Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 12, 1837, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 12, 1837 Page 4
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Frederick BuolPs Estate. riO thu Hun. Hid Probate Court fur the JL Diutriet of Chittenden, comes llcnty P. Hickok, of Burlington, in Fold District nnd shews thai lio hid legal guardian tf Mortimer C. Buell, a male infant under the ngc oftwenty one yenrs, nnil uf Maria A. Bu ell, a female intniit under thu npn f cigliti-L n years, both of the town of Burlington nforcsoid ; that the said Mortimer C. anil Maria A. are seized ns tenants in common in I Imir mm riirlil ill I'm? of n curtain nor. eel of land being the undivided Half of seventy acres in Burlington, lying on t lie Ilincshurgh rond and known us lliu Barber place, the same being subject to the wid ow's dower ;and that a sulc of tai J par rel ni lnml is conducive to the best inter csts of his said wards. Therefore he pray said Court to grant him license nnd cm power him to sell the find land and your potitionor win ever pray. HuNnv P. IllCKOK. Burlington, April 11, 1037. STATE OF VERMONT, ) DisrntcT op Chittenden, ss. The Prolate Cvurl for (he District of Chit. tcmlcn, to all persons to whom these prcs cuts shall come. GREETING. TXENRY l. HICKOK of Burlington, XX in said District, guardian of Morli mcr C. Buell, a male inlant under thc-nge of twenty one years, nnd Maria A. Buell, a female infant under the age of eighteen years, both of the Town ot Jiuriingion nloresaid, having represented to this Conn that the said Mortimer C. and Maria A. nro seized as tenants in common in their own right in fee of a certain parcel of land. being the undivided half of seventy acres in Burlington, lying on ihe Ilincsburgh road and known "as the Barber Place, the same being subject to the widow's dower; nnd that a tale of said puree! of land is conducive to the best interests of his said wards It is therefore hereby ordered that said application Bland for n hearing before said Court, at a session thereof to bo holdcn at the office of the Register of this Court in Burlington on the second Wednesday of May A". D. 1 1137 ; and t tint notice thereof be given by publishing Hits order togotiicr with ihe substance of said petition in the Free Press, a newspaper printed at Bur lington in the County of Chittenden, two weeks succssivcly, the Inst of said publica. lions to be not less than two weeks pre vious to said day Given under my hand and the seal of said Court ai Burlington, in ihe Dis trict of Chittenden, this Uth day of April. A. D. 11137. CHARLES RUSSELL, Judge. Heman Devereaux's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) DISTIUCT OF CHITTENDEN, SS. The Honorable lite Prolate Court for the. District of Chittenden, To all persons conctrntd in the Estate of Heman Dcver. euux, late of Richmond, in said District, deceased. GREETING. WHEREAS, Amos B. Cooper ndminis trator of the estate of said deceased proposes to render an account of his ad ministration, and present his account against said estate for exaiiiiiia'ion mid allowance nt a session of t In Court of Probate, to be holden ntthe Register's office in Burling ton on the second Wedne.-duy of May next. Therefore, Yon art! hereby notified to onpear before said Court at the time and place aforesaid, and chow cause, if nny you have, why the account aforesaid should not be u I lowed. Given under mv hand at Burlington this 12lh day of April" A. I) 11137. Vm. W ESTO i Register. Samuel Buell's Estate, WE the subscribers, having been ap pointed by the Honorable the Pro bate Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, examine and ad just the claims and demands of all persons, against the estate of Samuel Buell, late of Burlington in said District, deceased, rep resented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto; and six months from Ihe day of the dale hereof, being allowed by said Court for that pur pose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that we will attend to the business of our appointment, at the office of Win. Noble in Burlington in said District, on the second Mondays of May and September next, ai 10 o'clock, A. M. on each of said doys. Dated, this 13th day of April A. D. 1837. Wm. NO RLE. ) Commis Wm. WESTON, sioners. WUST'S PATENT C11LOIUNK COSMETIC and PILLS, FO R Ringworms, Saltrl.euni, Scold head, and all Cutaneous Eruptions. This article is nol thrown into market like most patent medicines, backed by some liaK' dozen fictitious certificates ; but it comes respectably and honestly recommen ded, and is, we verily believe, all that it claims to be; and as such, it is offered to ihe public, by J. & J. II. PECK & Co. Sept. 1030 Agents for the Patentee BUR2.S1TGTON Stereotype Foundry. New Arrangement.) HAVING made a now arrangement in the stereotyping busi ness, the public are hore. by informed that tho present proprietor Imk fitted un tlio concern in a manner lhal "can't be beat" in this latitude; nnd holds himself ready to do all kinds of Book work, in a slylu warranted to tuit tho taste of publishers generally. 33" Job work of every description dnno on short notice Pinto for Blank Deeds, Writs, JiXccuticns, Notes &e,furnished to order, Typo Galley's, a very convenient article for Printers mado to order on Brass coppnr or Russia Iron bottoms. Largo six horso hiago cuts fur ralu four horso do. small do. do. Largo horse cuts, small do. Also a groat varioiy of small cuts, of every description. U.J" Leads furnished, from 3 to tho Pica to 7. Tho patronage of the public is icspoclfullv solicited. All loiters on biibincss directed ii Iho subscriber willrocoiva prompt attention. G. TAYLOR EATON, Agent. Foundary in Lalhrop k Polwin's building, Corner of Church nnd College Streets, third i.tory, Burlington, April 2f, 16J7. PLASTER i TONS of Novascotia Plnslcr. now 'SSvf' grinding allho new Mill. Pitioos. ki City, and for salu. bv FOLLETT & BRADLEYS. April 20. 11)37. Gm Charlotte Female Seminary. THE summer term of this school will commence on tho 10th of May next and continue 23 weeks, including two quarters of eleven weeks each, and a recess of ono week ill the close ol Iho first quar tcr. Miss MARY GROUT will conlin no to have the supervision of the school lu the selection and mnuogemeui of the studies, particular attention will be paid to the character and previous attainments of the learner. It is designed so fur as t lie circumstances of the pupil will admii, to pursue a thorough and systematic course, in ihu various branches of an English hducn ion. It is tho wish of tho Trustees that this institution should in all respects be such as to merit public patronage, rather than favor loeni interest. In accordance with this intention they do nol receive pu pilu who arc under twelve vcars of age. About 10 young ladies can be accommoda ted ot the Boarding House. Boarders will be received in private families, whore they will observe the same definite arrangements for study and relaxation, as at tha Boarding House. Applications for board nnd admis sion into tho school, may be mado by letter eilher to Aliss Grout, or to one of tlin tins tecs. It would be much for Ihu interest ol those who ore desirous of becoming mem bers of this school to ns early ns prac ticnblc. The attindancc of cat h mimberon Ihu Jirtl day of the term, is particularly re queilcd. No deduction of tuition for ub sconce, except in cases of sickness. Board, including washing, lights and fu el, two dollars per week. Toil ion, four dollars per quarter. Hooks, nnd stationary will be furnished nt the lowest prices. LUTHER STONE jr. Trus- JOHN STRONG, ( Ices. Charlotte, March 25. 11)37. COPARTNERSHIP. nHHE subscribers have formed a Copart JL nership in business under the firm of W. a. & F. O. VILAS at the old stand of W. R. Vilas, where they will continue tho business in all i ts various brunches. WILLIAM R VILAS. FREEMAN C. VILAS. Burlington, April 14. Jf)37. LIFJ3 ! LIFE ! LiIFE ! OH. JoN A. MOOIIK'S Es&cucc of nit. 40 CENTS PER BOTTLE. rBlllE most highly esteemed medicine that JL lias ever been discovered lor curing Coughs, Colds and whooping cough, which, if taken at too eoimnunccmciil ol (lie disease, may be cured in a short limo. The following are a fow of more than a thousand It E C O M 31 H N PATIO N S. Tho undersigned ministers of iho Gospel in tho county of Windham, Vt. knowing lliosal' utary cfficaoy, of Dr. Jonathan Moore's F.s sencu nf Life," having used it ourselves and in our families, consider it a valuable composi tion ; particularly useful and cTicatiousin re moving complaints of ilio longs, anil indeed a safe and restorative medicine in the various diseases named in tho Doctor's accompany label; and do most cheerfully recommend its general use, believing it well worthy the pat ronage of the public, owned flo.sra JJcculy, Uummcrslnn: fayl. vcslcr Sage, Westminster ; Jed. L. Stark, maltleboro ; l.lislia I). Andrews, I'ulncy ; Chandler Bates, Philetus Clark. October 9, 1020. To all icham it may concern. We, the undersigned Physicians, who have proved the efficacy of Dr. Jonathan Mooic's Essence of Life, conceive it our duly to pal. ronizc the medicine, and are of opinion that if generally used, it will bo of public utility. Signed Abel Duncan, Samuel Steams, Dummcrtton; Jonathan Badger, Win. Town! Jrestmitisier ; C. V. Chandler, Andover Prescott Hall, Chesterfield. dThe above medicine is pre pared by HENRY SEYMOUR, of Dudley Mass, from the original iccipo, by the diicction of said Moore, and sold by him and the p. inch pal Druggists in the United Slates. lUPAs there arc many spurious articles in circulation, for tho benefit of the public, he wil give tho following This may certify to all whom it may concern that I, the subscriber, residing in IIndloy,Mass. have mado an improvement, in tho mcd.ciiic invented by mo, and denominated "Dr. Jona than Moore's Essence of Life,'' and havo com municated the llccipo to Henry Seymour of said Dudley, nnd to lum only. J lie United States is full of tho sophisticated article, and this is to give notice to tlio public that If they wish for Ihu genuine Esscnco of Life, they musi appiy in saiu ouymuur ur ii in agouis and bo put licular to iuquiro for that prepared by Henry Seymour. Dr. J. Mooru. Iladley, Sept. 9, 1033. Sold, wholesalo and retail, by J. k J. II. PECK k Co. Burlington, wholesale agents for Iho stale of Vermont. lO'Orders will receive piomplallonlion.and any quantity of'Medicino immediately furnish. cd. This mcdiciuo is put in boxes of one or two dozen each, convenient and safe for trans portation, nnd labelled with the name of Hen ry Seymour, Iladley, Mass. April I t. Cm W. W. MESSER, No. 208 Washington Street, Boston, Importer and Dealer in English, Canton French, German and American Fancy Uoous. SUBJOINED isaCataloguo ofsomn of iho various kinds or Goods W. W. MESSER is constantly iccoiving from the Foreign and Doruchtic Manufacturer. In soliciting iho custom of Merchants and Dealers, he assures them lhat ho will soil his goods for Cash or Credit, at as low prices and on as good terms as can bo fonud in any City in mo union. Having but icccntly commoiiced business. ho will bo pleased to soli fur Cash al a much lower ralu of profit than Ihu old and ustablish. od houso-i of tho City aro in practice of doing ItlCII GOODS. Gold nnd silver Poncil Cases in grout vari- cly; gold, silver, shell, pearl and finely painted Snuff and Tobacco Boxes; silver Spoons, Thimbles, butler and fruit Knives: pearl, agate and n ass s vcr mounted Sonls; silver moun tnd Dirks, Scissors, Slilottocs, Emeries nnd Wnxcs; silver Tooth ricks, Whistles nnd Rattles j a variety of elegant pnnrl Watch Stands; Indies' rich gold plated Head Bands, Bracelets and Bouquet Iloldcis; inlaid rose wood nnd silver furnished Sowing Itoxcs; silver plated Teeth Brush, soap and shaving Boxes ; gold and silver Vinaigrettes. cutlury. Pearl, ivorv. slag, horn and cocoa handled 1.2,3 and 4bludo Pen and Pooket Knives, of "Rogers',' "Hunt s," "Cioolrs, "Kolhoram and "BngshawV manufacture; desk, bowio and pruning Knives; pearl ivory and slag handled silver capped Dirk Knives; a groat variety of English and French manufactured Razors in cnes, on cards and Dozens; minia ture Knives and Scissors; pocket, button hole, nail, lacoand common Scissors and Shears, of English nnd German make, of every lorm and quality; Tweezers, kc, R RUSHES. French, English & American hair Brushes of nil possible varied sizo and finish ; clothos nail, hat, comb, shaving and shoo Hrusbcs, oj great variety ; 1, 2, 3,4 and fl row fine French, English and American Teeth Brushes ; crumb and flesh finishes. COMBS. Fine ivory Combs of all sizes and prices; wrought and plaino shell Back and Side Condis; shell and buffalo horn Twisi Combs; shell, ivory and horn Dressing Combs; pour! shell and horn Pocket Combs; silver. Guilt and juppanncd mclalhcTwisl Combs; jet and guilt shell Side Uom'jcs. SOAPS, PUIlI'UMAltY AND OILS. Almond paste Shaving Soap; "Kow's," wluto ,v brown Toilet bhaving Soap ; r rcnou transparent and cxouisilelv perfumed Toilet Soaps, Lawson's composition Soap for tho xctracllon ol (Jih Irom Clolh ; American I oil el and Shaving Soaps, in great variety ; real Farina, Trench nnd American (,ologncs; English and French double distilled Lavender Waicr; French perfumed Toilet and Bureau Cushion' ; a gcr.eral assortment of iho French extract ol llowcrs, too numerous to parlieu larizo; Maccassar, Antixuc, Vegetable nnd Boar's Oils ; Roar's Grease, pearl Powder, French and American Hair Powder, and Olio of Rose. POCKET ROOKS, CARD CASES fcC. Plain and inlaid elicit Card Cases, pearl and wrought ivory Card Cases, gilt and morocco do,; Souvenirs, Note Cases, Memorandum Books. Tablet, Thread and Needle Cases of beautiful finish and extensive vanctv ; ladies' silver and slcel mounted Pocket Books, sim ple and combined with Card Cases and Nee dlo Rooks furnished and plain; Gentlemen's Wallets and Pocket liooks, in as great a van cly as can be fnund in tho city ; Porcelain Slates, Leaves mid 1 ablets ; shell Card lias kels, of beautiful arid varied forms. RRONZEI) GOODS. A great variety of unique and elegant pat terns of Bronzed Ink Stands and Thermome ters ; bronzed Card Racks and Waich Stands; bronzed Pastile Burners, tables Bells, Cologne and lot funic Stands. DESKS, CASES, ROXES, &.V.. Ladies' and Gentlemen's 12, M, 10, 13, 20 and 22 inch rosewood and mahogany pearl in laid and brass bound Writing Desks, with Secret Drawers; ladies' and Gentlemen's richly furnished and plain DrtHinir Cases: leather travelling and juppanncd Shaving Ga tes ; ladies' plain and inlaid, furnished and unlurnishcd, rosewood, salinwood, bird x oyo maple and mahogany Work Doxcs; a variety of sizes and patterns of pictured white wood Cotton Roxes; travelling roll up and loci; up Portfolios; perfumery, jewel, liandkercliiet and glove eases ; elegant C'hinoso Tea Cad. dies. 31 ISC E I. A NEOUS ARTICLES. Read Rags and Purses, silk and leather do. silver plated, gill and steel Purse Clasps ; pla- ted, gill. sticl and glass Purse Itingsand l'as sels ; boxes of Motto. Seals embroidered Btr. liu Needlework, pearl, ninnilla, leghorn, shell leather, morocco and German Cigar Cases fancy Toilet Glasses; Roxes and Baskets; faocv Album Rooksand Boxes; India Rubber Rii gs and Ralls; elastic Garters: indelible Ink, Steel and German Hones, English and American Razor Straps; Riiltaniaand Wood Shaving Boxes ; Powder and PulYBoxos; Lu cifer Matches ; Spool Stand ; wood, ivory and iron Silk Reels; pearl and ivory Silk and Cotton Winders; boxes of Pens, Inks and Sands; feather Dustcis; wrought ivory, Chinese and feather Funs and Firo Screens; wrk. travelling, Canton, French and Ainori can .Baskets ; steel Pens of all Iho most up proved manufacturers' make ; wax bonds ; co ral Necklaces ; safely chains ; Pins and Noo dles; Pin Cushions; egg Glasses: steel, gilt and composition Thimbles; pearl, bono and Canton Paper Foldcis and Holders; Tape Measurers, gold and silver Spangles; Trans, parent, bronze nnd'common Wafers; writing Ink and sand: Class tukslands and band Billet and Letrcr Paper, and nil iho varieties' of scaling wnx ; Cloak Clasps; ivory, bono nnd cocoa Napkin Rin"s : Puzzles, Mirroi nad Toilet Glasses ; toy Watches and bo.vris of Cliiucso Toys. ARTISTS' TOOLS & MATERIALS. All sizes of best prepared Canvasses; Dry and ground Colors; Maslic Varnish ; Nut Oil, Linn's, Sablo and Camel s Hair Hrusbcs; pal lei Knives; Asphaltuin ; all sizes French and English Ivories; water Colors; Miniature Cases . black and wluto Crayons ; Portcray ons and Drawing Boards. SHOOTING Jtc ANGLING TACKLE. Percussion Caps; Shot Hags; Powder Flasks; pocket Screw Drivers ; gun Worms: Uaino liags, Flagons and Spoilsmcn s drink ing Cups, u very convenient articlo for tiavol lers : Fishing Rods and Hooks, Haskots, Moals; Liuon, Manilla, Silk and Hair Lines Fish Gut, &c. kc. GA.1IES AND AMUSEMENTS. Splendid Canton wrought ivorv Chessmen French, English and German ivory, bone and wood dillo, Chess, Backgammon and Clicquot Boards, of Canton, English and German make ivory, bono and wood Chrqiiermen : Cribbago Hoards: huglish, t rench and American Play ing Cards: wrought ivory, peail, bonenWhisl and Loo Counters, Dice nnd Cups, Dom inocs Lolo, Solitaire, German Tactics, Fox and Geese1 Battledores, Hirds, Coroncllas, Game ol the Unices, Cup and Halls, Huxcs of Games. Jump Ropes, Hows, Arrows mid Targets, juck Mrnws, logeinor Willi tliu tollowiug amu sing and instructive Dissected Puzzles: wrought ivory and plain noxoi of Chineso Puzzles; Maps of tho World, Europo, Ainori. ca and tho United States, Buildings, Laud, scapes, Manufacture of Tin, Grand Aviary, Zoological Gardens. Slavery Abolished, Scenes in Paris, Telegraph, Tho Sorcerer, Scripture Views, Monument, ABC , Harvest Homo, I air Day, Hilly yjulton, Johnny Gil. pin. Threading Iho Ncodlo, blue beard, Robin. son Crusoe, Napoleon's fivouao, A 1'carafler Marriago, II mil tlio bhppor, No pleasing Eve rybody, kc. kc. N. B. Ordors from tho Connlry promptly! atonded to and put up with great care. REMOVAL. I TTXAVING dissolved my connexion jOL in business with Mr. Abbott, ntidS iremovod to the west side of the Square,'! 11 would tender my sincere thanks lomyl ifriends and Iho public for the patronage;? Jof the past year, and respectfully soh.; cit its continuance, and the good ofiicesV fof ail who wish mo well. I nm now? ,making, and design to keep on hand, a? Tgoritl assortment of fCabinet Furniture & Chairs! tndoptcd to iho market. & shall cndenvorS Jto mnko Iho new establishment worthy! .y'of public confidence and support. VVcst.t tside Court House Square. X f D. K. I'ANGBORN. Rurlington, Oct. 3, 1030. M t-Hfi-i'T'H-H-M-H- PIAWO PCUTE ESTABLISHMENT. HR)HE subscribers respectfully inform the yjij f ublic that they havo formed a copart nership under tho firm of IIERRICK, CHRISTOPHER & CO. for the purposo or manufacturing and selling Piano Fortes, in all their varieties ; warranted equal in elegance, workmanship, toucii, and tone, to any manufactured in the United Slates. The operative putt of (ho firm have had a long and thorough practico in tho best establishments in Boston, Philadelphia, and Now-York, and foot warranted by a competent Knowledge ot tlio liusmcss, in recommending their instruments equal in all respects to any in market. Amateurs in music and others arc requested to call at the Ware Rooms, Cor nor of Cliamplain and MacDonough Streets, and examine tho instruments constantly on hand, consisting of a variety of plain and tich Mahogany Case, and supciior havy toned, Koso Wood, with the highly approved grand action, which produces a splendid clearness and brilliancy of lone unknown to others All orders by letter or otherwiso directed to Ly man A- Colo, lor Piano i ortcs, Tuning, or nny other business connected with such an estab lishment, will be promptly attended to. Old instruments tuned and repaired on reasonable terms. HI 11 AM HF.IIHICK, Wm. II. CHRISTOPHER, LYMAN k COLE. Burlington, Vl., 22d February, 1037. To the Public. rTtHE subscriber has purchased of C. JL Goonnicn, his Book Binding tools. Stock &c. and lias removed the same to the building formerly occupied by Wm. WAiNwmniiT, for n tin ware lactory, where the Book-Binding business will he carried on in all its various brnnches. SAMUEL HUNTINGTON. The subscribers have formed a connexion in the Book-Binding business and will do binding in al! its branches. Blank-Books ruled to pattern and bound lo order. Or ders sent by mail for Blank Books, Binding, or Ruling paper, thankfully received and promptly executed. The patronage of tho public is respect fully solicited. S. HUNTINGTON. M. It. LYON. Bindery a few doors cast of V. Harring ton's Bookstore. Burlington Jan, 27. 1037. Looking Glasses, Portrait &, Picture frames Sec. riHE Subscriber lias now ready for sale JL and will be constantly manufacturing a splendid assortment of LOOKING GLASSES, rrom 25 els. to gin, made by I lie best city workmen, and will bo sold at New York prices, at wholesale or retail. Portrait and picture frames, nnd all gold work in the line, done on short notice and in the best manner at his factory over the Hurdwure and Drug Store. It. Moonv. New Watch and Clock repair ing Shop. WHFIin subscriber, informs his old Customers iSb and tho Public, that lie has resumed the Watch ami clock business, 2 doors north of J. .Mitchells Tailor Shop.opposito R. Moody: Hardware Store, Last sido Church Si. where he is ready to put Clocks and Watches in as good order as formerly and on as good terms as his Neighbors. He will nlso keep fur sale on commission, one and eight day Rrass and Wooden Clocks, as low as can be had in town and warranted. Call and sco. A. BRINSMA1D. BurlinSton, Nov. 1 1, 1030. AGRICULTURAL PAPER THE publisher of the GENESEE PARMER, grateful for the patronage hitherto extended lo his Agricultural pa pcrs, would give notice that n new volume (the 7th) of the Faumuh. will commence on iho firi-t of January, 1037. It will he enlarged and otherwise unproved, and no exertions spared to sustain the high rank it has attained. It is published every balurday, in quarto form, mnking an tin uu al volume of 410 pages, at $2 a year, pay able in advance The 2d volume of the Monthly Gene see Farmer, also commences on the first of January. It is published on the first of each month, 10 pages large octavo, at 50 cents a year Seven copies for $3 Twelve for $5, always in advance. All letters to come free of po.Mngo. inrPostmaslers and others in all sections of tho country, are respectfully invited lo act ns agents to procure subscibers for these papers. LOOK AT THIS. INFORMATION wanted of EZRA B TAYLOR, formerly of Burlington Vt. who left this city on lhc2Glh of December lust, with o large nmounl of goods belong ing to tho subscriber, for whom he was hired to travel as Hawker nnd Pdlcr. (lu wns to be absent about four weeks, bill has not been heard olsinco. Ho drove a gray horse, withvii yellow Pedlers waggon on eliptic springs had n largo slock of f ancy unoux, Jewelry, Cutlery, flic &c. Any person who will give informal inn that will lead In the detection of the Vidian or recovery of the properly, shall bo hand somely r.owurded, and nil expenses paid by A. R. ROGERS. 314 Broad ft. Newark N. J. March 18, 1037. lw HERDS GRASS SEED, 1HAVE 103 Bushels on hand raised in Ihe County ofSt. Lawrence N. Y. in 1830. It is altogether superior to tho Canada Scod Nuw is the time to bityn 10 or 15 days llioro will nol bo a bushel of this kind to bo had In tho County. S. HARE HOWARD. Burlington, MarihM, 1037. POitll 7f MACKERELL. LOVELY & ABBOTT have on hand &. for sale n few HnrrcU Pork, nlso Barrels, Half & Quarter Barrels of Mack oroll. April 13, GLASS. 1 Ann Boxes Cliamplain, Peru and Jcr. 1UUU ico GnS3 300 llodlord, Sarauac and Clinton Crown Do, by J. & .1. PECK & CO. EYE WATER. Dr. Adams' Celebrated Eye Water, Warranted an oflcclunl euro for sore, weak, and inflamed oyes. rilICK 25 CKNTS I'ER VIA L, rilHIS celebrated articlo was invented bv JL ono of the most distinguished physicians ol the age, and uurmg an oxtcnsivo practice of 30 years, ho invariably resorted to it in nil cases of sore, weak and inflamed eyes, that came under his notice, and so great a celeb rity did ho acimiro thcicby , that thej came to him from all parts, and in no instance was ii over known lo fail in producing the desired effect. A short lime only has elapsed since the nrtiolu wns first ir troduecd lo public no tice, nnd during lhat period, upwards of have been disposed of, and the demand for it is rapidly increasing. So sure and speedy is the effect produced oy this nrticlc, that ono singlo vial has completely cured an inflamed oyo, though various remedies had for a long timo previous been resorted to, but in vain. Ample directions accompanlho article, asy well as letters of recommendation from the most respectable physicians in tho country With a view toiosuro its usefulness in a more extensive wny, tho proprietor has appointed tho following persoos wholesale Aicnts for the sale of it, where tho public may rest assur- eu ol procuring me genuine article. JOSEPH FISH I. It. proprietor, Till k Rtitlonwood. JOHN R. ROWAN J), 2.19, Market k E A. HOSKINS, 370 Market streets, I'll lidelphia. DR. W. L. ALTEE, Lancaster. J. k J. II. PECK k CO., Burlington, Vl. As will of all druggisls and storekeepers inrougiioui iho stale. Orders thankfully received nnd punctually attended to foi eye water or drugs, Philadelphia, June 20, 103C If. JVEW goods. LATI1ROP k POTWIN have received the last week a few ps. heavy Rlk. Italian Silks, Light Col'd French CMnbricks, Gloves, Hosiery, Thread Laces, Long White Lace Gloves French Working Cotton and Gaus-o, Kitibaus, .vc. kc. April 14. The Sick mans Friend. Morison's Pills, Or the real genuine HygcianUnivcrsai Me dicine of the British College of Health, in packages i f I. 2. or 3 dollars, nun In. b. mined in this town, only of the rrgularl) appointed Agent. As you value " health, which is ,fe," see that you gul Ihe genuine Pills; Ihcy are signed S. Gage at present, (but will soon bo signed II. Filch) R'nte agent, anu a. urinsmaid, sub agent lot Burlington, Vt. nil others arc base coun terfeits. For the convenience of the pub lic, thoy will he. with the Powders and n Hygcian Book, kepi nt Hi" Variety Shop A. URINSMAID. Agent for Burlington, Vt. YEtna Insurance Company. "R;IIE subscriber continues to iiiMire nil s kinds of real and personal property as agent for said Company, to whom up plication may nt nil times bo made al Ins OHico in Burlington. Tlx- u.Mnblishoil reputation of this Company for Mobility, fairness nnd liberality in their dealings, needs no further cummciulaiion. W.v. A. Gniswoi.i). Burlington, Aprl 0. H13G. To all whom this may concern THE subscriber would respectlnlly in form the inhabitants of Burlington and iis vicinity t lint he has opened a shop on College Street, in the room under the Free Press Office, where lie intends man ufacturing portable, full shafler, inleys. siiln. nnd nlnin SADDLES: nlnlrd. "lit. jappnncd. and potted HARNESSES, of various descriptions ; hard lent nor. imita tion, hollows top. nnd common TRUNKS . CARPET BAGS-PORTMANTEAUS; Pill Bugs Velii-ses, nnd such oilier nrli cles as usual in his line of business, Car riage Trimming executed in the neatest manner, nnd Military Equipments of nil ilnsnrint inns mniinftirl nrcil to order. No puins or expense will be spared in Ihe selection ol good stncii, or in me manuiuc turincr of iho articles. Auv persons wish inrr nnv (if Ihn nlinvo articles will nleusn to avail himself of ibis favorable opportunity, as i sunn sen on reuauiiuuiu iuiuis. The subscriber hopes, by industry and nnnplnnl nllnnlinn 111 InisinPKa In morit n share of public patronage. All orders promptly attended to. SAMUEL S. SKINNER Burlinston, Dec. 10, 1030. aiTWantcd, a JOURNEYMAN ot the above business. Rigging, Cordage, &c (1TiV(1iT COILS Russia, Manilla and 5VVj) Tarred Riggings of all dcs. criptions. Camberlincs, Cod Lines, Mar in and Soil Thread, by J. & J. II. PECK & Go. March 2. 1037. European Garden Seeds "UST iccoivcd from Scotland and Germa ny ond for sale by HICKOK k CATLLN, U Elcxir Vegetable Balsamiquo N. II. DOWN'S VEGETABLE IIA LSAMIG ELIXIR For Coughs, Colds, Consumption, Catarrh Croup, Asthma, Whooping Cough, and al other diseases of the head, chest nod lungs. Pamphlets containing n history of Ihe med icine a sketch of the discasos for which it is recommended certificates from unques tionable sources oinplo directions, and much other important information accompanying each bottle may bo had of any of tho Agen cies, gratis. J. CURTIS, Druggist, SlT Al bans, Vl. wholesalo Agent and joint proprie tor. Tho following aro especially appointed retail Agents. liurlinglnn Lathrop & Polwin, Janes, Smith & Co. and R.Moody. Ilincshurgh A. S. k. D. G. Welter. Milton Wellington, Whitney A: Co., Clark Boardmnn & Co. Charlotte Samuel H. Barnes, and most other respectable Druggists, kc. in the coun try St. Albans, July 12, 133C. If May be used in Wine or Water. THESE cclleliroled bitters are nompos cd purely of vegetables of Ihe most innocent yet sprcific virtues. Thry arc recommended pnrlicnlnrly for restoring1 weak constitutions, cleansing the stomach and increasing the appetite also a preven tative against the cholera morbus, fevcr nnd ague, removing rinuson, voinitingt heart burning, weuknos in tho brrnsl poin in the stomach nnd oilier symptoms of flatulence nnd indigestion. One box will tincture one gall "ii. Price 25 cents a box. Russell's Itch Ointment. TIih choice nnd afc ointment is said lo bo superior to any now in uc, for thai dis agrcfablo arid If-aihsorue discast'.the ITCH Thi ointment is so certain in its operation that no person trcubled with the above disord r ought not to be without it. It is a remedy for culanei, us ornpl ions, scorbut ic affections of the head, or nny other breaking out which arises from sharp hu. tnrurs. in the blood. Price 25 cenls a box. Russell's Vegetable Billious OR FAMILY PHYSIC. FOR general u-e.iii cat-cres of Jaundice, morbid sensibility of the stomach and bow els, loss of appetite, foetid breath, costive-nes.-. Piles, and all diseases arising from biliary derangements, nlso for correcting the stn'e of ihu blood, nnd cleansing the -yslem nfifnul nnd viscid fiunior.s. These pills are a tni'd cathartic, producing neither pains nor griping, nnd are therefore a vnf oahlc nnd h'ghly approved mecicme, niuf nro pronounced ns such by the most dis iinguished nhysirians. Kuril box con taining 30 Pi'I-j. Price27 I -2 ecu's a box. Russell's Cellebrated Salt Rheum Ointment. THIS is unqucttionably the best am? afest remedy ever yet offered to ihe pub. he for thai obti"natc di-ordcr SALT RHEUM. Where other monns have fnil. ed, it bus s ucceedi d. and the fuel that it lias been cxtcn-ivcly uel by eminent Practitioners speaks ci lumps in its praise. Iiisrqunlly t flienciuus in all diseases of Ihe skin, ring worms, nnd thomoM invete into Itch, &c. &c. Numerous ecriificntea might be obtained, but the proprietor chooses that a fair trial should bo the only evidence of its .-uperior cllirney. Price 50 cents a box. A fresh soonlv is ins! rereivei nnil fur sale by .1 &. J. H. IVek & Co..Dr Moody intntop a: I'oiwin liurlington-.S. II. Burnc Ohnrloiio M. Hull Ilinesburgh -Onion & Strong. G. & W. L. Parker Huntington Whale Vergennes Skifl k. Loosey Chcckobiirv preen Jamin Hamilton, P I letcher jerico D. B. Wilson. S. B 1 letcher E-sex I), k W. Carpenter VVaterbnry nud with the Drugtsts generally throughout the United Suites, nnd ot whole by Win. C. Stinip-:on & Co. Boston For the euro of Colds, Asthmas, Whooping Covgh, spitting oj Blond and Consumptions. ICELAND MOSSgro.vs plentifully in tho . Island of Iceland, from whence it tnlma its name, and in all the high northern lati tudes of F.urono and Asia, ivhoreils Medininnl qualities have been long known, and highly appreciated' This plant contains a leargcr proportion of Vegetable Mucilage than any olhor known substance, and in combination with it is a bitter principle which acts most beneficially in giving strength in cases of groat weakness and debility of iho lungs. Tlio knowledge of many of our most vnloablo mod. icines, for tho cure ofdiseascs, have been ob tained from observing their effect on bruto nnimals;-so in tho case of this most invaluable Moss. Its virtues were first discovered by their effects on the hardy, long.lictd and sagacious Rain Doer, which derives its prin cipal nurishmcnt from tho Iceland Moss, and whoso milk becomes so highly imbued with, its Ralsomic virtues, that it is used with tha greatest confidence as a sovereign remedy by the inhabitants ofall thoso countries for tlio euro ofall diseases of tho breast nnd lungs, lu France, this compound has long been known, and extensively used ; and to itssalutary effects as much as to tho salubiity of tho climate, in probably owing tho very small number of fatal crim-ofconsumptiun in that country, compared with Great llritan and tho United Stales. This Syrup contains all tho medicinal values of tlio Moss in tho most concentrated form, and is prepared from thoongnal receipt from Paris, only by. L HUTCH INGS $ CO. Baltimore And none is genuine unless it has their fnc similo upon each hill of direction nlso upon tlio envelope, utTand sealed with thoir seal. J. & J. II. PECK & Co. "wholesale agents Butter Hogs Lard and Pork Horns. Foi sale by Lovely & Abbott. April 1 J.

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