Newspaper of True American, February 21, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated February 21, 1839 Page 2
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d RCAL. OoateoO..tsatoo. y G , .,...........i I c eienti F.Il .... ......Ii .9ohttttllo, Feb........ 13 41 0" ..,........14 I At. Isuis Fheb~.......... 9 $ fiB . ...P ... 9I tLiverpool. Dec........... 24 )do .. ..d............ 18 1bHoo.1o kh v3. d Ltodon. .4 Noib0 b.......·. 14 i Losr do................ 9 kL O4T. OF NEVW ORLEANS. .CLEA.tANoLO.s ~Febroary .20, 1139. "IpY iiodspols, T'ott, for Htvre, Fb L HGaltlot -p ~ io ,to, for New York, Kidder - tHand O t& , Fisiher, bfr Rottn,, 4.J P Whitnep TA Tototay ibora., for Llverpool. N teoorn rada, Hrand k, Pbr Havana. J Pratte Hs Collbr. Taylo r, for ft Loolo, Moater up.o, Cok, for Chotarloton, Kidder & oead ARRIVALS. th Foebruary 20. 139. . Hoaton, f(om tho Pasorl, havgiugbrought I r I., thro ad brig Syrto. t o.Martin. tmtn N E Pas, h.b vin towed to if Piitud Mail and achrI Leovin Joneo; -otroed at ,*si' ;y' skip Ia er; left ow 19Lth ist, at 2 p m; to otiig ih the ofoing, nothiog ow in theb river.* tU4 ·t,18 days from New York. to M Bladrgt. , . from Mobile, to Motot.r - oio, atowo , trs iobitl, to Moaster, bt, Eld drldoge, mm Artttakapa, totootar, I hk UStenorMboPheenou, 2lit Doc, from Liverpool, to ,lre. Nlbhokton, 11th lat, from Haeana, to Hntrt.t t'volLop,3 d.ysdy from St Josephs, FIo., to M1a0er. i -Mdllter. Carroil, frm Cinci.nati• 4 k lrtuvit.l Tallam, from Hariettn•.towed down late'S Lli, Kh, from Ntrhes.•cargo, eoltor I loph.ohre. Clark. hfot Baton Rouse. 'I RoI Ldnay, VWretmorot from SlI~thingtoo Strnok. forom Dnaltdooviltbe. SColorodo, Uoderoood,from l.afourhe. L Smo qhu.ooa, Wytlie. hot Cineionati. ft ho Wheolog VV•..O440 bri otur, 7 docorne meat .ho tfhome the Ohio..21 brla tour, and 75 do potatooes d to .Ohot. eltHfooto hromn CiloitooI.. Il0t brl floot, 20 hrl. whisky oitd 3 hh btotr. to ordn, a EXPOLTS. i shbip Vite do FParis.. 191 his cotton. p NMW ?O K..per ship Amerioon.. 173 brls pork. ti bri cut too, 27:1 brlo and 0 lard, 517 pig lead, 89 brl lFoner, 27 hx gaol wure• u batrk Delawareo. lO00 Irll doour, 286 brls pork, 41 bit cotton. 54 hori and 13 Iali do lard, 6 hhds P bacon c L.VRKPOOL..per bork Tiberius..13*0 bls cotton, and tO00 t, S wet bides. HAVANA..po. brig Svaodor.. 1024 bri floour. S? LUOiS ..pot Goo Colliert..5 crateo and 12 hhdt eartloenware, 9 rue hardware• CUARBLE.H N.•per schr Vespor..41t coils bale rope, 010 bdeo, 108 kegslord, 60 hbds baoon. LIVERIOOi..por bark Eleoor..21900 n tks salt. 160 ratot,' oartheoware, 800 hs till ploates ot Btd r & Bra P JEWhitll, JT oNewmltn, J Vairen &'co, I BHooth & no, Btarkey 4 Whilttlgbtbu. HIAVAPA..por brlLg yre..2•0 tos palving tones, and lots /. frogst, to Master anid loder. ItO ORKK..per ltt p Holgor..31100 tcks coffee, 500 hags oats. and rorttqd mdze, to dundry coutignotr. MO3ILE..per sbehr Rapitler.t410 sauks alt, to dAlt Park, 50 ho bx tobacco, order, . .. per tohr ton•..500 , oob tlt, to Alex Park. ATTAl APA.. per' lkr Greoakt..67 htdh ugor, IHall & ein. IT JO1.Kii..po er thr Viola..3971 feet ono, e,, hxo rudfish, 3 bts totgues. 147 tlx and 30 ilalf hrleoock.o. Serel, 9 qr. nd 8-8 dodo, to Matter on board. ', RECEIPTT OF PRODUCE. Dooaldeoavill•.. .ortaomer WaVoIlnttoo. b2r2lmol9ases d' Sti.d 6*7brls Owner oo board. 54 Ilbds garu, "w A bsch ottonl A Rivardio S no, d do Braund 4- Lau _ gelov.e•.per steamer Senmphore..79 bhi cotton 34 th.d ifr, uodO 4 hlros, D Luoodo.i.y, IhLis cotton P toonoooOt u oollo. 2 6 bid.l.ardogitA bonh. oo &co,t5 htt do A d 059 hr.1.1ll,,nlrnlot Lnnootolt M Ttomppono. :1 bolt l,tletto. Allo, & Tralo,.tlet, 70 bro toolses, ooand 3 hhdL -oOznr, U tp 8 Ltawr-t. 19hrlt aud boo tto rt.ndtbot. Marietta..par ttother Oninooioi..2t8 brte porkond t0 lo.s lard, tBradden & Dowoe, 406 Irlt uid 58 holfdo o-rk, anl I .(1 kegs lard, J Itritlge & o, :24 borl pork, 1) Ithds bacon, E 'V Dana, 164 bl isotk Iok, J 'l huyor & co, 0 hrl pork, 53 hhds bteo,. Adams - Hartwell. Liueioaol..per 0st0mer Mrdiator..ln hrlm whisketo , 10 d.. hlour, and t casks cheoose, S Morris, 214 Ilt flour, Ogdrn & .,ontlsgote, 50 bhl whiskey, aotd 01 bI lI Oftr. J Valrot. co,, to bWl.r oor, I9 do woiskot, lot It..ndi. & o. I steam saw m.nilt. Yeuttona& co, lot machlinery, tablb.ltlt . Thopson. 50 Ilts pie# feel,50hbrl whiskeoy, and oo I casks b aho.o. 01l Hart. 0 hbrlo toor, Ihoxs tobacco, .i, a I1 4 htds baoo,,,, a towar n board. i.ouniville...Por Sleatoor New York Brrle folt 15 kegs laord J.Voah.& t'o b"21 hlhd '"thobdcc $aotl elh &Thlhotpeot 86 s04 ekst ('tl oond 9 ,bbl, 1ieef Ilegord & Soogetlry 8 blooCostor Oil I)Ioiottiow 'lonc I tl Sook. Corn W C & l) Vaught & Co 616 kegs Lard Pierce Sltnol &. lIr 1010 Balesl Cottoo A Iualtot &oo& 3 Bel. Ilen-t a Mhalrd & It.ignoon 50 tales 'otton G M. Can"tplt 16 do G Berg.rtt 3boxes Cost tinge Yootomn &oo 15 I,,o,,, 'tturkoys 151' dozen I h:loikens 52 bhls Eggs& lB0 socltt Corn,, Oattrs oar il ,ort. Lfo.uroee..por steamer Colorado..30 brlt moltSoo. Woin. bheeter, 3 hbdt lugar, and 25 brls molao.oe Forestl &t Rootat. I ieinonatt..per oteontbr Sutquehoann..-4l hrls whiskey. G torey. Ib4 kegs lard, J Lane,t & co. btl anld 2 bIxt J Tlmytrt eo, 50 brls fuor and 58 ollpty hbrl Comltoek. lyde. Sco, 400 tqHs flour, ad 974 kegs lard, J Vniteon & o, 3001 bri tourOwno on board, t bis cotton, LaLne, Fontain oo co, 41 do Looart, Fern and Donegat. PASSENGERP. Cleinoti. •l.ptteroater Mediator..tMiss Bacals Alftert. Mr0 T Affert, O Alfert, A Lflaoecls. A Marshb, tephens. L R Hor rion, C P McKeunie, Mjqr J Cotlton and Ort, P Wiloot, oapt Thompson. A Bonolaeoot, Iligeu.bolh. E Adams, Rohb. CMWebb. Wltodolph, J Poer TCurran, E Wallace. Funt. Maoo.' 'hayer, E Bymons, Utlueh, R 8tith J imel, Dr IC t Doei,. Itt. Louisville...Per Steamero New York, Tiheo Fletchel J Courts J Hubor 5omit L Snolders Walls Vaughon Ileonetl A F Smith J D Curr Prottice Davi- Bostdich Iltooth Proctor Ittahin Cooley A Wilson Carr Lewis WVonlutd Evans o Wilson It A~lals G W Loug F loar tin W Vincent W R Scott F lHobeong & vat J tO M Gee Wheeler 12 evlto Skepwilh Curr Capt 0 Sbimpon T Laud.lbt M Hobsoot. MIEMORANDA. Stemtr Mldiator left Cinointati on Ifth -last, tle Ohio rlinl faot, andtfudl offloatlog iclt tile mal bootstcommeoed tbeir trips on the I4th last; left Portland (anal on 13th inet, the steamers Iurimihle, Angora, Albany, Busquehanna. left ame ay; toomet VickLburp at Blue River, on bher way up; 14tb pussd a bott aground on Ohawneotown Bar. suppoed to be the Albtqy. 9 foot watero Filt Island, ad rioing veryfast tOh t to M a general bronk Y;J. A arge ateomar, Jupposed o Bffe tha :afliobh packets, was oes on Tueday night, off PointJudith teUreng for New York. Arrived, Philadelpbm, Feo 13. Bark Oaelle, Eldridse, 15 doyo from NMow Orleoon, with sugar, cotto, 4'e, to C P ItlF.. BoMark Cltarlo, Young, was ot lavonoa. 19th ut, for N Oroleans, .uucr. NEW YORK MONEY MARKET. 4c, Feb 11. ot very oextensiveo, but pricesl of all theo descriptions sold thooan improvement on the rates of the day beforeo. Dry Dock sdvanced to 8115; Uelawaer and Hudson, to 0890, Stot. igtgo Railroad to $9 SlO; New Joersey to $105; and Can teaon Copa., to050 per shar€. IMIOBILE, Feb 17. CITY NxWar,.MsaK, &r.--'lthe trnsactions in cotton, on oatugday, rteooed about 2000 leao. at full pri.o, rangiog from 12 to 17o--moll loto of strictly one twere sold at tho latter pule., principal sales t I4 to tl. Etoek -onsiderably rodo.o •d. Purrhlse do not seem to be confined to any particular k rede, sad sale; are principally in round Irut.-Advertiser. nes, a ln ate are pragitpally in round lote.-A Adertiser. FOR CHARLESTON. The fine brig FREDERICK PEARL, Capt pofford, hnrvig excellent acce.inoda tioae, will take 5 or 6 panssengere, and a deck Ioadf atlnt 510 lhda, if i.nmednate application be made to oest) I, H GALE, 93 Common at BANKOF ORLEA S, T "IS Bank will be closet on Friday nact, 2Aud Siouat. Notes due on that clay, are required to bc paid el the day preceding. J P NIsBE'1', _ fe_--_t Cashier BANQUE D'OREANS, Ferrier 19, 1839 ETTE Banlue sara fImtoe en Vendredi prochain C 2urant, loe billets kch.cnt e joura devranl ire ta olejour avant. 0 J P NISBET, Caissier. New Orleans Canal and Banking Conpany, . prm Feb. 20, P D183k TrVXHIS Bank will ba closed ao Friday, tHe 2.2d loot.; Snotes and bills falling due on that day, meet be paid the dtaypreviuts, and ollringa Ifr diacount must bt made on Tbursday, te 2I t l inst. Rfr BEV. CHEW, Cashier. GiOVERNOR'S HORSE GUARDS!! rO U tacia caded'to pnsemble To-nmorrow, the e1teaa.xt 8 u' ,lt:k, A AM., it f1Il uni fc fatr st. ntul place of rendeavoua, up. pratatben lteetre, A fo r eale at c , f " Nn. -5 (iravler stret. BOARDING HOUSE TO LET. VIjHE upper part of Ithe Trenmont louse, next doo. S' t Z u'-Charles Theatre, ons oftihe most pleasant and itkfrul Aitcatinna i tshe city, near the centre of Ig iea, and now bayintg 3t boarders, thougt it hte aeeamtedated 7l0 at one ime; for those having fruriture i&.a l. l as tim proprietor in about enterig. . Ikinua btasorer. For farther infonnaltiih t- t preacs. Mra A P AiaetDaao., e aby giren, that a meeting of the hI . yy k f the tit Mary's Barke.ýtibeap Far. wil he iat Mr Charles Diitin. 8 oppm itea. s* Market, on TluresLiy eetaing eaC, at 7 precisely. C DIhIOND, S.HIGIH, %. h" RODIt'A ILLE 1101K Mdeira ud l'urt v'itta.uaa received and taeeccay. . er cerkh, old Londeon P.rtic ", fatlt esai umeet Rearserv and Locdadc i-g., Al I c nl, In ens, b,,ttlru c (t.n. r. wl w ksint ac o ,aa.ce t ,tf Bcllcktcc.c. Icr ctc, lci Itheniosh Wines, .lar.acsta;., ' tldlicsLoedon Porter and Ale, all S F. . JOHN IIe t.n"-, earer 9.tionmc. & St ChGarlter. t - c TRUE AMIIZRIUAN OlWIFgs i a nom a J.vel x Pl xrns g1 et in connection with this Olie is a t SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT-OF TYPE OR THE PRlOTING OF at Pamphblts Blank Checks Catalogues Bills ofLading tie Labels, Dray Rsceipt , Legal Notices A ctien DIlls, Bill o P ms, Show Bills Steam Beat ills OCirculars And every drecription ofJob Work that aeny be required. T'The proprietor respeotfully calls the attention of the public to the above Card, and assures thetr that all work intrusted to his care shall be done at the short. est notice, in a style unsurpassedl in this city, and a at the lowest rates.. TIIE TRUE AMERICAN. " EDITED BY Jonllat CiElN. PAZTn.UL AND BOLD. NEWV ORLEANI: THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21. 1P39. CoMannmc or Now ORLAss.-We have hereto fore adverted to th subject, and pointed out the neces sity ofprotsctingbyall reasonable aid and accommo dation, thie shipping interest. Commerce depends in a great measure, upon the cofidence in the bottoms, to which freights are entrusted, and the regularity and certainty, with which they can be exported, or im. ported. It is to the interest of New Orleans then, to present such advantages to the shipping, that they will make this their place of ordinary-that they will only lie up here on the look out for cargoes, but will constantly , and become regular carriers 0 to and fro, We have shown that the Port charges-the tax on Is uhipping, are more onereus here than in aty othterI har bor in the Union. We have endeavuored to explain why areduction should take place and why different regulations of ths port should be obserred. We are pleased to know that abhill i before the House,%rhich has for its object," to condone and amend the several actas relating to the Hlarbor bMaster, Port Warden, and Pilots, of the port of New Orleans." We have not space, at present, to go into the meri ts. and explain the cvarious provisionsofthis bill; but we must say it is one which claims the attention of the Legis'ature-its close and iouoediate attention -and we Ihopethatno member may be either allocced to carry it of in his pocketor lockil upin his dratocr! 'TH ' y.. NEW tnooD OF COMMUnaICATTION TELE onur*s. Mr. Gonon thie projector of this novel and exceedingly accurate, system of communicating intelli gence by telegraph, made an experiment of his mode, in A the presnce of the members of the Council of the 2d c: municipality on Tuesday evening, and a phrase long and exceedingly dlillicul twos transmitted verbolim e,. p'acetiualim. Between this city and New York 115 sta c tions would he required, the cost of whlic would pro haly amount to $60,9001. By this line a despatch of moderutt length could !e conveyed in 25 minutes. There are occasions when this rapid inlercommunioa - tint would be of infnite service. Every arrival ofa 1. Ilogand anxiously expected vessel, eery epecie of ' persolni disaster or of national calaily could Ie con Sveyed ill a very few minltes, whereas it now takes days, weeks and sometimses motncts to bring the intelligence. Congress in 1836 passed a resolution to inquire intothe 6 iracticability of establishing lines of telegraphs, but Awe have seen no account of any action (n thie subject esince. The subject is cottainly one of interest, and ishould be recurred to again. On Sunday next at 3'o' I clock P. M. Mr. Gonon is to show some of the practi cal results of his telegraphic system at the Orleans itc Ball Room in public. It is proposed to stil futrther testthe prcticability of tihe system, inn short titer In. extending tihe distance, making the Exchange one of a tile poste and tihe lower barracks the other. Tile Trial of Stakes Meas and Carver for their out ar rageous attack upon Recorder Baldwin on the Shell Road in Angast last, terminated on Tuesday night, by h. the jury rendering a verdict of guilty. Thus it is, that for tihe sake r.fa little spleen, three men in the prime of life, have subjected themselves to an ignominious death: the penalty attached to the h crime alledged against them, that of stalbing with icn is tent to kill while in .the perpetration ofa IRobbery is ' deans. ' Tihe trial ofC. G. Myers, also charged with bei;ng one of 'tce perpetrators of the foul decd. was postponed Sat'the suggestion of ihe attorney general. 5 Atmerican properly in the possession of S:leicans. * The Galveston Gazette, of the 15th itst, says, that inl t the fall of 1831 or spring of 1832, tile schooner Topar, cit Capt Ryder, of tihe United States-hut then last from Jamaica-wneas employed by the Mexican authorities to a. trausport abody of troops, under command ofAneauger, 5from Matumreas to Anublaic, upon Galveston Bay. ic One night, during tihe voyage, the sailors heard a splash in tihe water, and saw the Mexicans chase the mate into the rigging, and shoot him upon his refusal d to come down, alleging that he had murdered and rob ry bed tihe captain. After the achr arrived at Anahuac, tile sailors were arrested and put under charge of Col Bradburct, Com a mandant of the Port, where they were kept in close a confinement until July,'32, when they were released by t te a citizens, who had arisen in armsn to rescue l'ravis, r Jack, and others imprisoned by the military, i n defiance of tsle civil authorities. The sailors were, of course, charged by tile Mexicans with mutiny; but no attetllpt was ever made to bring them to trial, although there lhad been ample time. Sk ubsequently, the watch and other properly belong e g to Capt Ryder,were seen in tile possession of Anoau.. st grr. Capt Ryder had sold a cargo of rucm, brought from Jamaica, and a large lot of fine goods, and was d sucpposed to have money to tihe amount of some thou. C sands of collars. Whether these facts ever reachlled rhis frciends,is not known. STATE OFr Tr OLto RIVaE, &c.-'iTh Louisville City Gazette, of the evening of the 13th says, that "the River is still rising, anl the greater part of the ice has run out. It is now floating in seall quantities. We have every reason to believe that the river will he in fine boating order in a few days, and that busineass will becnmo quite active again. The Cincinnati Post of the Ilth ,says, " the River is closed at and above Wbeeling. The Times of Satur day morning, says,' by the moderation of the weather, we are lead again to hope for a speedy opening of the river." Hlere an attempt was made by the Emmett on Saturday, but she only got about sixteen miles antd had to return as the river was gorged below. There has been no attempt since. The Pittsburg Advocate of the 9th says, " Yesterdny morning it commenced raining, and cov:inu d with little intermission until our paper went to press. We look f.r a breaking up of the ice, and a resumplion of navigation in a fiew days." Through the Louisville Gazette, we I arn that Mr Bafcomtb is not dead. At the latest dntes he was de livering lectuaes before crowded audiences at Rich mond, Va. LIrTLE Roca (Ark.) Feb. 13.-The State Gazotte of the 6th, says" thie river has boren falling for msveral days. It is now navigable only for hbat4 of a small class. Tihe same, paper of tie 13tir says : " the river is low, mad falling. The steam boats Little Rock and Pine Bluff have been lying at the bar below town for veral days, unable to ascend. The Lady Morgan rrrved here on Monaday from below. Bo.Ur1rtpo Ngw.-The Monroe Gazette of Dec. came to band yaestrday. It contained the l'resi dent's Message! We suppose this is the last eight we sha.l have of the preciousdocument, iMr. E. Kendall, the publisherof the Gazette, should persuade his near kinasman, Mr. A. Kendall, to expedite the transportn. tion of hbe paper; otherwise the news it containas, will be in great danger of becoming stale. lie publishes a god whigpaper at all evsuta, and that may.arcount brits tardaness. There are some wh:ch th- Postma- 'terwill not suffer to circulate at all. QuvTs ComaLtlng5TAar-The Nashville Banner saye: "The new editor of the Union calls us' wordy.'. His paper of yes slerday ustlfies us in returning the co,mpliloelt by cbristetlig him with tire appellation of riedy." C.Atlrrto TO BoYs.-4 boy recently died at Sag Harbor, from inflmaatioa of the brain, eeccasioned by hi, having been in the habit of.tandiag on his head. It i ntate,d in the New York Journal of Coommere, tiht tihe Secretary of the Navy has approved of the ntduct of Lieut. Gardauer iu reference to the Fr'n, h Ir;i Ah:iple.l, whieh fired a shot ahead ofthe l'obsort n . a a" e:,.rinl the port Verau (_'rn. Cosoeooos I'PORTER, AND ELL.o. O The I Illow l{tn ig laconic correspondence will show in whatestilaoltc mt J. D. Elliot is held by Commodore Porter, of * . I gallantry there can be no question. Uf Elliot afterdb to conflict on Like Erie, Perry had the most cpnteOtp tuous opini .. S heotetr, Feob. 3, 1839. N MossRs EDlTOI :r-To corect all mistoceception fo as to my opilioms and feelings at the time I et Corm modoreElliott i Baltimomre. I send you tim enclosed s correspoodeoce, whieh Lwill thank you to publosh with this letter, With geatre spect, Your vetr ob't eerv't, . se S .u VID PORTER. Chester,Dec. 24,1838. Sto-I havoe the honor to enclona to you thi copy of h a letter which o addrssoed to Commodore Elliott, occa- c slonted by courtesies offered to me publicly, while I woas removing from the Washiogton Railroad cars intol Baltilore, to those which coee to this place. iol Your very ob't ear't, r DAVID PORTER. r lhoo. J. K. PAULD.O, Soc. of the Navy. c Cheqier, Dec. 22; 1838. SBR-T avoid anoytieoet eption, a to my receiving h and returning any courtesies feont you, have to re- a quest the favor, should we meet that yot will consider al me an a perfect straJger, until th. reports which are in circulation prejudicial to you, ar reooreod by a coin peteot tribunal. The reaoscn for making this request is, that I have I three sons in the Navy, who I am unwilling should think that I treat nIth reports lightly. I ant withgreat consideration, Your very obedient servant. DAVID PORTER. d Colmuodore J. D. ELLIOT. Phildelohia, Jan. 3, 1T839. Ste-Yoicur e not oe of d ultioiereceived. It a cannot oe more agreeable to yel than to myself that I our acquaintance should cease. I am sir, JESSE DUNCAN ELLIOTTT. To DAYID. PORTER t Esq. SrGeorgetown, Jan. 6, 1839. 'Slr-ls have received a note from Conoodore Elliott, e of which the enclosed is a copy,, ot which 1 shall only remark, that the man who is so indiffereot to opioio., nsd so reckless of his ownu character, is I s ould, think, an unfit eatploe to ihr younger oft.oers of the Navy; I have the honor to Ihs, with great respect, I Your ob't eorv,t, IDAVID PORTER. lIon. J. K. PAULDnOC, See. of the Navy. T'he Elassachuaetto Ilouso of Representatives, by a vote of 330 to 81, have oldred to its third reading a bill teakieg highway rubbery otad lurglaery punishable by impriooament for life instead of detlh. Beinert says, that hoe o.nt p twelve consecutive aniglht, hoerly oxpoctiog either the Liverpool or the. I Great Weun eril to arrive, and that othe ight of the 7th wos tho lnast. Lt shlould watch no more. Does he thick they would crowd an an inch of steam it they were aware that he liad cocked his eye at them ? Ilcc.eviLLe BRvNcln BAex.--T'l'o Hl tsville De mucriit, of Saturday lust, aftr giving the particulars of the susprcsion of the Braonc, ank at MSobile, seat . "• With Cregard t totC Branch Bnk at Ilutltsville we will remark again, that it haes oamplespplies of specie and Eastern Exrathang, with which promptly to redeemro its circulation, deposilto nd all. In ehorl; such is its safe condition, that holders of its paper amy rest assured, that uder no cirtcnlustoaces will a vnspeoioo of Spaeonles bhe resorted to. the Branch however. will Snt hith caution, nod for Ithe presnt, do but a limited I busies, until the results reowing out of the Mobile ispenstioen ,hll he lurt.,er dcvellced." IePOReA.nT ir.AV. 'ite legislature ofKentutt.kyh as passed a law wvhilh has beee olproved Sby the Govern f r,givig to tile trB ioeios and crow,rnd mtohe eis slid oth ere a live o Siteambok tsfor wages, repairs &c. OnC of tle provisions of the law, is, 'Tht t Steui lbaits shall also be lihole in ret, tor ilnjlries done to other steam boats, flatboat oaod other crft from trrsllpUas or front f neeligenct and also for the trespass of the toaster of. lers c itll crew as wcch on the priperty of others, and they cay ba proceeded agpaist as provided &c." The New Alhauloy Gazette of the 5th inst. sny:t t hve learcd fro all a uthltic sourea tlhat the Rev. floenry B. Brcos, thalt brightest light of the Method.. ist Epiecopal Clurch, is no euore! We underctand that he died in Virgioio, o0 hio way westward, bt the par ticulars of this melanchely event have toot reached us." If Mr. Buscomb he no ne more, tlhe Rev. Mr. Fisk r havig tureed lis attention to politics, leffit has the thte whole sweep to himiself. We undlertinand that he hbeen "stirring up" the natives of Louisville. The luis chief of it is they woont stay "stirred up.'" U.S. Movr.-The anetual report oflhe director oflte tliot, gives the asOent of ecincge during tile year 1838, to he $3 979217, of whirch $1 622,515 were in gold, $2, 32'3,110(10 in silver. and $113,792 in copper,'rompririn, 15, 9:36,t18 piece of coein, II 1449,700of whllich, inclding conts, were under thle volue f half e dollar. The dle posites if gold wtitin te yvar were $l,6I24,9t11, oc which $171,700 were derived fronm the mioes of the UnitJ d states. 'The drposites of sivolr amounted to $25 30t,300, deoived pcioeicilly frot Mexico cd South A: iterico I'h brcunh clt n . Orleans, unmocceed opera tions in March toes, and continuod until July, wchnI ol.. eret les w sere suspended n eccont ofl' the health of the workomen. The coinage amounted to $10 243 all in hdic.s. T'Ih brnclh at Clharleston cnomrenced i De crekor, 1837. slid lhas coioed $84,165. cmnp scrd of I2,. 886 half eagles and 7,891,' canrtrceglre. Te branoch at D)toeega ecommeced ill February, and coinld S$10,9150, iall ill halfeangles. Nashrlille, Feb. 14. 'The Cmnborland is still slowly rising-water stnf sieut fur sleambonts of the largest class. No arrivals or departures. Ccicinnati Mlarket, Feb 9. Flour at ith Canal is $6 12. Whiskey. 40. Pork' Mess 181; Prime 15; Bulk, no sales. Bacon, lIog round no sales; ames 12; lard 9 asked. "Oh. tlbv my dear bay, don't blow yvor Iaosn e my pocket ladkeclliaf; I paid righty dlnoara forit in Broadway' "'hyr., la tO:ther, it it ailn't to blow my noae on, what's it fo? ' "Wei, it's to carry in ay hoat for show, Bobby." 'For shlow, tlutiar?, pat. eightty dollars lo a pocket handkerchlief fr ashow. Vell, nao, that's queer, and when you wenlt out to buy it lother nou n$oul ntoa give six pencet to tle pioor wolsan and her child, wlhat had notlling to pot."-N. Y. Star. Tile above is one of the severest as well as Iappiest hIits at lle of the prevailing follies ful the day, we have sen trn long time. If all the fitoraed better feelings of our osiare were nott paralyze id the breastof the aother spoken of, by fastlioa, tow cutely she nust laer felt the artless remarks of her ilnocent sun. Louisville Gazette. THE CSAM.-Mr. Barrett took his benefit last evevs ing to a good house, Ia nsidering tile attraction at the St. Charles. 'The play of Wives as they oW'ee, &c., was well cast, and extremely well playetd lthroughout. Young Burke's Irish Albassador was well receidved. To-eight allen Tree l ppeers as Pauline, is tle Lady of Lyonts, and J. R. Scott as Claude-thle rest oer te characters as arigisaily aot aSt this theatre. AUGUSTA, takes her benefit at tile St. Ciharise tor morrow evening, and will brin forward on that acsca sion two most popular pieces. Uniting beauty of form and feature and extreme gracefulness, is it at all oaton. ishing that she attracts eoda to t theatre, and sends them away delighted? Site appears this evening as La Be) adore and Victor in the Pages of the Dun de Ven. dotalt!. lollMr. Clayton makes an ascension in his balloon, fros tle Gas works on Sunday next. Of eonrse tihe liberlity oa our citizens in patronizing tist intrepid aeroneaut, will be there manifestred. d ra t lun.Jotha Baold Tin Rtecrder, tand al the Alder The Journal ofs th preceding meeting having been read atnd approved, A osmunio.tion was eited fro m thesme Comp. troler, whereupon on notiosn of l r. Peters, it in two nwspa;,erse to re.adjudtcate the rspatring, fur one yea,l ofal tle p tvoi streets and aide walks, borderitg oa th e sm withins the liits of thoi municinality, to thse lowest bidder. 1to ii further Re-oled, ''Tat it shall be1 h th 'uty trn othe lowest bidder the name of his securities, when they ar not satisfactory he shall imm ditn o. ly procned to re-adjudicate the contraet, and io on uteil satidsatory seturitios be obtained. Ano'her omsmunication from ithe sarte officer, straeittineg amount of notes dzeAoualtd by tie Sinking Fund, being the net amount of h 2 6. 88:1 63. The Weekly Statement of the Treasurer was submitted, shwing ithe re, eiptm of the past weak to avnoamounted to 637,195 67; from City Bank' $15,659 89; Balance 12 Ieb'y. s11,732 39; Es. pended sincgoe $36,044 55; notes redeemed 639 25; balance uthi data 85,039 37. On mottion of Mr. York, the raules beinssg dispes-a sad with, it was R solved, That the Treaeu er oin hisa wektly statets ate hereafter, discriminate betwern tis mnto t expend d-thto redemptions of Muss cipsl notes-a-td payment of uills payable. A Communiaation was received from the Tren. surer, in relation to Ilts depoaites is Atahalalaya Bank, wh ell was ordered to be laid ols the table, a.Lj.:ct to tle call of the Council, and a Is rauf to be transmitted to the President of t:so (lank. .\ letter freass Wsa. L. llJdge, Est., transnmit. long a copy of the proeewdinge, had at a public meeting of the citizens of this Municipality, was read. Petitions, from C. J. P. De Fonterman, referred to the Finance Committee.: an Of John Carrabal, to Strete and Landings. Of Jnu. Minturn, whereupon, on motiin of Mr. Peters, the rules being dispenaed with, the L following preamble and resotion was adopted. Whereas, a bond was executed to this municip I lity on the 14th September last, by Mr. John .Mnturn as principal, and James W. Breedhlve asu . security, by virtue dfwhieh the said John Mi. turn D. was bound to retain in his possession until the first D.cmbher, 1838, 96 bonds issued to him for paving, or in the event of a sale of the bonds to ac count for and pay over to the Treasurer of 'this Mun'oipalitvnany sum realized by their sal',exceed. ing eighty dollarsn, for each and every hundred dol lars; and whereas the said John Minturn Informs he the Council in a eammunication, dated 12 Feb ruary 1839, that the bonds have been sold at the minimum prieb. Be itResolved, That the Mayor be and he is hereby authorized to cancel the bend of J Minturn and James W. Breedlove in favor of this Municip ality, dated 14th September, 1838, the conditions of said bond having been fulfilled. Mr. Peters as Chairman of the Finance Com. mitter, introduced the two following resolutions, which, the ritlasbeing dispensed with, were sove t rally taken up and adopted. Resolved, that in eensideration of the elxtra duty performed byJ. El s,the porter ofith Mu nicipnlity, in receiving and delivering lamp oil &c. his monthly pay be, and is hereby increased t to'fifiy dollars permonth, commencing on the first nt insnt. Resl ved, that the tum of three hundred twenty two dollars 40.100,be paid on the warrant of the Mayor to Bullist, Bullen and Magne, for amount of their account. Mr. Gloyd as Chairmen of the Committee on I tree e and hindings, introduced tihe following 1 Y which was adopted. Reso!ved that Icr the purpose of faci'itaring the Ssurveyor in the oxenution of the dutis , im t posed upon him, he is hereby nubhorised t,, em ploy during tie time he may deem proper, on ft arsi.tant of his choice and onfidonce,. who shall be under hit immodiato direction and responsi. bilitv. lresolvcd that the pay of said assistaet shall, for il the present be fixed at $80 per month. ry Mr. Whitney Chairman of the Commtteoe on 'aimls, tmad the following r, port accompanied by I the fo lowing resoleuions, which, ti rulmes being re dispensed with, were severally adopted, o. REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE ON CLAIMS. - bh Your committoo, to whom has been referred the eo petition of Thomas Rule, beg leave to make the y following report: Resolved, That tile Treasurer be, antd he is here. by authorized to pay on the warrant of the Mayor, to Thomas Rule or his agent, the sum of twenty fiye cents per day, (Sundays excepted) comutotn. cing fnom the let day of August, 1836, to 6th of February, 1839, tite sum being for services ren. re dered this Municipality by his slave Jack. ie Your Committee also beg leave to report the S Iollowing resolution, in the case of Mr. John C. t, IO'Grady, d. osolved, that the resolution dated the 29th of January, 1839, giving fifty dollars per mnosth - of for tire swooping and cleansing of the Poydras ill street Market, be so construed as to date from the ed first day of 'June last, and thie same be a full and In competent compensationt for the claims of Mr. O'Graldy In the case of Hlenry Rennie, as Resolved, Tirat tire petition of Hlcnry Rennie, for a remission of a fine for a centravantion of tie a n- Ordinances of this Municipality-roenderod against it. him in tile City Court, Judge Morgina proeiding, of cannot he granted. sil 4. Reso v d, that the peition of Mr R. T. n Dwnirng be relorrrd to the iecorde Ir his doci Sson lie b. ing c nversant with the same. On lie fi at section, Mr. Nix.on called for Ithe eyes and nays, which resulted in Messrs Caldwell, ad Gloyd, iHall, Locket, Meux, Peters, Sewel. WVhit. ney, and Yo.rke, Mr. N xon in the t. ga ive. Petition of A. Pickard, el'ferred to the Finance SCoummittee, '. Order of the Day. d . The Ordinance appropriating a certain sum of at mnoney to the Uniform Compau)ies of the Fourth Regiment, &e., being in order, was taken up and 'r-adopted. An Orinance appropri iting, annually, a certain sk sum of money, to the uniform companies attached he to the Fourth Regimentof Louisiana Militia. Ire 1. Be it ordained, That tho sunm of One Thous. in. and Dollars, be, and is herebyannually appropria. toted to the osoenof the Unitorm Companies attach. ed to the Fourth Regiment of Louisiana Militia; which sum shall be paid quarterly, to thile Colonel ScommaNnding said Regiment, to be employed as . follows : 5,. FlasT.-To be distributed by said Colonel among ng thie diifr. nt Companies afireraid, according to the number of len actually present at each inspection he review, in thee mo th of February, May, August and November of each yar, plecoding the distri - hution; or tat ally other inspection review the Le ra. gislature may thinlk proper to designate; the Sarno p. to be paid to said Companies in the months oft he March, June, Septembr r and December, succeed inleg tire monthly reviews above mentioned. e. Sco.The - sum thus distributed, shall be emu ployed to defray the expense of music, and for d equipping those desirous of joining said Compa. nioes-whoso cireomstances may not permit thie ne. cessary expense, as required by the rules and regu. lations of the Companies./ fn Mr Lockett called up alReaolution introduced at am a previonsmeeting; in relation to tire publication of Poliee Reports. Mr Peters having road the fol. Jowing letter, on' motion, the proposition was an. cepted, antd the Resolution withldrawn. rk ToF the Council df Second Municipality: tg. Gentlemon-I will publish tile names of all per. sonis brought before tile Recorder, their offences and tle judgments of the Recorder, gratis, provid. to ed the statement is officially furnihed me by the in Clerk, daily, before 4 o'clock, and does not exceed j three squarea. ;tr Respectfully. w, JOHN GIBSON. er, February 19th, 1839. nd On motion of Mr Caldwell, tie rules being dis. pensnd with, it was ret Resolved, That the New Orleans and Nashville ve Railroad Company be, and they are hereby author, ge ized to erect a depot in the ceautr of Canal street. he front Vilieor to Robertson streets, as per plan of a rat contemplated depot, drawn by Dakin a Dakin, un. der date of the 20th December, 1838. Provided, that this Council shall at all times have power to 'a. order the removal of said depot whenever in their he opinion, the interest of the public shall require it, upon givttgnsix months notice to said Company. C., Mr Nixon introduced the following, which was ut. read and made the order of the day for the next ;d. meeting: dy Resolved, That the Treasurer lay before this he Council, a detailed daily account of the receipts andi expenditures from the slet January, 1837, to the present date. o. On motion, the Council adjourned to Tuesday a. next, tine 26th February, instant, at 4 o'clock, P. n JOHN GIBSON, n- Secretary. FOR NEW YORK. 'T.Ie fast sailing ship FLAVIUS, Jones, master, will hare lnmediate despatch. For freiglt or pansage, aply to SIe2 ih ADAMS & VITAIL, 67 GIriner at FOR NEW YuOK. New York and New Orleans Line. ho barque NAVARINO, capt. Edwards, will sail on the 28.1b instant. For freigh t or passage, apply on board or t, SP LAIDIA W, 66 Camp FOR NEW YORK. - Packet of tler. ist Proximao. Louisiana, and Aerr Fork Line. The Auperi-r, fast saniling packet Ohip ,LOUiS0, l'rsouna win ter, cill sail au o hoabv, For freight or passige, having ost. gnat nccommodations, apply to the captain on board, opposite the Vegetable ualrket, or to feb2l A COHEN, 90 Common st ' Thr packet ship Oronee will succo d thce Louis, and will sail with early dispatch. FOR H-AVRE. The A I and fnet nailing ship PROPON TIS, capt. Nelson, will receive ini.ediato despatch for i e abhove ptrt, havitg the greater part other cargo engaged. For freight of 120 hales A oton, or passage, Iapprly to feb2I L A GAIE,93 Coatme n at. ii. The burnqe NAVAR NO, from New. York, is discharging opposite St. Phillip it. Consignees are notified to attend to til rceipt of their goods. .i reb2l. PLAIDLAW. 'LOUISIANA DRAGOOO'S-ATTENTION. 'The squadron will asnetble oa Friday text, lhe22d instant, at 9 o'clock in the morning, oat hortebac, fiily unifornmed and equipped in ordor to be Ipanssed in review by his Excallency ite Gioveror. Strit attendance is reqnlrcd by thei commander of Ite squacdron. Thie pilaceofRendsvous ins at nMeasrs Duboi & Ken. dig'n stable yard, St Charles t. By order of the Captalc, l t CHARLFS ECKHARDT, 21Orderly orgeast rDERS, WASH NG t'ON GUARtJD. - Now OcLonen, Fab. 21;189.9. A T'TEND parme on Friday next, tle 22d inatant, at S5o'clock A. 1., at theArmory, in winier uniflnrm. By order of Captain H cry. Fe21 S. M. CROOKE, Itt Sergeant. iOl.'I-- e oho.partersltp hitherto eaistitg .l . der the firm of ChAtie lein aainu, is this day dissolved by outlal cocsentt. John (-'bristle, aItoe, is atthoticad to settle tht afflairs of said first, and will continue the business in his owt mt. ~ JOHN CHRISTIE, fe2ol N tINNt'IT, Jr. 'AUC' ANO E lon Baltiolre .ir New York, at 60 days, for sale by C 1) WILLIAIS. fe2l--2lpe~d 35 Carondelet a t 'ORAI. Ill.A-D6-And Necklaces just apentd, i splendid adt ,rlllta:rlt of lie abo'e arlilres, wlticl ill beoffered rctaionblt . Ni ItiCthrtres iat ::T. BE DRAWN TO-DAY. Thefollowlng are the drawn numbers of the Louis- - antLottery, Bla 6, for 1839: 40,89, 44, 43, .3, 51, 41, 2,75, 24, 34, 3. $13,500 CAPITAL PRIZE. LOUISIANA LOTTERY Authoriled by Act ofLegislature. Chapter XLIII, pouled Match I1, 1828, Clas No. 7, for 1839, to be drawn on Thursday, Feb. 21,1839, at 5 o'cluck, P I M. atthb Echange Hotel, St. Charles atl. D. S. GREGORY & Co. Succesors to YATES C MclNTYRE 0 flu. 75 Numloars--1 Drawn Ballots. GRAND SCHEME. 32,396 Prizes amounting to $213,462 Tickets $4 00--Halves $2 00-Quarters 1 00 Packages of 6 tickets for $104. Pecknges of26 half tickets$52 00. Packages of' 6 Qunrter Tickets for $26 00. For Packages or single Tickets, only at d The Mnnoerr Office, feb20 35, Canal treet, 0,0e to mp O at M ALAGA WINE--A, invoice of Malaga sweet Wine, in uarter casks, for sale by feb21 RE D Ir BARSTOW, No 7 Batnk Place OSHEN BUTTER-A few firkins for sale by READ BARSTOW, lob 91 No 7 Bank Place '1 EMEN --IHydraulic and Raomt, just rceived and I/ forsaleby EAD& IBABS'POW, fe21 7 Hank Place. a BAGGING and Bale Rope, for sale by -e21 RIEAD & HARSTIIW, 7 Bank Place i CITY BANK, d New Orleans, 21 February, 1839. t HIS Bank will be closed on Friday, rut 22nd inst. SNotes and Bills falling due on thtr day, must be paid the day previous, and ofieringe for Discount must Ie made on Tlhursday, the 21st inet. fe21 R J PALPREY. Cashier t E XCHANGE-On New York and Philadelphia, for .` sale by 0 Feb21 ADAMS &IIARPWELL,6' Gravierst SR ICE-4 casks rice on board brig Senbird, and for L sale by a PehbLt H GALE, 93 Common at I UMBER, IIAY, IATHES, a&(--3.5UOfeet lumber, Lor 400 bales lay, 75 thousand lathes, landing and n for sale by 11 Feb21 i, H A GAE, 93 Commnon st i LORA'S I)ICTIONARY, with 58 colored pIates, l a further supply this day opened, ant for sale by or feb I ALEX. TOWAtI, 49f0iamn st. IFROST'S IIRITISII POE'TS-Being select works in ' of the British Poets in a cthronnlogicil scries,from ,y Falcoter to Sir Waiter Scott, with bio'raphical and critical notices; dosinltd as a continuation of Dr. At kin's British Poets, just received Ind for scle by feb21 ALEX. TOWAR, 49 Cnp at. SARSHALL'S WASHING-JNafidged forrte to Euse sof rehels,rired and for sal hby tn feb 21 ALEX. TOWAR, 49 'amp st. (Y-)DE OF PRACTICE in civil Casesfor Louisianat s with annotetioas, bIy Wheelck S. Upton, coun seller at law, jut receivled nd fir sale by f eb 1I ALEX. 'rT WAI, 49 Cl6aip st. t R OWN SUGAR--In barrels, for sale by SSIIAI.L & IlBROtWN, feL1l ___ 9f6 Mnagaineo t S O A P - -5 0 -b L o x le i u c m , f o r e l ]e. I - . 7SIIALI, & BROWN, febl21 96 Miogafin 0t O IL--A lew casks,pure winter oil, for salet b - I SIHAIL & IIIROWN, i eb21 96 ilugazinil cet lb TtI'11-DAYf-- -- no 13,0001 Capitalt t rize, 'l'lakcn t only !. 4 00 ' GRAND STATE LOTTERY. i Class 15. Draooing of tihe Grad S"atie Iotter Clatos 14, 73, 41, 5, 66, 26, 60i , 6I,, 11,i23 8, I2, 19. 1C LASS t5, Antherriol co he Loegisaitur of tihe State. 'IoA e dralwn 'JlTfi lty, Feb. 21, 18f3J, Id at 6 o'clock, p. 31. tl Bishop's Iwfc lccl. st nS 9.DAVIS & Cr , Managers.go S 75 l)ran een nmtrfr--12 Irw Ballots. Splcndid SIhetse. I. .27 814 Prizes. anonntinc to $192,323 . Tickets $1i4 10-I-lalves e (l'0--Q rtcrt $1 0iL). Packngeu of 25 "riekes fttr $1011, wtrranited to draw io at least $48, atid cy dratw the It gest c'pital a. i, mounting to $25,000! ! l'acknecs of S2 Illif Tickets $50 00, warranted to draw at least $il 01)f. Pltckages it. f25 (Quartr Tickets $'5 f0 warrantd to draw at least l$12 e0. S For packages ofsingle tickets, pll at ihe oMANAGERA ' OFt F,'ICE. 16 Chartres st, att at th icorner of~t Ltuis aed Clnr of Fb21 ott. lh FIOl SALE--A light colored ullntlress, n toul 17 ad ' years of age, an excellent wicsher lntl irolier, a general hou1o1 selvat i ndre a first rate tiit's Illlrse- in ftinug eolctly and ineat i her pierson, ond very good telteml red. Fully guaranteed ogtinot all lthe vies ond itahitdiea predcribied by Ie. - feb 21 Ancdy t &i6 Comp .l. It. fsar lt, by RIEAl) D. BAiSI'O\'. N; '2 tl 9 Itti ak Plaef osaly ly ItIAfI) & 1fcIJA '( c'I',Il is7 blank Ith'e he A('ON.fI ittiotueit, lrec niftc r ctcccf lIftfIftcid t'o o efc saleT fy 1 liIIt ti le ,ac C, i l . efill I c cOcNh i, ft. ".al `PERM lu.--'2'-+,. ask, wlner- a1n! full straiinei " elS rnlmoil, wllrranltlr ttllrr, fir rls ] by oIbll9 cSA cIRtl )(cec' 'o, Ic I \cc cnczin aty - ito C . ' t1 O t; t fte l., f t- ui,-of,-i. risloig c, co- 01 l tnive asccrtdrtcttnf, t + I lting 2 or ooli by ISAAC B,, l l1 f l" 'i. Cc, OD- CO FISII-250 boxes tulfi, l'.ie ale b.cti r ISAAC ItIIftiEL: 'c, fo. l9 131 ',,ic'zinc el, ato. E lWO K-Tl itcic t I. I by h P It James, oaitt'r .,f IIrnlcy, tie (ypeey, &c~., i&t. at I'riaclo in tihe Three fir'al Etpirte of Austria, SRusiat, mtld ttrkey by (C B Ehliott atil( tt r itf bLtt rs bl. frmn the North of Europe;' in "2 vull j'ot rece iveed and for saole by %%'M iclKfAN ' fell coiner ofCttucc atl Colecnc ti i. with rose colored eiasesjust opeted ud fcr salel or. by 1e18 A 'rOWAIl, 49 ('stp st tid- rolnd and vquare white bottlt s Ii ' every size, ftc vials front l-erlechut, to 8 oz.,l or wholesale tntc retail, cod by II BONN.IlEI., feb18 corner Natchezi & 'l'fhopitoulas iU'tI8--,0 hbli Brazil Nuot, just receired four cale by felo REIAD & llAlli'I'OW, IfokPluce SUM Il'I.AST1'IC BALLS for ,af, witit ale and Is. retail, at HI IINNNAIIEL'S fal8 Store, cor Natchez & 'l'ochapicuulil st Hie C'CIII' BANK, or, New Orleans, 16 Fehtruary, 1;39. St. lIE Stockholders oi this Inslilntion atre hereby io t lifted, ithat the annual eloctiti, fri' ITwoloe Direr. In. totse, to serve for the esttniutg ear, ilt Its held at tilhe lantking Ieoulr, ot Monday lIih n luoch next, betwoeev ai, the hours of 0l A l and P ll. to fel8 R J PAI+IIIEY, Cashier et f)ICI NAL HERBIS-A comipfite assortment i llforsaleby I- IiNNAIIEL, fLe8 cor 'PrrIo'Ptoule & Natchez stc NEW ORLEANS JOCKEY CLUB RACES!! ECLIPSE COURSE. First Day. Thl New Orleans I'liae, a ervtice of 'ler, value J7tl0, two mile heats. In this race 5 yo ,lds a'd up norls carry 100 Ibe. 4 yr olde and rallder thlir appi - priata werighs. Secoa d a he-Stae Daty. A oepOstrtkes for 3 yr oldP; subs',ription $500; Gulf foil (2 utile beats) to tatne: and close the Ilt Ma ch, 1039. Secoud Day. Jockey Club I'urer $1500; tIree mile utr . Third Day. Jockey Club Purse, l$2010, 4 mile heats. Fourth Day. Proprietor'a Purse $711:; mil es. Seecod Race--Same DI)y. Sweeptokes for 2 yr olds; aulscription $500, half forfeit, (mile teats;) to close r at of March. Proprietor's Puree $500; stile beats, best 3 in 5. jusn Y.N. OLIVER, Proprietor B OOTS-& BIROGANS--l caoes, cosistig of men's enlfseweIl face hotts, cttlfa tdo kip pegg'd do., and IIena'o kip brogn, lanhdiag frt, te ship, Coucor di, for sale by ISAAC IIDRIG iE &4 Co, fel8 13.1 lIugnzioe NOTIcE. Ilrs BARAII BOMIENO, lately arrived in this city, will find Iher husband at No. 3,St Clhurles street. fel7--3tp $500 CHALLENGE. M R DANIEL DERLIN having challenged to the . a'nountof$100 tlhat his corklntn, Ienry Sim mons, could ;urn, fit and drive more ilorr shoes in one day, than any other mIan in the state tf Louisiana, and being taken by usaaid Derlin backed nut; end futher more, at tile same time we agreed to put up $310 thlat we could do mtore turning . lting and drviet horse ahoes in a given space tor thme il a eBhan Ca[ and workmanlika order, than said Darln sand Simanons, to hich prolposal they declined--and frtllerrmre, we lw challenge tlaem to the amlomt f $.500 that we can o more oftaid work in aly give t imn, in a better aitd tmore worklmanlike manner tlhan said Derlin and Sit mons, wlho if disposed to take up hit challcenge, and end their puffing and boasting will find uit ready far thml at MKt DANIEl. DANA'SI127 Common at JOHN CI.YIIE, JAMES FIT1'ZP'ATRICK, fels--3tp Iorse Shoers oftiestate of Louisiana I A'TS--20 cases aleil's hlcn Ilustia, mlr' and toy'a black silk Ihats, for sale hy fell8 ISAC BRIDGE & Ca, 134 Magnttine et ENI.ISH WHITE LEAII-50 k ss 56 Ib each, 2(10 do. 2.8 Ib. 150 d[o., 14 II* just teceived, a. d fIr sale by f20 M ('ANNaON. II 'l'clolitu. las at I 1N(:I.Sll I.INSIEED 011-5011 - galls Ettgli, SLittsecd O il,jtast received, tad Flr sale iv l;:2O 1 CANNON, I! 'l'llohotittulan ,t Camp St. Theatre. First Night of Miss ELLEN TREE, 7t Tills EVENING, FEB. 21, 42d time, TIHE LADY OF LYONS, Claude Melnotte. J R Scott. Pauline, Miss Ellen Tree. ' To conclude with the Petite Comedy of the BARRACK ROOM, Clarisse, Miss Tree, On Friday, 2d Night of MISS ELLEN TREE. U - ------ A HE GIRAFFE and her eomlpaniuns, will he eax ony for a short period, oetier of St Charles and Per dido streets. Admittanoe 50 cents; children and servants 25 cents. SHours,from 1ll o'clock, A M, to9 P I, each dnay. t The proprietors i collecting this rame asenrblage, have excluded all anlimals ufnn ordinrv class,. or ofI an offensive character, selepting sneuh only as am ob jects of intense ilereos to thie eommunity at large, and especially to the intelligent nod moral of both sexes. felli GREAT ATTRACTION!! At Nfo. 53 Magazine street, over S. Levy's Auction Room, opposte Bank'e Arcade. - IR GILLEIL respectfully inforna s tie public that J1JL tbeerlehreterl tlatue of CLEOPA T'RA, Queen of Elggpt, Which has leen exhilbild ill t stt of the pritcipal cities of theUnion, to the lively admiration of onmny thousand visiters,has arrived in thlis ity, atln is now being exhibited for shortn time only, roem 9 o'clock A Al,to 9 o'clock, P M. A lliAdmitance, 50 cents; Season tickets, $1. fehhl --sf. ir JOHN V. CHILDS, ENGRAVER AND!) COPPER-PLATE PILINTEII, XNo. 3, Camp St. r "~ ILL engrave and priot to order, Iank notes bill n ofezeltange, bills of lading, ditilots, tntreso tile and visi:ing cards. notarild, consular and countling house seals, door plates, silver watne, 4c. -olways on id hand,an assortmlent of silver plated and brass door plate. P S Cards printed front plates already engraved. nov20 Ay COFFEI'E IOIfSE To Let, with a large stock A of liquLrs, shntoed in one of the otts bulsines ports of thile city. 'l'ie ouly resLn tile proprietor tuo for stalingi, that lte duos nott ejov gstd Iealnh. For : futrtler trOricUlnae, Iapply to J Ktonedy, tlrough tile t- pot O . ffice.fe-3t WASHIlNGTON BALL OO00" 1e Dress & Masquerade Ball St. Philip trenet,betrween Roval & Htsrbon. 1l'[lla Manger of dIe Iasov netlfed Hall Ruoeo,grote Sflf to Ills frieds nltd tile Pelblie fits tse unl)pra. lelled nttrsoonge bestowed oeu Ile lorsevernl stsoILs,, respectfully informss the that itell estashlishet has beeon culalged for the ullllnsess nt of visitors, oanld un-i dergone immtease repairs. The bar will br. rused Iby tons in quality ol liquors, asdo Iodlsteenusat a ill Ie ke1t by tile ablest Ioeesturnlesr in the United States. The rot will re-open oln Saturtday evenlng, 3rd tof Novelober next, bh a GRIAND DRI:ESS & MASQUERA1DE IAl.1., and will take h lace as usual n evry ,Monday, \\llvedn dnvandSanterd euvee g, oturllf tie seotl, whichl will and ou tile l't of JMav, 11:i'9. N.BIt. Theers'stSet stsstalisststt wll be psid to knt -. ing prrleet order throghogout ile senablinllusnt, as n le dune last seaslo. ,u:t I2 LAW NOOlKS. 7 QUII'I' li)rnfhmtnt Eqisity I)ieest 3 sls ,f'ressl Isa .1 nriglilsh I.nw 1 ssl te'o.ntsv & Iludhes lImeIs 2 vole, Chanlcet MI utingee Iet" I vol, 'on.('vn dl CI Iraetel ]osll,rltssll. els nrtut rse illeel i Btllsss s n. ,hritlgetst llt ihotle, lilsrhustsgeis Notilnt l lo.w, llh i'vi, Bills, .w hu f \Var, llinehu -n Inla'+e• Adam, ou leitiunllless , .\1t hel se t Iltli.,ek tlollne Ahoitt oi' 2s fieliston, dAnsl & loses *n ss'srs1 iationsj , ionnlsl I'lscs lleng, Ila rrieust l)itest :3 Yssl, I )'setsldus ou, Lo Franuds Jodelsten JII Ilieile It, IenslaII 11icigs., I(otll a Colllnentarieoi vrol, (iow oi Parttnership, GrCsleve s 1'Equity EI'vsisnce, Stllilthsl Chtlreerv Pt'eetit,' 2,, eJ CUskliu~os IPerasote. (urti s Adlsirllv I)igest, at For Sole iy ALEXANDI'I 't'O\\ARl, 9 Caomn St. AISI \S-1011l Ibo 's. NIL ttli~ins, HII) I2 I 2 boxes do d d ir- 100 1-4 boxes do do do In store and flr male bv fet') C(11A111.PIN &l . C0011'Ell°. lia att 1 7I a 'OLIN--500 amt'k Ilow I.dia.s. and fir ,liet bv (J .is2 .,n CIsAMP]tIN &t('ttsitlt, t! .JIli st d NNY IIme AGSssin- t hioro lg.; is eve're for G sl by 11.1311I.IN & lCt(IIlIt, fse9 f1 til.n o LIJE-l I ill. l csusks'rlho stloen L.ime for sale inl its to suit lpurhl s rs. Aipl 1 to , I3, le P I. i.tIl) , 1\V 5 lit ('i ,lt c .E-W eil.l A NS .NI' N ll'VI ,IsI lAsl 8.111. ItJA s I 9 I 'srsl, etrr'er, vsevle d 'v at s A l. an. s s.d s t t e P. M. x selpt Sundal'ss, liese till es I) t e e decal t Irn ,.p\. BI. 1 1. he utli' it llt, ,ill i m aut.'lll l +ll Il, Icilad tillc ' IoIo dl.' l Irlev rlullre alltiee.: ItI s hI .I2 let II (l11.1\'\V .I.1., l'rnid, .t CIgCOTTO1N CIIICUILAltS t r Ii' PI INT s'l/D rilhs the Greatest 'e.rped lion, eand ein a syle alnseulrsesedt in Nosw h)is l:.lx,, or elseC whre. .el:ues; .rf/e at.lov'rsls Is ,,it' ins. 's 'ha , :v change, (Corner f Gsraier St.i ) or . at TIe I( 1'. AMERICAN I'lIIN'T'ING O FIC I I:, corner of PI'dras and St Charles Streets, twill b rod Prnosll/at lendcdl o. Dee. I--t. 1sot nTEAM iBOAT 1ILLS. ale O.lNIfR S, A(I'N'rS,o... C I'TAINrt s o I'lA at 11A01'S can have their 11ills strucsk ofJ is, one re, or more Colored Inks, oln Plaill or Colored Pileper, s rit/t Sdespatchlr, asn on favorable T'eres, by leaving their Oeur:ts at'TRUE AME"RICAN OFFICE, corner of la Poydrsl alld St. C(harles streets. ale Nv29--f' se ,BiiM-lll Oll---, stsl, ewiel sbicii sptr cid p soil, jusr received andl ir sale by jR llaRl A eI l iLOCKE ' &C, ',, Fnt eve CASH BOXI,'S--51 lch lXxe' oferr own aiuas fltEsure, far osuseisr t.e str EIo Ilie, fsl tole Iy jnlcO S LOtKi lrK & C, 8 Frlsont I.eee "is ' by `I LOCK(l It to, he jenl8 I Flroe't I.sevent Iahnk Checks, Hills of' Ltli-i.,-A-cio-j Bills,, Slhow billst Catal I' logaues, &c. Ac. at ORDEou RSjbr the Above, and every other ldes - eriptionf d..PtINl'NG lamr' eereived at CosUlstiog Room of"'oIfUE AMERICAN," ie ST. CitarLI:s Ex cu.sae, 3d door froe n Grnvio r strset, or at he e Irietllng Office, eorner of 1'o) dra' and St. Charles "treel... in thle City. Nor 1 CARDS It PRINTED at ie sheortest Notice, in the seost elegan. manner, in Illnk or Colored I.Ks, on Enlamel led, White laker, or Plain Iurficeed CAnus, and Prices ver reasonable at I'RlUI A3l.IllCAN OF i FltIE, corner of P'ydras and St. Charles tas. Several Newand lttautifill Founts of 'Yb·E have just been added to the Estaldishmeent. Orders received at Comptiug Room, .Nt. Charles - Erchange, 3rt door from Greevier st.,or at the Printing Office, corner of 'oydraT & St. Charles streets. TO MiERCIHANTS. t7"1AERCIIANTS can have a 11a.uvrt'U, CttcvU LaR struck Osfatfour hours NOTICE, by eaingt at the Compting Room of TRUE AMERICAN IPitlr:so; Otlicr, t. Charles Exchluge, adjIauesn the READ. INo ROOM at Corner ofGravier street, orat the flint ing Office, carner of Poydras and St. Charles streets. W IA I SIKNlY-k.Ott hbls Rectiied , a thie landing Ifor sale by felt i. i)ORSEY, 41 New Leveea ACON--70 casks oftsa, shou'lers anud sides, Ibr L. sale by G DORSEY. S n d44 New Levee L S. PAIMLY, Dentist, res lly gi es " tice, that hs mllay be Uonsulted annually in Now Orleanss, during the months of Februatry, Merc eand April. His eusouiat it thie practice, lir l.yn, whoasas profossional skill aid experience, bot in the sCUrgicali Id nset.tieal dteartments is unsaTrnpassed in tlie fell Office,59 ('anal street. ley, landing from ship Ocmulgee, and for sal by fell A COIEN, 9t Common st 1 ADDER-- cuaa Madder, fereale by -- '1'T R HIYD)E & BRO., fel9 39 Cosnmls , cor M egazine sltestl LOUR0II l- harrelscrhoce brands', i.-good ship- L S ing order at the ulanding, for sae lby . f19 Ii I)OllSEl'. 44 NNew I.eveo SICILY MA.IRA WlNE--lghaml's L.'; Caiir Zizza brands, in pipes,, hUlf pipes, quarter casks, and oastaves, for sale by ISAAC 1RID(E &l. , , fe15 134 Magazine ast r7IEXAM LAND ,TCRIP FOR SALE-The gs Sberas offer for sale twenty Floats of six IledsredltI and forty acres of.lantd, each. By trle et or tei Lieg at latdr Ithis script s an be Iheld and located by foreign or aud is trntsferable isy assi.aoleat. n'29tt 11- THOeS B l.1. &CO. .( - - - - - "1' (IAS IIIEP:I'.I I I'ENT, al (Gs Lighlt Dnn'sin. Cesp'y, Ju.nsry 30, I1L3:). flHtE S ,Ps k of Ctoke being att sl redue:rl Iltl tsut I Ipnsy t'ill ftn,,i dt Iistsbllrg Cool, is setail ttttt. i)srr rerLette:d ;.t the Cut Oftlier, Itedb Alit.. joall3 F, l' L[E.L i t, St. Charles Theatre. 7th night of the e gmeant of the celebrated MAI)'LLg AUGUSTA. This Evening, February 21, Will be performed the eltebrated Opera of LA BAYADERE. Tihe Unknown, Mr Page, t)lihmnr, Archer, T'ctlolpdl, Dennison, Zolo, Mlad'lle Augusla, Fatinma, Kerr, Zelica, Ravetnot. Grand Pas seoul, by Mad'le Ravenol An Overture by the Orchestra Previous to which the petite Ballet of I TUE PAGES OF THE DUKE DE VEN. DOME. IRON CIIESTS-Just reolived at the Louisiana Ware ILoome, 53 ilienville street, 12 superior in gle and double firs iroof iron chesel, fromt tile factory Iof J'ltBrown, New York, or sple byR C fell WM RCARNES. J L. BROWN'S Patemt Platform Balanee.-Gro-. J. era .on mad ntl 3 I.envillre street, Patent Plat. form Balances, superior to any ever offered il this city. l I lV Wi CARNES. j ~Il E firu of J DBEIN & A COHEN is this lay dissolved by nutual Eonsenth John l) Bein in charged with tile asettlement of oil elaimln agaihst th Scocern, mad will use the iamomme ol firm ini liquidation Ionly. JOIIN D. BEIY, jani23-18i39. A. COHEN. kr[A COHIEN continues the Commision Business in hie individual naome, anl for his own account. at No. 9il Caomnmon street. Jan 23 1839 PI't:M milL-l2 barreels i aslore. and for sale by jut17 ABIlAIIA 'lMIER, 34 Poydra st (10AL-276 iens of the elet Enlish coal, well saised J for samo bmoat oa, oon boardbltqan Abonau, front I- New C.saio, fIbr sale by IO)LM ES & MILLS, g ja29 Bank Place SW OtiWOltT'lll'netly ,nreeeelPLAN\NtIMA CI NE. PATIe.NT.D, Nov. 15, 1836. Tihe subsclriber being one of the agents of said Woidworth, hrsi tie ofr said Mai hines put tiI for use, i the mtill or Melsr . Horton E& Co., ill tle city of L.a k fy:mtte, which any perion can oexmilnem as Ie hasa Itullmber of lliJ idaclhines fmr sale, and has the agecy lr or disiteing of the privilege foir using bail machines, s he is desirous to sell by state or paril'oa, as may best e suilt the applicUant. 'The mlachines are the greatest la boALMr avig rmehires evmer pe t ill sei fotr dreuing and smaothi;g pihLk Irg eirs or boards for weather aiting. Anv paersoni dmvirons m prrhnaimg, can call at o. 71 It(iumlarl street, Ilhere tie esubscriber con be found. ja' 19-Iom Wi. P iASKINS. SALMON-- i 'Jr bIareles,50eihtlls and 200 kegs salhmon, landan from ship Charlenton, for sale by Ib2 e & J ' \VIIITNEY, 73 Camp at ITO'tll.e.-For le . CtFEE IF OUSE, withbll me its fixtures, in Camp treet, in the central part of m niliaira, anld doing now a prutty smart business, for fur. hl er particulars pply nouflice o tit ththie paper. 15 1m ltll.ti',l..IA-S-I come, a9 to 3G ii. . nltia an IJ Gmilgmmim iumbrellaa limle bmi lm r fel ISAAC BRl(DIItlD & Co, 134 Magazinest I)AC ON SI )t-0 5iml m Cim aimmaii iAli . fid-r I) mid furmaloby STETSON & AVERY, j29 88 Graeier at I." 111 POLttlISiH ORPHAN, or Vieisitudes-A talae l Iby ll! alltheor if thle Swiss Iltiress, jaut received and fllr sale by A. 'C WAR, jn :31 49 Camip at mm(1(1 uoner'. Ihll, 24 'aluties street IN by D iAVII) FEI.T & CO. I.: IverI attirle ill mmatiummrv real!y madei, or to order pll' tlm p,lm at llm noticeI . \'boleiidle or resail, cash or ,,. pprovI crledit. fe5 IIIr I101 FFi F Oll.l'l SES [--Iti R-'theubm.s riterlI I lulse just re. rived . large simortmment of Wlas m 7nmblm''rs, Iecaliters, Siglr Iawlws and silver punch I.adll . t. d llldy I.iiuiamI, wlich Amy omir firsalen low. _ . ji - . It lltO\VEIt Co,. 17 Comlp at t ONlIlON Editions of standard works, consisting o. Sthe .N Iemllirs of Cralock, literary and mtniscellaneous. I. ii Not llon, ilt dedicated to Montholo SiPh illi Ir l n, i vo le , do C(,ilit e I irmal (. n niti , 4 voe e, doi flibhlim n, -t m ll. do t'alherinc 2w1,3 vol, t o uilford, ISir DIdlev Noith, IR H Sir Jlohn North, , Narpotlin, by i V II Ireland, 4 vols; or Nn 'oleoln, bym Smvary, Duke of iReigo n4 cvmis. ml il addition to tlhe Isl ve. a large supply of standard I t works, clll.i lei',,ivel, te' rim e I'y jim' W\Vt 3th'KE N, car i m (' ll c nommon at, ti UlIT'i"' Adi lligeIl-A Iige.t lof case in S ` J the our oflll ill :illli lty in l E glanid, in I vol. Sive, ,-I re' vived u!.l tin mm hi " v1. . ,I :II .E\l TOIIAR, 49 Camps 1 it ll ixln t 11i S FOR mbll 4 i L't d4 , b x ,ll ,bin r. '' .1 l now e Ithnding fim ie brig Alexamle fir, le Ih,encn sld have ben s. ellehtd wilth parlicula m' c mmre, by I 'lmir ilt 'rumllmkirt, il euti , m d Colognie. doal. ing ertenuswra 'e iliai thi rti, lim eh r iths rmum ntry. On evr, Im.iohe a'nat tmiqumilr imi miam x d, shlimmc quaiti it lear ' mlro vth mud miay Hame as impelter. . muI-d Nll'll'Uil't. the g,, in,'.,,-s. SI l . mmmr l mhmm'm.mio m it imcw ar, i evilinm i o"rk, by ohes rt'y Illa'ur otui-, ruel recive lI liei vm I r .liL L i t lla h, S, 1 "E 49 CMamp at 1 J '."Jil"4'"'"i\'S l t'eim-mm1lc B2 k-."keepi ig o twa' lmmmmf m ml'mulllam :'llm .imkers. Also, Binnet's, for mimer. lc clmmtm mi'm'lmi. lm:; tccimt buoki of ever) demcription m.r mmi, by " AVID IlL I' & Ci, el- . N Y tutimoners Hall, 24 Chbrtrei st 2l biX 1( m L'1 Ol NEW ORILEAN . em' iI " p'iie oiu i.slh flour to-day is 17 75 perbartll il miiii"rill in I hie arinff the bakera shall girve du. illg II 4-,wing UekL (Iro Mmblodar 1lt1 immt.I 37 mUn mmi 'mine ai hum. Bread oft'eii saelmd qIulity is cm (feamil miil m umm e llm m 5 pm r ccnt. moreue vie: 1m1 ounec. -rIIS C. indENt 114 . Ma i. C. (dENolt. Maynr. i Xi'l: .l ci CI.Al', Altccrcceyn at Law, 14 111i \Vai'l au.t ..v of ew York." Collectlonse and ell" sttundeal to in any part of the state of Ml k \'hlto Ecq. Honl Ogden Ioffman, Wclion0 l\ Ke i a. Myessrs. Cripc & Wyth, j I hnWd I1C., Cashior, Frname & Kinbesly, E XCHAn Slot Nl E,,I, rk r e York. New Orleans. l'e G-ap SI) ( IO' ING ZIC-13 Iet Itoufig Zin I ow iundimNe rou bcaoque Ilnshaw forn ale lby flt JOSEPHl (''KAYN, 25 Greavier `s 0:P'-17; If,,J No. I ;ajd j a accaIc brand. Jan. c.I;ut, Jack n c .n.'lrowbrldge, Geouge Robbins and J Il Mrlo.n; for sale by julti ISAAC Bthll lGE& &r, 134 Magaiain t SXCIItA\GE oulN-w v'-Trk.Brs .'lebyy 1 Cl ANDILEWS & BRO'8, NY _ nr 50t Caop street ` ~1 1 1 ca I he ang r t in catac , fora sale fel- h IIERMOGENE BROWN & Co. fell 9 Conti st SN Dict ar the Englisl te.ang age, by ,Chrle.s ttichardeasou,eomplerr in 2 vale. Also. No. l,ofNicholis Niklelby, just received, and forsale by VWiM M'KEAN, fld c_ r or Cana and Common etreeta role. iu Ytore, Flir 81hle by O )oORSiEY, 30 E,1II'I' hhls. enld tiErcea, fr saele by jalR SHALL& BROWN, 196 M0agazine .a a 1i .rli dinew st dleu dke'l ro n t.neroe, antdsm rpuerisl/ , ale .Aby GOSSIPT & Co yale by AIIALLT BROWN, j2l _ OMegaaino et. E At m.kllIr rti'Is Tlecr Nonertersa teiy bantif al J1 rticle, nlcc estyle, juc.r recivedftrom Laronee and baanie by DAVID FELT & Cao ict3 N Y Sloti seers IalI, 21 Chartres as g OPPYtN'G PRESSESNj-Jnat received I don. C hithelc' Patent Lever Copyingg Prensen, for sale feL13 N VSta'iollernIall, l Chalitreal C IlN \VAIIE 5anufietory--Every article of Tin Seed lae.,t clpperc ware Innufantired at the alort etl nlllie, Whll in a superior style Ily feL3 S LUCItE . Co,8 Front at N Ii-tn hcnd tit all times a largoe asonllen t of t in and eolpepr W arre. Country Ilerhantls are particular r J 10 PI.ANTERItS-Th rnibjra anler for enle, S lcllicir's Corn ,Iillcbrb rccberr, corn ahellerr. strcaw lnd bolder cutls-r, and every other variety of Ilannill e anlld garen tools; grtin, giass andi garden eeds; Iboks oa agricuotoe nod nlllngelnlett ol'stmk; fruit nod runealal ees and prn cenl. Lln C oguoar l coltain ing llnetr, price lnd de.rriptlion of eleh article for sale filthlbecd by tia eubsceibers or by Shall Sr Brown, who are appointed agonlns flr tlie estaltlialhment ROOBEIRI' SINCLAIR Jr Cao te9 Seedtme and Mlanufreturera, Bolinore $100 RIEWARD. ANAWA, Feb. 17lth, a griff colored boy, named CIIAIILES, large eyes, with it amooth face abut 0l years olld, He look witlh him a gold wncb h and lanite. No. of tle watn h 16- _"5l ; J Tl'bia Co, Liverpool; about $200 in rash, a protisaory Bote of 000U , drawn Iy E Blaac, to tie lrder of E W Iewell, at o0 dons from lt D'lot Jantuary, 1839. The above rewardl will beo paidr nc t.ire delivery of tlhe elae, with any olfbe nonm'd articles. -" I9_ ED)W'I W SEWELI.. S nlew rlitin. Thle aubeeribean to this work and geotllten l oflie liar in genernl, are iuolafrmed that the .oo edriion oltic. Code of Irartic.. is now lsie.o olc recdy fno clelivary at tl. almule ftherubreribren. 'ir i(n'roie of r.aotice is witth Lill.eacu. td ctc iaI elega.llcec alci pluliahed in English and Prenol, The cdlrctee cmvort ullios are contalted in it. In the she of cccttieccclix. E JOIHNS & t.o, I'ublisher, New Orlrace Staticoers Hill ll)_ crr (Clolllcllo end It Charlee st Xltlli cl)ii Kho cciu Lccrd, ic stare far alet,7 •.4 _" t l.t . Inl)EY, I44 New't nee ID( ,, ~, , ke,, v,, i Oc....... I .... b,, r fl tHI.1. I I W.110W , 96I oluuozh.s n1

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