Newspaper of Evening Star, February 9, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 9, 1855 Page 1
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nlK KVRNfNO ST A It PCi-U;'iS? RViRV I'Tea.V'XlN, iifjzn vixi>ir,| /, tU Si :? H ?uirr^il PtHn tylmmr. ?* w ?? ?7 a ? II * hopk, AJl b *'? nkrviiiitfi n t'ur a n1* :?? V\ oj'-i ?*?>? Alexandra. Rilum vMtM X, - -?1 SIX AND A QUARTO* rRNTH, pj,M. We *?. :ki? ??????-' Aft du. To mail nih?criWi? th* MWrtpuoa -vice u TIIHRB DOLLARS AND riFTY ?'R*TS a f*r in advance, TWO DOL LARS i*nr SIX MONTHS, and ON P. DOLLAR . r TURIB MONTHS. 09?Si*?ii none a oat CtWL VOL. V WASHINGTON, I), t FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9. 1855. * NO. 656. UNDERTAKERS, 4c. cabinet maker^undertTkkh: Tfl8 83lar^<c^ wonu ?ajf.tajiy iafr.rm m> friab1, %.-;a*itiud -a, ani tv pnvts *-eneraily rtk?t h* ?ml.eca'aao-a to cxecrtf all ort?ra i* hj? use of nc?la?* in th? b*,-t ntpo?r ?ni *t tfcs ?bort wt nnvks* rsp^ ih'wo nht!*?ii(? pfor.n!!* trmtted rrf^mls attended tc. It ---i the i&^ri.~"and is lb* v|| t|fm _ ma" o?r. fry tut prisised t?; ?a* wtoft prrft^t ? tr. nr ? tv ?<rim-j< wnth/rr. ?e*ekfn!?-r ?w?t favors, he would ->#pect/ally io!!cit, m! ? ra<!e*vor *o merit a <v>m?uien3a o !&*?*?<? ANTHONY buohly. Pa. a*^, ?. side, b?twm Bih acl 10tb ste. seem-i*?- Mr. ??rt!n'?, Ho. w, ?) ?tr*e?. t. ird hoav eeat ?-* 7tli rrreet *n?r!7?ly undertakes! Iwoold r?*pecttally retnn mw thank* to tha etttteas of VTv tingtoa and its vicinity for their ??* <wtr -nd -my fh%t owiccr to th* freosent oaliaiath* u-!???-taking br*?ehofiat bnsin??, i . :c-' j.c. 5 to ii.*: -?nti;iaa tte raanofa'tura rfparuitrev * .i tj'n my attention folly lo the : v? 4 .-.T I b.?T# tp?r*l n* nair.? to bare it*Tv / t;?( l< rftjuih:'.* t"? oy hccijiwg, and i is t^.ir -?-.? fully r-i*?r-wr?u to nc.i ajy order aft?r e>* siio.-.-jm no.i*. ani I mcure thoee who may ? '*?' til*. I will ipkt9 qo pjip i it7 0ot men -tr ito lh?ir ?-itire <ab*fectiou. w , ? jam1s p. harvtt. 0 410?rih ?*?? between q aui q. ?? ? ??^al. j ?tt?nlra to it ;.!! houn if tl* a' lit aar *?ly COMMISSIONER OF DEEDS FOR New York. tew, California, New Jerntv, Louisiana, mi??ouri, p^rimjlt.-ti*, A lab ma, Kentucky, mary?no'oricis, michigan, ?<e~. wl*v>u.d?, Oldo, and mhrnewta, Florida. other SUtw. GEORGE c thokas, A'rrUKNSY FOK CLAIMS, AND norary pl'BLiC, W+skiigl-H- Pt+cf., nrnr f)dri-F'tfor9i' Hall bsventh atrkkt. w*8hr?)ton. o.V ? A> l'i .1, f. u. DAYIDGE, attjinty (?;! ccuastllur-ttlawi i?n? voMMjssjoy an of dshds fjlt tur blAZ-M* Of virginia n<w york ?f?i0* k-utcv-*/. ncffittx' flijuoia<4adi, w;j-i.ifd<p) r-inn^tlent mah??btt<vtt# asrj-'and r-urvylnujij ticrkl- 1 iot.cvw Alabama low* gaofjrfa cauforrja A;l*ng*e 6 (jarollrs 44 con^.^.iciurf in all it? lraa.b^ pr-notlt am ae arat?ly ex?wat?d. * ? rtttoe. LcaL.ii.ia ar.-nuc. ysp. flfih rti?<?L acnoxKNBKRu, tslchsa an'D TRANSLATOR o? a o< i? r it r> nd lltcratur*. !?l). -2f>~ pt5n*s'*'.va?ria a7sntil w< x1?tr R. h. GILLET, oauaitllcr at lsw. of^* aL.j r*^tian? ij *'raak!ia kow, co-ner 0/ S %t> 1 i fl>r mm. sciionenbrrq" v?actt?r of Piano and hliivine, ??3. )? il rtf^3ti.t?x)* *vb^r 1 -ft -J??li wm. M. MfcUl'.ICK, Attorney a v I. m \w , xo. 3 8 lcu.siana avimuk. W.m rra-nie- la i:ie u^jirwuj? ;\ art of th? United pt^. ?ui ih^ 0?,nru of tfa? i)i>rl. t if >?lurali* tfne "*K - %h1 r*v*v?nq ula^asij i:; rmn?ua jm-p.iop. * i hon k .? it k it'j i?il? fouxumqi^ revirwixic c'a-w# lanv'u*?ijh on m? n.^iv^soth octooar at hw .*7 p-na^w.uu ?7rau ?rj Private Madical Treaties 0!? ti? pimf 'loloaioal v k?v of m<1121 ao3, *. b. 1-A/aoii, jtt. D? ALBAXF, jy Y *>0 r^fa and 130 f\ e PUin a&d ccioroj luho-" graphs ?n<! I ut?w. v prlca only 93 c?uta -4* ."y*' of poatag^fci hii pnrta ?f th?? uuion-%* 0i1eapb*T EYEB pu til.i^ii ki., tu-i orntaining nntr'y d ub'e the ({unntity ot r-aliog matter io that of the fifiy ckmta cr dollar P L'ij LIC a ti udt h. It trt %t rn the hliysiolo |0y0? MARRIAO?,and tUe sfcni i ? iiridiu< * ttrij juc riler of youth ai?<! matariijr, re ?ultln< frtiui exr^gta, which i des.rov the puvhur&i und men tal powen, with ob?r7ttioua on iaarriw-. il< aul c,.i?4aa':ci;ati?d'?, and th^ir with ii fefhrn^h-, itla-tratiug th? au*t aj aad physiology, and jlatiama 01 the r?-iir? dac:i?B or<%ns of b >tn t!ie?r Vruoiure, uarr and fu??et;o??a. A po^u'ar ar.d com^roh^niutk' tiea tise oi dalle* an 1 'n??ual!ien uf (uii^te : .ax ried lifl'? f??j?py and fruitful alliance, e. >j?? < f st cur?ng th. ai in^ciicit' tw aud .of. rtil< cnt# tiieix ?brimtioa and r-motnl ? iinik.rutit hiuta to tho?e eont>-_>nintin/ uatr;momy, tunt will ov?-ry>*,., ob jection* to it; none, ho .ever, should take thia l?_. p^rtant ? e|, wi haut first eon.-uliing iu rpn-cu ac-mm-nuries on the diw-mean l medical treatment ?f from lafxac/ to clj a.--, e? h graph illunratrd by be*atl*ul htuograpl.c t latji-. nerroaa d??b?lity, 1^ cauar-a and Cire, hy n pr-ce* at oniy *) iiiinple. and ?ff- :i ual that tr.ilur,? ie i*?^b.e-ral?e for daily m^aag..m?at-an on rtnatorrhoea with practi al o'??iyit*,na cn a ?d,? ?a.>re 8u v?k?fa! ru dd of tr-?tmeat?pre i?*ry hlnrj on the e4i* r^aitiaj froia aop ri .m ev?ay oa all aiitiij jrcw iajn re'jjn, wuh pUin au 1 : imp!? ralee by ?hinh ai. prr<o..< ea? eatr th?-nih? ir<?m without nitrcurr? r<-a^i;?w ; ,t th?>^, pelf iulliei'^i uiiaeri<w and di^ap l j** ?o aafor umwy preratent in the f >uug u u x ira*h!u' aiviiar :<> ntarnad aad ?.>ct^a?o!itiiig-a-irria^. Ita partfal tar u-ula-ty iweom ji-ai'd t?> p^r^one ebt'jrtaibin? ae "t*r *,ur>t> of ti-jr pa/-: nl conditio, and wh<? are t':j-'1 of h-iriag hut^rd-j the h??5!tb. happ ne.. ani ?nti><?, 10 whiro ?tarr sumaa bain/ i* ea ati^i uo. ,!>nc' ??cent* oer copy, or st- *iir oae lol u.r?o. irr* ot to any pn.,1 of uia U*! m. u?flit** who pr? ?? may s'ueult br i.L Ok :x a^'n **/ ofth? ii?*atee up.n trhiel- kij bcc* tr>-a.l< 2?ier .e?2aaily or by mail. m^lisin-^ ae-it to ?.uy part uf the uoiou a-o.ijing to directio.ta, aai'?l^ j^ra?l ?aj ^rpfjuy enured from all obtartatiou. ?ilr?, dr m.klt ^iu;ix,no 3i m?il?u lano 0r ,???# hox a79, alwy y. y. Offl 9 op-n daily frum 'J a ai to ? a a, snd oa fla?i,y ffolJ ? until 0 p m. ?pr our# tttiaorid f.-om No 66 ^e*var at, Laat, Alban7.i1. Y. DENTISTRY. i 1 . 5,l*'ns^n respectfully cal 9 pumic attenik.o patent, and okmatly kb inetfiM of netting ArtiMal tafejtj '^>nt?nuoa^ (i am?the ter/ "^TT^^t9 7H!kl0s,w0rt '* art. thiaaryu ??!? .ikii^r,h^r,>t,,jw ?d'anuge^ r>rer nil other) fOST tn , bg^nrv aju' clranunk'w, C 'm ?ia. au 1 i mjJ Wltj I'*tar* >n the * -joi SLS^^V ^?wk inrjwc ?^pertra.u* ' ,y slutted. piaaa-; call j^d see oatrio'i v v ^lua&an, rd,ntlct 5n <?*?* District of J*. b - r-#?h .,A c*k* ***** pf Teeth. ??a warranud h#,athy? p?n?lc?i a*r at paaa.yw^' aw0 * 8 n*>r ths oor JOT fthnu" ?ol uih atroet. AND 8sldii.< .rat"*. * pufc.ine?j tli?* hlgheat stupil^b' si7bu" w""j1" "1 vltsi,!. ?? ?. M fe im.m a,? m k ,?lt srj n41,llto* 0 r*n'T, ?? 1,0 ^ Penna aveaaa. ^ t rr\rj*,whe jie ht* |h? ?,,?,* at '"?hiiff p , k iiitz, jau 1j? u ,,IH' *v,'M"e hid 11ita 4rr?t. OFFICIAL Treasury Departmeht, Jan. 3,18S5. Notice Is hereby given to the holder* of the fo| lowing described -lock, of ihe United flute., that this department is preyed to purchase, at anytime between the date hereof and Uie 1st March next p?rt,,,lw those etoeks, .mourning in Uie aggre gnte to ail,900,000, in Uie manner and on tlie teruia hersinaiter mentioned, to wit: In casa of any contingent competition, within Uie amount stated, preference will bepveu in U.e order o tuni- in which Raid stocks may be offered The certificate, duly aligned to the United 9utw by the parties who are to receive the amount Uiereof moat be tr in-vniue.1 to Uus department; upon the receipt whereof; a price w.U h* paid compounded of the following particulars: 1. The par vajue Bmoum 8peciflrj iQ eRcll certificate. 3. A premium on the stock of tho loan authorized by the act of July, 1846, redeemable November 12, lStt t?f per csnt.; oa the stoek of the loan au thorixed by Uie act ./l&tt, redeemable 31st Decern ber, ltfl3, Of 10 p.* cent.; on the stock of the loan, authoriz-d by the acts of 1847 and 184*, and redeem able, the former on Hie 31st December, 1867 and the latter on 30th June, 1868, of 16 per cent.; and on the stock of the loan authorized by Uie act of 1850, aad redeemable on the ain December, 1864, (commonly called the Teiaa indemnity) sis per cent 8. Interest on ihe par of each certificate from Uie 1st of January, 1855, to Uie d ,te of receipt and set tlement at the Treasury, with Uie allowance (lor Uie money to reach the ownor) of one day's interest in "ddiuon. Payment (or said stocks win be made in diafts of the Treasurer of the United States, on the abstain treasun-r at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties may direct. Hut no certificate will be entitled to the benefit of this notice which shall not be actually received at the Treasury on or Uef ire Uie said 1st day of March licit. JAMES GUTHRIE, jan 4?dt.Marl Secretary of Treasury. '9 Dr. DUP0NC0'8 GOLDEN MONTHLY PILL8 A SOVEREIGW REMEDY for the cure of all a4,nVr,m what'eTer cau^ ""I-** ?. mud.; iJpfoVrSistvjs?-?? ?" ?"i vJl'WT. H'i? are lllw result of OVER THIRTY 1, ^ EXPERIENCE in the treatment of the Disease* of leinaies. At th.. .ohcuhon of many intelligent Ladies f,ir ti.n H H'7 W"re J*?*"** hy l^r. Duponco with e ?/hi ,U>? c ,,lgJ"K'r arenow published to the w, irld, so that all Females suffering irom llie diseases peculiar to their sex, may hive the onimr ot givi.,g theui a trial. These pills have Ihrni* Tyear ml? * f?' a li,U*' SEVERAL THOUSAND BOXES h!!l! y sold' " lar** Proportion of which has been seut by mail to ladies in different parts ol the country; ami letters arc being received daily containing the warmest expressions of graUtude for the biffin which have been derived fro u their us. 1 he following is an extract from a letter of a Indy of high standing who has authorized her nan e to be communicated confidentially to other ladies wi-himr to mnke inquiries respecting the modus O^rruikil Of ?h* p?||s; * mwnu j i ?Ih rlrr .i f * *r*' HUU1 lu Phjf.lcUn.- but r'/rf," ; *?"?"?* mrl.ncholy, DjSlt ch^r f ll booytity #f spirits, which In nnunl in rfrlx of i i '( il.? pill* h?.l M U?n time* *? much, IX wonl'l be'nn j ccuipsrlioa win, tlie happiness malting troiu c1>?tr u?* ?? N. B.- -The i;>gred;ents of these pills are perfect h*k*4-sss in the** medic.n .1 operation on the I most delicate female con tiKiLoc., y=t as yre"ved and roint.ined by Dr. Duponco. their specilic action is such that intrned ladies s/iould use them with proper pr?-cauuoe. Indeed, their use is not at all indicated during pregnancy. For the same reason as every physician knows, medicines which act in' this way are the very best that can be usedfw re IT nal,,ra1' hralt!,y ,0,'? ??'1 functions of the *yi. .n when so much impaired and deranged as to result in barrenness. For further particulars se* di ^C^^,ruw,th ^ oe nod at tne UrturtfiNtfs. J. DUPONCO, M. D , Proprietor, N. Y. Sold in Washing on By Kidwbli. a?. Lavrrnck Stoit &. Co., *V. M. Cilman, S. R. Stlvestkr J 11. Mookk, First Ward; O. Boswell, Island ; J.'f." ;UU1, 1 " ^tome, Seventh st.; H II McPiiersom SffiT1 m WaL8"' rNa'i/ I" Georgetown ' y "? M. Linthicum, J. L. Kidweil. in AleAandriA by o..n 4 peel U Stevens, Fountain Ik Co., and by Druggists generally. jan HEAR THE WITNESS! EI0HTE0U8 VERDICT! RHEUMATISM, COUCH, PAIN IN SIDE, fcc. WONDERFUL cure alter ri* year's suffering ot Maryland* re*P*ct*b'e citizens of Prejudice and skepticism cen't stand In^fore the many cures made by Hampton's Vegetable Tine Kknoall's Gaovx, Montgomery Co., Md ,1 ? December 3, 1854. f H-mti. Mortimer 4* Mowbray: t.eiiUeme'j?In 1M4 I had what tr y doctors called a violent and comUueiJ atUck ot Chronic Rheuma usiti and Gout, Irom which I was confined to my tied for three mouths. I had the v. ,v hest 'il.vsi oans, who tried other various remedies, n')ne of w inch gave me any permanent relief". Not having ?r ni*Ut> 1 b-came ">"ch emac, ?ted, my system a mass of .lisease, literally speaking, troui the crown of my he d to the sole ol ' '** ' lo ll0''*''0 al?out?most of the urac CoiiSr.ed to the house; at Umea so helpless that I li til li> be to iny bed. I wu# aLo a*flJcred wiUi a oxeaetul cotigh, gre^t shortness of breath, sore throat, paJpitauon ot the heart, and pain in my ?idt? mi bad I could not lay on it* My Rnpctitc en tireiy f;ule?l me. I gave up all hopes of being restored U> health agiiin. I . onunued thus tosuff.* on from 184-} t ? a p*r:od of six years. At this time my d tughlrr ? tw At lier grnndmother'sa pamphlet, with nmiicrouk eeruheates of cures mode by Dr. Hamp ton's Vegt ub'e Tincture. 1 knew s.itue ot those who certified to cures per formed yn themselves and friends. 1 was resolvsd to give it a trim. I informed my doctor of it. He objected ; but my sufferings were so great (hat 1 pro cured one bottle, and, before I hail taken the whole of it, i fel; much relief, which encouraged me to Crsevere. After taking the second bottle I was tier than tor the past six years, n?y appetite re turned?cough, paiu in ihe side, shortness ?f breath c~> nearly all gone, f continued using this won dernil medicine until I h td taken seveu bottles, aa eording to the directions; aud I am happy to sav Hampton's Tincture, and that alone restorod me to perfect health, which has continued up to tins time ?a |?eriod ot thr^e years. I am in the 65tii year of my aire. 1 weighed yesterday 838 lbs. and 1 never telt le tter -n my Ills. <*ic of my neighbors was al so affected, like myself, with Rheumatism, fcc. He has also been restored by u.e Tincture. I beard of other; but I am satisfied this Tincture, it trird, will sp*?ak for itself. My only object in de scribing to you iu> sufferings and Uie way I obtained relief, is to in :uce tha afflicted to try this Tincture, which has, under ths blessings of God done so much for me. Yours, respecU'ully. ' HENRY GAfTHEH. Call and get pamphlets gratis, and see cures of Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dys pepsia, VervouMie** an i General Weakness. As a female medicine or for delicate children wc boliev it un< quailed. Sold by MORTIMER fc MOVVBKAY, 140 Balti- | more street, B iltnnore, and 304 Broadway, N. York rati. Stott li Co., J. B. Moore, C. B. Clarke, Clarke k tiowusa, VV. Elliot, and H. McPuer sok, Washington ; also, by R. 8. F.Ci ?el, George town; and C. C. Uerry, Alexandria, and by Drug gists everywhere. jan 5?tr CLOTIIIMO MADE TO ORDER CHEAPER TH \X EVER.?in order to run elf Uie remain der of our large stork of Cloths, Cassimeres, and Vestings we will at Uns season take measure and make to order Genth men's Garments of first quality twenty per eent. cheaper than our usually low pri WALL Id STEPIIjiNS. 3!li Pa. *?., next to Iron nail. )*? 'I (Seiibnel fc News) n-aiM? ),RTANT T0 TUE SIOK. I and w?ll known skin 0f !*?? th-rty v^rs. will fully suntain by th^r^ffJS the v?!Uahle qualities attribn"J/l ?? #v ? paru <b"u ':a s* /?,I)r; McClintock1 s Pectoral Syrup. H ,?D fa^"We r?.m?dy Uronchiti., fonsump lun? In! 1nhr0l,ic ****??< of the throat and n?tTorv?n, t rW ** c omplaints of the Pulroo L P?v*d ih? m. ?rt safe, certain, and rapid remedy ev?r employed in the ext-nsive praetloe o,T)r. MoCiintoek /or aov ofthei "^0wn'?8 themselves as Cough,^ekling a theTa^oat. & of Tightn-s* in !b? Throat ?spitdug cf Blood, Diflcuity of Breaking Hotrsei n*M or Um ofVcice, and B**tic trier, its u?e will n?e!iSt ?1 ,Ue, h*ppi^t r-'alt*, while it is p. asi.nt to the palau and strengthening to the wholegjateia. It contaius no l -udnauin or opium in any ;htpe. Price |l per plot fcottf*. * II. Dr. McClintock1 s Cdd a*u Cough Mixture. ^A^uf*lh^}t",1lT0 for r??t Oju^h-, Tickling cf irra ^ 'r?iht:!ef 0fBr#*tWn,c? ?'ou? InChil K^ESSSt."0 pwpwat4on of or,am III. Dr. McClinlock's Asthma an J llcoy ing Cough Remedy. In. ? *Ua1{^t instantaneous relief for thees distress IngcompUinu Thlll u th# frjlt of ?xperienoe, and is astonishing in its effect. No j* r n- % a d*r f?* Aathmaor Uooplng 0:>ugh who will as# It. Price 60 cents per bottle. /P. Dr. McClintock'* Diarrhaa Cordial anuCholtra Preventive. A proapt and oertaiu cure for burrhoca. Dveen ??ry, aai Cholera Morbus in all stages. A sure pre ventive of Asistie Cholera, which no traveler or family nliould be withoat. Vrfoe 26 and 50 ?n j per bottle. V. Di. McClintock1 e Tonit Alterative S$ru*, % For periling the blood, The most powerful du? rlfter ever dlaco.-erci. F.r til F^fafous dbeai,*, Skin d?e:*.?* krapth.o*. Holls, Pimpto, Brya^-Hee! Uloers, 8?re '.egg, atiu ail Rheumatic and SvphiliHc oonij 'sjn:.', Ac. ft if ? ti >si eiceMent 3prin?' medi 0*Df> vn* ;tiy "alit ible, hij.j ?sJe fcr ch;Uien or fe Pri-.-e(piut lA<itle^) |J, Dr. McClintock s Dyzpev!ic Elixir. twDWM*J ?r. dwordersd dig^tioa.' may be called the National Di-^ass ol Amnjca. IU?ymptom^are hea.Uchf| gvllin*^; nerrou^neHV. lc* spirits; d.ia nw of Ti-rion, with aiotec or rp^cKa before the ev*?; of the noptril*; duiln^&e of h^rinj an(' nng in* laths Mr>; diKH/r^..vte tant? in th?- m?ut}. fon? or w*.^ut aiwut tbr oues^ diflicuky of treain:t.; c-uff v-j.,; a in lyiit,< dflKU, or in ?Pcei.Jiu.; I'aipitttior.j. or uc-*if Uehi^s kbjjt To irr^rulir or i td^nt apDeti'K: ' sumach, irtJity; heartburn; pun or . j.iinw cf L-w ab-Jomeu, ani roetiTenesf. Some or tae.e ;^u:ptOfaHa;?raj8 app?:tx iu Lv pep ttii J so:netimes the sante patient m uy of tnem at the aaioe tine, or at different timv. ? a.canaia,? the ? Fr 'e?rj sympt-ni^ iQ their s-?t ?i d ?uarc- v.*: ierancondition of the directive r.iLP ttons, tLf I^ysp ptie kliitr tH>?ubin^ all the rulusbl* IngieliesiU ^hi;Mhe Vegetable Kingdom aT. rd rak?n in c^nnecUon with the V<g tab!? Par^jUre ?ac?i wh-re there is maeh <*oetivrr.*-t)s, or1 AnU-Bilioas PU1?, where the functions cf the ?*? are irre/nlarly di^hwjod, It will be ft urd * moat efTe.:tu*i remedy. Prije (iu pjut tottiej.)$l. VII. l)r. McClintock'$ Rheumatic Mix ture. ! Por interns! nae; a purely regetable combination ' * ItYXV ,l^ur?i*ti8ra. Owt, aud ,11 Neural gic and Hheumatlc Weea- ea. 1 hw rtmmly ii offered wi^r the utmojt ??ouSienae. It ba? h^en oned tooet extensively and in w near a di.?_-jCo Uj( Kheu^alic "? *orl" seen. Piioe per Lot * I? ww C4Q J, 7111. Dr. ?icCk'i!jekys Rhei^talii Lini ment, .A*'?<>>HhU?????< application .ar lUe rciiefof Sff re^k,a|!i'T 0C^r,,l' ',c H -eia^^allingd, ? k" ?' or the,, p?jii? 111 the ehoul frnm^rr'CT ,ra^'- Tf :i!T:"J0 l^me.iiat^ ??? litf from -h-..c and ptir: la th*sutc*.u %:.l aL : men. Ab a c^ trrita?if. it Ij 'nrilnahis i;; all cu&i , mu1"1 "!uEl,c'" ?""A p,i" <*? j IX- JJr. AlcL i Anodyne Mixture, j r*?!\ 'I*.?lnfj?rnaily ai.J extern ally ! f. ! C;"*!'6* '- Toothache, (J.-vl- ! ach-. thoUc, A^ne.o :ae Wee, Ohllblaim., Neural. ! gta, ot< aai or vJrarel, Ao., Ac. No pain need be on- 1 J7 aiypersco Who will uee thia Invalu^ tie Abo Jjrue. i'dot ? j tuU per fccditle. X. Dr. McClintock's fever and Ague Specific. This L#r fce^a f?ur. 1 an infJl'H- &pSoiflc for thie ?a^urgj o! now countries ?ui for intermit Hat fe?ore No trayeiler or reddtnt ij any ague di? 0 ehouH tail to pi oridetac.".-wives with thusure pr^Tenti??. Piiue^l per bottle. X/. I);. MlCUnlock f Vamiable Pwpa' [ live Pills, Por fhe r-Hef of Conel'pation and its palnfnl re sults, inch an Ileadacbn, Diiaiuewi, Sick Stomach. Pai:w, and all U^e symptom-i euuait'rated under the Dyi-peptic Ifhiir." Pr>c-.' 2b canU< per bo*. XII. Or. MtClmtocWs lJ,.Usy For Uver Oomplaintfl, and all forma of diaeaten arising from doMn^-aeut of the lirer, with symt tomseuchae Wi?in?86, HeadacLe, Ringing in the ?are, yeliow lurrei tongue, pain in the right shoulder sense of fullness or paiu in the right side, disordered ?toinarh or bowel?, dcS^ent action of the kidneys, clay-col orod stools, Ac. These Pills, ii taken in the instpient stages of Bilious and Yellow or other Fe?ers, w U generally ward of tha attack. Prioe 26 cents )?r box. The ab< ?e Medicines may be procured of all the principal Druggiats and Apothecaries in this Dis trict, and of J. L. IltHeiuw, Agent, Washington. Sep II?(is (iKATIS ! JUflT PUHLISIIEi>: A NEW DISCOVERY IN MEDICINE! A*? words on the liati>in>tl Treatnitnt, with ?tut Wi"^ of Spermatorrhea, l^oea' Weakneas, Nervous Debili ty, Low Suinu, Latitude, Weak- W "-a ness ol the Limhs and Hack, sition and Incapacity fi.r Study an.iHHXL* Labor, Dullness ol Apprehension, Ixmi of Memory, aversion to Soctt ly, L.ove ot" Solitude. Timidity Sell Dwtrust, Dizziness. Head Ache, Involuntary Discharges, Pain in the Side, AtfecUon ofth-: Eyes, Pimples on Utu tace, tk-iual and other infirmitiea in man. FROM THE FRENCH OF |>R. ||. LANEY. The important fact that these alarming complaints ?>ay easily be removed without Mwdicine is, iu Uns small tract, clearly deuion?trate<]; and the entirely new and highly successful treaUneut, as adopted by Lhe author, fully explaintd, by ineaiia> ol* winch ev ?> one ?* enable^ to cure liimsell perfectly, and at the least p?Mbible cost, avoiding tiiureby all tfce a<> verused nostrums of the day. *?"} to :|ny gratis, and |xwt free in a sealed envelope, by remitting (post paid) two iioei ?:.rsr "? "K I.AXty, N,,. 17 street, New \ ork. jan 17-1-3.,i Ee.41).y madid clutuixo at re duced prices?^s the season is advaneed wa Zlltrjrr* 10 ?*" ,,tf re'i'4ining I>crucn ot " ' r.1' al greatl> r??luced prices, therefore gentlemen Wielung to consult economy in piirchas !- r^keM0aLS' TalWi" drLS?- frock and bust vn, Viw c an<l Cadiinere Pants, Vel liraJ) r n 1" M1, Mf!r,,,u Vesis, Undershirts and rnithiv 0 n'a'ly ,uade " tfrnenw "? fine quality will find our present variety to be as well as sorted as u the begtmiing w ihe sea.^on wi ll the ad vantage ot much lower prices. WALL h. STEPHENS. 1-. i.? * ,,a- av*,''?e? next to Iron Hull. Ja" *- f Sentinel & News) EEV. SEPTIMUJ TUSTIN'S WORK?The lour:!i edition ot l ilti Doubune Coiumunicant Encouraged, by Rev. S. Tnstin, D. D., late Ch.iiilain ot tiie United States Senate. I" urtlier mpplies received at . . TAYLOR & MAURY'S ?,a" 5 Rwillnre, nejir 9ih sL TO iNVfii^TOKS /|^US(H&oe of "The Invsntow' Prot?otk>n National X on 7 th opposite the Ksat Por ieo of the Patent OfHoe. aal is now ready to attend to the biuiiMsi of i(i members, namely: la rtM*| ? xauiiiitricuv aa>< soliciting patents, Ac Isvantors are invited to call and get a oopy of th? Joo*Uiudon and By laws, and where any infi>ma w will be given respiting the Union. All letters ca basis** must be directed to thto et u*, where atteatioa ttUI be given immediately. A mod*' ehop Is la connection with tOe oflloe. *"'?ere siouels can be taade to order at the shoiteet ?otioe. T. Q. CLAYTON. ly PrMMentL P. M. U. BALLS, Ac. GRAND MILITARY AND CIVIC BALL. I^IIE WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY le spectfully inforin ihe citizen* of Washington intei.d to give a B II on WKDNB8DAY, K?b. 14, 1855* At the WASHINGTON ASSEMBLY ROOMS. Tur Company pledge iliemseNes ta use every ei ertinn to give the utmoet satisfaction to those who may honnr the Corp* with their presence. Befresliinenl* will be furnished by an experienctd caterer. The military are requested to appear hi full nrl fortn. No hat* o' cnp? allowed in tlx* Ball Room except those worn bv the military. Tickets ONE DOLLAR -to l>*t had of the Com mittee and at Uie door on llie night of the ball. Committee on Initiation and RecejUion. Capt E C Carrington, Purgion W B Butt, Lieut Tucker, J Coleman, Lieut Clark, L Will aim, Lieut Kelley, J Marceron, Sgt Power, Sam Rutt. jan 3?t - eoSwAulb MEDICAL OFFICE. E7Af.HHED in 1851, by Or*. BROTHERS South B m.,' f()f tin* cure of vene real ilist-fl*c, in n|| it*? fin iiis. ]t u deplorable to wit ness *imc of the cases that are pre sented to His. B., > & G., where tliel m duea>?> has been driven into the system |?v i|uac?n wi h Mercury, to break < nt again in the form of spot-1, and ulcers on the h^dy or m the throat and nose. We|pei form extra ordinary eases in from three to fiv* day", anil old, h ili treated, lingering eases in two t ? three weeks. 1 here can be seen at nor office nreacriptlons from nearly every pliysieinn in the District for private diseases, which have failed to cure and at la* ni - phed to us for reli.-f. Remember, 179 South B street, Island, jan 27 1m* ( * ttkiAV I!*pUtfc.TlK5(lii. CANE1ELI). BROTHER St CO . 5439 Baltimore nt-reet. Baltimore, MA., Offer to buyers, previous to taking their annual ac count of stock, a lar^e -4>ck of rec? nt'y im;oned foods, such as WATCHES, JE A'El.RY, SILVER W ARK, Jilhat'i niki PliUoil Goodi, Hromei, V-set, Mutual Boxes, Drculen China. <fi . AT TRI CES TO SUIT THE TIVlKS, WITHOUT REI tl-iRl) TO COST. jan 31 ?tr NOTICE. TO ALL WHOM IX MAY COJTCkRir. Ill A VE thin dav received a d opened a great vari ely of CL?t tfri, W ATCIIEd, *qd JiJA JiLRV. Go<.d Clucks from $1 30 to $!b, all warranted one year. Also, gold and silver Watches in (pent va ri. ty, silver tv ate lies from to $35 ; gold lever Watches from .J25 to $1 50 and a great assortment of Jewelry, all oi vhicli will fce sold cheaper than go.?<is ot same quality can be liouglit in this city. Those wishing ft> get good Cocks would do well to buy from me, as I put all my Clocks in order be fore selling them. Call in t see for yourselves, at the Hock k Watch Emporium of J. ROBINSON, 349 opposite Browns' Hotel, j-iii 10?lin (Intel) . [.No. fegvi.j W?*TiCR OF RESTORATION And Withdrawal of certain Lands in the Cairo and Fulton Rat/road Giant in Mis souri N01IOK I* t'KHKBY GIVBN, that i? ?nse oue&ce of tbe reire:?nta Ions of pari ot tbe delegation in Congress f.oui lbs Stat* at "Missouri o: a material eSuOg*; in tae supposed rO'it* of the Ca r.j -i (1 Fulton railroad iu said Sio'e, her t fore assuued in withdrawing lands from cm ket f r tfce p.raat tos*.dr>ad an?l on their -.equest tt at c-r t:iin of F?id lands ptiou'd le r-b a^el, and others stibjti utel ia lieu th*r-of, conformably to said auieulfd tou'tt ?hirh ii direct ard rituit-'d cen id *rab;y 'ourh of th* ell rou'e; th? rr silent, by hie Older b.arng date tbe 1st ?? bmary inst?? t, ha6 d wted that the lmds situated In the townships b-r-inst'if r enumerated. which were withdrawn from ti. iket b his ord^-r of the l'Uh of May U53. a. <1 their reserv.tioQ continued by public no'.i e N? 49T, ?variu< date 23d January, 1851, for the Ca iro an i Kultoo railr ad g a-..t iu the 8:ate r( Mis souri, rhall b? restored to n ark?t, an t th?t rwrUln o.hsr Uuds situated in towuihips mm d b? ov (in<*lad!ng a portion of ihe old original rc-terration) sitoatel within the pr b i If limits of the grant a oor iiug to th? route of;ai l r?.*d as am<nd d >h\ll be sub'tiittad arid r^ erv- d f om sale or enlrj ^pr ? ?mption claims not e*c-pt'U) uu'.i". for h r rt tice. Th. fcfore all the ^ao&nt lau is sul jtct to h>1? at JAi ksox, Mit-Boum whi h vro Rulject to private entry at the da* ot witlnlr^w.l, tnd w huh hive ? ot tvitice b enpreeuiU'd m tbj fcRo^-iog town hiji.i, w li wait; l?e s it>ieOt t pfiva e ?ntry o.i and after tbe nineteenth day of March n xt .v wit: North of the Iaisc line ard east of thr ff'h principal hi".rtlian. Towoehip? 21, 22, 23 2?, 15, and 20. of iub^- 3 Townships 22 2i, 21, 25, 26, 27, au 1 28, c f range Townships 22, 21, 21, 2\ 26, 27, 28, 1.9, and 30, of ringe 5. Townsbipu 25, 56 27,2? '0, ard SI, of rang* 6 Townships 25, 2*i, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, and 32, cl range 7, Towui Uipa 26, 27, 2^, 29, 30, 31, 32, aiM 33, of ran *e Townfhips 26, .7, 23, 29, 30, 31, 32, and 33, of runfc* 9. Townthips 27, 28, 29, 30, 3!, 32, aad 33. of ran g? 10. Townahip i 23,29. 30 31, 32, ?n J 33. of range 11 l own.-hips 28, 29 t0, 3i. 32, and 33, of range 12 Tuwn-hiis 2?, 30, 31, 32, a^ rans^ 13 Townpbips 29 30, 31, 32, and 34, ot range 14 Townships -JH, 31, and 32, of ran^n it A LSO, That all h<> ai>d? situated iu the hams district witbin tb? following ramed townihips will be re ?in?l from -ale ir eutiv (not exc^pti:)g preemp lions; fjr the purpose alove . peelfled until further Orde.s, vi?: North of the bate line and tust of the ffh ptincifal meridian. Towushipa 2 J*, 21*, ani 9t*, of raag-* 6 Tcwnsi-ips 2-*, 2'}* and 24*, of range 7 Township 21*, 22*. 23*, 24*, ani 25*. of laage 8 Town.-h.(is 20, 21, 22. 23,24, ai d 26', of ran^e 9 Town-hips20, 8l, 22, ti, 24, 2o, and 26*, of ran^e ^Townfh!p? 21, 22, 23, 24 26, 2d, and 27*, of range Town.'hips 21. 22, 23, 24, 25. 2?, aac! 27*. of range 12 To?i4hips 22, 23, 24, 25, 26?, 27* and 28* of ruiige 13 TvjwnsLips 22, 23, 24, S6?, 26*, 27*, and 28*, of range 1i _To#asbip? 23, 24* 26*, ?6*, 27*, and 28*, of range Towcihi4? 23, 24*, 25* 26*. 27*, and 28*, tf range 16 T ?wnahlps 24*. 25*, 2ti*, 27*, and 28*, of range 17 To?nib>ps *+*, 25?, 26*, atid 17*. of range 18. All th* town^hif s marked thus * * areinrluded In the original r?s?srv,ti< n of 1851 Preempt! n claiui*nts entitled to any of the abeve we itioned Urds to be re<>'.ored to market on the nineteenth day cf March next on wttement- al read? m vde, or which may hereafter be m-tdo. and alto the ?e claiming within any of the abovs iown snips withdrawn or cua ia ied to b& rescrvtd cu s t tienienl: mide p lor to the date of tr e rr^eat wi'l'drawal will make pr?.of and p*y for the amt, at the pric; fixed bj 1 iw, v itbin twelve lii iit'.- af ter th* daUs of the r respective s?u!em nta; other * ise their claim- wi>l be forfeited. It Is sujigeste 1 th< t preemption claimants tc anils within the <i wnshipsto be rert>rtd to private entry shoo 11 give nitlce i f their claims and file the pro t? with tbe 1 in otfl^-trs b.-fore the day a; point ed for the re?toraticn of the Uu4| ho ti to pro'ect th?lr elaims from private eu ry en ai d that day. a^d prevent much difflculty and d?liy. Girea u?drrmv Land, at the dtyof W^sblngtrn. thia e'xih day ol Ftbruwy, anno Domini one thou sand, eight hi nd ed and fi ty ?re By order of Ihe Fr -tident: JOHN WILSON, Oopmissioner cf flta?ral Land Ofll*e feb 8? law?w IVY WALTZ! COMPOSED and dedicated to Mus M. J. Tabic*, by Prof. A. F. Little, ju-t published and tor sale at IIILBUS It IlITZ'A Music D.pot. Price 12>i cents. teb 6 KV?- N [NG STAK. A RICH. RARE, AWD RACY LEfTEP. Canada to be Invaded by a Maryland Con ?table and his Bull L g Our readers may remember that some V^TmI " PoP*- a Constable of rredenck, Md., was accused by the Ca nadian papers, m the lowestbdlings. ? . ' wving tampered with loyal officers of Her Majesty, and endea vored to persuade them to" join him in the c*pt"re of certain fugitive slaves from Maryland. The Canadian papers continued their violent abuse against ope a degree which induced him to write the following letter in reply : " 7 # 'tf Edtior ?f lht Montreal Gazette: Ihedbricksbi kg. Jan. 16. 1855. j 4 ? IR: Properly to reply to the article in your paper, commenting on a letter received by the Sheriff of your city, would be impossible, as I have been un able, as yet, to obtain the article, and can only apeak of it as I g?be, its im port from the Baltimore Sun. "The generous reception, and still more generous treatment which you pro mise, iu anticipation of mv coming, is full} appreciated, and is such as could fce expected from one of her Royal Mines ty s most loyal subjects? * mf?Tanimou8 these Biitdns are . WfrM sympathy for their fellow creatures! The iron fetter which binds a race of men in slavery, has ever been obnoxious to the Englishman, and on sea and land, wherever Hag could float er soldier tread, the thunder of her voice has been heard bidding men be tree and tyrants cease to rule. A ereat people whom God has prospered, and vvhose every cfl.>rt for conquest and for fame has been gladdened with success, tlow Irishmen must love her Majesty for her advocacy of the rights of men How they should venerate her as the keeper of their consciences and the mother p'rotec ?r of their spiritual condition. Ob what a sin to keep the tawny Ethiop in slavery, and what a virtue to bind the noble Celt in chains ! .. ^er ^je^y'a Sheriff has uninten tionally, by giving publicity to my let Jer, accomplished the connection which 1 so much desired with Canada. Several letters Lave been received, and long be fore this letter rcaches its destination. Officer Pope will have secured eight of her Majesty s loyal black subjects. Fear to coiLe n o Canada! Why, sir, with my dog Taylor, named after 'Old Zach * and six good mountain riflemen, I would not hesitate to invade Canada-hang her Majesty s Sheriff? tar and feather her oyal loving editors, and place myself at the head of affairs. Fear to enter Can ada in pursuit of my Honest calling! I 1 mi 8,r ' V ***** German Prince will soon be oompelled to relinquish her American possessions, and the least vio lence ottered an American citizen would only anticipate the event. Lwk out for my dog Taylor and myself, for as sure as thereis a negro and an editor in Can ada, that certain we will be there. 44 ller Majesty s black regiment, com nostd of many negroes from Western Mainland, would likely be the first to yield the ground, as many ef them arc familiar with the bark, if not the bite of 4 lay lor, and her Majesty's editor, whom we suppose either black or tinctured with the blood, had better not be in com mand, for fear that our dog might want I provisions, and we would appropriate him for that purpose. | " [u conclusion, we have only to say, I that her Majesty's editor and her Majes ty s shenn. have only to prepare to guard against an invasion which involves more than negroes, and which in result will gi\ e freedom to Canadians, emancipation to British slaves, and a defeat to that proud power which has ruled the wave and the land for the last two hundred years, save when General Jackson, with his forces, beat them back at New Or-1 leans. 1 "Now I have done with you, Mr. Edi tor, and havo only to request that you will be honest, and give my honest sen ? timents to the world ; then men mav judge between us, and ascribe to each his proper share of praise. Yours, Ac., John Q. Pops, Police Ofliccr. EE*AUKS OF OEH. CASS 01? THE EIGHT | or insrEucriON. In the United States Senate, on Mon day, on the presentation of certain reso lutions adopted by the Legislature of Michigan, the veteran, Gen. Cass, boldly declared his purpose to disregard the treasonable and illiberal instructions, j nor would he, on the other hand, bv re signing his scat, give place to some more j pliant representative of the faction now in the ascendant in that S.ate. He said, the Democratic party has lost its ascendancy, in Michigan, and these resolutions are the result of the action of the new party. I am now iustructed to vote to deprive American citizens in the Territories of the power to regulate the relations between master and servant I and for the repeal of the Fugitive Slave Act, which was passed to give effect to the solemn guarantees of the Constitu tion. f shall neither obey the^e instruc-1 lions nor resign my seat. If a political party whenever, by whatever coinbina- I tions, it attains power, can compel its I opponents holding legislative trusts to violate their consciences and consistency, or resign their positions, it would ratli caily atfect the organization of the Sen ate, and be incompatible with iu office as the representative branch of the sove reignty of the States. The Senate would lose every charac teristic of permanence, as power was from on# *?ot? mL i operate against the Demo their opponents do not! recognize their nght to instruct. The! ^e?nt,pr0ScriPtkm which is lo cated by the new party would exclude from political confidence the first General THE WEEKLY STAR. fhr? cup**..... ? .... ? M rv* 4h> ? m Twenr* 4ui.?i....?.... -?.?*?.? ?.?.% ???..., 99- O&H, imutiiT m *?**?(? $Cf- Smglf ropK? (la wrm?fwrrt r*i? kt piuram i U??' cnuMfv, liMclutHjr rfVrr tl??- mnc <m D.? pap?r. Piiri-ruu own. PitnaiariM wliu ui ui(i?u *iU fc? il??? ft COWIiiwuHi <*f twroatf ppf ertll. T ? II who fell at the head of an organized army at Quebec, and the last surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence, be cause he was a Catholic. The adoption of either measure recom mended by the Legislature of Michigan, would be the sequel of breaking up of this Government, and the dissolution of this confederacy. Thdre are many honest' men who scout all idea of danger, and are prepared to sacrifice the structure of freedom to one overpowering impulse. I shall remain in the position I now occu py till the end of my term, unless the iXemocracy of Michigan shall require me to act agaiust my convictions of duty. What I fear above ail things, is "that the people may be struok with judicial blindness, with which ihe nations arc punished for national oflences. and thus add to the melancholy list of the people ?*ho had not wisdom enough to appre ciate the value of free institutions, nor virtue and firmness enough to maintain them. FOftETQH ITKKS Lord Raglan'sqi artiif.3 ?Lord Rag lans house was not inuoh above the level of the general wretchedness. Before the door paced to and fro a sentry whose get up was not at all out of keeping with his situation. He had a soiled red coat: its ragged worsted Ugs were the reversa of ornamental, and its open collsr showed neither 6tock nor shirt. His rusty black trows era gaped vainly here and there for buttons, and were tucked up unceremo niously at the heels to keep dry. IIis boots were the oolor of the dust on which they trod : so were his Saxon locks and sunburnt face. Nevertheless, there was about his quiet, honest bearing, which would, f think, have proolaimed him. even without the distinctive red. a British soldier.?.4 Month tu tke Crimea. Mis'iakk ik a Will ?A rioh merchant of Amsterdam, one 11) nWr Van der B , has been too clever in hianagine his af fairs. lie w*? adverse to letting any one know the extent of his vast wealth, and would not even let a lawyer draw up his will. He executed it himself, and then deposited with a notary. At last he died. <>n his death bed he stated that he had left 250 florins to every (Catholic priest in Amsterdam : but on opening the will it was found that the testator had omitted the word " priest," and had really left 250 florins to ?' every Catholic in Amster dam !" This iuvolves a disbursement of 12,000,000 florins; but there will still be forty or forty millions for the relatives, if the Dutchman was really possessed of such a gigantic estate, which may be doubted. A SERVANT (llKL's contribution TO rnB Chime an Find.?At Newcastle-on Tync, a young servant girl devoted every minute of her spare time to making warm clothing for the soldiers in the Crimea : among other articles contributed wan a pair of drawers, and inside she the following warm-hearted nota: 44 My Dear Soldier: I have had very great pleasure in making the9e drawers for you, and I hope they will keep you nice and warm, f hope you will get back to your country without losine either leg or arm. If I were a man I would come and help you. If you can, let tna know who you are. I am, your affectionate friend. Mart Anne. 44 4 Cheer, boys, cheer !* " A youxq Lady's Christmas Box for her Brothrr at Sebastopol.?I have sent a frying-pan, 4 gridirons, 4 lanterns filled with a stone of candles* a stone of soap wrapped in linen, clasp knives, 8 yards of tarpaulin, lucifer matches, 48 pipes packed in salt (which may be eaten with 120 potatoes wrapped in tracts,) 12 bottles of ink, 30 pens, 1 lb. of good tobacco, 12 iron spoons, 25 pair of socks, 25 cjmforters, 8 nightcaps, 50 pair of muffetees, 5 fur neckties, 20 flannel chol era belts, 3 jerseys, paper, 3 flannel jack ets, 2 pocket handkerchiefs, 4 yards of flannel, 8 chest warmers, 2 housewives, 200 needles, 600 pins, 1 lb. of thread, and 488 button." This is pretty well for the first instalment.?Esscz Standard. The Russian Ladies akd tub Army.? In consequence of the demand of Prince MenschikofF lor lint, bandages, old linen, Ac., required in the hospitals of the Crimea, many of our ladies, (says a let ter from Odessa,) among them the Prin cess Golizin, Polijouska, and many wives ef superior officers, have established asso ciation for the collection of linen shirt-, ing and similar articles. In the highest circles at home and in society, the ladies are constantly occupied in the prepara tion of these and various other useful articles. Biblh for Scutari.?There being a want in Scutari hospital of religious books easy to hold in the hand, and with large clear type, the Morning Post, at the suggestion of a correspondent, is about to organixc the binding of the New 1 estament in separate parts, in limp covers. The proprietors have is sued circulars soliciting subscriptions, and have creditably undertaken the trou ble to arrange and manage the whole matter. The plan, if carried out, will fill up a gap long existing in the eastern fields. Strength of the Britmh Army.?On new year's day, the army numbered as ollows: Sergeants, 2,191 : drummers, >56 ; rank and file, 38 085 ; total, 40, )o2. Of this number, there are at the present time sick and disabled?ser vants, 565; drummers. 107; rank and tile, 12,747 ; total, 13,41?. Economy.?It is no small commenda tion to manage a little well. He is a good waggoner that can turn in a little room. To live well in abundance, in the praise of the estate?not of the person. I will study more how to give a good ac sount of Miy little than how to make it more. In Philadelphia, $22,000 has been collected for the suffering poor.

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