Newspaper of True American, January 23, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated January 23, 1839 Page 1
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00 PRICEs 12' CE--,rs. --- ef--- ik~ N_ ~ -NEW ORLEANS WEDNESDAY MORNING, J,ýNUARY 13 lUi9. - I n ielr of the aem U, a ip "I / I & d NE W OI L N 4 _ _rleans Sle u aaaiproiz,il-V , 11itho mar U, dj Seam and P HU ma. £'ae u U a- lmer a and 1864ORRIDIDd. - - Yvnno HaPrr.,xJ. -I'vwll* J ),lrra fir Ill.drlily n. 111111 I. IAC ~t~ v " ,.A; 11 d'erm ef te Newaspjper I'rts of Ner Orleans unit nim tslv agree, t at an t ie r , I in to th Ihe Propreltorhld iln h r lha 3llt otf Mah, 18:17. .U lnaonPrttln.- 'wlr, It I dltrr fr II. d ilv pa p.r a ,lt|:fl p:til'lde n , tt:ii 'dl in til advan::n t Iet dollars fr Iho s i-wen ekly h oulltfrt IpaPerll, Iv, e 0n year in adtvual:e whliern ihl city referenre ai give,. Nn s thetriptie, will lie discontil.ed, ntil arrean gel are sattled. lit I.ase f diii cnt tionloe, one week'sa titein iw neriling mua oin Invanarby gieon, previo s a rth pliration of masuariptiion. A nVralSlN.-OI-na dollar p rPr snlt re for Ihe fairt aenirtiin,iand hnlf thltnrice for each la hseqlpir II,: an materilal ltheratimt lrum the original advertiemti.e t will be mhlarged as a new one. YAant.r Apvrentlann.-Merchate nand T'rn er, arty ldollars fitn English aline, pdl naixty for both Inn g iagen. Banks, O- end on1 tlr' ilain l public mstittinns, fifty dollra in ailiil only, nnl eighty for both laltglts a; .lili and atonatlnot Fac utrs, or Contulisia aiennrclnau.ta sixty dollarn in Fgnglinh ae andeighty lorhtoth langnoagi. MARItA 8tAt, eIaTmaRnV NatIRns, and rtl-lrc eall. lag the atotelion nt the pohlic to toie sit ao" rprprly, wards of passrell:agrs, heit+, de. dc. will he eNCFhr, one dol lr per iior tahe trst ilsertfin it, emrl a t . CaUM.atrAT nORs, or Adverrirmr.tac ot any person.a at natroe, wlhen ailhnialrc, hdall Ine clharged doailic, anl in adatoce. A dedultion if will e bn la t •, nSerla, Itlsgi rsof \ills, and Itnrshn i on sties of re!l estate, I)lnlilshetl in latJh nlngfntn'. nid 51) per Celnt. in langliIh a.lone: 10 ipo' cait. on .ats o. other popeirnty. AtrvTnTreMa Ta c)tint or dirct line iT Ioatilloe, at tlhe advertiser, ailh nas legal, ni-tiin, In llainr t oil sales, rontaay slne, stnlray oitnillll, &.e. &nc. will he clirgedl f'or.saPln.antolv, andI at tile rdlir ,rv rate. AnvaTata:araENit am specifPId .a io t ima, wil, hr .p:liahed onir innthl, indl nact-r, linly N Ia;iii IfIo- . f nn.L ltlllcia will ha amhhlir.h pa)tmenrt g.ltliurltlieel Iyv it r..spnllil.le plortoll ii n t i W. |flra.indtilt.l othtlr tlicroa i n-ftiln.aelrtlt, ntlverrliiamn daily rlhe l.aston. to ha chtaraed $1111h for It.glialh a lati, andl $150 in ilth lInII.intnn . All tnnlllo:eierntit itf rt.1 lii:lt, for palit'rnl will hen litredl do blll tlhel prie of i tFtiIlier tVltise. metlel (twiln In tin i IPItrnar Ina.. .aoltilteil| iy newsnpar p i,.rlt ortira , t ha invr. m ullani lt ti,- c Inb-lhital th Itl l us net s o ")er.,nA whoe,-r Itellom+:l htv 11,1 1" '11 b up id wi t ilt ine Iotinth Rl'nir n |lrtittil ilil , mhni Il sllt d kn,,v.I (io "trar n, pr it l a li) itn .alih other-tli, i hli alig lt.itl. ill ,.,oe of adnnrr,. Ip ..iria . s. tnigne.,l) J. . It: ST. Il()AII; S J. IIA("ilN, J. C. I' l'it". flll; Al;,S'l', 1.1 IlIttl-N. iVrelrly Peisa.--\e, It. I.ithirin*,II, f:ree to aride ty tihe atnbove retolitilton, Un liTr tis they Iure itpplicanl, mn I Idigarli A. R. .AWRENCM-, 1S .l itulmteriptini irr ttkeotr fir lema thnt 0 oniths. Lettrrs must, inill t i -, fin. t I)LL I dl iI. OTICE TO TIIlC PUBLIC.--Urifol.ldd I rumors ol tile undersignedl halinllg slld out, or diseo,.tlnaed his old iand long nMblhlhshed GARDEN SEED S'OlRl+E, ,, 5 t' Csse'ss hIsse Srcfl, Having beoon moslt industlrioiely circIl ittd by self: interested partirs, tilhe ulbserl,ler lcg to isassisre )is friends gsuerally, and the public at l.rgel, that s , still conlti:inios within twi doors s of i late, or Iormer stiand, to he lifrnisllhd with a l fill llln ex. . tensive supplly of all tie statmlerdl kinds of kitclh I or vegetable lardcs bi,, of tile growth anlld isllsn. port uf th. presesot sasoni, 183,7. Sitce the uirly psrt af September, Ie has rs . I ceived arnp!o stlpphts, by the plcketl ships Vicks. burg, Kl tuentky, aind Arkansas, all arrived in short patsags, direct froel Now York. Ily the Missis. s ippi andi another Iacket, he is in daily expeta. lion of a supply of F'rluit ''ro's iand AspItr tRoUts, having ulready receivcd i ulvUicersi tlicreot by mail. IThle ehl, criler begs fulrthr to aIssure til, Illplhlic at lal e, that hle is ait pr,.elst as welli t.bhleld to I e+it and exeetie rders 1lr all thes kiind sf (lrdel i,:oedsl, eithel r whils sale oir rit, ll, as hI , vr w e tleal I first usetilasllhiillon nt ill J ll iry, l+)d. Coual ry I)l.d rs iial .A ik't rd,,, ' orders Silod at the low -i anrd rlmost r' t i n lel!c r ltes, fly e .ll ip iil 'ws'sI , s :d l or lmllsli lIe ,'rl l sur y. llal .. l .S.uer , et,lhr i1 Fr ttltl ( or ]''IL.I h.s Itlly. ,loh'Iys uit i uiat ed i l l pit il 5ppllc ,tiot Ual,to . 11Vif S11t I' 11, '. ruli Seed t.l.' or,, .t' (' is.t h rsoi s Ire . a t i Iol-, -Ila up supply oI1 lvlra anld sbolilnl. le,, : l.. I u. :,"-id.l':.l. ll . l lll , S ell ,l yr:,r in ( i l 1ý I+IsIi s i,,. l 5. , d i , 1 ti': I -u I'.ll l t t .l I rl tI as.i, l ni - r, ,'fs Iut lls a e s l ' l, l b t Ii,.'. i . . l Erl .n e i, sr 1u Sh1on, IIs S u oie l 1 , lltil ly -P s i All n a . ll t aes ror il i c. t I s " " "'"' s tl+ i, Ir tltjs cureld it n t o r , , It itl tihk i I I. rrll lrua , I'trru tlnl a llill' ui ,.l a l., l fu-, [I taruo iitiLr' al t lSra l . irer's >Trl-it. , ', ll nufl, isasin snis sb'tssos ui eneurl Ii-et , unl Is-o tnhis sa v s , or < sin t t'e orr untss., 'sgssl do s lsl by gilPis ti )r.Jl'is-ssis .:1es I~ siTs! prlospl r , i en o tr eitrss cires in iw s ri thIUe ud i s lhut t ilhe uise ol ++ rcire , irite-rr ltin Ilth 14 1iten l , 1. e lllti AlltTl l "ll h. 8ill l P o lld s I . Irk I sedLcae ti preleLt Lr eou ll 'f ll il can le eli I r. bIern atr y , n Il isr sit o I uerll' uih 's r ll is wilet n opird' -h- nb1 +d ing t;e. ts 'ter;l e,1 h,.up I th,,l Icl le userses l so 'ii ltie i mi.osl Iins re j cb i s.11 " a it Sc l by h),. Job.o a [th olio.. li -. 1t.n hail"in slol se e I" , lis sPlicllt o i Ikss sls , and i ulll tases fthre ili,, en i or ii a uiGs til slt ' t s iuss I, u, l I .ct'Iltsn lediocil e min II .usi.hrei t Ite lile Ie . e tp t upI o sslcl itk rrt-oussri nw bsiiie tss isss ic, t is i-lht cs1osli sl ltle e Itio u 7u i theai Rllod si t illist itisu'Cll nt E hoie r ver b, Iul ll CI, ih isr ie sII il retl'i u )oic ir wtsi or ale ai n t ltil -lle ithl f ill ie lsos i:e sii a f ll uo ed ir mE sksn e orisinutu i-lsoshl sits, .dsh. ' u'h1. t.isxr t erss ie.lll a hl o ke ith the is bnot lafr, -iented s . e'.i r ill hiY ia pia tr Indig iio , ell-d Iorte e Iti ou rnl i of frlsy' IIhPl:-in oi ihl nse 'n, Iielis isg tf silelall srelli-re hale beein tsr le Irreg lareit oir s, with .II, an-si fi all ten ea rs; flr llte IU s tllree o r I t ly il it i. iol llv Thim medicine murt not lbe na beit eel +ll. i.llla i h oltll Iofs sotk eii ll oIr l iow ie thscil h i t, a it II -h solhi n've tou oi s ht iseut ainsd io wt ir.h, ii se r gs i Eurlopelle ;r ir..dtlc , uld f Ji, eert Of irOp i. it watis m rslt. d by ti1 ll a rcll sr ais v, .r l r s ll- . II i ieut· always keeps Ill ls |,ow,,l+ l i+,e, iloo;. nls v_, or cid iPlieng. l to iue ys. in, ut l ts eri lml e t's Ill llll air lind a ikw binlsis breos. the In list a llnlid ier s of laepleia or Indigesnao aSlld preveata returnc a an Oil srisi sok is nw rp i :it sl c u s. ro. Alrt:-u|oneaquen e of ieadi', as sissesls y iisr , I have been tro Thl e Ei, or less with [ tie fir ta in i seer.; hor the lst three yea's llo v |S|tu tirel hautv,' TeelE subseritblr I have trio sieral in t-ieinsie, and ic iiOam'i' Ank i eiicruas, ,toler vios mani henet i th. d espoilted of v her o h ni n, h n r.v Ier enem giaelie of tre snd elfu itero si C hlpltesshi de-ir Seatwis ersladsled b Iolfy cofrie ds I Nor \lrse, l I tl,..taed know drot how to xprjedca ie o f r itu woyndterfl jirtues od the whacle iton I ,.Mrlervesd hn hre rllihin le ui ill ch eallll wh h d llle hi lo st flle aeothr. s tLhed itilf a renr, iotle ei t ensed n.fsir, sConirilsg o o csrt hel tinh. el rslesae.nt aosi n hie p..sium ,eve hsu-dped ten onils work is I osar in prpre, siof by elldry vir-n Htllerion thisq .cf tlie. city. uonsitd ly Wili ot ll l. Jodiraitislo it', tier d Jhlge of h .e Strers Collrt, their peraoesl asperaicica all cli' odesitogs which lg siubsrll. be rs ppell- fol, to lhirh, in Lscc e. Solf a work it owiter, ih eerydey atilln n f Iaitcwrest. An involumesetif cOril y tn - s .l sil fearts i' Louisiaoi Reprto s, of tIm Uesi-lls, isi refritre to llIs, S.tsliorjisprucordinc of Ls,.ins~ ; eo d Peter Codioersed Repwirts. airrisou siti of this citys ll.rited y nac illia m d. idrand, Esq. The slcditor ci eiln Ior Ile, sy es distl knloishidge ef or asjud e c-c oft Sprume Clurt, ltd y tne ofjirita of tiss wlgscss U sige Mtret frlm Stheir persthonal supervia rsiont dall th'for tadvaile Lwhaiiih na turally b rap from Rs thlir expqrree. uConeh i work ist beoming tievery day lotll no docidrd in LusisisAn, tanls ccsigurioatly tts i n tie fetre oill trie otiher Srtatosn of the lr Si, illes, willerene to lie pec oliar jsrisprud o e of Lou.siana; a uid the oicn stdanee is the nuoerosu. l pr t.-le here de, Tiddd work wil adjuntn tont volo, eonflitl of l makes. th e knowledge of our dju, h d!l, to ses of prime uti iry to the juri sts of the wholnUineion. Morhon f, cthe riing republi fTexalo aols, ia adopti our codes, and thi e there ia g'reat3d' in? d for the Louisiapa Mdelslcrisio lls eceid by qarer. te added to each aase. W11 F.KEAN, Jle cr t'amp and Comma.ln sl. NEW ORtLE.A5NS Steam and Patent Biecurl B. Wer.yq Waters as No. 90,nrs . (.Hur ImIlr.r;in Ril ln) S.Pilot and Navy lBtcidl, S"; t, i Vlle Itiyui Sa1g"r, Butter, Mid nord andl Wilactur Crauleara. All lile elhoJe urticlte nra to be ofath firs quality, and ra knap icn any clienatet bein vo npletely kiln dried. Alao,-Klet driedl corn miil. OrdernIn nlat at 0. W. Pri ehlrd and Tag'rit, J norer M egaino ead Plydr:as snreetl, nwl lcuv prompt atteltiun. Smanll kegs put up exprvsaly lir Itillily use. 15,dv l,,,I. lUR-10l0 baiteisa liuilicgic ,erte , unil li sale by tA. I,3x t n I y, d.7 4 '"., v AIl.'--7i)0 kegs Nieil', .en artel velre, ar a e li, lli. Ali PIMt W1.4 I 'IIl'l ci,, TGr vi-r : Veo, ll lir';lr . aeie, ic. t11.5 [.I'(ll-7 b le Krii ye a OiL--'5 lllirrdlo |'l ,oer, oil, 40 e:nvk, fll l elrnlhe.l do, CANI)LISi--lIIU kuxri dleCrm Cv elnlyn. tnlr ale 1 I (iAI ,: , d7 9:1 Cnmmin w i-TW PO eIK & lyF'-21 bhila eiae, anl 4ll hbl. I- lcrimie Pork 2.l bbl t prince Iletl.; or vnlr lv I6 G I )Itdl.;Y , S14 .d ",I.a. -. 1 '.:. , I''' ..,f .ar of i..yging, the Go it am'l7 Itlll el l , t Ilr 6" " t n1. h-r nlrivgl Iici "Irdtý il " -lll J'e('i5c? Hl l . he;rm -eriol thet her sv, mi " -li~ vt~ .ic.,ill v ivc a +chc lic tiac tc ce Pi ila. t','icmiioii'ii an c t'ivicalc ic ii v, i cni In iiieii, cc pjpliiiitiln tc "lr. )lillacl 'n'17 i uv r cn t S-liii '·l i vd, l awl | ll llllr a .'llor a' !,ling fur rtlr 1.l Site iiu 11 r no 1. 1,1 rt r. 1 ,.\~ EW R|1t)KA--Vtyplenn 1lrnrn 11 ill1 P1' i e,t n ha'tl.·r, , by llt',, . . inn I ,l l.Y's C ,tliitlt tna ll for 18:1; ji l r. eived ! lii itr t r .() ýr 'rn rof r `n "t C ('ant~n IOUI+NI.\A I.T'l IT PI:. Il.lI· 11|[.'11 |nllllIll[ h)1 lh1! l~lll,'rlliiHl 11f' x),In£ -1 ,I~t~l)·. [ " " ii111 ,ill Lr,, illlll I)l)¢,l'illtr,( 1111l lilt I l, I (l'l ll.,h 1i - hier, i ll h el u tel a lltel rsl , - r ..f t" , lh Ihlh'l ), I'hlllrll· I r-If I' IIS I n l lUl. n o uln+ Sh n -(·1 r a 'ri i wi mra f lr ll reh, .n I e l iiw t, o cpni id to d l r ,,,T - I ' , i. iL r , el ir llIi bIeniary wilcl - li om rehen itde . , to oipe endi. ther - I. 'T heI'lr m thll ll i l al t'lr hi'l llh' lli rlalll I Iha r a tI hel lll o t orill' l ltlllllltd a.c o , J I: li-J II I. Tl la ih a ld 1l1n)i I lIIERMNh , Ir . l'(Illr l+Phl'~l~ll_.ll'.'+'h ,+ , ,t)1111i~ir lh+,IIIS· ++i ' r ,(~II . l~li . ll i . 14 I *rllel·· IlCII I ~lll llpiillll II (·ll .(Lv'il I1,I j INelt+1 l li.n, 'l~llmll.( V· .tr: ,%+llflll l'h1 l,,.++l1h+ 11:i1( 11hr ,llilr v tllll t l a .ll l nn ,- ! b* h tl" IXfi i111<, lXII t. , iIsI 14 b. ~ LJ'l".lP~ill ~ t ~ It l n the F' , ! ,u ih soul , 6 -tt + Inn r "1. Thel IIald 1·l ic d aJ d hIi'oan t.II I\I rl,\r, .\ '.l J (is[I'(N I".sqm Ja s v LPresiheus l SLIH ANO() N, ILui iaial Coll gv,, rn etn lt 1 ,i t.viclap di u on t i t v .in " 0 llir r(. aO IIb:y.InleO rlenl e . SIl rl h b rnin i r i e1 i,_'+'i-+th 1 u h llo ,l I, illl l.y , J;/I 1 Ll r I)I ,, I I< l lll il' I I. 1I,, n 1IIr llll Thl hh be lm ·1·11 .11d it "u. 1,.11111 to otu1,rl1t11·1r Ill 1 Ii ' J I I I i l,\ I i I e I I ( I'l, l. - ,iltili .. I++illI,,I1- ,I,+ ,n,1 iJ .0)&r , . Ewa . .. .I(·· I ·++, lll tli llll· C - -,l+, l=1 (· ,iii1- \ 1 Ill) i11 +l!l.l1l - IIrht s a Id ethi, at I iItI+N o , I" .n nhu i \ l hlg,+ I illll i fill,,1 lllk P41+II ." I' li Illl ~U I.'I.I · ('+ III'I-" 'htll +l' . (: , PEN Ho.1)Wt. r 1111,1 atl*.1b; IV '"lf ; ,ll\ll lldr ; i, llielil 1r ,l,'itr i,, . I RI hr11 I it , lR I + ne 1,,s·lrlllh , +r 1li11l 4",111.1 ··111+ 1l-; Jl|,liltlll i. II. ii+.- II L (+ii-(,5 J" : ,1 ( 111 1 |'.'ll lr;; I1l, :11i. 1 tv i IO h I ,. II ll+l1(·111- 111111. lJ·) Ylll '(< ·111·· • ~ lll Ier_:- A D t E n'e' ., - . i. . p , . I, ro,. II, h .r ' enan i r l.l': lerian s , d Iev nu , & \ l F. -tl' . Le " felro .t J~o~eu, para m Vo t r , 'Ir de Dev 1ur & Fa Illt ·ie t erl lil lt 1 , 1 ot,, e n. J d , l ',," . , l eh, . ill- . 1wie .n l her, ; \ lhl ' -u lr n ii | .t ulll ",+ c 'Io l,la ll,+ u., in en 1 li I'me h lisee, pu rl ho ou illt.. e et dlth " i : eli t , r \ insoll"" l" e r eI.I i. lll llt e t 10 p. I-, .r a n 'r-, g Ise n t an d ( ,'to u r ' I'e l ,r l 1ent Ier.l ic ',' hu i uG ,l 1 ,I' . ri l t i ll i .h I ll" 1" Li11 1 u' pt,:,. , I . ," ','. I lilll e 'rllC I ( l. 'l I Ih .h lr..l D . Grti ellrhl'. all, iI ,tt t n ',r ) mla lrý., l li~ i~t i l 17 .4 . 1 uh Il t .,,llt , I h.lltl ,,Z .+ \I ,,.at., e h lrl ds vsi:< . llw leiaI th L+. I tl h e card-ilh, h¥ J U nll ion. llao o rhnG .1 I+ t1 il oreirInthL no. y rv .; i c,t onn F"~rida ht" 1e 4t ,h d y f n as, r 1838,I t :o i(I --d Pe a, tit; dh ,li .lb r upo t," ..m,,r] * 1 7,1n [ rs le t all.IiI, i("l • . 1 .l< w, .v;. I- l.; lt,. - -i lilh t m,:,i ti m t in 4 r t , I r.lp + ur ,ing, l I. r In t ~ , the ~ Iers on n r sriv- I nivra said I', "It rrn K .,hurd s t e -i tl .. .. lerh orer tl at lie+srs ... . .. j :ilil ". .t,- , 'w , ,i.I'R \ /I (.n {ld/lr--1 ) ll Ilz..; Sc+, II+'tlll],r i. j, l I tnotl l n : i, | I i- to, I. ,"t It I. ', I cretL I us rl _ _!][ot 9.u u le r.rI.,I t 1 , ,lt , ,_ ,i .... I t~~ Ir lerk'p t Olik e s- t: r , ecenab eI T aT ,clr. filet.JI~i~ilp · he 'A ) adIt or I:.n 1,4,1 --; - 1 0 t ir t te I dit., I lio rrfil Juolh: lrw Ja) hilol I'hell r'll t 'i:alvtIn. .lIIeiii r ic L * o ilt ladrlIItly .od t, ll¥,r . < hr ,I-t,+r. Lo iq 1.1 +4,11,1 ir I,-|i. .+ ,(ilt I ll il +.') l lt.( 116.i ,I)· crI~ (.i Fllrlll a tlr, a ollili ed iL CLreUsIII t Ith I le l h r. tl or In llhlhe 11 r11 -d erll ll k,'- l thc. 'r. g Ii.,hi i ,tie J m b lr 1 t8: ,_ - , fue7-1r aleiyf I O 1.0 Er; 14 A-, I leve k. H A~l tt. on 11n w. ldaI n1,tgI , l rsd ein .13 1L OTH mR, J u hl i .it . i lt I r I l, bi li h':iil lltl ,t0 b .b y 'i ll t i le ,' . t, i \"Ih h h l wi l yv e 1'el Rl,. t.fl '.ani |e - 0 111h l I..qt r IUll dlU IIllli.l. iiiiii rel"rri~119Pr ita cr ctll,: rl* Illi., li-· tIllm (e6 lliu fi.ll'.e 1 u "e l'd r a d u h', ta : Iur. i ll 11.1 -1 . i ltI. V , ':1 P LL;LU l Ill. i..\ ,u DeJuI. vi·ic r s S I1.\·I'!] ()F 1.( +1;I:'1, ·\ N\--I'Uri..+l CIII1-'-u -Ihe l' tt r r1. I,', u. i it" "h r w fi2 ethy1 t &l F"-ter.emh Ihe ire le htli'l " i .iliI .lI.y . +n. n l e. IIde .e ' u Ii . tt I b l(. int psa y r h L: Ir(h Credo, . d ,lll i lh 1n r 11" p ehll are ti tutne di, '9l du core ri ,,,t , it c11 itt'h ut i 1e sl it,. II c.e i hin lld d yil ,.ilr ,,u eilr n lllh ln l e i tc'I" |o t ii rle ,(i Jui u .flllll Fl'lrrt ' I I "abtii .|lhll e I t, l 1. ,I ita e 6rlr0.l lhlo Il iIII1II tYre·l ll'w l. lt'Pl I1 inlhl. (,llt' .I"II 17 ICel-il.TI I1I.. i 1 : e o.I r l bl e ii sIoriul dy . I l,,e et Iol. f o c ' h IIg t .a Iand ens a firnar nCrrin to lay & tr he oht u ild aul I riels t erl o d .t. ii,. l I el.l .+ v, 1 . h llrl ii. - tu I i llIl r er d..r1 IrT 1h.\.~ De.l lll, iGiii "I , l'1' lili i F 1e 1l/l1li, lrt.\l .\.1 1·1' (·llil 1)tl ol tIhIei 1.7 f'ort'h to ed lily u( Vrw lh11 (:)-1u·a-PI1111 1te t, theU II at harle, l 1 l1rI~u~tut11 1 ' t ;g" . Nn. I I _l' II \ew onII sIt,+5''+. Sant ,vs ht . ,,,,,nd th. el,,,,,J a 't "f' J'I" o ' liu a',) . ro. '11w. e r n sit p.4p1t, l y\1 tll p. (IhT c ner . d(.l ;i-- :tllfLd is+ ucEtd byF Site +ourt.Ior/thel--ist al tt cidi,orllis cud thcito 11 Joit G, I+,d.ll I ihs oderTeIdhir said Ilia. ol tarl i t in Ihr o ic I.'u-11tRl.. CeTtll ltl l ors i"Jll ,\Iii¥ of 1II'Ioltt:'r tullftl ,!I" t'etL).lle & Ft).ter, tIl lil elrz Kohl Ic , it I I," I i il ill, it t LIlr M' n naya 18:111,tllrdt +ulvent, I n. t i tl-t i e ,l atlt IIIl ch +l ut. 1 11. i I IIw c- bl il¥ th.e helVP, wa.I illl~ rl" - I , h 1111 ) . rT- t.. ll ItII· aI. I inig It ,'fi liap ted I1two. ilP .re the rl .out credll u l i nvt .lll allihh.+. ill ut~ii'Rlu licl..+qv| ulld I.lle lll J.cilad JJllt1 n, r lhs c o o--u 1 hl %liy Id of t ' toitk. A l+]l, 1.\1 11. OT clerk i( /'lee ',, Q irn , Deew Irk l-....3...... sý'TI'.EPI OFl L.()ISIIANA-.FirsL Judicia 0i1 ,. trie t Caurt. t1" Fh,, 1r1 vht Iill L(l)tlllrad +, nod IPhr it, lhe d ilar as 31t rt l~ix'h.l~il F u ter.. The cii + or fJ ,', n ,\ .t 1Inv++ F ste n 1', . 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Verl, E.Fq, avoenl de A La.urguc, svlade Ia crealliersde I'iasulvuble, et upres avlir eltru lift |nblenu de distrl ui.olnml en retti ol, ti ' est ird IuIe I I ql' ltne assemtbl. e de. l1iie voir duns ,hx jours de la publi uatia.. de cel plusblleu a Iii g llaalllll I . elrullil I(. c lllillllttllv [ 7 le, P A ILI uSC, ell, lt v;r:,l1r. A ,'NA .-;iIe.l-41)11l bags p-'aie quality S ill tlre null Iilr -eIa by j l,7 i Ar III. IIIf .'L l TI I lt, :14 Grlttier t i 11 ll.:. ill -rI barrel a "i." na ll r l ul h Iv jta 7 :ial t i ia l ~ T il:It.l pla h'dr. 1PEI. !I.IL-1-' hurretl in stu'r, ,l Ifor l:de ,v j,-- j " .11i1(.111 1%1 Il' l1 Eit,:t4 l',yd!ra st ( )' I ' IT I 'l . - F- ,r ,nl r , I 'O F 1'F ' , w i i h n il t 1 h its fi rnl -rc, i t c l sisatlel itl tie ee.iril pwr -f ihm' lpurtitculars ppI13 ,. "ll.+P'oflit. ilhliii+ Ppaer. II,.) ti:,: r B n!RR 1 R¶RrtTr,-lrr d hPnIf nr f ni l a itrnn a t ora ainm hel hrin. t.a the Ih ,n:al li'rmn, Ilow nPn:In Iv thl. toss o it a hnnaea til Ce, na,, I'Fnn,( Anl (roma trl, brin tsr i-a n in n rr olrd a. netwhlh II new nl"lny to recnoil nl tPPl 1€ herr- 1 nnn. . i nR.P Pven In s.1n'+, I eItP v to Avoid ill, twrP andr wovlel., of their' ltoillnl.tnnmP hle rel hiliderro' tlrr ie s v' rrP nn utlln v l Iatl i I a'letl e alll. I lanlart, In eva t the Itn.s:vvfm' f In srhy. . nlile 1or . n, h.n n , ftt thr h) t at Pinhhin riig itn l r ,n dir-a tha- I ii, f :ia '''" ler Al IN- "Adennnfirrllonul nif- rIth4l1^.rlr t rll, I Of (',lmhlnIin stl,'l.lP the hr fen,,, f~ll;s,, offnnt41 fiiffwir i Fenti6~1;e IR;nll hret nl tlilth nin, na, i ahiw hottlil rir,,rrs it i nlen i It k ise prnhlnr m " h- . . nod wvl irkers; I '.lF . tw thle innir mrl tlrningt ervn In uktia it allr hnInlla lJly.i nnd mew it firon .1 rr1 . . \nmemnw rnr Ierif(fetew nl the I rs ,ltt /wlwcltnhliit¥ in wilinrnrt nfor th virlr of Oidridgadg Raln. re I;own,, Ile arrl-rihfarh . IJ Rand hre f ,wlhiiing-- Rulinra Til'hnrloni Faq1 l. Tvr In ; lnu ia hfn t'eriili.i' a- i,, - l ,ph- --h, heI w, t, the high!l t urAng I'tll,.P i tIa'rI,,l. dll t ii Iii h ,;rnihv lmP ti iyvPadabI ue nltll naninat tha li-tilug uf of hair, hut also utartatan rertar tire. / Wih-.l.T .I TU' rCIIF:R, Seuiir, n hetra liu 1ilnnistr in St Geotrre r lter,- a ' ^(.\:.nrth Firth on . b ,o':r: Slrl lin oa . It lT IlIN SPIi il 1',ll i, l i ii r l" h ir nt. .r I ! '.; I I 1 l l i, : ;l , I:m 5 -,, I ,: : , Pt . J'11I VI 0 '. l .11, , I:'3 :r< lrrhn r,et. I It ia ktnow tlahlnl ihrtr h nr In , aiim-'a ri te+ . mar, Illn .ill yv arnn oracuai fll flba III th Irs lrI tharn 30.i S f~ro,, t,,` 1b,vm,,,,. i .l unti atll , - hhu'uhl - 1dP'h+.l+.. IIh , ln lev l r, V l'h,,,,t I. Ini ll ,.lhs.I ay ,hCi vlll e I1111·E:IC r . ( ((1(·1) 1)4· ·11 ll( , 1 11 II 1II·\1 S,h'.Jr oJ" Irr l..i+.Jgnr l+' l, . l,.., tii h,tri \~ ',,,r y irr, Plllllll lr ' i rhll r u,,,' r,", ului tIv,,u l: l il c suck il fIl credl .it , hn~ .1 t,. .iv+. ,e . + it dw -Ai re ii ,, In w liIIP W9 1 rI o n Fiii io ,fl l -lt l hit liY h ,, lllll r(+lll+Il tlle mnIlo fr1h,' elit t') be Ilixtll. If'iP (ii Ih ( iv of I)ar -ll-lu ir, i ir. ,.ý'It ], l t'I hltri ua u nilaIITf ,,,, i.-,Ar. O()H.I ':I ,'E Ihlf ,,n (.ll J)lll e {IlflllP (:"llllillP IlPtllll+ ll .+ i, ofr inm hi h s tlendid Pnlrnvpd wrapper, n whirh i.v npec', t n hire .'hall .1 iinn.ri , ni ' hl tlrll l nll ,,, llll et ail r y the rr l IIr I I n .. mt rlr ,A nl bI rir]Pll. o.r' ,chel Ptme, , vr "i iitii I" +ip i ,h heI . IPellrl +Iflre. u llll bY llll) .t lll,'rIll.II l andlllll I , ntrlllslP r t it;gh -e rouutr,. S, I \ih 'I.t , 1 AI ,1Ii F : i ,i 119 \'l.)le .l W.t, "" ,)rl:,n. F OMlBl.%R11& (&O'S Boton. and; New Orleans L ( '. Li c of Pack.t hqips.-Thil nuew nle of ships = +., been e xpresl.y ;ent to rllr, het' w , thn al.v,, porlx, arid will be foonfl r)" of th. sn 1ta dr,=l of w\,afer: ancnmnudalionl for pawentgrs, and every effort ' ia b t made t,) o lw a tao: l sid . s at9 ion, 0 J 1h ChIhrok,:e. 415 tons Capt..I HIrling, Clrolin,, 4111 l)do L mlnis l, ('hharlevtn, :174. do I1) Eldridge, Col ffinb aia, lt U d i i It rkIr, Seamian, 24.1) di J IIwe, Tiumy, (a26 : o D1) uoli/reyhr The abve sthip rs o u all now, of the i.Po lrst . ., cnppPl'r :'.llrle d tilla ! rc pplerd. d o lnrlutlleU d bly meCn n ol',fr l I 'xl"ritr n lc. , h.ov, lar u e ll l mCI"t a a , alll l ll InI; I, !:lid to pi.-. lll.e rs, and tle v,.ry et of stores pro 'rh packet will li tiow, up Warl . win Ih l 11i "i t !+p', :rldit Ihr I tl:ll :I ll llh!,ll 11 uurw J1 ilu l it, "llie- i ,ii j, if I ll, r lhip lly n II i ,II r :;l - I, h ita l .llhu I. A "1 aiL el 1b tIi . ron i t ag" Is i r 1X 11 , t Will a~l, ill n I 1 -l J nI htnI clv,, It llI lldh n. i t il ia< p hl tIo rI ep vi e air.l thlrw lrd igoI .,I by s ~t1 ;lel it thu e o I I )d r~ll , ri. ,t , t, i I ul c ufit AI, Li k 'uti l ii 'lT c sIIps will Ih ,v," thh l't an*! 16 h of every I ,lo:ath. For fr rL'lhlt or y Is-, . :,Ploe t lo II arenllt-. J A \I t i ll'itl FT, vi2 ;o . N . 11. Adv.n. , r i u s It II, m 4 ll, n rnlllgi n ,n tt .1 li,'ssri. A (. I, l s.ub rd & i'. t " ' 11-27 i l.+ llsh :aiul IIni Aill l- u111111 unl t11 to U huni fIll 1h Bo 1I iu.e i 01i. ' .h l1 u iliT, i\ \ It, ih ,n unu~e, u an Iw I, ul l i i uid'-y -hi IU."II t'(IN .& A.:PIN 11.1l'S ( Ol ,Pll' )-'+' 1'a)N\it' 11II 'Ul tI';.- .A speedy l atilllitli n th ir lit, tii. l t F v r arid AgII e, , ir 'llxlh i ItI il. hir eii,,lll. I lV'I I i~nre. d llain ibll" urlglti .I U.d t .. P lan lit i tand ugi ve.: i s u s o i nil 1:i52, by iirioiiini of tUiileI IIIghest rej pect. tlulty i thLi ilty, . ItaI ttud in the IInexed €rerl lia lls. " ri T''hi nldlcine in highly rieomilendedl , and has l len e. xt. li v 'v us d i i u II I to the d iseil l wca. ll wl tll suei ti tiuguts.ild succtS. , that t(ih proprietor of th i i re ipe htt h ou l Inthlcdl II, t ltty r iu to tie plul. uh a n its l't I Iru n tin the ihol that it iiauy Ie ti means of lehrvllll ig manlll y of t.oe who are illI rang undur ti t tscourge of oniu toutry. ui Is, L it dllc l " poill lssl'. ;ig Lgreatl ltol , aInd whi'n used accloIillg to th dlurrct.ln ls II. llOt. vtr 'ttu, u.d ofI di.t OLVEar, tn iutn the mst I Ostillnt sitge of t i is, Inlr r. It s noi t at all d ttr(-.,bhil t , ut d ier .'ls olf the w .,lla t stomach, mll child en ,ay tikj t i th impnty. It s. rlgthllns the drgi Stilve otrgans, ereatut in appulnt and thluoll rmllhres Iuire thain one, or I, ol htiate caii s, two bottile to fllrc I - lrotcur. Thr,,e is lllh r mllrler llry nor rFuncy in . the mdtnllll, nr allny ti-O itn luitnj s so well ucnvincd ol unilts lli.acy, tht Iity greeplin to refund the preil of alrty b.tlu, wvl:th uii hubeen Ltakenl in accordlanc with the drocton.s anld hls ot effl:ctedl a it purlf t ir of tLhu licv r & ague. A. OLIVER, sole 0,u 0 tlt l Nuw Ortllls, at his whulbalu and reltail driu and miihno stollreL corner of Ili nvlh ule il n iprlrtes ustreets. For DistREt Aigell'lrs appO.,y to jLi5 T. Wi . Sl t iil, 48 Coit i it. Fancy Pocket oow k-Uinu - lpr 21h s utilad wtih fltund it spledid vl riety ofl Indws'l aint ge tll eIi' po k i bootks, to t, i aurd, needle auod thread cases. Fancy Stouks, buispend.rin, ntc.-Of uthe latest patterin and of supeirior quality, consisting ofplain anit figurLLd S uliLl, bubL,z.e, volvet an(d clotu sto=sI, lle husuills, plin, and i nl llly witih and willoiu ll , colllrs, suspeal Iders called iWas.lgtniiuu. stped re, alo, guin.u l istic wytrl. u uta i ut cuttnelll do, with alld iluhou rollti, antalon situlraps with wlre springi;;and a great va. rwlly of glntlllllelsl wrnr, I adu uxpr|reeu ly fOr the Urtll tralde, by A. L. Vaiihorn ad .tn of Plin I. d.lphia.i n i ll-A general and complete laslortrnen of clll h'as l tiII their Inalla o htllry.As(o, Ez lgallsl and FUlNch dressing l tcos, ric. dec27 NDRE:W 1lfflT & CO., respecifully suf'rIn titheir Irirnk, t and tiuu nisic iU em r, , that they ocupy tnhe ew brick shollpl, 19 'ehoiltoul.s strct, wlro they keep contatly tNil hand lippner. T'Ie and Sleet Iron, of every dcrii pnioi , N, oh as copper stills, kttlln altdt p nkll, tin batll. i ig tu s, and il tca , ul ' all sorIts and sizes, anlld all uther brWis c sting don ut , .irtet notice.i .rite liarn of every do cripllln s'lch s sream. t boat stalruls, hog chaons, screw halt', and othel kind .i'>twenhb.sat work, such us oniustnys, breach. 51am ninlg.l uiils. 'ht:y tlll also do al Ilns o out door work, aunIh u- zih4 , iopper and ln rofi iig and gulttering, &r,. 'i'noy ,above and Al other kludl ofll work Ill their li=ne of bu=uss, they will execute at huie shortest noltnc. d a27 j 11,ii i..\1. . i i caes ii :unla silk tUniil ella , Sitagi sizes, riei . ,i d r IirL t it' .hIri ., un d lu a tittili :iu \ntZip st -_FURNITURE! FUIJO N TUi l '!! in 'ersons in the wea of inrninlre wold do till e to call, ud select 'heir .'ihlea 'rom oneofth bet and larget stuck,, low lit ithe ctiy. "\ IKtd li.El., N i- Particular . . .e.tion paid to packin g .all "ltp each, in toe, lnod to r s le bv ) )1 1S & lilEtJ,; v.15-1- ,eners,(!nio tling ofgoal S butw', ,o1 ,xi t sir , i no aa and lwo.y , uelsltl - louon-; mten'a kip inu..._s, \'e. lv ldil! b'ain 41n1 ine t_.1 l 1.\\,ati lr ilt h R & C .l', 4 Mnnzin.. -I JOSit'Plt Cai.t KAY I:, 04lS ,5 tI V+rr At HA~MORRI:OIDs. [1AY'S LINIMENTI.-1 Flction.-This ex triordilnry clluleical toompition, the resu! of nscience, land the invenitiio a a celUbraled Inedi cal ilian, Lte iltioduni n oif which to the publ i was ilvo ted wilh the hsoloenlity of a deallthbo hequest, has since gained a rqiutation unparalle.ld, filly sustaining the correctnles of the laioentod Dr Gridcly's last cofession, tihat " lie dared not die watlout giving to postelity theo beuefit of his knowleldgoe tlle subjec," and lie tlerol'ur hbqueathed to his liirld am atteodant, Soluui. Hays, the secret of his discavery. It is now used in the pinieill hlospi[als, and the private practic in our muintry, first ajnl mos eertinly lir lthe cure of tle Piles, and so extei ay d reficlually as to bhflte credulity, unless where its efitcls are witeneed Externally in the following coplaints: l For Dropy-Creating exraordinary absorptlon at once. All Swellings--Rldciiegilnho in a few hours Rhleulnatiam-Acult or Ulroule, giving qulck ease. Sore Throat--By Cancers Ulcers or Cltds. Croup and Whouuoping Cagil-E lterdally, and over the Chest. All Bruises, Sprains, an0t Burns-Curing in a few llours. Sores and Uleers--Wlidthr fresh or long standaig, anid hlver slores. Its operations upon adll a nutr id children in redu ing rheumuaitc woe:llngs, iant looo1iog coughs and Iiglitnes of the cheslt y Idax;ltlon of the prtle, has been surlristlg beyond coonception. The Eclonn remairk ofe' Lhose hll have used it in thle person who will tue a bottle ol Hay's Lioiment hor the Piles, and return the empty bottle without being cured. I'lltoe are lie positiv orders of the pripllietor to the Ageilts; and out of i any thoee e.iio sl, idii, not one fop bheetn unii n ,s, l. \ Vi .nighti iosert cerililote. t .miy hl4tl,l buti prefer tlhat tlhe \who sell thie articln, lhlould ca hIllt the ieriginahl to pIrchse rs. CAU'ION-None can, be genuine withlllt a epleodld loigrevidl woreppler, on wll ehs Illy Iealo, i und also thlt of the Agents. bCOL( ION IIAYS. Solhl wolhmenlo and rotail, by COlIM'TOCK & Co, Nhev York, and by one Druggist in every ti iio the li. .o FoN'r sade i e Whiclleilo Airnts, cOrner of ciioi nion & 'l'iothpil.ulls stILicLt, anld by the Aputheieories generaoiv. je30 CI-,' llt'NI.Ithilll' f TtIC;i:. flilt nder-iiienei have hi doe formed a c¢,- ll' I Ill"r[p ter the trlal nctliln 1of a In l Corn . s1)1111, -ion ierd F rlnIIii rliei h. ilneo , in tl ll- i iii, under th1 l firln of " tIAI.I. rb Iuntw.N, iiid truce iukvn IIth iiw lerek stre, .\u. 9i, l.tgure ne. o otie+ (11i-" l o ylri. st.) RcJirnlres: J.1 ill:S G tCOl.tN. S, in t iAvery, \\'hi,. . lurk, \V cofll , Clh". IV It, l+ll II Cil, I t. linrII lhm . J 'l'ati .r i . , . \ i -. Cruneet & char ,heig.. John I"+mlihld (;i.- " Chicke i 1g, 1:usro.. Ch.,n 1' .3b11usey &% u. . h i rI iT I t I Io , 0 IDTI T hl ' L: L 1'L Co "L~ " r , el. Parll Ie l ; l I' r Mn s t I', hlitd t.un , rlllrl' nIol a \" r e tlllll I . i - I • ' i ! oh i I IE'& A f'or, , olun , h1o. id I' putt, I l'a-m ii : "l t Ville di li Niiii ,iiti 1 Iti l--h e S hhll i t, l Chiii ,ir \nllro illll, LsI, --.- t I , i : I ! hto 'l t+1 I u- .ill e h ,i:il.l o ii" I I l, l i - ehtl o eI1:r I a-lrlvllhe l l t s st: of I. t d edl. i p le - -. I '. .;l+ h 1 : r' I ' it+ 1 I I : -1lt--. 1' I-~ hPI I't ( r hill.." fo 1the I iieerl iholl i , 1 , " I i llllotii'e.~lh , il iihio ldg , . .. . r ' il n iii , l ii " , 'J ' t'lerl,!ifA lfI'v, I', L \ I.r (illll 1(/1 I)( il\~l h, 1 11111111 lii Il .,, I 1 ·11~~ -1 Il l. I I l- II .1i (I IIII· III· I l ii, · 1)11 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ l 111111!1 I~lil'~l U F·',eII.IIIloilII%1l? 11kV!)l~~ O N :III11i11{11 1111 111 fn~ il IIL'er(loo·r~ 1 ~llllllli I1eaiie~e d III 1111111 111. 'oc ge f. o E OhlN'J &r CD, (01101,. F·IdIlO,· 'eI'i,[S·llei hIdI~lE 1CC 11l~llll It BI~ 11 l If1 'elI.. 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Fo' ai lhdle (iib of 0) saws of mone o, each c) lit.dlle , laki ll l, sI aS a ln tile st :Id, illlt teell. r , Busal. ,ls , it yfe )t l6 per ,a , 01" $9gl 0 Illi Fora It i hoiI', (ill ul ti s: vs ". II . lillnder, or 1.11 5mll ill 11" Sto dI, e dI rs, ,c. i $. .......w. t - o. . For"lo oi 4.t s:",s nil dn. ot• is, saws ina stalt 11 ,l .' , pe' Saw, or 51t0 9 l For Ido. i ti, saws oll do. olr 4 aws in a sr a, ea i.5U per . saw·o , or :f0 It SI N 0L.I: IN . Foria single gin iir Sta lw5 or morla, ritth onlle sL.t of Ieelihl s, hltds, tcL. at liper S, $11) tit' IVoI lIlo. of 50 taws. with leelders, &lr .at $6 31) pet saw, 390 la) +lor .lo. ,of ll, with lfeeders, c . $6I I 7 pet 5:.w, 3011 0it +nr do. ol'.Atsaws, with l'eedors, &c. alt $7 1 o IL1 lill·(CW.:IS I..l)lrlr· 9 tiI 6 5u per saw 150 t111 F.xtllratelh ,vheredeshire, , ftr fectetrs, s li'plield I il cexls c:;ll tIhe ltlolber oflteet bpillo Iuotlt r4ll:0 ,o the umhber of l:.ns. I hne set of teeders, it is can sidetel howllllll, will wear ol twoi or ithreie sets ll N). Extral lsit Sillulllited at SOc(5eta elCl. The Gil hs wri.erdl, w 1ii be ltelivere'ld to 110 amnts III t pIltlerll illti al of tile sn purl ItlWnI oIf ilthe -til o. phL.," ioF Stil lt i l iela t: l Ifl.t e II'lprer , tlitIt' lls ll Iu llj llst I -1".llt o lllw th lll tn o li" ll a oo t, :i '+ l her'nl .o tY sisl..sible for the a mollt of th Illi.o. A i, iI wr'ilhll illle se;llent with the liw inll ,, pt Inull d, sir efllth l lill'rs flir wh sllle lse i sel will te ext'l r, btlI mmxllrate 'Iron runnin i. :oecami , lnit on.l'tti w he re deli'M4. on reasotnbleterlh: . , ht will lie clhatre t, i r,.n. IIlrs powei.£, o eolll e dsl:riIptl I, to l be al'rlll ihelldll l like tilers. Small 1el0 ly lngilts tot'n also be ordeel.d 0i ll . I si edl. it indesihthli, whlei plotter-, ivye nders frhe (-inh, Illr shool ell lcioman) them with Iheirtit-ws il, legarld Itotnrllt, ingemenllto saws, lreat'ls, blushes, No. II is f Ulnd thin diletl " opinion. Some desire Saws of lalrger diametetr ih': othet's. The most coomte, Sio, is 9 or 1ll illhtes; i . somlle wIisII lilt' ll 1 itithets. A.'. l, WiWIh or Il rows brut.les ol isle, woill ihrrs .I. not l a~i l nl lllltl.iw ,al ito$s. .5-.mi," wishl +.w,+ "0111 's lr e i,+lh to the ihvh, while others want o Ir I I Ithe lltim of "i, !in o d litt' l ro'lllisll it $1s t'ltloe oli oI itheit w isilas, mdthelt t""elt 0l.r wt h fil h11 l'l i il pltlidllarl. \1'here it is left to oturdeerest.o, we shuti mnake them on the nmosl modter(n. tl ad pl.onsted e lla. .! . " o~ r con be tire lted, from It'e tio e it i, I'e it,,I nm the spaceolll,'t It l'rotorewtek ,:lnd the 1i",. it, it,,,i tohIe pli t'd t l the Lau f l It " Iof t :heO t.l. "'1o he ill 11lh. hly tile iixt~ evolylil ;11 or, irs illl ht11 hin l it lt+i Itlt he manaletropalrshte trst ort subbtle 1imo th t,, 'o ihailwp ll 'hli.rt t ion al b ~ ie t Ih ' are late in comcll. .o t', Ji pick of gin r,-m,. N. II, . T1'h , t le t Ilie_',i', ') t , l 'l, ,lh t'e h o as I I:iI+, uII Ile sell mt ; ew t'+ ,I I lw t .,to.5. IiI I. CiI CIO ('i CCCllll ~ra t I o nII:, ihs nlSl 'I'II"il H hf ~l'l~ila NI IIN I I Snaelc lll ~lr Ineirlr '.Ciirtilt II· IIP l i I~civ itl 0 II'.'... NI1. ILSY Fl,.'"~ 0 I1 ltll c I) .'C iQ CC'lc llla·II ih Ill· Il.(ti llt' CJ'IC~ lilhr( I CCCI' SI'C'C I i l~ I II,'Iit l Ii).C, C .N1di Ii sl " i').. ll~llli III CWIiC CC', (·1 II,'CClll(IC"C,.CCC Iebil dCP.· CI.. (IIl iNC.r l C.lIlcp'..Ci cl.gI. IIC'..C'~e l C, C Ii 'tt.I.I..'I '1V'.'ll Lclllllolr. ~ i- ..II'.N6~y~lll~ F I·~ A P.C SII~ ll, Ec. · :J ''F' 'l ~ From Mobile (Alabnma) to 0 .tA L.I.n 'r:, 1 I ' A V S .lll ,ie r e, v other d:aI. II"I,,I'.I I't II ,4 thle lrlla l of thell ml ail 1frol N w lt.i |) ll," ,., (l "I. ,, C stlllbutll Io:E l· l.loII.- k lll . :u ,:cttke t. , I' , "usar Svia l:arihnuo, C(haltut. :t her, (Iii.'e,,rl Ml 1-,U.\,... c I o,,) linilnin.l"le, I nIk.. tltuo; I a h*i le :. ; I,, . i hile is in no danlge" ofI biuk Ihrw',U t n, 1., ,4 1 1 " I)A LI\ 1: is hilt lll, C. eIrl anlll Auterll ll l' Io r ( i throughoult, land n rlll A l a'l' Ir tt.ll''Ai ' upo 11 ,1! I arrival i t AugosI. il time n ' ~ .lied, through all1 er: aI.:II anII " llse , 1 .IIII e o t1lllstlloe l cili:,. ! tiophe sholll l n lecur. ThI, (Il lr l NCw 11 INew t \h ,iI is .llriel I1 this mnll . 1The1 Ag*Ans lll :ccllllllo III . l'.: o C hes l)i, lr re not ll passed hlle smooth11 har, n lurll.ik ronlls, the a'al i'I te I !( stig. ll l. olriu lillnl,tle I 11 ll l I (llllcc llioI, the traveler speedA cerl I , o , d l pia; t ill1g varie oi l ec AIIIl it werIIIAI ih Ith li :l .AII i11 Ch1 r lstlo , SI . Il . :Ia d hIII stIlA I C lle il w S Il i tlral''rs co rea l h No w Yorl'k Al from \C, (1, l t I.s IA II Ar I'-- ':hinglA oI it, i' t 1 5 . Frt o Ch;lhll hl..u e:, A I orAI du, IA I, l,.e , lira Lini,, ,i, si . :,,, 'r,,!tl:, ssee, I.. . S \,,,ks, 4 I"'. post coaches, also two lIlranchs blOll Iluh ko,,l1, Atu.I" , 20th ,ran. .35 )llicrtl \lansio ln.n e 1l;,ile sI )ilista e, New Illri. s to I tl,,., 150 rmils Char:lle.tlon to Newi o lurk, JIl- Ic I . Timne, Now ()lrlei to \lnl il, ' L hulll lMolile to AIuAllt. i' A AINi l ; ,i/ II A II I ,, CI I , \hlklaio 111 D les lper day. oI 7 mn .s ler I . 1', icl l sA II' atll . lave to in r the illl "~lll ll'Illl li l l 1 ih lh icr.ltl l Illte . b111e 1111001 t 1 th1 1 I II IIA i l ;l1 .Te' nieol, (Ih NIl) IAbslIlls o ,elrtolil,. agaiosl this sat1 : 1, sI eel ut: i I husballlY r eoylltill l, I ii { .011 I illlli'Ure .O Iel I g from lI AI IveA I ,.l l ltr l,n. ,lc ho;l S , driv~ rsnl , .1 ,l yra l o he IIh t , iv',llr aInd I osn , h water lIlle from lsu&l lll tI o ICedar ll f, it is a Iu.t ,II d by :,In who hAo 11a111 1,hr 1gh it tl be 1osojrpo s r Ii, h i el lles beol ;u hi l elil . heIi nlhit i llhu lll , ,:., , hl 01ri'10s h.tve IrUet l olnd 0e0i.1 'A pIe\l1 ,. 1 -1(110n11. .IARBIII E CHI MNY PI'lCE t\V, t.. n.E, tnriae ii Now York, and will keI, c,,nsl ,.nt!l o S hand i gOeirt l Iassortmll .t "f arblo 1,A'le i' ,ecesl .! m lde o f th e heo t .. y p ti1 uo , ]I li . I, h ullb a I Americar mnlarbie. Al-,, o1l0Ilmnts, Tomhs and lN, Irave So I..Io nl A , u lld.r 1 pli dil sillts a1d l to I ,ls, AlrCle iI1chIgs, hOll rlhs l d illolrond ry stone, plaster ,' of Paris, Roman & Hydrauith C(meiint a nd PInster. I ing liair, logether with a sl'enII d " as Tlllet0 , fll o l as mounlllltled and plain Grates anillld Russia Iron( ' Iraes oflhe nwesilll and root lalproved p1lattr, A. Lititering donle in the netlestl Imaonller and at tI llsrlest n Ftll. They have tir1 rati workmen to et tihe abovI work. l I.i t AMtES KAIN &. ATROI'ID .1o~ PARIER'8 ROCKY MOUN'T'AINS, &c. OURNA,, of a~ Explohrin Tour b,''oud the Ra'ky Mountains, udndr tlh drareis of the A CF F , M .prrfirmCd in tlhe y.l rs 1833. '31 ud AI 3; cmontaining a description i" thlu geuogrp=yy, g!.. ahlogy,, cla tllle nois plrouetIlols mil ti. nuI mbOle, Im lllors anld tll llllll Ift the liv "s; with ia M.u,1 of Oregon Tarri.ory, by R-v. Sui rll P ,rk bi r. A .11 ' ite {River and Ile lk)ws'.rl; or I{Rc,,l!,,4th o ,e ;, tithe IKhoo, und tlh 'lbartr,"use; by 1,,, Pardoe, S utlt ,r oflthe i ity of , S o1 Ut t, AR . , 2 vols, of I'e Robber, aT ,I , ;e autl r ul lic:u. li ,, ,z, Ti Gyply, Alllla; in 29 t " m h I ,e Two Fhrl; ,r Al. -' ar in a Cunilry 111Ilnoiso, ,od othor Talus, by L'dy BWssin.ion. E 1, 1s 1I ler, Mra No:t,n, B1 ry r ( onri,\vail, Mrs Gorr, :' Tor Lhw , tul Adv:li tu-.s ot Nich, n h Is Nic .'bI'., Just re, eivd and liaih,.l by I I. NJ , ' • C O A, .-.| st r,,t ved| nii f r -ahI h, 11i \V c.leLionu, Corre, ,.1 C., -i, in ia'll lltrn sn r,"ue . 1, nl l bwl tic l in trun < 1-,,llS 'lmense ! 'en ~ t1 hel., tih I hl, ('41 l CU t1-r llr': la, , ,ol 1'i 0 1 1 , t,, e - er-. Al,, uring T'p t , -," mWs. York d Zaltafore Zackets IJACKE'I' FOR NEW YO.:K-pow LVn. L --T. s,,il pul cllntly every second Monday during the leaoun, fuli or not ull. . - rlip Orleans, 599 lonll C.,pt. S. Searc, Ship Alabmn. 474 do C. C. Berry. Ship Arlkanss, 627 do ES Dennis. Ship S r toga, 542 do W Hathaway. Ship Nsrhvolle, 540 do D Jacklon. S oIp Kentucky, 629 do J Bunker 'I'llr aovu rhips are of the first elne, coppered. "anld copper `stenpd, ao d h.vio:g blen built in New York ' x re sly f;r thI, trure, tllry are of light dr..t of water and almost invariably crow the bat wllrouut aoy drlt-rltron. T'!,e co llmmanders are msn oI preaIt experience, and the srhips w,. alwayabe towed up crod deow, le Missirsippi by steaniibeota 'lThey haIve randome tihrlrired uccornlnodations. ald torrs of the bIet decrpItrrn wil always be fbrinir d. 'he c,,bin ipalage is $90 without Si r or hquo,tr, and there is ,no iquor furnliabhedto Ihe fitcarr. nr crew. .or irl iighrt or pamrgeo apply , rO brord, orrto H C AMES,d 48 Cmpiat. The sl, ops art not acrorntable Lor breakage of, b -hol (: mwware, rle r glriraite. cooperage of tin, ,s rest of nunr :terl, nor responsible for any I.rkegze or p iccl, unlet,s a regular hill of loding t +x'l:utlrt there.Jo r at tie .llies of the ols. \NEWU(LIr'ANJ S so Io \ LTI\lORE LINE OF PACK 1S. T'lhi.K line will ronvst ,tf thlr followring vesse:a, blrlf b -t'ry",l :u . mIrler, U.Bk Mary, " Nil k"raor, SIruad -'errv, now r StevOlla, SSnllomln haatus. "" L...tha, Is ig Arc irect, . Gr..y. "Ths.,. y-.,urr of rthe first chtls, hove hand. So,, l;rlllslhrld eclll odat ionsI and l .re orrf a light ie rIIl orf w ;t r, so an to II r of thr i r recr eivrlng land :t,.tr , t ui"g their c.e..", r in ir:lti rin e. tr i/re city. ''r, r;r , I he tl..kren lor p.erl on the' Cihesapeake . Jmew' River, :,,d f,.,rerd lby the agr rtc. - ,I. Al'iL KE KElI.tALG, at Eaotmore x". ",r o. go,.1 ah d i " rI. I,,. advIned whiro thon 'f r r.h e Ut pars, : as fix d 4t $60, ni ell hr lrr',,st rs. F.r friel- ht or parsage, pplly In GEO. lBEDFORD nov27 22 B.tcrvl'e at. Fi'R N.W YtRlK. [.nouisinna oand Nwr Yorrk Line of Packrsr] I Ill II; Ships co,.p rsingr this lire will saoil from New Orirnur anrd Nuw York on every other Mlon. ii --rr eNIIII IIg onI tI. e 2111h Novmlllber-and to Ilr:.rlrrrli(st " r tl(l it y irl i e irnrle oIf e ilni -g, tihe S w II rl h rrrnitr cOr nsist lr r ivr , ships, vi z: hirrlp Y. zor,. ('C ltair 'l'rtei, to louav o thlI( S20th Novrmher. S!.p Lrr.rrv . .. C ptain Pa'rnmr. to lIave on the 411r Decrmher. S hil Irunrrviler. C l.tainr Eldrldge, to leave on the 18th DUc.e, h r. Slip V t Ik.urig Coaptain WVoodhouse, to lornv on it,. 14t J.uirtry. Shil'lissri-rlpp,, Captain Dvis, to leave on the 13],l of Janu.ary. Thei.ibove are all new, of the first clase. nopper. r rrl(i copper fuilt.rrd, inlld u:rwards o 5u) ltons rrirn, ore of ight draught of watr, Ierng built i New York r xplres liy r thl trade. T.o price u, plmssnet is fix,"d at 1(00 dollars: their cahhns are ilhll u In lhr rll<ost in proverld d rrnd torV iellt , rr,.. t,,, r ri r ited r n a strut arid e l c , nr sr l,. 1, le if tl frir.t quliy wll bi. Ir.rvnded. pl ev.ty r'gerd paird to tl, e r. tliort ., rr entrira "."n it p.'ll I ."" "re. whF, will pie.,, taloe no. ."* ii ,, r:" Ih. r, r,,l:, ne hsr c:urd olhs: poi.[ ,ir at 'I, ,'.,e vW'.s rr cornandlllld bIV r:ptirs well xi, rr"": ,,, ii "u the a, who iI givoe cvry at. .r.r.rr arrr erlt r rrlrrnrrv to ,,rorrl,, u Tliey ,ll a ;ti; :llle ie tIowed Ul I all downr thle y liasl , r. ,d e rr thr t l tr e of lsilrng. -" T s o~wners of these sirn a will not be responsi. rit, ror aly ) reiter, pare-I or rockag., rert by or util rr roerd of tlLhwIrr, unrloa a rrrgular bill o' ladinl ,o lg.ig.lrd therfor., at tile coruntilg hruuru of theb -grtll or owe,,rs. For firreir prllculr appl)llly Lo J D BEIN & A COIIEN, nnviS? 9U (n,tlroon at FOR NEW "Y zlK. [I.oui~ia,..,.ud .%w York Linle of Pncksla.] t i ..Illjll UIII ,111:; Ion, L.,- Uil W I,ti n a, nn,:w p I' Lntiinnd/n, tn1.'ielk altint, t Inr.y u,, aattln 4 clt,,ipn IlaII t ii nit: inti uI ,elll berg " ..n Ia lnaln re 'tho NItty tI'U.tnhil!ei, Cap)taia Eldi'dlaar to Intmnt ou tin -1I IC 1V-ichs nr% Cr a ptain V,'edh oUR*, tt Fu:, te on thb upton eav ti ye .ieunow I tJn C~,.. itti .llis,,nszppi, Captain Davis, to leave on ihe 15th Jttuuatt. il.J''" 'i0 .hove lhipl arn all nila. af ha fitrst tlass r,:,, orted still COlfl,er lun len lo01 and Itpwardv t1l t.nUU soi (LIIIII Ialreo1 8ight dihtaIa tgll 'f watier, bling built it i n1 .ilik ci x n rtsp'i lirt t n IrJt. i' , rt e in " pa s .k + I" .. !li !al nnetlhu dred d .ll ara., ''ltilir t.llli tire tiit id tp noll tihe In t illpiovetn a tnd I .tvtllet p]llttn , and Ii d lltnt ele1n ltt a ;lstt l . Al l,t yC t rs n lla a tile f ull alt t ill h'. ,rovl i nd,- all J v v , re, gal hoo It Ilol IllllllololftlIndll ellllt· allt.lucliu llo l, +i11ern, who ail I I eue ta .e unoni tihat td belt calln be inLtultd bu ili Ipa l !or Illa hie ,,ticv ,01 the co,i.gnces. 1 +e 1000,, I, ;Ii'r n ,iom aunta ed t y Vapita i mne aell d ip 'lelrculel in tile inllds, Wtl will give evern atelutie, a t lle nxPIr t!I In ielv! to agCclnlll ai a 'nen hba it will at ktll limlll ba tIndal g a t d ,tlrn athe a1a. pi i y +; nhl a . tI+, Latln It e sllctest t )Ui ctun lity observed ilt the !inni Cf nuttitint. lllh owNlcrlit illese hips will not be r.sponAible for f'a Itl, era iariel or iav-' agennett bynortid Oiln and tan '11h11, lll, luw* a regular dli ol ladingtbe atann, t, mrelarn SIt I t, Cotlliltnig tohin of t,e aigentsd or ;tera. Fn. n,,,, ti tI nnrtit aturt; aptplyt' tAoa atit n nv lnttniiat13 t Ie Conmma nalt. PnAC n F.t..1 atnAN SION HtoUSL AE\\" CITY, PL,".ACOI,.A. rIý 11'+t.u l ll ' tll n Int+i tll I. alled tl ! iae and ftr a tituret aotal 1 onn i ton I tnna'inl +t tin nio attr Ti tthnr, ltie Iat Ilnr n ,lTu n w til bte nady i n0 rnnie vt. illtls l b thlt' I t .t A uil neXt. Un1ii"l.tion .. alltli ti(ltil, ialtliovenlentl will be found in tilt: nrronuetoents of the Mansion douse. SOL)L·· ew and Ilnl ttutnetat lile a burinrgt h.ane wiltl bt btillt wan Sfali'lt bet- wittll Lo ianprndd at a ll nand,,n . A stabl+ asll III e ,,utclhed to the house, w ith good a ccunluluda-L( tinl paooIinl"snodn a'tn anitt.innti atatttuidnn nmeattn'e c, c.,rl - ailna anlr=e ,p nlit hi eredat ihtera. e Illynries annh ldan lw btaintar wcn oreril y kLetat m hanagthe na pial ait. o\V iltt ls, gn ly- a ill aot iandt . lh l htusel b tie1 frundelr ato ttleiuglb suc wld onfiobetur assmd, n .d ~" ,',,,,ducted on nalot to i torfere with the eC·UIII(rt ialanadlI y dn!of tet ardr. Tilah whina and itualln waill LtnI i ti eetd a ntngn. nand dto elltinurc all .pply of in., t "git' l Inlre blu n rdered, wlastna will aaiar "Lout th eL1 I-t 01 Al.'. Mo h red,·rie. lualard, taho formnerly kept so popnnla a In~t' enitana tahthila rlv tnill tndnlu Iena Glau nft.f tilhe prlllrpretor, n-n, wlt such atld,coleAdntry alsutnr I. ,.uh:l I ..l'lasit latr, ba n ris d tihn enegally, tita ,:al mda",t,tdin tle0in nhundntt.o and deltcaanyqfghfo tih-y With 1itch tine wnesa.ble alttentdn; and thpmitdy ex t int to tnn tite nat:na, asatici n-on. he.e lcall odvontherg of thp a I oule a too de, ll thnattli~ atild dtnltitblhnl naatili(rrt'nnn Iln .tonita a it imr tat end Fnticu nela ad M-o niie, tnd '" Ill n l ta tiltte Intall t na al station ofe I',san~, cl 11b l+'9. 1N B ABINpLD. i-tt Gi ,tilnlit wnctig tad engaor nao the ell'squao l 100 0,1111.11.0·li~ u1 ~s connatae rehl~sll., d onstantly do. illlr iih* sual i-r n, bhe lr) ololr It Peemeoh from c dInn0t the her and the ntighbn urngla Ind nattl T 't'aytah i. liundanir nnpr.eioat ow 04th CallS. nlec bi anntlllch r ule..d; and i. pmit T antir. Pe~q, .nlaICnCtditn, P, MaAlp~i., .Iu.. Ln. ~it , na. b Ine; Suh T Taylr, P P Basa, Ela hepil ry. I"e-tA laetr all , oIt aeeivalan ,ee Ititude.,as fia hnauhy sairld delightfull fiummulcrro Itolt. F'ta late fatt bill tno l, in piaed e..i" P eeo and nM' tlinani. ' Itie ralt51 t take tne Enaianga h,,~~11 ill, Ne~v Orleansr Louts. FIlro tI, Fc. 15tlthIU FtR NEW YORK. rz.-" l'nr ,G'e-'. .a, .tl to i tgae Flnd om for teir. ala Pn 'n,'ln, Nixe rtbhaa la.ftinamteld that 6.rlt ist. liaaii t n,-iln ran s anan Ith p mlpdidor It Psaaol. . or AIr ni Slil nnI TyPeorn, u m ahr apr nietor, r !y llf4 ewlr. ' ,nf flan. G.q, sltre C Cullanl, uIlal pi lMo Lt, Kihhv,.i l in Mob le; 8 T Taylr, P P Rea, Eeq,ia Nown 1, ti-A letter beg, to receive niomueiopieee for 'I,n ao it, thle boe hiotel, it pltcea ta taepsu masltuh office, .51 St Charles Exahanlgr. FI.UUKI)\ I')I;TE FCIR NEW VORK. I- 1'r t - Ilea !" ,it 'tin of ekingo the Florida route, vie it ·Fio,'III,,tI the north,all· iof~rmod that Rat mew Luts a.till ri-t it nla a in fllen. Mobile to Plauuro Tavine 'inalln!,tnll PClenaiinla evla her dMen Plt'a l Ft of luny. Gent! i' aee will 'lueve be pSbedeg "1,0 nl, v,., tl ertn hemII ltndirtell t ltOca payl)·CCI·Rq l Mobilz. ill ea-a oI the failure uflhe r The "mamnon Ct Champi. Ion lves Me*% Nolm ln "w ti n ...a. tfabý

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