Newspaper of The Washington Standard, November 23, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated November 23, 1860 Page 3
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ARRIVAL OF THE PONY!! FREE LABOR. FSEE TESR!Tt]RY, FREE SPEECH TRII JII*II.4AT Ki:M I/r !!! —- • • • 'T ABRAHAM LINCOLN ELECTED!!! «#• IH:} Kb-<'toi';il Vott's Sure!!!! . _ The following dispatch was received in Saerameno, this morning: Koiit ('unitmi.i., Nov. 14. The Pony Kxpress villi dates from St. Louis to Nov. Tih. has arrived New *crk. Lincoln is elected Prendent. \ew York City has given the fusion ticket • majority. The State has given tiftv thousand majority for Lincoln. Ali six Pnion Congressmen are elected in the city. Massachusetts Miissachus.'tts, outside of Boston has iis far as heard from, given Lincoln 4">, 000 majority. Lincoln has also carried the follow ing States by large increased majorities: Vermont, Conneticut, Rhode Island, Indiana, Michigan, lowa, and Minneso ta. Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania Lincoln's plurality is from fifty to seventy thousand over all. Ohio. Ohio gives Lincoln 30,000 majority. New Jersey. In New .Jersey. Pennington has been re elected in the Third 1 >istrict. Mount, Republican is also elected. Illinois. Illinois, scattering returns, Lincoln 5000 ahead. Dclav? re. Delaware has gone tor Hreckenridge by l,f>oo plurality Republican Con gressman ahead. Maryland. Tii Maryland the indications are fa vorable for Hreckenridge. In Halti niore, Hreckenridge lias 2,000 over Hell, and lf>,ooo over Douglas. Virginia. In Virginia, Hell ha< very large gains. North Carolina. North Carolina is conceded to Hrcck inriilge. Missouri. Missouri, as far as heard from gives Dontilasl'l.OOO; Lincoln 11.000; Hell 11,000, an I H.wkearidg.! Kentucky. Kentucky is claimed tor Hell by 10i|0. Louisville. Hell o,.S00: Fot'glas 2,000, and Hreckenridge. Tennc3soe. Tennessee, probably i'lKHell. Mem phis, Hell 100; Douglas 1,700, and Hreckenridge 44-5. Nashville, Hell ami UrecikCiiridge 2000 each; Douglas 2.">0. Louisiana. Louisiana is reported to have gone for Hreckenridge. New Orleans, Hell 7 2')0; Douglas 2,000, and Hreckenridge 2 000. i\ private dispatch from New Orleans states that all the Slates South of Tennessee, have gone for Hrecken ridge. Alabama. 11l Mobile, Douglas over Bell 210; over Breckenridov :!22. Summary. The lie publicans claim California for Lincoln, sis far as lit ai d from he is {•!•!• ahead. Tiik Li:<> isi.ati'uk. —The following, without being strictly accurate, says the Sacramento I'nion, is perhaps an ap proximate statement ot the results of the late election in regard to the politi cal complexion of the California Legis lative body. It is founded upon the popular vote and actual returns from most of the counties: !■• KXATK. Douglas 0, Lincoln 4, Biwkenridge 4. assucmhi.y. Douglas •)!>, Breckenridge 21, Lin coln 2<». XEIYN KI'MLH.IRY. It is also said that the (Jovernor of Virginia has resolved to call a meeting of Southern Governors at Richmond, shortly, for the purpose of conceiting measures lor the defensive, in view of Lincoln's election. Another statement is, that leading members of Congress from Virginia, re cently at Washington, said they had no idea the Virginia delegation would take their seats. It in rumored that a meeting of the Senators and lieprcsentatives Irom Vir ginia has been called, and will take place several weeks prior to the meet ing of Congress. The called session of the Virginia Legislature is believed re ally to be lor the purpose of consider ing this question. The Adjutant (Jeneral of Virginia recently visited Xcw York with a cred it of half a million of dollars, and or ders for the put-chase of complete nrin ament for the State. The secession press of South Caroli na and of other States continue violent ngitation on the subject. A strong conservative sentiment is expressed by the I'nion press South. The New York Herald s Washington correspondent says rumors are rife that extraordinary overtures from the Ue- J'Ublicans have been made to the South if Southern leaders will keep quiet; i' at Corwin sttvs Lincoln will execute tin- Fugitive Slave Law, and will not '■ouiitcnance the abolition <>f slavery in tile histrict of Columbia without the consent of the iuhabitiint ; . He alsore- polls tliiit combinations are forming which will astonish tin- count rv. Tin- Washington correspondent ot tin* X. V. Hcmidsay.c "Tin-determination and cordial union of the South against Lincoln cannot Ik mistaken. New York alone is now looked to for rescue from the dilemma of submission to sectional misrule or re sistance thereto. The Federal author ity in the slave holding States cannot possibly lie exerted by si Republican from mere default of the subordinate of ficers. What Southerner will dare in cur the odium of otHce-hnlding under a Republican President? Bailie Peyton, Bell's elector, denounces the Tciines sean who would do so, and excited crowds there indicate that they would drive the recipient of Lincoln's patron age from their midst, as if his neighbor hood was pollution. The feeling is still stronger in other Southern States. Whenever it shall become manifest that Lincoln is «to be President, there will be but one swell of popular sentiment in the South, and all the factions then will have to join in it or be over whelmed. Uncompromising opposition will be the universal crv." " Secretary Cobb retur led from Geor gia this morning, (ireat excitement, he says, prevails throughout the South on account of the probable election of Lincoln. lie is apprehensive that llien will be serious trouble in case Lincoln is elected. Tin* steamship City of Washington lias arrived from Liverpool 11111 inst. The news is important ami gives details of the battle of Voliurno. TIM* Neapoli tans estimated WU'OO strong, attacked the Oaribaldiaus on the Ist under cov er of a tli!<|< mist and carried some posi tions, and for a time succeeded in driv ing back the (iarihaldiaus whose num liers did not reach half theirs, Oarihaldi went forward revolver in hand cheering on his men, and after a desperate light of eight hours duration, the Neapolitans were broke and retreated and were pur sued dose under the walls of Capua. A Hrigadc of (iermans wasi-ut oil'from the main body of the Neapolitan army and driven to the mountains. The Oaribaldiaus took ">,OOO prisoners ami it was estimated that the Neapolitans had il,ooo killed and wounded. The loss of the Oaribaldiaus was stated at betweon 12.000 and 14.000 men. I«u --mors were current that Capua had sur rendered. (Jaribaldi had sent to the king of Sardinia for 40,000 men to be despatched immediately. Other news unimportant. Mr. Dwight I*. S. Commissioner sent to Havana, to take'the testimony oi'ex- I'ostniaster Fowler, in the case of the I'. S. against Law & Conover sureties on Fowler's ollicial bond, returned to New York oil the 2-Jd, with the rci|uiivd tes timony. A high official iu the Treasury De partment has divulged the plan of dis union at the South. The plan, if Lin i'oln is elected, is to convene a Southern Legislature by proclamation on the Nth of November, declare the I'liion dis solved, and pronouncing in favor of Hreckinridge as President of the South ern I nion. The Daily Morning Call, of the 10th novembcr, says: Tilt' I'ixiiitit>s 1 imiii which we have no returns ;it :ilI, polled vote- in 18/10. \\ e have probably about 8000 votes vet to hear IVoin. It is not expected that these will change the result, and tju«l€sjf i!it'roni the lights before us we are confident that Lincoln has curried the State. i'lumas is th<' only county that can help Douglas in the least, and that only polls a little over 2000 votes, of which Lincoln will receive more than one-third. In tliis connection we will remark that our election returns are more complete, as tlicy have been here tofore, tb.tii those published in any other journal, not excepting the Sacramento I nion. They have been carefully com piled from returns sent in by telegraph and mail, and, if false returns have not been sent in, our readers can rest as sured that Lincoln is now more than a thousand ahead, and is likclv to remain ' %■ so. Married In Olympitt, mi the evening of Nov. 20, nt the Washington Hotel, liv th? It »v. I). Hllis Wiliest, M. Myrick Folsom. of Sitwamisli, to Miss Anna B. Hutchinson, of San l'raneiseo, Cal. Nov. :»!lt. Nt the residence of the bride's father, liv Rev. J. 11. Hov il. Mr. Thomas Cornell. tu Miss Adelaide Miiller. nil of Whidby's Island. At Seattle, Oct. 21th, l»y Itev. Daniel tlaglev, Mr. George Fr y to Miss C. E. Denny. On Thursday, Ist install), near Steilneenin, by A. J. Burge, Est).. Mr. W. N. Savage to Miss E. A. Gerlech , both of fierce eotinlv. DIED LII Thornton county, Nov. sth, WILLIAM WAL TER, iuf'.ilit son of William uud Maria Mitchell; jigcd '1 mouths mid 4 days. hi Seabeck, NOV. 1 llli, WALTER JOHN WILLIAMS late master of liiilish Imrk Sea Nymph. Sl' IX'I AI j NOTICES. Kau I'raiicisro Agency. TIIOS. HOYCH, Esq., X. K. corner of Montgom ery und Washington St.'., mid f'llAS. A. CIIANE, Esq., lire our authorized Agent* in Sin Francisco, to receive und receipt for Subscriptions und Ad vertising. CHAS. IJAUItUTT. Esq., News Agent, in au thorized to trail act business for us ill Portland. Religion* Notice*. Divine Service at St. John's t'liapel every Sun day morning, at 11 o'clock, and evening at 7 o'- clock. A 1..0. liible Class every Wednesday even ing, at i o'clock, e. M. !•. ELLIS WILLED, Missionary. Divine Service every Sabbath at the M. E. Clmrcli in Ihe morning and owning. Sabbath School at - r. x. M A UKKT lir.VIKW. Olympi \. Novenilier '-.'l, IS no, Trade has imjirove.l ilnrinjr t!ic» past week. Wo notice ron«M<*riitilr pciliuc nrrixinjr in town. Our quotation - remain siilMlnntiiilly i<? lust week. AVliPsit. :ntt- Kjjrjrs. fine laird. T2<" Ham«. (urn PIT) 2()r China Snjrar. lirst quality. 12 J e WO. 1 le Collcc. 20c liolilcii Syriiji. !?1.">0 )>cp pal. I'lour .(retail) isi!,o(J per Mil. 11 < >THL AltltlVAj ,s. WABIIINIITON IIOTKL. John McDonald. L. M. Iliismi. Frank llalop, A. Smith, A. J. Uuir. lien. Adaii. A a'el llu.-di. It. Itnriihani. 15. I'. Mi Keen, Mrs 1.. Shcllon. Dr. Hollins, IV M. Hannah, Cujit. Itand, A. \V. Hern. PACIFIC IIOI'HK. T. M. I.eas. Xnte l.ow, W. Taylor. 11. A. flolds- ImriMijih 11. foots I". S. A.. I*. \V. I.arell il.Cuiu ini'jjrs. W. S. Lane. 11. A. Judson <fc Co., (At the Late Store of W. M. R,utled<je,) OI.VII Pl.t, W.T., connhfiion n I:KCBIA .\T«. AND DKAI.KItS IN DRV C.OODS. uitocicniKs. CLOTIMNO, HOOTS anil SIIOKS, HAKDWAIU:, I'AINTS. Oli.S, AC., AC., AC. TERMS CASII, COUNTRY PRODUCE. i.\ \o ( isi: Will Credit lie given lor longer Ilia ii Thirty Bays! Olyinpia. Nov. -J:«. IHiMI. 2: t f Will. (i. INJNLAI', IMI'OKTKII A\ l> IHMMIIi l\ uiiorrcitiKs. ruovisioxs. Dtiv coons. CLOTIIINIi. 11l II ITS mill SIWKS, tic AT Til II OIJ) SH\I), Cui'iici' »l' Hiitn iiiiti Tlili'«l MrrrfN, CIIIIMII V I'roillli'U j:rncr:illv IsiUm in «'\rlin:i;;i' f.>r (limits. No |uiiis s|i iri'it in sntM'.iotinn tn ru.-stomcrs. IHymjiii!. No\. J i. ISti-.i. J If WASHINGTON HOTEL, SIB.IS (iiM.IIIEK, I'm. COITNKII II!- SIK oNII ANLL MAIN" STUKKTS. < >l\ iiipia, \Y. T. Hoiiril jKT W t'rii 0() Clvin|»i:i, Nov. 'j:t. I 11:1 v JU*Y Till: liKST!! CROVER & BAKER, lIAVK UKI'KIVKD TIIK FIIIST PHBMIUM ON Til Kilt family NI:UI\» nWHIM —AND— MACIIIXH WOltK, —AT Til K— STATE FMB.ICBANICS IISTiTOTE FAIB. AND IN FACT Every Fair oflMI©!! Over \\ heeler & Wilson ami all others! Thus I ni|iieNtlonal»ly ENlatilislilnK Their Superiority. These Machines are the mo.-t sini| !c in use They sen from two common spools. Have no troublesome bobbin;; or |>o>l Sew tin\ nml all fabrics Make very Utile noise. Are quickly learned and operated Are not liable to disarrangement. We guarantee perfect and reliable Machine*, and to tlie thousand* In use can reft>r, a* dally and hourly recording, In their NatiNfitctory op eration This Unequivocal Success. %*Explicit directions for use accom pany each Machine from which a child can in a short time acquire a perfect converse and management of it. Send for a circular. R. ii. BROWN, Agent, 01 Montgomery Street, Sun Francisco, Cut. November 17, 1800. land W. S. c. CLUB HOUSE GIN, THE UNDERSIGNED, BEING SOUK AGENTS of the nboue (iiu, offer it to the public us the finest HOLLAND GIN, mid the only GENUINE t'Ll ll HOUSE GIN imported to thin market. It is put up in GIiEE.N CASES, and branded W. S. Cl.l'H HOl T SE. We shall continue to receive the above Gin regularly. —ALSO— Pure Ambroaial Whisky, in flasks; Pure Neetar Whisky, in new style bottles: Pure Bourbon Whicky. The above liquors arc from the well known lioii'e of Win. S. Corwiu tc Co.. Xew York, and are guaranteed fine und pure. W. n. (TMMINGS k CO., I:3m 50 California st., San Fran A LIST OF PRICES (11 IXCY HALL, THE FOPEM CLII ■■ or Nail Francisco. COATS. Splendid lllack Frock (.'outs sl2 00 Also. Kim- Hliu-k Frock ('oats lo oo Splendid liiack and l!!ue Sack Cools H 00 ANo. (food liiu-incss Sacks (i oo l-'ine Heaver Overcoat i, late style 12 00 (iood Business Overcoats i) oo (Sood Light Summer Overcoats G 00 PANTS. l ine lllack Doeskin Pants $5 00 Al-o. Fine lllack Cassimere Pants :■! 50 Heavy Ca.-simere Husiucss Pants 4 .10 Also, (iood t'assimcre Business Pants 4 50 Also, (iood Heavy Business rants 2 50 V MSTS. Fine Quality Silk Velvet Vests $5 00 Fine Quality Silk Vests :i 50 Also, Fine Silk Vests 2 50 (iood liiack Doeskin Vests 2 50 Also. (Sood ('ossimcre Vests 2 oo (iood Quality Working Vests 1 50 i rnxisinxa goods. Fine Quality'Davis I: Jones' Shirts . tf 'l 50 Also, (iood White Shirts 75 Fine Quality Colored Shirts 75 (iood Check Shirt' 50 (iood Hickory Shirts fio llest Quality (ircy Over Shirt* 1 oo I iood ISiue Over Shirts 1 00 Fine Quality l.aiub ' Wool I'ndcr Shirts 75 (iood Merino I'ndcr Shirts 50 (iood Lambs' Wool Drawers 75 (iood Merino Drawer 50 (iood (ircy I'uilei- Shirts and Drawer* 50 FURNISHING GOODS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. fllafls, fajis, Trunk*;, ValiM'w, and Carpet Rag«, Will lie m»M prnporlionatch Lo\> Uativ;. —at— QUINOY HALL, Ml, I I*> & 151 WiiNliiiiKlon street. IMVK & E*OUi:itM. Nov. IT. Ihiio. i :!in KENDALL CO. OFFERS FOR SALE Al I lie Old Nfanil, NOIIIS)*1V(>M( t'oi'arer ol' Vfi.'iin and Nt'couri N(n. A NKW AMMYKLI.-SPLKCTKO ASSOUTMKNT OK Family Groceries Of the best and most approved qualities. Dry CSootls, Clothing, Hoots and Shoos, I h«ts Miitl Caps, tVo., &«.•. All of which whieli will be sold al rediteed rates for C \S 11. \\ be ill. O.lL:. Uutitr, Eggi. and Country I'ro dnre generally, aeeepted in exchange for tioods at the going market rates. A. 11. (JOVE. Olvmpia, W. T.. Nov. 12th, IBi>o. I:tf THE WAY TO CET ALONG Without Money!! IN VIEW of the hard times and scarcity of mo ney. the undersigned have concluded to lake WHEAT, |* I | 11 *|> I UUI I». HITTER, K(l(iS &«*. J.C., In exchange for floods, or in payment of |)ebts due us. I'crsoiis wishing to trade lis wheat, will deliver it to Ira Wnrd, :■ t Tumwuter, and on presrntation of his receipt we will furnish (loods, or give pur tics credit on accounts now due us. We have just received a IV KW STOC K or UOODS, Which we purpose selling cheap for ready pay ; Itut in no instance will we give credit. 1). I'lllLLll'S k SOX. Olyiiipiii, November 17, 1800. I:It Great Excitement!! AT THE FALLS!! MR. M. W. WITHERELL, WOULD inform the citi/.eus of Washington Territory that he is jjgrjjft manufacturing H "" Saddles, J Itirnesn, and Trunks, Superior to any ever made on this Coast, lie is also making the PATK.\T CANK COLLARS, Which cannot be excelled. He is making FIXE HARXXISS, On (he jteir>AiUn«tlnK Tree, Which is considered tho jfrcntcat Im provement of the Age. AND ALSO CARRIAGE TRIMMING! DOXE ON REASOXABLE TERMS. HlileSudUleNOlTariouMUcMcriptloiiN KKPAiniNO HONK ON SHORT NOTICE. JfejT I'leane give IWeud Withereli u call. Shop on Main Street, Tumwuter. November 17, 1800. l:tf J. H. r AINTKH, (LATE O'NKAHA A I'AIXTKR,) DK.VI.KR in Type. PIO-SKCS. Prinllnir Material, l'H|.vr, Oartl«. unit I'rintor's Stork jreneriilly. 1:12 ('lav street, iicur friiiMime, S.'ii I'r.tmi-en. California. November IT. 18'!0. 1 :ljr S. 11. Williams, t Territory of V*. > Washington, George W. ('rum. j County of Thurston. In the District Conrt of the 2d Judicial l>i.-trict. To OEOIIGE \V. CRCM: Voir are hereby notified (lint S, D. Williams has filed a complaint against yau in siiid court, which will come on to be heard at the first term of the court, which shall com mence more than three months from and offer the 2-lth dny of November, 1800, nml unless you ap pear ut said term nml onsvtef, the same will be taken for confessed and the pTnyer thereof grant ed. The object and prayer of said complaint is to re cover the sum of five hundred dollars damages for taking away and converting to your own use tom bed'cattle, the property of plaintiff in 185!». S. 1). WILLIAMS. Plaintiff Olympia, Nov. 23, 18fi0. 2:tu3 j. hkellett; §AI)DLE, HARNESS, TRUNK MANUFACTURER, AND DEALER IN OADDLEUV Hardware, Saddle Trees. Mock anil ltent Stirrups, etc. Shop on Main Streit, Olympia, W. T. Prices to suit the times. Hides and Produce taken in exchange, and cash never refused. Olympia, Nov. 17, lfilO. Til 111 111 IT MAY C'JSCEBIH KNOW \ E (hat at the Old l*VNt OfliCC. Portland, all Descriptions of Stationery. Blank Books, &c., All Novels by the following Authors, viz: Mrs. Soiitlnvorth, Sam Slick, Mis* Bremer, James, Mrs. llcntK. Mrs. (lore, Ann L. Stephens, Mrs. Holland, ('hnrlc-s Dicken?, Win. Ilowitt, llulwer, Lugetchinikotf, Miss Pardoe, Spindltr, Reynolds, Ward, Emerson Bennett, C. A. Murray, Charles Lever, Pierce Egttii, Alexander Dumas, I>e Bcauibrd, ('apt. Marryatt, Anderson, Smith, Charles ltowcroft, Arthur, Mrs. Maberiy, Ainsworth, Kliowles, Muitland, Dc Vigny, Eugene Sue, Mrs. S. C. Hall, D'lsraeli, Currer Hell, E. J. Peterson, D. Heiinav, Leigh Hunt, Wharton, Carlile, Miss S. Ferrie, Ellen Pickering. Henry Fielding. Lippard, Mrs. inchbald, Frank Farleigh, H. H. Miluian, Mrs. (!ray, (i. H. Lewis, Dr. Hollicut, Mrs. (iaskell, (ieo. Sand, Collins, Tobias Smollett, Mrs. Trollopc, Thackeray, Eliill'N Sars;i|>:ii llla, Yellow Dork, and lo<lld€> Of PotaSN—ls prepared from tilt finest Red Jamaica Sarsupurilhi mid English lodide of Potass. A dmirable us :i restorative and purifier of I lie blood. it cleanses the system of sill inorldd and i!ii|>iire mutter, removes pimple-. lioils and eruptions from the skin, enres riicuniatism and pains of all Kinds. All who rim afford, should use it. as it tends to givs strength and prolong life. Sold l»_v Druggist* generally, at Si per bottle 11. IIAI.I. Ac CO.. Proprietors, Wholesale Druggists, I:(!ni 14 ! and H."> Clay st., San Fran. SAFSS ! SAFES t ! F. TILMAN, 90 BATTERY ST RISK T, SAX FRANCISCO. SOLE Agent for Tilton A McFtirliind's celebrated Fire Proof and Rurjrlar I'roof SAFES. This Safe i< well known in the market for its unsur passed fire-proof i|UHlitv. having withstood in Cal ifornia, ns well as in the Fast, the hottest fires known. We can refer to endless certificates from parties iu our mining towns, where these Safes have been subjected to the most severe tests of its lire-proof qualities. These Safes are secured by our Combination Lock. This Lock is iu every respect the most se cure one iu use: it requires the key and combina tion to open the Safe. If the key should be ab stracted from the owner, it would lie perfectly use less without his knowing the combination, or men tal kev which the owner carries in his head. To those who want u reliable Safe we offer the above cheaper than any other in the market. * * A large assortment on hand and to arrive. F. TiI,MAN. 00 Rattcry Street. San Francisco, Cal. November 17, IHtiO. I:ra0 NOTICE! WE hereby give notice to till persons indebt ed In us IIV Al't'Oß vr OR NOTII, to nil I iinil settle. We will take Wlirnl or Oals in payment of nveounta tit current rates. All iie ronnts not settled by tlie l.'ith duy of December next, will be left with the proper officer for collec tion. W ARD k HAYS. Tiimwater, Nov. 14, 1800. I:tf Ho! For the Mines! NOHEER HIE AID UlilET MHffl!!! FJlflK undersigned would respectfully in-?7\ | form the public generally that they arc wpt located at Tumwuter, and are muuufucturing 'll and have constautlv on hand BUREAUS, BEDSTEADS, Tables, Toilet Tables, &c., And all Artlc-len appertaining (o (heir Line of HuslnettM. —= ALSO PLAIN AND FANCY R IINO, —"—ALSO S tall, DOORS, AXD BLISIM, MADE TO ORDER. All kinds of marketable PRODUCE taken in ex change. Cash never refused. Shop on Main Street, near Ward k Hays's Mills. WILLIAMS k JORDAN. Tumwuter, Nov. 17, 1860. 1 :tf THE LITEST SEWS Ji ICS EBM!! BY POXY KXPRKSSI! 0. W. BILKS J. WALBAVgX. BILES & WALRAVUrV, HAVING formed a co-partnership in the a «fa* BOOTand SHOE BUSINESS are prc-#«l pared to Manufacture Rpots and Shoes, cheaper than the cheapest. Hides ami I'rodttce takeu in exchange for work. Repairing done with neatness and dispatch. CJive them u call before purchasing elsewhere. Shop on Fourth Street, between Main ami Wash ington. Olympia, November If. I SCO. 1 ly ! To Statesmen and Politicians* TWELFTH EDITION NOW READY. I A Political Text-Book iter 1860. ' Comprising a Brief View of Presidential Nominations and Election Including ! AI.I. TUB NATIONAL PLATFORMS EVER YET ADOPTED: Also,' 4 llltrfory or the Stranle reipectlar Slavery la the Territories, AXD or THff ACTION OF CONORK&S AS TO THE FREEDOM «»F THE PUBLIC LANDS, \\ itli the most notable Speeches and Letter; OK Messrs. Lincoln, Doujcrfus, Bell, Cuss, Seward, Everett, Breckinridge, IT. V. Johnson, etc., etc., TOUCHING THE QUESTIONS OF THE DAYJ Anil Returns of all Presidential Elections tinea? im EDITORS' PREFACE The siugle end of this book U the presentation, in 11 compact and convenient form, of the more im portant facts, votes, resolves, letters, speeches, re ports, and other documents, which elucidate the political contest now agitating this country. It has been our aim to let every candidate and other important personage speak for himself, make hit own platform, and vindicate (if he may) his owit consistency and the soundness of his views on the great questions which underlie our current poli tic.i. Of course, such a work can but a compara tive merit. Make it ever so large, and still many things must be omitted that the compiler would wish to insert; and every critic will plausibly ask, "Why insert this and omit that? Why give sa» much of A and so little of 11?" Besides, it is not always possible to remember, or, if remembered, to lii!<J. all that would be valuable in a work like this. \\ e cau only say that we have done our best: let him do better who can. Inaccuracy of citation is one of the chief vices of our political discussions.- You can hardly listcu to a set speech, even from it wcll-frtform'cd and truthful canvasser, which is not marred by soratf misapprehension or unconscious misstatement of the position nnd views of this or that prominent statesman. Documents, heedlessly read and long since lost or mislaid, are quoted from thfe fluency and confidence, as though with iudubituble accu racy, when the citations so made do gross injustice to their author, and tend to mislead the hearer'. AN c believe the documents collected in this work are so j. r!:j'.cd that their general accuracy tuny be safely relied on. By canvassers of all parties, wo trust onr Text- Itook will be found convenient, not to snjr indis ponrablc. But those who only listen, and read, and retlert, will also find it a manifest hctp to n clear understanding of the issues and contentions of the day. They will be interested in comparing the actual positions taken bv Mr. Lincoln, or Mr. Douglas, or tien. Cass, or Jlr. Everett, us faithful ly set forth in this work, with those confidently at tributed to statesman in the fluent hnranguo of some political opponent, who isintenton blazon ing inconsistency or proving his sincerity. To veri ty and correct the citations of a frothy declaimer is sometime i the easiest and most convincing refuta tion of his speech. If a trace of partisan Lias is betrayed in the thread of narrative which partially unites the suc cessive ro;>o:t.', bills, votes, etc., presented in this work, the error is unintentional and regretted.- Our purpose was to compile u record acceptable and convenient to men of nl( paftifrs, and which might be consulted nnd trusted by all. Whatever' is original herein is regarded us of 110 use or incrif, save as 11 necessary elucidation of the residue.— Without apology, therefore, or further explanation, the Text-Book is commended to the favor of the American public. Price £1 per copy, postpaid. The trade and clubs supplied at $l!t! per hundred. Cash orders solicited. Address. THE TRIBUNE, Tribune Buildings. New York* OPINIONS OF TIIE PRESS. '•This work will lie looked upon a* a valtiabld compendium i f the history mid position of parties, platforms, and opinions of the lending statesmen of the present times in the I'nited States. Wilito compiled doubtless with a view to fonvardittg the Interests of the Republican party during the pres ent campaign for the approaching {'residential election, its value is not confined to that ptlrtv alone but it will beseemed imlispensal/e to men of all parties, for its leading feature is the impartialit.' with which the opinions of ineu aud parties of every political shade are set forth, especially on the un happy <i<ie?tion of .Slavery generally, aud Slavery in the Territories in particular. As publicity is the breath of the nostrils to every man who aspires to, mid takes part in public life and as few such men would desire to ree their opinions without a record, even though their opinions at one time might differ from those of another—for change of opinion is one of the most legitimate of privileges, and one the most frequently practiced in all coun tries—this work can hardly be unwelcome to any of the eminent statesmen of our country, whoso record it sets forth."—f.N'ew York Transcript. '• Tlit? character and contents of this timely vol ume are very well indicated in the title page. For the manner, tod, in which the work has been done, no other assurance of its excellence can be needed after the announcement of Horace Urcely us one of its compilers. It is not intended as a partisan text-book. Tile Compilers state in their advertise ment : • '■ If a trace of partisan bias Is betrayed in tho thread of narrative which partially unites the suc cessive reports, bills, \otes. etc., presented in till* work, the error is unintentional and regretted.— Our purpose was to compile a record acceptable and convenient to men of all parties, and which might be consulted and trusted uy all." '• It Is a great mass of matter in. and we may say, of course, judiciously selected, so small a compass. We miss the Dred Scott decision. We think that might have had a place here with great propriety. It probably was (teemed supereroga tory, as too familiarly known, ortoo easily obtain able clscx*. here. The Text Book has not a present utility and value tilercly. .\tlei 1 this canvass and the result of it the volume will be found to hare a permanent value as may he gathered from the title page, especially to young men and naturalised citizens j and the Died Scott decision would have been a material addition to that permanent value. The Text Hook will bo a convenient lamp of the pitst to light Our steps in the present and future* A very full index makes reference to the multitu dinous contents us convenient as possible."—• [Brooklyn Times. " Everybody should have a copy of this book.'* —[Shield, Tuscola, 111. " A Political Text Book for 1860, compiled by Horace Oreely and John F. Cleveland, Price s!.*—• We have received this work from tho publisher*) and liud it a full nnd complete collection Of facta bearing on the Presidential contest. Beside a re cord of all the Congressional CaucriUsetf, National Conventions, Platforms, Ac:, down to 1860, with the letters of acceptance of the several candidate* it contains the memarublo speeches and vote* of prominent public men. At the close is presented, at a single view, the vote by states nnd counties throughout the Union of every Presidential elec tion since and including 1840, with the latest voter for Congress and Governor. We are confident that so large an Aggregate of enrrent political in formation was never before embodied in a single volume.—[Butler, (Pa.) American. " The very full title of this book gives the belt Idea of its design. It is the very thing every po litical speaker, and every political man, who want* a convenient summary of important political even'* for the past thirty years, should have. Its 2f>o pages, which would be more than 1,000 in the usual style of printing, form a large, impartial magazine of knowledge for all our conflicting par ties. a d the accouut of nil national elections, for the last 'J I years, Is given in aggregates, nnd nlsrt in minute detail. These tables nip worth more thau, the v. hofo price of the book, which is only £l. —[lndependent ItejMiblicnn, Montrose, Pa,

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