Newspaper of True American, January 11, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated January 11, 1839 Page 1
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Tar.u nnmI mof th o X. nn p he r u ýI' iro.,r "iýeu IVv Stai. an NI'n Vn Oa: x of the Xeceospcper I'Prexss , Noew l)lean,. thIle l'rocrice.lcr. hhlit' In flht 131i o1 Mlerih, 111:17. Sussncturrlow.-Twrlve 1lll rt fir Ih:dt I ily . per ncnn iii, p.vIlble c, ni-tun llllll inll nidvln ce tell dollars fnr the ari weekly elcntry paper, lnyable onr year i ndlll.ece, wher noc city rce.eoreCnce i .ilVe. Vc a tbcc.rictiohn will beo dlieeonlined Ulltil Icrreclnl.en ilre attledl. In case of di coltinuance, ono woeek's ulntire i owriting nueet o invnruab.y given, previous to Ict xplrtio of slhleription. A.lvE.lrlNltc.-ORne do l0ler per tlu.arn for the first noortion, nld lhanl thlt price for e.hceltl unsi crte l olnc no. material alternioni rnllc tile origicnal cdvertnicnenlle will be ehlrgetd as t new one. YARioLY AYERs..vserCCl-MlrelOc notls and Tra rrs. Orty dollars fic Eccgiislt nltcne, nind sixty or becthi lt age Ilnnks, Insrauce Oill.ers, al otller Stehls public ncstitutiens, fifty dollrse in lltcis h oiln ly, orl eighty for bollc lcnyg rge s; Shi Illlr s oltc iltlD.. Fee tor, orPI Cceltllisesion Crelc e .isty dolluro ill I:n lihll no, and eighty hor lIec o langc t lts slGslo .s , Onlt'ra ty NIrtcvc , llll rltiel ceill ing tile attellctio l llo e pcllclic toe occ ol ]l cr cl'ty, rclnds of posrcgers, hctlcit, &.. cte.&c.c will Ic r-ltcrt I one dollar per lsqar e lc 1r tlc f e rt i icscrcic in cch lltt l the. , COynMo.eATIO'r ,,,or cc Alorti csccn tc cc ,inc e prrtl al nature: wltlo admis.ible, sccc l cola rgold dtublce, aod in advrole. A dlduutimnrf twnety.fre per ent. willc I ie i mrlce. Auctiocrere, Shlcrcl, Iltgi.lcrrofl \'Will,n ccl Alcetlthcle oil ales e of real estatel,cccli sllc e Icccl llllcllcigc fc, and 50 per ca Tt. inll tltelllt alonec: l per .elll. oi saeul ao.' otbher prnperty. c ts of tile dircct lille of Icocinee or the iadvellier, ueh its Ieal, aultion , ca plallhtnt t on sanle, runton y slntve, stray aItliuillt . & t& . ill be cltarged far cspnlecly un Ill Ihe urlleenry rct-c. AIcva'cTIuEccsc T IoI ctllceilatl cii ie toitte, will te Ipublsleed o ne month anld ell:lecc acccl crtlicgly No ctdvcrtisoc:celts of Ibakrp tcieo will icr inblished in any Raseo, ilers illcid i)l" c )rv ns to incliUt oll r ptlcsien andl other llr nee ofi illlcs ua tnell o. i . daily or rite rccccon, to Ile elhcrged $1 IUI for l't.glisl n Isce, end $150 in bot inlcennae.e will be carrged dollc ie Cpriee cf oither aitverti.e A lr n o e r t .i . Owing to cile l c pacrto Selo ictc llllc(' hccIIc l pc. r crlorl)ielors they hove h temr It, Ihh. Vmitl ll-i1 thai hei stn nles of Iperslolln a llla IltcO nlllt q n IoIIno be .a prol within one ntc e h afnlr c r seanlc' llllc, c c ll be llll g tllilltag Ith ell cel not c ewto a hlY'rT It' c ptI c t t fur slito I I.cdtnqlter.tcn, l ieor icc ecas el erll eclltlrr .etcc l.c o tnigned J.Ci . r. li O e c 1,:til J. tAY(cN, 1. I'. R',, \, J. c i, : IIA I IcI, IcI, AIS , S t'cie y Pr e s.- I trc il llhre Ivlle i rc l llir c .cc c I i cl hlI {y tlift Sab tl rlll.lJlior ,,e fr - II the Sir It t ellll iled o walaeI trrat . (. lnl \l ) A. It. I \VI:i 'I ' ;I( , .eett l de x ic tor a ee cr.o h doods,t ither w l ll ender, ho Polt fluid. OIc llli c tirii e i i eliEl I -tl ., e 1 8 ) il. N OrloE' , l 'l IT F PUIriise C.--l cc l e icclcc.h c c rtull lrs ( cl cct' c l cli.r erecllt tl lhc il ;' ' . . tli c cr ili ,tc.alccccd cl i- old atlclcc nsllccnc I.Iclcaleccd GAxitl)IN SF.I ':I) i 11''., C, ,I toII ' ~ , S S o lllr i :l, 1S . l. hlcvicgl b h l,,cl sc out cicli,lc ri cticiyl i t'dlllll " llC lI '. * icd or.aul d pcrice, lt' lc t.t c'r h'C Icri .cccccr . frncdwll gec iereally, stillc cIc c Ic , cic'cI.ll l L r , th, . li canc tiltl c.5I t cs'i ccIch t 'll ccu Ilte v i i' l. Iilo. tr or in i t, :t br'r, h lu bel 1 t | ft i I ,nid ,x.t tel tro otpply itc"I, allc Ituc te 'lrd o e tc I c I I t I : r tt I cc.licenl ci c y lllccl cio ocr vogeetali ,n.'c ,.',c .itcdc, o.l Ie gioeclt tto. ilce. Iport f Lil ,re isetc Soe lcon, 1 I 37. Sccoea dc c. uo rly port cl ep'1 ttci ,i,, r. hIc 1 c. . r. crivIcl .ccccc | Icsullylc ,sIc s lice ic'11Y ' -the lccc Vlt l lcIc. jt.tlcct•l, -Ic ic c fr , l' N " ': ' ' Is l cccNto cipol l illa , ay lo ,i', I ., , p, ta. ti cn llol c l. upplV of.' c I f 'cc.i Tlcr Ic l 1 . ,i - c..t Ihl c, oe tlr c tJect ' ,:l : iV , t' I 1 L'ilf i to ) u ticcoc w di ttI m rdsClc cc. ai nc l Ctil tl, s nltl .ci il k t U ; ctl.."h .'g ar l, cli idtu i it c-.c c cI .tcc.c , t ':: c c.. t Alwaylc c' rc iatcctd cr 1 cc ll..;,ttn : c ' cR.t 'tIc It, llli , III It , , ' "ti ,,. , i / f ,lay. hI, pzt , ,tr t. :l,: h ",, tc , c t 1rcc Jctc ,l.,cc flnc C l c ,cc' ."c I c : . "la ic t ite , tit- fit I.e cc 'lcc rc titc l c , ,ccc ct . i, etr ccI \Vte.,tk . , Bi.0 ''., . . c' , l,, , c , A licctt lcicr ' lcsl l licu'c s atlc' h cll y fallow' l eccu ill Iro Ilo ol Oltti . to Ized o c II t.eJo ctcdl ' lcl, It ,, i,, fit lh, cit'd h t giccrc lie . .ci c rc-tl cc c dtl:i c t, t' 1 cc c c er 1d rts: 'ctg emi lc,,t'' it'h' c"" cc,:ctc'c ctclc . witih wrtel de, mate fat e. i Ih r Ie t cillticeue.w 'cUtcc 7 cilthe ticttnccg untct ilc I c ' lck ao cithi.I Afltttn'1V' IIi U'.il''l ' I iXt\ . l)r. r" ," ",t it' In , t . .d t'hlz' i IZ .,H. ''II s.*+ o u nlllintl titti til - ,lnths otf Ihe llm i 11t1h t . li.tltr p lllm ind , rigs e |, iltl i, . . s. 'l th. 'I'II Ix r ., used hy h11 w.h the most llunle'odrnd -,- il Sito priv.at5 and publiac lnic I1r ti l felt L as if .. .i''ItI, IlI iaii ..... ', Di-twmi.. . t't.:: t, nch,l'ain ii i| il', 'lleai 'PIeof the Ii l, ,,,i 11 -. i li nali,,u to stl leeplrregall urily ol Isle till'v ,+ , lI11,[ il, alll ,.aseii wh sri LpadigcogtiuI tir at habit . Iolls Ito elCit, Tlis Utidiiinai lan be nItlu d nolll ,III the h tt oft lllck ll trllltn now b l ..l the pi l i, , sl l I it i. I solle inventltlon lof tr Ale't muld m -t rini" tlic: Il.,g' ni E'urope ever prod c,": d, u adile l , ,ret:f of pt , op" if)ll",, IT was purcthased by the ll aont thl al vry lurgeI sle. I 1+ agraee atle andl plel~astlll t1 the- lau Ir, n, ts ., a ll lll ller intI.alwae s kiy ,1i s lth blw.a I lis -.,' i.llltI:1 "+'Ig.I willal Istrerngt o t. + III 1. uyellln, nlld Ce rthllitrles, to l l 11h n ll, nil a tiytw b'tile remove the sun t i t nlirnd oiais of I)'ystilai olr indigestion, and )i.vnta. rt. urI 1 t at any future period. 'iry Xountl,l7th toegutl, s;.ltI. Stnt:-- it conse'llrnecef lealdiilg a + ,lllltry l if, , I have been troubled, in l re, r lea s, with tit s t',r tee vears; for thels llnle ymI1 wnv sull I·llnir;s hate leteniisulpmow lbte. I have "i,+d er'v, t lay-icitn.u , i alld it tnknll tt lef q insk .leiCi u - a., w dtll l i l?' benefit. I "l· ls iled of covt'r lbl t li n. ijimi . IaI'.y llelL tln'Ie l)vyjeplsic llixir. " I It lati nt, linis .l hiIii.' futi hIui . tie. anot ks w n tho tyto expr C .is lt.. - ' ilt, i ,t ,tf il.'I wou derfli virtues and Ih-'..n1lll e ll 't , ii i, 11 ,11l.,1 ill restorinlg Iiie Ii thll i htetlh ,high 1 . l1 1; ]111 Illn-t f',n ever. Sellld ne haIlf i|s+z ;Il 1 bollllut i n e r oIIll iv, .l'.lI atoring m, to pelle,:t h.halih . Irymain lroo as rhte ro tent h-a in his pnssessyia n sere huimdlw tr., timanninls snimal r li the aibnve, of the eoandin~ry vir tile of his meltdicint. ISold by appoint ell t, it r. Johllsos, 1411 tlenvilln street. nov. PROSPECT''US. TIlE suabscriber p-oposes to piblih,. itn the be. ginning of thle onsung winter, a Con(dnttsatin tI I the twenty volumes of tie Old and New Series of Martin's Louisiana Reports, to be comlnrsedl it failr volumes, 8\1,., tacording to thL model of Petera' Condensed Reports. Tlhis work is now in preparation by J. .strtnt lHarrison, Esq , of this city, assisted by \Vilolium F. Brand, Esq. The Editor is also iprmltted by a distinguished retired Judge of the Supreme Caurt, and by one of the sitttig Judges, to expect lifrom their personal supervision all tist advantago which may inaturally be r.'apeld Irom their exprorjie6eo. 5Such a work is becoming every day mote no. cessary, as the original is volunilnous, expensive, and scarce. An increasing curiosity tot) is oanli feet, in the othnr States of the Union, its rel:rlncu to the psettliarjlrislprudenco of Lousiasa; aiul the eircnmstanco otf tile nluerous principles hers deL cided inf ie adjustment of coullict of Ita , makes the knowvledge of our adjudged Ctsia of prirae uti. lily to the jurists of the whole Union. Mlorttovem, the rising republie of Texas has adopted our codes, and thus there is a great demsand for the Luaisiann decisions from a fresh quarter. Convenient notes, indicating the parallel casen decided in Llttiiana, and oi asiOinsally those in th1e msre authoritative Iortons of the other States, will in added to each case. The wyork will taform four volumes, royal ltvorn, and will be delivrd.l, itnll,,d,, subscr.hers at $6 per vol.; in case it shoutl I be taund praictr:tble to compress it into three voluml'es, tile pice to soab scribers will be $7 p:r vol. Subscriptioln received by W.I 'lcK EAN, ji uor romtp ond tameo 5 last. Steam and PIatent Biault Lan ery--.Waute at·,n N t Pilot aln Nalv Blrcad, Nuti aund \Vi!n IltIcott, Sagl.r, Iutter,-Mid'ilrd and W.ater Crackers. All the albouv articler are twarranlc d to be of the ofirs q iity, and ir keep inl anly climate, beinng e.I aePletnly Ikiln dritd. Alxo,--iln drid corn mneal. t Orders Ilt't G. 1W. Pri cha.rd and Tag .t'.Jlr. eorner;zinoe and PlydJas streeots, wii receivo prempt attolti,n. Smnll ktugs put up expreicly l.r funily u.o. 15o0v | lOUit- O00 barrels laundig in, .and. fir tsale by I.- vLe, r ;rarrlr. d1r B - N Er sY.4--Ti bdes I(arsrys (CAN.LtE -3L 0. b1. s l epi ut .n.I dle.,, fur sale I (;AII': nt I)e II tilt'd Y, G .\ c-IV.lK---- I b r igh (; l ,d l e rtu w . sth e 0I t lt. e . er m ll iea I .er f' + - t i l LOUu ., III IANA: i, r. .ntIN l( tiU to wIl illqrlli a's l tll.It i , \. e a . " , ,i1 ,im t,, "N . ,. ,rr .,l'a, Ii Il ,ul ..lit.l of S -1 or t b Il I t i it 10 ? l,.r i 1en tfi, rs jt t re. 9 ,',,iv , 'n, ,,al uieht, tir shi t. ore... i a t ttro Ltti.X I+ tlitt It Ie.ilhlur \\ at a l ,, i e rne fno, 1. W .II t N' SIT;\V f)Ol) ln--- \ ,.'-e Ml' l Pu-lrU E ,--; v, .i - f1 Iv+ ill a ur ij\i\tI l a ; iUlt lil l ana, y Ilt iiiI I I1z-al ,I%' t l'ir . e Ira , , i • ' i."; 1 f I r al.l' )'s l,: s!t11 + gilft m l it) . ); jn 1 ....... "i 'nl l m. d ur I,.'11 It.01 . t ' I"+ ..... " ].OUI"I' AN IN'' IT'I' JI''' . .... it I S hh l ist O I. alti l i , - h'l , i ' 1 it hn cl m lt "ntor ,+f t IIh lit ,'hurt e 't '" ' n .," 'l u ,,, l i, t c I li e rt Smlh ,nat :iv,,. l'n u - n.r dnl:+ " I t i, a+r I , o1" .11 , ! .... TI ,+ lll'.s ,,h f1ir.+ In t I t ll l, i ., 1 11; ,t r w il li nt (',I H Iuin ' t h,' t J a 1, ° I , , 1!t. t' l I z + , ,Pl,+' : r. '| l. , h ,I , I . I. .. . . a +, T hIo ,I a1 ti. I r t 1 irl 1 l il':, t ,l ,it cail i i e I i ll Sl lld b l,, ,.,Ir ti' . III t . h It l I.T r I :k o ll PIII, tol as ll : i. T lr.^ , , . t,.. "u ! , ", I 'u- ,l ,ld h I',, hi nIl +l+> i ,. .+ I ll .+" "i':. h"(,~ . \I, 1r ! "" n n,+. ., +tl .r I1 , I nll l/ to i, "l", nt l btI' , al , t:,,! .,·l , u a ,, + . t ' I. ,,! i r L," .atr, ,+. r, S 1' t -II : 1'- , l ., , . \Il f i '-, ] , ll l l l , ' it r. ,i tl n - ,,n t II~ r: : ~ ,,.t ,I h I d lI i" 7 OF 01.)ttbI8Ilt) V-to JdIi 1) I tr ) t m allT. Joh:, lav Foster vl i ' v. ' II Iols ii o b,+i 5 .o I .v' !c.ltt' ,til " lt tl t Jt 1 1,n l'\ lo- Ie Iro h Iri"r'\ · nt,l ul d l, I nl ie;, Jo )f l t te w ol on r.1 t olll t r 1 .' -.h h I Ir-Il n Ht .l.i ''o ) a lr a . n . 8ito ' I llu,' t. ,,l) . tlht, ilt'i,' tv '.riltt .I ,h: \lJ t t o-l.Tr ;t.t hl l it I t h ,te . i t bjg l I III I' . la It irta;, I. :r tl r tli o| idln ,l t ll. . .,, , , i,,, , .. , . . . . . . . tli .. lt ,i, ) . e u oia dsvs , Ie, orse tel l ' the eut h-.r ])[Clll|t ir. f iJ . 184, 8, i, Iii I II, \ \,', iv ('iýqk. '. I'ATl Dr: I. Th l..)lio A\o l .--t:o ttr du t 'h,'In r - i li tr't is tli e'ttlr n 'it hll t l 'i t. t toti tllEt .. ,.' eti'"l:u i rof. e + t h ('tli(alult ,r= de+ l)CvTenlx & Fosll ter. Les. . i tll,+, tl ,i, on rt idu toll, lrt, d ll, teall i I o l 1 Sll*'+. .hn lhd it r 'l 1 t 1 :li l e te. llp on l1ll 'ti , ,i hi,11 f of telv +. (e'..- u !,i t . Bh 1' i e .i l p on .s 'p oisll , ,.g at -lt t ,otn. tl s a . +If-, it- I ette ,ll'tre.-i i rl" rdr do li c llr. , . cler k r'e,7 1' O1.11er . 1 N N ', )I1r,. (.rtl l-r I.P Ptlrich tolld c Ily of \r.' L Utle r.-- lesent, th llan "-al; La .I M+ I I .tlll ttt, Jtloldee. No. 11_q8' Nt".vl\r i i18ttl -Nirl . Ivs hlI' 'liewtol.. lll d the t' s.lolltlrl. .i dehn cid r. I \ e , Th cra, r dJo'h 4. 0+ ( l i ol p &ortv y L. th a, tctif-ner ides t i ls ed pythit ot con f r et heaed[ oi r laf h dllourl, nod P0there di tor, ot John (Ir ]e ., It cleaei'red that salitd tr,.itlls do meet in tl b ofiie beo I r II 1 t c in., s L gr S [ilt lieoal I'· ·lde, ( II enllu, h I ol.e pnhli n, ollln ,ll. ri, l .'anvirl Lnd 8, p1 1 r Ideli .crter uon Ie I tC W+ll,4 I f d" ilu f suol bnle , ntl Itll thletllll tio m e at] pl r ititl laIft tl per* te S Iom At n pll e i euI I, lit t .tnmhl 1 ,ti illTr l it tlu rarce i t - ,411.-- Elt I ir r lr Oid . rep, ttat \ les cr.a loru i anbd -PI, od lappohnted to r, e-n re tlt i r1 a t 'litula ir l t RISI e l ort for t d.ris ayl City t.\w Or-ut. Hle"rnn PrO t fie h , Dece blu ehr s t. .: aui.-, 13- No. ll. ,--N ,'on ll. itilr lt, is ; ec rltallnl il ro os t nlle l. t,l te ati l'nt' ,'lt to ld beltlel t i Jr IOn r er ll II,,+,; it eSl lli iIn i 1 1+4'une a t 3 nlll ller d les reu lv'ie .slivable, cal llts lllllt I',llt t+' ct'Il +l iit"= violln. In le 1 l lt tf Is id l do lit n e ltn the , i 'n +.t all;t t lc.tte leith% Presut lhe Iluntrvl7lo C| ' 1e; 1, leri kn, hu°'"I Clr iA IDNF S, r # r'1 eigtn c c, hercht cec f ti w it cechv 'rtc -ent h'Itn c ceic ie d i cIv.r t I'n ,. IOilrv an. th'ti cciie Incici it rcc tm the [l c ci n irec an i the !ittr C n o Icrine (1i 1 tc e i ic atrc e cih oic nin ic h tc ii i el runlny to r ix it be ine x c , c ,vrric l. ti nl c cc etic s P1,.c t cc h v : ,it y o i v', th tr It , nd R, their t eq nii.itic , ic tcjc'rc tnic' r citcrich lives tire ti .€i .etd.teacxtcc inr. ,ctnet. cm ccr, rcc ra a the cc cccc,''proptrt cill the r tlr i ctcl tcirl i, ci teetI e cc ci f ec111i c c I c t cicc.i i OhhiIcei ;,f!n m cft a hlcb e ctilccc ot i i crfccicc c Ol lid entt c licce of P't'iccctccc n. icci I ticcice line i 'ciccithi irtnlllent n c an cI f nx ict lc r i, r ic t ie n. i e. It rlik..wic, prrnie et !' e'a'l aw~ e teh vw I hi ' Iev e r4 tllt ile n* c r bllcc t 1rl icni i .c rnc , icukci il ci11. henll tifl II hl rtee it f ree -,.-ltl lurll rll t'lle irl ttl I ta ll h'th first te n mctnh sliilv i , ppnrt of" the virt cs of Otdridgt.. . L, arep o cc j th p 'ropriien, c c'rl ccci iil li e i St 'incIi: Robert a 'hnrl o ,.sq. Ia to May.r o1 I'hih..+d tl tills certlisTri itnn hpn Ic- iJ b tlow, i lctie h i c .ra Jcre of le I.l " tlt it II II tiernn t Ii do v Iht .e hnve rey d The I te, I of n e) hil dn i -lcvere ()b r .1f t irs e lt iate iId it highly eevireihe i l i i y anti prce tire n:i'i lal the f.lliln gll' i r btlll bIutalsO a eerta a l ector I.I.I,\ 1 ''ll \TI .l l-;ll , Senior, ccltllcdic \icic t er in i t GCcorge e'irc. t ic c lci Ncd,l'.c Fifth at. I()IIN I' INbrIS,,'I 1 ANo1 ferPt. ccJOIIY 1 ) D Tti",cc , a I% 1 , 1;cc lciwee t Jid INc c Ic i'dlcYce . ic lclcrlll,'c treal SIIU'.I I h( UlI) Y.213 Sadnilh ' ,d at. J i )ll. . i e AI lle .lr t I'1 ii h srl eet. ii is kllOwnic I t I rc e ,of tll ncc Tii lll.s it le c1 rlI iLtl I cIi.'calrulrlnu , mlli tile t!ilrS not l(s, than c 0 Co tlliiiccrith iI I'p ii N.ývlrn iih i('iei'i 1i'htllt i i tll clci, c 1, i l iir I'crcx . ic c ,ccic c .cic l ci d il uic IC lic c ld . hhllll IIt'rehvl* eprtif'v t 1, - lsl,.l l , n ti d wilh cl ii ilr ut l , ," , , i l ( ;ll'il 1I--.s 1e Iallll l :nI"I e.ntIl .] t i ll,( in lhl .iii, p t il , Ii' t +v 3 11, 11 i re' d it icc 1n" cccru to '? .s lccc ii nlld c llcc: 'ic t slot i t'cl c ittI , t:,; i ,e cixed, c i.i 611h ti Ji of c!eel.,r, ()1111i~ 1 V:Ir, that, ,h l bott e "I'dh". I lelhi ll af It n ha-. th tii c'llc If'IIc c.ll Lic it "L' hI(seeh,-i P teil e' c ,r, , ~ I , ·It iht s ,"i rPilt. -e1r Aile SlI h l d,.. l' a.,+l r n ulld h v thll e t I ls n l I( 'furhA .r, I cciJ \i' i,. icc cc i.Is l I] • e c c)ll l I) c ( n: ,..t,, ...... . "'xc i .cc Lcc c 1 i , r,1' l lll : t :ifl,._li _'1 i cccccc line ic shipis li e ic.c n , y o, li c -, , c . c ind l+ t l , po ,llll lll. cll b a x of" cc tlcli ,iral of tal i,: ccricc'.cccccticrn o c cccx .i.cccc a d vcri i cctiert b rilcl, iic cilpcc cc i l ikl X Ji ll i,,i: , ('s ol1i',l; , |11 1 du 11l:llllit Se't, : lniul, 91:1 (l J Iluw ,.r, '1 ~ i h Ih , 6`5 ,I l I I ,illll Illllr l y. "',icec ccc ii'" , x i. cclil, c c iicll iicc', of ch l c iri. i.a , icc , p, t "1 t'1,t d :,u,! t+,ppr .l ,lid lil tldlld jc clld tln , ·, · h b r i h , ; . " '., I I'll , ill I , . , L . ~1 " ' i ,11 I.l " , ~1 . .1t ' ,ý , l u % ":. ., , , .II ."... +. . . . . . n ', s' , ' ii <)[ rd ~. . V al. , +t'lli ~] l1 It H, i:];r, I T - I +,',. t+ , p ; t.+ i , .i. t!~ ' . c" n n'I l 't I I. , I , + , IUt'SiiON & A.nPiNALLS ..S ('OMIl'oNit TON IC MIXTURE.--A speedy Sanid eain corel Itoi tit- F,:ve'r and Ague, renmittent and mt''rinent li vrs; prepared from the l rig t nlll re.(pe'. Used w.!b rmnllt il nhs l i versn.l hlccc to 1 83Ž,'t by personI l the highest r-:-pettl.tbtlhlt i thI cdy, .s stated It tit atinexed i rlltit lcatles. T''llis me!dicinel is hi4hly rcounnended, atal has boonll rxtativly aused si ti albove die,-l.tna with Isuch "l"tigg ish d s.tItes, that the ptiorieitor of the recipe hal bueen imlnued Ito ul1r it tu the pub lie it its prrnt iorm, in tijo hope tItat it Imay be th Irmlllns of rhob<vinIg mitony Of |id+e who are suft:lileg unlldr I the tourgl ot out iouttry. It it Ia ledicine posslllesg ll g, l:eviltlo, and when used acltuiinItg to tie diruetonti has t ein r t faitd of |tlcllb .g a clre, evenl iu thile mIost Ollstinatt, ct;ae of the disourdlr. It i 111 ;it atlll !iil.atrr! blet, atid I croints of tie cakes stomachll, alld Cllldle llay tloe it withl imptittity. It strelgtheIns the digcstive organl, crelaes an uppetLct, and scldto retUrlUrl nuitr tan llonle, ior ill oustinat, c.iosts, two btitles to effect a cure. 'Thero is neitlher mlercury nor ar.,tlic in the medicine, tor any thiing injurious to the humlllanilll Clnstltuti,n. 'he propr'ietors are so well convincld of ius tti.:lacy, tlett they agree to refuitnd the price ofoevery buttli which has bhven tak.i i il it C ec daIIt, lI ivLb the directioni s ia d has nit ilotcted a lt pirC et ct re tof the tievr & agut. - A. OLI.iVIRt, sole ant:ztt for New Orlieas, at Iris wholes:ale atil Ir.tail dn;; allnd med:l. tte soLreI corner of Illthittlie alld Chartres streets. For Dlstriet Ageciteans atplvt tol t js5 . . i i'tlll, 48 Conti t t. Fancey 'oaett,. It !oks-U dter th at head will te f ound a .sptellhd variety or ladlis' and getllttleltenl's Spo, k, t books, note, t ult, net d:e itald thread cases. i PFancy toucks, buspnl, is, &c.-Of the latest Spattern and of inperirt itality, toIIElbtitg Ofiilac anod figured sltlll, bontubam.nle, velvat and clith stocks, Ilionet bonums, plain, and falcy with and witholl(ult olier, shirt collers, suspecders called VaslthingtUtsn uspenti lrs, abo, gum etlastic worst. ed and cottoaiitt do, with ntd without rollers, iaitaloon straps with wire springe;iad a great va. luoty of gelttLtaei'tt t iuPi, ItmadU iexpressly for the retail trade, by A. L. Vanibor and onu of 'ilta. dolp. hia. c omlts-A general sad comlplete asnormen of combs iftII thlicitr imtuuitoty.Aaso, Englis t and Frenchll drcsalnog comIbs, etc. den27 SN DREW 1Ml'l'I1 & CO., respec-tfully i;tormi L their ifricil. and the ptualic isn _viral, that they occupy the niew brick shtp, :219 Tehoupitoulas street, where tliiy keep constaltly on hand Caopper, Tin andll Sheet Lron Ware, of every descriptoun, sI ci as coppet r slttis, klttls, lnt p ilps, tini bath. ingl iL s, anlld nil canll, of" all sorts land oweea, and all ottlr brass ctsting lont at shortest notice. Gcratu bars of every dou-crption, stclh as stelao. boat stirrups, hog caouls, screw oltsc , and OLtLtI iaond. o.asteti; work, uc a chimneys, brueech. - e, stcuaIt pits. They ill also di all kinds of out dotr work, ntc at, copper tiand ti ralti.ig andt goltttr:ng, k,:i. 'I'Tiy above nild all other knllds of work tIn their lit ofa bsLiL'tass, th-y witi execute O ic the shortest notitce. dci.l7 1lltl.l1.A -i. 18 i.o .ors nIIntua s ilk Umirll.-l, ft arge sieoaanct l1 Uthi rs ,, nd to it, by I tittliat'C tiii, l II " I.: l'lgiine At ?9 AVAN. ('al ,Fi:L'-F-lti t g-ti primegitin Ilatana tJUi.I'lI Ci ,ix AY-, dtt ' licaVia sti It f tlE .f1)tOl1l.101 la. SAY'S LINl.lEN''.-N, Facltion.-This lia ex. tr.ordlltry chembic.,l cua p ailiou, the rean I of neiueten, and the iarventia) onI a clelubraLti iauledil cal mint, tho introdaPaaa. I of which to the pbi t r. was invostea d wiui the OIana lraianity o a doaeaithbid i bIequest, has since gaiand a rteputationa upaalllled, a filly sustaining l ll cllorrectlness of he laimentedl Dr Gridley's last conie.nona that " Lie dlared not i die awithout giving to postl:rity tile bleelit of his P kIno:ledgO on thia auljecI," ad hl Ilthreflor: a baqueathed to his friond and attLodant, SUaloon a llays, the cnaret of hin discovery. ~ It is now u>ted in the principal hospitals, and C thel private practice in our country, first anld moa certainly for tire usin of tile Piles, and so exten sively anid eflcetually as to built,, credulity, unle.e where its ellt:ets are a 'itnevscd Externally ini thl afllaowing coampalants: Fur cDropsy--Craating extraordinary absorption Al Swellings--Rrlaning them in a few hours Rhltunatislm--Acutn or Chroime, giving qauck t ease. Satre Thront--By Catncers, U[Iurs or Coi.s. Croup and WVhooping Cougl-Externally, andt over tle Cilhe.t. All Ilrutae6, Sprains, and Ilurns-Curing in a it few ihour. w Sores and Ulcers--Whether fresh or long Ip standing, and fiever sores. ta Its operations upon adults and children in reduo illng rhumatic swellings, and loolsening coughs andl l Liglhtness of the chest oy aelaxation of the parts, th lhas been beyond concepltion. Ther at collnlolln rculmark of those i he have used it in tile in SPIale i"a " It ilats likie a charm." Itt TlE I'LESi-The prLco, 1 is' d td to any t person who will use it blttle of Ilay's Linaiu ctatit for the Pales, and returna the empty bottle wilhout f beinlg cured. Thane are the palotllv orders of tihe proprietor to the Agjots; and out of many thou. sandn sold, not olii ha been unslllceaful. cil V', mighit insert crltdleates to any length, but al prefer that those tslto inll the articin, .hould ux i" huhit tih origiinal to patehiasrs. II CAUlIOUN-None can Ibe genuine withoutt a splUedid el.lIra:d wrapper, on which Is my aIlillle and albu tihat of ti Agents. t SOL()MIlON IlAYb . b Suald whnle.n:o and ra:ttil, by CtOI STOCl K & t: Co, Nian Y,irk, and by one Druggist in every .an tow n ill the U oln, Iits Fur sale by t:1e Whltroalae Agents, corner of . C n k& TIuupuitucisa steiut, and by thae ill Apothecarisa generally. j .3 S- ll 'i l..a II'Ni.' t ill lu ICH :.' h r If ur., Ir d entil ht1 1 this day llmr ed i a t ,-par- n ii Tie I lii. iir Ila 1 ilh:lttlll c1' It (]iHIIltt ('(111,1 1" i II "ioln tal rIaa ilttt' t luF bfllt ilt1> , ill thi (lilty, u Itcr I tll al nnA,. I ti \Na, al.d h ivke a tlkl e 1t0 ow a brick lo . , .10. O ti May "-t , (leat 1' "ydral at.) 1,., I NttI:l llt :: G 1l.. lJlW . "li I/+fia,',i ''": J " \it'., t i 1 O1 W.,. o 1t, 101, .\a 'V, \\hl,naus &. ,t a k, Io \\a it lll l .iaai a .·n a It\, i ., al, . ' . I le i t l . . li ,aa, . . I o. a .. . It ' I h 1 >) s 1 ,ll a la" " ,nn, t , o t tb a. 1:I,' "'t' I tat 1 1, t a the ant, ra t be aJ, iNtrg l a. .i i& i l ,tnor . \. i ir . C C omm lld ; a C Io , I.,i ."1" 'l 'Ito n ,V A I' , t o , "l at I' I' e La'o' l i l ,t ' I,lh ll l a.. , IR.- la lil1,l)+t 1 I..,1, t atlkr r, at "ti' " l 'tO t d, ltla, ,n llr n it a 't1r- tat IIt :le.-:--nol " IPIr II ' t lTI rlas fl1llfll{ d le Irl tln ' .lt ILL .-" , l 1(11 ro I. 1·" :l:: il:", II rsI gllr'ddllll t a tlr( ' dIOU; -alsn," n+il b" ic1. Jip . 1(.it 1.: 11 . 11t ,' il.{, n . tIll / 'tl t,, tl r lllm 0 I l r i ti i : P . -l -ll' .h , It,'r t,"I. i '1o a, t. 1,iS-, . :,.' t . , ,r a, ,S '¥1 11 _ 1 1, . I ; I , t." I I /L- flaIld ~,vh 1." t~ !1,," .1, I ,, , ,1 ...tii , I.',e ti , 1; i~i , I l. 1l, +l..1 1i r 1' 1 1, ' e. ,. 1,' ' l ,1,+ .It t. , . tl 1 i,, " b ,I ., d l t, . {' ,1 , ,I II$ I I.. J ., l I ', tII ;o ... 1h0 ( , i.1.- 11 :I t-i 1+ . 1t( 1,e, 4:;. L . 11' l -0 1 818l1 1 lI8(1? 118 I,,. 11l8.-~dllI~i1 ;1il~ ilglI-h. 18,81, M I88 1, · 111191,1 (11111 1880II3113 "g S ' eI ~ I1.111 il1818. 1/81811 8 1 1, --)'I .ll 1'I ~ -1 1 .1 .(·:' 1 1 III~ 3u 18188."""" 1188-) 10,,1/8* t'll'l~l ll ]1r·1118 * (.181,,l8,111".' &1188,88.~l kl~l · 111888, A18,1 l-.'l&I.p818IB1 8/ BI I 'N,~r* Z.wooI,' 11~. 1/8 11.81?, lllii,: l E~il., II 818 11101,888ll 8 111 8\:1 111 la 11. I N,( Lr·l* 0v .1llrnl* I~ ~1111 N 88 ~ ,I'I v~· '1 dll; 1 ~ l PW II ~ I Ilp .1)I3 11,, li V"':"''"'" .\llll~I' I IIOrTl l III9RS lil·llt~d :".11111'~-11 1I~i.1011 .881111:). [I al.1ia rila .1 tAi-lbHblra~iiaa, ti-. lia.. orht. r- til "., terr aro rair i a olller lir. IlO ligt nl Ir 'n at a II (i, ( JalIaIa . r iu ll f' n ll- ) - *ed 1litre o1;-u- i ri. .. , .i n. ,,ia-, r; 'ntll triorar --a Ii s Vi ,,hi i i iribail Id tilrv I d iitlra l . ja r e a rla lrl u l ud r eI'lu i.--a"'2 lzI J dr-,a fsl( i; 0 h II :, Ii It; (l,lll,i'.. +, tlh liilt11,rl- t· l vill " o .l n o OP I) J L;i i o;2 aDar d l TIO- . a pal i -Io ITI C.a O J i raaaaa aired --anna iL t trln hlle t ·(tI ; It ]; l :' . lll( r It /'saIh L( m]t+ .fcvcir twoorco mere arw t-hooer ny are-no a rd ir, ia arhlej, re il, Iatrtaprri lat 1aaiL I .nd themrirrcrrharltrrroniaaardrarri arub ea kaata oa wola beill r o us it at ry Iul-Itln ailr th e arimeti'c la ; artitt's ars wh a Ita, at |ud by thl lt iited • u , it a +e tsnt v i nh i lor i.. t'r I~t o,.h w. ho. i 'as n n e i h ok | h+Imk+ .ia d whlt"--i a labo,.- T-hle " wIeLa o n L: n ndL ., <h'i l-tI im t f Ihts, d ry el h it's o th aorilt arhllalr h ew r [&';:;I! I tbr llu eandrt~ll ~ t :!,at l It. exr lit Ilieu:l nIrla rrhi a-,iactl Ib rarlrab. iarr ie afr orat Ir arrrrraaah rrm tag i a liar ta-trial a prn of t iat Venoi . rot t lr dtl a he dir tae ad ato t the 1CIt Liit t ilse orhll-t'ftrrl~ tlll II t:LIIrll in ll'Pidilllrl.O t tell.n H'+Pain w+ hl~ I bmill~l. lLoT CUIIIRI C ·l Lt' % .'id +2 =nI tie lua o w ror hea ofitit r nro t heet Ieaahal l ta I 1aor arlratl lalcc ln l u111 it., 11dh·l+ +ttt.nd( flu t i blfctill. o'nl.L( 5"l e w lrl r rill .Ei i alari aeII It ori t i-' e it rIriad alh)rl th t th y ntlt , tr trhe a r lar r llrfrr 11r1rroIriap Iapla l tr e lt .l .rra araar Ir r rlinlr i a to h lill r t a I a to th e pU a b a . W r( lhie.t r· ll .tnto n lthll t \ rtv t u,]t lhtve. pIhted e vn ryh othe r o rlti inor l tlr lrl a rhlel wohri .'r orotrrrl~t h+tlte tral fattioarofttile work ta lt el lt hrt t, i~ rvddm. a t ih1aa naytr r r ar t "e r r a lairrtrrlAihnekdor t h or Tiarao caaar-nrai ovraLd at harrrar-ir-anraro e'r-oarv aoathhrn orf talo irarl-ha tla+ e rhrlr illa rtIti lll' r aiiire ..lid tr1aaasin \.th dII }o~l hionlr, ill 111 ·l~lltl1h RII il.p rtv Jll] n tt .i "rl· +I t rlw - t t alre III b r I, le l -l O r .1 lilT tnar ilr r cY seallt the no1i i ti n+ l clterhl y a Ites I-; n tif lt+ ivat ev glley l rarrbla lt a nia a-a tar a-cl ra th t ly d the reslli ,I+i Il 10*l Ivo l . aria aclrer- trar---l rr 1 r imtriareti at-i i a irr (tia e ar -t 'lhe l tt. 1 r ola hc ha ml, is helmnientille t fnin h f iarlr l t -a a1 r etI i.lllrillla tIr IllI. , r hlt Iro t ra oar Ji\ PIll il ll l.o.:.], o rtlr.~ toI Ilfihec :Iilll rike t~l~ of I I ra arri aar ll-ll ;ItI r- i trr l hla r u it · f Ie it (ic l' elr lilt+.+ l t) t IIP+ II el* 'm Ii+ SP(tIr II1 rl " olnd\IIk lle fi' e nle(.h nt' I lllllhl·V;II IIFI tll-1 1 I10 ti,+rJ~l~~l~ e +.: I!I any ire - aarle tt i j atauiv, a isi ne rt h t- ir illrell thai lilt Wrnl a lla i- il he ar r - tl .lr i i un Ii Nr 4 nitalarar nra h tet ra iae houha b rt rla vin ili r at . a rIlallllll , t ivIIar trii -ar l ia t tt· oi tti r WIlth I l it, il~l~lll· ll~r'l+ II( t Iti { in t l]-llmti-l' • ].i tl'iii l I l ilt. wII ith I r et'lllt lle It)lhtil lllt lr r<al' I··1I-I1I .. l :Lu in ltlliri L.rl t mll i~ e l 1t 1 cou:til: Ilthllr )It.t illnl . ait r hici lIi th il b, otl itui t, y t ++ i:' lttr'+ t l. ilil urenn shqi-lt h-oArei-- oerktaotltiaarayaor ortar ·I tlill 1t'Ol;:lrllt',llt 'ix) ·llt'h1 lilt. e bt~li~T .il t~ili~il 11nmltv: 111 i arttr leria t s r yi t hea r I ir itar a nti- r tr. ll -- rtrirtat-llr I- - r ruiaaaapa rTh rurhioahiraa [,le- artl itah(at]ra t I+.e ,ra e i tn d they u1nIny v eh dd ito-ll h al real cIt I1t t e l a' ai lt a a a r ihre ol rhirir-et r r.,a i eriv . a .rl l I t Io a n .II t at , atei a air Ihvila ire u a h a It ll- e r Iatta a-a ' . .ii lellitt r Ia - b io rn lia ll I-it (-i ' .',+ru.c } he. , ha t t 'n,'hu l hidlvl~ It.,.isi1d 31r) l'ptu i ll t thIIIII;IE l'thlI I, l r sl - o. whhhtlw, hu t oaireter m ri ii t l to·.a U' o th tlllIra a til au l alt t l Ior tatr -I{.llous n ih l the pIr ler'l l r iin itrin (the~It aroia at-r -ri , if the a oL- ole Illb llld 1 thr t e 0rille ofhi ltl d lio, It aI t l b· e il t: rlu fll,. Olltl b·lltod ill !11.jl It.,it't, €:(.IC 0Vit' lh 't;tlll(, :1{ lisih d lnj prll ev ii n tieh , by· Ilm!ndli!y whoI' wJe id s 11r19 el hI.] di.ii i tit ri-hiodic al hctrr nc ol , e C"1iva d ith a. -tIara tr'itrtly ar- e d ta l tare-a l t i tI atre i i-t ii- te i Obsr~rre! The PeI'o pris to~r, thilyl satistiedl with theI talsltly tItudedlll1 a lunc l Pl re 1tr use -1 tli-l 1 w l ill rle. iln Ih:, CLutrs f' I: ever ild ih A g-t , arta aarran t rd ,' ,t.rir, ,'at| i rtfrle hi a ll t rio a lh Ihave LkrI 'th .Ui IiII Ill ¼t t aC - fatrain tril ta leii~tym ilsigyc rd cll U , u erii., rs i. th . [ kre .,a tar a 1 iIrrai a h (u'l iut * uthi I iellt r i t, t is, ad Iitv , oiI- oII i rlll hia sri I attt rl.+lt a-ia "tt I- I el rtll lh t tll i, o f II A lt r il3 t0 cltl oir l'lrlo t lar di. Th, ,hic l , i s t it . hirr hd ltle ta t lnai, r a rar1 raala ya roe , a. u l th d Ig t+ l aOli r h l lr'i lt l o i n -ih a lt-I U. 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Obreaen Inha1ro airneirioteetaliaoaiaaar arotar , ha a lr aa In atr lrrit dria a ,ra trlrrl ao i oa.t oo rtrrlll, h Ihu O a thel t he rotutn, 0f Oti r ¾-,-ain rl t gam ct i ,vl til tlb l a citht id hy t a rrrl, a r i rater a alltt ir-a lla!a. l r.oirl O ,,1li r IaIr h 11r t aIt. ,I. y l i a rnta inaaorar'itt-rl tat-era' i tia r I aClt til Oaarltu Nt aala at iOlaaaaa.i rI latiod t.lliara nt .'t,,. , ryeoaalatiri,.arrerlroarrratal r I o~'ll'laanan-aaa'rrhr dl It, C+,~e,~ lhi o r.l~. 4;- l, hi'l tat .Ta Attfl n ta n+Hi nr It,,, u i~c-, Jt-j VIA V,~~rt C i)2II hrn II ldI Ii" 111 II tih t t lhfeIIIL,4'tmlt id ,l V N ulah . rN .'l "[ -i!( . , tii ', a; IifJCI AN i+' Daaah+\+it+la h l~t .lr. -a-, ab ar tl!' lia.ll,. braaara 1! iha d.t., .+ l . lrrahhe+itlrehf haa Ctlna'-aooir" 1rea'i tn~itolt ,oe iriyit \\at ll at.,iai.te iLV tarP I-i a~dt tai t ea i ari I n ura , ,dil thoile ria rra lraehiar/ailkad, e-earoy. a" tli li iiethr otwhn taey iara ,'.Lt th thea ito atee jar it nt di0 I~atro aoiltarn 4 nataion~l ll ' !L fller+ itgan o itoart ra-aoatat-heilelh,+ a-ida hgl"il itia-ar- nilvq ,leotloa,t radar , -ruelm+ $ind pteh~ ~ l aiab,]ib hl+e r k-oder-t l P (ti~,& i. Itaim.+le. tlo~t ali.t ntlaran , p rowmivl yiko llt ll\,& w o -a. sl ,+' r-ato -o-iiraai-t-die.Ir-e>rane,f-tef "-thr Chaa-t l i tiltii~ r~ll +rial lra atil a lir-er ia I d d ltII lipr ehd i-nad Oiaa'e~t ta-ic.t ii \hlhha ,+ iii o.+ +<hih v t, iil ihet iiii-larlialt- rii -arliatl Th,,irnr at ta.rt tira ar-ah \hA~ h glht.ttrt, rita--. larrar aaahr+ niroaad inrroa, t\l iaoh-itl w araragtc Oar-,l irad al~l lit. itarria t~ iii tho tliara. l't.t aria ar't-a : o--oalila-oa-trratl ir .roliirrtaartar llr nrtirlr I\ ini- ,a tir- ar-r--o atn a ro \ a-ahor or ahll , Ire rar t a, - o Iraoal Ir~~a I'm ,. h ''It" I1·(lllllilllollf ji·Xr.(· io!): ctrl, r O (!Lil~ill eLJ »r, like' I ti It ''Icst:1,, I e" I, 'llr 1~ od- , f rli , ~/ 11vw hn11 Le·I. lii1ll`,1. · ho tl w ill llilli 6 -", 1111 1 LI I : is h I I ! 511dl rl Bll e Ir I'tt¾II. I, Ibu O» dc . eat i s J l E(I 10 tl lwhe"I; t, -mc is» Ol"jl .i~i..ll t.o:lll I err :t teeth to the l illdl l killi I· b rs tra m 11: o r 11. -It Itjl etrI- I't et'' ,11 I 10"III I tht'I I·;ii' 1 I It ' 11 .lttI' : 'It ,1, ý, u~1""r ci:, ha' !rrutrd, I:)r : I:\ iutal 't is (·I.1 r,,, u: .1..1.( 6 , lll 'I I II' '', tLLl i i .h1;L. t I 1,:l - A .I I I:la n, R;ali, :llll h li 1iP .taa1 I.l. i It i d, i ettrdi tkmtrdFl .f t ,h1e c of Gorlth., Iliecl1 Id . 'l ,( irit :rjS, IW hit., P':lifl' iln ith" back usad o0.-, limnd I'. ,eaknees, altbhlet a, or tile kdoiet ce , t. t ee l, t ~oth le c r:)" el r lt l . 11 1i, l i l I In the i ntrod uelion of a medicinlly ss ssing Ite ure a till . ll n l'tc lol' It:,, hIt lllt 1l'I'|(q'.O t e il' m l lilll'llc :, l Itro i *ittlll e't.'iC ewhlI ' I'n ' 'll'i'(,'ti'ttt <, lulle ke', . 'l,, deaSslll of thab is +.,c h, h . leo it g th l .t at s hist o-1l 1 "f its credit lrul£ le dislike hil 1 pall nt+ olwlllOoeri l. hel'l' l l tI l ' lll, itsd. i ,,,, , .1, c1 . st', 161" br L o!, .c' 'Ihlwlt dt'll lt hl af''t. 't h ls noad an loocll, to, ld . it lt lllclo't, in'licich:l ~be11 us" l is the inlduce 1an11 ,11t'". Thl pr Ipri etor hs 1:.,"h :I 'k111 1 t t ,i' l i v II o' tha: tlthe r.u l'l ihit w tf illilil·S v. ,Utl i ll , ,h t h ii i lthlll' presnll L sltte. Tlhc ;e tXI T o. itI ilco LILL il r ;.i' dnlsltl i \ lhh are in the 1hi-l.*st t'l, tt a ttlil ; l t hI llmost scivnlllih: ait! ea . llt Ihe leI ,t.: ,,)+. :l "ch " r lltg tI h:,'t t il'l' i' l l i ptI . Iro : . tal r in cr : c" l the . M la) t The ol.r, lltll lo:n op,, i ati i ll - l lishI4 ull surp5d ~11s i: ** l. thie must shli 1l. n e ' 11~ .';w l o I os ivs, ,iltitt lel, lll l y lll t heill tll til lGt It 1 ,-titl b a miistre w .llts t t riet s clc. ss it, 'hedll i."' pll ' 'i i l'of thle above dIi'' ,. The most em'ineot. Ihiill , ll i I . '"eon. yli- h c pr Ieu. dl:,y e xlpres, heir .lt. i. c'I " I, S Iro aInon is I 'l r of humop:+ i: illl, hil st iI, ,i inl H ,i lprilgli ll| i ld p ills and public t l. -dilal ill'tiw ifI as h:s Ie I, ahnd sill contin s,)ltlli.I(y tet1x III I" t ~n, It l , i nrtee el y it tells ctie Itt. l led r .'h l I it' al : venereal ulictionv, and m obI lit t cutc.tettotie ' ttonst t In Hat i11.ab n -v submitted to tile test a.d t t11i l , tiea I)'Iot d l"ltI t h t IctI lNIo , ., [hi l' s tiI :ctli':oi t it s t, i ' r th ir , I rtl't1ic1l' t Rtt.' i i' i'llt iIt' I.o tl l li t t a tliv' t t.'rtnt l c.I ) T hei i l I,,' il t"llel heretlltll 111 1 'tr". d n Ji et IhN *i , , lbh .I L, Lidonl . BP i:e -1 O -:ur i ot. tT"l'efilft tIAI tS, It h I .'i l tI ,i t)n 1 % m " If ' , , ",. l1h varit) ofcll es tll eth t li nt t . l', i l : it it pr te ltl so hi nehl l Il .. . d I l II : ., I !,. I I'rlount ilnl it Si e of the ;Il( , tt a :I hlc ,. ,'.,:. ,, i. 1` llNlll ' s 'ptliecl, I caill d p ait et.imly e i : 11 \ I l tdoes t'l 'prod lee tI e slol [oni sl elitlll nic s u ) cx From ( II h) lan a , (1, 1 i PhyU, siin, to the It t .v il olsl i ,In l , ; t t lt.t ) ' l t t ..uet t --:1!t I t ' ',,it' ltltt IleI laborao"d exp1ense urled in brin ing it to 6u11 ''onr tor b klli f tor tli,: ll .1 I ltp u tII. ith i rouse "Al Sen te, :u Illt) u t' l . . a. t -I ' valueblc lll P. :, tem a e .JtSe . lute as, d i si.t ll IcI ,iiL d . iL it, in : ha y I teel myl sll ito f at, Ionly La 'umt . a 1 on ,' in n c bra yte Lttll' j,:ll i .t.S paai1 t i rcons t t4, t i o '.1, Far (; ',1 Ilair, :I I), Ph:. kil, t:; ( y', I1o I -il, p lu tital.l d d y The' s I. i, le l' wkeI lt u P m,.l ivr o ,,il " iod ,a t oi ltio rw ht \crl'll h hut, l*;t l ti 'h' i til d , bllat ,r I anl d l o ), l I.I I 'a'di ' alt I c'I1. L 4I.; inaAl uI a two of itI -i.. il o ,l lr *lF l lr t'l ' . 'lr.. i ), Ph...+i to (.,i , IJ i h e cte'\. i latd+o n iw , It "1. n'h "; , : I ' I . ) hill ei n wh shi, y it , n l.i u1 ot bd t )( L',tl 111 h ri l, . sl: 't x te"' . : o " ,ieh it i.t ,ll, . . m l, e n h " ich it d ol t i,', v,' ;,,, - I I .1 , t in 1, , t ' I, n -.o. , . . t., 1 h, a It ". (B it ,, ,,, ,.. lli 1te 1. .tilh'o i t 1; p . y ,l t :t i ,ItI . t,+, ' throu" lait , t t ma\ t l I 1 lit i niFr ',l t A l ol 'clt 'in i it lh'l'+ c.,, l . t I ( w a(. ih i bI oth i n Int' . , I holm 1 1t'h , 1 ,' i / th 1',in , h: , h \v i ,,l ,,t i , t ei I ~ : ', :""t " I : 'nhg t, o'rtnecte 1 a Ut u tr ;ith , I. .1u1l l .: it lel , to ,n;; sla. .' \l .. m ( l:t.l io, . ts . \i.t DA fr.1 ! .al no toh N w Y r in,.\ ll' t, o o )' ~ Ithrou al a1h d ma r. It tu Ir- tt 2hi '11.5 tit , !'c., use tI e .1 , se.I .l, 10." ouIo ,'' Il t h'Jo s, , . ," two b c c.lillhli : l , Sllt U" he io: . t sal ',: , . : d , l hl. costme , I ,.i .-r i " 1 r. . to 'I:l I, +. h ' l' . tist illy ~all es hl' t, ol' tNill w lo o rk,1" i ni l , I. (1u h Tlime{ , , , ,, ,- d, i • , H i , c ,m ...: . , w [I es I ' ho lOest t , t- , Y or -. ,,mo - , ,:, l.1in n t tf' m i1tt t er da',. y 1 oIr il e ,' . :' , c . I 1;,:,.,,c nl i1est o e, itl,.lt hi nholsia- t Drum li nt 1.', i t" 8,t,: 'e1" hltI : ll u+ t been co ld, o ,, t, ni li 0l't-lt r t t, 'lht: a~ll o hai,,pI, itoll gh it, to . ,,b ", ilt,'l P Ali.I CItI)NCY l'ICE \1,n, .¥1 t I .11tc! :1, , ,,,, ,: ,,,-,,, , . ThI subscribers,.re oiw+ receI volen 'rea . It ,tr Y,... toar~ in New YlOr , n llt w ll Ili, c,, II t n l:lid a geler l a iarllit It i . . 1 %! v:l . ,i,' " i ,ofsn.lnrior wi tlman hip, i l' tIi !,,I, ,:. , itt lo of the net ~I;i yltial, In, i lat , 1 -h n Am.c cat rIl:Arb i.. , +, 110~i uIents, ' -Ii" ti d LGr,ave .- Ires, taicubt'tttd ah.. plhnl 11" I:1~1 i,;t',, tairblc hat ng.+ -, lhenitIi a din b,,.t+Nd, , tot,+' l r of PlarisI. Ion ai & l1 r.uhi Clin t I'&rl) r. in- ll ir, tog.t; er with aL let".il a-+'( ntl + u; Ir.ut- lO- t I ll and ittll1 p r;ii (ials a.d [·IT sia lI,,. (;rl tes ofe'h nelllw t and tolilst approved platternl , .lt iui ,!.ht1 Ilt illi the In t,",t Ila111 ,' ll d l . i ti il shortest aortic . '1'h1y hy avL l111.t li at ll. -ti:,, . to I t th - iabovei h ark. I. I.\ 'i Ii.-IN & . lt)i'li) -I'AIIIRIt S Rlit)tl.V M11NT'IAINSq, &, r atUIR.NAt, of ai Exp.oinl Tom-l hyoId hl Rck)"y Motluttaiis, u os r tie diraelio ~1' th,, A . iU C " 1, p, rliril, il tmie -iai ts I 'D I. ' .I n g L d cLillli 'lll io of" tihnl I e o r ,%y - . ,logy, cl U ato nd prmductloin. and -ll : al ,, miillnnters and inltols of the n!,.ti, s; wita h a .1,:, f Dll" rop , Tl 'r:, lat:ry, by I-v. l Sa iiis l) Piker, .\. 'i She ILverand he i ll' +li ; or Ir el llB-etrt ofi the li+ine, and the '%lal treu.s; by 11".+ i'ard u, auitior ol'tho l it)" of , .o tIlIn, Ik.. i ln ` i , T ile Nol.,er, e TAh,. the i:ath r of liluc'thlie u, ! Tu' , ( pi t'yAt L iAl l " 2 I 'I hbe ' o P"'hrl; or .\d, "-'tri in :, C'nUlor' I lIo -s, atl~ otlher 'i'TIs, by IIdy 1]', - i.nin F. ! ttlolw.,r, rira Nortoni, t, rry + t . il, M c- tlUn e, Ct ptaIn i lednt in, ald oth,,r.; it 2 v,'a. ; s, d by t 02, n hIs Illlrtlati.nls by P>.i,, No. 1. J'uI ruecivdadd "rsale ,I , T111'1sse.S, TIt' l il ilis, Ib. 1 t .I' I ! i'OPF:, \," --.lut rc'tld uti I f r Ieh h \ \'1. +11-,be en, corne, i t nL'onp utn (',Clll. a breet'. I .+ ý, r ii+ idl sal-t, ti,' t, of Ott, ' ,'\ lsh l. ". - , \ t, ," ,,,t, ,. Obensfe i. .'ork e Ba&tHzmore rackets ' " I tAC;E 1i; FOL NE W I O.tNK-Now Line. -T i sl piucii:y very awsoaad Monday ' during the slai o ., it orn ,nIt futl. Ic hip )ri,:,ani, 599 tonl C ,pt. S. Sears, Ship Alnlauna., -474 to C. C. Derry. to Ship Arkcaise,- 6'7 do E S Dennit, e S:,ip S r. tga, 542 do W Hathaway, - ip N.ehivdb,, 549 do D Jackson, S Ship Ki,ntckhy, 6239 d J Bunker. S It' i ab,-v,e ' illn are of the first elnas, coppcrcd, adi copper i ,sai-ed, aid having been built in New I Y,rk ex, restly for this hidi, thfly are of light dIi:.t of w . fr Ual i alutrl t invariably Csros tie bar i-. vit ut ii ,y dteltioun. The comtoiuaud.r are men of crcalt Ixpri nce, and the' rt ipi i i al[ i Iayh be v u'ur t dup e t 1do wn the . .10 usiippi by steamboats. bh T'sy hv,, bI..n`:itn l i b 'Jllli accomllnodatioons, iuiiand iior t's r,f thi iitlal deicrtipto n will always be I ifrishid. The Cb:n pac i-are in f90 without iilni or itqliur, -'d teII i nllo :iquur furnished to lthe i !-::er: or crc w. For I'r:ig!ht or passage apply rd, 'or to II C ot1AMES, 48 Camp at. Th,.I .,'lps ai r not i,:couhlitaali for breakage of n;; g,:ý, hlllw i ic::r, in-tr tth or gcatlit, cooperage of Stin,. or r,.t or "luo r tel, nor responsible for any iIflpack.i;. r p- c.C!, unless a reuinr bill of lading , .- ci tx, r.]ihd t[i u:u.r at tIhe off'te ul t ilhe 11. PAt KE' r;. Td'id: l e ,i 'i consist a ,s to.o I u:;ihg veAnele, htcn tv I e t I~s n budst or purchass.a expre.?:y lbr I ,, :, i, , Capt. ihner, ,F !astk M1.ry. "* N icetrso,,, " J :i s crr', new ,' Atuve:, t, r 1 mi ll * .Lt., h Irihu Arab:I, ct, "" (.ray. Th ise s",:i are of! te first* chA: iae hand. , i ,,e tur mo hhd co-iln: siat os, nad are of a light ,I 0,, l! el walt r, ito a., to ,,i, th |esr receiving and -iti. i-at it,- i,, ita i oe, c t thI e city, S ', ,l,. l Ihe lhes cp.ak , r . .e li* r, t d or,. ,r detd l~y the sgents, S,1· ,.ar.. CI.AiR Eii & II"L iGf, ;t Ballmore; v i' x on loli ),pd wil be afdvf ff:ed wheni t T Cr. ' r:e , cI pf aa e is ahix at QG0, pu. ,strors olf e h h.t qua:ily will be .t. I~ fite-ln p., u,,d dn... thu, 1l q 'i wih bu t1 .,lct le ., c-ca-t. ci F tir fiaigit or afa.- .g'., ;'ply to ,o- l fUfO. 13iEDFORD, no97 22 uhllAvii cst. S [ ,;,i,,x a .: , YI .,k L.,e o-f Packets] i i ! I it ' i ol. .p i ,.; line wi I oiil fai nc a av ()ric' n. Nd ;,w York oIl ovcry oither .b1hn ty-m',,",n'n h.:lg oil t ii, 2'. , .a:] Nov h m lbr-arnd to : our, the ,Le c~tt. : ~lt!y in t',~ tilm t of sait.rig, t•e II i a, 'ilh/ h r: I i t sr ~ c --t ,.. fire, chc .I, v'iz: I tap 1t zi,,,, Cat tait 'r..h, to i u nitn the 20th Nv er, i l i r C apt.. 'a'., to lea ta on t. Sa.' I i- - ptih ii ihit ', leave t n t]av i - . .i J .:''a' pr, t u 0l,,Li W .od .! c, to leave c_ i t1: l ...... \l ,t ti., ato v the I .as :. i. t, r pyi. ~ i,: , stllc,, ,t,! tl \g: c,·?s of 5510 tuna [ rs." :! 1,l'" lll c I 1 ,l I :'I'I: ] ~ g s , built t u ,,; Y . 1 , t :.IVt< ".e t ..r t",. , . 'TSul' prie :] ,, 8 ,, fixed /it .Ii t ~i!,t,. t ir eabin. ara t in it' i - v a i vuieni ' p]anl an.: tins./l-, l ln a .". nd . hIse ut style ,ti-:.p,: iu t ..I i i ' i,. wai i~e provided, , ,.d a vv , r.'::r l-d to; ta., l si ., entriro '' l cl; -, ,.i i t- r , t 0 ,l , ' ta!e 'no. , . .Ld u paid Itr at I ,.,- ,, c i, i .,a -t , v. .i t w- l a :vc "ep at. ,i c o; i , . ,~: t, cd c;! ;:. ,n th M ita ssis i by ,t l ..; .s !Ol the ..ickt'.Lt plt|'clualhty , , i t lt - ta1-'of t. r 'T "o twI,..... f r ,;,s vt ,s , !I " t be responsi. ,, .r ,lly ', t,:, :_,,: ",. r p:,r-k., e, e en t by or 1"" ' ,, ,,.,;id . th .l ~' .= . ,. t l i,! of lading n.. ,.I',:,, ,i t ;,:i ~r, aut "ti s t,,,, :,rl ho uu w' of tle i uc o n, e . " r l a l' nt, apply tc J ) E 'vt A A -OIIt ., t,,"" 90 C(n, non "t Yo :a o . C,,l,!.t ;:,:,,,: ~ t ,, ..,1G ,i "her, - L 'd t' m' ,,reK ihlls ,l, .i - !ý ,t .,' s - e o, tu1t.5, the Iliu S . C pta 1 t leave on the .i r", Ca,!ain a h u ' to- lease on ft.e l,, as pp,;/..< C sptah DaPaie. to leave ot, the 15th cit , i,, t i alr- all n.v, of tlhe first ,i tes, p on un u o:,,: qpper , and upwvards of500 toun [ al, o" 11" lt t!r h rtq vv l u-tr, b uing buiht is, ],!I '-t q, :t y t I , ., d h, ey regard had , , a '.t, ' l , n , i: i gassengers, who iai- i'h,.-u tai " ,, c !I i. h - ., .i o be i.tu:ea d thc " '"I ,_,." , d by tai. well atex ntl t!, . i.e o tohe tl Misisippci ,t l~at c p ulcty gc ifsed lai '1':." .. ,,, i s ,, t:. 1h; 1'e , ill not be rerponsible blr it ~the .,1,)tli,_ Jou ce of' t;e a s..! or uetgces. Fa.r ptl d.r -art- -t: --, u.lta, topte P t L-I. & A COiEN; an:t 1.1 9i 0 CoUnust Oa t. "1: :'1 -.\ 5.'1'" , V:.'L"' :C'i it.. ; d Yh' 155'111, ",! IAl l", 51t ll 'l _t1~ n,. " ,, " 1 \,,: ,. ýto l.ý.., cm, L i; , ill ie ........ .. \i 1115 Ilial t r, ":it{. I·1,i I tf I.t+. + ll,,;ll 5l5use w too ,L. j ,l.i; i : ! L.~ oo` sirc t ii se. Acw "i'd II.I·,.l, I v 1. s ýI i , ei , .l.l t u:-i will Ibe lullt, and . I. I; :, . ,. :,-, "lIl" , 1:1 - v 1.i 'n. .,:ol ' u ,m < (se n da i-ic ta-abte tod, ,1 ,1!,,. :I,1, u l .::.- 1, 1 , h li:. , il t, r. la. a g ltf r db 1 n ava I tatie itf rite I I ;' .,,'' i a-a,'l, la:' cu' l alt'i. i . ll U ..lo , la galhe t ,I d "'. l ; l t u , t lt, . "51,5 C'. "1'i." t. 1 e .ll, in q uLEu illf u , u1l t i . -1i : .',, : I.,:d it,, ea.1u , f P15 o anstit tly uof I ," , , ie:. ,.r ,,,r j. L.+. \ Jh l'ed w . hitr , b t ro'il' IL, I U n1, ~ 1irt . e a the pe-. NB ARNOLD. " .It' -I, .if= ,,,,,au , 1,1 ,'irrn1e1! e lM+" sp + popular trrtltL ' t tl 5 , Ee ,ohi e raIt 1,5 \ .51,. f 51 .\55 r id ltii |' ieltor gte Nell yw tat ,, a l .~1~"_ t. l : T-:. P Pt ' ,I. . YORd. 'i .3 1 1 5 "l, iR.. o. I. sIv e t, e ar too v'ell a,,,,,u P 3. 1'.5~ it h,,,5.,' '11d eel & 5,iit n thatre. Tar e - ia3.:u;" I;.' al 'r ,,,'1' 555 l b; t!.ei c lest t Pee n.xs froln l,5.l. d I, liPe - 1 ol u viaer olhd d alhcuy Of the '1,'b -;,h I.I h s1,,' l.ut a.s , I il ;" Ite aiire ploxid nity ',, " ::.:.I ' . !'ul I ,*s. 5, 1 ' s a ul th pr - I" :-.t . " ,.almunicalions for So.,, ,'.: ýt t it-,,, l.

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