Newspaper of True American, January 3, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated January 3, 1839 Page 4
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4i·· jr. :nxs . O~ Chodo, om(oroodo 'tiib i' Cblrv; *I cwndi b . r. Charla.s ad ('tinmn It.. WAit IaeqTOXFi0TIXTURE, tare ef fFerre ea A uo. hrdn tlan aw r de eterious and poison. usle taken with the utmost esfe. Swee . e! it ,r aced iRnn. It pe ,la h drats repdia.enndeonenllo the censtitln S titas onltedoone nid acl'vitv. It esteb. t lid .ePm lent s pi .te, by invtliiratint tt rid.m s liel o tMoenjol.yttentcaoflatne. yit . .tllrgatuvrqalitv, i€feusinsn t lcrmr.nsel hlls dislrder,"r |'inren she t uneiitgohlr enleanern the neveral orc li r nveni tllnte henefiis tIhe .item l te o nitellqors. &e it hie epa e'rproised. e e iie-, th!e ofthe Tolni: .liotireieihave i a ll iae ueual ecuaer of- the disete, tn any iptibms yfr o riet.rn: wlisllla ih It utile tmadit srertd , lha tnht tvnor uo offrit his p'rofesionaslhervice in hlwais eiye tgyeii tilis.itrfc.ttnreilltct. The" efhtalmt t ldrif tle Agile, in very erid, nt. for e s urt intlc bdeos e te o much piaot nla to h les of ,ith iidnbedlin e, tnd incpediy fnll n ic s ts t itt t violence T'he Tin i t iticre it ha ha rentonehlit price, ts to lleoe it ti.hitl every :-se' tha... iet tile poer and dl etitule ih ftm lle ith asistelctn;us ithn t itt dici h n.d led~ei e wihich ae fFequntl ic denied at "them~t le tarelictntlye betowed..a l . t iihe oletlv e rtlcutes, t'otld nagini Ithbt tipo tit dftis eildtieieL at are dtily offered P1l I l ontly~h.h3r JihInt. RowendAt ihit f n Kt; HO E1 WOnrl, Philidel phiA. t s aEirler are te wholele areets te for Ilt iv Wtro .fe,m aind will sell by the -gearn, at f neit elplnie priroe. t''hndi at ale, at asti the pbuthb oi t, hic ty. JAIttVIs& ANREWS. , - l.~W . . holelsale I trugcirit, aoing - a .s i Comemon $ u l'heLo iolllhri an r' "Mitoal.aippi nilld Ltitlllaanua otelr a llo w'f YoMtl u.riorLAN D "efipecfclilyi an. e iitec10 to her friends and the pohbic gene. ally that noie is preltred tosacconmmtdate thenm at le , Itv4b sel ltalitmllpet. .d hopes, from her ' tratliotn to cstileeitors comfertable, Ito recein 41 o otittitiiaunee oif formor faota. Shie feels ccni. tite, tiat peraons..visitinog-'Cvi.ltgto tluiing tit itlllcer monthlta;lenot lnid better occominodiitlOS 'thlrt-t he ran alfor them, ot niore liberal terms. cioer hdUeo is plauneatly situated, nnd well .ipplicd with. every eonvenlinnec ; thehbar is furnislhed with the rtet lo tics liqieors, &. it i.itirl;sllrtprotllies t1'tta nothing shalll be wontling on her part to give .ttrtte htrdtt looi to nil wlt, may pltraonie ithe llteissipepi lland Lonistiann liotel. " jr'3 5 studied tinder Dr. Scs midt of Charleston, Bitrllh.Caolin, astd for sime i years his aeistantt inu the practice of mnidiintte ard surgery, has tihe Itieor to offer hia pritatleional services in this city. l t. satreat lt. ladian and geotlemen that the Ioat S pr.mio t atte riontwill be paid to ite calls rwhichl omay bo mrlde end lslo oalers his servicle to the -holders of av , being wetll ecquainted ith the. l- ieeaaes oitme thole, la eing attunded tllem in tieregr oue bn anyor-stne in. 'hited ftates luti hliouspillsaiter tle omposation tit Profeiosr Sinollette. with directions, an be hadl f.tho undtrsigned. Tihe effect which they have prodceld indthis and otlher cities, uaie been attended witth te greatest mtccelf, to which the be.t of gefrences colt be given. Apply at No. li66 Maga. line street. JNO. M'LORING. L..LLUw VARIE, TIOD SCI.%IS, SAD SIRONS, &c. 'I-JlE T1OWELL WORKS COMPANY, Ito. ,a 238 Water, near BoIekiant street, New York, have received tile pst ast on, satd are cor stantly receiving large and extensive additions to the sloek of'tlte above goods, whichiel now eionsiste of the .,.jllowing assonrctllnt, suitable or the .southern and Woetern ,narliete. Belloluw wore f sltprior-qualicy, -conisting aof i haniut 15011 tone, viz, - e Pots of'a dii'rutoet izese, from'2:8 ti 50 gallonl, K.- Koettlc, 15 izes; frotn3:8 to 30 gallons, 'l(ettloo, 15 aizes, frotv'3a8 to 18 gallons, J.a. t" or Oves,? ditercnt lriares, Tea Knttles, - 6 do ". n teulltdridrs 6 do C overed Spiders, I do .fleutdtledl 4 do f; fitsl Dogs, . de r4'wgon bolxes from 1 1-4 to 43.4 inaheb. - rtnl ts-5 to 7 incihei. d Sernw. 20.0100 gross. iron and bras, from S_ ' iaci N.. 3 In -3:9 inch, No,n 24-a a euperior uqolity and 4niih, and lou than Jame'es imported r "..-$nfIrone asnaorted, in. casks of about 500 lbs for A t lilor' and Ihattor's Ilron, asselorted. 1 "oe. wiwetglits, 100 tons, anorted from 1 4.4 to ails for PI-iritations, steamboats, churhels, La. dlo tn order, stlo shoats and ether ....hinery mads to hailne assortment of good. Is particularly rcolinnelinndni to the attention of Southern tid lstern mereliants. and are offered far sale at low pricns, and upon the .tMostliberal terms ; it is he. Iitned to be ti-e -lu.gest and beat assortment ever afilred for isale by ay-ooteeltahliihmoant in tite lniteld Statlen. Alo.r.emlot. by drwardiaug a request by mail; tan ho.e a prin'd circlilarer with -dmeriptt.m -of oods, pries nlid terlms., fTott whlich no deovlratioo is ever n'adt. tihrllnilhed iy return of mail. -"Au ,,rdeo will rennin ia mnodiata attention. S-Note Tc h.York, 1838. a A ,- P19- 1WEUOU JY ruises-.. va . itew t4rle ill, Nie. 1i, 1i 7 S11 Ole'l x motlhe age I he! thile mifisirtne It, get t1. a cret di.iese, for hicb I have a!iplied to mse ral doteora fer a cure, nnd tilte did not cure il, so now al thdg.hbore iolo 1 Plt myself ndletr tIh cha of I)letO fthot,and [expet fel ito cure lue. Sitce that tiowe te dthse ili .e gont worse, sa, tll break out in larga ulecer to the iumielr of sia or sight on e h leg, snd all onre my foce, ndil se thlroats, atd not able to work at hb POrteat tili on account of the tdiseas; lirAs l:er Oil {t.ieri'lit side of ilte throat. I at no ruptlitng lyeitl putfleiettla unler the t e of tr. Hel, i.f Paris, l o.beeferictl cured - JOHN_,EAN. S11 - i- CR t tha the abn ta. m'aoned lierre it tite weall c tord 4e e srwn e arltia, for whitb I "trtalh I)r. littec, and nttarptr I oaetrw that tha modi r nn.[I hare tkbud mteonle fata, sad did not inja lreay r raoltJ e atil; therefnre adrisn met of hlow aitenrera to late aon tet and api.l to Dr A. Iuht, 11 Caotaln •e¢t;tentenn I)athiia:n and Hourbnlt sotresoa. c r Hatetis lt Iuntte frCo 9 n'nliock, A it, unotil ( P w. wlTl~ fird a tre doetar far tlhi ctpli t.m ko. JUt'a I)E'.\NN.It Olanier street. $4ii a eoa waats, to -rieem , Call at No,. 41) ( ieaiot, JOHN I)EAN. Imrieana.FoITel,8t . alb 14 ly tttero i ctag b" tltire enact. of :.~i1Uih ..*i~nn M'u.. mzqv oll~r rfiultzntc .ilIm, th l~i~njh U CNiOUn inl CUrin. mat bt altre ie~ iemada r io h behen intrdco tned the onnfidttct and reaomitenda. i e; qatn r phynician, for he enre of coignh, 4 aLme aide, want of rent, pitting od blood, tea itmay ccerma Thinl I to .rti y that we ctice frquentlyvtrearihed Mrs (hard floleant I.,erwonr a d Itllondeairt gaeeta we ane therefor, from e be kttw amtamalt itis made (alt, aud oba-latton. ,maomneoll oit latoaterene rretim, t of ahb longs ( ;,r hihb it is . &.K.TWIIL!41316 , M,. D. Ue.tN Mli.Us M.D. & A?4PREWSL S- Polnnitelas ate Abereebetico iu,. qA redacoa a i . 0Jgf . I a-; 4 linjr I1 tro nd n iý te halýl At~~tleRiti 1it liindg ui:r *i elndrE'r tlnd i Sniil in h nb Baun 21it Bonn) ' ii Ld, fh e ti gnod inectien Peoar. t.fl-$ tlor; flt ert f Ivory Pjim h nshpivnu * r,-din 3s ii. Wtnllom S idserc; i Rn}aesRi} his Cniils Sec nhitn Kvit Pt~i'o sl~nnkiosi ,Rtoutlet a ead Dr ecking up tad~e Chtnn Giltsd on Slolled ulut ItoltOciap indo fl*laafrtSloio ( shell Twii:u ide To Droth is i in h o l Ihtndd tiheurforiner s tock cln;in at ste ti "4bornrlt ory complete, son l wlri'be Pold tio one liera~l r temi, ;at. sitl i dhrledr ~l'.;n;; 0 hn Ma Ladmi b.u ll 71 baem e hd et .lei \ a d ' Psloler Shaell Tv st ideand hre iint, T oble n Iwtnee Kale:. ofr daee~lptinsPcoi P Mcet 1)11k aul Sper leit tantves Baton, Br~ie. men a~a E 1rej.& &e. wr.rhlehhe aire prepenred o~iibea;tt lofhr tnr rdro.t Teirormeto onditions adbe tadko Lobr m tehe tinthe. intO J Ii SEIN&rA COifltN.Sfl:cmmmnsei. 11 NSf, HARTT &CO.--Arenorw treetv t p iddip'l udniltqwi!lek, le Merry Andeew, Hihl= lldcl'Frn. ine'l Germnhn dal' l ..edlaviacnlm a : Saierhelim si ltet plitlas plain, rihei at aplit 'ciu ilicn alp,; era, hrlders cina rae, tiwenrs, rdenr e: v tleillortt eamnral.l a and onher steel nel; Vio. its, Vniolh atltrin: ihell, ivory amt horl eomlas; wafers: _k, hatf alt'he ther toleere ta i hair hlnid, front atldt rMk nriiette aei naefr a pil lermnall tll Frllr.h cllgrie iater. Raowlarla maeaser oil,imitatlnt ito- antiqer elt hbiennil poelarl de eaker hid lrolhng eaases: luat aeckinht nta ins nl toilet ntlaaet ll eceet a rinn; op. I ellgnlale and vlewa ; lclliani (.ad., lerlls ald irlmec: cnrdeonl; hit-l twie toile awl anhavil olaings toilet owler, aoeertie wash hatllI scenedl ratitl onlthlilrt peol Iarela i'erew eat hirolnal fanic batad chinsa ail neltkelessa hilliard tMllt; pocket hoioks and walletts; Geerai hRwnE; raor sItRE fite snd emonnte golen. llastie lulewmlera. gtnmerludnt Iell lucifeir mictelia; lil la pmeilsi Cereynn, &e. &e. The aovre iaddition to t our forne stack oi fancy atitlem, mitakeatr ;aaclrtment very ace ,lilte. in., sale wholesale or cteil; as the sign ofihe Goilden Comb, 70. Chure sctreet. m'dt. NTl(TIC--'rthe partnerlhill of Kelley, ucktin &Co of New rlenn ; Mason, anrri. &C:. oif Natchez; nd Herric, Kellev &Co., of Rodnev, was die dedrl oun he r2te of May last, bv the dealth o Samuel A Maron, eie of tihe pnrtner n ot the firens. Ther uritdrineird, luviingvig piertlerc, will be charged with thaKettllin and r elain aied Iooinerr i, flleows: Levi C narris will atheid to the settling of the burinessc of Mnso, Harria& Co., cNil"thez; and Itnrrie , e l .e &'Co.,at Rldnev; and Henry Kelley will atte;nd to he elttling of lce bhiirens ofKelliey, Mareon & Co., at New Orlran. Tbe nacnea of ihe ueverl firml willbe used in liqoidatioennitly. Those intmhted to s.idt lrma are emnestlv requathed ocme foirward eld Ink early rettlementl; and those having cluitha nill please preseot themr witout idelay. b - EVi C HARRIS, HENRY KELLEY, NewOrl'nc, Juneo 27,1837. SR:AN )IARtt FARIN-A'S COLOGNE WATER J .I2 ease m;are of this rnpericor Cologl.e water. just received acdl for sale iy the dozen or amijrle botle.- Also American and trenhi tilet p wdleri, onwder ruffl and tluoca, elaving atd toilet apccrcrr.oetie waclt Ilallt.aiilk lii rulee, cercetie eold ceram, ecxtr e o musk, kephalco, Ward'se vegetoalo hair oil, poltnntum, irocIn de ipere, Floridnicvecdnr, rore nnd bayh waters, l're°' I's Palots, Mluerille. perflncerc in tlink.. veeetllt ite d Iliquid reu e, Chhlrine and Orris tooth wash, cIota, hatir,tooth, ail anii lleshl hruoclei tCogether with an addliion ell ipplv of fgashiot alo ilr' Ollcd altll cCmb-.lid jewelry,il'r sale lv at who lesale or r tail hy sIMMONS; IIARTT &CO, itj!y 6 70. hartro .tre tet. -EWV (--i(JiitS--S monarr Hart & co are nw 're. Sceiviner from on hcnrll ships Yazoo, anr Saratotoa aidtn'ig Cerotrdia, from New York, a great verietv at goods in their ltne, which together with itheir fo'itlel stock on, mlke'their asolnrt entver.', cete. 'h-lovllnwinaeuoa pnsea tpart,viz: ellti. .ride, ink sail dIressiileonlb~h, hnee do tie ll dtcncrilctione, I it - lia ruhber, eilk rand worsted elaetie orrtero, coltmoll Ct&1 finelastic ri endrleccre, hcc fioco ind I.,cifer tnatellces, eldlite. p.eraller, ttier puffs and boxel, toilet powder, pocket lnokt and wallets, nicdle hooks, shell, pearl, ivry anc d ilnre o rrd casese, Iledcl lrllcamelltr, plain co *al ollds nlrecklaces aci negligers, heard evlina, bead ceeklchee, cutn clas andi pliinNeedrilvcr anil ciltcidc, tIndial beaclds, bellrtcii Iplcllccr pistol anil large pwv. lerl ckc,eihot elts, Ilorseco,iehlt. iocket anid dceiliF (irtoir; inoule nnc ringle barrelled ctio, Blowie knives, and dirks. acieacrc, checrs, pckei hkacvee, Rlard chalns, and rihhbbon, waist buckls, elolh, Ihair, toohl, nailcnmb, arnrh. slloete, floor cad dustine bruhles, Coliclce, Florida, lavendler, roe call iccy wcter,ernl'teed recceees, and extractse, laeccaair, hear, seltlqle lctd ccnd crl'rc.. I getable Ihcir cls t ReYici. Iiui c 7irpi citric!ll te.-l cirpini,,-. coil gent lnicCrs' desk ntd cidreaslni teee, hiir rietlet,,frizerttes ancd iraids, plain, filcv all nusical work"bhoxes, plain cid gilt,filcnrel, emit and vept hllctclle, pearl aId ivory ellrt d rli, irt tuddddl Ehli and cilver pelcil ecases, totthpehks and tweezersc,lclatedi and gilt lockelt, oinintcre tio, aihcer, brass oci steel cicnller, bicol.ocrcco en /, cha pins, iicitaticn licuit, Ilk r and rediink, slle hlnielng, violic c nd giitrrililcbbed and plain pcertasion rcap.. liniin twine, sicected clsh lens, gold ald silte r lace anid fr.nge, lterapepcer a.ele bcgc i riding w'li pec walklna Canes, laylag ealde, fine gold, lntudsld giltljbwellry &oe. lThe above, together with a grect variety cf other arti lea are oftfred at wholeale or etaelil oil acucculllodgtillg N i1 Shell comls repaired. ITl1t.E SAtI.E A NtI riPTAXI. ' 1i3T1N-T-V SRIETY ST'ORE-atc la sign of the gorleic conilc, Mo7 Chlrtrees rteert. The aclceribera heir re ceived, i ,ddlition to their crevionce trck nn hand, a full and t:oiptlere aeoctlent of articlea in their line; viz: cormh, periecry, Jewellrv, brnshlcee, lockinlg glancei, fancy articles, &e. clctiseiig in cpart a follows: C(lMIii-tortoile helcl, wineglht ilnd plain trtek,twsit, qnilled heck, long rounll, dressing, aid rpiff, carl and reck, lrnziliarll ocabs of.every descrilption clonsgc which are onale Mexican patterr, Ivory cccch of every dscriptiunc helr,, dressing -ncid packet, togetlher with a geliorarI eecrtlllellt ofFrenclie nd Amnerican.. PERFUMIIERY--Cologne, Lavender, Floric, imccv, lic, rose, and orang flwccercwnfers of every sie and idsc crfption. cenlllhorutedl Cologle, extract of Blrgalcalt, Iaeny asaps ofll kicilli, selcinIg dn in cakes aed pot., rean, aopdo;, WoVrd' vngetalle hIair oil, hearm andt an tiqcado. I'reston's mltelling salt, plain anil perftnited toilat powder, pearl piowder, Ilo lcr ptlra and bhcea pO. olatium ir lots and rolls,or rl and chllrine booth wash antd trowdlce, with a general acsurtiment of r JEW EL.i.RY--rono oftlh-lateut ntd ilolrt fabllioca Id eettse, onlstiating of white anid redl cornelial, tope- - jat erdrcps, et it filagreer, brceast tinsf era gre.' -is. r ty ofpatlern, vwatch trimmilgs, gill and arlt, .cklee, silter thillbles, sileer acd goh pt tcilc and guard claian BRUSHEiS--CIoth, hair, dust. Ig,Rcruct,leaerth,fltr hat, fiesh, elhnth, plate , ccbNil, deshving, aico and LOOKING GLASSES--Gernn statila and toilet clase, ollnicf,ying and Freancl dresnicg glesma, oince In, wihh a vartly o h oter kinlda iol ecllieraled. FIANCY ANDi VARIETY ARTICLES-French ard Amerleao portable odesk rand dressing acct, olllce very rich nd finely loiesihtid ladie work bc,xeeanddrea n eaises, with anid withoat lnciie, cnneical boxer, Ae coriania of earions kinds, violins aod gluitaru, silver anti Mated pencils andcleasr,wood iencila flr carpenters aRd crayona, nttale clocnleguna sid piatcle with asd withuct r eases, percusasion acpsc. elctisoamll cap chargers, nippcle ecrew driveor, lmt halts, aetn liagr, iastte bafciiigi Itoy tea letse, Indian heuds of every kiil,, hells ancd lirine, tihandclconnno, kllivres, razors lid scissors, Iliin;lcol, ceedles, pilulr, silver pllcedl steel niid cntiiinon lpeel. eloe, pLcket holoks said wailets of vctrionis kinds, viailtin r cards od curd cases, playing cards i f cc nclc, Gontlclli olid Ameinrican munulcccticec dhlls, iiitoatilo fruit, cnc boxes, llrint of vor.iuna kinds, S.ulnderr' Intoco y', E.nuilernc't, Hillman't and lawkin'e razor apm c, and metallic ltonelte,dirks, faney bead Ilecklace, do withl .r drplttoy watches, pearl bhttlnn1 powder flnask, eL. nd plahc seed heads, gilt id silver do, out oiastic lnapel derr, atd garters, plain and c word c accres, btkgaalcUn koarda, dlice, oltilcal vienllla,jeweharels, locintuo itatth a and lrictkincf lclt with a grant varirty ol othedr ar cloe, all ofwhL Ih will he sold or cusho city acceptau. er ell ac 12 couthl credit, lil diMAIC;i , & co. d4 70 Ulartrolat. i3OLB AR . Science of Peomnaaship received,and .o tr ole at toeir pernn.ut W\riting Acadiutien No. 8 Chatred a reet'i eow trleans, 18d lic:tdoway ntew York, Iatpltulie nt., lubile. !tis particularly designed ito privnte learners, and chootla, and i, calcoulated tir peruollt ofall o .es. IL dia a id gentlenen are iuvited tueal nt a ,namiue the systen fbr theiantlvres. LeeoLos are given at nlch thtumen as may sullit the convenience of all, and-to classe formed in iny part of the city. Ledie wlio prefer itcan receive lessons at their ow n ref sidenoes. I'ero as paoing for one t I. rue of lessons are desired o attend nthil they writs t iell as lthey wish. ml DiJl. lJEAi t& t UKrll..R. DEAFNESS. A INEW article for perons troubled with deasnees, (estled the Enr 'l rulnptt,) tons jt belt received. hb tie tlie of ' hicl, th e!ighte.ont artitlulation of thelio. elan voice is disltnctiv conveyre! to the car. Atny one whlo leal ever anto ablieu to eoluntrvanrl with a vtry deu p-on, mton Ior fully se.uti ino of Ihe dilciltGtv and etn. h irransettt experneneed both ly tilnelselve ,and tile in d vidualE no tlnlcrltntatlet atlicted. By tie uno of tile ar i'rumIpet this otijettitte i nntirely otuiated. The l'fitsceptical lavne al ye a. entdulmedtiteirdotbto alter having used tro Trmnpet. For sale a' 'rFl.UIOsn'S Facy store, o erl ofsCort.n.ntutd St.Ckarle stresta odr.aL. t.IInttue Hotel. fehl 1:1 PERIM O11,--1500l geliuls pinra awitoer d b. Spern Oil, in casks and bil.. for sale by JAIIVi & A NI)ltEWS, Wloeanlnae Drugg nta, onefr C t"niteon aJnld chop I ,s ltreeal. sir u:t "40 kegs, tO0 U . 9011' do '25 a Eonglih do-. 1-4 bble. 4(t0 e lOOPaint Brshe., variocie..o Sana.e Vertmilti lt S bhlCoval Varnish; S 9 Japsaf 1 " Ooach 2dyeakedlGoid !A5 So do Silver dn; 0 Pt O "`Dutch Meteatl. p4INDOW GLASS, Aaerican. .t:glioh and Fen.i , ..,te boz, veaunnua itn and qoalities. "J+o mtoe .rowa do.-.OU booen,ctntsigninrut. will be ilow. reraol sortment of nrtta" onlnn r and °!.:.Jbr'ble by A W: YCA'I Eud, No It6 (Cotnl Ni .'.! Albaemranotachtakhq nt pt r. end Alisuisipt'· btaia will .o received at 10 per cent diecotut for gttd. ril tavntltta offdehtbla. Jr I I SLOUR pi t-r.p . ",j+ i..n.te Idpud. ` # 1ý;' ý ýr FY,~s~ ' .F Lnntl fIr La-tn n-tc hedNtbt#0 Ite It tho oi neqmt tni welt no thl.iqitina Imt i tgmtmbrti. tpi.n-.Hlnc ll: Spievn-ed byl jettykinlv rote, knnwhoi$ thatti) i hl en in t hitshonrt, oid mtt iti- tndenapdrd nt Anteer,orn neotla mto th; e the hitbhjdt e ihr theinolvtheaow t re pofi nod ia pI tiConttins,. Theltt nth!y ediitoi.thblo n- I)oetro,1 -the .j'-prieonorý ,dlorn.m slob-editomr af 1 ot v howr named jnrltt,,nmtlJ.'-.ei*rt:lattitr fromntmittOOl t.liave is r tolYd to light in the above plcos, paufs. t t 1. --Phefauto, ntil'oeerm- hnads-ln- geeoat/uecenn j A _il so Iis$ ipeioni gasten oritwetne don s. One e-whocwail h t ahednten vers, wlto hod advy seen the ~ 'itihgdreonhai birhth, 'heoan. to no. m follow ,is mn-ete ia y io of bein nobliged tolhe led by hIlo. , i ades who hail eeh lot the eight f one a evetr n rte ten vftan.hnd the other for nearly two .yeares,-hvingbeth ot them the otlar pye very weak; i vet eanh of-trhose oyoung ladies begitto see with both -yopein, whiech henefit Ipltedge myself still contnnues. exn Septing they are under the influnen or dmninati mn of of the Mediael Doetors Another is thfldaughter ofa a Sespectable met-chantwi' name I am hound never to mention, (as he paid mse myfees),.who Iitd ehe hoad lons the sight of ons eye from the age of to months, Simbuit that sIe now beins to read Isrge'letters wibh the other eve cempletel rhout. This the doctor edutors knew, an the, gettamaon told me himself he hid con. dle ed Ima dnauhter to the office of the tmedioli editorne mg that they might he inf-re-ed of the feet. The loat I h- shell men ion-it naelderly gentleman by tile name of Is: Vont,o nearly seentye v oents ofge, who delelmne pnth lit litcly by letter, whch he took to ll the diff-rent offiees e n. in Nnshville hbt one, and himself told me he had iaid a for he inserionn whatever they dteanded, whoi d clar te isr that letter that Ite hn otallv dearired of el the eight -f oeit ine from f its ther his hir'h, ayieh in mnmtlr terdd to t .d . tnb .oeeaioned hy tim h measlns or senll pox: that m"n rvtr e·ld not notly see the light of the cun, fiir the frat time that he reoldleots, I, hbt the utsra nls, anod nwits hginning to distinguish many omieete; and did, before I lefr that aetv, give man tny ir"",f thdt hler. econld ee to walk about the sir net with time other eye comm lrstely el sed. He said lie had 'heen a member oi time Methmlisl Epi morpal Chrch for ne rly forty ve-. al i tlat his word wa never doubtel a ed thrmlgh the ,.,le nourse nfhns life. Swhe. e a ttedatto that ihltltt tix vearn pasr,lhe was I. converted from being a perfect itdfid ta believe in tile doeuctrin n of'le Bile9h, tht he amoet have mood- a trifling Sertror-that I e mnst have mneat' to a y, ti t before ithe ;.end ofst yoirs to come, Ie shi' old he eolvertnd front h inollfidelitiv, os time m pirittf tIhe trite mtimnter onf the in, pearefil nad heuigo doctrines of thie firitiaon religion does Irealth not detluoartion, oge, cin0mnotv anid ad ftlsaeoali to leane his medical nfrienr, ateaie t the s mn vhol he kanew ratd doe a noilltne ond, .rotl nro in. ,me Jiry to nnv one. All the inhabitantsmf Nashville spoke l- of the reat I htl, v-cept the i- di el lu I eors. to Most of them also had I.en inolrwmed ' Yount of na the cure pertfomed on hin totally Idind eve. e S. l'mhe fanoons Go iah . ofthis lowan, pretends that I have loast the Inrei l nainedl in the Nort,, sinee o. ed anivnl in the Silthwesot. Thieprovee,lme vetner. bhad, inn and thatI kept thet unttil l rrived ln this "metictk If iv. Igaoined loe ;i the noreth, ought to naive gained nnoth. or in the southl anmd nootlhaettimll I still hope to wear them no miy very Vmothful brow o the doay I Ilave, in spite of the oittleration of tie great DrcS.,if I may Sjalge from the mon. I ocve aliody benefittcd in tli city within three day e. .t 'h'Pile object of the present is to inform themrnedi. er el Golinhs and editnors of the IRepnhiblircn .ind Traisa .I seriptt, n well an the elerienl tr Soiuith of the C. Pres hbvterinn and of the Union, of Nonshvitle, an well asl the editor nid snb medical editor of the Meuntltlts Elonqirer, Sas well es Mr Prentice, the edlitr of the Loomaville ttJocllrlt, nod nlse the medicral Goliolh edhior of this it cy, the orent Dri S., tlhat I shall rineg actions aoains tll 'Inm lt, fur v tnloretium, Pleanler or ealulunv, ilnlwdi r ately aftermy arriv:d in New Yolk as well .tn aaions il their aliable he hren the nledical Gotiahs oflthe morth. 1 now hind ittyelflhy ptrnmtie, nereitl, qit mims ha ,pv laudl of lilH.' t, until I have hrtlgh tili tnoses of' ail my oedlical oliahs of thle nior h, as well ts tletie sltt and tht west, to tie grindstone! 'The alllieted, there gn fore, may caleculate oi findklg ne doring the weoian of t next year ih New York, bere lcetters, postpaid, and nino othlers, will lie sntre to reach time. me. 5. To ilform thIe pohli m that the tf, an col'ed mmiwhtlh the Revn clericiello coverted inflicl pretend was Iii- written fitr him,wa wo ritten ore tian a week pritor, & -nod int-nded fore thie Rev. D. towtll, whn reei it in tee, my prctne-n itltomt manifestinoe any dinsap.ohtio,; , meetrery took tit i." m:Fort rundenellit in artl, e wa lie dmd, which lie it Iotmghrlt msuhll an to- err mty purlose heiter; he dehnlred them htth t,. .l, ad iilmout protreo in" that I watteld !ui b the lit t fro, lt s, duty, s I never cotld tlreotlme to .flr tinmt ,entlen' W- or tny othrr, any'money for s.eting fits l'he lIcre t I)oloetor'sown tsteltnent is before tile Iublie: Ito,'Ie mot iOO nexaminedi all l nydip'on-an,c te..wi h ai in lecon,s'm s :.i intimatce friend if hi, a well as tlhe wlhole of ry ott, Iatients, in companv with another clerbo.,,.'n, 4 ie, foonlldl them anil to beh aomlttic, an e-ntty pntmiertmi ti h be oman oer Jeae.r tup. lj,.ie Ievwr could have tout "faui ied bhv a total stronger to draw up suoeh a artlicle as a m wrote hit elfftr uailim-tiom, tt-I alddressed it to itCr Mt Strinufield, ettitor ofi,he S W C Advo nate. l fi. No onoder tte eleorsighted medical Groiilne of mod Nashvtlle took thenll. ;and therefoae need tlheiret it fiirt o oji noitw tlhenl tIhe all-powerfol, athietlti, pitt. aerl tol asld intelleltuol fIrte of" the st:ad to-ibe-son, rrte cel lerical tfidtl. We rend in the I)ille tht 'n trmne is itk w kmiown ib i ol inTat." I dare eoo thlecouverted iutfidel ho il Itrreaheoud fromn that pasiane. it- 7. tI evioiic lly wacntod tli entabli'i hlis moral eh 'r tisas:-r a-i a milt, !l y elh ing Ihitt i wich boive being fn bltiled. I.u In seee whelther tle cun of tlmiity ,ices eof silver will nollym to hii n- well n+ it tmell applied - to alllther enr - I iml,,l, hI o. i n i l ie inyie or tht tn tng c-arnation of hi Divine Mtener, nbolutely snold him fiihr t at onln!er Oirliucei uf silver Aly nitwelr in, thint it wan nuver imen.o i ans a h ilie, nor tuld i he, eon-idi.l ad so hd v ni v oin, .l il wao lot eve-ell e . to thie tentih -ill pirt ofetill tile regulatr prii'er't fee,ttf $t per sIqit re. rn- COlii nitg tiwo tio tlree ohlotnmts onf clietlv prilltet full tnater, whicie wete to be repeated thle eor flll-" tihes iz: in tlhe Presitlrion, Uninm , rid l.nlitorjoornols, hd [ men, ecrintended 'o iribe him, .ihould imove teolred hid ati Ioast $:0011, hin refular fee, iusttid ofr$ 0, wiiiill, in all itt, irninaiility, lie would halve ladlv nrecsived os hii fee, mtd tolnot is a lrihe. On ilte eoitrrn, iif l oilt ein ca-; gat Iiin- ofufremit- a hr be, i shoold cerlcinly have done err it in a way to have inu-red I=i t ne.epttl e. It a . Ilnal the Irev. Doctoi r beent reallv converted to tlia -eliiftof tite dlctrineo oi' the onviu-,I, lie woul not ic, iohavn promitiedu to elot.andl exaiti,' n-v itientso ith i iut keepine his wordl, as I have always founld every ot, ttiniisei of the rospel zenaloni to Slo. nat, 9. Ilaid hein en really converted, lIe iuln nit pnh n- lit Iv h-ite spokeo t gnigilnt tl.e Amtmericnn irttitutionu, ied which, it is well known, are more nmmnermte, and which t are -omperiltr to inmnov ill omtle pnls of Euoropen . tis eo l eioliet aitt tnIta dli.u-Cted ttitte vottig lilerary nhar ncter as to o he-renely rettmiueid fromo tine l- oi tihe -to,by lovio .ibtletl hcnds on lint. " h'lie blon-. gcetleman,thougcl it eýrothuoimn, in withot ne. tlse, (uolmlo.e is ealn clatotinted), alhhtoig hoeton lot, thitlk li ns tt riglht to ohmie lie Ammericea in.ttitltion;, ith Iiecan-e he is oeriuvtinrled infidel aon- ie hamit ot-as or, al onhit to speak well of the Iridge(a he goles taelv and oiver. I fancy the galluat Canaiu (Giundy, atnd seveil other aittable youlng gentlemen of Na-hville. recollect let well ithe conduct of thim pious exonlnider nf tihe Holy Scriptnres! 10. 1 nIover sayv simt dn-minh iem n im)totmnn ehone tis tch ie Rev. Inemtor was the dIam I oat s to resmom nith Ione him, wlheu he menaeed niy grey Iinir withlw an ulplifed el- cigntic arm, in if ho wood hove fall-d ie I t he Ac- groandl,for dtritg a draw . pious ,niaisrnr- wa from dhis dutym by int brilbi ol 10 i0 iccnnfi'ver! I renlly n rd troubled nl r than il ho U Ad Gientlemlan" had aint io et gteiao iltins own hnlthe! tid I. [ suetolmly dcclare before Godl and am not fnraid tiny I call itti, to willSon that I moEt. is, tihe t Isle course ice of 42 yeoro Iranctie an incollih. It titrt IBritoin, nle -nonce, ielllii nutd tmlericn, it a sinigle imtllllceO of ts- fered os a bribe lti alnmoiut to the ediior of nnvyjotrtm ing hint a no o utlioiu fer tihe apatn tIiecupied and the in more inclinied to redice,mrother timalladd cry nevtn toe plitier'o bill; whicim is eosuffcient trcoi tmi I Imo uitte mti-i l to brilte. -]m li. l.set vn-'L'he ilemphin Eleqltieffortwo er tlroe wnod meoa eoimttina a tiasue f flagranct folnehooed, whimh mIme metlicol (ileloIt editors irure - frotm their brthlremm tion ithl t1. Gtoliuici Of mtfh Nortl,, and I ltalltreoat thmmt t itUnlesls it ai truie what I hive biteen inie.roieed--iLuat-. 05m- I,cggir,oedl yomnm will catnha I.- I" Toiugl m plaid m. hitt i'r lyy ainvdcrttieuttota for two or Shree ws-no ho tonly ioserted iketh cuioe. lou will uleane me iasert tiia l'nttrln your neot pa not d taodhbnv.n youro.i-.a. In Itasta, JOHiN WILLANMIS, ui Jt1837 the Englilsh Oculist. I.ouisvills, Jely 183, Cojied from the S. f. C..Edrcretu of the .1th .rue,. 1C3. At the requelstlf Dr. WVdlialte, we inser tile follow ilt a ete fniut the lev. Mr lowuIll, of Na.lvillh, tt the edltor of thI, B" outh Western .hristian Advocate, who, it a.peor has eixamined the diplomas and other dtcu inntn,eviricive of the l)octon' cluihe. to public patron age In conseque--ce of an accident, I)r. w ilI r m in Nd hvlle a ftw days longer than he at first intended-any the let July.n Rev. Mr etringfiel.l:-llnvine-been requested by Dr illiams, tihe oueulit,.now in this city, to exeminte ris uulerout diltitUmas alnd other dtluments evincive of is ciniste to Inblic etrnllides t in his professiuu, I aave, in colmin with a valued friend,lnen sa lith plea.ure. Atuntg them I Iunld a letter fmel hr Pageout,at pro. set Ullarge d'Affaires of the Kinuof the Pretch, st WVasehiugton, addresied to Dr. Williams, testifvilg the teauinletlll sf the diplunma frolt the Kings of'France, telgion , & well as lte,.e front the aledicul uocie uea of t'ranna. He has ntlemroil voucherl from mlen knowt to ine : high rlie nulatil in this ellcttr3, r eceived titce Ihns arrival inh the Uniited tlates, detanillne tains. set of great sunaees in t e restoratali uof iglht t the c--c-. I knew tin.n of tliem prevnius thei co e ing u:-;s.r his care; hut all I Ihays a eesay they are un qaretiouahly beecfittad. ROtNiNT. B. C O IOWEIAL, Nalvrille, June 21, 1837. 'P. . e.itco writig tle tauove, ooe of Dr. S Wiliants' aitoaln' has called iupon me, uata ees lite bad atIIUally alrd tetall lIt the silghi f ton eye :br scventy~ ytoai, hut tlow declares himself herter thai last ight, lor tile iretl tite ill his life ttat lie cnn rectllect, he could di.. tiuaillsh, with th t yrle f te t prtlntlnuelt tars. I learn that thin old get.teutan has lived tmnrv year in this rdgion,tand ay has nas beenbua ,tlthodisiduring atllt i e.You ntruly. R. B.C.H. '5 IhteKi Oh J- ltIL.bDIII] A--Fner ohil by SYOKKrh, PROTIIEKRS. O dCaetn tr~et. TENNEhJS MAl' OF [LOUIIANh, li... Qe i Nuaw Al r t Loatitsileh, with its cadlt, roads al at dtdi*tance,fran phlace to . eeo, along the tage ll telleatt boat routea, by II. s: ilesIItC, MITCHEL'S MAP ta OTF T£ UeITnc. 9TAT re eltwitilg n le ricipr l 'Ltnlpike and .culnm reltas, oa rwhicl are ;ton Ite etantesee ini miles freo llllu ti.nle t aneother, tile the co.tises of the canals antid mroll tdad throlgh i'tt the coultrle, carefully colllilecd frnct the best au. thoitirte.-putlteiteti llv S. AtgtteUli Mlglhlell. filltCetLoL'i TAY) aILaril Ca (';tPa lO IIaOH THI eeat stud eanl rhein te.r,& jt .itu sie a foa to'raic L_ 1C 3-j:~rWrl~ h noaewm mci taken down hv miicairsotratmend >jl~iilionul~oiae: r·ile. rsIit~ ioa. I.#. hd| i~ mtfloeeeya%., acs.tmelih'imthtla', riot 00,0e0$ simtdetsmmfm'tm, tog firoo.aa .ltd limlatio, oillo the uomnoi6 o1mm til ly rlnme tat ro r, : ollmimt.itmain;atihet . elire ,niseoi- t I Imeomlol iotlmtjo.tlmma .(m kite kilhotys, soiIl lel(.llmioildi-tS t-ooyfanied hby aerpiit'atloM of the eemeloit'ml Solo. It ma nlg'Imvly eioaoeiots Iii nootioN% thse' onntitmlmion li -havsll~eeho b lh o twn I)nllel]ialn ll*ltm jo THmEilteUBireiLmt . ha ettral it it 'mmoit.tlrnlttowhltthone liucl ma whiehio'ta'fnm iomtrwilttes ad Jetthe oilnnd;, rtitotmtitltl of'thw hatnarO, of Omtmote w et.. , trme t okhhl. o' " 'er P r e Saton f fthe altoe yctmlaihtotnloimsio r e . aie tel tr- i Sllio n acitenn opplieatitn whilh thoieoMactaee a of twhe ' ra will litathrba for ar monel entrely orPmterlckanr i to remoeetohetnet. the iNDIANt h rAhACEA wil t Sgenerlly lmetn nd hl mtfi.el. t . i To THE PUBUIC. .. . How trueI it, that modtIe Plyiem iant ,in ttle t som kitia to ueide in their profoalon eiolore the wmn ileiadi te ofwcinc hem wthean nlt i sem dia in Sooflmiene i the asil nfohemidtry, ana took Mit new rim o tfail Iheollu: insmet, to arrive at peirhfecin on1 the SPraetio iry M ee of art alne.-.-ntirely vemlook atd aeKl*.t,~ ~ aseelsth limi ttll er, tilerteh anu rliententi I sterelmis elnm.lii e'.whiththe Almightly t:rs edmentctto siitlg tgattaletm e earth ilewir'elit"el r r Atltolw imIMmet j mor trne ilt hat whilethe nte eriMa Plhwiealm inlns of to dtmo1trier ir olmtv of hli oloit e.nllltlmm nal . ne"Oty attiearl peorltetrtaltv chnagintg a they ore a r tt liollteta offihrei orfntllr, he is akmrtlamtmit lit tsm id owtt omaolmrs witham emdlt.ptefualto of nlolici tIbmitto, . tiniom to laternoy ilodihtin t itditeate or to elltr of e i artey diater; atve the is ignl.rant of their vlr tot, otlol thIey a ai tilmeito 'whaattheich t i llg ml tWhe to leneti air.' Te 'lahll'euts nf egetahble medioinelnkpnn the syntem a~m k tem inory--thle n ineramms laling. 'IThe Iormlel en elvr thLeiru thcl atd pal iff--the atter, oloemrv in tor ' tielrm a nrt emidcely il.nn the tnlidos, tledOetlhooimgi at tile hltiS allt ant I rmillilg ttre emltlttltian bhyatual wl tancd dewt h.odrn. . iinmt etrei th -rpitro TeIdn' T 'he emalgiriality, efoirieoy aiol SAE o''I'V nfhemmetm tile hottlier aoer mil1nelta mit lie etimatedl Iori o mntmte itmtttamtiou xrettt tonetest ithttearoatimtttsmmu, t'rntcmgith "t tone imltntlimtemv itm.etr talio ii thlrmrs'nteal, th hm1i. Ot IpaOtice wi oethhtothe whitel . Illot, int AletliEo, it h nat kM k.tonotwo.enrl a of s.iltcl hihMta'x.n.'heti d O e ilme tl·mli, mt)ttmlemmelietmvn aelmm hliotltyoh tmmltmmot liher sitt ltt tIremle o me Ies a lcoaettll tile einst ropiml andla lmlin i m ie c ll'aes, 'th(t tlte 'latrira ett*liei a mf thie m cMcr g ltice r lt.itotr l ilt to e n mos tilf tll Iiolammmet. hrn ptiedot Aml wht o lt ot o elut.s cmint at Imee it ottell"cittn tty tliteanemmlatmt thie olatot tmm htila..ia l i'd Otlhromlle Iiemtt enaomg thetat N Vho llm ,oel Ile:tr( me l ottll liItti itti a momilmtitatioli ttmhrk e Immml e timmrmd hty' ..illIRlt-alrllell .A:.I aR a dOlllht e~it ttleR this huMlW e. r elllmltimi tin the mspge from moo oftht ills wthirlm tile lcmhmelellallmatImIeirto, is ehiehivrowillog to otore gm'tin extellml iafenuse whihLa hh elu nuuln emhdis entonii... ille lij l ohe ill msueedl an pis ir te eplilation it tIle et itiltlte amiertelmtv of thf te iellmIIe amit afe nCat. of r Ir itiEh (d ialimms oLateLt fmr thetehetelf haf tirlilt tmem, i, ener lme whall the lomit' le tart of tmtmtin tave ie IF velltel. - From a nlleg reitlemee omoltg te ietionl orithlme rigia-. t nlihletitaesmomle tlireomo telry anttila ll tmtitmmte oemllmllm. Slalleenitthi the ontthells a eof eotlate ofmr tlilnlo Senimoast'UIl emotitiomnm.t the |mmlmieetm o i l'tile miiaul'a aO Iumcent,'ae l otlme a kllOrnlelute ont lm of thie most i' lmn1'l l Io'tfnroitee rtemieo. lI'lnothtseonae Ielretel d atelt aW- attmeoatt' eoeimoiuslmll titn o i.inotes, oltl Iflmri 0 valmicna m eXllt rltlm llts a , tt ert thitir ltmillCiltlmlt1 cta l reettgmlm, Sitaelacn lmbinell the in tile tIinu helt a lb l .ntemt, its nie Ito molt tmt"et ea tmilleelmecial Ilrm the mlmlrolme lit, wllmo it th hiis tot:tlenlanstimlmimmeie. lr Thlie mlltiemor elarslilts lrelarmio to thlt mmg i , wilmi tmle imlmielmititat mia th ~ith it l it oltimwiiolilh. 'to n it lmbiuous dea sesll/ notihlrevi smailie, al" h is haflii, 171 low usedi'tsh wnlderl ouccsilt as nri an hli aell hle nt a lo l ill ller, se who nrlainls e Ioel toic .pllllat ll·lhle.he t ilt h hof will loliaomf ilmlc tllle roh rlle a ,tht t .lie m ill, almtl im ma1 ,aacm, time enly emaflltse helmilltem er mt iimF fee, M mill.S aw ICr tOtileg malon l t eM a e re mto dIeatltl llr Iin.l. t ITci, . 'Tilloiso meloltictll s a m.emlmo n ih n leml, timtlamt ofIn air iehall hoe uei uotly gooi with mouimv othef's imoo mod ill is l thotasee hlmlo Ioempbl eOf sot iog lifit inlltmooi eIIntei c aseswhi i ao I Ihe lllau: lI tr eieolu lll. 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L.ili lot. ihue, tli altlllootiiltl lle Ih I lleh I ll l deIIlI thim m e The mImg'mm'mmlmlm' I mllmw time o'it, l lit Illlrl . sil.liial mi m tl iititmh to1 ih Ilrtlm lele-, ii ii Omi mimma o Iiom 1 . lll imi Io lme m tlli eltimlmlmimi e ltmmm ht'mit'mi mmmcmr C.ASES I III t I .U.I.\T'tS\I. 003 I~mmcogmlmrtatoiot Co OLmmaa No'lV. IS., lOS.I+ ivt'"lVl ili i citoes ito 'immug.laitlnliremm'A , mmii a~ ore)'ilouioiio homl wteettim.I ntommmmtomtmu~ itoomtettmti hit ciltmmeo',~t,. eolhhidaclmilc t ommalhlkcuy t'ea leimiiimulc e alh .imhimtlmilai'i"t;mtml eomt. mttilamo'tmmo :JOllN IIRGUSOIN, Kilgsit. C.e.OOT~IY, Macheld 7. ll,.. I was u'zedl il utll IIIve iri :tw'a Since, withll atisi tllli ltpn cl m atl i nll , tl illl il l i' I tki1 iI severe col, whil e llllt tleit1hel cent m e" ntl(' , sid which halts lld ttisied r romn husines nearkl ever since. viurno Isis period llrte inu b laltim.r.e llosi gllst l ulc tr id mst nevL j11o hl11%n1d ilh little li tl I, the lf hil.) ! i i. llll" ras,. I lti et lle r o t U, li ltlll Imi Ive s te l.,. o icllI i i s, I tistit onnced ttee of tuettteely Fnumble. Ase.I Imolillr igl u lthil wmllilh I ll ti eow fl'e m a IetI b Nw I etu to i Nw , Sell t , anl. This mt +tentiat tlht t i the fill (i l 1t123, t wIt s sittez withtsie swellu ly llgerii dtt, face Whi leidii5 rofthl tileirl . I h ow.eI was ta~tesides t tr'i Bt, te Inltl Pl .lit.t 'li 0 it i r tnlllyl l sC i as ell as Ilati.isCl, io ll Iltll i l, ls w s il'ceeOritUr to ltl itt I lyni .iue be i. la . . Ilsp. d rietell ieil lle, hic htell Iat no llc oim t l ilel II Inet Iltetinisedto e mlrltst ilt NiWl ptrk, il .it, iIaII g, eat ma'nlie.tI bft fit. lin this ense liwe bo ly it sillila to It w ianae t. was tere. i lr. it, a l lst r. l iilt itt tiiu b rsltlf y lt otlil. t llltl ad up tlolis Sew 6i'leluhs, the ueamheihile l steid I t . l +'t l1 MAlGAlwell i'llA oth , l alt ilratile sO eer silce. I nke this tteNtN Aln wihl it mldisht, |o i thIe Cro ifit orll who l s Lt'lerig utler simir NRW ORLEANS tl NASIIVILLE R LIL. tWAD wl the llltae by roit hlrltIh suotleed i.ritdi ilillg la. ilrl tliheth wing pay M.s on the Ihe iIIIt l IA lce -ll tIAII KT0N .)l u I, t .le, i ill. iof Whis atlnicts , llriedlres wiF the siai uolerlrs thelorine ferillitllr .vlone lio l whh itit tilfiihtttitl lulmtill aid elceNlsve trli tit tIhe leg lut hlle h inlll oiil. clutti fene telftlje thtiee3 dot Jttryt nett the Iheslith hit emienlt hflittilari ettctwit hhre tei liltr tn il u withe util iIlne aelinlt Inefit.ln Intl thi ile liver bottle on thlitl mldelitt atllJ.t illct lle.oi it Ie . l+For lille by IIKNliY I tetNNAtyEI,dtittgist, jt..e io iewtli rlll ietnrlto",toftlieltnidlts terrcl 1e tii d Iiti hatl bi y ya resoilutln of h tiri li d olad ' oe ire.d tionl pasld on thlle 19lth19ll btins, hellclluledll o hilt h Oil t ie l' ltt F ra n ,t firtyhlll el fii i tye " lfive, iollart a shiore, was rescinded, iand the said soir ckhoulders are furtluer. iuliled thiftttofllyi elllo Ws t ieioAi, by a o efslution lof tii, board pfsled th n thet int o. caull iot llbeenii litl on ilte Stockholueri on of lteow alt'eyli aind Nasihlville heail tlload CUitjloiy hr tihe t a't.wtiltw it teetu bit ty the stcketi thii thletc ileh tiluslbm tillote-two toiittr thie ere, tmyuo SleI he tllrastday of t ep lemtert tllo lit tdw ,l,itr plery, lhre puvilt slln thi irst day of Iecemlber next;d Imd to dtllarer ,ltlre to po ble o the y iest 00 ly oi llaelrch itu. .tol athbetdltbri be. it reslvsd, thiti thle Seretryl Ef bi ltti , ol r tils l llntift the shore linhle rs l rein tles pie li, , lielllc fi irsa nhe cidye that in let ofelrp. with the 'ixttlo eclinO i of the chart-r, ntler ate pernaitl.v tettlluoroy.or laie.y1r5utett utoyd etlfr thei asatli ier the of sid oh!tricl itit tilde litavblo with thie texits itout dilus. 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I. ). 61.8, fir n iionitien .r.tttlter; lielaent in eollnirnlllty to n ct of the. eaiolaltre of thFe t ite of loulliana, el:i lad"An net for the ftrther aeul. rance o titles to iellrhasero at judicilooaloles;" appo.d the 10lth da, ot MatrIh, 18.t4. N()tW, emtftrt, knltow vy. and all teruotns interestedl Iherein, re ihereivtly ited lid admooishsd ia thle iiame .f the Stante of l:eilsian, and of the Iarish t curt, who enn set tip an sichlt, title or ctluin in and to tllh polrt3 lOtelr aflrrdcrdoiiled in onseutqunl el annn inlimlirolhtv in Ihe ..nlor.dtcreP or iud.ePllat of Ihu t urti inder h Inch the :ale wa leoads, itr sIy irreguiarity tr illtgality in the lpprhisree.tse ad ndverrtienlenrte, sit tioe. or maitter oftale, or for ony otherr tfeet whtteo evertlohow causoe witlhn'lhirhl'lays from theday tits monition is first inserted in ihe putlie papers, wly the sole so smaide should not be eolfllrmad aid home lagoted. i"I'le taid prrpet was enild by te Sheriff or the tper ish iforesaid on the 14th day of Arill A. D. I8, by virte of tdecree of thi 'ts0rt, rendered on thle hth b'dy of Ftelmnry, A. 1). ItB, in a suit entitlhd Alexander Catlwell vs. James Htnes, No I0 367 of tlhe Itiket of this Cioll, t,at which .ale the sal Jametties Hanse became the prehaiser for the pliee of twenty one thousand ollor,,lll Descriptioti of Property as given in the Judicial Con Aey n'oe, viz: A ceranin lot itof crod eitalnted in the suburb An nunei ritn idins Laenourse of this sqnnre %o i5, and I;at lin.lg h rench menan e, s60 fe:t front n l'ehou p toalur trert.:,ftll ft It'rnn- ln ,rlitgeree t-eel, lt I Ill fet on I u. otsdelt dit aote Ii tine ill stleh a manit rt ttin siil I't o arero,,d is 61 feet wilde ftotm t e side of thie -. are to the -titer, together wit:, a dwelling Ihoitie front Ifi alt 'I'ehonpitolilan test e, the k tc'ion all dIt pendltenci, nilo the diosille y ' nrtse erectedl tlhreon and other buildings Itn i llpl.. e ltents, the malner-h , utehmils, itnple, eon's and fixtln e beltonging ti iaid d.+tillery, its depedetnciee and npputtrenantce.. and tie riglhts,nctons,and privileges thereto, elong-ing or in anv i viste uppert ,iniir. C erl"' a(til:e, New Orrleno, May 7. 1838. nl4,24d.j I J. oI1.E. !telntveOl'rk . p1or tn artl rae ll lt In N.t l Nlell Ole:,ts. r 'l;'JA' 1)E 1.t I.O)UlSL.iANE.-A looa rmlx q 1a .ra e ia lprwasntes enm,.er'lali, Saul : Attenelh qtyi .hlaos alia.ite s. ta Iihti A uilne vei-t faite Imar le SIert I le in paroaise fl'( )lfeans la iprop ibrt ei.aprs deittiate, 'eas tlllc'r.s a.1 GreOft. Idecee I:mNIl MIII at Ie velie f(ill u selregiuLsi e It 8eme jtir' de Ml d e 'anlllee 1838, pour Io vis .olllllrmeueim A n Ia alie Is Leginsltatlie e I'aI de Io Louisaline. intlllittll " Acrt pour confiormer les tiles ldea lllaerllla alx veliter judictinres;" ullpprOtv le III loa-. 18i4. Q.lilt soilimetoti, et tint'es Iperoulnea 'lutif1. ee.sonti par es ,re.lte-s aomSanaIu nIIom de 1' tat dlie I Imtiaille it lie Ia Cour lie Partis,., jll i lIRalltoemie n-il' lmirmt i& Im titrtimle eil-tlA ti pinen a'-or strallit AIne slt lpiefe dirmaes t lie , l en t lla lll--le oiil il l IIft tlet a i fd e tllte da ii Ilule, Nle 1,e3· oil le jllgelll l t de ls elloalr1 v lall dmqual Ina Vrlie a iee timit. Ou lie rumte im-rglteriiie .afl illhlrlite .lsn I'esaimnlietioi,l'mtsii Is temps at le rn thle ie in Veaoe, Oit onltr ola, m ltllr!o eii laeqillt.ltaipa; dit Itire vilt, d ais ilaltjiiii a ts te, i t-s pinldi n r-otr de irul I aeL, I t~lllrllli aIn elle ilmli ittLe ie enrait tm ollnlnmfitn-t I.a tijlimptiel flit vendee par le aerirm'tladit, le aq a tozignie aie.l d'lavril do t'aete 1838e en v.rtu dnt ltelot die 0eere eTllr It 5 de f.trie r de Ianllon e 18:38, di, l 'otrlierre dt'.lelnmder Culdwell, 'tliatr. James hlulve, No 1(,347 dll Itoketi de relto Cour, A I Iqelell I enl c Ie ibt aJlanmex letne est relodu aeqllereur pour la prix de $il,808n. I)sariliuti elie Proliei d'mlteeo s letiim leroudieiaret ha Savoi,.. Ilncerteaihl a lie ter itul. ll re. aoblorgt de '4nnon ihlaor .alie I.aourPa, de rette ville, dam.s I'-let .% 5. lelit lota de tire avnllt [tellre fr Ilgainj loinxna t I led difLe a ilta Iule ''cllouoitnuoa Iloiaseet tiielI, sit- ifae lan rue dieo renner, t soixualte pii'da 'e fate A lht fneadede na rue dtl illrchCde .urm. qtt It dlil IoI ie ,oll·e ar olxnnoe piedi dC ar.ner d'oi Iaot( d," lilet iA 'alitre en-etable uuirlceniellll is 'ean Iat .e , iI rua n'lllitoul ti o eliieinte et s.ea dh pendaner'i qpe In dmtil'erie oeni'lrite oer It, dit ii., et ilere' bl tie- t II a lioration.; leaI ineitlsr, uten..ce. illaini aminsa, &. nap r:moa ln Islti dietiuttrie, es di-puollil lllel, 1Iartrenoues e.t les deroit. ualioas t privl ifgea l app It iunlt. li airlla ll'li gmeaier, Nontle Orlsl ... Ie7 tai, 1838. i1ij4 2"u&j3 J. OI.LIE; IiItherertit:er Royal College of Phylicuma, t ormstito. IIti ioml*ilnml Vegetolle Ilge.mnl UnivetYal Medi cine, 1e prfe m by V lhskiho, Fai. Meumie ,tI' o IIa, NIe CotIeg,. if ShOges, iLianlianti of AnltiIle ar.slg .nnomlily, 'tlowm of Ildl nourlt So:iey, Sterioul o ilte ltoalt Uion I'eisioll Anscijtijon,t Laoiiatemtr 'liere. \\ riniidg~ce, :iiPl iatenletual Pupil of Guy' liii SI. iriiilns'a lllositilals, Ladlon. Thil vltlailhle miilioiihle, ile resllt of tiellt mnarol' siacftiiswl:e Thteh i ll nuelllr U ill lhe etclalve amt hihi;;hls re~leble Irautiee of ile prlopriety, Jalln lyall e r I hei. l ilete d' nlI (l lutiltiln, sold is flow inllOIneIIC the ll ti mofu l1 ' il m aetie ll ii lliic, at ti e elari'ii est aso - li-ihldion " ia f illmlher O'aledll elneof oIg imail hight talldtlgli tir il: ,rofessiOm Ii is henodii sL a eilelii tmt. se.ell . i ch ek e e alis slial dr tinal l hllyelrlnlC :li.lS.ilng ro nt i s, A i le olf lthe l ll L I r allll. n llld nulelelroi I.thrnIIs hoislteI ona lth pmhlie bi th. e lid of l'ntlamsie.l norIs toflut lo cum and ii i ii f ierll inatio, Ib a iie i l Nl.tct~llll, onll i.cpl eli petenderls t, totallyh igNl. Yo Stol ;d t scencer , l ola i s i nalpnnihe thie ilO.strotilu dhsii, a a ia try allgacr go dw iatl wit le i aMligi' llPle l'tlis coulllv. tllhes pillst ill ml i aHi rIleai inl their nmuie, shmlIid be kep i eve.'y familh i. €.le t'llldell itless, fo',- I y Ia ei a lletthen. a'll-iistrti n icilrnn, -- plsl, f$'nhies ad ' atarIlarmnig 'l'l Illgl ia·l*( mllalt R Ibiia l.n illia iiit- ltll i llh+l he sin li Icmlltl't llg tlte teno olI"ne atl, l nidtH Itlmea, lln I;1.ll*, soll Ietl' ber witillo t teIin. 'ho' k,s are nIol 111 pacPk.t, at 511 seem. $1 alUI t2 eahel, !,v ery rles tPC till drubgisfr tm,,ksLll , :Ailtt verhhr'', ;ledcirue ill iIo I I nlull t-in tes I I Iliie alad witlls, o fli co tiou dtlett.a s, talwl.rP ih eslllellOlin ults of r1(l'es)lllad obilils' fromui lclt llh. i iie e ti l i giiim ei nelt Sii A itlV (to per te Jn i. rlol 'Key A. Iimpl, om. It , r ltd in Ne.lork, I r tiI. I T a t, lgi ulllt IIrms t b seen tlu, iti. illtof it -tIarl A.le, . yma tlile q.ent eite of imieord into ihlis 'll'm, sAtlildlto who .ii l aifliatolltlictml juligel· h. joale (aireat;do rail foar 1eit Uitid wSlthlrnj he I ialer ktll ant i l lt of e a iIiail Pruat ito l !:al k i. l l8i ii it i, 1 'ises msuNm o II I .al so a ire, f.: Kuns.. Ahlden. t for St~tcllod IMor;alio laing tw SI':) Ill' It LE at' oo Xk iJU auggtTilr aimreeilotll 'nslin oni i: 1 h11' 11s, aal sl i , tm l o. s iomlalt I,. ,k , Eaillhlll lark i llIllr late lni'. I mL-ia 1 11tu t I t :kIi neir.. n oeill r . lla lt, i nie ani, leale asti.lO llllm ut ilnesiIlL ha of glll, iI o le e qulln aifIed Mo ccl rlllleo s *Ia no ii'o nud b e bol aS t ,,a .s ra l w .leg ed a i m tll s o v·ni;n' llll lltllhs; mel'lilln. wlla slal lltsd SIw""e.l, -Ir. idlmlnllS :Iiiibrob;LK I btt'klkS sal;*i.hoes, bi.iis an,. 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Ce i cmli riemcc W l mm immiccgZ. u I\II . i II Nole I)ecedsof iWmlleitLl in vols. m 'l 'e Yoiii g ei ilac 't Ilook, a imaniul * moril reli im, mut releid. ci fl ' itiesa.e . ~n, o. I , U c. ,3. i'KE.i mlI SV E & t Cil.FFIR'S' Crpui l",ull E triact t Sarsaprilt., for the itro oretOiatet ptionl of the skin; piIplou or pustut-. of the , ; oileas wll i h artlo Irorl alln otIptiure i t Ito of file , fd; siotlv er lolions; pI IlIn i botllo.; chrnlle houtllntlu; to t r; scrofula, or kuitg'a evil; whit a lolilp; yplthililo dlsol;rro, ad all dotlrders iriilig Ilotroal i p ,lllll state Ilo th b ,odl, h)f i Iotg restidec ill ii Iho clllte, or tile inljdicious oleo mlleremly. Alt'--Cavl & Scht ffr'o Worm Syr p, or I1. Ciant Pretorvativt: t bt pri p.fration Iow extefiIt. Amoiog whielh re f tf illow ig:-luditn Ifye, for iel ro,:r theu to1; liar's O I; NieiILIlman fIliah GrillO ; Poutall; ittisw o Fr, to W.V h: ltts periur Purl Po.wter; Lily WVitut; C(retao of Irto .; Veretaltlr ; Ort. of R1.o ; Ltp S lV ; hte. unite Troth Vitsi,; C.-rtuoli t)ooltrtir:e; Orange Flrior WVser ; Pwdlr P.tflTh a BIx ; Aw,:r. cri Chlscoal, tn o ly p sll p in tlour Ceo viab; P eotou t.Stei; C tg .ie; Kreaosie footll.oneh Drope; tllir ,riftishe· ; Eorglai . ro .ig ('o l e. II ait Il air 0 ;-wlth A vulis.y of cthir Pert. - moerle, &c Fr shillt by L % GLEN.N'S PERFU\I IIES. J C I'IIN( AKD, Coroner of C.illl ad oturbonl street I )II.FK P0 I.\I', Utiei,, Sign, soii Otfrlfiihttl i fPilltlers No 3 Cul sllele, two doors irow Caniltl stasese Iitatiions of 'le tfolowing woods and murbleses cautePI is a mlsttr!) mlalllr. VIooill M toUILa. i.1 pdity, Eg)ptitl Ihl:ik ulad gold, I)Ok, (:ilef RoI Aoliio, I'lllnt io, Oriental or verd aitlille, Culrled ,lo .lasletr, Cultalf Maple. ftlital Oione, Iitrs lhe .o, Ih llb) (.;iltlite,. Satilt foi., Potolomac, Hair Woolf, )otw olr ilrdeto, Yew Trree, flulil While. (noemOitldle or Black Sta i:tllt aInl lmetrtlla, -ilioor Wiood, Aorit . otrity, Asfh tf% ite Oak, t..k . o. Un.lle KEln, S"lifeinlsa to fie seen at the shotpt Painlts. ,ilf glass, oall arlnlilh,. ke. onl Lhlao it !or sale, I atf:, 'I'tEI.& IIEAVY (MIlDS--iat, ltiuin IoIafd hondle iron, well ao lttad. itom, rsid aied rod ifoi, ltaiil rodekiffd plffh t moulils Cast, C(rmnii, slfeor, blilterad, lspring, silelrt auit oltlow wtlr, cut alid wrought fnils and spikes Zillm, block ilt, inmill oulfgrilnd stone, salt kettles Chaoi siLlte, aotclfori, hoot th, Ieg ai iI til- t Imiels, corn mills Alitills, iees,h Iilanlirao tlnd bellows Vire, slhtrt,ig id hiota leadl; ishot Coat, ftild ckaking Sieiil Als,l Itowlad'il and othler sleliles at shovels Hook anld plite hiniges, dlooir id window ihoks CIol li ll, Hunls, hliloti, litl ohble axes lii'alrd rffd 3tillf €oiilgse, lihnel siil twine I1loh ildtet illhliniiig coliptlei No.tal tlaIes Poiits, Iinirite aifd speriei oil A full laotmntll oi halilware lat shfip chlindiltry always olI lanll, dit wtioll are offered f r sale at wlitlc lle or sIila, on Ile most ilvooblelh telrms, iby m4 fI.\lY'Tl% k Coi. 53o lli .evere. U&BRROWGAT3 SPRINGS toUii*rgrtoerY (lllillfifv idu.leotola. 2'HIREE DA YH JOURNEY FROI NE IV ORLEANS. '''HE proplriet.r of thits estatlihineat ham the plea. ustre i atiuounio to fi fis iilse nIo, thle rpublc in gelelil, t it ie will tte readile.a by the frot day of .ilay to receive viicers. Ile will also state for I tle s. selit of thoe at a di-tltu'e, ithat there hlave been large itlprlowiemrnts irlodo, olid llthers nLow gotig ol and ill rapid tlrlerle for omlrutrlelioiil ihich will elmble tie utiscr hr to atcimmodtll te lltl much larger lllnumber than hrrllfelle, and at tihe samll time muchi better. " Famflii can be acoltiiiliionled ilt moms. or tihlr who pirefr call hove ltrg, cabis stached frublo Ithe nmil building. It is deeimed iniiolerecsry to say anything in particfe. lar of the charaeter oi the.e wlterse,tof it is geoetlly believed that they are no inferior toi any in the South.l er Stotles. All the ao.usemenlt that are rtuniirallI fIlid at Watelrig Places, will he fiOnd at tle. 'rhe hlst lslic lthait thli iartl of th ceOUlitr affords, has leec etg.giLed, alid will be t eatOll' ll iii ateodoico t the nfsoi dfr -ttfogem wlttle 0ea0on. "I hae suhoiili I will avail hilfself of this fipplarunitv in returning his unfliigned thanks fr titi very liber. supoerlt Egil lift lalet resl)l, lanl IfIpee Itohiliexerp lione that hive lipen lade in ililltrovtir and Exteldilig Ithe c' oatiediltitlllos,to .erii a liberal pltrionge the preseit seasl. . J.t) CR bit. Tti I't; II.tDtIE . a TKIs.lN'S l', I)'.LI,'OOlY , fr. reanmoving .. .Iperfloui air fomn ihe flre i, isof li anid orto, ii i llial safetly slid ertlaily, ratring tte .kiili iiir i. d whiter then before toe apl.i'atzos. A froh supply alEMebenge Hote, e rortl t S aCroa rh d eCo.ltnoi sir f MAIL ARRANGEMENT ' Nrm" °""I r Due Every Day at I+2M. Northern Mail, li rlV at ? A. M S I)uso eerv tIthtlrv, Widro.1t ay Weelero MUnil,. Friday, Iry I,, l. W. by ray oef I Close C very e Mtnoavy, Wedneslda Coeast, 4j atalnrdavh;' 9. P. I. The la e Matil Saturdttl v Iy P . Sy.' SViii U Clo.e esery Moll ay, We I esday EXIIOESS Stll,. TIMES OF A RIIIVAI, IEI'A t'I'UILIf I)1S1' NCE &c. of the E·xpreot tiail, hntr-"r. Al to.ila aod Nets Ya k-fRooiar Atohile dull" at i P. 51. Nartlhwor New York daily at 5 P. SI Southiward. A rrives A rrioe Nl r llward. Ditanee. lie. ettr' g lotrl1u 91a. I tIo' s ]. 23 It I a - tattO. 14 81 9 1c - liilledlgrjlle. Ga. i 183 .144 4lr..a 'olnll , n.C. 71 Im. f13 1 10 Italeiro, N C. 54 21 2 1 2 fnerr taon. V· . I1 m. 5 I t SPeterstoSg, Va.. lomno. 83 18 8. m IirheotorluVa. I ait. 2 3 64t l . M· lr a * f vsnelln nd y m 9| Dc i a 67hinull% 7 i" p to. llalhdelih 4 aml, om 111 IItc SNew York p. 0 0 i. 1115 143 f. O r Sd 23 f Northward. Ctooinog Sotthtwaf,t r titea ia six laour fte ; blinlog dt yyan l 17 looe ra. 7 1Titttl.I.AIl4 REWAIID. .ANAVAYfr ofIh 169 (f:.Srotfrlet coror of tevis. 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Italtlaia the NRiefer,' Iby t au tl; r of 'etler Sial plr, c.o Cxnarcis,ag r a Winter .art ldns laiaefir iin ..,r, Stvl,. bi a ataai i ail Hlall, Koyal Navy, F. L I .'rampeldiar.a IlitlnryIa :Inly, rat sre o t led a tilra ctriylnal Italan. byl Nhli el ( rnera, in voa. fur t laing N.o 71 afi iariper-'I nily Library. Vtiu]. :1 & fart It , at"a comralelete nlrd ulliaran edition Cf Ii'.brhiaraua Ir'rint'a Il'or/.s. aRoar', Fraarlar haal irna;lihl I)iiioaarry, in I Vul, :fra . r I ll ore ao-iaeaof ComIbOaar Phrenolorgy "li llza i."l arrlll L r trtrVe 1%arr'o ranase s afn erar a it,, w ilht illlillan, illihlar Iii llaf l2 . - ral 1= I + ]-2 •I Rin' iiraoarplalowed lletUlie I'rnrjjaraaaal roerrer, we.aglto .lul reaceiaed, a iln for ralc hy _______ ___ REN.J. IlVY'. SP IN II.:VrIrI'rF"a, . A& -.c S.1PAIN RiiVII'V Ii':I, I&.,a Ir e uula a r o A year K- ial ciraira,' ir1 2 vrI. ý"lrgll li flu/.e cardharorter as ,',eierall r .pI i e to rThe Political riralmnar, of thll I nited SIrttea, r I roneGilets vie:w of the theorV aali lrrarctiCe of the ~lert nd -tlll e P(I\P Iovrnlllllll willi the, rhlations Ietw~ee tlIhem --rledlrktedl and ld el to tihe .toing uell of the Unllted ntrtne, ttby E It Lanf refie, Earlp c tad tiL'afri 1 piri-iplal era'k raoiderr f nland with i.aalytical cintel't., and general index of nates, rOr THe, carE or S.rafula or King's Evi, 'ihronic, Rhvutntiate, Chronric Cutaneoua I)i- 'aura ira the Nhanes, by free the blood beig nin vitiatead nonte. 'This very ollaaentrtedr Syrnp i prepanrrd wtll thie •reatarear Ilatarrlceutiiul care aialr alara.llarcva llldra o triain Ite arterie irrtaaesiat tiC SitRnatnila ia lar talglr COna E atnted dsgree, cotlhbina'd wiatit alhr e egetiablr suabstanco af know ellicne v. The great desideratomn withll pihrieiann in beina abl to exhibit a litrgae tiantity of Saalret r rilin ill a sain lnte has ierell 1,htarilled ill this rlllraeirtion-lIhvr, beinl - fully convinced of its mentrilts, cunil deurtlv adia.itrar ihe course lr itheir practice. I'ricar ll $ 1a pr bottle. Sold nlly at SWAIN SltKtrllltI( ' `lrag store, Nuo. I randal nstreet, whe" -- .I,.a ll l1 gaRelllllllCa , aiire Ili'Oin t tile a r.a rit tour, Swain'. Ptaacea and Verlnifuane, Iotter's rat.loh can, Uarpenaerr' Preplaratiosa, and a large and gentra assortllaat of fresni dru gt, al, PINNOCK'S lROall, Ac. SINNOCIK'S IMIPROVED IDiITION OF DR I Goldsmith's Abridlgment of tihe ilistare of Re,.m to which is prleixed arn Intrdurtion to the 'Stuld u Rottap Eng la, and a grat nvariety o f uval aae i for teatiah added thr athiolt a tie' rnat, on t io rlltnlera hIeatiaitaiouns a id Autloritien of tile IllOamttn; with ou Ietrals bilgraphieal a.d ni.strical Natea; and oines tioa. afr exrllalatUian at tile Arad oI cahra drtian. Ii lustrst ewith thirty eltea'ia Pgeh rillin arIoI, by Attlartor aln.cOce Impoitemcd Edlitionl of lie Goldalitlla'a i Ilstotry ofEnglaf nd, froml the laaniun of J ulist Csrear to thl death of George d, with a riuro t iat'ioilr to the yea I IL2. With qustionas fir exall atiu at tire end to i ach Iection. Balesi. a eriarty of valuable ilfurlma inn added throuaghot, tile work. Consiating of table of conemaparai.. Savereigar anid elnillllnt persun. u toplo i explaatory noter.. Renarka or n thle pali .ta Ianlmaere and lileratrer of tile age. Arl oartliaer l Caulatitula, ;h. ACiC. llatlratmed by lmanly allgr Giya' Ef;Atcr il oa AnrttonnMY, and aan Ararigmsen .diei(h'a New lTretiaua n the UCae of (Glnbe.' No,' twrinar edittiinwirth alldious alnd imalronemntr ·Uaar aIapaiaaUII U of the 4oatrolalo.ical 1art af thea A-n that ree vet] atd for sale b' Wl M'KEAN n-ar4 - coreran Camlp aldl Umnoann snt. I1ARptI'R'S CLASSIC.\L 1.llILARllY. I ACE,lraualatad by Pllili, Francis, I) D, with air- appi dled, onlltiniig tralrdtrlan of varioul adn&.. by Blen Joanna, CUnwiy, aliiraa, Deatin P ad[irtnyn, winSll Cltattero; , a Vako:ieid, trnire Iary , . i anl t ome ab ate r s araitiereit po.ta of ta lI't..Sijj( with the appeindix a|i Judius trantle tbatlhrhtauper S.aart i t rain I'orhl..u" vulneal.i _fax. 8ll2a4 u of iau'.ialt'r.Y CU.INK!L, hi ail¶,llat, Al9, with a aluair i thire A iltlir, by 'Tlira sare., IB.q., slew edaitiou, wiltt i!l attrataau3, by le iliii.Sp.j'l aTable, by the iattth-ar of "Rin:lnIeU Jtary rl 4 igundy; An, train arial ruts ene wapt IA'UL ;I.IFFioiu; by the au er oa, '"Phit 'llt )ifa at I,'t .l ,Ora'ill t lrea:t1 ra it ta a n at a nne t'. g'e t arrr Einn,.. pruintie CK- 'Na UOCC nsi N a~ 114 kV

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