Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 4, 1837, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 4, 1837 Page 2
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V It t l A Y M O It N I N 0, U (1 1T S T .1 . Siilc Fhitinn. Seplrmhcr 5. ron fnivi iivnn. ShAS II. JHNISON. t'nn oiivrnvn. 3D A 53 33. C A BE 5?. fun tiu: ut.)i. ron sunatoii cinrri nm;n county, .TOIIV VAN SIOKI.UN, .lit. IIAttUY MII.LKK. cuii.i:.nm cou.vrv. AUG USTUR YOUNG. an m i-r.r. cou.vrv. II O N. .7 () 12 li A T. L V. X, WHIG MEETING. The Whigs of the town of Burlington arc requested to moot at Howard's, on Friday evening, the lfli of August, at 7 o'clock, for tho purpose of nominating a person to repre sent this town in (lie Legisla ture. Ihj order of thr. Town Com. OOUOF. AND WHITNEY. When rnjups f.ill nut, there i :i clianre nf inlrr cuiii "divilopincnts." Mr, Gnnjp, clcik in llm Tica-ury Dcparlmenl, and lirabe'i HI. Whitney, nf nt of the Deposilc Hank, haw bcjnii In tell whal they kninv. Mi. Cinnjje sas, Mr. Whit ney's bank haw done iiihip evil Mr. Riddle's bank - siitil Mr. hittiev ii'lot Is, Mr. Ciotijc has lippn sniliy of 11 "deviation fintii Irnth." 'I'he ph.unlel which has called forllt Ml Whitney in pntilleil "An Inquiry into tlip expediency of il!?peiiiii!,' with iipnpv st rid lunik paper in tlip fienl con cern nf Uic United Stun- ; hv WILLIAM M. fiOUOR, andinr nf !i slum Ii iftory nf p.i cr mo npy nnil hanking." In thi pamphlet Mr. (inline says : "If, instead nf a hank, we f-eleet a mini her nf Slate hank in fi-val njpiila, un haw, in f lend nf one, many Uiiilrd ."lair bank. Calling tlicm drpnito bank ilnc-i nut alier llieir natiiic. The United .State? I'.nik, nr bank- nf Mr. NielmliH Riddle, was :i league nfiwcnlv six hank-', shoaled in riiffeirnt Slate, with nne nf thn-e bank neiinj sis head in I he other. I'he United Slates Hank nr lianknfMi liciihen M. U'hitnev. win 11 league :it first nf ihiro nr fmtr dank', sradnallv iiirioascd In hinetvono h ink, piinairil in diffeient pails nl the country- If Mi. WliiimVs hank haw doee lump evil ihnn Mr liiddli it nuslil not iliemrin Ik; inferied that itie financial talcnls nf the fnimer peiiileinan aie inferior in those nf the latlir. lYinelvmie bank, w lib a eapilal nf cisliiv-nne millmiH nf dollar'.-, u ill nrccsai ilv do 111011' eill limn twentvfix banks whh 11 capital nf lliinvfiw million?," Now if Mr. fintije i 1111 honest man, why did he. not jlvp the People the benefit nf hi informa tion three or four wai iign Win he Inilipd In yil'Mirc by a plain in the Tip.ihiivI Mr. fionjp Hikes the Whij (,'innnil that tlip l)ppneil Hank System win only a mine clumsy and innip dange huh de-ei iption nf the U. S. Rank. Rwrv mill nf mi.e knew it fi hp nrli, TI10 If'hii a ii! so lint Mr. (ione and the Alhanv Rcptiplir 111 Com. mill 00, and ihe 'I'nl!nrid;p I'.iinm iny men nf Now Yoik, llnew tip llieir eap-', iinil fhiailpd "Unirali for the Hern !" an I ihc ' Rpmpi" TJniin) .States r.ank wtii fattened upon tlip ennnliv. Now that llieir end is unified, ami nil 1I10 evil they eonld com. pass is apcnmpll-hed, lhe nthnit ill H the Drposilr Hunk Syilem man in rfftrt nothing hut another II S. Hank, of an inferior description, and in all respects equally dancrou. In leply in the. allegations nf thij paragraph, Mr. iriiitnev Fijs 1l1.1t thp Ranks wrrn 110 his Rank-- and that ihey pip not : leajne. lie say that thev ucre (leneral Jarksnn's hanks that he Innk llm lesponsihiliiy n rmplnyins lllfltl asfieal aiicnls and that Mr. 'I'nnpv made the i-flection. "I'rnnd, howeier," Jlr, Whitney untilil hap lippn the anihoiship nf llm fyslPin, and nf its cxpentimi, up In tlip passage of the Deposite Act. IPIipii CniiLMPs hpsan ri meddle with itj liiPti it was that tlip fate nf the pv-tem was sealed. If it hadlipen left Piniiely In Exerutivr di-nelinn, in 3h Ifhitiipy's i"W the fislein uonld hao Iicpii pci led. n ohhall not nndcitnkp a dpfenrn of thollepns. ile Act. IFi! haul little donlit dial it uas 11s wrotelird an net ;n emil I uell h up hern fiamcd, licransp it "iisframpd hy a Jackson cntnntiiipo, passed by u Jai kson Congrpss, and lint veined hy a Jnrksnn Rxecitlivc. Ratclnvork lininhii a tiling nf ohreds and patc hrs e have no donht that it was; hut miply neitlipr Mr. Clnitjo nnr Mr. riiiiiiey will have llm niairhlpss impiideneo 10 cli.iriju llin ilepoiiie iip.t(npnn the Whigs I IV flinuld not lin snrpi 'fed, Inmcver, if these worthy penilpmrii, with Mt. ISrnimi anil Me. Kend.iil 1I1011I1I 1 e.iUy and nakein denionslrato to the I'cn. pin ihal the whole system nf I'd Ranks uas a Whi;' system. and thai tin) Jriiisuere rrppntniljlo for the ciilsin nhich it Ii it invoUeil the ronnliy. In tho letter tcrently puhlisied in llm Oluhc, Mr. M'hiliipy ninltps ; "M'hy, the icry first hank scIppipiI lifter llm pix.ii'jn (if llm net ua- lite nun Infill; and 1I1.11, inn, with more than a million of dollars of thr pulilic money in it hands, a- is nikmm. Jeiljnllii iis 11 pnldirlii d piacii.enl, 1 do not rhoaie tl at such a bunk shall be culled my bunk " rinil atmisiien' impndi nrp Mr. riiilney doen not clioofd that a Innk hi Id lie called hii hank, because it has Tailed. Why does mil jtr. Whit, ney difoiin hi own naiil 1 y t,, ,i( ., indiwdnalKi ery ecitipulons mi ihls mhjuei nfl'ail. - In,' umiM haidly liko In ho called Rcuhen M. ""Whitney. lint iiiviin, Mr. (Jntijjo ndniin that it was Mr Mii!ne's pnt inn al tho head nf llin Deposit!1 I!iink ttliieh ciintilril him "lo hid defiance to ill' the furce mid inleiilnf llin nppinilinn, in Congress nut of Congress, (incltiiliiij ilr. Riddle him. self.") This is rather nn important nilinissioii. Coming as it does fiom n "clcik in the Tipasiny Depart. liient," it is worth untiring. Il ipcognize that position nnil powrr in Ulr. Whitney nn llie head of these Ranks, which Mr. U'ooilhnry denied; lint which the Whiga in Congies.s nllegnl, ninl de.'ired a fair opportunity lo proin. Rut that which tho Oao Law fiippiosed in Con;ri'sS h.m now hern madu public by u lolanlpcr witness. Mr. Congo of tlio Tir.irury Department, a friend of the ml liiiiiisliatinn, now nf his own aceniil le'lifies to the Amctican I'enple that these Dcposite Hanks were Mr, Whitney's Hanks, and not the Ranks of the Ticasmy, and that through Tit Kill lie Mil enabled in resist the imo'iittntinii nf Cniigrpss. Ono morn impottatit adinlisioii and wo hale done witli Mr. Conge. On llm SGih page of his pamphlet Mr. Onngn sajs; "I'nr llie true maracter nf the deposiip bank nr fttale hank s i stein, tc.V tho Fpeeclics ol the inein. heis nf ('nngicii anil lliu ninvspapera friciiilly to I lie opposition." Mr. Gouge refeia to the "lying" opposition press for llie ti tic chiracler nf this State Rank Sjsteni, Il is only in the jouinali of iho opposi tion ihal the truth of the matter is to bo foiind' An w i I Ii tli! a subject, so is it with all oilier fiitij'Tts. I'lio principles of llm Wllir.s are the only princi ples on which this government can he admlnisteted. To these principles a majority of this l'enplo h ive already icturned. The Wilms have only lo pur sue a s iiaighl-fnrward course, holding Ingether, pressing forwaul in solid philaux, hating no intei- enmso with slr.isglers and deserters who still wear the Tory uniform ; vieldlng nothing eoinpiom- ising nothing but adlieriug lo the principles, who'C liitui- hii been tiled and pimed, and which the l'Kon.K will nnce inoio reassert llirnngh tho Ram.ot Rds. flosl. Atlas. ritp rondiT will limi n very jonil ,-,riic!'! nn (itir CrM pnin in llto li,iprj of a tlialnjjui) between .Martin Flint, nnil a Hancock Whip;. Tltpro arc wit a fuw pitch mniiti- tninuero, in tlio s'ato, as the ballot box will show in Soiitpnilior. M.uivi..Ni. Mcspr-J. Howard nut' M'- Iv i tii , V. linrpti iiicii. arf rn.cipnlRil to Cnti rPs-i friini tbu 'Uli iltitrtct by tliu folliivvinjr vol ps : npiijntuin G. Howard 7 1 111 I-anc M'Kim 7144 John 1'. Kcunciiy (W.) 0052 Cha--. 55. Hit'rroly (W.) 01171 Avorngo Van Uu'imi tiifijnrity iti 1 ho die. Irict,251. In Oct. l"3r, tliu mnionty of tho samo gontli'tnori was about 000. Tb" L'f'ieral result I Iipii is, that four Whins and four friend nf tin; Administra tion have lippn electpil iroir. tho hiale. (thp t-attip rclntivp ,t renal h n wan shown tit Hip In-t plpctinn.) with a unti it-t n 1 'm of ci'iisiili'rah'p incrpasp nf the Willi's in llto Hlalp. .Ytttional Tntcllicnrrr. (iptl. Jark-n l tnld iMr.Diiaito that "a Statu 15 ki; Arnru mml lie ml in nperef Hondo shore that Ihc United Stales Hank is not nerrwtri) ,"nii(l ''tin: par'v" nnw IpIIh iiti that we must cren'o a Treasury .lency. lo phdW 1 1 1 -t t thp itatp Iiarl.s nn; nut tic-pe-arv. Wi hn vo lint .pen m'rp - ' r 1 1; i n -u.t ni' lip (' i.onnsli ncij O'"'" J mr. Danvii.i.i'.. Jnlv CD. On 111" pvpniiirf nl tlto SOtli in-tntit, Mnj Win. IJiiokmin-lPr nnllrVil n small (iiniiiily (if powdiir KPat. tcrpd nndpr a pedlnr'-warj;iiii in Mnjnr Kiilispj'r! pIipiI, in i Li vil np;o. Fi'iirttir; that V might anpidciitnllv tal;p firo frnm n n liirlited ennr nr i-dtiii' nllier paiiiip, bo drpw lln wnjiiron a few Pert from thp 'bed and lunched lire In llin pnwdpr. Unfnr t mini fly, and iiti-ii-nerjed bytlio Mnj t, a train nf it nun mini icn t nil from that nn ib'r the rli-d In tin' wajrooii. ill which lliprp wprc Ibrc" l;prrs mid 70 nr f!0 cani torsnf powilpr. nil cf wiiieli p.:pliidid hmiIiJ a treiiiPtidnns crii-h. Tho pedlar' warf pnn and box wnro f-Int torril to pieces. with llin PNPi'ptinn nf tlip, and Major Kpl-ey'ri f-hed rnnsideralilv rncked by the shod; and s-pt nil fife. Tlip bur ninjr nf mi r'.'i a qnan'iiv of pnwd-r, filled the air ins'aiitanenii-ly for 40 nr 50 fept wnli intense l-nt flames, in wbieb Major I'linkininstor, llnrvpy Farnpwiirlli. David Ni'Viti--. Asa Page and Iiinhor Por ter were severally caught, though etideav nring in malic llieir escape, and all tJhock ingly bnriit. in their face--, bands, and other parts nftheir bodins, which eame in m tact with llieir burning chubps. ' 'I'liev hive nil received the best ineiliral aid and nursing arc all in a hopeful way of re covery but severely burnt. Star. Fatal Catatii'M'iii-We leant that Den. JnbnCltirk nf Kt. John-bury wn- ri ding in a chaise, nn Tupsdnv bint, arennt panted by tho llapii-t Miuis'pr of Pa suiiipsip village that while pas-ing down the sand lull Irading from fit. John. bury Plain to tho Itirnnce, the young h.irse in tho chaist; becaiue refractory and cotn niPticnd kiclfing and phtiiging Ihntspp'ing their diinger. tho gentleman with Mr. Clark leaped from the earriago first and received no injury ; ninl thnt Mr Clark in attempting to follow him. struck bis bend noar the temple against nno of the wheels wilh hh'Ii force ns to produce itniiiediate iiisen.ihihty. in which condition ho re innined un'tl the next inoruing at one n' e'ock, when he expired, aged Gl, JYiirlh Star. Mr.r.ANCtrni.r.v St'icinr.. Mr. Ama Skaiu.i:, wife of Mr. Iletijainin Searle of Hurki-bire. Vt. loft her houso on the eve ning of the 1 0 ' h iust. about punel, when sntirch wa made through the neighborhood lo' her, but she was tint discovered until the next innming about fl o'clock, when she was I'i'iind dead, on n hill nhout fifty rod frnin the house, hanging by tho neck, with a -ilk hniidketchief tied in the limb of n fallen tree, so that she rested on Iho ground upoii her knees, with n IMilo lay tug open upon the ground near her. It is proper lo state that Mix. Senrle, for some yeari-. bin had turns nf being deranged. She ha- left n hiii-hauil nnil u large family of children to mourn her melancholy end, Tliu deceased wns'4 J year. of ago. sisijttui Sdtmlunl. Tun nnnttnl Commencement of the (Jut vctHity of Vermont look on WimIiich tiny, and was attended, as isunl, hy n largo concourse of people. Tho lublic exorcises were the following : 1. I'rnyer, by tho I'rcsidoit. 2. Ractcd Millie, .'1. Oration. IlllltlPliPn (if trlirrinn in llin fot mat ion of Society. .funis W. llickok, liitrlttwlon. 4. Oratinn, An intnlligcntynomanry tho best check to athilrary pnwtr and popular licentiniisnoss. Alexis CSleicns, Richmond. i. Oralioiti Crnnnvoll nid his govern itinnl. George II- 1'iclc, Rurhwlon. C rirnlilill. Chrisllnnill.. 11..' Holt. .Hum ,P Liberty. Orri'r G. H'hcclcr.Charlattc. i. cnciuu iiiisii;. .'!. Oiatinn, Digttiiy ofanral and ngri. cultural life iiinone; llto Hwtans. Joseph Scntl, Colchester. 0. Oration. Parairtiav nndir Or. Prannln. mid tho Ppnundi American Itcpuhlics con. Hasted I obul Jl. tvillson, Rochester JV". 10. Oration, Autocracy. Giorgc W. higcll, Champlam JV. Y. 11. Oration, Public Spirit if tho Ancients inmiiared with tint of llm MmVirno ilmlmn J. Smith. Tioii, jV. 1. 12. i'aered Mttsiu. lil. Oration. Putstiit of 'JlMluro as r. trade. .fawn J'iles. IIallcy,L O, 14. Oration, Tho Med'e.i o. Htiripidcs and Lady Macbeth of Shakospenri comparud,--.lrlhurM. Foster. Rochester A' Y, 1. j. Oration, Civil Institulhns inadequato to sccuro national wolfaro. Benjamin L. Sliuic. Jericho. 10. Oration. Characteristics of Ancient' and Modem Poetry.--F.bcncztr M. Tonf St. .'Irmand, f, C. 17. Oration.. Relation of art to Religion. Aaron G. Pease, Charlotte. lit. Sacred Miific, 19. Oration, Anlecodctt principles neces sary to tho acquisition of Iciowlcdgo from ox perienre. lirasnms I. Carjcnlcr, Walerford, 20. Oration, Coitnoxioi of Seicnco with Religion Ahnon Lawrcn.e, .Sfonlon. 21. Oration, The prnfussion of law anion" tho lloinans.Zunce Eccicll.jr. Windsor. " 22. Oratinn, Confidet'io iu tho Irnth. Charlis L. Austin. Oricill. 2. J. Oration, Democracy and Slavny in Athens. fnseph II. Myers,l'liilchall, A". Y, 24. Degrees Confered. 2.. Sacred Music. 20, Prayer. Ry tho President. 21!. licnediclioii' 1 U N 10 R U X II I V, IT I O N. imnr.ii or uxr.ncnns. Music. 1. A suiinJ Literature necessary to tho permanence f National Character.--Henry II. Jams. 2. Public Gamci of tho Greeks p.nd Ro titans. Albin K Putnam. !!. Characltr of I'uhskl.--Edward A. Cahoon. 4. Influence of Litrratmu on National Character. Iliner II. liciuon. 5. Iiiipottaniv of tho lessons of history to a Freo peoplc.--n7mm Jt Dickinson. 0. Cultivation of Intellectual pleasures. Jo'm W. Wed. 7. Tito totidcni oftho spirit of conquest.--John F. Dcanc. 11. Allude- and Theiui.-toclos compared. .oi?i 6'. Adams. G. Tho "Pronotlieus" of schylus. Ali.randtr Mann. It). Iiitloeiieo of Miltoti's learning upon his poetical writings. Hugh Cameron". 1 1. I'.ditcatioii of tho Greeks inj moderns compared. Andrew llobtrlsnn. Music. E V E N 1 N (J . Music. 1. Necessity of retired and cintctnplative :U"-- ,i ih.. -eli.'lnr. Itufn.i One. 2. Mnticy uiid litt'llec;.G'eoi-''c Wond. Spain before the sixtccnti ccnturv. Charles W. Potrein. 4. Modern Patriotism Ucarsre W. Used 5. Influence nf amusements on Society. Simeon II. Sttrcnt. C Ancient ami Modem Oratorv. John G Smith 7. Foreign Immigration. (Itorge IJlarfc mi n II. The Polnieil w'ltinrs of Ei'mund "nrke Charles S. Pulnam 0. Moral principle the basis of truo lee ishitint). C. G. Vaitmnn. r 10. Greet,- Trng- dy. Calvin Pease. Music. Latit riii'M Muxico The New Orleans Uee has received fromCapt. Win. Mervineof theU. S. Sloop of war Natchez, the Vera Cruv. Censor nf June 17. which contains, a correspondence between the commander of the port. Castro, and Mr. Hiirrouglis, I hu American consul resident th-re, relative tp the prc'incc of the American fleet m Von Cruz. The Cap tain of the port states, that the sudden arrival of five ves-oU of war oil' the Sac rijirhit had alarmed tho inhabitants, and induced 1 1 fin to believe. Ihc reported do duration of war by tb,. United States was true, lie ak for iuformation. Tito con Mil replies iu the Mio.-i unqualified terms that tho intent inns of the fj,;wt u,o not lies lile--ihai Com. Dalla authorises bun to say I he dillicullies of the U. S. with Mcx- tco had been amicably arranged in great part by pacific ns.-iirnnces of Gun. Folisoln at Matauioros, and his disavowal nnd (lis approval of tbu conduct of the Mexican fleet in capturing American vessels. A litter, however, wns addressed bv Conimn dure Dallas In Sennr tie Castro demanding of bun the same. Hut Senor Antonio do Custro in his reply enters into n long mys tified argument full of shuflling ntttl fustian, in which, however he makes tho amende honorable, and promising good behavior as far us lays, in his powor. ENGLAND. Very seldom has the denth ofa King ex cited iiinm regret than Hint UMinim IV 11" was n man of ensy nccess. good unliircd mum, iinu warm leeiings. t fainilj he was afl' ciiouali), and to his friends hi was attached. At iho iresent crisis, when iMigiauil suitors pnluieal as well as com mercial embarrassments. Ins demii u muu ed with yet severer sorrow; fium iho urcer. tainty how his youthful eucccssor inny act. So much depends upon her lino of conduct, that wo fear sho may be led ntde to sacri fice principle to popularity; and, nl the commencement of her reign, make some false steps in politics, which she may not easily recover. A messenger was at once sent to Lord Melbourne, commanding htm to an iitidi nnce with Q,ncon Victohia, at 0 A. M. At ll.n Privy Council was held al Ken singtnti, attended by tho MltitMry and Pri vy Counsellors of all pnrttcs in the Stale. 'I'he Princessand her mother were present, nnd the young Queen took the uuol onlhs. The cabinet ministers, kneeling before her, swore allegiance and supremacy. This the other privy counsellors did also". Then the Ministry tendered tho Reals of office, which the Q,uepti rpinrtied to them. A Precla iiinlinn nf VicToniA as Q,ucr.N'was agreed to and signed bv nil present. The Dukes ol'CuMiiKitr.ANn nnd Sussr.x, ln-r uncles, igned it first. It was remarked 'hat she nppearcd In recngniso no nun except her uncles. The manner of her hearing wns dignified. She wns very plainly dressed; a plain black lustring, white cape nnd crnpo scarf. At this council she made tliu follow'tntr declaration : 'Tlio sovrro and afflicting loss which tho nation has sustained by tho death cf his Ma- jcrty, my beloved undo, has (Involved upon me tlio duty ol administering tlio government oflhis empire. This awful lesponMbility is imposed upon mo no suddenly, and also early a period of my life, that 1 should feel tnysoif uttorly oppressed by tho burden wore I not sustained hy Iho hopo that Divine 1'rovidcnco which has called mo lo this work, will gtvo ino strength for tho performance of it, and that I shall liud in llto purity of tny intentions, and in my zeal lor llie public wollaro, that support nnd those rcsotticcs which usually belong to a inoro mature age, and to longer experience "I place my firm reliance upon the wis. dn m of Parliament, nnd iipnn the loyalty and nflVclion nf my people. 1 esteem it al so a pecahar advantage, that I succeed to a sovereign whose constant regard lor the rights nnd liberties of his subjects, nnd whose desire to promote, the nineliorntion of the laws and institutions of the country, have rendered his iinme the object of gen eral attachment and veneration. 'Educated in England, under the tender and enlightened care of a most afit'Ctinnaie mother, 1 hnve learned ("ron i inv infancy to respect nnd love the Constitution of my na live count rv. 'It will bo inv unceasing sitidv to main tain the reformed religion as bv law eslnb- -bed. securing, at the same time, to all the full enjoyment of religious liberty; and i shall steadily protect the rights, and pro mole, to the utmost of my power, tho hap piness and welfare of all classjs of my sub jeets." The London Morning Chronicle hn five columns as a biographical sketch of Wil liam 'run Imiuuth He was born on the 21st of August, 1705. Al tho age of he was a midshipman, and though tho son ofa King, (George III.) he was kept on a looting with the other midshipmen, bnder Admiral Rodney, he v-'us in the fleet which in 1779, captured the whole of n Spanish convov. Eight days after he was in a so rious fight with the Spanish fleet, under the command nf Don Juan de Langara. I'he residue of his tune a-- a tuid.-hipman tho prince served in tlm West Indies and nfl the coast of Nova Scotia nnil Canada. On the North American station ho served under Lord Keith, iu the Warwick, when he captured L'Aile. a largo French fit.. gate, f.ft Sophia, of 2 J gnus, and tbu 'Per rter sloop ol war, nit the Delaware river, I lth September. 1732. Ho tifterwnids joined Lord Hood, who introduced him to Nelson on board tho 15arfienr. In 17tt3 he wns appointed third lieutenant of tho Hebe frigate. In I7IJG ho was appointed lir-t lieutenant of the Pegn-ii, ol 211 gnus, and soon after was made ciptniu, and ordeted to Nova Scotia. lit; then prueeeeded to the Leeward Islands, and was there under the command of Nelson. Nelsoe spoke very highly of him as an obedient iiml at tentive i fricor In December, 17117, after returning to England, he wns apppomted to the command of the Andromeda frigate, in which he s.itled f r 'be We-t Indies. Thu I'J'h of .May, 1700 he was created Duke of Clarence and St. Andrews, in the kingdom ol Great ISruian, and Karl of Minister, in Ireland. On the I'd of Sep tember he was made Hear Admiral : alter wards he became Admiral ol the Red ; nnd, upon the death ol Sir Peter Parker, in ;til I, he was inaib Admiral of the Fleet. 'I'he nninn of William the Fourth with llie celebrated Mrs. Jordan commenced in 1790. nud endured for twenty voiir.s. im was one of the inns' captivating women nf her tune, and the King wits very much at inched to her. She wns nf the theatre. liy her he had several children. In IfllO. they parted, which gave Mrs. Jordan the greatest pain, His pecuniary embarrass ments, she says, were the cause nf the parting. In ll!li. he was tuairied to the now Downger Q,uei'ii Adelaide. As Duke ofClarence. he ntlvocated Catholic email ciputmn in the House of Lords, and made a speech in lis behalf. June2Cth. 11130. the Duke became King of England, on the demise of Gcorgo the Fourth. Do was a man altogether the re. verse of Gcorgo llto Fourth, nnd mere like his father, George tho Third. His cour.-e as King is in tho memory of the public. A. lr. Jh-prcss. The follow tug is nn extract of n letter from Washington i tho editor of the Northampton Courier : Amos Kendall published in the papers snmn months ago, tidvortii-cmcnis ofier- iug n premium of 100, for the best model of ear to carry thy mails; n paltry pretni. uni indeed, prool enough ol littleness in the very ofl'or ofstich n sum, which would barely nnvor tho cost, of the succosslul competitor's tnodol. Rut tho baseness of tho transaction remains In hu told. Sev eral very ingenious and costly models were sent in. Tlio day of award arrived, when In nud behold ! Autos keeps the premium to himself and awards it to no one of the competitors, contrary to his public stipu lations ? I in t innrk iartlte'r ! from tlio la bor and genius and expens of the conlrtb titnrs, he, Amos, rots an idea or two, and he Amos, is now constructing nn his own hook a vuhtclu for tho pirpose, having tricked the ingenious mechanics of the country lo furnish him gratis with their Ideas, which of course now thnt hn has served hiinsidl'of tin in, h protends that they arc tmlgtmd enough ! And so hu has put hundreds of poor inventors to tho ex pense of 50. Of) or 100 dollnrs or more, nnd then cheated them of llieir reward, baffled their hopes and Htolun their ideas! Hail Columbia, &c." Hl'Tlio Florida War originated in n deteriinnnlinn, on the part of our Govern nieiit, to drive the Seiiiniolo Indian from their soil and their pnscHiniis. It has already cost the United Slates u THOU SAND LIVES and n MILLION OF DOLLARS. Tho Indians, without hav ing yielded ii point in tliu controversy, have abandoned their fields, but retired to ihetr ever-glades, where, with strengthened do fences, thevkeepour Armvat hay. Their canst! is thai, of justice and pntriotUui ours, Hint of nggression and rapacity. It remains to ho seen how many mom lives and how much nioro treasure, t to bo sac rificed, by the Government, in ibis pirati cal crusade fur Indian Land?. Alb. Jour. Lirr, in Nkw Voiiic The following dny-brenk glimpse at the principal llinr. onghfnic, io from tho pun of tbu Editor of tliu Stnr : A w,il; in Rrondwnynt lour o'clock in the morning, exhibits some reminiscences of a night's debauch in a largo city. The string of loafers repus'tig on Moon and cnllar.doors is ner.rly cs largo as a hand of Inzaroni. (mo fellow this mnmitiir lav still and slreched ntti, to all appearand! dead, and had attracted a few sympathizing --pec-tators, who were pinching and shaking htm, with the benevo'ent tuoiive of ascer taining whether he had taken hi final nap. lie shook the poppies from In eye, how ever, grumbling at being thus enrlv ill tttrbed, nud in n few minutes: wns holding a cniicii with several other loafers, who liftl been also unceremoniously nwakeued. "I never seed such hnrd-lienrted folks." said ho: "bekaso they must get up early and work, they wont, allow n gontlctunn wot has been scttnr up with tho sick all night lo take a mouthful nf sleep in the inornin.' Then there- iB them ere granite stoops thev call 'em an improvement a body can't pick out a soft spot to sleep nn no moro wooden stoops, ns used to he. I hnlr Mich improvements! If wo sleeps in the park, on ihc wet grass, wo get the rhcuuiati:'. : anil it we lay on the 'mucin's ol I he Rattery, some wagabnno pick our pockets." So saying, he searched Ins pockets, and discovered th stnuip nf a su gar which ho put into his mouth, and walked ott with a lordly swngger. QUALIFICATIONS OF A CANDID A'PE A man resident somewhere- in India na ha announced hini-elf as a candidate for a seat m llie Legislature, and. in hi ad dress lo the public, sums up his qutiltfiea turns as follows : "I behove I wa the fust civil zed man who hlrnned a conn, chased a deer. caught, a hei.r or treed a wild cat, on the west side of V, bite river." Hi views nn the currency are nni nov el, but be seems di3po--. il "t0 go agnui-t hickory leaves "Fellow eitir.ens. I am aware ynu aro now satisfied 1 lint the salvation of lis lloosier dependson having all bnnest nian to rep resent tw theret'.i-e. I mv-elf. if elected, to regulate and render "entirely quiescent tho legal and natural currency of the countv, to wit. coon skins." TiiiinnnN Rka-on. An old Engli-b paper contain thirteen objpc'ion given hy n young lady lor declining a march; the first twelve being the suitor's twelve chil dren, and the thirteenth, the suitor him-ell. A D,WTV Row An apprentice to the cibinct-uiakinr. biisinr.; lately tire-enied hmiclf nt the police bar. (New York.) and prayed to have his indentures canceled, he cnu-u his master made htm eat from a table not covered with a tablecloth! Jn-ttce Rloodgood tnld Ihc dainty lad tl wa--unforitiiiately beyond hi. power 10 cancel hi indentures nn such ground, ample n- it might h"; hut he w Id write 11 r.-pectl'iil unto In Ins master, and desire that Ins table should always he fonn-hed with a diimn-l; table cloth .V Y S in. I lottTicu i.tuiii:. A Mr. Ely. re-id'.ng near the, ancient town of liury St. Ed tuiinils, (Eng. J recently bet five pounds that In- could produce, by a proee nf e.ul lure peculiar lo hun-elf. n cnpiiuiber 20 in ches in length, iu the space nf eight days I mm the tituo of setting the blossom. 'I'he wager was accepted, and within five l ours of the period named a choice and a blind. some a fruit as was ever seen, and in length 21 inches, wa- cut from the vine. Rishop i:.sni,M), being a guest of the Washington Society of Charleston, at tho celubri.tiou of the 4th, gave tho following ex cellent and nnprialu toast : "W.suiN(;ro : Admired by tho civilized world ; why should his own Poop's over he-si. tatu to ho guided b.y hi minion Hums, to walk in In footsteps? Lot Ins maxims be our itilu until wo shall receive better from one inriro conspicuous for wisdom, moro devoted to hia country." O We copy the following 111 relation to our friend Philip Hone. En. from the London Morning Herald, of tho 20ih of .111 ne the same paper which nnnouiiced the dcatii of the King where it stands cotispicunu-ly under tho head of Politk Ms. Cuur. S; Fnq. 1 "I havo met with many polite men iu my time," says Colonel Crockett, 'but 110 one who possessed in a greater degree what may bu called true spontaneous politeness, than this Cainanche Chief, always excep ting Philip Hone, E.-q , of Now York whom I look upon n tliu politest nian I ev er did see, for when he ns!;e( me to lake n drink ut Ins own sidrbnard, hu turned Ins back upon me, that I might nut bo nshauied to fill as much as 1 wanted. That was what I call doing the fair thing.' Letter and Cap Paper, Railed and pin in. for snle bv tho Ream or single Qtilro at the Hook Rlnderv. hy HUNTING PON & LYON. 2 doors ens' Free Press Ollice, ) Aug .1. I ll.n. s DOZ. warranted Sovthcs hv J. & J. 'II. PECK, LAYING THE CORNER STONE. The inhabitants of 1 be Towns of Hurling, ton and Colchester arc inv 'ed to assemble, nl the site solcctcd for the Now Church Edifice, at Winnoski Village, on Saturday, (lo tnorruw) afternoon nl 4 o'clock, to wit ness and participate in the services of lay ing the corner 'tone. Pho ground has been cxcavaicd and tho foundation, or sinno work has nlrcndy been rniscil five or six feet. 'I'he laying of the corner slono will ho nccompniied with prnyer, nn ndnto-s nnd npproprtato music. A the occasion h one of new nnd general interest In our cit incus, we would respect fully invite, nut only subscribers nnd the members nf the several iiinnnl'actnriiig com panies, but generally the Ladies and Gcn- tlouteii nf tin vicinity. I) an Da v. ) fluililing Wm. 1). Kinur.n, Commit- S.l.ML. S. TnWINsUNfc, ) Ice. Winnoiki Falh, Aug. 4. P. S. Slioiild( the weather be very in demon', the services will he deferred ti'! further notice. NOTICE. The inhabitant of Rurlingion and vt oitniy are respectfully informed that tho Rcy. Dr. Rangs, ol New York and Rev. Seymour Linden, will preach in the Methodist Chapel in this village on Sab bath, Aug. Oih. Dr. Rangs will preach tn lite al'terniion on the subject of Mi Viotis. and 11 collection will be taken up ii aid the Missionary Sociely of tho M.'ho dist Epispocal Church. N. R. It is also expected that a pnV c meeting ol the above character will ho held in the evening. . m a it k i 1: u "' III ihi town on Wednesday the 2 I inol., bv ilir Rev. J.K Cnmeire, Mr. K. JI. Tool", lu Mi-n Oi.ivr. ann RoniNso.v, n i 1: i) . In .Shelhiiii! on tin: 12di nit, Raima Amelia, daughter nf l.unaii 1 h ncr, ajeil alioai ten muii Ii-. tin fade llie lowly lilmimiii Jlnwer, .So soon our 11. 01. lent plea-ine Sweet siniliii;' folai'e nl' an Imnr,' Tllnll only h!oomd In fide ami die. I low slicni the laeo 0111 child ha tail, ("ut down hi all her bloom, tier cnm.e hnl ie.eiil iv lir-gttn, Nim fiiii-hed 111 tho mini), hi Shellmrii no tin; 2Sdi Juh , of coii'itaip'i 11 a Per a h.r;nn,' illiit-- nf luiu- jc.ih, Mi-j Vim . I11 I hawr, d,e,nit,M- nf Ch Tha'wr, aje I 26 We ih it ili,. i 1 1,- f,m,, ,1,,,, ,,.,. ni, lallena wciun tn Uic same cnmpla iIM ni air. Ilia ei's family union I'm. w.n-, and that a sun 1.. 11 rapidly feline, in In sisieis to an nieimelv &y Pi liners 10 the Mf iew Voik are rerjiiesied In notice the c.bnie. RYE l'10 fiihseriher-having been appoint. , I V t by the llniiomhin the prnh.ilu I mirl for the district of (.'hilleiiden Cum 111 moors to receive examine nnd mljii-t tlio claim- and demands of all per-011 against tin R-',, 1 1 Jo'-eph Rmwii, lain nf Jerudio, in sa-d dis'nel decca-cij. Itcprnscoted ni-olvent. and al-1 all olaiui-j and ilein.inil-e.lnliitcd in ..H'-el lliere. In. and m.v inonlh- I'miii the I7lh tl iy ofjillv lii'JT beiii"; allowed for ilia', pure ii !v tail l.oorl do ilicieforo berel y ;no imtiL-o Unit wi. will intend to the Iiii-m c-s of our jpp(i il uieiil al the l,te ihvellini' of thii deeeas-il in Jericho in said Dt-irtct on ihe 2,'jlh Day ot Sepieniher and 224 day of January Ne. , at 10 ooluok A. each of sau! da"vs. Hated at .'eriobn llustii-t dav of July A. D. i-sji. il. I I. ll At A li I I A , ) I IIUl lillOW.N. S f'oinrs. Spencer Cook's !';-! ate. WE the M.b-cnbers, having h hi eu io(it.;(l hy llie lion, the l'r, iie Court for the District of Clntiendi it. com niis-ioners In receive, t.,nniine inn! ndjiisl the claims and demand- nf a'l prr.-nn. against Iho emte of Spencer Cook, la'e of We-Hord. in -aid Di-mri. ih c. a-ed, ri p reseiiled in-.-lvent. nud ai-o all clnitis ami ileinnnds exhibited in oll'-et Mr-nti; ninl -tx monlhs from the day nf the date If no', b nig allowed by .-aid Court fur that ur posc, we dn Inerel'.ire hereby gtvo ie 'ice, that wo ' v 1 1 J aMend to llie liiisiue-s ( '' i or ninmuiinient, at the dwelling of Win W md in Wet ford in laid l.Vtnct. in lie firsi. and niirtli 'Po.-days ,,f D. eeui'.i 'r next, at 10 o'clock, A. M.,'on each nf-atd d tys. Dated, ibis I4ib mv of.J.ilv A. D'lfir, Wm. WOOD." ) Cmm s GEO. S. HALE S sinners. r?nO the honorable llie Probaio Court for the District nl Cbitteiid.-n. comes Henry P. Ihckok, of Durltngt on, in said di-trtcl. and shew linn he is legal guar dian of MorliiiP'r C. liuell, a mule infant under the age of twenty ono years, nud of Maria A. Ruell, a female under the age of eighteen years, belli ol tho town nf Rurlingion a foresaid: that the stud Mortimer C nud Maria A. are seized as tenants m c.nnni.'O n iiu-ir own right in fee, of n certain parcel of hind in iiir lingtoii, being iho whole of one uere nnd one hull' of one icro, wnh the meuagu and appiirlouance-, known n Iho Rtdd u place: and that n sale of said parcel of land ts conducive to the he.-t interests of his said wards. Therefore be prays said court lo grant him license mid i mpower him to sell the stud land mid messuage, mid your pettiouer will ever nrav. HENRY P. IIICKOK, Guardian of Mortimer C. and Maiia A Ruell. Uurlinglon August 1, 1U37. STATU OF I'FR.VOW) DlsTIIICT Ol' CIIITTKMIKN. The Probate Court for the dinlriil if Chit tenden, to all persons to whom these prcs-. sent shall came. rkki:i i.vri. HENRY P. IIICKOK of liurhugtoti, in the District of Chittenden, Guar (lian of Mortimer C. Ruell. n male infant under tho ago of twenty ono years, and Mann A Huell, n female infant " under tho age of eighteen years, having represented to this court thnt tbu stud Mortimer V. and Aluria A, nro eised as tenants in common in i heir own right in fee ofa ceitatn parcel ufland, in nurlingloii, being the whole of one acre, and one half of ono acre, whith the inessiiago mid appurtenances, known us tho U id ille place; mid thut a sale oftaid

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