Newspaper of True American, February 25, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated February 25, 1839 Page 1
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PRICE 12; CENTs. NEW ORLEANS MONDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 25 1839. Vor.-VI 'o 18IS, 'j'crna of the Nemsptper Prcso of New Orleans r5ll uaanilnuanly gr'eed to at aia adliourld loe.tine of1 the L'roprietorr, held on the 13ih of March, 1837. ile Sucscturrtots,.'.w,.lve I)ollarn for tle daily pa- YvrI o yr annon, pay okable sei-annually in advance: tten Grel daollara for the riwcekty country paper, payable one tih I year in adlvatnce, where no ctv efrefrnce is gven. NI real a tho.ript.on will be discontinued until arrearages are wh settled. n case of di-continuance, one week's notice goo. in toritang must no invaroablly given, previous to tit reel xiratlon of subscription. 0)1 hAoeneRTISliU.Oan dollar per sqnare for tlhe first oa It nsertion, and half that prico for each hhseque:t onlae: ant material alteration Irom the original advertiement will be charged as a new one. N yVARLt Alvn'tsTltns.--Merchlants and Tralers, oe r arty dollars ft English alone, and sixty for both lan ,gda-e I naks, ltnsrrance Ofices, and other sitiar dt alto Institutions, fifty dollars t English only, and pighty for bot langages;l Ship and Steambont Foe tora, or Comnalissionl aireiutt sixty dollars in English hno and eighty lor both languages. MARInlaoaS, OnBTUtYo NOTICES, and artles aoll- l ing the attention ef the pohlic to sales la property, eatrs of passengers, lenefits, &e. &e. will be olmrgad one dollar per square for the brst insertion in each lan Luage. J Coanrevltcttovs, ar Advertiaeenter of any prvasn a nature, wllen adoissibla, slIll be charged dauble, A deduction of twenrty-five percent. will be made to 1 Auctioneers, Sierllr, Ingilotrs of Wills, and Marshals onil alesof roal nstate, plttlised in ooth languagres, and 50 per cent. ia Eogltsh alone: 10 percent.ontulea l of other property. At rten tar'S TSN ott af the direct line of business edit of tle advertiser, schI as legal, auetion, aod plants tion sales, rnuawav slaves, stray ulnmls, &e. &l, will be chearged lir te)a.ntely, ond at the ordliary rates. ADrnRTISenENTS nw t specified aus to line, wvlo e puhllshlo one imonth, and chargedaccordlingly No advertiselnents of Ianhkrltlcies will lie publilled paysent gla tranteed byl a re palioolll liUre Inil o . lhleatres aini otther plnces of aolnnselont, adevrtising daily orthe season, to hne charged $10t for Lnglisho a lnel, and $5 t$5 ishalt langhagores. All anenoot luaen tls o' einliniates far poliicanl offices will be charged double thie price o other advertise Owing to the i prioicv 1i900 teoonilal loett Ianloavlnltr, they have cove to the conleianin that tile stnea of persons wlhose CCaio tso haIve tot heen paid withir one 00 onthlt after irese atnio, srhall be tade ' known (so far as Iproetienale to each other--they obli Sgaoting themsalver not to adlvertise or prinl for such adelinqu elln, nless in case ml adenoee paym rals. (Signed) J. C. 1)i ST. IRonME J. IIAYON, All I'. P. REA, J. C. PItENDER.GAST, JOHN GIBSON, ILUMSl)EN. tVrekry Pe nss.--\V, tle uaigrlv etd, agree to bide, by the above coa.ditions, an fr as tlhey are applicable to e oearlv papers. A. A. thrre r l (Signed) B la tn e , ¢4 No subscriptions are taken for less than G montha. l.etterson loUt, ill cases, be oe alid.l 1TEFItPH N.--F~lt-- Nos. a 1 pes I SDatioel Wteltel an e elt', oarg .knrrellt oet Congress Tlarg t Ir terrys ofl. 1spr ing o do oolnall u dol , o 1 it do WVindel's la die lot lln olnule patent do. i rllaril l lou lr e pater t do GCilloOt'ns lnrl di do Nutintaitt do And alllot's (omtlleArnial, for sle ate C DAVID FLT l (o '.1 CDrIres st,&o,) fo wi o to ,,ot c 1o ll11 o l Uti iol t-I.i i n, Il IJ 111.1100 call. Molal:sorse---b plauhtli,,u .ho,: ti ,'iti fore r le b y : ; ,A I ,S t Veil IT .I ,, it s R .ta l --lw .6c7 ( ;1n v ie r s t / LS L ds-100 ier.e- in tllr forr f iIr I, I' lx feoa tli 1.1. IS IIItl\\'N, !it n.Sl lac e m KErE1O N· I'-A:- vl11i ,e ihio, I, o floo, O.CUlid v 14 I. Vy Mlrtis. Kelly, Ilarrir & t'o. l'.oesso.ion give I, I; W I'itl'CIflIAIW & JO I ',(;ICI'I'.Ill t. .ot I'lvdl oras ' MIl e ,n "I it, .. .... l tls.. 14.( l t. " . IAY'S I.INI)I[\ N'T.-No Fletion. 'l'is ex ni ` traorditnry cllhmical comtposition, tle resuarllt of science, ana thlle invellll oit a celebrateld nel , cal miai, the inturodut , on ot which to thoe pblic lfo was ilvelLed with Ihona aSoillly o a deathbed Is heoilnot, has sinCe galiod o r.puLrtltion niparalleled, o u filly r tatsLarI IIr .o Otrre.rts of tile amn1t'ed ;i: itr Gridhyt s l l t conosfeinoo , thlat " u o o rtoed not die without glvigto (l posterity lth benefit of IlIt i kulonledg olo thts d ralJect," andi Io tllterefiro iqueatlellod to his iiend aol d atttndanit, Solomoaioot Ilays, the cecrllt l, o I"Is iscovtery. III It is now ot 7d i t le 0prin i tal hIospitalso andl t nito privt prlac:tico in otr ollotry, first nod nloo t II' eoortoitly l or the cdire o1" theo. l's, avtvl o exaen t eivedy atd ellouotully as to Ilitll creedulity, unleass itk sIhre its ellct . ts . lu'.w Lesed ELxternally it tLo lo ftllwillng c uOlpll Ltois: I IFor Dropsyv--Crcatig oxlraordinary absorptlion r at oaee. tl A ll Swellingt -loodoloio lg tvl t i t a fe 'w hoots,'o rl Rll..o.....ti o' .... l. . to. I 0.....oic,, givilng quick io ease. Sore Troeat-Ily t'ancers, IUlcers or Colds. Ile Croup alnd o Vhuoloooog touglt-Eatoornally, and l It over ti, hrheot. All Bruises, Sprains, and lourns--Cnring it, a I iaw hlorv. fo Sores and o Uol clroa-Wlelter lfcs or long stalolldig, allod fever sores. Its opratitns uplit adulls anld chlildrent ill reduc Is ing rlhounlatic swellings, and looseninlt eottghs and js tiglitess of tilhe clhest by lelaxationi ol tiha parts, 1 ihas beot surprirsing boyonld conecptionI. iThe conllnon remnark of lthose ohu have useaol: ilin tlhe Pilos, is " It acts h.le a clharm." TIlE PILI, S--'SThe pries, 1 is rofi lvded to nyy0 persont who will use a bottle of Ilay's Linilentt fior the FPles, and return ltole empty bottle withloutit being cured. ''hoso artrc thle iposive orders of tilei opoprietor to the Agents; ald out of tility thou. aands sold, not onno has been onslccessfanl. W minghit insert eertiflecats II anoy length, but prefer that tlhosa who .lol tho artiolu, should ex hlbit lti original to iorelao.trsi. CAU'T'ION-Non eal be geanuine'wtilhout a, rplcndid oograve:d wraletllt. oai welhichl is tIty tooole, + Snd also thalil of thlo Agentls. SOL)OMI)N IIAYS. Sold wholesale and retail, by COMST'L'OCK & Co, Now York, anid Iby oo D)ruggist in every town in the U1on. For nale by tie Whloleale Ageonts, corner of Commona & ''ei'loupitoolas street, and by the Apothecaries generall, je30 I ntfI (Ul\l."NtI'A I D R.. JOIISN, OlllOI 1 I0 ie1llotlle alnrct, ceon fllles ltns tl rao tve to tv e ilO Ivtlatto o ef V'et nereal Disease, tot ill its dlff-reot flerot. - Dr. Johnaao , froo it re.oilo enee ofolany yearshi lier pitals in Eurllo, duvotold to the trotllont oif Veiereal tiseasea, nd fiolu ol Ikl retot vI ollOOIVie p)lactie in, that partiealtr irael,,- Ul the roofession, gouarantees a safe, Speedy and eilletnaol core to snch iersona us are toublo d with Italy oif the loling diseases, viz:l Gonorrhiea,. Gleett, SI;elltolls, (C.llhalcos, Bubos, Seninal Walkteass, Afi'iions of tlhu Illulldder, Kidnleys, Loins, LUrethra, Prosatle (ilandl, Swell'l I etieles, Eruptionsa oo tiho Sib, Sure Thllroat, Pals in the And the numterous sympoll10voo lticho generaolly follonw hiti dlinose. lecenelt cases cured in two or lhreeol diays without the Ise of l[eretcry,t intlelloiliiOllotiou Iloeabincss, or at.rlta tion in the nmode of livioe. A ,tedioine tt preveuoVenereal l)iseasie can le o taittnel it l IJohasnla. -is ot lm the rlcalo e of the laron Larry, a celebratled French Surgeoo, anld tias used by hiiil during thesveral clampaigns ine whli lieh h served as Seren trgeoi tteettl itt Ilfe treach AI.oray. Sold by lir. Johonvsoi, ait tic ollice. 'lhove Iit'raole htaving a ey ao 'l.ti ao of Ve n er eal D isao e, oa ndo loooooll taking sea voyager, or relllov illg too othe cu nlnrv , 'toollil do well by givitog I)r. Jiohlooso a a coll) ots proohoero ooeli with written directions foot their tse. Olcoalea from 7 iii the tiornting until tO o'clock at night. ABEINTIlY'ti DYSPPrIC' l I .Ii. ti Dr. berletlly, the greatest of IEnilith surgteons Wlee opinion that nine-tenths of the diseases that affect manhkild originate in the stomach. 'hi' Elixir was used by himn with the most unpreeedented success in his private and public practice for upwards of fourty years, for th roval of e following diseases: Loss offptpetite, Flatolency, Distention of the Stolll ach,Pail in tle side, Ileaviltessof the lend nd iotli natioln to sleep, rregutrityv of tile Bowels, and in ail cases wllere Indigestion or a cootive habit is found to exist. Pheis medicine must not be nulmbleed among the hlost oftquaok lnostruml now before the public, as it is the sole invention of tith ablest and most scientlific surgeonl Europe ever ttrduced, and ithe secret of preparilng it a wai pnrchaaed by tihe agent for a very large sum. It i t agreeaole and llt tnatllt to the taste, acts as a mild uper ient.alwoys keeps thle bowels free, imparts vigor and stretgtn to tits syetenl, and clleerfulness to tile mind, and a few bottles removes the most confirmled cases of Dyspepsia or Indigestion, and prevents a return at any future period. NEw YoRK,17th August, 1838. 35 Modison street. Si:-I- n conseqntence of leading a sedentary life, I have been troubled, more or less, with lIdigestion for ten years; ior tile Iato thiree years my suoferings Itave beeninosupportable. 1 lhave tried several physieians, and a number of quack medicines, without deriving any benefit. I despoilted of everr obtaininlg any petrmnent relief, andl resignedl mvsef to the most hopeleOss despair. I was persuaded by tlany friends to try Abereet-hy' 1)yostpeptic Elixir. t have now inlished the fotthl btot tIe. ond know not how to express tinll . stiratiitl of its wonderful virtues and the iulraole itl it perforled in rentoring Oti to that tenlth whielt I: t ltgtll lost fior ever. Setld mte half a ozen bottles n a e, and except my thanks forttle blessings you have a o.lrt d ty re storing nme to perocet hetih. yo JCOB MONRiOE. rite agent ia in bi pleostesston seve hundred tes timttnnelt Sioilar to the above, of the exttlntdiiary vlr tt . of this metidee. :itl by tppoitemPntt at Dr. Johoion'i. lti4 Bieneil le-s.leet. nov. 5 IMPORlt'ANTTo MAISTERS or STEAM BOATS 'l The subsrilers have ill store a few barrels .of St titintinated Peatoa new article lately invented in New PonTaare trnquat to 300 lbs.1t Coo '.and htirtint ase lerre it difletllty in gen saing or kee ping a goo.t'lecadofeteor, tits ftel it .dipensableio. The di rectors of the Great Western o tiered the purclase a co 90011 bri for tile ase ofthe aisi whiill was peton board on lier last delartlUro. For a trial,apply to S LOCK & Co. o No 8 Froent evee st N B-Rut 2 bris at a time can only e deltivered to r o steam boat, until we get a furtihr aupply whlicht wlItee ill a few days. dec6. 8 L & Co B Et.--lalfbarreg mess and prime, at the insree lion. in stoe, for sale by i Du)IISEY fe4 44 New Levee AISINS-4M boxes NIt isisi, Loring's bre d, in store and for tale Ihy jn25 J THAYER & CO,74 Poydras at IlINIt.L.A CORI)AOE-5U eroie aoreted sizesr in store, atd for sale by J TIIAYEIR & Ca, jaP2 74 Poydras at D IA":'I.S on New York, for ale by DL 4 ANDREWS &, ItROTIIERS, .50 Cnalmp t V AII, lFt BtaOKS-Just receivedi ar invoice I elutdard and valuoble books, chiefly Iocdon T'ie Diaderm, with eurperl platvs. leatica of Byron, or Ia damesr de Byron, splndid Iyrotn Iatrteed, do do1 Scott's landrcalle illnetration,, plates. Ilrtlckenden' Alps, Roscoe's Wales. Firrlell's Tableaux, Gallery orflirilih Artistr, all oplendil engeravings; life of Jollt, Mttrotn willr collreed slloring platee; I.tain and ilreek Clnsaicoll Library, it, EnglisL, Iive, Tracnlttr, Xenoplhon .e., lvron's Tworks, lonido pocket edition, S.linkpcurc, I.ond tll linoorl elition, Illog'g'o, Irit Ettrick IieperCd', btales, Aiken's llrtisll, poets, Thie Specttor, 6 vole, i t lo elo, Selectlona from , ritill prmts,m r IloccaeCio'a De)coaTern, in 2 vole, 1. (Coriosilcs ol Literature Iby e'leraeli, I' Marliall'o life of Wasllinglton, I vol, 2to, a WVitlhi o variety of aplendid 'Annuala anil works of Artl, in handsocre bindings. F. JOIINS & Co, flit I car St Chnrles nmid Clnm ollou t L lF 1000on casks fret beret Thooaston Liare, lndigfronat iriL AIbans, forsale by t t jan il S. do J. 11. WIIITNi Y.73 Camp st IEAIND-1000 key A for sale by jetH.J s1r EIr.ON 4 AVIERY, 31 Ceravier at 1,LIIIIJrIt-3iI ibllssuperfnwe landing frut, teamer Splenlddl in store for sale rby jarn it G. I)UI'REY, 41u New Levee Slnr'INt'ED li uCKEt'S-iO0 do in itll e for aldc by j.a l _J 't T'IIAI:R & Co, 74 I'uvdrac Ibtl i''STICS-300 Irttllles 31-4 nt .4-I ltely tbrown Iihirthillre and srelltiehgs, fir sale Ihr' jo 2, IS "AC tIlttl)it'. & Co, 1:11 3llne.inte st I'IENSC IOLbb MANSION iHOUSE NW\V CIT'Y, IPKNsA:OI.A. r llt el eulisliber Ilaving plurchaserltle lease and for Sl lll. this wel l knlown plasbl Will al , fro rirlll .hM raittr, te laerrietot, wl be ridv to rcruivaer tilt - t <' the lot re April next. NIa lhnrrot l aiod covlly hilnvro eai. will tbe iioun in tI. li t , o'l fi v t he lir in n tilos a .n tNew r I It Inn L r melll iou· , dt il.thnlll' wIh . a ' l-wr h will rli te l toiltia d - i 11 it built, wl l e ) p ov e a t alll hou rs . A m t abe l knowI atl lnl be ucedI oir to art Ih gttrtird n r Thel tions ftre hr. and rrritheiTr . Firg t rati t irl' o s r mid i 'lcrlitl. es willr iit he rke it frr i rle t tlll erllr tt t' prices, d ill litr)lo d ra It' l itlig lwhiirierioe I t.ll alt le i hlnr d ii lir i me lif viI ih'r , III illlird+ lind tllr i lllll ilt d amt qifrt houtl ll rdl r-. The Winn, andl hquors will r ll.,lh t .. ll , r"i 'nt hl l I'. tllo te trr iie r 1111.r o f I 1 il ', in i lllntoi ate lri 'dtyi'i tlreu ordered, w. llil It will nrrie S o rit ie IsOt o May. h lr'tFrri'ler Ikirllrrd, whio Iforerle kert alopoptlla I a ollrrr wt irii+bhlton ci'/,ill e-trln ttiei hIel tier t' cr rl itmoll, oIho wih i ll, oirt I d ,trt I rdlltf rtrireet t'ejll'e tI ,, i otll 1't of l 't eir, linI it friendi - l g lernrlo lthati they rill w v': rli've d tt 'llrv tJs.i le ttltlltll- atndilnd cr)ireby eI G+ent n t w g nllt g on rall. l nI llei o li or . thi TI he Io'local L dIJilY n ftoi illltl t bIt" I lsai al lile tlr wll: kllol i tnoI td nII ltil.t enIe'd I rlr-ri' i 1til lt n '" '. 'Tl'' S;uv.'r orot d n t he g.rror cul t r ene r 't l' f (;ullit ', i ,l Ki+on; the sMolebiy 'i T iTalorPP refrehed Eos l Netl w (o rht ll (Ihuell; r the Loop of th the lay n ldrnigbioirian r 1In n l l rI el.+. ; the llIahllld s l llt, e, l i C h k f-bI.wiltllh w I b'It the W'nltern ,,hound;t at ith toxhllilr to Ith, h,+en South.erno tnhrkethi, rive Itrteacdt a fihr pra hlva'lr' over faIll it r p1i1eces il llhtre lrtil ei , r rritg Ia : arirh-i teorlird tttlir ih lnnuil!r re irto lI.'. t oldh lrli ni obill tullibelWeItt r itPr ati"(tidll eo lld io10 a hilt', oandr will tit :l times I ntele to take rhe llpasicrng'era from ll. New Orleena Iuuats. ftrr ItN 11 AtINOlD. r PgIsxcnli, Feb. I' 15,t1,8:18. N AiO, iL enten ( wiehlling ti o engage rooms for tleir Ti h )aiiie, can address Ihe prio llrrllr, et n01 eola, or d Mr Sewtell T' Tayloerie tefomr t.prorit'rct', oit Net Or ei References. 'I Saiiford, .q, Mlt C Coulllun, r llrAllie, Eq., Irt. ry tKily, in Morbllei S '1' Taylort, P ' Reao, Eo, itI Nd,, / I' S--A letterl Iag, t.o receive conllllnetioatns for at tico, 51 rt hrles rxinmialige. " FILORIDA ROIJTE FOR NEW YORK. at b' .n'l'ravellers deirouta of takine li lerilltr rlo'rte, 'vian o t'ihe h'a Nonrtour r iolorlnl hsd l a irst rat.r hllts will sonstallv rrat fret. Mobilr e r Ienacolat Iile hing l oltillr sral Preoeln orv e lotler tony nfer tile t 1 e1 "f ay. (InarI crrtes wvill tlty. libeilpiidPd i ty mn.,h r bte nuihrt if i in radnss to illke xinsrel. rr fron NMolil, in lolse -ofr tle failuree of w Ile blnta S. N It AkNOnlD. S "eI'll stenihnlel inlllmiioll olearnt h Mobile hIo Penaae tey clolln-te ie a wteek . !3 Ir v - . MntL ,,t,.,s-.'s Cnntr,lrlt Chiaeoc S.ol re of onerendeod bl Ile rvldiee of Marllrid and Chorles Ile toer, indeerl fratlity, no' lily, tIlle lress, and rile ginotic baolance of all tIliongs, poilic opinion lie erlnoiced it andlledeld ikhe eillicincy of Iady I.. n Mlnollter o's copoalnd Cheilate soap beyond su. cul ricion for letter or ring worm, pimples on the fner, tiln bvrn, loan, eroption, p.riekly reat, and offec. R- tinno of tile skin, ite heolitg qualiles of this soap ePl will soon eradiorte. It is recomeraended an an m onolliernt shavinto soa or compound far gentle. 0r 1 0oo, for bek lif inpro tihe eoplexiona remooving freckles, and importing freslloneas and delicacy to too, Illte comitlexioi. Th'e vristocratic diotilolionr of a '.s, aoft and white hand, is willh many aii oeject of loo, considerablointerestr. Exnusore of warlm elimntce ile tihe neck face ndl lnlds Iecotle rtanned or halrd oe oedo, and tihe ioventions of modern elhemitry hove . beell rendered eulbsorvient not merely to the nveee. tie nary every dy arts of life, but evern to is luxuries . n- ealeancies. Sold wholir sole and retail at No. 95 Custom. ll- house rt. Price $1, o BUIRNIIAM'S DR)1OPS.--This medicine was w discovcred by the proprietor and has been sub a jected to his careful observation for many years a in every var Ery of pjnaatice, and all the disease, a of the divereified American climate; and it is not given to tie public with the utmo.t confidence and sl believe that it is, as most clearly set forth in the pamphlet accompanying the samne, the best medi. it cine ever thrown within tihe reach of all classes of anciety. It is with the greatest propriety given ill all the maladies which affttlict the human roce, from t the established fact, that, when taken into the ator mach it acts accoording to the state of the stoum ach and the nature of the disease, tither as an emletic, diurietic, sudoriic, expectorant, or erperlet medicine. Thatt i is really what it purports to be, needs only a trial to satiely the most incrednlous. The lact is daily coming to the knowledge of the proprirtrsu of its benelicial and saving effects in cases of the ague and fever, billious, typhus, ner vous and scarlet fevers, infiuenzt, violent colds, dysenterry or flux, dyspepsia or measles, satisfy te hemlta thatey are not only warranted in warmly recommending it, but they are called upon front a sense ofduty which they owe to ihe human family a to say to all, try it, and you will bear ample tcati ony to all we have said on the subject. d The cholera itself, the worst scourge which he ever visited our couhtry, has been successfuly cout y quered the proprietor in thirteen cases with the use of this medicine only, without the Iss of a single patient. The mediemne iaprepared only by doctore IIURNHAMII k DAVIS, St. Louis Missouri; and is I put up in phials each accompanied with a plain ir and dratinct direction, and containing about sixty de does, to be had for seventy five cents, which s, makes it much the cheapest medicine ever offered to the public. ' The above medicine is sold wholesale and retail Sby our Agents, Henry hlonnabel, Druggist and Apothreary Tchoupitoulas street. New Orleans. tv FiLOUkit Buitckwhen Potoioes, "c. in t100 half hbbls ltunilv Flour, ,r- ilf bblhe l'hiludelpbiabuckwheat teaol, pt t0 Qiuarter doi do do c- 100 Elighti do do, do 3in IHnmpers extr a sized Have potatoes, 11 smnrall Gilouiesterebeese, 511 cnnister preserved salmon. r h boxes lhiaadelphia assorted preserves, ir. Jtintreeeivnedand taru aluey )r. G W PRITCHARD S Jor TAGERT, Jr., ja29 car Pnodras & Mgulzins n NEW ORLEANS Steam and Patent Biscuit Bakery-Waters and lillman. No. 69, Samoanu (iear the Pontchartnin Rail Road.) Pilot and Navy Bread, Soda and Wine Riecuit, Sugar, Butter, Midlbrd and Water Crackers. All the above articles are warranted to be of the first quality, and to keep in any climate, being completely kiln dried. Also,-Kiln dried corn meal. Orders left at G. W. Pritchard and Tagart, Jr. corner Magazine and Poydras streets, will receive prompt attention. Small kegs put up expresely for family use. 15nov LOR--1000 barrels landingin stre, nd for A ieele fe G. IX)IoSEY. d13 44 New Leve ly "[' J AII.S--700 kegs Nails, asorted sires, fir sale by ta .• di5s AIAMS& &WtI'TALL, 67Grteyir 0 ete 1 ERSEYS-76 bales Kerseys, et OIL--5 balrrels'oraoers Oil, Ino :li caeks winter Oil, tilt 40 ensks full strained do, 'r, CANDI)LES-300 boxes Spenn Candles, for Be sale bv . I. H .AI.E, fil d7 93 Common st lik ire N EW I'ORIK & BEERF--0 hhla mes, and 40 bbl. fee S prime Pork 20 bbis prime Beef, for aitle by ret G DORSEY, it dl 44 New L.vee S A CARl). l RS. JONIS, Professor of sieging, the Gutitar It . olld Pianol-tfnle, iegs to nlonl|cee Iher arrival to Irutnt (ilosgeo , and rnlol several yerst practice in Edill bltrgh ed I ltasgow she flatters herself that her sys- tc tem of instraeriun ill give satisftlctim to pupils. l 'I'estionia its ti o i p ability. &.. cni be shown, on 0 applieaticte ito Mrs. Mlillard's, 17 loyal street. 3OX CIIAIRI-100l dozen Itox Chairs, jnst r, L coived, anol suitabloe for shipping fbr sale at tthe l.ouinsinna F'urniture Ware Ito ine. novl3 WMI B CARNES. EW B00OKS---Nopoleon's Memoirs,--evenings a .ilth Prime, (inmboceres, by Baron L.antgn, ,2 eole; Tie Mliddy, or scenes from the Life of Edward ii l.oacalles, in 2 vole; Parlov's Chrisnrns Tales fer 1139; Parley's Clhristoas (iift for 1839" just received and for ale Iy 'lK MKEAN, dec0 corner of Camp & Common sta LOUISIANA INSTITUTE. pl tIItS Instilution for the education of yoeng gentle- I Inein, will geo int operation on tle first of Oete her, in thle basement story of the Methodist Church, at corner ofCaronlelet and Po)dres, ender the direction s of lte Undersigned who has occupied tIe chair of lloathenmItics in several Colleges of the north, and whoi is a gradalte of one of the most celebrated universities of Elurule. lTce cnorse of studlies to Ie pursued in this recminary will be contcprehended te the following divisimt, vlz: 1. 'l'he lialis o de llrtment, ebracino all the t Ibanclhle o'a i thorogh antd accomeplishled English ed ealtion. h. Tle claesscil department, comprehending the i Latin ncil (letek, ilatgoages. I' llThe Ilil rtuc t aIl c t odtelatglI agees, in whicb will be taughtl thelF'nch, Spanish anld c(rrtaIl lani 4 Thl'e atilhematical and philosophic al deportmen coc,,prehemnelg AlgebIra, Ocometry, Ile two l'rigonom tlrli- with their p ctitnll plplication to Surveying, Nnviattim, Alstmlotnv, &e. Nctural lPhilosophy atd Id Cl'enis'ltry illustrnitel b apipropriateexpernients. " TI e , tu: Classes iin thle )lodern I.anguages will P Ibe eir PI acid ottended to finm the I, ct Oetolur,. h CJ IIADDERMANN, A MA. a J lIlldON 1"E.q, Itc v I'r recirlet SHA.tNNON, l.ouisiann College, p Ir (: I.II/ENBERG, I. C I)UNCAN Esq, I NICII()I.SON EIq, New Orleans. h ste'"-183: p CAGEY', No. 19 Camep ere'ct, licojust riteivedei i Rievc'' l 'e' e e' ep d Lead ietlccils; Dreok RrI'e r" & S'ilon'n, eer shil Tiger Nemon' Medium o ox IRyal, . ,tur Irnya l, h --eriel, Chun.ier nid doubleI SElol' at eItrclin_ ' papers l Tinted Royal aChtin (nleri, 3, Ie. 'ulicb. llc' d Skecilen B otie. ilain and 'er Linteed I IG d cl 'iliver pape clciltGo ll Ibtder Wlihite anld Color I. Sd Mice paper. I, eev'e & llel cu's ie't repared l.ead Pencils; Braktc loma & i.ingduO's do. WAT. Il ecvel; patet I sillcisii'ic'e I tciril tases. Iand 'ictnl ISlabs' (hic Sewvel, Bnwne; Chin ''ilet ;t,lil al- oad 9 dieisilt, Ivory, Mahogany, anti China Pagettes; i r ta l.l ure g sll, hlit culre ris andgld rew Can-ses I all n C ols eill c IHolders; Pcrcl aed lSilver o.. A E MIt ., ectuy orm t. thleir ieed cnvs and the pleblic in gonhral, that they occupy the new jerickl shop, 219 Telcoupitoulas street, w.lere they keep constanrtly on hand Copper, tie 'T it ; inches. Tin 'nd See IoI Wre, of every description, sich eais coter ailla, kettles, and puLcmctps, tin bath. ing tubs, otnd oil cans, of all sorts and sizes, etnd all other busas oasting dote at otkorltos, notice. Grato ihars of every decnriptioo, snecte an steam. tor boahustitrups, hog lchaine, screw holts, and other s , kitnd ofsteaseboat work, osuch aets cimnys, breel. I le a at alet, with ilr enil cases.. ' i They adwill ale do all kind of odet door work, 0t setel i-d zine, Fopper ad ti rooted g d. d guttering, &ea. rl and Gold ve an all other kiPearl ands il woerk in a their line of bunds and the p will in execute atl, the shlortest notioe. dc27e e hortes t notice. dec27 LOMIBARD & CO'S Boston and New Orleans Pi Li.e of Packet Ships.--Tfis new line of ships cr has been expressly built to run between the above 9i ports, and will be found of suitable draft of water: s accommodations for passengers, and every effort hi will be made to give general satislaetion, 'I'llT a hne is composed of thoe following ships: re Cherokee, 415 tons Capt. J larding, bi Carolina, 400 do S Lemist, pI Charleston, 374 do D Eldridge, pi Columbiana, 6125 do G Barker, ti Seaman, 240 de J Ho'ves, Bombay, (125 do D Humphrey. at The above ships are all new, of the first Class, ol copper fitstened and aoppered, commanded by men of groat experience, have large accommodations, y with a separate lathes cabin; every attention will be k paid to passengers, and the very rest of stores pro vided for theol. The packets will be towed up and down the Mis sissippi, and the strictest punctuality observed in the time of sailing, and should the regular vessels be detained in arriving, other ships equally as good II will in all cases be substituted. A share of patron- - ago is solicited, and the agents pledge themselves to p accommodate as rnmuch as practicable, to receive and forward goods by said line at the most moder. ate charges, and to advance all expenses on goods t I shipped, if required. c The ships will leave the let and 16th of every month. For freight or passage, apply to the agents. t J A MERIITT, 82 Common at. t N. B. Advancemnats made on consignments r to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. I nov27 A IEItiCAN BRANDY, Goshen Buuter, &c. 30 bharrPls American lBrady, 20 kegs Goshen Bultter, 20 boxes starch, 50 kegs Buckwheat meal, 25 boxes Imnporial tel, L" do do canisters do., 20 hal'f barrels ies oshad, Landing from ship Adrionduia, for sale by fe5 G W PRITCIIARD &JO It'ir . O Fj'iTHE & Schiller's select mnior poems, ." Sketches of Mlarried Life, by ire Fallen, ol B oston, TIhe Lfe and character of the Rev. snanl HI Stearns, SJust receivsd and for sale by A TOWAItR, fe5 49 Camp at e ARLORORNAIMENTS.-Rore and beautiful curiosities, for sale only by Rees & D'lauge, a and at Plough'so Museum. s All these ornaments consist of the most splene n did specimens of orthinulogy from Europe, Asia, y Africa, and our own country. Ah pproved notes at 60 days will be taken ol d I OLASoEi rrelv arId 11 iade-20ui first 1. qoalitir Peteasaes barrels; alsn, 75 do. do il llogshendo in primne order, for sale by Id fe5 WVl PIORTER, 95 Common s NORRIS & Co, No. 38 Chartres steet, are re ceiviog daily from their house in Philadelphia, an elegant and complete assortment of substanntial sad fashionable clothing. They invite the atten tion of tire public, na they are warranted in saying that strangers and citizens cannot furnish them. selves more advantageously in any city .n the Union. .N. B. A few dozen elegant ivory handle um brellbs, fromn 32 to 36 inches. Also, .large lot en wlit.e pine packing boxesars, variou , very low ment belonging to the human I('aule. H,.w ste~lnco ly the loss of i changes tim cunmtenanceani promsa rarelylrlngson the appearance, nfohge wh ih VIll . rst ralny to renoian being hotl l ored, rsd et m eins I even to shon et to l je d n Air cu aneU t remnld of h eir livtegrlnes 'reo ny spent belonging tn the hoetn stlorte. Ht eoo I ereoy priegrtv fillon the npenrollo hkhi ogeo vth watc t toat neniv snytkng ilttom as does tie s of i t hir. Sveo rto all these uleitYonl oiclhe esocsd Ohioeso.e Ithin of Colmane Pnthe three hainor fheir Evllle oe hRn rtnpplioyeatn ot ai e atw Iteo. Is elort, it eCItoin the ilnoir froperty fin gtr makes itge cahrl ettlllyh nwh i repectahie v ini sgportoneof tle the lo of lidr hle. I' ilu: pre siown fe tby te thee ee it oroprit It tihetnet produces eyeo wo and cher,; phevees oo ihr freslthfdrom-ecrf. Ncteeoneeotifleote oTthlefrst Oespeetntilicv 10 happoet of the viotoes of OGdeidgo is Bato, eae ohiod n by cte poppettroes. lo Rend tile following:- Robert Wharton, sq. laote Mayenr Lf nllilanelpl htas eertifito ' on may he aseen lAegh churntb Iter of Ite following gentlemcan. '- rc underingned do herley ertify that holtnvie " sr the Btlm of Colutoabia diaceredn he J. OlrCloetlc 0n taee ftied it highly servieei le nti Daoiylv e pn prcvticve Saginst the falling ff of le hair t le iltl lcertl reter live. WI.LLIAv M 'trIIATCtIIdti, Scnioer, flethodist Minister in St (oenre ecanlro, - No nlfe North Fiftlt at. JOtIN P INv it S,3r'l Aloll smeretf JOHN D THOMAS, M D, 163 ltacost JOHN S FIUREtI,01 Spruce street. IIUGH MleCURI)Y.n243 Soult '2d st. JOHN GARI),cJr, 123 Arcll street. It is known tcha three of tile haveso l sigloers ro ainn than 50 yearn of age, and tie others not leo thanle 30. [From the lMavor.] Commonwcaloth l fPcnrvlvanoctc, l n City of Phliladelphia. m 1, Robert Wharton. Mayor of said city of I'hilnle. phie, do hereby certify that I am well acquainted with Messrs J P laglis, John S Fore Y, and Hughil lCard, - whose names are signed to the abhove certifece,tlat lthey are gentlemen of elmrntoer and resoeetnbility, and asie sach full credit shouhl be given t the said o ertificate. a In witess whereof have hIerento set mvy hol an caused e stheel of the city to be tixd, thi ts 6th day of Deeletor, &e. L. S.] ROBERT WIIARiTON, Mayor. y OBSERVE thet each bottle oftte fGnleite Ilulnt hat a splendid engraved wrapper, on which is trepteentert the Fall ofNingare, &c. I. Sod ;holesale and retail by the sale nceatc for Acte rice. n2 Fletcher stree t, near alntiell Lae, one lloo e bel s pearl treet, and by most druggists and ilte t' eogh Ie eountry. JARVIS & ANI!ILEWS, P etl9 Wholetale Agents, New Orleans. "t N OaRRIS & Co. No. 38 Chartres setee, ale now - L* receiving and opening the most plendlid, su stantial and fashionable stockl of Clorhine they have ever exhibitein this martho, econsisting i part of the foliowicoi articles: iblue, ittr block, jet black, london browtn, citron, liveo, london snmok! and golden olive frock and dress coats: beaver, stable and harrington frock coats, eloganlly lirnisi- I ed; fancy and plain black enassinlcre and cltth epantacloons: english and fronch fancy and plein tilk antid satin vests; real new market comforts; englisl anl french fancy nd plain scarfs and hdkfs; chamois, silks-web and guln-claslic sas petders; chamois, merino, Incb's wnol, welse flan. nelt, silk nndl cotton net shares and .drawrrsa; fine d linic andi cotton shirts, with licin bisoms, plain I a and ruffled; ivory pearl and plain hbndlo silk unt. Sheellas ; "GLrsffi '" premium tlovtrnlsn, a Sheaatiful article of white kid, for weddinsc, hells. ,&c.; Sjrittlccficld sill ned rondnna hdkfs; plain, ligteured nad embroidered Canmbric do.; silk, luamb's wools, lnrlino, germantown, and Ibrwle and white cotaon hclf hose; nil of which Ithey ofler low fltr k ceash,or to puntual customers as usual. Nov. I w AGNER'S LIQUID ODENTICA.--Iins been long used. both here ac d ill tle ntlrltl w titc uniform slentese. for clecnito nod wlitlcuiog i, tile tenth, and prevoclting tle toothache ; preecrvolnt ; the gutls, puriying tit brrath, and reliving mnost I disceese to whicic Ihe tcouth is liable in citlher the d'fit eit or infent.-One tea spoonful, mixed iu a winn Sglassful iof pure water. and nt applied t tIle teeth in usual maino, wit a Irut, weiill effectually pre vent scurv t and warod off thet excruciating pait, ite teooith achel. Prepared only by T. F. Wnngere ,tlrcnn DIrn. list to Jeeoferson College, and esolt woltesale and t retail by CAILEFTON & Co. 31 tcnal ta. eg 8 sole a oents for W\anerce Odentica ADDLEIlRY WARE.--'Ih subscribers, mane. T focturers andlwholesnle dealers in saddlery " goods, are now receiving by late arrivals from tile north, in addition to to their former stocKl, an exten sive assortment of arlicles in their line, among th which are tile following, viz: Ladies and misses plain and qOited d saddles, I Gentlcmen's do Spanish do do do Mexican do a do do Creole do do do Amer. do do do I:iglish do t t Youth's do .iSp.niblh dt do do Creole do LI Amter. and Eng. Irdles and bridloe mounntings, R do do martintrales Plated. brass, and japannedl coneh harness, 0 do do do gig anl i allln o do 1 do do do Barouchlo dou Dray, cart and wagon do Saddle bags, doublle ndsingle; valices; medical saddle bags, Brussels carpet bags; best iron frame t leather folio trunks, brass nailed; lenther boot tIop do, assorted sizes and various styles; holsters and it pistol belts; coach, gig, sulkey, twig and plnters a crop whips: wool, worsted, colton anid leather girths and aursinr les; stirrup lenthers: trunk It straps and worstrd rein web; chllin and houol homes; blind britles an I lines; Scotch collars, and Itorse and tn le colltrs.,"of all qualities; me. roeco, buck ,benr.sheep and buffalo askins; plated brass and steel bridle bits of evnry description, plated, brass and steel spurs of every description; plated, brass and steel stirrups of every dcscripi tion! Tonlgtqer with a complete assortment of every article in their lineof business-all o( which they otter for sale on occommodating terms. They will also contine to receive through t'he year, by packets from New Yorkl, fresh supplies to keep their stock a ille and cete lplolt. KOUES, )DAVII)St)N & oa, f8 15 Canal st. FRESH GARDEN SElED.-lThe subscriber begs to express his grateful thanks to the pubi. Ihe, for the liberal attpport e has eaceived since he commenced business in this city. living sile pro prietrof tie seed store, 17 Conlllot n strtee, hIt in not and never was agent for any northern seed vender; neither is he connected with anry house in this country-but Ihe assures the public that his connections in every department of tile seed busit ness, in the different countries of Europo are equal to that of any Itunse in the United States. lie is. ports seeds, plants, &c. front the most extensive and respectable nurseries and seedsmen in France, Iloiland, England, Scotland, and the northiters state.-and it will at all times be his inrcrest, as it is his study, to receive, in addition to he present stock, large arrivals of every description, really the growth of 1838; also, engrafted fruit trees, of all kinds. The public may rely on finding a full as. asortment of every article in the seed line, f genus ins quality, and imported direct by a Wmn. DINN. EDUCATION-FRIENCHI and ENGLISII. Mr. James, recenlty arived nto this ciy, begs leave to intfprm the cilienas of New Orleans that lie will open ansi academy'on IMonday, 14, Janaary, at No. 19 Toulouse street, for tire instruction of youth ol both sexes, in French and English, in whlichhe will be ably assisted by Mrs. James antd 1Mre. Metchler, who speak both those languages with t great fluency and purity, and who will tal.ucharge it of the department of the young ladies. Mr. James will give his whole atttention to the various brancheles of education, and Ilatters himlbcll that Ithe will give entire satisluction to those who Smay honor him with their conidence. neov I NOTICE.-'The copartnership formed on the 28th July list, between John Y. B:ayliss, Joseph A. st Ueard and Charles B. Bioren, to be caonducted uo to der the at)le and title of Bayliss, Heard & Iioren, is hereby dissolved : and this dissolution is to take effect as from the taIst of DIecember inst. The undersigned will promptly discharge all lthe air obligations of the late firm, and in future continue in their own names, and for their own account, Sthe same businea', as Factors and General Celln 0 mission n erchanlts, ender tlhe atyle and title Ul t1 Beard & Bioren, and solicit a alhare of the patron age of their Iriends and the public. SJOSEPHI A. BEARD, nov I CHARLES B. BIOREN. lot pUNDS--Miissisippi Funds taken at 7, Front Le w L' ve, for Grovreries. )iIN8Ir,OILSGA, BRlSA , ILIUSIIES, &r.-ou j k Inrdingl tro.ell Conti tution, asdtibr isale--rv 1ft.00Iitnt ofglis, bInst quality, lifrom 8XIII t 123X28 110 kegs thie lend, pno'e; 35)0 duI green laint, in 25 i liber. khges' Iq Ionz Jlnedtino tirsigniln;tillO0 lliJi litlhrgnl dy' 211 doI. sptendid 0ll01)0grnounod bIrushes, also of000 atd Sir 001( do; d Loses :roele green in ipowder superior articltee do dio Iln cun; i largn Issortlllellt fsash tools ofeverv ery aizem qupfiiaity: sble penciln fir irlinti:; flat marking ,rusfes nelnots; artist's conlors in oil ready prc ttre:i, l boxes, listed ""j with all ncesso.ry br'tshes; tn( irtist's tools, Ste. FInbke and tieoititv white; fi 0 cks gold leaf; white 1bo and yellow wax; golin nrabic; and a large and choice ns sorlnteot ofpaints, Irv ciolors, oil, turpentine, vawrisb, aI &c., fr sale,wholcs e and retail, at the lowet prices, by M10N1)EI , of a28 .53Camp t. ext O'it'hfb2T'UfL 'o .EW EDITION OFI" THI CIVIL CODE OF r, LOUISI/ l NUA. IT bas been ftr some time node known to tie' pubhc Ithat the sub oriberl n are engaged in repanrinl for 9g the rsts na riw idition of tie Louisi:na Civil ndet.- 'iTev were . Itoln the irst, nwarn of tie great dilfnicl ty dI sird e'spomultiiiil tilantlitil: pin lit ati o n oI* tile worlk ell a nd it was not witholl1 gr t hesiatinil thInt tlhey Oll- iof sented tl the llldtlori thio. t tile ilresenl re litin, i a mounting tonl to t hree" tholu-od iLopities, ind which ad d est eftieSlnle io lltranl tollhirty tllJoIand dllt's, f w entirely out ofn rint. For ill ore rhllt n tl o Iyear past, tile uiiual lice of l tiem wIr , hs b veen frlm t thitIo I fifty li dolloar s. t It in a svstcn o tr writn rules whi h llt o iinulintely Srt'es a.y o rm i Cdividurnl of the tat. o ini terusted eitber ill oU~ictlllt llll' lir .+ll u oerce ullnd whlich 1overns th e di""puitilu u r' of llo :eh proll el t'r th :lllllgll S u pfrnI 3l ont er nten t at-- , ertreatisn upon, I law-it is als I@ll the. txtll-ook l iond laoual of tl e lerelantl oint tile plaiter, o it is of thle private gotlal l mllatn ind t hle llrosiu.l Ollvuclter. ifir he lan tw rsi of e eltut i ieg stat tes, an no iatn ofal t lioser sati :opll tile Ohioi anod 1ississni i airivers whichi It lied a tmartt i" tlheir irodulie in ltuisi)nn, have at ftor I q1IIlt otcesil tiol'rli'rcnee to to e lcoder , and lluoke it ai li ll .llle "erollrsi ne to their libraries; O lld inll he mitt of Net Orleans tle book is as sere nto b found in the merhaltlns counting room, as upon ie desk of the jude,O I tlhe table of thle uttloroy. It is not surprising therefore that the first edltr iitto the work was so qlick iv ilinposl of; ne d tt hougl it mer r eprint of it woh u vld illn s oe m oensur suppdIy the publlic necesity, vet it would lie impe rlect nud Unallstlisftory tileo' annottlred I with relbrenes to tile R e orts atd Statutes, in torer to It tll ,rac the mtmeru t mlndmlleltl mellS whic IllVe been It madte by teim Lgislatur, and til te inyportnt decisions osi Totlnstrloti sons which Ilave oeen ginl upon nlleOn ov its articles by tbie Soprcleto Court. It T'i pulliltcrs hnve secnred, for the general super inteodeiee nid edlitorial deportmernt of the work, the professional services of \Vlhelonk S Up)ton, Emq. a tllellleri" tile Nte Orleans Blalr. The lIon. Joudgeo Ih carulad, J tdoe rcrmudeh and -lion Gelorge testls, S Illv l eachl kiedl anoisltml r Uptonl th the ti valnlable ites whllich tfel hiar ollrcted ill the I:ollrse of their p otntli'e anlId prmnliee;nnd to Mlr N It enuoins,the plnrt no'r Ilf tIr Ulpton, wlo is also enanged ill 1tie work, Geo p Strawiridil, saq. lIes presrented tile greta mss of refu rn oas to lntine ill his office copyt of tile eode, and wliell nave bcrntll llde Ito y hil dtni tie liiletl period ltI ot his dn:icnguisliod Irtolfessioinnl lortbt. Te pu lllisI not mony tteolrin iw1ll trust thmt tthinnntaliomnt of tihe work nill ie il ll ot mlintrv aml labour, assisted bre Ienrnling ond expelim ce, call arftrlt. In plthino follt thIis praip 'clnu, ll solieiting oetll s I subscribers to tile work, It llullinlshe take rihle inl tie fact thtin tle I,eoFislater of rouaitiona ils ht llnrizrlo the (Governor ll order one IhoIlsanld ropies or it for tilhe Sfltlre uoe oftl t State. 'le readinesl with which thi unber was no ken lby tile Aemly, eovinced their lUoS t r f tile ivala ofimte tonrku;anlll hey tlrbvo extend old tht eynfileee, i the ability tif toe pblilnvrsin atd 'edcitlis 011 o I ae s i ItJoi t whollyh tina e lserved. lThe work will In' roted in Friencl and wh'nglsl,l pil S gnl pa i"'er ad wh clear l tpro; ior will nlt x pel oerspd; to cause e r iholn andot:hrevicals, I exocieo of it eorre.pold wit its lreat imlportance. i It wi ill probblv lie rieady fiir Idlivery in t'ie tlonhl I e tt ,n bei Xt ; e nd thlt price will lie, to snbselrier.,I lifieen dollars-o f dollrs tit be paid at the tiole ofs ol ' 'rie lucriltiotn lists . tie cosed, t il It.ore pribe I ill 110 twenty dolhtirs elr y mn whwrb. i I t ah U toNc(iS & CO. Ih llistiers, R1OWAND'S 'IONIC MIXTURE, ro:ci: rtf'V.R Asn ,GUtE. i .r EN years have not yot elapsed since it wans first regnlarly sulmitoted to thie public; but it Ihas attained the higlhest reputation; and has sup. I t plantld every other medicine for the Ague, wihor sv er it oas bcne known and at ireciated. Already has it b o;n carrieed in every direction throughout tihe Unied States, and still realizes o ore llan could I SIolve Ieen antieipated by its ntot sanguine friends. T'l'lolusands of persons have not only been relieved, i Sbuot reetored to' thellilh And vigor through its agon. Sy; and they now cheerfully testify, at every on-i ieporllity, to its doeidod and suprenn efficacy. Iti is composed of such mnedicinal principles an are II crlotilted to rrnew the lhealthy aetion of ltie stonm - nael, 'liver, atnd other importatt digestive organs, it thIe loss of wliih harony is the immediate eause of the disease. It is apparent also, tlhat it produ.s es an entirn change in tlio onoditidn of the systeln, d and certainly destroys Oile native liability to rulap seo of the alfectiou. Wilce tln Ague is attended ' with any othelr ren laint, the employlment of the Tonic Mixture will not interfoer witli the treat. mInont of the otlher diseas,, ibut will even nlford as." oostnnce by furnishing strength and vigor to tha body during thie courseooo of treatmntol. Tlse who ako use S of this tntdioine mnay be assured that t there is Ino Arsenic, Darks, Mercury, or alty other articlo in its comprositiou unflriendly to the hiuman constitution; beilng entirely a egetable erotrat; and tlthey may hare additional colfidence in the use thereof, wohn they iperceiveo that it has th ef feoct of a getnlo laxnative about the title half a bot tle foil bas been taken--in consotluence of whitl, there is nio p:hit of the iedicino luft to linger in tlmo Itowols to caoosI obstructions, and otler evils, arising froln the useof ny of an o tit relndies now lothoed for thie cureo of this anlootiun. It has been nused also ao a preventiveIe,lby iny who were sub. 0 jeet to a periodieal re'urrenc of Ltem Chills, and it t is iro;trinbly warded'lo lfO tl apprelhnded attack. SObserve! 'iThe Proprietor, fully satisfied n-iou tile o nparaloolel ld o ld univeroai euccess whieh hal co0n osonttnly ttontled a IUnctual ald rognular use of the S'T'onieul ixtoro, is all cascn of bever and Agune, Id tanl waorranted in engaging to refund the price to iall tlosto who thaon LUi k ln th medicine in strict no. or eordlane wvitlh thie reseribed directions, witlhout It lIaving been c'rtfectlyIiand lastingly oared. S The snbscribers are tle wl olesalo agonts for tile Sooth \VWestern States, antd lhavne Iow on lhand six ty eases of lthin iedioinc, which is warranted fresh ad nid geiiuiie, For sale at tile ionoulaufalnrcd prices JAi\'IS & ANttltREWS, n, \\'holesnle Drggists, in(u1t7 oeeo Celll0 ' TcIotlpiitouuias tstreet, ORDEI:S IS Rl:F IV\'ND FOR .#O.VE.S P..) 'J.,2T GOTTO'N (GL , v1 Hvtllo 1rlitlutee, No. 5:i Nagszinll stlieeti New iOrleanss '1'to)U t 1NI I'.\CTlYil'lS:;t IN NEW\V YORK BY llODIER IIHO & CO. SCALE, OF PRICIES--Double G .ints. For a double (iin of 80 aws or nlore o s eacth s cy linder, mnaking 160 saws in the stag ,ll, with lleedrlr, haldlsi, &c. at $i per saw, or $90 00 s For a Iyollbe inl oli 0 syvs li acllndcr, or 120 saws in the stanlld, lderls, c. . a to $0i er caw, or 70 00 it IFordo..of 41 vason do.or 9 saws ina ( stand, it $6.I5 per saw, or 500 00 Fur do. of 40 saws on do. or 40' saws in a trtlll, st$iS.0i per siaw, or 200 00 SINGlE GINS. For a single lgillof St saws or more, with one set of tieders, boids, &c. at ý6 per sa$w,480t IForth. id" fit)30l5 S oillisih ossNv ..t i0 0 For do. of 60 saws, with lfeders, &. at $6 70poe, saw, 390 011 For trof 40 saws, with feeders, &c. $6 75 per saw, 300 00 Ford . of lo saws, wtith fcedrls, '&c. at $7 i50 per saw, 151 00 Extam tltt where dtsesilred, for t'eders, supplied a O4 cents eash; the number ofteeth being about equal o the illllllbr Iof slis. Osle set of lieeders, itis ca aidlred howevelr, will wear ouit two or three sets of sows. Extsl s s sstats llll t 8i) seettls elah. s The Gins otlel'ei, sill Is Ileltvred ts tso ognlts ofis pitllters in aly of the sea port townIs of te cotton plan tin States, utiihe i h.les rites, ttiheagenls paying the - i 5N..30ibhd t05151ll5501(( thetOitl. A (liit"r;t-it willhe sent sith tihe Gins to tit them lls where t O . siredi;tihe charges for whose seiirses wtill be extslra, ht Slodlcrnte. fl. I llln rli.g ger:clan alsnle orhldered Iwhere desiloei, It on reasonlale terns, but will e clhurgell extra. ilorse i power, ol.fallfy descriptionl, cln e Lurliished on like telis. Small stetln enrgines can also be ordered if de It isllesintibl, then ll plalntrs give orll'rs for (ils,I thoe shouhldltccott anlly thle, wit their views in ileg-atl Sto thearrangelnentoli saws, birasts, iruslles, &c. It tis flold they difitri i opilnion. Solme desire saws ofl SIlaieit diameter tiha1t oters. The most Coollnli size0 is 9 or l0 inches; b , sLnil wish thell ,I inches. Somse wish 5 lor i rowsoit rushrs oil all le, wllile others do tot wanit moiiire that 4 ill ilost. .So.e wiiish stos with 8 ie, teoeth to the inltC, wohile others want 10 or It. 1W , itch disereplncy, we prefer they sllllul, at the time of giving orders, tiuish ii stilcttntit of their Swislles, anlihe t iimanufacturers canl fulfil thelm in every partiticulr. Vlhere it is left to our discrletio, we shall make them on the mlost imdrln and allapovdcl plan. - itL ol'der call hei exitcull, tlrom the time it is receiled, St in the spllnei ofeight or niin weeks, and the Gill is tltl i time placedl ill tile hilnds of tilh factor. To bi in time lor tie iext crop, all orders ought til be in the hands of ithl miullituctulershy the tirst or middle of lMayt eoxept orpl ntotions woihe. they are late in cosnmcuoing to - ! eg or gill cotton. p N1. B. Thle titeit light, for any one of tih citon gii Sing ; tatet, will Ib sold on reasouablt terms. r a-Gnmo 4 UTIUNII) BY HE FAULTY OF MED A THORlN'S Compound Extrict ofCopaiba pnld Sirh parilla -A certain, safe, and most aefftot treme dy ever discovered for te coure of Goeorrthea, Gleets, du r Strictures, Whites, 'ains in the back and oins, semlnal weaknless, af.ections kidnler, grnvel, scorbteic eruption, &c. I the inltoducntion of a medicine possessing the useft and active viltue of the oe now oltered to the public, ute proprietor has but to refer to thie numerous recom neldations received from the most eminent of thle me dali faiculty in Erope, believing that it will lie duly al reciated wbeh its .erits are more fully knowal. 'The .alsalt o"f Colaiba, so extensively saed, has losat maucl of its credit from the dislikewic patients p lome ltro Yo express d regardntmg its diagteeateble taste, dlsoerbance d toteledb ill tle bowels an stomacll, taed its lentofore ineflicienev when ased in the inflammatory stage. 'he of jtroprielohas tb ade an analysis of the Ilsarm, eouacei to' tng tltat the more ativeqanlities would thoereby be mch moLe trcd sld more uefotlly adlmiistered than tt itn the preset slate. T'e above meditcile eombhies in-to gredients whieh are in tile highe.t repute t mol't' tite most scietilie and learned in the tlofessiou. A elt lti d rtg in tle co t posetio o of iliprcepaation increases the a elficacy of tle othi.l, Itrotleitg a opelotiot truly iO'l is hing,o :ni sorpy.i g the mosat saogllie anxlectatious pessessinga the t aame s tute tile advantltage il s bein g ad mi "istetl W Ih arper"ect i cees in tile Ilitornt ataes tit of te above disease. T'he most eatillllat pyshciatasat d p ltrgeonl of tile prosett I t ep irretss thr daecided illl i pu'esitos in yi or of Sator. anilla, .ahilst its lsea io the ltrioral tospiltals antId ublic inlelical ittotut~lItt anll ] te tn, Il still eonttinuesr, hvery extasit t wat s ia Iav orlte reomedyl with the oeleblatedl Dr Ablt -et- in all vtltcral afletiolts, tintd itl ohstiaate ta utaunoIt s etIalttittlls arising from al dlislrderedl state of ttlitetigslivetaitltals. N tlh inbeln sullmittd to tiae test le d t perleln t e of Ie mltost celertltel oalosgllt le aeunlv tev anlve expresstd their salislttleioe of its exataortlik aty tIcI'taey ia everyatt case under thleir aarge, bI y adoptillg it ,oth i thleiri tublic atnd elit pritepractiCe. 'hltil, ob evationas ill hI laitr; e radl Ltealirl. Prlelaaed byJ It Thrt, aCheietat aLoadoa. Pltie $1 5 illr pot. TtESTIMONIA LS. From A It Salmoil, Es1, I S, Stargeon to tlhe St 't'saoas lospinl, and Len'urer on Aatlomy. 'the trital which I hae made of your llellpalttlon in a vaI iety ofeaes, ot male oal d tfnallet in its riesults Ietve lrOVel so igly Iavoutaoble, tlattl ldo not ltesitate l it l onouaeuing it oae of te aost valuasle ad nlemetaeious romerlies ever ollned to tile ru tlie, ad olte itl whlihta lror exlpeneleae, I can ilace everny irliace, whilst it Ides int lroduce te ati. lme uonileasateffetat usually ex tlerienced from eool aiba, Frtom G H ttay'watl, M IS C S, Phyicilan to the St Malrylebolne lrisnllsoary. Slake grnite tLselt Iature hi dditg ly testimoiny to the valuable properties ofyour preplaration, wislliag yo the success you so filly deserve, il :ln amkple reward for the laborand expenseiincuoreed in brigilig it to suchel cn plete perfection. Froam \V Cooper, F It S, Surgeon to Go y'a lls The Utliforot sttCerSothlt basalis a'lrtltc the atlmids d teritg yolllr tlcdili ilaeog nly itatioen t atliatnal titla Sle abote tlioerse, lta fully satisiead ole that it las oily to be ro to be truly 1tpnetatead. Mayn thre aretss you so well eaSo anve, atmplay aud speedily tr+lay you fan your yah.latle yrpatatto. From Sir A Cooper, F ItS 1' I ICS, &lc. ic. Ihavitngtteeo iattanat to try yourExltractt in sever I lssof iolent-atlln had Itittorlo'balltti tI e a prstlitiot tltmiistilrdae Ity oto, Ithing ftotll nosure nd sedy' tltles effected by it, tt it few tlas en t myatSefi dtty bountd to stulteit tat lla in my toee es r tice both nublic atnd apivate reo t tsetutes td useantn - other. F Iartm GW l air, MI i), Physiciao to Gluly's Ito te ateeI tlest 'lah I blate giyr youra msedieh tt motngtma pcants, and its inaoattiahble saceaaa tha It,-,r illt itue me to ipersevere in idts use, tan I oeet it Sbutaall et of ajutiaoe acl of tllattl' tole rlaty feeble tetai 0, moniay itcommendattttio of itsoir e ots. j'; - FromoLC Thompson, MT 1) FHItSI.. Ieetaronyao my syoitere thabnks Il na t bta v btablo ytn o sen toFeyoeEut L.tat tatf the ate of Goaerllte. t, the. I Ifeeltgrtful t at you Itae nat act beI rouht tallte meditieit into use ewhich lwill ttov a tlesillratllt lon eosoagtboe ill the meifs: wotlp sure, speel y aon- etiaullntsl -tho in in 1uhllintg to tta rea-ol tte alluallle Ialaitias of yaotta it Were it neoessary, tae a r'pei to ler l ool e hm fdridt Seaotnyy moen testitlllonis aeually as conaTentltatl as tlen .I at aoee; but trusta that itsgreat sutssatl litleril the atre ay ntaexpgse st which it hlas boeenl p'onied, will proveits Id Oee recommeodatioa ttis treparattiottn njoyts tbove all othlrtisaits neat, portab eoalrt-ut upal ilhlots-llit I tolea ofant-e diltastelt stagre, of tilte diso rease, iolla Iett t- or confnemtgem at fioun business. t Ttt avellert espcnlett so exlm clalge, containiLg full and anmlple dlrections. uFor sale by SI(CKLES t CO. ar t4i a3awm 10 Canalstreet. TIIRtOUG 1N FIVE ANn A IIALF DAYS, From Mobile (Alabama) to Augusta (Gee) T EAVES Mobile every other tsv, immeoiately attet • the arrival of the mail from New Orleans, per the steamboat EHELtNE, to ltlakely, coaches to Pensacole stealboats (per Peosaoloa Bay, St tos sound alnd Cho oe tahaehie River anl Bay) to Cdotr Bluff osalhels thener I via Marianna, Chattahoochee, (formerly Mount Vet' c1, non,) Bainbridge, Pinderton; -Hawkintlville and Louis str ville, to Augusta. A passergeertaking is seat at M. wvil tbile is in no dangerof being thrown out or losinog hit h pioterence by other conflicting interests, as the FLORI- S1 IDA LINE Is bet ome concern, and mnder one coetro throughoutl, and may rely Wsrt CeItTAINTI alposIis Silt tarriltat Augrta ill time specited, t throrlgl atl weath-t l er" : lllllat : tca\sella , unless sonme leost nlobreseea ctt:t- SI trovpe ltlould occur. The treat New Oril:lllts .lai is carriedley this route. 'The Agents for acommotod- Si tioll, Te:ams, Coaches anld Drivers are not surparssed tire southern cotrlllllt. y. the'sootbhl hard, natural roads, the s'e atnd inter .u eslting -ater ntvigatiol, the rtime and Eccenmmltotion, yr allibl thie travelelr speed, ertaintll , ionl)fort, id il pleast illr vtat'iert; rotiected rts it were witl the lnil Ilo:ltl tit Citrlestoi, S. C. anid the steam packets to New York, lit traveletrs tttm rath New York firolll Nw Orletans t LESS TtAN it t.nso-\W.I'asrlingtonl city 12. to From Chattahoochee, Florida, we anve a lIBranC Lint via Quincy tid Ta!latlasstet, tt Sr Mlrks, 4 hero post coaebes, slso two Branches frttt llawkinttvillt onle to Miledge ilgril, lad onle to lacoul, lSlght two lltrs r undiles. S'OCK TO')NS & uo. AUrne.TA, 0tb Jian. 1835. Ofliceat Mlansior Ilouse 'oitbile 'Distaocv, New Orluals to Mlotile, 151I niler t Sltbile to Augtllts, 411" Allgstna to C(lIalestlt, r130 Chlrllstosn to New York, JSl-- 1o8 Timle, w tlOrlettn to lobile, '2S hourst i Mobile to AgiAtsta, 1t32 t Auutstrnr to CtO.alleSlne, I Cltharleston too New York, ft- 2'59 Making 1t8 eliles per day, or 7 miles per hour, ncius sive of all stOppages. tlOV Ill N. 11. I beg leave to inforlm thie plblie thalt lli bridges over the Chtataoorhaer swnil aid Ilard lakeui creetk hvejust beoot compledte Idv tlile genleral govern menlt, (the obstacles operletilg gairnst ttis salt' anoil sltedli route) ale tllhus hatppily reimoved; and I have r tit pleasure oftleolrnlllg li'ot ttravel'lters that the coacbcs,hor. 0 ss, dlivel's anld troals re of tIhe ilrst order; anId Itsto water roulte from I'enlstc ola to Cledar lilut;, itis admit tedl by all who lave pased tl,rrgllb it to be ilrsuirtptssee Sit onvelties. Bhanlv and safety. Th'le bridlges througl Georgia hlave als been repraired. .1 M CIIUAKERI ,I.ARBLE CHIMNEY PIECE WaenseoUr. I Cu1stomhouse street, opposite the Tihe subscribers are now receiving from their fac. tories in New York, and will keep constantly on hand a goncral assortmnent.of Marble Mantle Pieces to efsupoerinr workmanship, and of tile latest patterns, ,mrade of the best Egyptian, Italian, Irish and I) American marble. Also, Monulnents, Tombs and Grave Stones, moulded and plain sills and lintels, I 30 marble facings, hearths and boundary stone, plaster of Paris, Roman & Hlydraulie Content and Plaster. 5 ing Hlair, together with a splendid assortment of Sbrass mounted and plain Grates and Russia Iron 'Gt Crates of the netyest and morst approved patterns. nt Lettering done in the neatest manner and at the shortest notice. They have first rate workmen to of set tie above work. je5 TAMES KAIN & STROUD T PARKER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &e. att OURNAL of an Exploring Tour beyond the le- Rocky Mountains, under the direction of the at A B C F M, performed in the years 1835, '36 and 73; containing a description of the geography, ge-. el, ology, climate and productions, and tire nuntre, " mInnrrirs and customlrs o the natives; withll a Map of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Samuel Parker, A M. '/ The River and e'le Desert; or Recollections of ts, the Rhone and thie 'llartreuse; by Miss Pardoe, unI author ofthe City of ". " Saltan, &e. in 2 volb. It Tile Robber, at Tale, by the author of Richelieu, of The Gypsy, Attia; in 2v're izt, The Two Flirts; or Ad,'nture in a Country oe lIouse, and other Tales, by Lady Blelssington, E L tIo Bhllwer, MrsNorton, Barry Cornwall, Mrs Gore, S/Captain Medwin, and others; int 2 vols. at The LifesniJ Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, tti edited by'Boi, with lllustrations by Phllis, No. 1. 'n Just received anrd for sale by rtl BENJ 'iOf MPASSES, TiIEltMOMID'lEIT , MICRIOS ed, I COPES, &.--Just received and for sale bh tlat WnI. McKeau, corner of Camp and Common streets, true a gocerai aaaottnret otfSurveyor's Co vpaeaea, of P l thenmtieal inrtru.enot., ttrawing Pan. ept Spting Dividends, Sprng 'Bto Ptts, Ivory Pro. to tractoro, Ivory Scaloes, tnter's Scales, Glass Triangles, ton Parallel Rulre, SMicroscopes, Thsermometoa, Camera Obscures, Surevey Crinat MeasuragQ Tapev, Sy. d 17 NA York & Zaltimore 1p-kwt PACKE'TS FOR NEW YORK.-NoW LJn*. -To sail punctually every second M FdUty during the season, full or not full. ~hip Orleans, 599 tons Capt. 8. SeM r Ship Alabama, 474 do C. C. Bs '-. Ship Arkansas, 627 do E S DenP ' - Ship S ,ratuga, 542 do WV Hathatiys Ship Nashville, 540 do D Jackt _.b Ship Kentucky, 629 do J Buuh.r The above ships are of the first class, c.lpeedr and copper fastened, and having been built in Nw York expressly for this trade, they are of li ht draft of water and almnost invariably cross the hr without any detention. T're commanders are mon of great experience, and the ships will alwayebe towed up and down the Mississippi by steamboatst They have handsolme furnished accommodations, and stores of the hest description will always be furnisl, d. The cabin passage is $90. without wine or liquor, and there is no liquor furnished to tile ollicer or crew. For freight or passage apply on board, or to II C AMES, 48 Camp st. The ships are not accountable for breakage of glass, hollow ware, marble or granite, cooperage of tin, or rest of ironor steel, nor responsible for any package or parce!, unless a regular bill of lading is executed therefor at the office of the elsts. nov27 NEW ORLEANS AND BAL'IMORE LINE OF PACKETS. This line will consist of the following vessels, which have been built or purchased expressly for tile trade, viz: Ship Seaman, Capt. Mminr, Bark Mary, Nickerson, , Irad Ferry, now ', Stevens, " Solomon Saltus, " Latham, Brig Architect, L, Gray. These vessels are of the first class, have hand. some furnished racommodations, and are of a light 2 draft of water, so as to admit of their receiving and. Sdischarging their cargoes in Baltimore, at the city. SFreight will be taken for ports on the Chesapeake or Janmes' River, and forwarded by the agents, Messrs. CLARKE & KELLII) G, at Baltimore; expenses on goods shipped will be advanced when t required. The price of passage is fixed at $60, ample stores of the b. st quality will be provided. SSteam up and down the Mississippi will be taker e on all occasions. e or freight or passage, ap ply to nov27 22 Bienville st. FOR NEW YORK. 9s [Louisiana and New York Line of-Packets ] 1t :111.. Ships composing this line will sail from Neow Orleans and New York on every other Mon Sday--conuaencing on the 20th November-and to in ure the punctuality in the time of sailing, tihe line vill hlerealter consist of five ships, via: Ship Yuzoo, Captain Trask, to leave on the 20th November. Ship Louisville, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4th Decembler. Ship Iluutsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the ' 18th December. ic Ship Vicksburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on thle. st January. Ship Miississippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of January. The aboav are all new, of the first class, copper do" and copper fautened, and upwards of 50O tons I urthelon, are of light draught of water, being built in New York expressly for the trade. The price or of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their abines are re fitted up in tile most improved and convenient re plan, and finished in a neat and elegant style. ur Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, and every regard paid to the comfort and entirer satisfaction of passengers, who will please take no. i tice that no berth can be secured until paid for at the otfio of the consignees. These vessels are commanded by captains well e experienced in the trade, who will give everyLt. l tention and exert themselves to acommodate. They nl will at all times be towed up and down the Missis at sippi by steamboats, and the strictest punctuality II, observed in the time of sailing. 'a Thie owners of these ships will not be responsi. id blo for any letter, parcel or package, sent by or put on board of them, unless a regular bill of lading be signed therefor, at the counting house of the agent or owners. For further particulars apply to J D BEIN & A COHEN, nov27 90 Common st FOR NEW YORK. [Louisianaannd New York Line of Packets.] |tHI strips ecawtllyo tlis Lin w il Mi u New L J.leanstnd New aork oil every other Mondesv collalmenci on the 20th noverlber, and to insare the striricet pllctrality in the r time of sailing, the line wviii lereaicr consist of live Sips viz: -hip )'Yaoo, tnpthin T'rak to leave on the 20tLI nov. Shi Loiuisvile, Captain l'olllaer, to leaver on the 4th Il)ccellher. Ship Iluatrrille. Captain Eldridger to leave on the Illh lI iee llb r. shilp Vicksburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on the i st .i ,r u.r. Ship Ilisiesippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th Sl anlry. ' .. The above ships are all new, of the first class erpl red and copper listened, and upwards of 500 rtos Ihoiat., mic of liiit rlint oflt of watler, being built il New (Icrk exprerln for die Itcle. The price of pas' sale is liedl nl one lttdred dolars. Their cabins are ited lllll tile illt i.rovedc aond convenient plan, and iliihil i ictitt nlcod elegaitt style. Ample Stars of the fllri quaolity will be irovilld, and every regard had to ahe comtlirtia nId etlirv. atlicletfioa of paasenger ,who will please take noie thIat atiniertl aen be secured on tl Ipaid for it Ihe office of the cnsalgnees. 'I hee Ipackets are conmnianded bl' Captanils well ex perienced in the trade, who will give everv attention oind exert themnlelves to accnmnodate. I hey will at all times be lowed IIp a.d dowin the Mississippi by stenihouts, land the strictest punctuality observed in tihe liluo of ailitg. The owners of these ,hips will not be responsible for icy let er, prllcel or pokage sent by or put ol hoerdal thelln. nless regulalr hill of loding he signed therefore it tile clltilinl oiaser of tihe agenats or oners. Fcr urthler prticriulcrs, apply to If lEIN & A COHEN; nov 13 90 Common it. NEW ORI.FANS & CIIARLESTON PACKETS This line consists of iourrvessel, all of tilhe first claose, coppered and copper fast. S led, and of about 200 tons burthen, witlh handsome nerommodations for passengers. Threse v 'ssvl are commandod by captains well exprlenlced inl the Irde, who will give every at tention, and exert themselves to accommodate the shippiers. They will be towed all anti down the Miississippi, and leave New Orleans on or before tie 10fth and I5th of every mouth. The following vessels comipote the line, vzi; IBrig Arabian, Cihrles G.rdon, master. Brig C ciiman,J. B. Thompson, master. Brig Alneino, J. Deane, annster. Blbi IRloger \Williani, J. AllibersI master.. For Ireiglit or, epply inl J. A. BARELLI & Co,6l Conltann st. New Otleans, or M. C, lMordecai,Chatliston. oct i TIlE undersigned having recom.nenced htbsiness as a Druggiti and Apothecary, in the store owned by Mr. J.cib Oft, at tIhe corier of Tivoli circle anti Triton Wal k, respectfully solicits a share of the aublic paltrdge and a renewal of the favors of his folrimer customers. The entire stnxuaol Drugs, medicieso and fonev artieles is frelsitWd carefully selected. The following onty aidrS'Pf licularized, viz: Pre Sodo, Seitlixz and Saratoga Powders. Yeast Powdets, being a wholesome anld elegant suklstitte for yeast, in raising bread, buckwbeat cakes,&c. Butlel's Effervescent Magnesian Apperient- pleasant and gedte purgative'in dyspepsia or indi. geslioo, nervous debility, giddiness, headasehe acdity of tie stomach, habit ual coettvenesas, catl neous eruplions, &e. Carpeater's Fluid Extract of sarsaparilla f purifying the blood, &c e do do and eubeb, &e. Swaiit's Panacea and Vermifuge ; British ane lacsrlem ouilr, Opodeldoc, &c. Refined Lquorice, jijube and Gonarnauv puass Tooth btnslles,N S Prentice's carbonicdeasdsi tice, chlorine, tothl wash, powder puffs and bq.s, preanice's carbonic dentrtife, ehlorise tooth wekl. powder puos and boxes, Prentieo's e•nted aud plain toilet powder, pomatum ernlem de Prtlle, orange flower, rose, lavender and Ilorida tat ra, of the best qulitics, Rowland's Macessar Oilt fli. ridge's bhalti of Columbia, bear's oil, a varietl oLf lutelcr and othler matchee, indelible marking inkl superior btlack ink, &.. sperm iand relined whi t otih 'l isLip.ut. A fresh assortmientof dn rused*. fey POTA1 toe ..-'0 Ltblo o L nd lo sal by I e3 `

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