Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 9, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 9, 1855 Page 1
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? I , % \ ? ? * > . ' . * THE NEW YORK HERALD. < WHOLE NO. 6741, MORNING FDITI ON? FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1855. PRICE WO CENTS. A BLAST FROM THE ARCTIC REGIONS. THE GREAT FROST OF 1855. <A laov Storm of Thirty- aix Boors Deration. ITS SFFECTI IH THE CUV. Appearance of the Streets and Docks, the Ferries and the Railroads. Account* of the Storm from all Parts of tbe Country, *0., &o.; & c. The intent cold of Wedneiday terminated in one of tbe fiercest mow storms which we h*vo had for several 7?r r. We were congratulating ourielvei upon the com paratively mild winter with which we wore favored, and were looking forward with tbe most pleasing auticipi tlons to the near approach of apriog, when we were sud denly vUlted by a frost which has not been equalled in aererlty during the past ten year*. Hi ? mercury, which hardly onoe in a decade falls below zero in our eity, 1*11 several degrees below that point on Wednesday nigUt, viiil* the ttlcgrapli informs u? tbnt in Vermont and ?other Eastern States it d??;eti<?'d as low as thirty de grees. It apppured as if some great revolution had taken place on the surface of our plsnit, and that New York ?nd Nova Zemb!a had changed latitude. Who has not thought of the terrors of the Arctic regioma, as he shiver ad under the keen blast, and of the penis to which those daring adventurer* who left our port two long years ago in March of tUe L*t navigator, arc now exposed? Though It 1* seldom that we have suoti Intensely cold weather as we experienced during the present weak, what is it to thut which they are subject? Away up in the regions of almost perpetual winter, where the powers -of nature seem paralyzed, the brave, self-reliant corn minder of the Advance, and his little crew, are now per haps hennaed <n by huge bergi, or drifting about amid treacheroo* ice Uelds, at the me' cy of the winds. How often their thoughts revert to home, and to the friends they left behinl them ! and how seldom we think of them, uuleai reminded of their condition by the fierce bitter winds which sweep down upen us from the north! Let us hope that before another winter passes, he and rvhe companions who have I hired tbe dangers with whl:h he is beset will return, and that we may have the plea sure of welcoming him onee more among us. The weather moderated coiallerahly on Thursday morning, aluce when it continued snowing almost with out intermits on, up to a late hour last night. The average depth of the snow is about twelve Inches hut in some places, where it has been drifted by tin wind It is five or six feet deep. The wind, indeed, hai played some curious freak* with it. piling it in some places up in huge banks, while In other portions of the ?streets the tine it t red stones preient a etrong contratit to the uniform white which surround* them. Tbe aroai on one side have been filled with it but on tbe other it has been most sparingly distributed, am! the same invisible agency was employed during the night in drifting it through the crt- vices of door* and windows, to the no ?mall annoyance and discomfort of careful housekeeper* Hckens has, in his usual inimltntile style, described the doings of a I ondon blast, but we doubt if it could sur ? ps ?,? the freaks of a renJ, genuine New York wind. New i ?weeps along tbe house tope, and the pedestrians beneath -?>e tnvoloperi in a cloud of snow Kow it whirls It Into the air to tb? height of twenty feet or more, forming a ? perfect "snow spout," while on door stoop., window panes, cart*, awnings, eigne, lamps and everything ex ' posed to It. it is formed into the most grotesque shape*. I Put your ear to this telegraph pole and as it sweeps i . along the vires you will hear sounds as sweet anl plain < *.ive as were ever evoked from the strings of an arolian ; the trees, too. vibrate with its sweet, plaintive melody ?-while from church spirei, chimneys, and lire tower*, i ! calls forth a deep monotone. But it was withal a gentle wiad, when compared with those rough, boisterous blasts with w'uch we are assailed, and whose course od ?ea and land ia marked by wreck and ruin. It 1* not of it tbe poor have to complain, but of the frost which -made their povtrty more Intolerable and their mis erable dwellings still more m serable. Who can tell of the sufferings of that deatitute woman who** ! I'feless body was found lying beneath the scanty cover- ] ?in; with which she vainly endeavored to protect herself fri m the bit er cold of Wednesday night. To see its j effects upon the poor, one mu>t visit those localities , where they lir?, snd look into thsir wretched habit a I .tioo- ? must see the miserable lire at which they vainly i attempt to warm themselvne, bd I tke scanty clothing I ?that wrap* their freezing limbs One poor fellow we ? hw emerging from a basement that seemed more fitted i as a dwelling tor swine than a habitation for a human i feeing. He was evidently one of the unemployed me chanics, of whom there are thiaxands in this city re duced to the same condition. HI* appearance was that cf respectable poverty, if poverty can be called respejt wtiie, bat his fare bore the expression of a man who had terima enured te miesry ? With a "torn patieue*. acoreing we*k complaint, lie hardened nia heart ag&inet *i<atling want. How different the scene when he an actur, from th?t presented bjr the Fifth avenue, where the children ?f wealth, locked np in their palatial manaiona, surround them?elT*s with all the luxuries which riehee can pro eme, and lau?h at the terror* of winter. What care they for the cold, piercing wind aa they MX out In tbeir magnificent slrlgh*, wrapped in warm fun? For them, winter only brioft new recreations ? for that which ?ny he death to the poor is to the rich only a change of pleasure*. Bat eren to the poor It I* not without (one fceneUt? thousands who are out of work hare been ea ?bled te obtain temporary employment In clearing ? ??f the mow from before the doora and off the path* In the park* and other public places. In thla way aome make two or throe dollar* of a morning, while all who are able to handle a broom or a ahirel could make themselves Independent of the soap kitchen* for two or three dly? at ! lea>t. It waa a gratifying eight to *ee the eagernees , with which they went at their work when they were *o fortunate a* to oueeeed in their application to the house- j keeper. The clean sidewalks yesterday morning bore > ?*ldenoe how well they performed their teak, and wtl | >erve, we hope, a* a recommendation for thetn here after. Tea o'clock at night, and the inow still falling, with out the ilighteet prospect that it will atop before morn te*. . _ . Fact Mil the D?mt abower the iloway ttakaa Daacending with nerer-o*a<ing la pee. So! Uy alighting upoa all below, Aaalmilate til objecta. Not a iter peepa out from tha iky. Tha thermometer ?till mulu balow tha freeting point, and tUara I* a 4 )it no ladicatioa that tha itorm *111 eeaaa before morn Ing. Tha city all day long and fat Into tha night ?u Mtieical wl h tha aoand of tha ilelgh bMla, and tha ?traata war* eruwtlad with what tha poet aptly ealli ^eare iodabte 1 to no wheal*.' On Broadway and th* a retinae tha eamlral >u r*ri?*d; aod tha hearty ehtera ami joyaoa laugh that rang oat on th? froaty air u tha marry partial daahad paat each other prorad that to than tha aaow waa a moat welcome Tieitar. Harm long 4t will remain la a St ooadltioa for ileighlag, wa will ao raotare to predict, bat It will ba aom* weak* before on - atraata will ba aatiraly fraa from it. Although tha froat by which it waa preceded waa aonathiag to talk a boat, wa trait it will ba maay yaar* before wa hara auoli * aa?tkr. La it aight at eleroa a alack tha mercury *too>l at 'M de | (tree abara rera, ibowiag a dtffereac* of orer 80 dagreee fcetwaaa it and tha tomperatura of Wedneeday. T- on <ba follnwlag tabla, which wa obtain from " Delato.ii'i Jteordat the Thrrmowiatar, ' It will ba lea* that U><> cold la Uii city an mora intouaa than baa baaa know a tot eereml yeara ? ? Jan 19 T A W 17 <W IMA |.?ec. 1H " 14 dag. I "27 ? lt% *M? " U ' l?-to? " 1? " ? dag. Oa the 4th ( f January. 1*49, tL? temperature wai 4 i ?'?xre*e above **r? it aunrte*, aix) on the .th th* B?rr,, yj .laod it an* degree below that paiat. Tha bit rlear, K n ? r ba reoiembared. w*a fraraa o*w, aaa p*opla J f-m** arrxiM os 'ho If from ta ii c-:/ to SrvoUyn. The following table give* th? ooaipar?tir? d afreet of Umptrltar* ?t the iliffereat plaoa* umid, abovlaf hew the cold varied in injenaity here sad el?ewhrro NORTH. Mew York Gty 3 de j. btlt* tero. Poughkeepaie 12 " " Troy IS " ?' Albany 2# " " Syracuae ai> '? " Otica -U " Rochester W " " Buffalo a " " Halifax, N. S 12 " " Yarmouth, N. S 2 e*Hor# " 1'ictou, N. S 4 1nl<ir '? Sackviile, N. M ? " ?' St. John. N. H 2? " " Moo. real 2? " ?' Toronto 24 " " HOUTn. Philadelphia at tetw Ilaltimore 20 abort " Waaliington It " " EAST. Calaia, Me 24 below ?? Bangor, Me %..8S " ?' PortUnd, Me It " " Wood Block, Vt 30 " '? Went Randolph, Vt 41 " ?< Northflekl. Vt Zi " Gorh*?, K. H 37 " lloalen, Matix 12 " " Springfield, Man IR " " Bridgeport, Coun 10 " " THE CITY AND OTHER RAILROA.DS. The travel on the city railroad* vraa ?ou>#what alower than uiual ye?lerday, in conaequeoce of the hear/ fall of (now. By the aid of an admirable contrivance, called the mow plough, the tracka were kept pretty elear. The plough in preceded by a flat, triangular shaped nieigh, the runner* of which are Je<M<Win the shape of ? wedge, and aa it In drawn between the rail* it tkrowi the an^w on either Hide. Thin, however, doe* not clean the groove*, which I* done by the plough, a Hort of car, each fore wheel of which Id furaiihed with an Iron acraper, no shaped a* to fill the gtoove and expel the anow. On the Hudson River Railroad the traina were not de tained more tban half an hour beyond their uauai time. On the Hail>'m and New Haven roads the JetonUoa of the train* did not exceed half an hour. The train* on theKrie Railroad were aix hour* behind time yeaterday morning, the road in never*! p'.acea be ing coverid nilh drilte to the depth of Ore and aix feet. THE HAILS. The Boaton mail, which wa* 'due yesterday morning by ateamhoat, a* well aa the lamV mail, due at on* in the afternoon, did not arrive till neven o'clock la*t evening. The Southern mail* were detained only a few minuto* beyond the regular tine. THE KIYERSAKD THE BAY. Both river* and the bay were filled with fltatiog ico, and a largo number of ve**el* weie detained below Quar antine in conaequenco. The ateumboal Columbua hi* made one trip thi* morning, and will leave again at three o'ctock, for that point, and will not return to-day. The kteamer Hunchback, while laying at anchor at gtaplet?n, had two hole* cut in her by the ice. and wa* put head on the beach to repair. The revenue cutter apoken of yesterday as having dragged her anchor, ia very near the beach and frox?n in near Townaend'* dock. A fiahing achoouor ia alao froxen in near Van Bitten* dock. At 10 o'clock the ateamahip Pacific waa yet at anchor in Grave?end Bay, hut a* the anow haa loinewhat ceaaed lince morning, ao that the oppoaite ahore caa be aeen, *he will probaLly *all, ao aa to go out over the bar at high water. The packet t>hipa reported a* being at anchor in the bay, have not yet coma up to the city. They will be obliged to anchor near Quarantine, m* tae health oftt'-er will not be able to vieit them. The l^ouiid boat* due yesterday morsing, have not yet made th?ir api?arance. Those that were to have I?ft thi* city for the Eaat yeaterdaj P.M., were detained on account of the atcrm. We do not hear of any dliaatera ;n port or oa the brach, and it ia to be hoped that the iulioatiou* of the present atorm were aufflclant to the marine.-* ia charge of vea*el? n*ar our coait (of which a great many are now over due from Kurope) to haul off ia time THE (US AND THE FROST. Thore who burn gaa and wi*h to *ecur* a full *upply of it dnriug the winter, can do ao by covering their oae tera with thick cloth, or encloaing it in i boa. If thi* U done no alt-oliol r,i)| be required. THE FERRIE3 Although the Nprth liver waa filled with floating ice yetterday, the boat* on tha different ferries anAired but very little interruption ther*from. The ferrie* on the Foat river were In active operation all day, tha boata making their regular trip*. THE SNOW IN BBOOKLYN.J Travel bjr railroad ia ?a*pended in consequence of tii? depth of the mow, and Urge omnibui aleigh* ara lubiti tutad. Snow plow* wars put into requisition to keep the track* clear, but without avail, the snow being too compact. In *oaae plaeti it bai been drifted to a conai derable depth, and in other* the ground U baje. Sleigh ing waa, however, Indulged in ye*ter1ay to a Ural/ extent, notwithstanding the kaen atate of the atmoapbere and tha unbroken condition of the roadl. THE BTORM IN JERSEY CITY. The prevailing atom luta interfered considerably with the train* on tba railroad* terminating In Jersey City The nigbt train froa# Philadelphia, dua at 4 o'clock ye* tarday morn>ng, arrived at about 10 o'clock A lt. The tueceading train* arrived from ball an hour to an hour after the/ were doe. The road waa quite clean, and all tba train* except tha Rahway train* departed on time. Tha train* on the Xcw York and Erie railroad were all united ia tba mail trala due la*t evening, which will prabably arrive at 2 or 3 o'clock thi* morning. Tha train* left regularly laat evening. Tba inow on theae roada ia about 6 f teen inchea on the average, but 1* badly drifted. ttMORAPHlC. B^wrosr, Feb. 8, A. M- -Snow to tba dapth of nearly a foot fell here laat night. Very little wind and capital ?leigbiag. 10 P. 11 ?It i* now snowing heavily here. A atrong easterly gale ia prevailing. Hrai.tcnrt o, Feb. 8 ? Tha enow itorm which began here yeatentay afternoon continued all night but the weather waa too cold for a heavy fall, and there la bare ly enough on the ground for tleighing. Csuir, Me., lel> 8.? Weather mild and cloudy. A ?bock of an earthy uake waa felt thi* morn'ag fjurrr<>BT, Me., Feb. 8.? Weather moderate. Indica tion of rain. A *hoek of an earthquake waa aenaibly felt bar*., Feb. 8. ? Snowing, with a *troog gale. Poamnfn, Feb. 8 ? Showing, and blowing hard Dot**, N. H , Feb. 8.? Heavy mow itarm and blow ing a gala. Hjujmx, Feb. 8, A. M.? Thernv>?iet?r 10 :*g* abav* ?ero. A *ho:k of an earthquake waa diatiaetly fait hare thi* morning at twenty minute* before seven o clock. S*<t\ in *, N. B., Feb. 8.? Weather flae and oold. We have had a aho-.k of an earthquake here, by whloh the bouse* ware neTerely ah* ken and windows brokeu. Pi. Joa*, S. R , Feb. 8 ?Weather madaratiag A se vere a bock of an earthquaka waa felt thi* morn-nf. Phiumuhu, Feb 8.? All tha nulla are behind their time, la conaequeaea of tha atora*. Flail falling thia morning . Tba thermuaMtar I* 20 degrees abawa faro Tha aleighiag ia Hna. 10 P. M ?It le now mowing here. Tha tberaoaaetsr stand* at SS degreaa above aero. PomviUJt, reb. 8.? Tha anow hare ia tauvtaen iach<M deep. Tha weather la moderating. PAirmoKK, Feb. 8, 1 P. M ? It toaaaemeed ha. Lag here laat night, coatinaiag until now, with alight later ?iaataaa. 10 P. M.? The weather here It *1111 cload*. Tha '.bar Bx.meter iadtaatae abont W degreaa abort teri.*. Pab. 8, 10 P. M ? ft haa stopped aaowiag here. Tha weather coat Due* ocA and cloady Tha aaow ia 1% I ache* deep. Tha theato^,r?v?v 1* 28 iyaai above aero. * Ciwonman, Feb. 8 ?It nlatd bar? Uit ? seeing It baa aiace taraad cald, aad la are * &o?iaf River etUi closed. Mn wacair, Feb 7 ?At ae?a t? day '.Sa tieeaioeaatT aUod at M <?efT?e. abava ?xara, aad at 8 P M ? abov. Ihare ia aa wlad, e'eudf, aad wo<a-e ag AFFAIRS AT TJffi NATIONAL CAPITAL. immrr-THiHD u>s?bx?m. UfiOMD OUMIOM. Iwtl. WAwxoro*. Vrb 8, IVj(. TEI JtTDICUBT. Mr. Haduix, (whig) of N. C., called up* till to repeal ee much of th* thirtieth section of the Jadirtal Court* United it ales act u au thorite* taking depositions without notice. Pasted, with a prtiiie of Mr. Cba** that '? should not affect ease* coinmenoed before the flrst of next Me/. Debute tuutj on this between Meeere. Badger and Maeon. eerio comical, nntil other Senator* refused to let Mr. Maeon b* "badgered" any more dating th* morning hour. puuijo BDiuxsae at ciuoaoo. Mr. Poi.oi.a? (dem.) of IU., preeentod a petition from the Hoard of lrade of Chicago, asking that toe Secretary of tbe Treaeur y be anthoriied to dispose of th* selected nit* for Oaatom House and Poet Office, eud procure on? more centrally situated. Referred to Committee on Com me roe. rnx nnr okueans cutrrp* tiovm. Mr. Hunicu. (dcm.) of La , f resented a joint reeoiution authorising the Secretary of the Treasury to make al teration* to support the extra weight of the NewOrleam Cukltm House. tii* innujr irrKopitiATi05 mix. Mr. Hi mtkk fdem ) of Va., called up the Indian Ap piopriation bill, and It was made the special order for Saturday at one o'clock. TIIK BWTMMHnTT TXKA IT Mr. Stwasn, (free aeil) of N. Y., fiom th* Committee on Commerce, reported a bill to amend ti e act to oarry the reciprocity treaty into effect. Paased lU'TIHH ON RAILROAD IBOR. Mr Jokk*, (wing) of Tenn.. called up the bill giviog thru- Teem eatencion of credit for duties on iron to r?il n ad companies, lie argued that railr >ada were, socially, politically and nationally, the great elevators of the country, and had alwayN favored protection Tie re garded thin measure ax protective of the iron Interest. The pieseut system cutH off t>n millions of dollar* from railroad* per year. All our Iron U wanted for other pur Eieei, Alter President Jackson vetoed the MsyaTill* ailroad bill. tli? iioveromeot imposed no tat on rail road Iron until 1B4U; con*equently tbe old States built their roads cheaper. The new States now ?.A t lie fame cl.aoce. Tbey hare paid ten mlUsona of dollar* during the [ ufli four year*. Mr. llnoMiicsp, (dem.) of Pa . re^arde! the act of 1846 aa the tinallty of the tariff question. Manufacturer! of iron havo made arraogemeota to conform to it. It would be bad faith toward* them to pass this measure. He wan under inntruc'.iofn from hi* Krty to vote against such a measure. Huch ?tructionrf he reittgniaed. Those from tho op poring party lu did no1. He gave a statistical statement of the iron tra'le of I'enDsylvan'a, and, in reference to this hill, be could assure the Senator from Tennessee that tbe tew States were wrong In their policy on the subject. Mr. Jo.trx aald, towevtr great hi* appreciation of th* wisdom and eloquence of the Senator from Pennsylvania may be, be diit not think th* Legislator* of hia Ftate would reverie their policy upon the ipi' dixit of tbit 1 gentlemun, He ridiculed the doctrine *f instructions, *s defined by Mr. Cass a few days ago and reaffirmed by Mr. Uroitheaid to day. It amounted to obeying t'?? State Legiaiutn re when their instructions coincided with the predilect.ons of their Senator. Pennsylvania had enjoyed protection? got her railroads freo of duty, and now wsnts to deprive new State* of the same privilege. He (bowed that iron man.i fscturen would be benefitted by avowing these roads to he built, for t'je consumption of home iron wouid thereby be much increased, as incidental to these roads and tbe enterprises tley would originate. Mr. PxAitm, (whig) of M.I. got the floor, an* the bill *1" made a special order for Monday next. After an executive session, a* winch noth.nj of in pertance transpired, the Seua'e adjourned Honse o I Hepreacntatl vea. Wabhixutok, Feb. 8, 1865. TXtATT II?.TWXK.\ T1IW U WTTl KTATKS A>U Till. I UirfKWA is mass. The Eruiiit laid before tbu Hou-e a capy of the treaty eon*lnded bet ween th* I'niud State* and th* taippewa Indians, lake Sttp*i lor, and recommended an appropria | tlon to carry it into effect. Laid on tbe table. Jl'MCIAI. HATTKBS. KTO. Tlie Hou?e then proceeded to tbe consideration of the special order bills reported f<om the Ju'liciary Com mittee T>.?' Ilou-e pasted bills relating to the I old a g of the I'nited Mates Court* in Tennessee and Florida author irit g the opirlona of the Attorney General of the Cnited states to b? printed, regulating the salaries of th* Judges of the 1 istr ct Courts; dividing lllinoii and Ohio, each into two judicial districts; ooncern'ng tbe apprehension and delivery of I'eeerUrs from foreign veeseis in ports of tbe I nited staler ; providing for the accommodation of conrts in the dlstrlrt.of Maryland, and a post office in Thai timore. and amending the act passed in Auguat, 1 h a k it ? satisfaction for Virginia miUtary land warrants, when i he House adjourned. Oar ? aanliigton Orreepeenenee# Washihotom, Feb. 6, 1813. Attack i ijxm k'ntw NMhingUm in t/u How? The Defemt of th* Heielution* ? Gen. Armitrvng Can in the Senate ? Flight of tht Soft ShtUi from If 'a*hington? ff'htrt have thty fan* tot ft., frr. There wu aa effort made to kill "Sam" thia mora icg ia the Houae of Representatives. The "Uoliah" that vu to elay him marched boldly la under the lead of Hon. Mr. Witte, of Pennsylvania, bat *m doomed to fail beneath the blow of the eesoud "Darid," the young political giant of the day. Mr. Wltte, in the morning, offered for the consider* tion of the Repreeontativee a aet of reeolotiona, headed by a preamble, la irhlch It waa aet forth that Know NothiDgiem waa guilty of all aorta of evil tricka, waa againat the aplrlt of republican in ftttntioaa, and ahould be pnt down. It waa aaked that the rulee of the Houae be aoa ptnded fir the coaalderatlon of these reao lutloca. Thia waa a bold stroke oa the part cf the adminlatratioa. It waa the laat heaving of the lead before foundering upon the rock which lay la their cturae. It waa aa effort, aeriou* iy apeaklrg, to ascertain exactly how powerful the Know Nothings were already within the bar of , Cctgreaa. The administrate will no doubt sleep eaay under the re* alt. Mr. Witte 'a resolutions ex cited a little fun, called forth a few jokea, and war* finally | at to aleep by a large majority against the motion to aet aside the ruka of the Houae for their conaldeiatioa. Oar present Congress, than, frsrn this vote alone, is decidedly enliated already on tbe side of the Know Netbiaga Bealdea the above aa tlon of tbe House, the Colt Committee reported through Mr. Letcher la favor of expelling from his seat in tbe House a member of tbe prase, upon tbe girunds of bribery aid disrespect to the committee. There la perhapa more of a peraoatl pique to gratify t? the part of the movers of thia, thaa a desire to tabacrve the enda of juatice. From all that I caa ieara, the member ef the preee now ateaultei by a resolution la Coogreae, whea called before (he coamittee aa a witness, spoke a little too plainly for Use Interest, conscience and bonori cf if>ote cf tbe petUea Intonated.. Fur thia hale now to be hunted down, and expelled if poseibl*. Judge Bay ly, 01 Vlrihria? thaa ahsa no man stasia higher as a nan of honor in tfca estimation <4 the House -Justly eendemned thin action of the ( bit ocromittre, calling h official fiahtag for aomathiag . ft ul In tbe character of a maa who occupied a aeat within the body to which be bad the honor to be long. It la etraage that Congress caaaot find jouu thing better to do thaa to diacaaa personal nutters, to erter into a tongue fight for cxlaainatloo and riv et tarnation, qaarrelliag for honor, the, want of which, bo ionw, one party fee la about as aoch aa tbe other. The Senate waa occupied la the eont'.darailon s' ihe Old BcMkere' BILL I* waa expected taelieaeea Armatr ?g hlU, for the relief of the claimant* in thie case, weald come up thia morn lag. It aeem< tbe opponent* of the Armstrong bill art willlag to vota for it on the groaai o the great and Important eenieee rendered to the country in tbe gfotfooa war ot l-*li, but act oa the prlacipua cf uteraattonal law tovolved la the caar. Thia makea the ee end Friday that baa been ex haaatad by the Haaata apoa this Ajmataaaa case. t> the txcluafoa of all ether b&lla, aad jet tbe Mil r? malas uadbpoaad of. If It doee act pans '.hi* It will ha consigned ta the tomb of the Qaputet*. The flock of eoft a holla which a few day* ego *?< tied down here irom New T irk, ha n and >aiy uksn wiaga aad flowa ta other climes , Have they *?""? Noith or South? Are they again ta New York u*d lag to tbe government spUla of the Cartoaa H oer, he., or hare tbev goaa dowa la Vugmi* to hack to the administration through He&ry A. He ; Had' acme helsteHag ep. aad eoaae t-er?M} that Cochraae ft Oa. are near with him giving aii the eoaao'aUoa th?y are aapahia ef. wlm *an New I T?rk is igtaiforUg It Vlrgtaia yatittoa. Ptrlaae till* (a the interference he alludes to. /* l? an latai faring party, w the htttery of the Byrnco.** Gonrei tlOB VlU tttllfy. l^tLL K. Washim/ton, Feb. 6, Pruidtmt Purct i JfpointmmU of Coimui Uttftv* Tkt H'fcy and tV hrrt fort Thereof? The Stranger i in Washington? Tit* Mail Contractor!? CoUm* | Hall, Cotontl Bmtcm, the Pottmaoter Qtnorai, frc. The Brigadier President had a twofold mod re in I appointing Colonel Bteptoe Governor of Utah. lie designed to appoint a geitfJeman who would not ac. cept the of&oe, whioh would leave Biigham Young unmolested In his role of thtf Mormons and their morale, and he designed to ab*w Colonel Steptoe that ha had not forgotten him wh? had bee* warmly recommended by the Virfitnis delegation hi Con gress and by other* for the office of Inspector Wane ral of the Army. Colonel Jeremiah Clemen) had taken the recommendation of the Virginia deVga tioo, ia behalf of Lie filead, Colonel Kteptoe, to Preal dent Pierce in person, and had urged upon him ike appointment of that gallant and high toned officer. But the President decided to <onfer the appoiitmect upon another gentleman. It ia left to be ascertain ed whether the appointment he has tendered to Colon*! Bteptoe will satiety the latter that the Presi dent designed to honor or to uae Lim m the transac tion. One thing the public may rest assured of, and that ia, that Colonel Bteptoe will due line the boner of surrendering bis present highly honorable office fcr life, a ilk its < hance* ?f high prnmotion, to acoept the precarious position of Governor of Utah, for hon.e two .vea in, more or less. At tte preecnt Ums there ate * great many stran gers in this city, drawn bitlier in great degree by tbe interest which is felt In the important measures to be finally acted on by Congress in the eloiing hours of its lab: rs. such sa tfia French Spoliation bill, ths Texas Pel)' bill, *hc Itouiity lentil bill, the bill to uicreate tbe army, the proposit on to continue the preieut lines of cceiu null steamers, with thsir established extra complication, Ac-, Ac. Among othtis, there are several mail contractor* from the l?r oil West hers, and special mill agents, arranging ?ith M e l'ost Office Department to per- ! ft' 1 mail facilities on their great routes to tbe greatest possible extent, by an luterchauge of viers, , pr*< tlcal Informatisn. and Judgment. Without wishing to pl*<e either one of these hardy and faithful pablio servants and frontiersman hlgLer in toe public estimation than the, I j cannot help here t peaking in warm terms of a1 mitatlon ot Colonel Jacob Hall, contractor for oar tying the mall from Independence, Missouri, to Bsnta Fe, New Mexico, a distance of eight hundred and fifty miles In six mul? coaches and baggage wagons For four yeara up to the 1st of July la?t ' Color el Hail never lost a mail nor proved a delta- 1 qoett over that long aid difficult route. Hyju^ cious management he his so timed and met II truer gencles as to command the high esteem and approbation of tbe present as well us the late Post Office Department. Coiontl Hall was formerly a lawyer of distinction in Alabama, but la uow a citl- I sen of Missouri, toseeseing a Hon landed eotite and a deservedly high popularity. He la o\e of Colonel 1 Thomas Hart Bent >n a main pillars of support, and Irmly believes in " Old Bullion's" great forecast srd statesmanship, and in bis great Central Pa iflo lUllroad. He is a gentVmau ot extensive research and rbservation, and hss just come over the route i fiom Santa Fe to this city, anl speaks Intelligently > and tnthusiastii al'v of the improvements in and rrund about Santa Fe, since th? anuexatl n of th*t I regioti of country to the United Btatea, and also of the feasibility and practicability of Colonel B;utoa's ot tat Central Pacillc Railroad- It ia per'aaaa a nappj augury, that whilst Colonel Benton Mr. Pr>?trctster (Itneial Campbell are not on tlte l?e*t and moat intimate terma in the world, owtogto their open rupture relative to the Postmviter at Ht. Ix>uia, ye* Colonel Halt etands deservedly high In tbe estimation ot eat n of those cinsolcucua belli gerenti. U.ncl* Kan. WAM1XGT0*, Feb. d, 1855. The French Spoliation Bill?The Anticipated Veto tf the Frendent ? WAy it trat Failed ? The Trrat Indemnity mil? Why it it (t) by Some ? Thr He Kltrti an of H illiam If. Auarrf ? What Southern Member t Think <tf it ? The F.feei upon Know Kothinpiiiu at tht South ? j Tht hetiffvalicn of Mr. Mann ? Cenrgr Sanderi Rrpect- j eel (* Waih inffton ?The (Stitenihip if Cap! (,'ibton . The French tlpoliitlnn bill baa pux?l the Houla. Tb* frifu.1i of th* meature liai a bard flg'it to get It through, | but finally, with a long pull, a adrong pull, m4 % pull 1 altogether, they ancretil*d in fekhlsg it. What a hiito- ' ry It wonlil be the biography of thia very bill. It woul I ' be a volume far ont-intereiting <lr*el?y'? or llarnum'* 1 eariratnn-a on human honesty, or *venCh*faliar Wikofl* I courtahip. Tb* heart ache*, the burning!, the de*ir*a, which hare altmlcd thia aplenditl achame for bMisi i the public treasury, from Ita Inception to the pre?cnt ' tima? the representative* purchased, the amount* bid, | the Interest* served, tht* 7?v<i y?ro quo in promt***, the ' wonderful rack of conscience*, and the final tri umph In Congm*, would form chaptera of thrilling 1 interaat, even in th**e exoiting time* in matter* a fleeting church anil Htate. But the la*t card in this ' trick i* oat yet played. The algnature of the l'raaMent 1 la wanting, and 1 am told to day, by a gentleman who j know* a thing or two abent executive matter*, that thin ?ignature will not ba given and cannot ba obtained. The Preeident, I am assured from reliable source*, Intend* j vetoing thia bill. Thia ia generally regarded here a* a I crrtaiaty. But thia veto, while it will ear* the treaanry from an unjuat attack upon it. aa<I be deferring of mticli | merit, ia not to be recorded to the honeety of the , l*reaid*nt or hiagood intention* to aerre the country beat, but rather recorded to the credit of politic*, which , give* the Pr**ident for thl* veto a quid pro quo In the ' way ?f popularity. It la undaritood h*r* that th* frien<ta of th# adminiatratlon have voted for thia bil that the President might have the opportunity cf vetoing jt aa<i receiving the applauae naturally belonging to audi an act. Ha ia much in need of some thing to redeem him before the eountry, and a* every little helpa, a veto of the French ."?puliation bill ?ouU Lot be altogether insignificant In Ita appearance*. A at/aw man Uaa been *?t up foe the Treatment to knock down. Ue, having failed Is the Cube schema, loet the ?uffrag** of American*. in the appointment of a Herman Jew, an adopted Frenchman, a Hootch inBdel ami othera, Minoters abroad, a turn ia mow to be taken and vetoea are to be the order of the day. Tbus far 1 have given yon aataJium i*ht<i concs rnlng MM motivee with which tbe French Pnoiiation van paaaed through Congreea, and the motive of the Rxecntive in giving It Tile veto. Next to the above bill, ia the demand to be mad# upon the public treasury. la Mm Texa* Indemnity bill, wnirh via il> bated all day long to day in the Houae of Hepre ?entativ** Thia till in It* intereetai* eioeeiy linked with the French PpoilaUon MQ, a* strangely aa thia may appear. Member* of Congress who voted for tlae French bill , actually believing It tu be just, and eho now begin to ha?* their, eyea opened to th* true iWlves of Ita pas**ae, anticipating the veto of the Presi dent, ate opposing Uaa* Tnxaa Indemnity bill, be war of retaliation aid revenging them entree If poe?i\ia-, tbev -?>*h tn*<ave off tbe final vote upon theTeia* Mil ntil t!>e action of tbe PresHsnt la known upon the Fieririi t ill. huUting their opposition to the pnymeut of tbe Teta* debt <? terrarrm over him. Thl*, of course, ia a wreng tirocr* '.tag. If mentors were gulled Into voting for the Frrssh fpol ation bill, they cannot aow honorably aacri See th* merit* or demerit* ( aa the raae may b? i of tbe Tnaa ln<!*?ulty meaaura to tl??< r form* r gullibility. Ihe r c.*th* apon taking their Mat* In Congreea forbad thi* They * wear to airt ? ad vote < on#*lenriou?ly ? t-on all meaauiee, locking only to th* isdi'lJsal merit* of eacii me*eu/" la their action upon It. Thi* *woppia< off one bill for another, or waking one dependent upon tbe other, when so two questions alike en'er Into their oos ?,<!? ration, la ton common a work In Cosgiase for nation al latere t or national ist*?fKr. Tbe new* ''M*? Is towa V> day of tb* r? election of (io?er net feaard to the l.'nltad Htatee Henate for the ri#rt ill yean from the 4th of March next It haa emtrd murb excil'men' and want the rwnnd of the city ?itb therapidltv of *l**tr1*ity. He. Mn**wbn*etu Wltccnaln, an<l K*w Tort, have all gtvee Know Noth ng rvlumpb* over to abeHtiostem. nil I* th* re ? ult whi* h ba* Ws watted for her* with *o touch am iety. ?iUa-a, Hewar4aa4 l??r%?e, three new (?ennVm. ? nd alt rank agaia*t th* rtamth a ad her ia*titntia? Thia Will be a pAwer^'il blew <e th* rlee and pmgreaa of Know Vothi?g1em In th* S?.uth, and I* *o tansr-'ad here by Fonitera m* Thoae wha hai* opposed thl* party at th* featb have d<ne ae by Unking It with Merthern a bo I. v ,?i.m, a?'! now tbev have their aa* amenta >trangth rnd by tse above reanfta In th*sa Northern iMlMirM T?? Kaoe Nothing nsrly Is Tlrgtsia will feel H' alec ' ticn of Hewarl is tb* comisg election slttoggh I be feve tbi* party will he found *tresg enough to 4*'c?t . Menry A Wl**. Thi* msy he necnmpB*h*d. if sot be raaee of the *tr?ngtb of th* Unaw Nuthtsg*. beeeuee ' the weak s*ae sad ussopalsrlty of tbe ?lcm"rat>'! frraine* If the Navtbevn Know Netbisg* hnd set g?ne our to aboHt' islam, the fkuth, asd tbe whoie Peo'h, ? oa!4 have >-e*s awept hy thta new pert/. Mke a wb r< nlnd Tb? l^ntb mny be carried by tt y*t bnt th* cba EC*a for thi* are mach ieeeesed ky the a^o > ??* el WiUos, D?lk** asd Isit, hut not eaat, Viluam H P*? a-d Kotwitbatssdlsg tb* prat ng ef th* arnSMrf ' * fab'aet asd th* a*mial*trat e? orgaai te tbe eontrs/r. tbe ia'"nseties Vefare given by the fftaais that A J/utUf Mann had reaigsed bta [?rt is 'betKet* neya/t. vent, i* nrrreet T1 'a teviy sat.ow h** a.reedr I -e ?et U tha I ??<?Ur?, ts lak4 itHt Ue? V* U w Mil. 0? arga flaadere waa expected la the elty today I ba?e oot beard of hi* arrival; but II he It bo'. hare new, Im int; ba looked for in a <ew dafa. HmiIi , II li likelv, will be hare before Congree* adjourn*, a* wai predicted by the IIrhai.ii at tha opening of the preaaat atnaioi:. W hen all ara hera tome interesting revelation* ? I way be expected Handeri may have a atory of bU on r. that will ba interevting, aa aoon a* ba arrive*. Tba ? IS all *heet In tbe Sidney Webiter, Cuablof , and Re/moat interest, It endeavoring to dlitlnfuiab Itaelf In at a. '-tempt to blackball and ruin tba ca*e of Captain Ulb Bfi. finding nothing to aaaail In tha raal merit* of hi* raff, it ra(?aa tha qne?tioa that Marey did, aa to whether tte r?pl* i* "de*errtagof tha protection of the coram mi nt ?r noV? and *eek* to oreate <loul>la aa to uiaolti renefci.v It U well known that (lap tain Uibaon waa born at *ea, < o bt?nrd of aa American vee*?l. and baa pawed 31 Train ttk.' ,'rn month*, of the 32 yearn of hia life upon American *m 1 l?aie thoae period* devoted to travel aad alien in c l.'utch dungeon.) fie lived tba moat of hia earlier yee;H In Sonth Carolina aad Oeorgia. He waa married in tt ? to *mer State at tha age of aeveateeu, and waa a widower at W ? haa children, which ara now reeid. ii>K with their grandparent* near I'endlatoa, In Coi Orr'? dietriet. At tbe ace of 21, he comment*! bualnaaa in the city of New Yon, a.vt continued there until hia depar tvre tor tbe Ka*t. He i* known everywhere a* aa Ame rican in every txaae ot tbe word? an American by education?an American by old habit* aud aa ?oclat'oa*? ha* aa A wrican family, and, per hap*, until thry read this, there I* not a half Areen amoag tbe tbremaud* featured throughout tlia ceantrv who know bim wb? ever euppoeed before but what hp wa? born upon AnMrican aoil. Hi* father coma* from Northumberland conntv, r.nglao'1, ar-d pro habiytho Patch, who are ao preriao in the formula of their indicia) paper*, n't knowing how to locate the toptsnn In Neatuno'* dointa.nni, thought proper to eet hkn down aa bailing from hia futhtr'a birth-place. The Vutch bad an object in thi*. limn, the Dutch Mim? Jer, raleail tble qneatlnn abent the (fepUln'a cltlrenahip; l;e apoke ef It to Mr. Dudley Aaan two* ago The Htate Department paid no atttutWi Ve hi* inainuationii , hut he now atari* them in t ! ? llelnwmt pmnlVi|k> ingtoa. Captain (iVtioon ban the aaroe Haw in hie citizen ahlp tllat Central Jaek*on had ? he * U begotten on the other aide of the water, but bora i.nder, and ba* *ver alnee lived uader the (tarn and atrip**, (are when the Dutch tricolor wared over him. NKI.I..K, I1hoai.wav rai:*TRK ? We regret to learn that, In con *ei|uenoe of the continued indi?pn?.tiod of Mia* li?uit* I'yue, the n.auii(fement are compelled to further impend the operatic performance* at thi* Centre until next we?k. "CiniiereDa" will be repeated <ift Monday, Tune day and Wednaaday next, after which Ihete will be only three more reprceeatation* by the troupa, aa they open at l'niladelphia oa Wedneiday, the luth iutt < H> lnt< llli;rii< < - Citeior* K>ir?M> or a* Im<awk Mkkiiiant.- Yenteiday, a reapt-cUble looking geutleman, to all appaaraace, en tertd tba dry good* a to re of Mr. Uomba, In Grand *tre?t, and informed the proprietor that he wantad to buy out hi* entire ttock of good*, for the purpoae of aMppinc tlem to the Weat jadiee. Hla action* aeemed- to be curioua and unnaturtfl, and hla representation* very ridiculoua. to the proprietor, thinking be wai eome I otcapeil lunatic, had him am* ted and conveyed to tha Third district police court, where Ju?tic? Wood ordered bim to be examined by a pbyilclan, who declared him inatne It waa alterwarda found out that the prleoner waa John I*. Blauvllle,of 160 Water atreet. an Importer of wine* and aegara. and that he lived with hi* family In Carroll at reet, Rrtoklyn, that he hadjMten lo*an* lor n?e time paat, anil waajn th* habit of making axten *ive purch **ea at diflerent houae* lu thi* city. Of Ueaara Ward k Knapp he purrhaaetl of I'. I.. Iloger* k Co., tli),7M, and of J. 'mall k to. about >17,000 All theee purchaaea were made ainro Uoii'laf, tbe purrha*?r ^ayinx that he would require litem all r i f-aturilay next. Mr. Biauvilie waa taken heme liy hia ? friend*. Iixmxm or Jttidi bwitM.- We regret to atate that I the Hon II 1*. Kdwarda, preaiding Juatlce of the Supreme Court, haa been confined to bin bed tor *ome day* paat. Judge Mward* hai been *ufli ting from *n affection in | tfce tup, and on hriday and Saturday la*t be waun tilth a high htate ot (ever ibat hla fr:endn were much alarmed aa the chancea of hia recovery. He l< now. however, can valeacent, and erery hope u entertained of hia apeedy , terovery. Wkmuy 8i MMAtt moa thi: Booaa or rnu Commi* !'>-.xni or Rai<iK*TH)M. Alien rn.lgiiota arrived up to Jan. SI T.9N2 I Arrirei since up toKeb. 7 4U3 . Total i To anme uate in 1H64 1 & 1 4 , I ecreaie thi* year. 7,11) I ! In llarlna Uoepital Varnt <?>?! i Ward'* l?l*n<) 1,AU j Refuge Department 8,'i OA Total HMO Agrregata receipt* to Jan. U1 >-l.1ii) U Heceited flnce to 1'tb. 7 3i ? >?) Total 916,309 l? Halt nee in bank, Jan. 1..., tl,IOt It Total mean*..,*,, >"??;. to l t?A Di*bur*ement* >0,043 M Balance In bank li A (.'nun A< < im stallt I'm ?m. ? l?*t even'ng, a child of John O'Neill, of No. 3'i'J Front atreet, ni't it* <!ratb under the moat lameatable rircumataace* It ap pear* that it ?aa tba inti-ntion of It* paren'a Vi a<lnl niater to it medlrlnally a dote of tiacturaof rhuliarb, in *t?ad of which It la preiumed tincture of epium waa by mlrtake given. Pollc* Inlrlllgrnrr. Alt RENT Olt CHAR/IK Or K1KAI IMU A Ml Wfll'AI'Klt. YnUrii; officer Murphy, of lb* Mret nt I pollw, ?r ' mtfd ? ;onn| man iuiumI Michael Firrli, en ckargn of a n?? w?p/r, rained M tiro e*nta from tha Kr pr nt offlca. lb* i"m?l *m lockad up for by Jul tic* ( oaoolly. 1hia I? Uia (ir?t <a>? whirw any perwin baa baea coniiulttad for trial char*."! with a f new a pa per of thia a tamp, and It la urlMal; th'ighl \<y [ mxllraJ men that tha acctia*.! aiuat haw l>?an labor la* uatiar a fit of tempi raiy laaaaity >Un ha oannltt*! tha all r gad tbaft. Ciiakok or hraxp , A womaa named Anr.a Murphy vaa artrataal yteUrJay j by offlear I Itrmauric*, of thaT nth aai'.'^allca, rharf 1 I wit Li kailnf, wbila at a houao of ill fama, la Walker ?trrat. atolrn lift la baak bilta, from Patrick Kaaraay of ! Wait Thirty eighth .treat ?.Vi of tba all**~l atol-o 1 mouey waa In her ^?a?? aioa w)iaaarrwato-t by tli* tflwr. fha wae tkkaa before Juatieo Wood, who ">m altM hi r for trial oa charga of ft Ami la/van j . ran or a* hai.drman. Yaatardajr afternoon William rullaan, who vaa ?ii yeara ago A aal a tad A Mir man of tha Thirteenth wiM, appeared baforo Juat.eo Connolly, at tha lower pnlina eoart, la tha rharartar of A vafraat, an 1 op?>n tua own rwafaaaion and re.jaaat, waa a*nt to HlackwaU a Iaiaa4 , far the tarai of tbre* montha. lha po-r a an, atae* tha daya whaa ha prealded aa or.* of the. <!ty fathara, t.aa |ra4uall; gooe down hill, and Anally waa ao r*d'i'?d a tirvvinatanc** aa to beg a boma on black wall 'a Iflaol CBAItMU WITH wnULiJHi COAL. Yea tor day oiicar Wabb, of tha la war polira aafi, at reete-d a man aaaa?<l Hark MrljiufUfla, oa tba ?iap>uit of Oortvliua I'aaer of <1 L#onai<f atraat, who cbarr" bin fcaala#, at aartaaa tiaiaa, atolaa twwatr thrva j U na of coal .'root a auokea ?!'*?? at tl.a f>?t of i aairh I atraat, North riaar. It ia alleg'd that tba ar<ua? t had t!.a x atrart from tba ooaiplaioaat to raMa U a alonp j wbkb h* ef*<?d hat aa tba d.e. bar* ag of tba < 41 1 being 1 1 aapl*'ed tha etrf-ae ouaaUty waa alaa a(. Tha ? Krlac ??r waa taken baforo /?Ur? Connolly, who bob! IB to bail ta> anawar tb* 'barf* Prraanal lkUIII|rara. AMI MIA M iliiliiki llniil _i aat Imit C. > Anay.lJr. II U a ? tea*. DtilNak'iliatt la>>? J Rej, Mux! J.t-i R,'kai>a4, 1 A ttarraa. BaitUaaee, W B < rafV l?ai? t? lieaieaa < taetaaalt. <?' la A Taaaal. ?? laati. J k VUaia. < lanaaaii. 'ikta Car* lajar DdMa<ii I I. iJatftilk, l-aalr?lll? l> , 1 o N?wal?i Ra kaui h < I; liter. War raa t'na'.f II > lain ttx.laaw, 'laia A I aar Aiakai I 1. Wil.^aa llanda, h I.. Bar4*a. ?n'aa?ar At tke Ma<eaaa.|,i?a. NaM-fil. T Jeeaia f t K R IM iy. v. R. A j Jail- W?.l?a ? ka?aa<a4r Raj M II Miak mry, |*aie Mr aa4 bra K??,aaa a /ata?a Waaaa? i ay? A ferawa'ar ivrank Klaart aMIla R?at*a. W? r i.ip ttaratt, la ( M k*a? l--.a-.Ha laa M iaoa Maaaaa Altai la I (tenet It lae?"aa. aal ilea Law laatraf, ?aalco. At tba fn.a. Iraaa-rel J T la.>-aa? IUal? i i). tiaft la. are l-? R. ?aawaa, tUa fna <?af, *? f I raalaal Fkllaiala} a. Baa A He??? <>*.?? "a T. W kt'wei R.rliartae Vt W II ?a?reo. Itifali t i H trraa A??t?. ta I <i K- teaaaa#, l?t?,- kkr1l?e r?aa t Oea R?>ar'*a. Ilaau l?0 ? t ? Ir a AaH'?a% la ataaaaeMp *irt? *kar Hra Btaaa k.aebaaa ? % H Riaa t tiiaeak e|k Mr Maara I'tt lAeai Mnliea I I A I l>fa, V li.l CbHtMI. aa4aea.RU Ln r nalali aal a/r Mtaa r t aa?*Ad .Hea R CaaAa.l Maeter r. Cat tela, Iwiar t t eatall. Mr ba-ary Wa?. A t ?. ? M aeaet?r. l-ra Pardee HaatUU aa4 laaf, f f.tAe r ite Rait I'art Hra Rarriaa, B ' raaler, I. (Va|*>a M alia r ar. a lit i Meoaaa*ar. D M Raakaf WiVkaaebeay. ieba I are Mr? *aiirM?.(| aat aelll, t a e>k?ill i I fiateket A A llaritaa.a. Capt Rrtfaot M-aa leaattw, M ?s T aMkiae I'll IMaai. Iim fMeka?|a Waa idaaeh. W ?. IkaUae A A R.? eala A 11 ? ? aaaall aal ad/. * Wa' J l l.nn I I M?*f? M Wattaa ?4 'U; M liaikhf ill I eatfcar I ?< fraatiea I l??e? J Ceuti .1 A f'??, II M war I ' f It- Iiarle. II M 8al?a-r f ?aapaa*. Hti ? af'a 1 |a<?i|>r|( RaMel a>w l Mradte), we* R e' et.aal . Ii : atkart MViltt U?. f r liaiitti la ateawekip fleiib ? A M tali e? -. R S Me', a I I r>,r, ? K ( are at 1. It in,. * R I l?e |e?- ? i|' tt rfawr Mt * J l>? I 'Mat** a4y | a ad -r.aat ta . ? ,k.f. |. a. K-af *. I l .a iba .lawta*. ? r ? arSe.i. 1 laaiaoatb ? Ma ao-MI- 111 'laa a- 4 t fr.. a | li;l lieell kn V ?? .r*. M a a r ? r ???*' "I ' I ul i t'ewa-aaa ? A "tit l e . If 1 I. I IHftl, It R r I*. 1 fr?. k R * a >k I fra.'r. t R Vaf A L ai T bat at AM,. M^. I R I. ? I R t^a, t C Tli i I Uyi MlllKthRtinti 1 ARRIVAL OF THE NORTH STAR. ONE WEEK LATER FROM CALIFORNIA. News from Australia, the Sandwieh lalanU, the West Coast of leiieo, Peru, Cttk, Bolivia, Nx<w Granada and the Argentine Confederation. IU1IYAL Of $I,JOO,OOC? II MU irir. Opcaiag ?r th? rtauul?LVNi C (be iUulii villi Um PmUi L O 8 ANGELES IN ARMS. TEE M ISLAND TKKMUHM. IMPORTANT FROM ACAPOLCO. IJTKBfftTllVV ITERS. MABKJAGKS, IWUTIIS AND DKATILS. THE MARKET#, A a, Ao., SUu rhe atejraahlp North HUr. W?raock, arrwa* yeMterduy iftriooug from Alftnwill, lattif Wt that pert "a the Jlat of January , at *11 0'cUkW M M Um Ifortb M?r litldK* date* from Hu Kranr U t" th, liMte utt. The fuUn?rte(r >< the tnaaare Unt of 1!i*?t'*an?r Vor?a 8U? ? Adawa * Co... Kit l>, 000 00 lletrapol'a lluktM.oni 00 H. ifleldorn fc.iyj 7H Jolinni k loir J. Imrand k Co, ll,MM>oo den ... 14J9M Ok I age, Heron k Co.trtft (N/O 00 <?rdar 14 000 M lireiol k Co Mr,000 00 i rot.?i^t?nnl I'eter huts B,T8? 00 hairen ?,.-&? M Wm. lion It Co. lit WJO 00 J. Weteon 4 h?na lil CKM c+ W. H. Uaoaell * WeUa,?ar7l*4 r?. W,HI|# OS iun> b.MiQ 00 Total California Hit, I Vroui Auatralia - vtanm k Co . . .t'j ,?? M .,??? T Albnt Utit (Tt Total St.-iftO.-JOO IS We art- iadebted for faf?r? to Mr K W Hull, par-ear of Ui? North R'?r, to llnr; How.ird, Hi), loimrif deapatcha* from Chili', and to the aipreeaea *1 Alia. fl? Co. anil Walla, Karjo IkCn., aa alao to Mr. J. W. Hall ?an, of Ui? 144b KrancUro Newa Depot. The ateamnblp -uriora left Sao Kram-.iaen f t "a~iBBn r'a Acapuleo, Jan. Ifllh, at noun; 1"Cj, U Ml'. U , ea ? changed ?.ignaLa with ? team ^ hi p^ ortae, from Han J ?ao Ml fur, bouad ooathward, 23d, " A M , aichaagel aigaala with ateam-hiji (Ji.hlen A?e, frnm rename, bound nartfc. Arrived at Acapulce 1 A M UOth Inat., and left * l day VVth, U I'. M., arrived at Panama, 13 daye 9 I from Han traorlaca. 7 he nUamehip John I. Mtephena, with tha malt* )>aiMPt>ger? that left N?w Vork per North Hlar Ik 'JO, arrlrid at Haa Krancieco Janar; 13, 10 V. VL , On peatengiia all <II excellent health. Ilia I'anama ra Iroad ia at length rotnplete4. Oa tha 2M1? ult., the traibpa ,aed over tha road fr- rn A*p nwall *? I'aoama for tH>- (lrat rime. Ita arrival la l*4naata < great axiten.i^t among tlj? native |opulati?n, who I never befote eaen that great triumph < f hutaea ll Hy, a "Irtamollir." Thua tt will be aeeu that tha r?a utct'ng I bk l.?twren the Atlant.r ant l'a<-|flt le foriaaf, and hereafter tl.o> a alinta b uln.aa or pleatur naakaa a trip to the North or iViutk IVItJ de? lab.e, L lit MO fi-ar Ilia luaa o( health farmerly ioenUntal to tha ea ? j<?nr? M<e.?a if In the traaait aaroaa tha Utkaaa, aLlrli will heireforth occupy about four hoara, iai?a lortaMe rara, | ri tected entlr.1/ from the weather, Ihe fa' ille Uall Meamahlp f'ompan/ iuUnl aoe of their (Sua >|,ao<rr> at I'auama ready ?a>tlrg for the | ??< ag? ra (r> m the Atlantic l*tat*a. Oa their arrltal la fasarua they w>ll leave tha eara lei go amnlla'rlf oa board aUip, thua ara4iia| all deiaa tion. T!ie paaaengera that weat out by the Nartli HUr, aat alao thoee that 'am. \u oae, paaaed orer the read la the care, and there haa ifrt been a aingla caaa of Mmm aaint'g th?na A bill la befi re tha I'gtalature of Ublvraia i | ur ii'a for alxiliah riir the tonnage di ea upoa wba t'.aela iltenrig the pott of ran Kranrlaw. Ifae eteamer l.'altnbui, which arrlrad at baa co on the 1Mb Ian , the day on whirl, the I r? ported that tha aUam>bip fouth'ner wai i ty mile, aowlh of <m\>* Hattery on the Sortbweet Ik The paaaangera and crew had Imk a aara-1, hat tha i would be a total lo.a Pollll?al lnUlllf>mr, Tba l*#l?lalara >u to ballot far I alUH Plata* taaalar tU ITtb of Jinutr;, IU <1 a/ altar lit* ?"??>? W| fa n huciito i>k. nwiN'a oAi'cmi. Ju 11? II r M. A rtvoi of Or <?*!?? party ?*? b?l>l I* al|M Forty St* iwnlwi ia ilOalMt*. ill af iliMI ? ft 'taring Ilia | n '-.fir* Mr. Vlaayar* ??? la tb* rlialr Mr I raarh ?a4a ? motion that atoaa aboull ba M ? b?i?<l bylbaarUoaof tha >i?r?i aaUi tfly ? ?taa waia'ara. ? raa;< rtky of tba otat wafxtna. abooM i|iM U> al>Mla It It. aa<l that tbaa a majority aa# th*aa Ally aaraa abrral4 taaaa tba poaar af aiaktaf a aa ?tiaatioa ta ba aun* m?1 l.y all. After roaaWarai.l* <ll?/-a?*lon, thl* ?M T'ltal 4a aa: ? a>l Mr MtKlaaay mar?4 tbat if thirty rota* ??r* aaa* tar aay una n.aa ba abauM ba coMUlaaed w ba aaaal aatait. Hafura tbla mUiiB >m flaallr <tl>po*ad af, lb? laru, at 10 o' clack, adjournal aatll To" lay mn oj, at T)i a dork rtin wmhi nom f hi a rmi i mttd rtrw anunMh Tba Han liaaata r.? fi?/? ami 7Via#?raj>< m;i Wa l? am Ibat ' nl. Pblb? f. k>l -ae)?, a?ml?r of iba flauaa from Ha*ra?>?aio Um >bi( naaca* aa a^eatitn y*atar4ay for l altad *tat?a ftaaalar Mr UM ? a r?Ja, It wlU ba r<iaari .bara<1, ru ? na af tba abi g Mb ru< ? for iapr??a??atM* In r?a|raaa la IMS? Mr Tiagtar. of thl* alt/. liHa? tb* arthar l?urta( that ? aai^aifa (? a?at fcr iba naaaa of ll.a "Ilka anaalf ?ir li* aaa, " ahll? him **< aetata ? n tb* aama tik?t raj'Hnal la tbat a# "I.W or a?aa*l aaa* "yu* ?a< laathar " Mr M tiHt i? a ablf af tba oM wkw.1 *t U *1bar*? ta Uaa ifaa tbat tba ablff f* rly baa ;<t> aalaataa U faitl, ul I* aoua4 '.a >ba fr< at iMNlia of popalat ?a lannHy ? a. I ' >H |i'taiua.l aca atarvvatUa with aiaaary la tka TnrttwM. ?>*??? uwiH riwiwn oraanajio. Tba Mlaaiaf i,**pat?h waa pa??Haha4 la *aa fr>aHaaa M 1 1 a 1 1th Jaooary bat iubaa-|uaat lata* 4a aot oaa fiitt tba anaa?aMB>*at ? Jaa Ui? J1, F M rol'.artoa Maairr.vat a> 4 Truatt l.ara laroaa Utrta traibear4, a?4 I'am" ? a l la *y far tba "' b ta, ?II, aa t altb b>* frl*a4a aa4 ' aataa iUraaa aaip>*7< ^ ia bard at aork Kara t n lu'w l Iba l.alal'aa ara tarrlbl/ at tba 4af i rtlaa nf llia?*iMl ia<l bta r (Lt ha ad aiaa . Traatl Ibaaaatf ba* a ? ataag aal/ aaa^l Uala a* a aat ? yaa Utaal Kir Ha nam la laa /la^alra. t?? cftiu>a i* a* Ml- rort utiri or jt-aaa ma tom an *?.*?< ?rr ?? lt*cm La*. Wa tila Ua fatlowlaa froa aa attra af tba liiiira CiaJ^aiMM ^uMliM la Una Aa?*kM ? Tba arrival ot tba w.tb iba oi4ar fr aa Uka Ja4ft af tba < *?rt, (itallai a *?af a I >aai aa4 aft a iba 'aiaa af Braaa aal laa, aal tertat' AJ ? tra to talbf tba ftaajif ablab br ni 'Oart baa baaa a(ir<*4 a Ilka v^tbaaa all. baa Ua raaatra* by war aMI aaaa alt b f aaaraj laAkfaa .ia* It a U ka raaolk- ta4 Uat -<a tba ?"?alaa al t*? ail ?ar af ' by ltr-,aa tba' tba <tffc?aa* "air *a taria-1 from baaataf tba latvar, la ~aa?<aa'a >A tba tary yaaarai raafc4ar*a nym* la Ja4a* Qayat aal Ma eoalt aal it aaa itaaff aafcritaaJ at tba tan. Mat If aaaUaaa af 4aala vara a?.aa4 a|aa Laa by Uka aaJ4 ?*art, tbat ao "iUJa aa faratga ia? n?aaa afcaall laMt fara ta yraaaat (?? aaaroMaa laVrtaa'a-l pa/t aa bara, btftW, Ikaagbt |Mpii W Iba art tba f/y*lar alll la Uk?? aaa t tar aal aa ara aaa? "?}??* id iaaa?, aaa- aa 1\a a* aa arrl't t bara aa Wa4aaa4?y ? tM aatiaa aara aaat aat tbaaaab ia i Waa tbaraaay avaaiif Iba a tat* af pabtk f??Uaf aa ?a a* ta kt<?*4 a' tba jaU aa frfta? tba ta; of ua. Ia?l ai?bt TboraA^y aaaataf oaa af tba kkl>?H. aal I w\ *i*i W'j aa<a aa**- .aaa ai?' <aaraaad ia aar nty, , aaa M ?? tba aaaaa ota.a? aalaaa af tba Hwitj i ? ?t T I y**r4a af all baalra^ |araua?. frva all parla >4 iwa raattT, (atbara4 altb la aaat ?tH<ak>aaa M? brtaf taatla ta aflart aa eatrseaa? aaearaaji af al ciaaaaa. T> a ataa' .a f aaa aa<M to ar4ar at t ?* F M . Ml (M M'Oaaabaa waa ?baa?a Cbaliwan aal 'bat J O M?a la ia( Ik't Jta* Nf >%!? VUa It aal lar' talf'iaa ?ki., ta*r?'*/;. TVa TinMikt MVt; ^Wt t?

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