Newspaper of True American, 24 Ocak 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated 24 Ocak 1839 Page 2
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TUESDAY, 22I January, 1839. 11 Counnil mnet poa sunt to adjournmento:- Wfon. Johehna aldwin, Rfecord r; Aide-r. oldiwell, t.oyd, Looket, Meun, Nxua, Pa. r ll, Whitney, and Yorke. urnal of the proceding meeting was post. d l next mteetmg. 4 &om the Mayor was received, send. |tt ialt ertainl .eolutions passed at the last sit. U I b *hateipln, on motion ot Mr. Peters, it theo S. tee)lve, That in the opinion of this Council, teslaiuos mexprojlve of their opiiuons asrto th it own its, and prerogatives as representatives of mIte .pewl' the. Second Municipality, should not ;have h. at toathM Mayor for his approval or dis. appmas- Wig 2. s.aolved, That the Menage of the Mayor of this day and his Message of Toenday last toe re. ierred to the Finance Committee. A coatstnnioation was received from the Comnp troller, justtfiatory of himself, ill relation to eerts s.i.ons made by the Mayor, which was O the Finance Cornnitteo. ¶ tt·esly statement of the Treasurer was enblttes, shewing the balance at the last report to be $,06 06; received sines $3.548 86; Ex. pended $41,125 32; notes to redeem $79 38; Bal. anoe this date.P,050 22. Aeonmannioation from the same off ier; where. spoe on motion ofMr. Peters, it was PLsolved thatthe Treaserer and the Comptroller geand they amre hereby authorised and instruetqd to fmrnish the Mayor of the city any and all informsa. tinion e may rquiro on the finanoial condition of athe munieipil . Mr. Nixon proposed the following amendment. Resolved that each alderman is: furnished by each oicor of this municipality with any information eIquired relative to the records and duties of his 'ofice. On motion, the sales was rejected; the yens and lays were called for, and Messrs. Gloyd, Lockett, M aeu, Peters, Sewell, Whitney, and Yorke voted n, thelqoirmative, 7 ayes; and Messrs. Caldwell and Nixon in the negative, 2 nays. A petition from the New Orleans and Carroll: ton Rail Road, was read and referred to the Coim mnittee on Streets and Landiugs. Of Wm. Perry & Co., to the Police. Of P. A. Hardy, which was laid on the table, and upon motion of Mr. Luckett, the tules being dispensed with, it was Resolved that the surveyor forth with cause to be enclosed Vhe lot belonging to this municipality situated in Girod street between the fire engine house and the property of Ui. W. & P. A. hardy anid lately purchased from W. L. Ilodge. And that the foot ways be made and repaired. Petition of Edward K llarding, relerred to the Committee on Streets and Lnndinge. Of Engine Company No. One, clbrred to the Fire Committee. Mr. Peters, Chairman of the. Financee Committee, offired the following resolution, whiJig, the rules being dispensed with, was adopted. Resolvedthat the Treasener, under the superin. teneance of the finance committee, be and lhe ie hereby autihorised t have dihcounted in any of the tanks of this city any anmount of notes receivable that may be nece.sary to meet the current pay inents iof the nmunicipality-reporting such discoulnt to the cumptroller who shall transmit to the council a statement thereof: Mr. Gloyd, Chairman of the Committee on Streets and Landings, offered the two following resolutions which, the rules being dispensed, were severally adopted. Resolved that the surveyor be and he is hereby authlrised to cause market square to be filled uop to a proper level as soon as practicable, also the holes between Market and Nures streets on Levee street. Resolved that the surveyor be and he is hereby authorised to cuntract with E. H1. Harding for fif teen buoys for thle ptt of this municipality provided the price shall not exceed $130 eact!, said buoys to be delivered on or bhlero the first day of August next. On motion, the Council adjourned to Tuesday exat, the 291th January, inst. 5 o'clock, P. M. JOHN GIBSON, Secretary. TO TIE HONORABLUE, The Senrt, and Hlune of Repr.enntatives of the State Iof Louisiann, in General Assembly convep aird: The Memorial of Iti undersigned, Citi r+z+n of thu S,:cund Municipality, ui New Or Rrsprecifilll Reprnsentis That t'iry have learned , ilh surprise nll alerm,lhat a bill ihae paseld the Senate, by which the people of this Corporation are to be deprlved of the inestimable right ofl eleOliin ,. Ithrotuho their Municipal repres entative, their ultlitoers na d agentls; those vested wilhl lth sullerinpteondenceo of the colloettou and divhburIsI iti n int f hir IIIo Y.en, as well as those c hrged wiih enlhrelng the ii municiipal ordlinances, aniid with tlie ptoticltin l their ives and properry. Your memiorioliots are sasorised, heeasre the prnopeed change is not only, tn their opini, I unealled Inr by any goid reason, but is in o1pposi. tion te the wishes of the people of thisa Corp, r lion; and, also, because the law talking from the peple tho power to select their own agents, ndil giving it to onie erson, and ihat person not select. ed by them, but by othir dietsnt municipyl eorporations, ls repuettant to hlose saecre prlnci ples ofjusttee and of right si dear to every true lover of his country, and of pal tiedl Institutiuns. Your memlriatlels are alarmied, because a law based iIpon suel crrollonole prlnciple, nlld so onutl t. oppasititin to the feelings anti Intelligence of the people, must necessarily be innperatve, andil, therefore, lead to iroul le, dieconten', and dlstr. geniaston;and be utterly destructive if the bur. niony and kindly feelings that have existed thrloughout our City during lhe lnas throe yeari . TheLegisluture is oaro of the ceases which led to the adoption of the present Munticipnl eye temrn, under the law ol the 8ilt March, 1836; iI knows too well to render it necessary for the undersigned here to repeal Ithe immense ad. lantages to the city generally, and It this Miunti. polity in particular, that Iiav resulted fion the adopliun of that jost and equiltble law. "The ex-. traordinary prosperity.±f this 1lunicipality since May, 1836, cannot be nscribcd to any ullljit ait . vantage given it by this law, inasmiucl us the same rrohsanlld privileges were giverl to the two. II it results fromt the juauictus adlinmisetra t11illauofor offairs, it snelme o to the indcrstgedJ that that lfuinishlas tuo tjl o aisoe of leaolusy or clil-m plaint to the other Iuuiict. ilieb, ai i nio reason why tlie inanuirsmentl at theiriown af.~ ir should li hke ll (rte I lmhell. Yuer memotniuliosn would furth,-r re.dpelt'tll ryprr sent, that they hlrv learled lloo ne t tlo tti, n .cil ,ul tile First and Third Muoicipalities have with g;at untslaumn iyapiproved the bill in qiesiti.. l resurntt g tihe . .It ' of the Coun cilt o ittutco Ite iritlins o ,' their i tl , .i - *oiutnner oteotovia-sinoniar ustt c ifono o di caa said iLouocils dreei then ht leooiini.,lttl to,.bjt hoir uffio:erl anld olgin-, th- t iln t all,' itll1nhpr; itov ehnr'd be lire acid in- to tCte C'tivied t yati tiatitet alists. The pritcijples inv lv.el i, the bill i , t" ii' , 'ittl ie in sterit. ncordelo ne with lt:e ,liuno o the t'iIt of Firsied t'I'i Iiitti. li. hIo It r to tiati. erlaistcannotci eontihler that blliest lo tii lI ae a othl solveo i lc tllt lenit to rellt trlelt r tisii olc.:r rc e fit ex pouniders efcoilititutionnl law iir the.i. Too under-itn.d res,,eciluily rre:i,-tnt, that tIh y have tihe lullest alnd iti , lt elltie COlitence in toe inlegrliy sand antity oi their Counc.v, u.ll t.l t experience o n tlinl b , Ilhat their le.lioll ti l olfieora has been elways iuided by thie Ipol. gw.d, without regard tio plitic.I opittoa or nith, r improper considerationsl; thal they view the at. tempI to give io the mayor of the city conutol OVt I their Trea.s.ry, is ntraughlt with danger to the tb., lyt rests of -ise people, and at variance with thet, universal pracntie il ltatre lid city gloverontotoll thbrughoutl the.lnio.uilln, lotd pnol teitd iprtvltuu to the diviotts ni uisie City, whena ei.ln oor too, re represetaed Ihe sanme uonslltUlllet that did *he Collneil, wliih lt iw tihe does not. Your ineintrialiste w ll urttler iosti respect ifully rtate, that inuepedaltt of the esaced pitnclttih whilch guard their rlihl s ot lihia tip.prtnot qie tlin. the laws nI the 8 Ii nld II1h Ml.rcn, 11t36. by pgliding that no law ,hall be passed, cnuo Jldentitis the Municipality Government of tih Crty, unless call d lur by io-.hitrds of the Ir'gi voteres, pro..glts Item against t:ea passage of it a leow. Stsiteited, thrn, by the nouolel politic I mnax Inens and by the vuice oe ihti ieopule m i inia C... plranon; prollectcd by Ille Iliot ,Ltoe laih of the dials of Luniisnna,your me ltrleallta , witn lulo reliance onl your widom, pray that III,- bill pryv . ding that the Mayor sih.ll lpinsll all exreUltv offlers of the three C-rporrations of Ntw LiOrlean, shall not apply to the Seeolnd .hunicipality. And they will evr pray, Stec. Maw Orleans, Jutuarve 23d, 1839. A{rnncý af I) HDBA\& A CUIIEN is Ida day £diinulved by mutual Conarca. Jahn 1) Bent is chwUtd with the aettlaeant t slle clli atnia a t the aeeet,aaud'ill wnee the aname oafh firm in liquiJatata only. J~rI \ . HI:IS, jan23- 0 . A. COIL!.. P A COHEN cantinues the Comminian Bluinen., in individual name, and far his own accaunt, at Ne. 90 Cammon street. Jan ill, 111 AiODAO-100 coils man la Cardnge, ii Manilda ('10 Hs ran, 50ci Ins ratii 10rilnr'tnasaiaaunt p. inoIta1lan hemr. 10 cwilspoint rni tlanding frra ship lt,+mrwn~furaleby I r WHITNEY, 344_ 73 Canpl. at TfrYWOOL MALi'-IhO Barka, 0 e and eaarac, /ientoroetur naby HULMbS& MILLI, ap,I Btnk Place U7IiSr-h balls. Madeatra wian, i oa eys gE n o , lr 5 qI. snks chnoice oid Inle and tabnt ahn IFt pi5 ebiity hlndeirn. 00 qr cnaks Tearrif, 3 qrnnhnntntslm y, 410 qr canks um.d ludian hatnia sweet Welege.i'0 Indian burrets dry Malanga11t cass cniee anna, bu0unady, etapsi ne. &r., vor salr by 39CatR Hna raIie & a, 39 Cululmun, cur Magazine a t blaock, 4.-t me ave. T'(Ve Trie ye .47 p tI closed every day at Il A Nt-Is due with the greaat tateri M111al, avery day. S lthe Lke ..,SlL (via Covington, La.) is cloned every Mcnduy. Woedimeday acd Friday, at n'clocte, A N--Is due veiry Tue.ity, Tlursday atd dater. day, at5, PM. T/e Lo.oierilie or Rivrr Ablail in closed every j Mordoy, Wedmeaday and Saturday, aIsS P M-lIn qeot and rcauroed by steaubuouea.--Arrives irregu. I arly three tiltes a week. TIoe fa.yer Sa.a or Cest .Mail iu aclosed every FUhsday arid Friday, it 8, P N--In seut and re tarooed by the steamlboat lrilliacot. Thre nddxndrio or lIed Rirer .Mail is nsut irregua ladly by stoamboats, twice a woek. the COMMERCIAL. CksrLton , Jao ............ i Ja . 0 hi Wsi snn ... ..... - oe ar.o....iti.oa.r.....J ..... Pklltipb:o a..... . , Loualvile. do ............I tlaIslmrae do............... ois, a. s ,.rsorl, No r......... 85 H800000 ('lexes) do.,..... P No. 24 · ..... .......... r]7 Ltrttdtttt, Nov ....... ... o4 Coic do . '5 Noral........ 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EXIt)KtitF. cOSTON.. er bihp Nlerangrot..17't balea orslo., 119 brls fl.llo.51beefbids, 4 brie uopar, and C brie IAVRE..a rr bliilooEh..421 hl cotern. nod I chai'i ruble. ri VEtLA tiRUZ.. ir Irig Cerilla..l ba eolton iaod EaE.e dry' ........ be, Iruisionn.. iOFsee nee· ir cottoc, iS o 'o,,,opill,.!;, 3 do ,Itk, 51 do o.IIOI.i.. r,,.a . SAVtNNAHpee heh t b e Welrree..tlree sugor, eid 182 rikdsmn,,, . ··.............. pe~r lrLasher..l 1ii necqscore, nd a 0 hrC l A' ehr D flos·..52 brl Ionlr, 15 bet-as lard .llblreo bhiskby+. .4 ics oclreo, t5 bos Lorn, o 3 hhda, od i brlt acigeter,C r-l poreerelOtoas b Ilate. TE:S.S..per eecir M,,s-enger. .lcry ecoii losll oC el'iikey, cauiru, au-ur, wice, ctlser, cure ialea, lsrd, TAMPA CAY..pee eireP Iillrirrrrice..375 eerke rcera, 2I ban cileer.a- do rlarlee .ua.dr. SJynIltilo cerckeCe , a bracdy', oill, beef, aeiero, eandies, gocdils, soot,, athacto, pelpper. iald. 2, . IIECEII'TS OF IrILOrIUCE. I lnndloll~h alIId, r ilatrmmer I\ L Ruloheon..l| a1 ItocicipirlI erlri Slrllcriiris pee si,.re f'110 L Coll reer ..10\ Ii ihie o,.ri,,,Tater& i,2it~ik,, 47 dot iaO,,tcO .0 Cnridic, it) do 0V Itloauopr . .o, I)tiooollld2 2+boe;o.o# e ru [bekett an IFrer ccbl II, coallat l Crtlder. Majtrellua & Wrigii, 54 do Lockb,, r, Forc .0 &t o)llellll. 7ihdo en+r ,Ilihas cclllc L.arere ChCblnlcee, C ble cotllo Carruthrobe H.rrio e eoSo dr Allaiu Aehler f co; i& ,io -I Plreanlllr & ro. 3 do rilillhite ,r c,,, 0,itdo W\lkee ia to ii oe' Arrll,,orr., I. oo , 7 ta icr o R19,du o. Frar ll.Soc do 1.61l I~w'alL uralt. Yuatila;ll| q" uo, 1 bls crilo..l 6IltI B1 haZI pcr.rY N J D~il( r E0, 11 ldioe t1..,n Frost ro co, c4l boss Eere g Lone. Folcorie a .oeIi aW ,a d~Od & Sil.ort, 1O4 do and iip is cscorn rp r I·,rldy,r bl Cuol. ldooc, ,pollord . co,' .1 pcllce nrdzioJ Ii Lrreelrch b. c,15 blo cilatoll. 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P5 iio J 14 rlouuhle B co, ii1 du A\ KI(arld. &I so, 1 .,5 dorlo,oArcieul & eo. 5 dkiUooe, IU . elornsls, It d Cooulmwl ll "i iol,.Ii, iltde crlEott. Jaone.° co, 9lldoC Tolcdtlon, 10 do llhl,,y " T'rrueusI, r do FO!Uiai IOoliocq & I Uo,.,eos, 18 (. J l)u ,eitrlld.d .lonrce.nc1er ler..nlcl" Alabrmir.ic.441 Bie cotlon A [,edolt 0 fr o, .jdo 4V0, Flower. 5 do 00 51 Coltcrs. II Jo \H I'~ou clllo co,, .i lhl)J A(;ol.d eIc4do A nloureh -cu, Sc :a do hlller A Icoltd, lfl rll Yoromoo h co. 4 io Icleke, Walllt t,, ,U4 0lo A D tIalcliitli, IC do Torlolar, d.ordor . o, 3 du II ouinL'y1 ftiolll30ll".5 hliden P Rvell.e Sr.l,1i] ito,1 g...pee en'er,,ee le.m.phere..125 251. otolnc 32 Toliionllo, ·Lj dot tiourdlio ftclnla, ttS do \Vc Fluwie, C- C d. iL F'liiloe rde, 20l o Elolii SoJlltt ,t doclild :t brooUuu F lquolnilo ...lee lrtl,nler Nusollvll...1, bll. oucelr Follsiu , neloiiaq . kelo.,h,, 4O 2. cdaisl.o.o T JrrJoedoi, 4.dorioILty. I .r"1 lIb'a cotlonl A ,i i Lloliotloall ,I b d , 3o hls clolro A ki-n IIfclre~t :.1 b. llleJ+ l II ulfllu4.,,6 bir ultd 'j lucks cotton. 15 bll colltoil (t Taiolo,,lO. II t'rcllle..lor lto:locur \Voehi,,1toen..17 hbl. seugr ari C8 : I Irl, llz,,lulres R 4 telrlr, I(I hria Illl,,;+lld l . (Cn)Uteu, I. brls a cosy i o',rU oo o. Aearollell c .3 (o t d.itc1L(oo.Sna ak nitc, l soe;, J1 .~tel~loe. Ill Il'le .yrllll all4 brec Itld r Lo11dry,l btb cotn ,o~l'dcIII 8etott+l io A ltoiy~lrlc r 11 , 'l ' Stoaon.eoP41. inaalltlOl I d I~aUdUvuiey, 7 do rreie 3 dc 05 hIhsln sroolde brlllll .,l'al2ldOell ,t ilcle.l, I il ,ot0lh,,,t9 IsIIIk,.a Hrid 4I hI. ..llar Full~il.+ Ipl~loloe 4" |*;Ih~nos, + hllhll luoltr A Iireu oo a FoI IhihlldeIc urnd 30 Icrh 1v10scC bI,.oV l. |,'lul.elc., I cOw arid eollf, 2 busrtolsd 0 bo Galler eo i. borsd. IASIEN(;iERS. Rtllrpolp,} ennl 1elncphl..pur eteoe,,r \V L iotrtnno. lejor 2 l.Boar.a.,o ldy,.hildl ,In Sr .v[. tolliloer tllso .Vt, uinaolnll ,lld lady, Ol,, lVo,,d, ccl,, t,,ea lloillao, lode, iahllbl, Uo.n Calle. L,,0 1U ldl., r.illeslple. 0 \itl, tee. Ml'. oy , I.ivio . Ilil .l derlllr l f eirrar, Ro*l oec. ( OrChall o, t'.pt ItlIlltIVi:lol LeOnt, (O r iee..e, r acelll,,, C leari,,tte 7th regt U' e Il,Llltry. or 01,l i..loer .p tEellr.e +oareal. lIre T2cr, .Ir \olnolsey, Mr it Clladeeoy Illld lady, CUot Eilllldi, Col tyHilol, Wyji'nloh I'ILo, Kl~d, 3Jiore, \lVilnIs tllcgIc, eurdock, Itoia0,. Cosla~illoe' .1 Vlp, Olewarerl, Gwilll,. Atl,.lano, Yttcc, Lieuot WeBiercu' .2, NIIo,',ootuhcl2i~n+ [J coly cubril IlalSeloters. plllvnla.,per oleem Iltbelt N.,w Yvrk.. Mr Dnrclntelr , S, lttrtcel,,,e. Ilurl Keer, c L LcIkomo 4 II Bowrnoe. lesroo Fekoor tuoArou. 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I. h3loleoohoe l .l,ldld·l, Kl,,g, Dr L,.C~,nlr y, A D I~ltjltllf. J lor,,au Jli~e 'e BClge. S its clhlllalil., Iims +ltol'rsu, a code k. Alocancrdi..ilel el·. loo,,ma..Mres A Iro.rat Sleio rnleset I.oe iio c. a oCl. i,ct, or'f olU, 0 l.OSe. Tayo,iro, 2\\i;in,o 44 5 Doy.P MYl'uney. Sallilodi, Halt .,idrn,.1,lllo,d V' ICocoau, a.J latlell..\ SlOCoicolllltl '1rclict. DrII, DOividtro,.d estoa . iv 1V Hslo vil. I c ( coLuyLd, C J robelly.J t .l Lw I. Jnstien. E eI.eFe, Gt.. Bla.r, l'pt PFnoi-t. Capo \k~ dolldlo \V I ecihto. JIncl o.onJItoCluoky, N \Vriobh, Jotll.stOu lao li]lt, I. on ..yeelnqnmmboe**r rto,nt r Nesevilcle..Cope Ce,,oil elt l.v, F I" 'c.,ot.nd 1 iiiohlllrlhrlA. II l+.i,,4ni. c ll 011 a, Vlit we o,o,,,t"1.roll,tkleeoo[4e~l. t.(oolccIecf. ,+ttlml, ho ,, nlu, Ii D~l~lpt, lt,,rllard, mudn I non dok_.. Ci C\iR I.K d0\T ., ('otto21--0\'+ hi,++.. re,'od Oeto, it pa.1 a ca, ol l ,bu., '.rr llak.' i caii oapIll, o la t,.tT ioc d e'oohlu ll tI, Fub.ido la1,1dJ''ii? I ih4+ I~ I?· pdL ,p lhlT rel,~ up, llllhollrhl Itleo Is iio, l;; t III ,,~' . n u~. I/o, .I pl ,13, Ilf +iii d nt rllptio~l+t I,,i wll~l I'h13 rtltg.i 0..III I)lI lli,,y a ,tlotlliaoe.d It the lll8h ar lnlw r1lll0+. Ultd ih el,. Pi'.+£1~ ,laeeloer' o wit el Fl,,dro.d+ , ar fecnr I l1rea1.e, tIllanoe .+oi.. tlh~lloS to t.oIoa..ooia l+d.-:I4,,t,. l 1 ij.j at., Iii'., aSIA.+ .liP. II oc .li, i:,l; 402.1 0.; ii, 1 4: 73 1ir S. -,j ccl:. l t I :'; a a i., or 1i rle l. II .- Fl ,,eeo,,ol cbo I Lu . .s I, Cl. oloooeod dorill- l ee wenk at £a Fia140 tao t, c t~toc 2,rl,. " '. 101'11 .1:, Jin "I. City Ne.t, .trkett, c -The cotton natrket i0,. b.nm tea TtY vvu tl aidord ,, od the t Ichlr olr lo fp te, hill ;1II lo" h lx r :H11 ItI a+. l'hore are ilnto 6 or I1I., ti sie. to et tlo ct naet a ·,.le as tt iOat IlCtitpay,. Jtot It . iCal doery or wraduce t.rkl tiaud tho Chair. tA. . COed Jra Iy. Celtll..Our quotltinln ere f, -in 10 t 1,3A--a fow sale. fln very ood srh, leood last week lt I4 ceu.s. But f,'wsale. Ill h e flnu l nIia w tche Ite tL d t Pl at dt titcra rel r ealed t lt.ret, ald p w it alor Hohturo p ,lt. l' o thal ST n ldjllurned tmeetnrl of the o t ekhuelttit of the `i1 Nw" tlrleuns ulli .\nal.lille Intl) Lhuul Colmlpaly, bicelt on thri "-:o dai.y ilr Ja Hall toy, 18 W f). Jesls I. Celdwelo Etq. was ecalled to the C hair. anltd . \\. llTonuu EIe; wads aleeer.ullled ,.lrioty. I iht IdueUl 1ir1llt6o t lo tile Illetiie lll llltt Dircra tr wat reldl, thr litpul Iltwb e llulawllulOU.i reicolied t1hn tie Retaort b tW riolutod. 'o hle w .Ilckn l, t 1 -n ll, ended to the electni n of i ort. urf-lJo Oone-ldte. y M O. IUtr H attllo it W It ( )uol,hkletlo eteInpuihlt~l tillersl. UlpoIo +olhlg Iho1 l umbllier ofitlt it ul~l*l)p retl tre 'er, 1,2,5,., 6 voile; lni that /le t liltr lug annln I Ieill llln were nnllui Junde It irldwell At W Ilufinlll, t.rk oll,ý ood tf, Horatio Davis, W 1 C Ilip .baest. D Augutlin, Jereetil Serr3, Got Am Wnggamenn, I Gltenldon Jr., "in Christy. Ott tltitut it wts mtoved and eeontldod lilt the Stock holetrb otdljautn, sine die. I W tlot Ft31IAN. jao4 Secretary J-'\eitter the Curtain or .uirrthcrs will be otno ohib: lier OaUy debtl ctoltractld by the ceew of the Britth barqt otleqlluifta. Jf21 H,tLLMES & MILLS, Bank Place FOR PilILDDELPIIIA. 'rite eew latt eutlltng barqte CHAIN TICI.EE ., C 'iota, tter, te t tlltrS tile hullh 100 . t lale. ulotn It ettomplete her car go. oat freight of wllicll, or pesge, havittg good ae eumtttoatiult, s appl. to S & J P WIJ Z'IN IY, jaii4 73 .:Canti SIDER VINEGAR-30 lthis in store, for sale Iby j 4 G DOltIVY, 44 New Levee. lV NEs rciay Madeira it, hal" pties and t cawrter j2t 96t ttegazite at. role by SIdoLL d BIROW N, ____ ___ _- la__ _ h loo . OAP1- 2, boxes retcheru brnnd,d I. til do ttu foblito do, for sale by SHALL & BROWN, j:24 9o Mgaal:le st. U I' IER -.u kr1r ulol htbutaoe it tore arnd tor soal by J I'A I EltL & Co, 7 I'tydreo In connection with this Otfiee is a SPLEINDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE Tr FOR THE PRaININiO UPIt IPamphiets DBlank COhecks nn Catalogues Dills of Lading me Labels, Dray Receipts, be Logal Notices Auction Bills, Ste Bill Forms, Show Bills Th Steam Bo&t Bills OixcuLsrs 'And every dese~ipote *f Job Work shmt of may be required. of 12tThe proprietor respectfully calls the attention of Cc the public to the above Card, nod assures them that en all work intrnsted to bhi care shall be done at the short- T. eat notice, in a style unsurpassed in dtie city, and at the lnestr rates. clf I llk f libE All8RA1L0 pa EnltrEoD t Jsmens esilta l pe FAITIRFUL AND BOLD. 8 N V W OR LEA%. or THURSDAY, JANUARY 24. IP30. Look on this. Under the general banking law in bh New York, there have been filiy-three anslcintions form- T ed, with a subsr, ibed capital of $,0,000,000 and an ag- ol gregate na.imnr capital ot $437,000,000! The amount t of circulating n.tun applied obr by them to the comp. troller of the state, ins $,500,0II). Thus, is the circula- b tion medium of that state prev nted tfrom falling below I' its level, by the action of the chartered banks, which le hitherto caused the tide to ebb and flow at will. Had u Se a general bank law inl this state, the resumption of t specie payments would have been attended by a bless- ef ing to the community, instead of a curse, as it is now. The channels if circulation would have been supplied eI from sources able to supply thee. Now we must suffer, 0 becaueo tile tmiismanagement, of the banks makes it ne cessary for them to call their notes in and refuse die cicount. When will the reign of subserviency to the t few and! Not till free trade in banking be allowed by P the people's representattives. Well ;--perhaps the proe- i sent distresses will prose a blessing. Tlhey will cause c atus to look to the source of them at least, and to adopt ii fiur the future a prevent ve policy. 4 We are obliged to the Louisana Advertiter for the it cumpliment paid us yesterday. The True American e Scan never for-eke its principles. The editor could not be induced to forego the professions he nas put forth p and tile doctriles he lseassyd to teach,save from the Scunvii:tiin that he had labored undler a must egregious c error. The mountain will have to enme to aloahmnet h.eluoe that tlrkesplace. He can ueerArimase the motto lihe placed upon blis wllig banner, "faitlhful and bol." Trialffor murder.-The traot of Mrs. Doyle and vh r aisocintes, Johnson and D vie was conelinded on Tuesday evening last. Tie Jury after having t retired about 15 moinutes returned the Iolloting l verdict. p ires. Doyle guilty, w!th a recommendation to e the cltlrnecy oie the IOveruor. Jhihn Johnson, guilty. i4 ii. M. Davis, not guilty. tSh th the state'stt evidlence was cleared. He and D ovls were discllarged. The others were remallnded di I prisorn, to await sentence, unilss the mrt:y of r the Excculive interferes. 1 'I The Sundey M.louitig News appears to be quite c.nversant with American literature. On the 6h inst. in noticing Kennedy's New Novel' Rob of the Bowl', it says: 'Another of Mr. Simma' amusing I pipublicliitnse, very plonsingly but not very power. lully written; and as he has turned his attention St domrestic incidenis;we should like to see o novel f" ront his pen, ontt which ie would bestow more care, and bring into action the powers ofa nat orally gifted miid." u Our word for it, the writer of that parnernph had not read Rub of thil Bowl'. What! not know tila tie e"authtorof Swallow Born and Horse Silhoe li - binsmt", is not. Mr. Gilmore Stims, but lion. J. P. Kennedy, the representative from Balillore in Congress! And what "domestic incidents"o re nmore graphicnlly and spiritedly and naturally toild, thin ithedomestic incidenlts" in Swallow Barnt JWe do not know at lin Nr. Kennedy has" turn. ed his attention "t froet " domtstie iici. t 'etnle. Nor its SIIIIe, save in one or two instances, and we du not remembermlore than ot single nvtoance-that of Pelyo, tile Goth. Come, Mr. News, be a little more particular in your critiques. is, CITY, Jnn. -3-Evening. Since our last notice, the money market ian not in proved one jot. It inreevn more tight than it was The ilrtlunea of hulndredn and tholannds are tottering to their fnll, and it' the branclhe continue to aet as dogs in a manger,the splendil wealhh and enterprise of this city will snon dieappear. This cruelty to the citizens by machines of their own making is a sad thini. There in one consolation however, left, and that is, when the reputation of New Orleans for mercantile credit is crne the public will rise up in their indignation and send re. iresentativen to the capitol of the state, to destroy the instruments of their ruin, by letting looease upon them, eompetition in Banking. The public mind is even now tullrnine rapidly to this point, and every w.ll wisher of liouisiana, iutn pray that tte present mrssin of the Legisl',tllre will anot end, befor a general bank law he passed. There i. no other way to check the inrolence an I shuens of charternd bannks,and to make them truly useful members of the body colnmlercial. This slay ithe I4th, is fixed for the ernsideration of Mr. I.ockett'e hill of indmlnificatiolo. It will prdhablvy pass tIllhe Legitlau e, but we htope not, un il, at least, sones provision he il.erteil to lcompel the Banks l) grant an extpension to their I the mlrtnlh rn act wisely, they will discald the bill in tota, apd tive the banks a general law to reorganize under. I We furnish helow the etrrespondenne which has ta. ken tplse between a number of gentlemen of Ndw Or. leans nnd I tlnes II. Cahlwlell Ell , in which hle is po litely r. qusted to return oir a limited period, to a pro. feiion, wlhih he adorned, but whict h we .hid .uppoeed he bud given up fhrver; anlld his response, conventing to appear fir b lInw niight in favorite clhatenter, during ilh PIen;:nern nt of Miss Ellen Tree. None can hlve a higher respe. I t r MMrCulalwell'n hiitritI tRlernt and i the prl'r'elioln to which he hus bronlht his arl, Iut we question the policy oif bie evren gratifylug the tnthuni. Iie anfd cnCer ieile of Iis lfrienda to augin see him, even ir a few nights. Hli appearnncen as a anetlr can nt, filil it prlduce pleeusre, bilt he has other dulies to perltr.t which rhi ua his cllanrntt ltentioin,alid such a must rfrever preclude Ilia return to the ordiuary routine of the prof:seiuon. Naw Onsansa, Jan. it, I18r1. Jus II. CAtI.IwnLt., Etq. stn : --four naten trly perionntian of Gossamer on Saturtlay revenintg inst, on lthecoevesion of the lree bene fit gavent Iy you to the Firemen's Clhrilalle' As.lciltin, has left uon a larte numbier of your friends a strongll desire to eee youll agin ill lta, and other clharntrs of lI1e l:nsie cast, which you had made yonr outn pr.. viIs toi y .ur retirement llllo thie alt ge. Allllugh several lyre hliave el Il'd ilnce that aient, they lhaie I;I ttorgllotn tile glntilicntion Ihey lenays lderived Illlnt yo r ilperfrltllte. anld the rectilleelin of vuUi Charles Surfae and your Dorieoult, your Ollng Hanid, nie your n aiellar. yvour (Glenary and your Vapid, Ires ever hbaen atliRled hby the hope of lhen oncei tlore. At tlhe insiance if tlese littnls, a.e haIIVP undrtaken to be the medium oIeuln llnlietion belween yotllrell' and ther, nlld have only Io add. that a Elllllli.tllle wilt their request at , is time, wluld enhanle it Itre nt and he doubly aeceiluble ahlutlld o be disposecd I ilnlrove the opportunity now nalbrded, of appearing on tile saltse evenings wilt Ellen T'ree. Very re pretfully, I)D1II) I . KERR, JAS. R. STERKET T, J. N. UUNCAN, II C. CAMMIACK, JOS. M. KENNELDY, II. B. CENAX, IIICIIAIRI) il. CARTER. GEORGE EUSL'id David C. Kerr, James R. Sterrett, J. N. Danesn. II. C. Cnmmrarik, Jr. Id. Kennedy, II B. Celase Richard M. Cnrter, GeO. EuRtin, Esqrl. GENTI.VraN : Your very taltering ant highly enmplimrntary letter under dale l1 Hlt tantrl, I have tile honr to acknnwledgr. II emy appearance with the 'disalingished artisre who lnw grwues the St. Cihrles Theatre can dld :ltlereI t o hler Ipla its patrons ure daeiroeust o h oyig repreeeltld, I snihl be iist happy tu lahsr once tar' in liy Ve:tion Iit r lheir yrtttli. ctllln. Myother poIledidoriies will prt, r n, noe. clsonalllytlrolen gaetnC brullugh a rlonllllldl ch ratl.ler but I will 1iave l. i ,ll u, trlllsu l o t r iin t ia.e Wi'tli seteu neutas rnpntnl., geodli un,. our in iten lrl enuyt. J A.'al':+ II. CAL>W+ IL. N Omimne, .deny " 21, ltina. Jhneary 93. MI The honse met prsellant to adjournment. dear Mr. L wis moved that the report of the State prop Treasurer should be printed in thel Stoate lea.lle. and It was prehable that some time wot'd elapse he. to, ' fore the Ilouse would act upon the report. In the the mean time it wasinmportant that members hould T be informed of the condition of the finances of the pet State-se a guide in making appropltations &r. nru The motion weasedeped. pted Mr. Lewis on hehalfof the eommittee on elnims A reported without amendment the hill for the relief of A. Luminais; alsoan bill to amend the chartere of the Eagle Insurance Company formerly the v, Cotton Seed Oil factory and Insraenee Company wht and also a bill for the relief of A. T. Williamsa Nee These bills underwent their let reading. Mr. Lewis on behalf of the committee of elec tions read a report on the ahbjeet of the contested iti election ofJ.T. Preston, sitting member from the Pto parish ofJefferson. The grounds on which the It election had been contested were that, Ist many persons who voted were not citizens of the United a States; or 2d had not resided in the parish duringof one year:3d had not paid c Slate lta,did not own t . xatble property and were not liablhe to a State lax; we 4h were not buna fide purchasers of lned fom the wil United States; 5th in many instances deception, rh a bril e try and corruption were need to: rueure vot . na Thetcommitlee discarded the Isl Sd, 3d and o5th chargee no proof having been adducr d to support them. Tile 4'h ground was lentkhily reviewed a. by the eommitnee, which decided in favor of the me w sittitg member. The committee atgued that the A letter of the constitutioll should not be overlooked Id under pretext of pursuing ites parit. Tile conasli of lution provided that the owners of lands purohased from the United States should. where they puteese Nn Ssd the qualifications of age, residence &c. be 'd entitled to vote. During the last eleecioa entries , of land had been made by co npanien and receipts taken setting fcrth all the name of the purcha- t: ears. Under the letterof the constituion all aluch ,y purchasers whether they held an inch or a see . ion were entitled to a vrte. No legislative act ae could limit the right acquired under the conllitu. Pt ion The committee quotled many authotrities III support ofibheiropinlon, agd concluded by offer- at e ing a resolution declaring Mr. Preston to be duly t an elected. at On motion of Mr. Gaiennie amended by Mr. b Pclhot the report mnd resolntlin were ordered ih a be printed and to lay on thetable subject on the Ft us call of the house. Mlt . Brashear on behalf sfthe committeeon to Internal Ilnprovenrente reoned favourabhly to thie bill to incorporate the JeIffersan and Putcchartmrin fti Id rail road company. The enrmittee reported un ed favorably to the petition of J.l1.Smnih praying lor eg the privilege of a ferry on the Ateltrafniy' near no g the mouth of bayou De Glni;e-rhe lands at the place proposed for the location of the Ferry were to owned by the U.S., and the police jury ptseas.ed the power to etahblelh the feryv ill ease ,f necessi ty. The bill as reported cnder'went its eecotnd rending and the report on the petition was ndopt nd ed. ed Mr. Lewison hehnlf of theJldieincr comminte at of reported unfnvonranhbl o to e application of D Fisher Esq. proposing a digest of the laws of the State. The eonlmittee was discharged from fur h ther consideration of the suhjeet. he Mr. Pichot reported a hill to incorporate Inde og pendence Fire Company N'. II, in N. Orleans. Read for the ltl time. 0n Mr. Lockett on behalf of the committee of the del delegation of New Orleans, to whom had b"hic II e referred the hill relative to the powers of the maynr, reported that the enommittee was decided in tpinion, but the majority were in fovolr of rhe rejection of the tlt seetion, and in fanvot r of a noending the the2l h sercton s, as to provide that it shall nt be necerssry for tile Comptroller or Treasreer Ito obtain perrmitsitn from the cunc"tel hbefrre civine informntiton naked for hv the mtayr, and in case of refusal I give solch iftcrilrnlntiton the mayor may remove annl tihr lcunlsellnnlnt reelect the officer unless Ilt he retrnlnernded for ICi-elee. ln tion by the manyor. Thte cotninstlre were unani. inttus in reeotmmndingi the adoptllion of the 31 Iglu teliton. It was ordered tint tihe bill nod report I be printed and laid on the table subjectjo to e Scall of the hose. Me' Or. Gnin introduced a hill to niter the mode no of holding eleetions in t'e county of Lafounrce. Road for the Ist time, rules dispensed with and rend for the 2d time. I- Mr. Phelps introdueed a bill grnnling to A.X. rhr G1iffin the privilege of keepingi a ferry across teir Little River. Read for thle let time. na M.. Gaiennie introduced a b.ll supplementary ity to the act authorlzing the Governor to pturchaose by arms f.r the use of the State and for other pur. a poses. Read fir the Ist time. the e On mnolln ot Mr Davidson, the house took intto thonsideratio n tlhe bill to amend the act relative r, he the Covington Female Seminary and the SpYing. efield institute. Mr. D. stated that the sum of en $1000 per annum had been oppropritred to. the her Sri, gfield insttlu ionl on contdition tithat it ;houol the tourd and inatruct i digent childrent. T'he aml nd. he ritlrl c row proptlaeidprtovlded fur an approprlntol,-n nce of $3000 a condiition that 25 children ohould be bly hoarded anld ilstructehd The opprprlaltio. was of nuch wantred-Sprine field was at the hend of Iv novigation of the T'ickfau and was the resort of at, many indigent working peoph, who lsotetimte 1o die leaving behind chlildreun provided for.The ap re propiialoon fr seven children otlly,was inadequate cre The number of indigent children requiring edu. calton were greater than the number provided ta- for. The amount appropriated by the bill was lees Or in rtprporti.n t to the Increase of tihe ublylig nit - Imtposed. Mr. Ratcliffe was in favor of the principle nf i tie bill-be desired to see every moons adopted :or the taduecatin of the peoplehbht he thioughtl Ih a.- heation pr.atlatlurr. romn the treasurer's reprit it hpprared thai Ihe State tis lamerly il. debtll. el, re aii king II o apir,,pri.alii,:s II sh. .d be as1certnined hi.i lmeans wolld t .eiI ai , ,o, et hem. Tihe app oprtilali:s made should te in a cordance wlah the it vents ail ihe oair. fir. R referrd to the custom of ,he B.iioh Pailit.ron which alwa)s when It mllode an ap,,rtproralin lut a tax to meet it. lie thought slrch a prai cc a wie Sors. Hie moved ao ponsin.. ta. bill. Mr. Gaiennie ,observed that the state had a redit aa the biamks of upwards of ltwo aitllon ul dollars, which could be used in cade of nIteeasey lie t ceslered lhe ellucatlitll of the people aos lle of ihe rlllln obj e sa of legisliationa. Th'li State was alwtys rich enitugh liio tiait purposei . lhw iouIu the lState pros1er if the main pilarclits prosperi a), publices, ueaion, ias neglected ? Mr. Ratel:le withdrew hils a jecuton and the Ill wat paaecd. Several ball ware read for the fd time. The bill Iatrodueld by ,ir. R,,tchllf proviling flor a cotalrionll t amlltend thie c natittlon tamlllle up in the special order fl Ihe day i s 3d read ng Mr Kennor observed that a similar bill was now ure der discussion before the Senate. It was useless to consume liale tie of lte house, on thia subject utlil the protialde course of Ihe SenalUe, could he ascertained. He mtoed that tile bill be laid on the lalIc, subject to the call of tle House. Mir Ratcliffe opposed the motion-the house should not be influeuced or delayed by the action of the Sot,. ate. Tihe subject was one of importance, and action was therefoIre limited by tile Uonstittionll to the first b11 days of tle seasion--onaly three days now remained. Mr R. eudeavoured itn rder to show the importa.nee of immediate action, to enter into the merits of the bill; he wasen o'ed to order by Mr Kennerard, tile speaker de cided that agreeably to tile iules of the Houise.a .motil to lay on the table must lie detided without dbuate. Mir it. previous to the deeision, observed that the post. ponemelt would virtually kill the bill-he wished the imotion to be ta regarded. He wished his cnnaliluents to nnow that he wbos onaking every ejret in hli power, to pn ere the ,assnge of the bill in time-that Ire was elnmourilg for the mIllieo r. The elatiion to lay on the table was carried by a vote of 30 yeas to 12 any n. The bill to amend the act to create the pariah of (:lanborn, was passed and sent to the Senate. The bill to prrt ide for the improsement of the publion oasio'. t it r aditg. Mr Phelps explained the obj.ct of the bill, and en deavored to allow tlie necessity and propriety of op. proprinting teln thousand dollars for raising, irading, anddilching trie road; but thin rum not bling ogreed to, the bill was laid r,u the table, subject to the cull of the House. T're bill to create additional notaries public for the pariohes Carrol, Washington and Claoiborne, was passed h afleran amendment proposed by Mr Ratcliffe, providing Ij for additlioinal notaries in the parish of West Fell clata. And then the Hlouse adjonrned. . A [eA new steam packet, called Ihe New York, arri ved at this port last evening, lrom iew York, via Ha van and Peneacola. She is a very splendid boat, some what larger than the Cuba, and destined tI ply between New Orleans and Galveston. Red Rirer Whlrg --'l'hi excellent paper is pub lished at Alexandria, by J. W. Mrore Esq. A prospectus is circulating in this city for estentding Its subscription list. It is a sirenuoue and able advocate of correct pr neipler, and its editor wields a ready aid mlst eflficient pen. Th'le circul.tlonr of thie Whie ni thirs time in thir rite is 150. Senator from Delawtrre. Thie Legialuture of D)la ware had rnt electes a Selutet at the la-t dalre. Twoo wirigs inl the Senane had played truitors andl thre in tie Lower House. They should be branded with eter nal infamy. Thrie loes lhad a mjorily in thie Senate and the whigs in the liouse. It was suppos. d theelec tion of Senator wvuld be postponed till next year. Tie Branch of thle State Bank at I uatleville A labtmsa, resumeed 'ileeie payment oa the 7thi, leaving the Denu tar Branch, the only ion paying Bank in the Stale. 8,0001 Capital Prize, nrltv $250 GRAND STATE LOTTERY. Nos. 24, 44, 66, tile secun Carital Prize of $3,001J was sold at tie Verandal. Drawing of tle tGrand State Lottery Class . 4:t, 13, 14, 22,l 4!, 53, 7, 3, 48. 46,6?, 61. a LAiSS No. C. Authnrised by the I.egisi tare r of tile Slate. 'To be dre wn e Thtis aDo,, Jao. t4 1839, at 5 o'elock, P. ..1. at isolp'1rs hledl. S oU S Vis (CO, launagers. 75 Drawn numbere -12 )rawn Ilalots. SplePtdid S'cheme. . 7 814 Prizes, amouantme to $118 688 Tickets $3 r0--lalves I 50-Qlarters 1t 15. Packagea ,.f125 'tI'ickets ler $'! 56, worrtrPd to drawm -atlest $314. Packages of :5 Ilallt'ickets $31 r5., wo, y rantedl to haw at IRerst $15 (r. Packngesof .5 ,ur(uuer Tickeats $15 i.I worrant.d to drlaeat eurl$i :j0. For packages of ticrlrt,tpply at tle rIANAiElRS' IFF'I(CE. jan24 Iii Chartres at For ThiSbodauxille, Lafourche Interior,and iarerme. dials ports, I l tie toh I crlreir steamer NAStI . ILLE, E liardaieky naster, w, l raote Ntte-ew ' )rre-as rr ile .rshve Io: Is o rt evcellllrle, tie 25tll lusat., at 6 o'clock. For freight or passage.apply on botnd, or to ja12l " JOUKLDAN, l New Itcven o AiKI0; lEI.--a Flilirreels, i riall'bar-eri-anrl 50I Sqr banrl e,Nos. 1,2 anod3, alrrkerrl. irtcrr.'fir r l' bity j,21 J 'll\ 1'';i . t'r., 71 I'nvielra t iO I Ei e i ux..mte.'le-.i- - r Z nrri, - . je24 J ''i,.rAnt.I.,ti lrr74 Prt',,St (t FI eF Cl & II4AR.-36 duz loit' grarr -i ,500, l e Ilnverre Cigarr, Ir tinr i'l, t eoer.r Irl R er Whiliama, for sale by JO BI'.PII COl 'C, \\ E, d _ju4 235 (I;ries st eii O.\1P--0IO IllPneS.or. I end\rntears:ol,, betritd, Ja Gould, J acer, - 'Iu row bridger, Giro, ge ltubbl,,a and J i11 ortrnrurrrr sale ryV er- C I "" t' ietrijiriE & to, 131 +Soagrerase PY ..1 k ..\,.1",-- bra .\Lce w iedfutd I) csperm caodlee, for sale h t aja24 ISAAC BIID(iC. i. Co. 1:14 Mlagazine et rlA1 LUW CANDLIS-'2I.I luxeirra,lir sale by dISAAC BRIDE)tll; i etC, jant4 134 \lnoaezineat '\ THE PUBLIC.-Celtain nora hvoing come cuerene t Pepl tetlg "t Illi- ,ke l ately ende in a c lMaaeer' office ll the lty, the Ala .1 tiger ofl the (nrlld Salte Lottety dt al it a dbt iey osie to thelnselves anlld o pr o e llto Fit tlhe o ic , there it properly a b elnt g le nd to te ret . tt l-e le ht i liny 'isk o ltiing Ide Iltd ie(t nil tile nt lh. 't0, " ' l ih talldlllg;lad ge t trp eitl l O m r:te whiich in e rtis l Sd aut' ,utnhry ps sesises ,,veralill ot r, bee.fl h uh q ,l,: e ir tu, be at hot itettc t tlt' atittitt ai t be ln co ndlllu ted , ll tl I Illa l i t llnt I " I'tt, i t( I ize, un.ieilt ar ever bt en ia t ltt e, t a ! .a ltllin O wil l,+ 11ttinti of tt t he ( int! s lie ftttet' iti a'k r - it i aLe' sJits eo wouldl ll ua s to remlove III .tteh Ir'j Tllmce. ad th len p it, al re uII) y III V o)l 'l ne ha e r lzelllll hd Ill r-eta 'd itIttl'tlterie t, Wa ' i ltu t h titlte 1,: t ill r, It li' n t the Ii' ltl ke t ell t rnerlled i r. with tihe 1. -~ ll (t , prve n l lin ll e Olr b ' il' I. leng ili' tl 11 ite i'-- a , g ' v tIti t arlilo tall at:. s it+ W ai l III, t a , o'' (tat l.' idav aIe'k ta tiht it i e ina ll l is llllc a1 oil Illt lt'a lld v; luim t lat duo l, h I 'rtl-e t I1.,, ,l 1 \ !a II drltwo , ths "fote r w.o h ld thb e at)ri t" 1, nhe,+ " ia kl h 'ill t h Ii ry aiy l, ile, t I id ta l I'l' tfll lletn ·l ianti .a I hie tgle re tut e, e iltt tickitIui i he te, FriTdy had trwunn al tlnzi ofte t$1a911t i'p, hiat in klnuo tie lers llll Io o ho llllltie nd r.1o i, h, .rll 1to t tillt'll OtIgrtll tlttttn hill itI hlis altd a tllatlialt "t 1 e t ' his tillr t rle, tiht it t ivt tllai .ltld iti ta,,h t hl halld draw'n elt n prize "I anr el tu h a ll d ee t aft.r tile. (ra - thtil Mr. Glg~r.Iv ;hillm .ll` ' -a . Iw ii Imr oI , tellin hint iet wdant a1nl piz annd iule Dhim &C .5- o0 1 ir nt. 'The. Ilen moilllll dalelv w Ie t an tile nat a a ll . r' flit e i i antd tio lr Grgurv h t I' thh t ltd Ihp II I L Lpze wlrong Mr tlar'av sad il.e hid e , aid it wrmgndske the broke, ifhlie boil um inde n itI.(: .tIke ill h.- root-ter. The bri ker o nw.errd Illt he knew lit , hliad .t ,eine . I)i at,,ke. Ir Grlefllr Ihele luh ked ano ll, is ta rle lit'k ate dlOld &lid Ie I, tli e m lo, h t ,ll, RtI Illhi (tllli . Ill it Ili nllt ieralnps le ii ll ls le i te bin! r' llllCrd ,I I n it' theay Wotld t 'ie saihe at , VTt l , Itn tti tn ii . T )ty I1d ill ttlllll ticket lie1 cI l it t aIrke ad T lla ; ant t o apd naover tF e hlanIE d Iiy teiI aeit.l ithem I t Iep tile trlln .eilSl L a .ore, 1. Mr tregor a qlorin t I t it dwa til t itr anker i i exhangP I';taire t lat Illd e la d t, e llaa d I vt h tite broker P*.is dllle two dys l l or Ilol chanve Ih e e arr lyl: o le, I e at c, tile Ir1ke I iTH l i ns t lltl I l-.1kekiIl os Ir gillr. o e rr e 1then a ovl f.t es a weU klow h,'trll, f li, o e dltr, ,itd It .,e are it-pared to Irolve Ilie truth off Ihe",l to tlluever called t t po ree eo a t s. St n Dt AVI &..t E, N jnI i--if 16 ( hlt tres -u ! . OTFFIE-51c bWa Iio, nluperir artncle. at lndn fr paer t rle IHenrer.lor sale by a lr3 Sati L t r IIt we- , 9t Mti n ine st IL--An ' itd rce tell att d wiale.r, warru-ta e fiIr ale ,V ew Orlens .r bi.NllashcllA R.aI Ceoad Io. ,\NNUAL ,I".E'/'\iG OF TI'IIE 8. r'o 1,UcK| 9.I:s. JnttN arvN lslI 1a' 9. p tOr lltne ofle 8t section of thae Charnter, at majorily o'tile tnrkioldelr n)lo i+lll prelentllrl e-, l . e .. - i tioll walr poiulstoll ed ulllin tInle dnl lle ilrne r r., at 6a'Tel-, , P Al. J.\31Ei 3I t j:3,.D]1.!, NI aA aeaa, fiat im'y o In tr ti Clh..\llb A Ct)U..d.-"., I)1: L\ '.OISVLL,,., je l1.1 AA.\ It .T & eIIVI t.LE a a Ftr. aiteNlnc R no , llen t G Acitn,' Ii'bantt I eu la ar nllr t.y adt o rm , Ii i lrP, tiu P. A il. prize of 1 I;) tlle first day, o.!h ideaa s ostlr prizes, |IU C Il F ,1 t I)L' , ;,: •, H \1 -- I'ht souhcrih,-r 1 'iimblerf, r llle-. a tatlleaar e.wlt,. nd tailvt !ocs jl2t 2 tl{o\VI.;l. &Co. 17 tt:mIla t StOIL.(-Me+, C I nd tl .IEa alteres .orI l allte a . I 22 S'I'E[','.ON. to .VEltY,88 (;t':;vir~rst SACe) S a " la)n': a -59 i adntiat. ( il ataetadund .l m J pt'rior q, I y, for sale hy nita2 S i'l.atySI) n A VtAtERT, 8a Grat ier at i IttaC ON t 11tt ES-- 15 cah k a idest and I : eask can-ll v1asty d Ihamlll fa r asnle by jnaJ IhAAt; 15Jll)-tE A Co, I;E4 Maginhe at Itlala.\N t GIN--l pies, etta.led tl dCbrntltrtttt J fe saie by 'll , II{ + ' ýiY, ir,, V IS1iS F1"-36 barrels rectified, in storfulr .le a C eby I ' It IIlenD ,; & Iet nf ne2 39 C'lllIIaa eoree l .iUtlt e izi e .t el ltneedt. 1at. hIt removed hit Law tttte,.e ta n t o.a ' e n:ovindg satupr{']toltt tnta a11 Ihae, nook and i ,lll wil, equal unf ty aIdeettlaillet, lI avini Ihe beki fitmr adll whiltle Ih be Per y the epfli atliun. A Irsh snluply jst r,,eeived at ie. tlazatur. al II'StI & ?,LINEN, I, Exel nllot Ilontttal, cr t Chu let F lltlnn ll at SNOT IC --Thlle consignee (John I.nw) oif a II .of car tt ulnla plais a r lof a ris. by Ihb e hin i Arah, tei NloranI a No. IP Nnre Italane sltreet, lert hbe i rVque Ied Iit ancll noaci vo nilh sataane. a la-telyed IInn la Adveir wilal b H ll l ttllh.l a vo I 3 times, e:d send their bills tt Pieayud e ffita. j 3t 11O I.'r,--Pssesasien given Ite Ilt Februarv next. `The dwelint hcua-o now nccupied by itt Win. Clhlnsalner & Girard. Ni tX TLIIb I T(lptouhl. street. For Je rticlaa ar apatly Ita I. IhBltabe:l cornerNulehez andTild '1' itoulau stleels. j!3 cNIDIANSh Panarea, do. togelher with a lanat ·lleellleet of petdet Inetiahattn . In ttived lately and fur snle by H DtbNABEfI.L j"-j eor ,Natchez e Prlllapittllas stns Fir Lillie Rock and Fort Gibson, Arkansas, andl ,l u.lrrmedntte Loadiaes. Tilie lirht dla'.ght fast runemg, sreamer UZARtK, Ihazesa, msater/ - ill depart a ,. a bosv , on Salurdtay, Junatrv 76 Ih inst., at 10 o'eh. k. A Al. I For f ight or rnasage. Ih all state roouae, apply on board, !lear fotu Po) dins aireet. of to T R fI\DE M BItRO, St. Charles Theatre. For use Benefit of lte celelbtotd 11his 1;Il.1.lN TRI:E .' SThis Frenoing, January 14, Will be perfoiueld tile Ihy of THE MAID OF MARIENIORI'T. Muhldeneu, Mir Blrton, Joeph, - HIrrion, flen-, Cowell, D Mleeln, Miss Tlue, EIshier, irs I 'arren. An Overture by the Orchestra Grand Pas deul, by Mad'le IaveoIt. To conclude with the new Piece of the YUUTIIFUL QUEEN. Count D'Oxenstein, Mr Farren, Steinbere, Irowne, SChii.tine, liss Tree. OAP-:--, boxes Goulds' and ltohbiins' No. 1ioap S in storelt r tu;e by J '1 11AYIe & Co, 74 Poydrns at tOSIN--IU o barrels ino cotnd coil soroe by e S jalh; J T'HiYRI,,It.Uo, 74 Poydrasat t S.PER\- till..:10 galle. Win er Strained Sperm S Oil, or rale b) ISALL, & 131tIJWN, in16 9Oi lllitzilnie at SL I 'iTh, I- tlo el itFint t antI-; . I do scarlet C h !otel Ahituohtii b ,ad by jal 'o l il A I IilII IN, 9io Magll zine ,t JOHN V. CHILDS, ENGRAVER AND CtOPI'ER-I'I.A'ATE I'IINTI'I, .o. :1. Camp St. olW oellrllor, hiit of hldig, .lilohllll"', ut,.ri."t - tile and visi: rn . card., ntio ri ., t.eoslilr ild tionting I ouse vnull So, dlor Ilale, sitter wart,, ('c. -iwly ol hald,u itu ssortilenl ol' iller pltild ald braos door P1 ('clrde pr nted from pintes alriely eigrevel!. METARIE JOCKEY CLUB IhACES. SI . l E.S rinr Itiutg, for 1"39,, will commence the Ilt t Wednesday, i 17th Mlllh. nd eonlinul five days. I'. CENEAS, eec'y. lull NEW ORLEANS JOCKEY CLUB RACES!! ECIPSlE COURSE. [ I IR Iv \11,' TI l"b. l, 1 . w.ill o.lii el(Cea l ted \'l'l| PlWtielh otr t li tillll. I N. L.LIV I) !11 s-r+ Ilfl tli i llilh ,ble r ellml ds Ihr Ihls I·leI or oiml \ctull, ,\ llrl-illn .d i ntl.ll, dillc i-l l fo III Ui Uhtt ..' t ory in l'h ihidclhli t f h, wlbr JA. IVIRd &. ANi)REWS, O", iic .ei Oirties and ahlite He Rt l Rloal ('. A t ,li.Ell"A Ilt io ,-m'ltlt' UIIIr te t Ihate r t'f nid ('1,i a pany, noil ti t-i L , Ir ten l Ilrector, w 'I bel ly held u t o.lO iy th, '1 -1 inst it 5 n'c ocl P. 31. ut S their dliI i, No.I I T H a "ll. . i l ll j) l I l:;! }A.11,1:- It. (LII. IIAI.I IW I I.. I'r sd'hmi. -I.W I. \\ nd ilt hdr, al Io.o"I,: onI 11 1.11 m j I ''riii:' Ili,-'e ll ,'tl llle ,jll i liut , in Illrln II ll AhniaII , ofhii e ih . I.. a. t0nlli i id; u new· 11: l ";Iti lll I ,s, i i l.. .r'l-l<?;,li, \ 1 i - 1 I, , r ,,.. ,t ,h,, . . . . . . . . . . . . . It i .' tl : lh.- ale +p ., l 1, 'I . -ii. 1 l (I ,11"n ,, 1111i,} . l -. inh t ot,, I . t. o il lit lua d Ilhra'leu. A II v : l. I I. A I', 1, !13, , P," l aic aae, aia 1 1 a' alt l [Al ill"1S XI :sc 'II \ ' ' .. al fal.IJIC F lol~i Ei l t ', s l 1n0 -e pata n r v decri o, fur n a by Ia ) I 1 , a II 'a Sta t : ,-''. l 'I' :. aIu e. -t IIIII I '!.. h+u b r I I--, - l h- lI "ý l,' h ri !'..:. -I.etlllll2 ll, fi. l.e ."o. i."] + I,,rel' II n r 'li a III, II . I . a t' . , . I l ll; ' Ut"Pt, ll I'h r 'a - '5an , a ' aih a p , it " a- a :1 n .h , rt -,, llr ,Ili n_ I 'l .llrllC li' l , , I" I ll i lr r v l n mll b r .: u nl I ~'~i a, I V allll "l ,l a Cll II - l 1)\llll I., I' '-+lltl lltilr l·l I ' I I ,IJF >,ill', rl, u. II LtIlt' IIII1I I 'Ihe - ,l i n t.. l l~I t lllwIiaa aaaa a a r at t i An? pera"an dIla-ion.a , Ia lun r ell i, , . i.a cl'l ,it \o. 71, I 1.-a. a a.a areata t na I AS.INS. to ewritring paper, rele . d ,a bra a , I a 'hi lot of paa ler ia , a 'i ls ltr ' i ' aXt a ln' bataa he the ad vllllll ' n It I,. t ch,ei e one '" t ,u -.II -1 ,in , l l,:, I ' ,kl I 'itll l ll li I I iir II lil, p.Ii Ith l l'l. A ny't.- ll il 11111n r 111' t '+a It i l,,l_.%l 1l Iei7, h ,'h. ul at - , .r 1. - • It ' nl' r , l~here Intl l nl ai'elitie rIa l ve r . Ala.' l In l 19-u n, IO1... II ,il 1 1 I+, rh :Il r.l' " S5 _ ' d i. t, lll lll l 0, l I it 1) :c'llcr Elll - II le.ll lt.' Iv I AI' L.' oveL .Iii I'eme ra- 1 ol of A lle jaa.9 1: i l ia , 11 at11 r1 'I'bUis lo.t ) a ndr ki o hf n nn nies e For 5 ne" and I.. Ithlae aaal nt:aaaaa a a bTa a'ne to tun tIh lla" -' " 'r 1, alit " - it . I hita) ,ri jlat c -l l i,: c 11 ail a l l o i b Ma d IV I.11' . HI, ,-- - coan-se;:nt rine, rja'd l '. o . all, aaLah'- t la.. i a le , Ix ( k' t' S l I '''a' . \ I l LI , la ,.a'la ee .'rt \ alaf L tle a ,ata tel fiaa llaaad w kin -.l.'lla o It ml l alnrtai, n l lll I " ,I a, llll, i; :t t "ll n 7 I i "lv UlhI i ) .\ ll e l:- , lll- llll . " l ,t a p pl l l , i | i R' lln " I is - e ty oV i ai"lii. j aa3 I nr a. " 1lu al- I la' 'llla 'Ck reP t T'l a . ill take n l Iil ,t r ,ic rg, I \ rute i f 'U: llll.} an ' k a-i l ' i aa'a 'a aaaaiaaar 1 lAa. a ,l i t '- to I:ca.iallt 'aaT Iaal itu h aaaaa s1 aa ha.a.'a l IGt l ne prno-E FOR Al. l-S, i _tuated on TLh1.ll o ul a nrl.eti . In Illl. Ia -L aal -!I Ill1a \h. |1ua'T.a t at hanatak alaae S. Can.- i.rnn , tio, iood i.. i,,. for ...e rti, djw 1 + I l: NO IIt fA To wl'dr\ Bl kilnk qa-e' i j-a -p o r . " . . fia iEata a ll La,,4 aui a e' y Ia , aaa s ibda , la inllll al r lhlth rtil ef I ;R, r ahiv ii'n a :xnr .llIs l,, a an p-J by j.d'a to bft supeL-tO l t , alllhna , slaraaaa aaail la.d i llat mi lret. 11 T- i nilehrl rlt b -,ja & .a llta -\ ''aiglall Iaa t Iv a, ' l GIl'; by JA ln .' s i t ,r I ix ( jaill8 A exI . T11 V . It, Grahlnp t nurtt of the Luiled aat.alas, waad a naw sulti.y oilChit Tha O. will take ati 1reigl t fa r .t'icalka burg, Gria na d j'a' 3 elr -a',,,lta I & Tthapi' laula. a. t T0 aRa'NT, a a 'o a-,"a'- i li a aiven :nua h lTiCtal I rii. ai ba rqaitlaa dwe ,allitt:ta.aa I a ,inll he i_, haa h|n,. j. __3 3 J ' a,'l% ,7 ' ,l , at ' bi r It'l ger i '' i illt aal'aair s flat h - it _3 j < .J l' \V'I"l'\'1: it'7 a. 'fanttrt jI I It 1't ,1- ! Ix" II ' l',l. l ',ri a Nt 'Canm i St. Theatre. '1T111 I.VENING, JAN. 1, \Vill le perthirsrII .t I e bcontlif I lhty oI the '1 IE R ATER WI'rcI. (For the lest tine,) In wlich Mrs G llltrett, Alr G BLrilet, Aires Gremen air Johnson, S&e, w ill appear. Da nece, Miss Wray, Pan Sent, Mrs Bennie. Previous to which the new FPrce of TRUTH; OR, A GLASS TOO MUCH. Albert, Mr Frederiske. Mina, Mrs Barren. Air E FORREST lias errived due iaoutewill be give en of his First Appearance. WASHIiNGTON BALL Ir OOl Dress & YMasqueraLde Balf, St. I'llilip streelt, etween oyal & lBorbons, IIi i IMalongehr ollsi elr.r nnnled Biall Iioomgtrflt" I ul to ils friends ani lthe pnblie f,,r Ihe upsaen). iulled potrollnge behsrtned l him, for several sessnas, t rrspectfully inlliors thel l that the esltablihIntill has I'Ire ellat.rgcei fr the amusemll entt of visitors, and un. dergone ilttlme'.se repairs. The bar will be surpassed by Itnte inl qualily l tlignorsa.nd the lhetncral Ar ill be Skeit by tihe nshlest Itestuiuruleur is the Uniled States. onntmiil re-open on Satuirdy even ng, 3rd of Novellmber wltn. hI e t GRANl I RIESSA MASQUERADE BALL, osnd will take plnce ns ousua every Monday, Wednes dav l Id tssilto tove ing, dsring tile aea'sotrh e will and on tllc lot ts May, IHt!). N. I1. 'l'te crrcstest aslls'ntion will lie paid to keep. itlt peftPOe order thrtoughout tile establisnellnl, as wul done InsIt meoll. N LEW I(ILIA.'S ANI NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD COMPANY. Nr O\ ARRANGEMENT. rlI llE I.oconmlstive ill leave the Denol at the foot of I Cnr.t -tret, errvd y lsit 8 A. Ml. slll return at P. A. etxe rt s.rsslla'd, whelp she sill I)hpn itI Ratlrn 8t . .l. 12' . M. " 41" " 117 A n 'ior .er oprivnte prtier. G rovidsd the nllnalmr bre slllriiet, "e ill be soullri dIow tle rsoat on one day's prem ontl lleo ticP. It!, tt' 0 JAS H C(:AI.DWIV:I.I., P'resiert. Li" l'IilN I EtD sitih the Greatest Exltcdsiion, and in it style ttrlssur'l delr il NwW ORILEANS, Os else whl, 1d. OIttl.a ift aloestrlo Riost it Sr. Chatles En chsnnopc, (Co,.er of Grasier St. ) or ia T R U E AMERICAN Pi'A NTING OFFICE, corner l I'ostdlrs and St Charles Streets, will bk prossptly ott.sdod to. Dic. I-I. I -CIN S-iiE'-5- LIt hhtr C'srirsi,rs c.ared in sloren o) ad forauleby S'l'Ei'SON 4' stVERV, S jil .t.i raineer s SSTEAM BOAT BILLS. jW\il. 1, A'KEN''.S ,r CII'TAINS l fSTEAsn tIlOA'l' coa hstre lthir Bills strurk oJ, in one or naoe (',oredt luks. on Ilesin or Colored Paper, A rith dsepnttth, stsd mr fisterable 'Ierms, y leasing, Onir.n at'l'liUl, Amp EItII( AN.oFFbICE, corner ofat I' lv rlo wlll St. 1 harct. .-lP et.. • Nm+ t+!--tl `It l' [F li(11: 5i111 nthAbsr, winter y srined sperd n II i , I.5ICtKE K SCo, 8 Fmrl Leveeo I" R,,"I IH TX.SI-:Ajl C:LA,lh Ioxes rsfslrLown muo. lo tllte, I 1.or lperin tlor I th EtII lisl, fo r rale Isy ji lIt S LItCKE&CI"& , 8 Front Levee ,-I- -ll'il' 1: i 5F ll(g-k-gNs+ I in sitre, f.r sale I VI hy S LOCKE og C:, jaenl . 8 Frut Levee R tO il lsui Clucs b, Hrills I Lmndlig, AsuCtiol Btills, PIrmphlcts, Shsow bills, C(ata Ilogrues . Sc. Sc. [l. lliItI':l".sBr the Abort, ans every other aio Hr riptui ' i, 'ilIN liN(.i re'ceived at Csoerting st R , cs of''LI:IUE asls'sLs.l\N," in Sr. CHs AI.usc E ) *liP, corner sf I'sI drin- nIdi S s. Charles streets. l: Exleeair,+ tt,re bh,,tttti[)/ It:,.K nud Jo B Feuonlrs _ frn. the hestI. IrTrD ,at , Iti1edwa !o ales, ihave jos bcrss thtisso /th s.lcikrsI a"s t ,llt e/lcard l ie sblisornmeto l c- a sslI :1,, .. Iss f/. sss 'si l J lrs i ls C sseply,. , .I o xp s. sI s, - l I e I S..s. l , io itt . H eios ls'Lr )I lie o s Ioll r aa l IIw : niIh IIIIl lld JiaY nn ' 'II ilss'ls 1 ,Ii s o', Pi gg ss' St O il.dI.5t Est ,lls' ssI7 Ilhsco. I ', r I .' -rr1, I I , I hmp I ',l. R 1o I , .sle, i .I r St.. S , [ I , ,,r ( .aop . ' t- ,he Pr i at I''tot tIerr'y/.tsoraltl.s si 'lTill E .LItlILIUIAN OF a^. ,"'s'e /a New rissloltts 'lssflod',l Fotsts i" ''lp'E haoe. j ,s hero sddedo, the I'cs!" shljclsssst. t i ()rdrlrs oi'c r t l'slssl.ssO l. ,isssn, ,li. Charlos Js' .relshs,t ', :Ird o sish , I's i t;.vis t t .,or lrite ltrilting, e. Olisc', corno r of l'sysrl.. & St. asrl.s' strets. snoel-.f IO EniRC.HIiNTS. i'-lll ICAN'T S n . ne. r I ItElUTIIra t. CIXCU I st lrur ofllatf'or hoirr or. lll.,by itllgat the ('oops It{o llrn/ 'I it! I" AMIERICAN PIwiTran-o l-r,S,.i i i (irh.+Iiellua'i ., a. ir ., elfte it LrEA - i tr. I wlr, .It ('C rrr g ralJ ' di der i nlrt,: , eratthe 'lilt i ill, ( li . irof i'l tha\ nd i'i1. ( Iolsnn streers. hl )~ uillu , :llul .il ., \ e n Y ork dlh'ih del 1, 1 5 h till'TA1.1., - I lIl; 6+7 Giav1ar at ItI llntl nlllhd hIr ole by jlnl , t I1it IIAM TIIIEIZ, 31 Garlvir at A '"tli'N .Vts broken opelien at Madam Shall', on l. 'th e,'llill (,f lite fhll ill.t, slid tWo pocUket b o )ok (oIt- n nroco he olher bllak, willh gil alges) eta In-iwlill,,, vYhlnnl'.h l ap nera, and a nlte for 4,480 tltaIwnny' 1',-lot lill Iluain,in favar otfthe atliamri 'i, iPttll.r- in , a In.I llt 1lih ol Mla lc, 138,t aln.d' tdbtul tlhl ) it ll Ml 1,.u. h, 1817; the precise datles not re. All p, ians arn, feIr-woa ed not to trade for said note. A nina , the i ,1n erd i. a reen ls of de1ol.ite, with Burke,. Will (. ,., r $ . .i melel ut iclt'.. ell se the i I onii. le.' e" t -Il;.p)I d. he Illrs ikl hIe k iir In left e The onin liag rltof Ilurk-, iii'. fiL Co., whare the reward will he paw. jaii li I:.wli SAM. r. W .AIL. I ST M'IARY'S MARKET STEAM FERRY CO UO'ItI:E is hereby iv IIt, thal ill iltlrae ofaun Or 1 '. d hnce t paelcil by ilha 1Uo iin', it Ie 2nd M aui cilalil, on i eIwetllv 1h0wad Janulary 1839--llhoka i Ntl¥i Oull tile tAP-,i ill tualok i, 'L2.100 in sehares 1S ii)tI e lnth it, sair cm, .' ill ba olened a tler. ( htl t o)ll naid' a, IoianIeu St. Mory'. mnrket, %'ed .-llv IIhP 16h, ao-I., llad will be kept ollen to three. ,h,'s fe.n) Ii A. Fit. uIllll 2 P. A. on each day. l'Tea lullhlu's l r llant' O noe paid in cath at. suba:binag. nS 111(l' ' Com!r.lsaionert 51 ItOil'l'AILLE jn al --l 839. ! A.'I'NIfI-A partt er with iat capital o $1,0l,Ot0, it An gPiIlll tni lllllinin u & Broke.age huimnesa about to)tll h ).: Irslwdl lishl, d jll lhi+ city. - A line., eddrevl ed to \. Ii . lhix il, l'I (I)lltie. setling lwo an iflmerriew II lP lo II wilhrealllotnalle. ill he clenaideral strictly Heolalll .ie- linto, 1 olf1 lnlet willl ttenUt ion. ji I an;-eld I al 'li'i1 SOA-P lii lx ine m lnttr for sale by IIt 1U i ll tIl rit, ,1 (le te-r sl *1'l ti CAN',ltl tal t tanonr es, inath e farlhd by ija6 lABt A IIAM ', :14 mravier at of'ohthse, of u -alalartinalitr l landing foa" satlhy Tnli t, 'l A.E, 93 Cmom, n al I, . _ ,,lltlf'lID E a.,d a o,'6 Aldaiasiaa,, dlt tP..:h a, .ndlln No. I Soap, tolding from aip Al v.. slid for lde by js8 Se nd J PWIIITNEIY,7lcanmpat vI 'I..Nltl I i.don Annuala nad Novelties: . ;e oi f IAHllnt, li thie Cauntess Illelainglon, The lteanlin, ha .Ilina oiuasa it Sheridan, firl lap lnlen tin ula i I it Sv. TI, the Io 'l, il &e. Alni a f' oltera lelt, ll fur 1839, wit, i lhtianed o'a lilfve"r'ra.i;, l,la ilnr in 2 vol, lnmo, 1I1 ~olpta 2latd, No. 4, -lt.ihelanlv noi, arl G,. IRob uI",le anow, by the aulhor of Horla Share 1itb it-..' tlyntiatd, call olher taleh, Flo, 1r .-rn, in I'anlnana. vln Rbeerlin, l Ahin- Venua.n, by Mlisa Leslie, adl olther nOnV tier, EJOHNS &Co, ia 17 er Corlnln & St Charles eal ý I.'I'IIIN I.I N n-- a n-.'n s, Clnt hing landiag ai fn iP shi' lNeilurryli..i, ier asle by i.l1 ISAA ( 111t C1 GE A a 134 Megogine Liilll--t81: barrel. salnerior lraud, efornal by i17 It BLISS, &i Pavdrea at A NI-i Enliija I *-ier l lr .oIl's LPoeatical A aorka , iha6lat lallana, A-l.. a new edlifiisofhe Wauverly Novels, in a vol. junt re iveil and lht-ninalay A TOWAR,. t i1 49 Camnpal snln-J :l nacilid (oild It, liialr in.e, clahola and Iiriliri, n. l. lln aill lad it er ornalaenall Laianting. aiii.ti.ic inrl, aa.. to lr l.. any Ink e+iti nad-, I"d' Il,- l-anhli-. ll11eSHt & AI.IhAN. jall Facni illaur,, pxchsniarg Hotel

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