Newspaper of True American, January 17, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated January 17, 1839 Page 1
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NEWC 12; CrTNIEW ORLEANS T'PiURSI)AY JIo NING, JANUARY 17 18,39 \ oL.-Vl nC) i85 rrrwds ; of the Patentrpe Irrenx o INe oA OrleafL -- tU . p A F 'lii F XILiS naa nnnonaly n R;rreed tout r nl nil,llnaredm aln o en L{A\d _.. .. .,,,,,,. ý,r r --- `,ýI_..V ,e.u«,.I r,.ýI ln,l ,, ,, ". ..r rr.hl....r l , IS I n ae 6 Bie t i.r - 4n I n " ',iiOf°J.L !ý:'ir1 iI11R O D .11 . NI:, I S A S.IIU II ; c a n \ '',I , i ll 11i 11 1 11 ' f 4 . __ ý _ ._ - Ternt of the .neitp tsper Press of Veid Orletls nil4 aliallt+nlree) I to v at e! ull onrItr III meeting .at tle I'roprieture, hlld on thell 3:lI of M arhli. 1l37. Rusecatlt.rl.s.--welv DI)ollar far thl dully per tnasimt, ptlv.rtiio ,e hi-ltlartllly iti alehtne: teie idollar fCr trle ti-rrcicly eoulltry paper, ptallble oie ear ill alvaIiice, where II) city r'eereulle is tivna. Ni a mhbcriptlit will hre dtletontinllel dlltil lrrenrige t are aettletl. In cace of di eontinualee, llne week's ntetic,. in writing sinsit it invariulb!y givent previarte- to ill axptirution of rumsriptili. duller Ptt wtifiere for the first ahretion, nom half that price fur eatelr abtisettqert tone ear mteriatl iltsltutun frum thle original adverteirment will ih elmarged ac uiew tne. T.uALI AuI)VETISeRs.-MerCthants annt Trl ere, arty dollars frn Engiith alone, and sixty for both Inn °aee i antnk, insuranue Oillieet, and otier ai t ir p Iblic tiariteiuttt , fifty dolllarc i. Enrlii. only, and eighty for both nllngnages; Ship and Steambhal Fac tors, or Celnnainnin morelhant a ixtydollars in Eniglilsh at, Ilandeighty tafor hotl iagllgtge. MtamRaean e, OBITARY Na'rlcEa, and article, call ing the artltltiu of tile pdtlir It sales oe iprulert, crdsl of passetrgers, I .ita, e&e. &Se. will he eltlrttfl itae dulltr ptr cqllare fur ite hrl t nsortion in in ecl an. gtmage. Cuion u.eATIOsn, or Aidvertr ecmttPc, or any terPtn al roltre, when ad.Ilentible, huall be cll arged dnulise, and in adeniae. A uledmctlon o.t.ynglh ve prcnt.e vwill h ben mae tIt Auctimmetrat Sillhlift I1agmllereu clr 1lie, r i eticitrlhnl ai sllera or real estate. punliithed in bult languages, and 50 per cent. ia Enollsh alonet: i per saent. n sanl of other prolerty. AteIaRTIKnr.ceTS tatt Or the direct line o hbtiiness of the advertiser,. etch ta legal, ucerion, tndl dtisr letli alen, runawny slaves, stray unieltle, &e. &c. will ta llargedl fur aettiattely, antd at tihe ordinary tlre". AmrctDsrTIE.MuN nolt peeifiedl a t tlime, will I.e Icthliahed one ltunth, und chargeil accnrringly No advertisementt of hlitkraptcipe will Ilt pulilrhed in any caUe, aines+ paid fr p)revious to intertinll, or payment gettrlcteed iy a rmitltlillilie persotu ill towll. ltrllmsr ma a ItllRer ptlaces if Iitereilnenl dverCiille daily ar thle season. to hre elrgedi $1011 fir lglinlh ta laie, cnd $151) in hottlllnagurce,. All cnnou'ett enti-i oi i rcticiiat,. fii r pnlitrctl oemcet ill lie chaurgedt doule the priene of other dvertise TOwing to the iT TElnlnellins lUlltitel nl Iv newsprn+,r llrlrlietll r+, threc litver ,itltle,, to lie (t'llelll imttlll tit t liet h ac non e rl s larlte , wllt erll einetllll hlavi i(it heo ll pi within onee month after prelelntttit, slill li ild e grtic. theimealver nt int ilvertite tor print fir lieC diJllnqnellt, ulllen inll c.eo l id nce palynltlx. Irigled) J. C. I)et S. Itihai: s J. RIAYON, i'. P. tEA, .I. .I'lRNl)ER.TiAST, J)IIiiN it.i.tN, I.I; hI -I.tEN. Weekly Prem.-W e, tte uidei.iteiid, u'ert hidr iLy rlIamve h ae cnJietilitn, atle us tlble lare iq Vcllienhhl Iti we,Klv lmatera. (& ucakedl A. . I . A \ WrViE i , No Mts d,!rilrct e. ro t tNell fir u y rs tlltl( l.llMlltil Lelter nuud t ntllU cl k+.te li dltroet plaid. N OTICE TO TIIE PUlBihIC.-Unfmlllldei rtmroas al toie itllereignitel haing irald lul, or dierotintintd liea old cad Iu.g e:ei.hlilmbed GAIIDEN SEED ST'TllE, Sha .i telnoe h rrite Sletri . "mit ia bee t mast indmctriasly eircrul.trd hly clIf. ilatereatld Ipatier , lthe rulrieribrer hIl to aI evter wit friadln generally, and the public it large, that ier .rill cnmtianeea within two doeurt o Ills late. or dormer retand, .e hbeftrniasIcd ,itlt a ful II d cT. tarive taupt,ly otf aill ter.tadard kiilld ofl killcheit "-r rugamLtla ,drdern St-d,, if tlh growlth arid ii ptort ofa the prauent Peaen. lii)T. Since Lthe etlity ialrt oa plrtemhrr. I e has rt tpeirld ample eappme. I-hsb ie pareklet iips Vtehl.e urcg, KltunkyI , and Acrki.wa, all mr,ried ill lcerti natagoa, direct firoa New Work. fy tie M i.ats-e. aippi ald aonttohr ptoet, he is in. duily roxlita-te YItn of a aupply Fruit 'l're, andC Aspritr:,ages Iuteta. tlrtoady reeei-,d ,tvulcni ta'cil L by ctmit. lime 1. icrthu e terth-^i to a"-cute tll -rll - wt largetliteim is bt ,pre-e"al as rel. ltbltllidta anraetl d vaeraerearderci fccli! he!Ino!hu'Ct .ctirira Seade, etht:r elcltinnle -er rltail, ts ie t ever Wl s llec Im+'firat ectml+tlhlmetll ill Jilllllriny, 1,2. Cent.try italiers nd 1Livkle (-: m rik :it r ' ot-derk "tnlmd ti Itce -.,x-.,, ...... i r",- ' , AlAi., .', . bl cItel Iputmhu , riei nd ti h 'e r h,1 S+,r- lJ,,:1 ,r1, l: stnlhgals, uither t 'rei:ilt .r ..l "+glnt eta+V +nl.,'aa'm tic otatiie 'ice i-tI"1 IA . 1,1 ii i1¢ ' i at.ual,,'te l'M 'h,1.I, t.ll Itact itic Ic t," e r St, rt r dried lmerl, l , h a t,.iypV lef'.ie. Anlle and Lun. ",,t Is r,;: ' il l ' r-| .J'o,,ll a, ' t.l, t ,oth r IIII t,.lle I, i r, , r. +,1, I e s r ,III+I. ii4 . , ni, i a le' , , .e - 1 l r.I" sssess o 01 f'r r es o 1 e n Ie ,.ae as esr Iaru led wail. 1t 1 tll thIe 1. 1· 'll0in 1('I1.11 Isi"" v I.- I swl the l nuio., i l sy lllllpoll irll I ,generally 1il-w" Raeni catsi es cared in two ot thr1, 5,, 5 ilthot the iese e of rl.ear, illtrrr.plilll from, 'll, issss, l r Iliet . llartn Larryl, a I'le .aied Irrth. lorgeolll, and wol ured ll 1, Alun g dllnl 0e0", '.lrl clrlampi:n, 1I1 w Inll h I" Is dis sa io 18 t ls e of Ves ee llllls i l i.leasn, rIn Isusl -st1 to well by ivig or.I rJoll " waO' lll , 1.1 p)ropellr I Tedi i s r i e si c l,'rt ssjurse t ine i il be put s ll a ish written ir. clirI lon r thellir 12e. 1' O1i1erop iea from 7 in the mourning uinlil 10 I'clock at nigllhr. tr. lerrnr l ly, iti gre sliest of I :nl ý' l rih n ri onsll was eropinion " 1 nsill '*,elth1 Of tilhe I isrl'alse th1 t 11 tc .nklii l originltr. in ll ll sir llh m Ic.h. 'TIi. I.lixir was u.sed by hu wir e tpshes I)m. ,st uprleleI 1ed r nee s inl Illi (isrte and publl i. Iso fI em .e r I ,uann i ,1 ' h lo ~pl, it flnr .nll.r lr e al oathe ' sllll t i ssietII s" d lr Loes ever prtdue, Fln daleacy, I)i-th e arll if tile, lon en urc' asilli l t he si ent, Ileoviot s of a he ve ry d l ar n incm . - rsli eiatssllp, Irreglllais the i r Iluwe,o nl d iteer riseadwas ksre tees thA.'gesl o io1s. f1e . habtrls is o r isnd t hsia s mndicines nh' t noiti s 11 Vsrs ree u l misss h e Irlu solt. i Olestion o l'te i niesthe5 al i lh tss retil u llur'l5 tI iurpe rs er i rodgioi csd, I at J is ,' ss 1 th rpa o itI , 8 wrr. Ilr nsedts h c by t elai lnetl, a s i urgl e slrllll e. II it o piea iie hasn i ilesdintht mi l t he l;iss., niles tit ldties snd a n uihi riih m ovhi t he ilt i 1ttss,lh 'lw h arm i ers ils irlle.iate Idslrtls d r s vll re tIs , ilnrs 11i r iir litflr LiysR epsi Ii lr Inllis e si lo ,h, a ld ti.rev is ifrurineaS i - f'tlure leriod. triman k eliw nt lllow is'so m nl'l It'ise tin 181s :35 Madisi old n s tree c t str:-ries e oisrislesrsi e icsdi a tsis entr lift, I ohrve slee Il t s r.suI , ml es nss less 'CI Ishsslessls l iisl. mgirees rss rltile, 1rren ils ss ells . lhl so 1.5 1 Teed insupssrl bler. Iss hs ae trise peab l s h, in ainn a ulbnrof tquck nsmgwinter, wrl at coder t iong any llweft. I dy lswirds osf eser o ssaini Negslls p ris sslls 'arelt .', rld r.Lisir nll enPlf r, thsso ti t srisd, llll iA lrsl etic ho:lixir. I hao ei n tiis llhedlll odlisIIf I II11 tlssis. p kwrsw srbi ow li s xpres tr ' .titlI o J it waosd r is s sfqslllls nllw sle ii lls,sle I , siste ssr ill relne tll E.lltd Trirhe EsIsfsi or ssei es rsms it selsd bI e li urelestrieg mrssdete d tha tlge silth e a .fi lee C uostii. t laring nllt o rall b rilsheaelt hll t-e li rllssarys hes orsigny soisy voeyJein. ioi xlpeli I'n e agrenl Inr in Isnese in s ri ssiossit o Isis tsi - lissslllls sililar to l th e l s , t ts Iof h isLtllll the I ilr r c l rlyslnl , sisr l si i is, li d s rillr l tlss sasfs. ginnierg ole nsulin wintelr, a Conldensaron df hidwednty volumh. of tie. Old aonl Ne1hw lcriut, mIo Martin' tLourisio Reporth , to be UnlonriMor in favr COe R rtisin r .re lie dt r This eworl is noira in preosdo i th . .ion y J. darrisons Es, of thi city, isi ed by Willimsh F.s sBand, Esn.i the Es diti t aie pcais ls p. llill sby 1e is in J slisd retired Judge of the Suprio elly ith llo re and y one of the sitting Jud es, wto pec fromi their persuonal sper isio all trhe advn lte which islay natiuly ie reaped froe /ln hir exp ris'c. Te warrk as the original is olumsinus, lxpen ivo, andtoroi. w in tra ini re uiosity too is.s l anit eerol. in Sthe llfr StateIs of te Uniol , in refilrenc rto nd pen l eHrisprudeoe ro Luias paitna; tsd tb circumstance of the nusitro principles hJere de. the nopwledrasl of ouriir aljudgd .ls est' otllrs uti crity thour.ll bietsof t pe ols Union. risiovser Sud ahu work in breeitg deep far trie Loeisn nsdecsioens fromn efreiah roesp te Convenient enler, ieiteCming saen pris ralll ses decided in teuisianto and ofcasfironlly thof e Iin the lily antheoritativo re rus of the oleser SMiesr, will oadd.oedReo erch cos. This work will nomu four volumn., royal .ctavo, (and will be Toh gErdet Id(oundo lipr tirott ti raa der vol.; in Lae irotlr sod l e oinlid tpreeltls hlo te nompred ntoit i Jd thries varIse ':sa the o ie Stase, wlbl myrihen will he r7 pefr eel. Subcariptious rkeivecd by %V04 MeliCPAN, Sseer Curnp sn Lulsrtiul .tao NEW ORLE:ANS Steam and Patent Biscuit iukery--laters and Htil am.. No. 9!?, ! rneac (.erstce I'.crcrc ricne aiin aa Iclc.i ) Pilot and Navy lroedc Scinh ald Wine Risacct, Sougar, fldtter, Midlord and \Vater Crnchers. All the abcve articles arc wrrcleacet to be rfthte firse qulity, and ric keep in any climate, beingr ee:npleltey kiln dried. . Also,I-Kiln dried corn medl, Orders left nat G. W. Pri chard and 'tgl.t, Jr. corner Magazine and Paydraus streets, willroeive prompt attnetion. Small Kiga put up expresely ftr family uok, 15noe SI)(It!? KY dol4 ap lI trilnlto kerg ?,ccl aucctec eceal tirereirtr NAI*."--71)) kPo ~ l'il. s Illrtoe, tie .ie by dis All t:H. rccWcrIcac,, ;7 t'rairc.n 1111 In st ti nfr (-' ule,'i xh.ul, . r. o m S.... crr. 15 [( EIIRtEYc--7 blfb Kerear r O T eEi, l ttrel c cccer Oc, 3:Ue.c ce winr Oil, 40 anlkcl ill tw.viesl ]. CJIN)LES---lO buxrs pernc Candles. fir sale by I, H GAI.E, d17 93e conmmrm s. _Ew PcJIK & II;CKF-rct"lcte screu, nccd 40 bbl. pIricce Perk .il bicl prcice lterl; licr ecclC hcV rIG 14 Ne)a'[L rc, e ea6 44 cireeg . c r ae tvcce (ticcg ,, acrc l es r ec neerc ille i e Iylr reti rn IIII • i Ii i1 1.1-l ielO I)P.-.l t,| hnnolllllll1. /lir ilrivitll em_- nd tilccasrcc. nice itac s (rcra Icec icr, tmree v ctpp] vl cI c A n let, . Mlile I aectce 7 If.ircc cv c s Irc.. " ir l~l • 111 .('oi lllvlll I Lo liP ill lf r,. It llte I.lmlisil n:, I··lllrnill. ·Uro \\'.tr l[ (l , , Ilovl3 V :(AILIT:' NI • ii IIhi.,,.,l-Y I,.hacer 1s, I~·~ir·'-. ., IIII n n : (llt., lh++ il~l'l vll Pi~.v1 l ;hr+' I T Io. iirIlll l',11·) " lf..O (lllt.,t Jiln ror lua. j <l ,.',,i,~ ,I I br', t,! ltt. .t . ' rrrlc .rie llccc nItt rreerccccr n (I'II cr~cncii'c tc1IcrII(I cci LOUISI tN. t I.NrIcIT'U 'rIc . ll lc re.icc' l i hP c c c e cll cl c ll l n1 r ccc" i . l .q 'p - .-.c cilcllc clrccccc,1 illhlc c)urd11r1i i " . ic' - I1'1'1, ill Ihe1 hn(1F llle(lll .illl.Y , i If I Ih il,'llllllirl (I l~lllr:Ill ',llr tr rl:l rll , ' i, lllllrlC~il L((( Il l((1 0 1~ 1ll7 llllll.? 11( 11. 1 (lll( illl) encIIel i Lt'Iecr cri, Ic, r wh,). .'. t I cc l h rhliir ,, "iiilllllllil<i ..,111" ' ll. 1' 1 t~FI i.. i.. 1;1 I) i " I, 1: 1" III l: -l,~ .'... ... . .;, I... .. li~ j .... lli~lil((.ilL,. i I" c cclll 'll cIcc cc ciccllr cc ci c c I cc illclfc , a crcccc Iccc i ei cccccncccc ic cc c l l cc"cli1i c . c :ccccc llc I c Cle l i IIII 'II rI ll+. tI I' I IIli 1 IIIII II~rll l lll ,l ' IICII1il (ll', i'll,..' liChI' 1 -llin iillcc'r (; ccl at . li che IIc IItrllllcllcr c Ic ilc c In lllccc ilclcr lln ,.t illllllhP b l lit 'L i lice er c lllllccccc h c Ii t i l lc 'I rll ll.lcr c ilcci I!.r\ril The nl· llw·ll~l~ll( Ii .ll~lilhihlt, l ll 1( llpi'illr .. ccrcrcl~ l llll cc c cllll el- I er, cc ccccIIcr IIc, Iru'ln llll . Icc ecce wcccrh Ihl cri " : rc clci I llllil llc(llc l ccc 11cc'c i i. U ll·~ Fllilln . :llli*·Y ll l (Jlll, <1: .111rll 'n I.IIl~l y"I~ N cccc.-clccrc/ i-hlrl, cc " ccc dcct ,\crccrc ii i c~ cecc.i cicy~ cc. I rrcrc-ccccnsy I c J'l ii ccll cn 'SIIA NNIi tr i .Il nccliicrrcc (l'iir . , irl" I' ,a lIZ I NNlt .,Ih Ictcitt1 AI.cZ:,n\IciI.,. S.1 c tIr.:11iIu.:'!N i,1-q, Nrrrct)rlc'nne. 'ePct-I:#-- ll: 44I44 w o , I , II ps shll, I _4, 4 4u .f4e i4444. 444 II ; It.+vn1,Sol. .,i ItIotal, hoplIeriii, C.0 hie" n11 d.... We V *I1irl 444(4.,n4'444 I 4,. ' 4', 4l I ,, , ad. I . 4( ',0 4,, ,lu. r r j II', nd r ' . I,.,+1 'l m oIU d ,',1 I .~II , '. . ... L 444. \'. ; ( 9'\ 'I4.' '. I '( Ilo: &. " ," n's hI,-r I(',", r llr' I.,fIr]d t I "lit,; IB .+,L- l fie I:4,'· ? 4 lll i.4 r I'l. rl- : 4'l l'" 11 4 b , 41. - :r 4I 4h4l.l ; I.fe llla, ui ,hll(;, t , l..,l ve,4h4 4 l-4 4 4;ll4 4 4 nII I I ll: Inlk Si.~4 "4 l ii4 .4osu'. rr ; ('lirln Ti -, rendL 9dh isnal ; |vlll r 2 ..0to. Inv. e .t inalll I'lh ,- »II e il 4 s III.,lll4 l-' Prl'prillr al'I n-. J!a' iannedl Tin J ll'e, ; ls i.hlA.r Co I7, l . 31; 4.I.ll ..'I.'I4 l4. ri4l 4 l , p llil 1 l4 i'4.'44, 444447444 4444,444. 44( 4 44r V'M( 'KE'T 11045I.° , \VAI.I.T.'=. I' lt4 ai, and .Il lr4 e o 1 ketll I nkslll, ( e-i M It'lnll 'r EN (I (II I.4:4 . Iletbn4m (old 4Pen (Holder(; fPearl 4 n44 4 il%.rdo., FATE O" L4(44.U itIA. First .1n4 dioo4IN Stric Courtl 'I'hursylv Ithe Gll duh u,1 Novembr. S IPreseLnt. te Ilon A t .l 411.:h4n4 ,J4 de. 4no. ,:t1i d I 4Ja4c4 Mthllal4 v ilv. this4 C lt' d Itor4 . 4I4 4 '4in4,v oIl'F. HI44 - il,)r. of tile iln-lllhelll anid fliiln_ 'I l lll dlll . I:t d bll ttimrl .a Illtls rlllse: It isZodnteredlllby the m:lalrl that 1Iha reditl- / Ilml.l ' id insollvent tl 1 Ill lttlers Intllre-t',1 , S.av 'dlls.withil ll e1days frm l n th. Il-lllu llt llo tlhis rule i. lyM. aid tabl.llll( n lll e Iii.i .. t hllllll4o ntl4 d and cIll corin l .('.ortihg Ito lht, and tlw I0 J.d hun ibuted in ac- a del--,hill I' Le.lli.. V(', Clrk. l Iý'I'.1'T 1E L1 L.OUISIANE, (Imur du P're,.ier I il)istrict J hi',d ire. Jet.ui, li. 4 )e4emhre : Pr4.ett , I'l.4nora4ll. A 31 ullcha4 n , ju4ll4ge. J4i4h Mi4l4v. y ve. 4ascreamnciers--No l,:;l4ti--lur motionlll le E. KO44 ve4r, r Iq.aov.t de A I.l5argue, (s,.d. J,' creanCierado i I'in4llv '4ble, 4t apres. avir 4 entre n tableau de di4jt - ill-llt eere .l utfxe, il eot ordoml qu'ontltr aalnW 1E dlesri tQ+ n (1e i'in.o:Ntble at antrl.. imt.retug+., aft. r nvi Iles raisons poul r hlest I ,les ledlit tlblelll Ie serlitli I ips h lolhogue at Conflllllillld cllll lui i t leg l'.jls Ib i tiarl I ll tw i ' lll on +eq u E.xltri I' nIin rtllers Td . I 4 I' A IeII -I iN C t J u d iIi l Oi - i ) tr1,- alCl ( i. J5ohn1 MalU I+oster vy Ill. (:ruldilor ihiiire nth n ili to lll . ,rn iJ .~ 'lel-ar4t il Sn enrdayl Ithe boneufit of lIe laws nIm !e fbr thel relief of insolvent a dehiblor ill acti ellnslldy; (`.swell land ( nd sullll rT. II fire appointed Io roprexscl the sbscnt creditors ill fuirs I 1 t I' artierr dlltecourt hlli m bit I .Ph c lncmr r. .:n. , 'lml"-3tiA,lf'34, . P I4:4l4l. 4NC, Dv t',,44.44 . 4 li4irri4 lJtl licinlrl J1n1111vt11he 4'4I'4r L44)4444 4c 4 1 v ler"anllilr, t' lofser8alelt d Il e I).v .x -'loste, r. I -rent cell. dt John l 1 4lu r FIos4t4 r l Ie 4 eC 4 4 . F s r & - " slllr it r IIt'r.. ll present r uis de 'nl r.e l hlll"r 'ln ieine t I .1 nr ll lli 4, :.!) d .' r t I 1 1.41r!44 iN l tll 44 1. '1ii44 flf, eii ?1 Th e SZllll 'li'll Tn .ili , JipIii, 4dll i ' I i nI4il 4'l 4 IIIIII. .11 .licnlllell de till4 l (rs ins(lv. bl4 es - ItIenII . C -lwell L& l IBr llll ('.s1r. Iso t iioun nes pII1 I...rlesl' nter e ri t lllan e Ic1'rs n 11n di I1 I. 'ctt I reelil'e.= 444 r orth44 c Ih et On, i,', I .. ,I','4 7 I' Ll':4l. \4', I4,l4;l4. 4rI. 1 n1' 1r cT 1''.1'i I IOF L,0 I1. NA.--I' ..h l0t0l Mil I44 r I' ftlri e » .dlla4444 .0,. No.11 i 4f 4 4414, '1) ll 4444.ll444 44 I(i'lllrti d v Ii..reditor dilll d the creditorsn(lll J n (f Ruud\ .% & elo. 'f It~ ·ll s.jlll ithl 0'09(rr i l v t. I .ili Irllr i4 4 tn4 44 44ted I4v 4 l44 e4 ll4rt 4 i( r llt. heolfi'44 444 hi4 e( rledilors anid Ihe creditor4 oil ,41I44 (: I 4hwl . It i ordePred 4 thait said cre.itorts io inea in the ie ofI II I Can1na, 's 1r "I l, on Fri 4ue4th3d '4 .4 n, 1 y, 13 , hf w an rly .' ndthereto Idelilwr.lle ( ipon ( " I0 ll 0 f.llbl *. t he ill i l -lvent, and in the In p tlll imell 11 p edig II a a I I . sl Ki,4 4 ,poitd to r, resent lhe n I e, t creditors i n Altl l NI) l'I'l..)r,,clerk. ('ler,'40 I 4 lllll4l44" L'44444b4 . 4t, I., 18.- i, ; - - --lt i- ---- - - - -- - - - ý n "i lI 'TlllN(;-- U lll . ,lle , clilltrlpi::.g t gee,. ral als h ) ollrlln l of R lll it , I'tl) ull., Vests1,Y whirls, &c. n (ll 4 4' 4 4ll l eu lll I tjl0 I lIII I J & Co, ":11 lin1g zines I ulir ai 4 ly I,y 444 illu i4t. i o:i', 4i ( rj w lle,'lee. /i l O )U IR .- - .Il 0 I sl h I "I I , ,Irr o l rI K urill l h S tlo rl r l S lnd for salle by ; IillllORllS Y, ja1l0 4-1 Nw Lcvee iPElil Carndler -llt 1oe.s, New ledlrl, just re. / eivel anl ltr sale by ,' 1.\1.1. r III.t) N, dl0 9. M..lgazine 4t - I'AT': OF , I:.' l m N.1, 1I.111 Court (-fr the Parish and City of New Or let, lans, Pre,-nt rihe Ihono thhe 'kh ie'.' Mlurian, C No. 11:si,i.hblu II, (:r.,r,000, i r n. el ru-to t44ll 4 n4 eeliil f .11" ihi 4 red444 or4 of ie I4n -olv 4n ore. ii opxn uonlr, on 3l ~ owiav the 17l1 dfit it1 her n t, then anl there to dI'.l1" Ure ,i the '-t e of+ iI ins.ol ~nt and in ihe m. dti neall proceed . gain l hi- p rlln ;,~ , ll rlpely are le ed. It i r ordered l, 'flTha,. 1f. KeI ed,', Esq., he ap t t", rrorer enl the (.ent erehoi . r . hIcrk's i iictoo, New (ilnuOs,i \ ,. r -':I 11"1:. A .t 31 L 'L, .. 4 u4v44 Cle 444 RA,\.DNENs. A ElrAUTIFIII. rLet ondidr es nht tgranieit rinn men t I Rll angn ol t.)l hu al :owain ner. h w t -men o fhp Iosis . i Poeallner'in ie, and proi re Hlr Iringfs an hile nap ainnre o id atl ie. O hiril r 1 s.e a t I 'n v In recnil at leine ilmlr vermd]. -,mo I , e li llll. eve I to SlIyl.y rlleie ,t It) lvoi:l tfi le.ess :11l 11 n( rr. of their aqtlntl.iaiii.rnne ihe remaininernf lel livet re con nqnlmntly snpnt in rtiltniet. e IIn SIho nar t v ran tile Ie.c of prnpenrti i tIllh enrriilo n thhhlkir rnv ltt iaitih that nenvv striking Blonrm it dle Ihen fis. t :i hir. Ta nlir l nil lthennale ti I ae' in l eiriiin tinnrni- l, (illhilgrne' hnle af ( Cnnmbin t Ip. the thir frll, tlitti otfi n tlin firetapplaentiin, n l ifer w ilr, le rnnw rnrh ic t .neni. It liktvlsn prdhlce, ever nin ad whit klers; i.reWnne ite hnir train turning irnv, makest it e o t brhnitirnlly, nnd fnrrs it nrom Nselrf. n aenereOii fertlni Iiete Iii' lit frl reslm etnahilit in i sppnrt I1t hra, virnrts if Oldridgl" Balm, i are Iow iiv i t e prpr iror., 0' il Rend the follNewing:- RLberi lacikrlna Estnq. late Mver of Plitlnt liph hlas reernlii' lx ellroly lilh. n belsi, to fliets l c aita tnof Il te llll wiI ieitnieltle . lrt Iiiidlr ipeintdl herehyon e rti i that we iraen tse: tihe hin ti nir o lleblia diseaverei t Jt ( rleverii nnat have flilll it higlity airvaiienle n tnV i e a in reve i ve mmtllah tile filling off f hair, hue also e(:elnsill re.tur live. JOIn HN 4 [I GI,[ell .:Io 1 L rnsli Ptt. •leto n ) 1 'I 1). I't l) inra , t JOI'IINl FI"t {Eel" Trl Spep.ncet s r,. J II N i :li )~ i Irn 1in 3 Art h sIer t. It i n kn 0wnl llr it 1h ie e Jf iiiho sinller. nI iii rl I, o tetrl t 'ihar ei 3l nt r nt l rri ilrst "tv tin rllh itri l 'II Ii I II Int o ,it, in ,Im ilnt l e wll ,,lesra J i' I vgli ...Iu ,l e I ,e. , l eidI Icenr, 31 'C'ile, bas'.e cIones ore~iened to llllnr1 ir .ftllhll: P e, I IIIdIre ar " I tem lltl. I " llr tl r nod rrll1 .,11 (: 1I Itl hB ai ndl l Itrlls It n t IIIt E rite ln i e i Int, e ii int ln Iii tin:e t ll Ie libt t amth ver , an t he s e.l-l of t t. r e t . T h IP1ce 1fllvmnninninir, I-(IIt ýiie f iri n LtOn, tn 11i l[ltI ,itVI F. Ii i in i inn I. iT nit iici ,N-t ... IiS : ihat in tinat*It hol f nlle I si tt i Ii Splendi l a ete rtl wre'nan :ri t nn ii w ni o i r i, ir t.i tel in .a e Ii nr-c m I i n 1 tSI,' ,hiolel t l,, IIan d rll l h niiu I ,ltl' e rn fir , \nl riut. n F lr tncl l ," I.u nit nt l e r oie h,:, .. I'I.lllI ·IIrtlrr tllllll IP/ mIoIstII+I I rll iicIIIIII lerfhllil+.r Sfr:: hr d lmt mtlllll rti. tJ ti Ihi n .\ili:nii ntitJ r it hlclitncti .nnte li n . Of )rlnnar. clO-aARI & C(P'ttti i-ititniln i-.Nientw Orlans ALi e ! of Pack, t :4i1ip I.- ITle nw t line o' shipsi n hi rtll ln rxir,rt ].y holil a l I &t l r I .eI n tt lt ;II sllll nil orrnllol rion t lier plssl gers, a ne every Ieflnbrt ,ill b l n deo to tiva C ,ilt al atie s i ctionI t Jn e 1ln ils colllosed ralllh Inn Iclb lIIIn .liilP: Cheraa et , 4tleen 15 l eins i a pig t.e.n n lar)ding,te Carolina, 4etdr1 do tn ti leisn . (iirlenelona , 371 tn I) lrltd e, e (' hlllilmn al ti), it) - ( I ,irecra , Seamlllln, 2411) la J (low , nlenythtr , 1125 di i inlledinrey. The Inhtvt slii t S itl ill ten, n of Ihr t irst t risc eoppt ein l n, lclr n i tjdIj er I , llennllinloiend by nneln elgn iat inl tnl nrlic cee, ll lr ll ;11:(:11lllcc ;<.l 1 illh It se arate,, Idlesch, e;e itr. :lhi, i,,i stn te nu ll tcltnlolng llntn lll ihn c cvPry i . nIi t u' tsricI pi ltd l I elr ll ittll. '1'h, placke, wllnt hn t In- nie I tnp an rd ,Iwn thI n li "Siolpip , aild i llln" s n"Iýi"sl lllll{,ll· llli y , ii V., re d 11 he+ InIert of .alljolj ,illrl a l 'lllI II1¢ r ,,r I Ir '.',.s-,,l {:rta i sthiit il;t d, lit I II:ug n oit Ii l t-in e li, :n Ith l: e l '.t 11 iii antelilllltl i ci tlt 1-a l ie iIL nn-. iis i, ' L. i ll titan i' Aill fiorward grnd. In n i, at n hu ,1.i iiniI lir. ni tl .l n reg in, and Inn mlvein all c t.,e li es OtI ;;ti t, hpln if i 'et q tl. 'l'h.: t.hiti n will ltn ve thi n i ta nil t( n l it vievii}" nIo thn . l".r enhigint nr t,1<.--r-, atplty eI Chl skit h t. . A , -tII III T T, 8i (I.IniII nI,,,, St. N . n. .\Advll < n:ll+llsmla In'ici oin c l.eai .nillhtee. . eh tarsnrt. A. (t." Lntibhrd & .o. FRANKLLs INFXIRIIARY l11 I: I !,it ' r' ,,e'liuy l n orll o£ elill rul ttlll h lil.lit'll I + tems,,l 1. enrte~d o i , "I m -t iei di I lan, ilnd t ra1nku , p on thIe ru I il ston Iale alt the .lloe e ' i t'i klfne buildings i' r li 1 l . ..l.roi',m, .. l i I, slY divish d, i t I lilr.bidlt+isg l ii ell sepalrats e dliselt hlsses, 1 nd i l]rtlla i tees , i si t ecis d.liiii cln , 'Th i +ntl tio ls Iuppli I ill l tle tun-t skilltd ausd s g ttlntive mlll e tan lt mIn Irat e , anllll' , d speakinLg thB e r I r eriu t oolmllst l ll t had by ientll mefnr at flle hil r) itar p r' dfyi , inh llldln..s ,ltrl ld: e tt , &ret. 'felrmlll ill thln or il erv + "trd , I l) dol la (wp r day. Sl lte alis tIwo dua i . t, nilm e l lll th 1 ile' t " w nrdt, lile dl"srs.t. u All ca ni ll in p ratiie ,ltra. - T'iep r'li ,nt wi I h" " ,i s it. I c tII atb wtesitso appli t io lar ull-lll u lln h, m ,. tre It r C A p I .,.st ,ilrig, N1 I i ttaoi spur r .is t_. . _ tl' Isr ( tltilA'l,'t. and isiw Year'N s ll-L-.A 'fw f'tei w l inlh ti i ''nll i , aIi n t . ltilu nl:l, .>ill lo i+ llh d - atl Ic UItisk-tcre oif AtI.X 'ti'I)WAlt, it e lsos cln be, had. dri--t I,-4s RUSITON & ASPI'NAIL' i CIOMI'PUNIS TONIC MIxTUI'UR.'L-A speedy I 'J and certtin crn tor tile Fever and Ague, remittent and intermittent lthvrs; prepared firn the original rncipn. Used wth msl tnaot sai ul i versal success iS 1832, by aerstons I the highest raspectabhlty is this city, as stated i thLie annexed certificates. This medicine is lighiy reto nmended, and has boon extensively nsad in the ablve dieaseat sil wih such distindgoished success, that the prloprietor if' the reespe haI been isnduced Io ltf wr it to the pub. lie in its present forinm in the hope that it smay ibe thle tl las of rclheving alny of those who are I euffering under tihe stcurge ofl n, rnetry. It is a ustline s' possessing alnd when u'seld acneording to Illt direetuslOll lina Iveri f l'ed of e'rectinlg i llrce, even ini tl IIIe iost lobstinaste stage of the disordut. It is not at all diagreoubhl , atd ptrsorls of tihe weakest stoimacl, and cllli!( 'll rll lay take h twitl iuwpniity. It Wtrengthns tIhe ligeilive organlls creates an appetite, and scldoin rutiolres nlore tiral oesle or ill obsltinlt eses, tiswo Imtla s to etItset a cure. There is ahilther miercury nor arsenic in the medicine, nor any thing ilnjurious to tIhe Ihutlilll constitution. IThe lproprietnrs are so well csovinced of its rtttency, that itey agree to refund the prce olf every botle which has been taken1 inll aecoid.tnc with tile directions anld ham not efltetcd a a perfet cL are of tlil i'bvr &i ague. A. OILIVER, sate iaii'nt far Niw Orleans, at his wlolhesal lndt retail dlrugl andi mledlOn store, corner of [ieinvelle nd Ilt liarL'es otroots. For District Agencies app!y to jc5 Ti. WV. $Set ITII, 48 Conti t. Fsney Piatci Slooks-Isder ts a head will be found a splelndl variley oft ladis' and gentlemen's po, kt books, note, aidl, nut die and thlead eascs, Fancy tlorks, t. spenhders, toe.--0' the latest pattorn anid t'f suprior qtuality, consisting of'planu unl t igured still, bulmw, v'elvet and cloth stocks, liaon btostis, plain, and fancy witll and without rutlles, shiart collirs, cousiridels called Walstington asllpenders, also, gui. el.tetie worst. ed anld cottout do, willth and without rollers, pantaloon straps with wire springstand a great va. riety of gentllmen's wear, made expressly for the retawl trade, by A. IL. Vanhorn and -can of Phila. delphia. cnlnbs--A genera' aud eompllllt.o atrtllnn ofcomibs flrom their mianit'eatory.Aiso, EIigislit t Sand Fren'ch dr:slllg c.llbs, itc dec27 A NDIHEW. eMITl & COt., respeclfully illor -L their trionts and the public it .ennril, hct they occopy the new brick shlop, 219 Teholupsn ouls s street, where they keep constantly on hand Copper, TI'nw and Sheet Iroen Ware, of every descriptlio, scch as copper stalls, kettles, and I) ewaps, till bath. ing to s, aud oil cans, of all sorts anld esus, and all other brass casting done at shortest notice. Grate bars of' cvery do criptionl , aslchl as steam boat stirrups, hog cllatis, secrsew ho!tre, asIi o.htlst kind ofsteannboat work, such ais chimneys, braclh. cp, ateam pipes. 'Ihlley will also do at kinds of out door work, msoh a- zinc, copper sand tLal rooli g and gitrg,ll, &e. They above and all othler kinds oi work tn their line of businelss, they will xelnte p t'le shortest notice. it i'a7 - . tl.ti tlI..-.-. 8 It a - ...... . ik l,,brlh ,, lU Inrge sites, rece.tid frIas sisile M i, ust l h tasp, I lIttl t' ;l i' ii', d:i31" 13 .\lHn" " *i A VA.\. A t:i)lF l"E- I;fi hIc l 'ioii l'sisii l It I t am. JIii.llt, l i' , .. is 1 \I., ,1 21.or AIl .MOtI rlIOlIDS. AY'S LINIMENiNT.-Na FlYtian.--'This ex. traornldmy l h en dl co p..l itioll, tLhe remit of ecionce, nod the irnventlin o n ecltbratecd mirdii e:ld man, the iatroduO.r, . r ioflhiah to thIo publ.rr was inveorted "witlh 1li c hirolIrIIty oa a delllthldl bequist, ions oinie irai'nd a reputatioi unparalirlhd, fully sustaininiiig tII e')Irectess of Lia laimented Dr Gridlcy'n LalL conlession, that "* ho dared lot die without giviny to pa(teriy tlhe beuefit of Iis knowledge on trio aulhiclt," and iheo thlcrelor iiqucatled to his lijeltd land attoadant, Soluolni flays, thle aecrctlof Iri discovery. It is now used in the principal hospitals, and the private practice ia our countlry, first and mlot eortainly for tie caurn of tlile PIh!s, onr on exten siely and efcIctually an to b.filie credulity, unlesc lwhcrr its efLects ale witnessed Extarnally In tile fallowini cIopllaints: For tIropsy-Creating extraordinalry absorption at once. All Swellings-Roducilg themr in a few homru Ilira.eumtiomn-Acuto or Chlrooe, giving qulch Sore Thront--By Cancers, Ulcers or Colls. Group and \VWhooping Cough-l-Exlcternally, and over tIh Chesl. A41 Bruines, Sprains, and Durns-Curing in a few hours. Sorcs and U'lcers--Wlhether fresh or long stnnding, and fever sores. Its olreratirnr uipon i ltort and children in reduc loe rhIeumati, swellings, and louaening cughs and ightnesn of the chestety leleaxtion of the rarls, lia ben n surprising tbeynl conlaeptin. The nromotn rnemarlk of triosr wie hoave u.d it in tihe Pdles, in ' It acts uke achartn." TI'll PILES--The price, sl in re'liladod to any pcrain wiho will u0e a iottle of lioy's Linilrneut ir ttte Pilec, aind return thIe emply hlutle withoutr ping eared. 'I'isne are the positive orders of the prnpietlor to thie Agents; and out ol' many thou. oiands abld, tlot ini Is inbn. unslnlCCesSfill. WV might insert certeilcates it any hrllttr, but refe'r that iithose who cll thie artiolc, srhlutld rn illtit the eriginal ta purchasers. CAUIrON-Nare can be genurino winthlnut n opieodid ongrilvecd wrilalr, on which is toy noane, ad also thlt'ofthl, AgI'-t.i SOLONION IlAYti. S.l-l wluolesn!e and reail, by COMS'I'OCK & Cni,New Y ark, and iy one DIruggist in every tiwn Iii the UIttni. Itor s;ale iy ti WVholhsalrr! Ap.ente. corner of Cutrlll noa 'T'cilioupitoulas tleit, ald Ily the Allrtheclries generially. jn3r) ij 1 uin:' tau.lmtt'i ',.',lii- tN frtriil; I 1, 1 , ? i" i -till· 1II1·~ i lll lil(· l . il~ l t,+ l'iIv, mulelIr the '-<ri. r lir ,w, aid lire Inlkin the Iltn'ea Si. .Jrrltcel : J. t il lli. ( lIW . rtoar ,t..vlear %hitlian & ltrk, unl.lonl o cat. W l tignu t l l, l i. l t'l't rt \Iwl'tioarn. J h'lyl'r &I i. i us :ll lt .& r Sh pl rof ig..ihdl n . l "ti littld i . ll., Walki l r, , ln ll) l ((l y I., Griti i " Chitka . in0 , l0o. l i s ), a 1 o. Phi, ) .... . .. A Tr ue, St . lll l.ou lll 19 I nlt IJ lrulllll i Chrll s M' rii'i iim. -1t l i li ,r, L Nt1e l r l P lt , ran e ' r :Aler, "deinre lert een elptt il allln Jili l li 'I I ni t I o. r n . ' " u ti 1 A-II III'. ii ll ltrttr'r- i stI~ il t' I tF Ii Nil/R(I 1 ' ·itn I-rIr· III - ler it t rat1 I . Itrida'' I, h rirrir O, lI< Ii 1\ T r'"1., lhlh , E+, IE S ofhIih it ' .. 1·. .Ii'1' 1 iAt ' Ia II hI r'rr ttr'r-I·-i r r llt t It It a l itrr jdttiria itiniai e en rkei s oit l 'iln n, rul e ('Iri , r a-rttrlr hir'e , r- e I l Oal |;,,Inr, th , use oftihn ti, r 1 'rit r " hhi r' - 1·4.. 1 111·1; 1~.1r·-. l h~d rr ,,l I nII.llll llr·. III+III d htl~ll itll \ SI-ntar Iisa tra tIlnt enn or, y tori Il tr Illuln ioliL ' rt lil ' re i ii ri 'h ll. t lr l ii Y II' i Iii' , l 'l i"t ithii i ro il-'- d i''' l it lol' . ll'tll &I C1 1 iii ta' t(ill ii iill, l' II'iellaialll , rIta ;trlell -lir; i l'l . lix t1,.1tl1 I'~I1 lIIllllo ~ltt" :li' ~l-il~l~lll't" I,"+. ely 411.+. +I'SI [I , ii. i ( 'I;*1 i I t, I).' i;,+, ,,i . II |'1' r1· -h111-(·1111 2 Ii'ii I' | ill' ?+i+',. *(lflD . -I. t'ilh t ~,dl tl h lll.s +.l~il 'nlll* .hn[2/1 ' I)Ci ,..-II I +lh, H;1.;t; ,\i.. [.|1,(·l !· -I PTi 10i. lal,,.l r:,l il Irl'lJI· L ·llr. +l'l l it tlll lil. .. :l ~iul' l t I, I · I, lh ll A rr t rl, li rllIn t I' e it I r,i· , V tll't· (Ilelct'l lltll ,tllli· .ill. ,"~lhl . Rll~ l r h,,il P l~ll+l~ le IP 0, l e h ' I IIiih ii ii rllrle il . ' irui r '.l al·tI t I..: l,) l~ x. 111II IldB 11ZI 1 tJll~lfl )1ll i: I l· * )l'll llUII. I+,uIni. A. lilif fl', CI, Nll IU'.ittIN'T er< tI+\,'tl-i.l;+.rt,u .-or,,.ir lii,,i , ri h I -',i hirir Iiii lii i i l i )e n i i +' wi i l- it tl t h 'i tin' i i h , dliiit lr I l tli i ,i r 1 IL .,1 Ct, nll h airtohnaed hrio li trt eri (ii~,u .il.~l m lg <rkc~h baeattritlld,rritnip tun S t+)ftn. &C(eo Cil iiI luritiutl 'er~r'P or o. .-'ll - ~ sat thn,' {'ill u luyi eiui ~ ,, to ii p. I l i- lUtih+ dmuil, I+ rito ''iii rhtreuq y h l'-Ký~~~~~ awi.\ 11I-Jl I Ec~l~s CO 1·ov·lll r 93 (7 , UUnI.PI 111 O:,Jjl)INS &. 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I hle ;aei n;l , heartit and b1),it l ( +- t ;,,I -, ill, Ill.oion: & lydranhir (',,,,t t. :l ':ih,. inl 1, tlogeth r a a p till I l dl d aInIo illl t lt i. ,r . i nt ad li tI s a.d 1 i . l rusi In (Ir' , ofk te nlwel t ndI oit al pprovied p.itttrnl. (l.'''I"rin g done in the nerest an , A Il: Ct,.F'1N oliortb t1 itlliii. lll, lil~lo .tloo t L tt .:h rlt,"i t l 1 ', 'i v nh ave first rat es utdktin',. tol ' ;i the t hiivi w ork.' . y . s , +\111i1 · 41 I .F1 1)11 & V 1 )IO ' 1 \ Sr Ituo 'I NAI, ttof on iii :a rnr 'o',uI r bt;-id l ifthe Rckv M' . 1nai n, u it . ir t oo'' d.r t tiol i "o, the," A l C F' 31, pcrfor,,nd ,n tlh r s 1 ,,r.i .3, ':h t and .3; conlttailuing ;d, sen+ptli , inn of the g'.' r,,lp ,y. F,. elegy, chliate and productlons, ;nlld maw ul^ tald i t. iooriv And r ti"lt o tit lt ti tt ; with a Al ip or Or (o . ' It,,rv, b. ,t 1-, ~t.tSImi l Pitark or, A l l ,i- leoro t oand 'It l t.,lort; or I.ecol' ., Ito IC. th itot,, , to i N t o, ':hart ',u.; Iy 3.l> S I rdt ,I a d , oftth Ie t i t o .o , l, i t.oi,,, i . it . i :i 'N 'T'ie IRobber, .t 'I'Tle, the .unt r of RIcheliet, T i, ( .1,Alil l , ;int ' , T , [ ''. " ri-; nr Ad, -'I'r in a . onn~itr IIm+,, ac ol hth hr s. y Iynr y l, n. lp'nil. I 1. lnt o','r, M rs N\-t, ,, n.r:. ( rnn:,!wal, M r, o.. r.r, pt;l~talnn .\Aldtwi n a nld her.; ,,, "? vols. S'1', . i , tn 1 Aid ,,ntul,,+ of Nn l, h l s N1 Wr' v. i 1d!tcd by liaz w ith I[!n tratino > hv i'i ,iz, N o. i. Jut t ret rived ,li to at lto i l. " . . . 1. . , . .. <t'I li., - I: t ' l i fr -nlh b I'. T ':"bl , 1V. Wor-k a Za-ltimor Pracrkets ijlAt;rTIH FOR NE1W Y0 NlK-Newn( I --'', s;ll ptncltully every ecuond Mondi . y 4 *1,ir. ih,. r a tl, ii; or not' full. hip ()lran, 599 tons S. Scar., Ship AlahIMima, 474 do C. C. Ilcrr'; :hip Arkartrns, 627 do E S'Detoul:, Ship S rlao., .512 dlo Wi taw'ay, lbIt, N.a vlr, t 540 do D J;ck cton, .'tip Kentuckly, 6$29 do Boiukcr Thie aova hilps are of the first ctlam. colpern'd. and copper fairct,,d, a.d having been built in New \trkl 'x, rnssly for thie trade, thiy are of light '!r':t lIof wii r i ;ll ialtnlo invariably cross thet hur wthtout a;li' dr.i'itinn. 'the comimanders are men Iof lrr;lt i xpl:roice, ald tlhe I hIpl4 wiit, ia i"ayl he tner·dl up nld down the Mississippi by steambnlu,'o T',yhV h ,ve hv'(:sOmnI firn ll'hd iaccomllmOds nlil, ntI toers of ht tl st itrdescrlllption will alwnys tar llrirl,I. Theil cboin passage is $90 withlout , itte or liquor, and there is no liquor furnished ito the ,tfiterlirr crew. For ftiight ior passage applty on I)ar, or to ' II C A11ES, 48 Camp s1. 'he sit!,tp arte not necouritable for brealiktgt af !lans, hodllow ware, marllei or granitP, cooperag' tof IIn,.or r..rt of iron or rsrel, nor responsible fiw any p>l:kuprt or pretl, untles a regular billa( ito xtiluted thurelor at the r fi., ofl the etl.. nov27 1:; OIRL.ANS \No I' 1 AI, fIIOfl E LINE OF 1'1\ TiI'IS. T'f i, line will cos,~r t , tf ti4 fillowing vs-"o's, tihnt. l,,v u bIn Itilt or apurh'lrased expressly Ir ti l t I tr i, , v 7: hapt .'iat er,, ak ,1y, r Nicrtersn, leit i'rry, nrw oR:vers, Solno101 uhlttnl, " Latham, Li; Ar.iltitet, , * Gray. iThs1: tt-tit are ofIlltr first clncs, hard hand. n oow. illlrl-hed - oOIIHIUdtlon; , and are of' a light SItr;l l,' o l( l.-, -l ,I(IIIt oI lrtlr reteivini g irnd ,'ht tr"pi:! itill iariorst in lit raltiollote, at the city. St ilal bt takri ftor ponrt otil tihe Chesalpeak. r .,, ' Rvr, and orwnardrld by tih agentr, 'i, -,i. ('IA aIK E & IiEI.IiuG. t 1Ullltunoi: on . go . nn } s hltplp,'d will hIle' avt..II d wtIc n u ,i d. '. l . plcte , t'I pal.- ins. r I u fixed t 4(1O, l:+, " l. re+ t a sttt oo .htly ,ill ae provided. i, of dI t i tt `l, tsa tl li wti bit t.ild. n IF -i li li r po ; tt"- g'.', apply to 0097 "22 leuivil.e.t. I'ft 1.I'W YttI. [I .'i;:una t.d NT i York .ane iof Packe.ts ] I ll, .llp+s m tn'po.itg this lane wil nail from ev (),-Orloln ald l:w Y,rk 1ni every othelr Mon ne,"r-,;nlI-eing oni.i. , 21 I Notý\ 'i-br-aund to r in. i hI , oin' ti ly· nI it t the hi , Ie of ttilllg, ite I1 , :'I nu- t, ;i. , ta l r.tir ItIl tve ar+ oll, t, v tZ: lIp t Y Ij. t I ' thin t' t r t-k, to leav on .te 20th, ,hipl L, -,i v :+h', C': pl.., in P 'nllle r, Id leiveO on tkLon - ilI ])i':t'i'It itii.i S'lip li .,ul-vi ! e Captain Ell rilg.', ti leave on the `:'ip 1 ek b-hr , (',,p ii at W ooita.', to louave on tiie 1 t 1 Janrl". :-hipl \t: l'1l ii ItJ vis, to len ve on tlhe ''h:: . vtl larep nil new.,. o It f irt I.r l a , copper. "l s ;lll pl ll4'[ r I+I+ If d, .. d i w +rd..s Il ,50( 11to I. u~ ho, II : ,lh . o11f l'.hlt ,!rolls ,J)t ,i If;:t(,r, blrlilltg balilt It N iw uI , t ltr,-lt tI-h tic The pricO SI1,::e is flixt d at i 1 I() (d llar,: Ith ir cahilisare liitt+l ll il I1l<+ 1mooL Il pt1,)v,.d olli eonvelient l + ;l-~ tilll t Inn :I t ;,ld I' ..,-Ia n rit'le Alu. p'l 0 . te- ~I ith,. firt:1 !Inullty w, all he povlded, nlltd evr iv trtrld paid:I t(o 110 clnll, irt Land enlltire , ( f t.],inrr, w io % t I;! p i'ea.e talke io. '~ 0. o, i', hi (!.~I n h iuc d titl paid lhr at " ,i all t,,,,"' ho.0, , , .,..+ (' . p:,i by I t la;lllllatit i , ll tile t tricttli pUItCLU ality I- td ill I ll' ] ti tf r.Ilil*.. 'J,'1 ,' uI Ii,,r e orf Ib n slY's n i ill not be rspop nsi. i"+." !, or t 1, cr, i': tcr a.l ,r I ' tackt,. -,. scot bIy or I I I. , gutar bill of tiading 1 t o,1, i !+,r,, r, ~1 the eountiog h Iu the tgtit tor ottira. For tirtlh r parltlcrita s apply to J i) I U; & A ('OIIEN, ,rr\ 7 ll0 ('ummon at [IL.ui -i+:1m ill a . .'w Yulk l.ine of lackesl.] ! i I. I. -l ,;P. rf uto l,,, lle t Ih l rl.ti, to 'lu .1 (1 rob Man ,Now i {.I ra·1. l. Hul i : ,11 .'". 1I r (,11 1/11- Lg l I Iv __ hnlloj l ulell I l t h ll h.~ l ht r lol, 1 4 ulov o lo "ilh4 II, plnlt.r lll- . sd ll tI It h i t 'lt to il v, on the tx I t ,triar I , ,li it WXAooal,.nllt, to tloe the i .l , tt i, o i o th th 1b,1 !l T'1i l l" aile tsh in a 'i-l 11 o I e.v. r [.f ih on thecl a I,,hIs lu x,'t, 1 I.c t rhu! I rowd n tr/h rc, p ll li \i n UNn d Ulll' l ts. ate ll l on ill th .y, .|11.J, .,++pi, 'i:,llu Dlll a i,, I ,, htleave lli n the lu[hd 1,irt~~ rld rolipl tels l it, A u le i sslt t oo ts bulIu11l lot "1' , 'ba le t r lr l! l f t v b' I ti'. 'cils wll u ltxl \,1"v 1 I o In' pthl i Itil l 11e Irllr '. 'i1 Ill ce ol f ill"si tt ll si' 1 111% ;,i orrC + l i ,ip/.'ors 'I bIl'. ca hin 1g'a iod i i 3he 1o 11, 111x isip i' I.. l l, tl m' ,it "iu 1 '111 -.: t -1": ,:1 .i t:. Is ':- e Iniglr tll + !'- .i +." oI " [tl ," l"i( l.u , n l l.lcp !Pr ettd la hips1111, 1 wottllr node ro ile fr S ~li, , 11 1 r s ,li ll -l ,t t , II l ttt telmi utli ed, il. i. lpla , i . , :.i hi .tt111 t.ulit;I ti. h tll. I te ttill :i t all rilll,"; I."' t,,,,I rI i d lo IONULt dh, ilissilpi byI E 'l'h 1 , su 1 ý,, . C( IT p , ill l ot bi rl u. ibl fr .r 1- l's,','' I r 1 i t iart y tao 1 ar e o en ford . yi ti .., h,,- .....n 1,"_ 0!:,5 ' 1 f .uLeisu'l , 5 t lle n d. Fir 11 t stir , al 1 I b· m,,. Ia-e, it m.ool us'u ig actl e run d t t t rtta n,, i t l IIr bare lu llll n tt , lotoo tole the9 ti.I, I n plI. - INll IIOUS Et " Il: IIt . t' \ rtr .\ ruiEIA. it f It H ito"h l ul ea 1 tt . , il o tautia r tlr lt l, t 11w Air O I , I 1'"`,J ýl-l i .11,1 to iJ n Itt. .ltiO (, 'O P , `. 'II I o.. 1," n .l.-' I, iu . +. , i e ,.:ll to r be e 'oun in i i. lL-onI tIl11 tttt nod r i i. . , ll it ai lt., t iellan ian, su, nU 0;- (;,II ~ I~·.. II4- l- h +IIr, n h IIfr i[e | r alc s ith at r l l. bet o 1' 1tl .b.l- ,.1t be`r ii'o lt1d,( d k tinll l rllo t. A ThebLi tl tart stcir -lottt'tati fthtt e iar S tl I1 n hd ti u hreur, with gotd otulNE ud0 - ol .,, 11 u ,. ra. (*lw L1 I o oIt, r it '-ot. Il to pmnie, lelI Itior i ii--i to l lh i. I.:iUoa is no Urts ler arlyse ntl die tot otu~it 1t.1tx1 ll , tao litto. l ii. a-nyn, le 1 hto ht' fhrniehed, l It r t. t n r to ore mi nh tee.s tfrtn lil t t.. b t . 'lhl: n d hIquo ill 1t I 1 i h1" I , il tl to ulz e rom1 noisily of I' , r,,, X b ,,. t I h ei,, urdrl, v, , iite l, N lri,. 11' tl I r, dnrick liuiu 1-,: l, whe ho rmerly kpt, at so Oin r t Ihe o<i hb , lh I 1- T lor, h ll, lllideltqi u iPi t t s -.1 lt 1,-i . ,hr, tod h1.; f'h midu ni e tlle loln', fhot .:r. I I,1- ethe h +' ,te earL'_..l tofl t L a ' o m '+I It+ 'c :,1 ,. iiI.+.i pt 1h s rllhe, are to o %"i It, . i ttl t r l, l I , it t le hllx n l etut un of thE i1l 1 r tinh l c.-r it1 ,1 11,4i ha, and sith neighbouring n.+ht d 1I ri'l, l n I ti so' h l odu ru y u tud deli..ay of thu ih b wll, v .h i the alt.,r .,bio l ; a wl l its proximity N B ARNOLD. _; T1 . I'll, ~"n lVl-ili. to rnznge roets foro hheir , .In tee t , t re,+ ,.

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