Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 6, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 6, 1837 Page 3
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on the part of some Solution! srnllcinrii In either limue nf Comics, In pninne llie icvnunilinn of ' indepeiilfiire; nnil peihips 1 lie ndinisiotl of llmt .StuIR in ilic Union, (lining ihiii tendon. ll id i-pilnlii, nolulilisliinilhij; l ho tennr nf llie Ktndalian Mpnii mi IVxnti iifT.ilis, iccenily eiH In Conpcis by Andrew Jackson, Jr., rn from Andrew Jnt k'on. Sen., thu pnuci be, mid ttie powers llmt lire in lip, ore mil nifw In theme cess of Texas in licr c!c iniitttN upon ilic I Jiiilrd Stales : nnil ii li nlo certain, Mr Vim lluieii, wtiiilct or limy lie I tin (jeiiem! eirnMinciinii of liU general silence mi this inpic, luu cxpir'-ed lmnelf in 10 run f.ivoriibtu In llie formal ion ol'lhU opinion. Ad in llie upshot ofllio iniiller, I mil now only rpeiiking ol'ccrlniiuics, unit cm only mid that H iii ccrlnio ii great dibit will lie m.ulo lo biing nil these imillrmdiniil. ' It isrertiiin lliiit llie Surplus Revenue, remaining in the Tieiisiiry in January next, ill be distributed among llie Slates : and it is cerium no Sliilo will lefuse to receive its proportion. Il is rcrlnin ill il a siions ilesiie. exists lo dijtiub the Compromi-e of 1833, in lelnllon to the Tariff, nnil ihat llie effort will lie in nlc lo do fo, befoic, long before,- 1S42. lint I do not think at tliis session of Congress any thing definiiu in icln lion lo ilic subject will he acrninpli.heil ; although that in.iv, ami pioli.ilily will be done, which will lead to fncli a ienll lieir-uficr. Il is ci'i tain the 'I'ri-nsiiry Dcpailment was dc?troed liy iiiceiidiintes, at llin inonncR of tome piuvci lot agent, linlierlo ronei'iiieu nininii iiir rnr tain; ami .1 .. utmost r.ilam lie. llie Inst ihiii-o ( Dennrliiieai was binned fur pm poses, hum . bv llie iicenrv of shni'.ir InstiiiniriiiH. A iropo?itioo lo cnn-iiler a icolalinii npprnpmi ling lloiinlj lands in oltireis of llie hue war, in eon i(leraiioii of ilieir femees, elirited an animated (hough biiif dib.ile. nnil was laid on llie tabic. A Pr.oT Di-covEnni). The Nashville Republican offers to prove the (act tlitl General Jackson offered to make Mr While Vice President, and President after Mr. Van Buren'e term, if he would be quiet and let him have his own wnv ? INDIANS IN 'I HI' SOUTH. rl. .., I .rwl (I.,.!-!"" J IID policy ......... ......., .., . ... conccrnraiinii on inc iiuiuiu m iuu rjuuui Western Stales is beginning tn bo understood! ., ;a throuplioul trio uounuy. 1 no roptcseni.i. lions of Mr (iarla'nd in Cnnsrcss, on behalf of Louifana, deserve tho uiotl serious con sideration. Wo presented a similar view ol ill is subject some months since, and public at tention is now tardily awaking to it9 impor tince. TIiij following artielo from tho Pcnri. sytvania Sentinel will be read with tnlnrcsl: "Wo arc not mprii-eil that the reprcsenta tives in C'nnt;re.-s, from llie Sontli Weftnrn fjlalc, havu come out in opposition In the I olicy oil our "overiunenl in Ectihn all liie Indian tribes within our hordors, at the South West. A larjio body of IndiiiiiK have been already galhcied there. They are in tho im tucdiu 1 1- vicinity of urcat warlike and unsub dued tribes, Onin whom, in ruse of war with tho whiles, lliey would receive prc.U as.-is-tanee. The country also, licin prairie, en aides them on ihcir linrscs. tho wild steed of tho desert, lo dart upon t lie American settle incuts and letreal in salelv In cam of con flict with the white-', our military posts and military preparation on tlic frontier, would bo itisu'lficiont to withstand the Indians. They would probably burst down upon the settle ments. Here they wo'jld free tho slaves, massacro the whites and du-olnlo (be country as they progressed. Sucli an invasion, aided by servile insurrection, could not bo with stood by tho ordinary military icsources of tho South Western States; and the wlinlo of that portion of the Union mipht fall into Ilic hands of a mongrel and savaru Ibo. Tho his tory of tho Indian race is not yet told. Tho day of retribution mm yet comu. Tho Indian raec may yet bo enabled, with the aid of tho negroes, to wreak a bloody vengeance, on their oppressors, lo icclaim a portion uf their most fertile) teintory. and drive the pale faces from Ibo (.'raves of their fathers-. Wo know that intelligent men at the South West, h.ivu legarded tho policy of government, in consol idating the Indians in largo and foruiidublu masses on our weakest frontier, almost suici dieal. Their uneasiness is. not without cause; and wo heartily unite with them in depreca ting tlic removal of the hardy tribes ol' North West lo llie same point uf concentration. If a handful of Soininolcs a low runaway ne groes can hufilo tliis whole militaiy force of Ihe country, what may we not apprehend from twenty thousand Indian warriors, leagued with millions ol' emancipated and desperatu laves? ThuMihjeel deiervcr attention. American Rhenish. At Vcvey. on the Ohio, the vino is extensively cultivated by Swiss emigrants, who founded a colony there as early as llitU. Smite of the vine yards have twenty acres in vines, which yeld nearly 4,000 gallons of wine per year worth'frnm otic to three dollars per gal Ion. The quality of the wine made nt como vmevards, is pronounced by enmpc tent judges equal to the best Rhenish itn ported into this country. Rev. Dn. Woods. A correspondent of the Boston Atlas writes n letter from con cord N. II. Dec 20, ttating that this ven erable clergyman died last Sunday nt his residence in Jloscawen. He has preached 54 years, says the letter, and has prepared more young men for college (lion. Daniei Webster among nihcrsjjlhan ever did any other clergyman in New England, lie died in tho midst of n people who venera ted him as a faithful minister, an excellent citizen, a practical farmer, and a goodman. The Mint and the Coinage. The im portant bill consolidating into one, with flight alterations, all the existing laws and regulations respecting the Mint and Coin age, was yesterday ordered lo he engros sed for a third reading in the House ol rep resent at ives, Mr. Aimms having waived his objections Hi parts of the hill, afie.r having maturely examined it. and othei objections; being obviated by amendment As the bill now stands', the Gold Coin re mains as now ; Ihe Silver Dollar is to be hereafter of'iho weight of 4l5i grains in fiend of 4IG, lis present weight, (the quantity n' pure stlvi in it, however, re maining thu same, and llie parts of dollai of nroportintiala weight ; and the cupper coin remain's, instead of being reduced as proposed, nt its present weight of 1CH, grains In the cent, and 04 grains lo tin lull" cent. Death of Ll, Host of the Marine Corps It is our melancholy duty to Elate that this gallant officer, who was wounded on the 2 1 st tilt, white lending dig mcnjnvcr tlic Wnltoo Swamp, iimler n heavy fire ot'tltc enemy, is no mnro. lie rcnclicd Fort Hoileman on the 2J ittst. and died on tlic 10th. Every kindness was extended to 1 1 1 m , nnil hia surgeon writes that ho bore his sufferings wilh heroic fortitude. He was to have been buried on the tllli with the honors of war. Pluasant Occurranci:. The Salem Ga zeltosays: ''One nf our oldest and m6st ro spcclablo subscribers, called in yesterday and paid his hundred and first semiannual sub Fcription, tip to the first of January noxl," New TiiEonr uf the Seasons, Some European Astronomers anil meteorologists, attribute the premature cold of tho present autumn to llie deputuro of Hnlley's com ot i which they allege in its advance bring heat, and cold as it recedes from the earth. Wisconsin. Tho Legislature of Wis snnsin has paseil a hill lucul intr I Itc per inn no tit seat nf the Government fur that ( Mndisntl, oil t he Four Lakes; . . . ., . ...... . providinc, however, that Burlington, on the west side of the Mississippi, elm 1 1 be the place of meeting lor the Legislature until 11)39. Insanity ok Tailors. A work pub lished in France, slates that no less than 751 insane tailors were confined in one place tiluiic ; and that on no averaijo there are 1!I5 mad tailors in every thousand. Phvsicians attribute it to their sedentary habits. 03" The Hon. Mr. Smith, lately elected U. S. Senator from Indiana is represented as a distinguished lawyer, and mm of the most prominent mcmbres ol the Whig par- i() (iat gla(c " "lu" "n"? n " " es -n.i..L- comiiuui name there lias named Ins el- ii I n -. .1.- tir-. dent sun Slam. Whew! what a name for a militia capiain Slam Bung! Chicago Prircs. From the Chicago Commercial Advertiser of tho 29th, we perci'ive that Flour is selling at that place fur $15 Per barrel Pork. g2U : Butter 50 els, per lb ; Corn Meal gl 75 cent s per bushel ; Oats 75 cent s per bushel. The New York Sun says thai there is a library in Europe, loriiierly belonging to Professor Ijlnmenbach, which is composed entirely of works written by negroes. The worthy professor says, in reference to these work-!, that there is not a single de partment of taste or of science in which sums negro has not distinguished himself! Providence, R. I. Dec. 51. Yesterday afternoon, an Englishman, named, Whimslaw Smith, a tin plate work er, jumped from the highest point on the Old Cnl?ec House, (so called,) in Market, square, a distance of nearly fifty feet, and landed upon thu pavement ten feet from the side-walk, breaking one arm in two place-, the oilier arm at the wrist, one leg broken, with both arms and feet literally crushed, besides a hole broke in hU head. He sur vived the injuries received until his limbs and wounds were dressed by skilful lur geon, after which he was removed lo the Asylum, where he died about C o'clock in the evening. Good Advice to a Fakmeii, "Many years ago," said a quuker who told us the following anecdote, "many years ago, n brother to tin! celebrated Benjamin West, who had been a cooper in this city, n man of sterling sense and integrity, purchased in rin some iuiIcr out ol i lie city which :ul been suffered to be overrun with bush cs anil tuiiir-j; tie was tor a short time :on-dered by his neighbor farmers as very far from being as wise as Solomon, or even I hem-elves, but in a few years his wai the best farm within 50 miles nround htm, and his fame as a larmer spread far and wide. Out! day a man came to him who was de sirotis of improving his farm and asked him how ho should do it; go home, said Mr We6t, and make five or ten acres as rich as thee wants it, and come to me and I will tell thee what to do next! but, said I he far mer, I have not manure enough lo do that. Very well, then go and prepare three acres, two acres, or one acre in the same way, but what thee undertakes, no well. The farmer, said our ritiENn, perfectly comprehended tin) advice and what is very tiuiKual, practiced upon and benefit led by it, leaving at his death one of Ihe best farms in the country." Go and dolliou likewise. "The Blacking Business." Shining results. Mr. Day, who recently died in London, amassed a fortune of upwards of g2.20O.O0O in his business of blacking man ufacturer. To his daughter Mrs. Claggett, he has left g'JO 000 a year, and to his wid ow glO.OOO a year, for iheir lives. IlIAIltli:i. In ihe loivn, on r-'iind.iv en-niii l.ui, hv Jcili'di.ili 'I'ltl I It, I.MI., Mr. f'ltKDKIIlCK (i. Illt.l., Allm iipy nt I ii w, of Jeiiihu, lu Miss Auiqail K. Wasiiuur.n dii:i). In Mnrgiin, oa llie 2:1I Sept., Mr. Josinli S. I'i. pef, used 32 veins. Ho win iinMnnilv killed lit llie filiiiii' ol :i bioii.l-idi! of n fi.uin; uhil" i.iiHii;;. AUo, Mr. i.nli;niicl I'iprr, nnl lcnlj, on llii' Till IMiv,, aseil ;3 veins niniiiei-hi j. M, r. In Iteiliii, on the lOih inxi.. S'tMin T.ijlur, d.inhlri' of lliioin Tnjlor, ned 8 inonili. In Or.inae, .Mr Kbo'n llmieork killed initaiilly by llie kick of a lioun in llie hic.iM. NOTICE. rpilll'i subscriber intending to mako n A new arrongmnnt in business requests all thuse having unsettled account villi him to call and settle the snum without delay. W. It. VILAS. Jau.G, 1837. 4w. NOTICE. A1 LI, those who aro indebted to the iindnrf iued and whoso accounts or noies have becomo due aro hereby noli lied that payment must bo made imme diately or such deinaudi will bo handed lo attorney for collection. T P & W L STRONG. Burlington, Dec. 28, 1830, COUNTING ROOM ALMANAC FOR 1 837. 2 H S H r n J 9 S " v, f 1 January 1 2 U 4 6 G 7 (1 9 10 It 12 13 14 15 1G 17 in 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 20 27 21) 29 30 31 12 3 4 5 6 7 n 9 10 11 n 13 14 15 10 17 in 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 20 27 20 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 II 12 13 14 15 IC 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 20 27 28 29 30 31 1 2 3 4 5 0 7 0 9 10 II 12 13 14 15 10 17 Ml 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 20 27 28 29 30 I 2 3 4 5 G FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY 7 0 9 10 1 1 12 13 14 15 1G 17 It) 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 2 20 29 30 31 JUNE 1 2 3 4 5 G 7 8 9 10 II 12 13 14 15 10 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 2G 27 28 29 30 1 2 3 4 5 G 7 IS 9 10 II 12 13 14 15 10 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 20 27 28 29 30 31 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 II 12 13 14 15 10 17 It! 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 20 JULY AUGUST 27 28 29 30 31 1 2 3 4 5 0 7 0 9 10 II 12 13 14 15 1G 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 20 27 28 29 30 1 2 3 4 5 0 7 0 9 10 11 ii 1.1 14 15 6 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 20 27 28 29 30 31 12 3 4 5 C 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 10 17 HI 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 20 27 28 29 30 1 2 3 4 5 0 7 !I 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 10 17 13 19 20 21 22. 23 24 25 20 27 28 29 30 31 SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER )ltOTi:STANT JESUITISM, For sale by V. HAItltlNGTON. jH.KniAMa rrtTKICIANS, By the A author of "Old Maids,"'-Old Bachelors," k.c. &c, 2 vols, ltecnived and 'or sale by VEIINON II A ullliN (J 1 U,N. Jau.G, IS 17. FLOUR. 100 Bbls Surpcrfino Flour by TF S( W L STRONG. SALMON Tierces for sale by T V & W L STRONG. Nails and Iron, 1 nnPj Kegs cut Nails, assorted 3d 1UUV 0 C0Ji 10 tons round Peru Iron 1-4 to 2i in. 5 " Stir. do J to 2 in. 5 " Band do i to 0 " 4 " Horse Shoe do also Nail Rods, Hoop Iron, Steel Sleigh and Cutter Shoes &c. Sic. bv TFSr WLSTROXQ. January 5, 1837. CLOTH LOST. LOST on Friday tho 30lh Dec. last, be. tween Sniioo Corners and (?apt. Joseph Sinclair's in Ksscx, ono piccu of wine colored presseil CLOTH, containing about eleven yards, labelled Z. Urucc, WilliMon ; also a piece of sriutTcolorcd fulled Cloth, containing from eleven to tliittcoti yds marked J. V. li. with linen thread, on ono end, and directed to "J. P. Jleckwith, Williston lo ho left at Jen co Corners," Whoever will deliver said cloth lo Z. Bruco, Chittenden's Ferry, Williston, or givo inlormatiou whcio it may bo found, shall bu liberally rewarded. J.P.BECKWITII, Z. BRUCE. Williston, Jan. 5,1837. Fire Notice. T HE members oft ho Burlington Fire Conijiami are hereby notified that ihe. mcoiuifr nf said company, will he hMcn at J. Howard's Hotel, on tho fourth Wednesday ('ho 25'h day) of January, in- statu, a! 7 o'clock tn the afternoon, f r ihe choice ot leu Wardens, n Clerk nnd Treats, urer, nnd for tho transaction of oil other bu.-iness required by the Charter. A punctual attendance ofall the members h desired as business of importance will be laid before the meeting. By order of the Wardens, LYMAN CUMMINGS, CVri?. Burlington. Jan. 3 1037. Settle, pay, and save Cost. rjniU'J snbtcribrr insists on a settlement, A ami payment of all debts duo him by the first of February. WM. I. SEYMOUR. Burlington, Dec. 29. 1830. IjOST ON Friday last, n largo grey FUR CAPE, lined with blue-black silk.--The finder shall bo suitably rewarded by leaving it at tho Book Sloro. Decern. 29, 1830. Cash for Pork. tHE Subscribers will pay cash for pork , delivered at their store on Church-et. ec. SO. Lovctr & Addott. United States Sale. DISTRICT OF VERMONT. SS. BY virtue of a Decretal Order from (he District Court of tho United States for tho district of Vermont, bearing date Dec. 20, 1830, I will sell nt public nitct ton, at thu auction sloro of N. I). Haswell, in the town of Burlington in said district, on Saltirdaytha 14th uf January next, at 10 o'clock A. M. two boxes, containing 10 pieces flmadClolh, 2 pieces Cassimeroand 1 dozen suspenders, seized at Burlington on the 10th day of November last, for al leged violations of the revenue laws of the United Slate. Terms of sale, cash. A. W. HYDE. Col. of ihe Customs for tho Dial, of Vt. N. B. IIaswei.i,, Auct'r. Burlington Dec. 30, 1830. Engine Company No. 3. Pf! HE annual meeting of said company JL will he holdcn at John Howard's lintel on Wednesday evening next, nt 7 o'clock P. M. " WM. WESTON, Scc'y. D"C. 29, 1830. Otter and Seal Caps, &c. WE have two good caps Cor sale; as thev are the last we will sell thctn at tho dozen price, at the Variety Shop. PANonnnN & BniMtMAin. 20 dozen Whalebone I3usks, and narrow Whalebine, jut received hy I ANfinnllN & liRI.MSMAII) Vol. VII of Vermont Reports fur sale by VEn.Mu.N Harrington Dec. 23, 1(130. Cash paid for Barley at llie Burlington Brewery by li. N, FLACK. Dee. 29, 1830. i omnioii Trayer Various si- ct and spleunid bindings, for Christmas and and New Year" ptescnts, for sale by V. IIAIUUN'GTON. Proper Lessons to be read at morning and evening prayer, on Sunday and oilier holy-days throUi.'hout tho vonr, In-salo by V. IIAItltiNGTON. Parley's Almanac, for 1837. Tho American Nun, for s.ilo by Deo. 29. V. II A It KINGTON. BOOKS received by V. HARRINGTON. Clark's I'minKes, Meltnalhs's Ueltgious Life, ChriMiiui Radicalism, Legend ul'St. Guorgc, Draper's Parables, Christinas ofl'oriuc, New Years Token London, Eii;;IMi Navigators, Tlio Jewell, German Tourist, Ac. &c. Dee. 24. 1930. December 29, 1836. JUt-".!' . 1 C. lu lun liy Lovely &. Abbott, 10 dnz. L5 uc k milter;", G do do Glove!, G do do and AIooso skin Moccasins, G do patent wood pails. An assortment of Farweild gaiter boots, working shoe and slips &c. &c. NEW GOODS. NOT. i!9, HUG. OWING to the increase of hiiMucss, thu subscribers; have been induced lo lirinrr on a very largo and splondid -tuck, of Taslr ionubla FALL A.XD H'lXTRii GOODS. consisting of Iiroadclothi of all colors and shades plaid and plain Cassimers and Sat linolU VesiiiiL's Pilot Cloths I'oterslMnis. 0, 10 L 1 1 -1 " Ilnc Hlaiikels green and while Ilorso Ulankcts Carpeting. Lamp Mats, etc. etn. WORSTED STUFFS. Thibet Cloth". German, French, English, prain arm n' u ,icriiioi, Circassians, JJointia zelts, gnatshair and cnnunon Camlets, black, lirown and olivo r rcnrli llnmbazincs ; brown Indcpcndants, a new article.- black, red and while Merino Shawls ; Thibet Shawls and Handkerchief ; merino and worsted Hose. SILK GOODS Clack and blue gros do Swiss, gros do Nap. pros do Rhine, do Soi, Lustring, Ital ian, and sinchaw Silks, black satin Lcvantins, black and grey silk camlets, Poujccs, every variety of black and colored silk and Tabby Velvets, ladies' and gentlemen's cravats, silk Gloves and IIoo, black Chally for Dresses, black while and coloied chally Shawls and Handkerchiefs, spoiled Lace, black lace Veils, black, while and green blond Veils, blond Edgings and Footings, also a great variety of figured, plaid and plain Sattin, luslrinjr and irauzu Ribbons, etc, CHOCK Lilt Y AND GLASS. An extensive asrorlmcnt of China, Crocktry and Glass Wart Lonkinir Glasses, clc. etc. DRY GROCEKIKS. Loaf, lump and brown Sugars, Molasses, Imperial, Old and Young Hyson, Ilysonskin, lllaek and Jlohea Teas : box and ke'' raisins : bariels-, half and quarter barrels Mackerel : CodhMi; ground Pepper and Spice, Ginger. nuiiiioys, uiuvi'H, cassia : piug anil paper 1 ouacco, etc. etc. LOVELY & ABBOTT. 100 Barrels For sale by Dec. 53 Superfine Flour H. HYDE & CO. NOTICE T iii'i tiuuersi''iieit are now receiving their winter supply of oods consis liiif of a large assortment of Dry Goods, Wet and Dry Groceries, Crockery, Glass, and Hardware, Stifjar, Midtisses. Spirits, &c. by the Ulid. anil most kinds of Dry Goods by 'the origin al package or parcel, lo suit purchasers. The largo portion of our slock wa hough: at Ihe presold very low prices, which will enablu us to sell us cheap us ihu cheapest. Wo do tint deem it necessary to enumerate articles, but can assure the public that our lock ii wull selected mhraeing nearly evvry nrlicle called for in this section anil will be sold, for cash or approved credit, at a small advance. Grateful fur past favors, we respectfully invito tho public to exam ine our stuck nnd compare prices, ETSlcre npposito tlio Vermont Hole and Pearl st. House, at tho lower end of Pearl street. 5. WALKER & Co. Hector G. Taylor's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) The ht.nora- Dutrict ov Chittenden, s bin tho Pro bate court within and for thu District of Chittenden, to tho creditors nnd others concerned in tho estate of Hector G. Tay lor, late of Jacksonville, in the statu of Illi nois, deceased. WHEREAS, Orron Murray, adminis trator of tho estate of said deceased, hath made application lo tliis court, to ex tend the time limited for making payment of tho debts of the deceased six mnnlin Irom this date; and the third Monday of January next being assigned for a hearing in I no premises, at John A, Willey s hotel in Williston, and it having been ordered that notice bo biven thereof by publishing this order threo weeks successively in the Free Pres, n newspaper printed at Bur lington, before tho time fixed for hearing s Therefore, yon ara hereby notified to appear before said Court, at the time and place aforesaid, I hen and there to make ub jeclion tfany you have, In tho said lime ol payment being further extended as nloro said. Given under my hand at Burlington, this 29th day of December. A. I). 1830. WM. WESTON, Register. TO the Honorable the Probata Court for the District of Chill enden comes Henry P. Hicknk of Dtirliuglon in said district, and shows that he is legal guardian of Mori imer C. Unci, n male infant under ibo age of twenty one years, and of Maria A. Buell, a female infant under the ago of ii'htecn years, both of tho town of Bur lington aforesaid; that the said Mortimer O. and Maria A. ore seized ns; tenants in common in Iheir own rigid in fee of a ccr- iain parcel of lam! and tenement thereon, containing one half of ono acre in thft town of Colchester nnd District aforesaid, bouu ded north by llie toad lending from the FalU to E-eex. and rnmmonlv known as the Bick place; and that a sale of s.i ii par. eel of land conducive to the best interests of his said wards. Thcrelore Im prays said court to grant him license and empower him to sell the said laud and tenement. And your petitioner will ever pray. Ilr.NnY P. iiicKoic. Burlington, Deo. n, l!13G. STATE OFVERMONT. District or Ciiittkndkn, s. ( The Probate Court for tin; I) strict of Chit tendon, to all persons to whom these P'psonN shall come, GREETING. JS ENRY P. IIICKOK, of Burlington in the Distnet ! Chittenden, cunr- diati oT Mortimer C. Buell, a male infant under the age of twenty ono years, nnd Maria A. Buell a female infant, under the age of eighteen years, both of the town of liiirlington oforesaid, having represented to Hits court, that the said Mortimer C and Maria A. ore seized as tenants in com mon in their own right in fee of a certain parcel of land and tenement thereon, con taining one half of one acre, in the town of Oi,inii,.ii.r nnd Distiict aforesaid, bounded north by the road leading irom tlio Tails in E-scx, and commonly known ns the Back Place; and that a sale of said parcel ol land is conducive to tho bet interests of his said wards It is hereby ordered, that said applica tion stand for a hearing before said court, at n session thereof to he hidden at Burlinntnn on t ho 'lib Monday of January, A D. I!I37; and that notice thereof begiveu by publish ing : hisj order together with the substance of said petition in the Free Press, a news paper printed at Burlington in the county of Chittenden, two weeks successively, the last of said publications to bo not less than live weeks previous to said day. utven under my hand and the seal of said court, nt Burlington in the District of Chittenden, this 27lh L. S. day ol December, A D. lfiSG. CHARLES RUSSELL, Judge. ANNUALS for li!37 ree'd by VERNON HARRINGTON. The Magnolia, Friendship's Offering London, Thu Fairy Book, The Pearl, The Gift, The Token, Religious Souvenir, Tlio Violet &c. &c, Dec, 22, 103G. Bank of Burlington. NOTICE is hereby given to thu stock holders of the Bank of Burlington, that iheir annual meeting for the election of Directors for the ensuing year, will be noiucn ai ineir Hanking house, on the third Tuesday of January. 1837, at 1 o'clock P. M, By order of the Dirotors. R. G. COLE, Cashier. Doc. 15, 1(130. NOTICE. THE Lessees and debtors of tho town nf Burlington will lake notice that iheir rent and interest, falls duo on the hrst day c January in xt. Punctual pay mem is iwpecien wiinnut lurllier notice. NATHAN B. HASWELL, Tmcn Treasurer. Burlington Dec 20ih. IU3G. Cold Weather Articles, .11 Ilic Chean Cash Store. BUFFALO ROBES. Fur Caps and Capes. Mitteiw. gloves. Moccasins, uver siine. hat in IJeaver. lor Runnels, bawls, Sic. 2000 lbs. Cotton batting. Also a new slock of carpeting and woollen yarn. Urood Cloths, Cassimeres and Sa. linetts. all for sale very cheap by S. H. HOWARD. P. S. Wanted--A first rato English Ingrain Carpet Weaver. Dec. 2'J. P0.1M0N Brilnnia Tea Pots for75ct? tn eis. 51 uu si so S- 00 L-nch at the vii riot v Mllnp Dec. PANonon.N & BniNSMAin. A STORIA. or anecdote of nn enter i- prize beyond the rocky mountains, hv shinglon Irving, in two vols, For sale V. I lAltlUNGTON. 10 pieces now and elegant, pat terns of Figured Plain and Sattin Striped Shallys. just received hy UlTllROPi( POT If IX, EULOGY on the Life and Ghc-ar tor of Jame Madison. Bv John O. Adams. For bale by V. II aiiiunoton. J)pc 15. HoTMES' POEMS, just published and for sale bv V. ILinniNOTON, Dec 13. 1R30. Truman BurriU's Estate. To the Hon. tho Probata Court for the District of Chittenden, comes tho subscri ber Harmon Burrilt. Administrator of tho cslato of Truman Burritt late of Hincs burgh,in said district, deceased, and rep resents that (he personal cstato of said ceased will not he mifi'icicnt to pay tho debts thereof hereby nnkes application 1 1 said court, for license to aoI! said estate for that purpose. Harmon Bukiutt. Williston. Deo. 19. 11130. STATE OF VERMONT, ) District ok Ciiittenijen. sr. ( AT a probata court holdcn at Williston, in said district on the 19th day of Do. comber, A. I). 11130, it is ordered "that nti account be taken of tho debts, and also the proceeds of the personal cstato of said deceased, and that tlio heirs and all pereon concerned in said estate be notified to op. pear before said court on tho second Wednesday of January next at tho office of the Register" nf this Court in B'jrlington aforesaid, to give bond fir I nent of debts, and show caitso v. 'iV t. " a9 aforesaid should not be granted, und 'I. .it such notico bu given by publishing tho above application together with this order threo weokrf successively n-i soon r.a tnuv I bo in the Free Press, a newspaper primed ut litiilinglnu, in said district. Given under my hand, the day nnd year first above vritt n. WM. WESTON, Register. Alfred Day's Kstate. ."STATE OF VERMONT. Tho Honor-D'-t. i v Chittenden, ss. ( able tho pro h.tto Court within nnd for tho District of Chtltenil n, to tlio creditors and others concerned in ihe estate of ALFRED DAY, lato of Burlington in raid district, deceased. WHEREAS Win. B. Munson, admin, istrator of said deceased, hath mado application to this court, lo extend the time limited for making payment of tho debts of said deceased, twelve months from this date, otul the eleventh day of January next being ns-'ignod for a hearing in tho premises, at the Oilico of tho Register of t In- court in said Burlington, and it having been ordered I lint notice thereof bo L'urn, by publi-hing this decree threo weeks successively in the Free Press, a newspaper printed at Burlington, beforo the time fixed for hearing. TiiEBEruRK, yon arc hereby notified to appear before said court, at the time and place aforesaid, then and thorn to make objection, if any you hove, to the said ttmo of payment being further extended as aforesaid. Given tinder my hand at Burlington, this 20th day of December. A. D. lt!3G. WM. WESTON IlPf-V. To the lion, tho Probate Court lor thu Countynf Chittenden, comes Henry P. IlickV.k of'Burlinglon, in said District, and shows to said court that ho is iegal guardian of .Mortimer Buell, a male infant under the age of twenty one years, and of Marm A. Buell, a female infant under the aon nf ei-rlitccn years, both of tho town nf Burlington aforesaid ; That the said Mortimer and Maria A. nro seized os tenants in common io their own right in feu of n certain parcel of land in said Burlington containing about sixty acres, lying upon the lako shore, at a place culled ihe Red Rocks-, nnd known as the Wood Lot of Ozins Bue, Into of said Burlington, deceased; also, nf'o certain other parcel of land in said Burlington, upon the Interval, so called, containing iibmit thirty acres, and bounded by landa of John Pouierny. land of John N. Pom croy, and the road leading across tho In. terval; -also, of n certain other parcol nf land in said Burlington, containing about two and a half acres of land boun ded north and east by landa of Mosc3? Catlin, west by thr road leading front tho Square to the Falls, south hy thd road leading from snid last mentioned road by Moses Collin's to tho Winooskl Turnpike; And that n sale t,f said thieo parcels of land is conducive to tho best interests of his said wards. Whereloro hs prays said comt to grant him licensei and empower him to sell the said landai And your petitioner will ever pray. IlEMtV P. HlCKOK. Burlington, Nov. 22. 1C30. STATE OF VERMONT, ) DlSTIXlCT OK ClIITTfiitDl'.N, SS. f IIEREAS application been made to the Probato Court for tho Disf. aforesaid, by Henry P. Hicknk, Guardi.iu of Mortimer Buell, a male infant, under the ago of twenty one years, and Maria A. Buell, n female infant, under the ago of eighteen years, for authority to sell cer. tain lands therein named. Therefore it N ordered by snid court th't tho said Henry P., guardian as aforesaid, givo notice to all persons concerned in hia said application, to appear at a Probato Court in he holdcn at nuiling'.oii on fbe third Wednesday of January, A D 1'3T, then and thuro lo show causi il vy tney have why said application should not bo granted, 'by publishing i., ciibst in eortho subject matter of the same in ibo Fre Press-, n newspaper printed ut Burlington in the County nf Chittenden, two weeks in succession, the last publication to bo not less than two weeks previous to said third Wndin'sduy nf January. Given . mv hand at Burlington, in ihu District of (Jiiittendeii aforesaid, this 2lst day of December, A. D inno. CHARLES RUSSJ'iiL, Judge. Looking Glasses, v Portrait & Picture iranies&c. fTllIE Subscriber lias now ready lor sale JL nnd will bo cutistantly manufacturing a splptuliil assortment of LOOKING GLASSES, from 2f els. lo lft, mado by 'he best city workmen, and will bo bold at ,i w York price, ot wholesnla or retail. Perl rait anil picture frames, and all gold work in tho line, dona on hort notico and hi tho best manner nt ins factnry over lbs Hardware and Drug Stnro. R. MootrV Burlington, Dooem 7. 1 830.

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