Newspaper of True American, January 14, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated January 14, 1839 Page 1
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PCE_.12 CENTS._ NEW ORLEANS MOND[AY MORNING, JANUARY 14 1839 - o,. .-.J 5 iorn, . .. . the Newepeper Press of New Orleans x Weis P.m. Tares of the Nesporper Press of Nete Orleans sa r lrnUnsle eghreed ti at an adtlurn.d Inecting U o the Plprieltrrs, held ru tile 1311 of March, 1837. ssaonartllori.-l'w.lve I),tllra for the daily pn par nanurl, pylyalle rsl i-.rmautllv in odvante: ten dollar for tle lri-weekly conlllltry paper, payahle one year inr advale, where no ceitv rjerrence in given, No Sdhocription will he diccontinued until arrearnges are settled. In case of di continuance, one week's tntice in st-ainlg must on invariably given, previous to tit apiation of suboscription. ADovrsarssls.-One dollar per suotre for the first naetiol, and halfl that price fr teacl subsequert ane: san materialaltneroionnrnot the original edertirement will he charged as a new one. YnAaL? AnraRTaesaa.-Merchants and Tra err, erty dollars fi English alone, and sixty for both lnn. gIssl nIanks, Insnerpce OIresa, ant other simian publi ianastitntins, fifty dollars in English only, anrtl eighty for both languages; Ship and Stenmbo.t Fae tars, or Coommission merchants sixty dollars in English ue, and eiglhty Ior bothl langoges." ManIAnenS, Oslnertc NoTlCrs, and articles anli ing the attention of tila purlie to sayle n' property, cards of paosetgersr benaflit, &e. &c. will lie erlergtl Aom dollar per square ,ir tie frst inaertia in eaclh lan guange. COMMUNIacA rTre , or Advertiremonts, of any pereon i nature, wholle admissible, shall be charged dnulble, and in advaIce. A dednotiot hi" twenty-fie percent, will be made to Auctioreers, hlerll', Registers of \Vills, andl Mlarslals oun sales of renl estate, poUlieldtld in both languages, and .f per conut il Eogllsh alone: liper cent. on sals of otlher property. Alteaoaslenarso not ftl a .dierst line of r llr.inors of the advertiser, suchl as legal, auction, aad plants t on sales, runnaay slaves, stry animals, &e. .cv. will Le ehargod lfor epn.utely, and ant tlhe ordliory rates. Anvrraita:aMTS not specified os to time, will be publlshed one month, anrd cltrged accorlinaly Nao adeertisetmrnt of bankruntcria will he Iublisahed in aoly ease, rlrless paid lir previli ton insertion, or Iayrentao gauranteed Ir a responsible preron in towo. rlaatmreo ald other planes rf amnnsementt, advertising daily or the season. to It chlarged $1011 fir lnglilsl a lo:is, and $1511 in butlh laIguages. All n runcesentn of cnliiurtte fior political office will Ie chalrged doible the price of olter adrertise Inents, liwing to the immense lens o starinled by newspaper prordielors, ltheV hItv e loe ton eioe lllsion llht the nleas of pcrson.l whle nctoultsl haes not Ieen aidl within olre monthl aner pressetation, shall be made know.l (so Err as pralicauble) to eachn entlr-hrey ohli g ting thelmonlves oti to n lverliee or print for such dolin njel(o, nnletn il csue of tadance aporyncin. (signed) 3. C. Df ScT. IlOMES J. lAYO)N, J. C. PRENI)EIOGAST, SJOIIN GIBSON, I.UMSI)DN. Weekly Preis.-We, hi-,- und-.rsigred, ogrer to ablide ly tie' ahive rotrlitiunn, as for as they are applicablh to wmaiv mapotrs. o .l.ledl) A. II. LAWRE.ECe , L suabscription are tkr foler less Iullan 6 uonth. Ltters luatr, in tl cseP he post paid. NOTICE TO TIIE PUBLIC.-Unufr nded rsTmors of tie uorlersigned laring sold out, or discoutinued his old and long eslalilshed IGARDEN SEED sTORE, JE. 15 ullrnlor Iroenr .Slreel, lisving meu mrost lndlusrioeuly cireul rled by telrf. interested parties tile uobscribor bh-gs o assure Ilis friends generally, anid tile pnlic at large, that he still conti:ines withirn twr oors o' his lante, or ursmer etand, nto b lurnislrd with a fIll ld tx. Otttsive suply rf nl tie tlndeard kinds of kitche Ir or vogetrbtl .;anrrldr trl., olf tlre growth and ir. port of lre present recao., 1837. Sinne tile early pi.rt ofl Scpterirr, Ie has re. ceivud ampla suppison, by tIhe peickt sllilas Vicks burg, Kesntcky, and Arksn.s, all UrrivedI in shor. psoaogna, direct frle New York. Ily tile Minsis. sippi and another Irlcket, Ihe is ill lily xnperrta. lion of a saltpply of Frit 'l'ren aIid At;, er,,nire luotls, laving alreaody received irvrices tllereoi Iy moil. Tire solhcrihelr ltegn fortlher to aeo:lre th,- pubhlte at larte iltit ho in at Ireeirt os werlli r.iblrrl trr ineet colld vxutcrto orldere Icr all thIr kitldeio Gi.rdenir If,tols, eitllr wlholesale ,t rrutll, no hne ear wIr since tie firsLt vstnlrlirrhert in JinrirIryr, 1. d Country Dlelern aIMa tlkirkiet Grl.ortt.' ordcrie filled at tilre Itwest nil ndlrst re.lnlllblo r.nltcs. liy Ilit pound wile lt, i it tUrrrgooi or rt lltre llttiair llrlrte. Ctahlogen, ritilrtr in Frolnchlor ICi.irs't, Inec always Ie orLtillrrcd r i r pIriNorI or llalrl, to V N S 11 I'I, G trdl.n Sied SerlO , 815 CI. nip|4HllhOlJ+e ntrv "r.e NO r'EII'.--a rrItiit sor ppy of lird .,rrl,, o it or tid or plain; ptoalrtrixrd ottup; hotrhi, and Sihik r>' dried Irer -i.,r,--, I i ih .+ eltl y if ' rl, u cl I .nnn. tN I o r.E :) IA 7 'Itk.Jtll.S: 1V) ,ttlh. (1 I' Ir"i i ri' . t, r, . li. lr 1. hi pr-,.icure I., Ilse trltl ln ,.|a , t ,1 .n'1· culi |ih,Im ? , i n ;:11 ot" dIll, " I ", .ut a. liralal ll . u11 1 {II , I, vo ta d t , tIll tr atsll Jlli r\ 1of t et( re: l that partio:lllar IoIl h oll of he 1 ol()I l e I q ,, m 1 :llwea r va. .Ie, ly al d ulln inl rure to sI I pralll as are th l willh .ny of itiel tiiJlwing r lt I ll I U.,u11 hIll u nl , besl- , " trlla ,tl ivsh tl ,dr, wir, 6l1 L.ina, tJrelter, ltrustrae " ilu l, Swclod l clsit ', Erulpltit ai tie Slkii, Sore Tblunt, Pules ils the Juint1a A the nlumtrounsymptomn whise: generally follow hi I elt cildes curedl is two or ti rel. d I ly ithl,lt the use ofa Merceur, iottrraption Iron. busll s, ali tarU ti o in in the iude uf ti ing. A illedlne Ilt, reneul VIenrrent liseame eoln he ob tained of Ilr.Jol ,lila It is ralll the .l :,/I e 1l tihe taron Larry, a vlepbratmd ireclllh SurSa...ll, ll wa used by imn during theII ~.eral ca.I nie-ll ill lie Solid by ),. Jl~lhlln a I lit.. olline. c'III.. Il r.ll I Ilhaing illy ualetioi uf Vlnereal Diseane., anld nltll takilg sea voyage+ or rlnullvig ti the tcounly, woulllld de well by givingi Iir.l Johlaon i call, as pri .er lledi cings ur their lcre in the alharlent tille can lai pnt Iup with written dirtctilona C,o their use. Olicelopen front 7 in the morning until i1 o'clock at night.I AIIEIBtN''IIY'.. D)MP I'lc I.IXI:. I)r. riaiiethy, thI greioist of i.g!i, largeuna wns e hipinain tlut alil -tenthIs of the diseaeis thIat anite mankind lriginllate i thle lstoacll. lIThi- I.hxlr was iused hinl witlll. t Ii most unrecedelllted suilces ill Ils lirivate and public palctice for upraurida of tfrty years, lir the reollllal of hb Illlwing dlseacaie: iLom IfelIeite, Flatulvaiv, Di-t-luinio.f tte in on eh.,I'ai i i lia * le, tnavinitea flte i telttd wioodicli enaian to sleep, Irnrgulerity of tie lowels, andiI in all wlhere Indigestion or aIt a ustive habit i, Itund to elirt. 'ihis tmedicine must lnot bne iumleelledll aon the hent of qlak Inotranlt now Iefore the public, as it is the sole inventionl ofith ablet ni d Umot scientific surgeon Enotpe evle ir.oduecd, and thl .etret of pavipariL.P it wan Iurchased by tie agent filr al very large suna. It is greennole an I pleansat to the tu-to, acts an a IliI aCer inat.alwya keep, then bowel firee, ilparin vigur.aud strlltgllt ti thII sytelll, lid chleerlfu lesls tile inind, nd a few botles relmove tile nlos caoirtinle cases of l)yspepsia or Indigestion, and preventla return at any future period. . NEW YOeaa,17th August, 1838. :15 .ladisonustreet Stal:--li cont.eq leneef ieading a sedentary life, I have been troubled, more or less, with lli~nestion for ten years; for the Iiel three ears olvy vuelinllg have beeninsuallmrtible. I have tried nrvernl plIy-iciins, and a inuae, of quarl k nledicins, with llt dertvig any henefn.. I dI sluirel f evler obtainilng aln perlnlnelll relict, and rre·iiytled myself tl Ili I.nt hopl Ihn despptir l waei ho lLtv frllalln t ii Iot+ ,irblleolhy' I)vspeptic I.hxir. I Ilave niw finished the fiun th Itit itI,. and know not how lt expertes v : alirultin of its wolderfll virtues aId ilie.illltcle itt ' il'lr nll'n n in emntotrig mn, tllnt hellth which I , i,-11h lter fitr ever. elld ime half a dolzen hotlles ita e ald excelt ay thanks flr .tieblessillpg you have s o lredlhy re storing Itn to prnlect heallih. rIenatin roana, JCOI1 tMONtOE. t le'arentlt h in his paeoainm tseve hueldred lea tilmoniael simnilanr to the ah,,ve, of Inhe extnatrdinarv vir laes l' thi. itedicite. Soled Iiy appoiut.ceut, atl ir. Jahlltla.'S. 1411 It$envilln street. nov. S PROSPECITUUS. THE subscriber p-opeses to publinht, in the be. ginning of the onasumg winter, a Condensatioln if the twenty volumes of the Old and New Senrie of Martin's Louisiana Reports, to be comprised in foer volumeas, St., nccording to ti Inodel of Peters' Condenead Reports. SThis work is now in proparation by J. Burton IHarrion. Esq, of thin city. assisted by William F. Brand, Esq. The Editor is also permntted by a distinguished retired Judge of the Supremte Court, and by one of the sitting Judges, to expect from their personal supervision all the advantage which smay naturally be reaped fromt their experionce. Such a work is boconmiug every day more ne. cssary, as the original is voluminous, expensive, and scarc. An increasing curiosity too is ttani fbet, in the other Statoe of the Uniont, in reference to the peculiar jurisprudence of Louisiana; andtlhe circumnstance of the numerous principles here de. aided in the adjustmenot of conflicts of laws, makes the knowledge of our adjudged cases of prinme uti lity to the jurists of the whole Union. Moreove,. the rising republic of Texas has adopted our codes, and thus there is a great denldail for the Louisiana deainions from a fresh quarter. Convenient notes, indicating the parallel cases decided in Loui.iana, and oceasionally those In tile mtore authoritative forums of the other States, will so added to each case. The work will folrt four volumes, royal octavo. and willdta delivered, bound, to subsre.bers at $6 per vol.; in ease it shoul l be found practicable to compress it into three volumes, the prien to sub asritors will be 17 per vol. eb.scriptioni received by WM MeKEAN, JS car Camp and Comman Its. NEW ORLEANS Steamn and Patent Biscuit Bakery-Waters and Hillman. No. 99. MSreau (ear ther POeithartrain Rail Road.) Pilot and Navy Broad, SodrI nod Wi.e Riacuit, Sugar, Butter. Midolbd and Water Crackers. All the above articles are warranted to be of the fir quality, and o koeep in arty climate, being eoonpletely kiln dried. Also,--Kiln dried corn meal. Orders left at G. W. Prichard and Tiga t, Jr. corner Magazine and Poydras streets, will receive prompt attention. Small kegs put up expresely fvr family use. 1511ov ELOUR--1000 barrels landigin store, and Itr sale by G. D)OItKEY. dl3 44 New leve "N ALS-700 keggs Neeil , ererd vines, for raie rby 15 AIJA .i &WIIIT.LL, 67 Gravier t j4YUrlItS-tlieeiesippiFunds taken at, Front L.e. vee, Ibr (iroceries. d1i K ERSEY--76 b1les Kerseys, Oil---5 barrels 'aumera Oil, i3 eask, winter Oil, 40 casks alful strined do CANDLES--3H) boens )lperm CandleA, for sale byhr li H GALE, d7 93 Common e' NEW PORK & BEEP-20 bhls mees, and 40 Lbl. i prime Pork 20 bbls prime Beef, for sale by G DORSIEY, d 44 Ie wl.ave. A CARl). SIt. JONES, Professor of singing, the Goit:r uindt Piae-forte, breg to announee her arrival Iroln Glasnow, ar l from leveral years prelite, in Edi . blrgh and Glneow. she latter hersee( tbat her syas. tiei of initraetiti e ill give aat ilaetia t puieila. 'eatimouuiala as toecapebility, &e. an be hIotwn, on appliratioa to Mrs, Mlillard'a, 17 Royal street. dxI-I a JOX CIIAIKt-- Ii0 doIe il Bi Chairs, juat rr t erive, andt soitehie ti r shipping for sole at tihe Leaieiana Furniture W'ar, Ito me uuv13 Wit li Atl(i4 [ew B00K.--Nnpele.ll'n Memoiro,-eve ia.Jg N til Prihne,( emh.,.ere, bv Btr n n.Rccon. in 2 oler; The Mriddy, or eeres froar t, I ire rdr Fdlewer I. irlh' , i en 3 Cls; P.rley's (riCmn r ire for 1839;. Iarley's Clriatlr rri for 1834; jao. received and for atle by W MeK'l(AN, dee tl cornaefr Camp rN . Common r ls LOUISlAN A INSTITUTE. /[ HIS Iotititutr, for lthe edocatirn ofyoing.gntle. 1 men. aill go into operation on the firnt rIOctre btr, in the eqemenet tarv ,y f lth. Methobudist Church eornar of Cnerodelet ao Pordlrane, tinder the directrio o/ftler llode.rigeed Wile hlb. ree, pie tie chair eof rutilrrratit in sreverel ('nller:a ofrthe nortrh, and wiLe ir a grrlaelto rfeere ofe fll Irrat celebrated universities of hruarpe. I'lle roerrr ofetalie to hie p raired ien tliaseinaery rwiell lrr thlllpr Fdrwre frlethe f ruinie dijviionu,v . I. llr r IhrIRstli de:trierClet, ev hrrerr ai the hraoclle oF thora gh r drgrr aurloml:irihedl ILngli- ed • .Te claie deearrrmentr , coreprerledirg tIle I.ntirnd (;reek blnegraea. . fThe dlst roen 'rrrr irlerlr larrglrgea, in which will he trught Itle,Fererih, paraisbl aid (Germar lau, 4. Thle muatbertnr iell ane philonrphi el irp-rtronrt ra0 rtprehedlrrr Algebra, t ,enmelrv, the two lri.onwn elrien wriltl their prauurl alprpliieriru to Sovrrvino , tnviore tilre, %Ilr lllr t tr e, . N alllratl Plrlr eiisphy cril iLliv Cha.see ite le M.der. I.rae ,iier wir Ct J II.tI)I)l:I.;. ,NNu A 01. RrJra :rryctrc Itev Ireidl.l SII.NOI()V, Iroriin.hi Crrllegr, lI)e I n ILI,1\IIEI:i1, I, ( I)UNI:'AN F-., J ,IIilIt ISON li"(, .erw Orle:ae. ieP2,.--1t:l Ite lih l lii p Ihitinl l rIIII , Tiill1 (· ll l ier, l11,ii double11 " Il.:I;II(111I T wII' l il C eirlll, I 'lla r, ItcI ii nntl I~ ultlrll n " Idutil ,I ,r il l u " hirv + l ro f Tnurl~ldt [lal'e ,11 ud liIIer ! si iiii tl .. L1 ell,, h l, Itlivo'e . S l' r \\lir 'r l r-: NewC nlu'. di; Ih i t -Iluldh+: I hiq 1 , 'hlEid 'h;( 1,l 1,111111 -" ~llll·.; 1\larihl I Ld i 1ii, ,u: Iv. rv M alu. . . It lln n llil rook* ale+ I no I' ulh rn1.h,.+' he-t lib le er Pn orill hilnalll+$• T ui e klivles; \ ,11ii , ..d dherhlliI , ' , ,,10 ; T'l r I, L i." h , lr ail ('rk sm l t, - +1 i (ilire h ,,ri, a d 'c ,r I 1t11 I',. 4.01:0ý, I II I III ( S'rrepar ,t ruIýn, ls"; Japon,'edl Til Itn I. I, ll ,h1",r oIo i ' . 3 tl e ' 1U't l . )rattI w '1 ,' &. . lr I l rl t I Iuru d a thI ''KE'I I1111)K5 &. Vitl.l.l,]'l . Ilncllci n 1 ;5,liiPIIiCIIlhCt Ih,,kn; II t, is sy1. ,r + \Iair IIitusin Leanlhel.r P'lcket Iolllksks i 1 u, l sll lnti e.; pait u't 'adius, wi ch eilvt rb ,knel a , 4 "t Plain andrd I(,rldrd Rouse'volo f, fi .owoumi, t1111 Cold Itlnli-led goliI, Iancy toloed f ind gold t:lrew la. - tile . 1 PPN HI'II.IIElt8. Pearl nd u(hli Ictl IPen Uldr; Pearl ;tni( Silierdo. IT 41 ,t li IF 1.11/11 A. First JeudictallIe I ietl (ourt. Thursdayl tie ilsh day l Niovember. P Ilresnt, Illif . .1 I ll u h1 ai ,eJllllkeI . No. 16,1i8 Ja,.b lalosy vI . his Creditor. Inmi oftao F.1 1ms veIt I sq iof Con.el Ir I .n.fargue, syndie oflthe cred. it,. of the ,inol i'lnd Iiline ru ble untl Il dist, , tioi tl thlib+ es,: It is ordered by tlhe clurt that the credit. oIa i' said i.nslvent aid 11all other inters-ated, shw :e wihhn en dullvs uinll thae rsdlblioatint od lhi. rIde. wvhy ni, idu [talci sh+uld nt bi e Ita t mhlgealed nd cun. firntle' erding to law and the llnds distributed is ac. dea7-:tird P .eRLI.ANC, Clerk. )Istrier Judlciire. Jeliti, lie Decembre : PrePenl I'lh lernluthld. A 1, Iheh lan, jug~e. Miitiesy nv. slscr.qeiait, rs--No i6,311(h-"teiaatl.,ii In e E tIonaert Ensq1,voala ~ die A IUnfhlrgtie, sasnIdc desi crean, ersde Pin, ate lvAble, ei dIteo uCier iltre nil tableeu de distri btion en rei.tte eat ilrdnlie qi'ine ttiaetlblee des ereaiiliers oll I'isolnealle ,t aiare.. interease anfil tie failie voir dans dix junrs de ela pubilution de eel avid els rai.ouc pour leequille ledit tableau ne sraeit pas h.I ohlgule it conlfit,e Ia eloni l lis otles finds I idea P A LEBLANC, Ilej (irefici'r. t STA TE OF LOUISIANA--First Jiciahl (tis. trict Cllrt. John lIhiy FIster vs Ilis Creditors the benefit of te laws liala'i for the reliel if einsolvent diora in cilaln custvdy; (Caswell and Ileand Fsqrs. are appointed II represent thr a.bent creditolrs ini this lye nnlert ilhe court Ihis 3d Deceelllr. t188. Secr.i-3lit.tfre I' tetll, \5w', Dv 5 +I-k. TAT' DI- 1. LLUISIANE-Citour du Preirerl Disrrir Judiciaere, John \lay Flstelr cltllre sea erhatllcir.i t t asU erSIiCit'ri de Deve.x &. a oister. ILe. irencilers de Jlhn ,t ay Foster el d & I)eveunx & Fcs. ter s.It plr le pre.nt requis de sa'sie ulltir en pleinie e-ur, suiledi, t9 dt courantII, I In IOilrs du mallin .ilt de nitlrer eutier, s'I en e nist ll'lii . li John slav EIte car n'i.I.i cldrait pia. le besefice des hli. I l sses pIoulr Ie nlelllceiletnaeti d ehi teIiiurs ilsIlvaebles elnlms. Casrwell & Branll isqr. stnt IIUilltlel llUI rtreprtsenter leee elaneieras alse, ,elans cette offire.- Par ardre de In wuar, Sdp., t'ec7 P LEBI. \N. Dea. C.rePaer STA'I' OF LOUISIANA.-I''arsal Coult of the Pearish and (ity of New Orlenlna--Presert, the Hin Charles Nl.llrllil Judge. No. n11298 Newlon Ilichards v his ceditre s and the creditors ,of Jlhin G Beuvd & ct , 'IThe cesistn of plrtperty b t he ptitlnher is aae.etpied by tih caiirt for ithle llcrfit f his credlilutrs andi the crediitor, o Johit n G Iovd. It is irdered that said cre.itoirs doi metiet hin lhe lice oaf I B Cetuu..Elqr naotity public, un Friday the 4th day lf 'n: asy, 1838, f then and thereu t deliberate upon t e aLffirs of the in Ssolvent, andlin the Inean time sii p oceedings against rithe person uad intlerttvt o said Newtol Itichards are stiyed.--I is fiurther orderedl that Messra Eliore and Kihg Ileappointed to rejreent tIhe ablsenlt creditors in tlhis ase. y t r ler of the conut, AKRM \ND PITOT, clerk. Clerk's Ofire, Decedlber 1st. 1838. Sdec 3--3tlae C LOTIIING--l1 eases, elnlprising a general an s ortolent .< R:indalllltnt, L'annletouts, Vests, Shirts, &c. now landldu. and for slle by jl IR IIIL1IGE & Ce, 134 Magazine st Lxl fl0lokegIndinglrina 'els at~ltrnOsweg n by 03 D)ItLK, 44 New Levee. LLOUR.-- 0 l g f.s l ndin stc a r i rth Star l aettd for sale bv u DORSET, jall 44 Niew Ievee ~! PERiM Candles-1-iO0 bxes New Bedford, just re L, eeivedi sand Ifr sale by SHALl. & BROWN, dl0 96 Magazine et SIATE OF LOtUISIANA, RISH Cartn for the Parish and City of Now Or. teans, Present the Honorable Chiles Maurian, No. li2iti,Johl H. Grahsm, iaectual custo his Creditnrs; Upon reading asd filing the pe' nd Schedule, in this ease, It is ordered by the i that a meeting of the Creditors of the I ..lavent *lace, ifn open Courl, on Monday trhe 17th day of her next, then anld there ea deliberate on the af ofenid insolvent aod in the ,wentimeall proceed . 'inesl hi p'rs.n anId nropertv mre stayed. Itis e. fi r ardered that 'Vfle. H. Kililedy, Esq., be ap fnrtt'ed to reprseI tilhe Absent creditors. Clerk's Otfice, New I)tClell. Naov. 2:3,1838. .4A GUtUVOI,, hovs4 Clerk BALDNESS. A BEA UTIF!,n bend of hair in the gnradest orns sent belonging t. tmhe human ltame l ow strongs ly tlhe loss of it changet the etlontttlnce, and prams torels I.rinns on the Ipperance of old tfc, whitri c sea monr to recoil at being teivonered. and sol tilaree even to dho1v ncietyv o avoid the l ert and oncora of their aequni.tnnre: the remnidee or tl'eir lives are eon sequently ispet in retietoentt. In elltrt, nat evon tie In.osfproptertv fills tle generous thinking vr outh with that neavv sininng gloom at deas the loas of i:i hair, To avert all there unpleal'nt cir rnltnnree, Olhirlod' Balm of Colnmbia stops the hoir frot f lline off on the firt applialtion, atd nfew hottlee rraocas if anroi. H likewce produel e aebrmow nnd whiskers; tprevents tie nhir lmm turaina gray, maket it Etrl Iaulintflly, and frees it from scurf. Nomerote cmtifientes'ol tlhe first moertahilitv in support of the of Oldridgejn Balm, are slown by the proprietorO. 3 Read tbe fillowing:- Rober Wharton, E sq. late Mayor otf Phliluaddlpi has eertifeer' as ma by seen below, to the hllgh lnars tar oaf he fitllowing entlwemnn. The nderroeied do herebveansify thet ~ lave used the rlm of ololmbia di.uovered by J. fldridige aod have fotlmd it highly s eviceahl not onlv s 0 preentltve against thie falliag ffoa hair, but also a erlain restor tise. WILI.IAM TIIATCtIER, Senior, Meahodist Mliniater in Sit George et onrue. No 86 North Pifih it. JOHN P lNGt.IS,321 Arch trrst. JOHN D THOM.AS, M 1), 163 Roeesl JOHN S FL'REY ,li Spruce street. ]HUGll lIlcCUtllllY.f43south 2d at. JOHN GARt),Jr, 123 Arch stret. It is known rhr Ithree of the nalsvaignels are r0on than 50 years of age, and lhe others not leas tlhaln 30. (Fronl tite Mavor.a Commonwealth ;fP Pntcovlania, Ci'y of I'hilalrlphit. I, Robert Whartnn. Mayor of aonl Iity of Philode. phia, do hereby certify that I ar n ell acqiuinted with Mesosr J P Inglia, John " Farer, aed Itlgt M Colrdv, honsreita are sineld to o tI ablove cerotficate,lhat Ithey aregentleasme of cltlrmcter and rreolg tliltv , and ons alch. full aredit ohoauld he given to the said ertifiente. In witoreswhreof I hlav hererunlo sot my hban and casedl the arent ofhe Ci ffioed. this 61h day of Deerterl,r, &c. " [L. s. R RtIIEil' W ,IIAT N l .fnl, yr. OI.SE.l'VE nt rnoal lttle ftthe (:ellie l a iaetom nas a splendid engraved wrapper, on which is reprrrneter tihe Fell ofNisearn, &c Sol' .holeal,. nad retail byhv the ole ereolt for Ant, rica. si2 Flleho' streel, ae Ilnidr Lno , oor, oo rbel Pearl areetcrnd by no..t d"lggi oLnn.d perflunrs t ough hl country. JAIlRVIS &. ANllREWS, m9 Wholesrule Aeratl, New Orb-ane. [ OMBARD &l CO'S ,oston slind New Oroleans • Li of Packet -illips.-T'rhlt now line ol shltis ois heen expressly hulllt to rtn Iotswon trh abouro ports, and will be ifoiod of suitable draft of water: accommodations for pasnt:norrs, nlod every Il'ffort will be maolde to give geitrrl saltlie acto, '1 Io lilloe is comptosed of the ii, lowing lhilp: Clieroku, o. 41l5 t Cin Cpt. J larding, Carolina, 4111i do S Lemio., Charleston, 371 do 1I) EItldridge, Clomlh a:, 625 i do ; llrkcr, Se;lmoan, 2411 t1 .1 Iloawes, Iohny, l65 do I) Imphrc. The ah,, cipe al, ire all lonw, of ithe lirst las, copper ir'role rcndtl o no )rt.d, clladllloooodIt by ltel i of grit.l Iex tor;r.r. Javo ;larago eooollimodationt, wilth o RI:tr , ortar t' les t a ti e l ry ottllt .ill will be paid to allld Itlo vr c e..lof storeis pro. vidcd Ior thrr. h '1'1)ocket, will h, tltwerJ up atdl ,down theli Mi sg iallpi, ittd Ilttia ttro: tg Ipucluali y , seorved to tile lihlo ortosrlgi aldoy ihllld lthtt rart tot r o nototot boa dtainra on arrvttg, hothr tollu ,,,tm y e oattguoa age, it .o!ieited, Dtuol tile agn!lola ple.dg Illworlleevr eh to accolommodae ;Is InaI( ll I.pCtll:,ldn, ,Io rtecOive I nod f'urward goods hy a id hoo el nt thr i m ie. . r ,. 51p1ptttl, if re ,ired. 'lte lship wvill loave tthe lot and 1llh of every oo lo l h. F' o r f ie r i no h t f r p 't , .'a n y , a P p l e t , , t h e a m! nt o . J A 31 FliIII'll', Nd2 I ,,,oen et. N. P. Ad.ootteai s ott trt ott uo+iui.Mo ltu lrra.a A. C. Lu lt trd& . Ca. FRIANKLIN INPIRMARY I cltit ih lit r 'e : i i tll 'li t I tIIIuI l lla inl, I tnli, l is err l ehdt li the 1oat improvel d plotl, alll d ti, an r lll ' lll i l hl lI,1llt le 1in l i tim,, ill il l tul lhl r Irckliln, eip e the I UiI .dulle . Irone l s ll e 'ilia, i l ilc hllauildingi.ilrce e I I ,Iec mn u.lihc o lv dilided anud 11 retl liseasr e. Thei instl ution ii sIppll i I with einc nm -t killul ndl g attenti e male and lltlllle tlu-s land spleaking the va riccis iciil'n hligicc ee . rile roomlll a iIy be' had Iby geat lien at rive del Iri per dloi., includi,, atteind iei , &c. Terms in the or nary wards, litwo dliltra per day. Slavee alc twoi, dllura. Sudall lPx it tie ordillec wurda, live drlll lrl . All epilal uriteal ioperatlels extra. The residenlit p.4+ilua Is Dr Wledldemn,to whom application licr madisi .ln mstl ble Ito lir C A I l.uleltbe'rg, .\lo I alu a streetl . i,l1 Iv IC HRIIlT''1'AIAS and New eunr's lilt--t Iw ol'f the J Enlglishi aliil "llcnri ca l AnllnualIs, still to le lei - at the loIk-lore of ALEX "J'1WAII, Where large insortilent ofllhe linook suitablel fr the season can he ie d. dtl--4ti RUSIITON & ASPINALL'S C'OMPOUND 'IONIC MIXTURE.-A speeldy and celtaili cur for tile Fever and Ague, remittent and illterlllictent fevers; prepared from the original recipe. Used w:th elninlent and unli versal success tI 1832, Ily perasonl of the Iliglest respectability il thus city, as stated ini the annexed certificates. This imedicine in highly ruromnmended, and has been extensively used in tihe above diseases with such distinguished success, tlllhat tile proprietor of the recipe has been induced to offer it to the puls lic in its pretenlt form. in the hope thllat it lmay be th•emeans of relieving many of those weieo lre suffering under the scourge of oun country. It is I a medicine possessing great virtue, and when used according to tile directions has never failed of effecting a cure, even in the nmost obtinatle stage of the disorder. It is not at all disigreeablc, and persons of the weakest stomacha, and children miay ltake it with imipunily. It strenglhens the digestive organs, creates an appetite, and seldomi requires more than one, or ill obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither erecury nor arsenic in th mediicine, nor any thing injurious to tile bhulclal constitution. Tile proprietors are so well convinced of its efficacy, thi.t thly cgree to refund the price of every bottle which has been taken in accordne+ with the directionse.nd hall nlot effected a n perf et core of tile fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for Now Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug and medlene store, curner of Bienville anld Chlrtres streets. For District Agenocis apply to je5 T. W. SMI'TH, 48 Conti It. Fancy Pocket Books--Unidcr tices head will be found a splendid variety of landia' and gentlemen's pocket books, note, card, needle and thread cases. Fancy tloeks, Suspenders, &c.--Of the latest pattern and of superior qualityt.consistilng ofplaiti and figured satii, bhnibhanlliu , velvet and cloth stocks, linen basuols, plain, and fancy with and without rfutes, shirt collars, suspenders called Washington suspenders, also, gum elastic worst. ed and cattonett do, with and without rollers, pantaloon straps with wire springs; and a great va riety of gentlumenc's wear, made expressly for the retail trade, by A. L. Vanhorn and nll of Phlila. delphia. Combs-A general and complete asnortmen of combs from their nlanufactory.Aiso, English t and French dressing combsa, etc. dec27 ANDREW eMITII & CO., respectfully iulform t their friends and the lpublic in ,oacral, that they occupy tile new brick sllhp, 219 Tchoupitoolas street, where they keep constantly on hand Copper, Tin and Slhoet Iron Waret, of every description, sr cb as copper stills, kettles, and piipse, tin bath. ing tuI s, and oil calla, of all sorts and aszes, and all other brass casting done at shortest notice. Grate lars of every duacription, seill as steam. boat stirrups, bog Ollcues, screw bolts, anil othlie kind ofsteanmboat work, such as chimneys, braeech e, steam pipes. t'hely will also do all kinds of out door work, such as zinc, copper and til roofing and guttering, c, &c. They above and all other kinds ot work in - their line of business, they will execute at tile shortest notice. dec27 t MBR:LAl. 18 clane mutilnla silk Umbrellas,r f la rge sizes, reeiseed Inlm aslit ersey, and to sale by l IItIDGLE ,aco, il 134 Mngazine at HI AVANA CI)FFER--86 bagi prime green Havana SCuoTee, landilg frn brig Sullsae, lor snle by J .SE'lt CO rKAYNI, dii ,5 Giravier it HEMORRHIOIDS. H AY'S LINIMENT.-Ne Faction.-Thie ex. traordnary clhemic.l couiposition, the resu!t of sdlence, and the invectitn or a celebratcd niedia col maltln, the intreduot : n. of which to tlhe public was invested with lthe solomurty of a deotlibed bequlrst, has siloe gaoined a reputation unprarllelold, filly sutaining tllhe enorrectnoess of the laomencted Dr Gridley's last onifeseioi, that " he dared cot die without giving to posrterity the beuefit of his knowledge on this subject," and hie thlerefor. bhqueathed to hin filend and attendoat, Solornon Hays, thle secret of Iis discovery. It is new used in thIe princilal hospitals, and the private practioc in out country, first and most eretytainly fir the cure of tlhe Plies, and so exten eively avld effiletually is to bffle credulity, unle s where its effecti .rvewitnessed Externlly ii tLh following ronrltnietsr For Dropsy-Creating extraordinary absorpteon at once, All Swellings-Roeduecilng thern in a few hourn lRheumatinr--Acute or Chroniuc, giving quick ease. Sore Thront--By Cancers, Ulisre or Coelia. Croup and Wlhoopirg touigh-Exlurnally, and over the Cheit. All Bruiose, Spraoins, and lurns--Curing in a few hours. Sores and Ulcors--Whether fresh or long standing, nsd'fever nurer. Its oper.tiono upon adulls and htildren in rcdie ing rhouinutic awellings, and loomning coughl aud tiglatncse of tile chet ny ialaxation of thle parts, has been surpriieng beyond correoptin. Thela eonmeon rehnark of those whuo have used it in tile Piles, is " It vets like a charmn." THE PILES--'Tle ,rie, 1 is rerunded to any person who will usen a bottle of HIy's Liniireti foer le Pales, anrd return thle emnpty bottle witliut being cured. 'Thiee arre the poesitive orders of tihe pralOieror to thre Agents; and out of many thlu. csalds sold. not one lIos been uneeocessfil. Wi ouight insert cereoiicites to aly lengthl, hobut prefer that tIliose who s.Iel tile article, slould Uro hllit the olriyinal to porchasers. CAUT'ION-- Noro can ire genuine without a spln] did eogravid wrapptr, on which is lay name, end also lthtl ofl'the Agnats. SOLOMION HAYS. Sold wholesale anid reaili, by COMIS'I'OCK & Co, New York, ai d by oune Druggat ill every towi in tile Uimi.o. For 'ale by thor Wlrolnsice AgeutSa, cornor of' & TclIhoupitounls street, and by the Apothecaries generrllv. je30 COc-rAI''NIdlll1 i. N.'l'NilICE:. v liE undeir-igield have thisi doiy frried a co-part nhera lp liar h. Itralnsacltilo of a blenelo.l Coulllln]+ dien ard Eoerwnrding blsineri, in thii Lily, inrrr lli lirl i Troml. . & enotrwi, nl.d ouve tuakenll tlhe lew brick stiore, ,r, 9ri, Mhalaz ne Pilecer, (onnte Pdras v t.) al lrrltt I. ,tiohl.I, in. IleraoiiCrer: JA'lES G IILUWlN. h-ttcrIrr.u 5 Acero, .Vlriritg & r:l.htr, Ihnrlirihrn. J cr. Won. ton & thell. NEw OI1EANS. Crnrckelt & Silarpleigrr. Johnl Flisfiold & in., W'ltik r, Itrllrs itv co., Griggs ti hickering, r l os'rrr. lnentn aneci, I cluit"o.P vaurh n {2ltls P Jlimsev hL c'l.. 1a )i J i nL Ca t r-iiirir ,* c ' cie , T0nn. Jimlt 'ri(:Irkid, E0q. Clc 'nltr 1 E&At"rie, _ttLnia, io_. dr t - I!:l',tI' D+,, L t IIll~u nb".i ++el.-- €,u d~, l'uH+S n,,u la Prvoisse el Vilse da i Nitle-Or rrns- cvnl I's Ion le ii cl Charles Micriar, ouge-Nott,.S Irloun lI:kelr, lcIt.lnrecnt dntrtccll conttra ats cre in t rtir-:-- iir h tn i ,t elregis o r t nt tii lir trii in l11 lltt111llll ell t'eltt+ lll.+dirl·, il 1?t Ir~rdllllolne 4lll't|.I sSLlll" itoee 'otinir noitcel do 'irclornhle oil lieu ra Ilitis ccour In citnq Jinv i tr It9. a din bvurc do rcatin eHl lv ditib.rer o trelirr too aitiren rtie tl l 'i rol rte; nil I mtlttll'[ dntt A i1 tcUm tI[r Dryp Ib.r I._vIA r:l+ Isl' ol.)tlq \tA. Iri.r I rllit r ir tl SL nt anl City of Nerw i ll.rn: pr,'(·lll lth fho. t harh v M ,Jr tnn,,Judg ,I)n,. irth, 188 Ne. tIrI312, ro I r lut a! l . i hit i e . t ri dllor s. Ulior reIalinS ve ii litliet tile I ltit i llnti siclletlh ill hii ita e, it is od.el'Ld Ihv rtih i urt I tI , a tlltlrnirt of te In obent scredito'R oh tk ,ila ir opr n trirr ar 11r thno .Itr dii y li f.ttrifo rtc yi lJd 11 1.t 100 lar'[ Ik, .+l. ,.1. the ll and ltnerillet sh Iw can il + Iwhn tlr l soti i i. lvth II ,IIIl ut I ,be h bur d are+tl. dilngm to) Inw a I. [ it tht+ uI .tnlsln all lpme,+,etlin]s nguhlst hi irslll 1.tlu1 )i* ul'lly~ fil,+tlyt II I.;l lari'llrh, dl'-ll111 11.0 iitr,.n i ii.lw n Esq bt..p lilit. Iin iiijlp n ili'r aitir.lllnco)n);'.I ItIyc tro her Lrei r. r A. PI Tu I't. Clerki 'Clerksno la e ile. 15Arh. It8. .ll rll Tl A N T ro 1 A M I I tt 0 o ate . l .. . .i lhe u ci esJ'lC ' hivr ilra ei o i h t rl' It iii iiih Ii e iO,.r iii t lirhe irtily in enti d in New York. A itw c ur0el- t r tlir r'ent wasp on hoard lt eitorrcr ttl t iGri rt rl e btr o.iri t tIi t rot attt, l tin of rlt. l l 2.c lliri.,t. -.imI c r c iri ire i ivre d ii lit i thrl o trtie irrit if in~t it+ ire itintrerior ilr tiv. lne d nr 8Lc relvv++ . one realc ral, lltil l e i ti a lfrlhO r lulLl& y which wdl h, a a ten d,.ys0 &C droeto yr FI\UIEVII..I I.Lli A-I.I E, JOHNS & CO, T'ATIONEIt'S IIAl.l., icuiner f St. Ciharles nd S o:lnllOll n lsreelt. The isubscribes lhaving reeil tedndanto Illw ill tie their osltutmont oft goiii ltfr il IEglllild. Frlict oliad hel Noirtli, olnhr flr bulI ite fil low" i. erticlesi l Io.glii I rawing papers ofall sltes, do wrii.g do olper royal, rael medium cnd deiy, fonlseao,, I.tier piljer, ex. large Ithii ,ell ml;iie blue laid;d do o cepviltg ilper, at all sizet, Lt.olin uod l ilrisol ionrd+; d o f tcy letter and u hate pal r, .laoin, eltboas d anl coeral bro cadil., Americsa callp, letter and wriing papers frloli the Litst tills it the niou frte Rvan ens of all dperlilplins; !'errevnn's writing lullsl, lurriaoll's olil PIer(inil's east cipyilig ilike; English and Aioticnifrlllf n.dquoitan1i it, i llt peyh Rlodger s Sit's liest cutllery, Cloillttiile itn dlik, pen aiLd desk knive-, ru.olir asod ari. soes, Pocket booke tid wallet's Russia and Morocco Iather, English wafers ndil seaoling wax, superior qunl ty; 'I'ravellioe ldoks and ldraoit.l ca-s. Ackernaln's t1d 'eTllltln'll best linatue c.,,, F Blrillkman a asnd Ackerlnan's Idrlonig Iencils, erawing rl olis, A llsnl lind BItish and Alar-. IcaiI Ano.iil,. lir t139. F luoso-Englih. IFren I it.anish, Italian, GIr un laud Latin cometing it claicalo nlw, medican l works, literary. &re. Jnn.tie I iv-.n lindl'u sole hv itlt'h t JOltI & &C. CO., ANNUALS AND ALMANACS, FOR 1839. PI.I;NDII) Londont Aittials,-TIe HIonk of Roy Sally, a.'perb Icol'.tllates; Findein's' 'ubleaux,a Uild otllerv of hlriiceo Filtre's I)lrawiiig Loiln Fketch Bnolk, lieaoties C(Itoielllll,- aids aid Blosomil -; Waverly Kpsakre,--llhe [npteriu; I)ri .0mlt1 tnonual; Iarsent ileolont, Jordliln' )u 'lt An anll;li Crlicature AIIIIIIIII; CaLnle Annual; Fiieudshi t's ()lrltlk'; j Ftisher'sl ullenile Sketeth Ilook; Young lndia's lnd sotng .cetllemen's Annual Aluric, A Walltt-; "hllstuntls 'Trles. American Annuoas. Th Token atil Atlantic Suuvenir; Tiie Violet; The itfi; Sir OGilman's annuol Itecister & Houseslie Alomanac. Almanac's. Americ.n Almannic & Replsiielyi ofUseIul Knowledge hIllsl's Nattlcal .tltiintue; I EJohni &Co t. I.nLouisin Alhutnne Crockert-Comioh-German Almanac, Stewarlt's Diary for 183), containing a blank ll lelk o t randun for every day of eNar. E 1oit NS & Co., cornerof St Chalrles nd Common sts. S v 8-5w e FURNITURE! FURNITURE!! TUS' received at tire I.ouiisio Fournitre Wtlre Slolloe, it large aupd, llll Nfeit Se r. ark IltlIto lln. Perotons in the wonti if fmitoilure wonld do etll to c.lJ, nld select ,hnir rticles froml one of tlh, best niud largest stucks now It the city. \ It CA RNES, dl8 5:1 Bltneillo Ft N I--Particular anlention paid to packingt and lshp ping Furniture, free olf'expense. lli_--_.v _1 ERKING-I5lO boxes Alo. i.9 .A 3 cioked fist ring, landing snd I er sale hIy dI7 S & J P VWIt ITNE.Y 7:1 ltnp st , lir.. on Education. Dlow shall I governu iy Srschool, addresosd to yolng iteachers. nk I olis s adapted to assist parentto in the lntlniltlloellts of a soi li : by EE Wines, nuthur of 2 oeni us as hall in the Note. It iul aitiEdmtletin,. by thte smine athnlor, also, Hall's lottesn to lchtool mnastero. For tile tly dal A 'I'OWVRll, 49 Cllnp st L MIE--100i casks fresh Tthomistun L.ile, lndng - L from ship Felrx, for snll ITy . dil a & J P WIIITNEY, 73Cnrp at IIRAF'iS ot New lYork, for ale by at d:4 ANDREWS & IIROTIIERS. a0 Cnam t - AINTS,OILS, (iLASS, BIlUSIIES, &ec.-,us Sladinlg tlrm ship Constitution, andil for sle--viz: 16.lt00fi'f oafglase, blt quality, firom 8XI0 I .23.'1. 30l1 kegs white lead, pIre; 15-i do preen paini, in 't libr. kees; 24dol jalanedtiiis frstiins;li(lOOlI.:lithkrage 211 doz spllndil O0i)O grontd bruahe-, ialso lfOflO ail 0011 do; 2 .ases crome green in plowder, aulerior artieb an do i Io ails; a iarge ossiortient ofsash toais of ever size anil qtlitlvy stbleprneilsfor artiste; fiat toarking rushe.s Bir merchants; artist's colors in oil readi pre. pared, in htxes, fitted :·ir with all necess.ry brushes; artist's teolt, &ae. Flake and. ietnsitr white; GO 'acks gold leaf; white ald yellow wax; gitn i rnbic; lal a large m.I lhllce asi lrliellt ofpailnt, Idry colors oil, hlrpeiti th, varlish &"o., for sale,whtrleale and lctail, at the lowest priele, hy MIONDIU.LLI, n2.ft 5i8 Camp at. i'UlituIcLA UO. VEWV EDITIONJ OF' T'IIE CIVIL CODE OF LOUISIAgNd. fT has been filr stom timne relde known to the pullhe Sthat itI sluberslers are en caed in ireparing for he prelss a lr'w diton of tile Loulisiana Civil Code - "Ihev were. IrlIn -fl tfeirstl.aware oi the great dilticulty Sndre esponrstilit nttanding tile publicalit il o the work, ald it wies not Iti1 llllit ret hesitallio that they caln enlted Ilt tile IlnderLtkinli. lIut thie present edition, onllinotinr to lout three thouscand copies, and which lad colst the rlatii Itre Ithln thirtyV t ulllllUll4 dollars, -asentlirly Illtl of print. For nllae than two Vears past, the uslal Iille. of the work has been froml ihirt io fifty dllierr. It is e vartem of wrirten rulea,wniilch so immediately operates 1upon every indlividal of the state, ilnterestel tiller in als'iculturllI e or coutlmIlerIe .iand which gtoverns lle disoslaiitin of sl iiiI pr)lrty ,;amihni to us froa m itlher states, tball--Ul Ie allleh.s a iv otherreantise uipon law-il is as IIuuc thie Icst-book aand illnnal of the nerchant slI the tl.nter, as it is of the private gentle nan anll the professional dlvlc to. |'bII lawyeris of the atidjillilng atls, and in fact of al lhose tates .upo the (thih and blis issippi rivers whlich ind a illt flir their prodtlc in Los iiann, have a fre* tlent ne;e:sity of reference to tilhe cde, and make i all iilliillr iallble reqtuisite is their libharies; aid ill the it of New Orle tim tilhe lhook is lls surets Lt tlend in dhe nerchalll's coalilg rom, as up,n .he desk of tlhe jade. or it ilef lbeot alt elcer. It is t surpraising thereffile that tile firt editilln nfaie wolrk was so qlick ly disposed of; and although a ier repIrint of it would ll sllme iIleasulre slupp11ly the public necessity, yet it would be itmper:ect and lnsalllistlhtlary lesi a tnnllated vith refereiees Ito tihe Re ports anld Statute., in order to Ill r:e the Ilum lous amlendmellnts which hvear been node by tile I.tlegislatulre, anld tIe ilportullt deeinlons ld l con trulctiloll, wlichll hie bee given upon Inllany o iS articles by lie Slprtue (1ourt. The publislheis have seltred, lfr t! e general super intllldene and edlliloial dlpuartnent of" the work, the itrofeslonal servicee Io \\ helck :i tllton, Esq. a le.l .Prol ile .eiv Orleanslnar. s The lhei. Judge tllard, .lude Iiermnde., lld Icno George oItustis, hlve each hindiv assisted air U, ptoln sill the w1iltnle lles whilch thll. have collected in the ollrse oa their sudies and prlatice;ind to s1r N It Jennliat e eror iof 1e iUpto, whll is also enllgaged ill tile work, Ges etrawbrlillfe, Esq. lll prPsented the renl Imass of retn n~es lolltninled il his Illice Illopy of tile code, aand .lich nIlye bleen ti lllde I himi durimg the wholr period I I his dis:,nvnished prolessiuoal labors. The publish rts tllavy Iiell trIul tt tile annolatiions olf the Mllk will Ies all thilt industry lld labullr,, ssi-tid by Iarllnr in ld expleri lice, cll prtrm. I puttnlllge fortll h Illthis pr -p.Iotllus IInt soliritilng Cene IlI subscrilherl to the ilork, tillu p lilltrrs take pride in hllo fi t that the IlfiSlal ei of I.oisionu ahas aulthorized hre o;llverllnr to ordl.r one tlllhlolsat rollies of it fIl tihe ir llrl ' ild tle S s late. Tilhe realdiness wilh which tils IIInlr 11 Itlke. IltIe slelnblv , a vint ed their Inst ,selne ol'fhe valne of the work;ant the, thereby extend. rd that contidnre in the .bihty of the publi i behs and , IIt I s which it is h) 1 d is ' t i hollv ,adservet. 'flue work will he printed in French atd I'gl;sh, Ioil ioodl paper :td with Ihtr- t-,l; nor will ns s x lene olrenw e fsprlled to sak Ihe w ibale merhthical lxotttier of it cr1r1sp,,hd with its sarlule i.orta:ce It ~ill plllhlbl lil ready for I,.iv'rv in the mouh of ,l lsr Iex ; aw lie Illprim. ill Ib , to', qtlbm ri +, soribiog. The .ubllllrtlol lits onlua closed, the lstre pr e' . pi b tIilentyNlI dClO. Iursulliscr. el .)ti - F. IN: ." Co}. ) Publishe'rs. ROWAN IJ) S TONIC MIXTURE, i: t; Fiareai AND AoUE.. I EN y'ers huve not yet elapsed since it was F -- eth rig. larly I alinilt lI to the public; but it has ilainted tic highelst reputation: and has aap. a paluated every other lrdicine for the Ague, wherev. i er i h ba aeia kinown and eapreciated. Already & has it lein carried in every ldirection throughout the United S!rtates, andl tdl realizeS more than could have been anticipatead by its nt.aersguine friends. 'Theaousanads of persons lhave not only tbeen relieverd, but reastored t, he lt alnd vigor through its aagn.e ey; and they now Icherfull testify, at every op portunity, to its d.ld-d au suprene eillc'ly. 1: t Is +,ollpt+o) d of sm ll m ticlinal prlinciples as are v cahlclated to renew the healthy action ofthe stoul ach, lhVer, and other importal't digestive organs, l< the lo-s of which IlmriUonly is the inmmediate cause. of the diseaeu. It is apparent also, that it rirodui eus r.n entire change io the cnditio, of the systrlm, ild rrltiinly deetroys the native liability to ralop , sos of the autilioan. WChic the A;le is att,,tided ' with any other ...mplai .t, l..e e..ploy.m..t of the 'T'onic l3 xtu-e will Cot interfero will the ibat. 1 t l 'of the other di- ea., but W, I viell affurd as. sy stance by tarnishing strength and viigor to the st, body d(uro g Ie +olrse of trettneam t. 'T'lho+e who tat un,,ke use of thin umndieino may be assured that 'i these is no Arsenic, Blarks, Mlerlury, nr any oilher ni article in its composition nurlien'lv to tlhe hllUaiU constiltutinl.; being; entirely i vegetable rxtrctr; I and they mniy have dthlitlnoiul confidence in tihe use therefl', when they pareaelvel that it l is the ef fect oa gente slxative about the tiue hall'a bat. tie full ha. been taken-ilt eoni.quince el" which, 11 there is lie part of the medicine leftl to linger in a, the bowels to caus, obstruction., and other evil:, is arising fr'ou the use of many of the retmldies iolw i oflered tor the catgr of this afLa tion. It r has been 1 used also as a preventive, hy many who were sub Iect to a perioincal recurrence of the Chills, and it c 1han inrariably warded offa the apprehended attic. Obserie!a The Propriaetor, fully satisfied 'with the a anpar dleaed ald universal tluccess which has con. -tartly 'atended a punctual and regaular use ofthea a aanial Maxtur', in all cases of Fever and Ague, areels warranted in engalging to refund tahe price to a all those who have ta'ke tiile medicine in strict ac. cordance with the prescribed directions, without a having bIeen perfelctly iiand lastingly cured. The sublenribers iare the wholesale agents for the South a .eftern States, and have now ton hand six ty eaaes of this ledicnle, which is warranted f'reth and genuine. For mple at the r anufta ctured prices JAll IS & ANItIEWS, Wholesale Druggist-, nov27 car Crnlrnol Te, ehoupitolusl street. ORDERS RECEIVED POl" Ji1,E 1." I TEhuVT COTTO. V (GIY, Hytlr Pataenlee, No. 53 Magazine street, Net'w irlIae: TOBI MANt FACTUIlti) IN NEW YOIUCBY s RlUilERTI' ilE S CO. SCALE O' PRICES-Double Gins. For a double Gill of so saw s or nolae oil aich cylinler, naking ail6 siwvs i the stand, a wiall feederla bantrs, &c. at $6 piersaw, or $90 F itaa F~or a lllouble (Gie of Go. sa es ,in acylinder, or 1.0 saws ir thnle staul, leadcsrs i &. s a $6 per saw, or 7ra g at 'lFordo. of slt asawson do.or a saws in a r statnd, at $a .i rnper saw, rl'- 5 tha am i'o do. ol y) saws on do. mr ill Saws 'S inI sand, r .n .50 lers sar., or ti (l i IN L, & GINS.' For a single gin of 80 saws or more, with oe set of )leeders, halidse &c. at $6 pier Jsaw $P810 oit For do. of 50 saws. with feeders, &e at $6 i90 per saw, 90 at FOr do. nI 4 F ' saws, with feeders, &c. $6 75 tper saw,30 R For d. .isOlaws, with fetlerst &c. at $7 50l per saw 150 UO Exat teeth whe Pre desired, f ar cters, spplied a it) cents cah; the lother ofteceth being about equal oa hill ttUnlittet of saws. One st of eeders, it is cn sidenellt, howevetr, will wear out tw r three sets of stw s. Extra sawts supplied atift pee' te ach. The (ins a rdearedl, will be dlelivered to the tgetlts ol planters in tay ol'te sea port towns of the cotltn pilt- I lg Slates, arlrthe 'pahe se ris, esI th a teets puig tlh, t r+r clih oa the suitt'rol New York, r anaa bacoaaira r re sp....sible for the anount of the (hit. A iiin wrni lu Swillte sent with the tins to pat them up whre rie aired; the chlaige for wheoe services will be extra, b it moderate. Iron rutnning gearean alshe ordered where desired, on reasanuble tImns, but will be charged extira. Huorrs power, ofany desvription, can be furnished on like terms. Small steam engines can also be ordered if de it idsdesrirbla', when plfters .ie orders for Gins, lh ey should acnolpany thea with their views iln tega rd Io tle iregeenteil saws, breasts,' bruslhes, t&c. It is h und theyr sliteri . Opinion. Somea desire saw's ol I Esre Ieririrnler ti r olhers. Thie most. common size is 9 or Il incraes; r . slme wish thena 12 inches. a Some wish 5 or 6 rowst ihrusihes oi all axle, while others do I not wiant itlr lre thit est. tSome wish saws with it or'9 teeth to the inch, while others want 10 or It. tt r , iehar difarral y, w ke prefer thty shouldr at the time of giving orders, furnish a statement of their wishes, anid the tlanlul etu rers can ti lfil the in ever i atcilalrn. Where it is left to our discretion, we suila n make thiem lon the nist rmodern and nppro'ed iplan. An oldeir can beexenuted, front the time it is recetiletl s ai trie space ofeight or nine weeka i and the Gin ia that liare placed in the hands of the factor. To be in ulie for the in lext csrop, all o'rdrs onlait to be in the hands ol thilt ilnlaalfrltaarlswr rpshy the fiatr't lr ltddle oi Mstay'; exept orplanrtalonswterethey arcelate ian conincaing to st pick or gin cottol. N. Ili. The Palent Right, flrt nTv orne of the rcat m gow2itig States, witllbie al u eltasrloraalart erreis, S rm3 ailmoan ANUT it A ilt a) HE FALLbb lAb louDt: CINE. TIIOIIN'S Compommd Extract of Copliba and 81ra parill. -A ertarin, ale, antid mrest elctnal renme dir eler tlisonvaelyd for the alr, e of Gonorrloo , (;lecta, Strictures, Whites. Pains i tile back odl oiot, i.IInr weaknees, affections of tle kidniet, gratel, scorbutio eniltions, &c. hl tite iltrudluetinn oft a medicine ponsessing tle nsefi and active virtle of the one now oulle tedo tO e public, toe proprietor has but to refer to thile numerous Ircnu melndatiols received fromt the most eminent of the mte dtcal faculty i.n Europe, believing that it will be duly apptreciated when ias meritn are more tilly known. 'l he BDlsam of lt;loaia, so extensively seld, has last ranch of its credit friom tile dislike whicrl "palients formerly expre.n d regaeardilg its disglsreeldre taste, (Iitlol'lartata rolucedrl in tile bowelsin a tonatch, tlan its Itvretofore inelRierc when usoed in tile intifoutlliOlr stage. Tihe proprier hmall de. wo analysis of tile llnlmtout, cunceiv aug that the moret aetiveqtualiiiswould therchy be lonlrch Inore Iaol'centratetd sail more ltseftallo admittistered than ill t'le ipreslenlt state. Thae ibove rned ciite combir e in gCredients nhiilch are ill tile highest reputte alot.r trle amost scientlific and learnled i lle plro'eenlionl. Erch drug in. i the OlllritiO i of this prelaratlin illorases tl elfic:lcy of tle other, produlcing an operatlon trtlt a-tao uishiblg, iad surpssi:g ithe lmost sanugllil etqr tationls; isrsteillggt tthe ntoie ltle tite ldvaHriae ta its belK admhnstetred with aperrl r suess in tlre dtiireltl st.aeas of tle above disease. lrie most eminelt aphsiliuus .d surgeons of the present dtv exttrceas their iletid'ed p pro alint in favora of Sroit; ai, whtilst its tt tin .r nt alll still ontlrllles, arty extensive. I wals t Iavo olate Irmlely oithl tile celehratetd it Alerlrmthy ill all venleeal c floetionns, all ill olttiateeutaraue s t l.a tinl, arising from at disordlered state oftlnhediesita qlfuuctious. Having been sutblitted to the test and experience of the most celebratelld nlamlng tile titulty, tlhe haue explressli their satisacltion of its extraotdilary etli.ale in every case tunder their charce, by utallotilng it both in their alullie tatl rivatte iiatetice. 'ltlliir oh et.ltinllSa will br Illserced hee:etiner. Pt'elaroed b J l 'I'tuar, lahemlist Lnadon. Price $1 50 per pot. TESTIMONIALS. From A H Salmon, Esml, F It i, St.rgeol to the St Thomasn Hospaitlt, rad Ie urer on Anatotm. laThe trial which I have made ol'your ipreplariion in a variety ofeases, botlh aole alfeanale, i its results lhate proved so highly favourthle, that I do tot hesitate in Irolouncing It olle of the mnost valu:hle an1 ellicacirolus remedies ever oflired t tote tpublic, anlll ill , hilth, arot experience, I ecal place every Ireilale, i hailast at ernoat totlprode tle sae e iam unpleasa.t effetls usoa lly ex-' lelrieallcrfontmm coaiha:l. Fromo G Cit Haovwoard, . I C S, Physicialr to the St Mitarylebouhe I)islellsar'y. 1 take glreat pie slorRe in ada!ling my testimony Itn ,hei valuable ilpoiertoiesa otrf oar Ielrluraln, wisill ing yo tile success otn so fullly detselre, ill an anlllle reward for lhe laboraril expetnser inreed in tringing it to sutch ell plete lperfetion. Frolt \V Cunoper, F It S, Surgeon to Goy's Ilo pital The uniform srelces whichrl has a tlended the admillis tl'aiilt yollr n iedicierllnl'onllg Dliv ptitalrts t rflieted wtit b tllt anboe diseases, hras fully satisfied tiltr thit it tuils oInlly to blie klnownl to IIe Irly aI1preeratd. a the snrlcess y)ua so wll deset rve, almply andl speedily r-epI) oIlo yoar e oa ion.StPblar eparaotioa. From Sir A (Ci pera F ia S P II CS, F."c, k¢. Having Ilbeen itlced to try )urc Extl:lrl ill seveinl alsesof violent (; otnrrha, whilch had hithertoll battled evlery i)escription administered h1.v t e,t Iltlng flundl sure and speed curets ef.ered by it, inl a irw day s I oate-I mialft' ia hlattond to state that I now in aa , pirnte aicte hth public alud private recotmmend al usel noll otlher. From G W lllair, M D, Physician to C(uy's Ile pital. Thi striet test which I I hte given ..t yr inicin.r among my patients, and its inv:rioolle suctes, thus lir, Iwilltllle itmerte to Ileat veree in its use, lnd I dee ih buta atll o'fjltlire anild of dllty to ad In ralble trsti mooial in commendation of it's irtues. From LC Tlhollpsaoo,ll .) F t HS L. Jreturn ymo my siluere thballks .l t e rallorlllle Ip selra ofy our IExtlalr for thteo cure of Gla), ac. I feel grateful that you have at lst l.ought a a nielicina ilnto use which will prove a dlesideIllratuit tl sought il inr tha medic:a.: wr,' ol--n a lrte, speedy :rai eaifetuIal ill cases r 'the aIove class. It atrlds lue grlat Ipleasul.r in publisiillng to the world tile valule qulalities of' oull \Vere it necessary, the Uproperietol could hlere ut'arnish rIIny mare test ni'onials equally as comlllendaliloy is the niholn; Ullm t lusts that it great suecess hitherto the :alt R' te xlielre atHI which it has beeln p eparedl, ill pr oa' ils greatest reooUllll tion anong a discerning plbltie. Onle r rec mnitTI taiioI r this pr epl.raldioll evnlJoys above .1l tuhers is its leata, prta e r.rt-put up in p.ots-ith nlmade in which it iay ie tiken, being hlah ea)sy a, plea Ut-its tatotely nall.r'e, with tino rretrictin i di Ir i' .lnfnelIent t from tlolusinless. Travellers esprciall wourll finld this medliciee highly luseti'l, tnl ought Ilnevi to b ae unplridd with a pl'ela;tioli possessing Ithe al vantales which the ipresent one comhines. Acco.mpnnying h'e tMedicira is it p.aitphlel eoplana tory oftlthe di'lret staiges of the disease, without an rtar, d'argoe, e',tahiag tirll and , ttllla'c dretiionr. trr role tar SICKLIES K ('IO. nr' 14 . ,40 C nilld ltretet. nTIIr'+ir.l o FI rr AND A aALF A IDAt'S, I From tlaailc (thltltllltr ) to A gtttllt. 'llr) 1EAVIS Mtobih every otllei du, iumll n .inlelv .it 4 the 'riv:d lfthlle mail from New OrIaln, ptr th, steto lnllOil : i.IN, to r lakely, coaches Ito Iretro e+,ta steatnlror:ts (per I'ensaceola Itary, Si Ion sound and C(hor a ta:haclrie liicr antrd IIny) to Cedlua 14Ift, coachrs thenI e via .l:rianina, Chattaullche, (florlerrly Mo1 \1 er inIItn,) Ilainirllllge, PialllrltO n; liawkilta ville ll Ilis ail., to Ananosta. A passengeerctakin,; his s;rtat MN' hilt is in Inoi dalngetof l eig tihrownt.tout' or losiong ht; re . etencer -y ther conlietingli inltelrests, rly' c Fl.t)kl I)A LINE is hot ot Econceren,tll undel ore a elo i thlroughoult,at a ay rely, wrlo t ERlTAlNTr poIII hi arrival at Augusta in time sIpecitled, lhrornrgh allI w:ath er and1at anlly sIeason, unless some most nllillreseen c Iraohe sloull occur. Tahe r (t eat New . )rlalrns a Mat is cairrisl ) this rote. Tlie Agents 'or tee.mml pda tion, l'eamts, CoaIches od lrivers are not surpassed iht,' soathien cuntrvy. The smootha, hrl, noatural roads, the salt' and inter esting wtler olavigatioll,the time and reonrllllnrtalltliOn. aflltli' the tiraveler scic., eeytintiy eomilor, anll A pleasJ ing vr-iea) i colilaelted as it were with thle Iail Itlald Cl.wleston,a S C. and rlhe sten b paickets to New Yarn., tuelleer call rera h N w York firolll N. tl Ollean Tral I rairs'-\VashringtRon city ill i2. Frnm Chllattsatomchee, lioridal, we ttoe a Illranl Lint via QUiney :tad Tai:nhatoe, to St Mahl1r, 4 hler post coaches, also two Btranches from liotnkinsvkillt one to Mlilledgerille, uanl one to Mlane, light two hlr'· coachles, S'OICK l').S \U o. A;sT'r., glth Jar,. 1t135. t)fficeat Mansion our Nrt lolile rDistauca, New' trleans to liotie, 5I taital iMtole tar Atugusl, 5 i " Augustar to Charlestotn, I.1 " hlurleston to New York, t8rt- I tl Time, Nu'w Orlean to Itotie, "8 lo.ars iMobile t(o August, i I" Argustt to Charlestoto 1t "r ChUrleston to New Vorhk, .it- Nr5i Making 16t8 miles per day. or t nliles per hor, ilne stve of alil strilraer. tirt lIu Ns 14.I tlag leave to itnfetrm the plublic llo in t lbridgesoverthe Clihahpnvahtswamup and 1rl:lrr b I+lh spieely route ta tohushuppirly rt'nmveod; and it i th pleasure olfle ltang flom travellers tha the colBuoPHIhor. s dr'iversoand nadis ar'e of the tirst aoder; mn';aa tat th, watllelr rue from Ill 'enselh to Cted lar Mo lliti is admit. te leiy all who lhav ieeaed tilrough it to a liie unstyp. h ontvellies benioty sold safeity. The brhidges at Georgia have aiso heeurepaiit.. .1 J I C tAKKIt ,-JARBLI CII[M1N'Y PIECE h \'.n.tlle.:sr, I totiomIhono strier, opposite tIl loh llh t.. I The. rubscribers are now rtlceivliog frion their tae. toner. in New York, and will keep constantly on. Ihand a general assortmenot " .Marble Mantle el.ces , of superior wi.rkmannhip. and of' he ltnest patterns, : made of the best Egypltian, Italian, lrith and I Amoerican marble. Also, Molllteats, Tombs and rawv Stoners, moulded and plain sills and lintels, martle !'acings, hearths and boundary atone, plaster of Paris, Riman & Hydraulic ComIat and P'laster. ing Ihir, together wvith a ,pleadid asor.tmenlt al brass mounted and plain Grates and Russin Iron Grate. of the newest and most approved patterns. Lelttring done in tle neatest mannllr and at te I shortes notlcg. They have first.rate workomen to iset the above work. je5 AMERS IAIN & STROUDI J PARIER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &e. OURNALn of an Exploring Tl'nr beyond Ile Rocky Mountains, unldar the diraction of the A B C F M, performed in the years 1835, '36 5;td 73; containing a descriptlion of the giagraphy, go. ology, climate and productiton. and the nullt et, manrners and lntoums of the natives; with a iap of Oregon Turritory, by R v. Samunel Parker, A M. The River and he Daesrt; or Recollectionas of the Rhone and thL. '~artreuse; biy Miss Pardme, author ofthe City of a So tan, &It. in 2 vols. The Robber, a [Tale, ' the author of Richclicu, Tae Gypsy, Altila; in 2. The Two Flirts; or Ad."-lure in a Country ltouse, and other 'ralies, by Inady Bloasington. E L Bnlwer, Mrs Norton, Barry Cornwall, Mrs Gore, Captain Medwin, and others; in 2 vole. The Life and Adventuires of N Nicholah Nic!ebly. edited by Boz, with Illustrations by Phiz, No. 1. Just reteived u dforesole'y BENJ n( OMP'ASSES, 'I'THERtMOMET'ERS, MIClttos a OP E COPES, &e.-Just received and for sale by e Wn. McKean, corner of Camp and Common streets, ita general assontment of Surveyor's Compasses, nMathemnticll Instruments, Drawing tonr, Spring Divideond., oprtug Bov Petn, Ivory Pro tractors, Ivory ~cale.. ttonter's Sealer, (llCsi Tmriniarla, Parallel Ruler. tMicro-copes, Thernm.e-Iir, Caaera Obseuras, Surveyi Chainr-, Merasurin Tapes, 8e. d. Nw. 'Fork & Baltimore P ACKETS FOR NEW Yo - e Lin. i .To prd ponretuaJlly every aouond Monday during tire senrson; full or not full. Stip Orleans, 599 ton C.Apt. 8. Bears, Ship Alabama, 474 do C. C. BLrry. Shlip Arkansas, 627 do E 8 Danis, Ship S r.ituga, 542 do W Hathaway. Strip Nlshville, 541) do )D Jackson, Whip Kentucky, 629 do J Blnker The ibovo ships are of the first cialse, dbo prod. and copper 'eatened, and hrving brron bpilt in New York expireslly for this trade, they are of light draft of water and almost invariably croa the bar without anry detention. Tirhe commanderdo are men of great experience, and the ships will always be lowed up and down the Missisrippi by strutmboats They IrueO landsome f'urnished accommodations, arnd ltore of the beet description will always be firrnishlld. Tihe cabin paneUge is $90 without wine or liquor, and there is no liquor furnished to tire oflcere or crew. For firuight or puaeage apply on board, or to 11 C AMES, 48 Cnmp at. The elships are not accountableo for breakage of glas, thollow wOre, marble or granite, eooperage of Lin, or rest of iron or steel, nor responsible for any package or parcel, unle.s a regular bill of lading it executed therefur at the offlco of tirhe ents. nov27 NEW ORLEANS AND BALTIMORE LINE OF PACKETS. 'This line will consist of the following veosels, which have bern built or purchased exprsessly for tr trando, vie: Ship reaman, Capt. Miner, Bark Marry, r" Nickerson, SIrladr Ferry, new ,r Stevens, Surlonmon SaItu, ,i Latham, hirig Architect, '" Gray. 'These versels are of the first class, have hand. tone lurnishedcc.ceormodatiorns, and are of a light dratl of water, so as to admit of their receiving and dlscrhargilg their cargoer in Baltimore, at the city. Freight will be taken for pi)r on the Cheeapeake or James' River, nl:d forwar!ed by tile agents, Mtl ear.. CLARKE & KELLtOGG, t 'Baltimore; exponses on goirds shipped will IUe dVrlavltred when rrqurred. T'le price of passage is fixed at $60, iamrple stores of the b atr quality will be provided. Stea:n up and dbow tile MtursiasiJpi wrll be t.ken orl all orcasiorre. For freight or passage, apply to G;EO. BEDFORD, nov27 22 Brenvillet. FOR NEW VYIRK. t[Louisiana and New Yorkl Line of Packets] I II t, Sthrps compoising this line will anil from New Orleans and New York on ev.&y other Mon- t dny-cormrnrencing one tIe 20th November-and to insur thire punetuality in tihe time of eailing, the lint will herealter consitir of five alrips, viz: Shlip Yr.zoo, Captain 'Track, to leave on the 20th November. Ship Louiav.lle, Captain Parlher, to leave on the 4th December. Ship lHuntsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 18th D)ceembrr. Stlrip VIck.hrurg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on tihe lt J rruary. Ship Missi.seippi, Captain Davie, to leave on the 15thb f Jaur:ary. Thle above are all new, of tihe first clas, copper ri r and COipper fillened, rndI rriwtrrds of 500 tons Irllltn, are of light drrught of watetr, being built rrr New York r xpresely fGr the trade. Tile price of paissato is fixud at 100 dollars: their cabins are fittd up in tile most in proved and convenient IrAn, and tinishiledi it a untt and elegant style Anrlore stores of thire first qurrhtty will be provided, and every regard paid to thle colrfort and entire r.tisl::ittul iof paseongers, will) will please take no. ticte. that no berth carll e sttrered until paid for at thel otlce of the consignees. 'lThe vn rssola ier commanded by capt;iine well explrienced in the tratde, who will give every at. teotion eand xert threrrselsoa to acormmrodato. T'hey will at all tlnrle be towed lip and down the Miasni. silrppi hy Ltealllbortts, land tihe stricteat punctuality tobtrrvwd in the lime of sailinig. 1'lne owners of tllose shirie will not be responei. bin for any lelt'r, iprcel or pacekage, sent by or put onil loard of theul, unlessa t regular bill of lading he sigrld therelor, at the counting lhouse of the agrot or owrcra. For firrther parlicularc apply to J 1) IIEIN & A CfOIIEN, nove27 9(r C.rmon rt FOR NEW YOVRK. [Llluisia alld New Ylorl.k Line of lalckot.] /'lllll)t'l(*ill II)H t ll+. L)() ll lltl r l nll*1 Io lil e ' lh litll.v:tL pll llune liry inl the r time Io sailing, Ith line , ill hereafter uonslos of five Shiip vi.s: Ship n'ato", i aptlainll Trink ta leave on thie '.th nov. 'hill I.ouaiilla , Capltoial almieol, to leaei i o the 4th Slhi' l alnali'e. Captain Eldritldgr it leave on the Iill I t l lll I Slip i'iickburg, Cuitain Woodhouse, to leave on the rat Jtll Jerv. Ship Alistas ippi, Captain l avis, to leanv on the 15th iLJ lTone ibove ehip. are all new. of the filst .lass, ipaotoredi und copper faateuted, .an allwards of500 UtollS burithen, are of' lightl dulllllght of water, being built ill New I .ourk expresiv fir Ithe tlotade. 'The pi]rice of ipan age is ii eil at lone hundred dollars. The''ir enlinis t lill ed ,oiillU the iprovd and convenientl plan ,and tiihed ill a alitI elehtat sIValn. Aimple star.- eu tihe lirit qualilt will Iae lrvnvllrd, and evier regard hnd to Ie iullto l nd entie.lllllit' ti ialaPLinot pall ngers wlho will plhse Utake ioI ce Icatl Iio herth ca' n be seeured un* tll paid fur a tllae ofice ti tile coniR.gulres. ''h ane I' it are . onnllllll ded bh Caplllalt well ex perienceid in the trade, who will give every attention, null exall Ilmelnves to acconutodale. 'lhey will at all inte tbe totwed i d doal (ln the Mississippi by lennlhants an.ld thle tritlest punctuality observed ia thetil oaf nailina. The owners a tihere lipi will not be responsible for I a let er, pourcel I, i'anaogc sent by oruput on bonlel 'heu, nlllle L a rlr ill ldilpng e llitgned Ithrefore It the ennltinlg Mlole of tlae agents or oundrs. Fcr oahrltl r a ticauloat, tpitly tn 1 BEIN & A COIIEN; Ino 1,3 Il Common et. SI|PE.18i.L(aL.V MANSION HOUSE ,E\Vl CITY, PENYiAACItA. T Ill: oulsenrduer laviag paorhaled the leaon end furo Snitureofl this well kIut\a.n antablislinuent, from Mr Li, i. II, Ilatep loprlieCor,l will lIe Ienad to rereive Vi.-. iers b. Ial l t a" April ait. Num'rotits awlil etly imp,rovnwceuts will be found in the laulll~o ltleints oif he Mansion Hoaae. New naid re lllo'un olati t hSinig h ellaI.C will Ie built, and a Illll 1 I all aIe Iprovldd it all hours. A ntable S, Ie ul.hl.d it tlhe house, a1lth good aceomtmodad tiel:*s .q' hores a illd arnrll ers. Fi. at rate Ilorses and a:lrintu will ani, ln kie t l lil' hire at moderate prices, S ittil alal low hluni, ittl h personl to millauge theta i t.r li, th uie o1/ l+n'IOr. lillir llnd olsell aml smLnelelnts I salIIma ..I:I t U .atring plntes,Owiil baltoe furnishled, IIid sit t tl.ledI s nI t to ii anfbore with the coUflllrt a:ld qai'eto tle borderlra. TIhe inietsa iand hquors will Ie of tlhe best qualiy, and alto enure a ull pply of Si an,, u .rio ias tlreaal bitcu ordered, whiu. will arrive I aiacIt,, I't ll Slay. Ma I Fredaari:k lh.loaird, who foumnrly vept so popular I ha iitel nt \l'nashtlola citv,twill ont.atel lita ho lt for allte r, llltlrla, oHto, witlh sUCh aid,toutideitly aeUeee aiihe uflaast ear, allnd hid friendn gelerally, that they will retyive ,.ery po sibiu attention; and thereby e rca toe n ei.ra I aco listactioui. STilen h.nal advtllgltl t et illt aq NlU ace too well i knownl tol need a leIngt ened di.aCuiption ihre.o The nltIc lal I enoola-in Ithe laat'c.t Ilnral miion of the Govirmlnrt; the gaterul rendeza ou:a of the Culfu sL Ian; tie s:iUblrily ti its climate real'ni.ued nonustntly do ,tiug tlat aallllntnr months by the cooleet lreesins ft iia Gul; te, lhce.aaay of the bay annd the neighboqleg ilnnd- alnd aivern; the ahulalndae aud delicuy oft lh :i-h with whliaahl the waters .nhound; apd it proximity to the bost Soutlhern mialrkents, ie Pensacola the preo lference over all otler places i Ithree latitudes, as a lbealtly alnd delightltul sumuslorretreot. F'irst rate boIat U ill rut, betweeL Penisacola and 1p hile, ald w ill it iaIIine l b e able to take the paeeoagere fr tlll li New Orilnoalinbnms. N B ARNOLD. Pinsrarln, Fleb. 15th, 183:8. I[7 i (tailenaell wililig to enngage rome for their fillh.lliei, a1la aiddlrts Itt proalrlttor, ae Penlmneo e.n Mr NSecitl I Ian ilr, lae iularer prollpiiet, at New Or, leaons. Rl''erences. 'r Sanlolrd, 1Pi, ,Mr(: Coullno, P MleAlpin,Eaq Li. Killby, in lhob ie; ST Taylor, P 1' Ran, Eoqmlm W,; P S-A letter bag, to receive cmumuniatolnlo for per.anc rat thae It hotel, in plauced at Geeo WhgE1111 ' wflene, 51 St Churle Eachnnge. FLORItDU ROUTE FOR NEW YORE. S 3Il 'Travelles desirous of inking the ledm neasp, aia Pelisuaols,tau lie North, are infunnede il 4Lu n bnatn will Elnitaitilv roe Iron. Mobilaele e ah leaving Molaile lnd Ptenueeo r evry itw.rl a Ilt of May. Goud etegon wilt alwoeql nm the eiobtrr;ilir to beln raulintnett i iMn Mobile, in tmw. of the failure of the The streamboat Champion tne s cola twier a week

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