Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, February 9, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated February 9, 1855 Page 3
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TO PERSON* OUT OF EMPLOYMENT. Pi'totial Worts for 18.")").—The attention /ihTreader is solicited to the advertisement of A ®: t wanted tor the series of Pictorial books i-sued %he pre-s of Mr. Sears. The-e hooks have met, "Tve meeting with a large sale throughout the a . ] and the three iate-t publications. "RUSSIA ' "'"JTEATEB," "CHINA AND INDIA," and "T niui.i.iM; ' U ' ! Vvrs IN THE WARS OF THE UNITED STATES," ate verv way ecjual to the otl • r works m point of ".'traction and interest. What he wi-hes to obtain " n ,patent agents in every -ection of the country. ThVreadines* of their .rale offers g-eat inducements ! ' persons to embark in their di-posal, and as they '. r („•'a high moral and unexceptionable character, ."h! e are none but who can conscieorioo-ly contri -1 te to their circulation. Any p.-rson wishing to - bark i" ' he enterprise w ill tisk little by sending :,.|, e publisher $27, for which be will receive sam '|Vcopies of he various woik- (at wholesale prices) illy boxed, insured, and directed, affording a \y I heral per rentage to the agent for his trouble, y .fh these he w ill soon be able to ascertain the 'o-t -ahebfe, and order accordingly. 'mT-p'aialogiies containing full parliculais forward el% all parts of the country free of poslage, oil ap plication. D K . KKVSKR'S. Pl ceoßAt. Svtit I*.—This is the rime of a new atticle m the wav of rnertit lie, pre- I by IV. f>- H. K -v-er, Wholesale Druggist, ' ;ii Wood street. Pittsburgh. Pa. It t- prepared to , ire the various d -easts of the Lung- arid Bronchial tl an-- s<"'h E * Cough-, Colds, Hoarseness, Bron , v't,-. and Sore Throat. It has been high ly".poken of bv the Pittsburgh Press, is pleasant to a'd cost- but half a dollar. Sold in Bed fold by R.)|p N Osier, in Scheilehurg by Colviti & Robin son. TI " STOMAC II prepares th-* elements of the bile and the Worn!; and it it does The wbrl, feebly and im • rfectly. liver disease is the certain re-ult. As therefore, as any detection of the liver is per ceived, we mav be sine that the digestive organ- are rut of order. The fir-t thing to be ilone is to admin ..yr a specific which will act directly upon the sto r „.b the mainspring ot" the animal machinery. for tin- purpose we can recommend llootiauu".- Ger man Bitters, prepared by Dr. M. Jack-oh. Piula ilelphia. Acting a- an alternative and a tonic, it strengthen-the digestion, change- the condition ot p.elih'od and thereby gives regularity to the bowels. -ce adverti.-ement. UF GREAT CURE FOR RHEUM AT ISA!.—'The Kditnrs of the Richmond .Republican, of Dee. 24th, IS.VJ. -ays that Carter's Spanish Mixture is no quack medicine. Thev hart a man in their prp-s room who was af flicted with violent Mercurial Rheumatism, who was rnnt'Mially complaining of misery it. the buck, limbs , | joint-; —bis eyes had become f'everi-h and mat tetv. neck swollen, throat sore, and all the s\mptonis nf Rheumatism, combined with Scrofula. Two bot tles of Carter's Spanish Mixture cured him, and, in an editorial notice as above, they bear testimony to ■ts wonderful effects, ami -ay iheir only regret i-, that all -uffeiirg with t!i-ease of the blood are not a ware of the existence of such a medicine, ft See their cert ificate and notice in full around the hot tie. CFTO IT.KSONS OUT OF EMPLOYMENT._£XI AGENTS WANTED in pre.rif section of Hie Cnite'f States. THE MOST ELEGANT A Ft) USEFUL VOLUME OF I HE YEAR. Pears' Great Work on Russia. JUST piibii-hort. an Illustrated Description of the RUSSIAN EMPIRE. Being a Physical and Politi cal Hi-torv ol its Government ami Province-, Piobuc t:ons. Resource-, Imperial Government, Commerce, Literature. Educational Means, Religion, People, Manner-. Customs, Antiquities, etc.. etc.. lion) the latest and mo-t authentic sources. Err liellisiied with about -"0 Engravings, and Map- of European and A siatic Rii-sia. The whole complete in on large oc tavo volume of about 700 pages, mid elegantly and suh-tantiall v bound. Re tad Price S3. This work has been seveia! years in preparation, and will, it is believed, meet In the fullest accepta- ' Tien of th-s word, the wantsrtnniversa!!v felt for reli- : able inlormation on the history and internal resotir r-s of a country occupying so large a poition of the Ea tern Hemisphere, and holding so formidable a po sition at ttie present time 'o the re tof Europe anil ,4-.a: but of which for le i- known than of any oth er European nation. n CT"Afso, a deeplv interesting volume, '-THE RE MARKABLE ADVENTURES OF CELEBRATED PARSONS," embracing the Roman! r Incidents and Adventure* in the lives of Sovereigns, Slate-men, Generals, Princes, Warrior®, Travellers. Adventur ers. Voyagers, &e. eminent in tie Mi-torv of Europe am! America, including Sketch)-., of over fit'y cele hiateil heroic charac >r.-. Beautifully ilhistrated with mtmerou- engravings. On vol. 100 page-, roy al 12rn. cloth, gilt. Price Si 2.7. The subscriber publi-he. a number of mo t valua ble Pictorial Rooks, very popular, and of such a roor- : ul arid religious influence that while g,-od men may I safely engage in Their circulation.they will confer a yi'hlir benefit, anil receive a fair compensation for j their labor. men of enterprize and tact, this business, nfit-rs an opportunity for profitable employment sel dom to he met with. RTF Per-rn* wishing to engage in Iheir sale will receive promptly bv mail a circular containing full particulars, with "Direction- to persons<l to j act as Agent-." together with terms on which they I will be furnished, by addressing the subscriber, post i paid. ROBERT M. SEARS, Publisher. Feb. 9. 181 William street, \i}w York. VSEFI'L EMPLOYMENT. sin TO 817 A WEEK CLEARED—A CHANCE TO MAKE MONEY—POOR AGENTS WANTED, | fo -e|l a new Book entitled "One Thousand Things ! Horth Knowing." To men of enterprize am? tact To- bu-iness afford® atl opportunity seldom to ! e met with. For particulars aildre--, post paid, M. A RICK ft CO. Elizabeth Town, Lancaster county, Pa. Feb. 9, 1555. PETITION FOR LICENSE To the Honorable the Jtufgfs of the. Court of' Quarter S ssions for the County of Bet!fori!.! 1 lie petiiion of JAMES BURNS humbly shewelh that your p"titines is desirous ol keeping a lavern it the house which he now occupies in Napier town- j -') ip, in -an! county: that the said hou-e i- an old -.-tan.i and well adapted to a tavern, having sufficient '•folding and all necessary conveniences; he there- : t re prays the Court to give him a license. JAMES BURNS. AVe the subscribers rifizpns of and residing within the hounds of Napier Town-hip, in Bedford county, do | certify that we are personally acquainted with Ja-. j Burns, the. above petitioner, and that we know hnn j To hx of good reptile for honesty and temperance, and I- well piovidert with house room and conveniences for the lodging and accommodation of strangers anil | lr,n ellers. \ aienlino £hoaf, John Kniplo, John Hiirns, Jay-vj R. Baker, Jacob Hilieiras, Jann-s Havs, John VViand, John (iarber, Wm. Kevser, Jos. f ilievre, Joseph Boyeis, Jaint's Bttin.s, Jr., Mi <lhtle| Ellenb'Tger. Feb. 2, 1855. ®SCJ*I-:5*K U. TATE, ATTORNEY AT LAW Ar.dßeal Estate Broker, Bedford, Pa. Will attend to all business entrusted to his care. He will £ivc especial attention to Soi tli-rs' Pensions, riaitrts, arid Bounty Land. He has two or fhrep Farms and 4,000 acres' oi unimproved land for sale. II" has beep appointed asjent to prosecute 'te k:)|),-rt Morris claims, to lands, in LUulfbrd, Blair, Cumberland, Huntingdon, Ariatns, Perrv, J 'an tata, Franklin, and Fulton counties. Persons holding the Robert Morris lands bv purchase, improvement, or w arrant, may cont pl< te their litU-s by calling soon. Suits Uill be f luslituted aIJ lrespaaaers not regarding B'is notice. ofi Julianna street. Jan. 20, 1555. *ts. v. V ' F* ■ ,-• 5 J| Sin BhD: On the 1-t ins?., Mr. H: vr.y Koo:;s, Sen., of Bed- Ford Town.-hip, in the 00th year of his age. I'his aged father came down tons ftorh a former generation. He was one of Those who lived in the daysol Washington, lie was a man, remarkable lot age, and universally respected lor bis integrity of character. Notwithstanding the weight of great age with its many growing infirmities, began to re>t heavily upon him during the last few years of his lite, vet his memory and the powers of hi- mind seemed to be but little impaired tip to the day of his departure. He was a friend to every one—kindne-s and for bearance to all, were manifest in Ids words and ac tion-. lie was a sincere Christian. He appeared to live over his bible; and, like Laval of old, lie would arise float his bed, at the midnight hour, and read and sing and prav. For neaiiy three seme and ten Vears. he ivtßTin active member of the German Re form Church of this place ; and dining all this length of years, no one ci iild impeach his moral integuty nor lav a linger upon one riujk spot in his Christian depoitun it. 11l- heart Was in the church of his father-. He loved her much; he labored for hrr wel fare; he prayed tor her peace and one of ins la-t act:ote-. preyion- to hi- illness, was to piomote the future weliaie of that branch in which he held his membership. He considered himself highly favored in being per milted to attend the public services <>t tt.e Sanctuary alino-t to the close ol life. But the Head of the Church has now removed him to the nobler services of the Upper Sane tuary. His mortal remain- were followed to the grave by a ling* con course of people, tlitis testifying the respect in which this aged ervant of God was held during life. How ftappv must lie now* be-in reaping the leward of his works of faith and his Llxus of love BEDFORD ACADEMY. C-f~ A CARD.—Notice is hereby given that the Sctmril Partner-hip heretofore ('si-tu j between ICv. John I.yon am) \V. VV. Camvkm.i. is this day dis -otved by mutual consent. The Institution will hereufter bn conducted bv Mr. Campbell a- -ole I'rii rijial. Persons bavins claims arc reque-ted to pre -lit them, and those indebted to make payment to .Mr. Campbell. JOHN LVOV. VV. VV. CAMPBELL. QT7"W"hi|e returning bis grateful acknowledgments to the community, which has -o generou-ly bestow ed on liini. tbroneh successive years, its confidence and support, the itnder-ignei! feels that he cannot n-nke a better return, than by leaving in bis place a Teacher >o faithful, competent and well approved u his present successor. _ JOHN LYON. Feb. 9, 1855. IXRWARNNG AM) COMMISSION WAREHOUSE Oliiuiibcisliurg, IVnisvlvania. Till, sub-cribeis are prepared a' all times to carrv Produce of every description and Merchandize to and from Philadelphia and Ratlin ore, on the m >st rea sonable terms. The highest price paiii at all times lor all kinds of country Produce. ClF"Receivine Depots. BP/BY ft CO. 355 Market street. Philadelphia.—JOHN BIGHAN, Baltimore, No. 151 1! street. _ C. VV. FASTER M CO. Feb. 9, 1855—Cm.* NOTICE. Christian St on fly r, of Napier Township, hav ing on thf 4th clay of January ir.sf. exerutcd to the undersigned, an assignment of all It js pro perty, real, personal, and tiitX' d, for the h-n*fit ofhis creditors, notice i< therefore -riven to the creditors t > present their claims forthwith for settlement, and those indebted are hereby in quired to make payment immediately to either of the assignees, or at the office of J no. P. Reed, Esq. where the books and accottrdsare placed. All acconnts unpaid after the nest < -nrt, will be placed in the hands of officers for collection. DAVID PATTERSON, .1 NO. P. KF.ED, J NO. .MOWER, . JSS prices. Jan. 19, IS"."). lk-iinqnn'<! Collectors of ISS? are hereby notified thai, by order of the Com missioners, a!! Duplicates for that year must be settled tip on or bOore the Ist (by of March next, for all taxes unpaid at that time execu tions will be issued without respect to persons. J NO. MOWER, Attorney for Commissioners. Jan. 19, IS.N.">. GEORGE HENRY vs. HARRIET HENRY. In the Gimrt o! Common Pleas lor the County of Beford, Pennsylvania, subpu.-ua lor divorce limn tlm bonds ot matrimony to September Term, 1851, No. s(>. Alias sitbpo-on to Nov en tor Term, I*sl. No. 101). On motion proclamation an nrded by the Court. To Harriet Henry respondent . ud defendant above named. Take Notice that ibe Court ot Common Pleas of tl.e Countv aforesaid have granted a rule upon you. Harriet Henry, respondent in the above ease to show cau-e liv a divorce should not he de creed according to the prayer ol theiibetlant, George Henry, in the above case. Returnable to Fchruaty Term next, commencing on Monday the 12th of February, 1855. 11EGH MOORE, Sheriff. Jan. 12, 1855. VIL! ABLE FROPKRTV TBH SALE. The subscriber will sell, at private sale, bis valua ble Property, situate in Enion Town-hip, Bedford County, Pa., on which h" at present re-ides, contain ing 50 acre- of patented land. DO of which ore cleared and under post and rail fence, the balance well tim bered with good -aw tunh-r. Tina propertv is on the waters of Bobbs' Creek, I miles north of Adol phtis Ake's Mill, on the public road leading tiom Bedford to Johns-town or Jelti-rson, within 12 miles c*f Jefferson, and )'"> miles ot lloliidaysburg. J lie im provements are a Stone Grist M 11, with two run of .Stones, one pair lirst rati* French Burrs, with good merchant and country Bolts, and a complete Smut Machine. The Machinery is all good and substan tial, and is partly new. The water power is .suffi cient during the entire year, and the custom is good and plenty of it. There is al o a new Saw Mill on trie premises, which will cut from 1500 to 21101) leet of' Lumber a day inch measure, winch is ready sale at the Mill. One of the Dwelling Houses is a three storv frame, suitable for a public Home or Store House, and is well finished. There ate three other dwellings, ivvo frame and one log house, a!-o a frame stable a:id Wagon Shed, and other necessary build ings. Also, will be sold, another Tract of Land contain ing 30t) acres, about 75 acres of which arc cleared, of which 10 are go-al meadow with facilities lor mak ing 20 or 30 more. Tiie balance well timbered and well watered by tbe Bobbs' Creek running through it. There is on the premises an excellent site cal culated for cither Grist Mill or Saw Mill, vvnh and fall of 22 feet. There is a variety of choice fruit trees on the farm. The buildings are one good Log House and Stable and other outbuildings. Also, will be sold, ti 10 acres of good timber land, convenient to the Saw Mill, oil which are the very best of saw logs. The above land i< all patented, and a clear and indisputable title will be made to the purchaser or purchasers. Those w i-bing to purchase good pro pertv. will learn the conditions, (which will be mod erate,) by calling with the subscriber, residing on the first named propertv. CASE).TUN AKK. July 21. 1851. SHERIFF'S SALES. By viitue of-undry writs, of Fi. Fa. to me direct ed there will lie sold at the Court Hou-e in the Bo rough of Bedford UM Monday the 12th day of Febrna urv, 1877, at g o'clock, P. M. the following Ileal E*- tale, viz: One tract of land containing about 200 acres more or less about -10 acres cleared and under fence with a two story log hou-e tenant bouse and log arable thereon erected; adjoining lands of Teeter's heirs John Lay ton and otlieis; situate tit Monroe Township, Bedford county and taken in execution as the pro perty of Samuel Karris. Also one tract of land containing 12-1 acres more or less about 80 acres cleuied and under fence with a cabin house and double log barn thereon erected, ad joining lands ol Joseph (Jrovle John Firkis and oth ers; siiiiate in Union Township Bedford county and taken in execution us the property of Samuel Burket. Samuel Funk, decea-ed, in the hand- of his exec utors, all Ins l ight title and interest to and in a lot of ground in the Borough of Bedford fronting 00 feet on I'itt street and extending back to the Kaystown branch of the Juniata river; adjoining an ally on the east and lot herptr: after mentioned on the west and being lot No. IS9 in the plan ot said borough— Ai-o the right title and interest of the -aid Samuel Funk of in and to lot No I'd'.) in the plan of said Bo tough f ionting do feet on Pitt street and extending back to the llaystown brunch ol the Juniata River; adjoining lot before de-cubed oil the cast and lot ol Anthony Stiffler on the west with a two story log hou-e and log stable thereon erected; situate in the Borough of Bedford Bedford county and taken in ex ecution as the property of Samuel Funk decea-ed. All of defendant Solomon Sliftier'- interest in and to a tiaet of land containing 120 acres more or less about 17 acres cleared and under fence with a one ami a half story log hou-e and -mall log-table theie <>u erected; adjoining lands ot 1 lein v Mock John Al- Itroi; and oifiei-i -duute M UIIUIU Town-hip Bedford county and taken in execution as the pioperty of So lomon Stililer. One tract of land on tlie west side ot Dennings mountain containing 111! actes more or less siluute ill Umoti Town-oip Bedford county— Also one oilier tract ot mountain land containing ' 201) acre- more or te-s with a cabin hour thereon ieetcil; adjoining lands of Conrad Claycomlv A Sill arid other-; situa'e partly in Union and partly in St. Clair townships Bedford county and taken in execu tion as the property of Michael Shinier. tso one tract of land containing 55 acres more or less neat !v all cleared and under fence with a story am! a hall log house and log stable thereon erected; adjoining laud- of Nicholas Slighter Andre.w Mann ; and olheis; situate in Monroe Township Bedford Co. taken in e:; -cation as the propeity of.fames G : MeFarlrrnd. ! Also on" lot of ground in the town of Pleasant ville hooting GU feet on the John-town road ami extei.d- I nig back about 200 feel; adjoining lands of John ! I,eighty and others with a two storv frame -house thereon erected; siinute m St. Clair township Bedford county ami taken in execution a- the pioperty cd Jos li Mock. All of defendant John Ilerr his interest in and to a tract of land containing 27'j i.eies more or le-s about 1 .Ml ttt" re - cleared and under fence with a two story (tame house one two storv log bouse two_le|iaiit hou ses gii-t mill saw mill double log tun n and frame sta ble thereon erected also an apple orchard thereon; ad joini: g lands of Thomas Wi-egarver .Michael Sill and oilier-; situate ill St Clair Township Bedford county and taken tn execution as the property ol James Peo ple- John Herr arid John VV 11.-eler. Also al! defendants interest in and to one tract of land containing 375 acres mure or le.-- about thieea cres cleared and under fence with a cabin hou-e one other old log hou-e and one new log stable thereon erected; adjoining lands of Daniel Blankley John Sliafer and other-; situate in Colerain township Bed- Ibid county ank taken in execution as the propt-ily of Robert Hater. Also one tract of land containing 150 acres more or le-- about 100 acre- cleared and under fence with a story and a hall log hou-e and dopble lo.g barn there on erected; adjoining lands ol Benjamin Lyberger James Eogue and otiier-;_ situate in Londonderry Tp Bedford count v and taken in execution as the proper tv of Jacob VVolford. Also one tract of land containing 290 acres more or Irs- about li t acres cleared and under fence with a two stoiy tiaroe house double frame barn two story log hou-e double log bam and spring house and shop thereon erected also art apple orchard thereon; adjoin ing land.- of situate in Napier Tow nship Bedford county and taken in execution a- the property el Jes se Blackburn. Also-one and one-fourth acres of ground in the town of l'lea-antville with a two story log house and frame stable thereon erected; adjoining lands of JairiPs Sill Thomas Schooly and others; situate hi Pleasantvilje St. ( lair Township Bedford county and taken in execution a. the property of Sainw-I Glaik. HUGH MOCEE, S/uriffi. Sheriffs Office, Jan. 19, I 8 jsews Mr ibe Peeple t NEW GOODS AT CHEAP COILNEH, SO. I. Felfow-Cifizens \ We take tiiis opportunity of returning von our most sincere thanks for the liberal patronage vou have so kindly heslovveil On us. We would also inform you tlrat we have just returned from the Eastern Cities, with a large and well selected assortment of Goods, such as Cloths, Cassiitteres, and Satinet-; Peter Shams, for over coats, Jeans, Ladies' fine dress goods, such as Silks, Alpacas', Cnhurg Cloths, Bombazines, M- rinoes. and a large assortment of Bav State Shaw ls, Hosiery, for Ladies, Coin forts, Crapes, Collars, N.c., £cc.—Mens,' Wo mi-ns,' Bovs' and Childn u>' Shoes and Boots, and a genera! assortment of Groceries. Crush ed and pulverized Sugars, hest Rio Coffee, Teas of all kinds. N. 0. Molasses, Golden Syrup, Mackerel, Salt hv the sack, Baker's Chocolate, Rroma Cocoa, and a general assortment ol Goods uoially kept in a country Store, llir* All kinds of Produce taken in exchange for goods at market prices. SANSOM fv GEPIIART. Oct. 13, 185-1. KEAl r 'S I-m'SWaE* ! The subscribers respectfully heg leave to in fortn the people of Middle VVoodheny Town ship, and tlm country at large, that they are now prepared, at their establishment,one mile south of Wooiiberry, Bedford County, to furnish fiiur horse Threshing Machines, Pierponts' Patent Shaker, Cider Mills, Ploughs ofeverv descrip tion, Kengv's Cooking Stoves, tvvodifierent pat terns, and two different patterns of Coal Stoves— Plough Castings, Wagon Boxes of all sizes, and cast Dinner Bells of three different sizes—also, Mill Casings of every variety. We are also pp pai dto fit up Machinery in the test and moat durable style, and will give prompt atten tion to al! orders in (his line. The public ate respectfully invited to.give us n call, a- vvv feel satisfied that both our uoik and terms will please all who do so. J. M. SNOW DEN, WM. R. BLAKE, Proprietors. Oct. 27, 1854. JOB MANN. G. H. SPANG. - LAW PARTNERSHIP. THE undersigned huve associated themselves in the Practice of tlie Law, ami will atti-ni) promptly to all business entrusted to their care in Bedford and ad joining counties. [fl?"Office on Julianna Street, three doors south of "Mengel House,'' opposite the residence ofMaj. Tate. JOB MANN. June 2, 1851, G. H. bI'ANO. NOTICE TC COLLECTORS. Collectors of the Poor Tax are notified to settle their Duplicates for 1853 and 1851 immediately and save costs, as suits will be instituted against all who neglect thi-notice. By order of the Directors; JO FLY 11. JUS If, Treasurer. Jan. 19, 18">5. BEDFORD COUNTY, SS: At an Orphans' Court held at Bedford, in and lor the County of Bedford, on the 20ih day of November, A. D. 1854, before the Judges of the said Court— On motion of JOHN P. REED, Esq.. the Court grant a Rule upon the heiis and legal represen tatives of Jon u Stoler, late of Liberty Town ship, deceased, to wit : Abraham and Philip, residing in the County of Whitney and State of Indiana; John Stoier,, and Susan, intermarried with John Clapper, residing in Ashland Coun ty, Ohio; Catharine, intermarried with Isaac Keiisinger, Mary, intermarried with David Bark shesser, and David Stoler, residing in Liberty lownship, Bedford County, to be and appear at an Orphans' Court, to be holden at Bedford, in arid for said County, on the second Monday (twelfth day) of February next, to accept or refuse to take the real estate of John Stoler, de ceased, at the valuation, which lias been valued and appraised in pursuance of a Writ of Parti tion or valuation issued out of the Orphans' Court ol Bedford County and to the Sheriff of said County directed, or show cause why the same should not be sold by order of the said Court. I N TESTIMONY VV HEREOF, I have here unto s' t my hand and the sen! uf said Court, at Bedford, the Gth day ot' December, A. D. 1851. D. WASH ABA UGH, ATTEST: Clerk HI GH MOORE, Sheriff. Jan. 5, 1855. BEDFORD COUNTY, SS: At an Or-phrns' Court held at Bedford in and (r the Conntv of Bedford, on the 24-th day of November, A. D. 1854, before the Judges ol the said Comt On motion of A. Ki>;<;. Esq., the Court grant a rule upon the hirs and legal representative.? of Dr. William Watson, late of the Borough of ])■ dlurd, tlfct ased, to wit : Margaret, intertnar ri*ci with Dr. Samuel Smith, residing in Alle gheny County. Maryland: Dr. YViiiiatn H. W ats m, John Watson, Marv Jane, intermarried wth Alexander King, Louisa H., intermarried with Espy L. Anderson, Susan, who was inter married with James Brown, since deceased, h aving issue one ihild, Eliza Brown, a minor, of whom William 11. Watson is guardian. Eliza H., intermarried with Edward Harrison, all re siding in the Conntt of Bedford : Isabella A., intern.arried with George Smith, residing in Allegheny Comity, Maryland : Anna, intermar ried with John I'. O'Neal, residing in the City ot Philadelphia, I'ercßu!, since (!• ceased, with out issue, and Laura V., inteimarried with John C. Brashear, i* siding in tfie (."ity of Washing ton, to be and appear at an Orphans' Court, to he held at Bedford, in and for sai l County, on the 2d Monday (l'Jth day) of February next, to accept or refuse to take the real estate of said Dr. \\ m. Watson, deceased, at the valua tion, which has been valued and appraised, in pursuance of a writ of Partition or valuation issued out of the Orphans' Court of Bedford County and to the Sheriff'ofsaid County direct ed, or show cause why the same should not be sold I v order of the said Court. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I hnve'here nntn set tnv hand and the seal of said Court at Bedford, the Cth dav of November. A. D. IS5f. D. WASH ABA CO 11, ATTEST: Clerk. Umj! MOORE, Sheriff. Jan. 5, 1855. NOTICE. Letters of Administration having been grant ed to the undersigned on tin* estate <■! Abraham Sparks, late of Wist Providence Township, Bedford Count v. ail persons indebted to said es tate are requested to make immediate payment ami those having claims w ill present them properly authenticated lor settlement. SOL. SPARKS, JOHN CESSNA, Jan. 5. 185.'.. Jithinniilrutots. xZIA gkYq The undersigned having obtain ed from t lie East a line selection of choice breeds of Hogs, including Chester county Sui foik, Gtade and Berkshire Pigs, direct from im ported stock, car. now furnish any oi these \a rietus to those desirous of improving their stock. A fine lot of Chester county Pigs, from the ce lebrated stock of Benjamin Hickman, Chester county, now lor stile. Terms moderate. WM. HARTLEY, Mount Dallas Farm. Jan. I*2, 1855—6 m. FASHIONABLE TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. The subscriber would announce to his old friends arid customers, and the public in gener al, that he has permanently located himself in Juliana Street, next door to D; . REAMER'S Drug & Book Store, where her is prepared to execute all orders in his line in a superior manner, on reasonable terms. From long experience in the business, lie feels confident he can render satis faction to all who honor him with a calf. lie constantly keeps on hand ready-made clothing, of every description, for Men and Boys—also, a superior assortment of CLOTHS, C A SSI.MERES, CASSINETTS, SILK. SA TIN, and other YES TIN OS, ami Summer W ear, which he will sell as low as they can be bought elsewhere, and make them up to the taste of the purchaser. He also keeps a general assortment of Cravats, Stocks, Cnlla.s, Suspenders, Handkerchief's, \.c. He hopes *o m 'rit ami receive a libera! share of public patronage. WM. SCIENTER. June •), ISoi. Delaines, Cashmeres, Alpaccas, Thibet Cloths, <Nc., &c., of every color, just received and fur sale by " A. JJ. CRAMER K Co. TOOTH ACHE.— Persons are not general ly aware that Dr. Keyser's Tooth Ache reme dy, prepared by him at 14-0 Wood Street, Pitts burg, Pa. and l>>r sale at Rupp &. Cster's in this place will stop immediately an aching tooth. Whoever tries it will be convinced. Dec. 8, 1554-. RE MQVAL > —The undersigned respect fully inform their friends and customers that thev have removed their Store to Exchange Building, w here it will ait'oiii us pleasure to of fer Goods of every description, at the lowest prices, to all who may favor us with a call. A. B. CRAMER & CO. HALF PRICE! — Remnants °f Laines, and other Goods on hand, which we are selling at about half Their value. A. B. CRAMER IN CO. Jan. 26. Eiduingc Lvilding. | New Firm! New Store!! and New Goods!!! The subscribers, having just received and o ! pened at the old stand of J. H. SCHELL, a new and splendid assortment of Goods, respect ; fully invite the patronage of the public. Their s'.ocji consists of Staple &. Fancy Goods, of the finest and new est styles ; also, a laige as sortment of FAMILY GROCERIES, Drugs, Medicines, Paiuts, Oils, Dye Stuffs, Hardware, Nails, Glassware, Queenßwarrg"Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Umbrellas, and, in fact, ev ery article that is kept in a well regulated country store, all of which have been carefully selected, and will be sold on the most favorable terms for CdSH or PRODUCE. MARIA SCHELL, JACOB S. SCHELL. Srhellsburg, Ta., ) Nov. 10, 185-1. J It FILL GOADS! Tim undersigned thankful to tlu ir numerous patrons lor their kind and very liberal patron age, respectfully informs them that they have just received from the eastern cities, a handsome assortment of new stvie Fall Goods, suitable for the present and coming season, comprising French and English Broadcloths, Cassimeres, Tweeds, Sattinetts, Kentucky Jeans, Flannels,] Satin and Worsted Vestings,Cravats and hdkfls., j knit Merino Shuts and Drawers, Cashmeres, Mansseline De Rege, Mousselioe Delaines, Co ining and Thibet Cloths, Alpacas, Silk Poplins, Black Gfos De Rhine, and Taney Silks, Prints from a tip up, Muslins bleached and unbleached] from a fip up, all widths, Thibet and Bay State j Shawls, Ginghams, Checks, Linseys, Tickings. Drillings, Cambrics, Nankeens, Clash, Diapers, Damask Table Cloths and Covers, White Goods, Embroiders, Sleeves, Collars, Dress Trimmings, Ribbons, Cloves, Hosiery, Hats, Caps, Hoots, Shoes, Queensware, Hardware, and Brooms, Groceries, N. C. Sngass, White Clarified, Put- I veriz-'d, and Crushed do., Golden Syrup, N. O. Molasses, good Rio Coflee l2i, Piinie do 15 cents, Spices, Teas, Chocolate, Extract of Cof fee, Tobacco, Flax Seed, Sperm and Whale Oils, Drugs, Patent Medicine, Cattle Powders, together with 100! other articles adapted to the wants of the people, ail of which they will seli at the very lowest possible prices for cash and approved produce, or upon short credit to good and punctual customers. And, as our motto, short profits, many sales, and quick returns, has I been fully carried out, and wiil continue the | ruling feature, we foe! assured we can make it . to the advantage of all in search of cheap bar gains to give tis a call before purchasing. All kinds ol Produce taken tor Goods. HUPP fx. CSTER. Bedford, Sept. 22, 1854. (Sjtretfixor to Jll rth-y JCiug/it.) SEDDIXG AXV CAUPET WAREHOUSE, .Vo. 148 South Second Street, Firi" titwr* nhove Sprttrr Street , PHILADELPHIA, Where he keeps constantly on band a lull a-sortrnent of everv article in his line of business. FKATHERS, FKATHKR-BI DS. Patent Spring Mattresses, Curled Hair, Moss, Corn Husk anil Straw Mattiesses, Velvet Tapestry, Tapestry, Brussels. Three-Plv. Ingrain, Venetian. List, Rag and Hemp Carpeting-. Oil Cloths. ! Canton Mattings. Cocoa and Spanish Mattings, Floor and Staii Druggets, ileal ih lings. Door Mat-. Table and Piano Covers, to winch he invites the attention of purchasers. Oct. 33, 15.31. ly. ISARIif IRE STORE" Tlie subscriber having purchased the entire stock ol HARDWARE ol the late Thomas B. Miller, in the Borough of Bedford, would re- j spec! fully announce to Lis friends and the pub- j he geneiaily, that he is now prepared to fur- j ni.sli almost everv article in his line of business j on favorable terms. 11 is stock being nearly all : new, and selected hv one well experienced in ; the husiiiess, he is tullv satisfied that purchasers; will find it to their advantage to give him a; call. ]ri addition to a general stock of Hard-j ware, he has on hand,and will constantly keep,! GROCERIES of the very best quality—< J LASS \ of all sizes—also, STONEWARE ot a very su-] perior quality.- He has also on hand all kinds i ol Oils, Paints, Drugs, Brooms. &.C., Nc., and j Cedar Ware in great variety. Having now permanently settled in business,] and being determined to use every proper e.x- j ertion to please, he hopes to merit and receive 1 a liberal share of public patronage. JOHN ARNOLD. Dec. 22, 1854. Cassinetts cheaper than over—Kentucky Jeans—Flannels - , Linseys— Cloths and every description of Winter Goods, we offer at prices that cannot tail to please. A. IF CRAMER & Co. Oct. 27, 185*. CHOCKS. Apple Butter and Milch Crocks can be had at my I'utterv in Schclls!urg, by any quantity, tor Cash. In all cases of sale, a reasonable per centage will be allowed to storekeepers, but no carriage will be allowed bv me. PETER SCHELL. Sept. 1, 1854. PETITION" FOIL LICEASE. To the Honorable the Jut/ires of Ihe Court cf Quarter Sessions Jor Ihe county of Bedford. The petition of Peter Kinzey hurnblv shew eth that vour petitioner is desirous of keeping a Tavern in the house which he now occupies on the Bedford and Schellshurg Turnpike Road, 5 miles west of Bedford, in the township of Na pier in saill county: that the said house is two stories high and contains eight rooms, and has sufficient stabling, and is convenient and suita ble for a public house of entertainment: that said petitioner is well provided with house room in the said house, and with all other convenien ces for the lodging ami accommodation of stran gers and travellers; he therefore prays the Court to grant him a license. PETER KINZEY. We, the subscribers, citizens of and residing within the hounds of Napier Township, in Bed ford county, do certify that we are personally acquainted with Peter Kinzey the above peti tioner, and that we know him to he of good re pute li<r honesty and temperance, and is well piovided with house room and conveniences for ihe lodging and accommodation of strangers and travellers. George Stticky, Peb-r Mowry, Christian Stoufer, John Emrick, Patrick Dullard, Perry 'I rout, John 'J'odd, James Earesen, JAeph B. Buyer, Martin Reilev, Reuben R. Colvin, John Hull. Jan. 20, 1855. BOOKS! BOOKS!! BOOKS!!! Just received a very large assortment of r. S'-'s series of School Books, to which we wi.uJd respectfully call the attention of the Merchant* ofßedford County. We can sup ply them wholesale as cheap as they can be bought if) Mm*!! quantities in the cities. Our stock of miscellaneous Books, Stationery, &.C., is also very extensive, and our facilities for pro curing goods are such, that any thing ordered, if not already on hand, can be procured in a very short time. SHRYOCK, HEED & Co. Mansion House, Chambersburg, Fa. Nov. 17. 1854, —3rn. itu.'riat'. A large assortment of MUSIC for the Piano, Guitar, Violin, Sfc., always on hand. Order* promptly attended to. SHRYOCK, REED St Co. Chambersburg, Pa. Nov. 17, 1854-. —3 m. NOTICE, Notice is hereby given that letters testamen tary on trie Estate of Samuel Gruber, late of Southampton Township, deceased, have been this day granted to the subscriber, living in said Township. All persons indebted to said Es tate are requested to make immediate payment, and those having claims or demands against the same are requested to make known the same without delay. MARY GRUBER. Dec. 15, 1854. Executrix. Notice! Notice is hereby given that Letters of admin istration have been granted to the undersigned on the Estate of Nicholas Boor, late of Cumber land Valley township, deceased, that all per sons indebted to said Estate are requested to make immediate payment, and those having claims theryon will present them duly authenti cated for settlement. WILLIAM 11. BOOR, Jan. 5, 1855.* Jblwiiniztrator. If \m AND NEW GOODS! The subscribers having purchased the entire- Stock of' Goods of Geo. W. Horn, in the town of Schellsburg, beg leave to announce to the public generally, that they have now on hand, and will continue to keep, a large and vveil se lected assortment of DRY GOODS, GROCE RIES, HARDWARE, QUE ENS WARE, Tin ware, Oils, Drugs, Fish, Molasses, and, in fact, every article usually found in Country Stores, to which they invite tire attention of purchas ers, satisfied that they can give satisfaction to ail who give them a cali. The highest price will be paid for Hides, and for ail kinds of Grain. Lumber and Produce, of everv description, will be taken in exchange for Goods, at thy highest prices. All kinds of Leather will he kept at the Store lor sale. Give us a call. A. J. SNIVELY, JAMES BURNS, Jr. Jan. 5, 1555. PI'ISLIC SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE. In |Htisuance of a decree of the Court of Com mon Pleas of Bedford county, in Partition, there will be sold, at public outcry, at the Court House, in the Borough of Bedford, on MONDAY, the 12th day of February next, (court week) at one o'clock of said day, the fol low ing described KEAL ESTATK* lafe fhe property of J OS. S. MORRISON, deceased, to wit: One Lot of ground situate on the north-east corner of Fiflt and Julianna streets, being Lot No. iStf in the general plan of the Borough of Bedidrd, adjoining Lot of Henry Woods' devi sees, with a large Stone Dwelling House, Store House and other buildings thereon erected. Also one other Lot situate on the south-west corner of Johanna and Pitt streets, the same being the half of Lot No. 32 in the general plan of said borough, extending 90 feet on Pitt street, with a frame store-house and four other small fiame buildings thereon erected. Terms of Sale:—One-third of the purchase money in hand, and the remainder in two equal annual payments, with interest. LG^'Possession to be given on the Ist of A pri! next. HUGH MOORE. Jan. 19, 1855. Sheriff. LIST OF CAUSES Put down for trial at February Term ( 12th day) 1835. Maria McFldovvney vs. Sarnl William* et al Commonwealth Hoi and Bed T RC Geo II Keyser's use John Burster Daniel Helsell Charles Smith John Kim; Jonathan Baltzell Same John Grace J S Morrison's adm'r Susan Carney Hunting ami Broadtop RRC John Berkstresser Same Davit! S Berkstresser John Slighter John 11 11 sll Alexander Price Joseph Price et al Jerman Jacobs Wm Figart John Jack-on J A Anderson and wife Same James A Anderson John 11 Hill John Slighter A V Sianuton & Co Wnt Grsfiith John A Tobias Heltzell Same Daniel Heltzell et al John Bowser l'attonsviile and Wood berry T 11 C Henry B Mock Jacob Andrews Wm Leary Matilda Miller et al Johh Furry et al Daniel Burner et at N Dicken use Jesse Die ken et al Same Same Same Jonathan H Dicken et al Same Same Pattonsville and Woodber ry T RC James Patton Same John and Tbos King Rebecca Brant's use David Patterson Same Wm Crisman's adm'r Adam Smith's heirs Benjamin Lyberger John Bowser Samuel Whetstone John Ruddlesdin Wm P Scheil Esq. D. WASHABAUGH, ProPy. Prothonotary's Office, Jan. 10, 18.1.3. NOTICE. All persons indebted to the estate of GEORGE MILLS, late of Monroe Township, Bedford comity, deceased, are requested to make immediate payment —and those having claims against said estate will pre-ent them properly authenticated for sett lenient. BKN'.I. MILLS, Administrator. Feb. 2. IS-M,.* A two-Morse Wagon, and one Top Buggy, new, and work warranted, fur sale cheap on a liberal credit, or for Countrv Produce. A.a CRAMER vN CO. One large 1 en Plate Stove —with doors com plete, lor sale by A. B. CRAMER & Co.

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