Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 4, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 4, 1837 Page 3
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dnrcol of land is coiulurivo In llio best interests Ins said wards. It is therefore hereby ordorcd tliat mid nnplinn t inn stand fur u "hrn rinp hoforo said Court nt n session thereof tn hi? holden nt the Office of the Register of thi Court in Burlington, m 'In! second Wcilnotlny of September A. I). 1 U.17 ; nnd t lint notice thereof lin given to nil concerned by pub lishing Ibis order together with tin1 cob stnnco of en i (I pntition, in the Free Press, a newspaper, printed nt Burlington, in tin- County of Chittenden. I wo v.-odis successively, the last of snul ptitilicnl Kills to bo mil log 1 1 1 :) 1 1 two weeks prt vino In snid tiny ol hearing, then nnd I hero to up' ponr before said Court nnd shew cnoi', if nny llicy have, wbv I lift prnyer of snul petition should not bo "muled". Given under my lined nnd the senl of snid Court, nl It o r I i n 1 i . in ihe District of Chitleiiden, Ihi.s Isi duv of August A. 1). It!37. OHAR.LKS RUSSF.LL. Judge. Asthma ! and Calarrh ! Ill Unit liinir irnm ol dioiiseii which seem to grew web I he grnwi h of clvil'Z"d Miciely. CONSUMPTION takes Ihe lend in its relenilo, inroads upon human life ; yet Ibis drendlnl disorder w easily overcome in ils curlier singe-. i is only when iur k'Cted that it nrrives nl ibn terrific innlnri. iy w Inch mi li en hnilles the sngncity ol professional science. An obstinate rough s the customary forerunner ol ihe ivutv consUMImion. Improper neglect in ihe timely ndintni.-trnli"ii of s'tupli; nnd snlulnry remedies, I- Mire to In; improved by n drcndinl succession of consumptive syiiitoins : opprp--ii.ii nf the bren-l ; fjrccn i.-li nnd bloody spittle ; ulcerated lungs nnd Incite fever; -brivelleil cxt remi' tes. nnd general eiiincin' inn of the uhole bodv; prostration nf strength ; flushed cheek's: t-u nllen feel nnd lM'.-; nnd nt Inst, in loll pnes-ion of 1 1 1 - mental faculties, nnd while hope .-nil whispers, her flittering Inle cold exl r r 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -. nnd n reinnltlro denlb. For i he various m ogos of I In- complaint. oi f ihe most npprnvrd remedies ever vol di-C' von d is Dr. Rclfcs Aslhmalie nils. This exceedingly pniverfnl. nnd yet f(iinllv Mile mid lonoei nl preparation, has (Heeled thorough nnd rapid cures upon pniieins Mippo.-. (i in have been fnr ad vnnred m a omlinin'd Consumption, nnd who huve exhibited I lie n pp. 'it rn nees which usually indicate n final lormiimtinu of Ihe (ll-imler. Oil RLLFFS PILLS have nl-o ob tnui. d ihe hghe.-t ohiitnetei a- a Pcitorial Midicinc. nrl'mrling the most unexpected n llel In l !i i ix Inhnurmg under the com :ii'iii Congli. ncf n-ioi.i d by r.rnd humors l rrii in uitr i at ,,r by d, ilueii, ns mi ' he luii" -.-Miitotn-- which deprive Hie Mif lerer nl' sleep, nnd irniiun llv mi reduce the long Irani ol I'ulmonurij lifted iiui--. The J'lU-- nppense i hp cough, priuiiolo t-n-v p. in cloianon. very essentially relieve." mid 'Hen i 1 1 r i 1 v cure ihe i I i-tci n and ih-lreinj; ea-o-. Cmhlifll ( old? It isl. til v ! oiovi'il by ilie Pill- m i, f, w hours. !n Die bnrrns-ieg nnd -nil' rating coin p!,IM,l (if the A-TIIMV. Ill" P lis oTvo illl- midline relief. They , gale Ihe com- plaint, and g. nernllv i ffeel n n,(lip., co-e. in ilm-e A-U'iii.-iiio nitiicl's cloiineinrir."il hy ditl'onliy of bronihin. l io hi ncs nod Mrioliire nens ,,. hrcn i,n( , the loin's, opprcffive ilulnleores. cimoliuij;. I.nnr.-t iie.s, cnM iveilf.-s, nnd ninny oilier n-ihointie sympiems A the Pills ii quire m ordinary oases no eonliiii'iiieni. t,v mny i.,, adimni-iered with confidenei; nnd spl'ety t,, a nit,.f- and chis-rs ol people. IJn, Miinpled miccos has hitherln nllended ibeir mini m-i rnih'ti ill n "teni vnrieiy of ni-o j nnd Ihe I'm nrictor can refer in a mulinude. u.'i'cli le-lify io I heir i (limry in reviving im euincmtrd viciim tmiu i'ip bed of diserire, and ri-fcteriiiir li'in io I he hlcs-uinu of ne.-eii.-louied Iieiilil, nnd nnlivilv TIIK IJKNKrlCIAL EFFKCTS nnultinizfnM the miminiilrtithm of Dt: Jtefe'x .l.sthmitlit; nnd Cnumpliie Pill.?, (.rhihiltd in the following t me?. UJA PiiyMcinn. M. I;, mid )nifi-i, recenily wnles: "The AaUiiiuii ic "T'lUs (KclftV) nre m.'arinb'y well spoken of by iIiom! who u.-e lh m.''" J J .Mm , oihis cit, i. v.-ns three veam seriou.-ly nfil ei. d Willi coii-nmpi ive -ymp. toil)-, n- n 1 1 1 in the Mile, nlmn-t p. rpplunl COIIoh, HHUilljr ufblnoil, jjCMierill iblnliiv. &c. --in ibis iliMrerMii;; Unto, unable io mi up. nnd not e.-m ciiiH. i hvomnnv dnvs she n- ndved in ml:,. Dr Uelie's 'A-tli malic Pills, nipl nl-o Dr. Jebb's l(,iui be nppl ed her Mile, which she did, mid to ihe n-lnnUhnuMit ol eveiy on,., in n short tiiliehhe wi ppifee'lv restored to henllll, O" .1 Lndyfruui Frnminghnm wns n verely itfll rictl wnh eouoh, spniimrnf "1 1. nnd oenernl debility, nn inkm"Wn hollies of i hoc Pills, ami one box of Dr. Relic's An'ibilino.- Piils, wiih re.-tored to perfect benlili. Dj Aii elderly perron in Ibis viciniiv. who had suffered much for vear- bv n moM lisi reriiir in-llitim, lunl tried almost cvurv tbuiff reeoiiiinumh d, which onlv nt lime's pave tempurary relief, nnd usun'llvn more violent relurn of her complnint, has recent y inude use of the above Pills wuh more benefiein en'eclsthan anv Ihnm the Uae ever used before. O- A Vmniff j4,iy n, M n(, ,)p0 troubled with u very bad cour-h, so violent ns ai limes to rnck and hurrnss ,cr ,.x. ceedinoly ; a cniihiiinpl urn wiih feared, (ns her mother had dieil of Hint complaint) --i,lii) wns iinniPilintelv relieved, and sub M'fiieiiily eniirely cured by Dr. ItelfeV Asibmutir: Pills. Price gl (or whole boxes of 30 pills, ami 50 cenu lor half do nfl8 pills, with direc lions, Nono jeniiinn unless Birrned on the ontHidn printed wrapper bv Ihe title Prmiri. elor,' KIDDKIl. immediate succesm' to tlio Into Dr. W. T. CimwAy. I'nr sale, with nil the oilier "Comuny Medicines," nl Ins Coutilinj: Room, No. 09. next door to J. Knliler'rt Druir Kioto, corner of Court nnd llnnover slreels, uonr Concert J J a 1 1 , lirihion i nnd bv his special nppnitiimenl, by J. & J. II. PKCfC it Co., Durhn-Moii Vt. AMSON'S Piileut Kcylhe Snulluv, by ' J. & J. II. P,:ck &.Co. MOKE GOIiS. 1 nnf i (i cl' 100 iw- ,n,,n XKJKJV, Rubber. 300 Canieh hnir liruahcp, 12 red Pluinca. 30 Silver Pen. oils, and a few hundred sheets, fine Tissue Pnpor, of vnrrioiits Colors, received nl the Vnriety Shop. .Inly '2'2. PAnnouv & HnrxiWAtn. 3B; p arr viT 3at K L CURTIS & Co, bnve iinin receiv ed two enses mnro of lioiinettH. com lirisiiio Florence, line Slrnw. Eleven Urnid DniiMn'jIc, Tuscnii nnd Satin Straws. Rurlinyloii, July 7, IU37 Silver 'Thimbles ; and an addi tional nsortmeni of Swords ; just received nt ihe Varieiy Simp; nlso for .-nlo I iron furnace. INnnon.v & Hiiinsmaid. Jul v en. TO WOOL (JROWIjHiS & DEALI511S. rnillH Subscriber bus. opened n nrpor -H- rnu tub hilcm-TioN ami I' sai.k or A-ii:iitpAN ami roin'.in wooi,, in Ihe C.ty of New-York. The First Snle will b. nnnotiiiceil ns enrly ns practicable, nnd nlierwnnls conliniiedni regular periods as may he deemed expedient. Tin; exii.'iii'to which the fjrowtb nnd mnn iifiictnre of 'his article lias arrived in this country, fniinmo; us it does, one nf ihe sin pie of production, ns well ns of exlen sive imporintion. renders Ihe establishment of a regular mcrkel, where the Fnrmer cnii nvai! himself of Ihe full prices paid by mnniifncU'irers. and where Mnnnlactlirors. mny. nl Mated periods find n full ,-upply. nml soil their pitichnses exnclly necnrdin Io their vnnts, is not only dei-ir.ible. bill nb" solutely necessary for Ihe profit ami con venience of belli cIusm's. To the larmers e-peeinlly il is nil imporinnl, Hint they should enjoy a regular market end the ml vnnn:o of lull compelilioii. in-lend ol bemir compelled to submit to the prices offered by specutntors, wIiomi intnmitc knowledge of the wants of Manufacturers, nnd whose nicer judoineut in Hie nrlicles, has oiven lliem rrent nilvaiilne. and often cnini c'led n great suonfiee on thi! pari of the Farmer. The city of New-York beinrr bv far the rjreatest market where Manufacturers find a Falo for their fabrics, it js placed beyond a dnnbi. I fiat, if the growers and dealers in Wool, ihrmsnlves exieiiMVely o t fiir opporleniiy of ofi'cririir their Wool' for sale, it will bring together, as purchn-ois, nil Ihe principal Manufacturer:! of the North ern Sintes: anil give, not only in the buyer nod seller every advantage that can "be offered, but regulnriiy iiikI --tnlnhty to the market which has not before existed in this country, and which in oilier wool growino countries has been productive ol the great est benefit to nil Sniislaclory reference given on nppli eniinn, nnd Io tlinne who desire il, no ndvancp in cash for a lm,i"d Period will he oinile. Per-ons wi-lnng n, hunt their wool ;n price, will have Hie cdvnnlnge of a p'lviite rah: in the best murkiii. I? ilm pnee- in public i-ale shniild not reach ilieir expi clntiuti. Per.-niis wishing to enter their Wool for Snle, ii'e de.-ired to corresnond enrlv with ihe Mib.-cnbcr. JOHN A. PARKER. N w York July l!J, !!.J7. ; Corner nf Wnll & Snulh St. S "m Frederick liucll's Estate. STjlTi: OF FElMOjYr, ) Drrsr.iCT uc Cihttk.m)i:.v. ss. s The Hon the Probate Court for the Di.? triit of Chittenden, to all permits con iirncd in llm islutc of J'rcdn-tik Durtl lute f Ilttrtinglon in soid Distiiil, tie ""'r d GKIIKTIAX:. &f I1HRHAK. (Jeorge P. Mnish, ndmiii- V i.-uniorol theehiaieofbnid decen-ed propoM's to render no account of his niliiiinistmiinii. mid present Ins ncconul ng;nu.-t faul otin,. for e.vnmtunl ion nnd allowance at n se.-sion of the Court of Probate. t )L. hohlen at Ihe Regisier's office in Ilurhugion. nn Ihe third Wedues day of AugiHl ne;:t. Therefore, you urn hereby notified to appear before said court nt the timo and place nfnrcMinl. nod chew caiifC. if any you bnve, why the account nfnrini(l I should "not be n llo wed. (iiveo under my band nt Iiiirlington, lIllHUVlh dnv of July, A. D. 11137. W.m. WICSTON. Jleghtcr. Ozias liiinll's Estate. ST.'iTK O-' rKIi.MO.YT. Di-Titic r or Ciiitti'.mikn, ps. The Thin, the I'rohile Court or the Di? triit of Chilkndtn, In nil persons coi cernrd in the tstutc of Oxius limit Inle of liurlinlnn in mid District, dtiinud. c;m:i:ti.,yg. fyyilKRKAS fieorge P Marsh, mlmiii. i-irntnr dc liunis mm nf lh es'nle of Mini deceiiM'd propiiM'p in render nu uccuuiii of his ndnimislrntiiin, nnd prefiit hi-in: conni ngninst suid estate for exiiminni ion 'nnd nllnwnnco nl n mi-Pioii ol the Court of Prohnin in be holden nt I ho Regi-ter's office in Uorliuginn, on the third Wcdnes dnv nf August next. Therefore, you nre hereby nppointed to nppt.'nr before Mild court nl the Hum mid place aforesaid, mid shew cnuse, if any you bnve, why the uccounl aforesaid bhuulil not be nlhiwed. (liven under mv hand nl Iliirliugtoa Uiis 27lh dny ol July," A. 1). 11137. Wm. W USTOTnL Jlegislcr. NAILS. 'C-K 1"Vslll'Si npfinrlcil sizes, n JJ tuperior article, just received on con-igiiineni, ami for snle nt tho lowest Prl,, ''' II. M. CIDDINfiS. liifrlmglon. Pearl June'2l. 1 1137. A T n incut iujr of the Directors of the .V Colchester Manufncl tiring Coinpnny, duly hohlen it wn9 ordered that an ns-K's-iucnt of'l'en DullntH. he laid on ench Shnro of the Cnpiinl Stock of snid Com pnuy, tn paid on or before tho' 19th day of August next, ami a further iissecsinimt of leu Dolhiis, on each Bharo to bo pinil on or before the Ifith Sept. ami n furlher as. Mnmcut o ten Dollars, on ench shnro to be pa id on or In-fore the Mill day of Octo her, A.D. 1 337. BINKY 1JARLOW, Clerk. July lUthi' 1037. HOEECKB. njlllM subsenbern bnve forincd a nopnrt -L nership ns AtlornicB nnd Council lorn nt Law. Office west side Courl House Square. J. MARCIC D. A. SM ALLEY. Iiiirlington. July 21, 1037. 3w Notice is hereby given, that I ho Seleciineu, will ntlenil nt ihe Town room in llurliiifrton on Salurdny the filji day of August ne;:t nl, 10 o'clock A. M. to hear nppenls from the Listers of said town or nssesMiientH tnnde the present year, nnd nlo to n coive disclosures on onlb of all persons nggneved by assessinnnt for monies mi hnud, or upon Inlerest It is required t lint the applicants give personal notice to one or more oftlm Listers to nltend. SAMUEL NICHOLS,) Selectmen Wm. A. CRISWOLD, of 1 1 KM AN LOWRY. ) Ihtrtington. Rurhiigion. July '20. 1337. EXPERIMENT. Iliivini; l, ii'il Hvo exieriiiieiils 1 1 1 - pc.ifoii that unikcd well, I jmi heeii iiulurpil In try n lli'uil ol I ho same khni, which when (old uh;il it in, I think jiiii will prifcctlv nire with me in lliCM'ii limi'iii. hi mm' no less; nr nunc limn ileal I went lift" to ,e.v Ymk ill .Mnirh mill got n few New (iooiIs and ni'il ilirm for c,i?h, ihcn in .Mny I Itird lliu siimc lllina oer, nml fiinnil it to woik rqimlly urll; I licit licio inj llnitllicre w:ft a Ricnt iiiioiy pi el ly New fiomh Io Im sulil rry clic.ip in New Ymk for, I was oft" ami (joi n lot, Icin in' ihcy would poiiii he lienor, which cvciy hotly siijs will hp thu c.iso by mill bju, wiilionl the limes (el hullci-, for ; on know ihey iiu-so h.uil die Fac iei ics nml jicoplc c.uiniil woik noiv. I inn i, f, Icml Io ir.iilu nml linpe nli lho?n who wish to liny will roinciind help mn on in t he experimrnt nnd get mcli lliinss ,s llicy wiinl while ihey cm, for if no mine guilds fhmilil h ninilc, it would he n 5re.1t pity 10 he obliged to go w il hunt. My Kxperimi'iit i not like the spcoie liiimhiig no I1.1M' w;iy hinincs nf Ftiiniiirr lliiniijh die insit'i tic's, hut i-i ' warrant, ed lo hoih slimv out. mid tefnr out, in die ilniin; of ihe wlorli dm icmiIi, n'llnnrnl nml deposite pin. diici'd, is the real ntlirle In he deslicd, viz : 11. ip tiincss, comfort nml enjo) incut. All 10 be had hy 'M'ph'i'iJ al llio Clie.ii.'ii-hionahle-I"mirvl)iy- J '""d l inosl yt'npial.Vio iely.Sloio.lo.hii-fomii!. iii.lhe.GovuiiiinL'iit, kepi by S." RAUL IIOWAUI). Hm liimlon, July 20. 1S37. NEW GOODS AGAIN. LO YHLY & A I5I50TT bnve just ree'd from New York nu nssorlineul of I'ougei! nud fnncy Ildkfs, Ladies' plnin open work nnd Knl Gloves, Honnels nnd Runnel Ribbons Silks. tSio., French work, ed Cnpesnnd Collars, Thread I'Mgings nnd IiiMjrtings, Utnbrellns, Lndien' and .Mi-ses I'nrnsolls, French iMiihns, nml Ginghams, Calicoes, Tickings, Sheetings and Shirt nigs &c. &c. Ilurhniiioii. July 10. 1337. Stereotype Foundry. (rpilli Slereoijpe Foundry fnriniirty car tied nn under the agency of G. T. Union has iioss-im! into the hands of II. JohiiMin &..C0.. nnd it will in future bo carried on in connection with their Rook nnd Job Olliee. Lends of nil sizes and lllanks of all kinds fiirni-bed to order, a great variety nf cols, la rge and miiiiII, nn hand, nud in fun-, all kinds of work tistiully culled lor in a Inr efiablifhtnent, done with iiintue-s nod de-patch. All orders nddre.-Mid to the firm will be promptly nt tellded In. JOHNSON & Co. Rurlioirton. July 0. I !!37. Uonimon Mannliicturcd Quills, al whole-ale or ictuil nl the Yariely Shop. July 21. I'anciiiokn & II i no s burgh Academy. riMUM full term of lb is Iiistiiiiiiou will JL commence on Monday the -'1st of A11211-1. The Rniird nf iru-tees have enongid A. .1 Sniu-on, A. I! lo take Ihe ch.irgi! of the Itistiluttnu ns Picceptor. Tuition. For common lingh-h brunch, es 3.50, for 1 ho higher brunches, including the language 1.00. French will be taught on same conditions as other Ian guages. Hoard and incidentals will be furnished on. reasonable term-. Such books us. are used in the Academy can be purchased in this village, if desiieii. Mr. Simeon comes recommended with testimonials which give the Trustees full confidence in his ability and skill in tench ' "'IT- and ft hi- expeiii'tico in kindred In-iilii'ions, we flaUer ourselves '11111 those who favour him wnh their patronage will not be disappointed. F. WILLSON. Sec. Ilmes-luirgh, July 20. ! Ji:J7. Dissolution of Partnership. NOTICK is hereby given I lint Ihe Co. partnership heretofore existing be tween Stla- li. Sibley nud Warren Siblev ni Miltun Fulls, in the Tn ig and Shoe. Mnking hiiMues-. under the stylo ul'S 15. & W. Sibley, has been I Ins day by muiiinl consent di.-ulved. All debts, accounts, and notes duo snul firm mitsl be settled nnd arranged wuh Wnrrui Sibley. bv whom all debts tiaiiiat said linn will lie disehnred. 8 15 SI I! L HY. WAR RIO N SIKLL'Y. Milton, Ju'y 20, Ill,i7. N. R. The biistne-s heretofor carried on by the firm of S. I!. & W. Sibley wil. hereafter be continued in all ltd branches bv Warren Sibley. Henry 1,7 Roy n oTJsEsta t e7 WL the subscribers having been appointed by tho Ilonorahli! Probate Cnurl for tho district of (i rand. Isle commii.siuuLrH lo reeeivu uxumino and adjust nil claims and dniuands of nil peisonsagainsl thoostatu of Henry Roy. nolds, Into of Alburgb in said disttiet deceased reprcsenled insolvent, nnd also all claims and demands exhibited in ofl'sut thereto, nud six months from the day of the dntu hereof being ullowcd by niht Court for that purporo wo do Ihereliirn hereby give untico thai wo will at tend to tho husini'sa of our appointment ul the dwelling hoilso ol Lewis Sowles in Alburgb, in snid district on thu second Monday of Oc. tohor next finni K) o'olock A. M to0 P. M. Dated at Alburgli this I'.MI, ,jav uf juv a D. 1S37. IIKNIIY ADAMS, .1 FKRDRRICK UA'XH,. Corn's. IIARVKY HUXLLY, ) Hearth JJrushes at 7i-!fam HQ els. ench, for halo nl tho Ynrinlv Shop. July 21. I'aniihui'.n & IIii'inssuid. Cod Fish and Mackerel Just received and for mloby LOVLLY & AUIJOTT. JulijQO, 1337. Willinm Ulanchnnl's Instate. W'Fi the subfcribers, hnvitig been up pointed by the lion Judge of I'roba'e Court for the District of Grand Isle, com. tnissioiietH to receive, e.vninino nnd adjust thu claims nnd deninnds of nil persi'ins-. ngninst the estnle of Wm. Rlnnehnril Inle of Isle Ln Molt, in snid Disirtei, deceased, represented insolvent. nod nl-o nil claims nml ileinniids exhibited 111 olivet I hereto s and tux inoulhs from ihe -2'2i day of Mny A. I). 1 1137 being allowed for Hint purpose, we do therefore give notice, that we will nilend Io the business of our npnuiiituionl, nt Ihe dwelling huiise of Win. .Slophenmn 111 Isle Ln Moll, nu the lir-t Monday of October next, Irom 10 o'clock A. M. to .1 o'clock P. M. Given under our bands nt Mo Ln Molt this 2i!d dnv of Mnv A. I). 1 337. Wm. STKI'IIF.NSON. ) Commis. NATII. IIOLKROOK. jr. timer.?. Mary Spooncr's Estate. WE Ihe sub-miber-, having been np pointed by the llouornbli! the I'm bate Court for the District ol Chittenden, commissioners to receive, examine and ad jti-t. the cinims nnd demands of nil persons, against tho e.-tntn of Mnry Spooner late rl Richmond, io snul District, decenM'd. represented iiimiIvciii. nml nl--o nil clnuii nnd deinnnds exhibited in oll'-et thereto; nnd six months Irom the dny of the date lercof being allowed by snid Court for I tint ptirpo-e. we do therefore hereby give notice, that we will ntlendtothe business of our appointment, nl the dwelling of Anioi. R. Cooper 111 Richmond, in said Di. trtci, 011 the 12th dnvs of September nnd December next, nl 10 o'clock, A. SI., on ench nf snid dnys. Dated, this hlibilnv of. In no. A. D 1337. AMOS P. COO1M0R, Cmnmi? KLIIIU RATFiS. sioncr? IJcmaii Dovoieaux'.s Estate. Wl! the sub-cribers. hnvtng been np pointed by the Honorable the Pro bale Court for tiie Ditriei of Chittenden commissioners lo receive, examine nnd nil just the claims ami demand,-) ol nil persons, ngniusi 1 lie estate 01 llennin Uevcreauxjaie of Richmond. in said Di.-lricl, d' cea-ed.rep resented insolvent, nud nl-o all claims nnd deinnnds exhibited in oll'-el thereto; nnd six months from Ihe dnv of the date hereof, being allowed by said Court lor that pur po-e, we do llteref ne hereby give notice, that wo will attend lo the bu-ine-s of our nnpntiitmi'iii. nt Ihe uiliee ol William P. Rrigg-i. in Richmond in said District, on the I lib of .September and on the I3tli of December next, at 10 o'clock, A. M. on ench of snid i.'nys Dated, this uth dny of June A. D. 1337. RF.UHFiN XI MS. ) C. M. NU.VTINGTON.f Commu AIITH.M AS FLAGG. ) swners- rglO tho Hon. ihe Probiilo Court for the JL District of (Jinn eiuleii, conies George P. .Marsh, of Rurluiginii. in snid District, and shews to tin- Court here thai Frederick Huell Into nf I'lirlingioo ilecea-ed, at the time of his decease was seized in fee of three fourths of nn acre of laud nt the enstwardly corner ol Maubm Lnne, in Burlington, nnd of one undivided third pari of about half nn acre of laud wnh two lou-es, opposite lit.' bouse of Henry P. Ilickok. on Pi'inl Street, in snul liurlma Ion, which said hinds the smd Frederick held in trust, us well for the oilier heirs nnd representatives, of Ozms Roell. Into ol Rurliogton, deceased. n. for himself, ihat snul three fourths uf an acre has by process ol pettfion between the heirs uf said Ozias and llioir representative--. boon -el, ns-iL'iied nnd alloted lo Mnria Ii. Ilicki.k. ( -;nd I!urlliigloi u of ihe loirs of -aid Oz.... That Ihe snid parcel nf half an ncre halli by process of pnrii'ion Irtmi thi- conn, beer, sol, allotted and assigned lo your pe titioner, as executor and devisee in tru-i of Hnrriet 15. Mar.-h, late of Rurliiigton, deceased, also no heir of snid Ozms. Your petitioner furlher shows that snul Frederick wns seized to fee ol a parcel ol land containing nboui live acrea with the incssunge and nppiirteii'iiiC' s hue ol 15 F Rally lying (in Pearl street, sohjeei in part to the dower ol the widow said Rally one undivided hull' of which snul parcel i ho snul Frederick held in iru-' t' r your petitioner. And your petitioner pray thut 'bis hoiiornbh' couri will decree that vmir pe llttotier, ns ndinuilslrnior nf stud l'Vedenck mny execute the said trust lo snul Mann, by releasing Iter, her heirs nnd ns-ign-Inrever Ihe snul Ihree fuurllts nf nu ncre, nud that your petitioner may bo decreed to hold and enjoy the ruber pnrcels of Innil nbuve meiitiniit'il lo him-elf. hi- heirs nud assigns, forever. Iree, cleur. nud discharged from nil cinims ol the said Frederick or In heirs, in his own right, or io the Inner par. eel, and ns execuuir nnd devt-ee ;i ntore snul, as lo said parcel of Imll'nu ncre nud your petitioners shull ever pray. GFORGF P. AIARSH. Rurliiigton, July 1 1, iii37. statu of ri:n.vo.YT) Dl-TltlCT or ClIITTIIMU . ( the Probate Court for the Distrht of i.intlenttcn, In all persons to whom these present? shall come. (iiii'.r.TiNfi. GF.ORG H P. MARSH of Rurliiigton. in snul Dis'nei. having, by hi- peti tion, represented to this Court, that Frederick Huell, Into of Rurliiigton deceas ed. al the lime of hi decease was seized in fee of three fourths of nu acre uf hiinl nil lie oiistwnrdly comer ol maiden Lane in Rurliugtuii, mid of one undivided third port ofnbout half an ncro of land with two houses opposito the house of Henry P. Ilickok, on Pearl street in said Httrliugimi. which said hinds the snul Frederic k held in trust ns well lot the other heirs and re nicsciiiative.s of Ozias Huell late ol Bur linglun deceased, as for himself. 'Phut said three foiirlhn of no ncre has by pro cess ol partition between tho heirs) of snid OiiuSand their representut tvn--. been set, nssigued ami iilloiled to Mann 15. Ilickok, of snul Rurliiigton, one nf Ihe heir of snid Ozms; that snul parcel of hull' nu uere lint It by process of partition from ihis Court, been net, diluted nnd nssigued in tho snid Petitioner, us executor nml devieo in trust of Unmet H. Marsh, lain of Burling ton ilecensed, nUo nn heir of snul Ozui-, nnd tho snid Georgu P. by his said pel. i lion, having nldo tcpresu tiled lo lUi Courl, ihnt hnid Frederick wns seized 'm fee of a parcel uf laud bituuie in tuul liur liiiglon, conlnitiing n limit five ncres Willi the Mi ss.uige nud iiiinriettnuees, Ititn of R. F. Rnlley. lying on Pearl ilroel, stihj ct in purl, to the dower of the widow of snid Bailey, one undivided hnlf of which nnid parcel the snul Frederick held in trust for the snid petiitouer. And prnying thai thi linn. Court would decree I hat nnul Petitioneras udminisirntor of snid Frederick mny execuie tho Haul trust In snid Mnria by releasing to her. her heirs nml nssigns forever, the said three fourths or nn acre, nnd that tho said Pe titioner may bo decreed lo hold and enjoy ihe other pnrcels of land in snid petn'ion mentioned to himself, his heirs nnd ii'sigus Inrever, free, clear and discbarg.d I'muMi!! chi'ins nf the nnd Frederick, nr his heirs, in his own right as In the latter parcel, nml nn executor & devise as nforceaid as tn the snul parcel ol hnlf nn ncre. Il is therefore hereby ordered Hint snid petition stand for a hearing before said Court al n session thereof lo he hohlen nl Ihe ofiice of Ihe ofihts court in Burlington on Ihe tin; third Wednesday nf Atigu-t A. D. 1337, nml Hint notice there. uf be given lo nil concerned by publishing this order together wnh the nib-lance ol snul petition in the Free Press, n eewspn per, pruned at Burlington in IheCntiniy of Chittenden (wo weeks successively, the las, of said publications lo In; not less than two weeks preyum- lo snid day of her.ring I hen and there to appear before snul court nnd shew cnuse, if nny thry have, why the prnyer of.-uid p titioti should mil bo gran ted. Given under mv hand and the seal of snid Court nl Burlington in the District orChiltenden tins .t dnyof July A. I). 1337. CIIARLFS RUSSHLL,'.twVr ClT P U B 1J C A' I'T h) NT 10 iT ! S most respectfully solicited, by tho nib. li. seribnr. to un Invaluihlu Preparation, the' merits of which have been tested hy ti.mi:, and are si,s iwisnn nv cxnoenTim tcsti.monv. I Dr. Itulfiis lSotunictd Drop's.' are every year increasing their long eslah lishcd reputation. They havo outlived many rival preparations, and nre continually gain ing upon pithliu coiilidetu'o. I The litilamcal Drop? have been success folly administered for nianv yeais, as u thorough remedy for Ihat well known nnd, prevalent cla-s of in etcralo disease--, which originate Trotn a vitiated habit of body, or .in 1 hereditary piedi-pn Hum in the patient, and generally appear under tho various and ills. iressing shapes of Saofula.Sult lihciim. j roil, St. Anthony's Fire. J'c rr Sore?, While Swilling?, Sctirit, Foul ami OhUinalt Ulccis, Sore J a gs anil Eyes, Scald Iliad, and c?it- ' al Taint. In the last mentioned condition of Ihc system, tho llntanictl Drop? will Im found , io eradtcalo the lurking poison, where Mcrcn. r,y has totally failed, and thus prevent the pa. runt from entailing the seeds of no Imrcdita-, ry disease on his offspring. DR. RLLFR'K BOTANICAL DROPS are Micees-fuilv used in cases of violent eruptions nflor the .h'ra.dts red bloUhis pimples on the fact -ft slcrmg ; eruption? on lliu skin and other diseases of! ho external surface, and uie one of the best1 Spring and Autumnal physits known, tofieo the system from humors'. O Striking Instances of Since??. Rxirael of n letter from a Physician of tho j firs! respectability, nnd extensive practice,' in this vicinily. member of thu Massachu' , sells Medical Society. Jus-i: iGni. 132n. Dear Sir: "This child, before he wa- uyear old, became alllicted Willi a leprous disease of the slun, and which gradually increased, si. thai when ahoul three years old. tho wholo surface of the body was ono continued sore, intended with an ichorous discharge, prodn eing great soreness and intolorahlc itchim?. which became almost insupportable. A great variety of Ihe most approved e.vcrnal nnd internal reiui'die- were used without any iter. m ,,. em 'ief Miieh tntcre-t was cjeited in uetiall of the child, and eonseeienlly dill'et. cut medical ndvieu was solicited, but with little or no advantage, the disease progressed I with iinabating violence, and seemed to dtfy ! the healing art. At length tho parent was induced by. the advice of a neighbor, who hud been bnnelilled by ihe article, to try Dr. Rm.nfs BOTANICAL DROPS. Several bottles ere given accenting in the directions, before Ihe ly.i-l abatement of the disua-n was uh-civud; but by n. peisevenug use of lliem, the ichorous di-i h.nges began to aliali). the -cab- lo give way m places, ami fall oil'. The Drop- Wure continued until lue boy became perfectly well, ihc skm resuming it's ualiira'. and healthy aspect, seeming indued like a ren ovated skin iuee which lime tho hoy has enjoyed perfect health, ami Ins euro is'ascn ' bed wholly to thu Drops, as no other medi. ' cine was used in eonjtiction with them." Tho original letter, with additional par-! liouhirs. may bo neeii by calling un thu Pro- prietor.J " ' .I Gentleman nf this City, who had hcun at. ' tended it long timu by our uiol celebrated and experienced practitioner-, and who had been reduced lo almost lliu In-t stages of c.. isleitcu by bis complaint had lint uric cyr '. and dreadful ulcers began In destroy hi? Iig, and spread over hit whole sido, lim i ihrniltit a most painful and lingering death .'in coin- I inuiiiealmg lus ease tit large to the Prnprio-' lor. makes thu following closing remarks I "My caso was pronounced hy my physi. ' eians lo be one nl' inveterate Scrofula. J t is mil necessary to impure whullur other means won Id haV' cH'cclcd the cure. I ran only say thai Dr. Hello's Botanical Drops' were the only means I made use of, ufter the I physicians had exhausted their skill, ami hit vol no rea-on to doubt Unit under I'tovirleiice Ihe Drops were the iiieiiis of relieving mo from out) of the most nlllieitug diseases thai hu manity is called to omluru." A Physician of eminence who had witucs, sed the clfieaoy of ihi? article, had the candour recently lo acknowledge to the Proprietor, that bo cr.iiHideiod it thu host medicine known, for the complaints r w Inch it js intended, ami that it might deservedly to stand nl tho head uf tho whole class ol such remedies. Price $1 a buttle, nr C bottles for .f;1. Noun gei ti i ii ii unless signed on the nutsidn printed wrapuurhy thuaiic Proprietor, T. Kl DDLIt, immediate meet star lo tint late Di. V. 'I'. Oonw w. For sale, with all the olhir "Conway .lidirincs," al his Countingl Ruoiu, No. i)9,next door to .1. Kidder's Drug Store, curlier of I'mirt and lluiiovur street, near Concert Hall, liostou ; nud hy his spo oial appotntmeiit, hy J. k J. II. PLC'K A: Co,, Burlineioii V(, 't Puckago hiw priced Amuriciin Pritus, lit, just rt ccyeil by Ln-nif i' & I'. erwiN. rHI H L kiili-cnhi'ia mivo Jui receiveo n Jl. lew iIuzbii .McN'ainaros Shear nnd Guruian Slcul Hcyllios, ol n supurior quaU ity. ' Lovulv &. Aiinui r. C1AMF, into Hie vuvUy ,tm of the subcri hers, on the 0 ' Ii msf . n Bny two ( bree year old M,uu, with two while feet nnd ii'sinr in Ihe forehead. The owner in rerpiested to prove properly, pay charges, and inko her awnv. " M. r .11 HA Kit. H. (Jeorge. July 'it, ItLiT.'" BOJTTBK. Gl OODS nt ihe lowest prices will hr, f paid for any nmount of, ilcliv" urcd at their Store. July 11. L CURTIS f. Ascl Harris' Kslate. STATU OF rElUlOjYT,) ntsTlllCT ' P rtHTTKMir.N. The Honorable thu Probate Court fur the D'nlriit, of Chittenden, to all persons tonccrnid in the Lstula if Asal Harris laic of Colchester in said l)i?lriil. tie. it used. Gjiki-.tino. WIIHRHAK. R'ise Herrick ndiumie. trntorofihe Instate of said deceased proposes; to render nn nccotnit ol Ins nd minislrulioii, nud present his ncnimnt of bis ndmini-trnliuii, nml present his nccciiu'. ngaiiibt uaul estate for exnimuniion nml nHownnce nt n session of th,. Court of Probate, io be huldeti a! Burlington on the second Wednesday of August next. Therefore. Ymi nre hereby notified r. aptienr'befnre snul court nl thu time nnd plnce nlore-nid, nud show cntiso, if nny you bnve why the account uforesml should mil ho allowed. Given under mv hnud nl Burlington ihi" I'-'lhouy of July. A. D 1 1137. WM WLSTON, Register. Farwell's C-ailer Hoots, Walk- mg Slines. Lndies &, Mwsps Lnglish ni.d French Kid- S'les, Ginih'mens pumiis. Children-Slino-, &.C., eoii-inni ly kept nnd for riiie by LnvKi.r &, Aiiiiott, vksts t v. t :ui.oiiinc COS M hi TIG and PILLS, H"i O R Ringworms, Siiiriicuiu. Scnld-li- bend, nnd all Cutaneous Hrupliuus. 'Phis nri tele ta in -i thrown iiiiotnnrkut like mo-i pnietii uied, allies, backed hy some hnlf the. n liciittoiis certificates; but it come- re-peciab!y and hnne-ily lecoininen iled, nud is, we verily believe, nil that it claim-lo be; and as such, il U nfiercd to the public, by J. J. II. PRCK & Co. Sept. 11130 Agtnlsfor the Patentee NEW (ROODS. rnitL soh-enber ha- taken the Store, li- hcreti'fore neopied by Mr Sidney Harlow, and hns the pleasure of nflcring "a heavy s'ock nf Dry (iood-.Crockrry. Hard ware, nod Groceries on very luvorablo tortus. Xln-t kinds of Produce receivi d in exchanii, and good bargains given lor Cash. II AW LEY M GIDDINGS. Burlington, May M. I !!37 1 Case lino English Stnnv and Tuscan Bonnets, now opening and for sale cheap by LATIIROl' k POTWIN. June 'JJ, 11)37. i. TP..,e 'I'...., ',..;;.,.. r..- -fjl- .tl.lfl. Ilin 1. 1.. I-.. I II st market price b t aid by .In v 7. 11137. L 'i r.i e tV Pot win. For the euro of Colds, Asthmas, Whooping Cough, spitting oj Blood ami Consumptions. 'H CP.LAND MOSAigro.vs plentifully in tho .U. 1-land of Iceland, from wheuee il taken its name, ami in all llio high iioitberu latitude- of l'urope and Asia, where its .Medicinal (iialities have been long known, and highly appreciated- This plant contains a iuarges proportion of I'dzetuhle Mucilage than any other known siihstauce. and in comhitiatir n wnh it is a Inlter piinuiilo which acts most beneficially ill giviugslrenglh ic, casus nl'gieat weakne-s and debility of tho lungs. Tin; knowledge ol many of our most valuable mod. icines, for the cure of dieascs, h ive been ol t ii .ii imI from ob.-oiving their eli'ect on bruio auiinals;-so in thu casu of this most iuvaluahlu Moss. Its virtues wore first discovered by their effects on tho hardy, long-laid and sagacious Rain Deer, whuli derives its prin cipal iiiirishincnt from the Iceland Mass, ami wbosu milk becomes so highly imbued with its Balsamic virtues, that it is used with, thu grealu-l confidence a sovcieigu remedy by llio inhabitants ofall I ho-o countries for lm cure ol all disea-es of the breast and lungs. In France, this compound baa been known, and extensively u-cd; and lo itssnlutnry ctleet.s as much ss lo tho siilulwily of ihooliuiate, is, probably owing ihe very small iiumbor f fnlat risfAoleonsumptioli in that country compared with firoat llrilan andthu Uniletl Slales. ThfsSyrup ooninins all the uiedieinal vutues ofthe Mos.. in ihe moil concentrated form, and i . prepared from the ungual leceipt from Pans, only bv. L. IIU IVIIINfiS&CO. Uultimcrs And none is genuine unless it has thnir lac similu upon each bill nfilireclion also upon th envelope, (nTaoil scried with their seal. J. A; J, II, PRCK t: Co. "wholcsalu agents Ela.vir Vegetable Balsamiqae N. II. TOWN'S rr.GRT.uu.i: hai.samic fjasjch For Coughs, Colds, Consumption, Catnih Croup, Asthma, Whooping Cough, nnd all othei diseases of the bead, chest and lumjs. Pamphlets conlnining n history ofthe med icine n sketch of thn diseatos for which is is recommended certificates from iniques lionabhi sources aioplo directions, nnd much other impo'tanl inforunt oii accompanying each botlle innv be had of any ofthe Agen cies, gratis. J. CURTIS, Druggist. St. Al bans, Yi. wholesale Agent nnd joint proprie tor. The following nro especially nppointid retail Agcnls. Iiiirlington Lnlhrnp 5: Potwin, Janes, Smith S('n. ami It. Moody. llinesburgh . S. ft. I). G. Wellor. Mittim Wollmiflon, Whilnoy .V: Co., Clark Boiirdiimn i Co. C7iuWi Sauiuel Hr Barneu, anil most olhar luspuolablu Druggists, io. in thu coiin try i Si. Albans, Jul,y JU, 133(1. if

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