Newspaper of True American, 12 Ocak 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated 12 Ocak 1839 Page 1
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rile 1-"~ ... ... -- ' ---- . . .......... . . - --- ---- -e - -- --- . .................... .. ......... - • "- -- --- ---- -- PRICE 12Y CL'rs. NEW ORLEANS SATURDAY MORNING, JANUARY 12 1839 VOL..-VI i _. - -·.... ... - -.... ,..r-- r , .. * ., . . • .. • , ,, ,- '"- i'"- 'i--- l -... .l _. "_-- -'., '-''i' -, -'i-. ... . ... ... . ... . ... .,' 'i- ' -- . .. ... ... .. . . . . .. . ... .. .... . .... . _ _ . Te'rms of the Xewtoaper o Press oq/ Neo Orleans otna oitttonsly agreedot at ato onldlrllotouo nreeting el the I'ropnictor, hidh en the 13111 of larch, 18.17. SnrscroPFritos.-- i'woloo I)ollors for the d tile pn par annyt, pava'slin an ni-.uot trnlly in advance: tet dollars fa the ri-weekly conltry paper, payable one pear in attVaolce, w here no cito refereotte ingiven. No a ahsetriptioo will be dicontlinuedl until orreaorgee are settled. In ease of dicontinoouance, one week's notie ih writ*go muol oo invariably givoen, previous to th oapitin of anbaseripttinon. AntioRTlsao .-- One dollar per hoanre for the first nsertion, and half that price for each soblteeqotert ote: ant material alteration trom the original adverticemenr willtae cha·rgeda as a new one. YAat.t AunVRTteRIs.-Merclhants andt 'rra er, orty dollars fio English alone, anl sixty for both lan g.tago anhks, hlstaraoae OIl:es, and other aismiar pnibhe elntiutiona, fifty dollars in Etglish only, and nignyhty for both langnagee; Ship and lteamboot Fac tor, or ComoTision murclaothe axy dollars in Funglish ne, andeighty or letl tangunage. Mrrunitoras, Ootreeayr Neto'ea, ani rticlcs eall inal the atention of lthe" pnloieo to saotes or prtoperu, enrds of paessngers, bheafit, &c. &e. will too Cltnrffl, on u dollar per squre for tf e nirt isaertlon it eaell an jolotlTe. ConntOArIOtAroO, orAdvertteemrttn, of noy. per'ooe l nnture, when dissaibhle, shall he elharged danubl, an in drance. A deduoctitot of twentyfire per cent. will Ie made to Auctiooners, 8berle, Itegltsers of Willsannl iorstasls toiles nlof re nst atoe, nulisleod in hooth Ingongae, atod 50 per cent. in Englosh alonr: loper cent. otunalco uf other prloprty. AIor.R'TsconcinS ant of the direct line of houinee af lto admvertiser, snutch oas Iegl, uction, anl planitn on ales, ronnaav slaves, sstray atilsnt, te. &e.e will be ohsrged ir .lp aotely, and thoe aoliaro y rates. ADVor lTISEMNTor not rpecified asn o time, will be opublishet one month, antid corgedto oortlinmly No ldtrertiaely ptat of hank pteocies will tbe Ipeblisled cin any mase ulles pi tfor previouse to insertion or payment goa~lrcneed by n responsible person in town. bluatr, an otuer placesAr ane, n, ll arr dvertisinr daily r oloe aeason, to be eotrged. yOt) fIr binglish a doun, and $1510 in holo langtyuoea. All announeo tolly of cntuiotltos fT r politaAl otarces will hbe bnrgel douley tre ipric of otlor advertise. liing too Otto i.....e.... loon ......iorl oi ... o spapar ptrorlielree. tee hlnvce c the to tho aunclnoicttht tIt tPe uoanon of lultlt w thotose nclonllt t bare *lot heltn olaid n ithiu lare gotnt aFr prerenltioot, atall he naldo khoono (Ino Icr too practitoableo) to eachot otlher-they otoli gotiea tltottlvcs oe t to aovertoie or pritnd flr each delinqulntst, loless ijo ease e oaordnce pnateots.y iasled) J, C.It S. tbla 1 t01, J. btA'o)N, I'•e o . tI mbA, J. C. I'(I.;NI)REIAS,'I' Jtca u lf ltIttSoN, II;MSItL,;N. tvttrb Prcs.-\Win llvrtidlruorill r tl, agor One r toide ry l ih al loyst conitions, as lur cas otey ert apdiicoanl to wnltly psperr. (ROinedi A. n . Litrt IgrN. ne, nJ .0, ttlteriptoin thre titken oo t le i h ot t lltotllolr . meotter-oo tl ifttil hio c res, e.o tenptt tti]. Ialrhn 4tIIIULarJ oranc ofI' the pro1 le n eurates NOTICE TO TIlE PUIILIC.-Unfotthtcd ruolors or tile tnoerrigretd thoaing itol out, hr discotonenad Ilis old and long oestatlished GARDEN SEED STORE, A'!. Ji UCt~oot ltn.,e S.titt,. Iluving bnerlcnort int dortriln l y cirohtl :ted hry altf. itloonanrr I~le m m , lor Venser en; flie ns enn h~lle ch.s untested pa oritea, tie subsritteor cIt'go Oi whihe hot frindes gsluerally, teod Oet public at larg, thit ho,: ttill cotstioltllc withtin two doorn of bioo toc, ttoo tIrtor oantotd, to ho fooratishcdlwitht aniol 0and x. toensivo supply of all tile storldord kites of kibitan or tagootolole Jornde.t r.iodn, of ithe growth atuod ito. port of the oronont seaoon, 18':17. Sonce tile early part at Nel otetomer, Ihs Iois re. eivodo atoople supltusr, hy tile ilrot.t loibos Viocks. burg, iKentuky, and Arkhnsa, all orrvni in slort panssoge direct frooto Now Yoork. ly thet Missis. aippi nod anottlhcr packet, Ito, is In doily enpoets. ticn of a sanltly of Frttit .I'ro.t nod Aspaortgusr ootsa, hotvitg alroedy received outceOon tloreolr by 0'loe sabserlhner b.gts foortloer tn nonorlllore thloloic attorde Uiut otl in att oresetot on well co'otthieolto noeet'outtopebonto arders for all thle linds of Grdalt ettoli,4:"Jor wholesale or retail, ao lie cvor wan sin c li i ftr tt tato b lia bm eto t in J a ntt ut a ry , 1 8 2 .2. (COttooteiy D.liernlraid nd Mrtkeht (;,trdttlt!rn' otrders fillod at th o lowret sad totoost roaeoooc o:vl rotta·• by clite pounld wnrhlot, notoi gooltoator blohJIIIr I surP. l Untaloguos, citihbr to "re *oh ,,r ]Fro.ohsc . lovr tloaysnb. obtooiocd It00 ]ltte~,rtIo 0 0hv1 rtelttlt 00j (t ordon Seotd Store, dol C(t;ot ih. u:r. . N'Ot1E.-, t eostotot eoojoloy tot toro ..0d, .ttl et nOinLtolor olnin; pulv totrlzcd oup lhtclltoi ttthort.r drloed heretn,--oitht a trlo toroly Itr'. oo betto hnr,. I .. . ... 00 '0,0 : 1( l' . . lllR, Jr)·III.S()' it ll i{'. l I;lulr l. ,.~,.r.. a tli t loh oe lrt c ll'e I. ll Inoa 'octot l'ill jo ' Ito D sSI.S~ll l I | " " i,'n ,,,,,llllrl i, •ltoot I ltoor o otrotooldo O 0 f ,rt1le ~~~i t ll . i;nl'ope l de vt 0ll0,' . tuo loltlot l00ll0 0 h tf Oc tI i l t sad tfreoc, hi. rnteiot en (toctoot,, tlo'a obloc0n tV Cuhlrytn Alfrnie o of line p tlloootdrr, toadoolttyt ; looi., le d , o lt t '; r c ltlel o Iell.Olo Iotb ll, ' il n ].,o n Itb rt, Ertojotootonb tooy tof koth t'lwiotr dittototc, boito. t Atd to tott1Ittttto rlecl.,1ritelu e, Itolht got,,o olly follow liffukl~ll . ae rusgo· Arr~lll.(.il. o1'th Ith, dd.-r11\· Kidut111ys t.ticeootcoooro; resre .11 lao~ordbo,ototn.ootttdtt esltb . o trll tioert illtt St o rtl t 'ltt lllt, I0 i 000i0 Iho tth d i tttte t -. ti o ittot AOie oloe olllO (if ltt Vilooole.rl ltoo 00000 tniooeotootloI.Jo retttlo l t. It rnl lrite.te ototte to talootnld ofr.t I sr•Johus eo, tIooot is trtnoh tool onto-flh oiolrnIoyloorrv, oittfrtlebraoet "retto tttt.ottolttl, latcIa aerted uottureoot loa tootrl otont Ib, lt.iruv - oold by t),'. Ji00l.l.0n tot loin ottlice. 1 o- ] ttaoitogoonaytc[..tiouttt Vtol" tetoe l Ilst,, nihol tokitogneto voyotg ., or rq~Oottiolt Ii Ito s 0 ,lll*,I. lh duort hol'b gicioto Ito. Johasnn acttllott, too p o,l00r w wnith wilen ireotictitons ft otheir use. Olticentopnfrotltotl mtheooalrtigntitot ototo to'etbnt1 nighO.3 AiiilNT IllY'S IYSPPI.i. I.IXii. Dr. hM a sl- y, tit r t,'re at of I4ngtial t surgeons was of opinionl thai niin e-tenthsi of the diseases that all. mankind originate in the stonmlch. 'lhii l'.xir was used by himi witl'thie most unprecedented suii .le.s i his private iand public ilractice Ir ipwnelds of firtly years, lir tile removal of the followiis dosernees: Leoss mfieliet, Flitnleint, Diinmi ei o t'he f Stool reho Pain I ile s t tBte o te. if Ie a. ali ld hiul naion nl tlsleep, irregulorily f tie limoweIn d ii all eseahe where Indige.tion aor a costivet hait ltund to exist. T'rhis medicine nst not io atiee :oni te host oftnearck nostrume now bletfore the inin, aih its ntie sole inventioi rf thle Ilevt a d miast severttlI su n'cia Eurnop ever roduced od thex slmret of peirtio it w purelsed by thalt aget lien vetly liage sol. Ix is agreanle an.lpleasant tol the lrei ets IS vii capr intE.alwas n eies tie bowels firee, iplirs vigor tmi slrengino tlite tesysteim, lnd chelarllu no t, e md, hid it viow batle leumes of the last Old irnidN eases oc Iyslemsi res, aod ineut 'nts rerl n te ly an trs perieod. " Nrec Yaoeii,l7iliA Creel, 1838. :15 i lerlisee e.tcl Stat-hni equrotereaof leodi. ' i sledihtry lif', I have been tr.ouhled, murl oir leee, witl idie.tieu litr tar yeri. In li iol t three yetas my tilteiry illim liFe ieen.iit Eortble. hae E ieo d i eeev I lphy-iteidt, H ud a Im lle eli n talc1 'l , ie dhille e, w thm lt de r i hi g ti y ieneti. I d.s ired - olf ever oabitnhieg als pemant reli-f oanld niol selitththep tu hepeiles d irm i was persudvnal miay frhioll i th v .aberiet Ih Dy8 pit Inat ixr. "I he vr e now f inisheird xpIle" I'u ll ]lot. Se. au, kanw wot how bo exprcon lmy d a ylirilin of itn wanderful virtues and tincr.sing clritll to irrlitrlled imn restnriig in to theeat heolth whieli, inbh le t fe-r. tever, "Sendmi e hatlf is dtuztlli )tlle lit t moth l'excep ts thnku inr tieui ilessior you have L i: erred ih re sleitriltg me ton it eut heo iih. [ retlin onls ol., .lut ll M0 ltOli. rlthenagwlet hi .in hi jussoiei hne l liudred te linteo ihls'sietar to the boe, of thle cxtnio.rdlnirvesir ties ef l thi aedicite. roeld ty eppiate.u, at Ir.'t, 141 Itbenville str eet. one.5 PROSPECTUS. TIlE subscriber p-upeses to pitlish. in lte be. ginning of the onening winter, n c ondensation I t' the twenity volumes of the Ol and NoNw Seriets of Martin'd Louisiana Reports, to be comprised in fiur volumes, Sn., eaccording to the model of Peters' Condesed Reporti. This wont is inow inl preoparation by . Burton loarrison, Esq , ofthlis city. aoaslsted by William F. -grend, Enq. The Editor is alne permitted by dsistinguished retired Judge of the Suprenm e CoArt, and by ono if tbe sitting Judges, to expect from their personai nupervision all thas adoantoge which maciy naturally ho reapled tronutltir expterienne. GSulit a work is beroming every day morn no cessary, as the original is voluminous, expensive, and snaree. An incroasing curiosity too in tnni. feet, in tcie other States of the Union, in referonce to the peoiliarjorisprudene of Lonuaiana; and the circumstance of the niollrons prjnniplee here de. sided in tie adjustment of conflicts of lhws, makes the knowledge if our adjudged nases oif prime uti. lity to thejuristseof the whole Union. Moreover, the rising repiblin of Texas has adopted nur codes, and thus there is a great demand for the Louisinna decisions from a frosh qisorter. Convenient cotee, indicating the parallel nases decided in Louisiana, and occasionally those in the more authoritative loruins of the other States, will ne added to esch case. . The work will iirm four volumes, royli octvio. and will be delivered, hiind, to subsnt.orls at 1$6 per vol.; in olse it cslnl 1ho found praenieehlo to eoimprns it iitt three oluwes, tibe piese tc nub seribhr, will lie $7 per wol. Ifutbsriptions ree-ived by WMI MeKEAN, jel cnor tamp and Common ,ts. NEW ORLEANS Steam nend Patenl Biscuit Bakery-Waters and Hiltman. No. 8, Morovo (nobr lthe Ponoteatrrao nRail Rond.) Pilot and Navy Brood, Soda and Wine Riscuit, Sugnr, Butter, Midlbrd and Water Crackers. All tihe above artieles are warranted to be of the firs, quality, and 'o keep in any climate, being completely kiln dried. Also,--Kiln dried corn meal. Orders left at G. W. Priichsrd and Taga t, Jr. corner Magazine and Psydrae streets, will receive prompt attention. Small kegsa put up eaprecely for fomily use. 15nov LOUIJLO00 barrels landing in otoro, al for ealt by 8'. InIKRHEY. d13 44 New A LS-m k NSai, asnorted claen, for sale by dis ADWIAMS & WIIITALL, 6?t eviervs j1W h-rs-lioioipi i'ueds thken at7, rc le nen, tbr(;iroeios. d)5 KZ E.EY.'J--r6 blles Ker ,l, OIL--E bErYrSl-vTbners till, 31A easks Winter Oil 40 easke fll tarnlned do, CANDLES--O300 bhoxes Sperm Condcls, for ees by L H GALE, deli 93 Common a' NTEbW InUP1r5 & 8e14-2-0 bhlo mese, nnd 4l) bb. N price Pi Serik Is hlelprime lente; flr sle byh ( I)OISISY, dli ___r___t__e f c 44 Nooc'r o over A C.l l)I). LI . DI~)NI, nS, Pcfr e.. singineg, lihe Color i a•es) I'ilno-l re,) hoRn to nlllllessa hbr errie v I rol locgv,w sod froe ovccvlrl years p aCsioo. in Edin Ihrhld uathl'orw. shie tntcrn hophelf lnt ier oro I. i uf'iltrleU r lion Wil give eatielcti-cn to ptrcil n, Ilitollainle its nnability. Acr. clo be shown, ona appliceiono I llrv. Millarda', I Jloyal srtoet. etiit-lEtWNN .1 ' d ll--I I q J)OX CIllAlRI-0iD doesN lI no ChLoir, jlllt eg ) oiviertalld etilnbc)hir lsoPeinip cis r lnce ato te l.osisioes FLsrtiura bier, c ,;. novlI Wt lt('iRlNrS leW OOKI--Nc os' ec --ve 1 .sicle Pricse, tanooeoeer,, by oRsem', i 2 scl o i; e Middy or sco ,es iccn Ico ice I Iccl l' r te.scottles, liccic eii; Is torlos's (lhlco.ins c 's Icir-,fr tIll}). LeIavco Ucscrli l Lf{r j. e enrc-sod sckl n(l.ci11 IM.&e. ,de. lce h;i i o f lo tV -mcin oho LOUISIAN A. INSTif'ruI.;. I S Illccilclilc si c Ihi cdlln llt in iof lln ), ,cll - Ilr, isllctile onIccstllllctor .,- F th a i etcltitlct (crllll l (cc ecl4r II'( oiicllel a clle Posdv eeln r ,on diedoc rlb lcI·h 'licl,.r.sieCcntl celc, liee h ecenpilc the I.h:ir c | Ililllilllllllltie'" il I.Vrl~lll (·,le.<,+.9 oflht+ ilrlh llllld wllIIi cs cc C cLradstt,, ccf lce cic"er . in) o eeb t ieP d Ulli cl',ih ofl , lo, t'ich, coclcicc Icc lllscli,; 1 c Ir pcllrcso 'l in Iclc uemInc sry willI e lrelitc1l e l l vc iP t lco lisc lc d . i c vc : |. Thel jI,:,,ll~l, Ihle.ilirlllll·Ilt+ I'nlnlrditrll. IllJ h 1 ia r h( e d+.l cclor l cch cld n) c n rllccic h l d Ic:cjcllIh lc c lccA Focslrccloscoo1IIslccactll-.s-in. .l'l t Coht.: t hllu r t llen lit th i hIle Grb iay a l villg Iller L .I;~'lll :Il (il~llll Illl~tlll!e'iC* 11 li.~ lll Ilrl~l~l r ll clonA iclsvccccccr , uose.lcclc hIcr lcsll ccrtlllh All rln . hi editrlltr. lllntw o ' f'riclcoolol e tic , ci Crn, isM 4Iaage=ni fte<rd *Ilil. i wllh tl n rair r lnli t elliln a i llb itn f iSnrv +u.tin" , o ci.-c cscc: Ic hic ervc icc te c" rc hli c-chhicrr Iccil cct.'sc-c Nas occcccc iIslntssccccc, nAd -n .tscrcc cIt 'lcdlcY sic) Ic, crllc .d iSllcd slcleldc Iicsin Ir . IIciccc 1'-1 pomlbrc r icT I crccc )lcceohe i, juic. Jtcorcc )ntssycvr buIcccccc cet t nod sccc'cclcc c etcccordel ne ssmbe 11 J it II IIlc.ttItAN.. l 'i JI (ll'~oN I'o., ire tvirc.lloc 'cIt bNiN, I cccliccsostio Ccclisce i i,' 11 I c u1(1,S( I .fl) , ew 1ie 1 llit . ret i+ sif-- ScI' q 'ac Tm irs ,,i ('1. ,,Y, ,"U.. it; 2'; ,,, ,:,t; .,,,l. i,..t ,.,.,,,,;<] " lie1 ·1 rln(l 1* ii .( 11illl li llr s l Ii(d r I~l ii+./l 111 .i ·11hllli lllillll. (".It/i111 I; L~(t? , |. I +:r.,( I1 i , i- jTI r.IIUI d{l (IIII.· l.'+le•II1 ·~i!\·(nl llriwlilr; (;11i II'l' 'l'i(,e i+,).'llllll· lld [il~l,,rii , ,+1 II . J I 1ril ' + .lll ~ ll O11 llo, rl4 'lli ill illI (11)1.1 : Ir. . 110,1~ ccccc'cl 11cc, I ccc:lll~ ccIi +I hcc l c ' .rv cccc1c r 'Icill ccci co l llcccc eccl'O cTIccccc ta ii 7 i tlI'- III (·I. dlj! "tC 7,;'r ( ,ll Ii dtll r% Iltll'lilti Nl (1 (·L·I·5l Il,'rc'".'+. II 2 J lllci rl) l l L 1iui i occc :; Ill', lcoc k ccull ) I Ic o ,titil I+. & °. &c :" LI ,cc(chcc. c,c llv l- ll c " icis.i l cc cI l dll cl'c lll.I h'~lll. l l~ 1 11 I lr ril l lll,'I tl , Jlll ge.. t ih n T1 e-. I,:( i 5111· t11 v+l ili .Iw, IiM , -e,.lilI~ ,.Hi(llhllill· ld*iie.;' ci'l.d l I lru l b, .- Icc .s lIcirl. I .l,.r cccl · I icil c,; cl lll c ll ccIcI rll cicccc I cIllI I '+. -r l . ,tli . dIII tL liccill ccIcI -cIC Tc i c cc icclciolc, d-. i I ) lll. I 0'II )) Is.+ %. I I 'lll.e r,,i'Pl llill+ .rnIlal liltn lll 'I'/.lu,.lclil ortlhhl. rllr (h ,, I , I% [rl, s i 11 ,,1 a l ll.lll., IhIt+ ,'l- +I+o |lle. illt ll+tl td l~lll nmnm '',;t .c.ccll i,, clh ,e ,il~~ I+()+ U t..l,'lE l I+;.V lld l.; 1U-. d dl~i,+VI '. l. F I~gl l +,~lr· Jlllll ,|+]il ,iTC l',rl~tl il,,<)k.; i:Il~ l l t I FmstllI" \ I'lrl-l~llnl- a ll 1 (IIPIRIRt, lh'r l'lt'i. i L L~,.+,l " 8(1* Y. I ."l+ ·.rar~; illiersulN 'l'.thT, lj-;l· ,.ll.*,r p,.nc t't~:.1(I1e II'tirni.hvl l gold illlP) ' 11 ,lh)ue hilini 1II1 SI re hii ciPF --c oh-<t~I I-"- 'uibcci PIc-1,cccI ccc't ccvll~~i I'cccc Illr~l cccclcl4'iIleohe -cl' n e Iccc cc clohlc. S t c irc iield siae d . ((~i n -'+'1",%'1', 1O'( Il )Ill~lANA.II I)ir l J ti'lrla/IBiCl cicle l , c-Itrooccco Clolll.srcsoo clh.. ,Gthlll ,ll - cII o1t ccrc. icr loclltlcclc l Ii c A llolnIcl t11 ll'oic Pocl IeI, .do Ill ul th ) I )lls ) tllt l -l I A. i ll ' It ccl lies cUll+tllP I i+ ,(t, rtlch deccccccl co.r th o th c cr ccil~ 10.ew h. e lv oc-clm cc Ih pe lcc cccc,icccc1 clhi r.Iccc ccci'wlcctcc rdi g t cc Ii,,+ . il Ictcoor l 'sco+ r ohlt ne ir cocci t ,tccrelill cc Ihc r l t. tl0sceec~cclrcctcccccdPLcciceoro.4 CorClsicoc. I. 'l',,'lccc 1col ccc : ....cgcrlu ,eo.r Ii i.tric.s cic clc.sivr. Jrcclcl,(i )licc~c~slccllr Prrse. l~~ tlccl~coc-ilcle Al Itl Illchrlce iis, jcleg. Jcnccil Mosccc~or soi. F, oci ivoc-cct lio Ablslicsroc'l, ecscltcilcloeovssreinroer do lii .cvclel e ccv ilr' +vircSilo'r tcc ticlleac, cle dictri Ilelmi Pl,<e~l e l cclhvne ia.'lrevsose. ble cive a, fl c .ocetr c Ihili jicccc tilirl o hic lcsllicociii,cclO otie te cc c , ccc cciccgcccii c nc 'ccc tli,-cc o lcc, Ic to)lel oc Ir e l'i (l~ll~e l~ tl e ch Ijt.,.itr~t l ,.NC lcy i vofi ors S''.1 "TE I, OUISIA.A--F'irt .ludiaeil Dia I triona ttnrl. Jalltl ilt I·0 Fo'str vs lit ('reditors ndll ,. creditors oi leeVen'ix A. Fo-ter. The l''dit ors ll Jmhn Ity Foster aIlld l Ihe'V V ll\ Ft& er are hereby wattled I pt' a'ppenrl i t'll tort a n Saturday, the il , h Il l-t ttu 0i rll III a' ):ik it. 1 1. t )o show o lt ed e,tn'tty the Llve, why Maitolhlun ..|a, Vl,'o r should nll have Ihli benefit of hela [ws nllsle t -r the relief of insolvent llldebtors ll Iin elitull dy; .swll anl d IlItnd Esqrs. nre npl inted ll represtcnt lthe abse+nt creditors ill this IIv rllrder if the court this 3d Decemer 't. r. 8. de.7--30tmlfl'+ I' IteIll. INC, IDv Cletk. I·'.'I' lD I.( )UISIANE-C--t dour du PrIerer l _ )illsct.ludicinlre, John 11ay L'nter contre ses er(lci,'rtet les de l)eveaa x & Foster. Les creauciers da John Mtlay Poster et d Deveanux L& Fos t pr "E"t par It' re'ant rtqllis d' a'.'s ,lhler en pIPine eulr, smllldiz ,9 du conrant, a III thnre, du .l.hai a 'ltl .."M llnl l c se r ,'IIII C, Slit ten exitit+· , la,.irl],t<i I,.dit John l la l'aostlr n'ohlti ndrait pa' is benefice .lea Iill Insreel Iplr I inlt.etenlit des dleitanrs insolvables etetit's. CawelIl & I.Irand lirsgr. seant alltlltln piyr relrt.'rtL'res tIc latneears Ia ll se al s cette ntt lire. 'trt ordre do In conr,:iI,123U. det P LE 11. lN(, DeI . (Gr'rier TA'E OF I.Oll N.'i.--ataa UCnul.t tile 7 P'urish nod City of New (lena-Presernt, tihe IIan Clhuatle hlut'ina, Jude. No. 11298 New'ton ll.iethrd, vs his creditor and lthe cretditrs of Jahn G layd r& ea. h'lle cAleaillni ollltpt'rtv by thile ptitioer is accetetld |v ilte' tnarl f'r nhe Ih..rioit of his aelntrs nillt thlP crediil'stt Jon (.oidli'l It i nrdered' thant said creditorll dt in t in the i llice o' f H i Cn.e, Esqr iltly ptbli', on Fridl the lth dIly If .an aII 18:8, athen ad there tl deliblra uno tp o n allil'irst nht, iln so llventan d ittllh~le t ean 1 inLI .lI p occd illgllllgainst thtnlnaason tad p',prtty ol sail Newton Kichltrds are ttaed.t .-i t i.a li'rlhar irderei that Iesara Ellnore and King t+e appointed to reltresoen' lse alsellt credliturs in tIlt tn'.e. fly order if . Ahr M Nit PITOT, clerk. ClerIk'a Olirs, 1Decetmber I-t. 1,.38. dee I3-3ltlae I'A l ) LA IUt SLIAN. 1 - onur de ploiiasr on httour tanr.rias' el vI ill le Is Nlle. Orlenns-Pre. IIest It'lltutnt it (Cht Iatel olllian, jIge-dtcembre I 1838-N,. I 1198--l.iewton tihnlrds l s. ses erenneiers et les reanlicers de Jll ( & Blovd & o. La cessi n des hiens dIu petitiotntItr eart atecepte ar In colr, anu Ienefice It. se cerunntiers el ldes ereani l.rsdcie John G Bovd; il est aaIordoinie i'une asn-emllee dtl ereaneciers ai'lieu " I',,trde tie ll t Cenatt, Int. puIlic, vendredi, 4 'anvier 1838, polr deli arer sar lt s nflires d dit in solvable, on attendl'an ltt s pcursnites ontrn la per snnme etl lt bionltisdtlt Newton Iiehardls oat tlretees --HM. Elhnor Vn King represullte les areani..ji ab aeno-Par ordl le Ia hi t-tar--IlNlr ll In Glretear, ler IDe. 1838. AIRMANID PII'OT.ariftier. - -- S'i'A'I'E TEI' IO)U[SIANA, RInlI ctourt for the Parish andtlitiy of New Or leanst, Presant tlta Honorltale Clhales Illaurian, No. l121Gii,Joll II. Grlahat, it nactual cust Shis Creditors; Upon rending aid Iling the pe nd Schedule, in this cat', It is rderetl biy ithe thatn a mehin e a r ar o r a the rlra lo'alvant r.ace. an npen C.onrl, on Mtlnday lthe 17tb day oa 9her next, tlten antd iter. t deliberate on tile at Sofnsid insrolvent and in the .nmeati:nenltll t p:eed ir' gaiotol it traaon a wal niroperty tare stan yed. It ii "~ "r olarertl tht 'l'han. I. K'tnnedy, Er., be ap "tit'.d i.t reaplrnonl Ithe nherat credlitors. Clerk's Otfie, New )rleaisr, Nv. a.,1838. A 3 GUYIOL, ltev4 Clerk 1I ',I I I s I BALDNESS. A BEAU'IFUL hed nof hair is the groeelder ores menrt longfin n t.t the hrmanome lom. Ilow stnreang l 'y the lose of it'ehongee the elolt amne, and promrl l ately rnes on th e appenranre ofold ,ge, wlih ie it Ssee many to reoil at theinor nneovered, nd eoItiine even to ahrt o Eecietv to evoid the lests and sneenr of tlheir equai.tanenetbhe reimninder ,f tleir lives are con sequently rpont in reitrement. In lshort, not even the loane of lnopertv fills the generous thinking nouth with that neavv sinking glonm as does the loon of tin hair. To avert all the nlea tsire a mireonee, Oldridgo' Balm of Columbia otopU the hair front fling nt on the first applieatinn, nod rafew Iottrle reestres it aenie. It r .likewite prmdoce eyebrow and whiskers; prevente the hair from turning rav msake it curf hbeatifully, and frees it from n urf Nilmceron cnertificntes lot the firsl respectability in support of the virnone of Oldridglj IBalm are srown by the proprietors. oI Read the fillowing:t Robert Wharton Esq. late Mayor of IPilnlilphl hlas ertifie' as inn In... seenl below, to the hligh eltira ter of ,be follonwi c gtentlemen. rThe under iin'd dol here!hyeitirr that wchnve used the Bldmi of Colomtli disovered byv . .Oldridge. ilnd have fiMond it hliOhlvy erviesolde not nnlea Oprelentive against the filling off of hair, ht also a certain rester flve. WII tlAl 'M THATG IER Senaeior, Mithotdist Mlintiser in shN ooi·pe carre, Nno 86 North Fifth at. JOltN P INOLIS,32t Atnd street. JOHN D THOI)AS, M D, 163 Recast JOe N m 'REV ,Lhl SrlteJ street. I1URII I lcCUIl)SY.2.43Southld st. JOillty OAR, Jr, 123 Arch street. It ia knovn thitthree of the abore aigners are mar, thain 0 years o if aoe, and the others not less thin 30. [Fron the MtiIr., Cnoiia ll il toiwel1 en i rf u ylniot, Cily if I'liiladelpltii. i, Robert 'hartrn. Mrynr o nf nil rity of 'hild e. ihin, do hrerlv certify that Inl iwell neqr:igntar wilth tlesrn J P inglia, Jrin F , ot sad I IigliM iC lrdg v hose raolme are sitned to the agbove ledi. th il v e, tahy are gentleiln, alif ih,nuter nail ra'ol i'oility, and as 'iich f' ll credit lholld ie giVet, to tIhe aIjd certifiRitei In witenrs whllrofl li :lve In hor, itO t toly llr onld IIIFrl the eSetll ofth et niy to hbeixedl. Ini 6i1l dtv of lteemlrir, &ec. [t,. il'" WI'IAlI'CN, Moynr. I+ti ii A n':l htCen.h lli tle Ilr lini ie I ntint bs a Tpleni ei' aved wrapper, wo h is i1n r-enter the Ilol afNiagoran & e SAo .hlh , nl l . d retail by the sole relnts filr iAae ric '. '2 Fletehe .' i etn,"I; r i lll 'lit iblnet, sileooi Sbet ' Pearletre.tnd by iinos dnrllggai.lani ii t' eitgh he icounaltrv. e l9 Wiilhsiiale A .int, Nnew Orleans. i OMRtio ) CO'S Iioston an Nv Orleans SLio of Paicket Slipo.-rlhtels ni line of ships as been xpressanly built to run etolwoti the above ports, aod wilt he oInla of suitable draft of water: acontmmiodation. for panssengers, and every effort will be t tado to gile general salislntion, 'Tlo hcnr is composed of the fn, lowing alhipe: Cheroe.h, 415 tons Capt. J learding, Cirolina, 400 do S Leniast, Charleston, 374 do D Eldridge, S Coloiancia, 62l5 lto G Balrker, Seaman, i40 de J Iowes, Innlllbay, 625 dio D lltmphrey. Tfl alnove olips are all nw, of ithe first ,lass, copper fistened and aoppered, iolnillded by en.n of 'great exlperietne, have largo nciiculnodatinln, villh a separate Ihdies cabin; every attintiin will be patid to'ntgcrs and tie very test of stores pro. vidrlleor the,,, Thle pntck.,te will Il i t nwed up and down tle Iiba i ipimil,P and thle lstir.est punetlrdi-y o' nerved in the t ino o t.iirng, ctd should thilI regular vesseii e dhtiriid in a griti. iltier silis equally ian iaood waiIi i all ,as,,s ho ).iitted. A slhqri if poltirono ag,, is silieitd, aonu tilt sltnllls pl6d h lemgalvese to leco ilm lda!c As IIIIl il l; ralielt' blh, to n reeivt ate char;gtn, and iso ido.trlee all e..plo:ea all goods TIh ships will lealh o the lot nndl 16"h of very Noont. Ior Ado ight otr au n. i, rilt o nun i gtt eit.. J A . I.t.uih TTi1i , r NCt.:! Gaien 14. FRANKiLIN INFIRMAI:9RY S\.1''. pa d lm ins re: p~eul? ly m lor I Ii n Ions ta iu<lllt tiltiau t Im - t."'(Pll ont ile ill-1 illolltlVel Ibtlto Ia d ii IIII ait ..,.1 meta)*l tl]h t'lrle .lailcillttll, in betilll t'ilhr t;ri lpltl i ntll tL rll ini. Ih Ih d, ot i ' lll it, h tl .he ,lissts iute ptnlirtrlieli0, I.t, k, rtl l;.a. ep u s ,1,tli t djlltiel Iit dossies and I~fftnrehl tpseer ds. o'lltli nnm is t loiit whli Iiwi. te nt t skon ilfn l andii attentive mile tid tflll.a! ollse, and .leaking the v. rijous in agen IiluuLlltCo. Private r'I'O e: 1111 ili hltin lib V h'gentleten at five do ir pilta' hinv, itetllti atIIIIeIllieildni IIrCA S LTeneiiit'l g 'i I n e I r-ll wa !.i o it lll ar per dI y.L S .lItes all 4W1 diiiir. i llNln Por in tie ordi e rm Irtse tire hohoilt , i AI nule.l ot tie Book-tnre oif ALEX 'r,0WAtt, Vlee oa large assoortment ofthe lionko snitble fi.r tile iensonn n he .ld. d'28--41 r RUS HII'ON & ASPINALL'S Ci OMPOUND TONIC MIXTURE.-A speedy and ceietin curo for the Favor and Ague, remittent and intermittent fevers; prepared from the original recipe. Used with eminent and uni. vernal success lo 1832, by persons of the highest reelsptability is this city, as stated in the annexed Scertificates. - This medicine. is highly rcopmmendod, and has been extensively used to tit above diseases with such distinguished success, that the proprietor of the recipe has been induced to offer it to the pub. lic in its present form. in the hope that it many be the meanlls of relieving many of those who are sutff:ring under the scourge of oure country. It is a medicine possevssing great vitue, and when used according to the directione has never failed of effecting a cure, even in the most obstinate stage of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, and persons of tihe weakest stomach, nd children may take it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive orgatns, creates an appetite, and seldom requires more than one, or its obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. Thera is neither mercury nor arsenic in the medicine, nor any thing injurious to the human constittiuti. The proprlcttrs are so well convinced of its effiency, thl.t Itey agree 'to refund the price of every bottle whichl has bonn taken in aceordaenc with Ihe directions and ina t not effected a a perf:ct cure of' the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleans, at s Isis wholesale and retail drui and medicine store, corner of Ilienvwlle andt Chartres streets, For District Agencies apply to ji*5 T. W. SM1'I'lT, 48 Conti at. Fancy Ptockeht Books--IUnder this head will be , found a splendid variety of ladies' and gonllemen's i pock, t books, note, s ard, needle and thread cases. r Fancy 'tocks, Suspetndrs, &c.--Of the latest r pattern and of superior quality, consisting ofplain t and figured satin, bombisazine, velvet and cloth stocks, lintu bosoms, plain, and foancy with and Switlhout ruffles, shirt collars, suspenders called t W\Vslington suspenders, also, gum elastic worst. re ed and cuttonett do, with and without rollers, id pantaloon straps with wire springs;and a great vs. in rieoy of gentlemen's wear, made expressly for'the retail trade, by A. L. Vanbhor and vut of Phila. delphia. oombs--A goeneral and complete assortmen of combs tfrom their tiannlhctory.Aiso, English t ,e i and French dressing combs,*itc. doc27 I 4 NDREW r MIT'I & CO., respectfully inform a 1 their friends and the public in coneral, that they occupy the new brick shop, 219 Tchoupitoulas street, where they keep constantly on hand Copper, re Tin and Sheet Iron Wartr, of every descriptian, ii, at oh as copper stills, kettles, and pumps, till bath. '- ing t. s, and oil cans, of all sorts and sizes, and all or- othIr brass casting done at shortest notice. es Grate bars of every doecription, selch as steam. b- boat stirrups, hog chains, screw bolts, anti octhe or kind ofsteamtboat work, suhe as chimneys, breech. - os, steam pipes. 'They will also dd all kinds of out door work, or. such an zinc, copper and tin roofitg and guttering, in, &c. They above antd all other kinds or work it Stheir line of business, they will execute at tithe e shortest notice. dec27 nt IlBR.,LAS. 18 casee mnontia silk Umbrellas,r large sizes, receted from shit Mlersey, and In d:- lhtIl E h eo, d:ll 134 lMagzrine st P I AVANA tt:ICFFE--86 hogs primne green Ilavact SCoffee,' landin lfrom hb it Srusan, ler sale by JudEPil COLKAYE, d24 '25 Graver st 'rk IIJMORRIHOIDS. H AY'S LINIMENT.-No Fietijon.--This ax. traordinary etlemileal composition, tile result of science, and the invention or a celebrated itledi cal mall, the introduste n of which to tile was invested wirth the solemnity of a deathbed bequest, has since gained aroputation unparalleled, flaly sustaining the correctoesa of tile lamentetd Dr Gridleyls last confession, tihat " he dared not die without giving to posterity the beuefit of hirs knowledgeopn this subject," and he therefore bhquestLed'To tis fiend and attendant, tolomon lays, tile secret of his discovery. It is new used in tlhe principal hospitals, and the private practice in our country, first and mont certainly for the cure of the Pales,'and so exten nively and effeotually as to baffle credulity, unless where its effacts are witnessed Externally in the following complaints: For Dropsy-Creating extraordinary absorption at olice. All Swellings-Redueing them in a few hours Rheumatisni-Acute or Chronic, giving quick esae. Seore Throat-By Cancers, Ulcers or Colds. Croup and Whooping Cough-Externally, and over the Chest. All Bruises, Sprains, and Burn-Curing in a few hlouts. Sores and Ulcers-Whlether fresnt or long standing, and fever sores. Its operations upon adults and children in redueo ing rheumaatic swellings, and loosening cougllas and tiglltnerns of thie chelt by aelaxation of the parts, has been surprieng beyond coutception. The eeonano remaork of those weoa have used it in tile Piles, i e It acts like a charm." THE PILES--Te price, $1 is refunded to any person who will use a latlle of lay's Liniment flr the Pilas, sard retur, thehmpty bttlo waithout being cured. Ttoee are the positive orders of tile propriettor to the Agents; oand tut of many thou. sands sold, eatl one )laR bees uonlleCessful. W meiglhtl insert eerallnclte tol any length, but prefer that those wIho sell tile article, shlould or Ithlit thIe rigioal to purchebars. CAUTION-None can be genuine without .. splendild ougraved wrapper, on whlichl is cny name, and also thlat of tile Agents. SOLOMON IIAYS. Sold whlolesale andt retail, by CO.MSTOCK & Co, New Yorlrk, and by ote Druggist in every town in the Union. For sale lby ithe WIaolecae Agrets, corner of (:oenann & lTealaoupitoulas strcet, atrd by tile Apothecaries generally, ja3U rt 11l uindersigned have tblis day brated a co-poart iers ip tir the Iraasaeation of ai (enerarl Cotmlnaa ionll atlad F'lrwara liag bllhusiller, in tllis t it, uondlr ihe firm ll cll.I. & tRawa\S, al.d hate laknru Ihe alew lrick, a". ';i, Ntaua11a illar stre t, (aIIPtt aiy raa st.) "Et)i(liL rilltA\,.,Jo. RipJrorce: JAIl: G BiOWaN. Steat-.all 4. ArVei W .liaty S rLairlk \Valtoat co." \V iogltll, Illalrt aia ttawahorna, J TIlater a.. W, tar.s ltr. , Sllall. " NE\V On.ES.c. rokeal'r & SIharavi1tigl. John laiailteld &a5ca., Wetaikr, a..aetartaat, (irigRZS 5. CtaiCkeriatg, IlOoTaaa. t II t i rcata a. r lanaltylti a. Clll i ey e. 'l ey aa.I i ep a. tItavial i MI alargat , , r an turgh,Penn. Cll'ilpaideraaitaaat pa~rtl& eat p P:tieltairtla, a. Eaclgltratan r \'latlldbrilge, hlarieta, O. .uhu Vlidhwaatth'raa.~sq Naltiictta'ht'roc. J .e Ie Yearlnll, Ka. James P' c~larkr Esq.y ) E & Ae'fae, StLoltis, Mo. d 5, T'lAT li; LA LOUiai taba.--nlr ta, itas *tlaa laia atacisce at V'ille Ila la Nile-)rtitatI--1IPr st I'llorullle Cllrles anurialln, jugd -No , ,:1a- lseale Ic ker ate.tellenl eti detnlcll n tlra sls (crC nacler :-- Sllr lecture ,,t ellreg.· r:tnetlt Ide ihe litlll p atabletul ean cels arla irea il aa oird ney ii llaaa alt ,a bleedes ercallciell die ;'iusolvali all aliPu ,n plailln ceura pia .hJaahir 1iaat, a ali Iie-oreestlr a w a ala d eliarresat lye eilairer ale nl r'ta arlat; eans talaat'law a Ila.l, ytia ( act illlllle tantta r relraealallrerclrrtr lat tla?· l i ir" sons: iar ouiid e l a coullllr I. ,l \l . I e GI r eeocA .%1ttaaadarlattratlar,.UtairaiIll Ia l l, ate iati .i tat. I a alll a nr Ieei re Ihat a i! rrLa aart fa art wt atrircat- taor realeu 1 h e t ll r sel S' l id o il o f d e r o flll t1h1 tlll li l Cl' lll e r h . Ihte. a tatalacrthawrtt M~rtr,.r,'rttar. trl.talll~ltIl Nat t la rl is ill tr taria. I5 I.l at" 18 U alllte ILi, llinoiarg Iat'aaiira aet~ari a il la i e u d 1a til alr I ew atul tr llrulct l Illt arawa . t lllalt l h Iit t I aa a r taiaat Ce i terCl aa. tl 1Ialll Ita plla'S a ct t Sil bris .1 lortel uii of thel i ship whiitch wril pl7 it'J ln board t17!i ll ail . a cI . ,tat , r llalta l a lllr Il!l ll h ll li t at l tar tr Ii a tar u htar\ i r L I ll t a l t ' a i tt t Nlrllar a i i r lilat L tlille Ian ilt edlia II .i t n, rst lnllo blll ul w glp t tar li u1ra t la 1a h llher ur tr - g,~l Irll~r lll, u ~ I. .w n ,,l hc n, I.*hl~li.d lll? ileitis sill ,,,llrs Iitllll l (;l ·.letlto r iir lllre Ihll.r~ I1I rll , ·llsrc:, · A.u1' It tea 1' ,I I r aler . f i iie Dotn. in,1 I ll -lfllttNI rlaw las .Il-tar ttat anl a-ta ta~rad at" i ar ttlf)I -taT TI t iAr ' 'lStv: 'A llt, Thc atrlll ll-,I'llhlt' ii~l P i~ll rUl'l!I. Illj ,rlls whell Iiatllntci i Iteul i tlt' l i ai, I t aa, 'v wl l aaa i rat1'· . ik.t i: l r at: I.r a trtal w t i, at rili a\a'italrlt arai tar ittaw ari a;ihe art-raw-at l a-ta h~ ala iraac.uat liac CI, aariat lm .alartat ht hd-wl ahla' III ll, ltrt ll laaiuta itia. al til iIatllig aaaii Itraratai Itatad .ellir o ll trl Velr .h !1red I lls ~rl..e i I E. JO N apply t S L CO & C. SiTATIOND 8· II11l.I., cornlrdlrt. Chanrls anod Nta. T atae t1 tbscrie a tvinlg rec Ntte .t tall-I an c il al .i e rti lala ta alilt-l,atd 1e l..owmig . I rAwin g papers ofall tie A oe rll~et do r ling papers f roma Ierriulan's bestl copy rnl, Inks)Enlish ande eo~irk Pen and d sk knive rl osan s( ?jv lltiool k barkwa Itetireri ci Md Moroco ah lanerd nd slin waxing fobk eri oe or, q llOrd. ty Trelli nl qldesk an drsmas cse LEVII. E, JOIINS & CO, 'okeImO S a aa RarIII,,o erllerit atnre lcfonr l1oowaamg arai alea ala e I isrcti n rtoioeg papers onf ell e 1i, do oriting do eialatr royalta reyni eordiaanoid deyeiet fool., Ifoaeelatalaterlr e.m nlare laille vealtlallm da Ita laid; ala epcoing paprr, at all sites, Lodhlia ilntetaillolai al fanet ttertat pante er,pIliail, enahened oathd attaraitr Awoevirawe rip. tratrr Otald aerate1 aelaerso fratel the trot taills at iht inwa l Perat, ttrtawI aatlll o t-nitlit at~rl~ itllatll jtraoeat IVsta-wernt andaItiog qullsaatoaate t'rr aroset rrlayaing tibets Eatyietaeatl n Aetatiri ti ftreado altac lirac ettpyiag itottel fliaa.piunaiiatcdeask batheto raeaor awadasria Pokt'alr bracks iiidrneatItel' th~attio act Mlorocco Eg hwarsretid ateteo caxsperiowrwqioslt a tr ; e rawaaaltatttdaressandat'eahttitalaaciteta t~raw-ieg twattte A Itatnta attd thaiila~ aad Aoaar. irae Aevawatta tar 18:33, oislf itad tatalitl, a ai cati a lg tr ca ssct l av and erabat~k, liwairary. anara! .1uot l'eritaicaaahdl'o'r sotle ha ira-tiltIt Jtw~iNS & ('fi. ANNUALS AND ALMANACS, FOR 1839J. L|'A.NI)D la thtlnd A nlol,%--The IAhook of tlnoo atC rltyo , rh o oo l'rl l pltos; Fidtldo's T"ableaux, uod tialhvry fI' (Grace,; Fihllel l)rlwl Rl.oom Steslh B unk; 1'tootioo Catllll, --ti tla atolt ll Asu ntr; WVtveorly Kreepsak,-t'l'he Imperial; Joriuills 11erat'a Aulman Ul; C(Iaro tturo m Anonll Co.ot. Annmul; F e. , shli +'s &l)rl lni Yor g ln di,'s Uoid w1oi eeoing bmen's Ank nual Alltic, A VWutt; Clhrtlmts 'rules. Americn A ana'ts. 'Th ltoken nt A.\tlnti ouvenito ; : l'h Vi olt t ghe(;if"i trn Gil atl ectt annutl Iir ester & ihousen lie Atottoo. Almantc's. Aterica l Alntotno & RHein itoy .of Uefl Ktnowledge IBlutln' NnutivoU . plllnaUi; E Jlvhlls .i Co A. I,oui..iutut A luttna; trouoke-t (ot-oie-GCeortt Alhnnto', ntewart's liary olr 1839, loltltlanihng a blIk n o rlIdt f(or El tivoly d ty Il theV ho lor. SiOtiNS &O Co., Col'nor ofit Chlrlet and Ctont!ioone aR. _ .3--3W FURTNITUREI T FURNLTUIE!! U To' received at toe I.ouisio Furltiture Ware IAouse, on lorge sIupoy lora \ew )or and Boo tol. I'ersons in tlt enooo o)f litrliltre wtoluld do oell ito cel, and select heir lioleo fromt ole of the best atnd Ilarget atucks now in the city. W It CARNE. d6li 53 tiiotillo ot N B--Particulr attention paid to packing oad ship plng Fttrit rcure, free olt xpene. d-tiw lt EltING-1..t011 bhos tao. 1,2 . a .l3llotoo loto - Srilg,t laodig ailt for sale by t127 S & IJ WilI't'NEY, 73 Catmp st ,l'TINS on Educarion. llot silotl I govern ty Y o ,hool, addre,+d to young tewchera. a,,d also ddalpted to aoist parentt in thl mooaomthgo s of' fot -ll leo : by EE \inest, autltor of .eamt and a half in the Navy. Hiuot on Education, by the stt aulhtho, also, Haoll's I ectrots to tcholo mostorn. For aole by d31 A TOWEK,49Campst I.ME--I0ltO caosLo frh ''ltoO lila.tott Lime, oonding fL rom hip Ferox, for sale ty d28 I & J p WiIITNEV, 73 Camp ot -)II AFITo. too ototw 'tork, Itorolo b 04 ANDREWS & BROTEtlER, ol Ct.atnp t rJAIN'I'S,OILS, GLASS, BIRUSIIES, &c.-.-us JL landing trm ship Constitution, and for sale-vtz: 16.011 feet of glas, best quality, from f8XI0 it ZX2S8 3111 kegs whlite lead, pure; 350 do green paint, in 2.n libr. kees; 24 doz dlpanedtins forsigfns-6iO hll:; lithrage; 26 dos splendid 011010 ground brushe, also of 000 and 000 do; csenes crnme green in powder, superior article do do cans; a large assortment of sash tools of every size and quality: sable pencils for artiste; flat nmrking brushes far meechants; artist's colors in oil ready pre pared, in boxes, fitted :-p with all neceest.ry brushes; artist's tools, &c. Flake and nemnite white; 60 nacks gold leaf; white and yellow wax; gin arabic; and a large atd choice as sortment of lants. dry colors oil, turentine, varnish, &c., for sale, and retail, at the lowest prices, by ttMONDELLI, r a28 58 Camp st. I'tuoI hUt L Ub. .IVEW EDITIO.Y OF THE CIVIL CODE OF LOUIShI.N./. I T has been t ri some time made known to the public that tie sbnhcrhbere are engaged in preparing lor the press a new edition of the Louisiana Civil Code. TPhev were. Irn tile irat, awarn o the great difficulty and reepbknti,iitrv attending the publication at the work, and it was not withnot great hesitation that they on sencrd to the undertaking; But the present edition, amounting to Ibout tsree thousand copies, and which had cost the State more than thirty thousand dollarst wns entirely out ofprint. For more than two veart past, the usual price of tie work has been fronm thirt to fifty dollnrs. It is a systemt of written rules hich sor immediately preratc ltiton every individual of the state, interested either in aoniclture or enommerce .and which governs the disposition of so much pnroperty noming to us from other states, thrat-unlke nalno. any other treatn e upon law-it is as much the toat-book and tanunal of the merchant sod tte planter, as it is of the private gentle man nodti the prefer.ional advoc to. " The lawyers oftheaodjoining sates, and in fact of oa ihose ait.rodptn the Io hioand Mlisaiippi rivers which find n.manrt fr their proadue in Louilsano, have a li.e quet necessnity of reference to the eode, and make it an aldirplemnale requisite to their ihebrarien; and in the tit} of New Orie.:n the Inuk is as stre to rta fotrd in the tnerlian's counting rome, as upon he desk of tile jude, or tire tblete of sie attotnev. It is net surprising thereftre that the firt edition of ihe work was so quick ly disposed ofr and ntertgh a mere reprint of it would il some meaesure stpplr the public neresnity, yet it twould he itrperfect and unsatisfaer- nnle.o annotated with refernaces to the Reports end Stitutle, in order to e t, race the nlunerou amrnendmento which have b.en made by the nie eeirlntrc, and tile impoertant deciasons nnd ctnstrtrnios which ieen giton upon nranyr o its articles hb tile Supreme Coret. 'The uirhepnirs hve recured, tire thie genera! snper intetlllence and eliutonal tdepartment of the nork, the professional services of h\Velnok S Uptonre, Erq. a me.ll ier f tile New Orleans Bar. fe lion. Jlller Bnllurd,.lnllee Bcror des, and Hlon George Enstis, Ilave eanrl kindly assisted r Ulton with the valuable holltl wliell thle; Ilave olleterl i. the tinme lrs o! their studiies and Iraotire;ont to Mr N R .leneites,tle pnrt ner of M r r Ulirn, wlo is also enaged in tie wcrk, Gen I Srtwhbridre, Eg. rlna presented tile ereat mass rt f e b re.i.e. mltu ined in his office copy of tIhe code, ond hilie nave been catIde by hint duriong tie whole period Tno Isdris.inguired e ,rrolrseioial ae core 'lhe pualish. etrs toav terrrert ell trusn t ee hat the annouations rf tile owrk 'ill be all e et inustrv and labnur, assisted by learuin., and exprl,,.cPe, cue lierf6rm. In Iuttin fiorth lhier r -nilsteeu and soliciting tene alc subscribers to tre twrk, tnal plublishers take r.ole in tihlefr n t at trie l.eoislolre fnt Lonisiana has autherizedn the (irovetn.r teo ord.-tr onl t thonsan copies of it flu tile liltnhre ise llte Sttte. 'Tlh rentadies twih which t his nlmtetr tan< lltkie h theinsemhly, evinced thleir lust sll, of tile vrl leo it1 tie noerk;ald tllry Ihrrrbv pxtellrl eI that cnsfidrti ie tih abilioty rt the r peblisers anded reiter nhich it is hbo eI lin Ft wh l mentol o tdserved. Tn'lh work o . II hr rlindlt in Freih tlle fn tlio'n;b, Ipen .ld ropter lnd with leair typ.i; nr will anr Ox n.Itae otrr tie lled y to Imllkei tlet waole Ivhrtn CU I I exruiorl tni it witt its gretieolln.tance yt will proably bcree 1'(,r derlivery in the month of S. .,er llex ; ald thil mprici e twill le, to subscrihthr lifteren dolla- irseni dollars t,o ie aid at the rte tno'subr acrtieiltg. Tilo .nirrittionn litn tiron closed, tile store price will he wnltll y dhvlladr per cto. cO. i ofe tr "h IIt tINer1 -hv CO. Publisheers. I(\WVANI) S ITONIC MIXTURE, F.-I FEVER AIN AUUE. ti EN years iB neot yet elapsed since it wtas, it-er rstegulnarly ostbhmittce l to tle public; but it has otlainr d tine hibert reputation; and has nril.i IrlantId every other Ietlltdcille n or the Agre, wmer- . or ito has eorn ltwurt and appreciated. Already has it rben carried in every dprection thrPughout ithe Uni'ed Stats,lroll tritll rualirs tonllre than could rL'lolllrlt l oInf rllsonils rhave rlot only been reliceved, btt Irtnrtolred t- ire lib ird vigor tilrough its ages. C)y; ntrl tthey now rIrtrilly testify, at overy np lorllntly, Irlt its tor-idudl andt sprencla e iclacy, th os rrrrrtln of UttroIt tnteninrlitrot prieciples us are caloniitrerd to rtnertw thtr healthy nottio oftao stout ;tio, r ivter,er ad olhntr iporLrt ant digestive organs., tilt s hofs which tlarknony is the icunedine sr canct Io tlh disntus. It is apparent also, that it erodu. eor ann tnirttt 'llhae tit trhe condilill of the sywtcn ila!l eliiily destrye tlh native linability to rclal- I o.fs o ef thtefctieon. \Vlrhe tihe Agnle is ottrtndni ' owith Iesv olter unL~ailte, the ermnllymont nl thie 'l'tite otcxtu-o uill tot inrcrleero with tihe Ireaot. mrht of theli other li elas, hnt il eveon afflord as. rnllon-e by lnrnioshing strength and vigor to tine loy dnhliitg thie coul.trne of treatment. Those wrho a:' rse uel tii nmedieine may be ansured that i tlhrn is ti Anrsriei, Bnrks, dnercrry, or any otler -rdnr:ls in its corulposition n Tl'niend'v to tilh tllanan oroonsllllliltt bning entirely a regelrble extroet; and they nay iaveo additional confidenllcn in tint use thereof, when they perceive tkat it has thle ef h'ct eef a gent o laxative about tie time Iall' a bht. telu full Itis been takcll--in conulnoquence of which, there is no part of the mnedicine ltfo to linger ill tihe bowels to eausa nbstructions, and otllnr evils, arising from the use of manry Oi the remedies noc oflered for thIe cure of this afl-etion. It Iras been used also as ao provcntive, by many who were sub jeot to a periodical recurren.os f rthe Chills, alnd it Ians tnrlarnihly warded ofFtile appreheonded attack. Obaetoee! ''lle Proprietor, fully satislied nith thIe -nptLarlltnTlFo d uativersal enuccess whlichl Ilas uon. .tatlly ttecndced a punctual and rguluar use of the runisw Mixture, in all taests of Fever and Ague, oracs wnrrntraed in eng.lging to refund the price to all tloso who have taken tha mendicine in strict no. cordance withl the prescribed directions, wirthut Ihavng been peretlrly and lastingly cured. The subscrnbcrs are tihe wholnsale agents for thl South \\'estern States, and nhave now ons hnd six tc cosus of tlts ins diclne, welichi is warranted liesh anid gelnuin, For sale at the nltatllfactnured priceu Jlti\'Ic & ANttRIe.S, \n-a holsaoaae I)rto.glo lovyd7 c,. Conmmn k 'T'couupittoulus street. ORDERS RECEIVEI) FOR .IoY P. ITEJ' T COTTO.V GOI, By the lPatente, No. 53 Magazine street, New Otrleans 'LOBE.11ANLFACTUII[ IN NEW YORK B.Y RUBBRTL' 11OE & CU. SC,3LF OF PRICfES--Duble Gins. For a doubleGin oft 8 saws or more on each cylilder, nmking IG)l saws i the standl, with ftedr b, lands, &c. ts t 6 sterlaw, or $1160 00 For a Double Gih of 60 sa vs n acylinder, or lu0 saws ill thie stand, Ifeders, &c. a b$6 per saw, or 12000 t Fordo. of 40 savson do. or 8 saws in a stand, iat $, "5 per saw, or 500 00 For do. of _i iaws on do. or 40 saws in a sL:lSd, t 6.50 pBler saw, or =960 00 PINGLE GINS. Foi n single gin of 90 saws or more, with ore set of'lteders, bmitls, &c. at $6 per sw, ~$480 (K) Fordt. of fi0 saws, with teeders, &r at $6 11l per saw, 390 00 For to. 'f 4i saws, with feeders, &e. $9 7" per saw, 3W000O Fr do. oa'll saws, with feeders, '&e. at $7 e50 tr'' sao' 150 00 .xh..ttctlh whtiere desired, for fedlers, s.pltiel a Lor ctts rasht the Illtber ofterth heiong about tlaltl So the llnlerof ntw's. (OtO set of 'letlcers, it iscon sidered. Ihowever, will wear out two or three sets of . sows. Ittlta saws siepllict l at 80 cents reash. The (lins ordered, will be delivered to the agents of Spluers in alny of the sea port towns at the cotton plan ti, Sitaei's, a thl, steo t prices, thetagents paving the (''ILt h rat II til nt S:fLrom' Nillllt Sew York, andl hcondolig t'e p..ible r te tumotlut of thie Gin. A G;ill wright will ie sent witll tile in to Fut themn Ip where de sired; the clharges for wlhose services will be extra, bat Ireo nniing getarean alsohe oldereed where desired, on reasowlble terms, hbut will be cairged extra. Horst po wer,ofaly descriptiioin, can be ftrnishel on like terms. Small steams engines can also be ordered if de sirod. l- h i desirable, when planters give orders for Gins4 di thv shouldd accompany them with their views in r'g-rl od toinearrnogeotetot saws, bteasts, brushest, e. It is t'ounil they diffe'l , opinion. Some desire sawe of at larger diameter that. others. The most eomnlmlo size P is 9 or tl inches t .,some wish them 1t inches. Some wish 5 tor rows ,l I rusihes otn an axle, while others do a- not want moret tha.t.dat most. Solme wish saws with 8 -or9teeth to tile inch, while others want l0or II. st W i aceh discrepancy, we prefer they should, at ithe time of giting orlers, fornish a statement of their so wishes, and the nmutHlieturers can fllfti them in esers t. particular. Where it is left to our discretion, we shall inmake them lo the most modern and approved plafn. A n ordt"r tenn he executed, from the time it is recevrel, i's the space ofeight or nine werks, and thie Gin it that eilne placelin the hands of tfhe factor. To be in tlme for tile next ctrop, all orders ought to he in the hands of I the mnofulteitrteturtety the first or middle of May; exejlt o plantations where they arelate in esomeolcing to st pick tW gil cotten. N. 11. The Patent Right, for any one of the cetowl gowoing Ststes, will be sold on reasouabletermls. S rio3 lonos ANC'TIUINE M HE FAULi Uk O t.hl CINE. i" HORN'S Compoumd Extract efColuiba and Saran I parilla-A cel.tain, safe, a fnd Ieat r deeEtul reme dy ever discovered fr' tile lue of Gonorrhea, Gleets, Stiriectures, Whites, Pains in die back and nios, semn!llal weakness, affections of the kidnier, gravel, scorbutic eruptions, &o. In the intruduetion of a medicine possessing the usefu and active virtue of the one now offered to the public, toe proprietor has but to refer to the numerous recomn mendations received from timhe most eminent of the me dtcal fteulty in Etnope, believing tIlat it will be duly appreeiated wlen tos merits saeennre fully known. The BJolnm of Cnpaiban, soextensively usad, has lost mod, of its credit fromn the diilike whichl patients lormerly express d regaoling its diaogreeal!e taste, liatnrtnrane produced in tihe bowels and stomach, nol its leretofolbre inefficienev when tsed in Ithe inflammltoory stage. The proprietor has nude an aonlysis of the allsan, coneel v mIg that the more lativequalities would therebly be nllch more roncetnrtrde andt more userllly admlinistered than il the ioesent sate. The alove medl cille onnbines il gredients which are in the highest repute amoto the, most scientifie anod learned il the proftessioni. Eacnh drutg in the eontmlaition of his prlpsration increases tie eoli.tey of tle otlter, producing an operation truly to ltiltt1ng, antt a N.epontttignle iioit anntn twntatttota; ponnissnig at tile sale time toe sadvwta e of its tblg administcred will, perfeet uces. in tt ediffrento stagen of the Above disease. The most enminent plysicinls atnd nurgeonsof the preselt day express tieir ldeidod ae, proo.ation it favor of SlIlesparilnIs, wlhlst its use in the pincipaol Ihospitals ndl poubli mredical intittiotnllol Ils be n, slid still eotinns, Velry eltnsiveo. It .tS a Ioo orite remoldv with tile aelertedl lir Aberlntlhy itr all venereal atfeotionls, nel in obstinnterulnteousertlldiort, arising from a disordered state of tlhedigestive foonctions. Having been submitted to tile teat sud experience of the most celebrated among the faculty, they have expressed their satistaotion of its extraordlinryl eflcaey in every nase under their uharte, by udop.tiog it both in their publio and printe prantie. Their on ervnti will beith inserted hereafter. Poeltrod by J Il Tthorn, heltniost LoMnon. Price $1 50 per pot. TESTIMONIALS. From A H aulmon, EuZ, F R 8, Strgeon to the St Thomas Hlospital, nd Leaurer oil Anatomy. The trial which 1 have mnde of your preplration in a varirty ofesaes both male mrd fettle, in its rmoslts hale Spovedt o higllly favnortble, that f do not losilolte int plronouicing it one of the most valuahle and eflicacion remedies ever olfered to the public, and one in which, rom experiete., I ean place every rlieei , t hoiseo It Ioees not produtc tbe snoe unpleaanut etfects usually ex perielnced from coltaitm. Fremn G H Htawa.nR, MI C S, Physitian to the St Mtarylebone Ititpensoro. Stiake grelt plensure in adlring my testimony to the valuable properties of your letparmtiot, wishing yo the noeees wo so fully deerve, it all am ploe reward lot tle Inloran oj oxlotoise tlonol ed in bringillg it to such olm pleot iperfectoon. Froml VW ti Cooper, F P S, Surgeon to Guy's tins pit The uniform soncess which has aotended the admilis Otring your meditinetamong my patients aflioted wilh the ahove diseases, ns fualy satitsfied tote that it has oily to be knownl to I truly appreemted. Slay thle asuccess you so well desot ve, amply and speedily 'rcawy you for your valable ptiepualion. P From Sir A Coopre, RS P R C S, ec. oe. Iotving been irlteed to try yolsr xtle t ioll .u lil easesof violent (0oom'ohihloa which ohad ithertno boilol piter prescription admiiltieroed b." ee, biltg fotolot mo.e land sloatdy cores n Cilnted by it, itl few tlays I ;teel m) selci ;tlv Ilotolld to nstateothl I tnor' il Inot i'ors tic both public and pivHate recommend m ald llse Itnun other. From G W Tlair, I D, Physicino to Guy's Ito lthe strict test which have given your medicine a i mong loy tiento, aod its iloveritmble lscen tthua, will indue me to laoerseverr in its use, and I deem it but an act o'justice and otf duty to aold ny feeble testi moallioa ileoatin.loelltionl of itsirtues. From LC T'h'tonllsoo, M 1) FSIIt L. l return yvlt my sincere tbhaks 'os t it vlaboo le tre Stoll o'youf r y xtralt fnr the oulre iof Goltorl.tee, c. I Sfeel nratell at yo haoe it last beono a midlihiooin itolue ich will ptovea des ldeetuntoln ollg sought for in thes nlelics wotld--a oure, speedoy nmut etlebttlul re ill eases ' tile aclove class. It atlioltds ne gooat pleasure io pulolishilg to the world Ite valuable qualitiers of) out SVWere it necessary, the oprioie lo an olm here fninie mane' moe tes l"nlolitei egnly vs comolotendltor asH tie abolre; but tutts tihat its great sonuccss hiterto he carei & expense at which it t hs beenp nt net edc will )roeoits .geate o irctotmleommni atiol Hionog a disatrlintg puhltblic. One recommendatioll this orelaratian unljatso abaove all others is its neat, portLa e f)rnm-oto ut p in tlots--th m'toe in hboicll it omay e thken, blilog blolt easy 'Iro oat--ils tostely oIItt wiolt non reatrltiun iUi det "n' t , tlnm.lemnt /fr.o butsiness. Trlavvellers especially would fiind tis medioiniooie higloty uoeluI, and ought na ev ;oato to utnprovidltd witlb a preparation i)osteosiog lte all vaol(ages which the tt lentl onle O oolbilles. Accomlpo.ovilng the Medlicilne isao laluillet expOlna-t tory of the difftltrnt stages or toc cl sease, withotot utco extrlal clla'e, coutailling full ahd adoptsoleetiteolto. For salte by StUIlKE S & CO). Ilno IJ eatot 40t daltal street. TH1F0T:GH IN FIVE AND A HALtF DAYS, From Mobile (Alabama) to Aiugusto 'leum) L A I AVI'S Mobile eve, y other doo, imouniihtely eflot the arrival t the mail from New Orl)cans, per the stwimtmboat E.tLIoE., to Illlkely, conches to Pes:leolr stemlollats (per Penatcola Ha,Stt t to seotl aSod Chlso t tahaochie Rtier and Bayt to ttedr ltluE; eoaches tlhe,e L via , Marianna, Chattaho:chce, (formerlv Jlount Ver tl r eon,) Bainltldge, Pindlcrtontlltawkinsveillte nd Louis o t tville, toeAgusts. A paossegeertl. akinhis seat at 1l- S Shile is in no danger of being thrown ou(t 1or losing hil Spreference by other onflicting interests, atl'he FL()tI. I)A LINE is but one concern, and alder one eotllt t SI throughout, antd may rely wITrH CERTAINT ' . pt n Up ht h S arrivalat Auagust in time specified, throllgh all weatlh h tr endr al Ity sasotn. Utn t (llllesoe tIlUt ltnforeseel eatttt trophe sttotld occur. The Great New Oralttts Mai SI is calried Ly this rolte. The Agents for accolmneodo l tion, Teams, Coacheas and Driver are not surpassed the aotherll colltlty. I T''he sanuothe , Itrl, nEaturli rotads, tle sali and inter to it eting watler invisation,the time aiind acomm odation, t h ilford the traveler speed, certainty, comnortt, and a pleas i ina l vaitiety; coooeeted as it were with the Iail Rload fit Cilaelcston, S. C. lad the steam packets to New YuLk, fit travelers can rea rh New York from New tiUrcauls itl LESS THrN I It otns-AVaHdington city in 1. to t Fromo Chattahoochee, Florida, we have a Brtte Iw Linet via tjincyv and T!ltlhsssee, to St Marks, 4 her tIt post coaches, also two Itranuhes tifrom HlLawkisvitle t one to Milledgeville, and onle to Macon, liglt two aeoli coaches. ST'OUlK FONSS ~ . 0 S Auoe.'rA, S0then ln.15. m a tOficeat Mansilon Ilouse Mobile 1 It lDisuacle, New Orleatts to Mlobile, 15t11 ttils .41ohile to Augusta, 54.t " Augtstt to Clliarleston, 106 l tCharlnston to New York, 980I- ItO t. Time, Now Orlean to Mobtile, 28 hIlrll Mobile to, Auges, 12 "3 All#gsta to Uhoilcton, 12 C (lhaleston to New ttork, Ot- t58 . :aking 168 miles per day, or7 ai nles pet' hour, inche sive of sll stttltages. ttlty Ilt N. If. I et' leave to inform the pbhlic that I11 bridges aver the Chaltahttweheswantlp and Htrd Lobo creek havejust It en coatelqll o y the getltelr g.Evoct mtcott, (tIhet I m ttotts0 tt. i er etdig gait st this safe :t p speedy route ate tlua htp lly 'removed; atntli bave th, S pleasture oftet tg ttot Itr vellers thnt the coactes,htor. s:5, dllriversand als are of the thyst ,,.er's leand as to llt ii water rotme from ellnaaool. to Cedar l.tulf, it is allnlit. 70 tetl Iy itl Whlt lhoe asnsed tltrtotgh it tto le t nIsuorltuse lnouvelties heaNtSy and ill'ely. The br,)g e"s throgli p9 Georgia have also breen epairied. JJ M U itAKltllt 00a IARBLE CHIMNEY PIECE W.l,,a ouse, _I Customhouse street, opposite the post.ttli.e. The lubscribers are now receiving from their fhe. toritn in New York, aold will koep constantly un hand a general assortment of Marble Milantle Pieces ofeuperier workmeanship, and of the latest pattlerns, 00 made of tle best Egyptian, Italian, Irish and I American marble. Also, Monulmtets, Tplmbs and ot Grave Stones, moulded antl plain Pills and littule, marble trcings, hearths and bhnntdary stone, plaster 00 of Paris, Romttn & Ilydraulie Cement and Plnster aing lair, togttohr withl a splendid assortment of t t brass mounted slnd plain G(rates and Russia Iron t ttGrates of the newest and most approved patterns. of Lettering done in the neatest Illallller and at the shortest notice. They lhave first rate workmenlt Is set the above work. 1s e5 ' AME8S KAIN & STROUDI S PARKER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &e. S OURNAI, of an Exploring Tour beyond the Rat Rocky Mountains, untdur tie dtraetionl of the A B C F M, performed in the years 1835, '36 and 7o, 73; containing a description of the geography, go. elogy, climate and productions, and tie nuit eat, Senmainors and tsntonms of the nativesl with a Map I le- of Oregon Territory, by Rtv. Saulesl Parkier, A M. f 'I he River and to Desert; or Recollections of " the Rhone and the .l hartreuse; by Miss Pardooe, author of the City of, ' 81I tan, &e. ilS r vule. The Robber, a Tale, ' the author of Richelio, or TIle Gypsy, Attila; in 2l a re The Two Flirts; or Ad. "'rus in Country do olste, allnd other Tales, by Lady Bllssington, E 1. S BIlawer, Mrs Norton, Barry C'ornwall, Mrs Gore, tI. Captain Medwin, stnd others; in 2 vols. ,at The Life anJ Adventures of Nicholas Nickloby, eir sedited by Boe, with Illu.otrations by Phit, No. 1. erl Just received audoreale by -I snl, OBlPASSES, 'I'HERtI-lomTI.eS, lltmtuCS t COPETS &i --Just received ant for sale by ise Wm. MclKeao, .mer ort Camp antd Common streets, of 'a general I.laUnRei t of SurvEynr's Conipotlen, I Alnthetsetical Inslruttnet lrawineg Ptins. to prieg Dividrmale, spring Bev einsa, Iaory Pro toms Ivory Soalesal nnter's Scalesl Gss.. Triangles, Parallel Ruler. lMiertcopea, aertaon.etao s Camera Obturas,Surreyi Chains, r Measuring Tapes, 41. d1 N. Yorok k Daltimoreo aok IJACKETS FOR NEW YOlK.-New ine.. ' S-To sail puInctually every sMeen0 Monday during the season, filli or not full. i hip Orleans, 599 tone Capt. . Bdl Ship Alabama, 474 do C. G. Berry, Ship Arkansas, 6'27 do !E aDennis, Ship S retuga, 542 do W Hathaway, Mliip Nashville, 540 do D) Jackson, Ship Kentucky, 629 do 3 Itnker The above ships are of the first clam, coppered, and copper fastened, and having been built in New . York expressly for this trade, they are of light, draft of water and almost invariably oross tile bar without any detention. The onmmanders are mea of great experience, and the ships wall always ber towed up and down thi Mississippi by stesambets They have handsome furnished aecommodationa t and stores of the oest description will always be furnished. The cabin pansage as $90 without wine or liquor, and there is no liquor furnislhed to the ficleers or crew. For freight or passage apply ,on board, or to HC AMES,,48 CampRt. The ships are not accountable for breakage of glass, hollow were, marble or granite, cooperage of tin, or rust of iron or steel, nor responsible for any paidkage or parcel, unless a regular billett lading is executed therefor at the ofilco of the ents. nov27 NEW ORLEANS AND BARLT E IJN'E OF This line will consist of the following vessels, which have been built or purchased expressly for the trade, vie: Shilp, timano, Cept. Miner, Bark Mary, " Nickerion, t Irad Ferry, new aa Stevens, " Solomon Saltos, Latham, Brig Architect, " Gray. There versels are of the first class, have hand. some furnished eccommodatiols, and are of a light draft of water, so as to admit of their receiving and discharging their cargoes in Baltimore, at the city. Freight will be taken for ports on the Chesapeake or James' River, and fhrwarded by the agents, t Messrs. CLARKE &1ELLIGOG, at Baltimore; expenses on gouds shipped will be advanped when required. The price of passage is fixed at $110, aIniple stores of the b at quality will be provided. rsealn up arid down the Mississippi will be taken on all oeaesiose. For freight or pasntagr, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, nov27 22 Bienvil;esat. FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets] 'I lE Ships composing this line will sail firm New Orleans and New York on every other Mon. dny--commlencing on the 20th November-and to Sinure the punctuality in the time of sailing, the Iine will Ireantter eonsi-t ol'five ships, vis: Ship Y;,zoo, Captain Trask, to leave on the 20th November. Ship l.ouievill, Captain Palmer. to leave on the 4th Dccenher. Shipl Huntsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 18th December. Ship. Vicksiburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on tihe lot Jaruary, Ship Misisissppi, Captain Davin, to leave on the 15th of January. The abo:ve are all new, of the first class, copper. d, and copper fastened, anid upwards of Stil tons burthen, are of light draught of water, being built in Now York rapressly for the trade. The price of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabinsase fitted up in the most improved and convenient plan, and finished in a neat and elegant style - Amiple stores of the first quality will be provided, anl every regard paid to the ormfort and entire lsantisfaction of passengers, who will please take no. lice that no berth can be secEred until paid for at thie offce of tihe consignees. These vessels are colmmanded by eaptains well experielnced in the trade, who will give every at. tention and exert themselves to acomniodate. They will at all times he towetd up and down the Mislmie sippi by steamboats, and the strictest punctuality observed in the tirei of sailing. The owonrs of these ships will not be responsi. ble for any letter, parcel or package, sent by or put on hoard of tiim, unless a regular bill of lading be sigacd therelor, at the counting house of the agent or owners. For furthlr particulars apply to J D oEIN & A COHEN, n1ov97 90 Common st FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packetsa] r il1, ahlps i ulpoisalag Ithis Lllu t.ill sail tIrul nn W Slenaanll New 1 ork on everv other Mlndaav n~ttllnenling on tha 2l0t11 november, and to insure the Atlleteso ieItuality in the r time ot sailing, the line a ill leeualteor oneartlof live Slhips riz Slii }'azoo, t:n;niitiLrask to leave on the 20mt nor. Ship 1.oaistili, Captalin Palmer, to leave oln thie 4t11 LDecelber. Slhi IhentnLille. Captain Eldrldger to leave on the Ilth t)ocentb t. Ship Vicksburg, Captain Woqdhothe, to leave on ihe Sat Jaonary. Ship Misas esppi, Captain Iia.sw, leave ,on the 15th Januarv. - "rl lte above ships are all newafa;; i line fit ~s, coppired and aoppedr fatened, and npe'odnatlt5Qn. so burthen, are of light draught of waler, beingat.i 't hew York expressly for tlie trade. The pt9lee .eip sn.e is fi.ed at one hundred dollars. Their tin ;'M oru"c fitted nl.n tllhoie oninproved at l convenient psi:. ao . fijianol'd it a naet end elegant atyle. Ample ttwsa oa thie firsrt qality will be ipnvwild, and evere nregnil he to the enolairt and entire *nisluattion al passengers, who teill please take nIlltice thiat nlo bertl canll be secured ian. tl p pal unr at the ollce oa the emialgneeo. le'kuse ploukr arn eootinomntded by Captolts well ex periencetl il tile trade who will give nevery atnteion, and exert tilteselvea to accommodate. IThey will -. oil tien heb towed tilt nd loba the liMissiippi hy tetnllon.e, tad itie atriaest 'puonetuality observed Ins tile title ofa atiling. tl'e owners of these htips. will not be responsible for nao let or, inrcel or poa.ago sent hby orpgt on boerdl hn. anltaes are telar hill ao ladinigs.e signed thereforo it tile cntating house of the ageFnut r ownerso. Fan nrthllr pwrtia'ies, appyI to It IIEIN & A COHEN; nov 13 90 Connmon st. PENSACOLA MIANSION HIOUS NEW\ CITrY, PENSACOLA. flllE oabsroeoor Lolag pat.rhsed tllio leose end fur e tlUltro' this well known astablithment, from Mr Ta'ylor, lon late nproprietor, will be ready to reeiven vi. iters bh thile at .f April neat. Nulltrotls 8d cotliy imlrovements will be found in tilhe arrngeoentt of the a ansiott House. rew adnd nute eancooodioula bathing houses will be huilt, nd [[arnt b nito will ie provided at all nhotrs. A stable vill be attachedl tio t hlo uce, with gotd naeommoda tiolno for oalOnasi and carriages. Fistlt rate lhorses and e nnrlltes will also be rlot Ibr hiren at moderate prie., slnd Auil nd d low busts, eith.persona toLnauotge them lor thle use of vianitirs. tlilliardn and otlet amnuesmens. teusually tuol 'at natonring placees will elao be furnishel a nd o anouutlctednn not ti iniLotaerfere with the comiorn olnd quiet il tie boanrdersn 'The wne and liquors wiltl ohe tof the beat quioity, and to ensurea a ull spply af ion., a cargo has alreint been ordered, avhi wilt annais .bout the int to ihay . Mit Frederick tlrunanrd who frmterly kept so popular a hotel at ol Wasllingltu ci, will condct title he el fe" the propnirllorneho, with ach eatl,aeufidetly teurss the aisitra al'l st year, std his friends geoertllt, that n they will rnneivn every posible attention; and threby extects to give gn-rcal satisfaction. The locaIl advatngags ot thi a Ihouse oae too volt iknownl to need o aengt.nue de.uriptiaen hare. The aIhclsn tint Pnnonola is the lnrgest naval station ofeh t;oanrnutent; tile general renudeovoua of the Gulf.sq-d 'oln; thle oiltlot.lo ati its eliollate erfntro.le noslattly due till tihe sunmmer montles by tie ctlett Irene s f-om rlleinttll tline anti of the hbuy and the ooighboh le ialooid ed riversi the aeundance and dellcey oFe t lill wuith w tich tie wasters about; andi i te to Iil bestl oualhern marknets, nive Penettoela l niomne over alt other plases in these lqtitudu a . ilealthi nod delightfil saummler retret. FiPst rate boats lllI.ilo Ietween 1leseaeolud Ma. p bile, andt aill at all times he at.lm io tath the pusaesn from" i* New Orlenes hilts. Peenscoln, Feb. 15th, 18:t. tiJ ntletnten wishibig to engoge rooms *t irhl. famililes, can addresa thi ptriotnir, at Pt _ "lr Sewell T 'reylor. tlne fIrmern prntriesei;atim leans. -" R ft-ferennes. , TRSanfonl, Enq, Mlr C Cullua, 1l1 .eM pA , . Kihby, it bob let S 'T Tsaylon P P Rel t a1 , Orleans. .P S--A letter hag, to reeive eoi olmltoatLe plemorns ot tho itel, is pllatad at ieenw of'te, 51 St Ctirles Exaha..sge. -3-;-.: Sr FLortIDA ROUTE o L. f4UW i I. Tr.e.llers desiroutnor eb t , via Ptens.ootet tlm Nohetbe o'seew hboats will euitmalle tal..nmi.s. leaviong Mobt- sed ltpeetala 0/ Ie of Man. tlieelsuage.weli th t.eentaeris ('loee t - To ins a na shtgllh eTl 1w Ina a semtý A

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