Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, February 9, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated February 9, 1855 Page 2
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THE BEDFORD GAZETTE, jl Bedford, I'eb. 9, ISSS. G. W. Bowman,%ditor and Proprietor- t An Apprentice, to learn the Printing, 1 Will be taken at the office of the Bedtbrd Ga- 1 zette on favorable terms. CGr" AGRICULTURAL. —The next stated meeting j ofc the JOwlkirii Courpy Agricultural Society will be j ( held in the Court-house on Monday evening next.— j ' A full attendance is revested, as officers lor the en- . suing vear are then tt> f>e elected. JOHN MOWER, Sec'v. 1 Latest from "General Head Qaarlers." j Appointments by His Excellency, the Governor and Commander-in-Chief. Thomas J. Power, Esq. of Beaver county, (Ame- . riran Democrat) Adjutant General of the State, to t . till the place of tfie present incumbent, whose com- ! mission, under the Constitution and Laws ot the j 1 Commonwealth, does not expire until next October a _ vear! Mr. POWER will have a "good time" rattinz. Christian Myers, of Clarion county, (American Whig) Whiskey Inspector lor Philadelphia. C. L. Mugee (American Whig) Inspector ot j Weights and Measures for Allegheny county. Mr. CulpfAniericwitot-'lour Inspector lor Pittsburg, j - • —-3 ADJCTANT GENERAL'S REPORT FOR 'sl. Extract from a letter dated "fiARRISBURG, Feb. 3, 1855. V "Gen. Bowman : "four Report as Adjutant General, made its apj'arance in ihe Hour this | morning, and gives general satisfaction, so much j so, indeed, that, at the suggestion of | rv Committee, a resolution passed, witlrShtv a . dissenting voice, authorizing the printing of; Fifteen Hundred copies in odd Hi on to the large : number already ordered. This is a compliment of no ordinary character, undone which, J; have no doubt, you will highly appreciate. Such evidences of are far more va luable than the mere'emoluments of otiice, and ! we feel trulv giatetul to the L. gislature (or this ■ - act of couftesy. " - IVhnt the Legislature lias Boat. The follow ing acts and resolutions have been I a>sed by the Legislature and approved bv the Governor : A supplement to an act entitled "An act re lating to tlie elections of this Commonwealth," passed July 2, 183.9. A supplement to the act incorporating the borough of Palo Alto, passed May -9, 18-">f. An act relative to the purchase of certain hooks for the use of the Legislature. Aii art changing the time of holding thespe- : cial election in the borough of Free port, Arm-j strong county. Aa act to repeal the registration act. A supplement to "An act in relation to estab- j iishtng and changing |he places for holding gen eral elections throughout the Commonwealth," passed April 20, 1854-. An act fixing the place of holding elections in Barrel township, Armstrong county. An act to confer on Kate F,. Clark the rights, privileges and advantages of a child born in lawful wedlock. A further supplement to the act incorporating ! the Ffots of Refuge of Western Pennsylvania, j passed April 22, 1850. RESOLUTIONS. Resolution relative to the purchase ofSuther- j land's Legislative Manual. A resolution in favor of an expedition !o res- I cue Dr. Kane and the crew of the Advance. Resolution providing tor the payment of fhe j amount due special jriessenger for serving writ of election to supply "the vacancy in the second Senatorial district. Resolution relative.<o the payment of certain expenses. A Bill for flic Collection of Taxes. Mr. Bale lias introduced a bill in the Legis- I lature to reduce'the expenses, and secure the j faithful payment of all taxes. It is an impor tant bill, of which we furnish our readers with the following synopsis : The first section provides that all laws hereto fore passed which authorize and require tire ap pointment of collectors of taxes be and the same are hereby repealed*, and hereafter it shall he j the dutv of all assessors, school directors, suprg-; visors of roads, and overseers of the poor of this Commonwealth when they shall have made an assessment of taxes necessary for the respective j purposes of their township or district, according to the provisions of existing laws, thev shall , make a return thereof to the County Commis sioners on cr before the day of in each and every year. The second section makes it the duty of the County Commissiofiers, so soon as thev shall re ceive the returns provided for in the first sec tion of this act, to cause transcripts thereof to j l>e made, exhibiting tin* amount of each tax payable, and cause five days notice thereof to be given TV .lie Assess-orof the townsuip, whose dutv it is hereby made to give such notice to each individual ofrsuch tax so assessed, and of the tin*;.* and place where he may appeal from such taxation, and when the appeals have been held, as is hv law provided, the said ( irnmis sioners shall cause duplicates thereof for each and every township, to be made out and placed in the hands of the County Treasurer, for Col lection and disbursement. Section third makes it the duty of the County Treasurer, annually, to fix a time and place tor each borough and township cf the County,; when and where he shall attend to receive j ay mefrt of all taxes assessed, not later than the fifteenth da}* of July of any year, and of which appointments it shall be his duty to give at least two weeks' notice in all the news papers pub lished in the county, and at any of said appoint ments, at all times, it shall be his duty to re ceive anv tax which is due and payable by any person or persons, although he, she or they, may not reside in the borough or township fir which the appointment may have been made. Secti- n fourth provides that all who shall on , or before the fifteenth of July of any year, pay the full amount of their taxes I >r that year, to • the County Treasurer, shall be entitled to a de duction of five per Cent of the amount thereof. Section fifth provides for the collection of tax-s by warrant after the first of September, without previous notice. Section sixth relates to the liability of the ! constables in collecting the taxes. Section seventh requires the constable to make j a return of his wariant to the County Treasur er, within forty-five days from and %fter the time vyhcti it saall have come into his hands. .Section eight provides that for the collection of anv tax less in amount than five dollars, the said several constables shall be-cntitled to a fee of twenty-tire cents, and where the tax is of five dollars and upwards, the said constable f shall, in addition thereto, be entitled to a fee of t five per cent upon the same, which said fee shall t be collected from the defaulting tax-payer as t the tax itselfis collected. v Section tenth requires the County Treasurer < to give bond with securities, and allows him s two per centum of the amount thereof. . I Section eleventh relates to penalties for not g paving over the amount of taxes collected. t Section twelfth provides that hereafter town ship assessors shall he elected to seive three ( years. | ( The following eloquent Letter from Col. JNO. ' IV. FORNEY will he read with great interest by hl3 numerous friends in Bedford county: ; WASHINGTON, Jan. o, 1855. < Gentlemen : —lt would give rr.e sincere plea- | sure to meet uiu on the 17th of January, but i r am coir-]>**! led to remain at my post in \\ ash inglon. Tiiis must be mv excuse for declining ,■ your warm and pressing invitation. There is much in the career of Benjamin [ Franklin (whose birth-day you propose to com memorate) which may he contemplated with interest. f Who can faithfully describe his character, j ins progress, and the trophies of his experience? , In his high individuality we have an example eloquent of encouragement to ail ages ami to all j men. H>* educated himself. In early life he disclosed those elements which, ripening after- t wards, gave to the world a statesman, a patriot, • a sage | He Jjctran his struggle with fortune penniless and poor, am) subsequently bafiied the j intrigues of the English Court, and aroused ail , .France to that appreciation ot himself and his . cans" which made him the embodiment of the |( American idea that finally electr.fied man- < kind, arid made us an independent nation. ! Recollect that all this occurred before science ( had covered our Continent with blessings—be- j fore the application of steam as a propelling pow er— while our communities were lew and fee- ( hie—while oppression hung like a mid-night j pall upon our borders—while the savage roam- . ed the master of our then limited frontiers, and ( even carried his barbaric warfare into our infant . settlements —and long before Relocation had be- , come a common advantage—before the printing press had bee ::m? a necessity—even in advance ( of the liberty he toiled for. and the discoveries that have made his fame as immortal as those skies which his genius enabled him to read, arid those electric fires which he deprived of lerrqr, and prepared for the future discoverer to applv to the uses of mankind. Am 1 not | justified, therefore, when I speak of this rare individuality as an eloquent encouragement to the printers of the present day—and not to , them alone, but to all that class of young men, who look to this country as the field where En-1 ergv, Integrity, Perseverance and Patriotism, j are the bright oracles that promise and ensure ; | success ? Well may the people of the old world turn to the antiquated and dusty records of European history, and toil through pages stained with blood and crime, to find ore such example for their children *. and well may they look forward, with beating hearts and kindling eves, to that Country which Franklin aided to j I build up, as the giand theatre where mingling I races, and creeds, and ideas, are at least to har monize in the vindication and establishment of the truth that man is capable of seif-govei n ment. The American Printing Press has not only | been fruitful of advantages because of it < r*-la i lions to commerce, to religion, and togood gov- j j ernment not alone in the general justice of its ; views, and in i's fearless assertions of broad and powerful truths, but because it educates a class | of men, v./io, in their time, may he called upon to educate and direct public opinion. In the piinting oliice the mind instinctively grasps the j gr'*at thoughts which the hand puts into solid 1 shape. The hours passed swiftly and sweetly i as "Benjamin Franklin, printer," gathered his j store of Knowledge for his daily task, feeding j his mind and his body at the same time. I hoit- , 1 sands are now alive fir> i with the same i-mo tions: an !. who knows, marching forward to the same dazzling destinv ? But how widely j different is the condition of the "printer hoy," i now, compared with the davs when Franklin j : struggled along the rugged path of his earlv trials ? The education of the masses is at once | the dutv and the glory of our Country. New ■ fields ol entei prize are discovered with marvel- j l itis rapidity, new sources of information ripen ed for the common welfare, our territory ad vances upon the receding footsteps of barbaric rule and decaving customs, our flag, like the ; Roman eagle, flies in the uttermost quarters of • ; the earth, and our name penetrates into those) regi ms where even the sun himself refuses to i ' shine for half the year. But the Press—the ' press is everywhere 1 It travels with our ar- ; j iriies, and unfurls itself simultaneously with : our flag. While the forest falls before the axe j of the pioneer progress, and even before popu lation 1 as found a spot whereon to lav its weary head, the Press proclaims the opinions of the day, and fights the battles of truth, even as man contends against the obstacles of nature.— In the crowded citv, in the quiet village, on the broad prarie "for which th** speech of Eng- I ; land has no name," on the deck of the gallant | ship, which cleaves strange s**ns and floats to undiscovered climes, in the cottage and the pal ace, you will find the American Press. It is j : not 100 cheap to be a luxury to the rich, nor j too dear to be a burden to the poor. It speaks to distant friends at the same day and almost at | the same moment. It fills t: e public mind j with the elements of conscious independent* and power. It revives the public spirit, and ! brightens the pathway to honor and to fame.— j , But, gentlemen, whitethes * things are so, let ius not forget the startling responsibilities de volved upon the future conductors of the Amer ican press. To be equal to these is to lie equal to a most Irving and exacting vocation. Ex cose rue f>r an allusion to my own hum!;!** ex- j perience. I know how deficient lam in many of the attributes of the editorial profession : for ; to me the printing office and the world's battle j have been the only schools. Yet I know also the trials and the tribulations that attend upon it. There is much however, m Enthusiasm, 1 Application, and Perseverance—and, above a!!, in the fearless faith which disaster cannot subdue nor slander overcome—and he who make these ; his guiding stars cannot readily be driven from his c urse. But I have already said more than j j enough. When the death of Benjamin Franklin was ; | announced in the French National Assembly in June, 1799, the President of that grave as- ! semblage, spoke of the departed Printer in terms of historical and memorable eloquence. I bor row his language, in the following sentiment, which you will please read to vour assembled company : Benjamin Franklin: "G.oat nun are the fathers ot universal humanity; their loss ought! to be felt as a common misfortune by all thef tribes of the great human family ; and it belongs? to a nation still affected by all the which accompany the achievement of their lib erty, and which owes its enfranchisement es- i sentiallv to the progress of the public reason,' to be the first to give the example of the filial j gratitude of the people to their true benefac tots." j ' Your friend and fellow-craftsman, : i j J. W. FCKI^Y. Col. VV. Hotter, and Others of the Committee ' j of Invitation, for the Printers of Easton, Pa. j It) .Mitt ESS. Senate. —Monday, Jan. 29.—The Chair laid I before the Senate a communication fjrom the . Secretary of State transmitting Professor Hors- . ford's report on the analysis of a new vaiiety of guano. ! Mr. Seward presented a petition of the un- . emploved mechanics and workingmen of NVw York city, praying liie passage of the homestead bill. " ' j ■ Mr. Douglas reported a hill to extent! to the I . Territories generally the laws regulating the fees and compensation of the officers of the United States courts in Oregon, and a joint res olution for the relief of the secretary of tile Territory of Minesota ; which were considered and passed. The Senate refused—yeas 23, nays 24-—to • take up the hountv-land bill, arid proceeded to the consideration of the army appropriation bill. Mr. Houston spoke at some length in vindica tion of the Indians, and ascribed the troubles ; which have arisen to the bad faith and aggres- . sive course of the white man, and the violation of tile treaties which tin* government has made with them. Mr. Jones, of Tennessee, replied to the arguments of Mr. Houston; and without disposing of the subject, at a few minutes before four o'clock the Senate adjourned. House or Rcpn ksrntatives. — The Speaker presented a joint resolution of the legislature of, the State ol Pennsylvania in favor of sending an expedition to the relief of Dr. Kane; laid on the table. Cn motion of Mr. Chandler, the join! resolu tion providing for the sending nut of vessels to the rescue of the expedition tinder the command of Dr. Kane, now in the Arctic seas, was ta ken from the Speaker's table, read a third time and passed. Mr. Walbridge submitted resolutions extend ing the thanks of Congress to Commodore M. (.'. Perrv fur his gallant services in negotiating our treaty with Japan, and for other purposes; which u as referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs. The Senat u joint resolution granting arfditidh- : al compensation to the clerks employed in the! Census Burean was read a third time and pass ed. Two joint resolutions disapproving and disaf- j firming the acts incorporating the Northwestern ! and Transit Railroad Companies in the Territo ry of Minnesota were reported from tin* Com mittee on the judiciary bv Mr. Cutting, and they were read three times and passed. After making several other reports, and pass ing three territorial hills, one of whidh was a bill to enable the people of Oregon to. form a ! State constitution preparatory to her admission into the Union, the House adjourned. Senate. —Tuesday, Jan. 33.—The Oh'air laid ; before the Semite a message from the President of the T'nitad States, transmitting a cnramunica-! tion from the Secretary of the Interior, with ac-p tampanying papers, and recommending that ! the appropriations therein asked lor be made;, which was read and referred to the Committee j on Indian Affairs, and ordered to be pointed. Mr. (Twin and Mr. Shields reportetl- several private bills. Mr. Johnson submitted a resolution request ing the President of the United States-do cause j the Senate to be informed of the reasons for the} , delays which have occurred during the years 1853 and 1854 in furnishing the marshal of the western district of Arkansas with t|je funds ! necessary to defray the expenses of the United States district court for that district p ; to * ~ Mr. Jones, of Tennessee, submitted a Jesnftj i trui requesting the Committee on the Post Of- > fice and Post Roads to ascertain what the Col lins steamers have received from freights arid . : passengers from ihe time they commenced run-' ' ning until the present time; agreed to. The Senate again resumed the consideration of the armv-appmpriaf ion bill; which was dis- ; cussed bv Messts. Fitzpatrick, Rusk, Hnntet* Shields, Dawson, IVarce, Bell, and YVeller.— j Mr. Houston obtained the floor, am!, it being j ! half past four o'clock, the Senate adjourned. House of Refiiesentatu e>. —The Speaker j laid before the House a communication from j Ihe President of tlie United States, recommend ing certain appropriations for the Interior De partment, and that certain existing iaws he so, modified a; to enable him to carry intp execu tion certain treaties with the indianj trjbesof Kansas Territory in relation to their lands; re ferred to the Committee on Indian affairs. Mr. Wright of Mississippi, submitted a reso- j lutiori calling on the President of thf United Slates for the correspondence between this gov j eminent and Spain touching the cases disturbing the Iriendlv relations existing i>etwee:ujthe I 'ni j ted States and France and Cheat Briifin in re spect to the island of C'ulia ; agreed to. Several bills were then introduced abd repor ted- Y 'The House then proceeded, as in (fpmniltee lof the Whole, to the consideration of* the bill j authorizing the construction of a f ujMepor.ean j ! line of telegraph from the Mississippi or Misouii j j river to the Pacific Ocean : which . until fifteen minutes past fbur; when tire com mittee rose, and the House adjourned,—Wash ington I mon.- The "Sober Second Thought!" The Chambersburg W/o'fr, in an article headed i j "Know.Notfaing Defeats," holds the following lan-! ! gunge : It is utterly impossible in a country proverbial for' s freedom of thought and freedom of action arid still- j rajj*y as is, ours, to jjive permanency to a political i element that i- To be controlled in secret, oath-bound , caucuses, and that imposes upon its members, under ' penalty of formal excommunication, the support ofj its tr.eir and measures. Such a system of political machinery may work to a charm while 'here is no; disappointed ambition TJ^appease, no peafonarl pre-I j fereiices to sacrifice, no private griefs to heal; but j let such at: organization once become supreme over 1 i all parties, and the day of its power would be the date ; : of its decay." '8 A It R I E<: It: ! On Tuesday morning, .lan. 30, bv Rev. Thomas K. j j Davis, at the house ol Mr. 1-aac Clark, in Harrison ! Township. Mr. Saim f.l. S. Taylor, of Juniata Tp* I and M;s A\X Margakrt Clark. On The Ist of February. uT the St. Xic'nolas Hotel, j Cumberland. Md. by Rev. Henry Edwards, Mr. T. Kmc and M:-s P. Ai csr.v Ykauer. btflb of Alle- | ghny county. JOHN TAYLOR, ESQ. Treasurer of Bedford County In account with said County from Jin. 1, to January 1, 1855. TREASURER DR. To cash received from Collectors as follows; Jacob Werking, S. Wood. 1854 §241 Wm. O'Neal. Monroe, do 191 0!) Fred'k. Berkheimer, St. Clair, do 312 00 David Cypher, Liberty, do 109 00 David Ford, Broad top, do 90 00 Charles Stnckey, Bedford, do .>BO 00 Emanuel Deihl, Colerain, do 163 14 Samuel S. Shuck, Bedford B. do 2<iß 00 Jacob* D 'vore, Harrison, do 100 00 J. D. 'Hill, Juniata, do Iff 00 David Eshelman, E. Prov. do 1 )0 00 Solomon Williams, W. Prov. do 372 00 Jacob Corle, Union, do 140 00 j Win. liamS, Southampton, do 125 00 William Hull, Napier, do 296'50- J. Nicodernus, M. Woodh'y do 17.> 00.' James Fink, Hopewell, do 50 00 John Lowrey, Londonderry, do IKU 00 Abra. Snowden, Cura. Val. do 52 00 Moses IVisegarver, Bedford, '53 3£U *v>o David Evsyrs, Londonderry, do tlji f jr"47 Tsaac Kjurfman, Broadtop, do j Nathan' Wright, St. Clair, do >4Bsj-t>S'4v J. S. Kitchey, W. Prov. do 5] 00 j Abra. Snowden, Cum Val. do ..205 2-5 j Elian Gump, Colerain, do ..J25 00 J Jacob Ivifer, M. Woodb'v. do 209 4V~ j Joseph Barkman, Mqlifoe, do 2l(i 50 j Andrew Horn, Napier, do 214 00 i George Fralig. Harrison, do 135 50 j Jacob Working, S. Woodh'y. do 129 17 -! Jesse Dick: n, Southampton, do 120 125*! Samuel Dtihbs, Union, do 193 54Y; Henrv Wilt, E. Prov. do 102 f><> James Clark, Liberty, do 'iff 01 John Alstadt, St. Clair, '52 35 18 Jacob Furry, S. Woodb'ry. do ]!>9 33 John Ash, Southampton, do 17 124 Christian Gam, Union, do 22 97 John Cook, Londonderry, do 'BO 00 Charles Ilovmari, do 'sl 37 75 Bi-nj. H. Walker, St. Clair, do 25 92 Fred'ck. Smith, Londonderry, 'SO 49 00 Simon Brumbaugh, Judgment, 25 00 Wm. McAttee, do 50 OOjfr John Amos, ' do 20 00. Jatnes Campbell, do 80 00? George Rhodes, do 2G 00 Henry 1 luck, do 85 00 John Arnold, (Ex-Treasurer,) 82 11 & j Taxi.son unseated Lands County, 319 V.2 Road,' 49 99 School, 17 41 Credit nn militia fines, for station ery, books, Slc. ' 5 CO Check to Commissioners and Clerk lor Militia services, erroneously 1 diaw n and credited on County funds see credit on account for militia fines,., • 80 00 §7597 50i] CONTRA. CR " K By amount paid on checks drawn by Commissioners, §5341 581 " Anmunt paid Jurors, 1 +;>■> 87 4 " " Constables attending Court, 75 624 .•' Amount paid Gideon Trouf, re ward for arrest of bnrse-thief, 20 00 " Amount paid for premiums on Fox and other Scalps, '353 7;> j" Treasurers salary, 185 00 " Balance due County, 165 67 §7597 50i STATEMENT OF CHECKS. ; Assessors, 401 50 View ers of Roads, and T'p. lines, 273 90 Wood, 133 50 Interest on borrowed money, 393 00 8. Davis, water-works, 250 (>() Auditors and Clerk, 8> 00 I Fr. Jordan, Corn. Att'y. 47 :>0 John Doran, Map, 10 00 ! Geo. W. Bowman, printing, .192 25 : D. Over, < ;;a> do 241 75 John Mower, Att'y to Comm'r. 59 00 I A. v< Russell, Clerk, do 304 00 Wm. Weitz, Commissioner, 130 00 John Conrad, do 126 00 Fred 1 !:. Turner, do 126 50 David C. Long, do _9 00 Elections,' 505 93 Constables, 228 0:> Inquests, 64 87 John Alsip, costs and f'-es, 174 39 D. Washabaugli, do 137 85 Same, amt. paid for Dockets, 3! 871 E. Pennell, repairs at Court House, 225 00 McMullen and fiadebaugh, 145 00 i Wm. Griffith, laying out Sate r-ad. ]36 00 Reamer & Scott, stationery, paints, ckc. 103 50 I A. B. Cramer, carpeting, 81 73 j Dr. S. S. Slatlei, post-mortem : examination of body of Jno. Corle, 20 00 Law. Taliaferro, money refunded, - 100 00 Levi ■ Aguew, cutting wood, .c. 61 00 J. MrMullea, salary as Court crier, 48 00 flonck, reward for taking Horse-thief, ' 28 94 Miscellaneous checks, 4C(> '55 Sum total, $53tT 5Si . Statement,of Monies due to Bedford County, January Ist, 1555. FRO:,I CCLLFC^fC^S. J. Working,. S. YSJuodb'y. §352 574 J. Nico<lemus, M. oo d 4 724 77 Jacob Corle, Union., <io , 167 S3 i William liair.s, ikfUtharnpton, do SS 79 i Solomon Wiljiair.s, VV. Prov. do 125 39 David Eshelmun, E. Prov. do 115 11 : William Hull, Napier, do 258 13 : John 5 Lowrey. Londonderry, do 4-3 12 John Hill, Juniata, do 225 20 Jacob Devore, Harrison, ' do bp IS James Fink, Hopewell, do 150 65 Abra. Snowden, Cum. Val. do 24/ v 72 Ematiuel Deihl, Colerain, do 242 93 David Ford, Broadfop, do 16 12 ! Charles Stuckey, Bedford T. do 156 38 j Samuel S. Shuck, Bedford B. clo 204 69 i David Cypher, Liberty, do 70 71 j Fred. Berheimer, St. Ciair ? , tio 225 75 - Win. (TNeal, Monroe, do 112 21 ! Jesse Tflcken, SouthairiptaK,< '53 156 24^ Henry Wilt, E. Prov./ 1 ' do 26 43 Joseph Barkman, MonfWW-? do 10 10 David Evans, Lomloruh mip. do 6 31 j George Fralig, Harrison, do 1 94 John King, Hope well, do 197 19 : Elias Gum^"ftitHhrain, do 112 79 rd T. do 200 75 High Moore, Bedford B. do 279 69 SamuelS. Stuclteyy Napier do 73 12 John Ash, Southamptbti, '">2 88 62 i John Cook", Londonderry. Ho SJ. | i ' Young, Hopew-11, do 100 0) j | saiouel Cam* Bedford B. do 1(52 9U i j Benj. H. Walker, St. Clair, 'sl 75 29 Solomon Reimund, Bedford B. do 2S 05 'Solomon Filler, do 'SO 28S 28 j John Murgert, Judgment about, 300 0() jjj ! Fredk. Stiffler, do 5OO X OO ' Samuel Clark, do 150 00 ! William McAttee do 150 00 | Henry Fluck, do 300 00 A. J. Snively, Note 200 00 Stonerslown Bridge, Bond about 200 00 $7250 Isi NOTE:—On some of the foretgoing, interest : i< due : and, lrorr; some, commissions and exon- j | erations are to he deducted. Statement of Monies owed by Br'f.rd County, j January Is/, 1855. To John Si 11, S2OOO 00 iam Hart ley, 1110 2t> '*%jM>rm. Kerns' Uxors. 500 00 i " Mrs. A. Fisher, 500 00 : " IV'm, M. Hall's adndr. 450 00 J' James liea, 000 00 ssl GO 2G ; I NOTE:—Some interest is due on each bf the a -4 bove. The undersigned, auditors of Bedford County, < 7 do report . I >1 That they met at the Commissioner's Cfhce, j'in Bedllird borough, on the frst Monday < Jan- J nary ins!'., and did audit, adjust, and s-ttle. the j '• account of John Taylor, Treasurer of said coun- . ty fir the year 1854, as contained in the fore going statement. Also, that they examined the foregoing accounts ol monies due~to, and own ing hv, .-aid county, and the same are correct. Witness our hands this 3d ol January A. D. : ,1855. JOHN H. BARTON, i ' JOHN ALDSTAOT, DANIEL BARLEY, ; - Attest: Auditors, i Wm. M. Ha!!, Clerk. * 1 Rrporf of the Com hj Auditors to the Auditor dent rat. JOHN TAYLOR. Treasurer of Bedford co. i in account with the 'Commonwealth. Treasurer Dr. Tas.on Real an ! Personal E-ia'e. To ag. amount of-ame outstanding at _ last M'UU-ment, " Ag. amount assessed lor '54, 6636 25 A:nt. jeceivedon uns a'.ed lands for ' '5 1- and previous years, 26# 02 It * ' s■lll2 3o Contra. Or. 1 ;Bv amount, paid State Treasurer, pro ' ut r- ceipts. dated F >h. 23, May 22, July 21, Sep. 15, Dec. 4. BW. 14, 4717 63 Amount uncollected fur '54 and pre vious years, 5172 34 allowed for '54 and m previous years, 135 28 . : It'ommissions allowed collectors for , '54 and previous years oti $6636 i 25a spercent. 331 81 $10357 00 j By Treasurer's com. on S.YFTS 87 ■■ a 1 percent tun, 54 7* ITai. due comiu%p wealth, 700 -''i , sllll2 30 Tavern Licenses. Dr. . I To amount of for '54, 450 OU, Contra. Cr. ! 8v amount paid State Treasurer, pro jut receipts dated May 22 ant! Sep. j 15, ' 384 00 1 \ Com. on neft amount received, $440 ! a 5 per cent, 22 00 Exonerations, 10 00 Bal. due commonwealth, 34 00 450 00 Retailers' Licenses. Dr. To amount of for '53, 769 63 Contra. Cr. By amount paid State Treasurer pro •ut receipts dated May 22, Sept. 15, July 24, Dec. 14, 538 35 Amount paid Printers, , 55 5.0 Commissions on $759 13 being nott amount received, 37 95 Exonerations, 10 50 ! Balance due commonwealth, 127 33 769 63 Hawkers and Pedlars Dr. To amount of for '54, 16 00 Balance due Treasurer, 80 16 SO Contra Cr. . Bv amount paid Stat.'Treasurer, pro fit receipt dated W> "22, 16 00 Commissions a 5. pel cent, on $lO SO • f- 4 t " H 16 SO A A (?. ...Eating Houses Dr. syi amount of for '54, 3d S7 j Contra . Cr. ; Btr commissions on $35 87 a 5 per ct. 1- 79 Balance due Common wealth. 34 OS I Bj) ' -5 35 $7 Militia Fines Dr. : To aggregate amount of same out standing for's3 and previous years, 2419 49i To aggregate amount assessed for '54, 1233 50 3652 99 i | 4 Contra 6; ' % amount paid State Treasurer, pro | ut receipt dated July 24, 222 38 ! Amount uncollected lor '54 and pre i 4pousyears, 2378 98J | Fife per cent commissions allowed i collectors for '54 and previous vis. jof $676, * 33 80 j Amount paid county Commissioners clerk, 80 00 ; Amount paid f>r stationery, books, < Jul used by commissioner *, 5 09 ; Exonerations allowed collectors fir I '54 and previous years, 5.98 00 ! Amount paid Lemuel Evans Treasn ! rer of Broadl-op Rifle Rangers, per j order of Capt. Win. Horton, 150 09 t Assessors returning *276 men to com- missioners a 1 cent each, o 76 Assessors returning 2237 men to Bri gade Inspect or a 2 cents each, 44. 7}, Amount pai l {I. W. Bowman, printing, ti Q0 : IV'-a-urer's coiiunisSKJiis on $ >42 21, (j go Bill of Lemuel Evans, Brigade In spector, 25 33 BalancetHe Commonwealth, 99 5^ I . x 3652 99 i 18:>5. Statement of Receipts and Expenditures of ilie Military Fund of Bedford county, showing the 3- mount received from, each collector separately, and the amount paid each person, in accordance with' the act of Assembly of 39th April, 1853: Received from Isaac Kurfman, Broad ; Top,'s3, 5 70 Henry Hull, Bethel, 'SO, 5i 66 | Artemas Bennett, Southampton,'sJ, 40 33 i Charles Hnyman, Londonderry, do 38 48 John Alstadt, St. Clair,'s2, 28 6.5 Jacob S. Ritchey, W. Pro v. '53, 42 00 Christian Gam, Union, '52, 6 00 Jacob Wei kinger, S. Wood. '53, 14 50 Andrew Horn, Napier, '53, - 72 20 James Clark, Liberty, " 22 80 ; Christian Garn, Union, '52, 10 50 Jacob Kifer, Wood. '53, 79 7s John Cook, Londond. wry, '52, 15* 00 SamuelfDubfis, Union, '53, 49 40 David Evans, Londonderry, '53-, 33 25 Henry Wiit,E. Prov. " 3i 00 | Joseph Tlarkman, M- nroe, " 28 00 ; W;II. Hull, Napier, '5 4, 50 ()() Jacob W i-i kifger, S. -Wood, '53, 33 4s Nathan 11. Wright, " 47 5s 642 21 • Paid out as follows: Stale Treasurer, 2"22 38 County Commissioners and clerk, 80 00 ; Stationery, K.c. for Commissioners, 5 09 • Lemuel Evans, Treasurer of Broad I Top Rrtie Rangers, per order < 1 (sjpt. William Horton, amount due 1 -foi 'sl, '2, a '4, 159 00 Lemu. I Evans, Brigade Inspector, his fill as follow?: j Inspecting Broad Top Rifle Rangers '53 ami '4, 20 00 , Prmiiiig and Postage, 5 33 25 33 ' Asse-sors f>r 276 nieii to Commissioa i 'ers a 1 cent each, 2 7G I Assessors for 2237 men to Brigade I s Inspector a 2 cents each, 44 74 i Go. W. Bowman to adv. Stateinent ; \bf Military Fund f : last y ar. 6 09 tflreasurer's com. on $6 42 21 a one j' j>er cent. 6 -42 Rviiance due Commonwealth, 99.58 | \ 642 21 ' We, the auditors nf Bedford Countv, in the State of 'Pennsylvania, do certify, That, in pur- I suance of the Acts of Assembly in such case - muJe and provided, we rtiet at the Commissi,on ers office in the Bvirougjeof Bedford, on 54,n --'l^y r the Ist day of Jaifu.iry i:>t., and did audit abd adjust the several accounts between Juhn j'lfaylor, Treasurer of said county, and the Com i rfioiiwealth of Pennsylvauia as set forth in the ; tbr. going statements. Witness our hands this 3d day of January, A. D. 1855. JOHN H. BARTON, JOHN ALSTADf, DANIEL BARLFA T , . Auditors. Attest:— WM. M. HALL. Clerk. jFeb. 9. S i Ai E 111 EM T l)f TEIE AFFAIRS OF THF. BEDFORD AND STOVSTOVVX T. R. COMPANY. Bifcanee in the Trea-urj bd J>l January, i Rjsreived Cajts on suit. Jos. j ji>. Morri-on vs. Company, i! I 6'r . Enrr> in tormer srtriemeiu-, , io uu Aaiouii! t>l Toils troiu 3d oi Jan. "51 to '2J Jan. 'jo, 2877 9A $1 i 77 5| EXPENSES DURING THE SAME TIME. Paid (or fepkir- on the road, " Two tots ol ground for Toll- Hou-ej, ToU-hoioe and Stable apd olher incidental e.\per;-e-, 71G 74 " Treasurer and Managers' ♦erftces, 479 7.7 " For Gate keepers" -alary, CtJO 30 " State tax in State Treasury for stock of the Company, 17 03 Bniance in Treasury 3d January, 1835, including unrurrent and counterfeit money on hand, '' 1470 00 S i 177 U3J No Dividend made. PETER SCHELL, Treas'r. Notice! The Stockholders of the Bedford and Stoystown | Turnpike Road Company are hereby notified tnat the 1 aetSuat Ejection, to eject managirs n r the Company, j will he hold at the jiou-e id .Mr. Jotucs Fiasiicr, in ! Scholi-lmrg, on the fir-t Moi.dav of March next, le j u g the 3th day, between the hour- of one and loir , o'clock, P. M. PETER SCH ELL, Sec'y. i Feb. &, 1533. Paibiic HE.IL 11 PERSO.ML ESTATE. i Tito undersigtietl will e.xpise to pulilic. sale ; on Thutsthy, the Ist day of March next, on the I prepuses, tfie very desirable FARM on which | Christian StoufTer resides, situate in Napier j Tow nship, xvithm one half mile of lite turnpike, I adjoining lands of A. J. Snivelv; Esq. and Geo. . SlutUy, containing 238 acres more or less,about 120 acres cleared and under fence —land pa tented. This property is remarkably wt-'l tnu bered, ami well supplied with water, and every way adapted to agricultural purjKJses. In oi der;to"%uit purchasers, the property will be di -1 vidfd and sold in parts or all together, as nay be fiiost desirable. Terms accommodating anu win be made known on day of sale. Also, will be -old, a vaiielv of Farming im ! plei.ents, including Broad Wheeled Wagon, Wat rihed, Woodladders, Ploughs and Haf | row*, Horse Gear-, Saddles and baiters —n Ilor>. s, one cow and calf, 11 hogs, 3 barrelsot : ground plaster, a large lot of rye and other straw, y>G2 acres of Rye in the ground, and hfleett acres 'of Wheat. A reasonable credit and dm* atteii ! dance will be given by DAVID PATTERSON", JOHN p. REED, JOHN" MOWER, .dssiqlttii- Feb. 9, 1855. BOOTS AND SHOES. Mens, Boys, and Childrens, Roots and Sh° , ' Sr ~ TVotiiens and .Misses morocco, S*-al and Caif-ki" Bootees arul walking Shoes—received and f' r yale lw A. B. CRAMER N Co. 1 ...

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