Newspaper of True American, February 21, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated February 21, 1839 Page 1
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PRICE 12; CENTS. NEW ORLEANS THURSDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 21I 1839. . Vol.--VI No I87 Teresa of the Newlspaper I'ress of New Orleans uniot ti lv ogroee'd to, at an alliourneld tetliteo' the P'roprietore, hell tn tle 1i7th of Mareh. 18t7. Hit UBsCRI'r[ONS-- 'w:'lvuO Dilitrs ftr the doily pne- ot er anonua pavale so~n,i-annually in advance: ten Gre Ollar fr he ti-weekly country paper, poahle te fie Fear In dvantc, where no city rference it given. No Pen one tbription will be dibcontinued until arrtonroges are wle settled. In tase of di-continuanec, one week'o Iltiee goon ri tei tta ,etut es invarially given, previous to tit reel Siretion of sulbscription. 200 v adTwrsnIna.-One dollar per sqenre for the first ott I aertion, and Ialf that price for each llleqltlt:et tte: tt : eo matterial alteration from the original advertiement N will be charged asn anew one. YnOtiLT AtVciTtsas.-Mcrltch tatnt l 'ra ero , wllno orty dollars flt English alone, and tixty flr Ibotl Ill ln ae lanke, Insurtlce Offices, atd ntlher iltitr d Ile Institutione, fifty dollars in English only, nod - p~h;ty forboth langges; Slip nnld Slteambo,,l Foe torsn or onljisio c merchants sixty in Englislh me andeigltty nor buto langouges. IllaaarItO., OITe AR' Notrrtc an, an ortilocenll ing Ile ateltlion tf tile pttblic to ounln ol property, cnrds of passengers, Ittfoits, &. &t. wilt Ie rltartnCd ose dollar per square for tnie irst inertoln in nehl Innltt l gOMMUNIeATiOs or Adlvertisements, of any pnr.son t nalture, wthen ad eissible, shall be cllarged donble, and in advance. m A deduction of twecnty-fie percent, will Ie made to L Auctloneers, haserfic Regisnert ofV Wills,andl tnrehalen on sles of real estateo, pnlielhct in botll lotatongas, iesd 50 per Englih atlot eteIt l0t ert. on talnos of othter propetrty. of ADvRTisrMNTSo u t on the ddir'etinc ol o i, ne d of the advertiser, sch as le~l, lluton, nnd l l lat, lion sales, ronaway siavs, t stray tnitnlltO, &tc. &c. will ho charged for sept.nt.l, ain etI;rhordinnry rates. ADVeRTISgMERNT not pe oifi n i , will to published one mtonth, and cel rrged ncoroil lnly eNo aderthlements of aohCkrultle s will beI po,,lished in any ease, ,tless paid fotr previlll to intertion, or p.ay.ent guaranteed by a. ropnttlil"e Pt'rOn i toin Tleatres and other placos of r ltis ,ant. n t,,e in re1 tuse. daily ortho season. to be ellnogerd l$) Lor L.uglil4 a ion etand $15 in bIoth Innguares. All annonecn nento of e tilotle. fr politieal oLiffiot will be charged double the priceo of other advertioc Owing to the immAentte oI . n..tlld ol IoV Ie ,to protpletors, t he Iave coln t.oe ut n ,s n thai 11 smnes of persoons whtnec ttnott 1 o toe tott 1 It,, wit in one oontl after cprtrsrttall iln I t l te iado knownf o hr nas prtneticwdhlo to ea ttother-tley obli ibngi the ea tnt tl o rtho avertic or prit for t ttilh Aeliqunts, uInles in case ot ledonune ,(y ithot a (slegned) J.C. Ito: S'r. lROEli. S J. tlAYON, At P. I'. IRF.A, olJ. e t' . pI t NDit(I.\ST I', Ieekly Press,-Wetl ,thie ulueroll, a.I PI. tlli tol ahhh' i by tile habov conditions, as Ifr oas thty re npllicllle to I wesael piapers. A. r. lWI Nto n inserptiot a arn e treiken for f , tlo h 1111111111oot . Letoerso lttet, io il ,onso, tlell et d. t - Ilaot iel Wechter ltoc FJ.h0 Iho e, I ,ot i Cotgresea lergo It I'eerr'.lal 1.rt , , Jo small to do : ,.ih \Vindel' lullics do o . to in perin l 1 to1Lt Ih vllt doI Gillot's barrel do do ltoo I do And GIllot's Cotlmtoercttet far sole tit I)AV ID F I:I ;I' & Itt, I. It itr ,s l, , fel6 N \ a.,,,,ttot* ItIo S 1(.100i)yolls g lalelae l -- , ills i em lll'lm, F llo\, ' I ll it city for ille by AlAllS & WI& II'I 1.t I G LAS--I0o Ihores int ore for tte bv felt S1)1 t I. 91' Itlltti't N, I I latO'l' i '15"t T O U N-I'-- .\ n i i , , It . m e l I . . .. , , U 1V 1 1 XIIAI' 0 ttl0I Atli CIA) hOt~l~llt~lIe1 IIAY'S LINIMI'INT.-No Fclinto.--t'llit ex n: Streordinary chenlittl con litottlot, thh roe't , il of seienc,, ttd tlte inventl'il ,! n tt tlltt,lltit Iml'ti nil nIon, tht introdlmo' a of lltwlieth t tile totl1 le was Inveo ted witI. ti!e t:l!ltlllilly el I d ':I ll" !i. bequest, an slno c iilla g i t rla l ltotirnl toltrlh'l,'d, Ilh Dr tri tttiy' c ,l 1 n 1 die withou gn Ivi o, lllap l.;l!' ly tile, b1o l1 nI. 1"i ' khnto ledl eo on tio tont ,.foct ," aed hlt Ittr,,llr ,l e blqUeaitlwd tol Ill .nliod aid ah:llcllld, ColUll tie llays, he .ret t o1" Ill tdu ry.Il t tieprinto etpr.;iti ou ,titt:,tollrv, fiitt 'Inr i~toti tn eortainiv fr tih.l . oF i hr 'ile,, all .) k:h' siloliy a i oIc lltt as ito h tll , t :ro ll l v, Iii ' (; wlheroe its o81.tot nerttttttetod lxttrt ly iit t': i For D.trlsy-Ir'roatinog oxlraoooorary oblrptio I at nor., Ititetonlt atintt-A ute or Chromet, oivil tiickit ease. Ito Sore Tlhroat--By ('Illl et o lcers ot r ('i,!e.. i Croup ond 'Whooloittg Ct::uglt-l':xlI,,r.,llO , Indo fif over tile Cheat. fi All Ilruisae, Spraint, aod Burlons-C-uilgi io, a few eours. Sores and Ulcooers--Whethciier IreI or long t it standing, and I'ever norcs. I i Its opcrntions upltt adults and ohildrent in re-odn it ing rhcumatnic sweoliitng, and loosenitg cmoo.oti .Id tiglotness of the chestL by iclaxotion of tile p:irls, illa beoe surpricing boyond concrption. The comnmon reonmark of tlhose who heave usedo it ilt tie Ii Piles, is " it ants like aonlnrni." THE PILES-Ti'le rier, ,7 is rcrunded to any t person who will useo a bottlo of Ilty's iiiloim,,o It for tihe Piles, and return tihe tclitty iotlt llo tit lott being cured. Tlhese are tle positiw otrders ol tlhe I proprietor to tihe Agenlts;l and ot of l"ttty Ithou. I sands sold, not onc Ions oeen unonntetmlosofi . We miglt ilsert certiflcats it atlly lenoll, hut I prefor that thoo whio siell tihe article, ollllold oe lthit tle erigital to prclloastro. CAUTION--Noon caon he gnuino witlhoutl a oplendid ngraved wrippeor, on which is toy union, and also thlt of tlhe Agents. SOLOMON IIAYS, Sold whlolesanlo and retail, by CO IISTOCK & Co, New York, and by oneo I)ruggist ill every town in the Unlion. For tale by .le Wltholesoale Agents, corner of Commen & T'ftioupitoulas streetl and by the Apothecnrios generallv., jeln .. - . -7-, - ý.- ..,.i.,, P .. FRANKLIN INFIRMARY T1IE pttlic are restpectfully infttrmed that tlts instl. o ttioi js erected on tue llnti inprlmeld ptila, i ad in an airy a d mnost aiirable tutatlinl, is tilhe f'urot Franklin, upo tile ruit otid, one rodle It'll ie list eis Tie luiding is large edl tntotcttenliuollv divided into apartn'lllt, fir k.AjNt; selM. at, dillrlll crasses and tffere rt disess. The inlstitutie is Sronlli .I -ith he not ilitf nod ntttelive miae and femnla louin-,ol.l sl.'ing Ite vn rints mo mern lungunercs. Private roknl lay blinte il b, eettlelicit five dall totr per day, inchltdiil, ottetd-oltlr, &.c. 'ormo in tli or ilury wards, ti o dllars per ay. tareso ulsio two dolles. Smnidl Itox it I th ordtlery wnrde. five dol:ters. .All eupital tnurgnit olperatelns exutr,. The residlmt t sitin is I)r W\rdltn, to whllom a npl lie ntion fo r e de tilyo ne slt ie alo , lli. r it Io C . A l.nLemhlerg No 17L Int Rampar street. eilt I rN Du'' I+L1 rA.-lal r tr rt t ti ent lrit 1, Felt 4"Co, 4 Clluirire. it. 'l'ion ,,,Yahl.c work contains over 50 steel t'gavinls. I[l. ttito l of Notr Dame de iti ri', Atttllt:e (Xttlwttrtl. (/illlrlllt I0n Beauvais do, Evoeux d i, ell o tt. I'it , .lG. iiO ANNUALS AND ALMAINACS, iFOIl 1i39. mPLENDID Lo d.o Anuals--'l'hl Boto uk of iny SIlty, superh col'dalhlpter; Inticu i bl' e aJuxlllltI, Uild tallery' of Gruner Fia.lirs Irawileg Limll- Skt llit ionl.k t I;aotieie - Cettt-hlllomi it lllostsi OVtvorly Keelsoke,--hI'l Itlliteri!; O)rientulllnlAnsnl; Irlt Ile iNot, Jordln'sl) Pltrtait Atllitll ; CarFieitltr, Anitlli Cuite t \lllll;; 'i.hl ..r'n JItetite ketth IleiAhi Young ladie'S tund. lrl ng _ lllro c Anin al Alcric, A \Vltt-; tl'hrt-tias Tae[e . American tA/l/t/t#'r. The Token otitlll Attitti IPlli ''lie Violet 'rho tift; Mlr (ilnlult't etnutol Itegisttr & Ilouse.ile Almullnac. Almaioe's. Americant Ahnniunac & I:eltllsitOl) Yofl.efli Kniowledge illl a t's .Nafticai. l liiilllllli. EIJlillls & C. : 0 . 1, I.Ollisiiil Almllilela c; Crockeit -- Conti--G itllttl Atluttun, Stswart'e Itinry ftr tit)i, etinttitilg h bhuttk itemot randulo for every iay of tIe re r. " ' WUINt S &A Coi., ocneerof St Chiile, oIt I Ct.i Uo seto. FOND )N I:iititon of sterct attttl vttn lll noiorka l just rmeivd lid for sale by thle sut cribPt r. Burou D upi 's Cnllimercitr Pluiner iof Gireat llritain, e.xhib flu a eomplenltt t.e Iw c tihe * Ptutlie. Biar.D Iupin's Historv unli iilill stnete' of thie Mlilia rv ForcPs o(f re:lt Irininl. Mlarqutis do .Lplite'e SelLtt ttt Ihtt Wioeld, transhla ted frlut the Fretle, tnld hlcidatePd with rx lanatntor n.t,,s. WV F P Neapir't Iliet.l.v nftht War i:l lte pIniesu In, ind S ellr Frliltcr. Jerm lle rnttnlt's Ilntilonnit' it Juidi.ital Ftvidence. J r MeCCulloeh's litilinartr. Proaticfal. 'Th iraotinl ommlereiti Illltlet lloed lit llutrra Lo con 'a'lllp k C at~llllll t 'ip AIPO'RTANT TO MlASTERS or STEAM BOATS, The ubhecribers have in store a few blrrels of Sloe Bitiocinted Poot,a now arlicle laterly invented in New York. A feCow barrels of this Paot wasp' on woard tile Oreot Vesterno ol heir last trio;tle o oen car staoes that pi thile result oif the trial ihas satiiiled ti that 1011 Ibs. o Hugi Peart re equa to 300 Itb.of Coo . and thatin case A ahere there is tlimculty in gen sting or kee ing gotol hIthed - ofsteam, this ftel ia .dispensable. Tile di ir rettors of theo Great Western daered tile purclhnae oa ol 200 brls for tle nee of tlhe shli which was pnt oo board Al on lier last departure. 01 For a trial,upply to S LOCK &Co. corn * No 8 Froot Levee at N B-Bat 2 brls at a time can nly I dlivered to por oe steam bnat, intil we get a further supply which fomt wll h in a few days. dec S I & Co ! EEF-lallfbarrels mess and prime, at the inspeer- dl l tion. in store, for sale by G DtJl(SEYEY fel 44 New Levee I A AlINcS-4I boxe N Raisios, Loring's brNd, l. in store msll firr sle. by ja25 J THAYRR &CO, 74 yPoydroas it g LANII.I,A C(IItDAGE-5- 0 coils assorteId size, Sin store, nd fresale by 3 TIHAYEtI & Co, jk6 a 74 Poydrues t DRA(FTS Va Ntw lork. feconlo b l4.l ANDREWS & ROTHERS, All canmp t VI.UAtLE BOOKS- oct rtciveo on c Mitecel N' V sttaodard aid vaoluble books, clefly Lot:don editions. 'ihoe Dikldm, witt soperl platee. - - nBeuttico if Byroo, or l dameI s do lByroo, plendid j plotet, IByron illustrated, do ldoro Seoll'nt Ihlttlo t l a illuetrationi, plaot . ltes. lroekendoln's AlIps, toot Rosotoca Wales. Finotia's T rablenux. CGillerv ofl lriiih Artiots, all splendid rngramvigs; Lt.if if oJittu Mvttov, with acoloredl soteing ilntea - Lniti' aotl trreek Classictl l itrary, in Englislh I.ict, Teitoelt, Xenoplhon &e. Bronyn ' works, London poc ket edition, Inui SLt1 ieelae , ,r Ioedott iliamotId edition, Iteg'. , Ihto Ettriek S theperld', tleo , Aiken'- Iilitill poete, N The Sj,.et ttor, 6i eele, in l8mo, Srlitti-tu-t froti Ilrtishli poets, v Itllea:i ll' I) ol'tth t erte ie o oll L e, ll tit iojitlec rt Literatt re It l t'lerte li, lnroeelIll'c lifi, of W itilnht tot, 1 t el, 2m , ale With i vriety of spllendid Aanools and works of de At, in handsomne hindings. E JO1INS & ('ti, fei oear St ('llnrie. u1111t (ClIoni( t t i II t i ( Il1it1h rusti firet b itcrnt Th nsm . li, It I Iandiglfeg Ibrig Al sll , tilrn hby.' l jan Ill S. & J. 1'. WHITNi'".73 I cinl'p s t 1 I AlD--ln11 . Lgo for seale hby i jalD 'S li't'''1SON . AIVERY, I (Giraet, ir stof I . plendid, in store t .r ttth ilv f jIn 31 U. ItilR E , II N'elw Le'veei ra -) I NT" ;1.II 011CK i . l-io- dz it, t-l, ifor selye h) - j1i J T'IIAI'I'1I & CoI 7I1 Iaydl s LT i t)I1 f 1"T'ICS-30:0 lrles :3-4 and 1-. heavy brown oellirtill ul ll IICetlint e flir till by e will it 1 I C b t(t, C 1: lne in nt SI o PIINNACOII , MANSION HOUSE C(I NEWl CITY, 'ENSACO)LA. t 1 lituren ' thllis yll knowln utlubli-hlll.nt, frollltlll i t 'vor, h I tIe p)rlllrior, will be ready to rerl ive viL Iris'l Iby lilth I t ..r toirl iext. Nil t tto' InIIIIti tily itllirlivPrmeinl will be frlllid i n ti I itllll olll' l t f he i.ll n sion l llo I . New nd it e o(lllllllll i lill hlo ll, ti ' ii i I lll, III d i,,,'lll b.h1- iil Ihe ,. ovoh tt t aill htoours. tA hlbhi, iloII. i .t-ll ttjt ttlI ll r, t titI r illte tt l it tllhors, i toI c tlilll w, ill alsol e ktile lilti l ei-r Ire iInt it lnit r Ise ,I tnoil Pail told low tlllllls, wnllh lpel ollls to mIli ilaey ihel l " 111 h u111 l vt 11 lhrs. Ililliril atnd othle t' itmtuui'sine n i, y !lly, I t ait, riog Iphcesil ill , h Ie furnished,' i t .ti itcoill t't'l i :I. iot t ) ic ui li l're willl the o ,rI I. 'thief n - 'I hr er l lo Is o l lIts ih et c1' t hti ,t, llht' tv, l dt ilt'i i I II) i.1 t'i tie 1 oe II tI l l tI ,iyt ( Ii ih t- Ili ' I ho ts trIe oo e l I t k n o w n t il n e e , it ' e i. n ei le r se i t n I r . T e a n t S tto is IIt 4 it ti -t i It i II I liet ettrll ] of i1 I ( lli itil.t,' e t ,e .ll l , Ie t o r r t i litolet Ile li' i u ri t . ,he r 1:,1; I'le It, I il, ~'. Ihh hi . llt B 'llillth lIi o ig hh lo, i" i li Tila dii Iu ' t io , i .'rt t r .l tlie t lr i1'n e ;.lto , liI thi I t t-t wilt l rhtoi ol o"ir il, i ,l lll, a I PllI lUl Illd Iiit'ii' lv i lmlr hA lete E.nit o trll t- ' It- -e l. lr is a - i per ef so t ,e , . tl..l. . f, i l, at . . I I .. .l. '. .11 1 [iT .rcl tlle il l l e liro llciltlti ithi e 1t.Frt 1 no1 . II il' t, indllilhltll intr s (ih, I'lh' to traik"e1 1I Il' pi·.L··lilll ' I Ira l ,it i l. lie,, c n :, , 1 ll , ll t he 1 0 l 0 1 l ,1"r. fit) l' ithlot, (it 1 el icMeote ite ' tor,lh r thei i rtort, i rc e e leet l i lcvnt c rt . h i II,o p ill I ll l 'ill .'f d IE.-q, r I~ L Ihn,, 1o htlpi d, I q. , a Itl, :-' oto , stot wail n lt initeo tly eits lr. o ilace tIt Pl eoWit nsr, ki tN i AlhNOlD. TI'eo f to eoot Charoel. l t:tn-e yee1ilanee. in [ruen wild1e 111 r \atlly ru onMobil e tor i'esolraR for t, r ih i~loliing, ,,an :Nu ,1 i'e-+le Isr.dlPilnicol . tr ryo l'he ~lr hinv llr i h i e let of i Play. ( looetogawill alwaslic py oneidrd cy a loiile, in ct ofalr the foiloee ofi kh d kon. v a ftj NItANO Id T Theair e, ,te 'e io C hrm(p(ioo l eav te k e M toe oil fPtt o, F . I So nadiyueJtt omueds C honejodue ChioeSoae & en- j ci t rny, ine drIa. , t tly , p eo'lily r ser, and chie it I Is--A Ic tlel bin, to lcelh ve ,in lllgatlniie o l i lS r Tp llooi eul iedit capared te i o e n d . a emliagent coyoontd Chutses' soop ber tu enstt. pierioo fr tibore trl, ie worm icompleion e ovllt flc I if bfuc r 5 i nnt ( rption, riky I r h oe t, cd offer Sic Trllvof the sklora, ie hea(iog qaili IeC F Ion soapt via o nsi ol, o e i Irlrt. IEt ilofred tIe w r sl ronti o ats wlleclly revi l fn socn ro omptund oI'r gnsenl aile, foreta of ile filure ofhe coip b conemr vi a, mmenderd by ih-tc lehe ,i , Morid and Ct i uuries ftn nd ite'tn, ideb ro li, o'ililyce b Ien nd thevj tol oil n coie bralee ei t e ll rtt iig x .po ie ii opinit n eli et ho teoicd i t aev ....d o I tha'dctteo, al rd o 0.0,,y .n i nntcoed, td nhe lld Ciht iies of soe r eltmicure koco ti piion for lttr or ciin wormee imoc let ac n t ho lile' cer. sun bnrnr onu eropiion, prickly heal, end necft'e y r ety ti dy tis o f ethe ski ht ot oini t o o tis seep ,r will eeon er-idiat. It is reconlleen dlad aa en S emold lini vin soad retil mp No. l Csr toentm' 1h e en , ho. Trie $1 i n oi i h,.,,*. $1. URNII.A.1,S lROllt)?.--Thin medicine Iws w U discovered by the proprietor and has been sub al sleced to his careful observation for many years at in every var e'v ol psactiee, ntid lil the disense, aI f of the diveitified A lmriian climate; anin it is rot at re iven to the publi with tile utlnot conlfidence and at believe that it is, as moist clearly set f' rtih in the - pa.nlphlte, Reoi'lenyying thie caie, tlhe heat inedi. r cine ever thrrowo widhn iththe reaue of nil clasaes f r - sciety. Ii is t iih tile crentest proerio.y ivaen in i all the maladies which fetliel tl.e human race, fron tr tie establ:shed fact, that, then takl n inti the si n. mach it nctsaecoralding to the state of the stoll - ash and the ntlure of the dlsane, j ither as an enelrle, diuredei, sadonrfie, rxp.etoanl, lor r erpert medicine. That it is really what: i purports to tie, S-edsoetly a Irial ito eatiety tie most incrednlous. The factisdaily c'olning I. tilre knnwledge of the propri r Is ou its be.neficial and saving r ffects in cases lt the ague and fever,billi,,us, typhus, nern v.n. and esarlet f'vers, inlluenz, vioienlt colde, dysoenerry or flux, dyspepsia or antelUaics, evnslay them that ithy are not only warranlted In warmly erecomneniding in, but they a'e called upon from a sense of tai wetcllhl they owe to the huanun family ae to say to oil, try it, and you will bear ample trsri ony toail we have srid on the subjerl. The chotlera itself, tlhe worst sacourue which he aever visited our couitrly, ihas bteen ssacceesuly on quered the iroprpietor i llthirten caseswith the uoe ut this inletllcl e onIly, witiIhout i e I I ss a single patient. The medicine is pre 'art d only by doetors B1URNHA.I &k DAVIS, Si. Louie Missauri; and is put upl in phtlols each aentcupanied with a pluinai Sand disrinct direction, and clnltaining ubuut sixty in, ses,, to be had for sevenity five cents, which lr. makls t lluc the liis capest medicine over offered tIr the tpublie. a Thie above medicine is sold whrlesale and retail by our Aresnts, IInry I!lnabcl, D uStsit ain la. Apol-"eary 'Tehoupitlulne alr' ei. N ' Orlcants* it I'AtllUt, llu:kwot leat, 'utatin. &c. . S10 IlalflhIbls alinilv Flour, u' .t5 thllf bble LPhiladelptia hibuckheat mleal, 1ia tuicirlur do do do "l 100 Ititlll do do do S300llH Ilnpers extra izedr Ieavre potators, 5it c11 ititl II tilaneeaslereinir. at .'1 canlister.presrrved saloon. 'n' 'S) baoes l'hiladelpthia ossorted preserves, Jn-t reeaive. and ibr od lse by Si ' 1 'I'I'i II. .IT ) I 1 "R Jt 'T'lAGEIR', Jr., ji' cur Pyd'or &t. Mag inze c NEW ORLEANS Steam and Patent Biscuit Bakery--Vaters and Ilillman. No. Mltoreae (near the rotnihnrlrsnla Rail oned.) Pilet and Narvy Bread, Soda and Wine Riecuit, Sugar, Butter, Midflbrd and Water Crackers. All the ebore articles are warranted to be of the first quality, and to keep in any climate, being completely kiln dried. Also,-Kiln dried corn meal. Orders left at G. W. Pri:clard and Tagart, Jr. corner Magazine and Poydran streets, will receive prompt attention. Small kegs pat up epresely for family use. 15noi LOUR-O1000 barrela landig in stnor, and for A sale by G. Da1K1EY. dl3 44 New l.eve ~AlIlS--7iW kegs Naiamlraesrrsl sizes, far sdle be dII I AIASD M &WIIITAI.L,f 67Gryorirst -- """- '' si-- -- -tsl bZa EIlSEYe--7 beles Kersyey, kOL--5 barrels Tanlear Oil, 3tt cnaks winter Oil, Its II40 caske foll streined do, To CANDLES-- l0 uaers diperm, for Ba sale by L II GAI.E, re d7 J:1 Cotsmmon' liklt hala NEW PORK & BEEF--I0 ble mess, and 40 bbl. f prioe Pork 2ll bbls prime Beef, for sale hby res G DORSEY, Ba dG 44 Nes I.bree SA CARl ). ,, de. on ofsu ..... rgi.g,,p. itn a Colas sae Sat.i itano-lhrte, seges tonatllltlse r arrival tee Irotl (ilasow aend rot rees sal yeasr preier in Ed n rlsssgasedilGe ccsow, shee fintes sraell that SIer nyn- ths ,tet of inlrs'tisn nill give osatinfetinsts to potpis. la rl'sllltuonillls ts eoenltttility, Ste. cll betsalwn, on ns pliriein. to As. maiipid'a, I Ityali stret. . ti soX lAriS-l-nd ilarc a llIex Cohairts, slta r-o B eirse, and oielaoiae br s nipesing fte ensles at tise let uiaina fsallrnlituro Wave re me. nevl3 WAS SOCARNIIS. "NT eW SIf00IS--rNal-sleaa o Melsoirse-eneeissrl L itl Prie, (.nslleeraesr, Imyllsny re .eoennte, i e9 ls I a he mis tlissly, or nsest hiltess thi is of Fd51 ssrd Iackeols, Pn sie;w PalsOy'n C Lsoisian.Sale, hr 1139; lterle's C alristln ift for 1113; ists Leinved and fou ale Isg W sllscI+AN, C ' ls 's'i r.. . s.n i' Cssssi, sr : IN a'ass., or ot LOUISIANA INSTITUTLE. 1st 7H1ul41 i Int' sin llr le st erd slCenlilll i le' e all , th Iless, soilg ss illtt alersratioasn tllPssirel tss'sIctsos- c ber,·111 ill tile lm1.1 e lell st ory f l m, ; oIIIr iel l. + .t f: i re i l kv es;lv li ni ( anll d Hete il] loitns, t Pop*: t e V] l'e nt el Sl's ste nlslasi sstte sr whto Il ns c lloi i I iie ssiti r foi wi~~1 ~~ rt lle o is. Irwr,e afc Par edc n li xrolnvass os'Cstsslesss p tn asss Pssi t'a tttts il ae tlmh+1tt intt. + revrai oI~elegs ole stisis ' 5 h5 sislsl mite ila i a',n's Ittssseefinsd Rof se ll e tlllBerated stivell, ties l l'oll . t.. e tdrinl ls s a.i ' o llprsi .le s: l d slrtit. e.. ins tleai llolh.r i. TIhielnssaieltletetutentslnprehgnlsitetit 1 its aned tielslnstsglis ess cestsi tts .lil d Its s'ltseets'ssl Oitloyostatette1,ensslsralsttsliag tlta bat~ l:Ts ha deslsrs ll uella e oe la ll. lla ill ilscll will ssetsogfll nhefrensaa, Slnssganols'a 8l In riuian SI. The mienti an d ho l en llilersiPhini anld Silrtmont csassstrehltdisi Alsgehra,tielllessstyle two aTriigsnoas - eirie. withl tlieir nllphiittion to Hat-rvn iinel Nsisvttltion, Aetnnslssy, s s. nellsral Plh i ssopsj siy oss l Chisstsl cetr illu..tritey by nllprprinre exierllnelllp. SI n lstslisle (:latest ill thie soden I.nslt lilll, s a ill Ie sirnlesd antletneties to tai'tsislte t I (ietltsilsssre b C .J II)D.l'ILMANN, A 2. en S(SIlISON Eed, i,. lies Pretsirelll NSIINON,eo L touiiana College, s Ir et A I.5t.TINIlI til S .1 N W till1 , 1N l~q, hewn srsta. ;; i .: ll j _ Itt : l=ist: l A<'ss .sslst NoI 1 t (t't'tt i sl st t ssl-se as, stIttltls'rceve hr list's' ls's'trss.(ll &atssot psr ,li's Il'sst1 ill1s'ssts lailltll asskn j: Itllylll, IC/lII~ll lI:(I!,a[ Ilu )crlin[. (·lillul~l r, li nd. IIIII le IJ)III 1h +I I·:C~III ) IIII I~.d llt Itl~ ll" IIII1 ·l i T lh:d tll.viii lllflll IR ,eill , ,) 11hi. 'l'ili'lll'll '.. I.-':,diln Ihmlr.3 I'iahll IIII iilld Thie II ~llllltd hI(llrdl/ i'.Ul'V alal1'r; TranIII p IIrehl )IlruI pltlllPrI. ii (;llltl d .l vero 1 Ilimp, Gtddbt lrdvl'.,I· \V.llitltllllt C·;IOr i iIAI Its. I,]NCI,7 &s-. Ilili s'ss'I . .l ha~tsll ail Wesee CtisssNesss- tolt |Ilrl··r'.l .1 S~IIti'+\Vn:ei" I[;(lloY.: N~el~wlD1'. dollmx I)X ( tiests ( lls( l snl it (:lsll/ls.s-- :ll , 72 etallt 11li I s l'l+W.'st I sssscW hSilvey .itllsWln; Att'hls w tlif111(lill: (f II I( I 5:1*(ll Pi ihl' 'lll n .il i'el'.l (Jhhiln T~l·ie< l *.,1i) a l WattsliVi.. IFss I 'rt .als's , ti stltl'lvstlit' Iss elt'. I ;r luiillah I1lii- hi'+; !rl'rll II IdPIr' l)(lluIIh',.; [+tIIII h d I tit lsW si sslss'a' tellls[ltllis' l'ltl sWil*: I I e ii tIll P 1 1(: : hilli.'klilil Il(u .s Wt!l4, " l I). sneo. ll ,WW t "'t ( i talr ed! llllrr :f .·III(P )nll llilnll TIin IhIIxo. iltlllll,,r Co ' a ssrl, w th :, Itrt'stns'ss, ..%':. l'rsisres'd t'555a sn '7, 10 it sti ts.'hP. I'i(.KI, I' lliit'l](S & WA4.t4Is[F ']', it laWsc,·t littasill- I. alsrs I',teket Wlstlts llW -io IIot r . r \VtIlri~lhlt> Ig~~i+nl her I' lll cllckel Iloook., ld So.r ,I h'o . ' .1 {,1140 lNItl.5. i=" hlias assd lsssst 'tll*.sloetnets.l.Illssasntsstl, Ma.s lihl is Ise PEN IIlIERS. Its We.: r l's'ssl sII ssil I'essllohls'r; l's srles slld Silsersss. iC 1WI 5 SN'I)ItEW MlT11'1' & CO., respectfllly inform Ladi A their friends and the public in cencral, that o t they occupy the new brick shop, 219 Tehoupitoulas street, where they keep constantly on hand Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, of every description, schn as copper stills, kettles, and pumps, tin bath. ing tut e, and oil cans, of all sorts and sizes, and all Y O other brass easting done at shortest notice. At Grate hars of every description, suchi as steam. A. boat stirrups, hog chains, screw bolts, and other P kind ofeteamboat work, such as chimneys, breech. do er, steam pipes. do eriy will also do all kinds of out door work, Dru such an zinc, copper and tin roofing and guttering, Si &e. They above and all other kinds of work in sade their line ef business, they will execute at the lent shortest notice. dec27 do, SOMh ARD & CO'S Boston and Now Orleans pine . Line of Packet Ships.-This new line of ships crr has been expressly built to run between the above girl. ports, and will be found of snitable draft of water: stro accommodations for passengers, and every effort ihtn will be nmade to give general satislaction, The and line is composed of the fo'lowing ships: roce Cherokee, 415 tons Capt. J Hlnrding, bras Carolina, 400 do S Lemist, plaot Charleston, 374 do D Eldridge, Ipla Columbiana, 625 do G Barker, tien Seaman, 240 de J Howves, Bombay. 625 do D ilumphrey. ani The above ships are all now, of the first , lass, oll. copper fastened and soppered, commanded by men 7 of great exprrience, have large accommodations, yen with a separate loadiescabin; every attention will be ker paid to passenogers, and the very test of stores pro vided for tiohm. Is The packets will be towed up and down the Mia - sissippo, and the strictest punctuality o!,served in F the time of sailing, antd should the regular vessels be detained in arriving, other ships equally as good Ic, will in all cases be substituted. A share of patron-. co ago is solicited, and the agents pledge themselves to pri accommodate as much as practicable, to receive not sand forward goods by said line at the most moder. vet ate ncharges, and to advioace all expenses on goods thi d slhipped, if required. cut Tile ships will leave the let and IGtho of every nn' month. For freight or passage, apply to the agents. o fJ A Mb:IRIiTT, 82 Comnmon st. Ip N. B. Advancements made on consignme.nts i to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. uov27 is AMEICtlAN IIIItANSI)Y, Gtlttn Butter, &. e. t "10 bhtrels American Brandy, gr 20 kegs Goshen tlutter, i 0 boxes startch, so . 50 kegs Buckwheat mona!, in 25 boxes Iloperinlt na, t ho tIe do cnniters do., 20 htlf barrels mere shad, - Lodnig tifom tlip Adrilloont:h, for srle by fe5 G WV PI'TCIIAIII) &JOt'k Li y )F.iiTi': t '1cliller' select mintor reooe, to a . Sketches of Married Lile, by Mrs Fallen, o el y Boston, I TIhe I.ife nod character of the Rev. Snaml I bk .Stearns, w Just received and for sale by A TOWAIIt, fe5 419 Catnt _t ic ALORI ORNASIENTS.--lare toand rnutiflot l le cureioities, toer sale only by Rees & D'lange, s Iand nt Plough's Atuseuom. is All thessornanents consist of thie most splensa 0 in did specimens of ortlhin-loty Irotm Europe, Asia, 09 Africa, adt our own country. S Apprnvedl otesat 0 dnoy will be tonket ol, ed YgT1(rLCr\ýýF:S BInIrrr al RE 1T3hi aTs ii - f irs t1 qtulitly olaunea ba.rrels; alao, 75 do. do d ol liogp-hend ini primeorde enar. fr ntle ry nee fe5 r' N tlRoT'Ell, 95 Cuomnon o NUltRIS & Co, N'. 30 Chartres stret, are reo" ceiving ltnity from their horse in Plhiladelplhina, an e!egant and complete assortment nof esubstnttllial fashionable clothing. They invite the alltn oIn ol the publie, is they ere warranterd in saying lint straono ers and citizens cannot furnish lth ,tom selves moe, advantagcously in any city in tie N. U i. A ztoe ,hoon eletant ivory aoodle ttn brells, trom 3to 3 to 36t inches. Also, a large lot , wh ite poine icki:g boxer, v triou e aie',r v ry low , i' I;r 1[,ii' O.i A BEAUTIFUL, head ofhair in the-grandest oras ili Sthe loss of it changes the cintenetce,and protonie tnrely lrings on the nperrance of old age, whici, eau ret manry to recoil at g nrecovered, and omnetimes even to eIheo ocietr to avrid the recta arid sneerd of their ocqunei.tance the remainder of their lives are con 1 sequently opent in retirement. In short, not even the Ta eavr oil three unptleoaret eirernstanrraOldrid e' a iret application, and afew lottles recoren it again. It a Sliherise praorc eyebroe and twhioker; prerents the frees it from scuaf. N emerous certilletee 'il the first a recerictnbility in support of 1hr virties of Oldridgea pi Balm, are shown by the proprietora. to I Read thefollowina Robert Wharton, Esq. lote Mayor of Philadphiih has eertsili,' at may Ire seen belowi, to thehigh chars a raginst the fallieg 6woff hair, but else rertaen resmer tine. WILLIAM TIIATCHER, Senor, Methodist Ministerin t Ge argec'iarer, No 86 Narti Fith it. JOHN P IN(IS, N 32e Asch agret r. JOHN D THOMAS, M D, 1fi3 Rneert me elonN S FIth EY, Ilin frame. How straneet. JO it chaN thARD, Jr,1c23 Arch street It iely krins on t he opprhe of old ane, ericar mac. th ,0 e yeart ofnage, ard tei othere enot then S. e m t o recoil the nver.] im Co oneen t weavoid .f enstrd erd of ,Robequrt Wiharton. Mayor ofaid ty oir f Philrade. sequently spent in etite:nent. In lhort, not even the lophiado hcrropev crtif thale generous thinking auate with 1 lrat JPeny sinking, Jom aS does the lose of I;h hair. Crd a Whosenames aresigned to the haeir eetifline,rth or they i likewistlrodues elavebower and whiskers; epretentils td haihir frill credi nrma re res in tire i ealifyie te.and i iree ititron scureni ronl hcenlerrificate aol i heafdt I el d aeid re he sw al F th te citop e eorn. ff tohi i h dan Read theolr, &nwing .ber. WhartonfBE Myor of PlilNMylh r. r OBSERE h le in g entlemen. of te e a SIe lerrinned do hereby eeti the at slenave s Ani l the t of arlsreetbi and ydionel dggirSOldridnre. and IAave el nd ir hirrte ma.e& cANrsienWiS, i ha t fo n th e f oli wn g af rr h air, b u t a lso l c erta in re st o r b rag Whrnlaew a Agenrs, l ew emoean. WILLIR & THATCHER, e enior, te ni N ethodist Eniniscr nd pe g r e aem erlndld, - ranaro naial ih and fhi e nh ore Fifc th at. t 0 JOHN n FI'REai vss Spruce street.sI JOhHN h iARD,Jr, 123 Arch street. s It i known that three of thi manove iin o iiae moin a anl years of ger and rtile otllrs notles than 30. lae nit [Fre, lnda on, tiho, ie, Mndnr n semn and lden otali one olth and d rnes vlrnnras h abhei aend arrntoni hock aeity ofl eleandtll, pinai h edr do hred certify th a p lain Irancninted ewill i rhose names are signed to thr e above, cprm iu ateGlv hat tlhy ia anre ontlenenc liofh eand french faeyii and os i schi l crdit lld lie s ives to rea ran hkrel ir lto r, In lits and freoch francn and pilno n nand anni and callhsed the Real of whe citc to beoffedr this for runh , ar s il-nca whlrinim ar-elaTies Nor. oIfD eORSeder tlhnt moi h iotle ofl, th h enoin healIhens e n ia plend ennivkra apper, oin whlich is madpresenteni el, iole and ad retail by the Role nnd fur Anser in aicn. n Fletcerr slreet, init liren isnetrlne tlar a bet s arlll ore tanpe and lost drupiahend nil earns e ri W rn olfre. s le Agents, ilnew Orleas. tit vn resciving and opening the most splendid, sit- pi ithanrtinl and ishitnale kid, of'lrothinr. they al h rve ever edhibittd in this market, eonsisting in 1 andc.; eulrden olive lrokl ad dress crar s: baverp e Iesn, friincy , eroanrntn, and ib hirr en aed wlie r pntlonne. enrlish and french fancy and plain . silk hnd etlin vsts; rl f winew tl ,rll'm loforts;c ene lacr Irn aire ancd hoia eoainer alnatri. n rn al od n ar moFre bort are arnd itirfre nuoth I pinrti rnom a i, lcrin een. o r c oanioa an,l a filtening' ie tl, sils and coi nnnet sh irts and drawers1 a ine . aicpsre 1 to wh inhlo vnui thern,: n ahlinenein and cotton shirts, l ait linin birreint p liln i and rLol.eln inrve plear and plain lnndled sil l m. brellas iiLLGrnef's" prrrilrnmn (:prleveenrlrnatr itifuld orrim one wit, kid, aru, weddi ef u aly u e rri Sianit nuti nrlly Silk l d lr lia'nn icgs; paini , PpI re d n roidornly T F. angri , do.;silk, lnhin. t Jeern ng ui. e, hr acd C in ler le and i retail kg CAI TION & CAe. o1 Canal . wit sflr e crda nes rlenn rin; an.eo uilening S irds ntd, are n reveniiini t loa iarnicnls froervin e ornI l ics, In addIi In a ir ni lireertlni, a ei er tae I , h n arel .r infant -Ono ca \IO nfal, miiell in aiwigtrv ls ndieas and mioUre plain and qailred saddl.e teI ia ' entilemae'r i du Spanioi d p da do rvo al rd of tia e doui do do Ctorol do e 1 do do AT. F. ier. do n. Ais e. and arferson llrde and brild wnlll e t and r retail by CARL etON & Co. 31 Canal'. Pled a soned jagnts for'nner' Odenicare, S do do do giug nrd ulrir,, da docturers da d;w blesale dealers in dodlry ', Dray, are and reiiagon do oh Saddle bagse double andeingle; valioes; me dreeal Ssiaddle bags, Brussels arpetbags;il best irne, onrame h leather foho tre ulinkswi, brass niled; leaher boot top Sdo, assorted sizes and ano suityles; holstaders nd .r! pistol bellsr; oach, gig, sulkey, twig and phuatcrs ips crop whips: t ool, iorered, cotton and leather er gih ad reigcs Engtlish dotrn r:I Youth's do Spanish Adn art Anmes; blind bridles and lines; Scotch ncoinlars, o and hors and muinle collars,ao all qalities; rocethbuck ,bear.ehcep and bufflaohskins; plaed brass and steel bridle bits of evaery desceriptioe, rlared, bars and steel spurs of everwagon dscripton; la Sd brassand ste stirrups of every de vs;ri;medcl Ssd etqer wi, Brus c pl arpet bagsertment ironf ervery . atler ein l theirlineof burasiness-l of lea hih ey o, alorted slze on at odainu syl; holrs ndr. eip They will aso contl ine re ceie tto n and lethe ns, year, by pand sr fraigl Ne; sirr , resb suppis to be kep their stblindk brampid le and clin plee.; S co lated, brass and steel spurs of eey de st.n ,lolen , brass sad steel stirrups of ever n, deocrip I be keep their stock ample cnd c.lpleie. 18 15 C.tllsI st. PRESII GARBDEN SErED.--:Th ..... iaerile e begs to express his grateful thtnks to the p,)b. te, for tie liberal support he hns received sinc he he eonmmenced h niness in tIlls ciry. Ieing solo pro prietr of the seed store, 17 Comlmon street, he i not and never was agent for any northern seed vender; neither is lie connected o ith any house in this eounttry-but he assures the public thoat his conneelions in every departsment of the seed busi ness, in the different euntlries of Erpe are eq.l I to that of any hoiuse in the United States. le int. prls seeds, plants, &c. from the most etlenlive and respectable nurseries anod see :isnen in France, Hlotland, England, Seomland, and the no themr stoates-and it will at nil times he his interest, as It is his study, to receive, in addiiion to hs present stock, large arrivals of evw ry descriptiorn, really the growth of 11138; also, engratlled fruit tre. , of all kinds. The publie tony rely on finding a full ans sortmtent of every article in the seed lie,uof genun ins quality, and imported direct by DINN. n We. DINN. EI)UCATI'!N- FRIE'NCHI and IENGLIdII. Mr J:am.s, tecernty anriv lI t n this city, begs :rnv to Inhorm tile ri Izens of New Otleans thIat hle will ope n an acaderly.t Monday, 14, J tranrs, at Ne. 19 Toulouse street, for toe instruction oIo.)tuth oi both sexes, in French and Enghish, in which he will he ably assisted by Mirs. James and Mrs. MetLher, liwho speak both those Ingunoges with great fluency and Ipurity, and who will tale charge of tihe departtmnt o 'the young ladies. Mlr. J.ntre's will give hos whohle attenttit to t te various branches loreducation, and flatters himsell thatt eI will give entire sttisinetion to those who ntry horner lilll wirtl IheirtcOnllt idece. nov I NU'I'ICE.--Tlle co.partnership ormued on the o11th July last, hbtween Johnt Y. IIyllsr, J.rseph A. 'card and CthatIes D. lttoren, to1 I ~to tndlnrltt nsn der tihe sat.le and title of laltlies, etnrd & lirer , is hereby dissolved : lnd lhts hsseolltill is t, take eftect as otrm tlhe Ist of IDneeb her i:tst. T'lhe undersignod w;ll promptly discharge all the obligations or tire late firm, a od in urture continuo in their own tnamest, anld tor their own accountl. the sre sae busines, as Faetors and (Ge.ernl Cotm missio nmerchants, under tie stloe anlI title ott Beard & Bluren, ald solicit a share ol the Ilatron ago of their Irtends and the public. JOEPHrll A. BEARD, nov 1 Ct 1RLES i. tItRl'N. ¶T UN'.i--Mississiaptii Fundr talen at 7, Front I.e. L' vre, for'erner. I )AIN'I'S,o)ILS, tLAS, BItULES, &c.-,u S landing fromn ship Constitution, and for sale-vr. 16.000fee't uof lass, best qulity, frot 8XfI0 t) 23X98 p 31111 kegs white lead, purc; 350 do green oinot, in 25 libr. ke.s; "24 dos Japunedtins forsigss; 100ilb .liithage; 1 26 dos splendid 0)0010) ground bruslhe., also of0000 anld v" O00H) do; 2 ases creme green in powder;, superior article w dodo e cans; a large assortment of sash tools ofevery ere size and quality; sable pencils for artiste; flat marking- Ie brushes for mtelants; artist's colors in oil readyv re pareiin boxes, fitted :'p with all necessary brustles; am artist's tools, &c. t05 Flake and Isomnity white; 60 packs gold leaf; white me and yellow wax;giun arabice; and a large and choice as- dIe rortient ofpaiuts, dry colors. oil, turpentine, varnish, spll a.,t for alelwholesale and retail, at the lowest prices, B: by MIONIEI.LI, of a28 58Camp at. exl eKUSPt rU h. P, pr, NEW'EDITION OF 'HE CIVIL CODE OF i LOUISIAXA. na IT has been for some time made known to tile public i 1 that the stbscribers are enrgaged in lprepariong for M Site press , new editisn of the Lonislaua Cird COlle .-- 11 n They were.. Irn time first, aware of the great diticultiy drl and respostsiiiity i atndinig the publication of the work, ael and itwas not without great Iasitation that they eo- ris seated to the undertaking. But the present edilition, p auiounoti to obout tlreetlhousand lop ics and which 1ali had cost hhe Stale orel than thirty thoulsaud dolias, ofe was entirely ,ut of print. For more than two years sa, past, the usual price of tie work has bete frUm ihirti pci to fifty dollars. pi It is a system of written riles whilch es iwlmediately i" operates upon every individual if the rtate, inttereased io either in agr.iulure or connerce .and wdhih xor erns s thedisposition of so iluch prpierty .Olsil i to Uisfiro i ottir states, that-otlihe alhto.. npy ethe treati. . upei ts law-it iss as mch the otext-book unid ianselt of the I imrehant and the planter, as it is of the private gentle m' man and the professional advo tc. till SThe l awyersoftiieadjoining states, and in fact of al e those states upso the Ohio and 1ia.issippi rivers which 11 fied a martfrr their irodluce in Louisiaiin, hIve a fee- Iln quent sis.Seilt of treference to tile code, and msiake it a Li idislpeonable requisite io their libraries; ano in the citi olf New Orlens tile look is as sure si.t fossund in the merchant's eolnting room. as upon ,he desk of tile judoe. or tle table of tie atternev. It is not surprisisng St therefore that tile first edition otfite work waes so toick ly disposed or; and although a mere reprint of it would va i sitme ro easure sie ply the public necessilv, vet it l," would Ise imperfect sid unsatisfsetorv unles sun;elaed' I with references to the Reports and Statute', in ordm r to s etl' rae the ttnumerous anemlene nts which hIIr Ibre It. mlude by the Legislature, and the important decisions io and lcotructions whiclh have been given upon many o I, its articles by tihe Supreme Court. The pullishers hbive secured, for the general super- er intendence and edilorial deplarineut of the work, fiith Ipref.ssional services of 5iheilck S Upion, Et-q. a smisierof the New Oriesius Bar. The lion. Juti sc Bullard, Jud-e Bernmdcs, andt lion Gcirge Etistis, s have each kindiv assisted alr Upton with the valuablelo notes which tleyb have collected i the ourstie of their pl' studlics and practice;snul its lr N i Jennios, the prt-i ar of 1Mr Upton, who is also nged in the work, Ge pit Strawblidge, Esq. has presented tle great mass of refo renre. eantaited hi his offiee copy of the code, and et wiiec nave be't made by hihm duriang tie whoi.l cterilode i of his dis:inguished pirltessie ual loabors. The publliish ers lty therflislr well trust tlhet tles annootiions of thle work will ite all Ihat iniustrt aid labour, nesisted by py le rnin o lan rledpri enc e r,, cll pelrllrlm. li putting fu rth thi l ts r li'iedi n t e soliciing g rne il su setri e llrs lto the opr, ilal t. I .lih rta- ke i' 'ui ,le hi the fact tlhat the Lrgisalture of Louisiaeu hue uulhetut7. d e, tle l; overtor to or.d.r one thousand colpica of it fius Itnie future uo ofthle State. 'I'ie rttedtiiss wilth wbhiel lt is n mkr was take e l hestrepmtlv, inied their lustj u t ellnse of tile value oetile work;iand ithey (Ahrev exte d-al ed tlat coufideOeO in the ability of hit publilbrsc and dllhors which it is eli ed is nuo t n'holliy itlcatscreld. The twork will a prilntev in French rnd Eglsih,I P upot good Spater sl d with clear tvr; nor will aull x ase orecare ie spared to itnke tlhe whole ilechaeical s xecuiuton tof it etrresthi with io tirts rea iitlllt ae. It will putdduls ba ready fiur uluivert tiiltt moith ott li t ept'inber ext; and the tllt Irice will be, io suhverR , o fiiteel dollars--fiv illars to be palid at itle time of sub scribing. 'I 'le subscriptio lists once losled, ithe store prieise ites lie twenty dollars per opy. It) te _t . .ylr)HiNS &, CO. Pullitltle hers S ROWAND'S T'ONIC MIXTURE, i Flln FEveR ANn ArGUE. TENiyears ituei not yet clapsedsinec it wast i first regularly submitted to tis public; but it i e I has tlained tlhe higheast reputtlionl .nd ais stll'- t Splansld every otlr Iledicine tor the Aguc, wiorcv-. a i or it hac been known and apreciated. Alreaidy & I has i beef carried ill every direction thrlliEght gt s the United Stes.c, saud still realizerLu r.,t ilisn sculd iclve been itticipated by its most salutigine it islduo, n Thtoesa mds ofs p arsos hlia not only beenc rlieved, i g I but rcstoted t,, hie,hth aed vigor through ite agen. I P, sc; and thely now eccerfily testify, at every eop- tw p'ortunity, to its dleidcd and supretme 1: t e ris comnposed of such medicinal pricipless assre ir Ii calculatd to reelw lthe helalthy ationl of tihe slots acit, liver, and otlher importar.t digestive organs, It i tile loss of which harmony is the inuneitiate cause o of Ite disease. It is apparent also, that it i prdu- I s cs as entire change in til conodition of tile system, I Sand certainly destroys ite iative liability to relap sc of the eiFoctioe. Wheen the Agte is lttlnded i" with any other comllaint, tile enmphlvmenit of the Tonic Mixturte will not interfere wiith tile treat. r it of the other di'ease, list will eveu ilbrd as. o t lstainee by lurnishing strength and vigor to the st TC body duriig tie course of treatmenelt. Those who t imake use of this medicine may be assurr ed ltht vi ig there is no Arsenic, Barks, dlernury, or sany tilier t article in its composition uufritndly to the Ihiitut a consnlittion; being entirely a vcegetale extractl; and they maey laite additional confidence in the use thereof, when they peretive that it has tile ef- 11 'et of a gent!e laxative about title tihi Ilf a bot. i tie full has been takena-in soniasquctee of which, there is ino prt of ithe medicine loft to linger in t, the howols to caus obstructions, and other evils, arising from the use of many of the remedies now t offered for the cure of this aff'ction. It has been t o used also asa prevenotive, by many who were sub. 0 joct to a periodical recurrence of tihe Chills, and it lhas invariably warded off the apprehended attack. Observe! Tlhe Proprietor, fully satislied with the al unparalleled and universal success whlich hals con-. 'o stantly attended a puenctual and regular use of tIhe Tonic Mixture, in all cases of Fever and Ague, tid Btelst warranted in engaging to refund the price to oall lthose who haveo tken thti medicine in strict so. tr cordaneo winh tile prescribed directions, without tl having been perfectly and lastingly cured. 'ite subscribers ar e the wholesale agents for tile 1 i South Western States, and ihave 'ow oi hantd six in ty eases of this medicine, lwhich i warranted leshl i and getuini. For sale it tho itanlfactured prices m, \\ Imlesale O l)ttclctst 'It; nou-ll ar Couuton k Ttshrluisoulas otruet. .in . . . . . .. . . . ORDERS RECEIVED FOR JO.V1C P.1 TENT COTTON ;L\; v tl Potrentlee, No. 53 .Mag-zine street,New hlca oOk i 't'OBE MANIIFACTUIREI) IN NIEW YORLBt t i ROBERT IOE & CO. r SC.AL..E OF PRICES-Double G s. For a doubleill f 80 saws or more onl oeach s eylioder, making 160 saws ill tile stalld I lle with l.eder bands, &o. at $t5 iper saw, or $9,0 9 t y sts) For a Ilouble G(in of (50 sa.vs n acylildar, or 120 saws in the stand, ole.dcrs, &. a te1 $6 Paer sa., or 720 00 i Ilordo. of l4) swsondo.or. r. saws in a stanld, at $6.5 per saw, or 500 0 __ For do. of !0 saws on do. or 40 saws in a stoand, 0t$6.50 p0er saw, or ta 0fI0 SINGLE GINS. T For a single gin of 3 saws or more, with to oue set of leeders, b inds, & c. at $f p cl ' I0 t oaw, so o$ of For do. 'of O saws, with feeders, &. at $6 9 0 O tm" oaoa 390 00 A For t o. of 40 saws, with feeders, &e. $6 0 75 .r saw3,X) 00 m For do. of' )saws, withi oomeers,'&e. at 7 00 50 pecr sawl o 1,00 xstrateeth where desired, for feeders, supplied a 40 fents eaMh; the number of teeth bheig, a0bout eqlual o tlhe numberofsaws. One set of f·eders, it iscon sidered however, will wear out two or three sets of sows. Ixtla 5s0aws5plielld at s0 eunts each. f The Gins o rdered, will be delire to th e agents of I Iplatlrs i lall of the sea port towns of the co tono plaIn fing States, at the aboe plrir, hagels pa tl) , t)er ti"*lt "Lon hlte nl0 o frOlllo Newl o o1rk, 1ad fCCori " r 1 Il t..nsible for the amnl t (o ' the ( in. A (in \liý h willble sent with thle gins to pit tht0 up where de sired; the charges for woilse services will be extra, but A Iro ll ltanillg a areas alsole orldered w01credelired, onl raslolobll tIrmll, b11011ill)be rltra. Ilorsr 0powe, ofany dserptiou canoo be ho lrnislhed ol li0ke tlelS1. Smalltl steam engiles call also be ordered if de It indesirablo, when planterO give orders for Gins, ithy should accomplly theln with thlcir views ini regard a o tile nrralon lemetgloI saws, !rtoastsa, lor1shcs, Ac. It is l l lnd they diilr)l " opinoaon. Some desire saws of 0 :al gert li:nlllleerIthia:, oLtfrI.' Tle most llcom llmon size is 9 or inollc)hes; 0 1 some 1 isOl tn:l, ' inhes. Somlle with 5 or 1 ro.wsa brusihes ou .n axl-e, while others do not :Lt Inore tlowl d ;at most. S.lne wish s.w s withl 8 , r'J'2 et G to thie inch, while oihers wanlt a0 or It. \V tl1h dl)se1repanf v e prltfr IthLv slhoal, at he time of giing orders, farnish a statemunt of their 0ishes, and lhe nl:nllIItur1irs can fidtlllil them inl exerv ,)rticular. Where it is left to our discretionll, we shal ,ake them on thlltle ost modern and alapproved p)ln. i,, ollordlr can he exeuteel, from the time it is r·eceiled, w tile space ol' iht or uine wotks, atd th. 'ilt, ila dhal 'l ae placedllt, th)e louls of the factor. lto f e lr tide or the next crop, all orders ought to he in the hInds of lo Il,alllauctll'rrs y tihe first or middle of M31v; ,x0 pt ,.t planltations whelre thy arelatoe illn commenlcing to ,ielf or gill cottong. .irN. II. Thie Ptent Right, for an0y one of thoe etton - 12 dIg States, illbe Sold t on reastualle terlls. r! ti (ao N UllTIOED BY ii' VA ULT'i OF DlE) ME CINE. TIHORN'S Compound Extract of f'Coniiba ad Sare i d parilla -A ecrtain, saft, and miOst f'rtual rIeme lv eaer discovered for the curle lof Gonorlhea, (;lects, d Sirictures, Whites, Paihs in the back and oise, semlnal i weakrt'tss, alltctioos kidonir, gravel, scorbutid eruptions, &E. In the introduotion of a medicine possessing the usefu and active virtue of the one now olt'red t tho e public, tte proprietor has but to rieferlt the numeroius recom mendations received flom the m.t eminent of thle me dical faculty in Emope, beliesing that it will be duly appreciated when its merits are re fotilly known. The l Balsam of Copaiba, so extensively wsed, has lost much of its credit from the dislike which patients torme'ly explr'ess d regarding its distgreeable taste, dilsttboance lrodluced ill thie bowels and stomacl, and itlo heretoliore i inefficiency when used in tile ildlammatory stage. The 0 propr'ietor lhis made an in.ilVsis of the llalsail, cotneiv it ilg that thie molreo etctivecqualities wouild thrceby be lmuch more Ioncenltrlted and imore usfu lly dmlinistered tllan ifi the ipesent state. The above meal eine combit esit- ft grledients which are in the highlest repute amorn tihe moslt scientliic andl lenlled inl the profelision. kE. ll drug in thle complosilion of this preparation ilncrl.eases .e e:lecy of thie othelr, producing aln operation trully ato nishiug, nd surpassilng the mlst sangtllui ex'toItatitis; pIns.ssigat tie same time die ailvaitlllage of its Ibeiig adtllllitliatedl woith ptrelect success i Ile dIlill.eint sltages t of the above disease. The most enliltellt ipoo l scians alld surgeonsof thie present dia exptress itoh' decided tip proration ill Iivlo of Sarsparil. lo, ii hot its tint in the plrinial hospitls and lpulblic medical institutlionl has be n, and still coutinues, nrl extens'e. It was u liav orite remedly with thle cllitlel Dr Albeirthy it. all venereal affeitions, andt in obstinate cutaneots ePIlilitlll arising from a disorldered state of tlledligoesivlielitioulits. Having been submitted to tlhe tet aild experience of tile most celebrated among Itllietll!lt, theyl have exprlesi.,d their satistation of its extraordiait;l y rlfiesca in every case under their hlarge, by adloptig it both in their public notil toivatte i -actice. Itlei tilt l.vllioulls will be lseed hrearfier. PIarled by J 11I Th'lorn, Clhemist London. Price $1 50 cer pot. TESTIMIONIALS. Frol A II Salmon, Esq, F It 8, St.rgeon to the St ThoIllllas etospilal, and Lee urer on Allltoly. The trial which I have made of your prepalaaion in a variety ofcauses, bod male anid 'enlle, i its results have lpoed so highly III nio lale, that I do niot hesitate ill pronouncing it onle of thlr aost vtluabhl tirno ellteious r omedies evert oluored to the ubliie, a fl one in w elicit lrom eperinice I c1 n pl tacSe evergl rolli:ce, ll dilst it does lnot produllce Ihe samlllle ullp'tllll tellioets usually ex 1tiet.ciced frotm tOldllbi. From G Ii Iacatio m it, l It C S, PlJ sician to the St Mto' lebocIe l tisl t- nr). Sta ke g e Di " asure ill alldding y1" testimony to the yahtwble prop ertais of your prepa:ration, wishing neou the sllcetss yoi so fully deserve, in no ample retlari o t hoe laboral.d! expense incurell ill brIinglig k to such coii lolete lerfcieon.tu Flom ir 0 Cooper, F It S, Surgeon to Guy's Ilos pital The unliforml success which hlas aitened the ndnlinis titelt .Oi you tdcine .tholrt my patients alllietl with IeI above diseases, ha Ifully satisfied le that t (has only to be knlloll to be truly n ireeluted. M ay tiile success i you sl wlll de~ lve, :amply and speedily repaly you for )our valuable prrl'ul.;lion. From Silr A Cr)opelR, F S P C S, &e. ke. llaviilg beell ilnduced t to try youllr ilxtrlet in several asseaof violent Gollrrhia, whliclt had hlithertl btdfled e •ry prescription administered by hoe, having fool[d esul allnd slleod ellres ef'eted by it, in a fevw days I fiel myelfin dty C lollnl to talile that I nowi ihn cny Tl'ei tice both public alnd IPrivate recommend alid use I1no1 other. From G W Blair, At 1), Physician to Guy's oti plt:d. " The strict test whllich I have given youlr medicinle among my i tients, and its ilnvaiable success tIus tlhr, :ill induce ie to ilersevere in its use, andllI tdem ii but all act of justice llod of dutyto! add mny feeble testi , enial it co r:elln iati oi of itsailrtles. Fr'olin L C T'hompsoun, A 1) 1. ][ S L. (return you my sintcy r tlehalks foli t e talulile piie sent (d)iol'r Eitsrrs 1 tl llr tie tltte t" Ijollolnl lta .. I feel grateoli that iou have ait rlit bleought a sIedieine into use whichl will prove a dsideattl i 1o1 sIlought for in the mnelica: wo ld-n sure, speedy munl elliectnal ullre in eases,,f tile above class. Itiorl'd . ne gIl'tt prleasur'e ill Ipllblishilng to tie wonrhl ihe v\doalll. qu:hities ol'')olr Extl'ae". Were it necessary, the proprietor pcohl here furnish m:ny mote testimonials equ:lly as conlenlatory ts tie abuse; but tmusts that itsgre:1t suCCesshnlillthrto the care & expnise a:t which it Ias been p epared, ill Isn e its greatlest rcommlelllation llnOg a diiscernit lublic. One recomtmendationi this f ropl` utin enoys above i all others is its uea:, plortal e tform-pt up in pots-th i malde in which it may be takent, heing both easy anr Iplea-anlll--is ta:lstelvnatulrewith no restrt ion in diel iol cnllRllieinelnlt from Ilinlss. Travellers cspeci.dlh 1 would tfinl this medicine hi.hly uselil, and oullht e(hve to Ie unlp ovidedtl witlhi a pIrepI aion possessing thle all Svalntages wvlliclh the prll'esent onlll combllinilles. - Aeomtf panvi g the Medicin- is a iamltlet x lanka I, ot)' of the dliff'erent stales lof tlhe ilisenst, a itwoot tin)' i extr l clhlarte conli nllhing full anst ll d llle dil'e1 t is l t, S Foe lsl by SICIaI( lS rtr Ct). S r. 1-4 _4U Calnal street. """T1r~ "lR FIN VE AND A HIAL DAPS, From Mobile (Alabamn) to Augutsta (Gen) LT AVES Mobile every othcr day, imte oiately sf'lI the arrival of the mail frotl New Orleans per IthI ttetamboat EMEu:LE, to Illakely, coaches to lrensntaole steamboats (per Pensacola e laly, St lion sound lUltt Cho i tahaeehttieli rier manl laty) to Caete,r IluC; coraches these ! via Maranna, Chattaho,.cree, ( Mountl. V'r rot non,) Bainbtllige, Pidlerton; Ilhwkinesilles Rl Laouis cvile, to Aungtsta. A passengeertakint; his seat t Mo. ill hile is in no tllager of Ieing thrown out or losing hit h pr1tree nceby other rcoltictieig interests, as the FLOtla. thei DA LINE is but one concern, and under one cot lt o 1) throughout, and mar rely WtT t :tr.ANTT upoen his Phil arrival at Augusta in time spceified, through all wcatlhe Sli er and at any seasotn unlress same nost ulhforeseet catas- i troplhe shoold occur. The Great New Orlelans Mao i Sli is earried by this route. The Agelts fto neacommoda- l tion, Teams, Coahesandt )rivrers are not sulrpassed the southern oonntrv. The smooth, hmtod, natural oads, the saft and inter esthig oater nIavigation, tlle time and accommodaition, Neo aford the traveler speed, certainty, comfort, andt a plemas sg ing variety; connected as it were with the Rail Road title Charleston, S. C. and the stea:m packets to New York. fini travelers waee reach New York froml New Orleans the LESS THAN 11 tAes--lashitngton city in 12. to t Fronl Chattahoochee, Florida, we have a BlItnoe wil Line vit Qcuiley antd Tillihasleer, to St Marklisl ler Ith l pOSt soaeer also two IBranches from Iloawklsvilli 'I L oneto SMilledgeville, and one to Macon, light two herse pet onches. STOCK !'OS ... "o an ArrsTA, i0th Jan. I185. ? ll OflleeatMansion House Mobile .tt,' I lDistsnes, New Orleans to llu'ile, tI0 nt me "s Al.leit to ..ugusta, E Au usla It Charltlioi, I.di , ' il lhlulvlaton to New York, 98t- 110 Time, Now Orleal to tlaobile, I Ihours eMobile it Augnsta, , ,t Augusta to Clhiieston, tc (harleston to New Ytm k, fi- 15l 'l:.king 1683 miles per day. or 7 luiles iper hour, inrcl sive o "all stcplipage. nulltn s. Bt I eg Il-re to infirm the publllin hat tt bridlges over the Cha:lahooeh sw:nmpl ild IlHard IJts: i creekp have ust been completed i y tile gteeral govern l e ment, (the; t ly obstacles opemtalillt :.aist thlis safe se it speedy route are thus happlily irentIvedtl atld I have tlte pIleasur otlec nlng from trtvellers thnc thhecoaches,thor r KI ss, drivelirsatll ads are o tlthe tst order; and its to the to walter iote from t'censael.l to Celtlr Illtti, it is admit. -i i ed bly ll who halve pasrsel tIhrough it to be unsutrlpassetb I I ito ttlclties heaoty ant; safety. The bridges throeg. tli Georgia h.ave also been repairttied. J M1 C IIAKIEI I tM ARBLE CHIMNEY PIECE WAtHEHeoUsE, . tIL Customhouse street, opposite the post-oflice. The subseribers aret now receiving from their lae. tories in New York, and will keeip constantly on hand a general lanrble Mantle Pteces 0 ofsuperior wtorktma nship, anti of the latest patterns, p mnaded of the best Egyptian, Italilan, Irish and i t00 American nmrble. Also, Monuments, Tombs and Grave Stones, moulded and plain sills and lintels, r i ii marble facings, hearths a un bounlary stone, plaster I ol' Paris, Rotman & Hiydrauie l eent and Plaster. I i0 ig llair, togetlier with a splendid assortment olf a e brass miounted and plain Grates nu:ld Russia iron I ,a I Grates of ithe newest and imost approved patterns. f Lettering done in the neatest lmanler and at tie slortest notice. They have first rate worklmeno to ,. set the above work. i e ic5 'AMES KAIN & STROUD ill. ------- - - - - -- jPAIRIiER'S RIOCKIY M iOUiN'T:.INS, &c. lht e OURNAI, of ant Exploring 'Itour beyond the Id- Rocky iounttaits, u tndir lthe irdacttn of the bat A B C F M, perfrirttedl ill the years 135, '36 and 73; containing a descriptlion of tile gregr.lphy, go. d, olotgy, climato and productions, and the nulnm ec. Ie m anners and tustoms of the nutives; with a MapI d of Oregon Territory, by Rrv. Satltel 'Parleer, A M. I hce iiver and he Desert; or Recollections of I ins, the Rhone and tIh tChar'treu.e ; by Miss Pardoo, tt,;i author ofthe City of. " Sa tan, &c. ine 2 vols. It The Robber, a 'Tale, . the author of Richeliou, iof The Gypsy, Attila; in 2 : ize The Ter' o Flirts; or Ad.--e ure in a Countlry Ie eeouse, and other Talcs, by Lady Blessngton, E L ctu, lithtiner, MrsNorton, Barry Cornwall, Mrs Gore, hInn Captain Medwin, and other.; in 9 vols. It. 'eI Life ano Adventures of Nleliolts Nic.leby, I, . ledited by Boz, witllh Illotrtions by Phiz, No. 1 Just re civcd and for n.le by ,eiv .. . . . .. 'ai. TylPASSE-, 'I' HES)IOIET'L>bSt, Sll'tlici I'I, (I CPl S, &c--Just racedved und ter sale iy thae e \Vol, . Mciean, cornr of Clllp anl Common nlelll t, tl1i a t generel asslotnwi of SuIt,} ovrs 'ompna--es, t o lmathelatical Islruamett, lrilu5n Pvnw. g to trmtor+s. S Ivory Scales, biunter's Scales, Glat.i Triangles, etton Parallel Rulerd, icro-rcpes, TlrtmllOteter ,c tamera OtIIasu'trsSOI e Chaint r. 1 M easuriun T ape-, .c·. "" M 1 York do Baltimore racketrll J-ACK<ETS FOR NEW YOlIK--Now Lmw. S--'o sail punctually overy second. Mooday during the season, full or not full. bhip Orlecans, 59 tons' Capt. S. Sears, Ship, 474 do' C. C. Berry Ship Arkansas, 6i27 do E S Dennis, Ship S.r.,toga, 542 do W Hathaway,. Ship Nashville, 540 do D Jackson,e Ship Kentucky, 629 do J' Bunker T'he-above ships are of the first coigs, coppored.. and copper fastened, aid having been built in Now York expressly for this trade, they are of lightL draft of water and almost invariably eross the ebr without any detention. The colmmndbra are mean of great experience, and the ships will always be' towed up, end down the Mississippi by steamboats. They hlave handonme ftrniashed accommodationes, and tlores of the best description will always ohe furnislid. The cabin pasaige is $90 withouet wine or liquor, and there is no liquor furnished to'. the ofecere or crew. For friighll or panaege apply on board, or to 11 C AMES, 48 Camp at. The ships are not accountable for breakage of glans, hollow ware, marble or granite, cooperage of till, or rust of iron or steel, inor'responsible for any package or parcel, unloes a regular bill of lading' is executed therefor at the offio of the ante. nov27 NEW ORLEANS AnD BALTI'IOR-E LINE OP' PACKETS. This line will consist of the following vessels, which b havei hcn built or lurchllased expressly li, tir trade, viz: Ship seumnn, Capt. Minor, Bark Mary, " Nickerson, SIrad lFerry, now ,c Stevens, " Slotmon ialtusne,- LthaIn, Ilrig Architect, '" Gry. These versels are of the first elan, Ihnve hand. some furnished ll ecomlocdations, and are ofa light draft of water, so a to admit of tlleir reoceiing anad dinscharging tlheir car-,,-s in al trlunte, at ithe city. Freight c'!l be r takel for ports on thic Choeapenak or Jame.' River, and tHirwarded by the agents,. Meaers. CILAIRiE & KELLt GG, at Boltnmore; rxpeises on goods shipped will be advanleod when required. Ti e price of pnessagn i fixed at $00;, ample stores of the b st q'allty will be provided. Steam np a-nd doll a t1, JIlsnalssnippi will be taken on all oceasionls. For freight or passage, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, nov27 22. Bienvillo at. FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana aond New York Line of Packete.] 'i lII Ships composing this line will sail from - Noe Orleans and New York on every other Mon dany-cotmenecitng on the 20ih Novemmber-wand to' insure Ille punctualily in the time ofsailing, the line will hereatter consist offive ships, vii: Ship Y,.zoo, Captain Trask, to leave on the 90th' November. Ship Louisvllci, Captain Palmer, to Itave on the: 4t111 Decamber. Ship lllontsville, Coptain Eldridge, to lhave on the 18th December. Ship V rcksburg, Cap'ain Wnoodllouty, to leave onr tihe tLt January. Ship tMisiesippi, Caplain Davis, to leaIo on thek 1511th f Jooanuary. The abova are all new, of the first class, copper. da and copper fristend, and upwards of .J0 tone Iurtllen, are of light draught of water, heing built in New York expressly hlr t r te tade. The price of pssnage is fixed at j00 dollars: their cabins are fitt:d up in the most improved and convenient plan, and fiuivhed in a neat and elgoant style - Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, and every regard paid to fite comfort and entire satllslactill of passengers, hllo will pleaose take no. lic: thati nf b'!'llh can, be secured until paid for at the offree of the consiltneeoa l':ese vessels are comnmanded by enptnins woel expCrienced in the trade, who will give every at tenlion and exert themselves to ancolurndato. Thoy will at all tines be towed up and down the Missias ipp'i by ranlboatse, ond tle strictest punctuality? obrerved in tihe time of sailing, Tihe owners of these ehi1ps will not be responsi. ble for any letter, parcel or packrge, sent ly or' put on board of them, unless a regular bill of lading' be signed therefor, at the counting, house of the' agent or owners. For firtller particulars apply to JD PBEIN & A COtEN, nov27 90 Common sat FOR NEW YORK. [.ouisiana and New York Line of Packets.] c'lllllenlilg tti le t l20th uaVmellr, andl to insuree th'u ,1Strictest )laticuality ill tie r timteR of sailing, Ii lu t e' ,twill Ilrreatlier onmlot of five .iips via :4 ehip )i'a;o, ('ltain 'l'a,'k to le'eao on tih 20th nov. !h tcl 1.o;,ia'ilh., (:tltylitai I'.loer, to leave on the 4th' ,Ship Iluo/nrildle. Captaini Eldritlger to leave on the' flth Ihctitb i. Sl I ickelmnrg, Captahi Woodhouse, to leave on that ist J lljarsv. .Ship Misnestppi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 1tSht Jalluary. L., Tile ahnove shipi, are all new,n of the first eises crllpreotad coplellr iletened, and upwards of 500 f ona hrurthen. are of light ttlaitht of owater, being built itn 0, New lYork exressr for It:e tradel. 'lime prioe of pas. Lage is fixed at oe ahundred dollars. Their cabir s are' fitled IupiciI te olunlil )proved unlt convenient pln, and , finiehed't a neot and eleganot sltle. Altple ostres oL the firot q ry will he opovlided, and every regard hbdl Sto thi omrt ere saislatie oolpt t tt asenersn, who e will" lease take noic. thlot o terll ncat be s.euond 0an t tilaid for at tile dtriea of tie eolneglrees. I 'Ik ae iclt tltr t llr tllllalled hb Captile hwell a ,I peercredl it tie trade, who will give every attenrion, and TexL'e tlleanC* to aeonlmtnOJaoe 'lteyis witlht ull li:ite be tIed erl t dil ,oan th Mtiraisoippi hby ehve 11t1 antcld rho . ictie rtlatmainth i ilobserved lin T'l iellrs il Itte:re bli', ,ill tot hei rnetPiIoitblr Ion iE Ic t er, I rrtr i li;i.'-T Sp il by or Il t. in onu r.i . !he nt, 1i l,' it llia bifa ll 1 in'di -sbe -igard tl rdnsra tt t!;o t,!llll llr Ilh, rn.e i. ur owliers.. oen aI rlh 'r .0 1 ht. ols, alo,tl . r p to > lEIUN, & A C FtHEN; Slns.C 3 u N Oitonteitir Mlls. NI iE (OI IC hNS & ClAtR,-STION PACKETS the . : 'Ili t rlir ... o inIn . 1 bamintg "e . ., oil of S: ooh f nirsl r'le., roltll.rd ctll, 'ppl r fatN. Kb lel , and olf shoutaoi d'i10 tns Il-ne elll , ott' oil h llold t tni a-r .,iodariens fl"r platetleoine. tltt 'frrta o 'r'ti r i ollmllllOndd hti eClllli h r evil ci rererllcl ill itleha trode, who Wll'lIlve every. nt Il, tc,. ton tow l lt Ice.inelves teeounrllltn IdaLe the it. slei'p i l itlli w II te etPd ptin0110 d.cIo Ite 'lit'--'sl' p, atnd i-nvon Nrt,.(i'.onse nin an before it,, I 0t i.ll and 5,h ,tr: ev, r t i me ,,) h. ''hke followi.g v"is,,'. o 'l'b' Iit', cc : Bri" Althiitat. Chal',.ft rdon, master. Io, ;i- -' 1!,,11 0 ~ . .' L),,nr n1. ' h rt ltr;l 'ttcler bli-eci.ieu'. nr. a b--cr It, ohl g r 'a i'soaao, oplo I J.t A. .IARltI.I,tI SI llt - -'!. o:,, t octi, , oct I ..anti j. . rºjI EL undelrsigned havInt rrtnt.tenced busiel. a t 0s . -t ii-i andi.- Apoltheary, in the stere o ..,; by M".. J e,,t (1., at ti'e erner of Tivoli cin le ntI 'nrhn \\ a, repi ett lullyn) licitea share ut ;tulie rtli t.ud reneowal at the favors Shis bruer customers. 'lhe rntire steok oc D ,::s, nediclires and toner articles is fresh sad It.ra;uly sl cied. T'he loluwing only at e par toculaitzu,ý, viz : P're s~tl.rn z nvid Snrntelgn Plnders Y. tet P.oL. d' rs, . i'g a who.lesolle and elegant su'.;unui ftor yeast, in rtaisiog bread, backwheat raLc, &c. li. I.'. Effervcreent ilngnerian Apperient-a nu.."aht r it gei tt urgativo in dysepe se. or iadi gest. i, i:itv. us deIltit.m, giddtree.r heIadaclhe, acdity of tihe sl,im.:h, hiuiitual oosalvencs .cuts. neous crpttions, &c. Cnrpentei's Fluid of aarsapsrilla for puito",ln Ithei',,&c o d do stud ea.cls,&c. _wamn's, Inla, ea ao.ld V.trmetogo e British an4 li arlenti. it I,. O;tdetldoec, &c.. IRelii d L qut rice, jjube ond Guemraure past. Tutih blus hott, an Prent tt's caorlonie dentrit fire, ehltrm,' t,,wih wat]o, itowdeer puffl' arid' bhae 'rentcet carblttic dentrlfitie, chllornue trols wash powder peulis atiid b Xes, torentice't scented and p(ittn tiulet pIoweto'r, pIotulatu creme de Peree, ortnte flowoer, ro'., olar.n Cr nud tludla waters, Iu the tosl ',tLvie -. latd'* lnacessar Oil, Old. dia'$ baletot f Cl.,;uriia, beat's oil,a variety of loclter and other matches, itndalbls msrkinLgaw sup'rior lack it k ,&c. iprrni ndatl ti:ied whale oil. l.eLieintmenlt A onsh oriurt eueti of T"ul'rb rst:en rn ,,ci EL)RUE JNPES.. L Al'li--.iltl itidiujag trom statnell r FI l$njeia f..r ral. DititLl, 44 ads ow Lan. h0'r, 'E-3o1 ,la uutll coa tlsets h b altrs .,id srn ale b) d 'FI' lAbln.kC c.. I FsoyJtdm

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