Newspaper of True American, February 25, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated February 25, 1839 Page 4
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U aLOAND VDNJANUARDI *lPomnpeyana.2 vole t8mo i - tiatith iper neolh.d pinanes a rPhilho]hil da la Natur ) c Paris 1791 PSeIrS du cu est Eahoees ) SNlW" NELtDICAL WORKS 'al l~lr P !ihdli5 andil lldt Leg leIJ in~adee on Miasaity Pe on Insalat alno - istratnd-ctot, stao )A U iii Pie of l heroia turyr Ta A ooiwRiiiAi. AND iiAiiTic.. Pc ',_-, ma nle and- tepon ihory, for low9 a . w olnamalnal Dihtinoary, Landon an • LAdna ma. tsc forll39 "'i.-, i. + i11i Navigation C +, eratueer o huaewDJ¶.TYR AND nuCiANICN. n Sdo ieirnarv f Architecta,', L.ondol 2 v. I td Zbhelturn, voe. d London A--eehlltue. 'reilgioldas Carininry mn sme ,L.+l onLa. t; a if ea nl. -n liorp,, ,, vI. a. tphlal isceellanies from th t a eni, Joufrmv and gB Coandt Y.lmii'e Cuiio itieS of ieattra, , •Palit- . .Eoo,-y, byySBy, do Vethake - tl U'a Life of Walter Recot, 2 vole a JOHNS & co. _ _ _ norn. Charles and Coreoio, sos. sFer re. at ra cr.nd nre of e Fever od Agne. 1.twill ie readily dievero a ereinLe head onin clix reen irs s. prio. t.he ordinary icads of treasing ,'"e .iO rel nd Age. Ia ihe first E annel , l eng Vege table .tract, and free eon anymdeleteios and pos pn ingedients , it ny hbe takn with the llmnit safe Sre by t tener iant, or aged invalid. It pe vent reldpnlef thei disaeao,iaerequed t ile h onstniui aitie oon regoins its wontedtaton and aciavity. It esntb lishes a oe nodn periineuit appetite, by invigoraoting Ithe Mitschand epive a arelish to tile njoymnolt of taste. A 5ing poculiar in liAving. plrlatirt. quality, it rnmaiin net in the lomnls t inc irae thin disorder, or no create et.he disiane, b et onoughly cnlanen the oseveranl nor gatu of digegaioi, and tlua kenefits tihe ytleml wit whaterer othiler alsheetinll, i nptty in oppressated. Indioiduala, after tie iig ooynlh Tile Mixtlue, i.te been e.nposel iI all eil usnal nusea of the disease, med haveetcaped any eympiiolnt oif rean, wheoreas b the no w ftle common i remedies, trer, is always ecrea td an increased lihability to eerrelnre. The dalgeor (fegnent rCollips of ilie Ageu, is in eldidei, far te nysatein will noon becoine too marh iraloirlae io he ahletoereact with mndicine, and speedily foil a vir "a in sulL incesr nt violince, Thle Tonir lxtair, in ned lt esuch a resonlabhle price, as to paina it wlelivi the each of everynon e!-so iat iin pioo alw dealitutle te hereby famaished bill onsiil ciirealti.nTilt ieliniding the aidinad atietdance which in fraqueiiily dairiid to Iea'oe' lue very reluctsantly bestowred. The pabli ware rolpeatly r.caltoed against tiheia t iou imitations oaf ithi medicine, hat are daily offelred t ia prepared only by Dr. John R. Rewand, at him Lnharator, u ho iartsrelt, PhilandeTplhina The snescribeo ea thle wholesale agasl for ihi Siouth Weatern lates, n witll sell by tie grosa, . c is Philadelphia prieae. ls e had at retail aIo,.aiii -taif the Aipothiecaries in the rity. JARVIS & ANDREWS, oie Wlholesale ieuggintsr .aolah - r . Commio & Tchoilonluli s -.. Mississippi and Louisiana Hotel, COVIN5TON. L. M RS. MARY KIRKLAND respectfully an. nounces to her friends and the public gone. ally that she is prepared to'aceommodate them at b he above establishment, and hopes from her exertions to render visitors comfortable, to receive a continuance of former favors. She feols coani. dent that persons visiting Covington during the ii ammer monthsreannot find better accommodationse than she can afford them, on more liberal terms. Her house is pleasantly situated, and well supplied i: with every convenience; the bar is furnished with 1 the most ehoice liquors, &c. in short, she promises is that nothing shall be wanting on her part to give tl 3 llirs satisfaction to all who may patronize tile Miuissippi and Louisiana loltel. j3 u " tL PUBLIC. '.-4le undersigond. hmg .0 studied under Dr. Sclamidt of Charleston, South Carolina, and for some years his assistant in the practice of medicine and surgery, has the honor to offer his professional services in this city. He assures the ladies and gentlemen that the most prompt attention will be paid to the calls which may be made; and also offers his services to the holder of slaves, being well acquainted with the diseases omnmon to them, having attended them in a the sugar house in Charleston. r The famous anti-bilious pills a lter the composition t of Professor Smolletto, with directions, can be had of the undersigned. The effect which they have produced in this and other cities, has been attended with the. greatest success, to which the best of references canbe given. Apply at No. 166 Mag. sine street. JNO. M'LORING. HOLLOW-- ,T)W-3wiro iteI w,'s Al) IRONS, &c. T IHE HOWELL WOIIRKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Beokman street, New York, have received the past season, and are constantly receiving large and extensive additions to the stock of the above goods, which now consists of the allowing asortment, suitable for the southern and western markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 22 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, JBakepans or Ovons, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, ' 2 do Oriddles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 de Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inchess Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inch, Ne. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and less than Jame's imported prices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to I0lbs. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, chlurchs, &c. made to order, Also steamboats and other machinery lmade to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly recommended to the attention of Southern and Western merchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms ; it is be. lieved to be the largest and best assortment ever offered for sale by any onese establishlucnt in the United States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a printed circular, with description of goods, prices and terms, from which no deviation is ever made, furnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. e.3 NO MERCUR crNOR COPAIA New Orleans, Nnv. 14, 18 7. A BOUT six mtonths ago I had the misfirtlune to got a secret disease, for which I have applied to sevc ral doctors fora eclre, and they did not rce ie lut, now an-the thove date I put mysell undor the cttta of l)ottOl Hoat, and I expect bhim to cure no.. Silce tllt tittle thadisease got worse, so as to break out ill large tulcers to the of six or eight on ear ht leg, an all over my face, and sore throat, and not ableto i work at he pesent tilltt o laccttout of the disease; latrge titer o rltigt side of the throat. I atm totv puttitg nnysclf goefaesnlly untdertht care of Dr. litctr, ,f f Aris, tsbe perfectly cured JOHN DIEAN. kfebl 4 I BO CERTIFY that the above meatoned disease is .quite well cured to my own satiftaction, for which 1 tbnk I)r. Ilunt; and moreover I assure that the medi ese I have taken makes me fat, and did not in0ure my aaalth at all; therefore I advie nay f llow stlerers to l aeno titpe and apply to*Dr A. Huet, 124 Caoul ateet, between Daupiteo and Botrbtn streelt. Itr. aet is at home from 9 on'clock, A Al, until 4 P AI. hey will fihad a tric doctor for this comnplint. JOHN DEAN.40 Gruvier street. If al one wants to see me, call at No. 40 Gravie JOHN DEAN. alw Orleans. Feb 1, 1838. . feb 14 ly ItE Gen.une lndtat Balsam oaf liverw-trt ad Hore hound, is put up in bottles at tile low price of 50 a.lta ascih contaiting theitstrength of three etlesncr of LiverwoMt, eieaile the irtue oT nlatty other rooee nod Lbthrb kawr among the Indians n efficacious in curing nmaoaaay eompalnts. Ph m unrivalt.d success which has attended the use of this ianstmnable Baleanm whererer it hlas been intro deasd, hba obtained the cotfidence and recommenda aon ofrenaertable physicians, for the cure of toughs, sld, a. linn the tide, want of rest, tpitting or blood, letdr emplaiant, &• To wha it may ooncern. This is to certify that we "wa In our practice eqtuenatly prescribed Mrs Gird ,p.'. Indian Baluan ofltverwort aid lioarhotnd, with *4,eidedd ld fe.e: we can thereltore, frlom tihe know ltdge of the materials it is made frTom, and cbseratuoll a1(.alslente, rreteammetttnI it as a sulerier iprperatioll Iw ltbe . t.catias of the tenos for which it is re -4aeeded. A EIFRtT WILLI AMS, M. ). CA/LVIN ELLIS. MI. D. Members of the Boston Medical Asaociution. Boeen, Oltaber 25. taby JARVIS & ANDRE EWS, tIrk 19 Camntoaand I'cohaitoulas tsi $$ R'S Science of Penmanship receied, and at hlsir pennanent Writng Acadulemis Street, New Orleans, .189 ittudway lnuphitt at., Mobie. s-dlgdMd for private ieaners, and. J d ersons orallages. • i at lamtae are invitedtoadll tand iaodne aoi araat ac hboesa as amy unit the ,. elames formed i. ajy pin IteImai senive aesntsat their own ref Sriteawell asthey wh. I .IEAR & BILOTII.R. t.., "IMMONS IIAITT& CO are new reaeioartro on beard ship Orloat, Eagle, Highlander, Iofer leiry Andrew, French and German play carls; Back- l gareeon Binrda; Chtesesmen, 2 1.4 and 2 -8 inch Bit nod Balla ,9 10 and 12 inch blade Bowie Klttve: ltet, HEl" ta' and Duelaling Pistol; dbe d C it single globsnal lI ,Gaee Bage; Sliehot Belts; Powder lac and Pstol.Flatks; Derm Bottles and Drinking Cupe; ord Peurution Caps and Cap Holders; Cloth, flair, TPot: I sad Nail Brushes; Oerris &lsdChlorlin Tooth Wash: per Tooth Powder; Toiletand Sllving Soaps, in grentv n ma -afl Teile Pew Ef ylly Ivory Tub Cushions;e Patent Slides ew4ttege l Gum Elnern' Suopeodnee; tO Powelr Poh andBRents b Clhlains, SBcls end Keen; d e Ear-drope; Waiet Baaokis; Ireceleto; Bend Necklaren CaO and Cheina; Gilt and Siveredi Beade; ettllies Boas, f t Bells and Plames; Shell Twist Side and Iressing Caom.b whih,in addition to their former stock on hand, pin makes their assortment very complete, and will be snoll rn ow and on liberal terms, at the sign of the (Golden no Colob. i25-tf 70 Chartres street. T if Subsaribers, Agents for the extensive mase of SW. & .. Butcher, Sheffield, Etelned, Iave just Cl reeaved n vory extensive set of era: en , ctnsiettine of lable .and I...ret Kirrves of .a'" - tecription,, IPen, i Pocket, lirk, and Spear point hilves; Raeor, S,.s-i sors, Edge ooles,&c. &c. &c. which they are Irelprel no o exhibit to the trade ororders. Terems and coundtions dli will be made known at the time. n mrli J. I. BEIN & A COIlEN.!t Common st. SISIMMONS, IIARTT & CO.-Are now reeciving pr aship lHuntsville, Eagle, Merry Andltew, High FMter, French anld German double head pnlving cards: ster,belt and pocket pistols; plain, ribmrtl and split cl eteliol taps; tan Imlders; scissnoa, Rlb, ra,, en. tO es; Gillottls ommererral and other stleel pens; Vio als; Violin strings; shell, ivory and horn comss; walers; le k, head and leather purses; hairl mrids, front noI noak ringlets; negro pr8fa; German anrd French cologne to water, Itowllndls maacasser oil, imitation do; antique bi ant hears oil; portable desks and dressltg cases: Ipstte 0 blacking; statinald toilet glasses; convex mirrors; n esl glasses nod views; Indian beads, bells nd plumed ; a coorleon; white twine; toilet and shaving soaps; toilet it owder, cosmetie wash halls; seented satin cushions; a' pool aetnt;; screw etrbiona; funry bead chlains andc necklaces; billiardl balle; pooket books nor walletts; Gcrorun tomnes; razor strap; finle tand common gonr ola sl suspendlers, .gtorrsldo; Bells lueifersmattbes; nil. Sver penils; C'eyoms, &e. &c. Thie above it addition to our former stock of fracy artioles, reakelrce assortaolnent very compdete. For sale Swholtcle or retail; as the siga of the Goldnel Cmb, 70, Clbrtree street. meS8. N IICE---he partnership of Kelley, Mason &Coi of NM w OrlHar-; Maoo, latrris &eCo,, of Natrz;r; Sad ltarris, Kelley &Co., of IRodaey, wcs dissurcllvI oi cIte2sl of Mv last, Iby tihe deaSo of SInis i A lasono, ue re or tlei partners of the firlt,. l The ulndersigned surviving partnaers, will Ib eharl;lcd S itlo thesttlilg and closing sair Irasiness as folloows: r Levi C Ioarris will attend to the settlingt of nt blusiose. toof Mason, HarrisE Co., ot Nstclhez; andl hlltris, Kel ' nv & Cor.,at Rodneov; nod Ierv Kt-,lley will lttced to is hesettliog oftlhe bIlsinecs oflKlles, hloon & Co., at toNew Orleans. The nanles of rthe severl firots will be to usd ill liqldayillouorly. S'tllose iudelrted to said firlms are earnestly raqested Io scome forwrdnl and make early settlements; and tioso hlaving claoims will please prsent the wihout delay. it LEVI C IIARRIS, Hd HENRY KELLEY. New Orlenis, June 27,1837. i EAN IAIARIE FARINA'S CO-- OGNE WATER Ir o2 eases more of this snperlyor Cologne water, just t received and for sale bv the dozen or single bottle. at Also Anericaic and 'reaeh toilet porwdars, powder ulh anti boxes, shavinge ndtoilet osi.., eosmetce wiadl balls, milk of roses, cosmetic cold cr'em, e:-r ne o musk, kephaoa, Ward's vegetable Ihair oil, potmatut, reme de porse, Florida,lavendaer, rose and bay waterI, l'estoui's salts, Marseilles peraftery in trunaks. veget tde r ll liquid rouee, Chlorine and Orris tooth wash, cloth, loir, tooth, oail and flelh brushes; togetller wit -n o a dditllional supply of fashiomnable Ilornt and shell re- rolbst and jewelry,forsale low at wltlesale or retail or jioyf 70 Chartreso street. VO COAL--T'lhe subscribers hIave eonstanlly or, l hand a large supply of Cannel and Liverposl coal, eo in bulk, of superior quality, which they offer for 00 sale in lots to suit purchasers. -s. Also expected by the first arrivals from Eng ed land and the North, Cannel, Lehigh and Peach lh Mountain Coal, broken and screened, put up in es hegsheuds expressly for family use-all of which e theoy will dispose of on the most moderate terms. Ie rders loeft t at their ollice, No. 53 Bionville st. up stairs: will be promptly attended to. noct 3 i. & A SOULIE. n Colognu Water, Perltunlory, &c.-A spl.e;oui narticleof cologne, put up expressly for the retail r trade; also the purest Froneh Perfumtery, embra t cing every variety for the toile', for sale by eat eat 1EE1S & D'LANC. ho 'ITo Country Merchants and Planters. he Negro cloths, blankets, flannels, Insey, lowell nal sI rtingr, checks, linens, calicoes, handkerchiefs, & d &c,rccived and for sale low by the subscri an bets. ROTTA & Co. ad oct. corner'Conal and Chartres st led L Ii' Glenn's IberfumericE . of Indict Dye, for coloring the Llair ; Bear's Oil, ge. Russians bear's oreeses,po;matum, Michaw' l Fre cle WVush, superior pearl powder, Itll white, cream of roses, vegetable rouge, otto of rose, lip salve, ekreosote tooth wash, carbonic dentrilCce, orange Ilower water, powder puffs and boxes, Ameriman o. charcoal, neatly pill tip 1o lour ounce vials, 'res. Stonl salts, cologne, kreooote tooth acho drops, hair brushes, English dressing combs, Indian hair oil, O with a variety of othoe perfumeries, &e. For sale tre by (t J. TRINCHIARD, tad ct 3 corner of Canal and Bourbon tse IRON ROOFS-The sobscribers have procured as, at a great expense, tile right of putting on iron rools in this city. They are adapted to pubtlic buildings, warehouses, and private dwellings, and cotnbine at once cheapness and durability, and are perfootly fire and water proof. Terls mIa be known, and a model seen at our establishmolt, opposite St. Mary's morkeer, Ttehapitoulas,st. oct°-E B COGSWELL & Co UI'IIOLSTERIY & PAPER HIANGING STORE. Ilenry Siebrecht, (formerly J. C. Wicks & Co.) would most rcsplectfully inIorm his friends and the public ill general, that he has and is consltant. ly receivinn. a gendral assortment of upholslery anl iaper hanging. T'le foillnowing coitpricer a inrt of his stockl, which lhe off'ers for sale at wllolel soale or retail on the most accommudatin8 tcrms, viz : French velvet and satin paper, latest style; do half common and comamno, P'niladelphia glazed and unglazed do do, Frcnch landscapes, fire boards, blindl, &c. d velvet and worsted do di, Inoreasonz doel torse,silk Ifinge and galloons oU all qialitlcs, patllolrs and priei's, w'raled IfriJgePs ns sorted pattern.t plait and colortd. Swisa inuslin, latlet style plain anti tholiuned, colllon drapliery musinsplai tlid twt lled, as-oiled colio, netw styleol needle work lur cola lcushilli, fIostool cover', &c new style oi bell pullers, raiscd ligures and plae, gilt wtudow orinamIntsICi f all platterns and ILzes, gilt engles batel nod spears, feathers, dc, glass knobs, coasRer, hair cloth, figured and Iphon, i Itnrte assortment of toiys fr children; labre slk cord alindtassels, worsteid cord and ias. sels, a general iasortmllnt of upholliaero anld paper hlnite, conlStatinl tly li hand and 1In sale at the lowest prlces at Noe 41 Royal and 114 CutonUt N 11--p-lerons in the city or froi tlhe country, are iestic,,cully invit al d it n ed examine for Ithlrelves. Carpels and curllains made ill the latest imoderna e:Vnlo, rooms prepared at tilhe sqnort eat iltoce. usd all kinds ol upholdsalcry work done with nlutsess and di epatchcll ct 3 I-S SEs;Ul'lR, No 54 Condo astrer, hbetweenCi Dullaitin and St PhIlip, keels constantly I n hand all Ixtellive aslortnlltn o bnotrs and brogans, and shlo.,ol New York manlufaccl re, fr moll women aild children of all ague, wlidl he will dispose ol at very ioodernlepliele. lFamsmlleofhis atquintan ec on sedilngn nrdnr will have their wisheao attended to I. t SEGO()UI IDEAFNESa. A N VW .rticle for p.rsons troubled with dearless, (called thn Ear Trluiipei, tiins akt beut receiver, by tle iao of tI hic, t oligli t acilitlnaiot ol f he ht u peroin, mustt lie fnlly asneihilC of Ihe diflliculy ;ld em-. bimrraerlinllt Xit lientid botut by tin'faeorlveto nnd the i i dividtuals aituctio ultlUlalva licted. y tIa lal uof ine Ear TrumpeL. thim objeeiioel is entirely oimlisted. 'llThe ot sceptical have alwys a aiillndned their doubts ariel hlavinlg used thel Trulmpl. FIor onle t T F GUION'la, Fancy c.lor, srnfr otf Cmounln atill Si Chualeos teroiet ilalreloh Evollln'ul Ilolelt. Ih 13 I'EltM l011.-1500 galions plre wiiller d SSperill Uil, in casks lid blsl, for stile by J.lAIVIl & ANILESt\\'S, Wlhesuls I)Drugg si., corner C nnnitaon andThal) Its sireeti. tir 1: W i-lT"E LEAI- W hilts, 1i-n the ... V 40kegs, 110 " 201 t d h ', Eng lish do--I 5 1-4 bIbl. 11100 101 'taint llrushei various sizes, I cae Vermlillioln" 5 hhl Copual Varnish; 2 Japan I " Cl.chl 20 packs Gold Lonaf 50 do Silver doi 1011 do lutch Metal. WINIIOW GLASS, American, Erlilah sand Frestal 10110 boxne, v'lnous sizes anld qulalitiel. Bloston Lruwn do.-~500 boxes, consigtlmelit, awill be sold low. AlIs, a general assortment of artists' ctlnoro and toole, for sule by A \V SCAi ES, No 16 Cltanl street.i N B. Alabahn a noens taken at p r, and Mississippi notes will he received at 10 percent discount for goods, or in payulent ofdeby ji I I w t-LOUR-- 00 anding fr us steamer Independ o I ce, lds A DORSIG Y, m23l 44 N.w I.e.v,.. Ellerron's Ruser Stropts--lThle cases of the genuine article, juet received by act 3. RE -.R & D'LANG, 18 Camp st Miasouri Rope-50 codss Mlissouri hale rope, ma4Q all of nhemp,in store, and for salo by .n 3 BOGERT & IlAWTHOIRN, 63 Grauvir at Under the Piesyone Office, 72 Camp at. BRONSEMA '& -1OW~ ON beg leave to inform siphi D their customers and the public generally, thyt pain1 Ihey have removed their establishment to No.72 mes, C tap street, icmetdiately under the office of the b !icayone-wlhere they are prepared"to execute all vice ordetrs ill their lie. tnge II tailg received from the North n supply of pa. lne per and materinls of a superior quaalty. for the a manufacture of Blank Books, they offer their ser" vices to merchants and other', who mnay wish Ias work of that kind ; and havitng the advagtage of whit several yaars's experionee ill that line, triley are jve confident of Civing satisfaction to those who may mec flver thent with their custom. oft For notaies, arelhitects and others, maps and nan plans will he pasted oi linen. vatnishlel ad S mounted in the neatost manner, & at the shortest ilat notice. c Plain and fancy binding, in all its varieties nl. to CIlINA t(lASSE EAR''I'IEN WAItL -1TURE o36 Chnrres street, New Orleans. VTW M SERGEIANT & Co. importers of French hit Sand Ionnlish China and Earthen ware, are of now opening new and rich patterns of breakfast, C, dlnin and tea services, toilet sets, pitchers, tea Ie and cotfee cups, teapots, sugars, cretams, bowler, plates, dishes, tureens, wash basins and owere, s' p fk,ti balhs, etc. et. Rich cut and plain French and American glass. to woare-goblets, champaignes, lemonodes, jollie, one clarets, siner, cordials, coaltre bowles, doeaiters, the tumtblers, preservedishes,celeries, pitchers, lam ps, o Slatmp shade and glasses, canudle shadlo, salt col- sil lers, etc. all d Siver plated, bronzed and britntia wares--casl tcu ' tors, liquor stands, cake baskets, cendlesticks, do eo branches, spoons, lodlci,colfteond teapots,sugare, tsr o creams, lamlps, japanned trays, astrnl land., and cr Shauging lampsl),ino cutlery, German sliver spoons ti I and forks, together wcth a great variety ,f articles it et for family use. Merchants, planters, httla, and , at steambotat, furnished will goods at the most rea cd solhable prices, and packed so as to be conveyed hI awith safoely to any part of the cooun'ry. i i. Al so., poheearirs' glsaswnre. nna 2 0m 'THI FLORIDA LINE tFrom Mobile to Augusta, . st h, leaves Mobile ever dy day at three t - o'hlock. pm i per I.TS mail bdat a Co for Iloll's landtne, abovkeilakely,--thence four e ,; pat eonaches to Peotsacola-theltc costesmnbouts It o Lg. ageine, where the land leule is reasled-thlencel an, vin laianlna atind Brownsville, Ila. lilinhlidge, o ptndertown, o t twkinsville, Sauodersville & Louis tcd valleto Augustat, Go" , conneeting regularly with it o: tIhe rail road eare to Charleston, and the stea el tt aci.els to Now York, Norhlilk, Pailadelphia, etc. II e- Thile steatlnbo are the east for tie service, and tn to thle nvigalion precents mort advantatges tllhan can it o hbe found lpolt ally tlcamboat route ill tile southl. t ere region. ted Thl great iltmprovetments in the routle have been use produced by lthe construction of fifty mites of new aY. road, by toe proprietors, viz t from LaGrange on Lantayettc Bayou, an arm of Santa Rosa Bay, to Bryant's Ferry, ol the Chiatolhoochee river, ten mins above the Cowford, or 14 above Cedar Bluff, ER whereby the navigation of the river, and the con nst sequent deteetions, and more recently tile incon der eonient crossing at the Cowford, are cltirely a dih avoided, and a line road front Mlarignna direct I co to iBainbridge, instead of the roundabout road via out, Chattaboochce, lessening lhedistanco alout forty i ,er, miles, and increasing tile facilities more than et- onace a day. se, Alro, a branch line of two horse stages every Ihll other day flmn llawkinsville, via Prry to nlacon, ,tail Ga. connecting witll the line to Savannah and Darien, Goe. t. A mail steamboat plies regularly between Bainbridge and Apalaciicola. Tl'ravellers wishing on to reach any point on Chattahooeheo or Apalachli oal, coin, can take sleombont at Brownsville. for AMobile to Pensacola-Land iRouto-During thle time occutpied by the repairs of bouts, the propric. cg tors of the Flourida tUe will run a line of four aol horse post coaches every other day between Mlu ll bile aud Pcensacula. cich Passengers will leave Mobile at 3 o'clock, p cm, s. in the U S mail boaut, and proceed to lutll's llnd st ing, where a four horse coach will t, in waiting to Sconvey themI tIo ce excellent house of lr. Chllrlce lhall, I 1 4 mile distant, where they wrll find pipleasant accommodations for the night-lueving ntail ext morning, they will arrive in P'ensacola early br- in the evenintg, thus avoiding tile discoccfort ol night travelling. Office at the Mansion Ilouse, [Mobile, and Col. lins' lotel, Ponsacola, where seats must be seenu red. S'TOCKITON & Co. nov I well tPiena Forte Inlrucincn. r William Smith tenders his services to the citi, se tens of New Orleans as a teacher of the piano s at forte. Mr S having beon employed several years as n ctecher of niusic in private families int B ston, and also at several of the focnale seminaries in its Oil, vieinity, cannot but hope to merit their confidence, Fret IIe is permitted to refer to Rev I)r Cl.plp, Messrs can Stcetson & Avery, Ilenderson & Cai'les. lve, For terms, &ce please apply at the bookstore of Inge AlexanderTower,4d Campst nct 2 'res. fDrugs and A.4ediciner. heir J BI Prevost has located hoascel in lhis city for r oil, the purpose of trlanacting a general W\Vhole sale Drug business. le is now receiving a lull supply of Iresh and genuine articles, which ihc will sell its on hiberal ers 'I'o city druggists, and those of the interior, to physicians, merchants and planters, he will fller inducements such as have never be. reon fore bct offered in this city. Hlis intention is to ctic do a strictly legitimate business. His stock will and soon be complete, end in a few wees will hbe reo. cod dy Ilr business. Allorders Irom the con try,and from merchants of city, receiving such orders ot will be promptly attended to. oct 2 No 39 Camp at PROSPECTUS. TIIE subscriber p-oposcs to publish, in the he. ginning of the ensuing winter, a Condensation cf the twenty volumes of the Old and New Series of Martin a Louisiana Reports, to be comprised in foag volumes, byo., according to the model of Peters' Connlonsed Reports. This work is now in preparation by J. Burton Hlarrison, Esq,, of this city, uasisted by William F. Brand, Esq. The Editor is also permitted by a distinguished retired Judge of the Supreme Court, and by one of the sitting Judges, to expect from their personal supervision all the advantago which may naturally he reaped from their experience. Such a work is becoming every day orl lien. cossary, as the original is voluminous, expensive, and scarlce. An increasiug curiosity too is mani list, ill the other States of the Union, in reference to the peculiar urisprudance of Loumsiana; and the circumstance of the numerous principles Ieore do. eided in the aljaustimoit of eotnliets of lIaI , ma, ke the knowledge of our adjudged asens of primoe uti. lity to the ojrists of the whole Union. Mtioreover, the risilng republic of Texas has adoplod our codes, and thns there is a great delna'd 1or the Louihiaina decisions froml a freosh quarter. Convenient notes, indicatinlg the parallel cases decided in Liouisinna, and occasionally those in the lore authoritative forums of the other States, will oo added to each case. Tim work will.formr four volumes, royal octbvo. and will be delivered, bound, to subseorbor at $6 per vol.; in case it should be found practicable to compress it into three vollines, tile price to sub icribers will be $7 per vol. Subscriptions received by WM McKEAN, ele cor CamRip ail Coumrmion ats. W IIOIESALE AND IIRETAil.ICOJMl AND VA RIE.Y'Y STOR)E-at the sign of the golden coobl,,loi011 Chatiese sleier,. l'lrhe subscrilnere Ihnro re ecived, i addition to theirrevious stiick sni hind, i fiull and complete assortment of articles i their lille; viz: colllbs, perfurmrry, Je'uellry, brashes, Iakirg gl.assoe., fnemeh nrtiel', cin. .msieting ii pert as fillowa: (:l)llS--tortoise rhllrl eriul tI and plain lucktwist, rr,illed hlk,iu lng ,roliund, dresslrg, ride p.irii crl llad neck, tBraziliral cilnb of every description amoungst which are sola Mexican lpatter, Ivory combs of every diacrnriltiol, horln, dlcresirgr lind Incket, toigerther with a giellnrrnlsa.orelient of Friohsltiuhud Aiir ioal. I':IIFUMEIIL'-Cologne, I.avendirn, Florilo, holny, bay, roae, and orall.p flower wafers of every size and des crirpion, ciamrlrlnmrd Cologne, etreat'of ilargarIot, lanly voirpslr efll kiinli, hllavirg dll in cakeS rrlipots, creun soapido, WVard's vegetabha hIir oil, bears and all tiniedo. I restoe's smelling stilts, plain and perfumed ioleipowder, peirl prowder, p.uderrpfs andboxirler Iro iUirulrnli pots nld rrlls,orrl and clhlorine trlotih wvllh and owdras, with n generaluraortlrit of JEli\VElILlY--nrsomi fe ofile test anud iliat fishinia ble rets, cllnistinig f wljile iid red corneliainr IiIpar5 k ,y iflicarutits, wrtch, trimmlriirnrii, gill aind edee' acrhleo, silver hibllles silver ncd g,,11 rie. lls and ik aiia ,halms 1111t USIES-Cloith, hair, diust .,crumb,hearthIloor, hot, ene. hrtool, lilate, comb, Nail, shavring, shoe alnd whlilteWilshbr Ilrusa.s. L.OOKING tILASSES-(irlllmln stltia llld toilet lners, liugnlliifvi,i aird ilFerench ileini gsllsnCiig hoeeieri doe, with lli vrirrv ifrther kinds nlrnot enmraciid. IF'ANCY AND VAItII'Y AILti''1CLES-PFrenh anid Americean portable ,releks lrl dlressiang cases, onie very' rich uIII timerlihishiid lndienns ark Ieaxcsiand dres-. sing cases with lllld withonl ilcikl musicll boxes, Ac cornliaus i Iwtrious kinds, vil,lial, eto guiteurs, silver nlud plated ilenilsri and Ileads,werod lneils for carpienters aed crayons, anialel i clocks,uns anld pistols witi nald wilthout easesn, |'ilrlalal eDll1p, prrcullesle cuap ehargicr, ripple acrewrlive rs, alht lel,gnnC Ibugs paste blackhingu toy tea setlls, hlilruhiod ofl every krin, bIllsrluid phluies, flneaiid clnnlllllenl knlives, razors ntlli scissors, Ihiillbles, needles, pins silver plaled, steel anid iiinirn iees, pocket tilokr aiid iwallets ofe varilus kids, visitil.g cards anlid card cases, playing clrds of lFrench, lormlan aidi Arricrinan ireiuurcilfet'e, dllt imitation fruit, su boxer, pronll ofr vnriouns kinds, Saundrs' P'uizorry's, Emmersao's, IHillman,'s and Ilawkie's razor struaps and mletallic houes,dirks, fancy ilead necklaces, do witll I-r drops, toy watches, pearl bulions, powder flasks, eeu nd plaht seed beads, giht and silver do, gtrill ela-ti' nsullen. ders, and gartem, Irlin anod wawrd miieI.o, Inckgacbucion boards, lice, optical vieenne,jewahairpi, Icioliice motel, e miad driiking cups, with a greet variety uo other artl les, all ofwhi It will he sold fiir aosh or city accepto-. eera on 12 morllths credit, it11 l S3IMCiS, & co. id li 7i U-artrcrsk. Ii ;18' ;Ihedil lnBlok--l.eui, , Iihhninif do. on J IIotlleting, a nie suppl.y, rd by del . '1'VV;tl ittE& INDIANNS LANAUKAEh OR the onaOll lnt et ftnoa rkiogsevlt,gont, RO F siatica or hip gout, inaiyiecn cannen, ncllsrhesm, siphiltici and erenrial diseas, peticularly nleers andr nflaffeetions ofthe bones, ulndetedthrmaten no its, ulcers of every desarlption, fever sor.s, nl inter,:l nod absess, fistulas iles, cald head , scurvy, biles, cloe- | t mlors eyes, o),s8lis, blothet, and every v;ariety.)ofll- - tenarur ailucetioa, achonic Clilan'h, headl adl I,eoce,:l-|'lL ingfromly ceridhumor, painin ithe stomachl :endY ·I 1scpia proneedinc fromvareition, nifctiosoef thle lit'er,i chronic inflammation of ithe kidneys, cd g/lemol debili- nod in canned by atorpid notion ofl nle'nnlsnfthn shin it Sn is singulasrlyltcnionsinrenovatil. those consititutons toi which have been broken down ty injndicinus treatment, it juvenile irregularities. l general terms, it is reom- tn mended In all thonediseases whichnrise fri m imrlnrities o of the blood, or inititioln of the humors, of whatever oa name or kiond. Sonoe of the above complaints may require some tri- pto fling asistant applications, .hinl thtcareomstances of the mer ease ill dictn:-;hbtt for agenerol remedy ortlisiatcor ci to remove the aosne, the ItItIAN'S PANACEA will Sets generally be fomd tetioient.U TO 'IlE PUBLIC. Hlow tre it is, that modern Physicians, mn their am. nfi btioin to eocel ill their profession;tetplotre tte vastfields otto onsciloen by tie aid ofehemitlry, nad seek oeit new no. cn medial agelts; in short, nto arrive nt perfentiio in the lY pratctin y lcans of art a loe,--atlcily overlook to n neglect, ss henettlstter note, ctherinh cod bonunteou 1 snows oficeilinO, whieh the Almsightly has cansed to spring out of dsn earth in every etime l Andt Iww mlncah nmore true is it that wille the American Physinin looks t to foreigtl contrliesfor many of his most common and h nenescry ntieles, perpcotnly chonging as they are at Ab i. the dictates otlosnhion orfolly, i e iI sunrrsinaei in lis .t. , own country with an endless profusion of medlicnal Iolits ot - otfici-nt to Rutwerany indicatnio in, diseose or to cnr Ge allty aohlo diirtoer' andyet he is ignorant of their v- thi. i. tes, andt they are suferedto 'wastetheirlhealing on the m dtscrt sir.' i' lTheeEtsnof vegtable medicinesupon the systemare ' temorary--thole of minerals lasting. The former ex eI cratheir efeets end pass olf-the lIater, mercury il par tienlr, act cihemiically spon thne solids, deeomposing to e iiboles anti undermining the counstittion by a slow- ad itno nnreidcatotrntion. Tihe eongeoillity, eeltoiency a(nld SAFET'Y of vegeta *d blen remodoes d ver minersal, naty b estimatedo bi " cynonlt - itigitieanitniect inuotine witht temnnierni or, tohtritig ii morcimmedliatly under our owln obscrvatien, th" tnuli an I"practice with that ofthe whites. WVlo, in Ametreic, no lasnnu kcowtu oerleed of lreeutei i hnst;eabs wherein In som l~reolp~ido, ltrllieoiingll f eoule Itlcliull, Ity cieaso so cc her simlcperomtidicnslont , tilas alluceid thie IicoSt culid i and lastonishin.g calrllsa arfter the Ma~tch's 31lle, li-. f tile ( mmol Iln'ctc n dciretel in the most kilfiict onfctrmlvii ht Ilns'iledul Ant who his IotI been SIIIlisled attheCoi- pl cp-untivecase ail lifcility with which ttheldian i tiicesthim sself iirnmally disease, and it the lnnost tota ablstinence t ottuttic uiieaise vmong trieol Who htas emi Iltorl her ol. all, hnlclan with a eonlsti~lntiln br~okenl andl enlndcl hyI. Silltreantiellt? A:lcd oan a douhtcxist that this hap~py ex II emption of the csavage from most of the ills which tle th le. Il of man islteirto, is chiefly owintgto moie gunia uand safe remediles wlictll it: enmploys. This astonislh ni g i liicretce i oiccess, is a filir exemdieitlioniu of the It- iiinie sintieriortiy of the iiiple andi saife nieans of otre whilh God ha, reateoi for the beitefit of his ohihidres, Sover ditiose whilch theprilte and the art of man have in v0nted. ve m a long rsidldnne among a portion of the abhorigin Snlinhabilantsof thisconntry, andan itlinmate acequain- p tO ancewith tilhe, methods of auroof some of their smott , Sreiuccss'ul pnctitiionrlc , tile proplietor o 'The Ilndlian's ii 'tareea,'atiequired knowletdge of soene of the most in iowerfuniunl favorvteire nveieson. Frotn these Ieslentecd snuh ati swere mostetlicaciousann lllroptrite, ntl nd after ci e Ly voeiulioeXperiulen tuiestiteir trin'hapidsot strength, - c lie tias combiied them iitihe efiieIi here tnosellted, as tile im most perfet ind benIleficial lor thie ptrposte or which it ny isleconimcileni. it n IThe roirieor onfrslllis id e-pration to thie Ilblic, i with the osicioutstntes tlhait lie isptlauciiig uithietheir sea, SreniedLy enanble of reliuevivg cuny c f Iis atflictetl fl-y low heings, whou arc sutrig unter thie vlarious chronic n ' and oibslinlnie eoiptlidts to whiichl it is iapilicablle. To nd nch it will prove If incaldeulable vallle, as tle tleans, :nt in oanly nses, the only mreansof relievieg theitsaf ei icriings and reisteing theml oce imore to heaulthii ad hap p lIness5. Tis ianotoleuleid as a cutitinvi riemedy, that li- may tpelr chone be eulallly good i ith maly oteirsnow in use, btil as onle tlinch is allaele of saving life i illnny heextreleises ec chitiel all the uiltutsccnleticliesibl. Thist i i. has donle irelpeatedllyl l this is the relitittion itihnsob itiliedlwhieclvcr itlhscbeen intrlduled. It Is only allut thlee ycurs sillce Ithis coilail-,rtion was p lesent ed to the puhlie : but i tllh lllshor t s l:lace of llllle, some hnnll~llr:,S of IerSOnIs nllight( he foinll, h nllll )I W111 soh'mly,1 ,Iccdm'e tlh:lt |hey·! bc'ievedl thl:tt thch- lives \clrc strloe hv i a it, ll lost iiseslltoerl they ha triecd mInll lllI and Inethi ,s all the tcOlllltl non rI'lneltiv s ill tt aih \ihicer ever it is klnwn it isrliillyc oniig into i., .nl tis I In allhlldstheiost substlanttulut contnicing mlaof of it nily The value i-i tie tanacteiui i Itisit ceunyicuoul ill those Slong stnildlilg andl syilhiliitic and scroiUIIlos at:i etions uwhich liate slsiied allt olher I t.eliies, nind paticlarliy Co ill lnhosn cuqplgs whlele illrcurly Ihls bheen so lavist !;' uset cu as to elllse dlistlressillg pailns in thte IonelllS, llodtecs, lllClCuI S rial tlle l'ns , dera ll lllnem t of thle iligest ie olrgins , c. TlThcse it comlltetely r.nloves, i inll All ci:It s it elllil ly el~nliclenics the ilisctsce etltll en.s ot f ierclcly, lno. iti, votestile collsinti tllil, :tud IIavei the liilent soulld ifl nowell. In rhltnma~tlism andl iln nlcelrted sore' thlroal, l ari bpy eflects are not less alpiarelet, givigi almont innne mcn, Taken i- n rees s onses, thiuienvlesii'i Panaceau n e .litate na aIll alltlrnali¥ti Oll d(letlgel t; a tll:mlplhl.rt'lic., dilll'clic, ce lllllaxlatives, an anlti-slpasen ollitic anvl anoyItI i :II ill a""'':8" S aslllllnltl*llie anlllllll rll~gl..lla, t -llnel ssproper calses, satnmtcadeseaou.Gnr tily esi cxpssel, it incleases all the tl setiatloll inll -x le ctiotn, gives tonlle t the v tomnnlcl- , ailnd cits actioll in 2 tile n nilllls ill a I:ll'lic il" lileCnner. i I 'o i tg lLte t ltlilll ci. pirs illlIitntills nllu y t le a nnrelscnnd. Tiisnmedicine has belen thanunl highly useiseti in manlly for ambiguos diseases ,not here s['ecifi,,d, :n.ld it ha:( ht, en ule u we h with wonderlfl sunccss as a Sprilng nill a Fall Pn rifler, b)ythose whoaresulhect to copla~lnts o' thle hesl, ell and wihose cnlistitutionsllltqireit new It iRnig.. Such iPe, snts will do well to use tuo or thice boltiles ini itaell di c vse. WVliencver a diet dliik is cosilehhrcd nleeessnu7, ecC5 this I'anacaictakeni in a mmall dose; will nnswer aill its o ripoescs, i nllc lesls time, at less expense, iand i aI i to nln mo agrenlble milnlner tItil| the comlnlnni diet di-lk. vill The followieg certiicaoes, out of hiiniidrcels sinlilhn, c whicelh might Ie prtcurcdl are given to siholw -ti- ellk-t ol nd thile Ildlan's a'anatea, ill tle valtious complaiitse ncrein doers nteinnied; and also I exhlibit in tihe mioist satlilctorye manner itt snlicriory ovel tIte syr1sii i eolumoln ruse. at CASES OP tLltEU~tAL' i IS3. -CuonancroNw, Noc. 15, 1032. ctf rhng tiehls winder and surinkhg, e was plliced with oa. oiveei evere and lislteshing rtIlinnlaitisn, ocecesioned by eI~r xposllre ill had weadlerl. ] nlow tnkegl'eat ileasnlm ill italtinlg, th1:it siX bottles h'die IHlllla. I~)etnicit Irttoed mest " tlc o p ertfe t health, a nd 1 co ln id nll tly rec t.o m llm en d it to aue ll silallrly altlisted. JOHtN FEIRGUSON, Kinlg st. CalitLe.errO, l1al'll 27,18032. ton I was seized alout three ywears sinie, w ith a distresvitg F icrh-inmtisui, canused by taking nasevere cohld, while ielnr y theinfluenecef mercury, and which has dlisltcd ted urt, from business nearly ever sinee. I)uring tbis period om haie beeln a patiienti ithe Maritne IIospital, in this vl tiihpwalrds ol finnr mionths, and near'ly tlie sane knlglh," lin ie ill t ei i I lli nlior e Inoslpitl ,il al tld li all iiioe t ever ie ruiiely, with little bllentetil. i tIhe 16th of Vel ltirir ive last, al thtat tillte scat-elt Sll ll l lt , ve si-litou m 11ou clretch-l ni S Iconulllllellcel the llse of llllildnl's l anl Lce. Ill ll nllllh ltutu ieut nl ysi el l tilel fti eelt-it- ll sillatil-ri c-cit t now h I " to sltla tllh I co tll ld tt, r ll tul f id lItll w e l,. ito CAI-S s1t, SUIII)OItUIOUS UILtmIttS Ncr, Yol, Sept. Ii, 18.O1 oil- this tii-y eetity that i tie.he liil oii 1825, I wne iicze v hh, ih a sweilingit eIy ivlckt tlll Ihee, v lhicl afterwanei des nll ateet aio III camle lalre ghaCtly ulnlCs ie niy ne)Ic. ,mt Altetrying covetoal phytisurnsitoini advanittige, I wcnc to 'Philnelllnid, atnd e iitttcell t ) sel" cllld tihe l are e s t i)rs. Phystlaondi Ilcach, whenalict ater tit d livalllntn tI in t o efteci, I was proentunieI tterly c ltincuhlic. Aliaer. wa-ldsn Itonlk twenty botliesoFiSwaniI's PIntce andti eight S bottles of Polter's Cthnlitenni, witt Inlo ti ral henilit L)esllihitg iof lite, whict hall niow hecomln bur~then it ivo* me, I ieturned nvntoy o inmreids iii New Yoik, in tSdtino $6 -gae nyisell'unito a liIgerilg dteetli. Heinhig of tiv. ito o g-et suhcess ollf The Illliall's tllllclnc, howceel, ill eans sub- milar to any ownu , I was pelsualldedit loe itela Ilst Is. sotO. 'to tly1 gereat s61rlise, tccis wellt as tililatietiOlu tnntolill y In.i.fitiihilyi irlcovveritg, tniiid IIiiti tiakhit cerell ttltets, tele lulctticattelihttdited I heniti, t!rti-ctl1 t well ill thie coulse ofntwo months, and av rllilll so ever hine. I tmke thtis htitemet ctd wishi Ipublished ir hll enetllit olftlitlsue who are sliftering utler similar S enhihltioand 5hollhiitit.ltettio litllhit tley nllty khnowiy wi hv, tlin i tIrettOne who hen18 cutlelit-id cVeti Ihilng lilt dileaIt, disd ot haoticidces lis lire saved iy tile abhve ay. «tM. II1NIiA) CHARI.E.STN. Julty 12, I 31. I was afilictet, fotur years with ai ulcer li the leg, nc casionally ceconpanled with crysipel:atous inflalatiJn and excessive ati in the leg and aocle joint. Svoncal cminent phllysicians exerted thir skill upon it, but witll out permanent benefit. In this case five boltlu Indian's I'auacet made a perfl:ct cure. MARIGAIllET A WES'T', 121 Market 3For sale by IIENRY BONNABEL, druggist, ag;n fro tlth proprietors, TI'ehoupitoulasstreet NEW ORLEANS t* NASIVILIE RAIL RoilAi) COM I'AN \'. ` IE stockolielders of this conanlny are hereoby ton tiliudtlitt blv a resolution of tie board of direc.' tin passed on tlet 1gth inst. thle call made t n tho on the 1311 February last, for the paynvltof' live dollars a slhre, was resiinded, and the suid stockhlolers are uirtholer otilied that WIIII.I.EAS, by n resolotion ofthij board tpassed on the Iil inost, a. call los been nutde onI the stolhtlolders ol' te New Orlean said Nashville Rail Road Comlpany Ior the fIllowig jpnymotns on tle tihe stock held reslpee lively bIy thlul, viot--twno - lilnrs jier shlre, payoable ol the irst day ofi Selltenler next; two dollars per sIar. plUabla on tli first tlay of DIeenOle'r next; and too, share payable ot the fil.t day of itlarcl inext. NowtherefTore be it resolved, tlhat ther secretiory of this cnoIpany shall notify tle shaure holders therein, through the ublic prints of the city, thati in tonformity with the sixth section of the hellarter, thevare perlmilltl to positpone any Iaymsient called in ton lie stook of 'sid company for tile ter 1of sixty dnys, from and after the sy ot twhichi it is liade payable, with tile expiess co - dition howIever, that if not regularly paid within thle said proloneation of sixty days, from and atier theo day on which it shoult have lbeen paid, that toen the stork on whlich said payments should have been made, is and reatos : forfeited to the company, the charter oil that point beinig itmpeatieve. II eConfitity thterefore, tio said all of tbo slockhbolders i soill Uomi oipay, is tlhink prooer toinu off tlte pauyments on their stock to the end of' the itditoiotal ix ty days, which ti e charter allnows themi,are notified that the paymeunt ofl two dol lire per share milled for,and due onr thie first of Sep,. teltnlr next, tuy be postponed tnder thie sixth scotiaoi of said charter, u.ntil tholot diiy of Octlober nexti, ilth thoe patyant of two diollars per halire otlled litr, nod due on th lufirst danv of I)oceulr eixt, maiy ho Iost poned intil tile 30th day of Janua;lrv next;and Ihe pty ment of two doll.ars inE share cul id for audt tl, e on tloe firslday of Mturch unxt, iay be )pontlosud until the 30th day of April next. Extracts of rita minutes of lle hboard. junel21 A It MctAtll, Sac're. -iJ-ttit H it1, iini 'u --o orI •"-ti't "ci 1 . ,tor sotto JOtIN II UGIA IlAM. Royal College of Physicansn, Loudon. J, ~l [lEK original VeBetanle l} geianl Univel ol 'iedi SSine, preparoed by W liskin, Em. Mmouer Tio te linoel College of Sureoana, Liceetiate of Apithe car 's ollpalr, Fellow of Bolt Court Society, Surgeonooo to ttit lRot): Uoioll Pension Asoioatoin, Laticasler el VPla,', W'e,,* I liridge, anti Perpetoal Pupil of Guy' voi nId In H :.'is llospitals, Iotnllll. i 'tl'is valtable medicine, the result of twenty yeors' gou experience'and snoparlleled success in the extensive x1 tnd hlighly respeltab lprntice of the propriety, pilt - nised by tbe faculty and nobility, ntd ipnow inroldouodinn tothet notice of the Ameriean pu blic, at the earnest so licitation of a number of gentlemen of long :nd high tit standng in thie psrofession. It is hoped, as a prelini- no naty step, to check the evils and latol consequences sio arislngfrom the use of the Inmnertoos nld deleiteious v nostorlms hoisted opoln the piblio by the aid of flubrilooted n proofs of miraculous cres, and oilier framuls, by a set of t mercey, ooinprlioiplcedl pretenders, so totally ignoiantlI oh msdical sience, that it imlpossibl te h monstrous ft delusion can anoy longer o down with ihe iltlligent th people ofthsi country. 'lIhenls pills, mill andi agretabliet in their nature, should he kept in every family in cases in of midden illness, for, by their prompt administration, I n clole.a, cramps, splsns, fevers, andi other nltirmisig I oomplailnts which too olten prove fItal, may be speedi- ci ly emred or peventedl. li faot, nil those w'lo vtlue good o health, should never be without them. They are sold 1s in pakets at 5 cents, $t and t$2 each, by every ryesle pi Stabble druggist, bookseller, and vendlor of medicine i tlsi Unitedi Satest td: e Canadas, with copious dnetions, ii togetloer with: estnloninls of professional ability fiEma Sthe follcvwiuo eminent aentlemen: Sir Astley Cooper, J ,t Abernethyl ames Blundell, M. D.., W. Back, 1%. I)., t J. Aston Key, A. Frampton, M. D., and ouomeronsi others. The origiols may be siren ito soasssinn o ctlle General Agent, by whoml the moendlilne is imporled into t this country, and to whom all applications lorogencies i Smust lbe made. JNO. HOLBEIN, 129 Warserly Place, N. York, Sole General Agent for the United States, &c. t For sale by appolintmet of the srigitnl pioprCitor. hliy SWAiN & lIomrain, lroggiits, No 1lI ant:l steet, g hitnere Agent slr Statlhee f Louisiana. jult v8 I IE M lY 1 LEE & co, No 3 M.gzlsie strleetare - n o w receiviig from ships Nanshvill, Louisville, t- Keoick), Eingle, anl oilither late arrivals h.,ni :i, 1 it .:uthern cities a large and new selected assortlentii i- .tisiO Boots, Shoes ianld BIroganls, , eonsisling ol'genOtleme'sline calf als Morolcco ibonot 1 ,o 21 qual itd' to hul'd, and stout wax pegged ihoots o of waoeiiosialiites; ina's liitn citall' olol e int .n lrocti d llt I ltoh, itllps aol blroglnls, beckskin shoes, broggois ani li tippes: mcn'sitine edf andll kipped pegged1iiI snotslotl Srogts;n l do hoots; do sioiit kip tail wax pegged shoes n- A aI iogans; gentlemen's best quality c:ll'isewei shoes, I- lioans o ild Jack I)ownings;i o ealf all'd loioriocco o i, tck shoes andtllroginIs; it enllf sea l and Morocco dl I tldian shoes and sliipes,i do :lf, 11t ito .oi set wIois, iy aew article; do fine cll;, se:.l and iorocco olllltel S ots; Iloys', Inisses'nl children's peied and swiile ie b.ogoans, au Islioesu levery r unlil no it.kiil. it Also a geoneraIl assotlien l len's o tll1 wax lnd - Ilrogis and sho(s, togethllt with I(i,(iH) p:.hi. ite :gro Lbust qunlity, russett brogans, inailll in cth ir anks, madueexpressly for plitaition uose; a good as. , irtmentof mren's fite and slout kip russeltt hrobvins, 0 - t w articlo, and i arge quantity of aon inferior quality russet and was brogans. - Ladies' fine cilf, seal, morocco and gain welts, and in. plmp sole shoes; lo file French Morocco and kid run D51 rtnld slilpers; do roan shoes, with alll witholtl beels; Ie's b call, seal and stout leather bootees; do l'rnnella stoes at ) fall kinds and qualities; do lastiing broganst; do gaiter oil tt'and foxed bootees. Misses' lastingspring slhosann r s ,gaits. Children's coloed Mortoco and lasting bro th, ,14ia;itin boots, tn. -I tieutleien' efelashlionale blacik silk hiats; do blahck it n ldt'b beaver do ol a superior Iualiti; tdo imitation Iit ram do; broadi and narrow briml nien's fine dlllb tiIIot ic, slhk RUssia short'niapped hats, a new iuicller. 'otlhlb it', tai;e size hats of dilterenlt qub:dlities; tdo clhihrt'II. cl- Mlen'sanl bey's black and lhed wool hats of v'arin la dog tee, withl general assollmnlullt of boys' tar, llnll's s, This assontment will be replenish;dl b) tht, :arrieal o.f f- eah llpacketslrot tthe ove named cities, all of whiclh ts nillbe sold on aceomnnodlatili tetls.-. nuEg I--t Il.91.I FOi Ji'll I. 7 TII. .T '1l:;ostal~l ishldrerpottion noi l euvla~ ily ll • dcnmnd frl's this tite, tool retuedy" ufI lli d, udi l .o servative of tle teeth, has ioo ie.d th, sub: Briber ollror it to ilte Aml eriat n l lh blio . A '1'ro n l trsi hl ' I tel toni lin te United Mtres, sol irt o h oe it ithl rl tlre rl ae ite l t tll : oot ll. sein ln like y to ll r li- I aI i-c ulitro s g of Ill tit. tfomoth-e<h lr. \Vleu ap lid it rdi. t g to ,il,,i ,n io n ti bottl e t l l, o I ever ultl llee'dll:ll rd i n ellhi'l- olllfl oIlllll'llt reliefi. It l rsi( i t l I Clt I llcta llio tI lBht l l tl reliv es I ll FIrII II(,a H r Jlile ) o lll' frl lleg lI lllnder i iL i llllg tooll llro l srio d. l tlhe lii' llill ll it r ell iey are int ler i lo, u ct, tIii h l ll l allll It olo ltie loare wulolal r eul")th.l'cluls in d oiirt ] l' sl,, ill lh L neialrve th t IoVe l t of adV rellt .iht nl.di l n lllh d,.lislltlh rvall ere. a etlaels 1lhonl ish u," of the lr'wt, h aid o.,In to hr (li. the p1rublic .n ) ,. .18 I. I I~i 1it •nil.led lIod s1(-.. It it a ll dl ll I1,111*,1\ I, I I o ., S oll'c llllo I t 'III I o.s i " o ', ;o t O IIIIIV Io " II I' I, I: l icl do loll tlh'iit t iea ol* , iir . he ,aIi. r u.eI.y, a d \AI Io o ;i, l 'xI , i ht In ll" a e : r lc l r 'omN ew YII Tiii 1 - I . - ei Sippi, andi '1'oh1 packt he Ills '-- i 1 ly n -p.'-- ,, rllrlllmr of thite undoerr'ei l llVll:rd oby o.II, l or t ed his old Fi, hre a l do Ahrh usd GARDEN SEIED) Y'I'RI, olavtlg been most indlstriciy cilcnil lred by ,I'- l itlerested parlies, tho il .bsrtierr togae hlia frioai o g hn rall hi, an t lIh pblic it o lr ,th.l he Still coI tiLIi na withia twori rlrlllr, i hi o l w, or Iormer .tlldi to be furniiillid Waitli l a Iii ll ld . tollinc Si irply i' altllire tn i uilrd hn , lal IIIh. orityao v Seotleo riadet oh rlia gorowth aid ndit port of tie present seanso,l 137. Since tur early part aId Slptlno(br,. ho has re.I ccive anlo .lu lpplies, by thie pc r:lit lips Vcis- i burg, K teotarky, and Arln .ras, all arrived i slot l passagCs, direlt from Now York. lIy te nlibcis. si Gi ald arnolher paked t, h s ill dauly exusleatt. tion eo a espply of l rit ' rees and Aslparau Roots, ihaivig talroudy rueived invoices thercol' Iy I r ,uail. Th'le tubscribr bogs furlher to ariirc l' I llh nil at lar, thiatle is at psru.ent as wehll enabled to noet anda execitao orders fr l tilee kinds f GardenI Sealds, ottuer whoiesalo or retail, ati te ever wls sinte Iris first establilruaaot in Joanuatry, 105' Country Ioaieardaell io rkier GIrdeniers' ardra i filld at thie hweet nl toant r:reaoiallo rlates, by tlla pound weight, ad galilon or Irashl iteal ul. (.talogues, aithlr cl Frnchlc or Englislh all always beto obtained on l)ersoll ot l la itiui t a usual, to W11. SMITl, Garden Soed Store, 85 Cusill mlliiorse snre la NOTt7.--A constant supply if l'ird S.dl, rill er i ored plail ploveria ,tl ; ,orb, id Shra-er,' driated hers,---with a a supply of peat alo bloet;a. Iarcy Po'cket oonks--Unilr iern hload wlll Ih Iound a t-plIElid vaarity of lhldi.d' and geonlluiaa's pomlklt blooks, inote, ia rd, nlcdle o Ihlero d alI.our . Fancy torks, r uspecnlrs, nc.--o.l' tile .tlrst ,attarn and of superior quality, oosisntiog rfphiooa ld ligurcdl satil, botubaz:iau, vevet riand cloth ctocks,. line bhodIS, plain, iainil a nd iy witllihatd without ruffles, shirt cnllars, . drs culled WahingtltO susapendorsal, il,, ll l:lstti wourst. ed and ottain t do, wit th nit iil orot rllorE, pantaloon straps with iwirU sRprigs; and a great vi . riaty oa gentlulnien'a wear, Iiado exlreslny an r thu retail trade, by A. L. Vanllorn and 5noue o' Phila. dellplia. CTonbs--A geliral anul complllllna ertlaen ofaco bs frotn their u iianufaictory.Aiso, Eaglisel and Flrnlh dressing combs, eta. drre:17 RUSIITON & ASPINALL'S SrOMPOUN D T'ON IC MIXfII o Lo -A or speoedy and co-trin cnro for thie hoer oaid Ag.c, remittent and interlittont tbno.; Iareparel fro tile original recipe. Useoa withll ulioint r.I nni. veral auccess lsi 183r, by parsos l tIll hnghe st rospeotability in this city, as stated in the ailluiocd acertificates. ' This mndicine is highly rc'otllimended, and ha been extaliaivly uaed in thoe iiuvo diseass win th rsuch distinguished suacces, that the prop rietor of tile recipe ias Ien induced to ontir it to the pull. lia in its present fort, in the hole that it may bo tie Ineaus of relievinlg nlay of thos who are eultrring undar the scourge l otr count ry. It is da meodicine pussessigab great iltla,o and wolln used according to the directionsll Jas never failtd of elotctillg a aotll, even in tile loust obstillnat stage of the disorder. It is nol at all d liarceaull, aitd pcrsona of tile weaket stollolah, nd clildlun olnllay taoh it withl inpanity. It lstrengthens te digestive organst, reatns all apetia, nd .ldt requires more than one, or in obstinate eases, two hottles to elfect a cure. Thlier is neither lrcury nor arsacic in tie meidicine, oor aiy thing ilnjurious to the human constitution. The Iroprietors arc a ro well colvinced of its efltaicy, thit I hay agre: Sto refund the price of every battle which has nheen talan in aeoordanco with tIhe dirnctions ansid has Snot affected a a perfect cure of tile faver & ngue. A. tIIVER, sole agent for Now Orlelans, at Shis wlholaale and retail drug and moldicine slor, cornar of Ilienville and Chartres streets. For Distriet Agencies apply to jI j5 T. W. t M'ITi, 48 Conti st. bAEBOWGATE SPRINGS ftlaalplolrcynlolocy, otloRloii,l SORIIEIANS. rlJll h proprietor of thin establishnet hars he ifea Iay to receive virilero. Ie will mso l. 0 lthr thar ilt irell oftllouse at t ditlaned, thatri the iav bmee Ilesral, pinopmrvenlS aide, ad alIsond ghoinr , Oi t,, ollh Sraoid praogress for ronplelin, im. hir will eolle liIn intbseril'er Io aldcclnrom d a lrlboalh lob'.r inIlblr , IIai tlrel ofllc , llid I I. Sall lit la lnlluh be t l or. l , rd ill-t0 can lte aelUUlluldled O ilhl goolUI rOLll-, or ItoFe who fretir CIall haove larg cUabilit. g Ielhteiolllll the anlilll b auirling. II is deelllmed llUl.eoedcir. le ullv lllylrlliug in pnrlllctl lar of the eltr.alltr ofnl these 'iuers, llne it i i gelr'ally belivted that tIlety are nlt ill1rior to llv it llthe Sotlll ern S ita ies. All clle unlll.lSe llllls tlllt are eitirlll ly fimad a\lWVnlering I'laces, will Ibe tiIed iti Ibis. The d best ilmusic thai this prt of ill, c.aullltn'v al|ords, has hbe eusgaged, ao ill 1 he i n eoelit ltrlhdaalre ut the Spirings during the whol. SasoinI ' Il o bdhibe will aIt ailtlllll hims lfliof is otiirllnuitn in rtcurnilg lia, uneignlellllelahks fitr tIe verv lioertl etmlpart given hi(,t lost se..on, uud h.,ps by otihe l, 0er cioan llac lave lbeer lno lt iO ill. i,'11 Co Inld dI oilillt thle eolnllleooditlioio,u Ia l1tll a l ooo ,..o Iho. lpreset sau. J\ CilRM. 1113 J.ST tJoLPUBLISo,.E.O.o-oO SfT GT Ffi-0: PLr.IS, The Fitl Editionof N sOWI.E'i"" S ' OF ON'ttfIto- Nurt:Et 'J o hilt is now Wlled i nAvAenlge ''igoe Culeunl Stor, or 000)' motltods fO 'folding thoneavlge time W| ster on sorage, notes of hatnd or bills of gKoso wothen bmy- o cltseed at different date;, on olilrent credits, nydo for vari sid .l..ul ol onDtto el .. ins ling 'I'Tlo "'it'te 'V'n'ide, the heat t lst lolu lIe I onotoivd., nroht goons oena ort)ottue wiithin the sanme onoloeseld compass, lod size oltt pe. An adnvertisementl ill thbook is ill nearly tile follow ilglwords: 're The high distinctio thlis work hlas received throughl the e legslative acts prefixed to e t gini ats tfud title opage, is a re No comnlmndatioll ill itself, so uneommon,, and so eollclu inve, it otnuthling is necessary monre Inn by way of ad vertisement, to give a cotndensed view of some of its pe- Monog culiaritics:os erinstatfne, tio e Intoeart has bretn comona Colu edtl froman l compared lwilt, what is eqlivalenttto tonr- lillod teen setstefcalobtltiote, examinedit l the pess thirty- (ott .oe tiomes, alt priltetd Irom terleotye platdes tested Ioltii thiltyty-ote times, ifrom all whil it mnst be evideont Wrm oevn to the skeptic (especially on tioe I.sonal of the de- Persn toil oltpromfoi tile pt fco)that tile wOrk mkstlhe nrith- Itiho metietlly iltfllile, d it confirmation ofthio beliefo Frode ptemoiOt of two huInred and lfty dollars, is now offer- W-ob edfoo tile detetion of ao n erros ofa cent in the PresntM lt or ifth editonlgts exs.rtnssed ill tile prelhee, mttktngtive Pnilo nlegoe osioostns toerotfor the slnoe crror sitce thefirst Now p.tlieation In the your0 180t. Oe lof tie most oons picuo eus fonatts of the alles ois in thle :trangement of tfe hTio ao d Amonats, whicho for exloedotlnos, refureenee ontlttrsltienity, with thohetlp oftde side ond index, oannou te exoelledt;tn d the salnty ty atd ease with which tIe interesl ent be foundltollthe i extent of geloeral business, withont doulling ofsums is besides a eonoleienece so es.,outial, that io tile estolmn tion ofsomo oi he most competent o ld petinai billhl tloss neoo ltttitblie ol totlons who toorve Inst so r ohl t of thoework, it thoS beeIt doiitioguidlod by)he Otto totoshte tleto opoellntion efofo "master pioee". Atdl considering htO th intfllibilty of the ettttod origittlly oldopted i r tlas composing tile wolrk, anvlo tlte sxlraotdtitsry IumlPer aitl gni vaiely othe cxamtoiloations, and Iteats of every edition itttet haslSSedhin the pless, eotwilhstanding tile whole is io ofot steoeootypetconsidoriog, in sh6to, ote positive aecoracy fort seoltred iby the lnltneoleeeltel nleotans emllloyod, the vo- tut lumc0has hee hehl1. utt ttldttatitadly styled "tll tiev mtost woodcrtl hook It the wmlk;" molst certainly no inoaoooCll Ilolm tigure work lof'tle same extent, wllich silnce tile Itt-gilnilgot orelrtioon, has had til: same iuttm- lion hlT ond toietof of oest ill thoo satin notmootot o f eo iltoo s hof no, rilolle bltoll thltuolltn eo, as is cltlrly sltowt il tile tt f, I'lrcl. li 0'ltesic asl,'st ootnto stanooaolto ,ithas t loeon trieotonot ott o 1rored it nerly oltthe bank and Iottlc otlliees i tOheo s Uittd Slates, alld by the ptbliiC gtettully, dtlting tle ltng pttiod of thi'to-ftoe Ietos, yet oerror totf he nol cluhins has ever b'een Intund il ptint,talthongh tontinu a oll tllgtllt o Ito otlt' o vet rge trrmiums. ;Tt'e book.'is iht ioot nxopottsoly attttted t y all tltoeootrts otfliw o seoera o|totlhe SateI s s tle t1t" i.I osC:IoCihotilot ott tattoto interestt " t stt s t hy It w It fr halk, aecorldilgons the nootk is soed, aod as noay hIe seen in itttolIIly..o otlllleS ot o lht stotsctibetst tt Ittfet olf Ith oooomt lt l toltoolaoeosiol ttoeliot :totlltooltotldof ttttb, lac ts isi po otssion f evel y oon closs of citizclls i crecT y lar- lo .to of the Uit leid Stntcs. a It is moreover well known that, hy its rearly check, orit Sit hls so oftlnltdeteetedltlhge errors, lotg tfter they were irade, ven by tile most enlelitll aRnd most eomitent dt SnrithicticuIsot toat lits nefsllnsess, andi thle alsolllte tne I cessiy iy Irii(ts usc, have been extenlsively insisted upon, s; 0so Lodent, iOeedt, have bcen its adtlvaoigeu, all its C Ssavings, Ilthat, nevcrrl yosago, whilst tlhe first edition Cal w.uss eavne, and out of Iriit, a great ionumoer of seootlal hmao lll olnoes wele sotoalgt folo, soelne to a gre t dishlteo. -and pr esIli.ur:ar~l t 'lvaiollus Iprices, as they eouhl ocellasion ally ho picktd u0. bt Lom $l tl o $.25 ptr entpy, and ok solnl lelsolls hl:toe recel.oy declared, and nilltacPll O ol totlhe It oted that ttev wolott pay $50, $lt0. l, otto $50() fottaooo iol ototnotto belohad fot hlo , and o noinhliodoual lL to lo aCltt , isltallt e tatl tievo tly, hlvitg tt the t e itnme to ti.obito d totatto tlolry i'lal toostvral ler.nle tIot tt t tt O iitt it t aIIs it.alIv t (sll tIhat ntontsy tl: ilO l tcthlotogh the saving of lllis try valuabole tile, Ie Ihailng In wer+y c . 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If t t ii % y~ Ito rI+Iuk p htt, h ttotht:o 0tt hl this d')' 11·1 1 IIIt'O ll 1f1.+ 4Ll'.t[%' 1;tll'k ( i15 \. lc~ ll~·l w 1i,, ilh 1h.i ll.+lH ( q • , illlt~ll 1 ,.1,11 . Ilco tl ' workl,|ll .ll Illh t ll 'S .mllll hedhelo r 11,1· 1 1..t :i 11l1t 1 hlt I·,(.i l b in H dXh lll(r sw : l (d .<.l c t,1 Il 00I, 1 , it tIt: ll t t t to mt u tllh is t odll ''. .,' l:+? els 01oe l \ ti'it+ l r thlolsanld th il e,l~ ' I. .il,. 77it too ot I It s to . Nttt tttt'I, ttotI it 1 1"Io'oot to tot., l i c(I. iI'll.:k I~1 .1 \\il ;·( I :I' )/lt t I, II1"l +ll ll (': ih - h l," ,, ,: I, l' ,i, ' ottlo.:o1 ' "l \ ol h l'lll l t l 't t . , d m.4'IIII4'Iii too4 otth ho)i' I[ el:llh l l 'lt r tO vlo t l'o Crt totoo atto o ttt tl e ll blic fl r l to ; ' ,','o t, ,' ttto /;,,, tt|el, , tiot. to ,I I,.,i, 1II- 1l 0.ll 1.1l'+" NI;\W \VOltbK,ke.--Thm \m iHan i NI II E",h,_ ['tnld, ht the otnotth t t1".o o, ar in Sp n, hi++ J :ulh,,, to. jo! tohh ohttO~i attooteo'ot of" t ng or t o- l o ot , i,, oot l .o-tiv h Il tol ) at to ,.- c . a ht by WV\1. 1'KI'IN, V IL V &. .t +H.\I"FE"I'.' ('m+i].ot :+ lau~l l'x t It iacti t(' o .ttoo sm ; illa, tol r I he iot 'to foo "tto tllttt otions of itet lit ; pitloot or p iottoto of t io 8 1; hall,.. wh l, arse' Irolll tims llt an l C .tr Itte of the I Srt od; scaly cru/lio )s; p+.inl. l I hn b lie l l;l-ltil, fi h t.llllatlolll ttor;o Ie r ,Ct)olai , 0r Itl to'n teil; hit. I LR- s~wa l br ; s)ypilitic discoars, an d -all dislrdherst . aris.ntg Ireoo too impure o tote of the tbood, ot a ott g ,ilt r ,t1tol t i ll a hot t itlltlte, or tlto e Ojullicioo t ot l of ,!cAleo, ,-Cave; & Schafl r's )Worm Syrp,q or in. 1 I to tant oit.tsoovtv;: th; bost preparation ittin ext:olt. " len Among which are tis Il+ownLg:---lidl1h.n 1)ye, otott col rto thtt hatir; Jlior'oo ()lh; Rooelot0n lOtior't 0 rei~'; PolmOtllo tllll; i:to haw'tl t il IrI \l\o atho: o.Ir \ Sl. rior Pearl t'owdot; h y t ho t 0 ; torontto .f 0I0 t,; .1Vcgetahhe Ileuug; Utt, ,,f litse; I.ip ) ,'l v; lNre. I os)ilte To'.oth \Vash; ( Intrlli'e; Orialgo, / sar F lower WVater; lPowd,!r lPulls an I 802, ,; Am:erl. ca. n Sil lr t, n ty p~ut tD ill t r+ , nll vial.'; i" i oeston altl); oltgo ll,; Krtoo te tto totottih.achen 01. I l op+-; Ilair B)rul+h .; I,;glihs I)r, ag Co t o bs ,,, 4 lI or loj tot ir t Ii; t-wo it a v0toity I of thor t'oorf t e+r. mllelt:. &,, A ". F r sale b~yi 1 t W% ,INN' '' I 0I11t'. RES. I I- t IC T1 lN( . AIl, ' or .r o tot " 'i ati I loon.u u lo t ,ts I )ItI: 1, .MAVy liccmc',.. 5m;, :cc llc'haCccc'a l P 1 ": ,sll hI e ., N. 1 I:': ·. elul si re l t w o d nI 11 [Jll, Ilt in 2ill of mhc folllow, ill;: woods amt IIrwbles, ex ce.nll itl It Ia l:l;er!) mllllll \1, N ) 1. P8 bl 1ItI FI| q, -\laimay, .gyplican hlk noed hld, I lak, (;ialla ll Anlict i, I'11llral dio, O)lrieun;l or tar untql itle, Satin W ood, 'oonel l lll Ilali Wo\lodI, DIrc mor I r'dello, (cl'OnllllC l oC Il'*k S.iacm .a d Irathlla, lose' \Vlod, A l erilc anc (;'re)y A ,h Whilt (lak, cr. :-. lie. (cm . Il Eclh lSp cil.'n s - tcc bIe. c' a t theIIc shopi. l ints, oils. glass, c ip.d il'lloish, ke. oin hatli no fll' sale. - I O N , : T EI.'I : I . l. I t.l t V v ( ;:Ot ) J ) S - - !l a t , F l U mllc d ic nldll , i ll, hell cl sas e !. 1 Iolt, scl roll ant rod iillr , nr il rods and, plough C.slt, Germanll, shear, Ilistcr.d, spcring, shetl mii SCrowley steel Hlhllow Cwa'e c',t anol wrou.ght mils aoild spikec Zinc, block lin, mill and gri.nd stoucs, salc kettles ;hain ciables, auchors, houes cOx, lo;g andl roe thicuts, corn mills Act ils, c ices, II -,lers mid bellowh s Wi're, i ct, pig m.l bar l'ad; shot Coall, aind cooking avlss ''AII 's, Ilowiltcl's, d otherl 'spae ll shovels I ho ll)la lltc ' hhi gos, ccdo.'or andl window books C'iio, hl mloc, Shahllll.;, atCl othier axes l'ar'd nod Manilla mcrcog :, lices l wicinilc e illl ooldn iceathlug copper; Naval stores Pai.ts, li.tmed and sperm oil A flill assoro t otlll f halrdware ald ship chd.ilery, al ways or hand, and which atre offered fr sale it ocole sale or retail, on the most favorable ltercs, by 1114 LAYTON k Co. 53 Ohld Levtee. EN W GOOD)S-Simmons Ilnrtt & co arc now 're lediog ,'eooco fro o oeil lo lrd ships Yltoo, Iodl i..tlleatog and riicfl', Coroedi, New ll'ork, i retl variety tlc goodsl ' tlhir lilel, which together whhli their trllle 'oik ()I In.u , liIkes their IassoIIIirtarenlv erv(l I le . 'i'r hlo llcl coitcc r .ctc e ii plUt, vi. : ,'iI ell twit:t, .ie.,rchl,' tllcck .',cci i erts811cc cc cllll l hicedoo't.licrU 'l d cripitio, cll o dill r ehlllllle eiik ccdl wonrstdcc'Ill li ccccitcc clll'l.l' i &llllc llc lllc c . ii nec clostic stctipenlers, .colcr .cnid l.c cilic r milc hes, Scker Lrkss a . lue, te ' il, neele bcuks, shic, pcearl, Iloryv Icllnd r rl.l9olro iald te , he ad i r t ,ll slpll i 1 ral 'Iexads, MaIl cenklal , i r lil n aItII . ell al d V rllt t s bead nekhukes i ,'t c clacs'and plci',eed,silcwr'c d c']c ndiccsc eclian headr, c lsc amt 1 1ht0c"is] c1lcc 9u ! olares keri loks, isht li "ll horse, kbelt. picket and dc'iling istIlsw dobh' cud single barrolled guns, lwie kcnives, un dirks. scissors,, shour U'sl a s ry l dio, bitms rlltal n si and i rilcbb s w cis l b ckles, ricti1ilak ir, lc lomt , ile occ,t celoci'. shoi e, liote, floor acid duslill ii rtlslhc c, Ccihlgn',e Fnridi , Iccrodci, ccr, os e an d c i vi er,- - - ssI n r" Ite nccc excrcts, f l.csca'crces, hle'ar, ccit c lie, n c rl'kVcci-,' mcilce hair ilcs, shcving c , n lhic et scnto a 0"ac l c hcs w1s1, hair aind iler siltes and lranceids, plahi , n.l sy and u ,icl k w 'k oxes, plaint ai gilc, ligccced,' r aln .el 0ii .tl s, pecr nrl cnc cc yi i hc r c , Scld , Iull 111 silver pellrl cases, Ioodikhickk and i weeircccctlecll andl gilc hc'kc'ccc, cc'illicctlre i,,, silver, imrecs ant]c t el Ihmiml bles, ho.ks o ld vets, ]unit- pins, ,olilliol fiuit, blk Lds, rio,'i. c'.. s, k ,kicoici cc aes, pl,-cio cc ,i c nI I , dl, h t e.,d awc gilt c 'rlh cc i. i Nt1 b' hll combk r- cpcuca MAIL AIel AN IIaMEN' .Mil I lDeavnrv or y at ot M. Northern Mail Closes Every ly at 104 A. M ail, Duo every Sumty, Wednesday y Closes every Monday, Wedneoda Coast, and Satorday, by 9, P.M. ShLakeMail Dae every v l'P~say, Thursday, a he Tar dSaturdan,yy5 via ( Closes every Monday, Wednesday SEXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL DEPARI'URE- DISTANC &v. ofthle FExpress Mail, betw.ltn Monile and New Yolrk--leaving Mobile (taily' at 3 P. I. Norlthwar Now York daily at 5 P. M bouthward. Arrives Arrive Nortllhward. Distance. Time. Return'g Moelgtoery. Ala. 2 llpm. 198m's 23kh 12m. Columnbus, Gi. 114 • 81 1l 34n.m Milledgeville. Ga. 2' 1: .4 . 2 .m. Coiinnhiv, S.C. 7? amn. .9 7.17 I1 ol Itleigi,,N C. 54 "15 21. 12 t Warrenton, Va. 12 it. 55 1t 0 e- Poranhtur Va. 10 pmi. 83 If) 9t. in .liehmonni, Va. I lii. SI 3 64 SFrederickabura, 8 767 7 I p m. 1"- Wahinglon city, 241 pin. Il 6i .t lnaltinlorn, 64.. 32 4 06 SPlhiledelplhia, 64 e. 100 II at New York. 2 lp. 90 8i S1305 143 I.. or 5d 23 Nortlward. Coining .nothward,l,the time is six hour l ess; h ei o f5 d uy s a n i s 17 Ih u rs . S TEN I)OIIAItS IREWARI). ie ANAWAY from 169 Cmrondelet corneor of lleviy s streets, onthelllight of 301h of Auglet,liend was seen thie next morning in Pavdrs street, it neg boy inomiid CIIAII.RES, libolt 7 yesrs of ate, odl S fee Is or thereabouts in tigiht,very I black, and las an imrped le iient in his speechl, oie olf his logs is sore, oeusioe ly a recent hlrt; he lilnd mi when e weont away a whiln snrrton or linen slirt and while cottoln untlnlolns. eallstcrs of vessels and eteait beots tren cautioul a Sgsint receiving or harboring said negro, as well as all it otlher persEns, aI the almost rigolr of tLe law will Ile enforced againlst thlrei. The aknove reward will be pai Icy f delivering hll into nny of thie jails of either ltill. t0- unicipalitis, or at 169 Carcmdelet, corner of Ilevi.. ebe lptere. lii i th lnder lthe irml of Dubl)oin &. Garretsn, has beer 41- dissolved. The shubcriher wilt lilquidate the nlliirso rs; the cllcerll ill this city, lid requtires all persons illdeb. - lthe to iinilt Ilylnealt lto him only, anld all thoaelhaving tl clunli oPrs0nitthelforariteanlt. SON, No- lo. IICaenal recet Aicr Orleans Iu- S 1 lwa'ys on hand c.mtaclly . ri iy ciilno Ilfr. nl I 'P., C'hemlicals,nd n l'auIEn.,amntlng tie.i areT s wll i IG. I ES nn1 Aniu l.nii, eiri dei,i Alrgnl l , ro, i do rigolos, Amne;t, Spars. h le k'S9ie lt ill'c. , Allm , k do powder cd, IIrillette wooa, lBalsam copivia, Cochiiealaea, Iforx,rletll l C(op{ersa, Allmerians li riflilnted, Cul lbc, lek,. lrstone, crude, Fustic, 'Tampieo, ie no roll, do Cubal, ten flower, do Maine, Slirmuth, French tierries, ' Cnastlr olil, Iltigo, llengsl, lion Cream tartar, no Manilla, ionI Cnlthu'ides, to Garranoas, e. t daloes, do (lilnmanla, do a bin, Lanweood, Unm pabhy ido saftAcita, dia St DIomingo Sdo nmonliac, do Jamnica, dcs o belzeoi, anutiood, diI cvi lu itoiolohi, Madder, ombino, to dno scea roll. Nicsursgua, Ilenalre, dlo do S Americi', do Coro, it d ioi c itiiii , ice i n Alaro ib m ito io ectl ll" dio Ilaeho . d1 i gainclnum, CIIEMICJAL5. do kino, Aei, nitrous, t do rustic, do imii h tic, SO ocihl em It i c nll i iiric, ,Ix,1,_ o shell:. ;, lllec Bl ilrid, -e . s'"netgnl, Cdonmu-, I p, Io i i sin iii.. l rosit e si. d imaei, ] r - unhgr, 1:pso sells, (e iillii(gl.e iiiiuici; lilll i i lmilw.r keli-s, AmIci ican,i.linilr caustic, l 1 ol (dll ,oreigni Itoit Iirciiliiioe, e m .r lagT'.h,, I lgl l, h el{'.lc ', Soi .1min icau t io d 1chro1 nt( . ,.tlah y 1:lin' a laki, p carpii oiit.a, : 501do or.1, Silpl poist. lii' ricc bill, Sugr lean, O il chiloes, S ll zine, Ihi, clo assia, Si lllp ltile. in- tdo l,-1 ;g ort, 't'artr I el l. ,ll ne ..ti Icn ioc l AIN'S.ileti. 111., d i, , m i, h i wept ,it LA, inon iii "hidilml.,ivi,, , , . ,e do I 'i'l i:,. , ,, ~ le i,.ai llom ' I "I0 -n, 1 1ii h n c, !ottero. n ine d t iltl:l h ilit liipe d tioitnin illvoo i, hIt ter, 'An a 0, l d .), Ipa ,1..1 " . it ih, l i. li. r t elt, . ' oI n A , , , i.ib v i I ,c.,ic,,kie rIni o ro ll l il or Sn , coar'I , n rcncoi ion . ,nt d c l ngll, e.l, h II , lv , 1c Ic i i llh ll, c ci i al hb . in l ic. --,i i& iull:-ll v . v , i,,il ih i 11cif I u 'nli( lmcimll g ,v i ' cl ' cII I lll i. S 'n c 1cmil u n l( m lcoooc,'!t.c . SI(III Iiiii 1cniviciucu i.t teI u dl ils Ih I cl i oi i h i' , octe, v i by f h 111 - ) - 11c - i par ý, . I tdo . "o """i 1 il. ;,n,,',/ hh,. , II rglI,,, hM b II. l, litl . 1 is lrl.ll i : lit. ,I : \ ,!. I aI~ o all,' e,,w lll,-r at ,h , ,,nlor 1 uniilllleln e LiO ,r I,. . '' 1rrll R /20,1, I' i../ .h 'i. s III1 1 l'or ns. l, I v li t e· ,1 I'~ar·tu ol' rnra t I ·:l ]'nr /ish o ie·lio nrry.'l l (run, I v .font's ! i A I. _i-- A litw i.Llr , i,, f (14nhp' 'l re ngv .a l-h i itv. with ,'[.6., o illie. . 11- ll, .l -I a nd un I-t 'r ed lnn 1i t n1lIE .I. L V Y. 1' \IN I'EVISITIh..,&c. . IN Il.l ll'liII), & , bey lIte utiheiro A.'ear %', tttl "/ o hf l it lie r cit ",elrc' it c r c',.irall appji .i le to ith il\,, utj., if North A t"tt, by U '1 rnai I.sI I't,h 'o/tliti/l I'rnonar, of t I t'i'ed Staten, or it i ico1 . hte vie.w of the ltIhe. nmt Idt.t tt lite of lbe ge!ur lid allt't FIeI lc itt"I','ci ithl.. i t rt' t 'i',til. ll],. nn tlhLea -- itthedl'e tttl t hti: )tttng IIn 'tIt'he Untlled 41lS l - I I, n"., 't i ) 1i an.l· hl , I" ,." iulllrlodi ' IhutuliIrit T'our' il.l pi s-l with i nr neter H 'ra'll* l or t Kiig' I T.i , li citi hr mluh i titncdc , i chroic n llutllllllllt in s- lat in c ln tl l oti c, b. y fle.. ih~e ii , t etiic g itincic l u t ll of e i t rdtctirt' h iiciti tie i. c ci the fully conyinead uofre nis, lete tilt. cm i'ni teree ithett't' 1 ' i ccttt'. Solt only Vt SWAIa eIlIt il vIery 1lc t rlle i y i llyie i te liiep with eh Ilhse It lg' l pnaiphe of Siu V rllatlccil'cyt'tlill ' cl. I t.Ull Cratred dewgr'ee, Pnabei ud withollcr vgotab.l .s. .slta cl (cpcrletll dl'dturlt trllici, i ll autieige and git one Se+xhibhi i c lat' ultih ofg, tlnrili it l t (IRNOCK'S ROutE, Ac. P iNiNi'ti'i rEli'TiiN OrF ORI t:, hi.t o is rutixciced llth Inileructioni'ii- to the Sbidy tie ciont lit'e aI ilccc cit gc of cca elt c tielticcier ctrti d til 5 iit iir bottti. iohl only at SWAIN lll'trlTI lUS drl tc ctd.l ore, Nil . I I iltl c trectil,. IIl lu t cy hl , fileh alcti gtnuihle, c ir ( oUhie tiie lprirtc )r, twait's illtnattt iot' Ittid e Iit i , Pontter's .ter lor coilcltti tof ci ill, C icili c r ca inicnri lt tgo tLie gen 1Ju:. Wcititvitcciittc ad ccslettiiiic c V It eAicN l INN1OCK'S ROMEIc, & 1. (Ilnldsilillh Ahrndg e of t ofe thr.e tory of Rom Io (hush( is preiixed aui [lldullon to the Study o molit llitcct. icdit glitc a vretiey Tof veittltt itretfoa Taeion dt, "clhro .Blnt then work on th critres rntitul aionl ind AyI cliti ofe ithe o mnll tn. w h c ilte mlll nscilllogbh phrlllll tcolu hi.storia l Notes; ad l in I es, !itc Cccnhticllc, ' L &c. liiittlIttI i iy Icll eityll Igic cioinllta iui;c Nitn Tcict cc ten li/cc cec' lobe. New lutd. Wih qlUe-ltion ITLr aIxL In llon iat the ' t Aich sPeticc Blilii llest, ict it viriieti t atld i nfiitretct tion detldl txlrlrilro hoi the work. [lConis intn of table ieci tntti n Sereig a eine iC cnl t tl ero C opiou xhiitit, ctlcc ieiclg tncrlirkc on thO poIile tiic., lUi'.i'aty ite .icettltth, gll iy e. Allt outleinee lhCic A ltiticlol, Sii c.ll Illtertle, i Wiylklilliy, etLgrc tlfcKic, i.'s New Tteicefl ou the IItc e of Globes. Nevi AIi'lei. i,,ilon with dth itip onsc d imttld itt reettitie nnItte w it iciiilt ofhe att tr io i Attl iart of CyAtiii Jt received aitl for salewi ib tti by 'KEAN tIe 21 corlner ofllttlip al.Cokloon el ]. OiAlCi''crensitti by tittillil hratci, LLici , wi. Ilc all pndix, contai. ing trnditietl'n of vatriiour aetstc. by liliinitJh, tCowley, Mtiltoi , Dridoi iPolle Addisi, Swi"t haitterton, G Wakelield, r Poroe ' lt l lul, &et.. ad soot of the oreemIinent oll ,ts of th iit lLteUS, with tle e appendix l .'icdicp tdansls iA('id 1"9 E-i eclar er' clasical Ic.ihrar e B elltllltt, M I), with cthnetuoir lithe, by Tholei __ OtEL'_ r & 11A 1'

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