Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 11, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 11, 1839 Page 2
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CON V. It K S B . On Wednesday t lie Spun! o were engaged In n general drbntc nn I lie bill for recliicing nnd p rntlnntitii tliu prico of public Junds. Tho question beforo llii! Sennto wos n hid tion ol Mr. Cloy's, In rcciuninit I tic? bill u tliu Cointnilleo on Public Londs, will) in. elructions tt. restrict the soles nl llio re duccil prico contemplated by it lo actual tetlleri. No question was taken on tliu motion. ' J I In the Ilnuff, Mr Ciishmon stnlcil thai lie ond Mr. Woodbury would agree to the motion of Mr. Wio for tliu oppojut mont of o aclcct committoo to inquiro 'if there nro grounds for tho impeachment of Mr. Woodbury, provided Mr Wiso and the Houso would suffer tho committes- lo bo appointed by t It o Speaker, in tliu ordin ary way, and nut by ballut, ns proposed by Mr. Wise. Mr. Cushmnn m.idc n sppcch in defence of Mr. Wooudbury. Mr. Duncan follows li int. In the Scnalo on Thursday, Mr. Rives presented a resolution calling on tho Pros ident to communicate to tho Senate "the terms of any agreement." which mny hnvc been entered into between the Secretary 0 War nnd the Bank oflho United Smt'es. inspecting tho tnlo or paymont of one or more bond!) ol that institution, held by I he United Stntcs ; nnd nUa information na to the manner in which the proceeds of the bond wero disbursed. ..The motion of Mr Clay to recommit the Public Lands Dill prevailed bv a vote of '.'3 to 20. The clnuse in Mr Ctay's motion instructing the committee in restrict the light of purcha'R wns also adopted. In the Hou-e o rctolulinn ofFered by Mr Underwood directing I tin Secretory of War to communicate nil tin; fads touching the defalcation of Gen. Onirics Gratiot, late Chief Engineer, was adopted. Also that the Secretary communicate all fact nnd correspondence relative to the duplication of any ilu-bursing ngent or officer now in service, either in the s.tofTnr line, subject to the orders of the, War Department, who hns failed, within I hc'iosl two years, for a longer period than Iwo months, to ecu lo his accounts in tliu manner prescribed by law, or who, upon settlement, has been found in arrears to the government, nnd lias fnil'id to (my over the balance against him when demanded. The House by a vote of 1G7 to 25, deci ded that James Dunne Doty is entitled to a seat in this House, nnd thai Geo. W. Jones is not. Mr Doty thereupon appeared, vVfsswbrft; and look his sent. FOREIGN. Thopacke,t ship Mediator, Cnpt. Chairp lin, from Lnndnn, and George Washington. Capt. Holdndgc, from Liverpool, have arrived. They both sailed on tho 25th Noventfrr, and bring pnrfers to that date. Lord Durham had not arrivrdori .the 24th.. but was daily expected. Tlio LuiC don Couriornnounc;s that Earl Spencer will bo the next Governor General of Canada. Mr. Wakefield has published tf letter denying the statement of Mr. Roebuck nnd Mr. Lofontainc. that ho was employed by Lord Duihnm lo ncgntiato with Mr. Papi ncau. v The English papers give nlarminj: no- counts of tho itatij of'dissiiffaction and distress in tho agricultural dietricts. In cendiary burnings of agricultural property, such as hny-rickHl&c. fte euTd to Ijj3'ear fully frcouent. 'flhe irwm&dlato cause is Giid to bo thovhigltgi ftd. still increasing price.of brrad... i , O'Connell in. on a lour" of ngitalinn' through Ireland He talks "qfjrettinjr up n society of 500 000 members' (f fighting age, and nt their head 'petitioning' fur justice lo Ireland.' Russia. An extensive revolt is said to have broken out in Georgia. Shira, one of Ihc principal cities, had been sacked by the rebels, nnd G.000 Russians mastered, among whom .yre two genera I officers. The robots wer,e Advancing on 'JMlis, when the Inst accounts were tent from Eizaroun to. Constantinople. It appears lint nn extensive conspiracy tins been discovered in Poland, tin; lenders of which had been nrrmted nnd thrown into prison at Wilna. The Einporor hnd ordered that the property of all participa tors in the plot should be immediately sc. quostcrcd. The names of 15 persons arc published, who linvo been arrested al holding rcepectnble positions in society. C AN A A MoNTnEAr,, Jan. 7. Our Kingston cor respondent states that four, namely, Chris topher Ciickley, Sylvester Liwlon, Russel v. l'licpps anil uuncan Aiiucrcnn, oui ot i tic six condemned brigands, lor whose execu tion worrants had been signed by Sir Geo. Amiiun, wero executed on Friday morn ing last, and t lint tho lute of tho other two would be sealed in tho samo way in a few days. No more accounts had reached Ami head quarters respecting further exo cutionsj but the gcncrul opinion in King, ston was. that eight or tun more would pay the forfait of their lives. On Fnday the Cnrt Martial adjourned its sittings until tho first week in February, the chief part of tho business having been gone through, os only two of tho Present! gang remain untried, nnd when it resumes, tlif Poind; nn Pelo Island prisoners, eight in all, will bo brought up for trial. Tho country was perfectly tranquil, nnd the people generally beginning to feel their wonted security. Courier. Ciunx Matitiai.. Tho evidence for thn prosecution in tho ense of tho mne prisoners from Ln Turtue, charged with the tnnrdr of W ai.keii, wns concluded on Satutday afternoon, unit Iho prisoners were allowed till Tuesday next In preparo for their defence. Wo utidcstand that soiuo other rebels will be put on their trial to day. lb. Tho Printer find Editor of Le Fantaiquc. H satirical paper publithru in (Quebec, hnvc been committed to prison, for having pub liMinil in the columns ol that print n piece of pool ry milogmng tho' rebel chiefs and soldiers, describing na murtvrs Hiom who have fallen, and calling upon nil the Canadians lo revolt and avenge tho dead. The tronpithat left town, on 1 hureday morning, for Terrebonne, retu i)d from their excursinn on Friday night, bringing I with them thirteen prisoners. lb. Tho Toronto Colonist, contains tho fol lowing postscript, which will prove impor tant, if true : Intelligence has been received in town this morning, of another attempt on Ihc pnrt ol the Pirntcs. to eltecl a inniiiug in Onnmln. On Monday evening lan, while Col. Kirby was walking along horo, Iront Fort Krio Bnrrncks towards Point Abino, he observed nunc porsons approaching him, onlhoico. Ho immediately returned to the barracks, nnd hnving got bin men under arms, they marched ngninst tho invaders, who turned about and rctrcoted. About fourteen sleighs come out from their hiding place in the woods'? when they saw tin) others retreating nhd followed llintn very quickly. Col. Klrby ordered his men to firo upon them, but with what fleet wo have not heard. It is stfppfcsed that the intention of the parly was lo ap proach the garrison during iho night, and fire it. The Toronto Patriot slates, that tho an. nivcrsnry of the destruction of t-ljc Steamer Caroline wns eclebrnt'ed, on tho 20th uh., by n numerous pnrty, who dined together at tho City Hall, Toronto. Dr. Ilni.rn, ofAncnstcr, acted as Chairman, and Copt. Nichols ns Vice-Chairman. SETTLEMENT OF Jill E DOUNDA RY QUESTION. Tho following porngrnph from the Lon. dun Morning Chronicle, tho official organ of tho uiiliali mintsfy, would seem to indicajo that sruij'yojrieft s been made towards n settlement of the North Eastern boundarv nnenatfin. '' I Vom the London Morning ChrTicIc of Nov. Wc linvo hea,rd to-driy. in quar'lers tvlicrc tiiloruiatioii on such matters especi ally mny ho fully relied uoxin, that the quest ton of boundary betweWT tho posses sums of Great Ilritnin in North America nod the United States, is on ihc eve of being 'f'Tinnlly adjusted, nnd in n manner it is snid, which will "ive sntisfnehoo to the public no both sides, and bo ill accord anco with the views of the ivvri govern ments. It is, in fact, stated that communications for some time past have been going on between Mr. Stevenson, tho American minister, ond our government, upon this point, nnd that it has been determined to nppoijit a commission, to.dccidc upon the question, the government at tluflamo timo recommending nuilnolly for their adopt j, in. that the river St. John should forrfithc separating line between tho two countries, whereby that portion of t lie province of Maine wjc.h the ArnToricans have always claimed -win nn retieirwo us, ami, as an V quivSlcni, the coat ond territory lying boUvcen the rivers tat. (Jroix and bl. John, equal" in size In what is given up nn the other swje, .will be made over to America. By this means Ma"in! will possess almost nn entire water boundary, nnd Ihc country !..... ' i .. e...:. i r .1 - ....n i. laid open to us a point in itself of the verJ l.nn,l ;m. nor,nninll.. nl llL prcccnt moment, and there cm bcWiMIe doubt- that tho railway which has often been proposed from Halifax to Quebec, but as often nut cfT in consequence of tho slntc of t lie boundary question, will soon be carried into effect, by which means it is needless tn say, a most important and ftivornble chnngo will be effected in our Canadian trade. This project of exchanging the portion of the State of Maine north of "the St. Johns, for that portion of TCew Brunswick west of that river, in other words, of rr&king tho St. Johns, throughout its whole extent, the boundary between tho United States and tho British possessions, wns suggested some years ago, by tho Ameri can to tho British government, and wns at that timo promptly rejected. The absolute necessity ofsccuring a road from St. Johns to Quebec, if the Canadian provinces are lo bo retained, has probably induced the British government to receive the proposal they had once rejected. It remains to be seen whether tho State of Maine will con. sent to (his exchange. Massachusetts, ton, has an interest in this matter. She is owner, in common with Maine, of Ihc lands north of tho St. Johns, but the lands to bo received in exchange, west of the Si. Johns, oro nlrcatly private property, and nothing bul the jurisdiction can be ceded. What indemnity ore Massachu setts and Maino to rccoivo for (he loss of propet ty which they will suffer by tho cession, and who will pay thai indemnity .' Tho two tracts proposed to bo exchanged, appear lo be of nearly equal extent, and tho exchange, in certain respects, would be odvnntngcnus to both parties. It is a setinus question, however, whether it is good policy in the United Stales, lo cnn. sent lo a cession which will strengthen thn British hold upon Canada, facilitate the defence of thoso provinces in case of a war with the United States, and furnish Iho means of throwing a British army into (he heart of our territory Ration Alias NKW YORK, Tho Legislature nl the Stato of New York convened nl iho Capitol in Albany on iho 1st hist. The ceremony of inaiicurn- ling Wii.mam II, RKWAnna-i Governor of Hie Stole and Lutiikii BnAtiisti as Lieut Governor was performed in I lie outer hnll of the Capitol al hall past 9 o'clock, A. M. tho Secreinry ofStato administering the onlhs. Thn two Houses immediately pro ceeded to organize though in tliu case of thn Seunio this was but lnfl-, as the Lieu lenanl Governor lakes I ho Chair by virtue nfli'is cfiice, and Iho subordinate officers hold over without reappointment. (John F. Bacon. Clerk.) A question here arose, however, on a proposition of Mr. Hunter (tint hitherto considered neccsonry, to adopt ihe rules of the Insl session, wncrens l Do old ruin's linvo heretofore been treated ns vnlid and binding till repealed without re-ni onl on. Mr. Hunter M motion oxecpt- cd tho twenty seventh rule nnd n clnuse ol another which gtvo the ljicuicnnnt tiovcr nor presiding the right lo select Iho com mittees of tho Senate. ; and the original mo tion was mndo for tho n vowed purposo of Inking from thai functionary iho power and vesting it in the majority of tho Senate, who nro of opposite politics. Tho Presi dent decided that Iho rules of the Senate remain in force until repealed that I liny can only bo repealed by a vote ofl wo thirds and after one dny's nut id) of the resolution lo repent. There is no doubt of t lie two Intler points j ihc vital question wns Do too ruins of the Senate reinnin valid until repealed, or do t hoy require a new ndoption every yenr? The President's drcNinn was appealed from nnd in two different instances overruled by a full vote oflho Sunntu HI to 14. So ihc Sooato adopted, the rules with the exceptions indicated, and linvo ero this appointed their Coinmitlces by ballot potting them in the hands oft lie mojorily, 'of course Tho House oT Assembly wa's called to order bytho Clerk of tho Inst Session, nnd the oath odminUtcrcd bv the Secretnry ol Slate. Nearly all tho Members wery mrcsciit. The House then proceeded lo ballot for speaker, jvitlr-tho following re- ul': k For G orrro W. Pnttcrson. of Livingston, ( Whip;) 79 ; for Thomas Armstrong of Wnyne, (Ailin.) 41 1 for Jutnes R.-.Law rence I, IJlniik I. . So Gi-orge W. Patterson, was dcclarTl' duly. elected Speaker, on the first ballot, nnd took Iho Chair. Jarvis N. Lnko of Herkimer was then redacted Clerk by a similar majority over John O. Colo of Al baoys William Do Forot. of Broome. Ser Arm-i over Ebcnrz'-r S. Wads worth of Rens'nlacr: Sninuel Francis, jr.. of Onoudiign. Door Keeper over Win. 11 Powell of SrIii'II' ctndy and Washington P. Lewi of Albany Afsistnnt Door Keeper over James Hnllulhy of Rens-elner. Wo need not repeal that the successful candi dates nro Whigs, nnd the defeated ones supporters Ihe National Administration. : tin: respective Caucuses of iho iwo par. ties the evening previous, tho rival candi dates for Speaker and Clerk wore all nom inated with almost entire unanimiiy. The A'lminisiratiiin candidates for 1 tie minor ofiices, being certain of defeat, wero nomin ated without trouble ihcrc being no com petition; but t lie Whigs were ble.-sed with a foir opportunity for making a good selec tion. Their Sergeant-at Arms and Dior Keeper were only nominated on tho third ballot. Both Houses, being duly organized, ap pointed com.mitlccs to confer with -each other and communicate the fact lo Iho Governor who thereupon transmitted his message. The state of the Trcnsury of course oc cupies a prominent place therein, and wc extract the following-portion, concerning - ri,& Pub,lc rur-ds blotc 'Pl. 1,l : I. T ..... flic balnnco irrthn Trencurv, on the first day ot October, 1037, was gl.526 03'.' 40, and tho receipts during the last fi.-cnl year, were g4 371.923 GO, making nn mgregote of g.i, 097.950 00. Tho sum of g5, 700, 901 51 was paid out of the Treasury in Iho tamo period. .There remained in t ho Treasury on tho 30th of September, 1 040, applicable to Iho ordinary expenses of t liu Goverement end to the claims of the fpecial lunils gl 10.974 57. There nro due from the General Fund to the specific funds, the following sum", viz: To the Common School Fund, 69,007 55 ; to the Literature Fund, 21,710 90; lo ihe Bunk Fond, $13.022 92; tho Erie and Chnmplnin Cnnul Fund, n temporary loan Si. 159, 000 10, tho ngcregatc of which indebtedness is $1,363 027 55. Deducting from this nmouiit tho balnnco duo from the United States Depositc Fund, being the value of Iho (north instalment withheld bv the Federal Government, til, 101, 090 17. nu also too halnnco remaining in the I'reasury of i. 10 974 57 llicro remains r deficit of menus in I ho Treasury of $70 702 01, for iho bebts to the Specific Funds The Governor then enters upon the va rious sources of revenue possessed by the Sialo such as Ihc auction duties and the Saline Springs, both of which nppcor lo be on the decline, n3 compared with previous years. I ho Canals, Iho Commrn School Fund, and the Literature Fund, nppcur to he in a thriving state, and much praise is bestowed upon the choice of the site for a Lunatic Asylum. The moral condition of the while population appears highly salisfoctory, but the AbolitionUls will hnve a bono lo pick, in Iho foci (hat while 1 lie c.ilurcd population is only one wfurly eight t lie negro tonviclt furnii.h to the slate pris ons the large disproportion of one in six. The Governor recommends nn inquiry In be instituted into Ihc evils incident to tlx judicinl syFtcm, which is to includo not only tho superior and inferior Courts, bul the Counts 1 rensurcr, Commissioners of Deed, nnd Superintendents of County Poor Houses. J ho uanking bystem is discussed nl great length, and I lie Executive declares at the oulsel, Ihat the piolnbilion of the 6mall bills is unwise. Ho then enters upon the repeal of tho restraining law, and Iho cs tabbshmenl of frco banking in the Stale He snv. "under this low certificates have been lilotl by Ihirly-lwo BnukinL Assocta lions, with an njgregnto aciunl cnniml of 0 003.I7.. Ol Iheso. ten uro located it the city of New York, and dm olhers an distributed oh follows, viz s nt R.cliesier, Port Richmond, BoftMo, Lockpurl, Uiicn, Syracuse, Gaines, Ogdenshuriih, lumen. Brooklyn, Ovid, Walervtlle, Clyde, Alex ander, Lo Roy, Kindurliook, Allien, nnd llnlavia. Circulation, ainnunling to c,. 3l4,990,ha boon issued by tho Comptroller, to Uiiitcen of tbcic institutions, which hare deposited the securities required by law. Of these securilios, (ho sum of $314 900 consists of bonds and mortgages, nnd the residue of Snicks oflho States of Indiana, Arkanns, Michigan, Maine. Alnbama.nnd New York. A safer currency than this is unknown in the commercial world." From discussing our monetary system, the message then proceed to snmo very enlightened viows nn tho internal Undo of tho slate. Tho Governor urges the culti vation of tho western country, and tho in croaio of tho population as tho great source oflho ultimate riches of this republic. On iho immigration of foreigners wo are glad lo perceive that Gov. Seward holds more liberal and congenial notions than sumo of our wiso legislators in this city. Tho new projects for establishing lines of mil roads that shall connect tho most rcmoto villngcs with tho commercial cm porium, receive a fair share of the mcssrlgc: bul iho Governor while admitting the util ity, if not the all important end to bo ac complished by incrca'sitfg tho facilities of communication, desire's (ho Lgislaturo In enquire into the c ltiditinii and prospects of the present companies boforo establishing now ones. Herald, FROM II ARRISUURGII. Wc learn that things thcio have settled down into a state of apparent quietude. Pne Legislature (.of ihe State ol Pennsyl vania) adjourned over, on Dec. 20 to the I2ih of January. Eighteen of Ihc Whigs yet refused to join the House of Rnprcsen latives, nmnng whom one (Mr. Thaddetis Steven') had resigned, nnd another (Mr, Cox) wns expected to resign. The Gettysburg!) Star contains on ad. Ircss from Mr. Stevens to his constituents, from which the following is an extract: Unwilling to forego thn ndvnnlnrjes of ncal legislation, nnd despairing" of obtain iih' nirtici! for lliotr constituents without hiur'personal alteodoncc, many, perhaps tnOht of my associates, have determined lo submit to tho mnrtitving neces-iity. and titer the illegal IJuuso (of Rrpresnia- lives.) Willi their course I find no fault. But I believe you will pc'erllic permanent interests of our whole count ry to your own temporary Incnl benefit. That interest tho liberty of yourselves and of your pus. tcrity I believe can be preserved only by refusing to yield any thing to lawless re- limn. I hnd no dimcultv in choosim? inv own course it) selecting between an asn ciation with successful insurgents, or with dtawing from office. Such voluntary nsso. eiaiion would sanctify, or at least palliate. their Irca-on. Prelerring retirement lo dishonor, I withdraw from the Legislators lo mingle ngatn with you, and wail your decision onj my conduct. I shall take another occasion in give a more extended account of thn alartnipg nets which have disgraced the last month, nnd wounded, I fenr irrevocably, the very heart of Fuee- DOM. The Legislature J JIaine met at Angus ta, on Wednesday las', and was organized by ihc election of Mr. Prince, of Oxford, as Prcsiden', and Mr Hnmblin, uf Hnmp- den, as Speaker of the House. Mr Traf. ton was chosen Secretnry of tho Senate, and Mr Watcrhnuse Clerk of the House. All democrats. The Governor's Message was expected the next day. Massachusett--TIio Legislature of this Statu met at Boston on Wednesday last.. Both branches wero organized. In the Senate Hon. Mvron Lawrcnco was clcclcif President. In the IldTJ?e. the vote fur Speaker stood. R"hert C. Winihrnp ( W.I 330. Jns Russell (L. F ) 150. Scat lerinsr 2. The Ijoco v oco ooasi thai inev had elected 200 members amounts lo not It i'lfT- . MAnvf.ANt) The Letitslatujff this Slate convened at Annar.olisfl Monday last. Tho Senate wns di'ilv "nrgnnizi'd on that day by Iho election of Rtchnrd Thom as, (Wi) ns President, on the first ballot, bv n majority' of Ihreu over h:s opponent, Hugh Ely. (L F.) On the following day Chnrles S. Ridseley, (W ) wn elected Speaker of the House. Mr. Grason the new Governor elect, enters upon Ihe duties of his offico lo-dny. From the l.nuitvillo Adieititer, Dec. 17. Br.oonv Affaiii A siartliug tragedy occurred in this eity on Saturday evening lai-t, in which A. II. Mocks was iiistnntly lolled. John Rulhwell mortnlly wounded, Win Holmes severely wounded, and Hen ry Ohlhnin slightly hy iho use of Bowie knives, hy Judije E. C. Wilkinson nnd Ins brother B. It. Wilkinson, ol Natchez, nnd J. Murtlouiih of Holly Spring, Mi-s. It seems i tin I Jodgo Wilkinson had ordered n cunt at tho shop of Mesrss Varniim & Redding. The coat was made j IheJuilgo aecnmpnnicd by his brother ami Mr. Mur ilniiuli, wont to thn shop of Viirnnui & Redding, tried on the com, and win irritn ted because, in ho believed, il did not fit him Mr. Redding undertook lo convince Itiiii I ho i he vn in error, nnd ventured to nsstiro the Jod;o ihnt tho coat wns well mndo. Tilt; Judge in-tnnlly seized nn iron poker and commenced nn attack on Red ding. Thn blow with iho puker was par tially warded off Redding grappled his assailant, when a companion of the Juduc drew a Bowie knife, nnd. but lor the inter position and interference nf tho unfortunate Merk, a journeyman tailor, and n senile, iiian pni-siug hy nt the moment, Redding might linvo been ns-assinnted in Ins own shop. Shortly nflervvurds, Redding, Meek, Uothwell nnd Holmes went to the GhIi House. They sent up 6tnirs for Judye Wilkinrnn, and he cmno down into the Inr room when angry words wero passed The Judge then went up stairs ngain, nnd in n short timo returned with Ui cmnpau ions, nil mined with knives. Harsh Ian. gunge was again used. Redding was told (hat ho lied and responded by saying he supposed ho would hnve to tako it, as lie wis unarmed, but remarked that if they would lay nsido their weapons ho could whip nil three of them. Meek, in consc. qtionce of snmo remark mado, felt called on lo Hlate what ho had seen of t lie confl'Cl in thn tailnr'a shop, nnd did so, nnd Murdoiigh gnve him the d d lin, for which Meek struck htm with a riding winch he hnd brought with him frnm Bardstown, from which ptneo ho hnd jtMt travelled on horso bick. On receiving the blow with iho whip.Murdongh instantly plunged his Bowie knife into tliu nbdomcn nf Meek, and killed him on ihc nn the spot. At the same instant B. R. Wilkinson nttemntcd get nt Redding, and Holmes niul Rothwull interfered or joined in the affray. Holmes was wounded, probably by B. R. Wilkinson! and the Judge, havinu left the room for nn instant, returned, nnd finding Rothwell ontending with his brother, or bending over hiir. he (t he Judge) stabbed Rothwsll in the back and inflicted n innriol wound. It does not apnenr Ihnt Oldham was concerned in the conflict. He was' probably wounded by rnistako. In a ew moments nfter thn conflict look place, thejOjiy Marshal was on ihe spot lo ap prjhend the nfleiiders Redding having sent for him with a view to hove them taken for (he as-dult mndo on him in his shnp. Such oro the facts, as detailed to ns; but it. is proper tn say wc have heard other and confiding statements. Jodgo Wilkinson. hi hroi iter nnd Murdoiigh nre in prison, mid-will probably bo brought before nn ex ntniug court to-day, v lien the nffinr will be better nntler'lood. The public mtnd is hiyhlyicxcilcd. but wo trust every citizen will feel the neces-ity of n cnlm relmncf upon iho opernlion oflho Inws. Let strict justice bp done. Let t he laws be firmly, impartially and rigidly enforcd. No good citizen con dciro more. None will be content wjih Ipp. A FAnr.n. "And how did it happen, Pat. that Mist ho: Van Buret) always kept in 'with the mild genernl ns he did ?" "Why, I'm l Innking. Murphy, it wns becnusc he always had sich a had cowld jist." "And what had his having a cowld to do with thn mailer nl nil nt nil ?" "Why, dm vo nivor hear, Murphy, mv boy, of the fox that had a cowld ? tlun I'll tell ye. Once there was n lion Ihnt wntited o know how polite nil the bastes were, so he made a greati smell in his den with brimstntc or poincjtiing else-; I don't mind wiiot jist, but i1 smelt enough to knock yer down tntirely, and then ho called in the heorr, and says ho 'Good morning t'ye Misther Boarr, and what d'ye think of the smell here this morning ?' And say? Iho Iho bearr. snys he 'Why it smells bad.' .Wlna's that you say ?' snys the lion ;' Make ihni,' snys he, oiling him up nllogoiher 'lake rhat, nod see il it will lonch yer po litpness. ye"uuniannerly son ofd cub.' So when the benrr was nln up. Hie lion called in iho monkey, aud axed him the same question precisely. Now Ihe monkey seeing the bearr that the lion hail swallowed lying dead in t ho corner, says he. 'May it plnse yer majesty, ' says he 'il'sjist Hie most delightful smell I ever smell in my life nt nil at nil.' 'So it is,' snid thn lion, pntting him on Ii'h head with hi' paw asy like, so ns to bate the breath clone 'out of his body 'so it is,' say she. 'nnd now you'll not tell 'another lie soon. I'm thinking.' Now when the linn had kill the bearr nnd the monkey, he called in the fox to him, nnd snys he, looking very savane nnd nil rendyio ate him up if he should make the Insie'or pate nl nil 'Good morning. Fox.' says he, 'Jjjnv docs my parlor smell today?' And says the fox.- wiping his nose with tliu brush of his tail, and pulling down his eyelid with hu paw. as much os in soy, 'do ye seen any green there, my hooey ?' 'failh,' says he. 'may it pln'o yer majesiy, I've a very bad cowld this mnrn ing. ond it's mo that can.'t smell at nil nt nil.'" So ihc linn Intighcd and tnwld the fox he was a very clever baste, and that he might tread in his footsteps if he could stroi'dln wide enough, and nil the other bastes should mind htm or he would ale them up as he had done the bearr.' BemeVit or Life Insurance. A mor chont. of this ciiy. soys thn Baltimore American, who died a few dayp ago, effec ted on insurance nn his life in' March last, ot the ngency in this city of thn N. York Life Insurance ond Trust Company for the sum of g5 000, for s Inch he paid the mi nimi premium of one hundred dollars. He olso took nut a policy wuh the Baltimore ijiic insurance uompany tor the same amount. He paid to each office the nddt ttonal premium of fifty dollars ior ihe privi lege ol making a vnynge to Aia and buck He returned to this city in October, and died nf typhus fever. By this timely act or prudence, involving an expense of only three hundred dollars, his fnimly will, before i he expiration ol i his wen I;, he put in po scpsinn of ten thousand dollars. V It I n A Y 5IOKNIN (I, JANUARY, 11. THE CAUSE. Never was there a time when the friends of the Whig cause had greater reason lo look with satisfaction on the past, and with hope lo Ihc future, than at this hour. Ev cry nmen in tho political ky is prosperous, and every indication points to success. Al ready is Van Huron in a minority of Iho Slates, and will) a majority of (he popular voles against hint, far greater than dial by which ho was elected; at Ihe outset he failed lo carry one of his favorite measures through the Uouso of Representatives, and not a doubt exists that in Iho nexl Cun. grcss, that branch of the national legisla ture will bo decidedly and strongly opposed lo him: nor is it by any means improbable that tho Senate will by that lime bo of (lie samo political complexion, for when the people change, neither branch of Congress can long resist the current. Tho daily discoveries which oro made of enormous defalcations, of llio corruption which lias been Tentering in every part of the govern, mcnt; (he exposure of one man after an-1 other, highest in tho confidence of the administration, ond deepest in the secrets of the party, who has been found faithless to his trust, have fully aroused tho wholo people to a proper sense of the designs and iho motives of their rulers, and to supposo them willing to sustain such men, would be to suppose them destiluto of all public virtue ; the administration has lost the confi dence of the people, and that confidence it can never regiin ; its experiment! Iiovo failed, its falsehoods have been detected, its fraud and its deceit have been exposed, and il now stands before the bar of public opinion, guil'y and condemned. It remains for ihe Whigs lo improve this favorable position, and to restore the government to its original purity ond simplicity; it re mains for the great body of tho people to throw ofl the mass of corruption and profli. gacy which has been resting on tho gov ernment: to cast nut Ihc gang of land speculators and public robbers whs linvo taken possession of the Capitol, and to put honest men in their places. FROM ENGLAND. Tho Roynl William brings London dates lo the I5lh Dec. The most itnporlant item ofirilcllgence islhc nppoinlmenl ofSir John Colbrttn as Governor of Canada. IIo is invested with the 6ame powers entrusted to Lord Durham. Lord Durham arrived at Bristol on tho 7th, and his reception scorns to hove been far from flattering. No salute was fired at his landing, in obedience lo orders from the Admiralty, anJ it is said he wns-re- fuscd an audience with Iho Queen. Even the Countess was dismissed frum tho offico of Lady in wailing to her magesty. Tho impression appears to have been general that the laic ouibrcok in Canada was Iho result or Ins resignation, and this has prob ably operated much to his prejudice. Much anxiety was felt lesi Gov. Arthur should pursue a rosh policy in regard to the Prcscott prisoners. Exccutiona were deprecated on all hands. CANADA. The limo is approaching when (he Can odas will be separated from the mother country. Could ihe separation take place peaceably, neither party would bo the suf ferer. Canada would ha K"verned by her o fnr,, enacted by her own Legislatures and adapted to her own wants end'situation; free from any commercial restrictions, and would take her place sido by side with this country in Iho raco of civilization ; while England would be released from a burthen which has cost her immense sums and brought her no remuneration ; ond in ten years Canada would be a belter market far English manufactures than under the colo. uial system sho would in fifty. Both parlies would gnin by the change. But ihis can never be : the separation when it comes, and il surely will enmo, must toko place in blond and suffering; the colonics will bo torn from the mother country with a violence which shall tear the very vitals ot one, ond greatly impair the strength of l lie other. Sir John Colborn hos mode a demand upon Guv. Jcnison for the surrender or iho persons cnnccrncd in the late burnings at Caldwell's Manor. The bearer passed through town on Tuesday, but has not re turned. Tho result, of course, Iibb not (ron'pircd. Meetings, we observe, oro being held nil along the frontier, in reference to the odious neutrality law of the last session, and the President's one-sided Tory procla mation. The proceedings of a very large meeting at Montpclier, ond another at Buffalo, at which very strong resolutions were adopted, are now before ns. On SaU urday a county meeting was holden at St, Albans, of which Jeptha Bradley wee chair man. Wo have not seen Ihe proceedings, but gather iho following information from the Franklin Republican. Spirited rcsolsinons werr passed dcci dedly favorable to Ihc cause nf freedom in Cai.ndn. The meliug wts ably nddrcreeJ by several gentlemen, nil condemning in the most unmeasured terms the unwarran table proceedings of Sir John Colborn ir Canada, nnd Ihe parilnl odmimstratinn of the late obnoxious neutrality law. When Hie meeting was nearly over, the nrrivnl of Genernl Scon wns onnonnced. nnd a com iniitee wns immediately appointed to wait on him with an invitation to nltend tho mooting. Alter the biiiincss was disposed of he was invited lo address iho audience; which he did at considerable length, jusli! lying ihc President's line of policy in rela tion lo tho unforlunato difficulli s on tho frontier. Judge Browji, Messrs. SuiDllcy, Adams and Hunt, replied much lo the satisfaction of the nudience, Gen. Scon n joined, but with 1st t to i ffi-cl. Tho meeting on the whole was o good one, ond lost moiD oi'iis interest by ihe presence of Gen. Scott, far htB remarks brought out some excellent speeches. Gen. Scott went south on Tuesday. Tho Boston At las .tana ,,0 authority of o passenrer in the brig Mary Paulina, from Africa, that the poetess, Miss Lan don L E. L. who married tho newly oppointcd Governor of Sierra Leone, died soon after hci arrival in Africa. Thcro is a fair prospect of a thur.

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