Newspaper of True American, January 23, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated January 23, 1839 Page 2
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MUegeltattems. .Ma, is oLsedlever day at 10 dma awry day at 18, M. S i is lloaod overy day at halfpast de with the Ireat Easteln Mail, .Ail (via Covinagtn, La) is eloped y. Wednesday and Friday. at 60o look, a every Touesday, Thursday and Satur. CP M. _ en'orIe at River Mail is oloted every lWidpeedy and SatUltlyy, at 8 P M--Is " riltvned by stealnboats.-Arrives Irregu. 1theItineY a week. ý ao . rGl, .u l l is el.aed every enF, t at W iý M-In sent and i t rt n Red River.Mail is sent irregu. '.a eagetea twise a week. COMMERCIAL. Jae In iail. .Jaa. s ldo .............. T I Cinclnnali.La ........ 1 d ............ 1 Lulivill. d i ........... do.............. P Il I, a, Jan.......... Sli) doNo....... 3 Pi No .............. 5 .......... lldm. a .......... " li.e)........... II Illv o............ •...P. ..1 TP tiVNK~V· eliIbANS. CLEtRANCJa. Jaexey 41. lbC aur iclhols, hr it.Ir ol. MIr. iuh ekl. , for U f Ioafrlnoo m, J t Merle uo i rack, Moore., for Liverpool, Msterr Teuak, For tow Yxr, Morter U on V.*a Cres. J Crosby werpO, Po. focr uonah. Y M Weld t co Ru.el., for Ilaud of Cubh. A La~goudr. * Uor..d SU VA ,4 Fuller, for Vtra Crsa, in bollot. J W Zteh imbt 0o ARRIVAI. Vaoo t Peo Doy. Limber, srAm the P.Lee, hLvig wrnt do. Iblg nrteured to the ciy with kr hark, brig M.Ie, ad or.C M1 1mith, aod Veer. Left N E Pa tlst Ino, a S p mt .ropeolMlp PL.,teoma otd .evet l .onll 0sets In th rior. K brnk Mohlemn, Jump, 24 d.y from ID.alerar, in hbllast to Muter. 3eI u Comanche. MrQuow.• from Randolph. • bn.m.. Emperor. Alter, from Coiumhhi. IBleear D.ry Crokett. I'ho,.te, from Ale..odr,. Stamer IBrllil.t, Hlrt, from PlIaquemti;. EXftItTS . UVYERPOOL..per ship Cearor.. 1.31 hIs cotton, 1 hi. rope cultlinr.. S............par ship Denmrk..IR14 hi. cotton. mW YORK.. per ship YesV.. ..9311 hi. tton, 2. hi worl. 119 hhde ugar. 9Hi tet moles,l IW bl* Ilhour, S eau. dry qoods. VERA CRUZ..por .hr L..oe..lot. maze, hrandy, woolen., oils, druol, lineuo. 4AVANNAII..prrh Trmollet..73.,3 sucks corn, 75 bril flour, d suar, 75 do moltl... A.N..per hrlEoblel,..3U0 hele lour. IMPORTS. PALACHICOI.A.. p.r bi lglth,..70,000 tot lnumber, to ET MA KES..l Pr arhr Vesper..l brl damaled bread, andl7 hie cotton, to Major Clark naI order. RECEIPTS.OF PRODUCE. Rmod.pb..par steamer Conmoche..i2 hit cotto., B IV 4kshp O o. 0 do sod 55. .o.h corn, Owum o bohrd; 1O b cotton, Forsyth 4. I.imorik; 15 do tuckner, 8talon & co.; 10do 4 U C.mpbell; 394 stack corn Owner on hoard; 101 his eo..4Alleo, Ashrbr o, tt do O'Neill, Deringl eo, 3 Ido J MComretio 3tdoW Kopert, "7ldoA Ioureu k o. jon*mer Oz.k, Huoeo, from Memopli aud Mouth of Ar k"... River. Mimphl..par stemer OCrk..97 his sutton. Allno, A.sher Ies 44 do W M ral. Itl do W logart. 8 do Frietion, Dale ..o, 0l do Comor Oridly; 124 do lad 47 ocoks cottoll nd A Ldouol o; 5 hl cottoo Y Whitte co; 06 do Loekart, re4I Doneglp; 3 do Pikelt k Ianko., I do Iwre.rt. k lhlmmn I d4.Martin .ela.nto & co; 7do Henry Luroie,2 hr.mdon, N &A Dick , o. stoamer Colomlit..36 hil cotton, Prie, leb tAt c, 13e l do VW Rsloti; 47Odo Ih4cknlr, 0t1l0lon & to. I137 do Lyons, rris co; 7 do J H Leverich k o, 6 do Hmoba & (oo.h 19 do Merrelt, Jtolong-4 o; I6 do J.,mes Arollon 6t do*Arthur Fulob & co; I do Nags.t. Turplin & Want, 0Bdo Armour, Laoh 0 Wtlker, fi do MerrilMld, P -,. M co ; 44 do Brauder, & Wright; 73 do Hurks, Wst & ao. 410 do Limteth & Thoap.ou; Edo V M Cuioiu, l do W Okey & co;. 9 do AIlno. Asher o ego 01 do Lock 00, Frm & Doneluu; 31 do A Lodot co., 55 do W M Mo, 47 do9I HIooerot; 44: do N 1 J Dick A co; ir d. Irkmton, Atlrnthy & oorna; 124 do Cpl Aulter. Ales.adr.k..per toamoer Drvy Crohkelt..310 bhIs cotton, LeAmhth & Tom.pmon; 32 do orke & Blrother. 60 do Iluork, WattAco; 10 do ronnor & Gcridley; 10 do A L.dou 4" co; A Rvlrrde Co0 1,6 do lilgir & ttterftleldl;do t White • coi 37"doH It Froeeman; 24 do Alii, & Trcmoult; 39 do J Piocshle &oo So do Oullho & Arnod. samr .om Er illinit..5 behrll mloIp. nod SO ils cotto. Adams . Whitull; 19 do Prescott, Jones 4 c; 3 do, J B Ploulhl & co, 37 do A Ledous & I:o.: 37 do I ..u. du.ry A 0o,.3 do Follilo. Belolt Ua Iegloe. 7 I7 IHenry 4' Lrwnl. lO0 doA luon & co. 9 doU Loaur., do I. Lc."r. pIE0W,3 Lambeth f Thompson, 20 do toe M Lee. i0 hhd. eagr, B Ltud0loty & co, 3 holea sid studry ymalllaltBlod~ J F Miller. PASSENGERP. IRo.lotph..ptr .stamer (.ou.nrhe..Lealtibn. IlartIeld, Thu Iltodly. ilow..d,J W Ahli, Michel, Arlstronc. Jnme,. BPmwer, Hoppor. J F Foher, J Elli. ooffrd. Nilhetot. Fish, J 4Odkblla, EA Low Irowt. J Miller, Hood, Wells. (iran, J L iorts, W Freach. Tailor, tecktlr,, therly, A Wallace. Icily. Pmitb, F.Oherrton, Robertcno. Farmer, Fosler, lrtlett, J N mso*.. Ronuon, . .. dt C. moaoer, haro 5-wads, Lanerth, C-ps Reed, Copt ."nde 1, ( Lodou, Smlth, Gret. thupo. Relo, Arnelt, lod,.y, Robrto. Joht*,m,. herry, Otlilby, B 'ollery, Nrreo. Ilurnett. Ellott. OGllhhor. bhollddor. Iioevelt. l Meand 4f evt, Armiteald, J Gilard, 'ucoker, G Atlley. Lgurd, For.ylh. M.,lolhi.. per stsemr O..rk. TIo. B Taylor, W Taylor. lnk . flar. Gy P Brwlcr. Bennet. l. ay. 4 children :' & ., I. Coa.mlullm s tot. Robhtsihl5.i. aid child. I.igegdre, Willol, J S Fabi. tUuoih,, John Moore. COuluOl;h..prr lteolno r E.mperor..S Fruond, J H Ahlry, Or Toarn, M Hlmo. Mrs Prown, Mr. Harding. IMr Noble.. His. M kon, H J-hle Wm Legir. Jot Shinlet. JW.a n, Mjor MiIhin old rt, Mr Ptrith and ialay, AlcNeil, Mitchell, El],y, -Well., thearr, Tfmpielol, Donrsey. Piquoio..p r, .ttmr Ir l, ,ln.. J J Romn. lady and o evt. V Dun and lady. E G W Rulter, lady 4 childrecn ad *ct. J R ThLmpson. lady nod 0t, Mld Duclhn. 4 dulhtersr 1lid svt, Miss E Tate, R L.. ul, lidy aldl i l.a Mio i.Lecoul, G i Quion. lady, 3 children an. vvt, florIcuIh, E %V Whit.. Judo J L David. Or Colubl,. RH I.acdrc It I.o.dr. r D oeeo., J Allit,. P Tete. J R Letny,. mtUoorolk-, ltss, HerraoO, Martil, 2 Mr Ptooul. M.IRK rA.' hIIIlLR, Jho 51. S ty Nooew, Mrket. rr -On Salurday,ceo,.iderailo ecti ity preavited in our co0to0 market. nod moma 3I0i hale. chacged hcadt to an dlo,,e of fuoily e ont f rm.r quooltions, which Iasmn tih stok o o sale coloartlively light. It will receior mo4idecrable acesions however, Irm the ar.rival. of theo It tk In)a. which hrte br.o heavy. Ithaeban on Now York cl I to ,ill days, nd oo New Orleans a 1l ht to 0 day, lin Iretl drt.u.d. Fr.Ilrhm. fooion aod tootwie,. dull. Our tahks.-1l is .ow two week. since all the bankl of tleh tate, ( Decatur.) rromeod blspcie payyono . metsure whIch ome ftew of our moro timid ritlo..I. worn apprerhr-. sitswould lead sulpeuion, m.or. rui.ou, tla. the Sct. The result. however, prorve their fears t hove. xited with. at The haukh have re, led, no run hao behn muds upon thlLb they have more specie in their alils tOh. tey klow whet to ;l with, mucth more than they actualy require, alid onfldenre in their ability to sUllsin th.meelvu, . fully ,tbohhlubd. We s.incerely r.joire at this eate of -hcLua. and he.n the prue.t crop 1h.11 he e come forward. imd its v.lue realiod, we behlere th..tsc.rrcly . t.t. iln th Uni1n. will -e in heatlr pec,iary condition thano Alabama, hski Into olew her vasot eource....Ado. WO learn by piiate ototer from Chorlooo., of the it itt.lse et hto ad declined in the Marlet }o. .: . . . e , . Fedo 4fe Rock and Fort Gibson, Arkansas, and a intermediate Landigo. -~ . m 'l'he lilht'ltraught farst unning, ltaetamer OZARKl, Iozc., mauter. AAlml t _will depart an above, o Salturday, January 26h mot., at 10 o'clock. A. M. For freight or rfnaoge, hling all state rooms, apply on board, inear tfot Poydreo street. oe to T R HYDE .& SRO, T nO. a• cor M&lagzine & CLommon nrree TG e O. will take any treight for Vicksburg, Grand GOlfitr. 10,0WtISCapital Prize, Tiketk*s only $300 GRAND STATE LOTTERY. N4o 4, 44, 66, the second Capital Prize of $3,000 wat sold at the Verandah. Dearing of the Grand State Lottery Class 8. 3 2, 11, i. 34,73, 59'32, 21, Ot, 58, 19. LASS No. 5. Authorised by the L.egislatltre of jdthe State. To be drawn Thin Day, Jan. 23, ImI, at 5 o'elock, P. Mi. at Bishop's Hotel. S DAVIS &CmO, Managers. 75 Drawn nttmbhem-.12Drawn Ballots. Splemdid Scheme. 27 814 Prises, amountinrto $145 528 Tickets $3 00-Halve I .O-Qartenr 0 75. Paokn g of 25 Tiets:l fnr $75, warranted to draw Mlo..$'. Package of 25 Half Tiekot $37 50 wnr ref~itd to draw at oeat $18 50. Packagenof 2. Quarter ]r.t 8107 warrmnted to dnwat least $8 25. Tioo pakagn oftingle tieLkrtappl %t the MA 16 Chartrs at A itORE FOR .. iAL. .Situated on Tcbnpitoulaasttet. Inquire of H BONNABE.L,, 2.3 eor Nacthez & T'rcapitoulas at TO RENT, Posertsion given immndialRI, twn em. ortable dwelling houuem, it the oipghbnrhood Irnet. To g od tenants thv, will he rented They nm well adalLd t t.oall fanilie. Ap DYDULE aMAY, 8 C•aonlimpt at bass Havanas i i rhnd Roger Wllinmson ohkl by-' e S 4'J P.WHlI'tNI tZamM -WH I.iO- hlfboomlf rt.l..,by t1 - M&JPWHIT~KYV,7Caunst 8 . r 1u,,. A RY, 8 Geainerat oao S aSnp. laoding rem slh, * J P WOITh .TsY, I5 Compw t $ int hrT eano, ia orhy hand. ` ln$l'. a l & M8ILS Bank Plant St, i ,. imho et; orde. llft at rhe rbp 8 I eOR . C~ict~wbrH* L N f ICY"T Tgau D Amur awas" wwra . I 3oo0 a Si - n¶Ig1Cw In conseuktn with this O)nle esa • SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ADUORTMENT OF TYPE ToR TIM PaurTINe 'Or team Beat uill.m OealaR CAnd every deeri/lesa et.fJeb Work that may be wegalved. CFThe proprietor respectftlly calls the attention of the public to the above Card, and assures them that all work intrusted to his care shall be dose at the short. eat notice, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and at tie lowest rates. li PiRUE AMERICAN. S EDITED BV JeaaNS .lBUiON. S FATarUs. AXD BOLD. NNW OR LEANN: WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 23. 1839. Free Banskng, No 5-In our last we endeavored to show the propriety and expediency of opening the door to free banking. It would confer the privilege of organising institutions on the general partnership or trust principle, without personal liability. The risk incurred will nor be beyons the umount of subseription. If each individual stockholder were made liableos he is by an ordin. Sry partnership, none would invest their property but the wealthy and those who might be anxious to attend personally to the business. The great. ,object of organisatio, iscredit. To make interest posed system. By it, the capital of the country which would be inaetive, is rendered active and operative. Interest can be made on what as indi vidual is worth, and not be confined to the actual cash capital which he has been able to wield. The intelligent letter from which we qtaoted in Number 4, furnishes some interesting regections apposite to this part of our subhjet. Tuestablish a fixed and undoubted credit re quires an investment of capital in a class osf en rilies in which capitalists have the most corti. dence and which can be mode a matter of record. No securities have yet been found which pay as large nt interest or one so universally popular as bonns secured by mortgage on good productive real estate. By investing capital in thie manner we easshlish no new principle. All our Fire and V Marine Insurance companie are required by their to charters to keep their capital invested in bonds and mortgages beatrin interest. Upon this epital, thus invested and pledged, these companies ob tain credit and effect insurancee. When the pre. mium fr insurance exceeds the losses and expense, it becomes profit; sand beig added to the interest Is increases the dividend. If the credit of the inetits. tion is very good, it moy charge a high premium, and increase its profits as it perfects its credits. e Life insurances and trust companies ore bared upon the saute principle. The capital is invested in bonds secured by mortgages, bearing interest Sstd thus offers a recorded pledge for the fulfil Sment of all the engagements of the company of a the company. In consequence of thus investing the capital, these trust companies are able to ob tain money on their bonds, or certificares of depr. . sit, drawing per cent interest s.nd having 30 M years to run. This general banking law permits organisation, which will produce a like credit. I do not mean to say that this law allows of no Sothers institutions; for it is apparent that all who , unite under it may select their own mode of east. Sblihing a credit. This is freedom. When their cepitalsi crested or invested. the institution mue, make a report to the comptroller for publication. The public will thus knhuw in what the capital aconasists. With your permission we will tow proceed to show in what particulars u capital in vested in real securities is better than money. First-We have no idle or surplus capital in this eountr'. All is actively employed in some depart. mIent of industry t consequen ly when cash is required for banking and books are opened for Isubscription every dollar paid in, is taken lraoi some active business. Hence the great cry againat bunks has ariaen, not from the monopoly feat re Bank stuck has been sought after, because it pays Isare dvidetnd oand is easily converted in cast; et nsd thererar ,wheo charters were grntedrto maone was called in fromn other investlente and paid r. into Banks. Mortgages have been forceltlsed,atnd Sproperty sacrificed to raise money far this purpose. Have Banks been of service to the snme eatent i r By no means; those who have thus been compil. * led to pay offmortgagee have resorted to banks for tr temporary .ona, and dinally, to the usurers, from Swhom they generally return bankrupt. In process d oftime the iacerease of ba.ik charters absorbe d all d that money which had be n loaned on mortgage. What was the consequence ? Mortgages were . paid off but personal liabilities in the shape of t60 days and 6 ionthe notes filled their places.The , inquiry at bank btecame, does he pay promptly and not;ie he able to pay !Punetuality and not abilityl was the test. ithe result we bll know. The busi neasof the country thr' the meansof this asrleni of exchange, and this enormous uggregote of t pramiaes to pay, thos brought into exisoence ad whirled around likes Itap; sustained by moion; sot by bottom; and thdrefore when the rude hand . of power disturbed its equitibrium, and moved its specious balose-it fell and reot was the fall thereof. If bo ,ks are opened ftra casth subscrip tion, it aets as an aheorbent alid an injury o ino. i flicted upon the circulating medium. One great e object should be to procure money where stit is pletty and cheeap and brin, itt t thin country wther t se its nreed dear.' Now if we make n- out, es al con sis of the best kind of record secu. rieles, we can issue bonds and others evidences of debt, having many years to run and borrow a, money abroad. When money shall be raised in this manner, any amount of banking may be done i cdvantageously. Ti tsusiness of banking shoula he on a certain amount of cash; and the only question which requires answering is, how cnra the money be obtained to tilt best advantage? Surely if it can be borrowed for 20 or 50 years, at an interest of 5 ner cent, it is much better than to call it from the pockets of the people when it is always worth seven. The North American Trust ,and Banking Company has created two depart. montm c one lor banking cand theother for bhrrow. ing and lending and investing capital Ae. T'he loaon department is rquired to obtain money on y long time to supply o specific slm to the bank. when at distinct bank is formed with as fixed csuh cepial ; which will be uuder the charge of trll. ersaappointed for that purpose by the genisralu The lcan department having charge of the cupi. tsl will in eresne from time to time the bankin cartital ns the exigencies of trade snd the business of the enountry may require. The effect of this soytem nf obtininieg mosey for hsaing will he the countrp, and make the stock of the eompany caoh in the hands af the holders. To obtain stock by ubscribing to such n ing b istitution is like can verritg mortgoge into cash. This will make property saleable again. Osur real smate has bee utseleable for long time, in consequence of the tincrease of Bank harters, which have absorbed Sthat money which would otherwise havs been loaned on ntotigage. When money can be obein. ed on mortgage. prispsuy will sell, but when real ecuritiesar eot m sught after, few will purchst e toeemquntly. when a this tm of record ed pa-i maey in abhedsnes sn bhe obtinsed o mortagesin o, snd real prperey will sell ans readily au hsretfore. Our lawgivers should do very thing in their power to meke the land holdernthe yeomen ot our country, as independeot os ahose who have n. inerest oin the soil. Real property should be made as easily converible nto monnesy when it pnroduce ise or ean per cent interest, es ank and otlher mock, which cnnot b used toobtillhs maoney; and some of our inttl worthy farrners asd planters, isv. been sold ont, ond utterly ruined; their pro. e ty onm bring.ngeone.-furnth uf Is revenue vnae. This hankg iuw nOprseannp two promiee s features. CatFodsrevivalnof the old deposit cystem. The certtfienae belng in the eimalitude oOBrk o es. The orote atck bhearing iaterent being s.bstitutud pinies msy be orgsniaed under it for the porpose ,at creaing n geerel and well knuwnu credit 'hea are wp ditinsetive features of the law. u We cano te tohen and too argentlyimpreos upon oe r legiatetorm the propriety and great utility of ranvueing the mernlts o this subjet. Let use inot bhe blind to our merests. We uhould ot defer the oppmertonity oilf reduciug to badrstos oystem Sthat promism eo much good, au d is nso itporiant in is r providonas. - Owur e Roanm.-We her9 received a leris lisi of Engliab paper the la Itest dates which may be found tn uo* Ule.-ineleding London, Dublin, Liverpool, Dolfet, Edibergih, Meanhester pa pes, &Co. (eaA ile, Jon. 18.-''he Lumberleid had fallen t 4 I. feet en the Shoals. 'Raiing the morning of ith lh and a peospect of a rise SR'eling Itnard efe. Catwell in New 1trl T.-We L1i hare been permitted to make the following extract Sot of a letter from a grentleman in New York I. not James H. Caldwell Esq. it which I eat good ipt fetling for him personally aend respect for hies it enterprise are manifested. ' ^ "' e are glad to hear the St. Charles auffere itt tles than might have been expected, from the fire sal ,on the let. Intelligence reached us, that that sie splendid temple of the Dratna and monument of your own enterprise aend spirit, was in ashes; and re you may imagine the eratification afforded by a ob enbsequent express mail, which brought us the th feet. I do not know when agreaterdegree ol leeling has been mantifeted here, on the firt stOr report of the ca'amity.' it .Jr.J. H Barlon played the part of Lear on Sunday night, it being his first appearance thisl season. The old, time.worn King, disappointed ab in the selfishnesnof his hopes, and disgusted first, with the plain honesty of his best loved Cordelia, ki who scorned the honeyed phrase of flttery employ. k ed by lier sisters,and then with their utter heart. lesasess-the wretched monarch who had stripped himself to feed 'detested kites' and become a homeless wanderer, found a true representative. The sorrows-the heart agonizing grills-the an. guish that will speak out and complain, wherever a listener can be found,and makes confidantes and friends of every and any one, endeavoring to ease the full soul by callingout its miseries, and 'ma king the viewless winds companions,-these were Sall portrayed with a hlfe.,ike truth that was really 1I painful. If there be a character which seems to have been written for a man, or a man precisely S-qualified by nature for acharacter, it is found in the fitness of Mr. Barton, for the part of Lear. It is a a aeries of startling pictures. The actor seems I tlost and the erased monarch alone is before the a Seaudience. The proud mind not only totters under its load of grief, but in endeavoring to sustain itself, is buried in ruins. The gleamings of ration. aliy which occasionttallburnst througltjLe sle notsnrtceive a liner representation of Lear titan Mr. Barton's. He understands the philosophy of t the character, and stands in it as though he had secret griefs to pour out, to which he gives vente l in the wild wailings of the disappolnted and heart I broken father. Mr. Scott's Edgar was a flte piece ofacting. He sustained the partof the high.minded, honest son, the liege subject, the indignant heart, half witted starveling, antd the avenger of his own and his sire's wrongs, most beautifully. It is one of his i. very best characters. i Virgginia isltauire.-T-lte general assembly of this State cuonvend at Richmond on Monday the 7thinstant. I SLtaffrd H. Parker was re-elected Speaker of f the Senate and most of the old officers were re - elected. - T2lomar F. Giltner, a staunch whig was elected e. Speakerof the House of Representatives on the Sfirst vote; he having 101 votes: Mr. Watkins 9 . and a few scattering. e, A great change seems to be working in this State in favor of whig principlee. .Mr. Rives' d energetric course in the Senate of the U. 8. in ex. at posing the corruptions of the adtmintistration is I- having a greast effect. It is thought that Mr. of Rives will be re elected to the Senate by the whig party in the Virginia Legislature. Messars. Johnson and Pielpt have disposed of ts the Ascension Herald to E. Martin and F. Prou t. Esqre. No change will take place in the political , complexion ofthepnper. It will continue to ad. . vocate the election of Henry Clar. a Almarks.-We hear ithat these subscription 0. Balls at the St.Ciharlee Arcade Ball Ront in the al qi Municipality, need only the exertions if a few . energetic individuals to be commenced and ter. v. ried on with spirit. We see several names to the s papers that will ensure delightful assemblies. LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS. SENATE. January 2"!. Mr Ilon gave notice that he would introduce a bill to men a lnsurene uompaoy. Mr Derbigny's resolutions on the subject of the cus tody and safe keeping of the public money of the U. States, the currency and a National Bank, camo . up to day on theirfinal passage; having only passed to a second reading yesterday. They were variously oip poased, and an amendment offered by Mr Winn, the pre tident of the Senate, (Mr Garcia) called MI Dulcon to the chair, and opposed the resolutions in a speech of some length, after which they finally passed antd were sent to the iouse of Representatives. The votes stood thus: Yeas.-Messrs Armant, Briscoe, Crow, Derhigny, Dueron, Dupre, Hiriarr, H.a, and Thibodeauo.-9. A'ays.-Mestre Bossier. Downs, Penn, Scott of Feli eiane, and Winn.-5. The presilent did not vote; and Messar Parche, and Scott of Baton Kouge were absent. A debate arose on the propriety of spreading on the Journals, a resolution offered by Mr Winn, of a contra ry bearing to those which passed the Senat yesterday' Mr Derbirny contended that it should not be recorded among the minutes of the Senate. Whatever tie sena. tleman had intended, it was certain that the resolution in.question conveyed a disrespectful meaning towards the majority of the Senate. Mr Winn urged the pro. priety of suntaining his motion. Mr Briacoe presented a memorial to incorporate a company with certain privileges to clear out anl imr prove the navigation of certain Bayous. Mr Hoa presented resolutions passed at a meeting of the citizens of New Orleans, on the subject of Free Banking, whieh were read. [Reported for the True Amerksn.) HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. January 22. Mr Mose presented the memorial of th Clinton and Port Hudson rail roadcompany, praying for tim loan of the bonds of the State, to the amount of fie hundred thousand dollars to facilitate the completion of the road Mr Muse observed that the road contemplated was an important internal improvement intersecting a large portion of the State. By an act amending the original character of the company, its capital was increased from one to five hundred thousand dollars, and then again to one million of dollars. The utility of the in stitution was increased-banking privileges were grant. ed to it-and it was contemplated that the road should intersect the Nashville rail road. A large portion of the stock was secured by mortgage on real estate-the road which was four fifths completed and the property -fsthe anmpanrymrs e otalmtedo-tnmra tmtree hun dred thousand dollars. The starock thus secured, the property of the company the road, were tendered to the State -as security, for the bonds which were asked for by the company. Mr M. considered this security ample, and the improvement sufficiently important to authorize the loan. He moved the refer ence to a special committee of five, which motion being carried, Mesers Muse, C. M. Conrad, Ratclilff, David. aon. and Carter were appointed the committee. Mr Phelps presented a memorial from the trusnatees of the Pine Grove ALademy, praying for an appropriation Referred to the committee on public education. On motion of Mr Preston, the resolution creating joint committees to examine into the condition of the banks was reenoeidared, s.ol after some debate on me. bion of Mr Davidson amended, making it the duty of the committee to report as speedily as possible. Tha speker having appointed the cowmittees, the readlution was taken to ihe Senate for its eecurrence. Mr Preston an behalf of the ooemittee orf unfinished business reported a bill to incorporate re comper, N. II, in the city of New Orleans. Referred to the com mittee composed of the Orleans delegation. Mr Prenton for the ame cornmittes reported a bill relative to sucoesaloou. Reported to thejudiciary comn. mittees. Mr Presten albo reported a bill relative to the cut-or betweep~the parises of Ihberille and Weat Baton Rouge. Roferred to the committee on internal im. provementr. Mr Reatlife on behalf of the committee to whom had been rferred the petition of Domingo Canusle reported a bll to divorce said Caseaee. Read for the gret tise. Mr Ailor on behalf of Mr b.okett, introduced a bil to amend the elarre of lthe Missiippi maeine and fre insurance emimpany, and a bill to inerporate the Mc Ones female semmnary. Read for the fire time. Mr Dehallevue introduced a bill to anthorise H. A. Tyler, to change hit name. Read for the fret time. Mr Conrad introduced a petition eigued by the oicers of tihe meetitg held at the Arcade on the 17th inst., in farour of free banhking. Referred to the itance com. mittee. The bill amenJtng the charter of the City of 4lfayette, was r seoed at its third teadinlg. Some debate took laee between Mosers. Preston and Conrad, in hieh the latter gentlemon it ,pposed osection f the bill as.injurtous to th., .Oitizens of New 0 Onlts it authorised the tale o, ,r.perty belongin to non residents without per enoal ontice, in c sen where tases werque on said property. Mr. reslon argued that the provi sions of the bill w e in eceordahce with the gen oral laow of the SB t and thea the objection war obviated by a sub quest section which provide. that personal suitl orer againsi citizens of N Orleans inelitured a*ciy of Lsfavette should be notifed persona y to the citizens to N .Orleane Mr. onnrad in rept maintained that the provision with regard to sunitin peromnse did not obviate the objection with egard to suile in rem, and theat should an ignorant fficer choose to make a return stating that the coer of the property was on, known, it would 1l sold, sacrilsed, without per. lonal notice. On motion of T'r. Golennie amended by Dr. Brnakear the bill n referred to a committee and ordered to be ptin td. The bill relatlit to the assessment of BStte Taxes in the parishol Orleans was referred to a d special committee And then the h se.adjonrned. S- Correpondens of the True American. re JacaaottMis.., Jan. 8. p I send you the Go4 rer's Meseago. It is worth pa to rusol quite *al gexee . The domucratic ciavention is in sesnion--made up lyof Demanse-the rdt lonlocteo. eand a portion of the SnulliSers, who want p ride into ofice, by the preteded san.alcamatioo of par es. I expect some of them will on snueeed-and if tlmeyPo, it will rhnw for once that the lie so disant democrats lan be out generalled. or The president of the convention in C. P. Smith, here n tofore a whig, thoughe aullifer. The diverme or subt , treasury bill has mndt him a new man-and a burning light here-a man of tilentn and a good man although cwrtnrmwerprnotpairo the purpne of advancement. n He certainly neeps to head the dmeocratie party. He t1 will be placeda nomnination an tlleir candidate for the ati Seiate or Flmte of Represenerves. It in expected to oI carry, but it all won't do. The state will be found to bt he whia mafgre the desertersn from the true calte: nothing of eonseqnence done in either branch of the e Leciolature. The democratic convention has nominat ed Gov. McNult for re-o'ection. Yours,&c. LETTERS FROM THE COAST. No. 5. In previous letters wse ointed out many of the most prominent causes ofexplusiun,collapse, and i other diesates to senf. hots. 6 As before remnrked, hbefre any useful law can he made to hear effeclually on the subject, much ( eareful invesrigstion will be necessary. The cau. sea of disaster are nuerones and complicated, and can only he fully understnod by patient en. quiry,-What we shall engest at best, can only ferts a few plints of what ought to enter into the eomptoitiotn of a lNw of that kind. it We would recommend the establishment of a board' of practical skillful and me, ; whose duty it should he. to examine all pilots and engineers, touching their qualifietlions and make tt a requi- p site, that they should produce satisfsetory testi monisle of sobriety and moral character. The hoard might enomprise as a me of its membhers. old and experienced piloue of different rivers. and some ex erienred engineers. Fer convinience, L there mich' exist three separate bonsrr,, or one board divided into three branches, or as many as neceansry, one In reside in New urlesn., one in Luieville, and another at some point edst of the A!leghanv mountains. The members of these hoards should he paid suffleient to secure the servicese f men every way qualified for the duty. They slhould have puwer tosppmnt persons Iromn among thbemelvee, or detail entemitteel for that purpose, to set an inspectors of the hulls, boilers and marthinerv of sream boot, and to reject, or approve ,f all hosts submhitted to their examina tion. They should employ their spare time to adloptin all meanurip their Iower to test the ad vanlages of the vareots plans and modes of pro tection and safety offered to their consideration, and be requireed to make an annasl,reporte to, CoLngress etrough nue of the dleprtmense, of their proeeclins, asnd to reenrmendl to the goverrn m.nt tse odoptinn of any oddiiLnsal measures that-time and experience mnight roave to he ne reeslrv. In uhlrt this "Boltrd of Ineroal Nsvicn. li n", as it eithr h e terrted should have, the f whole contrnel. sttiervi.tioe, and onlice of tePm navigstian witht n w the Mlted pa ate s. A ritde nlod viilant polies. exeeriel nover steam heats I rlL.,ev.ri s vope , v,,, i , , rlnrnn In( .r,,tI I ,,,. .'Pis actelt 'oRid, the bhon ite a lr ".lf, tld In eertolsn c r=, he liable to ,lzllnre anld rcndntlatio n. T'hie wolll make ,twnt rs and underwriters cioice in thl eseloretio of ttfliero. The foe', is. ,we dtneh'; wltelher, the tni ed Swisdlom of tise last tn Leieiotllntre al n devie , n unit.rmn and ptrenta slt law; hl will be Ilde. qnane to mreet all eaess that may nried in steam nnvilatioj. The police rerulnt:nas, that the bnnerd sould have power I't t time to tite to sadtpt, ntd enfoere, wouId he much better cnal0 . Slaed, eo arrest every rmedial canse of danger, f that mieht spring up. than any law of desrnls. Spassed by Congress. A wise orneral law, is -n. eessarv, but mans of its details had better be left to the police regultiuns of a vieil nt board. If sttitale pilons and engineers should become scarce no is likely, to he the case Irom the rapid inerease I of bnsts, the should have powsr to receive up rrentices st a certain see, and see that they have the elements of educ tie suitable to their future csallines and then bind them for Sa many years to experisneed pilots and E.ngineers in active ser vice. I It is true a measuref fhis desertption would he attended with slme oexense, greater than might meet the apprsnaliun ofstewme. But what of th a. Suppose, the pat andaerdentatl expetnese should cast the Government $20.000 dolllars. -r metre per annum what is Ihue to the reae.uand growing inrres to be pnoteteld? The increase of Istre. - boats in a few years, willswell their number, on the weseern waters, to) more thsan 1000 hnts. The I valley of the MiussisRppi contains a pteulation of ft om 6 to 7,000,0110 of inhabitsnts, who are inter eased, either directly, or indireetly, with stslat navigationn. Not less Ihan 100,000 people annual ly travel on the Mislsiasipps in steam boals either or or down-New Oresans exports not less than 75.000.000 of dollars worth of various articles, the Iargest porlion of which, is conveyed to thes Levee in Psteam boIats, and nearly as great an Iamount of other rticlesl ascend the river by the f same conveyance. The amount of trade and tra I velling, mw tl increase in all even ratio with the gr,,wth nf the west, and the increased number of hosts. Near2000 lives horv been lost within 3, or 4 ye, re by the various disasters to steam naviga. tion H! When all these important facts are taken into I consideration could the Governmsnt mutre luse fully devote 20,000 dollars, than t, the protection of these vast and highly important interests. Does it not snnually bestow much larger sums on less useful objects. Soimmense, hazsrdous, and im portaent is ateam nsvigatson. to the citlrens in the 1 United Statee, that could tile Government protect it, and make it safe to life and property, the in e-timallee blessing, would be chepply purchaped, rattre prelr-nt 10.000 dtlirse per year. Yours, respectfully, A - [To be crntinued.g Foreign and Demestc Ilems.--A man hasa been arreased at D fruit on a charg6 of having whipped Shboy to death. The Bowery Insurance company have declared an extra dividendli 15 per cent. It is believed that every editor of a French psper a in Canada is either in prison or exile. B.-Igiam and Holland are about to have a war. Warlike preparations were going on at Brussels with great vigor. They were rasuing 70,000 men to be inereased to I110,000. Cardinal Odescalchi has retired from the world, given up all hts honors sld shut himesall up is a monsstery. Caradori Allen wasat Cincinnati at the last dat, s. Ch. J Taney has rendered at Baltimore a-simi' lar dleision as to the exempion of worsted asea goods from duty, that judge Storey did of certain a silk goods. Gen. Wm. A. Bull of Ahhbeville district S. C" h s been murdered by hise own negres. Sevserl I' of them have been lodged in prison. A party of Indtans had been surprised by 10 citisensof Magnolia, Fltride, and 6 of them kil. led. At that rate, when will the war be brought to an end ? NoTICR -The eaoiignee (John Law) of a lut of uase ant and plaiaer of Peris, by the chip Arab. is stlred at No. 19 Netre flame street, where he ias rquls. sad Io cull aud receive ]Tlhe Luu i.tae Adrvrtier will publish the above 3 times, and send their bills to Picayune oltce. j23 3t S t I.ET.--Pauostesin gives t e la Februaryv nex. I Thes dwelling bues now oneuped by MrS Wum. Campanier & Girart. No 68 Tehatitu at Istreet. For partieulars apply it Il.Bunnabell corner Nylnhez and I'hapitoulns sllreats. j23 NI)IAN'S Panaeea, Saim's de. tcesther with a lares Iassenentt of patent mwditelra. Reoived aslty and for sal by H BONNABELL, , oer e·atrltee A Trltepitonlas sse ma in Manager's ce in the city, the n- - ;gers of the tiruod State Lot ery deem it a dotui they owe to thrmselver sod the pubiec to fix theodiun where it properly ielongs, and to free tlemeolvee Irem any rinoal being identifie in the matter. rTh high atading;aod greatpopulnrity wrhih the .rond State Lottery posesee iver ll ,,thoer, has been aPqoired en tirely ty thestrct integrity withl which it has aav heen conducted, and by the prompt pa u ent of Ois pri tee, and it has, everr iee an 4ojert or ambitio, with the m MHanagers of the (rand Ltats Lottery to have the bu- i sinees so eondu tade as to remove all such prejodices, A sthe are ware many persons have entertained in reqardto lotteries. We publi+hthe facts io relation to the mistake ashve referad Io, with the sole view n A preventing our bceming identified with it-;d give a the v rnics 'larejstl n we know them to have occurred. SOn Friday weerk h. meehan e in this city prechased o quurter ticket o a broker in Exohehge Plece, in the Louisiana Lottery, No. 16i, Otro. The lottery drew on rday; but n that dayl before the Lottery had drownird the broker who sold the above meMioned ticket Shet theity for Mobile, slan did net ret unsl Tue- F d rng. Immeiately n hi retuo , hea b his rister that the quarter ticket wheb he sold on r Friday had drawn a prie or 1*,941 happening to w tpesa In dtoprhem he h a1h, whn know the pe tow m he hd sold itt ha went to r him to conlgrtulate him im hil good fortune, when to his our rle,the individual saldh-t o that ht had drawn id aM uch trine '.r on Satu day even nl after the draw in-, he haul nake the ticket ta the lrllnger's offce, ond that Mr. Gregory himselfeaahed it fr him, telling him it wana nIU inries and paying him $t 5- 100 for It." aThey then immedatselT went o tohe Manager's office, and tild Mr Oregorv tho he had paid the prize wrong. Mr ITreory o dL e had not paid it wrong, and asked the broker if he had not made a mieteke in hie regiCter. The broker asowered that he kne he had not tnodr any mistake. lIr Gregory then ooke atmong his prize tishetr, And said he had noauch ticket in hi' office, but it tint perhpa be itn some of the broker's hands, and - if they would call ai he would try to n fid it. They did erl gin, and Mr Greorrry then told therm that he had found the ticket, and Iound it marked wrong, and then paid over the balsne doe on the plrise, requltino hethem to lkeep the tre.,etion a secret. Mr Gregory knew on Salurda) evening alter the diewino that the i rite oM $1,9B0 win told, and he knew n or bhe re Sun dn nm inal that it w Y the broker in xchange Place the thit had olid si,nd yet when the broker en t there two days after to hvere the errerorneeted, he asked the " broker If he wan not oIistaken in his regiater. We give 1 he above fikts an we kLnw then Ito hare o curved, and we areprepredtoprove the truth of Them wenerer g calledr upon to do o. S DAVIS Cr, iW~ ... he Rio, uperirrs article, lendmg 1. 1 per barque Bearer tor nale by H jai3 SHAI.L $ IKiWN, 96 Magsazine nt the O IL-An invoice alll aid winter, wr ed, for sals tom by" SHALL& BROWN, ja23 96 Mag.zne n at. SIlX th amt Almannres for 1839, got ue Ir mee chnt' and pla .ter's o Louisiana alnd Misissiplpi, the krale at filfty centsi per d en byv ,t- j23 D SVIIO F;.T & Co., 24 Charres at. Ner Orearw & .Ptrualie Rci l R ood O a. ANNUAL MEkETING OF THE S rOit'KIO)LDES.B. Janrary 2olt, 1839. ST an annual reelinoc cfthe Stoeklrrldelt, held io 'he pursuance oftire 8tlh sectlin of the Charter. a majority f"the at!klrolilers not being presrent., tilel. id in etwa ptlloned until We- nesdayy, the l3. iost., at fio'l,,ek, P M. JAMES 1H Al.,DWCVLI., n ja22 President oh CIiiMIN A UOU ItSL. IllF. LA NOUVEiLL-. to. ORLEANS IT NASHVII.LE. rd, Anlembles annuelle den Actitnnaires. *n A UNE nssembler annsrlle des ectionnaires. cnv.o tly t quee par Is eclion 8 de In charte, one meljorite he dee actionnaires i'etant par prevent, I'eleclion eot raon. voyee ant mercrli 2.du couranl, a 6 harse P. Ail. S jna JAAIER H. ALDWE,.L, 22 jav--2 President. r pIARSON ha opened hin office appesre tihe rt. -I Chrles' Arerde.on Canro street. He sold a Spria orSlll0 the first day, besides s:naller prizes. rhe '.e I OCLIFFr:E HOUS I & BA R8--'l'he snuberhira • have just re:aived a large assortment nf Gloss od TmtIeer, rtecnter, Suogar Bowls and silvrer prnchr ce Ladles lod toddy spoons, hllich fmre oiler fir sale ow. m,2 jr-d2 t IROWtI Vl& Co. 17 CUrrr at SjiOits--Mena, lru lllp and olhnldero, or Pole by ts a22 TlE'PSTON & AVEItY,88 Gravier a the gACON S.)E S-59 iids. Cinrcinnati -Curd, of su S peorir quolilty, for sale by he 122 S"ET'S'ON _ 4AVERT, 88 Oravierst ly. I-ACHi BRANDY, a few bb.i old c arld perr, for r UT sale by READ & iiAltirO i,, her jais 7 Bank I'lace r 5AMII.Y M..S BE1FF-40 Ihlf lrrreltalaorily r Mess Beef in store, anrd fior sale by fl- jot8 J. Til , YEI & (:C, 74 Poydras ot n OiKK Blt.rl''-Prim PTrk arrd reel, or the in sd- nleclior a itore and fe- sale by er- jrt7 I; IDOICtO Y, Now Lvec t1 ' OME.I'IC tr)OLDS--;00 Iales )omestlc Goods, et . Lauore A. Co, 4-4 brJon hreetings, r" Jacksorn &Co, 78 Irowor rllrtrgs, erg Tmrlrrnt &Cr 3-l hrrwn do re Lowell negro cotrine, 7 8lithme and 4-4thr, en. ldo Lindseys, twilled rlllld iearl berdti-k, h for sale by IT'E'O'sON & A Ehit., 88 Grnr.r,. ACON .-llPES-15 tnek sider, and I. cukH 'anl taolrad l flllo, rI .:orl IIv [] . i - +NIl GIN-- I ,il-.v. unllth.l t,, A1dt"hnt, r,, Iil fin sale y TIt 111', .1 lb .n, ja 9i (Conlol , el.r l eta in tzrl+ " ; HI- l :9 Luf n l-3 bars el rctitied, in stllre l,,r >alo gy by 1" It IlI[D,. &, Jla2 39 Cnlllollollc r t.turin * . i M.COfIEN has renioved hi Lraw 0lie to \1. I 20 !E;xchange l'lu., nieully plO,-it,, nl e Post Office j.,22, 3:-II T O THE LAIlIES- tkitleso,' le 1i:alurn,for re moving sulwrfluuus hair flell the lte, neck and alms, with equaul oIafty and ertitity, Ihvleue g ile skil finer and witier tb in be ore the alpliautioun. A Iresh supply jast received at she Bazatr. jail IUSh & ALLEN, SI, Exchange Hotel, car St Chat les & Commonl t FURNITURE! FURNITURE!! JUST received at t. e Louesinno Furniture Ware house, a large snltly fiIi .lew YoVrk land Boa. ton. Persons in the want of Ilrniture would do ell to call, and select 'heir articles fruom one of th best and largest stocks now in te city. V It CA .RNES, d6i 51 Blntveille Al N B--Particular attention paid to packing ,nd shtp. ping Furniture, free ofl'spense. d6--.2w SEKItntNG-5IIl boxes Non. 1.2 & 3 s.moken lIer ring, laudig and Ibr sale bv d27 8 & J P WII TNEY, 73 Camp st SEPi E. S.atlICE-15 Inexes. coitailnlg 15 do. each, in l tor., and linr a sie by ja4l SIl i.L & Bt ,WN, 96 Nngnzine at S OTSJ & BRI3OGAN .--Ii cases,eonsistmg of goat Ssewed Liots, extra size; tInOO's and bys, laent brogans; msn's kip blogans, rec. landing iront shipi Newburyport. for sale by ja17 ISAAC BRIDGE & C .134 Magazine at H AVANA (NCFFEE-BI bags prile green IHavte Coffee, lending from, brie Susan, for ale by JOIEPLI CIt.KAY .E, d24 25 Giavner at ANNUALS AND ALMANACS, FOR 1839. .PLENDID Londont Aouual=,b-The Book of Roy. ally, superb uol'dplates; Finden's Tableaux, and Daliern ,,f tirucee; Fishers Lrawing Itoom Sketch Book; Beauties .o.etule-,-Bauds ad Blossias; Waverly Keepsake,--'l'The ipertal; Oriental A nnual; Forert on Not, Jordan's Portualt Anneaul; Caricatom Annual Comeo Annual; Frnlenlhip's ifferitig. Fishar's .t uvenile eketel, Hook; Young ladie's and young ge tlemen's Aunual Alarie, A utalt; Christmas Tales. Amerncan Annuals. The Token and .tlanitic douvenir; The Violet; Tlhu l;l; Mrs Gilman's annual Itegilter & Housewife Almanac. Almanac's. American Almanac & Repository ofUsetul Knowledge Bluout's Nnuticl Almanauc; EJohnas &. o . I.noisiuna Almanac; Crocker-Comic-Germanu Almanac, tewart's Diary for 1839, conmaining a blank memo rsndum for every day of the year. E JUINS & Co., cornerofSt Charles and Common sis. PRAWKLIN IN IRMARY I [HE public are rs ect fully informed that tuts instl , tlutin is erected o9 the IOost improved plan, alnd is an airy and most adt rsble ituiation, in the faohour Franklin, upon the miho td, mte ntle from the Minlst 'rhebuildingislarge a I motecommodiotuslndivided in.t arpaertnents, for ikepl t separate different classes, and dI frent diuseas. The instatution is suppli I with ton most skilful and attentive male and femalt nuises, and speaking the va rileus mooerns languages. Prieate rooms may be had by gentlemen at five dol lars per day. ineludin, attend:oltn, &e. 'terms io the or inary wards, to dollars per day. Slaveo also two dollars. Smal Pox in thle ordiiary wards, five dollrsn. All captitl surgical clperalns extra. The resident pvkysicia is Dr Weddmlan, to whom application for udmissint must be made. ur to Dr C A Lueemberg, No It iampart street. aplt, Il SINES o Edcatuioa. How shull I govern my Sv l school, addrestad to young tealchers, and al-o adapted to assist parents in the oltnaga etltlll of ltml hes : by E Wines, authorof 2 3nars anid a half in tile Navy. Hints oan Education, by the same author; also, Hall's lectures to aehool masters. For sale by d31 ATOWER, 49 Camp ot LIME-100 r ks fresh Thonmaston Lilme, lahdinl frmt slip Ferax, for sole Iy ddil & J PW WHITNE\'. 73 Camp ANDREW SMITH & CO., respectfully inform £.L their friends and the public in general, that they occupy the new brick shop. 219 Tehoupitoulns street, where they keep constantly on hand Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron War., of every descoription, such au copper stills, kettles, and pumps, tin bath. ing to s, and oil cans, of all sorts and nesan, and all other brass eouting done at ahortest notice. Grate hars of every des~orption, sach as steam. boat stirrups, hog chalus, asrow boltl, and othet kind of temboheat work, such as Olhimneys, breech. er. steoln pipes. T'hey will also do all kinds of out door work. uchl a inoc, copper and tn roofing and gutterin.e. &c. Ttney above and Ill other ikuds il work in Uetir linl of business, they will exoutte at tie shortest notice. dec27 St. Charles Theatre. 81th appearance this sea on of tie elelrotcd )ii-s n:ll'ts Ek,. This Enemyng, January 23, Will he pertimlocd Ihe Plly of in AS YOU LIKE IT Me IJaue5, AMr. Scott, l'ouq ntone, Finn, Orlando, Ilarrison, Adm,. Farren. tonMlinad. li1s Tree, J Audrey, tlr. Smith. bt An Overture by the Orchestra Grand Pas Senl, by Mad'le Ravenot. d To conclude with the new Piece of t THE MAID OF CROISSY. d Sergeant Austerlitl, Mr Browne, st Walter, Csnerllt, a- elanenl, Debar. 'v trheesa, .lre Farrenr on Marietta. Plumner. __ -- SDress and Masqunerade Salis. MANSION HOUSE HOTEL. Wd N W LEVEL STREIT,T lnmeedintely in front Oa sm the teonm boat loanin. T'le above etllhlith S e aln will he re.opned eon S loday evening. ies. '2nd, cer 1838, orhe reaso. BIall dneo. sondnys, Tuesdoayr., l anod 'l'hur.dnvv. S'aidl eeiallisttnet will he lurnished to h thte ohoi;est liqOrs, ond good Retaourat will be ' attOshed to it. 'y The naaegern oft said estabhlishment hve enengedt 's nuffien LPolie ore r il kr' the glod order throulnhoul but Ito esntalishtlenl; there will be a puoce to dn-piit tad olnkse. cones, &. No person shall be admitted ile ic the Bal' Room with weapot ufanoy kiLd. he nov2n8 log IOAP- - 5 haonoeo Gouldh' and tohiiei' No. I Soup ioy in storefor aleby J TH.Y .RL& Co, th jal6 74 Poylrns t n '- uO N-t-1I barrelo in storca" d ior snle -by 5se0 p jal6 J T1'IAYI R& Co, 74 Poyderan et thIiWERjMOII.3t1O0 ganlt.Witoer Strolted Spernm E (ril,lor ale b) SIIA8.L &, BROWN. ser LOTI IN(-t- oes tattinel I'tat-; I do satrrlet C flannel Shirts, for sn bIy . W ;.1A StiLI. & IttON. SN, 96 MCgazine te Inag 01 boxe1 SonD. lMencneham's bonad, .lndlisnng rn .r hip th lllllhd l llllu s ( I for alle hy t I j[ls _ M5n1. 11.& WN, tgoine t ! sels JOHN V. CHIILDS, at ENGRAVER AN) COP,I'ERR-PLATE PRINTER, neer o. 3, Camp St. ppi, W)tIL. eroave and print to order, hank notes. billu S t r fexehum ge, nill of Inditng, diploeis, lre all ot. til and vii:,ner cald,.n teriI, 1 e, llnole .clId Ic u'inltil hollse n , dnloer loWent otiltler wot, 4m. - slwnlln, llo R hand, an assortolent of si ewr plated and heras dore plates. in PS Cards printed froo I'Inter olrenly erlgroved. novlno .,METARIE JOCKEY CLUB lent RACES. Iy la-t Wednesday, 27th Mench. anil conlinnn five ;sdayo. P. (ENAS. ee'y. i iell l'w. NEW ORLEANS r, JOCKEY CLUB RACES!! tfe- ECLIPSE COURSE. n l I n. loai - n n . .s lonlI - A'nlI \ c l nn noon, ` P it . I-,. I n oIon. nen, , lnono--oooo 5 * I n' jnonal h on nh oIn- 2a' , t1 mo.rn ,l n I"Io I. .onli e3 da.. ir 'ls 9 cor'. loooioooo,,, a new olntn,, ocn-ein.nd 7 t'onon aTom line uann,'l o Aedio-llein Alnhon, f rI Sa9-, n, nod Micannol work', JmnllNs & nn. Ir- s T r. nn U-nI;,hncl ,.feo .,,rn.n t, cN-'. t ion' , r ald-r - n flnt h n i n II . l andiug f,,r ~ le bi r I\e I I ,.EYt,,t et 1,ji nlji, t-rnr n. I" _ Ic, II A-...... I ,_ i' I., nt JoIB f _uIt I-I New Liner ,S, jell 4e, \cw Levee· CIDER--I40 bhle nrctiiedl, nt ll, lillntte fur sale by jal8 t: Il 1IS1 : .44 New I e e A NI) IK IKeeprl whE - I H sra tIrc tes nt, Inlly bIs e Ce. niner opeopid, wn ildl wlmh mI iu k re on engageP melP f alr ltle ,enindeorl lii tite. Can give any sill ial'naclin c a- to, lhlity eid lhnreter. A lio.e astiles, A It C; llox 95e, Pi.l Ollice, will be ittended to. jull--If I LANK III.I.S EXt'IIAN(;E, Not*es, Bills Iolding, Foreign Enlrie. CItelm tlouse poepera atl eery de.eilprtin, for sale bhav I"I .Lp & k ",, L10l N 0 ' SPationPrs Illl, 4 t'harlres t JOSEPH U W.IITE. t sup-elror at -La; I~ lce Eaellange 'la e, a lfw doors lrion Ihe Peao Olfier. janlS-- w 'I CASI.',J tiouee silo Huid'.erchiel5, of hatnduToe W3 patienor for saleyt b y (I lh SIP & Ca, jir18 St riah l t I xmehange Hotel, LOI.Rl.. io brlelslainding ronml Pli Boot. fle .to by jlt? 'i IO SEY, 44 Na .evree ',I HNill Iiall Mill, 3 d0 egs sportinae Powder, for sale by 1d"5 AIIA iIA & %, IIITALi,,67 ( hI fdT(IDWOKTllI'r newIry inreeaedPLANI NG MA SCHIV E. PATENTED. NOV. I., 1836. The sublcriber bein oline of the agetla of oaid Woodwairtlh, hi lte of" said lahiolnes put uo, for use, in the milh o Meaer . llnrtl d& Co., in the city of l.a faette, which an poerion can soxnila; ats le has ntulimber of tadl achines fotr sale, and lis the agrney for disitsingi of th Ie ivilece for usite n I nachits, be ir adesosa tIo sell by state. or parialre, as. nv best rUil le appllicants. 'ITh .achines are the greaoestl lo hour saving nltahilts ever pill i use. lor dilesllt and am n thlicg plank frfiort, or loards for weathler silding. ny perdi n desiraus If pllrhai gi, ca cawll at \0.7l, R siemrt street, where the asubsril'er can ihe found. ia 19--111 WM. P HAttINS. A 9.9' Dove lid lPaterds-,- 1 rk sfesams of Amks' Awriting paler,rec i rd i.d for sale b ALEX TOWAR, 49 Conlp st This lot ofpasper is of suplerior slotnoth teltur andi has the sdvastage of ae, Ieing one to two yearn in rst e f btfore lhipped Irotn the Nor.h, therefore much better andpted to iie it a oullhern climate. It emlra ee quarto, .tnotiercial, packet ld folio itolts, ol differ entaeulrs. Capsiln iffu rent qualities anOl ctlor . Also medium and royal writing, all of whic will be sold low, - jal9 L'O S elN ly. 7"1'IsR l·endiný fromehiýO ulln er. one hundred flrkins genllin (oslhen outter, a uoe article, for sale by the aubscriber It W EI.LIOTT, jal9--lilt 155 'l'huiitoulas at LIVERPOIOL SALT'--l50L sacks coarse sod file, lanoding and in astore fir siale by jal9 IlIUIMES & MILl.S, Batik Place iAcRD-50 kbags Ls Lord, in ttorTfor sale hy i jall9 G DlIRSEY.I 44 cew I ves A SPENDll lsortIent ofdea bLOes. lin bnivee" i ealt, ntaml:p , silvIer InClO I Irnolpi.l, itery st1d t rile ipelr cuil r, fitllders, l&c., ani every uolher arti cil noed in eoulpilllg loUses generally, fier sale low at DIAtVIII "E1lf &c C,t, ja.l N Y Stationers Hall .4 Chartrea st A(AS--l lcnseed Iil and illipero, ill stun for sealn I by (G D, t. EY., 44 New I.evee 'JiUSEHO-DIoand ki,h.ln Ftrnitnre F,,r Srle slid House to Penti at s0 l''hnpittulos st Pl:le 'nlmlre an the pmlllisles as atbnve, ill--6t Mci A .ci oIb N'I', fnidin frui, slits Elizabeth I. frmn Londa, fi, sale Iby jnn1l I:0.\D & BAiRSTOVi,7 BSut Place. 0UGA 5 n .lavtation above the city, for stile bh, S 1dI"Ai & BA IS'fltOW, 7 lounk Placue B]AtilINO( ond Hole l elte Io or sl Ls ,i jao' 1RE 15 & BAIR I't ," 7 llhk Pines AýIl ¶cPRE -''h.efa re;;tninqtalt SYiogu S street, will be sold very liv, if'llplied for immediately. Ir)nn of the aborve instrments is pronounced by jdlesl to be superior to anytlhing ever offered in this tmarket. ja I EW LAW Htll K-A 'ITrretise .n the Prn-toce of the L.otrt, if Chancery, with all aitpelldix of IlrnSa of l' Ireedtlett' oaft Ilt, adopted to the hnt itew ilrders; by Johln )lyney inlih. ,t the eix ('lerk'oli. fle, itll 2 volnl,,. Justrelteivedttndtor c le by o'nrts of the I.tiled Stotes, and new a li1, o.'Chit tY o Ilil-. U{ 0 IU18rllI.I. Ii' K CHECK.-A chec at tn, J Boank f Louisville for $5150 for sale by d I 0I'II'SON & AVERY, 8 eravier Caiet SI. Theatre. TliI I VF~\Ii:, JAN. '-, Will be prfrrmnd the . altif.l I 'lay ofl the CRADLE OF LIB.'R Y. Mnj L|incln, Ml IFredericks; McFuce, lreene, Cecil, Miss Cowell. The Interlude will fdllow, of the WANDERING MINSTREL. Jen Rnage, Me Franklin, Jnlia, Mie MIelntyre. To conclude with the Drama of THE REVIEW. I.onny McTwolter, MI Oteene, Johb Lump.nR, Irowu, Grace. Mrs Greene. Mr E FORRRMiT hae nrrived;due notice will hbe gie en ol hi- First Appearance. WASHINGTON BALL LRO0M1 DBeas & Masquerade Ball, St. Philipretellet, between Royal & Btanrbon. r~-HE Manalger of tIe above named Ball Roon,grtte t "oul to his friends andi Ithe public fo the unparnl trlled entronage bestowed on him forseveral seusons, eespectfully ilnflirens them hInt the establishmentn has eI.n enlstged bfor the anusemrent of visitors, and un dergone intrne.r e repairs. The bar will be surpassed by nane in quality or lquor, nnd the Ilrcsturnt ill he kep1t by ti'e aldest I "estturoulrr in the United Stalns. Tihe room will re-open on Saturday even tlg, 3rd of INovember next, toy a SGR AND DRESSd t MASQUERADE BAl.l., uin ad will tke Iplae ras usual every luneduv, Welones day nud Saturday evening, during the seuson,wh chs will and oni the lISt of May, 1839. N. it. iThe erentlen atcnrriton will be paid to keep Sinc perfect order tlroughoul the esCallibshoent, as nal done last seasoa. l oct24 - NEW OIILEANS ANDI NASHVILLE RAIL ROAID st COMPANY. NEW ARRANGEMENT. tr|l IEI Locomotive will leave the DIepo t the flint of SCanal, evsrv dv atnl R A. M, sail return at 4 P. M. except Sundar's, wlen she will lat I"url Rellrn 8 3.1. I.11. M1. ,t O .. t.. en T A Crfor r private pnrlire, provleiid the nmer bi sufficie'nt,. ill beI selll, don the roadI on one da)'s prey ous nolice. ji, 11819 JAS It CAItDltV It., Prrcsidernt. COTION CIJCU11olts _ tR, i7 'RINTEI) with the Greatest rExp.dtlin, and ina style rltsurptscrred in NEw (OrlEANs, or else i where. ins; OaRillakfl l a.ft orrln Ro:E. in Sr. Charles Ex on chnsle, (ormer of Grarier St. ) or at Tr R U [E AMERICAN PRINTING Oi IFFICE, corner of Pevlras and St Charles Strectt, will kc promptly attended to. Dec. I-ti. BACON S 5liS irdt Ceicinnati, c rlodtAcre and for Rule iy S'I'aElaSONf V hIF:i, jll Idl0,rrrcer et STEAM BOAT BILLS. O WlNERS, AGENTS, or C IPTI'AINS of . 'EAM IlOA'i'S can have their Bills struck of, in one or more Colored Inks. on Plain or (Colored Paper,e ith despatch, and on favorable Terms, by leaving their Onitrs nsatTRUl AMERlICAN OFFICE, corner of eProydran and St. Charles streets. Nav29l--tf the l-tilt till- -11 e00 rnilsr wrlntr strained sprer, frve r il,julst received ad lac ir crlr I nv joul1 S Ilrt;Kt-.; & fcr, 8 F-rorrt learo -- ASil ilirX'i--51i Carh hlear Il e fourrwc rnrue - f/ t'lcurr, far supericr It th"e rcnlibi, fbr enle ly j I 1 I.rit'KEI-&. '0, 8 Frnli I.rlrc r IIIT K LIAD--500 keg, ,, 1I in ure, for sile jl8ll 8 F'rout Leve st Illark Chenck, ltills orf l.tdig ig, .tuctio Uille, Paltphletn, l Sl bow ills, Cata loglles, &c. &c. T')ItDIItllRsfer the Above, anl every other dee criptioeof . l'.PIN I l'iv. E r ecriverd tl Crolllling toelOr of"TfitUI AltlEtiilC.N," in r. (' s Ex c hiNu e, 3dh door from Irtvier ieel, o, or tr1 the Printing d lier, rorner of I',?lllr- nllnd St. ('hIr'les stilreis. Extensive and bral rti.dl Io IllKo nod .h11n ForNTe - fromthe best Fonderies to the I t eird ,ntes, tare iun Y been rrdded to the lhre,rly werre-sloerkd Istlrbishmerlt; ---o'!- ( unj Itl s trill b- 'e#'e teid vas I I.V, its {'heapl?, 'es I'x p'ibrl i slly and LIeu(tlillly, an as *, nynther t tlieo rert i in Ie Cily. ei i 1- Noc el i lll tl t rlcl A. it i .--Il ir I, I ! - I +' se-t, ll r si<·n "ut;1II IH D -1 - ~ci l il, , i ? .InI a .; I f. l:,olt l .l t hr . l c. fr a. l I r . I i. I Iirro ri m I'rr.r, 1 , , , I.I.u" e rr, -, '. e'inr i.a I l ci '"-r' c + r .I In T 1, lc ' A' ,rs. , 11 31 l'l A " IR 1' l\ il:l1 rrl .the l ,rc-t ai o',. ri 1, i thi e rnose wti rle. e ,n rlter,t in li, ', oir oltred l 1ne, o I nrr n l Il'd, WV irer I. lake, or Iclcir ` d (Cacc-o., calc Prir s very re-csorble i t '- c i T l I ,lltF.'tlcN clI. neald i rll, core-r tJ I'lrdrnS anld S1. ('hnrles rr. nd Seurna cew rd iihaufclc Founts c f TI e. have Jcnt been addred to the Estrhlihrhmnctul. c'rn Orders reeirede at a(rcrciciirg t{oirm, lI., ('ihnrrs r.- Exchancei, 3rcin dor frl (rrli { ce r 1t ,or r the criotincg Ittlire, rorner of I'loydr.o & S1. Chirles sltreet. crt aolt--if tile . . . . " - - -- - . .. . .. . . . . . . . . ... . . ''O) MEERCIANT'1S. 'ERM:ittlANTS cn. hve l IIE4I'TIV'U. ..H... L.a tEIruIrk ,\J'jur hours hN llrtir,hyeit/rtg. atlthe &womplang Willm oJ T'IlItE AMEICAN I'mant:so; Ovrnr, :, Chnrlers elxehnngy., aldjamting the RIa f ea 1Ro11 at Corlr of lIr.vier street, oral the I'int ing (of1l r,e, Crn erof I'.ldram oad St. (lha le sltreets. A D)V' \NIPTS till tbe mlade on Ihill me1 In p ool,ll vre, 5lurorilles,eNew York anl I'hiludcl po, hoA AIiAMS k WIIITALI., - jal 67 t ravi oLr at i blA NA 1 .NI\i iItS-411l,Illi of diff-e.r -urajiti. iin atom and Iirr il e by jnnl5 ABIRA llAM TIIIER, 3 Gravier Pt $50 f1t WARD. A TRUNK wao br.lken ope el Madam Sholl's, on _the veniingllf he8ih lst, and Iwo pockPet howtke. (ioe rnd iolroct, Illo oilier 1110k. with gill dges) con laiun en vmlulll vdllleopllper, uni a noe lft 44,4110 driwn lit, I .lcl t ae d Iu, in,hi lavoer of thle rl blleri !. I, lvsnble on fir llli+ tP 111th ol'f+atch, Ih38, and dated the 16t ul a lrchi, 1837; the precise deie not re culle rted. All persons are florwarned not to trade fr mail nole. Allonalr the papers is a receipt of deposie,w llh Ilurle. Wat A C..., f.or $50. paymeut ol allicl',. well an the hole, nhas been otpp,'d. LThe pcker baolk is to be slef at the ofntling room of Burke, Watll t Co.,where the reward will be aid. jaon 10.awlm r AM. i. WA.Ir.. ST. MARY'S MARKET STEAM FERRY CO N 0'1'ICR, i Ihereby given,that inpuraealrce ofan Or i dinance, pnasle by the Council of the nd Muoni cipality, on A edneada Iheo ad Jsanury, f839--Bmoks ofosuslerlption to thie t'lpilail stock nf$20,(i00 in shares of $tL0 eOch Jo said omopeano, will be optned at Mr. ChorleN DiDond'a, ppponseo St. Mlry'l msorket, Wed neclnv tle 161he, inlt, and will be kept open for three Tlays front 10I A. M. oltil 2 P. o1. ill each day. T'en Dollabs per share to be aiid in cash on sublloerbig. S H rlG', , Coromnisioneas, 1M IROlITAILLE ) janl 1-1-- 39. '%7ANTED-A partnlrr with i e..ital .f$l10,0 , in In general it'lllrliailln & vlrrllokroe I illi1vnol about to it ealshlih11d in thie city. A lill, adldrestd to A. B., Roix 9. Post Office, statiog iwhen on iterview may be l[ wtlll real altne, wil ull liIe c idCred strictly eonfidental, andll et willh attentionl. ja 1 --3teod B S'TON SOAP--o0 hoxes in 1ore. for sale hy RAI! \M 'I'RI ER, 31 Grvier at I PERM CANDi)I.ES-150 11nx - ill 0rs, forsole by jal6 ABRAHAM 'RIER, :34 Gravier st i)TA POES--2 0 hampears--Il Ibarrel Freolch Potatoes, of a superior qllnality, landinlg for rsleby al6 L ii GA!.I:, 93 ComIlllnon at j'jATThlORb0bhoah Oars, iI atore. atdl foraoln by - j' WHB TRIE and s__o,07e.l tlnazine at ``IOAP..3.0 haOl Boston No. I Soap, lalldilng frolm ship 1C- Avis, and for.a.l by jl tSandJ P WIITNEy, 72 Camp Iat SPI..NI ID I.ndn1110 AnlllOn atd Noveolti.: (inofBllllio lt loh ile (telaOlltlP a llessingtnllf The iiaelmlll, I,) liso Il.oi.a II Shllridan, firsl op pearance, SIyriol,th Ill' l0 n1, &e.1 .l Ina Itw lloersletl, all for 1839, with finished-en grovinlg, Ulfver T'wist, crlphlltp in 2 vole, 1110o, 1o I. 0 piar1. No. 4. Skeltches bl ilz, part 6. RoIl 011le Boowl, by the anutholr of 0or10o Shue IL b tlyrv Iu a..oll l, n d1 otlte tale-. Follur 1Blare in Pnlr.elug . lb llolerta.ln, Allen Ven-1,olly y. li.s ILo.olje, and .other novllties, I; JOIINS & to, lll er Comnlon S t Charles sIati 'i tl'iPIlNti 01-- 00 c er.00 00sltlhCl'n ilhlg, lallnlil g C. frO ship Newllrltvplot, flr oole Ivt j1117 ISAA(: 1il'i(_;I&i'`~, 134 Mal zineo I1.' hli---011 I b..o.. operipor i rood, fa-rale bIy a "s O 1H BI.Is, 61 Pv1llr siat NI."'k Itlltou If .Si Wahler acoit'e "'ttoeicall rworks, in 6\ ol,1 Imu, A l.,, it ewedlellnll I'he Waverly N.ovelr, in 5 vole jull r.e1iv0l0in0 d lir- P0l. lly A T(tWAR, i,1'7 49 Camp st V :- Jsis rrelv,'d !sldi Ink, ifr a riste, schools and " t.ivlil- M. I rlntea wiil find it for irllaerntal inti, vslililg cardrl kct.. tO le lupOlnrtlo any Ink vert intretlt(, It,. Iht I1ohlit. EUSHl & ALLAN. Ijl Il lson- re, Echtnge Hotel

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