Newspaper of True American, January 7, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated January 7, 1839 Page 4
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N td OtPt in I Ntt.r ~ r It ruhrP~ana~ntiRlrtl y t~i~rroI hc o C tteni Ijn romrlnr1 AN~~l~B~iD tatY.InrlCAC.. anti iItpnnuntorp Ttk 1339 rtbn4 so an tl.~itl t~atnatr Laodtinb c~d A-l anatc lhn 1812' JO f Attittottaet~l, tantdt 2IJ. ib *I :- rc~dtitetn4 3 vaIn, L~ondo~n ~ on k bn'(anetaan.'kp, OtaLNCantn d~do. £~~~~asn : ecr'a uittni Framn.t tr C , rttnttntit, ~I~roa lo~artl Nat (itianam.hJr, Eatilr a~nde 1~. diatlnr. nlarra Tnn i Al. - arnin aanrint thre nrinrnd, lteta iL 'arnt cnr. Ihn lht finjil aallltnn.ov. . sn andani T~lrtntnChtlnnn.aatrnfe lls ttde~lvrednIdl h lll lx sian anonlde* ro * . ireI l I~a th rnatitit. SL gtael n rt permilanen apllr. tn', h iaanrti ina ba Stananh ard alet an Ire~niet no rnnrlnet ttftlmIC n-ta. flai teren hl ne Inaviap a pnr oarnel qinalita, it re unala thnpe olawn-ta r "nrl·o gth nrill *tlhnr n ·llaranantl ael~nnt lhnnnngrt viaats, tgicrrmr IndinlIduola aier tt Inrnn Ination Ta i'n tlialnn., heoarll betan topann In arll tin,:,,, a'nnat caunnafr.~ h~rc adtarer ear.nn· padt nalrllRIy aanaCntnna attinra:YmlOr the tairr naft~int annt, rennet tharan in~e·1 anl~raonrnn SiledHattcnorannollnlir naraareoce.i Iln tIaln an-rrel s( Ireqonnr, nrt lnnanttle Ignar att Tnary Rland a, fanre Lie Shssantr tna;tnnil1:aut;,a lcna 1n rtl rntata ~ eaht lat~enrd tnt, nero-nor11 adl.tlll na-im-I.(I mit an Ine nar ut.eC~aioatattn~ra 'ln lin· Ican ic kIotnec in~ Ib eac afarrelnwl n-l orrol tno that In panrlta nod ae taqnant anianit ndi < rltaehtirevnrrnt nlc:-ro tunnt l nr nlngln ttnttlnnonn 7irssjnjntjnn tiridf~ ~·tlhn m~ratln anllon llynnflerilad the ai nte. ellr lc ~lc. rrltnl d·li 1 Sannltwaatarednn tan. anni an.lmnll la ttt ared, li nina Philantelphint panan. 'I.h' not hat aim, na Sn~toa etta .I pnttrlcaan. tn tin. al) I IdAO to &A\ltl tS maci lnannlnIttni't Asneraspresi :and Lseesiasia.a itrai S e-.,v,.r ,o. r,c .RS. MARY KIRKLtLR ND respeetfully an. torlces to her frielnds and tile pnblic gne.l ally that slih ie prepl Ic ado accolnntedtr tillr- at e. e above rst;atlilhtcllt, ned ihoties fr ltj her .-.rnrtipgn to rendir visitors conmfert nht, to r,.ceive a eontrinnnie+ of fhreor Grtorn. She t.ns co.Ri. dent that perions visiting Clevi-iletin drirt g the etmmer month., cannot rind hbttrr ;eccnnlllcrd. tioms than cile can bfford there, on nore hlberal ter. flet. hosoe ir: pl'saontly situated, and well rnpplicd with every convenienc.; the bar is fi'uriMheld with tile mo-t choicee liqlors, &e. in short, she proireiee "'tt ntling shall b: w;n ,ti .g Iler part to give •tire sa.iebrytion to ai lt, w r try rrtroizu Itoh .tinissipti and Lotlisiana tlntel. jr3 studied ulnder Dr. Sct midt of Charlest orn; Socuth Carolina, alrid for cort e years hIli aesiotannt in tie practice of rmedictloe nd aurorly, ras tie honr to offer his professional e'rvir:es in this city. He assures the ladies and gentlemen that the nost prompt attention will be to the calls which may be made; and also ofrerssIis services to the holders ofa'lavoe, being vell nequainted rowith the diseases cannon to to hem, rhaving attenlded tllcle in tihe sgaer rhouser in ChIrhestln. The fanrous anti bilious pillu e Iter thie oelpnri.ion * Prefsseor Snttllette. with direerlons, can bo ihadn "f the undersigned. The eflIct which they Inove produced irl this and otheir cities, has been atterrded with the greatest success, to which tile hest of references call be given. Aipply at No. I(iG Magn. aine street. JNO. M'LORING. IOULLAV UWAI iE, O-D~CI1-,' SAD IRONS, &e. TIIE HIOWRLL WORKS COMPANY, ieo. 238 Water, near Beekmlan street, Nrrw York, have received the last cea.on, anld are constluntly receiving large and extelnsive additions to the re!ek of Ule above goods, which now conlsiss of tlhe allowing assortment, suitable for the southern slid western markets. Sollow ware of superior quality, consisting of habout 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 22 dillherotl size., from 2:9 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallonlls, Kettles, 15 lizr.s, 'fror 3:8 to 18 gallons, Dakepalns or Ovens, 7 dftlrrrentsizer, Tea Ketttle, 6 dos Skillett, . . 5 do Flat splders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles. . . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 de Wagon boxes from 11 4 to 4 34 inches, Cert do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screw , 20,000 gross, iron anrl brars, fromn :t inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inchl, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and less thalln Jtaie's imported priaes. Sad Irons, assorted, itn casks el about 500 Ibs for retailing. Tailor's and hattor'a Irons, assorterd. Sasllweiglrts, 100 tois, asso, ted froat 1 4.4 to Bells for PIrntatios', steamboats, c!utchees, &,e made to lrder. Also atoeanbeats and otler machinery made tor order. Tihe a! nev asrortment of goods is particularly reneomenld,.d to the attention olf Southiern alnd Wcsternl merchants, and are otrhred Itrr sale at low prices, and upon the most Ilelarl t'rmra ;it it be. lieved to be the largesrt nld best assortml nto ever effered for sar try lay a" o:U ctabl!ishmel nt in tile United States. Merchants, by Iorw ardiln a request by mrail, can have a prin,'rd circular, wlthl descriptiion lt 'gods, pries allrd tormsr, frrOnl whinh no deviation is over made, furnishedll Iy rturnl of All orders will teocive inlrnediete attetoion. New York, 1838. r13 NO MTEROURY 1fe (a -reav are Ne0w t)rl tha ito, , v. I, i 18.7. iBL toeT rix molth' ago I hr: tihe iit~lnne ttI gel a s*cret dine.s,,, fiore. hiclh I Ihave ni lliedl to seve all tile abohe date I put mstyself ln,her th' cotle olf+ I ultt,, ulaet, ad i oI llect hiis tI , cure ,et. hSiut tIlntI time the disease grt worse, soi as t, break out in large ulcers to the numher of sis or eigllt rln ea h leg, a, t all oer my face, at I sore thront, antd ot able to work ehart proeeut time oei nerront of the disease; large lreer on ithe rigllt ilerl f tile throt. I ta tI r pantrlilr ; rrllysel .nefi'leltil rrlld tlre a, . l)r , II .er f iori.t, to be ewrile.ldy cred JOH1N DEAN. f(sll ly I DO CIERTIFY tie the atih e anoenrl;led dissent is e jquite well ecured in ny own satiatf.ctlin, for whirh t thak IDr. IHuer; nitd tmoreover I uss'ers that thtr rlredi. il se Il have tasen elekes ine at, endrd rd rOt injllre rty altehis aall Itherrelre I edvise ls f Ilhw autlerers In InleOholinelle a alirly to )r A. Ileut, 121 Catsal 5tm1ct, between l)arphyin-" olrlrllrr l rtlo ocin;es. Ir 1uet is ats horme from 9 o'luek, A Mr, rttil I P Si. rthey will find a trele otor r th'1 eomplaia. JOHIN DIEAN, Il Geecier street. If any one wants to see uee, call at N. 0it tIraie, -IOIIN DhEr N. New Orleans. Feb I, 1138. feb 14 J y ~1i..-eieniTee Indian Ilnlenl of .ivert and I tiv -,n rdlie J. hnud, is put oii in butheo at rti, low Iprie ,fl hr: eante eatc, costairirag tile stren el of thrcee o , ivelewort, heat les tihe virtlles of meta other rorear irrnll Sherbs knlowns amlnAg he lndit.ns as rtica:ious in curle S pulmonary etmrintst. Ti ou rivalledl snuene which 'bes ntrterndt the .te -lt ' ts tieatain l osnahle lrll wilheever it has Ien ionto daued. has olltained the couridaeleo and recomneerdn ilons of reapeetable physicians, fir Ihe clre rof erngnr. eelda pain m the side, want of ret, spitting or blood. liver oemslaint, &,r. To wham it nlay concern. Thleis i to certi'e that wr have in our procete frequenltly ltrescribed Ars (etrit mer's Indian Ialewm of l.iverwert a 8 llrnrrrhrnd,wilth ad dcidcd goer effect: we can therethre, from the know. led e of the mlaterial it is nmde fromt. nd Lcbeem airon Itae xpo.gace, roeeessirlran it a elloperir prn-'aralirr, twill tiha aafllotiuaas of lhe luase ftr whrich it is re 0Owenaded. AL.BFRKI' WI'.LIAMS 1I). D. CALVIN ELLIS l. I). Members of the Boston Medical Association: EIWe. Oetobsr 25. iaaoby IARVIti & ANDREWS, tab 19 t.en son and arae sitsulas Iet S f 'D Ve le Hair 011Oil, for the re*storation a IItt fHaioir.iiviueheltha ldbeaul),eod e-A-air . ls l wep owtafed to the public, it had rie-Nt i huidtsd cfaes of baldness, thirsere, anr d' 'fet hair, and i~ every iuatance irs seluary b1os$ heen realaaud. It heasneer failed toprtduee ead lsfriful growth of hail" oa heeds nlread, S 'assese it bheenines dry and cesaes to rret very soon ridser it halthy, and ,rolrdce S ed ih.utiful grothl of hair. without the ieaes S ti~sve the head. 'rl.s Oil gives ar, a.eerrhei frt U. .t and is prfrhle tie airy ithier Id in oil for iere 'so , a" jW;bi'ling and lt.-sinlt dle haire. lhe it At -t-+ ae ae dasJsL-r,.-e" i' Fosr aaia at no r D'L&A'.GV. n:"i~' ,+ d , s ,,, hrlla,, I,.le iiicl ie |.MON HAIARTT & CO, are now reeivninirm't ont'booa d s hip OrlT ns, F& ale, Iliihlander, iOker totry Andrew, Fenclh hadl Gorlnno ply nards; Back Bam an Boardi; Chleenen, 1-4 ni 2 -Ritt leh fil tnt Balls; I, 9. tf an 1-2 inch ilnde Bmvie Knives: Leather and other travelliina Dreassin Cares; Belt, Prieker, laoreemn's, and Dtalling Piatalrcdouble and aintle bnarcllid Guns; Game tBng,; Shot 1elel; Plader Ind Pintol Flasksra Sem Bttles aid erinkiag Caps; Pf'car ona' n Cap nad 'alt Holder.: Cloth, aleir, onth: aed Nail IDnah.. Orris re.nd Clorine Took Wanl ombl Powder; Taile antd Shavino Son ., oh great vas rimetl; Iog lair Braitds RingletlAand FriNzetem; Pear and fililet Powdera I':Eorv IRae- Iora Tab Calhinan: Patent SaIens r barlter.; G at l aosric $sanntlere; Poowder Paffi ntd inxelta' ilt Chains, Seals and Kes; Par-dlropas; \Vnist ltcekle': lBrmrlets; Bead Necklaces ad Chalins; Gilt and Silvereid Ierdo; indian Beads, dells and Plnniese Shell Twist; Side and Dressing C anbs; which,in addition to lheir former stock aot hand, make, their assnrtrnt very complete, and will be solrd ow and on liberal termn, at the sitn of thie Golale CUotmb. i5t-tf 70 Chartres street. S rlncrirtd &geent fsi fr the extensive bonis of T W. & S. Batcher, Shefield. Ens-land, Ilave just tleerved n very exten.ive eet of Ma' sits, erasirting of Table ndti Dessert Knives oeC e -l" . ejri-tititn, Pen, Pocket, Dirk, nd Spear poeint halve e Ra.nrs, Seis sors.e le lT'ol, R c. &C. &r. thii h thev ore pteprecae oexhibilt to the tralotarorlees. Terms and condalitions wIll b. made knnb-n at the time. tl16 J. It. EIN & AC CCIIFN.htlfanmmni n at. INIM SONI, IIARTT CO.--Are nnw rtesivie, nper. il hi Ipti ilalc, E.grl, McirvIi And eltw, Iigllt antter, Frelnch ad Ge nen olt€lo Ie Ib l e linaetlrdt . aaltel n d plIrikct tial,;, ribl e, .nd split tu,,ion enlst cal hilders; rcisa is, Bazitrs, Pti. vest Cillntt's eommrroiail anit otlher steel enst: Vian nst Violie striins; shell. ivory an. - hmt n enaa xll he .;.arro aek rillt.;: I1Pjil-n Inlltgrc ; {.clcrn at} Dil Frralheln.h cOlllV atel., Ritaltirls lnit, "mmitnltlitn; in.ittlie Slacking*; .Ptl Pmit toilet ]she al. coivext milrrl'ss; ol eal elasses ando views: Intdian had, hedllls a l lne.; Sconrleol; whilt wine: toilet lnd scariog snaps; toiilet owder, e -sn.lle wash balls;: scen ed Flalu eqwis las; .emn horle'; r.zlr h lip; ltate srtail ont 11 italtoatin olasitirc Snil ndcles gacmirslta ; - llts ietitc miaties; sil. eer lienilsa Cl£ectts, &a. rc. 'The tbove it, aidlitila to oar fonrmir stack of fnneCv y tIthiaiea, ntak cc ls'.i:ll'lte | eltle v y iiilI laLt) l. Faor- sale. whnlh;+nle or Ieclnil; Is tile sigll IiolIhe Galllr tll Unil", i). , I.l:lrt lrcs ltt cc.t a. ot l nTirh inIe r-c-'i . .. ti e l ip g , it lr Caal ,!tait titi, " I Iif' NewOrlean " .'chtann. (llrrd., Ca., -'Nn larlhh Nl ltl'tia, Klteta &aCo, if ta,,IIrv, was dites tivel nit h- c ie o\ .fl last, b l oae II .a 'a ofu c A t1tli )ite oiitn a I ifnlrdr Oc 'ilae fir i. s. T].hetwlterai~ne, r.IIIeVV 1 r "1.{',"a wll t chic rged n'itl chlrtetli+g .ai elsing ea:ida I as b ilo s Levi C Ilalrai will aittend In tle eittlina or itel huaia!a afl lSio, ltlt-ri a CO., Iat Nnetalrz; nd I Inrri', K(el r & Co.lit Illlaleav, eIatl lIaIrV Kelley vill atten to iese tlli.. il'blhtI htin' +s nI'Kei!tet , tetaon a Can. at Neiwf Orletnn 'lThe namesa of ilie .averit firise willlie o-edl in li, tit iitii tih nl.i hI'eln in lltlt id to slid fir1o atre arnectlv requestcd comte forwallrl lld mtnllenrlv settlelnt..; Lnd lltse h.l..'t cI.ixs ~aill plesr I)re-rui thlnc n wthoilt delay. IlEVI C. IIARRIS, Nr+ Or~h nl ·,Tl~Tun 2i7 11 37. i) = (.a nilt ,.ll'f this sup11erlor Cologl ew atate n, it Sreceivedl :aild far so.le bI tle ozelti or aingle i otit!. Al d A.rrieiI ial I-:ealih ti-iltI p w:hr lml wder Dali, ttilk af rit, iti-t-t c reattld creami, ..ire a ttalsI, i.ttphtti , \\'lti's .l;e httlae Ittair oil, pit ant , I hllt tlilt- d tl:t li e, Ihil r dll'ilre ai NllI i tua i twnaci, chl tl,,hn ill llr.l I-h midll 0ii leohl1 I te)elai,tie i te itrli nlnt nhliim.; al sutIatl of l ititt-hiott ttra : atd I lh il citlllts noll jec tlry, traur loe altn wtalt.iile ta rc til hly ac,1l\tL)aNS, IIAR'IC ' Si), r aXt { ii ' i 7(1 (tto ltrl re I tilt-lta Sla blig t'n|.'r~itiat fwi Na: lork, at g(eat va it.ito. I taaaolat I hi" lit,tW twh ii antletIr1 wlacah t titali' lte 'J]he lollh n si r ena , a a,+u't viz: elltltw "der:,; iiI k nail t he .lllnl. ti.11111 ai l . Iilt 1.ii II,-'ll ,ri i - lidn r!,bber , .rill, nnd wo:l-; td clastlc .'IIrl.'-le .,munI nn & f]lo dchltiit,aetvs teilc.l, aor.i fatio ntt{ ],1 i. r nliah , Seillit pwdclrpowtdertclllltpaIaitd lIeu,tlia tiJat pltder Iiucltea I ioks alld wnllei t, c] I allttie, hell1, perti Ivnry alndl IniO . !,i t ta1 tc;. 1eld irtIntilu m , pIae in .o tal heulad,, ite. klv e s lt ioc lie, cli headle , eatht hi ,adi aiet cls o hll nl. o sia ; ell, : il ille! 1 l l-;,e , tiv. r Ianiv s, toad riae1c. .tiraurn-, sttacnrt -oaeatnivea gtnrd tcaitthsd ani rili , wnist aunaIcle t cll',. Jmir, ,t ilt lail t'omb, • srnl , p i nlte, l oII r P rln dustgl n blrushes, t:oln,, gFlrtrat Inl-td li'r, rIt+ and{ hr v latal--lt tilrtlta a.-llltPi atn( exI artstinc ! ic t- a, h glahc tll+ i: an allill a al , all l lll ve i ge glable hair t,[a. ,l£:t.'i. and )[. oat ll al r Pl s t'iatit ] ."l vitlttlte itaicll. ltti ks a liaa tta.ail ro n tllll tWiitltce,tll.nte., t !i l rlail i nt fnlr y nt.llotdr snt! shlrer p ,ill case-, toih nt:l, lla an twee)z rsild ltri l terlm. h. ¶ illA u Lre t Iri nte l'nA 1iC lA V RIE1W STOREl--at t~e sign of tlhe golden eolb, lMol} ('hrl' lrel st-ertt. Tllraicr fibris have r'e coivid, ii ,d7itiu' to their preeus stork on handa fall atd complete IsIortmei t of in their line; viz: combs, perft',ier-', JIw-ellry, Irulshas, loking glaisel, flinry artielrc',&e.e, oistin:t in r nrt e , fer !ln's: 5 'f),ttl2tlee-r-rtoise 'htrll ivrethit nini phlid teektis'ist, (jhilled hark, lonlg round, <lrrssine, sid]: pi)ll, ealrl and acr.k, Itr.'ziliar tmibs of ev-rv idiariptitru aellmleigsl whil,,h lre s,,e MI.eiru pattlr;, Ivory combrl of every tinser rior h, h drn h illae n-el ackelt, tgerther with a gRlenera:Il orlm(,lre-t.FIlel:r I hlll] nllrireoll. I'ERFUtlMlIlRt--('lolenre, Lnveindr, [lorido, hoeny, Iry, rosae, and oranlle nlowir iatners of ever size ad des ri>ption, ranllhtltite'd Col.-ne, extrlerl':lf Ilvrgaluot, leery sem .. otf :rll kinds, shaviillSr d in ll rakes "'Il (ts, creanmu cool, dtio, \YVilI'alS vegetabl e' hlli b 'il heaRs nlld lD tit aedo, Ireeto1's siedling sriei, plaits and b crfele d toiiet powder, lear'l rtrod'rrl ivo ter pullm and brxes irto IIlaltllm in paots flllt rolls,orrs sldl shelorine tolot1h wash anld Dowdels, willth a geneIanl ass.tinment of JEWELLl Y--.smllle ol'the ar-. st ilnt[l tmost fadhiora ble stts, ronsistillng of while ialld redi conrelinu, topl let eardrope, set in lilacree, breast pils of agrees .jr. ty of nd1ltnis, watch frialidu.e., gill and sil" tIckles, ailer t ehiml ls, sir{ r nnd gul ye Irila ilad gidaleilrd ls d rI Il'-2 '- loih, hir, duso t ti-,crcuti ,hh rth,floor, lint, rles, roth, ir t, comb, .Nail, srharing, asho and I,()OOING GI.ASSE3R-Gfrncan statin and toilet igrnls, nllllalnitenllg I nllt sreorill deaUde i ll n tls, A itlhoie ln, whith a 'Irlviv ofolhcr kinsll r noet Otlileratell. 'FANCY AND VARIETY A IITICLhEI-Frenchr ant Amecrien atn rale Ilekias nud lrlensoig caser, sonle 'cry rich eild Inlod . v ihilv lird Ind( ie work Ibxllree.d dres sir; ciases, swite elld witheiot lniic, illlniecal boxes, Ac corsdians of kiend, niolinsa sui guiter,. siler nld h,ant ,d gaurlesllmkni eeands, old sei~sols tih l nodlloles, boara, percussioninr unpi, i ec- Irp eleeeocI m atci nu en cen onld ((12 na -lireneirnnirdt enle 11 111 : 8, irrr Stt',t l lir4enletelrieiiiietlis in pterres, nerdlrs Ir, til .r ed seel tri ollllllt] Sr sece: eles, rocket, aud re lllett.riitnari kititr'neieieiaing curds iad urd l rcurd,, 1-11)11" ' et]. la i'enleh iormllan vnd Alo..l ii :U,,,, CllI.t rtov, hdll,. i'll-hitali l fetl ,nrllll thxes, irer olt ariious kind, Sauders' o Oe e.-.e'' nl" l rlel'ro ', ]lilllll'r nll' Iltrriblti'.. re azor steira s rr rl "i itlie honesudirls, I;etnr ilVlead 'oeckltes to will, r .or I'ro eE aty rutellc, pirl irutelrs, icud1er e alldask e d plain nen eiale, iegilt und sdilhcs ir, gut en-laib".1nellSn ierst,and lerlrel tinin and sweeoed uatencbackgnmene bonards dlice optrial aieuler ,jc,, sharps, Ialoleelir.iti tic reelud driekig, clups, with as etat varieity of ther s t elrn, all alith It will Iae enid tir cash orr cit a ucceilae cea on 1 entiilo ll nredit. i II Sl.tlMte s,' t& e. d14 l r (:lattr'.esejl I h(Lrlien.\ l h S Sclenlleeo o t i'eui.shil reoivedtlld _l for rsa lit thneir lluclilldrt \\'lttuS headCluttes NO. i ('latlre et rur-.t, .ew rielel ll 1IJ lil ilcdway It il Iprieculorly desir l cl n ilr pn ivate learllers a t] achl h s, nId in eall'lll el fior pcr sl ll , nfall ag,,s. L.:,dice mId ,ellll-dell I'dL. i v,ted ecall aAnd ECxamile eesIns . rl. ugivenUjte ec! u.e a.· v suts lil ol lhe ilty. riteios a n, tit pref it cn ris sivz'eosonn at titeir wn ref Pi'erri ns paying fir n:le : tre of etssontls ir desired so nturd uetrl tiu ea writ , rill en Ihey wetI. kIl De.l. .lEbAl IL liilttitrllR. i NEW erti,le foar eilcra.s trohled d rill e elras, (m (. alledI tie Far J'ltl a t) hae i1-i [ a ire , n(r ived,, i, e isn .I tile theo. - t;'itl crlnsitri nllntie n of thie su kivllvold: i dilumIt li ,ll e te the er. Aln nin N'acv Itol*. A labi unr t tier enlat I tr ies ilp ric1 " --it Cidthefltl-i -.oi' I it lf ife l 1ic t alte e tl n. I ar Icrn'err rit t lets* ritii'nniett is erhrel, ointic it. 'T'he moil aroptlll11 hat nl, , i rih a iiinail, terr doubt,, aftet havsis- 'sd te 'rentlt5t. For i at b a 'P I GT;[(tN'S, kaeesatmeees,corllet nf('oectaln astlhr t Ckle'ics sles, nti l n i hll, hotelr . feih 1:1 4LPE -i t'Itt --15i. t cat oar. prn i-elr dc SS.. 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Ths e l.eltnr of the Loetp s uile .9 dderrl r: o.{--l t appecrs bh the observntiona of the Sditore I' olf Ibe Nrqhville "P'rep vtrlltinn, ,Tnlan andl Trans cript, a well al tile edtmaRc ofalho 'ellptlis Enquirer,. bie ith"Old l('Ientlcreth" is antllleg the Doctors Th:s in provedC hv Ii klinlcl range knuwic that Iiis time is It bat short, nld that th' infdenndent ttAmerienn peolle tre usie to judre irc themseyCeles c wat are pnth and I impoeitions. The a.s thy edlitors who ae Intor., the prprieitotri, edlitori or sub-editors of tlhe above named ljernals, iar llvery leiter from persons I lhave cesoredl to sight in the abnve plaeo, pnefic. I. 'J'l he fc is, t'lt I n~ver imdl s·l,' greet aoernees w til c so a period aa non or twelvu dayc. Hoe who was neetld onhlt ten renar, wiho had ndlyseen tile light frotn Iti iirth, to toe to follow ;ie maeer to my Iotel, inoteod of beine oblieed to be led Iby hith . 'Tawo yoan, indies, who bad eaoh toot the oigbt of one ehe, one or ten veart s od Ti the otre for ilenrlv two eare, hbaving both ot them tie osther eve ver weak; vee eth of ihose ooono Indies bes-gn to' see wih bnthb vec, which beheiri I pledge mvelfoill eostitonlue, ex eepsinu they oree en detr sit inillece nr dlolinati n of the ltederil Doctors. Anotheor is tle daughter of a respeentabli merhnntr whose some I am onnl neoer to etroion, (oR be paid me e tv fees),wbo soaid he had lost the nigbt of one eve frb)m the age of I oltntosis, but that rile now egine to read largo letterst witl tile other eve reta pleteic eltot. This the doetordclttnre khnea, tre. e tilmiodtnun toldme himwelfihe b:,d con doe edin t ti lstnhter In tile office of tile eediel editors. that tlty milht be ilfrmedal of tile furt. 're last I healt sealt ion ie 0n elderly gentlrmno eo the nnme of lottnt, tnerly eoveinv vcers of age, wlteilereored pltit l ltte r eo , ir, whil e e aook to all the dilfereat officee ite Nctn.ihillr Ihtls one, ooc hlictselt thl elt lie hlnd toid flr 'he insertion wbhtever they dnaatnded, eht ude ar si thot h-rter tiant ie ha tolllv dte ;ved or ctd the t ih It Foneveoue froc kf .ho r ehit biole, mb, aicrll tie nltertnter t a t tone n, ,oernteei, lTe Iv tise Inmesl or' onw l t ox: nth itt et 'te tllle litt e e eyote itIe dei of lef ienIet file hie irot simtr tit lle rot'telet s, batt lice otnets Itlote, teta , aren b,'giccetieg to (itn us tanny objer:et; nacd did, toefietre I les tenst c-;te, io teann env prf tlat lct enrld see to walk ahoi t" ti eeercet eritl tie otler eve enpetoly eleted. He nirtd ie hdel been a membler ol tile ltetorito l ia Iopial'o Cit 1 r lte rt forty veer.n tbllet ohti, r erl wea tener lotbt ed tlromlcb tire N hale etnreUe tofit liile. 2. I rerl otlrotI 'old never grenlrr lleeer tht inst Nnheilile, ort telec t'te merdiceinod rl-rhca dotwtrs Ioasl never ibte r m b reocnanon le enra oed. The pitecen incligontins Ci tBhe Ret. clcrirnl I)r Scecill ntroee beah e rnttdto itea leas lo0lt ix veearo Iit the w(s In onlvertied cm tefien f rlsenlce iulherif t bCelienet tiltia di~ctrlnl r of'hai Hiibt, th,.t he Inllt haver Innd, a Ir fl nr" ecrrcr--tht I etill e nwas ienae meoettec-lv ti cirtefare tito rennna veecesto cmanyec it enelce ieectnnc- Eroeclrct If ieii cntele iener to onle ee f clt eb he envirller frtlen Si < ird nducli c , t of thit I rllo Inildler of theiHl manchFi asec Itocnienediectrittn efsioFtie tilcriotiote reilgieto 1 e4 t n selt IC oec blo oeelinct i felio crie, clll llcs llcite RIfi, tsoh Io,, to qnse his medlical f·i'iendP, aaa nllt thle -ala eillolnc Ihie kew ee'cln dolnce so IcsCl tgetnl ned noec ill jeeV to neov oene. All tht' inclaldtintcte,fsNtshttill cellcke of lilneteritice.:ss I Innt , b -cepr tlce ea edics dutleorts Mlost o'Ftheml alrl,+ hadl been infGII·rnwd by r' YouT t-l oF tile cere irefteeteed on tis tothlly Itlinut ee. -. The feIecces (Iocitnl S. orthiti toene ieretendci tsit t hnve ltt sc tieeitt.'reln gninede ill tiee NSeesince +y ore inl in tibe Stentci/est. 'tltle prvee',l ilen'eaesrc ltn e( onttiectbtie e i Iettee eniiloeerieeiee~lcin rd eetieen If I ntlceslel ')ie In t le nrn' .l onti tc to htitceiaille d aicee otear er inlll the m+ll th l nod lllb(VestUII en ] still h1ope to wear allenl on cecV rel' atltcelfill 'sllenw oatcit elect S hanve, i opile f tice eieeHerapienil te f tile gre'ct lrd if In say jucdge frm tile mnn I ave already bentefieind ice tlelo Icte a ilhitn tihre-e elate. 4. Tlce cdciret' eito tprsegnt is to iClefrt titateedi ral iaoiiails end chlitoars tef lice Iiepccelican 'cccl Trcecco hyriitero and f Ilw ITltltn, of Narllie e, cit wTll es tce ldtr . u e icel etcd iictcifjctiiccit etitec at dictar nstel eccntiMt ieenitttlnccIhieteditonriictIhe a0eccc .ioHu~l n,.,l ailso the~lia medhiall Gntllh e allior of thi oi c til, tt e U,',at Dr S. thctti o sltl Icce r or l_. ct o l m l t I'tclcl: dL, cc i e t't Cccclite cceeisicceir or eialccita tlnn dric Iltvlv -f'ter nlv arrivalI ill .Vrew 5"llrk its well ;l. : .allolt It teecce nncicceetl ci cececcc ie ate ctrrll teee s lin= of ieenot.y cccIec now icdet\el',v cc~licse, ic'cahe tlcc -.i1 d ccl" i l tnih c av, cfrlt'i] I elt t .e h c, rllct t I oeltair a tc l sie et- etc1 cl~i tie gecclnc'ccce' 1 IlI1 tie celllcioc le- , \r~lllY l1 t le teIll c (h l ttitl ittg c ti l i tltcc' i g sitel c ''n+ tle s slid iltcl wes, t tilel W1B rinden lllt*! The nlll t~ttli (Ie-~r r allt Irct c:y lenle ctsle' . Icc-ceileeil e n ie . ii il h cr I rect wl lic llcli titce l te ic r h l li eT ci tif ccilr( Ih 'e ccte'l ic III he tli ett on ea'd cwtttri ' Ilirny wnt ittenore eeecccinallcceelr r 'teen ilclclevti firneei lcetilr tct ltcct ltsc tice re , t n citt natstttter itccclti ceeceitllItlteelllaetlV cd.gectrttntto I)IIe ,lhontrary tt*Rok it toell s slnd Ile.(lr e.lI~ Ie lte i i `Iil!lthe l w 1.+ he dUId, whieh sol be trlY ough worth] all n·il -nit'te' eciy ,urlee er ttnc-verete h ne d lllneta ,ita toe \ilhtllvlcl' tcttnet teth tteeut cc tened Iliclle hIct In iti )It i tdl ctce, a cc cn[o l lfuie t .e e, lat etcn 4 ,r ence incv cetri e ttei Tningyctne, Tie tSd etccccIcitreectietbel ce~llt ieect ,otcirunhi' lietrlecieentce~k' ccl'eeenrs lewn Ict~eiened he. be re te pnnl hiode haeno e, l ir Hi i III11 t,+y OI I i 1 T 11151 -e, ..(.. %VI .I -- (e I e l an aI intc·lnmtc fiendc ccc ofli.ct, a elce welln tole nwtrt act oc yin ( ct cellt cillflce nl ccI V cil h cltecrc eeE r llllacicr e ni r )lleelhellc ce llc tnI, e nnlheot e edt tcll.o'v het iahtsne c(ll~4 re. emItte ,,b l~ ccil~ Icve-itl In{titr~llldilcc clt tl trccr cie flrauct clthl l oo ect pllcle I:~lr ,. rlen Ilir ·lolelfllr cbllhri+ld on, Ol,I addressed il toi My.tllnlll hllY edito f}e SOlI \VYCIII[ (?/hived ate. · e 6. 11III i.o]lderl B O I hi1 €'ie lr s.'h,,dil` e ia L ; I1 a I)BI nF lecccuc i Wlloilci l I, .+'P il' ue e hoi c ei I {) ii ,r I e II Ilcoe iHceciciel P h':+T Ilnrtihtele I'tor. fI~nrll* t bi' Ie said o-hP-rlr ,o t, Ill Itiettclec \ctynae r ttl tcile elltclcct ee. ni ter, IItL{; jVl bit fi 01l.4.'. I .[t i e :.Iv LP ~ Il(" llrtd ill ]d hH.nia l·.ht~ I I' ¢)llo t th lccl nellll c c Ite.i cecll en~e.tcly' t'' fl cem li4, l i m nlv~ ~.ctttctcllteo lettec 'linlcol~Frld i nitnnccccl cclctlhnefnr nOi0r a. n ll n hy hewi ,,. Ice. Illct he wa. tth " be . ri ch l c. [cctc cccc heaht' ocroch e'n o tblet 'ic e (, ccccei'cll atte nee tohn, .s elln, ntscit ,,',lle nc reqniec tt. ·lll"q inr e¢)llOrt e llv i~ r le . iith ccar 't"l iate .in 'ctrnh eicncti Ie bee- hc Mnlternditcncc lt,..Inleree hic inclr hcc t~icla hien.r eeecgi-~i le.l hetcioffi i nili n oilb - crlcclcclireitEeallrnttttlcieceegictcIyteIIIreIIietoiciafceel ctc'llct n Illnlcr ri ci.i (olltecll'cetet..r ,teneeicro Ie th.lea tinkh:Ia lr~l ~ al~- Ibe lsreenltltil'~icecoeiccece Ii.mua Il ter n ellce'l t i acerJt eet hl n i ha, ctordaeden cted.4 Icciltcilce. cinel eanI ci cite ' -'an e iccct ', It 1o acenlelnelt -c rt f'lee ll tbecine his ee'nrlrocthin'eori'cs ciper y c rdant It l icechal ee n n.OI eec iresecellnl of acccltsec irtir et cnn r w le nwctelgcein t ie Acceee i caeittcci ctict ae it in cei or'e o ,e,, tnts,,e e., , , need ,nitieb cc's' a"ccccctt It etl ihgohie, I sbot hncac ~ 'e ima ercharcecesenbwoetlrh~eenglaic eetivedt'pcnpohitghh lic tier .. geebrlee. On te tieccritye eiencecnc i[nd cteeslca - eat'ccte lttcelc-'o Iilee icnasltlcicc t~ ede etitante.i t'~e g.ichc Ilot ctrctse ec. ])eticc ee itety theeeineieliertedtico erecrreeeelid'lftedlti e l o teny:.ait.r eiwce dnot-u ccl kccle ccn- hecit worieettecichigeo Ibe'cyecennedi-iy) I iccdc leo en ralntly c veited liettetitd eenet cnb ace.lpllri cecclec cicacl.eate 8f N +nl-cI~ centIellt cacts ed to I s~ clo rtlinneadcece-lro ni citellniy t 1Il. I ncen sa na st.rI n alde n ll iherlan hljhi e liP the Ilv. Iit lotor witl the day I cal ci to raleo aoni, t hIim, tei ht time tned my grey Ilairst with a uplifted gig'cli: arm, on if lie would have f' I",od me tp the crunall,f . diiig 'o draw a t linup ornisthrcawltn fret hii. tot)y, Ibyi It bribe iof U:iO iiceletfit vel! reanily II Irecllnti elire thlu i the "' id G(iettlcminu' had op itaem'di ilieth i own sh.p! II. I solemln dclu e befre ndio, and am tot nfraed Ill to I Illle, to Whle. s that l l+ovt1r, in lltl tewhole colulrse Ill 12 tve ra l t.ll'ia a e I t ilhat, ir li'a t t Il itnin, l I'rr r l lt 'ttli nd .lltel l rtl l'tltiit ll n 1 11c stce of ered a+, t bribe iatlyaito to tore. cldior of tu i" ar btt a o o.Illllncictio i'tll t aiflel ne Il r c piedal' il the o ,,ttedy lolln elr lltha he at twin..8ii tmlltt auatl tisllct oft la tiii aslidicell I wiihe t the ll tdicul tiolindl editors nrome.i fro n thaeir t ret n f lCtit tAI. ,Alulhs iof the Niorti iindI lall treat thetl I ilh girIl.t Iull olltl i ltli h e;to lr a imi o llrrs ie t ei UIIl i titiei I have'mmtn rr l hisi or iinti t -"Sue ei beggar, aid tl wi te tl ema I.u--!" t'o hogh I paid h ti" bl- iy Ibl'llSan amul I'fr aveo e r ay tre we un, ;I amll i i tserteld m .letl one. oal cwill please ct icrnet this letter in your next pa d ober, anit ualige ,oiurs, &a. I, baa astit, JOIIN WILt,!l.l.ti, Ihe mngliih Oculist. Colpied fro the & IV. C. A deocate of the 2tll .lunce, 1te7. At tile rel lh'fti" 1)ri. \,Illclnti,, we iansel the iullow irnt tfu firm thie liv. a1r Ilhoell, of lNat. vill e to ti eli of III. SmiLth i esteren (llh'iiaiin idVIItaOa , xhei, it a ih,iwarrs hla exu o liedcl the liplo tma sod otlecr dtlcli. etllt+,evi.cite oldhe i)octor's claims to Ittllc patron Lage In Iaam uorluetie Of II accildeont I)r. \L will r I ain ii NashvIIllen a few days longer than lie it first Sinte nde,.d--y the let July. ihev. c1r F trlglh.lJ:--lainug been requestaled by Dr. liellllll thl oli-t, now ill this it't, to ex:lmine hir nullltrou lijlitllns and olier docu..nlrts evi nciv o his Mlairlc to PlllbhC rl'lfllet . in his prote.asion I lahve li conllltl witll a valutli f'iead.lune ro with ieat ire. Antn lel toemI lolund a etter froi cir agett, .a pre-ii no t chrgo d 'Aftiire , in th e Kin oft ti e Freoch, tach VI \a"i,agtCm"a, lllrt's.,,, to l. Williams, te.t i"1 g [he Ialtnaftanl c ' tho dinlatairtoanti, nhe KdtJse lO l'lle, llp ltiýle .~cr, nas well as rth-e failla the ,ellical Socie ties .f lorIauce,., ale hira UllmllerOUs voucher, from mIen since his al, ictll at Ilhl United "late,, de-tailiag instlan c.,. lOf grPat R.IILhCcee in t e restorlation of sight Io the Jal ll. I letave Otcll ic rly all hii, tlor ll.ticlnt ill this c.". I Llcew lllrii' tlfelll aeviouls to lthri coming la orits cae; halt all I have slc saty they are uo tqaitionably benetittld. IRI'T. B. C II3\'EI.L, Naslt tille, Jite ci, 1837. Pi. imeLL witivigtlie Sauoveone of r. Williams' aImtaien's Iras calleIlpn uil al u astse bhe iud actallv ,ull 1otallr loft thle sigtlt tf el e e e ; for beventv , t ,;,r, lcct ,uui eaclret lchimhelf Ietter; iirtl twtl llllt, for tile first titte i I tl life tit bhe ran rcollect, lhe menld dis lineniih.wilh ih t ve'ea of lllo ftIle prtmltnent. tares. I learntohat tthit d ld Iuhas lived many years i thlis rdgion, and says he ias been a Methadist during f.rt} y earo. Yours, truly, i erll R. B. C. It. c li; j K uN i IiiL.TJEIHtIH.A-Pcer lieb ata t t 51s te,. TE:;.iER'S MAP OF LOUISI.IN \,&a. &A A Na loep or LOUIeItuAA, wiic its cittals, roads IL d distiaeeo, from place to [laoce, olong Ithe stage Ind steamoboatl rttat, by iI. S. 'ienoer. ,TCHcFLI.'S MAP 3c TtLE oo ITED STAITES hll,wainig th ie'rinc.pal Torlllllikt ald limmlllloln rsda s,11 which are Sirocn the nlactsnc it- miles frol one plate fo h anlote:i litO lie cotect+ of tile caals at s rait roulds thlrollugl iiii litt coulil',V,iclreflla Cttipiled frO:ll tile best nuI lttatClteiL S TI'cucc cto'a (lull, t" TaIcIt-,at rie C N Itetinc rCit.* a mtI of ta e tlialo, odn, lant'LR sheen iaicitondccaelcltoo,&e.jnnttrceive'diinand toroto etA! WtiEAL.c, 'THE IDI) AN'Y PANAC:A. O-tO heeeeretrheunmeictsa rt fulaorkinlteevillst, r c.i.tiea or h ip gout, ioci p ent an ers, maklt rheum, I siilitio and merllrial diseases, leliutllaly uleers anll laillfialiabfutions a'the hones, nlleeratel throet a if llie trils, rliar of evrey lesciptinll, fevr so es, nd iterlnal I oltiessss.i itles, pIiles, stlali head, aeurvy, bIles, chre.i ,to nre:y e.s, eru istelillltlbis, h int eerecy rnriely O'lo ultlmols tfotioie, chlroaie C.trubh, hetatl alle Ilceeeil lg fromn au aerlil llumor, ttili in thle stomnh no dylIs. lqsia prcooedingfrlomvanerition, afellctlioinofthe lit.r, ciutrtllc inelmmetini of tte kilihuas, otl general ladebili ty setl I;)by atorpid letiiotiof tle vesselsT of the skin. It is sing h!tlrvemieleiols in renovmitng those constitlstions whi..stl have liee broken llown by ijdllieinus tlectmest, jisotc:lilr ijuregeleriities. In geeral terms, it is ronl -nen1tl c1all tilosedliseses whiolasrisfoaam imicaritlas liofthe blMood, or ilniitiationt of the hllmosn, of ol atever rname or kind. Somie orthe habore epmplintsmar require some tri ali nig s;sitant appliiatiis, whibh tIbeciirmtllln llees of the ease will Iliet*i; but for a genenl iremedy or Purificator to remnove ti caue, the INDIAN'S PANACIEA will Sgeneerlly be fnou d clc ieest. TO) T'lE PUIIIJC. I ow trnleit is, that modern Playsicils, in their cm bition In exoel in their pmtrelssion;explore the vast fieldsi oft'ieloe hr the aid fofcheidstry, and seek ott new re imelit oRntsil in shont, to nlrive at perfeetion in tle ie rnetie ly nmeulls of art alone,--entirely onverlloik aid negleet, as Ibeneathi their notice, theieb ianl hoinllteoul stores ofrmeiliine,-wshih the Almightly hk:s e1nsel to sWr'ilg nat of the erih inevery elime! Ans how mn11h more true isit that wllile the Adm..ricls Playilcini looks if to rein cnOnllltriell for laiy of his most ecomon amnd eIoeoml)" artieles, perpeteslly eholging as they are at the clietates o 'fshion erfclly, he is erro,,tih t a own cooertry with an endlessprofusion of mmleicRl ILans, stflici-ot t1o aiswerotly itdianliom ill disease or to a lpe f llly Clllabe disolrder ndyet he is ignrmnt of their viL tiues, neol they are lf"ered to 'wastetheir heling oil the i leselt tir.' lThe effectsof vegetable medicinesupon the system are tetempleory--thoneo t familli se stitlg. The t~imer c' a t eieffects ss off-the tltter, meresry in par' - ititltr, act chemiaIClly loimn thei solilds, leeomnllosing tie bolnes llil nIlllrdelrmnilg tile censtitution byo slow andl Sallle dlestl'llcli onl. The cogeniallity, efficienctly n SA FIT P'Y ofnvegeta t- ble remedtis eve minoielral, mny oe estimated ilVcontrast iigthe ancient pIlntite with thie molern; or, to hring il t imore itnmmediltely' utnler ooe owi obsetrvantinll, ih- Illli at i petice with that of the whites. 1'ho, in Amerlca, esoaeikt kllnowllehelrd of repeated inst:lnces wherein tsotte Ileeteillt, tiiiretelidille fnclie Illlltinii ty mrnllntn hJ ler· sil~lllle 'emelie nlic e til nts a rtereal tile Inost ropitt t Ila :stInshinia g rnies, .lir lthe 1Mtc-ira Mediee of the 'smmoe, lotice. tirleedl ill the most skilfil minnier, Iors foiledit Atoli whti hois ool hIecn te' irtsde ttlaeolal iutiet t otte mcii fuellily with whieb tile lolion frens tim selfiriom ay disease, itlltai t tle almost ltlo ahstinece I ofehonic dise:lseamtnmllg them) \Vlho h:l tier he-rtll f anl Indhin wills eolistittltion bhuoketi otd rtinlet Iy illreatmoentt A:il eni a dithtextist that this happy ex et11ltil of the slvnge friom most ofl'the ills which tle lEtloflliifeIe itiellrto, is oliielvownlg to inore genie if no not'e rumeltten wllnhiel Ian etilioys? rliis i Sltonisth ilg ditfrenuoe in snlceso, ise tiir exemecilipationt of' the wtich (tiuo Its oretetl For thf e t leteFit of h'is cin ilTeii, over ltos whichiiI tihe ile ald the a.t o'f manl haive ill If relted. IFreom a lolg reni!ence nmong a Ilortion otheahorigil rc itlnihilalltsnof thiseontlisy. andan litimte aequail nttlewithlthe methist of c ieof some of their most Ssuitesslnl pitiltetitlollers, tie |It'itiletor ot lThe lilititll's e laactenuo,'neouiter t knowledge oft some of the most Imwerltdlad Iitvoroitertnlediie. Frotlthesne hseletedl silch lls were most emenuilUsdllo i iiti llei rates, i lnii tfee en ios txerilnlts i toest theilr iaillens itll strengti, hIe hlos noid thnem in the tiootn here Ipeseited, its the Cmost icrf et t!id benlicii:l ter the putrpose .r whiih it is rAl cImmIelell. i'lhe lprtul'ietor olfe.slils lt'Ollearation to the llutlic, withl the cotscit ous lln s lit l: i he is nlaci;g wilhillthei r st t l, i retnedo i altile otreulicvinig omty of his alllitelil lt l low, whle ity allrinll ulitlr tile tli lls trOllni i nlill oslloiie eloml antls to wkinch t is ji1tlliethle. 'oI slch ii witltlive ofl iletclnllatlle elhto, asi thie imelli i ua1t ill nIlly ees, tlhe oeily tlt:UmStotiiebleoititiheirsui. l er~il.s talnd lrestoing~i, then ontcemo e to heatltad ai i. Ilille's" 'L'lilsis iiotottlf'edl Ill a r,lmllilil remedly, t :il Id ill tite. II1t as alle whlichl is ++:ll ,.hit of sn ,l' ii' . e ex e ie cast..s Ihilch tilt Ihe tiii iUl ttitiel liyl tini: oits diye iaue iteitiellvi anld tllis is the r r tluatio ithusob , tioot, littet ithls bieen iletitliticieht. eIt Is o i teln ant Iinlllt re 'eils sili nieth lie i h ti t 'ti n i IO pile Illil iletrlIe I om Il m t le in rh t vItn. Wihesil en iionieitttnuuit' lt ontheooittmuoistllttt.lrl i n s ottlllllo itelhll h ine ll . it tlitte b lev hi i t l'ltt tel asi tiIneh, osi Ihtlolsitll nainiSlit tiet t nit ii noieoa n. e. erti l isl lilttti oit iof iusettuti e iohtl ito ilto 1tit , l II I i ill lllyetItilii tSt iUhtetistteslI d c OlllFillo n eoUtfi ren inllmils. The ya. I I'heltnalst eeasl in slceaeod sureitaouiihse ilipl slaiillr iI`1 ias il l su ihic m netl e I ltie. llilS 'Y .hIic ih\ ·e dv~fiulla i I othelln r i,,code, a11 t ;li cll .+ < " . a hePrt it inklltli r atitil uilt he I ing ' ettim n oi sl xC I leser it i tlill eleto b tit.eattlt , lo t nitt cilliti e1it.5e elltili. 01 liii henitti' I mariii'a ' I tts eistioetr ritic r I dssttle l :.1 l: lt o llllto e nllll, it e c ulluo rm otrteloS tnlltlns tlil!. ill t a n Itl eenalill: oe SI1ILIIIlly eii wt:l.In lIl lilll:tli\L\ 1Iillt :.l.l illllltl~lil:911.I(+'llIC s*+e IIII:l ill r i ,hII " di ci+n.(+t .re ihailtCt.s bee i ilnE Hll. "I·lily :llslltu in m'll+ a nteitun titctterta, tlututiti "iitu nut, in niller hi tih.c ci, c'hue ,tiinttt t dir ioi ittiatee cigt eisnt of' i L· I imI te ntstitt tittttt I tilt, nei y soIn : ill l'll l II lll toltet lu l l tt l ·r e I Ii C I In s illl'i : th1i I'manceslile% tk:er i- ma lide s ,,I .ll wer all ita pt'.l tl'slnl.,ell l.:.i,,)ln:.hc l~l ti~llnll Illia~ll.UI·lle Iiener.l~l i:1) tl icoil ltnI h it tillt l , at l e.L sex! Ill( l :i 1 i c ti'ttlolt ; il. tl tI lll ill h( 3t llll illthtu eitti:ttic, ii 'l h I mo iel . hag ++re ",b n le r t l man t h i he , ao.mlmIo n elrnlk: . llC'l III \ 1 11.( ell .)ilel'i'll bl·(lll'.t.S a It Spr\iKOIg ~ :t leb .~ l l'le T' Ilh ttilt<,cit t tet.h lliates, tc t ot hont llctr Io tll- oi:lt e . whicl h e. Vt' IIh b lletpIr o, a.e i etllo si, lithc ei* el oI Ilislllil ot lito m illteSi t 1 n slilli illiiltig i tili itit iii 1int nllhuiit lessii tituin i atntt Jess e ttaelit tim l d r it dttlal l ill lntlclllli ilt ,tli tt'tl ue Itltlit tuill. llllltil i ii • i Thiii it ili.ivi n il'li l llt tt it titter cc. I llttll ttu he '(it lilll, ellt to siht ,+'lh,, et ut titlt t, til etyIcIhe, Iielttict e .,um hh. iii.loin eilutitimellm ip lscteitir ti h il.i :l~',tl) 'te tl.e~iti coiilcu ioc 1"\ITIS. eitnitiigtt totitotit i d gtet~le~..r. ei,tc Ito, due olt, t |e Iti'iing llt' ~l it erot iii l t ilm . 1a lllctl , l =t er ..~v~l~ :chl~tecct r Imceenl, Non Iti..e l no ~tttnute itlii;]wtthncitrc. I ttwtttuukoiel~~a l~~l" h snittuig, titlcin.] locitlet €iiih hr tlllSlaliel '~~ltl itilottilnnii l t ltlltolttietttiotl, ettitti JUIIlN RI(tGUSslN, Iinog st. C(ti.iwrio, Mlarch '27, 1832. [ I was seized hotnl ttire airs silnce, e ith a lrheolllnutis, cauelld i.,\ Ikll~g a severe cold, whille unrb theintlu'ncefl' IIIercuri .Is al which s Iai deisabll f'o(" |iuit-'SS Ierh' str.esinue. Ilhiiigi this periot havey be, 1tic is pt nt' lite Nloarite Ilotlittot , iii this sit pwandsl It fllu ttmihs, i and oetoIly the same let g h,. litie in the Itahill sre Ilnsphtal,|anl tried almotu slte. reImI .v, whil t little hiieii. (hi the ltih 81f 'brituuar Ilst, at that lime sCalycelh n1l,2 to move afiutl upon lillllch. es, I (ll l tom iuuthe nl o e ll indihin's iPanaceai It n ol mionh I tnid I tiou selfentielt y reedi frolm pain, am r flow happy to tate o shutI consider myself perf)i tly well W.M2. 'I'UCKIR II, I( 3 lMaret t. CAI.ES )1i SCIOIOIUIOUS ULIEIIS. Now Vions, Sept. 111, so30. This mI)t ceriiu that i the Ill oe 825, I as seize withi a swellingii my neck aod ist ee, whicith nilerttwa ullenated anild becane lar1Ke ghastly ulcers is my necd. Aflterryingsevotralphysiiaoustouo adtanlatge, I sie to Ihiladellha, :at l laced yiself under the carre l)rs. P .ssic ut d ll each, wl hent , :alt . i e ltr r t l salivatiou to .Itfeiu t, I i ts IprIIn(ulincetl Illlyt' i)nctriile. Abes, wardsito Iktwttt boitiueiIsofSwaint'soIt a lutteadtlstigh tit ot t"tles u 'suua tioliicon, al i ith Io Iateil'tu il se I)tesp:itiring of lite, w hicll hill now bhecntsu a Itt:then tto Ih, I returnelld to myllau!ts ill New olrk, in 185, an gate:ntlysellto' it a linlgel.ring death. Ilearil of teI, success5 If 'l'he Indian's Panacas, hIowever, in east sillllarl to iny own, I was s1elrsudeto itrt it, as a last . sort. uTo m1y great surprise, Is well as satistifction,. sOoillld IiI'SIImy lf rapidly re12covelrilnlg, nIlIad upoI )o takml s:veln httllhrslhe Illcelrsiie:llcl d and became Ipe 'I'ct ) well ill the co.lrse fl' two montuhs, and have renlained so vr'r oiltce. I stake thiis otatosent s ul wIshtitptlu hei -li'tit, Irt rlttlluuuholtoi rhsole blulills ttlossi ndtrlslilat searlldlus nl syphilitie utfictiols, that they iualy know wIlllt l earedlllne who has slltilel etcry thing tsit tideath, :.nd I hI considers his life sated s iy ts e above sv. V'M. IIINIIA'1 CoIas.uruo.J ulty I2, 1 31. I was aftlicter', for iyears with an tlcer in the leg, so. casiont.ttly accomp.ntied with crsipelatous inihinatti,t and excessive lain in the leg and nucli joint. Sevaral emititieut IIphysicians exerted theiriskiil iupon it, but withl iout ipermaoentl benoit. Io ihis oeas e ebottle Iolil I's Panalllcea made a plerfect cure. MAIIGAlIt'l1 A WEVS'I', 121 Market or sale to u ENItY ItHONNAlIEI, druggist, aeoo I. 1II* proprietiors, l'ohoitntitllas street t NEW ORLEANS &r NA.HVILLE RAIL IOtAD COMI'AN'. oHf stuocholders olf thies cottny are herehy no jtiied tht by a resolution of tse btard of direc. titsn piassed on t ithIti ilhstl toe call made on tileti oil ithe iI FIlebruary aoot t, fitr ile, aylnelt o five dollars a sihaoe, wats rshriheduld tl tlle saitd stoclb.hulders are furthtretutiftrid that r\Vil RlErtS, hy a rolutioon of th i board pitsed on tl slit h itri. iiu cll has itee atoe o thoe stockholder of tlh New Orle:Ins 1nd .Nashville Ihail Rtoatd Cornea y oar tIle is lloawing panlllreqll8 tou tile th llock held resplte. tielh by them vi:si -tiwo oitars ter share, spaabi e o site tirestday if" Septollmer next; two per shanre payoble on the irst davy of I)Decemb er next; smld two d"llars per share payalole on tile fi st day ol' Moch lext. Nottllelretfore hbe it resolvedl, tllst!le secruutty of sthl eoi ilry na:lt mtoliy ti b re sto shotlers there eit, tlltouth Itit putl tli t pr oit osi Itie riIv that in a:o ftoriniot with ttu 'ilxth sectioni of theo ehallrtte;, titeV lr. tu.illlrlti t n pastl pae any payment calhed in ou tIRe stock rf said eoiinpany fir slse terno sixty daildyfeoim nllid after tie loy on uliiech it is made tpayotle. witlh the ex oiest coo di ottowevere, hit if not regtlarly pid within ltle said prolinatin of sixty dys, roullltlld aft.r hi" doy on wlhich it shnuld have Ittelu paidc, tIa then tie stork on whiet said payments should have been smade, is ond rel !•orfirited to the eotpnllaly, tile chaerter osi t at pllillt ilnur itmpolative. Il Eoenforotisy therefore, to soitd call, alltstck of the stoiekholers ill said eompllrn , as think pits er to pat of the pnytntins oil their stuck to tile tld 1 thIe addlitional sixty days, which tle el arter sllsos th .,oare notifedlti tithr elpayent of two dol ars peir ohtrr ealled forelld dute itn the irst of Seo. tounloernext. 1toe be pIolstond under the sixth secti.n of said charter, ltlil the l3slt dry fu October next, trat tihe poetnt t o: Iws rlnllars per sabues called for. anil due (tlllu siltlsda of IDereollmr oext, Insy It post pork, I ultil the :0tuh day of Jannurv neso; ad the pay meott f two dollars per share eallld fr asnd ie o tie firsilu if Ml arch next, maybe postlpouned ltil the u0tlih day ol'April next. Eoxtlalels of itle minte of tlhe hoard. june 21 A It AIeNAIR. See'rv. Ot°. IIA'1'S, in cooee--25 dsroll whise otuu Hatsfur sles JOHN II GRAHA.M. split STATE OP 1OIIISIANA.-Pariuh Court for the 'I Prinalh and City of New Orleann. Fy lni. STATE ( If LOUISIANA. 'To eli alham tllrese Preeenlt ahall erame. G(imeetiie-WheIrea, I Joerle Hnnae hb.ving tIcocirned at c sole ,lnde by thie Sitoriff oa tile ra!ieh |f )tileale tile pretIerty irtcciliaier de.,ceriicd, 'as aitllie I to the clerrk i this ceulltr. in wtlosle oete tile died ti aeio wee recorded on ihe idl tc of April, A. ll.I1U, t'r s ctoni it n e r a dser itin en in einibtrniiv t in I:ct of tile: ei.lanltlre of tile 1 tale if I.eoui-iana, eek iide *n el it tir the 'lll ther itstt raee o' tities to riinser atjudiciulsales;" applrovd 11111 tIIhdny ni hr~ch, 181.1. NOW\, ]erefrtre, kniow ye. nnod al persons interestedrl herein, are hrellvy tised nd amillrnish.'d iin the tatIe of tle Stalte ofl Ila.nisitlna, nlid ef the Inih court, who en set ip cnnv igllitlrie otr elnii illn and itr tke prtreltt nbereir.foterdetnriedl it eoaIt'tlttlettrntrt iny itiiii'lllaiito in the errlcr,decree er iude.iirrt of rti cioirt tnder whieh tilhe se ti wat ttltder any iiiretulriiy or illegality inl thile apiriisementls andti airiltrntilenti , in tine. or mannaer if ,snle, or for inav oler Ieleet wllesn ever. to llow eautse, withint tirtv' dlevs ifrom the tay ithis monition is first interted in ithe iulilic paierb, bhy tile snle so made should not ba ellonfirmed nd homole lep1ted. l"lo said prrpirty wa sol hv the Siherift" tiCle lac iali Jif~ore~id oil the8 14th1 duy o1" AprilA .I€'.h virtne of e deree ofei ti conrt, reeditred oi the 51h da ofFlehnrve, A. I). 18i8. in a riot eit ld Alexanrder Cnldwnoll vs. Janies linnce, No 10,3:67 of tile doclkerl of this Courf,at whiclh sale tile said James IlInnslcicanle tie purchabnser fr tile plice f twenty ine ithousand I)escription of Property as cgiven in the Jidicial Con Aeiuncil , viy : A certain lot of erltllt ciit:ltedl in thie suiurb An nn'ei tin alias Lncoeree of tis city in sqeutre No 5, ald lort hving Frenelll menel e, Rl.folt iront ,n Te'hlou pihocultsn'trert, flit fret I'rt t lln Oratlerr stree, nind t;0 feret rlt I af-'det tll lo're ei tl-n, ts ill aii ch i innnler tlialt said tit ofirolnd is till feet wide m lonl orte eide of tIle sq uret tile ither, togethelr witil a dwelling uholte Iortf I c l le i l eneR to the kit ti c inI I,. p mndlnics, also tile dyislillr ef, m tIm "elsrk. Iheret otid outer Ietihliing ani ile i i Oullt eltalt trle mLehiTlervat, telile ilDE plelelS Inlle l itiec bke o .iigi tittostid oticrve itc dllelldtrleeon aind Itrepntenane'e, arld tile rigtlr tlaetlhtone, an e Irivileoe thkretii belonSgirg or nll nnv wle Aplt,prt,,inillp·. ,e eistr Ofliie, New Ora ens, loy 7. 18:18. t14,t2,1tj:l J. (11.1II. ePil .lte h CIrk. -ETA'IT I)E Lb"IiiUIi'lAhNKA--Uouri rie I'e:.ntss e l'tetr ln rmeoice el nill t de la N L nvcle Otleuinm. TS ''T i Lo' Ic O. inOUISIAt I'i.--A tou~ nfrex rle .l treesC II Eitc eoIlltretnx nlltl ers l : Aii Letnlllll reoiB Salles elalsC diil Qlt:it iitltior et12 filtes p:I. e Sel" dert peir o ui o ir e t.( ti e lie*lititl C ilr die eaeiiis, quis pourraietq a11vl'ir de itle A .a prr e il e tli-oprblsCI' ercficlth. e h' enln'jlete ticll le I':lil, e 1831, elt r oil eIi n clilolnlelllueiii I1n iealo It a Leietec B ilc I' blatr tie in Lcttieianie. irriirtl' "Acre. ititotreriOfirn1t, l let illt tlis- e eso llet i, neS isalietes hol;lll itreb ,l nm de I' ·I;I1 lt te Ir I.(lislarlle t't i e la C~lll lr ie P';ll'oisst' deli e, l Enlcr lller l~ll~ n't+ d~atl tillt ;lE 1I ill II lD B11 tiI l venlle, ou IptLor iiit atnlrE e: lcute qulelcolln e; de ai're v rli l·, d anl s tre llte j e ers a tl le t. d r la p nbl ie atio n d e r e nel a ~ si I'ollli t elite nilillsi taloe lie es eit itus coll l leri e citantichcguoe, I.e proltiiflf it vendltee cctt liticiii eerie toeItelie oirr dlentil do tet'ite I1;1B ell c rtui I]lln desirt tie tritetr citrr It i te Iberit+r de I'auneka ltsri. dulne 'l]'itiii'e di ttcAltecadrtahe1 eteale Harne, No 10,307 dii docket de cotte ( , . 1or i Iqtuelle venl'ie i tl Jumlei tiansr s'est rendu acqiei reur Iour Description dela Proprietd d'arb, s le transf'rI Judleiare, Saenic' I'nerltanin i t dIe terrt aitllni anl fallltirrg tIe l'knnoil eiatine alian I.tcourtI, dt eerie ville, danls I'tler 1, 5, le dit lot ele I'lre vaitlr [lleecre fr rein ,] soixnllttll pIPdi +It. faCe/ l I.~ucI T·ChOulitiulltt.i -ttoi.',-eut fled:, t. aoce d al ruP.tea •lr ,tltlirrt el t~aotlllle lli,'da~ ite dlIe fn l eilahrnde ioiiut il :1l(Iht e plIt ed it Inotc , errle a tuie. ltte pilEds do ar'lr t un lI ht It l'ilet . i ttante uiiei llie itent maiiii firleitni Ite i in rue T'Itl'ttit ollhrr 1 etlinmlt' tct i s e pellhnlllcs.t i ili qtre la distil'erie colnstruite sur l" dit h t, et :.ultres DAt t e et nitl 11lltietull''. lea iriieliile.-, nteirnsilte, i~tltn titiien. d ort. iep l r'leirnii ti lailt' dliatilir ie, . ae +ihltnt - - cp It litl~tr. al r, nuncrt ges etar, rloes droit. actious, pr 7 li.ilef:es a n14tkIij3 JrellierNo li trill e tie Ilotal (:olleire III EIo'.woi~ n± I)11)· pil p... t''' I hy I,·V 41141.111, I.-al ll~~l·(1 lh l··ICll"'lr~ V.1144 PIII·E~lr Iicla. f 4 is~lle 41111t11ll 11,. 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