Newspaper of True American, January 17, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated January 17, 1839 Page 2
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T AY, 1ath ?aingry 1839. lQoaqittll t. pelunant to edj~ttrnnlent: Pton. J.ehila lidwiun, Remrd r ; Alder. I I Gpuieydl. Looket. Meux, Nix.o, PeI. ity nd Yolke. lot leprccoding meeting hav'ng I ppthr n or wa. rncived, r. h o h M resolution passed at i Pof itiia` t instant, authorising I i iir lh certain infunmation. IiiHr the ol~tncil several s ti lbhit of the Police Re. . which was, on motion, he relaurer for the thb, t 0 Bitted..aelwino the balance at I b hee alponed to $101,66 87 ; re 9,707 93; Expeerded $36,719:-14; bdy 67,ss6 96. ont of the arme OflRer for the past A th balaeoco tobhve been b67,656 96; t lt 0i. 2;, Exp.nded $40,170 12; dte $j73,06 06. ot tlhe.Attirnoy of the Munioipality, in i oelairs for pavigl, was referred to the A rm D. C. llotihkiss war referr d to eil o 8trteot and Landlngs. Sof oertaiin vrnders of Wood to the Polioe. OfiJple!aih Connelly to Claimn. Of C. P;J DoFontermiie, to Finance. A co.mnuniication from S. II Turner, collector oftlbe .o'sTraere., dec. which was laid on the tabli.. eit meeting ofl Ihe Council. r.g.loyd., Chuirman of the Cmmittee- on toile Landings miade the following report, e ao"espnied with the anltneed resolution, whlich tle. nlies being dispeneod with wae adopted. Thi Committib on 0 Irenete and Landings beg leaVrei rtieort, tlat they Ihave elimrnined the pro. poitiiia eoJ. X. MiF.riane to ell to h Muni. eialiity i p ,rtion of ground on poydran street, in orde-eald street may be widened, &c. and Ire ton. -etrand-to report aganinst acceding to the propo. nition. Time law of 30 April, 1831, provides that all such lmprOvesment shou d be made at the exapense of the parties immediately interested; namely, the proper holders to the vicinity. Your Committee hink favorably of the improvement suggested by Dr. McFarlite, but the first slep to be taken iu ordet'thatu the Council cal aet. is to petition, in which cat the neighllbrlg irorperty owners lu t jam, stliug their wishes that the street be wilen. ed seder the provisions ut the law of 31 of April, T'l'e Committeo therefore pray to be diaclharged Sfrom any flrther consitderation on the subject. The Coinmittee have examtined the claima of Mr. R. M. Davis fbordalmage ustained by him in con e"quence of an incorrect levie given him by the late Surveyor, and are opinion that said Davis is entitled to eompnsoatiom therefor to tim extunt of three huldred dollars. SPENCER GLOYD, Cit'n, BAML. J. PETERS, BENJ. WHITNEY. Ree.'ved, That the sum o. $300 be paid to R. M. Davis in full flr damages sustained by him in so sequence o f incorrect levies given him by the1 late Onrveyor of this Ilunicipehty. Mr. Petere, Chairman oftthe Fttanico Comtmittee preemntledtlhe following report wlhiclh, mn nutliom, was adopted, January 1ot 1839. The Fmnance Coamnittee in conformity with the course beret flre pursued at the co:mmencement ofeaeh year, respectflu! y subnmit to the Coutecil a statement of the fiseal osairs of tilto Municipality, with thleir opinion of the probable ways and means, and expenditures for the year. It is highly.gratifyig to tthe Comnittee to be able to state tlhat all their ftunrullo predictio a with respect to the incenoasing resources of the Monicipality, made in theLir iannual report. Inave been more thllaen realized. 'Tihe rovenie dliritg 163S ha. been 241,519 initend of $183,906 ais was estimuated; while that for tio lreent yeaour will be not hress than $60,000 instead of $.210,006 as was stated in the last annuial report During tihe last year the eirrent expenditure exceeded the currenti revenee O2794; this year the icomen from the same sources ill exceed the expenditure 835,600. 'TIe intarest on tlo debt of thie Munieipality, annmout. mg to $68,160 is included in the current expein. daitr,'. The total atmount of the dihts of the Munici. paliay, in every slhape is $1,5790217 25 constituted as fallow:: BONDS. Ile:e..luel.litROend.d.niehfatilyite;tik, ye6$tr000 Yp. 4l, , ie ,f l'ydrtn M, a.. 3e.I1, I t, t.... Cily Cant. i o,,,, ....Mrh.°Jl+ I.A.....J p r 2 .. 150 .l ....Jae. tt,..Tai oter. .. .....iAue'', it . .. t i tleUlxZ 0a5 t level C 1 IG 020 ....Ucs. I, S k .,...3i3 .. 3 ,4M t Dill, psyphle ci irco.0 17:,4tU0l ailiml te. in calr uln*ton 2,etc Cs TIo meet the bonds now amnunting to 181,165 0001 the Sinking Fund was estahllnhed ; it con. tamns in notes secured by mortgage on valuable city property, notes discounted for and endorsed by thIe Treasurer Real Estate and Cash 1382,7t26 07. The annual accumulation ofttis sum, at componund interest, added to the annual delposit of $18,000 from the re veone of the St. Mary's Market, will pl.ed in 1851 when the first series of botds of Diiwui fall due, ."3010,000 and will empy pro. vide lin tile payment of' s atnah larger aniouit than the present debt at the period it iulls due. No notes are discounted by tile Commissioners of this fund but those belonging to the Municipality, which are all endorsed by the Treasurer. The fund will im'a sl ort titme furnish such facilities to the Treasury as to render it umnrrcessorv to rely on the Bainks for dircounting bills receivable belong. imu to it. The large amount of debt created since May 1836, has aeon caused as follows: By paving streets and smaking ride-walks $873,690 56; for public works iii the port $252,391 25-11)0. Di count on heonds, payable at their maturity $153,600. Real Estate for Municipnl i.all and Muiketts; Market lHouses; and in 1836 and 1837 by the excess of the earrent expenditure over the current icomao. Thiasinking ifud amtply providing for tihe bonds issued, other liabilities are to be mot by the re. sources ofthe Treasury. The amount of said liabili. ties is $413,274 25.100. The melans on which we rely for thime payment of this sun are Cash on hand, . 01,668 87 Bills Receivable on hand, 37,0t02 Reimbursement fcr prying ntow due by indivtduals, 106,310 74 Due frout individuals for open. ing Streets. 18,950 93 Arrear T.xers fr 1836, 1637, and 1838, 71,606 78 Reimlbursement fur paving to be made durintg 1839, estima. ted at 60,000 Due from th firset and thlird MIu. nicipalities to ILrvee dues, 3.700 Excess of revenue over expendi ture in 1839, 35,009 Amount due in from 1 to 8 years for bonds adva . ced on R. If. McN.lir i Cotto.n Press as. sumnd by John Mmatul and others, 45,000 Open credit in tile G:ts and Car. rollton Banks by law, and in tihe Uion Batik biy agrp . enalt, 100,001 $579,239 41 Should the collection of these sums not keep pace the demands on the Trearury, temporary loans from thie Banks may with groat confidence be depended upon; while tie tsinking fund will aid in converting into mioney the long autes collected froem indiei nuls for paving. During the Iresent year little or no expenditure will be required en thie lardings, while the paving, whieh willbe eonti:.ued with unabated vigor, will be paid for in beonds. After this year, if the present rate of taxation be continued, the excess of the revenue over the ex. penditmres, will provi e for the paving of the streets and for keeping in repair tihe wharves and levams. i oit is highly probable that in farther i sue bf bonds will be required. The financial condition of the Second Muni. cipality furnishes just cause of eongratulation to time Council when it is renetmb, red t'Ost three years have oit yet elapsed since the people of this part of New Orleans were permmltte4 to umanage their own affairs, that they conmnenced almost without resourees and without credit; with streets unpaved, the port deserted and in a dilapldated c0nditinn. That since May. 1836, improvements have been mandeby which the port of this Municipality is se eead to that of no city inl the Union fer conven. ioine to commeree and accommodation and safety tetheshipp ng; that all the most important streets have been paved;'markets extended sad establi I. ee, new and important streets opened; a general police established and mainteined, which for its eailele y iauonmrpassed in any country; the low Inmds in time rear of the Municipality being re claimed, thereby rendermlg a source of wealth that whih was befer, considered cause oum ,ioaa by pre. veutimg the waters from fiowin!.Og Ihly fran time p6epUlatd pt of the rear of the M unieipal. i te are time principal amelieaioua wlich hm·pelasa mmame in a period hlosN of three years, !Y sol f i n smpiovemoante the general i oi ,the Municipal ty arem iaeulable, I ut ut 5cn. osid+r~d p~,pa that the Fllm,,ne tewIt a ould ihow wikm t have beel the indi. t see at tietm on tL tlnamnae. +k- tmnp srleeofn.fa all ;ourere in 1Ja8 was 1ag S173;tia w will be from the ameorers and witlnmut sny ipddtinau l rate of taxatiOn 6160,. 000, slowinug an increase im t! .re years of AlGO,OOOn while .4wlatoerest E have to pnay on the Mt orealt' l`i trodgoa thin ic.reased Inaeone lkitt 688,000 -.num. The caosns which hanteed to this tilIt continue to operate; and it 1i unr ~sonnnabl to torediet that in two 3years tbhea .i reeveuml u ll exceed the expean- t dituree from -00 000 tn-o$1I00. As the General Council- ieaonne athorized to I, fix the rate of taxatioi, except on real estate, this surplus can only hbe prevented by rapealing all -I taxes on real estate and slaves within this Miunici pality, or by epprepricting the nnrpful totl re. dall pteon oflhe Muticlpality debt at the market Ni price, the paving of streets, the erection of a Mu nietpal Hall, and the emnellibshment of public squares, le Beialde the resources of the Municipality alrea. Sa dy enumerated, there are otbser ol vast mageitude. S qe auqoare of ground boanded by Canal, Magazine 'obapitooula and Common streets will probably C] he sold within a few weeks by consent of the Uni. ted States; the proeeels to bliauhjedt to tei decision a of the suit pending between the United States and the City of Nlw Orleans. Scarcely a doubt can exist with respect to tihe decision; and by it, at this Municipality receive at least 400,000. It is not lss certain that the Municipality will receive from the Carrollton Bank, not only timhe bond giv. L on for the site of the PoydranMarket, say 30,000, but also an extent of thine ground of mlllch greater value, it having beon yeartained subsequent to the purchase ofthe site rif said market, that the public had never been divelted of their right in the centre of Poydras street, taken bt.hte late Jean Gravier 1 for a Canal; and of a portion .0jhat taken for a Basin; thq whole amount of property whichl will a be ren ved in this case will- t fall short of $150,. 000. , The decision of the suit now pending, involving r the right&of the Second Municipality to the Bat- Ltre in front, t in accordance with the opinions of the learned Counsel employed, will vest is this a Municipality property worth millions of dollars; and this, perlaps, without interfering in any man. nor with persons who are now in possession of part int goad faith, the titles to whlich seem invol. Serod in the same uneortainty as are the sights of I he claimants to the Butture itself. lShould these ex poetations be realized them would seem to ae no Slinitto tne wealth and resources of this Munlai pility. 'The law dividing the city into three distinct Mn. nicipahltics, hns wisely placed tile administration of I the financial affairs of each, under the sole control if of its Council. Appreciating the vital principles in involved in thins provision. this Council has strictly m conformed to its letter. While every respet. has Y always been evinced fur the opinions of the May nor of the City on the fiscal afEairs of the Menuicipal n sy, trhe solo control of its Treasury, or, in the t words of thelaw, the revenues and expenditures has ever lnec considered h, the Council one of its , most seared duties. To carry out this provision, for which this Council is alone responsib'e, the Id amne law provides that it shall alone slect its of. ficer--in perforning this duty, honesty and cnapa. r. bility have olly becn considered, and it in mosat na to the Comlmittee to be able to state that ie me far as their observation enables thema to judge, is the Council has never erred. To the integrity, of seal, and in eftigalile industry which have charsc. terinad the oflicers connected with the financial department of the Municipal Government may be fairly asrcribed, in a great degree, the invariable snesfs that Ima attended the tIeasures adopted by . this Council. in All attempts to divosttlis Council thiqn, of th so le control nfitsoofflers, palrtledlurly oftltme coin nested with the Tlreasury Department, should be ae viewed by the pecple of tha Second Municipality n as an infringement of those rightsl and privileges, gu .ranteed to the, aned tile other Municipalitles of lie tie city by tihe law of the 8th and 11th M:rci, 1836 nt SAM'L. J. PETERS, ll hairman. Y, , TFIO:. O. MEUX, Is, EDW'D, W. SEWELL. On motion ,f Mr. Lockett, the rules being dia. be pennedwltlb, it was t Reanilved, That 500 copies of tlhe Report of the he Finance Comrinittee, shnewing a staterlnent of the n affairse of the Municipality be printed and dietribo. 39 ted for tie informatioi of the citizans ofltile lMuli. as eipality. be 'ile rul a being dispensed with, on motion of as Mr. Peters, the following resolutions were adoln. L ted. lit Resolved, That tihe Tr,-asurer pay to Win. Dea ne conjunr on tle warrant of the Mayor, the sumn of Ie forty.servo. 63.1011 Dollar, for furnitlre in tie of. it fclee of the Wlarfinger and Collector ol Lnvee duoe In- Resolved, That the Treasurer ipy to Robert McCulloch. on tihe warrant of the Mayor, Ih annum ni-of $17 25 63.100 for laying Flag stone on inhe d banqueti l' tlhe Poydras Markect. Mr. Peters introduced the follonwing preamnbl alnd resolntions, which the rules being diepensud with, were taken up and unanitmounsly adopted. . ,..e- d hli, Sen,-, tne slore, hlaving fi.n it, el]ecl , to deprive the Cnuncnl-d .I l I Ihe three inll 1t, lnnintinnlt nni-ao" rmi, ni ylnnnppinin ina nliir a.c.nnnve sfinen s; and I.h; sat n ill was preasented a'd navocatred hy h, arlnatlori lthe Pa'rish l Orileans, unslull d by Ilhsae sti c ni lltllsor eiliher of thll Cn.I I c ; nlllld u nllldllending furher that the roansn s5 advnclled by sild Scnator Ir the pass:Cge lof - Bill, was lhant thlllCC ncil iha recentlly repinced 2 in n-fnin, tnie Comptroller nl the Treasury, who li- had been rennnved by it, . lMasr. In- 1. B tit hirenire Resolved, Thlt insn ther pino. ble ion of IhiCoun ii, Ihe removall Ii John Canltho by from nlhoollice u Conlilrnller of the Tresur e, o 37.the Second hlnileipalil), by ine Mnyor ,,If the d City, hbecause sao Co llnptrulier entertailned n 00 hone-t ditference of opainin in the econsoin lion oel ill a law, an opinion asnlelioned I.y a recent, det i ni of ol the firslt jude lal DinteriC urt, of the stte, re. wasn s artltrary exrcione l pwllnrI no, cnontell* nt plt*ed bi the lawnfthe 8 i Mals ch, 1836, and un. t- ierly repugnanl g o aile prinlleilels ein Whlci our Ir of Sllntoullnsar bne, d, ansd rhal this Counes wosld ly, have considnred the Conplnrollrlsubject to the c n ha sure and unwnrthy of Ihe colnfldentsli and ie. to pOn,il . position lie I-ccupied, had he given ti on the Slayor a one sided trreiieni li el the linnsnianl ig. uaUilre o tills 11unllcipalit, without firet oblailn ing the authoriiy Ia thisicounll, whichn Ihe bnlinved ty lhe law rsqnire.l. ins 2. R nilverl. 'lThatl his Counil vi-wes th pro,. lie poed Inn, Idepriving it of ithe seleclion of isltli on era and lagents, while the law ofi the 8 in Matrch sal 11136, llmakes it sol-lyv rlponsihle lor Ihr prlPr ut -lllini -ratlilnl of the filnnini cIin erns o t its con. of serninlt, ars unlu-I ld opie.ive, anlld o violi. tni-n ,if Inhe rinaus of-lie peplle of the three Muai. do rip:lh'i-. ta guaranlted by said law, the 81hl ta. March. 1836 iii. 3. Resolved. Tdha inn theoiinion of Iis C us c, s.l the power vuenp in e hl Mayiloyr to renllove inoninn olince then Treasurer and Conmplrlller. is inconels i tent wiih the sbound political I ninnln, tihat thlie pe"l. pie nihould, tlhrourn their iown ininiediate Rlepre. surlatives; have enire cntlrol over their nw n ml. It. , y pin 'iple iecne p 'rnatd in n ie nl t oIf t- ins. n, sin. well as iln nile oriminnl chearter of 18n), bh 93 which the Mayor wlls not permitied toi aeoini, nor to rlnemove, p-reallll elnurgend with the .albssmldy 78 ofire 'renandllry, ain l, t In r f.,ru said power 4 Bhesnlved, 'l'lalt ih Presidenlnof the C-noncil is trnra by seqoeisn-d to IrIansnCiL Ihnnse reioleuinna wih nollies of- dnI"f . -eInnllsneeoinnnihe nl-n o ' sl. r l renllnovarnl r -mt (Vice l h Cc- nntniroller n, Ir e (II l irlner ol nhe Slnoe, and an bdn ~ncale lld llouse oe Reprsentllla.ilvls. ORDER OF THE DAY. 'he reso ution introduced by Mr. N:xon at a previous meeting, inmponsing a fi .e on pmrsons or. reeted lying drullk in the slr-sto, waestak - up and on motion of Mr. Lockett rcjncted. The ayes and nays being called thr prodlnced thie following re. suit. Msars. Gloyd, Locketl, Senx Swnyll, Pi. ters, WhitlnVy, 6 ayes; MeIsrs. CAldwoIl, N xin, Sand YUk, 3 nays. The election of Assessors was, onil motion, post. ep poned to neat mcstlng. ry O Innotion, tile Council proceeded to the elec. tlion of a person to digo.t tile Ordioscues and Rcsn. i lionne ofr the Council. Mr. Franklin Wharton, ad wm, after balloting, delared duly elected. On motion, the Council sat with closed doers, e Thle doors being -pened, on motion, the C-,uncil Sadnjonrned i, Tuesdaly next, the sld Janiu ury, at 5 i o'clock, P. M. SJOHN GIBSON, Secretary. COMMERCIAL, g~siIll gisrtaN. Ch4rt. 141- ai ............ S S I 'eahin}.,, .Jen.... .... 4 1II· 1 ork do .............. 3 Cin.clssuu Jan .......... Philadlolphre do............ 4 rno-1avi·ll11. Lt......... 3 Satlese J dJ.............. SJ. .55 8asan...b, Jim........ .. : I..varlplml, Nov. ..........IS Boostoll (as...) do ....... 5 s ov...... S Huston. One ..... .........'7 1.Prrl, h or........ ... ?( Nashvlle, Jan ............ 8 Iluvre du ...............RS Hoiri'' uO NEW TiIII ':N . CLEARANCES. Jaur 6. 1Shi Vtlt de B. ordeaux, P5rl, ILh. for l If . e, 6.ln.d Pre Baak DN,,,, ,cot ,Itet~n. or Livesrpool, Rebates ¢ Sill. shill St ..try. F'N(·b for New York, P Irilll·* BrgLimp Roek. Butdrr, for Ilaltill(RI, Bedford BrigPretigo. Oliva, fur Matanl··, R Groui ox & c Bi5 Napoleon, Davi,. f.' Nw York. II Fete Brig liruudee, Ijllchlriet, fur 8avanllah, G Belford AIRIVALS. TowlhewlPorpoise D-via, froma N E Past, bowing towed to sea barks i, llicllB and luvn 1le51 .fi.; rmurn111t1 ll city with ships Laulfrhira and Persin-, a..d blrig AlFred Tyler, Len the pass on the 15th inm, of 6 p m: reports nothing inI tight in the oBI1,0 ,,thin: new in the river. Ship 1 .ul4.54.. I'l5411ll6, 36 y. da .1rom Liverpool, to 8 $hip persiem, Rollinsl, I I Jays from Norfolk, is basllast, to prig AIfred Tyler. Carpentl,1. 16 t1y. fIro Ro11on. P4.5 Go4d Hoote1, Crawford, 3. Iyld 4,rom Bost1n, t.1 N-r. 8.11r 1 iles. A owbs from Pa,4, 5 ,, u. I, Mas. r. Nch Ex'.I. Letaw, from Whil~e, to Mutr. 8n II· J B Wolfbnl, Al..... frlll MIb1JI., to Master. Sslhr Albert 8leiu, f e the Cuts-t. Seamner Vmepo nelm l. [ al ..' i nl.1 ni ILssonr Uonph, u t q itW b cli Jes. asms V. o.siml.da, m4..Frsm .Alssldll P' Sessmer Rrldeewater.Wll.wdglh. rg MmRh T.liP iier. r Slsearer W hillugas, strck, from Pcsquclo.e.l d e EXPORTS. IIAVRE..per ship Vi I dU sonoso. .1710 h4 . I hticks D swneet post4l dlst I o, do Mo ea` . LVERPOOI....r4obl RSat Jols..I5 bs reto.. 5 .,. . ~....... h.ekr b Drom Imrleeoti..l19 hi. osa. " b,i I.IImq l.: 1..235 hhd. ssu.31 to P aud 66 brl· motasses. MATANSAS.. p.r brig Prestilo. .000 brl flour, sad 700 hage NEW YURK..per ".hlp St Mary..709 his. sios, 5 Lbhdo sear.r. 136 Rt sshoh. 3 b kiwis,' d 3dhhd. S prov ins. . ... .............. Per bri Npeoo~,.00 bhdis ar, and 10, SAVANNAUH. .pihr slgeudes..D7 blhd, sad 2 b a IMPORTS. CHARLESTON..po.l.r ip D.ereh..Id4 tee rips, ado 0 hbl do rCL .. J D Denegre J. Thaelr u co, J A BOSTON..per hr Gold Hunter..30 ts paring stoose, J I Mintrs,. PENSACOL %..p hr shr David MAe..4.31( feet lumber, A P Simphan. C'OAST.. er scr Albert Stein.. 1O led. sr 'ne. i LIVERIPOOL. .per hp .llelshin . .13 unts er oeanrthos. 3 nOksk lsa. 20 hds coal, lr stoses ld mer NhuIEo.n. ..............per brg Alfred Ty.r..03 toe i., t I, J Turno. RECEIPTS OP PRODUCE. .ousth of Ysoo Riser..l10 legs sate. Ball 4 NoBrry 21 lrls lour nod p6 shie otsns, Miehl .ler, 3d do Rdisekl. Hadley & I)l s .o dts Brke. Wilst to, 3S3 do Wina, 4 do Kirkmrh , Alorlnthy 4IDlllaos. do Hoenshaw r Rqers, n I do I MH lverish aseO,,5lo W M Ierl, 46 r . Brasder Me KRan.r Wariht. 1Ol do Lyons, Harris det 51l do W Curiess, oi dr. 8W oI. 6ldol J (orde. 3 do P K NewoLse, 24e do entP errides y n so, 12 do Mo Llo, ,9 do Order, 57 do Richorl Beeks 64 do Adams. W.hilSli. 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(via Covingto.n La.) is craedl aI eery Mnnday, Wednes'Joy eod Friday. at 6o'clock. aiA NI--t due every Tuesday, Thursday slid Saint. dlyltt5, P M. . o ry4' Mtd.iiilsy, Wed.esday and Slturd;ay, at S P M--I. pest snd returnoel d by sla.iboat.o.-Asrrivs irreg.l. l,, arly Illree ti;lnos a week. 7ee . ln sra or Coast .ail is closed every' oI'uesly and Fridlay, lat , P I..iu sen.t an.d . troed bIy thle rillialt. 'Ihe .'le.randria or lied Rirer .1a,'/ is suol irregu. Inray by ,tolambonls, twice a week. TIIUE AMERICAN OrFI(:CE. In connecttiotn with this Ohlice is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE FIR TIIE IIRIINTING OF Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading ' Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show lls Steam Boat Bills Circulars And every deacriptles efJob lorL thatl mar be required. I'T-The proprietor respectfully calls the attention ef tihe pildie to thie shove Carl, eanl aeures themn tlhat all work intrneted tn hit care shall he done at the short. eat notice, in a style unsurpassed in this eity, and at the I'.lsat raltes. TllE I'UE AMERICAN. E11lTD115) 1 Jsess aemntg . FAITI rUL AND DOLD. NE'IV OR L EAN.S! THURSDAY, JANUARY 17, 1O39. MDI. liHon -ie give below the bill which this woerthy, w lA nitreptetenes his conlsituents in our Slateo Siate had semuguld througlh tIht body oi Tuesday Inst. II is one of the hldlest attempts too inreates Ih power of an executive officer, thal wals ever heard lf. I' glver to the Mayor the solr owrer if appointing to office; it gives him tsie power of reqitreng from the Cnmpltroller or Treae. e hr suc Istatemeonts of parts of Iattemenise, as lIe may call for, without the conslelt of tlte Coun cil, which is legally and naturally the only proper geardian of ihe pturse strinos. It requires thai the Court shn!l lumber itsj turnal by copying the ma-aegs of the Mayor, without a vote of the C.ncil, thus increeasing the labor of Ite omceri ,.id the rexpenses of the Muoniipality. New, it perhatps is ntot knowrn to the Legislature, and Mr. iea inrost eassrredly did not explain to tile Couceil the cause of this iodest demand of the MIa or it, have his powers incre lead. 'The Counell of the Serond M.tenieipality, hev,. since iltorganliltion progressed with .ondelrlfl una.imtity; and any liltle divergencies of opinions smong them have always been eaosily settled by frank explanaetins. As all wtre imbued wih the only desire fr fthe advalncetment and prosperity ol lhe Mtn cipilty, with the exoeption of one ques lion, that of the difflrent euodes of paeing,-no rlus or implrlortant disagreemtent arose, until wlllil a elw Inouthswhen one of the new mem hers havin lit llo ueccuptloll of his own, ullteollok to f. rret oult Imaginary abuses, and first he pitched npn rt. Finance I)Dparlment. To this laudable enlld, lhe getirmllllan appled fr copies of papers that woInd have required several clerks for mntntha to furnishl; this dellmand ass Iot estitplied with; thus balked in Iis attempnr, lie made a further ef. hirt Ihrongh the Mayo,. for cellaill stlatmenls, to wit,lthe amountl n dlhfereot ftlorms of the responsi biliftres ofl il 'T'reasury. This the Comptroller refused to furnish unless aumhorized by thea Council. T'o that oldy his honor the Maey)r and tihe Comp troller rionolraneOutly alpe.led, the first by remo vtng the Colmtreiller, anlld the latter for iilltruc. t.tona. Tite Comptrtller was imtmediately runt. stared in olfice, and thusaustained by the C 'uncil, alid a rrslution was pissed at the sama sitting, suthorizing him to lturnah.llle Mayor with a slates elent of the responsibilities ol tils 'rtatury, and oI Ilae rmeans end measures tIo imeel therose rlspanll bIililirs. To'te lbjectl tI hisi course of con luct on the part of the Ceoplrollser sand the Council, inmust st dl--vid.-ltl io ilo y ileo of colllton mind. Ilnd the de.un:id of the M1D ,r been complied with,s ,itn sided Sallttemnt wolllid havoe gone forlh to the wld. slhe" ing Is dIts dtlrttue by the lullici pollity to be eo lrllltur, lhe Ihtllheito UtlIh itII ed crel dit f lhe Council, and'.lht aebstunded eonfidence B - placed In the prudence and wisdom of those en trusted with the managemlent of the fiscal affair. r of the cnrp,,rationt would have b..en impi'ed.- i The iltfnrmraidn was hence refused, but no evil could pnesibly arise from making known the true !sate of the-Treasury, snd therefore tile resolutions poased by tile Council, to furnish the Mayor with ( a statement of the mears antd resouces of the Tree. sure, as well as its responsibilities. We have now, perhaps with rather too much pnlixity, siven the cause of Mr. Gennin's seeking ( tothave himes If invested with further and extrs ordinary powers; nimd the Legislature, and the peopll'will judre how far his insrtialle ambition -brhuld he gratified. As to Mr. Iion, he has covered hirmself with pohlie indignationt for witholt the consent or knrwle Ige of either of the Councilse, witltout have ing been solicited by any portion of is cnnetitu-i ents, he bha se etly introduced, serruptitionely caused to be naseed, a I ow noxioous to the people, e and opposed to correct American and repablicaln principles. Such presuamption on his part, is un heard of; such a reckless disregard of tile leelings and interests of hioeoneaituents proves him, as we have a tong time known him, tnwaortlhy to be the Representative ,of freemen, smuch less of a large Icomerciail city like New Orleans. An st to anatesd s etapperoved fareh 8lth, 1E?, setitled "An ant to omend itse art, entittd hAn act to iceorporast the ity of New Orlena..' approved Fehre.ty the sevenR aenlth reilhteen huondrd and live, and other arct amendina thae oms: Sect. I. Be it enleted, Ae.. Tht tle 8th ection of the aot. to whikh thilsl s aamtendmeosat, h to amendead that in future the Mayor shall hve the eaelusive right to appoinlaentaeeu tire otMeern efeath of the three e 'fiptttlc.e subject to the approbatton of .the c a nl oftthe IeEp.lty fot which said oicerne hdve been nppottl.dt prIovided sthat the layer ufter wrdsl haltl net receive ey ad without the eomat'sa the councsi. S hcet . Br il ather eaeted. &e., That no t or d ipoei lion of laws thale be n o e.etrped n to deprive the m bayer of the riht of requiring from the Treasurer or Cmnplrotler of any salipoltyw at any time. ayt statement roncernine the Sahsnees, without previoltsly aptyin. to the Coaunilh and the mer who aball reust or neglect to comply with the requi tlims of the Mayor shtll be removed from office. Pa ee. 3. Be it farther enacted, ., That the aolnmunireriona et Mor to any of the Cou cils of the three macit ipli s ties. .htl in recorded eit tho joerllal of the Council to which the sans am addreused. matd ehall e publitshed at full enrth, toeether with the-preceeddia. of Otbe sitring. a n [Rrtend for the True Americar.] ROUSE OD REPRESEN'T'ATIVES. SJanuatry 16. The Ilousn mSet pnerseoa to udijornment, On motion of Mr. lMorgena, leave of absence wans gret.ted danrinc the sitting to tile members rf i. he c. mittee on Eleciorae. On anltion of Mr. Kenner leave ofebsence was granted far a few days to Mr Polaire. Mr. Kenner reqauested the hoauls to take ict.t Sconsideration an o rision wlhtch had been made in the journels of the last osesiron of the legisla lore. lie reltlnded tneelhers hert a base eluint. r ny ha been perpetrated against the member from , Plaquemine. On that llubjet a comnmittee of in s, ventigation wna ot the loot session appointed by the Shtane,nwhioch after matlrely exantinlarg the foanlo made a report wholly exculpatinr g the member. t' By.some oversight, or mishake, the report had not ,, been inserted in the journet, but the place was e. ocapied by an memralodut in these words a. here i insert thle reptrtt" Mr Kenner mved thlor the in srt iosn o the report be mse in the ij urnsar S Thie qs sntie beina pt upon the mlotioo it was V carried. Mr. Phelps then rose nod seggrested that L the present leaisltwttre had no light to alter the tl jornals olf the ilergilat tre of lest year. Mr Ketoner replied that his object wHs to obtain the insertion in the journal of what had actually tbeen done. Such a course could offer no bhad pre cedent. It was an Oct of justire to the meomber he who had heen basely caltmnialed. Mr. Conrad observed tat th here were two way of altering the joerntal, one was to add the other ar to ake aout something. Neither of thene thiegs en could be dons legally . tile joural of the hutre of the letar tesson was ecllplete ; na d tie present ry houne had no contrt over it. It wasn record rof "r what was done at that legislature. Tle follow ot ing Tleirlatnre cannot record what was dots bhy the precedng one. Mr C. appreciated the fe.rlags of te memaber who wishes Ilia acquittael lontt a liase calumrny ao be recordedl ; and Mr C regretted t0 i nouch as aely enlmleer that such en0ll Ol111f) thotld have taken place, bh t thle legislature naw trlin ellatence cannot correct tile errtr. It has no it. right to add to, or lake Itre, the jnurntls of Ithe loaet sesaon. If, however, theree us hbe n h a ilrer d omissiaon to enter what really trok plree. te wai . clerical errr, and as suchl could be cotlrecld by r the clerk hf itts ewn aueord. Cierlal errore nay) eirn!VAJWIE;f~el"ilJhot'cy err helMmui rh jtcju 10 taken. Thirs otion was deeiledl ir tire rar iive. Mr Ratciffe trraerrres o ortUllllrliltl trot certaiul pare is prap)ing tar the art ettslmne t oe at terry and highway oni Ire Alehatllnlla t itoe lount , i Bayou le ( rilZ, tllhlat fr tih apI a,1 ll ynllr i thle excluoive prleie ge lf tile r:rry be g(O ttl . 11 Smith. R ferred to tire ocoollllrtlre at Intrnr-r. Llulprovclnenmts. .Mr Clribort e preseterrd the renltriaiol o J C uNt-. ro ait invalid veeteran tf IUli4 15, peyra). tar reltrl. Re trted to a special colomlirte crampouscd at I SMeres Cilatlhra , Palin and Bcoau. Mr b'utsvorth caoved to recolltdrr tile rota 'akhe yesterday, on tie refertellce, to a sieltal PE colmnitlet', of the b til froam thearea rrtrenrdlrng tire act ul oiteorporoliou of ther'City art New Or. loans. 'hue coarit e rho ll with Iegardt t illeh bill was unusual and atoluir. Ittr us oual lnt theSek er to appollt cotln,ltltr, ue ; bh t it Itli isl.llnce' by the auliou, thasl rigll ri t s lakor anwa). Ily suci menmoarce, members olightr, by htaowing Illr oeilo itons of apeeonl coarrrrroos, ohtatn alavuraule repnrts or nei, ae they wlsrer!, Air laockett said ithat the course taken was a very natural one. lThe bill (iruo tihe Seurate wmto c Ihe allle elbject as ehat which had p'eviously been reler red top a tpwcmi culolltlee bry tile hlolse It was very natural So eial tihe bill fraan the Selate to tihe commlt of tee wldlhe lad tiei matter under its eorsideratlioa. I r bill was oca lueal tabjeotr, ad it was very protper to at refer t t anitcnlnittacomrtlnpeted ot' llemlers ltrrrt the rt. lecailtry ulfrcted Irb tile hill. In order howlrer to takr wd away tll cause t cuomllnint, Air L ptulposedt ht atle bill be referled to the whuol atui'e Utioons delrrgutliol an a tounimteP, ,Alr Wadsworth decainrcd himlrelf eutifird, ard the onution qPaa corred. Mr Debellecvuae a hbelult ofthel committee to which had bleenl rferred the Io.tlltn of di ata ligui, rl tltrted o bill auluorlsillg said ltdilgua to eularcilOet ca s aloveo. Read br ile first tllae. Air I)ebellevre alsu iutroduced na hill to lturenll tihe article ll of the Code of Practice. tm I'd judiciary crrrlirittee. bir L.ockett intruduced e bill armen Irra tile ir:sorIo - rateion ol tim I st cougrlegLnoeat churl:h l'Nr wI (.iuno.. Ioe:d far the !at lims. Mr Gti fatnie iaerodrced a bil providilg for comapert-. ist ntion ofjurars o te Ierred to lbh, Audiultty coltllirrt.-. j Ar Meuse preseoted at bill alsemliug aelictee 1"6 aod 2a of th Ca(tle of Practice. bead tar ile lst time. oi Mr M also Ipresraeted a hill itUldorrirtg arlice 2'75 oa tile s CivilC(lade, It ferend tuo hejcljrrdeiar lets t MrPtesloi on b0 hllfohiofte olllollrrteahor elartiriolheid hobuiness'reorled stilli--r cotte reriilof J It It Alarin' tie --erd tor tlre rerefetl tlre tolir:rjttry of" I)rttrt Couulee. te r A Pals initroduced a htart to erduaro inrta arli oct tile laws ilrreerparruhiur slIe city el'frlitvtlte BRead Ir tihor as alullipaoy fr R ail Iuau Trolll ilfer city of tatouvele in Loke l'orrchtroeieil. Preferred to tile ciunriiitr alf rin refuelll imnlrovleen~ll. Several bills usdorwnot their second reading. On notion of (ieon. 'I'hluras, tihe hills to etablisll a general syara of internal iuproveenua s were ordered to be lrilnted. Otn motion of Mr Conrad the bills introduced by Mr Rltclilhb providing for the anendmeolnt o1' h con.tlilu liolt were ordered to he prior:ed; and on ooliin of lie Itatelifl, it was fixed for the special order of the day for WVeduesday next. Thle ill erotodiog certain road laws of the pari -I of Slt andry, lso theparishes of I.alyetlae and it Mltry, wa resad for thle 3d time, passed, and sent for thle coa. eurr.lce of tie Se ale. 'rile ill nrovidng tor the aeceesemntof tte parish of Orleans, aos. after soler oetion thereon, ordered to be priled, and fixed for the speoial order for 'T'ueosday next. 'l'ie bill providing for the apponintment of two addi tiolal uotarles and one lucntoneer for tie parish of Avoyelleo, was read lir tire third tile and ptueed. I was amended by an ad.litioulo sectin presented by li Blrtah, providing lo the pinalnetll of arn additlonal iotlary in thi lparsh of La ayetle And then the houue adjourned. Tkeatrieal.-Tlhis evening in Ithe second of Mist Tree's engagement. She will perform Constance in the Love bhane to Mr. J. S. LBrowne's Wildrake. Her reception last niglht was hIighly flattering. TIle Lady of Lyons and Naval Eaogagemlerts at tire Camp to-nighl. Will the Managers never tire of giv ing us the Lady of Lyons, and will the people never tire of going to see it? We have been requested by Messrs. Lizardi & Co. of this city, to contradict the article re published in our paper, from a late London paper, stating that the Lizardi's of London had suffered from thle forgeries of McNimn. We have no grounds upon which to conlrt. diet it except whlat appeared in the Courier of last night, and from which it would appelre, hat tirhe forge. rio. were not no extensive an had been suggested. 1,eaors rese Guards .-Thel Company is re. qulesed to meet at the Exchange lIhtel, on Friday evening at 6 o'clock, upon private business of ialltor. lance. A punctual attendance is particularly rq.yams ted. __ ianss Cafteon lhas returned from a most successful enrgagement at lobile, and we tlnderstand she leaves New Orleans, on Saturday for Natclhle and Vicks burg. pON(IgE lSI.KS- 4 am.eotprirltedl aisinnable pat _ terns; fine pulgec si!k hlirdk rnli fo i n lore and or sale, by ISAAC glftIhiE . &Cn, jaet 131 M1agazite st F1e Ci OCbMrOSITOR WANTED. t fOOl5Frerilf ('ompenitor will find immediatle employ.nadl ahcndatncc of work by apelying ionedtaie ~athtt ofcv, jau--.f S OO T l--Loandhg frnm .hip Arr., 12 cases of flne I ealf ew'ld Boots, for sale by jal'7 ' lRII)OG I co,;131 Mnrsnilne st PO1ttK BfEYlP-P'iimn. Pork anod teel, at life in enection, in store anI fe naale by V jal7 G DOltSEY, New levee LOIUR.. 1001 brit landing from Fint Ioat. for sale by jt? G 1)0 IBEY. 44 New leree l lIN MIEAL--iL b,lls. best qlulitl, at the land iaq, bfir sule hby G DORSEY, A jl7 New Levee FOR NEW YORK. Packet of the 1711 inst. LOUI.OANA & NEW .INE. Tbhe 0np1rio alibi filt eailing pcket oship SIIIAKSFEARE, Palmenr, lmaster, bavlig partof her cargo engaged, a ill sail as altoe. Fourfrlight or assaae. hnvig elegnnlI accmtnlllations, apply on board oppolshe ile Vegetable market, r to jol7 IrIN 4. COI)HEN, 9.1 Common a Pe agera will please buon board at 6 o'clock this y evmlmini. -Ij-AVA NA COFFEE-4--00 bags prilm quality C in ill m, and fir sale by jalT. ABRAHAM TRIER, 34 GrOaier t I ja17 ARIAIIAM RIER. 34 Pnodrae PIER9 ei L O --12 hasrel, in lotrem. and for sol by hY jolT ABIIAMHAM' PRIER, 34 poydras ti Ld THIiNG-8- cants ease oable Clothing, lo ing from ship Newbcrrylmrt, ur oale by _ jal7 ISAAC DBt1UlbLEE&Co, 1341 arazine st SFLOG-80 b nrrela elepyiloB trn ? sea, ll 17 O H BLI W9, 65 Pnydr, a at NEW Edilion of Sir Walter Scottie Poetical works, in 6 vaol, 1-no Al s., a new edition nf lie Waverlyv Novelo, in 5 vols, jusl received and for ale by A TOWA R, rT17 49 Camp at O0''1,; & UIi.tOAN--4il aense ,conaeiing of goal iL rowed lot; onrexr ,ize; men's and boys, rooIu bIoginc; men's kip brogans, tc. landing from ship SNewhburvpot.forI sale by . ja17 ISAAC Bi tlIlDE & Co, 134 M.arazine si Ioý V EDII.AL BOOKS--AJot received and Ibrrale at i"¥ the Book Sloro, 49 Compot'eet- ctn-tsaek't Practice of Physic-Ilelle's fl tdicl Joittinl. 12 cvtl, bound-Liton a Practical Sulrgery Wistoro Aoatomv, it new edilion, by Dr. Paneost; Kramer ton the ear, le Igin'n lt'erapeatterc--bae oi Aataomy; Toeon's b iesaeetrr;lcngendie's 'Phciologe;lleehll rd'o Anatomy. hEdward's Moterio rll.diec; Boyie's Anatootcv,bv Itoaor; for salehy jm17 ALEX. .rlVAIt. NATIVE AMERICAN ASSOIATIN. A REGULAR mtleting of this aotiery will Ie held i 0evni, 51t 7 o'clock, in their 6 oo5i, ltin st S of the MDertautl' Exchange, EaxchlOge Place, fiont. e All inaltire born citizens, favorable to the canre, are of iavi:ed h) attend. L OIlIER, ja17--lt Secretory "- 11,0001 Capital Prize, ltickets only $5 i0 GRAND STATE LOTTERY. I Drawing of the Grand Sate Lottery Clas Ii. 41, 60, e, 51. 531, 66, 4, 28, 65. 54, 47, 21. SLASS Ni. 2. Atlhoriled by ite l.egieletorelof StheSlate. To r e drawn This Day, Jan. 17, a- 1839, at 5 o'cloek, P. M. at inshop's Hotel. ro S DAVIS & CO, Managers. ` 75 Drawn nlmbers--1 Drawn lallots. r. Splendid Sehrntae. "' 27 814 Prizes, amouattgt to $233 5901 rc Tickets $5 0--lalves 2 tli--Qunarter 1 5. ,- Packages of 5 rickets fir 125, woarrnlPted to draw at least $60. Packages of,5 tlnlf'licketn $62 50wor rented to drew at leoasli01 01M. Paekgeso S25 Quarter Tickets $31 25 warranted to drawn least $0o 2.5. S For packages of lsigli tikettls,n plly at the ie MANAGERS' OFFICE, jan17 16 ('hnrtrc, st t L'PLENDID Londlo Anluala mi d Aovelle.": 1 7 lielle of Beauty. ~l thLe ICote-to Blessinatln, e The Iiadem, b) iss Louisan II Sheridan, Srct np. or peirsnee, lleah', l Book of le inly, yo Syria, tile Holy L.nld, hc. ter And a iew otllers el, all obr 1839, willth finiole.d en grnvitngs, S tOlfver Twist, rcomplete in 2 vole, id2mo, id do par 2td, No. 4. a OSketches by Bo, lrt 6,. if Rob olljte Bowl, by tilhe author of-Hornc Shoe IRolb. ,y lrv Ilvtolod, anld oltier talel, Fgs ,,tr Yeer in Piragtav . bc I(ohertlsn, Altea i Volatil I,- l liss Leslie, andil ote novlllies, ed E IOFINS &'o,. t .n17 Conmn S tii C-.Ihrl c.rta SEW LA WV and .ledical io( . . . 'Nurlis' I)iest ol'ael.t adjudicated in courts of iAdmiraltv of tle U. . and F.nglnd;a n.e. anI valie.a P,.er' Digest oteno s in tIh Supreme, Circuit and District C(ul tu , tn ne uttupply, I v, \\'ltlr's Anattomy, a nlew edition, received by Pan ca' 1 ,.l tri al ar in lif 11 I niw and tcie I n-dielnl p.,k, t bOLnk for DMelicl greuletp. , l.v "n " "etntruc o th tie rnmut nppriserd Law nd 'teudiul workt . I, JOtHNSt & Co, jrl7 car C'oullloan t StCharles sit -.1 I'O O 1. --6 Iarrels No.1 ,Cantor Otil, for ..I;, t J.1AVIt & ANItIItV,,WS d) cor Commnu, & Tlclo iar, lan ta Mll I I. BOOKSJs - rc utat n, , Il r Iurclw Ionkatlnnr. 4g Calnp ntrrel: Abercronmbie ol tihe stlmach and brain, 2 volt Armnltronrrg' ractier 2 vnls Btll' \ur1urut- 2 oVlns--.Bell n ttre Ncrvena Crerlr's Sulrgery.' rula Cllerr on nlultoeten (turinldi es of lMedicl i:x perienac Coupurr'a SOurricirl D)ictiulr.ry t)unglaesor ' Phv'iRioeUy, 2 vole ItDewee on Ctlldre--Dewee ror In Fullalels Ehbrleua Pratiau--Ebrei'da Tellraeulica -do. oni childreu GibRltlln' Surgery, vol taGouu 's . lil"tif iry Gi.,rardl on the Cleat llorner's AntattOllly, v(l tie ' ei"s ledt'lal Dictionary uIll oa tie Neruts Kramner on the Ear--Lacrnec on the Chest Lorin on Ptlhiis--Lnuin ou Fever Meig's Mcidwifery--,Mclatnto's,rols Wuod & Iaecle'r D)ispenuatry rn &c &c (C'alogues at thel sletr. dtO AtLEX. TrO)WA. /ALUABI.IE ENtitAShl WORKS-Rcerlived andt for ailr ant tir Ilok S ttre, 49 ('. rra trelet. viz The Bank of Graces, 3 vols,lrplndud engraninrs, Gete of Bnautry, royal ouarusi de Fin rea's Gallery of the Grrnes, do do Ports and IlarborI of G Britain, Natio,,nl Gtllery. t voler, inarta SRogoer's Proer,t ilitt-atrntd iy Sotltart, 9. vo, Gil Biasr. 2 vcrals, irn, illuatroted ty 6011 cuts Chortt'n Latndlatre Id li Portraitl (llrrt, d by Mrs. Walker'a etaunle Ienty, at itmprorve drsm, 5 c., colored inaraoingt, Campbell's Piraus, illuttratt, b Stothirt. Sh.akepeare, I vol, Str, illustrated by 10splendidl enruvings, Ieath's iLratraliounr of Shnakpnare, Bttdell's dr dt Ilcnt.r's Gallery of BIritisih engrmainga, Laudou'a EteyclAmaredil Nuf Gardenigl, lw edi tioln, Loaludtra do nfPllatrs, da Findlen's illustrationo of Ilyro, 2 vol, )rDrettr's collplelt Pnelruge and Barolatage ot Erngland, 2 volm, Goldaritdh'a Aoimated Nanre, 4 ruls, colored tplhtes, Mlilton's Pnradixs Lost, with 91artit's illustra tiont , aplendid, CGrm,'a FElegVy nnd Iiard, treauilltlylrV illlntr Aura o' Female heaWutR, FiOlen's tible illurraatiAns, 3 volT. GI's I)otlperttu , 2 cola, 8vu, with unca y e.-il, nPTtgC, tryewri Spirit o f tis Wood, twith ieautifI coltrcrd rn gravuinca, RtlalenrtceN fNature, do do ill, tratiaun of the Wtsverly Norels, 3:eols, Tngeth willt a Iargo asoartitm, it of Amrricaar Edi tinnu,ns pt. :mtalogue, to he had at thl store of d12 At.EX. 'POWAR. NFORMIlATiON WAN r ED. . F PATRICK McCANN, wo loft Now York lat, for thin city, about the toiidla of October lobrund Iha not ainco beoor lentrd from. Any in. e ration loef at thin office concerning h1im n tihha'.ch'tly renaioed by ais wife, (who is now rain eity. Slhould tlis mo. at his ey Ihe in earnestly dqioeted to romake known to liar hi place of ence. dece 7 SICE-to cukis , perio- ieo crop Cnarohlltn hice, for mile _ by WIIiTRIIttGErand coin, 16 .uzinE at 0ATta. taa b rraols Oat,, in rlrr , uml ret by j WIt0ITIIiDGE and co, 76 Magaziine at SOAP..390 oxes Boston .No. 1 Soap, landing from hip 1 Avis. and for sale by j andJ P rlVtIIITNEgY, 7 Camp t 1 )rot . --461 bria in exncltunt order, landiing Sfrom brig Lira, and for sale by j_3 (; DOIISIY , 44 New Levee LOUISVI.LE JlANK CIECI.-A chleck on the L IBank of I.ouisvilie flr $5151) fr slale by d'II I'I'~il ON & AVEIRY, i Gravil'r at IJEPPI'ER SAUCE-15 boxns, containing 15 don Le ach, in ttur, ard tbr sale by jna4 t tI.L & BtOtVtN,q6 'Mnenine i ItlHITE LEAD & LINEI.ED iHL. 9110 kegs ptra No. I. 'Philudellhlia Wlhite Lend t,I Lminwits' manufacture, receiving per haip Wol ner atnd lrig Cihoctnrd. Alan, 20t11 keg, New York Whirte Lead, larnufture by tlhe Union White Lead carmprnv. Also, 16 hoeaheuntl Englilsh nd DaLIt Linseeud Oil, in store ,ud for sale by JARIVi l& ANDIR)EWS, Whlesalote l)raggnat, d l roo Corn Pot & Tchnpio-uair stn l E XCHANIE .-\ BOSTEN rt I t AV E R doyaaiott E for -ale by ST'E'tISON & AVERi, a5 R1 Crunvier at i lit PItE.JFItVLF]S-4I0 Itaanildycr'a patent I pover Litl Preseraerns, just receive, for sale br jall) WIt'rRI IGJ &, Co, 76 Magazine n lb ins, 'for alte by WtITRIIt;E & o j410 76 Magozino. s 500 GAI.,,$. Winterpre...d spern Oil J11 )31 do Fall atainrd (n 10 110) Itefired t'nhle Oil 170 hlrlt f'rttatr'rl Oil For raIn by WII'PRItlDl2 & CO, jell 76 Mlagzinn at _S. Charles Theatre. 2nd appearanle thiB asn Its ofthe clbw tlntI This Evening, Jnannay 17, Will be perifrmedl tle hnntbe iftil ilny ol the LOVE CHASE. C, Wildrake, MIe. Ilrm no (, Waller, I ar-lmln, le Trueworth. - lr ' Sir Willitm, Farren. Cmunianet, Mits Tree. Widow (irunne, Mir.. Smith. An Overture by the Orchlestra Grand Pan Soul, by Mad'in Ratvenot A To etchlcit, w;tlh tlne new Piece of I1 MONSIEUR JACiUES. Ionr Jacques, . Mr. Finn, Vivid, I)ebnr, Lequrne,. urke,. SMnti , Mer. Trtar. .Dress and lLasquerade Balls. MANSION HOUSE HOTEL. "EW LEVE~~SI'TREET, Im nediutely in front of 1. lie .teem bunt landingll. The nabnle estalith rentl will be re-npeluel otn ýXidnV eeenine. tine. l2nd, 18331 forlhe reain ll. Bil11 days. .llnlayll, Tiiuesdlw, aIld, rlu.radav. tnid e.tallinholne will he lurniolied witlh tIea hoiret liqtuorPn and a good Iteeitaural will be P t allttiled to it. -'the ieonagerln of .il esi ottllll lilethav elnnged , eullicirnl Police olirrr to, kerep gold ltler Illn.nyhout the e.tabliashenet; tlhere will be in phllne to rllp.ilt cloeaks., aen, e&e. i ner .itil.h1 bi le adlitted in Ihe BRl! IRnlln wnitlhep es untnlly bind. r nov2 l -tO tlo QOUAPl--b0 I.xaes ilutld' end Iloblioe' No. I soaP re Sit istore for ale by J 'IIIAVER & kC, In jal6 74 Peoydrhns t t OMIN--180 barilels in stnl-eand lor sllb hh L jalG J TI-I tYEIt & C, i74 Poydlrae t. !I it PEROIL3 000 gals. %i, rt ht- Sprnn i S OillIo IaIle by SIIALL &t BILUWN jal6 961 Mdgnzine at ., 1t tI.OTIIIN t- cne seatinl i.; 1oFlu a crlet di t J llfniel Shirt., for nlte by jol6 5141.1. & ItItlOWvN. f Mngnzine ot ,7 2(j0l. bo'Y'xe O l.eaenui'n brIandI luuding from 2 lll s p ll lllri-Alnn, for sitll·e I, jnl Al lAL L,& BItOWIV , 96 Mieinzine at JOHN V. CHILDS, ENGRAVER AN') COPPER-PLATI PIRINTER, No. 3, Camp Set. d .l. Ienerave and prinlt to order, hink note. bIills I Ilf exclhanlgle, hill. of Indlilng, dlipltbmat s, llnl.,en t, tile and viei:lneo crds. ntirilI, (bnuln.and 111Icn lillng honere tox'iO, nicr leeto. silver nre', 5'"r. -lwnnIWIIIIII llbnd, ann a rlortlienl olilfe ver pjlahedtlurd bt's dolr v It ('an.le pr:ntcd from plates alrelady engrlved. I FREE BANKING. A T a preliminary Meeting onf the Friends of Free Banking in Louis 7, tan0, held at the Planter's Hotel, in Octo ber, last, it was 'Resolved, tlhat the Chair manl be requested to call a public meeting at rseinn futnwnrl p teriol',bnfore or during i tlt mneeltingt itih he In'itnejt' Ingi ilnuret.' T'lherefore, NticLen is hereby ni\tn to w nil citizelns, who are in ivor tnl a it 'Iee r- Illking Law, to attend a Inmeelting 'l'his er Day, the 17th inst., at Bannks' Arendle, at 7 o'clock, P. M., in order Io take the pt necessary steps f.or carrying the ramele into effect. S. tll(ll, jamlG Chairman. - ETARI. E .JOCItKEY ClI ilI RACES. n b frrIIIE Spring metliug, for IBN, will eomnmrare th Slaet Wednesday, 27h1 ln.reh, and cOlntinua fne days. r. ('.EAS, ee'y. nd ItL S NEW ORLEANS .iJIIK EY CLUB RACES!! SIt'RI NG AM 1E·I I 1\(;, Ililt;lg, ,rill -',onien,,i. r ,"n \V','d I7 IhClLv, 13 Lth u1 'l OP81, I';:.l,lnnll Iilllt .r' d. . titltllelll i e(l tu t illll. Ie arti rnl t in due in . N. oa i"le*rs. IVaring D Co's ('irlcu.. by GRAND Equesltrian Eaeei.r ver err lnigttrllo t of CotIt eand Iloelilal n reelt, by an m fnine, cumponny tn'i qlnntrnant. li- Iquetlrtiton llanagr . r. nnin. h, Ilint tt l ner, Won,, Clown, -mithnon. ol mtnr. t ., inots Ole dolnr. Cieidrert ed }~ r!,': _P:,liry_:' , .. . !.r, Great Altraction: INt CONRIR SIREETI, NEA R LIOspl'rAL. Vii. " ·tAilpet Ilyecla. Ocelot. rIIP. Exicnwive IrENAlillllgt al rerr". Waring and Raymond, will opeCln nn tillddr , ail. lilh 1839, atid tili remuia olwnor t, fe, w dayt s ,ulv. Tlawr, ho luaae mitd ol'Neatl Ilitatri, iill do well tolall eatan rexamine,. Ile totetrat, aiveaR noirr aejatilcatta of Natural lIitoy evet ,afllred, itsttiey can remain but a few I day lI3Oien frno lilttll 5, antd at tearly ,aelln light. Admittanre J5aaa.--Chilahiitaaad s iii, ,II Ihaatticiai. U)l)AV,1 ,\lv Itit NIC Allr''ll l;-Jua Jtwait v I L : l lt thi, iInIaluabiile remedy fir tie evrr andl Agar,- inrtttated genuinell, direct front thIle mnnulrul tory in Pliladetlpia,,for f ate I JA ItVIS I. ANt)I1E\V.S, jutI etr Ilaaltaliaiea &t tattatiateti Offiler N eiOrlet,tae and 'ieehrilla IR,,,] Rond ('a. A iiREEAIII.Y toa Secition 9thi of I,. liia'trr if said Compantty, an, ely, la,, tor lra Dire'toirs wi LIe he l an Monday tha ilet tart. at to'alak 1'., l at their afte, Na. II Bareatti sceta jault9 JAMEStl H. CAI hi El ,, PiI reidint. T UBUAC~Ct)--AL l tiara Vogtuttt l'lllilat~n. n. alsrrted, lundita fritra,,sht I~oai't illt', tar nnlP by jaRS AIIIIA Ht111 IE, 1da HAVANA UiAlll -4lb-ox- in dart ,aand a i rle by ja15r AlRlAII~l 'I'l1IElt, 31 Grtarir I Ttta ltaaa by d15 JOJSEI'I~l IUCKIVAY' aE 2 (raiadr at SUGAIt oa plataliona albove tIt ritt, far 'ale by ti d5 REM , 114 l(J' rl'\' It 7Ilaunkl ' R1OLBýSE'I HHD11-10% nests aarrw Nlllatl II, caahaj in elure aln fa eale b jatt3 W__ I____ ITVIR . 95 t 'lnhg it 0 CASKSe n dui blao tt, t d l Ylat Insk 50 Sacoath Ale, for sait by iaa3 11th.MII ,,ail h1lt R tt,,,la Ilirt 1XUIXC ANGF nlianlltunaatn, 1 ltiy et, torl" IIhli i F i)Itt F.\Z.ý ______ & th I, halI '1 lE antatil ela, tion af )iirci,,l s 1t a i- Ini'lilllill T,1,illt b~eitherd ait, lt'ihta thk ing Itarutt lanr a l 7111 ,Itty of~nllll ar, ·I:Xt, belaulen the hours of Eleven\~I and 'ITw o' I, k. d:l-firttj .i\NISIIETu.ii i~ Oaan t. Theatre. Tills EVENING, JAN. 17, Will be perlormed wthe iny of LADY OF LYONS. Claotus Mllnolttl, l;r. Frederickh, G1n. I)amtas, Ilonrelt, Be~n~anlFielding,, Ponline, 3,ro Enrretl, Widow Melnote, . Greemne. T'o conolnde with the no, FPurce of NAVAL ENGAGIEMENTS. Admiral Kingston, ir. Julhaon, Liout. Kingstolt, nirretl, Shnrt, Franklin.. Mrs. Ponlifcx. lMrs. GOens, Miss Morlimer, Barrett. Iio hlr l,, |llfllt L Y C E U M. SAINT CHAltR ES ARCADE. MONSIEUR ADRIEN'S WONI)EIRFUL PWRItOKMANCES, areI THIE OPTICAL ILLUSIONS. Admiltlnce :: $--Clildren half price. Perlormnore to cmnoOnce at o o'clock. WASHIIINGTON BALL ROOSI Dress & Masquerade Ball, St. Philipstreel, ltween IRoyal & Il8onrln. ;I~Il . h a er OfIbll ·I e le wnaed IltII Rloogrnle 4"".f ieeds, andllt n ohli t li, he onporal. lelled oalge bentoc ed tat h1im lot osveral asons. reopectfolly ilfonna thoto 616he611 eslnhli-lhlnlat has been enlas ed for the amnusemnent of viilors, and lIt deregolo incease. repaira. Theh br will he nurpnseed hy noou ill qunlity Oliquoarsrind Ih letaurol ill ho khpl 11y the ablelt Ileituralrur in t66e United Stotes. The roomn will r-open on Saturdaly evening, 3rd of November next, bhy GRAND DRESS & MASQUERA.DE BAI, and w lake plac as usaal every Mlndoy, Wednn Sda and.6turdayevenlng, during the weton, lhsob wfll ind on tile lot of May, 1139. N. It. 'TIhe eroelenstaltnlinn will he paid to khop. ilIg perfecl order throughout tIle cslnhlitnlalt aswl dnlh'. Ilast snsrnn tot'24 NEW ORLEANSANI-NASIIVILLE RAIl ROAD CO)MPANY. NEW AIIRAN(IEMM ENT. C llI I.,oomwtine will onave the i)ellt nt tim Loat of SInal -tre't, ono'erv doly at h"A. N. olln roturllal 4 P'. M. except Sunda', whet she rill 1! 8 4. MI. I" P. M.) 2" " 41" " 'I I A Ckf,,r frirtle ,irrlm. ponvil.d the noutlhr hle sueirlit', .'ill be r nll down the ronal on one dao)' }rev olsnB hllo.e jt2, 189:1 JAN II CAI.I)WEI.L, Preoiloot. COTTON CIRCULARS ]" PRINTED with the (irealteat Expedlion, nnd i in a style unsrpaerd in Now OR.ENs)0 or ellse ORDERS left lCOMPrINGo RIoM in St. Chnrles Ex chanler, (Corner of Grarier St. ) or atTRU E AMEIRICAN P'RINTING OFFICE, corner of Ponvdrs and St Charles Strert, twill be prnmpllyl ttended to. Doe. I--If. B ACON SNIDES--5 hhdaCninnlli, cumdin stoum o L and oforole hy STE'I'5O6N 5' VERI', _t -jl. 88 Grrier at c STEAM BOAT BILLS. o WNERS , AGENTS, or CArlAINS of T'EAM BOA'N can bhoe their Billastreak ol in one . or more Colored Inks, on Plain or Colored Paper, with Ldespatch, and on favorable Terms, by leaving their ORltnns at'TitUIC, AMERIIICAN OFFICE, corner of LPonydra* and St. Charles streets. NuVwr9--IF SPEI(IIIL.--3ONi0 alle. wilntr strained n.rem S oil, just received 8 r soale V jatll) . LO)('KI1o &Co,8 Front I.eve .) fcture, far sup.riolr to theI Englishi, fir r~sale v jlil N I OCKEI & Co, 8 Front Levec -.ik i hek BlA ills lin..d',- fn oin w l, to by~l S LII OECo('l. Iolnc tautlS OFrontI.ett-ret BRills, PrnphletS, 0o6w hill*, Cat.u looue0, ke. Ac. -EOlI?'lERSfor the A.bor, noI erry o rthr dies. 6ripitiont/ l 'litlN I'iNIIg her ( lti, ,.,j ,, Coittetg t.uHIOJ5 *'t {U AII|EKII .6A N," 1,, Sr.( 1sILE '* AE, :3d door fro (ruvi.,r streeat, aoto l the I'rilntong tim)eir, mornler of IPo)(drll- Ilid rl ' husII,.s strec/s. lExtensi, nnl hedlitl, Ilod l tl.d .aint tn'F r r, fromt the best F.tdrirc in tile I lied ,tnles, her' Jeat been drlo'do It the alrer,ady Ne/.Lh, ..led Is.l nliishmnt; -lni ( nititIn ill b, o.rer,,tid s i ov, l t faply, 1':xpeditihon~ly and I'nutihlly, asat ,Ir obesl ()llion in tIheI ('lty. Noir I ('cl tf,,.I;-iil~ ,tl· il.,l( ",,, 1(. 11 ' .,,.'ld ! Oil ,Jr. i ln ' Io I, i -1111 1 11111 li lll nlill e, , ,)6,,. rn to , It i i' ll III" , ig illdWhio by Plit o lal ++ Ion, ,uhtrolI1 Carn,' t rowl Pticsoeerteisoottld & . TfI I v'l'. .1i.-'reinedN OF horpnlP hy V 'IN 111 l, r1,r o P.,ydrn oatn St. ,_e . ('A RI) 1s 0RIN'llI'r:1t a lw sllr *IITPIl NI)1;I~p, inl~ tit mol eh,ef mN tlles, it ll ak or :olrtl I Itttl, oTn It:lloolel. ol eet, oilde Iloll,, Ior P ~ins,,utfi*eI ,,l. ,an Pric,.s very reasronably at Trll'E A ]C '.N OF FIcI'', corner o/' Poydra. and .Yt. ('hlarles sis. ,,veral Nea nd Ihuntinll Fid unts of TreK blee just heen added to the Esttblishmoent. Orders rerrired atn Compltinge Rottm, St. Clarles ExOhanOe, 3rd dlonr from Gratet st.,,r ft the Printing O(lice, earner oflty,loro & SI. Chait,.s slreets. noel-tf TO IEIIRCHI NTTs. I7311RCIIANT can c a .I s. lltEA ITI' t. CIoCCV. r.AR struek offa[ fltfrhouri Nso rlcE, by.w 'linrt the Compling Iooso of T'RUl AMEIRICAN I'iIn'Tsn.; Orrtcr, St. Chlnrler IK:oelu)sr', adjoinin' the I:1aI la5 Room1 at Corner of t;ravier stree, Prn/ttl, e ,lint ilt Ol1i1e, crneor of 'oydra ln. d SI. ('lon hI.* rsteets. TO l1E DRAW. NTO-.'1 31 t11 IW. ihe fon.ll,., e aie lhsp drawtln Slera of lithe Louis. iovs orlery, 'laso 38, (lr 1839: 41, 61, 4, 31, 2, IP, I8, fit, 32, 3f, 15, 2. II $10,(16l CAPITAL. PRIZE. LOUI SIANA LOTTERY. Alturizerd Iby Act of l.pgisaluseo (tlh'ter X3li1i, I pisnsed .llnlrh 81. 18.,N. 'lCJ N.,. 3'1 fr 1838. osIe drrawn s .,, T'lsldoy, JI'. 17,1it l119,at5 ou'clock, I' t M. as l llsls ' K ln.e lI tl'I,St.Churile et. 1). a. GRliOIKIIIY & C(. Suc crours to 'A TEB McIN7'I'RE &" Co. 73 Nuolero-13 I)Drwn 'iallos. GIlANI) SCI1LMi5. 67 "2' I' io" 5mou ntioo to to 13 19pt 'I 1kk . $t*,- I t2.n v . o ` 0?.--(t ls r src I 25 P:kages on f $5 ti'ktor "r" $1.85. l ck resd of t25 half slickelrl.o$62 . Puck.;ks of'o 5 Qsarter 'lieket ter r sl5. esl i2.r P'sh kaee. or oincl'si e'krtn, 0a 1pv at I1. S tIL & Co, tle Mlanlagers usicr, jnll16 35, C..aI sIlreet, nelt to Cuasp nt A DV.N(':ES will ho se on 1ri paIents to li.rer p no[, IlavrP, Molr.eille, nOew Yok andl I'lsilod,1 pt, , AIDAMIS . WHITALL, - juI r 67Gravinora t IJ ANA iQ.il74Ziif iof W l itsll',t qualitie L 5ill 5lrn' asnd , Ilfr sale ,b Jndl5 ABIItAIIAM TliElfI, 34 Greins.r . $50 IIEWAIII). ATRUNK woo Ibnrkpen open at Mallo h SI all', on the ve'I il ofs the b8h itnst ,ala Iwo pockest lssokn, (nor red n1111roevo, IhP (etiher lock, wit g:il edges) can. tainittg vu(l0l0 s vlI jo. t, t . 1 t otle for $4,4110 ii ,ro payrable on .,r abst tss 1612 of llallch, 1838, aid Idaed tle s6th ufMurrs, 1837; 1the1 precise dales not re All persnos are fewsrneo d anot In o ra:le fr Pi l note. A. (nong the papeers isna receipt of de mani withll Burke, Watt & Cs.,lor $35 11, poy.tet o ul lhics, as ella.s tit taole, hao bees e1lloppr,..l 'lhe ocke5t osis letkis lowbefnt t thIe eounnilng rool ofl Burke, Willds &Co., where tlhe rewunl will he cold. jan ollld awlom SAI. II. WA... S'IhT. ARY's IABAiKET S l'EA.,1 YE RRi rc~ OTE is oInoreb givelt that i pursuance ofon Or ciplt., on Wedtnesday he9 •rl Junary, 1839-.l,soks I ofsus:criptIn toine capital stock of$20oi)00 in slhurel Clorl'o 1ePs.l i,dP, uid e',,.po.., will I olseneld ot Air. C rles Dsl I'ispd's, 1,0te St. Mory' saroket, Wed. 1Asdav fie I siaW llt, onld will be kept oaen lor thres 'byvr fsllos AI bs.-nli 92 P. M. on aco day. 'loe l)ollars per I 0r1, to bC oaid in eshll ocn subcribing. S HIGH, Cosniraionoe-s jan I 0--I 839. ol.,tst I, Ihe erenslljhed in Ilhia eitv. 7 line, addreosad to A. B., Box '9, Purt Oflice, . uling wlho au ilteorriew say he had wilh real naes, oill I. considered ssrictb. confidential, elrnd meet , ir ot I ,tclt. joll(i-3teod Palli AN llES It E'1111 3 A (l mntrer nt P(ITt i'O0-2 0 [II.,; 8. I1ntotae·, ofa suprelror l sssdiog, la hoeing forPle by sift - LI. (iAi.E, 113 Connonsso; JIANQUE Dk'oLE; flr - 'E]LICrTION annsnello,e ds dl estler r de el . L i usion.n sre liseu au Bureau de ;a lanqqe, Ltoun ,7 o J senvier procltan..'trt le as heorees de ou zo dt 'drus.p. s. Pear ordre du o,.nlisk dC , '121 J P. NEBiII', Caiseler.

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