Newspaper of True American, January 15, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated January 15, 1839 Page 2
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EITee Iellterheg ouf rho lul silim; ebip Geenel, for Havre, will bee Itke leou. theo oofle ofllt. .leueri lcrr , N mo'clmmk, P. M. LEVI 11 CiALC, Jo15 91 Colemmlonat FREE BANKING. A T' a preliminary Meeting of the Friends of Free Banking in Louis iana, held at the Planter's Hotel, in Octo ber, last, it was 'Resolved, that the Chair. man be requested to call a public meeting at some future period, before or during the meeting of the ensuing Legi.lature.' Therefore, Notice is hereby given to all citizens, who are in favor of a Free Banking Law, to attend a meeting on Thursday next, the 17th inst., at Barksa' Arcade, at 7 o'clock, P. M., in order to take the necessary steps for carrying the 1 same into effect. S. HIGH, jan16 Chairman. i3,0001 Capital Prize, "rckrl, only $4 00 GRAND STATE LOTTERY. Drawing of the Grand State Lottery Class 6. 16, 43, 63, 21 27, 64, 55, 56, 60, 59, 62, 71. LASS No. 1. A'tthorised by the L.egislatnre of th, Stato. Tao be drawn on this doy, Jai. 1, 139, at 5 o'clock, P. . at Bishop's Hoel. S DAVI.S &CO, Managers. 75 Drawn number--12 Drawn Ballots. Splendid Shesre. 27 814 Prizes, amountier to $193 3'3 Tickets $4 00-Halves 2 Oll-Qoarters $1. Paekages of 25Tickets fio $151), warrantrd mt draw at least 548. Packages of25 halfTiekfts $50 00war. ranted , least $24 00. Parkgesof -:5 Quruer Tiekets $2500 warranted to drwat leastal $12 o. For packages lof single tickelt, pply at the MANAGELS' OFFICE, tn15 16 Chartres at StIWANI'S ''lUOIG MIXTUIE-Just reeved 1 caases of thil nvaluable remedy for the Fever and Ague, warrantd genuine, direct from the manulac. tory in Philadelphia, for sale byhr JA RVIS & ANI)REWS, jaol cor chapiroulas & Common est -Ole n'wc Orleans and Na.hville Rod Rnad Co. lARl IC BI.Y to SIataion 8th of ltha t.hnrter of said Copany, an eleotion for ten Dimerrloro will be heldoean Moday tia 2lt inst. at 5o'clock P. M. at their olsee, No. 4 Baroae street. Jatl:9 JAMES H. CALDWELL, President. SI tOBACCO--20 hexes Virginia oha:co, anassorted, L Inlodiag fria htplouiasville, for sale by jets ABRAHAMITRIEI,34 .lavierst AV ANA h tUARt--24 boxes in store, and for sal by . al5 ABRAHAM TRIER, 3 Gravier it AVANA iS GARS- 00,0500 of different qualities ia atore and fir aale bty jea15 ABRAHAM TRIER, 34 Gravier at O l Hi annual meeting of she Lousiana State Coloni. c action S.aclaty, will be held this evening, ths t5a inst at 7 q'dIloek int the Hanl f the 1n5taatt ttiprasen. tatiee4, lakh Stalte House. Several addresastt ny he expeated. is.a 5 THE shbscriber having taken a commodioul fre. Sproofwamhouso, respectf.Gly ofser. Ilis srvices to thei memhants and atder otfNew Orisaton forths pur chaO and sales fhldea, furs and peltrios, and to is. peak the same, a wellt Rn ol, lons, I e, mp. tobahcco, ly ýt, tr deE&c. .' He will td., receive any kind ae le6gi Amp a storageg, It 155 'l'ehapitnulas Itreset. jae.. I R W. lI.t1T'T. 5C i OOR Il-Rob: ofat the Bowl; by the author of ee Harr lhoe Robinoae, Oliver Twist, in 2 volumer, complete, The only Daughter, 2 vols, • Th.:Hetrof Sel ood, do, 8limaley: or the Recullections of a man of the World, Rhertdon'a Paraguay, vole, Napole.t Memoirs, or eveuiga with Priie Cea MSse Gtlasille, vole, AleradMer'a iseaCesry in Africa, 2 olas, The City of the Casr, The Wife Hunter, vola, The Britsh Senate, 2 veot, itomnes ofVisna, . ty and lalinatuon by Miss Lnadn3 vls, jala$ dALEX TOWAR, 49 Camp Pt L rl 'I.b. yuCopprras sad Med Beans, is store II d nlforesal by G. DO EY, S44 New Leves UN Y - b4e (abshel eigl in store, 44 New tlevee U mt na s leadming from a cht. Esgh and Ia.uq L r.Willant, for esle hby Er P J H :p 4 tCKAYNE, 25 G;ravier at Sgent'sdi a g India w praf orer sheen, landing frotn sip p$Iswer jtrt, for sale hge JaSI I BlsDGF, & Co, 1'4 lagaziue nt la connoet on with SPLENDID AND EX E .TYPE And very dewmelpslom ekleob Woek eb.O mr - a i q.ied. 21 'Th. pereterq pells~ cdall t attetic tl thet public .toth ah. a•stes aibb.that the all work i a to hi cae shl be do. at the sheetcar eat notice, it a style ueeorpamed in this city. and te at the owet rate. all THII 'ItRUE AMERIC3N. MDITRe at V J5eaat eacualt. m FhIt R U. AND 3lOm.. !VMV ORLEANVS: TUESDAY, JANUARY 15, 139. Free Banking-No 3.-Heeinlg thewn that our t banks have had come participation in producing the sutic ,f thinge which dtill paresses embarrs the meats and difficulty on. the people; and havins pointed out a remedy. we shall proceed to explaind i its 'latore and effect. That there sltnid be check' upon the overgerwna, hu still growing power en. ti erted by Banke, is evident. Wherever they exist, monopoles are createdrmnopolies which are repugnant to our free institutions, and among them ur the monteopoly of money which is the worst of sll. Wealth, pr the commard -f it, arrtgates and ag* re aten to itself, priilegthes and imtne; ited, until Spmodeinst nurt aree is grown hll pverearing,e d o e i. neering. imperious insulnere. To reign at th,' green table and eect. Tholt the energies, tld be a checiton uponf a heavy banking instilutlon, growinves power to inpolividuls whch may be wielded to the great Sjury if noan t the u ter free int of nd mon ther have see t men rawl upmoney, unilhey have some hofw or other,'wormed thr mselvesinto tht sdeairable rita. Wetialth, pere they commauld pry into trre arrangemen n of their neighbor, and levy a kind of black mast, in the hoe of ho ge, ire res andect to tuneir opinionl s, politieal, finarcial or rcommn ercial. Theny ecomei. ns erbitrnar as despots. There in no enn to their yronny. Tlhey punish.-for they have the power ind ilua fr the h ra hungry swidd tor ftr bank favors, who has merited their frown, by enther dojury tino their i : raulinten or thersig the line which they have chalked i. in vin smay heo tiorn his lves ito the vaults. Their doors are forever barred to him. t Now, the remedy for the groe antd growing evils is the enciment o fr, a gnevy l bakindnking law. mhe Sleading featuresof ouch o law, are theirse: It willni Splacite iall men on an eqrcal fooing in regard to t arbnkingt in proportion to the amount of their rapi tal. T to stoe will como in between the bill holder and bill maker, ad will ee that the hor lder isa no windled ot of his amouneitt their vlue, by the maker, r which the property on which he creul ation is ay eda will hIe to te hands of taul state. It will be the ritl which cp ins to obe furd iank tinhe idle and waste lands whc t men of ivaed, are ninprdu lw. ive 'and coaseqtll mly are but nominally un rarled and which no other system "can profitably employ. These lands maybe po ypothecated to the o af teat an esimated vlue. The state ibetwees her bonda ior Shalf the mrnt of at the propery so pledged. These bwind are sof hisd ad the basis of all banky the maker gold and silver obtainod. In like mannera persntual She propery emay n pledgewd, nd thends ul issued for h will he of the had oflue. The persoae. t will e tion nwih may have pledged propertyr, and ohbained apil of brin then proceed o the businr the dormf ank Sin in tihe usual way. To preennd whih, mncultirule d, littarle inprdutiuions if not derangint ler ystembrrasin profitabl te, no person oed valo. citione sheld receive bonds for Scapitahl o le of thn prop200erly The ends Thewould thuo he arttained without the diosdvantages thich Swould accre. The emolumei of a banking would Sade open to l whoe in their own pmer, peor bonal a combination onatd wield s suteieint enpitsl to prperty may h e pr r ged amont. The reteof intered r would mabe reduced to ie propery, andard. The caonvenpital, canes and baleul etc uines of secret bank ins and the heavy penalties often paid would be avo preided. Te large banking institutions, ichf tered nond t ainperaton would be restrained in sheir eneroschmenro on the eonsciences of tiose who pemirson deira seicmmdsiono from tecem. Ubondur a woul pd e crtl of iled in its eaction. Capitndl thuld remainhe locked p would be didvbrought intoge activ Se. The d accrue. nt resources of he cbauntry ould Sbe developed. A lile would Ih e imparted to bu.i aie the, pid an eas would e felt in cinommereil en and he heavy while natider the preaid, wouldrg be aion, there ais nrghig bat ristraint and diihcs, ty, d eno arrament on the consci h and embarrassment.l and embnrrnasnte itt. The Free Banking Law is peculiarly advenla geous to the landholder,and possnnesor of real estate Althounh it dtes not guaran'y to him any pecu. b liar immunities, it enables hint to keep his property t always in market, and commanding its value, n b , elridet, it renders that portion of estates, which is not under cultivroin and is therefore unprodtt. tive, capable of production without labor, for it draws interest for ivs value,as well as that which e 3 is employed in producing. The pressure in the mtoney market juot now is Secreoely severe. Dealers hnve not been able to r col;act since tie ist Jo January. on their yearly claims, more thatn one to te - coa pared with the collections this time last nseason. Several large t houses that weathered the atrm of 1837, niow totter to their fall. Their only salvation is in the Banks. Last week, one of our heaviest concerns * only escaped, by getting a relief of ii1. ty thousand dollars from a certain foreign Sexchange ottice bank down town. The idea of neat March will prove a fattal time to some houanse d which have fatiened on the food received from t Barnk vaults. The purification of tile commercial atmonaphere t. must go on, and we may be lure that all Ibnox- t io, iuparticleasettle ti the bottom. All this trou ht ble and pressure in tthe money market is occarsin. ed by the unequal aiun of the Ba.nks. Their a at Directors and governlor strain every nerve to sue- r as ain their influence and hence the policy of lend- r ing to the tew. There are hundreds of enter r prising mechanics and small merchants now il this city able and willing to give ample security nl for Imnll eII es of money from the Banks, and their paper ts rejected without the leant hestancy. It is net the ear of having the specie drawn from their vaulse, that these institutions refuse at the r- present moment to disoount freely. They have so Sninany immense deblt to groan under, that the pro. et tetion ol their large debtlor becomes a matter of necessity, else they will lose the payment of their - elaime. at Let the Legislature without reference to party feeling examitne into this matter, and they will fitd that, it is the mal-administration of the Banks which now pre. he wnts them from flying to the succour of a community as active and idanstrioua as ours. It should be the ob. Je tof the Legislaturn to adopt some measure which m- will a care the equal action of our sixteen chartered manks. This they can do, by throwing Banking open to any man or net of men. We may then escape the evils to which an expanded currency must reduce us: contraction of the money medium followed bybhe pros tration of credit and the ruin of hundreds of mercantile men. Free Banking will ensure a steadiness in the careen. Sy to which we are now a stranger. It will develope the reesurces of our own city and state, and call into 'e agiive employment millions of capital now lying dor. re, mant. Those houses which at this timte arc looking a fnearfnlly to the comingnf March and April. may escape tfrme the almost certain destruction that awaits them ad by bringing into action their thltusanda of saseteiwhich ae valueless under the present state of thiuga. A fe. at lton that now exints in this city inito,eal to the true in. Fin terests of Loeicinaa, will be broken down, if a general ip Bank law be adopted. The planters will theg be able it to ezet their proper influence in the coulttile of the l~a tw ao . moeyedl monopoly will dare utp .dle0tcl oi wtcotnpetition stares it in the foes. Thje' ireooq Wil tep cnome cap in hand It the ;nduetrious itrt'aI oid ltoipm n loan at Iuowinpae, :instead of tlia. ti pte ta htiehhlfbeoi the pooiJoyedri teers , i o nsew. Th. future prosperliy tt New Orlee'.t do pon thbepasoage of a gen~ot1 'Bank law, or thIot e spirit of the age is advrere to the old feudal customs, that w.nt to hold one part of the people in bondnge to Put another part. Free trade in Banking as in other things thl In the only motto under which commercial prosperity Iat can ever be attained. e . With sixteen Banks in the 0midst of ou, whose duty it is to provide for the wants of the many, money cannot he had in this city under less than to S3 to 36 per cent per annutm, from private eapt. wi teliets. There most be nome inherent defect in ti the laws cresting theae inrsitutions. Would it not ro tIo well for our legislatnrs to inquire into the mat-n a tert If Tforeign and home capitalists ecould be 1ml allowed the privilegq of publicly lending money or It of creating representatives of it, properly seerned, pr for t he purpone oflending to those who want, would m not the present enormous rate of out-door interest e come down by conmpetition? It appears to ua ltht at it would. What more easy than for our present at Legislature, then, to put their heads together and to make a law expressly granting this privilege? The w Banks now in existence, seeing that they have not ti the whole money field to themselves, will correct ol their errors and prepare for a well contended raee b with their new competitora. We have the sape- ei rience of New York, to prove to us that the gene- o ral bank law of that state has wrought wonderful e changes in the policy of chartered Banks. They d seek now to befriend the many, as they know that it the many will find firm friends in the newly created fnstitutioun. Competition is the life of commeree, whethter that commerce he in cotton, rice, tobacco, or money. The old dorms, that money is not a h commodity, is fast wearing away, and the soonerst money is placed side by side with other rticler ii of trade, the better it will he for the people, tihe great mars. Let our representseives , therefore, lie up and doing. Theiprosperily of the cily and th .r t state depends upon the pasoage of a general back. - ling law. "The Courier.-Tlemolesty o lthe lstate plfe.isex-. Scensive. Weahall not wonder if it expire of the mawk ish fit which now distressae it. The editor claims to be n . "moderate man"--one who, ot 'spirig to much, cannot he expected to perform a great deal. He ,ays he Ihas I, alwver "supportod democratic principles," but they I • were suchl as were " understood and practised duri g the administration of Mr. Jefferson." Let iu examine r thee" ansertllon. The first p-,nition .eshll not attempt to disprove. We will take it for granted that the editor of the Courier is a moderate man. But we do positive ly affirm that he has not always advocated and suppor" ted sech dlemntranli principles, as were understood and practised by Mr. Jefferson." To go no further, we will a. ark few plain qneations: r Can the editor of the Courier show that he has ever opporae the party which Ioas been the dominant party Is since the elevation of'Gen Jackon. in any of its wild and retkless aosumptions ? Can le show that he has mit on all ocrasions sustained Mr.Van Buren and evety othing which he has countlennced, be it good or ill sinces In elevation 7 Has he sidled oil from tile mani cian of Kinderhnook, sines the ('onservatives withdrew front him, and he espoused the obnoxious principles r propagated by locofoceism 7 ,t And yet the (oorier says : "The assertion that the editor of the (Courier is a In c oofteo, will tertaeinl. never he eredit-d by any one who knowo how much hI han at stake, dlependent upon the welfare and tranqnillityof the country." t You support theloco-foco party in all its excessive and or wanton demngoguism and its abose ofevero thing like id confidence, and yet you are not a loco.ocol-have too d much at stake! Why, what ore you An oll granny, who edesavors to run with the hare, and yet hold with the hounld 1 Neous errone, and shall tell it too. or Theproceedings of tUe Legislature -The Conrier c need llay no fllattering unotion to itas ol,' that be. Id g th Ste State paper, it will he enabled to diffuse al the enrheel intelligence of the proeeedings of the or Legislatur'. c)ur errnnglments are nearly erom ileted, to have furnished a full and correct account td of the doings of bolth Houses-at least as full and k uorate an are given in the Courier, and a few hours earlier-in readiness for the "tgrave and if reverend scniors,'" nfoerolhey have taken their chocolate. Sotme of them perhaps may prefer ru. a minatin on what they have done ithl day before, Id h ilst they are sirpin their roffee. [RepAorted for the True F meMiras.) LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS. l Januavy 14. Haoe mec. Leave of ak.ence grented to leama. huse i mcd tieochecrry. Mcr katiilb prycniced * memorial frtnm Wm Chew iree man ofcolhr, pyayilc for tiLc emancipatitin Ofceratic mIae., tetrraed to Special Coaemlanite A d o,. resluien which I w m dptl ed, raquiriced the Reporter to aend his rpoatt ta. the State I'ricter, and authorizing him to furncish eoiea to other pama.. Mr acanrd osfferd n resolution ahich em. adopted, mahknca it tha duy Oaf tice .ndiciary t:ommia to e m nquite into ec ued raiart the unnt ear delay a ih leh m anyei ine tthe ac.icaiiratino lelriepo in any Coeaeds ohet m t hte. and na I ticu'arly in the Slprle aCort accnd d re a ti eid Committeo. t report cathe momadc iar r aricmlen tee the revis irony exist. Also. a racnlctio crcqlliialethm fLanerd of pnhlc Worksc ha rarncih ineornetioc relactive In the cno.e r m the B r at the mouth of the Mhlhlemppi.the eatae nf the erks oradered cy Ctaon , a.. end the cuse nfa tlh e dm ereaofore eperincedi. Read it Ciae; mecclrd ofedine mardersd cr Tomoerro. mr Dameridt oferedS a neolution uhich waa adopted, re. qlirine the State lericuer to e:nd cnpy of hi paper t.C aeory rheritin the State, while the lae e'e in ecurc Of pubhch lion. Mre (iioe offersd a raeoluion directinig the Oeteummleeac on Intaraalei thervceert to inquire into tihe expediency and erctlcelhiliy orea road o eteen the Parmalhe of Ltuferahe I elrioe and St Jtemcal.eammendin cTlhibodhcacuaviie on then Lbemtr he, end secin lm at a poiutl oa the uiiippi, opposite the Coleilhe oef effcrac, Mr Pbci:hoe preenaed a reolutine irsmtin am joiat eaommit to ainquire the eotites fcprdacd hy the lam Ci anta gem hlele. hoem aid le i enloraced, acd its remaulm ine morelr pint hofiew. Reat or then lractimee. Praeio mic the election of t Reporter. severae maemhra cahe nctic nf hillm toe tacat eeted, and other binem of minor impntncfe i T raneAsacted. The House pIaendtd to elect a Reporter. Tie ela to sod: T.W.Cccliiut, " . Peaer K., a latlc. I fMrlccolhin ing rceireced m majority of vote, aecmad. Ir ad eimeted. Ordcr adf tse ay. Tb' Rmeolution from talt tene,., ineratcang oar Sen.taoe.ra med requemaine our Reprasenatativem in ticccc-m to aeccrt ahaemsael Ie them i is isproper liehi. the ndtlitc ofaremoia c i the mae atthe outech ofn the Red i'er anod hauslya old the oelarllaccco l arilnc fromt the rocks oppaiiti Altedric i Ooacteisao t flracLawe, .ccedimpenmed with .ad. ed the Sar Kener mved to m amnd dy inslerlna Rayou Laefourche. cMr iaeidcn., teo mmorI lay inmecliew Omateu Utarahle. Afer comee dhebdte the twe acmendccnce waae ithdrama for atIhe purlise if heile o effred i . I f r o metde hill. A realhltion wae maed wraatinle laeae of hmmece to the Jaudgecf the Psrieh ort Cchfhoula. Tilei hillaerolvila tlte eals oe the faorfeiaurec heir thacrate oe ercou ,t oa the iusnsion m mi spcim paymenta.c c th ken itp, the debah mtcdmdatemmninued tila be Houe acdjurnle, to ea ehakeh upato morroe. , IN THE SENATE. MrCroc movea the reconeideratioe Of the rcaamalolo ac t the Senate cebecrihiec for ten copias of the Stata ipcae for esh Senatorm. Letm•yeI, aoemmi. We hmae no fUll repoct Of the prOceedlcc mc the Senate aoedmy. We mhnllenaka our errancemces am m en mm pa.cdml to aile the earliest and lecat neceama me cs Or that body. Wne have in a hiraccrmartcle Ic cricd the present diaccr ganizcd aed incetieent e qndiiract of cte auprame Court of the State. 'c'hc 'bif cacse of itc erecant felien ee. dilcicc, we learn, rcsultm front tie decayed and micakly etace at ctcncjOritay of its ieember. Tile most cfilclct eacmbcr enl wmic is cn xccllent Judgea ls about to ea eilmn hic elactional heaenue oe the ihability olethe Court te get on mich its bhcciuncls. Slccne emhccrs of the legic maue, we uncdcrctnd c hae eigneiead their detrmcination ca do eal in their power to sweep the present haeciaaif ccc the resignation at the member alluded to, if tct cth era dat met resign mise. and chaooe a new met oi imcuc. hente who will be eaccableh.e d willing tode the dute. med perlcrm the labnca oe that Caurt. Tlis im right. No public funcccin~rcy sioald hold me omice wlin he heeomeele incapuhile, no eaftter from what camse, of aiim. Sbcharging tiae dictece of hie office. If then tny of the Judges are feonn unemit fr their mtaionm, wn may, out mitd them. glee their places to others cao will do their duty. We want no penaiuarmecor pcaee-etn, but able eant cgright ministers of the law med jilamiee, who know Sbtheir duty cnd hace the capacity, hbneaty and indepen. denae todteehbrge and perfoec it, without fecicr, fear f r a peciality. "To t. editor afdbe TreeAaaeai.n: Supreate Coura. You adearted the omherdmy to the protcate condition of ahie tribunal, and invited - the legielatiae acteneon to it. I wmm glad em ace public opinion directed to thic objectc because it ie mone clclrest importance, and mome chinee or rem. edy im imperiously cailed for. That publi busi. nees is suffering end the number of cusems tonlin. cellyaccumulmainge with Scut little timinuliim af numcber hb trial mnd decisionsm. eery one eaust adnlita thob the Court am now constitutedm im wholly ceconepetent to decide the csetmrm cnd dempmtrh athe public cttciness hefmire it. If antme remedy im manot pplied,eJucecic will be denied co ti.e people, and the erasat lcperimne department nf the glcern. ment, haromee utterly ucel em, eand a public bue. then act the mate. The leeillaturm ie telrceeas eclli.d cpcn hby ma) act eblciiti ,t ul dccaly to a.kab the tllnler in hntm i.nypldiuatly and apply the eappropriate remedy. I Iathi been. stated,) understood shut one of the Judges lias announced Ilis r.signation to take plae thii month, and it is hqped the oth.r two will follow his example, anod let th'eCi.rt bi'entire ly remodelled and coubstituted of net able and effective members, competent to discharge their publie- duties in every respecr. It is admitted thatlhe remaining twoof the present incumbent. ii are not equal nto this tsk, and for that reason it is expected tery will resign aejo. -It must be reeollect~d the the buseinee and labor of this soun has greatly inereased l this was in to be expeted-as the stateadvanced in population, wealth, enterprise and business. If three judges were not more than equal to the duties devolving upon the court when it was first erected and con- A .srituted,flee are now necessary to perform the labors,and to give confidence and elficiency to the Supreme Court. Tllere is more safety, and it is presumed more wisdom, in the opinions of five Ce men than of three; and there will be more time to P" each nlemberto examine records, and search for. authorities in orler to come to a corret. conclusion and decision, than when the labors have to be per- th formed by three judges. Besides, if the number was increased to live, there would never be lesn is than three or fouraittingon the bench in the Iris a ol any cause; whereas, when the court consits of but three, if one he sick or absent from whatever . cause, (and judges are but men, liable to be sick or oeecasionally absent) there are but lire to hold oc I court, who are too few, to sit on the trial and i decide sniy case alone Tile opinion of one Judge as t in that ease is a giood and equal to two. It is but U Sithe opinion of one against one, and in order toeome t to a ennolusion, if one doulbts, he must give up his o. opiniln to the other. There should. then, never - a he less than three or four judges on the bench at it all timte. A majority of thre out of four is the r strongeat one thyLeSan be obtained in any case and ( Swith any numers, hnut the deliberate opinion of e five men concurringin a case, no matter of what man.nitude, would tie stronger, and give reat, r as- d . srance of a correct and just exposition of the Ifit be naid,in relation to the despatch of bnri n- a,that three judges can hear as many canuses, ak within a given time, nr fee, it is answered that a when the Court consises of live Judges it aeen lit at ltonger and take lees time in making up its opin ts ions; for the labor will divided amonr five; each ry taking a record, can eanmtne it more throughly, g and search out authorities and the law more ap. io plicable to it. By the division of Ilbor more time pt will be llnowed to hold Coturts and consult on its or judgments in its retirement. e- The vast amount and great importance of the r causrs'which are pending in. and have to be deei. did by, this tribunal; the millions of property that changed hands by its fint, and the rules of civil er conduct which it establishes from year to y)ear, all these considerations and many others call for the Id mnxtmm ,of Judges allo, ed by the constitution. a ThIere is no tribunal or department more deer to sy the people of the Stlate, than the Judiciary; it is, II, therefore. of the first importance that the Repri ii- senratirve of the People take tiup the subject of the Supreme Court immediately and inquire into the ea causes which no seriouely affoet the administra tiuon of juoeice and the despatch of huniness in the Supreme Court and restore the important tribunll oto its full vigor, purity and usefulness. tn New Orleans, Jn. 13, 1839. C. ad T'7'U scrihers to oni Reoding Room will finIl ke In exceedingly extensive supply of British papers in to tle t3 I inelasivc. *J. Silk Bckingham, tile oriental traveller it shout to commencesa course of lretures in Charley. ton, S. C. 1. The river at Nas..vuile, Jaln 8, wita at a stand, "The Hrlsile lind Ieft for Sinilhlatnd, and the Tu - he itmbia ex eoted ini a. Fire at IRichmond.-A srIon fir nCe erred r.t Rich. at mond Va. on the h9thl ult. T"ie Engle lintel and tilre ad other larce estnbli-hnlents were clntttulled. 'Th1e Ils w, was estimated at from $t95,000 to $300,I00. nd Miss Tree.-A gentleman arrived lait nilnt intfirms irtha tht this acoumplinhed actress wasa on board the . II. Su. elma and will arriv- this dvy. re' The Bou:mdary Question.--lThe London i'o-rnirg Chronicle anys: :We have Iwaed lo-day, in quarter, wlhere informa tion on such matters espmcially lmay ha ully relied Iupon,ti,: quaation of boundary between tile poaee*laictu iof Great Iltiair in North Amirica ntl. the Unitaed Steln •' is dn tlhe eve if ben- filtrtoallv djisledt nlndi in it n, tier, il io said, which will give nntifocti-tn to the i bhlic cta. un buttl ides, and be it, nccordanoe with the viets of il the Itwo gonrnmentr." to Slla oruJan 3.--St.r.- l'heb is very little salt in market, and what there is, is held at enorlitaus In. prices. It was sold on lMonday at $8 50 per snek. the S x or eight hatse are lying between thia port and ar the mouth of thh Ohio, iaving plenty of the article tee on boiard, but they sannot move until the ice dal. my appelnr. tae Produce inspected in $P Louis, 1838. the Flour, 14,050bbls S Prk and Beef, 581 Whiskey, 6,364 LETTERS FROM THE COAST. No. 4 Tie enunes moat likely to produce antexplosion or enllapse in steamboat boilers, are of several kinds-the most common of which ins dficietncy of water in the htler.; ntsome have supposed that when the metal olthe tluilers are muech leat d, the water is d.etomnrosed, and the hydrogen I rmetd, erplodes by infl mmatin. This notiton too aI. alurd to require notice. The rolling of a boat utn der w.,y by Ihe hannging of the position of the paseecncrl from side to ltd,, is htought to end. n ger the toilerl, and under olnme circuelances, rhls may he the e-*e, but we have never known an explllnlion to occur froml this cas,, thouugl it nmay possibly occur. To render steam navigation on the western waters safe, the pnasenerrs alld officers have their resplective duties to perform. Before any law cuan be made to operate effcetually. the moral tona tI feeling among thoe who travel, must he changed. Many who travel in hoats up and down the Mtllseat aippl are nm reekless of cmaraeter, life and limb, as men can he, sland whlat mnnkes the matter worse. is, thal muny who are on land and at home, pos sess a character for sobriety and decorum, highly, seem to ennsule a new charserer on hoard a tealnebat. They give loose to the wi d ect dsoipacion, drink and gamble, and as the ve.y age for a thousand mniles becomlel tedious, they grow impatient of eonfinement, complain to the captain and officers of their slow ptrogress, curse the htatl for a slw running eraft, swear it is the last trip they will ever take on her, enter ilto heavy bets with the engineer and other ollieurs, that the boat cannot reanch a errtain plase in a iven tim, t or tht.ymake bets with each other on the speed oful their hoat against another bnlt, whicm may be in comnpany at the time. They seek an opportunity ata late hour of the night, when the carpiton may bhe asleep. o trent the firemen and enllineer wth Isrce quantities of Itquor sent down trom the So, cial Hall, and ancoourge them to run every posi-. Ile risk to beat the pending race, and win the wea ger. 'lThe officera of huats are frequently goaded to run races and commit otller acel of imprudence, which they would not do if they were nol inatiga ted to it by by reatless and reckless passenge.s. We have seen oficers of hboats greatly annuyed b, frivolous questions put by passengers, and by un just dtepa agernenlns made of the speed of their h, at. TnIUIWe lind whenever a hosat has many p:l aengers on the weatern water., owing to the wnlt of moril Inne and self.'estralnl, prevalent Samong a I.rge maso of the travelling putlte, the saufty of a boat and the lives sani property of in. tnocent inldividuals is often jeopardised by the in. tefereance and imprudent conduct of this class of people. We etlieve sincerely if bars were dte. pauend with on board of hosts it would be the means of adding to their safety. We doubt whe* titer any pieces can he lfound to xceml the scenes Sof an exhibtited in the o Slcl la l of stetaambats, r such as grosla inltoxiclattln, vulgarity of language, and rec.hles gantbSline. 'iThe engineera and allicers of boats are involun. ary witlleasel f these ecenes, which not unite. quently and in rows and lighta. [To be ooitinued.I MOTICE.-For sale a COFFEE HOUSE, with all Il its fitures, itl Camp street, in tie central apre of eiflirn, od doig sonor pretty smtarl butimes, for fur ther particulur apply at thlelmee of thin paper. l5 FAAINTS aiotiilZ. J 7 hobTlhralis Dutch linseed oil received per ship oagle trnm Bremen, S50 barrels English Ilnesnd oil received per ship Eliblteth fnmn .ondon, 100 barrels brown ianner's oil, 20 bair is chalk, 101 haarerla 'pumnish whiling, 11010 ega Philadelphia white lead. 60 keg gran p.ait. 51 kegs red aod hblck th, Chromem, rnemn and yellow, &c. dec. Paint brnalto, aed for al by JARVIS & A.NI)REWS, junl5 corner C.nmn.e & Tchairitoulas sts. H A T t -, 33 hogs prime, landing H u from ehtotor Ik;a, lltc hsle h AIBRAIIAM TRIER. JI5 . 34 Graviet at. t l)I, ND G pIN-- ipes Crown Weesp Uin, a nu. S erior itlicle in htnr. and for sele by ji5 J TIAYER & Co, 74 Pvdras nt. SIINNY BAGS-109 balesa aon hves in store, and Cl' A for sale by J THAYER &Ce, tie ji 74 P ydre et,. le SOA F SUGAR-10n bhla in str, and for sIr by Li j J TH I YEe k Ca, 74 Poydras et I.JMBRI,.LAB-- e.en.. 29 toi 36 in Mnit.. and TGingham umbrelia enalinag from lnraeq Joaph iln, for sale by ISAAC RRIDGE & Ce. J15 134 Maslaine at. Al '[rAVANA SEGARS ..56 Havana Prireipe Me. H U gars, just received. for la heby jib5 'AAC BRIDGE & ', 134 Magazine at. Mi ALMIANACSB FOI 19, omr O ate wl.Relea and BRetail by jal5 NYork .tntIonrs' Hall. OCampat - SU.E and Orders jus received, and published by Z L the ancciibcer in pamphlet form. Rules and Onler. established by tcvrenl af the Cortsan olNew O)rlease, an indispeaeable work for all prnfeeeienal gentlamen. EJ'"H V4 & fC, ja15 ear St Chatios 4 monmamon ts r' AT T plendid ndo Annals. I SThe Diad; edted by MiSheridn. One aof the most eplendid Annuals, Syria and the. Holy Land, withlsplendid platen, o And alew more superb London Annuals, for 18309, aleft E JOHNS A- Co; jat5 cor of St Charles & t'amn-aon sta ST. MARY'S MARKET SlEA V FERRY C:O. S lOTICE iaserea given, that in purnaanee ofun Or-i dionance pasned by the Council of the nd Manl ianlilty, on Wednesday Ihobad January, 1839-Book 1 ofAuh oription no te capital tneok of$'20,00 in shares d o 100 each in said company, will he opened at Mr. Chnrles Dimond's, oppomte t. Mary' market, Wed. - n eday the 16th, in.t., and will be kept open for three dalfrm II A. M. olil P. M. on each day. Ten i Dillaes per samrto ne paid in cash on subcriebinlg. C DIMONI), 8 HIGI', Com isaionres M w rOBIToAILLE m o janl0--1839. Ur rn It 50 REWARD. A RUNK waen r.ken open at Madam Sball's, on the evenitng of the8th tin o and two poket books, *d (one red morocco, the other black, with gill edges) conl of uaintg various valuabln papers, and a note for $4,400 drawn by I'rescolt and Bayon, i fanvor of the obeeri a er, payable on r tie of March, 1I, nod dated the 1W6h of March, 1837; the precise dates not re colleeted. ao All persons are forewarned that to trade for aaid note. i Among the papepr in a receipt of deposite,with Burke, Watt *a C".. fee5 10. payment ol whicb, as well as the e. nn. has bean slopped. t he p: Bgertuank is Io be left at the counting roost of Borke, nalSt &Cl.,where the reward will be paid, .it jin 102swim SAM:.B. WAL,,. v I LA'TEt-JuIn received 3 cases of very spleandid b f Welsh slates, liard wed fattros, fir oani by DAVID FElT' & Co,2 Ckhartrea el 7 jai - New York Stationers Hall .- C B EIENT--a0 bnrrel. Ilvdralir Cemeuto, landin 1 from ship T'arqoit. fur anla by s ja4 S & J P WHITNEY. 74 Camp mt CG UNNY BAGS--455 balen Gunny IlBas, ol close h X a'l prime texture, nuitoble fait Sali, by i h jalI ltIlDGE, 134 blagnaine et a OA 'sA XP. 'c-M500 hbone per n Canlle .,ari tIa bralnd at 21.0 h,.xe tallow Caodles; 31111 ex-r No. I Mand imitation No. I oap, 411 hoxes wdrite aind dry SCodfish, for sle by ISAAC BIII)(iE L CO, all alto 1:11 Iloetaine~ . e tLOJR.'cl. br' landingu from Flt Beaet. fop oa bhy A G DO SEYv. 44 New r.eve In. h OTATOES-c00 bries ti prime order. for sale ly to r ksG DO1r0edEY. 44 New Levee is, ICE--u8 casks .lm ~i a n tv eripet'aicn. ihc,. IOr a.l ' by WIIITRIDGEand oe, 30 Manazine 5t 0AT...t00 bushels Otss, hi lrre. a00 for.alr by he G WHITRIDGE and eo, 10 Mslnai.e ts Ie OAP..10boxe Boston No. I esap, landing from ship ý Avis, and fotse Cl bys n~- elnndiP WIIITNEY,,s fCmmpl be *l. IrI.43S.llVl:lRS-h10i (iohdoyeorn'e tnt i,, in prove'l Life Preservers, la i received,for sale by jai0 W IITII '(GEI &Co, 76 ,.llagai.e at flUSSIA SHF.flS-14 balvaftuaalnn. [ ines, ftr sno by WIIITIIItDGE &''o. ja10 76 Mlagazine 0t S5 in hAII.S. \\'intr el. erpc.eran . iil re 0 Hlo do Fall Ist aior d dot 00 1 '00 Refined Vhk'he. Oil 150 bblAl I'anneira Oil r Fer male by WIIII'RIDC7 & ('0, jall 76 lMagaznine st SAI.UAII 1 I.Y I.SlI \VWORKi--Reaiv a Ia rnd V for sale ti the lBohok Slowi, 49l Cntttp street, viz: 'tile Bo.k of GraeCnea, 3 rluylrdid eogravilos, a Geme of Benlov, rcea moonrue, do h- Aollhru o fI:neia., d" o do Fin'elr' Goulery otlfe G .a.. ln to Portsattd tllrb'ro of G Britnin, Nati',al Gallery. i vela, qua, to llncer'o PeeItt, il11 trnted lby .9ttht, it o, rea Gil Bla , 2 van!, iv", illth'clr,.te ly 6110 oles tes t'hnlrtto' I. oolllsedl nlotrartre lller'y, d Ib lbrl. \\'' Ic l.nle. t,,i, as i,,prov 'ees l Copblell'. Pnoe ..,ill-te(td hv St.thalrt. . B ta clll+:t m, I volt 6c"., illuehr.lct by 41 ioplte.lil cll. r villne t le tl' . il .il .l'l." if l,.hlltlk y' re. a lid I ,vdel.'. o d l e + ll, fn Lognoda,. n o of I'InsllF, du Inelll D elt'. tutnallrtr: i'lurrnla e and IBiarollalagc aI ,o glalntl. h2 vol,l blic Go!dl'liti's +llnlAtwet No tre, 4 wolt, coluOtvl Jllout l'o rhhli'., i.on', with Mlhrthita illuatra tion., splendid, ,alt Grel 's Eleyv ond llnrd, betan uiflly illuoIr es A.e eo Femle behaoty, F;. Fiodens ilhle illuoclntinna, 3 vol., and G.Il' Pompatenno, 2 vole, 8v, witl it.ny elsgro. C Spirit of tihe Woodl, witllh bonltifal ctli raed n din. graving-, Ilo.rnee hhf Natllrm, do do ll- tratlon of the \VWaverly No' el., 3 'ole, obis Tge; witlalre a rg orllerlontot of Aunericnn Fdi pe. :atalogue, t, bie hkdl it lle store of .22 AILEX. ToWAR. R1 EDICAI. SOOKS-Just recceved enod for anle at i tihe new mlhbnnlt.e. 49) Cnmp irelt: Abercromebie on the stomach and brain, 2 vols Armtroog' i'ractieo.n veds ion ill'a Ailoolnv, 2 vole-Rell on he Nerveu' Bol ' Bh', e Medial Jorie)radend'cC Ca.ptt.'er'- S rgery.'2 role l Cotuller on Bnndaeee bat Clri.iht e of redie.l lInxpericonre tih (otpcer's Oiroio'l tiioitr.,ry ad, Dolgisem'e PItvoi.loC-', 2 vols ,- lheweces on h'bld n--l'tewoeo mh Fmlnc.eP In- Ehrle' Practioe-Ebhr reL's Tlier;aeuhlieo-do. on the clildren Gibnao'os Selrgerv, 2 vole rt Gnouh'bs el' ildtl G:.rhnnr on the Chvst an llrners -Anatoy.'. vnola Iny loenper'- lydiclol Diclioonary IHall on the Nerres ecn Kromer on lhe ERor--L.acnte on the Cheat lr .oais on Pllieisn--Lois on Fever con hieic'a Midwiferv-Mclntnah'a Precii:e, .vol Wostel &Baclte'a Dispeusautory kdfe &C ac d. Catalogues at the store. f.. dl0 AI.EX. TOWAR. L-AT ES--Screw Planlc, with, aett' dies and taps, a t a taoonufotoerer'rileee, for role be d20 MHAIL &BROWN, .46 Maca.l;een ,']lfl boxes Rbohbin'e Eatra No. 1 Soap, just recei ,V re od l for snlehy dAil SHALI. & BiOWN. 96 Msgezile at D lt tFTS at 3 days nrftr rirli ii Lnuirsville. sale by IIERMOGENF BROWN & co, dl9 9 Conti ',`J BITE LEAD & LINSEI5)'lII.. 9X kHT L puD No. L . Philadelphia White Letnd, Lesie' manufacture. receiving tr ship rIt ter and t rig Chtetard. Altn, 21111 kegs Now York I Whit I.lead, anufurture hr tihe Union Wlite ieed eompanv. Also, 16 houshead. English and Dutch Linseed Oil, in store ar d for ale y JARVIS & ANDRKEW , Wholesllee I)rel.its, d21 ror Lotr non & Trhopilnulas sts L XCIIAGE ON BOSTON at I to I0 dnyt right jflr -ale by STETSON & AVERY, ja5 a RR Gravier ast SLOCKE & CO..No. Front Leveeare reeriving h by late aerrvarl fromu Et.rpe,n large addition In their stock of Hard Ware, whih makes their ussrt. omnt very etenxsive; all of whbich they oler lou for cashrehyit paper. d -)OTATOEu-461 Brls in excellent order, lauding from brig Limt, and for sale It . s j3 Gi D'C)RSEY, 44 Yvw Irevre , OUISI.LE BANK CHECK.-A check on the IU Batik of Louisville for t5150 fir uile by dll A I'ETON 6& AVERY, 88 rusvier st stRN.- O-l-2000 galls. \irer St-lrued Sperm Oil, for sale b SHIALL S r & RWN. d31 9t . lIpsDG er at (LOTHINI;-- crse sattinet I'.ois; I do starlet Sflanneb Shirts, for ate byl ja4 SIAtI1. & IBKOWN. 9 Magazline EPI R -SAUCE-15 boxes. euainiuBag 1I--do each, in t tore, nd lire on s by jn4 SH aI.L & BROWN 96 Mnsgaine At ý PAR--3sI} incher epr,.e spars, and 100 piecr s ticks flolat, nd fmt sale by jal S & J P W'HITNFY.73 C.n.rp st A.l ,tKAT5"-4-6 caskn landing from ship, Con S eordia. for saleby JARVI d& ANIDRSWS, di5s ecr Coinmmn & Tehonitoulatus t A. S 'OR OIL-b barreTs No.l, Castor Oil, fr ei bv JARVIS & ANDIREWS, did er Commn &S Tchtpitonier ate bi URNIPS-14 ih lah ihitsii. u i iraips; I du. Sni ar Beets, Inletulin fruom ship iOrient. and fr salte f by dl5 JOiEPH COCKAYNE, 25 Hrnvier st SUGAK on pl..ttation above the city, for sale by RJs 5I . , RARS'P)W 7 Bshk Place (U PfiWT-- E.R--DA ktgs supertior dun dr P Nitre Hall Millt;' 31,0 kegs portping Powder, ftr sale Iy P dA5 ADAMIS & WHIT.,LI., 67 ervierrt OI.BSSEt4 HHDS--liIs ie-sts new Mluuasee asks in astore and fCr sale hvb jan3 WM Pt Ilt ER. 95 Commion a 0CASKS Londtn browu Stout, and 60 Ecask . Scotch Ale, fir rale by ion3 H)I.MIES and "llltl., Bank Allay. XCHANGE on Bestn and Blni , ore d31 WHITKIDGE & 0, 76 31 gaziemsY .aDin? SI, Th'leatre. THIS EVENINGl JAN. 15, Will be pnrrhtliel the benotiful Play of the - LADY OF LYONS. I Ciude Melnotte, Air. Feetlrrtirks, ien Gen. Ils, Barrent. Ci. Ietuseant, Fielding, Galh Pllline t Mrs. Barrnit, Widow Melnitte, Greene. To conerlde with the Drama of il An ( FORTY THIEVES. Gra Ali Rahb, Mr Johnon, Orcobrand, Oillen, lannrant, FiHelding, Mnmaph!e Brown. Serg Morgtsna, inen-arrelt, W Ariadne Mie, Cowell. Fret It yDress and Masquerade Dalls.. MANSION HOUSE HOTEL. 1N1 EW LEVElSREITT , Immediately in front'ol S u steam boat Inding. The above etabhlish meal willhbe re-opened on nnandav evening. )ee. 2nd, 183, forllhe season. Ball days. iunddys, Tuesdanlys, f anid 'T'hnrednv. Said estahlishment will be furnished with the nhoeirst liquors, and a good lRetaural will be attanhed to it. S The nonagters of maid establishment have enraged suffcienl Police o.iicern to keep good order throughout tnb estabhlishment; tlhere will be a plce to deposit Scloake. ennes, e. No perton shall be admitted int Pri thle Bal! Room with weapons ofanty kind. i- nov8 is 1 AVANA COF FE b-7; bags prime quality em in store, antd for tale by . ja8 ABIRAIIAM TRIER, 34 Gravier Ft . JOHN V. CHIIDS, ea ENGRAVER AND COPPER-PL.ATE PRINTER, ll No. 3, Camp St. ree S T ILL engrave and print to order, hnnak notes. 1ills de SLfexnlteaoge, hillo of lading, dipltntise, tinrceo- by tile sad visi:te (oraldd. totnri'cl, etonularo.ild reotmnlg hep boue seals, door plntes, silver were, C--nluy-enavon Ti hband,. an assortmentl ofeilveOr plad and brass 'douor No an plletn. i P Cards pr:nted from plates already engraved. end od ing en- dot re. NE the nof 1'. ditl NEW ORLEANS al JOCKEY CLUB RACES!! h ia ECLIPSE COURSE. st PRING M EI'FINt, 13, 1039, will c.ommence n o Wed " neelar, 13thl f March, 1i310.,onlt coinne 5 lays. so articulers ins due tima. Y. N. OLIVER, ;te ;. "I'ropr ",.. a;di essr+. WVaring & Co'' Circus. rry it ,t setr st eat ad to a in f El nea inn. r. n Clnwn, 'mithoan. ml)or open at I et tn o'lck po foAtnc, to ico . m ate y ItI7. Aomhttuta lBonenOne dtllor. ('hliidrna hjhalf price.i P:t, f'ly erhtt. L5. Gre-t Attraction! IN CONIt E l TRI"T, INAIt IIOOPITAL.,, e 4ii giro- Ore-lot. Ia- , r TlIE EroricveMEtAGElrIE i ,f i 3l5'-rs. Wt'arint andl avtt-tlln wll( otitll o tPe e on il .lay, .Ji . 61th Edi- tttn'oilttoon l nadeaoiote tite tnmtst tteniie an rnro patritpenf NT oal tnlIlitur evnti olield, oa they Ican R. r.attin autat frew dsh. " Sb- hltlOpen fromn It till , an.d at early candle liihtt. S0at Ad irittnee 51ts.-C.hildto nl antleritn, haitprice. TO liE ill HWNT'Olt 1611%1tW. TiTn fitltowt11. nre tlittfir :tt o ntttcers of tie Louis 41, 71, i . 13, I, 51, 4, I, t, , 0 (9. 60 . S $10,000 C-IPITA,. P'AiIZE. LOUI SIANA LOTTERY. SAuthoriedl hv Amct It lpinlotitte. iChnitr X'li.l. i. on oared natlch ?I. lti'., I'tit Nci. I3i ftr 18:1. It, he drawn otolo 1pnesav, J.tit. 1it 1839l, or 5 o'clock, P. CM. taoit hect t hllti', luotel, Sot. Cituti.c of. ID. S. GltEiORi 0 &" I'. Slt(ouin.tors to YA lTE 'Ilcl\TY'h' ] Co. .hlt'ANIX 'P IIflit. o h N d tl ,le. a-itht eti--l I,,otra nd rare I prizt of $10 i-i,' i , $11 (0O I do 2 t,0 2 1f11w I I do 5 I ilt0 id llt I do I 51111 1 51lO I do . 1 Efil 1 300 I do I 2100 1 900i I do I 114(l 1 1(41 4. 10 do 16 00t) ' 10 ,O $ 10 d Ao 2301 2 P0 n 10 do 150 0 1500 31. dt I II(l S. l0e t eel- 163 do 7t 11 410i 63 tio 35 ( o115 , st 6 do 5 1 575S S 16 do ItO I 1)il 3926 do 0 : 4:111 i 3436 do 3 ff9 308 7 814 Prizen-s ntoitinoio tn l 115 834 Rhlte Tiketas $3(tt Ilhltts-i $1 I5-artteer, 75 VIl- Packages of 25 ticker' fir $4,4. Pecknges of 25 Tark half tickelrs $22. Packtltes tof 35 QCarter 1 ickets Ihr .end/ $11 (00. Fonr itk-tier nrotioncl 't'ick.ltt, opply at etchli I). S t;iE(iOlITO& ('o. Ice Sttllort , jonl4 35, Ciatal strn.'ret, n xt I, amlllp t SALUAIL.. 'I'A All),1I) 11 lll(.: Wilson's ().hlltll,h . 9vollllea, imnprial Quar to, colorer plat',., R, n.pnrte 1 do 4 'ia do do do IJ)gold Stlarli's wrlsk 7 vlol, ,ll , IBridepwater 'I', in 7 vola, Tvtler's Unlversal Ilistora, k col, S2r Walter S:ott'sca plete works, 7 vrols, do d do do, Waverly iNovelr , 2v7ol, do do do PoPlical Wrks, I o, iFcm'clolii is na nciah a, 13 vola, (C )Ietr'c Novel'sc i6 vol,, Irving's works, I2 vols, luariait'c works,in I&Acaols, yIron,'a ian , iindl G ,ola, Iryden'a wotrks, in 9 volu. ianrke' do 3 doI lIohupeora. in a greti variety of ditionl,. and Tocitlir raithl a ieat variety of !.aa. tadlual, theaoloagial ad Mlitcrlianenaa oorka , which the pub. lic are respectfully inavited to call aad exaiteia.m jald A 'fT)WAt, 49 Camp at D ICE--80 caak Rice landing from ehlp Almena, Lfrom Ckarleston, firs eb 7 l b in14 J T IAY1:t&Cn,,,4 Povdrnasl t ALE It1i'E--t l Ketallll:ckvt Imle rope in store and for sale by Jr I'IAY E & I'ti, I) AISINS-5Ltno huxin. R ,a.lius, Loriog' brand, Sin stoare and for rade bylc jaI4 JTH.AY.ER &k("o,74Poadras t LUItIItUL.-lit lirdo Labratory ipuo AlcThol, low loadig frtom clhip ('oflitni.mna, and for sale by JAltVIS & ANDEKWS, a jal1O or Ctmilttll . Tclpitelllta sIs L ell ottons, londnt e for sale by jo8 ISAAC 1 tll(i(E & Co, 134 Maeszine S1-1 1,lt'NGS--Fortyh bale. exraio famlv rheertita; Sfilreen bales extra heacv blrown tlirlintt, landitg t for .sale by ISAAC I..IIUE & I o, jaOe8 131 .\ligaztre at LANNYEI.-Landting.tenrb sal, n Onata fln u.ol, Ibr rnii by ISAAC liL I)iE & CI, s8 334 +.IaguZilloe t DUTTER..5O k cg' .,lien , lttor, Innl,,nnd fordel Iy .L j"+ Sald J J· I' II'I'I'NE ,. ;I3 Colpel poKi5 1' Fu1.l 4 .pli siiiid varaitiatal of Ficite Wri .r llg UDltk, iariualaet6 illd pat srra. lIti air lip DAVID fEIlT ad tn. j8 New York Stotlnuca' H.,II. 4 (f'latreas t St. Charles Theatreb This Erening, January 15, Will he ptrfnrmed the Opera of GUY MANNERING. D)mitia Sanmpson, Mr. Finn, Henry Bertram, Plumor, Cerl. uenerirnor, Debat, CO ahrnel. Archer, Mei Merilet , Mn. Farn, Julia Mannerlng, Debar. An Overture by lhe Orchesa. Grand Pas Soul, by Mad'ln IRaven t To conclude with the new Force of THE MAID OF CROISSY. Sergeant Austerlitz, Mtr. Brewe, Walte.r, Cowell, Franeis, r Debar, Marieta, Mre. Harrlnon, Theresa, Farren. LYCEUM. SAINT CHARLES ARCADE. MONSIEUR ADRIEN'S WIONDERFUL PERFOIMANCES, THE OPTICAl. ILL;UlIONS Adhittnce :: $1-Children half price. Perlormance to d.Ollmence at 7 o'clock. WAASIIINGTON BALL ROOM Dress & Masquerade Ball, t St. Philipstreet between Royal & tteltrbon. SHl Managear rof the above nneed Bull Ronn,grnte l fl to his frlends and tlhe public fit, the atnponral. Stlled patronnge hestowed on him lo rseeral senloun, respectlfully iturms ln thel ltnt tlhe establi.hmennt hae bee enllatged for the amusement of visitors, and un In dergone rhpairs. The ber will ho eurpaestl by none ill quality of liqur,.d the liteetnanmt a ill be ig ept by tie ablest Rnetanulraer in the Inited LState. i Tie roon will re-open on Saturday even ng, 3rd of r November next, by GRAND DRESS & MASQUERADE BALI., nnd will take placean utatl every SlondL, Wednem day nd a o tirdanv cvenilg, r!urlng the neealo, nhieh will and on the let of May, 1]39. N. II. The crelteet atttntion will be paol to bkep. ing Iperfect order throughoul the enrabliohltenl, ul'wal doonlant season. oct24 NEW ORLEANS AND NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD COMPANY. NEW ARlIRANGEMENT. ? rIClll tocomotlive will leave the Depot nt thel foot of S 'I aal stril,everys dly at 8 A. M. and rturnl at 4 P. M. exerpt Stln aIn's, whenl she will I)rpa t Reltrn 8 A.l. 12 P. M. Se ACar eor privane parties, provided the numler be suffeient, - ill hr elen down the mroal n one da)'s previons notice. j)12, 18:.t JAS II CAI.I)WE.I., President. d- ME'T'ARIE JOCKEY CLUB RACES. s. T IE Sprilng mtting, for 139, will commencet IT I-t \Vednesday, 271th Mnrch, and continue fioe days. P. CENAS, nec'y. itoll COTTON CIRCULAHIS ET PIINT ElI) with the Greatesl Exrpedtlion, and inn style lunsurpassed in NEw ORLcEnS, or elnlu wh,.e. OIEn lls Ir l alCortPrita Ro.o in St. ('hbalde E chnt.Pe, (Corner if Grarlr'r 1Sl ) or an T R U ' AMERICAN I'RINTING; OFFICE. corner of Polrtoe nod St Charles Streets, will be promnptl~y tlterldcd to. SnrA, . D lS-8- 0 hlhd nCici inoti, l in-tmoe a .nd for sale bi S"l+"'ISOJN r . IVEIY, Inc jl ll ,l;ravet EtI Jl • 44 N"w .ever NTEAR1 IBOAT BILLS.n. orn XVtE'I{ AlINIT, or n t I"IIN'. ,lTF.M or more Colored Inks on I'lnil or ('oll,rsed Paltrr, with despatch, and on favorable Terms, by tetring their OnRnns at 'I'ltUI' AMEIlI(CA N F (lFIC'E, -.moer of Poydro andl Sl. Ch(arlh: .lr:et,. I :,lIt 11 t1lrl .-:. a .u n I . +,i.r ,lmined sparm j,. Il S l) t )( ', I. A Co, 11Ir Lnlr ~rr t tti [ I X .-I V 1, " o lirenteIl ( tell t tqctrii iotr t til, I nlols, fnr enle by rj 11 I lit 'KI.C. Ct, lt Front levee ¶ TlfT-l 1.ll D-5t0 kege, N. I i, mtore, for tine ! by I.8~OCKE :p Ct, jInl8 8 Front Levee at Bltnk Checks, lills nut la ndintg, Auction Bills, P'amphlets, show bills, Catn. logue,te. &C. rin t [Ia(lll)l':ItSfor the Abooe, and eery other dee. blil eription f j'. I'tIlNG M received at Compting tItrn, of/'" IIUl A MIEIICIAN," in ST. (CHnLaE El. re Ctrt..E, 3t ltoer fro cirert, or at the Printing cau OJlibe, coreer of I'odlra- nnd mt. ('bharh streets. Extensire and beauliIfl lltooc nd .Jol FoullS. l fron the best Foundries in the United ltales, MAneje been added to the already rwell-ltocked Establishment; -.andal t(itDES Will be ereuted as I oon, as Clheaply, SExpedlitiolsly and lieautifullh, nas t any other Otlice in the City. No 1- O1itl). bE,-.., 1---tttl t t -iorrtt. Ilte, nenrMel \` J sir,, fromnt o 6 int-h--" Spunvarn and ltoittee Srtiilufe;lal.oI, Ilep -no itndttnnclth' literi; Rigginga i li, .ther,& At. forun lehby t be ill II,:.I) & IARST'I'W,7 Bank Place t I. boi-.= p t- i i, - enclnm'. vi.nd, landing from .'l 0 ',ivp ll, ,n,l,i, ,n,,,, ,ei, b (ES jolt tliAl I.& RI(O(WN,96 lMacnaine l EL'IlOT 1( EKS.--Roh ,f the Howl. a I elendl of tar. i 1 hoer., byv th.e aultor olf'd nllnw Irn,' 'Hern 1000 Slile Rolliinson,' Ac. &c. fn 2 role. Jas receined and ," rfir aole by W51f M'KEAN, 0t1I pal etr C-errp & (t,,m.nn ren CARDS i I'PRINTEI) at the shorlest Notice, in the me t elegant manner, in Black or Colored Inss, on Enamel. led, White Flake, or Plain Nurfaced CARDS, and a Prices very reasonable at TIUE AMERICAN OF FICE, corner of Poydras and Str. Charles tse. Sereal New and Braltiftll Fontsa of TiPm lanr just been added to the Establishment. Orders received at Compting Room, RL. Clates Exchange, 3rd door fromn Gravier st.,or at the Printing Office, corner of Poydran & St. Charles streets. noel-tf SPERM CANDI.ES- 300 boxes Ne Bedford Apenrs Candles, assorted sizes, of aporyd brands. 150 Soxes tould candles, Jneeon'torand . 100 boxes fresh Soap 70 bhls refined V1 hle Oil Chamtpnin Wine of suplrior qoality Ilnpertll, gunpowder, young h)non & souhoang Tors Copper, in sheets, from I' to IiPl Ibs Black Load l'otn, nsortted es, fr Rale by janll JOSEPIH COCIKAYNE,25 Grver st IKESH MAL..A RAISINS-10i00 whale and half boxes, fir aole by A.BIRAHAM 'rRIER, janl4 . 31 Gravleut S0r'Ps--l.audil front lhil rAmo, 12 cases of Inn colft nw'd Boot. for onle by j 14 I BRII)G1 t co. 131 Magsain It TO MERCHIANTS. lIPMERCHANTS can have a Bltoarrur. -Iace. I.AR tCruek offatfour hors NOTICEr, by paa au tie Compting Room of TRUEI AMERICAN Panlttrrn Orricr, St.Charles Exchange, adjoiaing the RaeA. Itn Rooe at Corner of Gravier streetl,.orsite Paint ing Office, corner of Poydras and St. Charles street.. FRED WL.IINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENEPAL Ur LOUISIANA, F FERS his services In th pulblic in she depsl O mentnlo l urveyig and Civil Engineering.bolh in town and countlry. Froml ouniderableeoi'la in his professcion. and by promptoea and fide itt in the execultion of husiness entrusted to him, he hope. to merint and receive a share of puhlic patronage. He wil also measure slid calculate the Lontenta of walls and excavations. Oflice No 8 Chartrea street,secondltory 'hack. jn? BANK NOTE ENGRAVING. RAWDON WRIGHT. EATON & iDSOR lA V A leted a offuice n New Orleans. poseniag U1 equal advnntageo n ith their htuse in hNew Yak, fr the purpose of engraving and prinling Bank Not,. ItBods, Bills lt Exchaltge, Certificates of lipoaits, Checks and other imporlant paloro, reqatrilg saeerity aginstt lonrgrllcs; aild have ntade .ples pnvision bor Itie safe kcepitg o all plates and imaressluns entrus. ed to their care; tteir tpeci 'ens embrace lhe noes of over fie hltltdredl Ihehkint institntijne, and all order. will be executed with protnplilud, and on the uasal terms. Office, curneruof Royal L& Cnsnal ate.t. ja7-if jal%. J THAYER t CO," )t i A't CEMIP:lti, m.rnlng lrtem ship Eliaaklth, fI, fetm Landon, fet dat by ir.ll READ & Bl. RSTOW,7 Bank Plaer, L. YDII AI.lC t'EI.M F.N'i', for mal- by 11 janll READ& B.1RS.OH,7Ba.ekPlaee

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