Newspaper of True American, 15 Ocak 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated 15 Ocak 1839 Page 1
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PRICE 12.' CENTS. -W ORLAN '1 L M _ Tarns f 1N- __ IeUEI)A. MORNING, JANUARY 15 t8')9 .o1I.t-VIo in5L- Terms of the Nrespopar Press o/: New Orleansl. anri nie rl a agrreed tr at aill lrrIorI Inro lin , 'tigr tshe Propriltors, Irld on the 13th of Mareh, 1837. SuascatrrrlJoL.s-l'waiiv II) lL re r t lldlily p. par nanIII ItVIIIe snlli-it'lltlly ill ailovnao too dollars far tllto i-wo 'tly ourntlry p.rpor, ipovaolel one year in dlvance, whero n cit, rerolliran is gvonl. NI Slbsc;ription will be diocontinued until arrooragesrare settled. In case of di cuontinance, one week's nltice in leariaa must soinvaroably given, previous to th apiratront of suhucription. AovanTrtstn.-Oret dollar per solnre for the first nsertion, and holf thot price for each suhtseqert one: an) materiul altorntrion fron thIe original advoertiseent - will be charged as a new one. YCARLus AuLrranosnaaS.-Merchantst and Tra era, arty dollars fil English alone, and sixty for both Ion gsagns. laonks, Inatotnee OlIloras, Otd otlrer sirciar public msntitstionn, fifty dollars in English only, mrd eighty for both languages; Ship and Stesmbo.t Fo - otsr, lr Commisionn merchants sixty dolloen in English as, ald eighty eor troth langa.cs. lelA RRIAOIc, OBITuArS NOTicas, and articles snll ing the atteotiro of the prtlit to Rates ab property, cards of passesgersc benefits, oe. se. will be elmrgeld one dollar per square for tse first insertion in neh Ian- - C unlanIcAIo S, or Advertisements, of any pelrarn al nature, wheo admissible, shall be ohorged double, and in advance. A deduotion of twenty-five percent. will be made to Auctionelmers, Shertfe, RePgitero of Wil.r and Marlhalsr ela sal of es of al ste, ualied in bothr languages, and 50 per cent. in Engllsh alone: 10 per cent. on soals ot other property. AnvaoansaTIo, out of the direct line of buslneas of the advertiser, such as legal, auction, anid platol at o sales, runaway slaves, stray animalst drc. .CE. will be eharged for sepa.atsly, and at the ordliary rates. - Auosarus.tisars nrt spleified an tlime, will be prlllshed ore montll, and charged acoorlingly No advertirnnoa to of hanlkrupntci will bh puhlished in any ease, uolesl paid for prevlius to insertion, or .aymnsret grrrrnteed iy a responsible Iprson in low. trlatro anti other pilaeces srt alroselnoto advertisill t daily ar the seas,n. to be ubarged $11) fr rLnglieh a lone, and $150o in orth langnageos. 0 All announoements of candliiten s for politcal offien s will he charged double thie price of other advertir. W,.ing to the. im.... loss ...e..ltnnis d l ..t paptlr prortpintota they have come to tiet concluion that rile caanes of persons wllnhe acrounc t have ot Iei Illld within one month after preentation, shall rle mnadn .kno. (so fuar as practicralr)t to. ecl otuher--they Irli g tling the nslvegs not to adoverlie or printll for sucl o llint ante, unless i conase atl ndance p.nymsent. IG t1igned) J. C. Ito S'r. ItOMItS I1 J. iAYiN, t I'. '. .,ArB, JOl.N Il,1NON, e d ey sr ws.-W.- , trll or rtIrio, ro l, ri asg 11 by tile a Dlove ronditirna, as far an they ore npprlltnr'ln to o we at pre. es rt ohliondli A. It. tAWIgENItEr. o SN. noracrittionn are tartn for leeo ttatP 6 uronrtr. or mut, in all oases, be prst paid. is NOTICE TO TIlE PUBLIC.--Uonfun adod w rumors of the undereignod having sold out, or diacoatiused hi old and long oetablinbed tic GARDEN SEED STORE, rot ri 85 Stoeantr hoesrr Street, Having been smot ialdustriou*ly crcal tied by seolf interested parties, tie sabscrther begs to assutre his friends genorlly, and the public at lartg, llast he we still corti:tues wrthie two doors of Illr late. or oarmer stood, to be furnished witl a fIll and I0x. 0 toneivar 'uply of all the stalndard kinds of kitchenI 1r or veogtclbl, J;rdoe Seeds, of til growthl and io port of tile pr.seot season 1837. Clh Slnca tihe early part of Sploitelhrr, Ie Ihln rm Ie. caivod anplo supplies, by thare Bpaek itip Vclt.H. burg, Kentucky, and Arkonasi ill arrived io allort passagsu, direct from Now York. By the Miani.. eippi od lanother pIcktet, h is ia daily ourlota. Iton of a supply of Fruit TIrees and Asparag.r J. Rnots, havnyrg atoeady rociverld :Iuoieos titreal by lire sobsoriber hrp rfroutho ad conr a t.r t eo rrlia at laorger thI.t e in' t aent as well rranlrrio t eet a n executae orders fnr all t ilrds of lGtrdeo Ia Sccds, either whrulesrle or retil, as aeo ever waes I ne hisn firs tt lo ablltrntntrlo in J.onunry, lta. 1Il Coinutry DeOrers nad .nl.krrht l.nThodI oderr o sd S ufilled att ll rwet. ndr mi oSt ro nable ntr lys. by It, tlo proatd werglht, aid gatirrr or banta1r inlsolfr. i Cotslgunieo .h, ro n in h. aFeloc r h lnrllll, lclo o eI always be obtoinuOd rot peroulald allnthrlleon t 1 usual, t r w'M. S\II I', Iii t; irdenll Seo d Store, 's5 Cand r imr.Ci eti atnr Un NO .--A constanlt urlprly of .rd Sued, rill or tlnrltll i aipVrIt IIerrzell aoulr;lorib, iarlltd ir.ko a rr dried iral., a suplrly r of o eaa . nd Ilyet. il .L....)llYSl)i.... h*..... I........i'.. . ter, l i I'o I rt14 l the .( o1'A I f- t,,l I rrsrrii II o It.i h, I foursl ll.l2· +i" l P " rrr ror rrIiI1o dl mr tirtrr oot1*e at irrIi. rr- oI l I ulA or r.ur,,ett , d . dI,-, to tbU"t r,"nurl uu(ll. r, llt o l+,iL ,rill ] 1, iol pea nrlld from rigll p r e s ll i telll., ellln tl 'i I ftuar p erUll llr io ru.r Il i a lrol tll r oru t, 8,3t oal'e .pe,dy lnd - 0l· euat, Iuae 11 chi p ll ...o us or*. _Ii , ,moor hora, iubrero, ,itrorn an, Cl'cr ora, lnl.,: ,riI V aerroill| o o.v , e . . n ter,.ount oAtfilrlr illldd"r Kuidal irsr Ilriiia, lrr r ilrt , 'IP r llllair , tilor l well, d I, o .ot ha, EruLtiono for thre Skin, Sor "lllrC .t, flo Pao l lto heo Joints; Ior Andi thue n reuu syoliro.n i sllrckr grnertlrly follw, tl his di.-ue. RIecent rases cored in two or lilrt,- ays widryn th e ute of llierrlir., irtrrrn rrim trot, uinoir or ullea-(n trio ton in Ihonde afliriia g. A nrdirIrre o. preoent VoieeIrlel Ilarie cann Ioe ilh tIained oiI ltr.JaUtsrLr. Ita is Irol [Iecllii i of rtlh I lItarrLory lian y alrrtrrl IFrerorh $nrri.rOl' rrl 1ao , tred by hlrllll drr lri tlrrt ,a rr-tol ti lln ts i, rll ll il lrirh e J aerved aa. i iorgooioo r ,tl.rl iir Ir. F reclah hrlll. S'ord by I).- JrIlou nrIt c i ofllite. '111u ti priosrl I, hlll ilg atly offal toI of lllt Vr l e lle a i eue."' a ll-,lbt. analog rsea voylge. or reoiilog Itir iboirrnoll wollollld i ldo oellri he goil)g Dr. JohnlsTn a oalli lit proer leli-,o, eino. hor thir r ulreiorrir the Slrriorlet rirle ratic Ir )st or1 Silh wrlei drirtlertilro frtll cire roe rt. Ollice open frum 7 in rhe aoturig until L0'oclock ac nihtlI AlEslNtTIIT et" ID.PPIf I.IXI.. 1)r. bortnrtt, it' greatrct of ngloi'h o irb g.+II we opinirn thaotnoi -tenlhs ortihe roijeonoco tirt uradit t ,s~kind nri grnntat in tIre stomrah. Thilt I.iix~ r ,u s rolerlt I ll wit the t tl o n rir prrrlrroo u , ll.ll teerr llrr lrI riprl.te old lp1lic traticfr fr ursraldn of forly!r yenrrr litr Ihe reirovlal oif te firioboc .Iaotl. l I Loan ifolitretit, Flat.loncy, t)i-rorrrioil rr t. Stel tr-itPai ir t lI o e id. t , i it.l ireoaol Ioltoil mi ll ioIt- dr onnrtti trrloreeprhreguilrity ototellowl. ao1d ioooill on cases whrre tndigrutiort or a nhbit ir iriiid to p eglint. llri inedeiloi must not rbe nun rle,ed rntnr thoc.tsrtoi ofrjack rroltromrrotaw hotbre the pubhic, as it is tire rule irtoiroa itro therari ler t o nd i st rntiiatilit 5urgeria Eutrrope ever proldraolro lld rhth secret rtf lreprlirig itti was prrchaed by the h geno for a very large gunm It ii c agroearle riol pleasanot tu the to-te, aato if mild treititpe isrr.alwaoyo keeprtr the bowels ioeo, iraorrti vigor arid rb. alreloghlt trr rhe systerr, and cheerfrtess roa the ihd, aonl it few hrttlea onrices the rrost colfirinle ca0e00 of Dysnrelpsirt rrr rrdigeslion, ard preveoto a rtorr at orly futuro period. or :15 ,.IIInds eitr,,v Sit:-In ceno.equenceofleading a sedentlry life, I have Ieen trlubled, ilure or lees, with l[dileltio fr t.n years; for the lasl three veers Ily nouf rill Ihave teei ilspportlble. I have "ied srverl Irply-iiqllv, ndl a Ieuobereof quaCk 0ediielL Willlllhol derivig illy benefil. I despaired of ever olll illjia sly rrlllllelll relii:, iljio r dirnler myself to the nlel hnopeleo dl elir I Wpt eriuaded bv d ni lIy frlen to tre Abevrlelli)' I).pesleluie licir. I Ihave now liillsh llth fOullh IIut eth, . know nent iws xpr.s on c t oirath if its wo hndrlll vir eslllCs ud theucll.l eiliti l Ielltlled illn realnirg InII o that hLelllll which I ,lmll, clt fr 'e.l' elld e cil half 1u doien hole)l s Iti • t ail dxce'll lv thanlks ir te blevaingll you have a lroedby re starilg mie toperfect heatlnli. I roinyoo vcurs, JCeil Af0lIItOE. fl"aleallnt ll- in his portlS.elltll eCve hullldled teo timnllle sinilar to th, ab.l ve', of the exallrliiliry vir eish of tije ledicill. Sold tly appoililnt l el t, Ivr.'c, LIll Ilienv ili, street. lor. PROSPECTUS. THE subscriber p-uposu to publish, in the be. ginning of the onsing winter, a Condensation of the twenty volumes of the Old and New Series of Martin's Louisiana Reports, to be comprised in four volumes. 81o., acordinlg to the model of Peters' Condolesed Reports. This work is now in preparation by J. Burton IHarrison. Esq. of this city, assisted by William F. Brand, Esq. The Editor is also permitted by a distinguished retired Judge of the Supreme Caurt, andiny one of the sitting Judges, to expect from their perunnal supervision all the advantage which cmay naturally be reaped froim their experience. Such a work is becoming every day more noe cessary, as the original is voluminous, expensive, and searce. An increasing curiosity too is mani feet. in the other States of the Union, in reference to the peculiarjnrisprudenoe of Lou.,iana; and the eireomesance of the numerous principles here do. sided in this adjustment of confliets of llws, makes the knowledge of our adjudged cases of prime uti. lity to the jurists of the whole Union. Morcovel, the rising republic of Texas has adopted our codes, sand thus there is a great demand for the Louisiana decisions from a fresh quarter. Convenient notes, indicating the parallel eases decided in Louisiana, and occaiuonally those in tile mare authoritative foruins of the other States, will eo.added to each case. Th'l work will forl hour volumes, royal octave. and will be delivered, bound, to eublcr.lbor at i$6 per vol.; in oose it should be foundll practicable to colnpress it into three volyrges, the p-ice to sub varibors will be $7 per vol. subseriptionl received by WMn McKEAN, sei cor Camp and Common ats. NEW UIIRLEIAN - Srteam and Patent iseueil Jleery--tWaters and IHillman. Ndl, 80. Moran (tter ther Pra.enhrteln Rail Rand.) Pilot and Nary Bread, Sudal and Wian Riscuil, SdAdnh outter, Mitirrird and WVatar Crackera. All the above article, are warranted to be of the firea ellallty, and 'o keep in alcy climate, being completely kiln dried. Alaso,-Kiln dried corn meal. Ordere left at G. W. Pri chard and Taga t, Jr. corner Magazino and P-iydrae streets, will receive prompt attention. Small kegs put up expreaesly for fatmily uoe. 1lnon FLOUR--O1000 barrels lauding in store, and for s sla by G. I)IltaEY. d13 44 New I.ew All.S--700 kbes Ncila as,.reel siaes, far rail by dis Ali t.l1 & WllhIT al.L, b7 Grevier ce j!UNIS-clieicilpiilaunds e..akenat?, rom La' vce, ir iroerie. dis I[ ERSEYO--76 bales Krersyc, OlL--5 barrelse 'lanerc Oil, 3II erakb wittier til, 40 caskas fullscrainerd do, CANDLES-e0o bocas Sperm Cendlec, for eale by I. II GALE, d7 93 Com~mon e: 1EW PORfK B BEcE --Al bild. ceaa, and 4I iLL. i riaae Park .il bbld prica Beet fhr aele by G D)OI(SEY, di 44 ,v. .o RA n itlIli. /iRt. J(PNIfo, Proaf'acr aF neegni. ln Ia;i nr 1 1 and l)iau-cr'Ir l e,'II le & cllluen:cer nrvI 'teIne Cl'hlcelew, ncireI erc','c yiiP rtl! ec: cPracrclC. n 'tnlt icrgbh and (il:lcoe , llce llcelrl.rere fat ther wyes af of ill tic etiacslei i ',cc slmii r 'eh'riecnica ti i.'eso lc.icv, tI c. cmcl ice Eliown, an anplitin lo Ira lr. Millicd', "1 tccyal snrce dR-lil IOX 'llAllt"--lcel d..aeci Ibe Cicors, jilt, coivihed, acd titnillo acr shlipping ftr aeral alet Laouisiana lrnituro a War ItLo m.t. noeAI WIt N.4Rl n EW r)fK.---Y N.l eScrE ce M. teir.--,,. ld ilh lepri. c p hacl er, ccit r I,.e vrle; 3'1cAli'lci,hl ccr ccnccs fro.c it I eili.l, 'c ', c+ri I.cie.elhi~c, iclc2 ale; l|tcciy'etiClri'cacc 'I',clc clrt1 flit Pal.L'y'a Clriatcac i far IU3.l; jle.d e ?crivld ud Irce ,le, ice V Pir. ':A , icrl cI teccrc ld "e i c0 erncn r ,er (ia a:-.c r L CtI.a Inayile , at1 LOUISIi.N.. nSS'r~UT.:. rall. e wnaillnn , Irc clce "clcrncile Ic lat ic 'tirtc l. etr, in tite laIeen I R'l ,.f tic ' ' idii ('Ireitb tna,-r or ahrondelrt ua,, Po. iree, lndt',r the die tierll ldrt.i neiywhte c o pl lcIc 'Cctcied l cie c lit aU ,,,ocie:1thaie la 'itrbsral Cioele+.'a otl'cbe'jieo ia al '.d4l..ouel " e Il e misi celeraitcd uaiveriittie of l,:. Pop. 'ITh coiiiea oas'tadiec io be earrioea d in i.h enaminsry till 1 lcicd dit iir oilieniowae dlirioieccece: I.Te itic.ghc depacrthlieth, ehantelnre all Ibe tbrae'he oefa tberoagh and at.COnIpliheid Eaglih e d ?. 'ie nlaiCiseirl dreartmeccc, cosprehldnding thee latin end (;rebk legccagreE. 'The e drartalleurnl ano teln c lagtl'acge in whinh viii bheaugltl eiacrenchab pucih all ticthelnaa lcllr guagea. 4. 'he mainbsntihe .ll sad philor'lli ail itperteonl IfHIirmehlltlldd Alnehrn It i rad t ile twim d Triult n a crrciiec wththe arjc jr hclcclbcl. in ci at er'iee Nav;ication, Aatcslclllly, St:. nalilrll 'tiily acid Cheit'.tory illitratet'4 icr accitercnira e ejt e. icltStc . Ic"'eien C(lassa eit i. Iieoern a.gmtges will be ilrtniad and acielltled l 'l , l,,tr Il,, ' If ! (),' lrlo r , C J A .11. a iv te: c an,; S GIBSON Eit. Hev ',3IIANS(ON, L.euiinan C(l(g, Jack*41!. liv C A I UZENJI'RG, VJJIUNI;AN EgI, J'N[f0 lOleON Eeq, NhewOrleane. , c..-i A te eru+lIol H , p ,r Iil.'+,2,.r.|.iv ,,iIi l')ilt~l.OI A mg \tAI l'N'l~l. I·l( I(ill I teir. c,. 't 'ncr ]{,) . hl rr lttc, ' \ll ' n'li r ihn'I do1dde III'.let~~tIl I~r+4willR li1 I1+; +r~ll1·(I lt,,val 1lld htIJl .lifl ,jo."l'lrII~lllssI~oldo I'ltlrlrd,,. I+J·11ll illlll TII i+ i/ I., ist II hllm ld " ;I vlr? · 11,t ,,r" "1 r~l~l(ll)+r(1 1l 111rl1 i)I) J e.. 1;,,Id. 11~ ..ilveT' Iml e~r" c;Jldllb(rd.r+* \.. hIt. aUd ~(((J) or I e, I ct|l ter. ' I i ' tll .'lf NIl it I; ( IxIt.l . '. PEN II cf~l~fl't Irciv*l ed ,'n.l 'et-c l l.''d I.I' d . l Ci.; Ih'T ,,, - iSi Ill;it| .t. Laugdll'++dtl,' $I l C i t ('ta l, II'll'ctb.' i den, ,,, A I'cecv'f (J,t c S t'i ,rr I'l. hlre: t l1"' .llllllltt c i(l; (IIX l " I +h'"k. I ,atct't tc'r l+ at, ct.-< 1 ld I ,i -rI +hadeN I.. u·1(d1 (+ild; ';tJll 111 5111.I Sd+, .h,.l-': \1I.rhh, fr,,,I,,+I '4a + c"it. 'cc "",:ic'har.., ttiti - cvt, Ia nrlt (.i 1I\ l Ihlllq; IvIIr+', M ahlll.glly, allll | +llill I.',+h· IIe.; Ih011ah b~lll-ll,.: beq( IhlJ..,.. I')1.n1dl )111,.t.,q r',,111 , I li;..s; )11l1 1111. =.,,I .ilP(Lrt+..• I',,lliI,,++,li I'u',,'r, lI.1( 1I ,'r IlIlll ('lira. rlll~ll l,:; .1 tiiltllllll, (I 1)1·ll'P = (+tl.4++ I I :-.";+" (till 1',+;+, ii'; ,1I <, b ,.'k . hIe d-.· I Il. 611 1( llel· . I ',H.<I"T- J +-,11))1-· 1111 d','tf-lccd P.,vl+ Jl,,,+ l'll..bN'l,,t+.ilh+Iiv.r I +.,', ~.i~l 3+ ill.'he.. \ PI·· (.'<'in l,;llll' IOI)IICI & WI,|.I T.. :I !11~1 I~ll++it lll, \Il+,oe ):·P111 1(l,(:ke.(11( I\Ullllljl I\.i1 II CI~iler II';IT'p.+;l' II~ l+*,l TahleI++,· w:ll ,+~il ilv r 'lhl;; 1i ·l:I I.+am+'l 1TIl'ear 1)11 G111hl ) l'ea ·l~ldt r;ll ',.;.ll( r a l SiherJl,hl.~ Itllellb lll, ll*+y I .. ,4 i (:+1 Ihh'b·.· (ll+; lll..h ld.e (I<+. (II+,.| j Ja.,b*~ I lil+ .eIyIJI'I vs, II h i,.(: li|ll'.l l I IIi:I1( Il lit) l I llt'P. 1.. I1 11e11t i +11·: ;,f *111.. oli~~l,) \II Ielt.!.lrgtll., .ymIc o'h, (:1',,41 ir-r. of R~ihP iil~f4+)hIpni 11, 1 . l., l~..i t, Il,: T-I.:u. d.t CI~Il[\ j: callll:P [ljll' I1"1 IIIlW+ flil)tll theC Iiih'li·(.al~llll iii Ibli. rule~ alhy-aidhll 1 .1·1I l~l~l + l~l I1,1I( )I)*./lI(ll+.hqzIP I nl~ld C(I(ll |il1l1P11 11·lT(l'l~rdl tt+ la~v tltldI the( lUlld+ dIistllilil+lll ill a+ ctlrll hlcr ii P hlIel.I1· I' I.+ll.. .:'+,(.' 'rk ' )'l 'l' D I . 1 I ).I'II I.U , *'o r Ih Pr,.q ;.r .11 )isltril Juh' r. *.n i na , lie r llr,.t hre : Pree I .(r n'r I'llnoadnnnl A 3t Ir itg n, ju;e. Ja.,.b Mato-.y vs. sac c:,aluciers-No Ii,:kI- "u ---u tnl dIe lI" 'nivern, |,'s€, av Cal A Ine .\ Luftrgu mix it .. cre ( dO | i llal1svl;el("v el. Ill1u1'.:'1 - Ir tr II- l n it11lall nh l lut de distrl nwlllillll ie (:(·lre .t i 1e.i l est Irdln e (qu'nlnll II.elm1ine Via.rCarI. nu l our eo I'quo,'lhl I'lli Illalllu lI serail 1 rr.nirsn.nnl n.rnlrtlllerlrrrrtrnlrnonhiennraores "tllr. d I I(III j tII dnl I it,- lesulol 11" litdil tableau ser.ail NIra hornoAnrrlier contrl n .lan r ii e lea funds disribue c eun, nequer .m O. f+aai al es 7d . .. . A I l .II NC, I l), p , .S TT OF.. LOUISIA.NVA--I'.rt Ju.lil )is tri.:t Coturt. John lnvy |oster va His .reditors Iand lthe editrlllls IA eVeaia * Fo-ter. 'The credit ors of J.rohi May Foster and f I ),Vellll n & Foter, atle hereriv lOl lotified Ilto 'lnr i1I open Iilrt n S lrday, Ih ;9tliI t Ill. t1 | t III (o:ltck ia. IIh. 1l d.lI.% (:lnit.P ·Ifd iIY they have, wihy .nd jJolll .11a h . . "'Lr id 1 lthVe Illhe bnr cit lnl Ilr .law. Iii1n - fn r Ith, relllien. rn i snlvent' ds|btors in l se1rnrtlrrvnI C; s{ l C m*11 1nd I EIand I are .appointed i.. rapresenl o Ihr absent u rediator it ' i IIv renlr rf Ir court this :I I)IDerlnher.l 1l8. den7-3-nlitdvfr I'I.Bll. I )C. I 'hqk. 7'.TAT l I. I. IUI.l ANli--aour du Pnrem-er J. IlisrrlethJllic-anre, John lay oEantr coire n ses cricaci, eI. .ranllier+dle I)eveaux & Foster. creanciers d Jo)an IMay Foster erII . de IOeaux & Fos terr sat par I* preantl r.:quisl de s,'s.e ,,bl r .o lla , c aoura, smledli, 29 du courant, It MI houre.ll du altin fll a l(. i ,nlltrer .lau , s'll enrll exih , IlNllrli n l Jabha .ay I.. ornir r'nbrrrll"b pI'rah . lP nl.ei b.l llrm. blia ssee . ] aolr le gnrn-li rlr r ir' deblt, airs rlnrlvrbles lClrll. Cas;ll A u ranodr1 Iir. r;,il Ii 11o11 pour rerlrs llllr leredlrral a. Ibn , t lh l r eri tlhiroire. a In r Aorde lIt Iha ll r. :1 Ii, [i r 1 8.ll . .f erel7 d ' I.En I, INt', l)e,. IrelllErr STATrE )OF L(OUI.I.\NA.--la'niy Cfanrr Ua Ill3 SI'arirh atwl ('ih of New ()llrllr-nlareafesIa1 i lian Charles Al.urlrlll, Jaudge. N.. I1 .8 N.eilll Ilicharda vs his credil rn a.ld l.h creli ,ors ,rl J 1huit ( Boyd & r.u, 'ire eoessrm ion mar1 e-tnrl y e ,,ira ad e aln thle remitors al Johnrl Boriad. It ri orIaereli rhat said do nIllet inellr Iteflrre r H l II lC.I.Ra, Eaqrs ilanluy Ipubli, oft Fridly fIle 4thll 3ly llf 'ao aOv, 18:18, thelln ~laud there lo dliberate quoiirill Ie ali'llr'lr Clu't 11e in soVlllveln ll li l the Ilenulll tine all Ip oa.e lig.l agaillnst h perslonraasi Iidrolierty tr arird Newtnli, Itir,rllds are tagved.--lt is tfirlihr ordlern.l thIat ol ssrra Ellmore anld Kirlg e urappointedl to r-Irrrrlre! tie nl. iaen creditors in tIos caso. By ordetr ill th' ca'llrt. AI 11 1 I) I'ITrOT, clerk. Clerk's OIlie, December ist. :I 1S. dec 3-30tae U C'lli IIN-Ill rases, caomprrri4rg . geerral ass Sorttrlnt lr IIf IRilrrrrsr I, aotrd, Prrror Vrstsr, llirts, & d. oI.w lsdlllr , i la.d lir by jl0 96 I IlIl & C, 1, 1 M:11 agazine rt SARI)--'0l ker. Iolonm Iio;lroro taVrTlr U eo SitNa I dfor sal, by t., it8is:', 41 o\ew Orvee. jall II Nrw I.eveo ý1 PERI Co,,dlb.,-lll1 Iara Nra. BIerdtirnrl, Jlol re Sceirled and far sale by il.\bI.. A lROl)\WŽ\. d10 96 Magazine st Sl'ATE l I.' IUIASIANA, RISII .or rt laur Ills Parii anrd Cit of New Or laans, Present the IHonorable (Ih:aries Ml.urian, No. Illlii,JoIll HIt. iGrahamu , i actual u;t.o his Credirtors; Upn redlin3g a.d liling, tile pe ns Schedule, in jdis Ensr, It is uordlredI Ily tl that ra ineetinea of ith ('r.drlr rr the l-olvent ace, il aoaln Court, go All)lllV a he 17th IhYv )of Vber ne.xt, then and1111 lre to dreIberllte in thle of o'fs id insolven l rnd in the natini all pr...eced nbk's O .Jel Newo l'rlearllo. N.v. 2, 1838. A I GUYOL, bov24 Clerk BALDNESS. A BEAUTIFU head of lrair in the granleat orna ment helnnginta the hhunan tDme. Inow aranea ly the losn of it Changes tlte ettlntonntte, and promsna thIrel I.rinas on tlhenp apearare ofaoli age, whihic ses manv to recoil at beilnl, th veredl anid sanarinai n even to Il.*u Alanietv to avoid the tests slid sneers of their acquanitanne: the remninder of their IEves are cran seqaently aspnt in retiretent. at shlo,tr net evn thle laoss'propertl fille tle tnemt. a linkin.l 'enth with that neavv ianking glolm as done the loas of :ita hair. To avert all thee nplena- nt cirrnttamnanes, Oldrike' Iala nof Clauhmba atopn tihe hair frot, fitlline off' n the first applicatinp, ald afeiw Ilrtles restnres it anin. It tikela producesra evehrowt aid wh iskersn preventa the hnir from tarlnie grav, makes it carl henatifidllv, and trees it frtoe seirf. NIImeras ecelttifitP ee'n the first respectabiitiy in suplort of the virtlean of Oldridgej: Bahn, are lhown by the propritort, {7D Rend tlia Iallnowing: Robrt VWharton, Ereq. ate Mayor of I' lin tf .hlph hlas certifier' an tte v he seea below, to thelagh atear. ter of ,e nfilowinag entlenen. 'The analareigned ldo herebly eeti t' that aehave nusd the R.ndm Coalh hia dicnavered by . (ldridgee. and have foland it highly ,ervi enble not only as a preventive againat toe flling hoff hair, but also a eertail rester tive. ,V'[mI.[ II TIIATCIIER, Sentor, Metholdisa t liinster in St George Iharey. No fll Norlth Fifth at. JOIN P INGII,,3'9I Acllahl treet. JOlIN I) 'iTItacIAS, iM D, n163 ticest JOIlN Ft'tIEl', l1 Spruce treet. IIU ,H tteCtlltti'.213 tta Soutd at. JOI50. GARI),Jr, I.. Anrchl street. It is known than threer n tare lahw sirnerrt are mon than 5o1years ofnge, and the ontrbs ntt less than 30. IFrom tile Mava.r, Cunhf llnullig an eah of l lrnvlrnnin , lCiv a t'laPialelphia., I, Riobert Warrtn. Maytr f'a n l ciity lof I'hihld,. pllia, do lnhartav ctrttitaItt I RaIt ttel oclatq lltedn witt Iletrasr J 1' IIg e,,ial lln ,, J t,, neald tIItt h MI Curt', Shole ise atams n reicslI tn t ttle sahaaRe .li"ftit haaf Itihat y are i n e u ,aetn a ,ilu. 'ane r' tle lle tthlil,tt, tend .s aeclI. fil'l eredit shout ha gi I vtenai toatlai riTt ilet' te. In winrcenwh'ralrt I hlave ear'tlllata set v t nl anf d ' Od. tlhey aet line . ity to he mixedl this 61h ilcy of Dleeeellrlr Ar. " ([I.. S1 Itr)ltt ' VII.tIltTN Mayor. tItSt ~EV tlat eac boattleafte cFllhie ( ol i n anaa s aspleli .eng,,ved wrappler . . which is repro-cut Snh' .holesh. anlid retail by tilt salfe Inenta far Ana, nno'. oa Flel:lie, etl'r~et,e acnr ,.laiden nall(- gale d nea Tet .lenrl raattlld hyet Ir last drta i alt d jltrf llanery trangh lie eouatrv. JAitVIS & ANI)ILI:WS, t m9 Whtlesale Arnltae, New Orleans. SOMI ARI) & CO'S Bsnaton tull New Orlean. 4J Li e of Packet Stlita...Tlhae new ane of ahips oas been expressly huilL Io batt:ven the hboate ports, and will he loudl o sritllabl. draft o waeter: nceommaodations for pasnabr era, atnd Cvery effort will be ntadl to give attinnaltion, 'lIhne ean is composed of'thea o lonwing lhips: j Cherokee, 45 tones Capt. J adiIlding, Carolina, 4111) tao S Lamist, Clartleatton, 371 (lo I) Eldridge, Colmlent aoa, 6"5 do i Blalrker, I Seanlanai, 210 ala J. lowae, Itllllaay, 62i 5 tdo 1) l u alphrey. The. 'a,'ve ships ear all now, oa tahe tart lass, co per I; .L'lte nd alld copperedl , a aallal;ldeld )y non t of gruat cx;tcriant'. Ihaau lare itccalllmlatiilea, ol Willl a el)traaite laidlaar cabin; every Illtetltn .lal 'llle It ,lived nto I"naIager1." ana d tie: vnry , ..,a of nonere pro. ti ed for tlaa . ,r Tm' itlckvha wll be aat've, ap nla down the t 1eis itstpp,, antd thte lreithtt tlttiat a y at tervnad ita tlae t lt. of atlag,l . ta ,l a n oul tilJs rgI ,lanr ve sel . a at detlluteat ill arrleiing, other r p taa.a aa lly as gond l ill i hu uhslllatla. A sttar . at ptarn an is tal td, i a .l tau .gems a l ade thensal, r to leeornlllll thlll ;in slllChI am l bllr ll·h , toI reCcive toml orwlard g)o1)ds bly a ida liate at tilhn Itlot 1dr i.e cEhrglc.s, and la a uvlallce a1 u. i b Ilhc g Ids hat ,ta I kt' rat fired, Toea h nslhr atvil le;tel tl let and t ]6e oa evl'ry atnolll. Flar treitlat or taai., apt Ita to tire gangA t.u tao in A.t', C. At L.ombted w& Co. r,, v'27 FRANKLIN INFIRMARY [Lt t lla'n i e.tlt:' Id t' hi rlt' 1tiaa ar ialldlllllll, )1111ala ha i ianl .iry ulenI ,lol Ih raille t vllia l I1 II w ta . tllthatr I ualhlllth , alt allau Iat l uith I, u at t le ar o e ier ,o thar e hailtl;t" i' I:lre' at I taalo tlertaatatiatlv dint idaath 'd aito I t is. !'or ,.It' stll'ate dillatelan taots'eas' lte Iro r tol a ,o thseewa o rt.e ' erI l-nlllllll t .uI l I nill ta e no.t ill Itidan a mestie tate al e ind gilll, , ulll e- ,al d atpeUki ng hLIe tVa aua IPri,'lle m slllllloue I1]t hlie\ hodbyl hV gel cah enl l ael i fi'e dalte y m 'I'er ill tile or ilnrv wardn t mo dollars per day. SlaveP s dlsorlrl) t o ih d llart. aIlnllll x he rdialtlv .ardsa, liv tl. ell htrs. All cital ·writlrtyt )pra h nlolge. e strm. I t i .llina la tI. ,IIIIss I IIIla II ylltll. tl ) t' r Ci A tLo thh~n ti! ao s \ I u n a T:ataat. atrr It)e!I Iv - wl cI'I'I.\In vcI N.ew 'eer's hlicl---A 1.w of the I t r. llln d .tht r e l t ntg, a. l le, whill to '.h liae at ilh iaaluk-lolt of AI.EX ''TWAr, hllree t Iatge tas.ertltntll of thle loauka soitable ftC thI .tea.zO, car n it. lllo d:at---l RUSII'I'ON & ASPI$NALL'S 'tO.MPJOUND 'IONICt: MIXI'UIIE.-A speedy anald ceaut~in cor Iar tile Fever and Ague, remittent and ia'rtcnicalait revues; praepared on'ata the urignal recipl. Used t;ath etineret and anoi versal snccers ll 183T. Iby person oti ti e highest aespenlal,;thv itl tlas ciaty. s stated itt the antnexad tertific;ltes. a. 'Tlhis ledicinae is highlly rronemmedad, and hlas tell extaonaiavy need il the above diamtsa wLth auch distingulslaed sucoass, tlhatl the proprietor of the recipe 1ia latna illdallced to offer it to tht pub. lie ill its preseantf . tiaraatilahealape that it tttny te hle means oe r.lleviag Illaty of those who tlire auffcring undar tha ascollrgu of our country. It is a medicine pnossessing gruant lvitae, and whln used naccording to tla dlirectitans has never faild of aetlactag a clure, cnvulln in the lost obstinatelo autge of the disorder. It is not et all dliatgreeahle, and peranon of the wakenst tnomachl, and lthildren mlay takh it wit imputly. Ia ntreogthlcl s the digestace org:atns, creilta all lappetite., alll aeldoltm reqIuires nure than one, or ill oaltinate Casea, two bottles to effot a cure. There is inlellther 'laercury or arsenlc in thle iaaedicice, nor any tlhing itajurious to lthe human costltitltio. lThe plroprietoLrs are o well convicel ot its naffiay, thr they y agree to refund the prnlc'r oavery boltle whliclh ha bheol taken in accordanc' wath the directi;ons end has not neffcted l it Iel' at ca n'e al the l'av.:r & agoe. A. OLIVER, sola agaat tar Now Orleatns, at hlis w~luleaalu alid retail drug anad Illlthllla snore, coraacr of' Ilitavllle alnd Clatatrens etretts. For District Agetacina alatt!t tat j 'I'. W. SWITII, 48 Catlti st. Fancy Pock:t llooks-U'dler tih hea will be found u splendid variety of ladla' and gentlelmen' po, k, t books, note, , uird, needle and thread cases. Fancy ctuoks, uobpenlld ra, &c.-Ol the latest pattern and o'f superior quality, consistinlg o plain and figured saetin,, velvet and cloth stocks, llane buoums, plain, and tly withli and wthoutl ruedles, shirt collaor, naspenlders called Walshington suspendurs, also, guan elastie worst. ed and cottonuett do, with and without rollers, pantaUlon straps with wire springs;and a great va. rtlly of' gentlemlela's wiear, mlade expressly for the retail trade, by A. L. Vanhorn and nrn of Phila. delphia. l omlbs--A general and complete nasortmen of enrOb t'roml their manufactory.Also, Englisht and French dressing combs, etc. dec27 4 NDREW iMITII & CO., respect'fully int'orlll their Iriennd and the public in :aneral, that they occupy the new brick stop, 219 T'eloupitoulas street, where they keep constantly on hand Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, of every descriptaln, a cll as copper stills, kettles, and p.ltpse, tia bath. ing to , anlid il canl, of all surts and selze, and all outer brass castillg dune at hortet notictee. Grateo ars of every de: criplion, alilC as steam. bout stirrups, hog clinlls, screuw to!ts, alI ethel kind ofbteuamboat work, buell as chimtlnys, brooch. ee, steam pipes. 't'hey awll also do aI; kinds of out door work, tuch ae zinc, copper and tia roofi.ig anld guttering, &c. Tncy above and all other klude of work in their line of bus:ness, they will execute at toe shortest notine. d, 27 UATMiIt.l.Aa. 18 'uyee nmntuta silk Umbrellae,t U largc sizes, tIle Ahl. Merse y, ald Id sel.i by I Ittittl 'i 3th'ce, di1l 131 Maugzine at .i y AVAN.\:. CllFF I fC--l6 pue rime gieean Ilavana I Cofaf e, lalndng hbuti brig Sltsan,tor ulnt by JSt.PIt COut,KAY.E, d21 25 Gravter at I.IE MORRIIOI DS. J AY'S LINIMEN'P.-No Fiction.-This ex. trtordrnary chemiial comrnposition, the result of science, and the invention of a celebrated media call man; the introdusi , n of which to ithe puble, was inverted with thle solemnity of a deathbed hequrset, hias ision gained a reputation unparalleled, frilly sustaining tIe correctness of the iamented Dr Gridley's la4t conflsoion, that " he dared not die without giving to posterity the benefit of hli knowledge on this subject," and he therofor, baqueathed to his li innd and attendant, Solomon flays, tie saedret of his discovery. It is now used ip the principal hospitals, and tie private practioe in our country, first and most certainly for the eure of the Piles, and no exten sively and effectuaally as to biffle credulity, unless where its effects are witnessed Externally il tlhe following comiplaints: For Dropsy-Creating extraordinary absorpt'on at once. All Swellings--Roducing them in a few hours Rheumatism--Acute or Chronic, giving quick ease. Sore Throat-By Cancers, Ulcers or Colas. Croup and Whooping Cough-Externally, and over thie Cllest. All Brusses, Sprains, and Burns-Curing in a few hIours. Sores and uleors-Whether fresh or long standing, and fever sorres. Its operationsoupnl adilts and children in roede ing rlleumalic swellings, and loosening coughs and tightness of tile least by relaxation of the parts, Shas been surprising beyond conception. The enoimon remark ofel tose who have ueaud it in the Piles, i " It acts like a charm." THE PILES-The price, $lis refunded to any person who will use a bottle of Ilay's Linilment for the Piles, and return tile empty bottle without being cured. 'Thesee are the positive orders of the opoalietor to the Agents; and 'out oa mirany thou. sands sold, not oln has heen unsucciiessful. Wve might insert cerlilleatas to ally lengthl, but prefer that those who sell tire arlminr, ish.uld e.x hIhit tihe riginalri to parchaslers. CAUTION-Non-r car be genuine without a splendid engraved wrapper, on which is my name, and also that ol'f ti Agents. bOLOMON IIAYS. Sold and retail, by COS'IhTOCKI & Co, New Yolrk, arid by one Druggslt in every town in the Unmon. iFor sale by the I.Vholsanile Agents, -corner of Caon lon & 'T'lehalpituolas alrout, and by tie Apothecaries generally, je3U Clr-iAIiI'NI.titMIllP N' TICE. C]" IIE under-irrird have Ihi.. day formed a co-parr I ers ip rnr the trnsaection of ' General Corn-i ,ion and Forwarding bIsine.s, in lhis iity, ander the firtm o SIAI.t., At RUnowN, m.d w hure taken Ihe Iew brick store, \a. 9I6, ro a r 3 n strerer (raitr Ply ras st.) n ;b ltui SHIIAI.I:,Jo. Referroaes: JAMEh S CG ILUWN. Si, ·.la %. Avery, Whililg &,Zlurk, W\Vaniit r c.i." \V 'lIrgart i rt, hgirr , Ilawhrorre. . 'b'iThyer & ui. W ne Crtohr, r& ll. NEw ORLEANS. Croeket n& olioarideigr. Jcain orirfield So., \\aIkir, I. nersoun i co.. (;rircs %r Chniiierir.g, iosnTor. II It tirmaran & co., c Philadelphia. DaIvirlt Morg an, Pitrosiregh, Penn. Jirir il l,, C\' stb ra rllrrd 3ta'Cillrctrh, Cu. J & I elnliral o. u ville, 'enn. &E A lrre, StILoa is, . d 2 =r'T aT rl1. Ia lll iNr.--rlir r ll di: i'Lrnra i Ol li slit hii asft ei Villie in ii ln Nle-Orll eali--Pre - ll rrrllrir lrl Charles oir ea ri lh lr gr'- Nu ai.t4 - . I Isaac lthker, ar rririrrenrt ditenu, cntra see ere-' nri er:-ir -rhrir re rr eture i nrc is r,, meat de lapeiriirn' el trllen lln retel I tl ir'l , i ret Ol ' urdo ln u Ir'une asse -r il iedesr crl licw .is de 1 r 'rlllable t Irieu e IP laier ur r Ie tilt JoleU , '"n 11119. it 1 die Ii,.ir. d i i arle lin a oi do d ailner e Ir I.r ull'l re d. I'lH e .)h lilbds; rn ullredn 'trl routes polar-lite et sCo pe rsaOne so)t urt:,a.o i ts L. Il.I vl - na- . ni o pilll r rrtpre; 'r I ra cle.usciers at. Ii en: Par ore li .our, I , Dde p G.ff3r. ! rirr18 .t it riU L (tLt , Drpndrnlee. 'l ATb r II,' I )tin.ltl I\AA. PI an i i ia url l r lea , I SPir sni and lity if Nerw pre-ear the Ioln i r h r irri al rurianr Judglld, thl . triil, llolre No. i Iil , llil lr tllIrr''rr el . hiii rI:ledrlor. t. li inrr illrrg " tiling t fie rii'rrliu rndsrl,:iv rr irtis in ne e.i irsordered rbyi the. Co. rt Ilrt e ing oIh I:llt l ltlll creditors I, i l. placei in ori e rn lt n tll I Ih: d yi ofJulirae ru y [ u t llill o'i'l rk, 1. i. 'l t n llil I hneu ti i ' illw Caelr e y i 1 ,-th ad i.H lv.:at sllihld inot he drSchauged nea or i li i.n I rclw in diliii aii mi l pror eedir Lrsagaii.nst rred thaI IL. 1 ,,Iw i], t" I. bea llminted ill represeni alsl aibi- Llll editr, bIy urd rr of the re C der. A. P1t'ITT, Clverk. ('li rkn lllit e hi'e. 151ih, l8ii. \I 1iilT.hNT TiteM tIS1 El Kis c .'c'Ti.Ahi 1i0,1 In 'I'he hiu,.rrii l'rs havee in store it few lurrels of liinrarird Perur Is. aniihr' ilrly invented in New 1,. rih. e .r fri.t rr, of itrhis t'eit was p' ri board iih (ilc i\i\-tinrt i I+' r Iti ti'm he run ly Pe r te seitlii ater inr. r io.ul ,t hi l trial t atsfid i that 10uil wb icO 1 at ta,,. u i1 , :3i If-.n I g 'd ( a ana that ink ca se Thr I here ' i IIll,.., h u einer lle l tg . kerl es.i ait Co lnol onstrtci. iihe basuribry having recelv. / l wugrsol ' Ih v irlla tl Ir - pat l d ,'iS e d & l e c dll r oh a f( Am:0 i ts h r the usdi" ih i wituh wait pal e bomrd nu h Ur t llifi ' bes co PInIdsre.i Fr IT trllilll) N tlol S lOCf-K & Co. Ro•lw n N, 8 Front L s e st N o--11r 1 i rl. p it ielrl '1i .tn, llo lh e d lntei a d ill Eng e ler uine wirarir pu1ri letter pnur nI,,ar .ile hlm unt l . 8el t iiitiuner Uladply whtich llhl rar i it l l', i itei d:y i. n d fIU o-l.K- IE.'lI.\I Frenc, pn'--.7i ,1 i Sedl rela, l :,g ..,. bark lrrlhe irii lrr ir a nl993 Conmmn . E, JOiNS &I CO, T TtNEIt'U IIAIC., rerfSt. ChOrles 1ed P'Ora iirten& . Thir e seastrihees eliviag recelv. Eliglau ink. tpndaihid bNorte, ets fr rwa head fin-i ou ag lr le : id a; inn' lua EFglishr I rawing paro mr rn etll ize, ; do gi i ti n doy..aa o ind a lipa r varr rb yal iAC neni In nad deli lan flsl I, alteiler p.. l e x. hreb l r lall elll ; dld b I ti e laid;id do r copi g i, ltern ed i ati end Aur London net Iristu. bard; f I uy leter d ilaarIrllrgerirl Iltrilallr Mnnirh, tialir, cA Inro Ai ancat cI leitoeri nd wri ting paslersow, frl Irrlls lrl Ir IIl l n lvleler i i r I le. art 1:ri1i16I. I rdtr Alnne by Pirivau es of Jll lN er & i.s; l et n. t eItil) adlill nll A lllr gr, nl ie tepheinlr 's anef l |ltr, err.liroi r' rV's li in In irTrlei torbsiin ,ault! l'Firr yi' Iri est el, innring ks; Englis smnd t oeive ry iy iriaro i II er &trit o . Anuria unll f ,l is It, d 1,, lll h, copy'ih |l Rodgnrs ua ll,'shaLest canll , c i in dik, loli atrd daesk kii eiiv , rzlnrs Aaid uis Pas TCi Lo.oi ', a.a.a.d wtllet's etssi ir..oo. Aekermnll'llsI ' rI[ N\ownaT B Le' stie nature I.,...o's, i rnolkllllallrl & Ilalad aferal ln'o dr. ing OeIcileg Drtillg uonk, Arirlnl nd lrltih ud Aer icbusr A ri, . t Isidaio, Amnona3 Croeisr-l rhih, Fenlrh Sti A.nih Itaian, a r Iwor' ire lmlr Ltain. cnaoildting hit nk lssellea lW, lnad ei l work, ydo liy rr.r &ee. VEJ IIINS & . C C o 21-d' ecrei fSnChn o ail Caai a'o eta. Fieh:rtsDl'w U looStl lk FURNIIUILE! FVURNITUIIE!! ions"s, a largo coplltis flout New·~ Yorkh and Ios-r ton1. I'arrsllll inl the wani oIf furniture wouldl do .ell to call, and releci ·Inir articles fruit ] 0o110 11·I, " beet an InrrPct.~tIk kIlrlw iu th cit. \VIt C RNE (16 5Fm-telrillV~. N It--Particularl attention paidd to paceking .m~l -lap I'ilng Ieurnitnrnler 'eel .!f l de ja'tetcckcieull lire, "~. . .V RLuuARE... rinlg, g a lul for rule by d°.?7 KSJ P \e'IIt'TNE, 73RCamp st IV IN ES on Euea liowe LIen I1eul! I geeceeeeoy schoole, edi·reeeeet tooueee t, ei-er oh. a 'o eeeteptre tee nsecee perrents neel tit eeee.ueeeeeef feeni Ietee: byI E e \i\teee oeedeer of .ee.uo and u hcal in the Navy. Hitimssln Edaelr~tion, by I11" sane antherrl; also, lull' b le. tares to 6Cllu).l Illiterll . For s ilo byI ilt .d it '1( tie eceCep , e teteette tere-l~uci et-esrnelet ''o~tt i,: ad J Ir o i shI'ut E , h B t73tieeteiet DRAFTF 'S cc New 1.0'k, Ittrocle tI* d`I AND1 V,,\V3 & IIk'OTIIERS. net:d Ceempaeee landing train slup Uonstitution nnd tinr sale--vlz: 16.00(0 fet ofglaou, best qullty from 8XO 10 : r3X28; 3.11 kegs Wlite lead, umre; 3i0 'do greet paint, in 5. libr. kees '24 dno Jepaetd ins tibrerigune s 0flt I. ltrage 6 dos tsplendid illiui groend brushe-, aiso ofOtle anti Of do; 2 cases crone greell in powder', superior article dond ca ns;u aIlrge anstrtnmeet ofsaoi tools ofr every ize and qtalit; tbalrlpeneilf or arist; flant marking brushens firmelr'elatnt; artist's colors in oil rend are are:l, in bIoxe, fitted .'l t ith all lneceersry brushes; artist's tools. &l . Flike and temntit e witrl; 60 ,acks gold leaf; white and y.ellow wax;g gln rlie; a iol a large and choice os mttrcent of nintsn, dry eolors oil, tr)eptitr, varntlish, &c., for sale, wh.lesule and sotail, at te lOtwest prices, by lIm.NItELL, t2R 58 Camp Kt. NVEIL' EDITIOX" OF TIIE CI'A14 CODF OF LOUISIhA~LN. J T has reen for some tite mnulle known to the pleite I thla the snbcrtbero are engttged in Ireatrtl ttor the press a unw edmliierit te. Ln .ioinoan Civr Co - ''Iey wern. tIran tie fires, swnr, lr the great ditficteltr ad resp Uatotiiiits nttutlding tle tblicatieen t tihe work, and it was net witlouLt greet i.hithetion tlt tlhey eon seated to tshe tlerlaehkine. But tlle present u lirtitn, alnotlinern to :t brut thre thousand copies, n tlle hie lhd cost the Stlate nlert tha tlhirty tilttesad dlldll tst was entirelyl of It print. For more than two veers t past, thtle tittl ice i the awork i has beeltfllo i thirty to fifty dlloara. It is a eyslet of'. writteny rules tnieh son immeinatel operstl:a urol every illdlvidtul o" thIe statel intereItel eithler in i.eithuulim or temmelcene ar d w tic i gnere.s thlelispllntinl of so nIucl pnrlerlv tomning to nl'rsoln other itllters that--le kelntesn ae.t other treatlse pon aw--t is as tIcf the luxtlbtlok 'lld latnna of tile merchant mot thle ll,:nter, its it is of tile private gentle roan nid the. pntrfional eludw I. the lawyers otitle notlinoilltg rtalies, ntil e, fnet oh al tienre eteteeolttt tile t hit, ated l ini rieri frien oliCi liud a nmart litr their prtlute in Lolieiaena. hrve lie q tlt ntreesilo il reflerelee tIo the crlde, ind Iake it aI idistunebitle reqotsitei t their libraries; and iI the iit of New irs ns e hle k is isa sure to L. flealnd ire thle mlterclhant's etwtItt ttrmOm at s ten n .ihe Itesk cf tile jnude, or tlte t",'1-hlte t tett.rtlrye It is nlat itlll sprisi g lsanrefire thnat the first edit onl olite wllrk fe sn quick ly dis'osld of; 'lnd eltlonheIh a menrerllriet nf it wouvld insne Inlslre surpity tie pntlic ne,'es-ity, trt it twuldl he imperet tndttttio lle ttIr netiVt ale. nn edt tetl with ree~ren cest It the Replorits and Seloet' , in ofrr to etl rlre the nti.trot u.icelut iolt 1 I w h u afVFr b. et el:ll ' y thye l.r il.tlth lrl, aetd ile inptr decitsions I ndt turst r ctiou tli i toh+e been git.uT upon nt ly u its articles hby thIe ttprllllenlot 'ttt rt.te mThe ubllllsllero s ilye selcretdl i r te lenerel slt er intenode e llrut:1 li edi il deptrl'nelt ett tile work, theill profsion;all selvices el \\ heWtalck S Upton, Esq. a neItc erol tile New (ltrens lear. 'r'le Hnoe. JIIdPe Ittllird, Jtlnd Ilerlomp 's, antd Ilnn G;erge I.tlst is, notes wlh they have adi Ill t elel ill the ollrse n their slllies mid Ir entie;aenl l e lrN It Jenninsn, the prt nert ofir tlltonl who is also enenred int the work, I;e', I' Struwbridge, Isq. Ilha prefPnti d tile t reet illllm of el lre, ooated i ir s elee copy of tile codet .and th ntlliLd dollP bten tmade lve I it lurlig tle whot ele ueriod ol it dis.ti.nished ratel'ri.sionl hleors. T'ile plish nrs nlavy tnerulitre asrllrtm thti tile n.tnnoltiote of thte p uwlrk will led all Ihat ivdustry audl labour, assited byc flearig altnd experiunce, Cltl performlu. InllTttinge fltlh tllin r lptres of ianl so olititinC eene el rltscrilbers io tie ilrk, tna lln litlhers take pride in Ile f.'it tlht Ihe .reirln ie lf iianu has utrlotrized tile i ;overluor t orde.r oare thouteelnd coIies of it forill the lltlre lie ofte Sltnte. 'T'he, radllilleoa wth we h nllt s ilul Jr wal tlk s , I' tile At 1tAicims, e rinred their lUst snedse of h ne valu olatllle trkl;andt tihey tlereiV ePtend ld tth tt.atrtttllt'te, itn fil tbhility oe tle plhrlishlv s and lifnlp.'I which i i rs ho ell io ntn wthlollv i ndelservetllt. The work will h, prinrlted in Freilt h and IEnglli lptetl leollod paper inill witl clear tuidpe nor weill nt anX rsePrcatre, ne spored o, nmake the wlte nteplianical xeUtilt n il l icI',rresioi d wI tit ils *rent illm ltlnlcrtl .e i It wilr pellllerlv Ituv nurtlii yiet elnpinerd in 'h i a nll's rt 7r it,'nllber il.Xt; n lid thII 'prhite will bie, o suhscrihlr.r, fifteen tlollurs--iet dullar tti bt fpuid at tihe tlile l sub :erihing. 1The enlbr.etirtil tt litts noc ehioed, threstore pries tr waill Iet, tWenlry dllhtr- lepr r tl, v.t tli tl ti ren(lINt 'u CO. Publishersn id ROWANI) S 'I'ONIC MIXPURI , i F.,II FI:rERil .ND AIGUF. e tN yire lthIava not yet elapsed tince it was bnt restnrdgulrly slitlt eJ to the public; but it as atained the highest reputall tionl; and has stll p planted every other mmlie ine for the Ague, wher,+v. a r it Iha,; beIn known and apprcciated. Altedly 1 lhas it leen carried in evlry direction throlghotuto tile Ulnited Sates, anl .till renlizl litiursa tl;eur could tive IeeIn t lliinit. d Ily its inlttrslt englhine priendos. nl'od.'titt of persons Itnve not oily lbeen relieved, ut lt retod t., lie llh Wind viglr through its ngen. o iy; iand they no. cheerfulo lly testily, at every np tportnnity,, Io its deqidrd anid supreme efficacy. It th is comuposed of such mnedlcinll principlnes as era eltuateitd to rtnew thie lhelthy secliln n ftlte stoln acil, leoer, inde other ilponrtarnt dig.ldive organs, tt the doas of wiiich harnmony is the inmedialte EausO e1 o tlIe dleiale. hL is appalrent also, tliat it produ. elcs 'iu Illairl chng: ill m ei iondition of bs e systedl, itnd Cel itaoil destroys thi s ntive libilitry tn rnlap st i of tie affectioll. Wlien tde AgIue is attendedF oitt any otlter cnillteg int, tihe eaeplhtyllent ol the Tonie Itrxtue, will not intPerfire with tle treat. ileet ot'tine olier di-nu ut , hout wi I eveu lifford tas. tih tnit;flle ty lurtnislintg strengtlt aud viegor t the st body durihg the course of Ltrltment. Thnse w·Jhol t:d tkeo pe r ul this medicine Iny be assured that vi thret is nu Arseait , Banrks, Miercur, r atny otheril, article in its comtpost oni ulriiend'y to to!l humlan ' lcostdlninns bpir entinrely a vegetable eztcrat; and tllhey only have additional confidence iU the lse therelof, when they pereive thait it ihas tile nf- i feeslo ! a gent o luxatihe hout tlhe tilue hlalfi but. elue full la lnetl taken--in nolllnqsiec of whuich, . Lhere is lno palrt of thn nlediclne left to linger inl i, the buwels to t ansdu pbstructiuns and lother evils, t trisiing r.omn the uoe l no y of thee rentedes now it offere·d ILr the cure of this uaf;fction. It hies been li used also as a preventive, gy manry who were subI J.l to a Iarlodisal t reurrhet e fn thel Chills, and it o In ul:ab!y watrded off th apprehoupded attdi , . ia Observe! Th' e Proprietor, fully satisfied . nth the lnpar leled rtld UUeVra sc t success i hIC w e cgie i n. r taotly attendeLd a unctual and rte euarllt uhe dof thie l'llyic 'llxture, in all eses of Feier anld Ague.ul reels warrauted ill englaging to refunld to e prce to1 all those Wlhileva lleokel thel inedieitie in strict a t cordae nIh the prescribetd diretelionrs, withouto, latving bet et Iperli ttlty nd t lilisltely cured. e . Thle sub,-cribers are tilh wholesale agents for the Srouth WeIstern States, and have now tli hand siX ty erses uf' hi+s ilmedllinle whi.h is warranted fresh and gtentuint. Fur sale at lhe ianlllfltlured prises JARI\I. 1 ANtIH n S,i \Whntlrsllp L)rhegrlsI IlV'7 car Comlllmlon ri '1'chouphltoush streetl 01tDERSt Iot:CISIVE|) Ft)R .tOONES' s P.1 TE.VT' OTTOG,V GA;, I ytlle L'atentee, No. 53 Magazine street, New Orleans S1 IUElIRT ' 1UE U CU. SC.1LE OF' PRICIIES-Do.ble Ginrs. isFor a doble (;inll u O so u or mote on each m cylilner, lliikilng 11) saws s Illn ise stadl, l winh meoder , IhaidIs, &c. at $6 per saw, or $360 0 II Fora s Iblllle i lt of io sva ion cylinderlo or 120 saws in the stnd, tweeders, l. a $ti flro sii, o 7h21) 00 te Forillo. or 3 saws Ina stand, at $6 25 per saw, or 500 Or 0I t"For ldo. oIl' -0 Dtas n do.i or 40 slws in a staidi, esa6.O0 per awo, or 260 00' S SIN LI E. G INS. Fwai single giI of lhi saws o mlie, with Ii one set of l' .uder, I'ndam, &c. at $6 per It kin,, $4so o $ - For lt. ofI 6t saws, withlteeders, &r t .$6 :I .or IwI, 390 Oil r lFor d. fillt saws, width feeders, &e. 4G A 75 per saw, 3010 t ( For do. of 'I saws, with leedlrs, &e. t8 i7 S 50 per saw 1 (i ' o EIsxtra llteeth ,heredeilred, fosr Il.diers, suppllielid ais i 501 cent easlh; ile inutlllber ol'teeth hleinir about eT1 l: b n thlle unler iofi IIs. ine set of e'lie+rst itiscmn sisileed ihowetver will wear out two or three sets of Ic sIsls. Extrlla wsitS11liedli l at 80 ceiohs elch. The Gilis orderled, a ill be deliveredl to the agnlts of I noters lso any of Slte sea prt lows, ofl the coitoni phln ti -i Stes, titlhe slutwise pisers, tihe agewts pi ng isi i tie -hi o the ssotue (ir)ls New Yoelro, ttl blecssoiig re s..tible for the amounlt of tilhe (;i. A tiis wrighti a willbhe scust with the ;ils ito rut tlhem iiii where de ssired; lthe charges lir wlhseseervices will be exir, but omlenlllte. Ilon running geireas acslso he osrdereal where desired, 7 oi rviSlllloulle teri s, but will Ie chalrge.l extra. llolrs lspower, ofllny dlscitiltill all be furnishedl oil like n telrms. Stlnll steaonl egiels all also be ordered if de - rsired. a itis deIsirallo, wlie planters gi'e orlers for Git(l t sll lt shioli alseoInispy themn with their views irll 'esl sl toin leHrwis lltngiwn'twl saws, borlsuss, brushes &c. It is i1 ulld they diltfl-lt olinion. Some desilt saws of SI:hoger liilmeter thn others. Tile most conmlon sizt 1 -is 9 or si 1 inchsosl s . some wis them 1l2 inlches. Some wish 5 It' i olws s ti Ilnsiles olln i aixle, while others do I l- nt .i nllt 0 llso re th.l 4 t Iost. Some wish saws with I or9 t.elh to thile incth, while others want It or II. st , IucI dtoscr.lolc.y, we prefer they shold, tli dthe time nl'glving oldesl, llllnish a slatenlllt of th'i -i wishes, alld the IIoI.iIlturerts canI fsulfil theml is estni ni s- irl .11Cai. W('h.lre it is left to or dliscretion, we satll in iaLke them on thle most modern andi apprved pIan. A.. olllder cmnl Ie exllted, fromi tihe t.le it it i received I tlle s sp:ceir'iollt it or ne freks , anii the oll in Itho I t itoe plaevdl in tshe hand, of lthe Iactor. To be in llne t lot the next crop, all orders aught to he in the hInds of l Alih nthle r lhinctlretmby til. first or midldle of .II ay; ex.tIl 0lr1 itiontlliS Wa hrte lithey are o tle in colmnlltcing to t pick or gin rolion. - N. II. The Patent light, for tan one of the cettosl jIo.lg Stes il, w .ila ald In resn uasou letems. nio l.fiwliss CIN E. IIO[ R N'S Compondl EItract of Copsiba and Saera ' par'illa -A ertainsai, slt oinrt tllfectull relme d )ever discovered for the cure of Gonortrhea, Gleets, Strictures, Whites, Pates in tle back nuod Oins; se.nlll weaknees, tafeetions of the kidltie, gravel, storbutie Y erultiuos, &c. Int the iltducllletlol o a medicine posaesilng the usefu and active virtoe of the one now otlered to the public, te rolmpietor has but to refer to the nnmerooa renetlt of its coedit lifrom the dislike which paltielts formerly tl'epss lt regafhnls its disaglaeehle taste, ilhllnrhacee ineffeciettev when lsed in the inflnmmtttory stage. The pIroplrietor has Illmate an atlalysis of thle Balsam, conceir Sug that the more attivequalit ies would thlrebly be moluc mole c.mceetrateLd and more usefully adllinistetrld than ill Ihe preselt selte. 'lth ae lneeolld cine combines il gtMlietts which are in tile highest reputle amot; Ithe most :itlltific ant d leanted ill the pritottesion. t .Ile .drug in tile c:mpositioll oel' tltis pltral.tion itCttases ttie elticacy of Ihle otler, prodtuci~ i an oprlation truly asto -lishiig, and stoplastag the most sanguimt ex01etatiotst Iosneosiog at tle samne tillle tile advantage of its being adtniluinered wihl perllet slucess in Ihe difflrent stages of the above diseatn. T'be most eminent physityoii anod sourgeons of the present day express their decided l p Sproatlo in Iavor of, twhilst its ule in the itriotiyi hts titluls owll tubdie medical itst'tiottn# has v e I, aoti stil coltiouet , tery extenlsive. It was a aliv orite rtemedy with the celehoratetd )r Abernethy in all rvenereal rlf'otitllts, and in oohstlaate letaneoons C1ro ptiOlns, arising from a disordered state of the digestive oltiomoa. Having been submitted to the lest aod experience of the tmost celellrated amogK tile t tlelytiy, the have exploessed their satist:ctlitot of its extrawrdii.n'y elltcary in evety case undler their charge, by adoptting it othl ill thei llbtlie waId priltot l aetice. ' Their ob ertations will be itser'ed hereafter. I'oepared bi J B T'hoto, Chemist Londont . Price $1 51 per pot. TESTIMONIALS. From A II Salmon, usEl, It i, St.rgeolto o the St 'Thiat s Hospital, tHeo ettto rr oit Anatomy. l'le trial which I have made of yotutr pirepottlon in a varietvy trlTnes, both imaleandllfelmale, ill itn stillt hat e t proved o highly li'aouble, that I ido not hesitlatt ill roolllCillg it one Ilf the most valuable atoll eflliteomtl temeaies ever offetred It to te plubli, tid one in which, ceromi extlerce, I can pItte every Ireliallce, lhilst It Io1s alit prodluet the same utpleasant elitetsusually ex a rie lelwd from eOplnb a. From G II linakro l, \1 I(tC S, Physirit. to thi St Mar iebtoue Distirotar). I tikr grt:t pleast'ie ill llino my testimonny to Ihe valuable Lprop t 't. .s ot'yout preparit.til, oishtiog yu tihe success )ou so futtll dtserve, ill atl itll e reward bor the labor atild expensle lcurted ill brlillgilng it to such .orn plete iperfection. Firool \ U Ctooper, F It S, Surgeon to Guy's Ilt - sThe ltotiifooret tresos whiclh obt a tenoled the adtnilln' ttt'itty your tt mediciile mootg iolyt t atients atltt ed will ito aeiove dinoeaos, has folly satisfied me that it has oll) to tbe kntown to be truly appell atedl. May tile stoeets you no well dese ve, amplty "andt speedilt repay you fol )our valutble oo rel)aration. From Siir A Coltt rt It o r S P RC S, Ute. kc. Ilavillg beert ioldtlecd to tly yol I'~extlaet ill t eellt catesof viohlnt olitor'tot, whtich hall hitherto Itoloto etet'y prescripttion administered by Ite, hItviog foHund sure nld spleedyl coe's eflected by it, in a few iohys I teel m)selfil dully IOlld to state that I lnow itll Its pra tice botth public anld private recommeld aid use InI other. Ftom u WV Blair, M D, Phlysicall to Guy's lto piled. The strite test which I have given your medrlie, among ty pIateillts, antdt its illvaorilble succes, tthus lar, will iall(ce mtfe to tersevere i its tuse, ltid I odetol it but all t o'f tlsice ltanll otf liuty) to add llt feeilellu esti IOlnial in cottmetetatiotl of iot Virtles. Friln LC' 'lhompsonl, .1 DI F It S L. Iretlro yool my silolle thantks i'to t e valuable pre sert of lao ExtlaEw t for tIle curel of Gotlorolhtooti , 'k. I f.el gt'tatefl o that you hao e at last broaught a medicinel ill O use wahlch will Ipove a d eldt'ratlau Iton; sought for ill lie meics:l d- sum aIit sre, slleedvr aIIa eflecltaal eu e ill atese ,1' tIll- idlhot claso. It tttibrd6 rue gdo lt pleasure ill |tuhlishio to thI world the valuable qualities ot') l Veroeit ieoesrnry, the proprletor could here fittlt,]i Imany mntore lestiltmlls el;llll as coommeldatloOr as the ho\te; but tt ntt ts thIat it glreat tttetbes hitherto t ie e etlto & exptense at which it has Ieen p epared, w ill prole its b.r.atest reommelldalion among a dimerltinl lpublic. One rertollmtmllationl this preparation elljotys shove all others is its tneat, portan e hloro-pt tpl in loots-111 ltde oin which it maty he thake, heing both easy ant pIle oont--ils tastel iatlture, with no restlriction ill diet or cltolfinement froltt buiIneis. 'lTravellers espaeially would find this medicine highly tseftl, andl ottght neve to be unolrovided with a ipeptatilon tossessing the ald valntges which the present one conlobies. AecomoHlanytlg the lMediclire isa Itootohlet explaonn ton' of the dliftel'ret stages of tihe disease, withoutt an extea charge, euotailoing full slid ample directions. Folr tle by SICKLES N CII. me 4l3awJm Oat Canal street. TIIRot'GH 4 FI1VE AND A nALo DAoS, From Mobile (Alablatma) to Angusto. rOe) IT EAVES FMobile every other idat, immt .ialtely fteli LI the arri.:l oftrhe mail from New Orleans, ler tht iseamlloat EMItLox. , to lalkerly, coEches to I'entnlel;ol stetamotots (per Pensaeot Zola tay, St IHota etmld to iod o I.Lt-e :miaehie Ii r et anid liar) to C.llar i, olu coaches theeot via Me1ariamot, ChattahitOoohee (formerly Mlootot Ver lon,) o ioinhailoge, Pindertoon Ilnwkloaville aotl Louio ville, to AguIIRla. A passengeertaka'It.hts seat t Me. bile is in o thn~e r tof tbeing thrown out or losing hit I to ereeoe Ihv other cotnflicting interests, as the FLO1tl I)A l.IN1 is but ouo concern, aold Iooder one co, io throuogiott, nld may rely wiTH cE rAINTTo upoft hit rrioivalat Aougusta ill titte specified, thottugh all weith er anid at aany season, lless some mlost aliloreauen catna tlrophe sihltl occur. The iGreat New OI'le.ios Mai is earrietl Ly this roUte. The Agents for accommodaY lion, Teams, Coaches and Drivers are not surpassed the sonthlerl conntrty. Thle smooth, hrdt, natlral roads, the slfe and inter estilg water navigation, the time andl aecommeldation. atoi tle traveler speed., eettaiity, comfort, antod a [Its t g Variety; coomeeteldas it were with the l ail RUead C.arleston, S.C. amn the steam packets to New Yeskt, 1ravelers can re 'ih New York froll New Orleans LS THAY II eArn*'-W ashlngtona city in IS. From t't hattahoonelee, Florida, we have a HIraoe Lione va- Qtliltty and l'tn!l;dhassee, to St Marks, 4 Ior lost cochlles, also two IIlranches fromt Hawkitsevills one to Milledgesille, atd ote tO i lacon, light tiwo 111. coaches. SITUOCIK 1)ONS cou. Acmtona, goith oan. 1835. Omice at Mal:tion Holl use Mobile Distuloi, .ew O(rleans to MNtile, 1501 wiln NMotlle to Augusta, 54t~ t Augusta to Charlleston, 131 " Charleston to New York, 9800- 180 Time, Now Oriesn to Mobile, tts holtur Mobile to Augulta, 3s Augnsta to Chharleston, 12 " Charleston to New York, ri- 258 Mlakinlg 1G miles per day. or 7 miles per eor, inclu iYr of ail stoptages. too tot N. It. I Ieo avre to inform the titllcthal oti. lbridges over the Ch,'aholoheswampte ant arl Hntt Liue eltrek haver.tst been completled i y the general govert metIl, (the' titl obstaceles olelwrtillg gkainst this safe an. speedly roteto ate tlhus hapily rnmoved; ancd I have th pleasure oftle .mg rom travellers that the coaclles,loro ss,, dsriver and uads are oi lthe irt orler; aond as to the water rouote lifom 1'elsalcol to Cedar Illuol, it is admll tedi by a;llo h'lto a,- passed tlro'lgh it too Ie utlsurpassot illaelties ilty anlld saetty. The ridges Itlomtgi (eorgiia have alo beenreairedi. J NCI IIAKEIL jARBLE CIIIMNEtY PIECE \',, t S t'uast t aouste street, ollpoite the poet.loiee. ThI subscribers arer now receiving from their ti. tort.s in New York, and will ktIp eostlatly ontl hand a goeneral iesortlent f'Marble Mantle Pices : ofsuperilr worklanship, and of tho latest patterns, nade of thi hest Egyptian, Italian, Irh andl Allorlu Ial;rbhlo. Also, Monuinents, Tolmbs and b(rave Stones, moulded ndal plain sills and lntt.tils mairble heitings, hearths and boundary stone, plaster of Paris, Roilan & Ilydrau!ie Cement and Plaster. ing iir, together with a splendid assortment o t brass mll tdllll and plain Grates and Russia lron Grates oflthe newest and most approved patteorn. e Lettering done in the neatest manner and at the shortest notice. They have first rate workmluor to set the abovev work. e5l 'AMES KAIN & STROUD J PARKER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &e. OURINAI, of an Exploring Tour beyond the i Rocky Mountains, under the direction of tihe A B C F M, performed in the years 1835, '3G and t 73; containing a deseorption of the geography, ge.I elegy, elimlatOe anld productions. alld the numll ea, manners and unitolns ot the natives; with a Map of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Samnel Parker. A M. R 'I heI River and ie Desert; or Reoaloctionul of thle RIIei and th,. l.hartreure; by Miss Pardoe, author of the City of . So tani, &e. in 2 vols. The Rhbber, a 'Pale, " the authar ll Eaoltolieu, Tot* Gypsy, Attila; in 2, :" Thle Two Flirts; or Ad.-mure in a Conetry HIouse, atitd otlher Tales, by Lady BIleossington. E . Boltwer, Mrs Nortoe, Barry C.ornwall, Mlrls Gore, Captain Medwin, and others; io 2 vola. The Life ano Adventures of Nicholls Nie'rteby, edited by Ban, with Illuctrations by Plas, No, I. Just re, eived antd for sale by HENJ ('10.11'.ASES., TI'ElttEIIKIrETEtIS. Ilt'ltiot I C('fES, & -.Iist received slid flr Pale h1 \Vm. MciruKet, tornitr I Caimp aund Counimo streetl, a general asiOItIIRot ai Oarvyor'O,. Slalbelltiaieul Itrllltlluitt Iorswiio Patli. Spinag liviallIodei, lprig lwv Peans, Ivory Pro. traitis, Ivory Sclen (;unter's Se les, Glans Triangles, Parallel ldilleeo,Microseopes, T'hermon.eto s, CtamesaiOb aeunsrveni Chaiun, r ienutteing teapexs. &. 47 W. York d Baltimore lacliets IJACKETS FOR NEW YO.1K-New Line, I --To sail punctually every second Monday during the season, full or not full. 'hip Orleans, 599 tone CGtt. S. Sears, Ship Alahama, 474 do C. C. Berry, Ship Arkansas, 627 do E S Dennte, Ship S rtoega, 549 do W Hnthatsoy, Ship Nashville, 540 do I)Jcekhtai, Ship Kentucky, 629 do J dSAri The above ships are of the Sirpt elna, noppered, and copper fastened, and having been built in New York expressly for tins trade, they are of light, dr.ft 0o water and almost invariably cross the bar without any detention. The commanders are men of great experienee, and the ships will lwiays be towed up end down tihe Mississippi by steambn:ats They have handeome furnished accoommod,'ions, and stores of the best deseriplion will always be furnished. The cabin passage is $90. without wine or liquor, and there is no liquor furnilhed tto the officernor crew. For freight or passage appy on board, or to H C AMES, 48 Casnl st. The ships are.nqt accountable for broakag, of glass, hollow w ' arble or grai.ite, cooperag'* of ti, orut o'ir steel, nor responsible for any package or pore a regular bill of lid:ig is executed therefor at the olice of the utas. nov27 NEW ORLEANS AnD BALTIMORE LINE O)( PACKETS. Thin line will consist of the following vreoele, which have been built or purchased expressly pI,, the trade, viz: Sli, ,eraman, Capt. Miner, Bark Mary, Nickelio , " Irad Ferry, new in Stevens, " SIloainun ultus, ,, LathamI, Brig Architect, - d Gray. These ne.sels are of the first elass, have hand some lurnihoed ,cacommodations, and are of a light dralt of water, so as to admit of their receiving anld dselharging their cargoes in Baltiuoie, at the city. Freight will be taken for ports on the Crhesape.Ih or J Ines' River, and forwardtld by the agets, Messrs. CLARKE & KELLIOGG, at Baltan.rt: .'xpenes ona goods shipped will be adv:ireti a hIn reqlired. 'lTe price of passage is fixod at 4wl, ample ttres om f the b st quality will be prevl.ed. Steuea up and down the Miaissiappi will b0 t I.el on till ocasons. For freight or passage, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, nov27 22 Bleuvl e st. FOR NIEW.YORK. [ILouisinna and New York Line of Packets] '1IIk; lhips composing this line will sadl I..n New Orleans and New York on every other Mon day-cotnnelncing on the 20th November-and to lnsure the puletuulity in the time ofsailing, the line will herealter consist offive ships, via: Ship Yczoo, Captain T1ask, to leave oni the .0!ir aovember. Ship Louisville, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 411i Decembler. Ship Ilunit.ville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 18th December. Ship Vtckshurg, Caplain Woodhouse, to leave on tie lest J lluanry. Ship Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th Of January. The abave are all new, of the firnt elar, copper. d-.and coplper fastened, and upwards or 50 toins horthen, are ofL light drought of wmater, hbetg I,,ilt in Nuw York expresnly for tie trade. Tte i tre fn passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins ar-, fitted ip in the most irproved and conveniea t plan, and finished in a neat and elegant style - Atnple stores of the first quality will be piovailer, land every regard paid to the comfort and entir, sntlsltactisn of plasengcrs, who will please take b n. lice that no berth ctao be secured until paid for at the olf ce of tile consignees. Thlse vessels are commanded by captains well experienced in the trade, who will give every at. tentlionl and exert thenlselves to acommodate. ''ha. will at all times be towed up and down the Missia. sippi by steamboats, aid tile strictest punctuality ob.arvad in the tittle of sailing. The owners of these ships will not be responei. ble for any letter, parcel or package, sent by or put on board of them, unless a regular bill of lading be sigtned therefor, at the counting house of tie agent or owners. For firther particulars apply to J D REIN & A COHEN, nov27 90 COtmon at FOR NEW YORK. [ILui.ia anall No w York Line of Iackvlt.] 1 "~llilia CUIIII)lbl thia nn 1.10 w ti naillt U Yazo, .ap 'ad sn fork hc reery otheir ittnd.y ac.llltlllltlOl ohu lio thie 0t1 ovalemher, and to inlfre ths sitticest pUltt'ttality in thl r time ol ailing, tile lict ill iereatter coisistl of five Shis viz : hlli' , Yaoo, ( :aptain 'rrahk to leave on the oith nov. llhp Louiseille, Captain l'alimar, to leave onil tlei 4th Itecetller. Ship Ituatlai/le. Captain Eldridger to leave oni the ith Itecetlb It Ship Vieksburg, Captain Woodhuuse, to leave on the ast Janary.' Ship Aifiatnppi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th January. (l' The above ships are all new, of the first class, .lppared pandcoppr n en steaed, alnd npwards of 500 toel New York expressly for he tradne. The price oa i1e sage is oi.ed at oan Iundred dollars. l'heir cabins are fitted aup oi Ihemnost improved and convenient platn, ad litlihedill s neat and elegant style. Ample alnte of the first qolahty will be pnvidd, and every regard'hsbl n tIle collltOrl and entire Saaiatlahciit ofp tseoger. who wtil itlaee lake notice tlht no ieltit can be aeculad un i at tpea tire ul ol the roalgnoees. 'I' I iteai ts are etiatnitded by Cpalptnaio - l ex perienced ill te trade, who will give ever a!'entio., and exort tllelltelve to aeemomlnodate. Ihov mill It all tint-r be towed ui siad doan the Misait-ilJpi by totlnltlltlt", and tile strictest punctuality in ltle tile of sailing. iThe owler" ol tlhee hips will not be respoansible tor ay let or, parel or package g ent by or pit tint I.oardtl h aem, unles ait reglar bill el lading be siglled thirefore at lthe cnlntiog bIoti. of til agents or Ottters. For terllr ptnrticulara, apply to D BEIN & A COIIEN; nov 13 91.1 CtOlna ot PENSACOLA MANSION HIIOU P. SE\W CITY, PENSACOLA. T HIE sherbliner halilg puhaiaed Ihe lease i :dl .ir ninreufl this well known astblihiocnt, ftci Alr T'aylor, the late prolsrietor, will be ready to rer,.ve vi. iters by tile Ist .I April next. Numc'ro,. and costly improvements will be fiund in the arrangements of the Mansion House. h w and noire nunuulniins bathling houses will be bilt,anti warm It Ite will be provided at all lioubr. A stabl, will be attached to thei house, with good ac..:.nnu da tinres hr horses and carriages. rate iHt -ea and carrnges will also be kelpt for hire at moderlct Iriees, nld sad and inw botnl, nith persons to meus an themn for tilt.ise ef evisltits. liilinrds and oiil, ,a: weot" islluly ftunil at atelring planes, aill else bn Rn cished, aned s tmllucted rhs not to iterfire witlh lii'', tubrt a.nd quietot the boarders. The wines and I eu, is will be of the best qullity, and to ensure u il .:.,ly of ice, it argo has alreadyy lben orderedl whik nt::.' riut abolut the Iit ot May. Mr Frederick Iurnard, who forenmerly kept 1ieulor a hotelat Washington city, will conduct this Ih cil ift tihe prierlelori eho, with uclh ail,eoufiden!e ansures thle lsiltee of last year. and his fTriinds elltll}., that they will rs:aive sttry iasile ettetiuu; at I exlrents to Five g ri ti saltislaction. ihe leanl dcvuutages of th l houe are t:i' sell knowo to ieed lengt. eseed deicripticin !:-r. Tile tiacs tlat Pleaoncol i tile largest onasl ntinlln of the Govirntemnl; the general reodeavons of the gl 'i.lload. ron; tile s:lul'iv lr its ciiellate ler-iled co'nn- ,ihmv du ting the suanmc r oniuthl by the doolest o it,,s;r brn rie Gulft the Iats i of the bay and the neseilibonring island- acd ri'ere; lshe abuodance and delic. y of tie Soh wit whbh the waters bound, and tS ipeoximity to tlhe bct Souihere ticrkelnte ite Peiseacoea hae prse Iniretne over alt oilither pilaces in these latitudes, U a hlealhy anl deletitful ucmncerretreat. First late bhosts illru oletweena Pensseola and M. bile, and will at all times le aLle to to take t passeanger from the New Orletenatbouts. . N B ARNOLD. Pennaeola, Feb. 15th, 18:18. S(iGentlemen wishing to engage romas for their femilie-, tI. lllidrens the pr.prioler, iat l'eneacela, or MAr Sewll T Taylor, the foraier proprietor, at New Or. R. I,-renree. T Sanford, lEq, r C Cullum, B McAlpin, Faq..Lt. Kiibiy, in Moh le; $ T Taylor, P P Rea, Eaq, is New I' S-A lettel bag, to reweite comniorau-ieht for pento, sat the bone hotel, ij placed at e Wfl 1 mta'. orte, 51 St CL.eale Each age. FLORIDA ROUTE FOR NEW YORK. I"' Traveilers lsir.i.uaf tahsi the Florida mels : via Penseeela,t, ith North, arte 1ar red hast ras bot., will n.,ttanllv ram fra. Mobile tl peeaeala. leaving Muoliln read Peaseelaeeq sthsrday sahe. e " tlat of Man (,otd etassa will hea,. ts hei leoi the subacrerrto he i roeadiecto s a aks P llbtae lm, Mobile, in case of the f.tlme ofa hb beam, The itran bost Champian lawn Mbi tN let V rola twice a week. ,ft l Li

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