Newspaper of Evening Star, February 9, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 9, 1855 Page 2
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\ :mn(; star. V* i ?. i n I.TO* fl I Y ? TEIB1Y ..-..Ttkrairy 9. \cr The l*rg? and aonvement dwelling on the comer of Pt.nsylvania avenue and Eleventh street la for rent Posses sion given immediately. For terms ap ply at the Star office. ' Noticb to ScBgcuiaaRS.-Subscribers to be Star, who do not get their paper, regular J, will confer a f.vor on the proprietors by leaving information of the faot at the Star counting-room. KP1&II or THE M januo PRESS The InteiUgtmmr speaks in high terms of the opening addaess of Joseph H Bradley, before the Mechanics1 Institute at the opening of their annual fair. Mr B doubt lea* gratified his audienco highly, for he is a gentleman of rare abilities. The Union disc sses " Slanden upon the President," republishing the oxoellent article from the Baltimore Sun of yesterday, upen the fact wf th* President's keeping his own counsel, and thus setting he speculating p^c penalties of the letter writers to work to inven monstrous stories about what is going on here and whar may be expected to transpire. By the-by, the Nrrer to the New York Herald. jpon which the Sun comments so indignantly wri-ea by that journal we'l known correspondent - X ?? We have by us a letter of h.s lo the Sun, written on tae same Uayoa whieh the H rtUd ,ett? in quC3tio,. oeara d.:o, herein the malicious sender i< repeated in covert languige, however. ' If ,s s melanoholy truih, that a sum-res s.onot ihe pre-s could uot more eomilc'el* deprive the nation of its benefit*, than is do,,! y 1U abandoned prostitution to falsehood Noting can now be believed which is s?en r> a newspaper Iruth iteelf become* .uspic" us by being put into thct polluted vehicle The E2?2?,?LVof -?tion': ? .?,!<! M, J^nsou b0 Imag, .?d could road iLe Nov. York Uculd, tribune, and other papers? If the opp, 8i;kn F?F^rs of 1807 are truly dt-cribed in the above extract, what .^ure 0f condemnation **e tho Ha. aid, Ac , subjected themselves Have tney not done, and are now doin*. more to destroy th* press than all the p?t?ers taat have ho?e:oiore preceded them ? it the opposition paper* in 1807 were guilty 0 'abandoned prostitution to falsehood,*? *n?' 6aou,d bj now said of the Now York ?Hsrald, and others of this day ? I^- ihe Washington telegraphic corres 1 onion ol the Baltimore American, fn tlii* morning's i*>ue, of tba> journal *ays ?.??* vcsl iszgjrs*?* s The , tber day when ?e said that it was the lmprecMon in rict Democratic circles" that the President would veto the b?ll the Amm ra>. ridiculed the idea, and intimated that the wis), wM father to the thought. What does he iet,stucre of the American think now? ?'?? ? < .... Tho Norfolk Herald of Saturday says! >ti*[ lLrtructioiis have been rtctxved by the -S"L,D *'? Kin,%y aVh-ri Kg tie .topping of enrolling me? lor tho Ceo tr-l American ex,edition It i3 aai(1 UQ"r !a^d i,r?TaDieM 6Dd have tivn Lionel to come t0 thi3 aetermioa .... Ihe President has siguod the resolu ofDl?r,,'wli"* V,s^8e,', tob* '"ent tit the relief .... The Baltimore CUj^r uevtr learned from fh9 Star that John Davis wu fch^eldi.tT m IU;noi6 iQ lho P'ace of General Laura Kean, formarly of the St. Charles New ?,r^artlm0re l8 0D b#r rfctur? ??jage to ?sr ST bl e> Ic that on ha!i t there, ?he met a near relative who and h^ f ff"e !"^n-elJ ??*h in the and he f.ff,rcvl her any amount of money if fche TSt? "lr t<J 4 ?<x>d old home " Vh? . . 1" at hu wonJ? "Dd embarked on tie day ?'je arrived at Sydney. .... Chatevubriard received for the pabli ?'2 !fKheMfeUil:*l?^ of one ^ the daily ,c,b" ...Carletoa, the celebrated Irish writer of hct.ont, who has lor m^ny yeais received a remainder of his days in Canada The New York Herald ?ays : Sewa rd s Wii -on>, ard Durkec'a election to P\'*J; ?ed Klc.w Nothiugirm in Ma; via,.o and \ irg-aia. Utle s Northern Know Nothing* mue rou:c authorised state. " e it-L^th^i L?T'|"'tte?nins rumentai , e,ect...g these ??.. litiorL'ts, the order is 'JfTb^.r "m r'J 'h0 S u b " Strabismus of the (rest will inrn up. n the new rartv the ttim.Lt he finds it on ihc ,,?c P th? Lieut. Guetavus V. Fox. 0f the Navy do * cat win of steaiuer (iter,- ? Law, hBs been lyrk 1 f :he abuie of the ? ' ?d hi; ;hip A pas euger went into be pan-ry ai d demanded some limes for whm "f3 W*e' Le wa< called a liar 21wtKi t ?rrKe:Cj lLv " to vacate jai..ry , for this u*>>uU end leiral eiem .. tr/t'ii1 V Hj tbe ?tew,rd ?*er his own pan in "x PTt h,In in ir0DS anJ kept him on deck during the night in the rain. ihe Masoaio Mirror publishes a euri nrj, J? ,h? effw5t tbat Mcrgan, who, it was dJeged. WJ# murderer by tho Free Ma sots for disclosing th?u ?ecreis, baa lM?en found in Sm\ma in Turkey; that he nowgoea by the i.ameot Mustapha and ?s engaged in teaca the Lii^li h language ihe authority g.ret tcr ibis report is one Jo epb A Bloom According to th? Mirror, this man Bloom met ATorgiu ate bouse in uyrna. to whom the latter gave a detailed rccount of his ad ten u:e. It b Mated tbat Morgan left the coun ' v .n be ship Mervine, which sailed from Kc^toa to ^m>rna. and belonged to the firm of -uugdon ?i Co The Cattail's name ot the W:- ^,eLh ft matters little now, perb*p. wbeikrr the story be true or faJsb. ... Geri Wiigon who bar just b:cn chosen I mted Mates Sea a to.- troa? Masaachuaetts whs originally a strong J uck?.>u man, stumped - late tor 11*.riaon. becamo a stroutr advo cate of John lyler. and supp,?rlod ?ll t?e f-g + '1 a: d Ab..litioncandi iated for the presidency He ?a, nomina ed by Frtesoilers for Governor at the la.-t election in Massachusetts, but with drew trim the canvass with the understanding that he world be supported by the successful partj- f?r tbj I S Sena ?v So .-ays the Now Bedford Mercury. The o CS; to resist wilier with Is* i i / t Those who have tried im benevolent hea* . ....... t i n,,. ! ??,? uw"' t'1'" ^ na"? uut. ,^d oi* ???'??? ?r? t" . iuch as it does huu son warms you almost a" ^ Try it WaSHIJIOTOS NEWS A*li r?OS8JP. fhe -t%te of the Frontier ?We feol doep ackro^fe-lguienteto our friends in New Mex ?co f.?r the ooiupliment to u-?, involved in a portion of the following interesting Iett? r, wl)*.ch cnme to hand _>ostcrd.iy We have but ?ndeavo ed tordischarge a plain, and, to our niind, imperative duty, in urging Congrats to remember its obligation to lock to the well being and protection of all quarters of oor fist country alike: ? Basts Fb, New Meiieo, Jan. 1,1855 (rrntl>-m*n: Please find enclosed a draft for the nun of thirty dollars for subscription to 'ho Weekly Star, in behalf of the following named genUemen : Saml D Stargis, U. S. A., Joab Houghton, TJ. S. A . Cary H Fry, U S. A , Henry Mewure, W. C. Mitchell, Hen. J. L Collin* Chas. Blumner, Edw Guba, A. P ? r bar, Henry O'Neill, Elias Spiegel berg, 8 ?J. Spiegel berg A Bro., C. D Scofleld. Webb A Kingsbury, James S Gray, T. t Bowler, Isaiah Srni h. James Hunt, Qeurei Carter, C. P Clever. P Heck, Charles 5. Tnayer, |>. J. Miller. Samuel Ellison, ami Chas. L Thayer of Santa Fe; I?r H Connelly, Hon. Sidney a! Hubbell, and Santiago L. Hubbell. of Albu qaerqu' j Hon Lucas, of Lm Cruces, am Cap; ilenry Skillman, uf El Paso. Texas Your correspondent is a subscriber to th> '?star, and would not be without it on any account, because while it is replete with in telliKenco. he has always foq^yd it to be sus tained ty truth in its statements, and sagarity r.nd wis Join in its nredictions and speculations. It is hard that we get it on'y onoe in a month. Our condition h#rc entitles us at least to a semimonthly mail. ThrSe gentlemen have been induced to sub 45nbe io your paper on account of its inde pendent tone and the fidelity with which it givrstbe news from Washington and the gen eralintelligence of the country. We have not failed to observe, on reading the Star in t! 13 far ar.-l neglected country, that you hive spoken with manly ard commendable irtnnes- of the cruel nnnner in which Con. erew has ^i-hhcld from the front.era the pro teution necessary to tho p^sirva ioa of tho ? fe i.nd proj erty of those whose desiny has thrown tbbm ou in-o these exposed posit ons 1 be Indians are li eraiiy eating this countiv wo. New Mexico, of a I the Territories. is tbo most tiuiuero"sly and savagely infe-?t^J with 'he-e marauding murderers and rubbers If something is not soon done we shall hare to *Hhd.-i>wfrom the Territory, and leave it, ai d 1 re va i,Te population to the merciless rapaci y o?, t^e Led man who i every day brooming a'-e emboldaned by the impunity with which permitted to spread desolation over the Golds and death over the homes oi our people the miliary fjree now statkned hero is not strong enough to do anything lownrd the sm> i region of Jndian hostilities. The offi ers and soldiers aro bravo, ener getic, and tauhful, bus their numbers aro totally inadequate. No man in tho whole country is more reliant, patriotic, and faith lul th*n the commandor of the forces in this lemtory. General Garland?nono more es teemed and beloved than he; yet the force under his command is inadequate, and Con gress is bound, by every consideration, to jjake provision before it adjourns, for th<> increase of the means of defence and rcd-e s uf these people, who have already suffe.ed much, and whose sufferings are not vet at an es J, should tho General Government 1' il to perform its duty toward them Ihe pe>ple here are sadly in need of arms: and Congress in addition to the increase of the military force here, should place at the disposal of the Governor of thj Territoiy % thousand stand of arms, to be used by ye citizen^ troops i/hon occasion should demand their sor-icf Sbnrpi rifle, with sharp s primer acd a thirty bore, ia tfie weapon that we want. One of theso arms i>ed tapt. Pkillman, and several of his men, ??gainst a party of fifty Indians, while en gaged in bringing a party up from San An tonio. Although the Indians were well armed with Mississippi rifles, the force with whicn Sharp's arm, in tho hands of the intrepid Skillman, threw it? ball; into their midst, deterred the-n from coming within its range, and. conse quontly the lives of Jus party were saved Skillman killed three Indians at a distance of six hundred yards. Young Mr. Smith, son of tho . lie JuLoei M. Smith, of jour city ro 'CiVfd several spent balls from the Indi'nn>-, . >ut they were ham loss Capt. Ewell, of the rdnanoeI>epartment of thi^Territory, thinKs iuch arm8 tue greatost arm ever in rented - and such is the general opinion in this couu By next mail I hope to Fend you a la<-ge ad sition to tho iwt of your subscribers. Our Supreme Court commences its session to dav wyh a full bench?Chief Justice Davenport' and associate justices Brooch us and Bimdict Our Legislature is in session, but ha? not as ye. enaoied any laws of public importance Amioo dkl Pais. Ihe Feasible Plan ?We recently converaod with tho Commissioner of Indian Affairs upon the proposition of Senator Gwin, for the es tablishment of an overland express between St. Louis and San Francisco, and found him of opinion that it embraces precisely thi plan, whioh, In his judgment, will givo peaoe to tbat quarter of the frontier, and immunity to tho overland emigration from the sodeploiable and disastrous attacks of the tavag.?s on our borders. He remarked that the business of cutting and curing the wild hay alone, requi oite for tho proper supply of tho animals of the immense emigration whioh would go over the route, if it was notoriou ly safe from mo lestation, would furnish sufficient employment for a company of raen every thirty miles along 'he line, sufficiently numerous to afford the protection desired. For many years we resided on tho frontier, almost within striking distance of the hostile Indian range, ard understand from personal experience the effect of small settlements of frontier men dotted here and there, in prevent- ' ing Indian robberies and hostilities. Hence our earnest anxiety that Congro-s may promptly seise the current oi-portuuitj to assure se!ety to the overland emigration to the '?ho. es of tho Pacific If the Govornm eni thus holds out inducements to settlers to oc oupy points along that already great line of travel, they will cause California and Wash ington and Oregon Territorie6 to settle up with much greater rapidity than at present; the existing virtual abandonment of those who venture to pass over the route, to the tender mercies of the savage, operating notoriously 'o deter thousands on thousands from ventur ing thwtrip. Ihe class of emigration (nearly altogether from the western State*.) whksh makes up the overland emigration almost en tirely, is that which should be most encourage d; inasmuch as it is the cla^s beyond all question, which will do most in the way of developing the agricultural resources of our far western possessions. T&o -Vavy Befoim Kill.?Though satisfied that tho naval service of the United States ro ' quires'the thorough re-organisation and reform :ontemplai*d by tho bill to that end, of Mr. Loo^ck. tho chairman of the House Nav*l At. t nr? Committee, wo aro equally satisfied tbat tho ?<?fc>ion has drawn too near a olose to admit the hope that so elaborate a bill as that can receive the attention of both houses, sufficient ly long to make it a law. Under these cir cumstances, we shall await the action of tho llouso on the 15th inst., on the Naval reform bill of Senator Mallory, with that interest which IS felt by all who appreciate tho fact th-.t the great evil of the system is its entire failure to discriminate properly between those offi ers who perform tho duties appertaining u, iteir respective, portions and those who do not The bUl in question simply propose# to nifko eoeh discrimination ia future, without ' the addition of one dollar to the cost of the naval ae-Tio* to the trea-ury This ia to be df>ne under the bill by, paying those laboring hardest, and where they mint necessarily suf fer uMMt discomfort*, inor?, and tho ,e Barring ; on shore or not serving at all, lew The pro ce?s ii simply to re arrange the rates of pay according to the actual professional employ, ment of tha different elasses of officers. Kven those members of Congress afflioted with the "kink" of wishing to dispense altogether with the Navy, must all surely realize that the re form proposed is not only necessary, but in all respects unobjectionable As a matter of course, however, if carried aut, it will inter fere with the privileges of more or less officers; of those who have for years past managed to Jo far lass than their fair share of sea duty, or who hare been incapasltated from doing i< by real disability. Some of them will pro bably beseige the members in person or through friends, not to pass the bill. We, therefore, cau ion gentlemen in Conferees to take the trouble to enquire at the Navy Department, how the servioe record of any officer stands, who may approach thom evidently with a view .0 prevent the enactment of the bill. rremium on Government Draft? ?It win be reoollected that, tftider directions from the Secretary of the Treasury, sundry United States disbursing agents have been called on. in the settlement of their accounts, to render a return of the premium they received on Gov ernment drafts drawn *n Atlantic cities and 9->'d by them in California, and that the uni form answer whs that no premium could be obtained on such paper. The last arrival from California, however, brought an aocount of one of the disbursing agents there, allow ing the Government two per cent as the pre mium (amounting to $4,000) on drafts so sold rscenily This shows that the wholesome reg ulation?on the enforcement ef which Secre* i ?ry Guthrie insisted, under such a storm of abuse and avalanches of misrepresentation? id at lergth working to tho entire re-establist cueut of due accountability in the transaction of the Government's monetary effairs on the Pacific side. Tht Proposed new Court House and Post Offica in Baltimore.?The Baltimore press ?ocn highly pleased with yesterday's action of the House on Mr M^y's bill to procure a site and proper building for a permanent U.! S. Court Hour* and Post Office in Baltimore, j We are no less gratified, aa may be judged trom what we have taken occa?ion to say by way of urging Congress ?:> paw the bill in question. Baltimore, and all Maryland, are greatly indebted to Senator* Pierce and i'ratt ani to Messrs. May and Vansant for the triumph of this so nece.-sary measure. The Senato will surely make it a 1?>t before the sjtsion adjourns. A Sensa'ion!?Wo understand that a grand ftney dress subscription ball is tj be given, ere the close of tho scision, at Willard's. to be principally under tho Uircction. we presume, of the gentlemen guests of that establishment Tne mero rumor of thi.f :mention has already created a furor in fathunablc circles of the Federal metropolis For (he sake of our fash ionable readers we shall carefully note and record the preparations for thi$ grand ex acted entertainment. The Hon. Mr Breckinridge Declines ?To day Mr. Breckinridge made a personal oz onation in the llall, inwhioh be stated that .ie declined the mission to Spain, which left him at liberty to vote for the diplomatic and consular rei'jrm bill Ihe Diplomatic and Consular Beform Bill of Mr. Perkins, of La , pasted tho House to day. We congratulate Mr. P., on this happy event. The Vacant Fifth Auditorship ?No nomi nation for this place had been made to tho Senate fo day. ere we went to press. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 8th of Feb., there were of Treasury Warrants entered on tlie books of the Department? F'irtbopaymont of Treasury delta $15,712 35 cor the Customs.. 8,134 51 i'ur covering into t he Treasury from customs... 28 300 00 or covering into the Treasury from miscellaneous sources 176 47 i or the War Dopartiuent 136,919 53 lor repaying in the War Depart 127,941 53 l or the Intel ior Department 15,102 16 COMUHEM.<?IONAL. In the Senate, yesterday, after we went to P'ess, the bill granting to railroad companies three years in which to pay the duties on iron imj orted for railroad purposes, was taken up, :,nd was debated by Mr. Jones, of Tennessee. f>r it, and Mr. Brodhead against it. And then, after an executive session, they ad lourned. ? In the Housi, the bill regulating the saJa ries of the District Judges of the Udted States, tho bill explanatory of an act making compensation to Jud^e ; Worn!bridge and Chip man; the bill dividing the State of Illinois lato two judicial districts; the bill dividing the Sta^e of Ohio into two judicial districts, Ac ; the bill concerning tho apprehension and delivery of deserters from foreign vessels in ports ot the United States; the bill to provide for the accomodation of courts of the United States; in the District of Maryiaud, and for a poit office in Baltimore city; and the bill to amend " An Act to make further provisions for tho satisfaction of a Virginia land war rant,'' were severally passed, all of them having emanated from the Judiciary Commit tee. The House then adjourned. Procet diugM of To Day. In the Senate, to-day, priva?e bills were alone c-.nsidored, many of which ware passed ere we went to press. In the House, Mr. Faulkner made a per sonal explanatioa, in reply to comment* made in his district upon his vote against suspend ing the rules, on Monday last, for the Consia erauonof the ami-Know Nothing resolutions otiered by Mr. Witte. Mr F. denied hiving ever sympathised with Know Nathiugs, and said that his nosa tive voteon that o reason was given to stve the time ot the House for the consideration of important bu,ino*j lie laid tfcat he beloved lo no secret political association, but to the great Democratic party. The bill to reform -he diplomatic and con ?>ular system of tbo United States then eamo up, and it was p issed ere the 8tar went to press. Down on Mkat.?The come outers of Wis consin are taking a pjsition against mutton chops We clip the following from one of their paper* : "He h is s imulating, and acts upon the appetite the same, only not as pororfullv, as stimulating drinks." ihe editor says he knew a man who got so excited on a pork lidney that he had to be " '??* t0 ? to prevent hif setting fire to the court house. How " saggers" operate is not mentioned. OWE WEEK LASER FROM CALIFORNIA. Arrival of the Worth Star. Opening of the Panama Railroad?Senato rial Caucusee?The Markets, fte The steamer Nor'h Star arrived at New York yesterday afternoon with $1,250,000 in gold, ooe weeks later news from California and the Sandwieh Islands. We take the following summary from flies brought by this arrival: FROM THE ISTHMUS. The Panama Railroad is at length com pleted. On the 28th alt., the train passed over the road from Aspinwall to Panama for the first time; its arrival in Panama caused great excitement among the native population, wbo had never before seon that great triumph of human ingenuity, a " Locomotive." Thus it will be seen that the connecting link between the A'lantio and the Paciffo is formed, and hereafter those whose business or pleasure makes a trip to the North or South Paoiflo de sirable. need not fear the loss of health, for merly incidental to the exposure necessary in the transit aiross the Isthmus, whioh will henceforth occupy four hours in oomfortable cars proteoted entirely from the weather. The P. M. S Co., intend keeping one of their fine steamers at Panama ready coaled, await ing the arrival of the passengers from the At lantic Spates ; on their arrival in Panama they will leave the cars and go immediately on board ship, thus avoiding all detention. The passengers that went out. and also those that came home passed over the road in the cars, and there has not been a single oaee of sickness among tbem. THE UNITED STATES SfiNATORSHIP. Col P. L. Edwards of San Francisco, is tbe Whig candidate for United States Senator. Tbe eleotion would take place on Wednesday, the 17th of January. THE GWIN CAUCUS. SaiRAMrnto, Jan. 15, 11 r. m.?A caucusof Dr. Gwin's party was held to-night. Forty five members were in attendance, six of whom left during the proceedings. Mr French made a motion that no one should be considered bound by the action of the caucus until fifty-seven members, a major ity of the joint convention, should agree to abide by it, and that then a majority of the fifty-seven should have the power of making a nomination to be supported by all. After considerable discussion, this was voted down, and Mr McKinncy moved that if thirty votes were cast for any one man, he should bo considered to be nominated. Before this motion was fin illy disposed of, the caucus, at 10i o'clock, adjourned until Tuesday evening, at 7i o'clock. DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS. The Broderick party met at Junes' Hotel, and nominated Broderick Forty-five mem bers met in Assembly Chambers. A resolu tion was discussed making thirty-six votes re quisite for a nomination. Adjourned until to morrow night. IMPORTANT FROM ACAPULCO A part of Santa Anna's army, 2.000 in num ber, had deserted, and gone over to General Alvares, a portion of them, with some of their officers, reachnd Acapulco 23d January, tho remainder were daily expected. GREAT EXCITEMENT AT LOS ANGELOS! Groat excitement at Los Angelos, growing out of a stay of execution of two murderera Brown and Alvitre. The mob, five thousand strong, broly into the prison, to bring the criminals to the gallows. Our la t accounts leave off, without giving us the denoiwnvnt. LATER FUOM SANDWICH ISLANDS. By the arrival of the schooner Restless, Captain Brown, in twelve days from Honolulu, we are put in possession of Sandwich Inland dates to the 23d December, eight d*ys later than those brought by the Moselle. Naval.?The United States ship St. Mary's, tho British ship Trincomalee, and the French ship Eurydice, at Honolulu. Dec. REVIEW OF SAN FRANCiSCO MARKET. Since the sailing of the last steamer, tbe general market has remained in the same state of quietude. Remittance from above have come forward more freely than in December, but there has been none of that influx of coun try buyers which had been so confidently an ticipated. Business in all the week closing has been dull, and sale9 of tbe most leading articles difficult to effect; even in those of whi<:h the stocks are moderate and the mj:t confidence t'eit. '1 he arrivals have been moderate, comprir ing only the Hornet, from Philadelphia, and the Flying Fish, from Boston, with assorted oargoes, and the Raven, from New York, via Rio Janeiro, with ooal and coffee. A number of invoices, received by the two first named vessels, had been sold prior to their arrival, at rates, in many instances, in advance of thofo currents we write The advices rocoived from the Atlantic coast by the three steamers relative to the revival of the shipping mania to California, which proiucedsuch disastrous results in 1854, are regarded with any thing but feelings of satis faction by our merchants here. We look now upon a glutted market next summer as a disagreeable but inevitable cer tainly, and as a natural consequence tbe ruling of ruinously low prioes. which we should not regret so much if they bankrupt 1 the shipper abroad. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE Cold?Charity?Transportation Lines?La tham Cook?Inquest? Muiuit Vernon Guardsr' Ball. ? Alexandria, Feb. 8, 1855. Amid the dreary weather, and the frozen water and drifting snow whioh now surround us, it is cheering to witness how nobly the benevolent efforts of our city authorities are seconded by individual effort. The 1c sees of Washington Hall and many other public spir ited citizens have recently ma<le considerable donations in aid of our soup-houso, which feeds the hungry every day. Tbe drifting snow and the ice-bound river prove heavy drawbacks on our transportation companies The st-amers plying between Alexandria and Washington suspended opera tions some days ago. The mail s'earner ar rived some hours after tbe usual time yester day, having been obliged to cut a track the entire distance between Aquia Creek ani Washington. The cars on the Orange rail road camo in at the usual hour; but the heavy dritts and deep cuts detained the Ma nasses Gap train for beveral hours During this suspension of navigation. La. tham's and Cook's fine teams, on the Wash ington road, are doing good serviee for our people; to them Alexandria is indebted for the timoly arrival of the Washington evening papers. Coroner Hunter held an inquest upon the body of negro Allen Hodge, who was found dead, a few day since, iu the closet of a house on Alfred Street. Verdict: 44 Death from Ex posure and Intemperance." The Gazette editorial oolumn this morning is made of short paragraphs, mostly news items. The Gazette thinks, in one of these short articles, that the President chould not ! veto the Frecch Spoliation Bill, even though he objectf to its]passage ; and in another, no tices how the Democratic press receive (Jen. Caw's doctrine of instructions. The Guards are making ample arrange ments to accommodate their Washington friends, soldiers and firomen, at the birth night ball. Ami. Vanderbilt's Line ok Steamers.?The new s'eamships Magnolia and tbe Ariel sre now nearly leady for sea. They were built at New York, to run on the New York and Liver pool line, if he is successful in concluding his mail contract with Congress These steamers cost between $500,000 and $400,000. The Ariel is 2,300 tons burthen, has three docks, and is braced throughout diagonally. New Moor of Telegraph ?An accident having happened on a railroad in Alhama re cently, the Montgomery Journal says the fol. lowing mode of telegraphing was resorted to: An operator, who was en the train, cut the wires, and by raps or manipulation from end contrived to send a dispatch to the office in thii city. The replies he reoeived by applyirg ths end to his tongue, in this way, several mee ?ages were accurately Mat and reoeived. Tib Giuqbb-iread Club ?Tbo proposition uf ?om? la lies of Aleaandria to form a elub with the nboTe title, to iotrodvoe, kj example the plain fashions of (>the good old time*," if received with maeh favor throughout the coun try The members of the olub ere to wear p.aiu apparel, uee simple viand*, and meet and depart at early hours of the night, Ac , thus returning to the staple cus.otns of the good old times when ladiee and gentlemen meet together to enjoy each other's society In rational agreeable conversation and amuse ments. We regard sooh clubs ec not only eon dactive to health, morality and pleasure, bet *s a sovereign remedy for the present hard timet. CtJRi roR Corns ?Mr. Cooper, in his "Die tionary of Surgery," has the following infalli ble eure for eerns: Take two ounoes of gum ammoniac, two ounces of yellow wax, and six dracums of ve d gris; melt them together, and spread the composition on soft leather; cnt away as much of the corn as yon can, then apply theplester, and renew it every fortnight till the oern is away. A Clergyman s Wik.-A Welsh clergy man applied to his diocesan for a living.? The Bishop promised him one; but, as he wss taking leave, he expressed \ hope that his lordship wonld not send him into the interior of the principality a- his wife would not speak Welch. ,kYour wife, sir," said the Bishop; "what has your wife to do it, she does not preach, does she?" "No, my lord," said the parson, "but she lectures." OFFICIAL. Frar.klin Pure, President of Lhe Untied Statu cj America, to aU whom it may concern: Satisfactory evidence having been exhibited t? uu tint Pf.AfiDK Oritwobi has been appointed vice consul of tlie Swiss Confederation for ihe States ot Michigan, Wisconsin. Iowa, aiut Territory of Min n<sota. to reside at Detroit, I do hereby recognne hnn as such, and declare bim tree to exercise and enjoy such functions, powers, and privileges as are allowed to Uie vice consul* of the most favor-d na tions in 'he United States. In testimony whereof, I have caused thene letters to fc? made patent, aud the seal of the United States to be hereunto affixed. Given under my hand, at the city of Washington the 6th day of February, A. I) 18i5. and [l. s.] of the independence of "the United State*. ' of America the seventy ninth. fRANKLIN PIERCE. By the President: W. L. M**rr. Secretary of State. ^WESTERN HOSE NO. K-A MEET mgof this Compaey will !?? held THIS EVENING, at 7 o'clock, at No. 86 Twcaty-mxih street, between I and K streets Young men favorable to this Association, and wi'hing to j?in, arc requested to meet an above. By order of Til E CUM MITTEE. feb 9 It* IOST AT THE HALL ON THURSDAY, the j 6l!i instant, a gold Bracelet, with a child' name inside of it. The per. on who was seen t pick it up will confer a favor by returning it to tie owner at J Van Throop's, Pa. avenue, between 2 and 3d su., 3 doors below the Express < ifflce. feh 9?1U SLEIGH FOK SALE?AN EXCELLENT SIN g!e hi-rac Sfeigb, in go h1 running order, will he sold cheap for cash. A|>ply at W. ELIOT'S Drug Store, ??>r: er of F and Twelfth streets. feh 9?11* SELDEN,WIT11ERS hTTo RANK NOTES will l?e taken at cash rales for Paper, B'enk Book*, Fancy Goods, Envelop* s, and all other kind of Stationery, by WM. F. BAVI.V, No 37 8 I'a. avenue, bet. 11th and 12th sts. fob 9?8t WKTROPOLITAI* FAIR NOTICE TO CITIZKBS AHD 8TRAHGIEP. rpHE entire stock of Ory Goods of the lat?- linn oi 1 Mauruder h. Calvs-rt will be closed out at ver. r-divyd priues. VVe nam'1 in part? Rich striped and plaid Silks Brecade Si!k?, cost $1. forOTJf ccnts Changeable Silks, for 50c. White Grape Shawls at half price Colored do do Linen Sheeting, wort $1 for 75c. Pillow Linen, worth 75c for 50 Pil'ow case Cotton, worth I5c, for II 12-4 cotton Sheeting, worth 50c, f?r 35 Fine French Ginghams, worth 25, f-r 18?^ White and color d Brilliants, very cheap Also, alarae lot of Domestics of the l>est claw, which will he sold very low. < all ear v ail J secure great bargains, at No. 16. opp Centre .Market, between 8lh and 9:h -ts. I feb 9?eo2w 4 BEAU riFIJL COLLECTION OF SHELL /\.WoRK.? ^t llutchenson & Munro's, No. 311' Fa. avei.uv, will be found the most niacnifteent Shell Work ever offered to a Washington public, consisting of Work Boxes, Pin Cushions, Wat- h Stands Mirrors, Card Receivers, he. Which they will sell very reasonable, and invite all to call and inspect, even i they do not b ty. feh 9?3t HUTCHINSON h. MUNRO. GRAND B1RTHNIGHT BALL. THE MOUNT VERNON GUARDS respectfully inform the citizens of Alexandria and the vtcin ity that th*y will nive a MILITARY, FI EMFH'S ARD CIVIC BALL onTlirR^UW KVK.MXO. February 22, 1?55. nt SAREPTA HA'.L. The company pledge to u^e every exertion to give the utmost satisfaction to thoBe who may liutior the corps with th?ir presence. Refreshments will be furnished for ladies and gen tlenten. The military and firemen are requested to appear in uniform. Hacks will be in attendance to convey ladies to and from the ball. Tickets $1; to b? had of the Commute and at the dour on the night ot the ball. Committee of Invitation and Reception. Capt J W Asfibv, Henry Bloiihat iu, Lt W II Smith, A F Skidmore. Lt C D Rudd, Jno L Smith, jr Lt C Javens, JnoBreeri, Set W W Allen, Jas II Simpson, Sgt C W Neale, Geo Lyles. feb 9?eohdb ROBINSON'S PRACTICE.?The Practice in Courts of Justice in England and the Diiio d States, by Conway Robinson, of Richmond, Va.; | vol 1?price S?, ju^t p?bli*ht d. feb 9 FRANI K TAYLOR. CAUTION. I HEREBY warn all persons ironi receiving or ne gotialing ilie following rie crb-d uole?, which were stolen from my hou?*e on the night of th< 5th instant, viz : One note drawn by Sr.niuel Burrow - lor &3I8 63, dated 9 li July, 1854. at 90 days ; and a due bill of Henry Parry, lor jji75, dated 'sometime m May last. The note of llurrows was endorsed I y me, and is past due. Having -topped thw nayim nt of tiie attove described notes they can be of no um to any one, and may l>e returned to me through the j Ge- rgetown Post Office. feb 7?3t* (Int) WM. T. HEREON. r/nKAN AWH *, Vs., Bank Notes bought arid s. Id by A. M-SNYDER h CO., Brokers, corner 15th street and Pa avenue *j|r Tran -Alleehany, Va., Notes bouxht end soW I by A. M. SNYDEIl h. CO. Qr?- Stlden, Withers k Co's Exchange Rank I Notes bought and told by A. M. SNYDER h CO. feb 8- e< lin YOL'HO LADIES' CLASSICAL INSI1TUTS. ATo. 0 Indiana avenue. 'HUE second term ol the present scholastic year I has just commenced. A few more boar ing and dav pupils can be Rcccuiin<?dated. STEPHEN H. MIRK K, A.M., feb 6?2w* Principal. Gold, silver, steel a. plated spec TACLES to suit every age anda e,e, R:dum f-|?ecs, R. U. Glasses, Eye* Protector*. Lye Glasses of all de?cnp lions. Reading Glasses, Goggles; he., Parabola, Perifocal, Concave, Convex, and Colored Glasses put in ti uncs at the shortest uotice. Persons iu waul of glasses may be sure to get j tho. c which ueaetit the eye at Jl. SEMKEN'S, No. 330 Pa- avenue, b?tw. 9tband ItHli ata. joti 20 GREAT INDUCEMENTS. JS. BLACKFORD, 00 Bridge ?*., Georgetowa, a being desirocs of reducing hi> stock, offer* to buyers his large assortment of iadics and gentlemen's ?iold Watches. Jewelry of tlr; niwe-t ^l)le? and he.-t <|uality, Silverware and Plated Goods at very icduced pr'tcas to suit the times J. S. B. would respectfully invite all in want of | such articles to call and examine his large assort ment. feb 3?lw NOTICE. 'I'llE umkrsigned respectfully announce* to the 1 public Ami he is ready now to m il his P ^ENT REPEATING PISiOLS^ot to take contracts lot making the >-anie. Tixtse wisnitif to >ee me, can have an interview between the hours of 3 and 7 p. m. A full explanation will be given by me or by my legal agent, A B. Stroughtou. Please addieaa J. W. Brown, U. 8. Hotel, Washington, D C. J. W. BROWN. [ The Register ot Mew Haven, Conn., will pleaee copy] feb _Amusementa IRON IIALL. 5, . GRAND kXTKA N1G1IT or ROBERT HELLER'S Great unrivalled XDZIH9 POK Til Benefit of the Seer. New Wonder*, Swtlin* Eipenmcats. Mirth pen vokntg and Liujhtrr-exciung pcrlormaniefc. Go earif and wvurf -our ?????' - run or admi?mom. To H 11.... ,?S cents D'fM Cirelf..^. - -- Orchestra Scat* a _ .30 *? Seat* may he urcuml from 10 a ra to 4 p m, at the otfi'*? without extra chatge. Polite an<1 attentive u Mints will be In attendance. feb >? GOLD. f OLQ, OOLD-OIYCT AWAY ! macallister, Ifavirc a night to spare, will, in return lor the liberal manner in which he ba? beer rectirnl here. present tlx audience, on ?ATI>BD%Y KVlcniKO. Feb 10th, with GOLDEN GIFTS VALUE ?300. In addition to one of hi* verv ? e*t eniervnnmcm* Maimed by Ma?ahi Mtctunru. FORTY splendid Present* of tbe above value will be Riven to the visitor., incladmc FOU* ELEGANT WATCHES, ^hey will be presented to the audience after the formance by Mr. MALoNE RAYMOND and r J. M. WBSTtiX, Secretary lo the Great Magi cian. Ticket* only 50 cent*?to be had at Gait fc Br*.'* Jewelry 8tore; Pa avenue, where Uie presents may be seen; at k irk wood House, and Odd Fellows' flail, day and erening. Ticket* limited to the nte ofthe hall. See Handbills Tor particular*. feb 0?it SPLENDID RAFFLE. ItflLL be Raffled f.-r as soon a* the requisite f f number of Chance* have Im-cii taken, the lol In,*.in; splend d and costly article#, viz: I :*t Prize. One splemlid g??ld Pa er Weight, cot. tat. nig an Automaton Singing Bird ami Pd^j Chronometer, mo*t beautifully decorated and adorned with enamelled Paintings $1,600 4 Prize. One Lady's Gold Watch, richly set with Diamond* and Painting on Enamel... I'.O 3d Prize, i ine Lady's Gold Watch, nchly act with Diamonds, and Painting on K' amel.. 1J0 !th Pnze. One Gents Full Jeweled Patent Lever (with Cotnpenaator) goN Hunting Watch .. .. J0U 5*li Prize. Lady'* Gold Hunting Watch, aplen dnlly chased .. CO Total value fj.fltM There will be Two Hundred Chances, at Tea Dollar* each 'Hie riffle will take place at Htlb'.i* k Hitt' Ma -ic Depot, St?r Pudding*, corner Pa. avenue and II til 'treet, where Tickets can be procured and the ?uncle* are on exhibition. P. rsons desirous of possessing some of the most -uperb rticle* ol workmanship ever exhibitel. have now an opportunity "ffered them of obtainng such *? an extremely low price. Call and examine ft* yourselvt * at the Mnaic De pot ot 11II. BIS k lllTZ, Star Building-, between the hour* of 9 o'clock a. at. and 6 p. m. feb 7?if NEW FANCY STORE. VT the new More of Hutchciinon k Munro. S lO Pa. avenue, between 9di and lOih streer*. will constantly be found one ot the largest and best m ectel stocks of Fancy Goods in ilic Disyict, c?m *i'tmg in part a* follow*: Pol tc Monnaies of pearl, shell, silver, pap-cr machc inlaid. Card Case*, t'aba*, Work Boxe?, Portfolio*, Jewel Boxes Sewing Birds. J l Ornament*, ladtet and gentlemen* I 're-sung Case* Toilet Bottles. Money Belt*, Shaving Coses t 'iines. Fancy and Pocket Inkstand* Gold Pencils :t:id Pen*, Visitins Cards Tooth I'owdc.-. Fancy Soups, Pomades Oil*, Coknsiw*, Luhin's and other choice EilracU for ill- liandkercluet Lyon's Kaihairon, Barry'* Tocopherol ?Joinlx* and Brushes in great variety, boxes of I'cr fume Cream. Razor-. Packet Knives, Seizors Tablet*, Part<?J!cll*, Feather Brushes, kc. Also, superior style* of one and ciglii day Clock*, Mantel Ornament*. To ail of which the attention of the puMic is ta med. HI'Tl'IIENSON k DIMM, No. 310 Pa. av., bet. 9th and 10th ft*, feb 8 ?d3i CLOSING OUT WIJCTEP. STOCK AT GREATLY SEDUCED PH IQr L (ILAGEI'T, NEWTON, MAY k CO , have re j mattiinz on hand a very large stock of all classes ?f WINTER DRY C< Kiliirt, and a* >b? Kasm is *n t'ar ;idvanc? d we have determined to offer all sucli ;oods at greatly r duced price*, and in fact many articles will he sold at co?t rather than carry iheiu ? hi'm over to the next season. Wc have a good assortment r;f Merinoes, |il.iin and Hg?ml Mousiain*. an immense stnek <if plaid, fi*7l ind p'ain Silk*, hlsck French M'<u lain*, s'.|>eri<ir Kotiiltaz lie*, Alpaca, hri;-lil p?aid Raw Hlks and pfatd Valencia, wool Plaids, a good a**orrtu< Mt <4 ladies and cent*. Caslimere and Merino Hurts and Drawer*, silk, w?xd and cotton ll?*e and X llose, I 4 black and colored Silk VeJvetk. very cheap; large lot of Frei-eh and Scotch Emlfnitery. all classes ot line W bite Goods, best brands ot lri"?b Linen, English :ind American Sliininc C??tb a*, a arge stock of all kinds of" house itirnisbin^ eiMds, Mens'and Boys* wear in great abundance; WcMi ind English flannel*, kc., kc., cwmpri*mg by far he largest st ck of (>ry Goods to be found in Wasb ington, all of which will be sold a- above stawd CLAGETT, NLWrtiN, MAY k CO. feb8?3t OST^ small * lute terrar SLUT, witli long white liair?ha* biack marks on her^ ear*, and brown or red murks on her back. Whoever will bring her to T. Crniapton, Esq. Btitirh Legation, Height ol Georgetown, will be I bcra'lv rewarded. feb 8?3t DRAUGHT ALE. THE undersigned respectfully announce thai they have obtained the sole Agency of th- District or the sale ot Kumz k Nes's \ ork Drsurht Ale, ind have made arrangements mo a< to have it con sinntly on liand, *o that all wfio may favor ih< in ? nb their custom will be pnnctuallv served. As usual, a -tippty <.f Porter, Ale, Cider and Min ?val Water constantly on hand. < 'rders by mail, or given to our drivers will meet vith strict att< ution. Terms cash. ARNY k SIIINN. A first rate Wagon, but liltle use<i, for sale Apply v above, to AIINY k SHINN, Union Bottling Depot, fbb 8?eolm Georgetown IOST.-LEFT MY R<K)M, ON PaTaV'EM K, J I i: i, wnii tone m 'Jul last night, a very small black Terrier, HLl'T. She had a collar on, with >amos Dull, No. T8 Broadway, Haiti more. | will pay any one ^5 who may eturn ?h? Jo. to me. A. D. HADEN. fi b &?3t* LOST?VCUr.CR, (No. 4i,) diawn bt us. na the MFpsimmi'Mi City Savings Bauk for tbe u.ii od?ted Feb. 5, 1&5, and made P*> to note or b?ar?r. As its payment ha-been stopped a suitable rew ard will be given for Its ? turn. J NO. T. GIVEN k 0?, I'oal and Wood Dealers, cor. Utli and C ***? f?b 8- 3t? NOTICE. 1'IIE public are forewarned agains' trusting my husband. B. F. Titomaa, for any thing, a* I will not pay any debts of hi* contracting. They ar? also cautioned against selling lum on any representation ol his iliat I will rettle his bill*, i'hey are further cautioned against haviug any huMnea^dcating* w1b htui, as he is not of sane mind. * SARAH A. THOMAS, Steamboat Hotel, corner Pa. avenue and Tib. feb 8?3t* VALENTINES! VALENTINES!! HUTCH ISDN k MINKO have just reived a beautiful a-sorunent ofchoice VALENTINES, winch they will close out at veiy reasonable price*. Also, constantly on hand, an asao tmeuKrf L?tter Pa,e r, Visiting Cards, Envelopes, fcc., at the ir new st< re, next dinir to M' ssrs. Harper k Co.'s, No. 310 Pa. avenue, between Mn'h and Tenth sis. II CIV HI BISON k MI'KRtt. feb8-6t (Intel) BA5KIR0 HOUSE OF FAIB0 4 ROUES* (tfinontc Umlei State* Tirumry. <, Stock; sold. Interest at the rate of mi per cent per aiinum al low<-d on deposits when left for 30 days or longer, jail 34?6m SEBASTOPOL NOT YET TAKEN. BIT we are taking splendid Picture* pertec ly life like and beauuiul for iS cents and upward* We have the finest skylight in Washing on, and by our long experience in the profession render* it hard lv probable !or us to make a poor picture, ('all aad see |or your*el\c?. tialb r? over (.alt** Jeweln1 Store. Pa. avenue, be tween 9th and Uklt streets. fel.7 3t* c. D WPMIT. < UA.RL.Kk HAKKIMfi, ArchlUct (Pa. artmr, between Tenth and Heventk *trtfi',) WAKHIHSTOM, D. C. WILL c<Hilinne to furnish Plans, tail wtkiiig Drawings, and ?peci6catton* ol hwild-n*. <4 every de?cnpuoo,and alao to superintend their ? t? c uon. icb 1?dU Hor, Stocks aud othot ->tuiiUci purchased

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