Newspaper of True American, January 12, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated January 12, 1839 Page 2
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Miemihs-..Per ,',u5,,r Gouiuins.u,.773 kegs ls,,, 20 brls .sbks5 bu~ hairdo itefl 178 hugo bstlsr, 23 405 e b540gs, F Vioksbos.. P~Pr st,,m, Detroit)..¶4l Csksl,,,,, A W A R HMiOj., 4, csk. baeontSuu hdkg I,,,, s.Lao Fns4l..,&rc0, 3 oloss coltonIobaosu. 4liusu, !24 1)isuluss, Pries, Joh,1son 8 Co. Vidksrng. Pu, ssus,1,s, isulyo Mat.Hus, Rodol dfiks, nfla) soy. 2luro,,ly, l;Wi~V4ssssE&r1y,0,)5lls,,G,,~sbrsssarisi,,, Snli00o, Hosk,,s: P4at54suo Wistnsy, VrInuy, asd 590,, Bayou's, urs,,su Rrilllnt.uP' Helre, Indy,dsugh. ter und ass, S4,nd Bqglogusd, dnugl~sr ,'d 2 svu. Mud Lsvel, Ml,. H C.pde4ills, His 55ille, Miss. Mlurt), Judge Fouluss, Iady,dugkhtes, sendluas, stiu Bsrrowu ed ass, Dr Oi.son,. Dr Martin, Ii 04uCllu, st,, Oart, X V Ar ,sht, Major J W Loa`` A 1O;Iouplsr, 51W)Wiso, D Gsfngsa. 2 GAlls,, R Are bakuld, W0oshburrryi L 'Iuumspsu,, J H Possll,T bus Miii,, Flugousu. svi,, James slauhur, S A llo44t,,,s, A .Robots~Ba~rry, J Vigio, P P Racel, J Walker, Blecoul and 5?5t, f siublar. 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Ths stus,,ar HIF dsuon rusud ut Ridd)'s'u Point), o lin, ,trip down. rargo, cti, 'sork, bale rape anuu auggin)4jbol) boatus d uargo Ia 4,,s Ionu. Th1k rivu Ilocked sw)h ics at taodolpph, and weethsr racy coal. 1111/ t'arlinn report, host ship Henry, of Now York, went -.sis.u a 55vers si.,le, on ,he 04.t Nou, us(kibraltr; got oil ",ds "ta ig er cargo, on the 26th item month.. .Bs mu nes, of u nd , or New York wis to mail from :OBhrsrou b. 244) Nor. djurissd at New Yo.k Dec E0, uoba II WVu,,co,, Blow, 20 day'i'hm Nlltrhox. Blir StnDec, Ins 830. Ion 57 7, hbig Fars, ftrom Naussu, N P. far Nou Orlsans., had us hoard lo)h"cruus of the brig Henry and Elisabethl, ,.f N Y; anid a eltilr, aerate not learnead, bash arosktd. MuIled on the 29th,, sips Chatter und. Rspublcrsn, for Nsw Orlesus. asoke 15th opt, Ptalia, bsarinu N WV' N dilstt 140 miles, phip Concordiarsom New O,)ils,, thu Iosuton. 11thiusO)2 51 4o,, de, shiplI,,slmlud, roBs NO. for Havre. 1Ith.1 lu07N son 79 40 ,I p Rochessur,7 dlsy. from N 0 Havre. .Arrived, hrui J ,W tknWsklsfrom N O, 2 ubs. The Angora, t B. mein0ud'9C~ lt, Caps An,, W 8W. in il".So wi4 bd-sk ofl brig, Js4isber laden, water tmg#,I. lieJI tlussiedo, sn,4 nu penme n uoard-mm, s s, sacra (slapra4 lttd u "Asusus, us,,d Lbs plucesals hailed MAYJRALTY OF NEW01O1.EANS. FI'llltIistie ofr fual fluoor to-duy is $8 0l pur bnrrel, 1 aeordisgto the tarif; the, bakers uhall give du-; ng he ensuing week (Crain Monday 1411, instc.) 36 nun. aas of rod fora biLt; Besd ofthu second qusality is shqaisud so weigh 2 35er u ess. smuru, viZ: )15 ounce jan12 _C. L ENOIN, Ma:ur. YTPOGUAPURO.L ASSOOIATION. u7' A monthly Olaewiug of the Atusucis,), will I, bl 'at tko PLAN1'ER'ZI OTEL, Canul utruet, this Evesiug, at 7 o'clock. ~JA1IKS O'DOWD, FOR NEW YORK. Mew York and New Orleans Li,, -Pabket of thie 61h. Thek elegon pbcket uhi;4 SI. MARYI' Cspt. Fosser, will usil punuallaiy as ad rttued For frlught of u few ton, heavy fu std about 150 hales a..tton, orfor iupasge,pply .,.or to PETERII LAIIOLAW, il Coubb. FOR HAVRE S Tb, Al s 'ands fultiliug ship JOFIN HOLLAND, Copt. Josards,, will reccirs duspatuh having the gueurr r part osf40)r 55fe !ouga1ssgd and gsisg on board. Isor fright of 20t cottonlu, or pplllaes ·pply to GEORGE R'RlG4EROT. Royal at jtsl ur so LII GALE, 93 Common Ft 1,0o00 Capitaal.rize, Tickets only $3 00 GRAND STATE LOTTERY. Drawing of the Grand Ptate Lottery Clasa 77. 48, 5, 73,'57, 49, 10, 52, 37, 1, 70, 75, 19. (L"LABS No. 78. Authorised by ItF Lereislatlre of V. tha S'ate. To be drawn on this day, Jan. 12, 08'9, at 5 o'clock, P. 4T. at Bishop's Hotel. S DAVIS & CO, oonagers. 75 Drawn number-1'2 Drawn loalats. Splendid &heme. 8 -814 Prisee. amounting to $146 00v Tickets $3 00- talves 1 50-.Qu artera 75c. Pnitaes of 855 '.iks for $75, warranted to draw at lenst $'3. Packagesaofl 55 Half Tickets $37 war ranted to draw at lmset'$16 00 Packages of 125 Quarter Tl $18 75 warranted tddrwa at ant $6 25. r packages of tk, ly at t I / 16 Chartres at R--8t 0 batachoice braan ,in tore and for sale G DORSEY, ji irI 44 New Levee Si D DOIL-C,.ppera and Red Be an, in store Jat D 44 New Leve J in iao 4 SbEY 44 New Lerve EPEM cp-20tt bese apms Candles, brad o Go. How and, landinr Itdam ship Can. l.ap. forale by ISAAC BRIDGE & Co, 9fl 134 Magazine a 1 . VI'AttUL--For Sioda Water Manufacturoret SfSl0earboya oil of Vitrol from tiu Newton Chem Comapaay, a rst rate article, for sale v JARVIO &ANDkEWO. J or Commn5 & Thonupitoola aret Z - cfksaeratus landing from W #p Canausjda, for sale by JARVIS & ANDREWS, ` l r canr Cfommon & Tcboupitoulaa sta , . M c-8 bbla Tauner's Oil . .atniue Oil "a Island Salt .i-"- hs'bbls in etae and for ,sli L R(9ALE. 98 Common at nfor ale by i A&Rct4iOW, 7Bank Plasce Stweat dry, is qr eask and DT1RWMOW, 7 Bank Plane Y. a few bb.l old and sa eraor, for BAD o & DARt W , . RS . 7 Baak Place. .t1.r: Ineon;;;;*withte taO irte. SPLEr lfl AND EXTENSIVE ASIOR dEMNIQ TYPE l p., TIl PRIMFTIltO oWr Fata to oink cek Legal Noticna ~ taa i ° ill Faosm, ShwBq SItem Det DiD.i airoular, An..1 enydm utu.nof wnt Work SI ;d"Pia. tlcyr atasd· ITbo proprine IfliyCells the t ticho m tdOktf the p toJb tedth above C i h1woIw truewd to his co.; s Mho eat noticei, to styleu urorpaed"3a thi c 7, and ay at Ito lowest retea. ' s. ., . -d l I. OR |,LEAN S: SATURDAY, JANUARY lt, 1F39. ., Bold Stride. The locofocoe are determined that'we shall not vainly think they are attempting tibndermine the whig party and regain their rs cendey in this.State. Did we not expose them on every ooeiuton which rr.we should feel it our duty to tear down th. pro;d ensign under which wAbveattled them an4 neither be consi dered "Fnithful' tt ibold.P Yesterday.,Mr.. Inrodoned a resolution that tha eJitte .ahould order th a editorof the SColier I (pcppb4licprinter) to supply eaeh senator with tteopajp dif his paper, each day, to be die tributaf,'tnihg their coll'tituents., Mr..fil;inrt introduced a eolation that the se nate slhoud not tate any of the city ppers sate tht f 'he stet.Lprinter, and should order all othef tohe disecotinued. The first -ralution to our astonishment peeced ' without opposidti, with which they shduld ' have been lit. The second lia til cnder the sme. nanl's conesideration. ..Let it be rentemhered that the majority efSe. natore claims to be Whigs-they profess the high and holy principles which tdisainguish the whit part, from the narrow minded and sordid policy of loenfooieln. Can they have douzed over their duties whilse their nppennnn .i-oerrnn the alert, were ma tuIrtnoalplip for the dissemination ofedoctrines to pea doen whieh'anch exertions live been used. The Co.irier 'ielinted with the corruption which haoes ehtsotcriid the admocratic party.' It is the channel, throuah which.i in this region, the Utopiannecheme eef demgogttinim are protqulged. To make it the c.nnect in link, during thesee , sion-nn official minceeeit. hei'tWen a senator and hiiconstituent -was iit nce to itpreees the latter with the correctness ofits assertions and tile pn rity of itse principles lit: ould be building a beae St ful and unblembehed'oCe.soleim over a clnrnel a pit containing nothing but rottenness and putrefnc y tier. P Weilonked tul-n the election of a Locofoco State R prbi ter, as one of the severest checks which the Whig 3 party .coul receive." It was unexpected. After the a struggle at the last election, the Whigs conceived they had a right toexpect an expression in their favor by a majiaity oft!teir repreeientetivee, whenever a question camenp,,which could he considered a testvote. The 'choice of a pbhlic printer is always so considered. iit is an important election. It places weapons in the ' hands of an enemy to wound and herreas, or into'fLose of a friend toid ad and suecor. We were at a loss to tknow how uaWhig legislatnre could elect an acknowl. ,is dged Locofoco, without superior qualifications and pos Sessing no prctensions which could be tortured into a claim. By some nmurtness on the part of the vigilant Loecoftosn-pelhnps epreoading inlduatrionly that it was an unimportant office,--together with the insidious h lug rolling of a Jesuitinl clique, who, to minister to ,y their petty malice, suck the obligations they owed to Sparty principle, the Whigs were blinded to the deep. I,. laid plot and the importancoeeof this spoke in the heal d of their adversaries. But the election of public printer was ove'. The Loco 'roCes had triumphed. They had achtieved ia signsl victory. Rlated with their succes., they 1. have grown more bold. Tihey re beginning to show ltheir hands, dpoending on the indolence or easy e confidence ol the Whigs. It is nstonishiog to us ithat the latter do tiot discover their game. Is it not worthy of consideration thalt 10 onumbers of a dectocratic paper ehould be daily sent ,ut into the country and distributed wherm it is so necessary that correct principles should alone be dissemina-. t ted?l And is it worthy of no consideration'that a 0 hendeeome appropriation will he expected at the . close of the eessiol. to defray the expense? The J fact is, or Whig Senators ealtoll reflect that the people ovlht not to be compelled to pay for the poison of lhcolifcoim. If the Locofoco seenntors wished to dirtrihute ten numbers of the Courier daily among their constituents, they should have done it in their individual capacitite It reminds us of the meanna the of Glnh toscater i prospectas and extras far and near, sending them envelloped in meenerse and other public documents that mem. bere of Congrese had franked and ordered to be forwarded to them. , ut it dee, not atop hero. An eltti is made to eup . press as far as possible, all distribution of the Whig pae pers. They are to be all discarded foreooth. The Courier is the only city paper which is suitable to the Senate's digesting organs! We say to the Whigs Shake off your lethargy-think of the trust that has been placed in your keeping. Have this obn6xious resolution rescinded and if that is nt to be ach:eved, at least acnd the antidote with the hane. We feel confi SIdent, whten you rrfiect inpnthis esltject, that its impore ntece willheevideot. Do not permit Locofncoiem to build up its fallen temples. If the snake in only scotch ed, keep it so-do not let its wounds heal up or its ven om distil again. SFree Bankirg, No.2.-B-Dnke were not intended, t as has been supposed bIy some, solely for the benefit of stockholders. They were not created and in. V veered with privileges denied to individuo!s, merely to declare dividends, or to give power to their di rectors. It has aluways een thought that they Ssehould in some measure, consult the wishes and the welfare of the community among whoem they t are established. When they cease to regard the general interout and lend themselves to, or are governed by schenoinq men, they cease to purPue their legithmnte course, and are a curse, not an advantagd to the country. Instead of equalizing of trade and affordieg heist enterprize and industry 2, an opportunity of being dervlope , they furnish the weight which is to pull them down, if it do not crush them, in the adoancuement of especial favoritism. Whenever poltlical feeling or any 8 other feeling which will milnale against a fair administralion of their affairs, and induce to ex Sclhsivencer , prevails in a Bank, the ends for which cr it was instituted are lost sight of, and the com. munity soon feel irs holeful influenee. It feeds on the conmtounity, but makes no return of nourish st menr. LikPe some noxioes weed it eprings upwith San nnaetural rapidity, presentling a plethotic and bloated appearance, never again to restore aught of - the strength it has drawn fromn the soll. i W'e ar not of thore who would attempt to interfere Swith the rights and privileges ofinstilutiona lreradye. isting. Yet we would render them as innuoceuous as o possible,hbyreating such a power as would sustain the is, community ageinattheir irfluence. We would strength i' anc the people, and enable them to resist tle abuses whh'h might he attempted by lBanks, bt we would not ecurtail the useeilness of those instituttons. So long as Sthey are fairly mtnaged an~ are content to perform the duties they werealone designed to execute, and do not lend then sulves to. the ambitions aid scheming, they - will fled no opposition fronm us. We know their utility; the m neceseity of their existeance. We mr aware of the poew-v er they can wield, and the inluence they can impart to Ic him who is suppeosed to have weight in their manage ment. We know that they do, like swollen streams, hreak out of their ordinary end prescribed channels, and like them, always, to produce mischiel and injury. te Our object-our hope is, thatpome plan may he !5 devised, to prevent this overflow, and to restrain there levers in the hiand of the unprincipled and of gangrened malice, within their legitimatee apheresu of action. Tu oattaih this desideratunm, we recomtmend, as we have elsewhere oheerved, the r establiahment of the Free Banking System. It seems to al preach neater than eany other system the her i .d equal laamitlatarC the drititry, ai rseagaeso no factitloha superifrity in mA1 over h fellow man, but look for all to work oet their own advanoemeat, as they maoy be enterprillg. indus. triosu and frugal. It will prevent certain cliques E who worm Ihemselves ipto the..adik,Jmrost gl .regating all power, enn. asaiu lg rli it poltaneo and a' ofhef ~fli, eb mat to them as thi Dukea-'sahileimaeto and agth6.ity, to the temporarily elevated,grootpr, atlisee . It will enable persons holdiiig pro-it i ed in pre.table pursuits,; i evadie ( oittieeO olele which ostracism fromaihe hak; er mightansae. It will relieve the rhi aia~ fear of mone. polies, which under, th ' atrlganisatio., are frequently creased, to'tiikioyscasod injury of Sthe pafret T n nkigSyethm isnot difficult to compF.: hand. ~~e tioa tit h aI have a right to trade In muesy as lu' any ot oltW laEity In to uso elf evi dent. and however revotting it may e, . t.kneow thit blood-eackers prey opeon the very tilept i~,ft*te Sl eee!.a.itiea, when they arewit a S ry thilg,to save their cred . et we must admit that it is but h e. right, and those who re cmplled to borrow at tin e Itm , xi nthe m reaelty of their' la e tlaon or the bitter prlces 6whl'mieefotucne lei etc Banks w erpe instiltuted to brtvat this state otrlgu=t prevent these saerilleer, and r how aen arl.e the e acrikce occasione thsoagl* the very coemrim.a by,the blhke ~i.~eirveh. Allmen have a right to ne trade· itwl monely *"4At lBanking law will removr mr the repricrn whla. reveai. en, ,mho have capital m ly idle, from ustingit for l. the consmuni lit t ttat h ti, ,h, teimtme,o te. It ier pwill rek pthe iu;ri eystm p dnle i private l- and sei baeitnking whirh cretes so se h dietrii an:d soa 6oo eats it. way ito fortunes.. Business never dregged-its nthmorte heavily I and slowly along than at t t monent. We are now in th .jilt of Janua. .i trensactions have not a gone up much beyond the summer standard. Occa sioneda thl'nparallelled stateofthings is, by the very low stage of water, there is no room for complaint, though the misfortune In tobe regretted. Were thdie ac. I tion of the Banks, which furnish acirpulatidl medium to the pnblic, more regular and equal, the preaent evdl would, be greatly alleviated, but it is'the attribute ofall I then monopolies to run into the extreme of benefitting the few at the expense of the many. neveg were the ( ills of banks more distinctly seen than at thei preent. They should becompelled to reform abuses. The aj I plication of the general Bank Law principle will efbht this desideratum. Votes for Governor of Louisiana. On ,ending r the official returns of the late Gubernatorial elec. ion, the following result was declared. Roman (W) 7590 Prieur (L. F.) 6780 Roman's majority 808 There were 4 votes for Johnson and I blank. The elertion of Governor Roman was then con firmed by the Legisltorre, each member depositing hie vote in the baollr-hox. A*lH. Roman 49 D. Prieur 2 Seatteting 5 Mr. Roman ovan declared duly eleected. The I egislature will have to elect Directors of the Citizens' Bank in a few days. We advise them to be cautions in (heir selection, and particularly set their fcces against all Bank speculators, and members of their own body. The country member slhould net al low themstelves to be bamboozled by city dictation. We shall continue our remarks upon Free Banking next week, in which we shall explain its advantages at.d genernl character. We may also have a few words to say respecting our city Banks and no Lockett's bill. Fiemieno'a Bnefi. Our eit tz ns will not forget thot that the pe:frmennces this evening at the St. Charles, are nppropriatcd by Mr. Caldwell to the Benefit of thk Firemen's Charitable Assoeainion. Mr. Cildwell not satisfied with giving this Ie nefit has moreover vhluntelred his services, tnd will appear as Gossamer, in lthat sterlirg comedy of 'Laugh when you Can'. A drouhle'treat awaits all who will be present, the witneasing of an io cellent plan, strvngl casnt and well performed, and aiding n ronst useful Ciharitable Institution. The Courier of last evening does not contain the rIghltest reeognitioi of )esterday's legislative proceeedinuie Were they so uilnmportant? Poe sibly the resolutlen of the setnate will be attended to! Oor little friend of the Picayune and the Courier like wise, have repellted the hip Hobart, an 82 dInyn from Liverpool. We cannot permit this injtnstice, which we believe unintentional, to our friend Capt. Selden, for lihe had the kindness too furoieh tu papers of daltes five days later thn we ad had before received. The passage of the Hobart was beut 52 days. BvNJsoanR TAPPAN. The brother of Arthur Tappan, the arch abolitionist, who was elected Senator from Ohio, in the pines of Mr. Morris, h; a hbrn clainmed by reckless Locofoco prints as friend ly to Soutthern principles, and as being decidedly hostile to the fantaecism of the abolitionists. lie is an sholitionis)-- perfect teetltnler.- nd it is useless for any one to deny it. But the editor of the Cincinnati Republican says: "Hlo isa gentleman in his general manners. He is a man of good information, hut I am fearful he will make a poor partisan senator in Congress." We may add he will makes poor'Senator of any kind. There is no depth and nothing sparklin'g about him. If by "partizan" the Gazette means one who will stick to nod do the dirty work for theparty, we cannot agree with it. That part of thegaime Mr. Tdppan will play extremely well but he will be a smalN ffair in the gladiatorial contest. TltmVickehurg Whtig re-publishes the joke of the Louisville Journal at the expense of Kendall of the Picayune of this city, in which onr fellow citiszen is ac. cused of falling and hurting his face. In commenting on the same the Whig remarks, "We can't say an to the hurting of his ow,' face," but we know a "face" that was hurt during that rip, as a gentleman not e thousand miles from this city can testify." What! did any one leat some one ? Marble had a perfect jam at his benefit on Thursday evening,and played with unlcommon spirit. He was enthusiaetically applauded and called out to "return thanka" at the close ol the entertainments, which he did in his peculiar style,andin avery handsome manner. It is suggested that the reason we have had no mails for eight or nine daya, is, that Mr. Woodbury and Amos Kendall must have been discovered, to be defaulters to an immense amount, and that Amos has used tile ex press horses for relays to facilitate hii escape. LET'TERS FROM THE COAST. No. 3. (Concluded ) Ifwe were inn boat at nighlt,on thle lississippi river, and the same was to take fire, we should not consider our safety very little, if at all enhanced, by the chain tiller. It the firat place, the Pilot would not ad could not probably retain his post long enough, (on account of tle flames,) to reach the shgre. In the next place, those who know the Mississippi, know very well, that at night, itwould be a mere chance, ifa boat under suetch c rcumstances could find any safe landing at all., Forit is seen for miles along the shores of this riser that steep atd crumbling banks alternately prevail on onemside, while on the other, alternations of sand bars occur. Now, if a large boat is run against a bluff hank, before shte could he made fast, the current would sweep her away, and those who would attempt to es cape, would mostly fadl in tho attempt. While on the other hand, if she run on the and hbar, she would strike the bottom at aconsiderable distance from shore, and t hence, compel those who sought the shore to plunge int,, the river and stemin its current. It would have been better, if the law had directed a second tiller wheel, with a chain, should be erected on the hurricane deck, near the stern, to aue in emergen ciesa ofthis description, so that,'when the Pilot is driv en from one post, he may fly to the second, snd thus be enabled to direct the boat safely to shore. mo difficult is a tiller wheel to ture with a chain, that, it is stated, not long niece, the Pilot at the wheel of the large steam boat Louisiana, wao, endeavoring to counteract a sheer the boat had taken, when he was thrown violent ly agaenst the floor of the pilot hones, and seriously in jured. The light direteol by tho law to be placed at mast head, is detrimental to the pilot in steering the boat - The red mntths of the frncese, which ae continrally opening by the firenman. afird the beat beacon lights four, oathe wstern auterm. Their vivid red glare ean rften he seen at twe distance of 8 orl0 miles. Somaney defects ueit in this law, and it seems so totally inapplicable, to the peculiarities of iavigtioun tyal wtiothew tants watersthat b utald tan £ a ili.e to dwell upon th.,m. A new lair.ia.ed Opet Jifureet pelnclplue, Is absolutely rneussary. " The presentlawisw admitted by all practical men, to le*wor than no law at all. In my next, Iwill el.not te theaubje.t in olter points' owats, ery repecti illj, II ,'M i -aew ulo to: h `v "lantly t isitanooppi-Beveral a i y hvl res;ly n itaken place to supply oa i te Iiegllatute Sof this State.. lh Le.oc .7i the loe-focoe is elected by two - i. Smith sou Jasper cou.ntii.lte initt. thei * repreaentatives to vote for a htg et edu if they have publicly. declared their Intteuti to obey. S The citizens of Pontotoo0tiunty' have Wftett . their representativ.lo do th .me ,hin. it. Mr Burros the Whig es4didate. in Yetco eonaty, ct 'ham been elected over hils compeitor by matj rity - of 77 voter. 'ThoYagioo 3 nurW , Iny it might ri* have hbean wollen at 300, * Thp .iesJstppt Free Trader is no longer a loco Sfoeo'politidil paperi Mr Boeangon will continua to an i lit, bit to-iltldote its colnmns eiclusively to St iteaul.. rl and commerciil inte tesl . . .h remalin of the late'Joh :la I.t:enlfee, who 'e ifeilin a duel with A K McClun, Eliq, were fol Slowed to the grave by a large concqurse of eitizens Sod the Vickeburgvoltoteoro of which Corps he we wia a member, on tha4th itect. a The Natc~die Courier of the 3d reporls tie cotton i. marketno eisre'hely dell-ps also *ra priduer.t, It Charles Hi'apn was plnying at Vickshurg on ate the 7th ints, having just commenced an engane. ld ment, The Calabrian brothere were giving concerls in sly .Ntches. are tilt Nelson Wa teo appear on Monday, the 14th ot at Naticbiez. ea fr CHARLE'I'TUN, Jan. 3. fr Thelmain Ship Lafayette, Capt. Blair, arrived st tis ti pert t ventrda pmornng, 0hours from NewYork,i ring og 'filensof papers of that city to Saturday laot, io elusiv, in onti1patlon of themregulor mail. T We find no news of impotane in these papers. Capnt. ' B. infams us, however, that the Liverpoo pack't ship to Codulibus arled 19th November, and the Europe sailed u on thel 7th from the mame port, were going into port as the Lnfystts came out. N Respecting the market,one oftl papers of Fridar a' last, nays: "*Then is no new fatuon in the. market. Cotton con.l tinues Irm, with an upward tendency; Finlr heavy & a little feeblein prine. There is no change in grain of anyv sort. Money stock, droop fourtlheIav. Eehsnge p on those planes where specie paymtnts are to he re. sumed, are getting belter, hbt on other places, worse. d 50 shures U. 8. Bank Stock, sold ot the 20hoi utino at 1221. The Delaware river,opptsite Philadelphia, is entirely C closed with ice. Mlesrs. Warner and Hanna, Whig candidates forthe Senate from Philadelphia county, have, it ie stated, withdrawn their claims for seats in that Irolyv--o stid ering the vote of the Senate reeogniitng the Van Iuren House of Repreentativssea. as virtuallv delrini. againrt themselves. The twoVan, R acen endidatsa fIr the Senate from anid county, Measr. Brown and St - venson, will non, it is supposed, be adlitted without appoaition. Celculations have been made, prdlicated on this re silt, that there will he a V rn Hrn mtajriiy in tile Pennsylvani Legislatore, in joint ballut, of ftor neo-eL hers. rr The great Northern Mail wi'l hereafter he dte spatcedr via Wilmington, closing at 3 o'clock. P. M., and by this route the whole mail will he conveyed to and fro, wiothas nuchrxpedition as thets Express Mail has hereotore travelled. An arranneoment ofa temporary character lies een effected witllh the Chorleston and Hsmhtbrgh Rail Rrod Ctompann, by which we shall have the navantage of a doilv cnoonounication with the West. Tie Cars ore to leave the I)Dpository at hnl fpat 7 A. I., and Hambntrg at 0 A. M commencing on the 5th int. I have, with much pleasure to myself, hilld an opportunity of examining Col. G. L. Thompsontn newly invented machine for the mannofernre of sugar, saalt, &c. The procesa s s scientific one and must when properly understood and appreric.,. ted be of thie reateat advantage to the plnnuers and sugar refiners of this state. The machine is capable of evaporating 700 to 1000 collanr of aqteous manter per hour. All parts of Ile mn chinery where cann juice or ra't watercome inc contact is comnnsed of a metal which does noi cor ode or oxidate and never colors or imparts any I of the deleterious oeflfc of copper or iron: it is adopted to the ine of either hiilnu vby steam of pneumatic process the juice of ilin cine . lfiintl,i purified andt completely cleansed brfore the pre-t cess of hoiling commences, nnd instend of neina the ordinary process of lime, the joire in temPleroli and cleansed bh a chemnicol proiesns which pr noi. pirates all feculent matter and hlcornrs the whobl, mnesI.I[ is nt necessary to lnch theb joice fron the mill unnil it arrives in the pnrgery, ito wi rlh being deterrnined by thie eacrenleter an I lhe de gree of heat bh the thermont ter. The machine now erected and in operation on the Siare I'l t o. lion is unlculated to mannnofnernre 7,50 I s. pr 24 hours at an expense of 31 cents per pund . Whereas the process now in glnerrtl Ito.e .l sJ41 cents per pound. The cost oI thoe mcihiner, I Sunderstand from Col. T. is ohtnt one third len ithan the cost of that now in use, It is on the who'e a very completeaffair, and when it is ot,,ken into Sconsideratioi that the sugar mndebv it is in qun lily far suiperior to that made in tdyo old wny, all must nddmit that it in a very great improvement upon the mode now in use for the manufacture of sugar. A CITIZEN OF LOUISIANA. NEW YORK MARKET, Dte. 0o. or'ks took quite a tumble. Deoawsre and Hudson closing at 75 a( 20 days... Vickshurg, 74. U . . an' 1221. N A. Trust D5. Am. Exc. 07. C rroTno. Rales 1 0 b.iles, ranting for all deoii,.tions lb nm 1917 renut. No transacrtonl in lead. ScoUl do. mand moderate. No change li priec. Molasses arilving fso tly. A arg of N. 0. O. 'd to 101) 33. iI II[F'. Very little was Iriln.tried yesoc rdal in the coi. ton market, 'he puIchasele ie.I g in-llit. I .l neet the advance nlliempted to be n:sint.ledl hV the holders., The eal, a ~id, nol exceed 700 b.lth at prices rangingr I lr 11- I-4 to. 1'. We hve Snothin new In o . once Io ~ertal basin, v;: it,. soame dull and inanuntlte character pervantrs tile r whale.-Chrontele. Liverpool, Nov. 10.-The Roynl WIlinnm arrived nol Monday evening las;t-enrly cn that tiay thIer, was a good demand fior C itto, which, howevr r, I .on suhsided, antd Tuesday the sales amounted to only 1509 halc--since whit h there hoa been fair demand, but little or nontlerrntn n Irnes-- f any, it is in favor of the buyer. The sali ato day are 4000 hales. The Rev ARCHIBA LD MACI.AY, late pastor ofthe Bap tist Church, lulberry Street, New Yolk, will preehk in ll, I lETuOomST Causa, at 7 o'clcek, on Sunday evening, the I:lh i tIstaut. O. Nes Orleans and Naaho.lle Raus Road Co. AOREEAIiLY to nection 8th of the Chauter of alid Company, an electiuon ir ten lirectore wi I be held otil Monday tie .1lth list. at 5 o'clock P. AI. at a their office, No. 14 Baronne etreet. jaell JAM 1ES I. CALUOWELL, President. rONGLISH ANNUALS FOR 1833-The Book at SRoyalty, serb cl'd plutesa. Ftnden'u Tableaux, Findie'a Gallery of Graces; Fiaher'o Drawing Ioom Scrap Book; Beauty's aoatames; Buds aaud Blolaoms; Waverly Keepsakc; The Imperial Oriental Annual; Forget ale Noi; Cartcature Annual; Friend.hli',s ttfferin.a Juvenile Skietch Blok; Young Iad es' Annual; Young Gentlemn's Atnnual. Americas Anuanls. r The Tken and Atlantic Sourenir; The Violuket; The Gift; a The Juvetile Forget-Me-Not. d Just received and for sale by V'm McKEAN, It dec3 corner Camp ind Common rts it fAGS--I1I,00O Gunny Bag-, of enperinr quality Slanding from slhip Arno, nnd fiu sol hby jat0 sHA.lL & BH.')WN, 96 Magazine at W HISKEY--II10 barrels rectified, for sale by jill G. Dt)RSEY, 41 New Levee it SECOND MUNICIPALITY SELECT BALL d fT in proposed to givne a serien of Amack Ba'le, in ile .St. Charles'heotre Aremln Iall Room, ro hoe rc gulated by the following ruler, and any others the subscrihbers tmay think proper to adopt. t- RULE 1 T The series to consist of light Ball., to cormtence on Thursdar, and take planevery ala:nate Thure day, until the whole are completed. d RuLa 2 The auhcriheras not to exesled inty iht number--sub. cription $51 each member, pay.,te int udvance. RULE 3 a T'he Ball to he under the ante management of a a committee nf nine, to he sleuted hy the so',aribers,. t. the committee electlog an froan that number for their President. RuLE 4 . Each subscriber to he entitled to two Lady's ticket. t tRULa 5 , All lady's tackets to be ieued h the committeeando on no cotsideration can they he trrs.hrred. - . poppe.r auhscrhber'esictent tn he taud by the emmittes t enly; anpplictinau or which manst he made to the at rommiNtee. meeting, prior Itn each Ba. The prices of each tichet tn he pall bh the oomuittte. One helfan the proveedstto io the bisector-the renidue into the supper fuNd. All rfreeshments tnoh iwonided Op tite sociegy, the Ii t snsarFuefareilshogesuimlble N. t. SBariptlon lisle at the torti stores of SMr. Canev, Camp at- Sterna. Jollns & 1:;, corner of St. Cherlsa and Common ntreetsl et h,,. Imk etnren# Wm. M'Kean. erner of Camp & COw,0on: in tste Readino Reom of the Trute .,rscane, ad at the lOf Ofie ef tlb St Ckarles Theutre. NEW ORL3'ib hkA1 d l NA$INlV Z RtATL ROAD 0COMPANY. NEW Al1R ANG.MENT. b1yI. will leave the Depot at the foot of . tn1tal estreet05ry dity at 8 A. h. nd return at 4 t en , enpl ndasy's, when srhe will r preeeosanloae e re Sj12,i lots of A H AN . 8, 9, WE , Pei and It, i 9YND)IC'I0 SALE.A S ILLbe S.SOt i on , ofFe b A o.8 9 nd 1,' h it n teh St. . r Loui atreet, Sc levchSe , e otle ortdr rteOwPariehCoet. fote the Sc dnpt.erm leo voditf 3.9n. ft ed the 7cth instat, C Ly nde' feetion t sthe ndNic, the foloingg d1cibe oedpr ee i thrend etr be r. Gabel George Notarlenny to mas In 1ernl. tit. e nb Fsene6i rlt g eat h ry , A feet fronte oaot s t il>, < feaed o t eo., s1 Sby alie dep.t n C. oght rom . Bertar s At 5 . Oe l otn s a r e n e , th eu th o f 2. LGe No. IA nSequare No. li, it eobllb:Wastetingt.t, fr 3o Manicpohlit mns wring 29 w feet, 2inohoo fron o0 A rMtoealens trestr between Poet antd SFedrhls gand stebets, L to net hefore T. Segher, Notary we ubli , te 28th t i Febrl 8a3 1837. . Fie lot of Ground,Nos. 8, 9,1t0,11 and 12, in qouarle N 6c.24. ii suburb Wahington, 3OeMl.niipality, Ns.8, 9 and 10;having each 31. I. 6. on Marunt ot, betweren wioalet and tI rqdl.,t atreetr, by igg reel in u0 depth. Not lIhrrivg 31. 9. 6. et on Marent trett. Ly 1c7 feet o Lrquhart atreet and No T>, baring 31 feel ton Urqluhart treet-by 171. 3. b. froirin delpt. Bought of t. Burlih by nomt hefore L. Fepand, Notary Public, no the 2lst Febrasrv, 18p7. 4. Eigsht lots, N ... 8, 14, 15;.18, 1.. I l, 19, 20, in equneeNo. 24, insttsnrb Washingtoe, 3d Municipality. to, No.13, forms the ctrii'ml treticlh and Urqbhart ,arwa', ,e. mteansuing 31, 9. 8: f'et ott Irench street by, 1116, 11. leet on Urq ouhrt stret, a'.d N.e. 14 15, Iio, i, 18, 19 p and 28, each, measroing 31, 1. 0. bret feint on French - in street by 106l. II. feat an depth. Blought from E. Iurtet and Tlton ILoplenie bv act Itneord before 5,. Fe. and, No Sa y Pablic, the `,let of February, 1l83. It ,. Oinelot ot Vine ttret,nearltlc new Casnl, baettrt fron Genre" Andrews, by ipritate net, dated tihe Ibtir larch, 1837 line. Andreen otd wile nrqoir.'.l title from N. Itolmee, to iltle lot nhicoh reovoires 25 feet front on Vite "trees, hetween the Fltotdnalonrling nd t tin the bourndatry betteeCo Suuhrb, St. Mary atd (cllrlc, h g_ toeing 115 tel in depth. Termn and Cnndijoons-floe tIlird in cesht; and the remaining two thirds nf the price of each purchnne, t payable in 6 and Il months. 'Tle prrcttaeer giing bit tip ttnteswith onegend etdorser,oantl ncurtgage retoioed ei until complete payment. The actsotof saletobe paseedbefitre Notnrv Public, the pnrchaser paIing the Notary'e foer. av anr thre expenses of taking possession by a Surveyor, if .. I nr. ~ l VENTE PAR LE SYNDIJC. I. erai veedu i-t--de Ibevrier, d - heurell In Ihourse c'i tiben verti d'ui decrit de it cour de pnroise', pour la iruitie et.tilie ie Si ouvrlle Orle a d, en date dl 7 cat courant, sous la direction du syn diles pripr eci suivanree, abanldonnb6e pai Gabriel tie r + Ui*hIuY a p ei erb.jneicre: I. a.n're 1lrs d, no 59, 60, 61 et 6e, situce i Curredt.lli Ilc. 5.!1 lcilamel.lrut 25 its chuqicP lne i In ruie Onz 0 -ur 151, piiel de pr.flin lof, nea 60 ni 62i chacqn,, 5 led d: fdace la rile Ileiervbe, llr lne l memre lr adllrur-artc tess de n Porl, p r un le:, dcr I.cnarder, , t public, 10 mll 1837. i. no. 5, don illule, 11, nohitbrg V1ut llellunilte, 3 lanirtipltlr. , nlt irant 2. pli2 p sulr in rIn elr lrale elite P le riue' du Port et Ferdincad,crll lllpd 1 iepd e1 vaint TFCeghoirt , otr. pub. ple 28 ftivrier Ib37. 3 Loits de .erre. i1 ,, I, le. et IeI ba f'ilet ii 24, silt la oIl, . ire l igto, r\lnie:,ulibaLt n, lltr 9 et 10, nyetnclhnqlie 31 I. c fir In tir le i lll, entr ioraiia ic U rqrallue, c.ur 1 7 ienia tie proliletlr,a no II ayurt 31 lps 9p 6 Iourla cIi r. iznut cur 107 plods our le rcu Urqulinrt eat vo 12, 21 pied. For In rue Ur qihbrr rur 171 pied 3 pi 6 ligaciur a in lprnl ndleur-,el. Il de E elrtihe, liar acre decn.t 1. F rii.l. ot ieablie Is 21 fevrier 1887. 4. Iliiti Lts, nog. 13,14, 15, 16,17. 11, 9et O 0 dins f'ilet no i 4, all fav nutilir \\ it lillgo l, 3 Allilnie l alite, lie 13 frlnllait 'ce-,igii+.e de reIes d.iW Fiank'aiit Urt qihart, iieeiurnt 3pl pdo p 6 lig sair it rule des Frann coi. siir 101i pd Itp peur lrIa ei Urquhibi ct le noIs. 14,15 , 17ii 18, 19 t 20, bhliue meIacuant 31 p,2 I pe 6 ligilde IiTe aI l rue iea Franelis ii r o 0i Ii I i lpro. f, mdect-llttehele de E Burthe ,t Thais l)Uollhasais, lar act. dewavt + Fbraud,n,|. pub, Ln 21 re+ rier 1 37. 5. Un Lol ic In c i ii e n It Vfgue, pielba du (invrac SUanal, aehete par Gelrge Andrews, pranre prlvdb.on dnle du 18 lers 1837" Gearge d Allanlews ii nll eOll Sequireul Ie tite dr Ni olmes, ce lot qui mic s ar, i25 pied. cd d-fe a Ia rue do In Vkei , entr lev drlrcalere u Fioridlet In ligne de d '-atc.tiidiadu tfnatbnrgd iete Snlci e net Dleor, avaut 125 piil i .dae preifde, Conl diti onl,--U'il tlrs a lllllli, et lea Id eiX tier ai 6 moir, l'arcer.or donrmtln sact billet. anv, er dvaeuotr, t t hripoethtlll joIl'n a rri r' ipln I Le0 Htas, dle ventus c er n Imse drevllt--, lot pIu. S2I'acqubreuir pa at lxa frail i'Ilalet I Ii r u diier i ps 3eeimt m pnr 'arpelteur. er i S I 'I'A T D E: I. cA l ro1 - A uN ai-tth r d , r ,i+ Cc pEtr laparnias et ville It In Nilh. t)rhd.l--Pre 0leNt llo. ilpn IIh, C charl,,s ;llSlcllall, jlin,,--I rVlll li.n it i d.s ciia i h [ r to u l ti r h e, Io,,En h cltnficki , iset . d r,.r hit wiae.r, t er re o I rlloni no 150ldlol ailomllee d,. Irolgrlle iers nil lieL f ! In , bo liP Il 1 Il it '.ntlO I.a, o. i <e tlllr dli l Illllr I Ir J-tnlver 1118, ouir delli c eresi t o- - I brio-I.d ,lit in ouis llo en calel t to ite lncarsites rull' la personae et -Jay, 1808. AItIIAN'i !'l'l')Tl l, r r. Slilll- i- ul-. &Ci,7 " ei-'u n. . I7 l reIv.ceid ni II f' ci,r.l ii2 jil, I.I ) K &D E C(, 11 Frlnl I., ene N.iTie, for upiei itld lbo1 thr vni e r f -r lileu by 2 2 I(1 2 ,' I,' l f.l. i t& 8 Frc l ieu vei a nin8 8 Froit I rioe ast 1rq.1111Fot -2.-22n ruiay vtend dth,, o anry 1f ) icslvlei, lrnin tv mi iiIe ;a Spiovcru ad inlatiue tiie.;alrv, lDeep are and Ilhcicrl iiles; kigging I.laiher, it. foranle hy jll REAl) 1 1 RSI1TI)V, 7 ank Pliea MiETA+RIE JOCKEY CLUB RACES. cg e riI Sii 9princ leitilg, for 1739, wil cilcl eun lru the I In \edthieadluy, 27111 .nlell. and coilinue flaii 'iil ay.. P. CESAS, ae'y. je il Ir AON iDE de--50 hhd Ciillrinnii, ilrarl ii sdtorn lt and formalehv y SPEI'SI|N 3. ,VERY, jil " 8 Grsvier at t ('1UNNY 2101% -S. halake i anrl.,Ilfr sule bIy Ill _ 44 New Levee I-lt2' GOUtDS, 1'1,11'1 Hl.1 \I;.e. I Th .-uhvcriber hevn in i itrn for Frio, 301) bhale. and casee bIlnePcd lld brown dlirestic Srhirlin.u and shrrlilea, hc 60 dii Lowvello cvtiioic-8; 4-1.2sit taillied Ib 5 do L.owell bleck mled e, 1II do Unliin Hampslire drilliln. 10 do ..per. whit .lvagl.<la niviiv.l, :13du wdlile, irPn ofr t mixed inrcbing and flctine, id 40 do and ea-ea Ingvao clolhs, couteiutina of mixed tavrderas kcasersc,ndpliheiublhk u i;xed w.a at tertiist kersvys, wavllilitn amel ancrwcck jeant, mixed, plnid i ld oicher ilildPyC, 20 easas French and Amelicc prints, vl ious qilal i 4 do ecliinets, drab, black mlxed, and lilac v ix ' id, - 4 do vuperprinted ponagee nd are.act hianker 50 Ialst havv browe n Ruhsn ahlet nilt, 150 di, nlll'le lig., medillcl and large mi ze., 0 ocas alauntatuandd gilhaim ulbrellas, 23 to 36 inch, to0 rll,., winter slrained spermn ail, 31 do summaer train,.d sperm oil, 702 loxes coercm aadles, various qualities, 200 da callow enndie, 801 do oanp, varinus hrand and qualltices, 3110 do whble acd dry cildish. 51) cnes swcel Spellani chncolate,, 211u bxs tabacecn, 81h, 12 Ib and pualnd lumps,. 80 do ilvson Ten; 5 ehelcs ylavnc hvtbo tei, Sicily moadeira wine in pipes., half plipe aed quvr tercnicak, brabnds of Intlruham, i'i.,, ind Colli, 200 enili hale ropr, of sueprior qualitv. 1,50 cnks Boat. Ia nils, 75 rean calt. kip, enal and thick waber water, S150 do calf andi kip broganes, fir men, boys ald 50 do ru*set negro bei:n., lolys, men, atlldlr. v Ira sixes. 20 do vren's shoe., pumsenitd iv ippera, S380 d landies', miasses and childrn's slippecrs adl i150 do clohing., of variur l qualities, eonciecin.vf j-cket., pcnnaluui , vesal, shllts alId raek.e, adapted to the seaoe, 150 hoxes pntr hcblakg.I gic e rnsucs iicel, 401 emlllvt Mnlncee Iligsiheads, ill order for filling, 6 eaten ploniu.card.e, 20 a , t Sievnsa' p;:tcnt hulanec., warrcnteJ correct; 1i salamanider iron choots. jaill ISAAC BRRID)E ' '77o, 131 3tegaicten ATANTEi1)-A bed abhout 12 r 14 years of age, in a acona ,ivi i' hanve cwhuve parents resaide in aithc ehit. Adilres box, No. 229, Polt Ofiic. ir jinl0-1833 61'ATE OF IlISIANA--Parish Caonrt e tihe Palish and City of New Orleaua: Present the lHnnrablelcharles A luvinn. Judge. Jan. tlh. 1839. N. 11409, Roht. Ingraham vs, hi--Crediimra. 'I"r acs id ln of property by th*i Peti.inner is accepted by tle Cuert f7r the beefit nf hi. ereditors. It i nrdeeder that said areditnrs do meet in the ofice of Horatio Davis SEetq. Not. Puh. on l'uesdav. the 22nd day of aniuarv at 18379,there ad thdn to deliherate on theaffaia of the D inslventr, atd in rile mentime all proeecding against o hil person and praperty steyad. : Extraict from ,he liaten--alrk' Offite, Jan 9, 839. jnll ABl INtl) PI'OT, Clerk. S21 0 boies. Slpnp. Mleeba'. Ihrand, landing frm s ln p I nolrmbinla,forsalev ijell SHAL L. BROWN, 96 lManaine at t .W BiiOORK.-R.,h if the Boel.m a I ere' of .at. 4lncec. by tLeaethar oFi'iaellnl Bari.,'iHorca Shin Ronbinana &e. &-c. f 2 eole. Jil receierd and ef rcale by WMI5 M'KEAN. jail eor Camp & Conlnaun nte St. Charles Theatre. Benefit of the Fireoih's Charitable Association. Mr. CALDWELL will appear. This Eeetdtl, January 12, When will he perfarmed,for the first time, M, LAUGH WHEN YOU CAN. M r Gosamer, r. Caldwell, I a Mortimer, Pearson, Mrs. Mortimer, Mre. Farreu. Previous to the Comedy Mr. J. R. Scoitt ill recite AN APPROPRIATE ADDRESS. An Overture by the Orchestra 0 , Song, "The Striped Pig," Mr. Finn. SSong, "Wedloek i a ticklish Thing," Mr. Holland. , Comic Glee, "Myer WorVen s Ltnck," Mlessrs. Plumner, Archer and Page. National Airs,by Orchestra. - GrOand Pas soul, by Mad'lo Ravenot., Hilong, *Come brave thm Se with me," Mrs. Debar. E , Song, "Hunzsa foea Columbia," Mr. WilliamsUn. ct Hail Columbia, by the whole Company. of To conclude wilh the oaw Furce of ti NAVAL ENGAGEMENTS. h t Admiral Kingeron. Mr. Fins. h in, Lieut. Kingston, arowne, i' ty Short, Nato Cowell, h. iMrs. Pontifex. Mire. iha,ith, Mics Mortimer, Plheor. in LYCEUM. in SAINT CHARLES ARCADE. st, l MONSIEUR ADRIEN'S WONDERFUL PERlFO'tMlNCES, THE OPTICAL. ILLUSIONS Admittance :: $1-Children hall price. 1 Perhornnee to eonmmence at 7 o'clnck. he TO IJERCHANTS. illE'ERCHANTS can have a BlAttrletl. Cracv ht LAR truck offalfor hourit NOTIcE,byallsn gate the i' Complieng Room of TRUE AMERICAN PetTlinn; t Orrcr, St. Charleo Exchange, adjoining the RIAu nd tn Root. at Corner of Ulravier treet,eor at the I' int rO, ing Office, earner of Pnydras and St. Charles streets. he FRED WILKINSON. C, DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENEPAL ur LOUISIANA, bis ^ h'FERS his servires to the pnllic in the depart ed O aents of Survae ing and Civil Engineering, both in town and Cntrlloy. From oasideerable experience in his profeasion an tiby promptnesa and fideliti in iit eh xecutin of busines entrusted to him, lie hopes to m nernt and .eieivc a .lanre of ubli' pntro0are. tle wil' - ialno measure and calculate the iLooteant of wnllt and excavations. Odice No 8 Chart orestreet,second story In hsnk. jeT7 le- Blank Checks, Bills of laItlintg, Auction in- Bills, PatnphletS, Show bills, Cata el lognues, &. Ac. oi ll"TURDhtSfor the Above, acil every other des e eriptionoif tjYP;INhN l'lNt.O received at Comptingg . Roomi of'"T'RUE .tAMERICAN," in ST. Ct nt.ES EX-. l. CANCE, 3d door from Graviir street, or at the Printing Ultice, corner of Poydra anad St. Charles streets. "" Fx.tensive ad beautiful oong and .Ion Foua'rs, n froe the best Foundries in the teited tates, hraerjlst been added to the already well-stocked Establishment; -and (norns will bc executed as I o.v, as Cheaplt, Expledh;liusly antd Heautifully,, asal atiny oher O1licc re in tht City. no A'oe l td U1 IPtll)WDI' It--5H:l kgs xatqrier r~tun Powder " 'Vitr lltli lle1 ' t3 l kegs rrioiing Powder, far sole byv blic AIi.lMSh & WIItT.' t.,6t7 Gravier et 'na 7OTATI I:S-i461 Ibri in rxcellhnt order, Inndilng lfio, t brig I.irn a, antd fr ale i )v Ur j3 i" ( t I)t)Io ', 44 N, o' Iterry .n- itl'.S 1IIA MlI,. A ILAIrINS--IIlt winol,, adi 1o. half ht.xea, thr sole by AiRtll.itAII 'T'Il I 14, Ip jan3 : 3 (ir i.r at ar '('OUISVIIi{L AKiC Cittm .-h cheek ocn lhi Bank of Louisville fii 5:15`) for rale to a ildl ýT'I'SON & AVElRY, 1, P iravitr at In PEIL oIL.-'010 galls.i\ in er tinia l Sperri ." , thil, flo nti b SIIAi.I & IIttaiWN. _.Oh 0 . .(.. i hiain Ati: ' at CARDS (fI PRINTEI nat the sharornat No.err, in Ir elegant mannro., in Itllak or ('olored I,.n, on b:ronollI IrP, White IInlke, or Pltnio orlllohrPd (,Anni, and o Prices very! reasouabhl at TIOtUFP A111il.IIC iN (.IF FI':EO, corntr of I'oydrns and St. Clnarle.s ils. Sevtra l New and li.nutilfll Foooounts of l' hare, jusl been ad led to 01' Establiohment. Orders re'crire I at ('n o ptine l aOn, i /. ChatrlsI Erchneo , :'r, don,l fro~illl (;llla ill "t.,or. ao tlhe' I iotlg Ofic f, eorr of Palvdr.o"n o t. Churl- strer tr ,orl-if Fi , 1 Oa n1l lit' l, tart -hole b ijar NIf .I.I k ItltOll N. errlin: n tC , in i 'EI IL 8 \UI E-I: bore+, con mining ,o doe.o each, in -toe u, and , lir l 11t sl h -Masks t ll atq nord fnr lrule h . P.11,,it. o ah eol pir paohoso o n (ir l oelcled IrOll tile 1oot roielooted olloo ,Ool'o l , rendo oe . ranged with ta Piano Fornte acconlpnicnct, it lnw eli Also a aood rnlleelion of glers, by relebrat,.d con ponsre. for oale siglY or bv, tn tloeom nl . lltloglletr 'woat it arielv olfNews MnIoic loa the Iloont, Fort.. far sle atI reduced prices, hy AI.EX T'OWAlt, jal 19 Cnl amp s COTTON CIROCULARS Ul PRINTED trilh Ihe Greatest E.rpedtio, andod in a style unsurpassed in NEw, or el t wheio. OoDnrs left atCoePrlro RnRo in S,. Chnrlre Er chante, (Corner of Grader St ) or at T R U E AMERICAN PRINT''IN , OFFICE., corner of Povdlrns and St Charles Stret t, trill he promptly attended to. Dec. I-ti. STEAMI BOAT BILLS. OI W NERS, AGENTS, or C \ PT't S of STEAT BOATS can have their Bills strurk of, in one or more Colored Inks on Plin or Coloured Paper, itlh despatch. and on favorable Terns, by leaving their ORDnes at'TRUE AMERICAN OFFICE, corner of Poydras and St. Charles streets. NavoS--tf r iorv in linvaotn, inn -tur 'm1l .1 3it010011 iCigars, I ,h v.; Ci1,.l,,y-,ri, .......or o,,,.,oo, .... ll. f Ithe best qoality-l'rbucoso , Rrgnloaa, Cnooron, for saleobv 11 FAtII 16, jur7 17 & 5S('usloo lonse -t SI tIN N G. 3Ap--5 butns (j bulshT brI g) in iA and for sale by G II/aL t', j5 y 41 New Lece BANK NOTE EN(RAVING. RAWDON WRIGHT. HATCH & EDSON ll AVIE opened an office ins Now (brisens. posrrloing equal alvstngeo o itl their hFloao ico Ne.w Yolk fior the purpo¶se of enlgraving an l rioinog Bank Nonte, Baudn, Bills of Exchange, Cerrtfire'as of L)epositr, Checks aund other important pa o re, requ ring security against Inorgelrier; nld have mnae aplpl pinlviion for Ihe safe keeping o0 all Flaten andti ilnterrsln enlrtl ed to their care; their pleci c ens tlhenoten of ovsr fivehnlndreds bnlllin. instltutions, and all lo'ders *will he executed with proonplitnul, an I on tl naual lerme. Office, otlroer ofloyal &6 Canial slrel. ja--tf WASHINGTON BALL ROOM. Dress & Masquerade Ball, St. Philipatroee, hetwoen Royal & lourbon. .'U E Mlnaoger ofihe above nnlled IBoll Itoomgrte Sful to hso frilods and the lpublic t I the unparl. lsle.l Ipatronooge bestowed oll him to rscerrl seremon, resjpltfully infornos then that the est Cbli-hinent has been enlarged for tile amluselmern of visitoos, and en dergone repaltirs. The bar will be surpassed hy noon in quality of liquors, and the ltetauro t v. ill loo kelt by lhe blestl lItestaurtlttr in lhe Unitle Sotaes. To roo will reopen on Saturday, 3rd of Novtmber next, bt a GUKAND DRESS& MASQUERADE BALL, and will take platoe tn nrsal every Mondlav, Wedol+e. day and Satrdlay onveuoig, olnrio the se0son, Wto chs will and on the lst of lMa, I839. N.H. The earestln attention wdll he paid In kr,,p. tng perfect order througlout the eoanblihnoonot, as wc done last season. ocrt24 ALUAI' . I.t, )ttK--For Proaets, &r.--l)raswlne Room Scrap Book, in , parts, containing '2 au peob steel engranings. (iage D'Arrois, i3 fie engrncingso, printed in Freech and Engliah. Italy, France and Switzertond, in 2 parts, with 92 splelid steel engravings. Syria, the Iloly Land, Asia Minor, &c., illhstrated with 3 large engrviotage. 'IThe above ore of roattl quarto sie, antd are houndl it embossed leather, and handsomtrly gill, aith gjlt edges &c. &e. London Christian r~epeake for 1837 and 1838, rt ya oelnvo, embossed covr, eilt edg., N c. &c. The ohoer are on eonsi-nment, and will be sold very che4o,at the New York Stationer'a Ilall SalO0 DAVID FELT & Co. 21 Chartrros at PORK o BEEP-Prime Pork and Preef, at the in speStiott, itistore and fes ulc by joll C- G DIESEY, Now l.evos ('LOTHING--10 eases, eomprtsirg a general aa nortmenst nof Rnotllhlabre, l'anlalouoo , Vtests, Shirts, &c. iiw ldla andootl for alse hv ji0 I BRIDGI & Co, 131 Magaine at ifr sale h. (a D, mllSEV, 44 New Levee. jalO 44 New I eva 'tPE5 M Candies -1t0 thnaeo Neo Bedfltro, lut ce 7ei swl and for tale Oly S11Al. ,& BROWN, d10 96 Magarinoe t Caa: p St. Theatre. THIS EVENING, JAN. 12, Will be performrd Shakespeare's tragedy of MACBETII. Macbeth, Mr. Fredericks, Macduff, Fielding, Banqio, Gilbert. Malcolm, Keppell, Lady Macbeth. Mrs. Greene. To concllde with the lougbablleFarceof TIlE IIIIIMAN IN LONDON. SCapt. eymoaur, Mr. Gilbert, Collonev, Fielding. Caroline, Misa Mclntyre, Ionisa, Mirs. Smith. JOHN V. CHILDS, ENGRAVER AND COPPER-PIATE PRINTER, No. 3, Camp St. W ILL engrave and print to order, bank notes, hills of rexcllnge, bill of lading, diplomanes, mora tile and visi:ing card. notnri.,I, consular ,nd counting house seals, door plates, silver ware, 4..-alwaysoa hand, an assortment of silver plated and breas dnor llatsa. Pa Cords printed from plates already engeraved. nov2U Diess and Masquerade all~ . MANSION HOUSE HOTEL. 1 NEW\ LEVEF.dIlRr, I bnmedinaely in lhrmt'ol ITshe sleam bot lndling. The abloe seltablish mte will he r.pered on nday evening. re. 2nd, Il.i8, for th serason. toll days. Sundays, 'I'nettm1ye. and 'rhursdnvw. lsirl esltalblihment will be furnished with iteh ooi eh, liq.uors, and a good IRetaturst will be at,((:h d to it. 'l'The anagers of said estrblishment have engaged enftcient Police lflicere to keep good order throughout the establishment; there will be a plae to deposit ctaliks. eaes, &e. No person shall be admitted in the Ital! Rlnom with weapons ofany kind. I AVANA Ci(FFEtP --7 bags prime qlaliiy le jtl A lRAlltAM TItIER, .14 Greier a Gr eat Attraction! I IN CONIE B1 RIELET, NEAR tHOSI'I'PAL. ri tIlE Etlenarivel ll NACFtlF i dyrele,. Weriag g .nll Ritmnncl, will ,*.vlt' oo StIIItItt, Jan. 61th, - 18;:9, nod will tny in en f;,r n f w dhtve ",.nit rptl' ( eill sr n1 tIt exl lilthye ro eat ellteensive anld rarea La[t )l.'n from 1 u11 l 5..nd at earl, candle light. t; Admllitttllenes "thsm.--( bhilhll ndl st rvalnts, hll'prieo. JOCKEY CLUB RACES!! t t PRING M!TII 'tr'h. I93, will tenmmence en WVed rm1 I ur~,Stnty,ito I itof C l'b,Ii 81,9, nticosnione5 days. artiirerhur t due, tiimi. Y. N. (LIVEiI, tritr. i e' ers. yariEng & Co's Circuing cn _ ,.etsrsr . t' aring & Co's Circus. SItA\ `I l' ,1 l"li, n l:x li-~ a r+rvery nilht. rnone c o f " nae n I l,+;ptal t, 'by nn a ~men , 1.-Ir"'" . lllllllSi, · Mr. hlhnny .h, l1iner \I re r, oVr ,e d , 00 .nl th on. n :sa 01i1n 'i /. lu h : n'l8 Irl.; prc dfiP nnrer to reom. jantl nl 7. I. tlllrlliur, Roelan O m3 lollal. Ulildrne $i RE11 A I I . A TIRNK w lr'kel oll att Aldllm Shal l', on thi n' uioae t. , t 1 h t ll me t Iwo llocket holka, ijl no red nlllllc ,lo. " hlol)",r lll hk, H.t l ailelgea) aon l 00 lin C FvOll la ' 183D pr I , r llw n a il.. l et $4l400 ,lhawn hyv I'rlrcllt d vU, Wna InY.r f(I 1 m Io abatbri .,`vr, nlnihl,, nn ",.. nloult It,, 1 ti oi ,ilnvll, 183 , end t td thIeWll ul IMelchb I1837; IIRI preG E cit ialazd not re c,,hl.'l. ed. A IIp. a s enr, r no o.t dirae for said note. Al\i on- le V I. ' *U is,' Ci1t 3nfdI' lh".,aw IIurkei. Wnltj C.,h'. lr $5 . ,ylaantib o a itl,, as wellus enlh Butrk, %ala ,l Co., h rI.,u Ihl reaard Will hr paid. )m1. 11t+l vlnl S 1'. tB. W AII.. ST. 1iHARY' MIiKEl 7 STErAM FERRY CO. O( J 'aFt is hr INP S- lWv, hle ill llrsllanc ofan Or. idlnenn<, byl 1th ( oi ,llThe S.d 1 Mi. cilao al, lI~ tl dneal'. lVIl,'o:l .1 IDart, 1 O39--ltaa fusio,.a,'rilp, t , ul " II.,;a.p lal luc ..3l ,JiU,06 in shames f1jan. 0,, .d rinp , , a.I , ai.'ned at Ar. L~judav lIT &Hll,, a.lao, aI d wiUll kpt oI or tree days rou Ill A, M. until 1'. t. on euc day. 't'l n Dollar.: p, r " h lr," It, It. paid it, each on subscribing. 8 I I (; I', Coma iseonnlrl l1 I1lbm1 flII.ll.E .LAlI''-deJ ra, ')d :I rnea of very sple dil 1I.7 Welh sal.atI, hard ,tl,,i, fr an's by !)AVID F'il'l & I'o,924Ua f.lrres jail) N'ew YNa .) S olntiaern Hall ALCOiIllgJ O iglr la Iai.aan lebmiary pae. far cataby JAVI.i & ANIREWS, jail.. "or Cenmmaa & 'Faonpitoulsa Pta --WlI-,l~l. lI' ETry-1'-1,ry fi-,ab-l'ai7i-TW-0-Low fIlR-'l-NI.:-Forrybtlro e ftrafmily aheatizpa; I fiftaeen bales aiaxti ah , h1rown alrtings, landiag far sale by I.iAd' BItl1GE & Ca, janl 134 Magazine at FLANNEL--Landing. tie ba.; aaaao a flannels, ftar Hlile Iby IS.AAC IIbIIIGE & Co, ae8 134 Magazinoe s 1 TlER ankeg. rge 1h.,ll'lll . Irnrllfl and for ale lby j. i anld J I' 13ITNEY,1 7:I Camp a. 13OR012 FOLI.oA .pleaid aeaoltmrt tof Fronk Wei. 1 tillag Dlaksa, varioa., a asd ,limt pas.a for Is nlby DA33t1 'ELT'aad co, j. New York l tlaners' ll.ll. 24 Chartres at ALMANACS FOR IN19, for s31 w+laleat- and RataiT b DAIVll PEI.T a null o. jd N Yoa k S.'.nlllOta'LlalI24 Camp at (1 1Eb.V3lbF blrrral Illvllraulta Cananun, lzndia from nanlip lTarqui. IorSala by jo4 S & J I' VIIITNEY, 74 Camp at UNNY BAG--455 bllesa OGunny Bags, o lonas a al ipr0,e texture, suitable for Salt, by jalU I al IIl)IF:, 134 Magazine at ` OA', I. c--500 hboxes ,p'rm Cand.' lo. aridoa s branda L 110 boxes tallow trllres";a:lllI bIa xtraaa No. I and iailltion No. I :3,.; . ll Ialezs wllite aand dry Cadfanh, for ale by ISAAtC BIIDGE & CO, jal0 .1 Mlagazine it FLOR.Ti701 ..Iiit , - a.n Flu[Bea.fur eala by -j4 G DOl)SEY. 44 Naew I.eea -OTATOlS-oO baa in ...... order, for alM by -jR (Ii DOI3I,' 44 New mLaroa lCE--IS jkrl aupelJir ,l.a0 crap Cjarolllt Rmia, be 1al S by VlIITRIDGE and co, O6iMagaaie ti IOATJ. .3M bushels Oa.. in mterrm nal foreihlj'-- J'I WHITRIDGE and roa 6 Maaainaalt S OA P.]30 n Noxaa &tn o . I oap., kludiadg from atop Avi, and for aalo by JO S aadJ FW1ilTNEYf lCamp at InFr' PRI-,SLIVIa.l' --I'0 Gaoodyer's paenein,. ,4 povel LI['+ prearraara, jillt reeivted, fr ealan by jIll 3" Il'lll 'G& Eta, l76 Magazineat a aSftA .3llIF.I''I.GS--l halrs Rn.ia Sheet. I. e ia, far sale by 'IIITRIDGEA &C (o, jal0 76 Msagazine as 500) aiAi.l.S. \,'irrp a...r. r.pei'atal 1,1 a U?100 .l1 Fall ailniard lo 10 (01) IlelRfind 1 h'Ih,] Oil 151 hlbl Tlinaia's )il Il'nr .al, by WIITRlI1tfl & CO, jal l76 Mlagazine at 1.), -- CEn IIF;NtF, nhalbn a f ship EI t, isfrh London, fo sale by jia.ll READ & B1 ItSTOW 7 Bank PIece. ]YLDRAULICC E.IENT", far slad by SjanlI READ U& B\AI.TOW;\V ?.Baka fla

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