Newspaper of True American, 15 Ocak 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated 15 Ocak 1839 Page 3
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S'-SY HBW BIrrI & OE,.EkS. SYNJICIS SALE. .TitlLbe sold on Monday, 18th of Pebhrdtry, at 12 - o'ct'elok, at the City Exchange, St. Louis stmire, .n virtue of all der fr om 11 b :,ourt, for the Parish 'tad ei a tt .rq N O.l crlons, d.ted Ilt Ttlh instanlt, ulder t 1 directidd of the Sytdlec, ithe litllinowi deserib. ed eol9,rty, atrrendttrd by Uiblriel (lergue Uleomy ts his creditor, v3.11 1. Fudr Iota ofrUrolund, N.. 23, 60, 61 and 07, situa t d in (;nrrollton. Nos. 59 and L60 moenlring eOcbh 25 rtI front on 1111i stret, bv 15t1 feet in depth. Non. 60 and 60 ,cvinl¶ the are ironit of ,5 It. on ItlemnsvOe t, by . like depth. loonght of C. PI'or' by oiariol Act pssed before La Gardeur, Notary Public, the lIth of HMay, 1837, 2. Lot No. 5, in quare No. I , in anbuoh Wnaltinlltot, 311 Muoniipolity, noeasurhng 9l reet t ielhes front oni Motatel ttreet, betwleel Port old St. Ferlilml tllltlt etl, by 100 fe ot in lnput. Blough, of I. N. Hilleg.borg, by act be1ir eT. og.her, Notary Pub:i the t.8th l Felbru SPi Lots of Ground, Nos R, 9. Io, II and 12, in square No. 41. it suburb Welhirghmt. t rMunicilmlity, ,Nos.I, 9 and 10, havige each 31. l. 6. on t laant el, :betrween Morales an Irulthlrt streete, by It7' feel in ,depth. No. It lbhtiog 3l. 9. Ii. reet oil Marot etret, ILy 107 feet on Lrquhartatreet and No 12,hLavien 31 Ibel ruI Urqllll a.toatet y 171. 3. h. 6elt in doletll. Itoulht 'or F. Burtho by eot before L. Ferald, Notary Public, .he lslt February, 183'. 4. Eight lots, No~. 13, 14, 5, 10, 17, 18, 19, 0o, in .0u0re No. 24, Ill luburbl Washigtout,d 1. aleiloluty. No. 13, lorma the c.,lror ofFreclh nud o; ro i llrt alrevei; .-easurino 31, 9. 6 flst on Frenlc street by, 111. 11. seton Urjoqulrt etr. , a-,d Nos. 14 15 If, 17, 18, 19 and 9;,I, ose che nering I3, I. 6. fect fnot o Flrellch aeert by 106. II. eat illdepth. tihughl from F. Hlrthe -and 'rThe Duplecis by act palssed hberoe I.. Feroud, No a85- Poblic, thie tslt of Fpuhrtrv, 18:7. 5. Oe lot on Vine str,aet, near hlr new Cattol, bnghlt from Gcorgs Andrews, by prlvlts act, ,ltlle, the 1111i Marcll, 1837. Geo. Andrews and wile a.quircd tille from N. Holutes, to this lot whic11h measure 25 feet frdol on Vine street, between the llorida landing and the bounllary be..tlen Sburb, St. Malry and Uelord, having I :S frt in depth. Terms and Conditiuoa-One third in coash; ad.d th. remainin. two thitds of the price of eaeb Iflclr.i,o, payable in 6 and IS months. im, purclloreaer givietg hi notel wIth one gIo: esndorser, and l,.rltgage retauied until oomnplete pymellent. "am nets o ,rale to he Ipased, Ibelor Hi. B. CENAN, Notary Publie, th, purchaser ptying the Nsotury'. fe.oa, a nla Ie expenses of taking possession by a 5srveyor, if necessary.. jt12 aeceairy.. JoIr PAR HEWLETT & CENAS. 7 VENTO. PAR LE SYNDIC. n, 1 e a l3 I..undi, 18 fevrier, A Il homrca, l Il .lourede i1t6, on vertu d3".o decr,.t de In rtor i.,; pnroine, p.Ar I poruios el ville Id Int Nnuvroele trle an., eo d,lde ul 7 onl eournt, eaI . lu directlin dt y.l.- N die,leo rpr.prel eslltivtlter, hobudnml,.en a tla: lbriel leo rg Ulran s y I 1seo crunciprs: I. Qntlre I. do toeren, Ios 59. 5 f9 , 6I e 6"', it.e An ri Currlt.rll; 59.. 5l.el 1,11i.,n r 5nt d,. el- lu:e IA tarue Oanz our 1W5 dlism de lrn.l.iur; illsr 60 ,t 6i, - chaneq 25 pedn dru. 2 fce id I. rue lide ro A , str tite liel ll r.l'ndeur--acheteo dc I'oro. p.r uol acts de* Legiarteur, at publi, Io ,l0 mi,1. 1ul t.. I..t,. 5, dau l I'ilet 1 nlin fa.u,nt.llr" Wnliinrnt. 3 municiamnlilA, mru niran.t 2: 11 ' 2 pI lnr In rlnt Moai er. i eoie le, rue d Pu. et Fedinalnd, .lnr 1110 plied on prflndeur-a-chete k d I. S Ii pllgro roe. pnr at de. l e't I' Segllere, n it. pub. rle 8 evricr 11137. 1. 5 .Lls doe ,rrr.., tnI t 9, Ih. . e. I:, d;il a Iilet n, 24, a fallloa, i liltg no .lt Iin. nfi 3, nits ' S oI0, .yotDell lque 31 .t 1. dr 6 ru u a llule.i, entreo Co Moratioen e S1lUmrl, .ir I 7 piedl de prof orderlr, .nt 11 ny or 3i, 'l r 1 6 sr li It o &,rllthmolnr 11,7 Iioels nur pO Ietl'hurenr ef sat l, 12.1 p Irl eta In rite Itr qouhnrr itr 171 pied.d 3 Sa G lighn ' oofnJC.r--, ho. Sde o es Iklen. eear icts dkroni., I. Ii"'ruud, .t piublic r T, 21 iowrlei 1887. 4. Hllut Lute., Do. I 13, 1 3, 1,6,17. 3n, 19et 20 d9n io J'.ilet -n 2), an Fuubour W sobing on., 3." tulldicipa.iloe, 3 meo 13 'onlul Jaellcignurae dien rueod ot Fronuci 4 elr U id qhrrl., oeeurat 31 pdO p"1 lig eor In rue de. Fra--, coi,. .ar I0 6 pA II pa lt ol r.. U,rq. r ,.ei loeo., 14,15, 16,17, 31, ler t 20, tqou mruane 31 p I I . 6 ligdo ire i ea rue dt*r FrallEn;irur '00 II d.. or,. ,mdeu-alhete tre E banldmlo t .Al I)uphl sla, pea , acldevnvtL P.rnld, t. pI!., I.l2 r2e3riior l :37. r 5. Uu L.oi f Is ltue de Il VlFg. ltintti vuo ou u Luall, a-hrtle par Gtrlmg, A4orewoce p inetl riotv.', e tnle dl 18 mere 1837- Gerge A.dlrtews e eIon o.i ( lquirent ho titre de N Hiotr.., n ve l. nr, i ml',ra25 4ierle flcft o la orm do I Viuora . t-itre Ie d ,,nr:o.olre it tAuriSrt Io ligne de datourtiv tn flou t hourgl.luo. Allrir er Deloar, aalt 123 pied, de inTfantdeolr C Coolditiollln-U ti1rs l rS4o, 0t leo rok illa ulrr t tirs it 6 foili, Pl'qonercllr doamn l orn Ieillot, avc en d,uuour,. I hvpolthel..r jou+.l pn.rl', pei.u.'n. L.t, irto de otTtle .elr 0ie 3lI.e, d3.l II. ILo Con*tl rL not ulb. I'aequnreur Ipa slt lea frai d, I'aele It In tpi as IL itw I)ntil t .4i.o'nII. Sr.or mo y- t '• Th, utSu s etter o rioe e in store f,,r dlne, In :11) bIale, mad male hlenlhed alll drlbrll drenrnti 0dhirting , an f ,iriou- s Vll li n 613 d. Iwrel I anlonu,7., L-I, lndI tw i11. 6, 5 dl I.onwelAblck i-lllllril. tt Ut.ot,,o 1 1 ,. tdi tte tr othe -tnltat,3 Ii,,n. :1 J. white,, remtl nlldl lots o relli lallt.iid( rhi. . n do .rirti k""ols, ll. rtl ou nd rwr k. 4 2. *tatv Ilnl rl,, 'l: i'.urOi, , arrand , i:alltuix jl 5 sae ort talllltj p q& . "0, l1H1 laganlr t1 ' - t.os w liil,.* iu . l .1 , s-t e h . ,lt. S) ,in," a b1 o n Ity of, Ntew e lrla s: P". n t" e ; oirft itLotD .-r d . te t l . ,tes u I. J, 3t,- , 'i a , t..,l J. 5'.1140 , ob onr , ,o .h red tan, ",I-s ,- | :ld-, srln ,u tr -ti-,o d . plr m oli I 7u h I, e.vr.e , ., A h l+. l d., ila+, yao s ou r,, do la1 -,eoti ea. 3c1111 4, whiin,o, d d t.,,,iti rr r AI, Ilvmyl, T.ll; o <-hu:S v.ll ar t bll t"'l. Sicilv mI,leira wine. in rilpl. I14'f Ipip.,. nsd q alr cthrelak, hbnda i ,,f lsnmhl. 'riar. LLl . t , .d i, 2003i .ilr knle frlpr, if .uale.,r qlihty. Ini cak. r riurt It mile, 75 rare ctll. kip, orl ntillht wurS lr lrv, 151 do cual(ud Lip brogaur . r Iwtil buoys ittd Si do rus.etll orgrul g:l... bs, llel, tlldd ex 3, do t dlneo'. mirut.e cnd drdillrion' llrllltrsn lid 150 do ernth;onng, of ril a.. lnlil: eo. onoi.ti.rgo jnckrt,, ,llilllhoh,.o, trate, oai ll hiioi, Ik Iodapied to Ile -0000,n .0 o,-toe looe Ili -ki-to, I kn 2 .r-smeth. I1 sll oln 3.Ils I. h,o h..g-eslo, I o, ,ordr , fillinu , 6 c.ur. playing card-. 20 sSt ttovono' o.;,ttl,,el halaiceo o ..arnorllooltn,rroel; iht s 3Imaldllier i.3o & ch,.3l3 . S PATE OF 0')30SI INA-l'ooiih. untrrt for hit., SParih and (.City . New ilrlhoea : l'retonl thl,. IlunoreleCharoe, Maurionu. Judge. Jan. 9i3l 1113.). N4o. 11119, Itohn. Ingrolhlla vu. hi Cr-' ll.r, 'I reces- I lion uotrolstrly rv Ihc I'etli i oer io aotreloPd by Ie t 4ioirt ftr tlhe be.stlit of It;ioredilor, I I i oldoerod hthat siil ci3·diiorL doomtrlo in the oliee oof lllorli' Ilnvis REoq. Not1. Puh. on i uo.dn .+.the 2-2Id doilv It' lllllorv 18:I, tlhere lld tldin to delilerDle in hroe' auirs of iI.I imanlv.ot, nltd il ti*.e eantlile ull lroceedintg aguinst hi. parou nl d property is p lasted. Exiraet from Ihe .;li.outes--tlrl'tOh.hil, Jnn 9,13319 jlll i A 3j11AN ) 'tlI(T, Clerkh LI'A'T' liE LAi LU.UIlA..l--.our do piaoio.e pl {{,ourt oIsroiost0 eo vill de in Nile. tirleirlt-Pro ent 3'Hitormblto c'hurle. Mnlrinn, joir-Jluvier lieuo 1838-Nt.. lt'29--llthrt Ingrothol vt. ec. S eoll er.. La cnsi doe lieott dlo petiliuJtllmIr'e et IoeoC)1. or o Ir cur.lo Lsn efit'4 do rn rcrnnllirr. ih cut nrdl,nno q,'une auol.imlee tei creaoncioro it lieu h it l',tlnde e l.ratn Io Dvil, lotair. publi.c, nrdi, II Jsnviuir 8.38, llltr deli,rrer lor ieo ntired t ll, ilolvahlte, tn Ittendanl toute" peuruiltes canlre Io personnue e tehios bele dlt uionl 0 rrtee0.0 -Par ordre dn t cltl-ll-llurol.dll (Groflier, It .jmn. 1838. lMN) I tIT..l'tT,gr'er.. E3NGL1SII ANNNUALS FOR 1633-The louok o Ldl oyally, superb col'd plates. Fi dean 'I'anlenou, Fiod.n'u (3ollerrv of Graer; Fisher's Draiwio Ig oom ScnriBo, ok; llenov'y Iuairi; Busd and fBlreom; Warerlv Knepopbi; The Imperial Orienlol Annanl; Forge t1M Not; Caricalure Annual; Frieodleo Olr le Ifrni; Juvenoile SkthiI Iliok; You ig Lad'es' Annool; Young Gemilemonn' A nn uol. Jp Americase Annurau. to 2'Site Token nod Atlantic Souvooir; Tbo Violet;Tlh Gift; 05 TheJ~uvenile Forgt-UMe-Not. Soot seoe'twd and for sole bly `v Win 5el(EAN, d4es3 corner Caimpanld Commnon tsa *G4*-- 1,11 MGunny onge, of sorerior quality lii 1 I lading Prows ship Aen, and for trlo mij~ll $.1. A I II DWN. 96 ugonine .5 ý13UNt'S NEWV l'II.O'I'IND IOIIIEC INiA-A 50 Jo.rery sneful hook firr Slhip (:aptdins and th0 mu0t pepdlf wonoeot fhe bid aunt. ( ALSO Cl1ATRT, n tiol r of Moon. 'IWest Indien, llshaman ro nest Fluorid. Coast of lrasil, Mediue' eanneo rea-tl'nnr of Africn--St Geror Go Chosael-Eniglish Clinarel, &r. N. . Theoe ohrarts v lethe ralled on an Contailnirg dIoe il eurreet t ioformrr ioo t relauie to iso obove Bared plant eeer publiulmed. oe solo at FEAVIIel`LT & CO. .New York Staitioners all, No. 24 Chartres at. Januory II. 'i rMl NS._-I O hooeis o.a an u br aole by Jd nII AIIRIIIAM TRIE.R31 C rasiers MM f33 P01iK.133 bills. A1 ork far ruge by io~lkK.~l. bHds BLIS January 1.1239. 63 Pilenrts ot. 13i AILS.-3"W Whole irad Gulf Bruce 11. It. Rain-o Ro so resi heeli end of superior quolilt' far Ale by 0. II. BLISS. January 14, 3 Psydrar st. NKEW O)RlLEAdfN YULlK.-dllbhln. iriopericrl for ale bby 4.11. BLISS. Jusnury 11,63 Povobs oa, 6 1 ~K.INBERRI(S, is Halt ar qr. Iarrels ul very eu '.. parlor quality is sere, for sale by 1 0. II. BlISS. Jan. 14,63 Piydrae a0. MAY ~tAllTY OF NEW O LEANS. qIIlEprie at fryet, finte to-doy is $8Pi p rlarral, I accnnrdingto theiorilT; the Rak ersohall give hrt ring lbs e'bonisq wreek (from Monday u4lllh lirot.) 3: uonri cea ot breod for a Init. Bnllr.o thuenrcnl di eliiy in requlred tn wrigh ±o per cent. store. vi0 101151 11·1· japI _ C. (lKNt)i, hinyor. W ANTED1-A In dal nt 12 or 1 sers nhofe, in T ueommiwini Iour- ohlno pirents mt a ell iii she eile. Addre-s bix, No. "30, Pelt Office. jourfil--12 .5 WITHOUT RESERVE. VALUABLE REAL ESTATE, TO BI. SOLD AT AUCTION, BY 'r. MUI.t & onAIttt.nI AN SA1'UILI)AY, Jlanuary I'th, 1'9n,in ile ',ily tli O lmltgln, at. Ltouie etreet, 12 oi'clo'k. nive n eligibly silua ltl IloRt f ;rolnd ton ;ihrd streel, iear li r e)rnere of. n;aronue streei, ,ii the nrgl I lhannnd siinte nnon the river. 'Thel imllprovtlneuts o l ist Iof a large brick warehfon on Ite r':ar lf one half the Ilane, anal I nlien r dwelling htllase on tile fronlt l'lw t f cie 1Iot lt wthll t.lo story kilchens. The hllole of which are lnolw rented ati for netlve llunlred dollars a year. - Lilt N.. Icnnealrs t eet, ii inchlles en 7 liines, (1 front by 127 feet 9 ianchs, in delp h mIre or less. Leot No.:' mesulres snllle as lot No.1. 331 Lot No. 3 Ilnsuresl25 feet, 6 inchsn and 7 IPCes, eu front by I.i7 f et 9 inches in depth '.a the one line, ptd roll 159 feet 8 iaches, and 3 ties oil lle te oller line, nirea or leas. No. 4 meanures 5i for it inches and 7lines, front iby 159 feet 8 inllclhes andl lilines in delpth, ore orr less. -Lot Ne. 5, .nanne i No 4. ALSO-Five valuab;e lets ofgronad ton blagazine & Felicity trenne. r No. I8 ol street, manuresa 25 feet front by Ill feet in depth. Llt No 1I te an llle size. ILt No. 2 dittl: I.t Ne. 36un Ielicity strent joins the alove three lnte on th, re;; lud ioean ures 'Ier fronlt I5 oelt, nlld on the r ar 50 fe hn I1 l'n1 del in depth onl ie line, aenl I(6 lfel n lt e ohlen lile. eI' No. 37 oil 'eieity ,ilreet ineclerr in front f67lnfet 3e inwrl.le y t10 freet n dptll, n tille line', rind i25 pet non tle oth,'r line. as will npper Inre Innllv, per ninan nliieh will be exPhihitel ca the alynl ersol. i- nd 3 - Ontne ftnnn-cihtch'ndol inerest for ntes Patio- 2 ' fnlictrily cnidern.d annt h benriai mirlltg e itlilllll ipaiy- ill nlneal. If ti• ren nnl peIrIl at Inltrt riltey shelloci Ielr in ,rin t itn he re te of II) per c ll pelt lllnnl ,' fulno ra Ite tilethePy Inenoen dne fill p:inl. AnIo--Tlil t very tnlunl atnd deeirholea reslcden e on "n I I'nydt sereet, adjnnin.rlite AIn lnhodia Clnrlnr, i lotn ie Iteuaure 2,5 frt 7 inlel;e frnnt by IInO fece il de,tll, in nron or leas, the hnbetm ian gnoil twit story Falne IlnE ild- , ineg wth attie., andt ol stfory iitcbr, ite prlo are o er fiuichenl with nlrble inanelalr . inuret grater, folding dlors, &e. 'ite improvementl ha.e Breenlatel pointle and fitted tlp end are now ill lret rate urdr, ildeO lease to a good tenall Plr one yeir Froll hle fires' of N oIve Fier lot, oFth the rane of $il0 per year, : nynnlle nullntlly. ' here in ill tle yard a ihy'ralll InJ nin n iern iaftere. 'rtElitlr-()ne fnorth eash, bae anc onet and two yenar, witcoue inlerest, In nnoIel seti-I'.ilarily elldored d and bearig nIllntgnee tillnl finsI l svrnnt.nol nten - nre P it Ibe pii nl tnatllrtyty inc'll bentr intrrecl at Acts rsetle tIt be pneed Wefcars II. B. Csllnn, Eq. an Ninarv Pllbline, n tihe arxp'nn ilf thie oirine mlar. Nirh. Iftlh netiel of ale are nnnnll;nilind with in 10ll ltnv fromn Illetda) of sale, they will be re-Rtldi ua the I' rick and cost of tihe purclllnera . Jana Li 'The O.nv nlgh.ler, a dtIoencliCStory, by lne U Ir ,t afnthe -nIanltenr.. ato. in 2 vnIls. N Heiry Knumosnl,and nlherTall tv Mre Go(rr neether I 'eSnli o"f rte+ nelle I)nnag ter:'" n.. ill 2 vlrn In The lieir of ielwnoel, hb thne annnlhutnrn of ".linnters nel Isnurtlller:' &-e. intll' Ve. t. Allll'a Vellln, nr tk EI:nlnidPred IlnntadlkerehieiPf, i Al whit:l is nddl'd Htonllritnltn Ila nrien. eor ler i llntlnllCttn Tjn;,rella, by l iae L.ealie, ntll boru tl'. n i Sketcll- re n," th.e. ii nip VaIl .1I ()liver 'l'win, c mrnplete in 2 vasi,. by nl.r, cheap edi tinne. Jost received annd lor uha Ilev' WM.l dAylnnnnnWiilnnMne'KEI N, i j, or (.alr nni rll ned CImnn ie bts 1 oI. ICale Orphean Sitier L aiile hldel eit thie pI y r t AeA Ullln, oil 'ed.nlllles! ly ti ll .i ll it , JbP .e tlhe ouI's of eF eand 2 o'clock, for lhe pcIr ose o elelt N idg lnalllgeren t .ervie tll, enrlnillng year. jcl-l1lt nIUIll ,U I)'A ..SURnINI; E 1)i; I .A m .A GNIE DES POiMPIIotS GI)1 L N. O.1teA NS SI E 1 ticinuparr' onn p'r les presen nlln Itilte s a ne tI ie nioiee vPTrneneeaelt aIt tr i ne, et devrinl ore pave le suvrir ra:llntl, aU Bureau ds e ht Coi ltogllie,p ite ;l rile nIn Canllm. 4jnn E . T't 'tl7Y, Sec. N T'FlICE './the Firrwree'a Innreance Crinompo on S O/enlns-- !'h ilO.oe r stl nlre Illr Thy noy tilred, ltl tlne n.lrH IN TeLMhnT Iae)ona llle i lst, and A paVhbl' oc the lith In',.l ulary nlex. at tIne of'the lo Cone eny, "I Camp lTronet. I. 'I'AILLACoIY, i - CITY BANK. i. eh New Orh. n-, '2G IrPr, 1834. h TIiiI'n Beard onf Directanors t' his itenilol have tahis fo tia y dealer i a l) vi I nll ntf Ttre/e. per nret. e i, on tin nittail litenrnfi nahle, no hnt lSn,.eikhnldeae, or hinecr Innl mrnrnreelncUtinle,n n nir lllnr .l,, ier sl p tanain.rv, 1i13:n. I )tll'l,. J. .AI.FinlA ;. I)neneulc'r e2d,. [,iiOi. S-(rO'I' -''- e Co.llrauner+--iSteai l pnrll nI ii n t i* flare owed ntilthe 'icdet at Jiunary, l1i3n, f.r, tlun "rolnlclle llCinl. ...dlllltl hnn le atnlll e nltlldiag ll IiiI icrd o , , . i . ....... .. `u, iinaittlll ,nn h eerl., nndi cinc n) I nnineie en dI . -- e /i'I*t. Co ii'r Ani I ei tl . u, St l. t. l'l.l It'II 'b.'i ' A Tl. (;!t 'l:I. .ct t1il l agenr ier t 910 It tooinni n'".I""A Intoe I unnnl Id 1" Ilr"l,: n I...diniii Inlll.P n , t'+ SItI.y I(olarI . 5 I 1m,. Ircllr , a ill, ' rn1, s, Tea .tl,,"r witlh ll a· m .nni r l of1 , uI .l e. Trim adSllel plolpe wIhoI1 e ,i . nndl retll . hbt fi A Itlk- an'h re. lT O c'IC I--'len'.n..,nit.,li' p nilnn hn.tre nd -h liPdh-t I r\ t tern the anodh-r.icaneil laie Jnh Prilinac )0t.r, i thlli day inAxlv+d hJ hllolilt, iol. WVilllln h."Krnohll hlrulis as lotmid .o 'te lfrorg ll will rileenlilll, of debnn d',et,, said ofice. ',l W icK cIaN Janlary lIt 3irIn-n-j3 .OnI' ( ii .i 1,IInOnTn T I In'IICE hho silncillrr havic pcnlhs .d tlhe inl- ni .I'n t,nredst of Mr (i a ,rge I. inhnnll, m Iiin J,9b Printing .n Olee IIle Wie, neKrn.l- c..nwl eltlnn elllin dnnn, cnlnll ibt dline Innt aiusine.s of J A 1lnll.1 ill hliE own nnllllle nlld h fr hid owe acedunt. \Vm McKi..AN, Jllllnary l i, 188--jt-clr lIf Clmp mll CmOlllloll Ag r h- 'I' or Uh.uid ti lnollll h.o fNll.lllGloll, tld inJo st't'Iv, 183, a'hnlnle ix n ninrrhiec anterit hei,' niet oI ido owni order, nndlll bly hilll Ullnl~ur-lllI. olr PIres'll iiiiii re, (.It.'enrn with i ire~l Shi anit eo Ifii per, t rotie gleu ..u .i ay W e, ote tf .aiet &elaIn'hii hoine denp, neni, ail if .'e flnrwur le d fruln Illln . llie i ,hiane . el inn er is (Ce..' on Iei fir.b fay of OclbellI .1, by nilllluun n e. i-eil,. ncinn slnillnn t, e i l` ntiann nI in s ntlnt, l, undein tr the fi rmn l of t0 J P'l acetr ) anl' are tii ,tlrieId to olo e all tile Ibin, :. .dicills l.le hrnll. is N New Itrlel','n J Inualry Ih 183:n. in U bI e KF:l VFinnn aenn fr Inle b l-rsaIhin rii;-' ancl Thn Priveaie Jouranal of talnl Barr, in b volea tenn ttly tallhnew I. D)avi, aulhor of .llemoire of anln BnIrrl Sneally onteld. n t 'lle Frr hW'et; or, A Tla n beyonl the Molentain": in n veto.e .e Also aFirlm suppy of e omnewa rd Bouund,nPld liatest nlovels of Coop t lHoene C i'lll rcc. M'Cillht.'s C,,nnereinl llitin.iarv, I vtl, a very I valubln work for ntne e0n1'nnearcii .enilc• te j;7 EraIeer S.1(lcirhien n, ea"nlctne st .J fiene shill ('nrlnnallihieCcr tle hv 3 t, IAAn: Bllletil" fruIlt, itgagnzile en 4rilV) two story hll+ea and kitlwens on St. eiri Johnla l. tear lit I'vdrsa msarket Ap s s ply to ROUT. CIANNI )N, t0 R ItNT. p T HREI QUAIl t ER of a qllare of II grolund wist ti w hloles Ihereon Ilar tile new market on Pydras at. Aply Io a AOlT.CL',\N N( IN, I novi l' amp tf LAW NOTlt:E. JAMES S. MAYFII Ii, iCunsellor and Attorner e at Law, of'l'exas, haIs malde IIn arranlllemllet Willth Joseph Al. While Esq.. late IlelegtP in Cenereas trom FIlorida, and Ctounlsellor at of the Su ltetl (Court of the United Slat."e, It give hils advi'e, IPgl opiniona and instruclionls in all in which he i. retainedl in Trexas. (ol. White will in all ,,.es give wrilte instruetilll, sand ill caise of reat il lpirtanre, will attend i, prrean hIle eSupreme Cllrl rt of Teas. He i. in pos.*.osiom of all tie Spanish slt AhIxit n Ilrli,,. ante.,and Ilas at New Orlellas, Ihs largcet ciril law library in America. Land Titles, In all eases inll hich James S. layfield is retained a n an alttorey and I.and aenl in Texas, he will rt.eive may ssietallce, tnd advie as a Ceollatlellr. jao JI.S NI WHITE. CYC I, )PE DI AS! D)ICTIONARIESI SEES2 ' Cyelpoaedin, 47 vole., Edinburg UI:nyclo p ,edia, I8 vela, P.anny Uyeltopaedia, vo Ilth. Encyclopadia Amer icllna, 13 vols. Pmny Ma.anain fCr 1837; Gnrtlta' Biographieal Dictionary, 3vnl·: Walker's Dictionary, I vol. Boyer's IDictionary, I vol, Wel,ster's do I vol. Johlnson & WValkNI's DIlictionary, I ri;ti Newman & Ilanrrelt's ninelionarvtt vol-. Johnsona's Dictionary, leva tneWebnter'd Dictionn r- . a a a; Bover', I)ictionarv, vol; Also a large Iupplly of Eglish Fcaaenirs. &e, for hy WM MeKE.AN, sale d6 ear Camp and Common at OIL. KIil.EYSac.-8 ihlIa ' launer's Uil 30 hbl Fall snrained Oil 411 Blalu Kerseva l10 Sacks l'ttrks land Salt 300 Empty Molasses bbls in stare awn for sale by jal2 L II GALE, 93 Common at eTIIE Orphan's Lte: a coallection of glees and catch e a, e-alle fr 'rocial ttsile Iparties, (:luha, &t: seleeten. frolll tile mol heli,ilated ellnlperers, ndl' ar ranged with a Piano Forte accompanimlent, a new edi AI, a sna.d colleetio,n i gle.., It, relehratetd ecm ttn- atelr. fir sale tilnglv arty i qalllantitv. togiether with i artietv (if New M/aiIrtite Ptltth Imlrte, far .ate at i reduiedpiricet . by ALEX UOWAIl, S lAV.iN t i. it-i-Iieiveed rm hIr t.,,ulc in I toat inll Iavarnt, n asanrllntlllt sl I0,(i Cigars, in oflIhe beet ,lu lity-'lTranbu.cs,, Igslia.. CamFn,.!, ifor raln byla R FA iIt a, ja7 17 & 5SCt.atom Ine!rte it CITY iIANK, Nelw Orleans, ii Dec., 1828. N IO'E: of lihe Municipality No. ,, f New Ieaenl, Sof the denomlilnation of One, 'I w, .nd ' I lree thsli. lunk. nd c atu aldtir cilel. irsot ionn.ty ci JInctud ry noxt will be redeleecd inll ape'ie. ILUll'l'. J. l'l.I,VI~iE, ,If: Cushier fitA) RENTc.-A il ill Julia tet1e, eocr the 00ew Bon iLa, cuitiable Iru wuoa iUdu luoIner ynl.l. Apply at n9 lank !'lacu. J lntc C)1. aul tICNIt.tI. I 7 olo tbhleeclhed wiclr Sst uinled per ln ill; 16cuake unbeloached doi do dt. 331 boxes ftrrlquality s ocrnl Ccltdle,a auneorted tizawa, eLe.ived direct rot New Bedfolrd. unJ uux ilauding roea .loop Itedlfr I, and tInt s Nle Iy to dJI J COL'KAYNE, 25 Grnvler t - MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Remocved from 17 Ctuornhouse Sc . al el) NEX PDloRlt TaST CtHARL TH 'I'EIIAT'rE, CORNER OF PaODRAS &. &T. C('IIARLnES TREET. an,19-18368. ,lO RlENAT. A LARGE nad comnmlliuu, Re oom over Levy' d L auction storel, i3 Magaozin" etreft. .ll plto l ilhopraplher, 1cn Ilte prtcuises. N -i-The obcve wluld l ake a guud drill ronm. JEl.'b'iItjie ,OiAI).AiIY. 1 f)REI'ARA'IrtltY to Jeflerson UCal age and to oth- I ere conductedby it. traet, L I. It. ielnctoge Alley, ettveeo tconli alt ll iellvile. Thi; iaolnlion wa ollte most eligihlae that could be loulnd being entirely free Irone til calse of the ltreea s And the rattling oldraysc o nld corioten. ''lte Jellieron Acaudlmy ia divided into two depart mlctol. The Juinior or eleaeotary deprltamenat ir tile varioual branches ounclllonon edouatina in Frellh and in Iulglict--'i elia r eit etortlcell taor LI.nic, Greek, hlattllmnnlice, &. c. Puettnlity, or llcr an. discipline are strictly eloined Cl ar observed. c 'erm. luih.Juti Ileprcttentctlr m.cUthll )10 tOcttiar do 15 Spanish 6 - Ilt. Mcttosanlt e , prope, , te. chttrhed seprntely 2ndi. A ,utln(c, o t!tc bcgc, to Ibe paidl ill tull; 3rd. Nc, de.llctilo for ub.secae lnor r Ior lulidys: 4th. Paynlllllo Ito be Illade rueglltrll• every monltlh. School hlarlruar - 8 1-2 t 3 o'clock, Lecepe T'rlrs. days. aepi. EXtIIANtdI tIlo",.\UlNU ILot0e. IIE croprieic r has re-fllted his Readltlg Rlommin Sthe St. i;hurl.i IExclllna.e, .lcroo ut Gravler aild St. Charles strcelt It the nearl I lnt ulater. tIe2ide all tllei rileipal c apers u of the Unhite States of every ccityv ad state.ile (ic llallnad, Iexas ad ill Mhxi cco mll, o I cnvollun , tcllt rcun ic regllarly nd cexteneiv*. Iv Mnciplied wilh tile luleoet llecicall iterslen, I.od's I ciuls. t l P iu'c r Pric: Cuccet. Alan tilch nearly oll tlce ,ltrcrey Per.liclts ol' tle dctandtin hlts tlhe re pohlicaticcs of tht London, cdcinlcirg, Weh(tinatler AMetrcpolitln loeview ncdcc Itinekwouldo MaOnzine. The North Amlnricanll Review alit. .aoutheln Iitercrv Knick iceker,cttl'he Amleil:ets Journal of Sietnrcet land Art., I'abinet Ali+ctllany Deloneraic Revew. (ienltlemnl's Sgarme, Anlelicican tnllollyl , lently'v Miaeehlrnv. ,the lexoco Ctirutrgicnl RevIw, atd o vnriey of uihere. All tlhee works arerteulrly ab-crcibed hlr anld receiC red. I he rlclll icalsc Iasc platcied wltlh la ge Vnicity folllco anld Itllteae, Nilces Iclol0er, Levy's P'rice C-r. Iemn l run it olnconellcemlnnt, G(aztuers, and u variety of works oflreferener. Theic Icntoa ive & hellelienl news collectorta re r im pllved, to give 1lie erliet a rivcals, Inod lln paills lllnr x nase will be lstl'ed tol render tllis le.ldillg Ruooml the iract the Ullited States. icn+criltiousa re res;pecfully recice'i NEWV UclhtI.cAuvd .O. AtlttOl I TON II AIL ROAD Coi. I'ANI'. ARRANGEOMENTSI FOR THE WEEK DAYS.L From Crroll'aon. I Flomiewn Ohcas. toier Coneac no'cltrkO A. Mlore ('r at o5 u'rlek,A. Locomotive c lcno ive to " I After 10 o'clock a Carcan be ohltinetd by payico I0 dol. Inr far tale Triep. TIlE JAKrt(-cN ANDI.fACOIR<FE STRcEETCAtRS LIcvenContl otc1.c1ot ojcceck, A. ot. sl c ran hoclrly. At eali p+et7 o'tlock lhis onr will colnee rullill every oull hore.l, endctllicllle throughoultthe day unit ore c.a . Sibl. from tile IIed oftJalckon ttreet. Per. otilnl by the o I.corlnnotl o mart provile Ihenelvesh wiTell'l'crtr, as inc money will hit c tkel Ily the COccu,.Cla.c. Pecict New ()rl nlld CIrrulltun Will Roid C.poeni'y SI'oydrlts.treot. JOIIN IIAl I'SON, no vt2hi CIcil: g. ON.tI c 0 t: . ti . cI :EIi l'icilenl of tll I;ofli-I, Frsoen h os Spanish nRAendev Nu. IV S, C e.rT Ii , annie t f tc 'ccrittnds i td the. tpthlic tilh c ti ait eti o unchtll tis lou itlltl is nowl is I i ' +lill olrt I i, 0h11I che h t l lilnit l 1 filly. he il, or p rt lnils of H-r in l'i l p Pnre+t that rnoghi Mhll Ihe wnllln+, whlich lliv COntTribut ley , tilt cno ll altl aylfl nllldl r ml1o., i£t ol th irsj - N -1 r Rev J J Re n M nt ,yr :n1r.c8 " terrurn Dcltxf,I'fo;t WchilMlcllphbt, i |1 |-!· t,. wl· i l lli1'm , NInp hwth i. r g ll eiu o New ' Or. u I , n I", I0( t li, hal: I a.'tl , I t h I. I ylf t I .Ic. lct, 'eol! ilrectl oppctCt-le the aftth. thoe t l c Lr, i . ,(1 ea e I t ill ct"r n ntie, lta tlri nil prct Uesion ll fi 1, ,1 n iOlia i-n1t llnmint. Il'r", I,.tl lVCt vi 11e1lld :lw cily toklken thlls !~,' Ia ,frx1'I inli Il 11r ll' II 1 nIIIII rIcII. II Ih I, ! IO o 01 ,' l h ft en lt, ce l ll tltl n11 o - i t hll hr "t .h h a "i t k .N.U i ml t lo CI n ilnltm t .ly frO c le , l dcc It ry, icyc o" ilul phia.c " cI1 a cct, ce r lcct o +; r lla ct ilcit thatc Ic hc vn hct conelitrt h a a,' cucct e nl, r ,it , r. it it bl. h rOlc la ' , . it ill thel hlu 11" ofll I rof.l0l0l0l. ]Ii bhash o rl. 0tl , inlidnr hhim 'lit ll ll eelln lly wol ly Ic iti Pl lletltone Itir nll e acictr. ailt" IcAsat lelcc I orcn fnllccceell raaI na hom I t .1111+1 Israg ill h eT1 l U tlo IIIn b · oI.· less olegl l iot l wilh ocictll tcec Illcc t t ocd b e tcid atIdi trge oldutcc +s o cutrul ted to ieIn. cr. Smnth hace cc npertcd tcccoo cccn. ncccrabn eoteut fur -Ie ptelota;ly rocd or mce'lnllcre tl llty ccwlll eeleyero 8'l'I':PIIE":N 1J T YNG. Ftcrom Rev. J J c Rucerte , is.onry at yra, in reece c"I wcail htn erciltdcltlca to :dicie Dr..lcuith a fair opporttc nity of llonlg iy tnaem n oraera 'eltl he h oe in a a.terly nii ur nd the gC nlle*'e,,n-ol nd bkitfl with N hi.. heon R J ite lraton oreli c equalled ntlyeInl Cir a pac toalent twr ctcimoter inniev'in cry their the highest ftxith. h;ll iure fuure. heella1,dl not only mulh n rlul'rg, but oileo 'amuch vnluable tle. crcca e an flec'.On a i. Referenlces It Necw Orlnar.:.. Jacolb WilcoxnEic. I Thus. AMtl-e,, 'larkcceo 0 .c I iSloacctlIh, Rtlchlcrd & ('o, c . Now Orneano, li-ttlicce ce'lrkec Jcin. Esq. Cutctert hlclc0tt110 . I , RO cit I'O.-N- iTICIlt-Ito nid aifler the 1lt i'c., I 2:tltccttcil fice'iher ntcticce, ate Inxtra nchct Ccir will I icave the 'r htlec e, l'ewlraw c lrcet, tro hcll' pant It ea'clockt P.tM. fr lca0nvOtte and intercoodiaie pones. a Siugle li'iokctdt17 l-t (.noutsc, or ct $.g5 per hudlred. JOlt'. IIAMI',t to, It ... tc "-c______ icf. .,.g. N. 0.& C. Bc. Rc _ pprnvei' derntifri'et; tire tbee pretapl.rrin ever pIt p for tie teeth, just received ult tle Itazlnr. a IlUSJH & AI.I.EN., d2"9 Crr St Clhrrles &o Colrmmon its., Exchnla I aUsicAl. INS1 iutiF.NTS Ful il ILIT'AKl ve i BANDSB- ustt receivted lnd fir sale by the ubll. el ecriler on moderltt e terrtls, Clarimets in t' indt II fliart do it F und E fiat : Pc!culo and eirclave Flutes; Olhe clbidesr; Triangles, Field uand Ilass Dri)s ; Cavulry Trumpets. plain; ktarmrony do witlh rooks; Tiros hones, telor; ereneh Ilorn.; Creaeerat; rvmrhaloe.r E. J.t)IINS o, nov 30 corner St Churrrlean Comiromtn Mlt - IIANIFl)I.D WRIITIRS----Wil.n's Improvedi SllInllhnlh Writrn itn every st to, jinst rertce d at the BAZA tA, coner of St Charler and Clanlluiron alr. BIJUdt At AI.I.An., nnv'0 oExchange IHotel. * lOVtICL. Stours! S it.i K:liC Co. No.8 ronrtI Leveel.are receiving perr ship Jrhn Hall, an addi tional supply Iof Staves; tleirassortment cuonssts nw of Soors Paetent Coal Stlve*, of all sizes; Philadel rhii Radiator o Ceal ovreuConical Cookino Store; ouasotI'P sehipndl steeam bout Cok'; also stovetr pipe pltt nol to order, drl r IEXAS I..ANI) Sirhir FrlR SAI.E--The sarbcrli . bero offer for salo twenty Floats of six hnllldred and fLrt areros of land, erai. Ity tile i et on the Legin loatrre this script enn he held and located by foreigners, Iy Iirthe r L riatir, authorof memoirrlAurou Burr embrneing utline of eern life nll ceney; sketch Sof thep rairies, rivers, ancient hmoundpcl early settle Je l (i IftI teY, FNei uveyy , SOUNTRY MERCAN-'I P are Joinvited to ll and h e r m erin te isorenidt e rertler yeare, Glaa, I htie, cwilr serlleiet froe r Ilie errreslrud def o. Eelited i11y Alhe*tt L rIu icd Utitn of irlunreit ci Auarron BUr .. iRoom rap ook, in lprtcnt n tae For ancl, er aw Tzerlr nd, in tnr rouith 9en r'rlein g r;utlirrc nfu\eetero lift entere o oeenr,;oeth r f ftlhe treiriec, rivers, s:rient erorrrl-o eurloy aerte mentr f lt Ferhr, L&e.,2.ia Minor, &c., illtraed by jit WM ttKlFAN, cur Cunlp & Coreoren e CIOUN'RY IERC IANTS o oe ineiand rebounl an in embossed tleatherand hnroet o ly girtlt, with giltedge hiaurnc.;jhristt reeiaed peke for 1837 and 13, r du- It BIttUWERf & COfr r LUALv embed cve--or et et, c. &c.-Itrawirg h om eStrap Book, n in 2 pris, eontuellb old verys th10 DAVID FELT .1 Chartl t ORe Drit 3 -Pie engPark an pritefd t Frthe in h end Frglitlr. Ioale Frone atnd Nwrierhend, in a pa trtsa willt 9 t le ltentel ef ri . Ball of uerior quality a the Briaar, chloly Lne., Aria min;r, &c., ilhlsrated r. ityi 37 Exargehange vil. 'lre above ere of ro el qnhto ehir l basd ire ud in o embosre nd flerthr, rnd heGdslo S ly gill, with gil ecdgree. &c. Ac. t I.lanrdin ftrom shipceltr fr 18a3 red fIr l3 rreby eroertav, ebossed eover, rilt rrtl rt , s c. &. i Tire Ill on ceoltiinern et and e sold very rt tire Newr York Stutimrer's Hall ialO DAVID FELT' & Co. 2 Chlrrtol st POR 0K ye BtEF--PiPri PFrrk rid Ifeef, ot the in eletirtul inorstrchoicera andle or y lt j) 41 New Levee U I il.LTA'l--i-BA;.I AN!) CHIItKS.--t ta.rce B srertmeeft ht Bielitr.i Bells ef eftwrelr qoulity r thie Boeaarr curnoer t. Crar:o ntor Comrlrn-sh Its. r Cs,. ALLAN. 00 nov,30 E ExhnoE e tllur'. i-r f UNNY BlAGS-lml i rolsc 2 hultt tatr il rruceet dned forrr culty (; I)()IlhEY, ,I Nti'e. etl lauding rrofrmip tr \|artrier d Ir r O nlS ]- 11 [slit.1 -tri1I brierolo rrelilieel. tir olt try ilt 0. t)tRflEY. 4 l |reYrp flt It h cU d-- ;;l cIort eud tor a:ee 1 h i I DORSEI, Sjl2 4It Ne I.rvee bHIPPING. For Europe, loll II AVH - The 'ri A I and fatL auiling ship JOHN IIOI.LANI', Capt. Jourdotn w 1i receive desrpatcll luv agtilegreattr part of hor eurr goocataoel aod goiug oil board. ur friglbt of '2U Ihdes cottonr, or pasagre olt tlg l at GL.OItGL: E1 |'tIETltr)T, Rnna1 at jal' or to LLi (TAL,,U I3 Conit mao rt l. OI l L I V ER.. ' ) L . .. Tile ITta shlip L)iDNMAIK. loveLt, ear ter, will hlve im redliate despntch. For freight of 2U;I baloes e tlu orl ltopaag, applyv t, jlilR I. tI (iAIlt 9' lnmOll sat FOR LIVElRPOOL. l The fine f.At sandiu. ship ST. JAMES, r Capt. I) H.lwe, Imt-ter, will have alrnediate depatlelt. For balane nof frelllt or iaagaet apply to jal s &J I' Will rNIsY,73 -C'mp at FOR .lVERlPOOL. The fie new Al anrqae BYRION, Capt. Ienr-on, will alve inmediate depatlch. For freight ofI'0 holes cFllol, or ,pasage hlavi g goid oaiiaotlldaiooo, lnapply to .2J 1a II IAIF, 93 C.mmon at Flit HAVANA. Th. l ht railing, eopacrred parket brig G .N.It:LICIFF'I',l oo, lat'alltnin Walker, will poNitively aail on Fridly Ilth it. FOR NEW YORK. Na Y age d will plOean Aiulion -aiarkt i fthi morlne Thed erng.r t kt brt i a r . d tieARe -l e For frrly ior a igt of W ton h) jn board. or to PETER LAIAW, i Can at N Coastwise FOR NEW YORK. N lw ttlk and er w Orlenr r Ia cket far tan5lt inaGrti.l T tThe aeleant packt hip fLiNS. Mara.Y CApet FoTlr, will al and unally as ad-rt f brairaid. Irfroe.ightlF a .bor. Fwrtfrnhatv or, boat i , hanle o her a iaab narge, aplor on b or to ITK LAIAW, 4 Can p at Ftol NLW YtILK Allme ill. r packe aherntPablkt ior the 15th nunrt. ie aTll tas it In d fit tailig e ip OI.A ShiA et AREnu , I ndlVeir, ttorier, airttg nrtflrlo rr .rgo ld gallgidil aillsboa. au int he Fttrfrrigt oaratnoaa, thIiarng elai auoat timmodationa, applirti an onll osn Iard oppit a teilr msomrkt, or to on t VN P t ItEiiNe91 Croa astoin at. LOIFOR\N N' I.INE. 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A 'INE d f p cket s hIas hen A etalli, hed to rat brt - reeln Now OJrllian Itnd New Yorkl, ito colist of tier or the Zate ftipa, ____ Ship ft. , tlarv, R W Ftaliler master, " Republican, J G Russell Aulur, 11 P turfey new' buildng, The shlp. were built in New l ork expra, avt for this trade; a lit l wi llot be sujtldeletll:'teit1 ilo al the' Iltr 'T'heir nr(',mnllll uodnttiolm: Ilnr asfngrr cO Iiplrise all thrlt mav bte required for cl 'rt uaud coulellene; ind Itheir conlnmmnd-il ar. Iawn olexi r) l len, Loll iAh )hip, n.w hllildiiN are c,:npleled, tao fist cluas l liipa will rulepiy iaeir plnIat:. T hglhe J.rie-t pu1c11t.,lity sil ie nhocrwd i tlie itime tif saiiing, ad rievlry rlcuoable llactoulllltlraoilbt ePteni t ed to p lsCl.e'rP. Fr luirtlltr iparticulars apply, to iM-ssr. Johnson 0lid tno,, deilltu. i lj sWall .lre.t, Niw Yorkt, r to rolt ITI"'tli,, Larr, 1Vfi lli. oortdaop at t.Ie.. ror .the Interior. "+: ! "f".-ul. |)A SAt.foir t.luou Ptndf rtight d mrli n;. 'AIlloe n&w nIIIt'Atndi "l.hlll but Io ,t.:k rhek r, Vang Ilawrn Irllottaoder Will p ti i'r']'l I lti h L t), A. Ol.,nrtelorv fr h0i; t r TtitlSnpI y &o .91150'D A. I. I iI . ..... a. .i-AIIER. ,. ` rr-' 9 'I'. h,, plliendid its.ll-.r lieanihoal S I- a it ll. lot itoatrmmi ed h ,fr te g e bi " llnips a ii edursdyV , ili 191h, inltt 11 IIIou'clock, .o.\i. ,,n ull ml~li. h tl t, ihll lulleu hnr l'u r Plaqnemnir., and will tilllillnue It) ran regllar like balanhe ol thle I es.,li, alid le re pllllomll·tlly ast ihe hoIur advertised. o A sarlarte cali It, ill niateuo roomt.t, fitrioored pea pie. For iitetght or patssge,.illta oin iraid, tor it 'iI lhe rgular p nka low r, urs-ri ltenloer GlIRAFFE, ('apt. Swdler, A wll leave ihe luko end of Ibe lail "I'Itl(TSIHURSAY S &SUiNDAYS after the arrivi of hlia 12 o'clock ours, alnd on her re to turn, leoare Mobile, -very Tueadnya and Fridays. For parsage alply oa blanu to P S--Whrnevar it almicient lulllntbe, of passenger; oflir the l;irullfe t ill tuc atl l t al oy of tile ioterllledtlu e' Ia ,dilngs, Ullmi per ioulll+ ull in : beillg givenl to t'apt .Jwer hrlyv7 -tt i"'WILIAA FitltirIc is asoc:iated a. a partner I Sit the llln of \Whlitrilde & 'o., \o. 76 Itlagozi. A wreel, for tlhe tIranaction of general commlissiton hlbui At es.. d '--Ir '" I AZ A- R. Corner of St. Charlets Common str eet, EX:HANGE I I TEI. ati 1si & L AI.I woulA d r.prctfully call the at tentrlll of citlzen a id slrlllng rl lte eireoaaplkt assortment ol ti;elutlemen', hnmn -hirts, dill r br"i, witlh linen rolllts. fashionable linenI frelml: linen cl Iaro: silk, ratio111 dlll erlal uinlder sihir,anaild drawers: ai cmblbr, and silk hantldkrchiefe: black ad fancy etas vats inagreat vitriley: s.,torks oevery l,"seript rim: guml ellitic lntd cotol llllelldere: silk cotll,,l and tIread gloves: gentshsal kin glovrw: umnbrellas and canes gold imnunled. Ala,--Splendid assortment of ladris and gents wri. ilig deaks, detic ng e ases, port folios, peifutnery, cut. lery, andi rith Iacav goods. not a.vllE ATthe tmantlfaltorv of thII sultscriber, hlosting bj WL 'lheels, I.ind Pipei. if all sizes; asha, Plattec. Hair, dec. 'lTurnitg, anlid Grinlltlig lllae as ticsurill hy J. OTT'. lii t, g'l. 4 ONE two story da elline homte, No. 6, Tel. ton street, norII Tivli Ctrcle, standi g hack from thle street, h viing four roomie, well fin isetd, a two story kithlle with foui r roomla,eitlern,well aild ever conventirne to Imake it a oalLfortale resi dlnee Itr a smailll family desirone lliving ierimd. Adl ply t, J. 01"l'. lert FAHIir NAB ItE PARIS MILIINER-TW' rlillE rubfrabher hac the holir of if aniring the !I' I dies, that lie han received per ships yrtte and lurelne.. a suipp)l of fIil and winter Mill:nery. il Ilthe laest and richest tmateials in Patia, e tich .lrs. rSclllall expects t hael uopened and reaedy lor exam. ination on lloudiy iid Tuesday litet, D ' 1t'ANIAN. niov3 25 Chier, t RAItD.-l1l( keg t nleiaioii leaf Itrd, of superior U q uolity, for le by SI'El''lSON & AVFLY, d:t 88 (Iraviet st CIANVASSEDI) II -A'S-1lO abis very fine, for tale C by ja6 STtl'''StI'N & AVI.RY, 83 ;lravier a t lL-49 -naks.-alrmier setriuet sperm oil, owarr..atd pilles, landing From ship iaroilia,. atld for sale by jal I IIRIDU &en. 131 Magazaine t ANNRNE O.I.-75b bblola rwn 'ranner' oil, for tale by LEVI 1 Gi LE. ja4 93 Coutmon stret rI-URPF rNI SE aid Tanner's Oil--15 bbls spiirits Turpentilne 911 bblc Tanner's Oil for sale lv g J IRVIS ANI)D1WeI, d11 ear Commom & Trhlllpilrolln asl h T ARD-12 kegs and II bel first rte article, for . sale by O. H. BLISS, d l12 Paydras a dI. OLA L "I.r,--IIlit ltlhnllle oU panolitlnn, 18 i.jJ miles llaow lie itly. fir anle b. 119 AII)AMS.i W&IITAI.L, 67 Gestler at -)RI'I P .CllAth-R' 5 ,I- I -P'raitipe Cigars, sum S ia5 I Itltlltl CO. tl .131 Malasazine at I..T INE--6 itaee, for salt lowt to clote a .ansigui y meot, by rHALI.&ItRrIWN, lia; , 9 Maslrine At tf fICE--I-llter.f reo.. by S AR HIr. IIAM TRIER,44 Gravier et I f 'TFR--lh keas O tshen nBtter, heet quality - landitg trot lhtip t Iratm, flr atle .v ja. S & J P V'ItITNEV,7t tCntto r.t 'i4HRIS'TIIA and Ne, Year's riffs. lar Lat dn anld Amerieant Antitll, l.r 18"19. Englirhl Elition ,if various valuable Works, with tplrneliI enravinc s Th' Eateli It Part-, Library Edition, with otnih etdard wiorks, itTlll'rkey minracceo bindling, aid S Pr er Rok, pihec. (e. diiTerant saert, cud in vari i. rpl , hinalini l . A y e I n-"ot toet cf hivr.nih, Bo.ks. &:. fior ral -lit tiio Bok a tore, -:i C'lmlli a ,ttr.*.. Nb iNt--Ai ioituitt l-ii i-ay ai raair t i. ip. 'e2lt5 l5a f1lOi, 100 qlutimpr ri-ekotu ld `ll irrve., eolitled to debeture, lbrutdla o,- hurat,'Cdli & Zizzt ao aushby jti3 ISa'AC IH1I)GE &t CO. BUSINESS CARDS. SAMIUIEL TOBY, '* Merchandire Broker of Commisrn .Mlerhant, dl3 eOlice, 36, Callp at.-For ll present. SHIP BROKER & & *O.IMIISS IOtN MERCHANT, No, 03, Po)dral Btrees, J. I'. FREEt IAN & CO.,. IPhaLeaMe CI.llhrI Rsldohhw fll No. 3, Magazne etreet, Fa, Hl AV constantly on hnnd a lIrge supply of Cloth in~,caleulOted firr he enlatrrv trade. lTheir an. sortilnlll beilg larre. merchlalt, (raotl le countri call R be stlpFlied at the shortet notice. Kin a4tl Ct IPop PASHIONABLE QLOTHING _ TAYLOR & HADD)EN, No. 14 Ch. rre.. Ilereet HAVE atollstnntaopply i f revery article iertaraloi to geFlltlemllt'e drtes, oI tile Ileolt style, at NewtYTrk pra:c. deem 20 .3. Ba. Ro SURGEON DENTIST novl . Nn.33, Itoael Atreet. Ct ORLEANS LITHOGRAPICIO PRINTINGC ESTA HLIitilM ENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, R Oipposite Banks' Arcade. WILLIA.MIl 1GiREFNE, PROPRIETIOR nrl J I. PARNER oar Conmenis.ion anid Forwarding Mlercbant, ca No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, vr sTAIr.S. New D 7rane, Feb. 2'. .TARVIS & ANI)REWS, V WIIOI.EA.LEk AND IRETAII. DEALERS IN ,era MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS mae DFE ST 'UFFSb .I ,D IWIDOVI W ULAS1 S, ni4 Courner of Cotnlmaon andi T"houpitoulas etreets, the NEW ORtEANS Ian NATIIAN JARVIS. du" JOHN W. ANIEltW. "'a. A large upply o Garden Seeds. warranted the growth of 1837. ca M VI.E A & iR." , AMERICAN & I:N(,GLISII CROWN GLARS, XN. 3 CI.taoner.ER T STREET. oT il IkA. leN 'ti INSURA.N 'E COMnPAWNY OF NEW ORILEANS. This C~onmlanv rt now purelared to take RISKS AGAINST PIIE. - No. 24 Muesonar Biliding, Canal *.en. EL TR.ACY, New O)rlans, a\l IS.f. 123L. L eenrtary. ROIEI'RT CLANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER Ste No. 12 Caamp street. Wholesalee leaoler in PIaits, Oil, Varnishes, Blruellesn em3il Widow aond Picture Olen &c. e. . C ATTORXIEY. & O LSJLLOR A TLAW. jil NOW Ipretiain; in the State and City Caourt. Cli- mli I elets ,ill find hiil at thl Clerk's otieea, U Circuit doeS Court, in the Clustn) IHouse buillling. je8 ba Otitlas 'ijOil'H IPA'TL':.-,tanelegant and tlghily ia:prtved Itrenifie. N To give a petarly whitenes to the teeth, To aleh,rute the tlerotlS end Ieuutv of tile mou th, i Alld add a fragir', t awilsan'eI to th bt Irealth, i Int an lttillllttlt Ito devntlllly wished ie "'Il,,u.-h ne'er till nw reil'v.ively achie, ed. 'Thi+ t re lesired ra ul,t a t will iths use. With tntltlltllea nld loirIl halit.lclion pronve The Orris TootI h Paste, while it Ieantisio 1the teeth, I t'tatring llld itreventlill avery aPleltrLtace tarO.rtr, at dgivag tit thet a clear ad etarly wliteness, int- O roreven he e.tlsr ofttel lip sni eal.s, Sltd gives eddl ni nlbeauty t the tl't iensemble olf tie tnautl--hy its di infecting Ierlpetti.s it greatly tetnds tlo reserve thte rteeth rlll l dere llcn lld it 111 i arts Ilt pi.'uliar and trat otaerhs 'ert t title breall, ft r whhli the Olris Ito, is so jully and exateallvov ieleltttaid. Just reetlvcd aby erllat0l ALLAN'S h at rncv Stre, Exci lhnt e otel,. di2 cuar ChJrtitlest ar ld CUolmantitt ntS SiINGlI.I\G IIVtl'I.'Ilt--4r+-a es. . I doza. eacl, in store, for sale : SHALL r BROWN. pit d15 96 Magazine ae ath CUAI.. IB NHRACITE andI (rrlI Coal i cnasks hh kand 'mtd inA i lo aS to suit ptrcltren. li Order, lest at tle,.o vral yard ill Canal treet, between ta Carondelet and Btmulllle, r at tlte coultig iluouse of IIOLM@S & 3I1r. St r lt9 PI 9atlunk I'!ac'e. _ T ' E ti ll at'ih. .r, Itoil~g r. .I '. ol llll iU a tsia Idelt dttty turvey.r of Unilted Stlate I.a ds. Ir thi. SI ,tsl ot'ers hi services tir Ite phbliae to suorvey Mind .A. tereeetoltce all tJteratibt, aithter of Satrvr ing or (aivil Er iltt, muuth 'o uligIctltttatltc,s rve Ilons, SdIrllW,.i-,t Icvrli gprotfilese, alc:lalilta of excaatliut, llbirlu lh!at, C atIFnll f all., .tr ea ite IIae Tril t r cointry .dl bw es p ptl nlitd ttlitit. fllly attetlded to. tlta ota.+ reansat lel aol te, rns cth. Oliae 5 Ma tatine -tretr, ill Books' A Prt' It. A declt-'aw-'"m FItEI. W'ILKINSON. I NGAP-- l I boxesn. evllr'aio hblaolr , elaton llwra, oq * 6 paet tpott. 'b r srle ot WN.. Front L.evee. C XIIANGF on Nvw York, for sole by I' dIN AllMS & RVIIII'INGt.7 GrnCer iet I)ItLlltL)E.PIlA ctahkwoat ,Nteal, Ytttl pi.vtlo l's Shldtl Boear piackledl 'I'tneue, Currallt, Citron Lanlling fttom rlit fler.', t;dircti froit PIhilndellhla r, 0 llhalfarrel sBucklheat inotl. P t00 quarler Itarrel Bucakwlteal meaol, 5l italfhorrelN No. I Shbtl, 25 half arrlta flamily BeePf, 10 Ih tlfbrnelo pickled 'T'ongues, 2 Iartelr lttikad 'T'nngteta. I btd ttl'itttra new Carrcants, I groas ()liver'o Y'enst Powtd.r, for le ,I* ev .1128 (tI 'PPlITCII SR)L & JOT lGI-'r. VINEG.AI4t-. - . lll it'.treselltottd t,,t h.r t fur for mate by P .AI I.h %t', I-j3 3 66 .'ntp et I 11. I(ltl-`21tiJrllaa a F FI.ur, (ltkiItt Ifra taleh 1b I l P I.AII)1..4WA 6 Ceait at r tl oartt I.iveratnnlolt, rStiltipved V1tr shi), RQLletenl AdelaideasInd UanII·.+% f lom iiVcrlmIp, slnd far rsleIlyt !3 1OLM ',S . &MIL.tS, i.tnk 'lace T I'itBF.t1-:t011111 bet white. pineBoar !Baten m lallillF rrem skhip North Hale )to ll,,lposilte Mis.-pt ot.ippi Press, ad for Iale iby I S &J P WIII'TF.NEY. 7:1 Camnp lt S •I •lanlding frown nhil St. Marv. 32 tax olts neat tn Ltll.'a. n. Bedford Iranlds- Ilading irtsctallr Niarie, f.r soile. byy __jali JOtESiLtH Ct. ICIKA NE, 253 Graenicd at d)APEIR-- 0 remsi . Wns ptting lPaper, atortied;a ea-e Letller du., tor ule. by d ja3 SHlALI. & BROWN .6 Magzine at ia ST!NiO W D GIA.AS. 40l hoea t', fo l. j saleby SItIAlL UItOWN 96 Agal. mitte at jan3 g by i..iWIVi,'NCE ,& I.E(IENIIRE. it jn) .t,; adi 29 New oLeve. 'I HE Sheceribers olff· at wholesale the following gods.. HATS-100 eses monlelskin silks, as sorted none". no brinto. 110 do bum t No I do do 100 do do No d do do 100 cases heat No 3, asoerted and brilm. 2l do tever, oa ,oprior articl; '01 do Fin,- Nntria r '0 do Kxntr do 2110 do Black nnl Wlhi:e Russia; 50 do Extra Black Ro-sin; tll' do Muskrut & Cnneyv turhroad and narrow Inlll, f.r I.eoeeand contry trade; " It All onks ooltliotarv& nav.,l Cllln.e;e o; . do C(hilhlre. silk Und Ilossia Ias,tall sizes. Craps--Fur, (lter, for orea, Maet'a, luokral, oad Actr Seal, in to4r.on cases. Sealutte. Cloth tlaen'-PeiIickik, Polish Avril's hat eshape, col tItop Flrest, lornce, Militrv untldrs, do, IA.nther fionginO. hildreo's Fancy 'I urbuno, Plaid and V tlet Cape, Fie.olh I lttrln. Stoeka-S-atin, Silk and titLmbaasie, of the neatest etvlra. Iomhr'!les-- lkl andl etto i. Military Phltmt , oiled sill. Silk Hndtelkrrel lnlo-Pongee an:l Spitalfil.lls. lBandh.oxe fi)r hatters, wood erases, dlohle f v, dry gonds. T'lhr above .o ds co prite I sltok, and ollI nf tlhelatel pnttllt., and will be sond at a small ad vance, with cost nndlcharoes on New York prices. The albscribers willtoake nrdero fior outhern, westeron nrt rexets markets, er the thoot ofA li t oseip &. Co., Hat llanoflaettrers, Neow York, tod at the sloonrttt possible notice. Itertanl and French Pluitles bolghlt. tGtOSSIP & CO., Naval. Military, and Fashionable Hatlers, Exchange Hotel, noo 4 Sd Charlest P Mr. GEORGiE MttRRIttCK hvaing resigneda the of flic orchief Engineer of the New Orleano and Carroll. ton Roil Road, Mr. John Jl npson has been ppoint od in his piece, to wh em all persons havi ,g Ih,uiness wikh, or wishing informnation regarding said Rail lRoud will apply at the Riol Road Office, Poydras steet, Iy ordecr of Ithe Llrld. (sinced) JOHN NICIIOLSON, nv1l 7--t Caonler COKE. ý11HE price of Croke fao am 1d afr do, Int day of . Ohtolbr, will be tlfly conto wr aerrel in the Gas hV,erk' yard, slld if Inktn i llnllltitiite o no nt'tI. dred barrel,, .ill Ielb tI free of ldrayae. IlThe advolll.e etll l.: e . article Cl f tl Tpossesses a oer theaotllecituaod i .nlus coalsoe, iglniting noen readily thea tiet f orllll and free frol the unplenlanl snold. of llt la:,.r, hlhl ind:tcoavery family to make oyd,.rs s're ,ived at tho GasO Office in alk Allev. E W WELLS," sefn99 Sr'v i INIF';S--sII tis.n irl Lindl rpve, rlding for J sale by L'ETSON &. AVERY. `, jo7 88 Graier et DUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTIN-G. OF EVERY DP'SCRIPIOIN. :PE DILY, IIANIOtiMEI.V AND CHEAPLY EXECITE 'I D AT TeU OFrrFo Or THE k True alrneriean, wi d'r. CHlAItLEI TREET, NEAR POYDRAS. Nke n23 Ry Mlc(COLLUM & DOSSY, Factors & General Commission Alercants, C MOBILE. iR Reference. in New orlea Kirkvsen, Aernathgy & Ilanna, ) Csei'ldel .e Hicky, did 'ops. Poaers & CO. saa l8-lao BAZAAR. zuBa a AIWEN. No. 1, EICHANGE IIOTEL, Cornr of St. Cltrles and Common ts,. NLEV URI.KANN. MPOIITERS and Demlers in Frenhe asnd English 1derfim-ri ; IlIetting aid Porltalle Iretk. Cutlerv, Hltioly, Oloves, Shirts, StoekU, Utlbrellas, CineC;nIIud Fanmcv Artieler . .5 FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. ROlSOwsX'" GOOD1 PIN NI. 6t, (Carles.m lset, One Door below Birnvi!le, rL AVE eonstnntlv on hand every article appertain L itlog t geolIenmtl'i dress, inalltde in tb.' blst mans ne and Iotl fa-hinnable styli liieh they offer Ibr cash, at nrldned prices. LiiIllIANA P PURNITURE WARUROOMS sod Ni. 53, Bienville strret. 71.1.|AM R. CAItNE., wouMld rspetfitlly in. S irlin hih frie.ld and the plblic that hei ei co.P rtantly receivi. from New York aind Boston a gual d aesortinent o' Furniture, such as mahogany chairs, siln,, sed-tnads, mtrle nid iaintedll chairs, imple tnd cherry bedstead., mahogany and eherrl talels of ail deseription., burenau, toileto, secietorvs, iriing at doisk, wlnrdr.i e of liahnganv and cherry, wnash siands, loaking glasets, eathilers, bedding, &e. &e. Nit. Furnlture pnacked for transportation with great care. iovt3 JOHN STEWART, No. 5r Plat Street. New Yiretk, CO'MMIS ION MERCHANT. tll IMPORTER and delter in Hatters PlIshes a rl trilgling.. Aplte sionge aInay be hnd Ion mod r ,te tsernl,, aid every altenitlo paid tol goods forwlird ni to latare. filt lteler-ue,: Mesrsn. LIarne a Provost, N O. I 3 iusy s _ip _ Co. 'r oon9! 1.3R - lyby A CARD. CIIRISTIE & S.IMNOTT, Wholesale Grocers and COmntission .'lerihn:t, U No. 27 C(.ullimon Street. New Orleans. i.Pl'urticlaratteltini paid ito lhe pu.iiug up I o Steamf brlt ald ship stores. nov2 NO14 ItE tS LITBOOGUAPln OIP)IO a 1J OFF.lI ie E STABIIIIHED flr the execution of mapy, 1lans owl idrawn.go, nlerch:lnlo' cireilarirbu, baie. a llil a.d,ess eards of every description, funeral cireilr- i lon deep moirning paper, lokthecary amd druggilts'l iemI; Ikbeeklie , drO, cnreipts, ec. print ,ied a.l rxrcll d i. nchcap and expeditions style, y tile ilop rietor. WiI.l.I.IAl (jiUEERNI, NB Bank Notes tnat v executed. m'4 TJUST.r.n-e d at the Liouisiana Furniture Waire II Ual Roo ,t , lieivile street, i10i Ma(ale stild Cherry liedsteads ; a firs, rate trticle. Alsl, a good amsorn melt of Monle. Whliutl, adi Pui:,ted Chairs, whichli will be sold or thle lowest casl prices. WI .CAILNES iii jy 51 SBi'nville stree.t de A Card. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC EST.ABLIiSH- s ME T, 53 MAGAZIAE STREET, OPPOSITE BANK'S ARCA E. WV GOREENEI retlrns his in-re tIhmks to bil lie Ids an d l L Ihlblic il 1ew Oirlea.n. for tie i intronnee imsowed oi hi, Ir ie lnthii lwio years. iiiui bes ieave toi i.sure teil.iii ilio, all oiders emnn,ited to i hils charge shall be unacluolly ultrieIrd to; he w*ill as i suali, keei the offit: oen duridrl tle inilllllrr, ollld .haillihe aiwhto er,alv to srirhe ,,t ll' erieallvk , crtn- ai lars, hu-iness and ladre's cardsl fnIIeIli noticeiss,ilmll, ic plans, and drawings, t every description, at tihe shortest notice, and on the tiost rnasonnble terml. - Beineg ssioltid 1y artils tsliperilr ti any othlier esnblishl Iirt In titi t.i. lld lifol Illei exlperiellce ill the litlhogrphie line,' lie eels confideit iif giving entire aJ atiisaelitn. Ci N I" Apllltecaries anil drliggisti' labels exeiuted in a gond lstle rlus cppterpllt eangruviig, and at one- l hirnl of the expelrsa , j4 hi £i l0 .d-1-'Lr al.crib . l.lh tllve ju.s o.lled snvor. r SolcasellofCornbs.ll HIG.l T~P TWRTOISE TUCK. qsill top 'l'monise Tuck, lu do Twist, du do loilt. u.. do Side. In all tie ubove variety of Eigli.h, French and - Ainericin inuieil|iuttre.I Ivory fine to i LO Cius, in all tile variety of size and qnslit.. Pociet, Rack. Ilorae. coarse and fine. and all other o s y REES & I'LANGE, nnvl3 18 CanoI at hi, jW (dj.A .i,' I. . .l) UI/ il.--lili bhox ea ll WI i dow (ilt s, 13:10 ullollts il; II liar rels ofVarnll eIl iS il'n oif Il'aint Birushes, received per a.ip St Louis asd Barque Vtonele, and toy sale by ktU..I'. CLINNIaN, ne27 I8 Camp EW Adi 8tC-I'm. Ius :llse-1 dll'i ine tlU ti tell Viii her name-T'Iiion has learnt to love Alotiher iweetAltinll Water, 'lI'h lin~ghlll' Frewell; lie pass. el her ill orruw; tlindul' I.allaet; 'tlhey have given T'Iee to Anotiler; lIovely olay Iltne; The Ilridlul,'I'lle'ltklrnen Hert; ily Henrt is 'il A lone; Oli! Men what sill, thinul vou al e; Oh I 'iull Ii liov hliii i hi! Patrick, Flv from me; Tint thiu art Iov.' Iv hu'll denv; Think My I.ove. Oh! 'Thlink of Mle iu tt link I linve a iitrry Henrt; The Vinltge Sooul; Tl'te shill, is readv; 'Il. Silver Alnli; Nii enre eetl; grieve liie; ill for Se; lI've been slbee freshli Flowers are pnrltlg;hl" I derlyv love Thee f.ade Woilitnn opar, em lai I're'; Tl'. Wild Allbillrss; Faries, Rio^: iune.,f Je sey; Thile lintrel woo'd a beauteous Maid; T ti'he tuestii were biddll;i My iatlhr Lad; The tlid illl the luiotill; ti, naliive I.stu ; .lv l ienrt'olent treo oure; l'yv Vl'lludlh ll lridle; 'dine muit I., nsilettt''esu; lIly chlihood's.ho liul Farewell;1 Te Greenwood Tree.; olunn L.ob, a cllic solg; Shie wore a wrathll o hosesl; p % pIretI JuIne, Jo;a mce iv'd aid foirdr lelt B C\SEIY'S Piano Forte and lltsiC store, i ot o19 ICautp it .- .UI.t0. UOF UF i: :o tT'. - Il11E Rl'e of c lthe CLircuit and Distriet Court of the . U S or this I)istlict, fur Sale .t lie ottice ol tle Mlarshl of maid Cou't. Apply tI novl9 J P '"Ai.DP N. f I lIE Office of tlhe New tOrlean. and Mobile Mail . Line in reumoved, fra,a under the t.ehoange Holtel to' Poydrns stre,. al lloichl pIlacc a letter Ioag willbe kept oe oi lllll I-It A I. I-'r way lettel.e Ji e. "lThose Ior 2h ile vl furtlher last, will e;o put is l thie Ist Office at Me' ile. tuvl (lElt. WHITIAN, A EI.KCI' and fresh wulply of Dry Clurs of 'e or des.ription, for Seene painlil; Oil nlod Wa. ter cohl,rs; Iru.lhes and atists toals, aid an xlltetat stock tof superior VARNISII.S. from the imanufatory o I. t Sinhll & f n.. enmprisinc in Noi. I & 2 tllriitllr,, Ni.. I c eco.ieh Varoi:llh, nd I lordcinary dmliestie Itlock JapanI , si lBrnow dt,. Al.o.L 10 kes Creme grieen, ie n ,51ib. Elch, erounlld il, oli, nlnd ItI scanlialer superi.r grren, ahlo II il. 12 r rrel Spirita iif" l' llrperII le an ltiled oil. Artist's Colors, &v. (Rleeves & :an, t.ollllull alid 41I hiaxes Flre:h lke, fear ale aiti e Poitl iltre ofl W il wtig leik; do ll h Bl.iot blue; do ho drllkL t:I; Pt' J Arluold'a ine,-hioe reliving inlki Trrv'l d ink lor lsteel peni; Per noiuyot & co'i black writingI illk; J I. (inet'a red inlk; COinta,.tiv i halld, cud cir nile by Wr MeKAN. deln 10 ,orner of Cam,i & Common n.t. FI IIIE slhscrihb.r hatjust r.cesrvd and flr satle 'J1. TIhll ife of echi-t, with ruiiirn i "aa I.vaigsii ar Iol Hei, by Dr Aikia, aid Mrs liar: it bauld, with eiigrvincsi Vueli, aTrragedy i 5 oiats,by Epes Sargent I.ord ClIiisrfh r .ilhlle' orl.e, I vlI c I anualllllT o 'chll g.,bi Thoml.,n Wvatt, I oo g vo withl Ilutratinas ofnllire tlan 2200 ,oll4i E JihitN"S col, II 1 re St ''Iall ·I n C.iComnon et Il A dIlali bbl.a Irle hope for " jaib It t) .1 . I'ARSTO1W, 7 Raik Plice I A(C I ii l afew bil ohl ad cope icr leo S eli, by READ & AIt,.i°t (W, Astl P7 Racnk l-lr ee l fralehy I.\l ILENI'E & Ilil;l lIDlE, i. jal: ll ueltd .i New I icre. . AIl RATUS-15 caska ryalraicia luiidial f.-. I A lip 'uromanla, f.r eel . hv J IIIVIS & ANDREWS, S jal rlot ('Coma.. n & Tehmpirltlilan etl M. ARBLE Chilnaey P'ieee Warehouse. Cuiton. l touse rtreet, opposite tile Pc.t Office.-Tle suhebrlleire are hio receiving Irom their thcltries in New York. aaid will keep constantly on iand a geler .1 assortlmenlt of Marble Mantle Pieces of iu of pertnr workllllanllip, ad of the latest patterns maId:tde of the beat Egyptian, Italian, Irish, and duo nmrlestic mnrble. Also, Miillonuments. Tombs and Grave Stonea., a. oiuldlId and pllam cia and lilntls, matIbl facinges, ii heatIill, pla1her oi Paris, Rmlan aind hydraulic co. iiet a.d pli(hateric g htiir, it(letler wilh a epindid be asrtileni t ori brass miounlted aml pllan Grates an i Rllssia iron Grates at tile lieaist anid lmost appreov ad pattller. SLettering dlone in the neateet manner and at the for shlortest notice. They have tirst late worklnca to set the above work. rt dac7? JAMES KAIN & STROIID. tdoir ynlot Moer f r n.. Ionml T tfhe While f.r.reo tire P uppo u arr ret.c nuld tleote tb. aO t near mPo t 'ety iPI rliefll tile Areamd itea poe. t tne() Ai• (llni .l1¶1 'l In ietlitg and parting; I care nort tr epr|tll li!f . fickle wingy II II e:ussel;f oe , colrn, 1ta 'erL ittii. ru.; A life ou the I 'ceatI a-. br tI I(unreill; Ire wntbhe feer hie I;'a toe let bitl a tte.,r; en#t' Ito mi .f nenreie.g;U'erlhtr nswarite s oo t..i I'hr r.r'noIr honrlmdi' like iy own, nrrooFrd for thr tuap by '1 Ii ldr!C-- Roynl WaZflleto- fv A I;'le.he; jt.ert Vict-. r'ee Conol' QtLndriller. Jt i receivedettl uor ale r ..9 B CASEY, 19 .rrr.p em l 11PUSITIJN NAlt0-IjmIndt4 :ito-lsaenot s l by HENRY O. AMES, 48 Camn el tarre Pl.E't \ll Cri.tmis annid ew l rear ea Gidii. ,- - {4 S recefived end Ior eole iiy the abI-eribrsr.a eaples did ns'nriertlenr .f leomiftl l.ndon and Aumtriela An ineal., ean -ie mg iIow,; The Bobk of Ioyatily. liud and nlleo.. m, Finden', Tab'eux, l i-her's It awing derapl Rook, I leatlh'n Pietre.aqr t onlunl, 'll, I'PoMtrit Annual of the ilth eenfunm, Jleatlvt' Ctsitume, IThe i(ullrr oI f the Graceu, The Keepenke; The t rient.r Annoul, Jeltllieg'r lanneofta Annual. llldtattionll f Scotland altl the Watverly Novel, Thle Jl'tolpreinna, a magnificent illt-ntrnaia of tlh excavatine if Poa.tpei ued lereulnoaum, Frielldahip'e Otfllrina. The Caricature A nnusa Ntpolet.n Gullerv, Fiheer'n.luvenile ScreP Boon , Tie Young Gentlemen' sliand Young Lady's All Forget Ale Not, The Comic Annual, A.etricn Anutnl/. 1 In 'Token, The Gift, The Violet,. T'lhe Pilgrit,'r I'neree, 'rhe hritian Keepean o, 'Il he Ilnd:' H mlenilt'e Annte.!. Rpl'tdidle Iltnnd editions, otiitnhle for tlthrinintm ntd New Yetr' tjiift, it English, hreloh andGenemun standard aatbeer. Mblagoificetly leand Billes, Prrtetlant and Caethbll Putvr Itouks, in Eigli-b and Fre.nch, moot apprured editionp. A superior anrnortment of oplendid EngliIhhlank crop l3ooke and Alhoma. .t vriltla sitren. Alnin,l Alboum-, by I.uui- Pia:-re, aa d otlier nriamm author'. EJUHNS & C((t, d2I ere eSt (:Chrles and C.ntommon NEW BOOKS. - LANI) OF SHARKI(K & .RA GUI.I.S, in 2 vol. The Wife hunter, in 2 vole. The Stianger ill China, in 2 volt Allurerr. n, nd() ttrege etlmmittied in thin noutntry 'ehelliehed with nallln.rou enaravings, tarepreseln the scenes of bluod, and correct lkeesseor f the criml Crlltritintfr of l.itertere r and litertr ,.-hrnerer rr n trited hv J I)'lrueali Eeq, D C I.. teai.. edition, eono plere in one v rlu. r e. NiIh.ilan Nieklc tel pnrI fit-rt. r'-nli-te. Iteporti of ('Cn.. a r.eed nd altja'piel In the Sn preme lr' ar of tlre Ilrlit:l States, Jaounrv term, 1838, brI Rienihd l'eeer: t o I ! Justreceive and fteor tle Iv W3l M"1EAN. noveo? for Camp end C-.n)mlaontn ,l e . etllleolll , IIt C.tanpagrie d' 4alr.oetr- doa Pop enl erst tranllorrea uu No 1, rue dul C(.n. 7d F THE I It.S-Arietkitno'e flopiintlrar,ftrre n ovilor rnperfluotea hair fron lthe lface, wek and am,tr with equal a Iv d et t ad e rttiita, ltuing tlhe Akiln fin-.. m..d whiter IIh n hefnrr the-npillsatiun. A frush ltntpl. just receitve at the azeaur. lUSft & AI.I.EN, 1, Exehnnee Hotel, err St Charles &r C-oLna at Aa ,- forkih D. e, fltr i~ haging thie Whiskers nto Hair, to a brnutnful brownll or bleaek d5 13lUSl & A EI.I.N. 3 U1' r1 nd at t h rle N era tees Citioner'o Hall, fhet u lof flarioendrpt, a play it ,, by J. 'I/hre /dder.lf Lore, musical druoan I act hv T.' all ut etitun. e. Jull .e., i-t,, '31 ear Si (h ,rle. & Comilll..ll sis EI-i, Uat.u)S--Busn/ & Al/cn have ju.t received a sl.lltendd assoi lnet of ille at vltcy .aod, snllitnn' lIe Iar PIral'tiNAs, clumiin llles' writing Idils, dies ina cate-,woak bnxes, mutical bxers, purtfline, t, edle lok. ul ptt ti, ,hell andt ivory, te rd c:,ed ,i d aluid ,a .llh pearl follt; il:ket h.oks, pur ot-, stpeta glen aa, gaed need ailvvr Iueeoe.lee fetat-ep o f all kinde, caery, 5e, at '4lE .BAZAAIR. d9 :,r r t CUltrle, & ('otonla st., L:xchnllme 'AI,hI- I UTI(.Lis-J. t ,irceived tnd lbtl ale ;t t I haookstor ol' Alex. 'l'uwar, 49 C(:oa street, in ea..ortm t ofi, BIstoIe e tee liaoio [.'orres, a- letied by t proleeaur iit muiic, and waulreatled to .roun thie -outhlern Alihte. ;orU above- ia n anuto ere it supeit ter tuns Aluo, a varielty onf ml.i, nd music seats. The pub lic are resmleortfull invited to call isel eteexamine tteiti. I"AI,. & ii llst'i-et Ll.f'l III.e;. J P. FRIIEEMAN & CO., Ni 3. Alugnazineo Itri, oa are recillsng their .uelptjes . t Fell and Winter Clfthing, ani l ll a ct l t lliut ^ to eieive tFlhiineulr regu n larly thnoglutl the rneaso,. lTh.-ir easri.t;nent iening lurgoe will enubles t,e to neppl ty m rIhaoi, te*nIe hel I.oIunty. Ithe f hl' Flel et ntinore; for sale wthfulesulti r .t us, o a acc,.n o >aumg lerm o. FALL FAStltION . aend loe I)blio ePleIrol. l-,tiu :lhey ale iou pr- paeed tu exilltr tleir ftll IAbi.lio. GOtSSIP , ('0, nsehionable Ilutterc, i.>xl.unge 1lulel, -' A- e5 blehe a liar laclinlg um hip ihnul Mar 1 rllfl stl.i,r a!u by S JI Wi' IT iI'EY, joil7 7t ('am1 n r t)NI)N I'CKiE, ,,uc,.&. jec reeied li bI the t .ic erilr,... It luxesi EgliIh Pickle , asireted, ]%1 " " Saulcen. d]o ill t Extlrll qlit LuduOn i luEtarld. ob10 icthavul. .i ic- jar: , II) L Aelle tvya i tslt . 3 1. lP. lackiug, I)a & Martin,t i txes uptlr. Olivci in glues jar-, 5 Slnod Itit, " Assorted .e'uits. S GW hPR.I'I AKI) &. JO TAGFl('I Jr, -ifeor l'tvd-ao & Mtoagsi., nt NOe I'llF. I U IiNti rle luerlllmnlv ahenee of the snbheriber U .ee. litfi city, t rlriaot- tlltgeot, f.ot. will ant on his elhOrei.etl ,e;m., -etli to himll' ttfeoitg busieam witlleto. cud e.igoed, toill Iden.- apply. FIA NCIS ILSI.EV.JUN. no,.!C IERER--1f d/ .e'd in , i8n Io suit l)rghaaero , aold. i etl ILe teL ea vaslld nl Ca, to street., or to t II'e 3 I',tl S ll nd MILLS. Batk Place. S F:dard Slhippel, ftr enle bh L.A I[ENCE &LEGENDIRF, d _laon3_ _ _ 8 and _.9 Nevf IN-..i tot n 1rtr SItOLO ttrlt I~hLvUnde Ech)O goo.1 v· )itoc. 3atrillo rrtrtiogc, &ac. for orb1~ Iryh ittj tb&& ~lvl ____ Zi iooaoaoos1 hart toll .PL ttttott ollt rh tioul lder itho rutt larded l _r tocrttarunC rtrrsittnoro Nar?,oitrr Iootl riorri lstirrr l~aiiortt~tt~i d corpor* iot.l ptrjur rj n, tot. otrttrrrtiol tttiiottt 0 411 otIrtotrc roit curbbfl~F ottligot-C tttotontuorb aritturrit foo~ Iln~l~*de nt.vetjcrr od tobr. xllnIrilroearrrttoriniti, rurt qruit nnlah·r d ni iottr. u Ile I·*ilnlq~Ctcrrn innr ry u~rn Won Z"" niio]h"rt.-,ic h~lonira rilnoittc 20a IccI.c·E I it~ruttttotctotcM ntiretlbtrroojtttrrotr lot irleria eitl~p rart ri il,'l~lttrurr trorI~i. too ttrorttr tlelr~errjr r'a ll~.c·r rilncot am thrro y oorr1)Btro da too 60 jour t1tIrrottnrtttr\., rttc!,oootttrri, rotrrrk dirtrrt.~. toitair tot ttorI,ttror;,, itt ~ itrtq.r .o ftutotn trorla rt ttrrrrttool. ownl~l ho~ir~rrr titi d nntttLArtt nLtI-2rlr.rirt to \rrliyon cro·I can tonbl rt.. byr Inllotlc~ rtAOt I~futoltb~a kijntoi- k-go rttt4 t~uttkwbuli, 4 ewL 4 i orrootr tninnyr trri~rt atrot hrei'mqaolrtrgtauaea ottpriL nlTtjtro I orbic t lr rrrgc iurbitig~it 0I eittrir t'r~,lrdtrn crnrnl rrlf, rr noonrticrford nept, re irroon otrttitrI1-I rn.1 Mit . ar. tt~~irt~t qualtro Oi iUOK II irinirno D ittootaiu rirc.-tttco - Liii ttLVr ritol W Manaatt re cr1 Cttrttjtor-r a iirotrr Ilnrtl.f tcnaleby -R o. jourt _____ Ri~nsh Plane.\ 4( tlccr h(trot,titerh-tjolrt,,c il h riIT ot:itr tiie Lttrnr4 a

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