sing-lurl eliceci,.,s in ' : hi,1 have been irokenl r! -uelitle irreru 'rities. II . . o - :n..nded 'i all those dise:as. l ... I i u im u'rities f the bloodt, or initiatiot ol lhe ullmors, of whalteer name or kitid. ' home of the abhoe cnmpltaits may require some tri flin s;stanllt applications, wich iithe ciruelmstanles of the. case v ill dicts; hut for a lener alremled '" Purlfieatnr to rem.velh I cuse, the IN I)l'N'S I'ANAGEA will oeitidly be 'ound sit licient. TO THE PUBIIC. ilow trtie it is, that moenll Physlcians, in their lm hition to exel in their prollsoinn; esxplore the vast fclits oftcieice hy hlle aid llofihIlnistry, and seek out niew ri e edi:d aIýetlls; in shot't, Io. attive at perfection in the prnctlce by nmans of art :dlne,-rntirely overlook andl neglrct, s IbeIIllllIth iheirtice, therich and bolunteous stor-e, l'melicilne, hich the Almightly ha:s caused to sprilg ot If tile enrthll inl everyv elimle! Anld how mulllch more true is it that while the American Physician looks Ito .reignll clluntries the Imally of his iost .nclmon andl uece*.:,y :rlictulest IeiLletully tehangieg as tley- ar'e at the .lictates olflashtie or felly", he is' suI'l'tunde1ll in hisi own Cu51111 r)i w i h anl elndlesss pr1ofision of inedlical ptlets, sllii-nu to :iswer any ilydication in diseai i or to c.tre ,ty cdde"e lisrlderl;ad) et hec is ignirant if their vir t ls,i mt the are seffered to 'wastetheir healiig on the deser :ir..' The cii iets of veietable medicinesupon the ystem nare i orart-thtos e of minerals lastin. 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II 1111.w' A , It , Se t Ill, o'o.30. il ,s Il i~"" ii tIr - I,( all li e, \i It II ,crea T E Parish and City of New OrCleans. rlplIE STATE OF LOUISIANA.,"'o all whom JtillcSr e Presenss ahnll COame, Getiog-:'- Wherea T Jolnsenr onor hlvitogn pcohasod at a sale made - h le Sheriff of ho lansris h of Otlest tie pri p orto at hleoi cncer desribedi, sos applied to ticlm irk af tiil cha erle llee e Wiomoefcsle the deed otoolo sas rerorded on rod, h!nr hih lao of April, A. It. 138, f,r a roreition or tdver- il er crtli srol s n aenritv to asn ool fthe Slrisltttre of tile grme lte , oi' uIcina, t;illrd"An ascet for tele frther asasu-ai eci a titles o , proer s aorr nsjudicial aaeo;i" oapprod A 1, i11hh disy nf Mgarch, g834. NI t\,, -lerefor, know re. snd nll person e ntsreitedootr IAterain,re lerey citrl nd ndmonsirhdid in the name IA ho tio Stote of liiLacinoust, ot h'f site Soiuarl tort, ex seo n set onp ooy right, title or clahs is and Ios the propepty hleeieeoftrodereribed, in rontrqaoeocesof sny inslaihesliit in the order decree or iudgsrtlis of tie court tli n ncer rt 'hee thle oale wma sadesr any irsregulrity or th illrgalite ill the apprusiement and advortioasenta, i tinr, or mnnner ofsfale, ofor any sther se'ot whelo- toe vrer; at show saose, witlin thirty days iom tite dy tlhia is moniia tis first iserted in tle pltelic papers, this the idn so ae so udnotoe ohe the *otnfirted sad Shosso pre loegStee I ed. m toi l 1 'ae 1 on 1'II said FIPreper was sold hly the Sheriff of the er- me sh fioresid conlh a14th day of April, A. . 11., by pro virter oa, decrere oftii Court, rendered o the 5lt daya oefFreoars,A I). 1838,in as eit entislel Alexander ee Coldsol Is. larn es onse, No Io0,36 of the dorkrt of fl this Outrt, at whie salae the la I Ja e Hnselrecoames ti pourlmheter orite pie i of twnry os thoileusnd is, ti lesoriptio of Propserty as given in the Jedicial Con fo I veyaee, veiez: eft A rerci lot eof .rened iteuoted in tile suburb An ecesi 'it alins Lstioets Leo of i city. is square oNo ,e ntd oir hacin I"rentch measrea 60 llat;t lioat oned cloe pithti eesrrt, :.Gtil feet I'fleee, tnrerE strreet, sand ies eii) fetee of- s lcede dc lale sd treel, ier .u-h asenaser Stletsaiet o ieelerl'rerende isel0 feet wide lieler,,om side o e the q tee r te eothler, togeher with a dowellit holese I fieont ees ontl'tcloupitouls sterset, the kitchen i ns d eedes- a penhcicst, olso the disotilley eteLlist o nta elreted Ite!roeOlt oand olserleildinegseant irepsuvoetse,e h oh n Smeerllhivo, iltellai.r, inpllellete anod exlsre bherlngine g sto sid di.tillelt-, its hpendeletineis and ipltortersnarre, tat sd tile riglet, cetiollas, nerrivilejurl therot, bhlongirsg brt C''l"'en hEro bloiNess Unest laciesp, tastn.ies in toe or ill ran cent l dpPr aidltlrlnl+. ee - eel-aprtnacs -lo tj oles ott-, cttsi'c tr Srvlogsh. Cor r'r .sOffrier New Ornlens, Maynl , 18Ma,83n lnl,'l,'j.l' J. OA I IItIlAN ,5ltvje le.W er. -I".I A THI- oi.;- lA IVe tUhicA thgian-- ~Uni.erle I M.uia , teer ci p:t'issei e ilh e -l Ni ska lle Oltrlents. - i l):'E'AT 1)g LA IOUISIANEl-A etons tooex he r ee i h oe lltes oeeeer tel-llnlS Lsient: Atl'll lll I 1he ,latnse laesre l ntet't Rlo i g ee- rmfe aitlr te e l, ri lu'e s and i- Thsme's s sleet-lea',n. i ,o is vle is s ble d' mdlrn l cns l h l resui l f ui- tll;l' y cetsi'li, t tercsl illles tnsi H G Aetfe rjien Cnllr oil t lilsle rlst fsno he i cl.rPcitai.o . emejo u lr tole . I fl llonganh1i, |lonr - v:( is iCOtul o 'lel '.el ,tn a tl ds l oe I.s g isat e leo I' Il 1- tun1 Ise is-ane, ilitouli' Act leevrlul estlllle.nlerle s rOe otsn rott e se sossosteetiueioro te amiclesteiosc alt :' itl·1Rl'4 lesIi.11l 'tll ll-S11. IoIX Vlllesjnlldiciale~l s. i 11.o111.1. i et steet I e Olllle e tl Inlt etlteas, .ns on e etrIll te'( cr OII espit-Pretenet oE t a eele to-1 nlnm tl' sf1 F-lt lie Is1 Leaelieenle tit i s Cinlesr i e elsroisI, seoeceei I oaooe illtlrr ln dPOit llis Ilh pro ihle ei-ollrAe set tie-el'l,, ret ccscOlS i nlc-ee-r dl tnlt sifite tIe firte dll es tes t'c IeI·.e', dserrt os er jlltgelnnrs de le nlr, et oecrtn-r to tietiete ttvtllter t i c Fitrsi osn eiee tlint rll.gnea tle I -o illti:ile dlnss I'etslimliont,l'eis oule empr ct le node te a'i'olste I'linpert e la ollt oeeills fit Ilesoliotal ablltlina e e l hom~nloguer r la rli .i(· fnit vendes par le ser-iA'stsdile tnt eeq tez'iiee toosr d'avril do 'etnnel 1878, t.en vIrtcu d, ia telh de cetle onr i 5 ste iverierr do l'annass tIo , th Sillls I'ctlilire di',lxoensder Celdwell, osentre Jmeso I'n, No 1O,37 do cloke de relito Courr fI laqoelleir he er' cotssa oes Jllellr Ilslse s'eot roeodl arcueronr losar so t, Io prix It' $2111:0. al D Oc.crilon dela Propr99ib f, d n'vetrln erPdueiare, ok - l t eeeetoAoleopsi het'Saeoil tel, o len,:rrtrlree I tsiesrre sitto fns flnrerS ote I'Asnsn- fe c oiiu anli I.otllrep t do ertte ille, ns I'ilel Nro 5,i It+ dit lot e.. t".re sntet [eonsere If nts;io..] soixelete ie teetlele< l fdee-"1 l Ieute lchonpiloullls, trois cent ttiells s, dee lae.e i ]t ruee ti ure u e rst., et soieanle pieds Ii liet nee ,fhi leltl de litt rutee lu-s nlerels. d lte- qe l le I, tit lret t ic tIrle e sents tets pteds el ' nrereur dnil Ilelut 1I: 1t' I'ih'l ;+ I'illlirr: ellgel,·ldc elll. 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Also a generali assortmet ot Ille's stout wa andi ra"e l,rogi~a s and sihoes, togelther ilh il0,l.t01 paii ·.al-r lugst flllllity, russIrtt B aro llts, nail(ed ill tit Smkns, nmi,' expre'ssly for ildantatiin use; a as. SIiintent of nl'llls ulnc sill itout kip rusletl br. a g. s, Ia iw articl,i, vlnd a loge quantiiy of al interior quality sr ess ciit i xa brogans. Ladies' inle call' seal, moroeco and grain welts, and p p ll Salt shoes; id,a fine Fionesch i occnlaeeoI kidl rn ii Ilild si eltsi dlo sOo sliocs, wi IIlt e wllhollt keels; I1 c;el, seal e n Ollstcus lt'altrlic IooteLs;i d I'll'etillSa Lioe. I Till kinlls and qu;lities; do lasting brogains; lo gaiter .. and foied lbootees. Misses' lastingsprinig silesa, at guns. Chlsdren's colored Morenco iad lasting bro .ci t1d 1 liiots, lee. . ncti.e n'is fi.Ufashionale Ilack ilk hats; do black o 1 idalt beaver do n1 a siiiierto i qualily; do ioitation 'It r I ollll;lli hul and l-arrow blrism mIie's file dra~ sllll i.l.k tl Rasia short IIpi)ed hats, a iew article. Yotlhs' I ii e size hats of difelrent qualities; do children's, \1 'n'a i al hC)'s black aid drab wool hats of various g ie acs, with gen'ral assortmenet of boys' soand men's 'I Ins assmllnent will be replenished ]) the arrival of Iell packetlsllrltl the sore mu:anel cities, all of which e ti rll e sold l accellllnllalillg ter.lnl auig l-tif ll(N'I'AGU F'S B.IL.AI FOIL THE TEETH. Ir llfestabhliihed repatalilon and consactrylnerca;io1 c demtnd ibr Ibtis effC.tuail remiedy of pain, alnd pro servalive of thue teeth, has induced tie sub-criber oilir it to the American public. Arrangenelas hay beet Iutd, to sIuplv autselll is all the principal cilti Icd e euWcl ill tlce L'Uitll States. si als oplace it ithi tle reach lf those sufoering and likely to suffcr liis iuao harassini g of all ahee, l'oith-ache. \lihen applied according to directiona given on bottle, it haI never fiiled in ifilird immediate and luntn I re'i,'f. It also arrests the decay is dsfertiv tclitb,anl relieves lthat orenaess which'so fiqarentl) nders a stronlg tooth Iuseless The applieatian and rdlledy are siample, innocent, an not upleasant; and iti .lre numbliler of personlls ill different sections of th coillllrl, thatl ave alr ady eaperienced clels daitlihlfl eeal e ntuiary eellets reol thie ase of tie BahIn, are ready in hiur (or tile public good) their testilonv to its un. - rivalled qulllltcs. It is nil Indian remedy, obtainildl cil)gl"lultrlv 11 unllexprctldly, andiliam be regar lef bit' the cif iized woced an thil talt valuablediscovery eeltlinln of tIle woeda. I'lice -11 tr bottle. Sold by JAIIVIS & ANIRE\KWS, ir 5 CorCommlnon and 'l'chanitoula -ti. I \Fl' BOOKS-Naval Sketch Book, os, the Service [ Atletaud ashore. Withcharacteristi remiiaecen ii ces, fraglments anld oplinions. Iv the author of r I 'i'abes ol a iTr, &C. second series, n 2 volis. Irlllunoln IRecollectilns of the House of Commonls, fciom thie year 1i30 to thlle cios ol 1835, isdading pelso ci l eketcleus cf the leading mcmbera-- v one sf no par. y, just irecived and for sale Iby W .nKl(EAN, t i - LATE PUBLICATIONS. C l ROM\WEI.I., an Iistoris al Novel, b, the autllor o J 'Thle Blrothers," &c. inl vols, Popiulr Mledicine, or Family Adviser; consting of f Otlitiic of Anatomsy, Physiology, sald Hygfne, with b .uch inits oi tie practiec of Phlsic, Surgery, anull the b distaes of woumen and children, as may prove useful in families when regular physicians cannot be procured; heing a itompaniu ansod guide for intslligesnt rniasipais lf Ionltaaitoriesr, lantatioss, and boarding schooli, heatl of fallilio., omasters of vessels, missionaries, ori It:saller,; ad a istul sketch for youag tcelcnll, enc-. it I c studly of tcdiein... lI Reatell Coalts, JI. I). lPeer Parley's Universal ilii.ory on the bases of geography, for hae tse of fatsilies, ilustrated Ib unops esliclhgrii iog., in 2 vmls J uit received and for i ale by W McKE I N, n' Cor csamp andl Ci.en e fis<. . t-l'lG C.-TI ..... rcof lacka......rclha ' die ui.l'ked i nlolne V. Artiqueoanave. lier hl ii, I;rolun, lllll Niw Yoerk, is hereby not rlPd that thee l' have I.een iilOlnicid by} TETrSN,' 't , 7Y & ,:ll. - ,'31 Cosi..tgcrwe "'lilu n,' . .. .. . .+++=. . + . . ... . ..- .. ... . . . .. JUST PUBLISIIEDFM OM STEtkOrIT E PLJTES, The fith Edition of hOW.LETT'O TAtLES OF IN'ihRRfST: 310 ohitlh is onew : ,- toAttod Ato ,en - T e C:,h'.lar tor, or etny methlon s f'or liiitg the aivrRage lime o V on storage, Inotesn'of had or oills of'goods, olte p chnased at different dates en liihrenllt credits., od "ro Trclots amon ntt oilobestilos c1 t .folt1 alncoplci'ef.e otohlioog T'ime T]n' le, thle beot Ilth c: le colotttrived. or thtt ti gterts cant tIr ottee withil tile salnlu eomcnlctsd compass, ant size oft) pc. An advertiseinentt in thbook is in neorll the fllow ing wortds: T'he kigh distinction this wsok has rercived throughl the ten legislative art priefix in to the title page, is tn re commeond::tionin iitself, so onlllonullnoo,, ald n colIC live, Ih t nothing is g leesslrv lloo'e thlr by c way ol ad vertiomet, to t ive a collncdnstll vi'tew n nfn oo m of its po eulinrilieo:as ferinstance, the IFibest hitls been cOImIps o. ed fromt,nd Eomported wilh, what is eiquivtlerttto toor teen selsenflttlatiooe, examit:ed in the prness thirty five timtes, nltd printed rolm trrentype plnle testco c I thirtyty-one times, firom n'I nhieh it nosct ho rvideot y eve. to tile shep~tic (e'yctcitlov oot Ihu too stol otl'tho toe tail it" proof in tihc ltrec~e) tlb;t tle wor~k ,)lost bs erilh- I et enlly inllihle, alId in eolnrtlati ont of this belietfa I premiust of two histtred oand lltny dollh rse is now oon r.i ed Ifor the deleetiolt . on e'ror ofra cellt ine tole i renelo t or fifth edition, as expressed it tle t1irrrltl, nlltklllooig Ie Itooe trmeniois neoet'ie ofr the same enor sileetilte first ttohliealion ill tie 'nor 15012. Onet of thn iost conspicoi s 'otoros o'the taoles is iathe arranegement oe tile Timeu nidi Amlonts, wcicili for eopedoitibns. t'ofcrtnt e nco Itoresitlleott, wiolt ltltotetiI ofthe side noti inotex, etototo Be h xrelle;roodotltoo otootll'ty ty and earose with which tole int:erst cano br founlli to tte extentof genertl bsinoesse, oiilllt dolllnblilng eof 'ms ishbesidcs a convenience s) Cssential, that in tilh: estlilm lion of some oi the moot com n.eotnt and poo t't c: l busi ness men nti itunhlie oflicrs who iltte ittlllo lt,'r.a't Ilr of tile won', it .as leell distionguished htI t I tlotoltoaleo nppellation efufa "'nmaster piece". Atllt cositoriog kthe infallibility of the octod oligionallty adottedt iOt comesioog the work, and tihe xotraoolictory oo mner ato variey of'the exalllillations, ntti tests of eveoT editiot it hlsntoasettittllot' IPoss, ottwithstooding tlle .I.tole is it stereotype, considerocg, in osh6o t, te positive anccoeny seelnrel b Ihe tml Ilccedcnted lllel liBen elllldo\o,I Ile \-o tImethei teen tloottoi) oano ecooiocit:ottally i)led pi tile most wonderf took oht . k;" to oso c..ti" " ot mtncan anloma figure work ofthe atllr extolot, whlich since tthe egtiogotl creation, hs hoad the same nom ber antd varitity of test in to e mse o ltntmoeoh of elitors; t I tottft toloe halflhe tnuhbpr, as is cle;itlr solown i the irefnre.' Besides, tstlt notd standarll, ithostr bee tried tat d prced in nearly :ll the balk nlltl pthllotlic tcs il the United States, nIl ih the plbllic gooerllot, (hlrillg tte long period on tlir-tfii e re·rls, e e 3ot ooroor If irhe al etollatiots has ever bron oltllll ill Iorillt, allholt COlllilt ally cohallegred by the ont of very IIoCo pnl. m)it:o s 'TILe ill fact exotrecsi l adcpted by oo l theri nllrts oflaw ci secrcd oftl te Snltr to thte " I'tle o lclf tolltn fooretatnte iotoi.o's'" soto o y tlo w to' lo hik intotIot, ncotliing s the hank is useor , ~o , nl tot v Ii e tot io l'"art, li)) .,,c nalllCS of' lhe sltbstE1rlbt, r, at'dit hlY ft.. ()l* nlbsel t irt il (,nll'lascrls, illtl e il~lt Ill tbt, clnl o~f thea book, isin poseesion efcvervelossofeitiz( s in ever) pina: - te of tile United StsOes. It i moreover oell known ,hilt, hy its rearlv check, ithas so oftcn detected ul'r Ierlrrs,·a lng:ojfter he?.y weel I iatte, even Iby the most t e:hclasil ad mosit omplltlloetot arithettici:nl, teat its to tfoolltitso, Sood tht, slsolte ne eessitv for its u s., Ihavt Jbeel extensivlyl v insisteld 0la: 1o, so evidentt ito croo , have roooo its ocovottottnont, tO itt snavilngs, that, serl''l t.Osagto wohilot the firlt .dltiOll Was scarcee, antd ot op Illtill a gl'ilot t.nllhr n I.o r hanlld copies were soJnghtti i', oolle too a gre t iee. na d p nluCrelarse :It vtrio llu p ]ices. :as they v co t| uhi :liil al nily on priEhio citt froro $lOOto $5r. petrcoln til some person.s ivoe Itct(.o1o v lcTrt, 0dll nulo hetqttootd that thoon woootold o: $350 $t010t, cnoo l5t for aeo , tl'llootc tot to I oll toor lcs, l0n :'n 0000 ihulj in tile lhtter t i tshee polticoheoly, Ioorigv at the s:lor lime rxhibitt d aol tisoo cltt V 1ot o t, tooo soot 1.1 iltooo t'clore sent that to ill it w:l on iile wo1'111 o o 1:t o 11tony o it t itoore thoott h it toe ootiooo oot hli' coot trollolo tolotto Ito hobeig a eo o i'oh mt ooo l in opnili otloo.. I t Is likeltihe wslothooo el1 olfi tt 1et i lo o lopoI r too imrpre t, t :i olltc is to l Ioitll't ot1 filot \o l k o Ioootlillo sctd asttetoiolly woi' oo the o xttui L and ilpor'ance of theae o' Ios, tiottll:ul thlo brk iot orh lio 1t o on prep' eoL illllC IIot II: I Iooo m C' oo tt Ioo)ot , t ) tohe o tz(l CIIII(etCIt callculsptnr iii tile w-,%-{)1.11, nlllll uIlePl'l( t llsiallt tl 111(sm t cauttioullly il t i.owi l t'ion o" 0r0,otf" oho'oto it W~rlllll, .lilIlOIl Ii It .l~l~ltl,.,i~~ I.IIIi i tlll llr II'"I II~i.UY l-t. ooeltto, oleotooeoo o~ o P Coetaint, le ha r fetoeooooooo tot, t t00 0000, 000 t ullr , 000 n Inrlp exipl:i.,s. hIt~l .o pei t lTland w.inaledl, htve the ster't'tylv pI~t's of thlis wm)lkth,'l'l I e', thatl to securel' theln, willhtleir lllmtrcuis ,n111 textlaodallllt1 c.amlill tions aginist lire, l'r th,' g.u i:n heta(11, t1 y :me (iby .1. vrtiselentq1) c llllantly: keqIt in a phl c." of scce:il conoooeg'toontl~tt. foortho h'0ooooot too ioo. not AmoArpledrirctior .to flor f ..i h bilks.:'rl a 't'.l. ir t fish ts illn th t to . prcedll illg * lillll:I l, hI:li mllllll ill ferLt .lllllo i ll o r eo. inq hl l .- I oo , tO l 'l.l I U I ..l ll ilg llter at ter l.. . i aclit'. k . lItre ll :lll: sonl y to 11 l111 ik 11 l t111 II I t, ,:l B ha r I hIll ;iis t mr nandllP c ·na w lrk1., ..l1r 1IIo 1 h 1 PIh relll) tabl..llsi ll w e i'n o t ncI. l In I do. sl.lll( 'l Ir I 1II., i ye a ttla" rt on ,hrntt r tnotl nsit h a'd' asI h l " pallrolied, it has no let so loll.a'.h l i I l"ld( ' i ,I reh~ell t, I9as of -l or1, P m uI% o 1,ll . /III. IIII l "lll' ill 'sx d 1 i: lo lit "nla f m l i i7 t I-t·1 l 1. ltl il l. tlt 11 I t lilit ,ia ,l7( .n, - . lpi, :,t il g chorlln h Ill b o it, :ll lion at t5in tlon, at it let pw I: 1 co liar.t .. tr lSjl & i, s h .1 , Ili a lil.- , r:: ." of and d; sncnl v. \\ hii, i ," I l Il :I I, 111, I.h;1 I lira. :,II the, 111 t1torol( - i I 0 w lirr llp l :"lll :i . . ; ll t Io t r r l' , illl1 11 ' I I| ,I i ll: rooilorlr i ltll lo rliltl tror. r t .j'i tb' , l,' tsracrrry. A o "-Coa o r. &h "i,';', o, W ',lo So r I rI ' , It. font I orror is aliot e n U, rn n brat uirt t';' e r ft t oI.I-'+II.rll: r NEW \Vi. ,.cii .. Th., At,.! ,I.. I.+e for hol nai tleo rotr; toul . r' Ir I ll 'sr I l I.l". Vrte lll'ri r ; Otyh t .' "I s tar, S.lp Nco Culrarolh r tf y pVron, i f ur .l-. ptlas of thSse C. pi.hgr's or y.. . p , . ' tIn. r o bip' whii, l arlu Irol; .giir r pl oro r ,lto D'th, bhr c l riln; t t ri; eair, or O 'R s git' %L % rhlt raw lling; P. umhi;llc diseae, a c t all 1.-1nh,:o 1ri0ing Iiro l O l;-w lelrl a vl ri f the l ra , t o Ir r inorlcury. Or oi rhy foit Presorvative! tho, bet prebiaration unow ex;ant. Amonng which are Ihr, fll hw g:-Ih, i-,n lye, for cut .ring the lahir;' Ols Itnian.ill ,ll, r'., Groase;l Poartrl ; iEl.w' FrlNlo W :lli , n. Vegetable Rouge; Out, of R.oe-; [,lf, ilro; efitre. l oan Cha .'cal, . rrealy put t or in f tor vialo; I'lrrton S olf'; Col...gne.; Ke.... to '.otlloh-ach Drop; lalir r h ; English )o ng 1o Inlont Hair ()d;-with a variety of ithur Perf. mieries, & o. For il it. by L W GLENN'S PERFUM RIES. J C TRIN( ARD, Corner tof Cal and Bourbou striet. AiOYrl k MoAY, 'lose, Sign, and o)rmi fi n P einwr', No J Ca ell e th1 street, to ahlOmrs horn Catrl streei . lnitations of the anll wi Ilrt sho. :od l.ilt rs, il 'uated iE a llmasterl,.'!d- l r, nqo r lb 1 olo [rot, nlh [ s tt r .d. M latogrm), oo , gl lpti olttck aal gid, 0.Lk, Gi:itn anrl Antisr Pollcar do, , Orieta:or or eI d nI ll ll e, Cutllor"i o do, rriol rIJasper, Curled .Maple, Ililhw Staic, Birds, Eye l o. , t i llmbs ;ra ttile, Catin Wood, i IPomnIa allir Woo, l, 1 )1 l o . r r to r I h dell. , Yew Tree, Italianll W1he SCoiOlt adllnle or ' l t lllli r llak Si ian and lore. tella, rl ose Wood, o". 'ir t r i (olt r y, Ash lhit e Oak, Si i. r t e.r" Curled KIn, Speci lllns to be seen at tlhe shop. Paints, oils, loti n'"1 Sti ort..l..go, '"hlllss(t°Icopal v lrlish k.ll o ini had lllor lIIs hIJ l IRON, TEEL& III'.VY (+Odl id-llIt, aquIar an llbandlet iron, well a.,sm red. l'otp, s roll , a d rod iron, toil rodo tiid pl.,agl Casrtil ertltl , shear, blister.dt , spring, alidl. [lollow wi m ei, cut noIt wrot ght nails :.o d spikle Zinc, block tin, mill n I lgloud lto'e , sitl kettles Chain cables, nllchors, ho Ox, log at. tla e cht is, cornlt l mills Aulils, %ites, I lln inimIrtsad ol lows Wire, sheet,pig amld bar lead; uhaut C .tal, ro aldl c r rking slt .res --Ames, lHwlanl's m uI other spades It el.lvel is Hook and plate hingels, do.or ad windup ho oks Corlils, rlhl o o Shr. t l .h ,rt 'oll- xes lal"'' adMal h glli lnd.+ge, i alla l mdl ti. e li 'a ts, lir tLeed iirtld.l . , lI rtrl oil IA hll aiorltment of Ihardwt ar ato wl hip chandlryl al wa) s no hrod, andi wicr ale e l rc'ofred f:r ratle atl i hle sale of. retail, on the most flvoriric teris, ht ms r lI1rYT11N C(o. 5a3 ldILeve', HARIIROWGATE SPRINIiGS ni irnboot'r -oioii'l ll t o\ l rorra, r,. THREE oi' t 0o oiy FgOMi AEI" ORLEANS. ('m 1E propriet r of thi eshtblishtnent han, the plea It i.r odeo nnouciuhg to his iin.r ,nii , toei polrio. inll tenrtal,llab tit will s e in readinio-shy ihe i rot Sar of era to receive vlsiter. ior will also state for thebt.: nefit of thane at a di tauner, that thier hav behu lahoge improvtIemlnts made, and others now going o11 ;n ll n itl rapid progress for compleltion, which will tenable0 tho +ubscrnher to alcolmnnmlodult a ml h Ibreer nmll ier than heretufosit, anld at he spaimeii r t re ouch b .etter. Fam.ilia can be acononllt o i.dated ith s good roi ms or (bore who prefler can have largo cabins, ciached froun the msio buirling. It is deet n et i tcg iis ry eign ed at an yis ftr ' r lirl lar of ita charaeter of them1 to 'doili, ', it" o go'r'tally I neli e iittl oiha t thet are not interios r to ani in tr.l Sm. th. ern .tarle. All Oli llu .ntlU a that ore iiinr''o lly been nng,,ged, at, will st e in colst.nt a ibaltad:on e a tIe Springe (,ring het e whoi sttai t . lTion+ that have el tm il il rciS . nd e5 T 'KI'\S,,N'. I . 1'll To.. Y'l'(ti.I',f r r.i n n, M1IAIL ARRANGEMENT Northe Mil, DueEvery Day fat 1l. Nlowr Eadry Cl flaaE y at A. 0 A IWlstr a Yil, Du P arry Sa llda, W ilialdae 3V eMijFrilly, liy :j, 1'M.A. by ray of the Closeo err ery nlay, OVedacede Coaxl, aid ilaturdalii !1 OP. M. . (h ie.f ifI Doc,'enyr ''id,y, 'Imrlltrea, a ¢turda), by 5 F . If. via Claiies Denrv Mlay, We'dneday TI 71ES OF A ELlA VAI, ~DEPA ('I'URF IISTA NCR3 &c. oftlen REpress Mail, bet'"., Slroil l and New Yolk-learing Mloblie jail" at 3 P. Al. Nortalar New Yorlk duiyr ai '.5 .ASouthlward. Arrivea Arrive Nrilihwardl. Distanoe. 'lithr. lliurn'g Ilontgoinnry, Al. ''2 plm. 1411 m' 2:11 ItP tii. Ciiluiiia, Ga. 114 81 14 31 a.m Mlilledgeiille. Ga. 2 133 111 24 P. 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