Newspaper of True American, January 14, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated January 14, 1839 Page 4
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RI 1) arce O ati Rluan aPr I on Innitynshy I e IqCOOZtea popiular MwdicinO 44 oryft ion ? lr, London Ia ,ºrdolIa.Lodfl v4't3 to :i bibE hattr i facoit, a Ofec 1 aibta, hrapicott.S volfi ed ition?. Canaan . l mf r assorment of LA*, !Medial, Igei-Wifi kt a i .. Nih0ce*lI000 RBoof, Nov iettioonie., Grammar, English aud erano, Latin and Greek. E JOHS3 & Co. T,^~ ear. Chnrl.. Coma ati. i t wille Ite milv disaverw wheretn the r Teoni lix i"t ts e ia superior to hle ordinatry ode of tresting hePeRavr and ~t~a. In,ee, hng a Vege a ble Extract, and fre from any deleterious and poison ens itgredients, it tay be taiken with the ultmnost safc ty es bh the tender i.ant, or aged invalid. It pte vents eelepneof the disearseonseqaentz the ronstito tis seen regains its wonted tone and actrvitv. It esttb. iahes a soman. and permanent pýeatite, by invlorating he tlt c sh,ned gives re ish to treenjoyments olf taste. erinng Ieuliar in havinitg prgvtrve quality, it relaints not in the trowls to i:erease this disorder, or to create other diseases, but Lhorn*ihly fleCnno e the several or gsu of digestiont, and thius benefits the system with whnlever other afierrio 's it tmoy bheeppreneed. lithaIidusta, afler tite ure of the Tonoo Mixture, ters been exposed t all the unetal casesee of the disease, and have scaped sally syttptorrns of returnl: whlreas by thr use rfthe colnmon remtedes, there is lways crea ted n iotcreaoed liability to rreurrnocr. The danger of freqhten relapses of tie Agar, in very evirt n., for tie soratrlrwitill n broome too mlla proettlte to he able to reaet with ineiino, and speedily falla viac tal to roth in€cesnt violaneo. The Toric Mixtllre is oftfred a srlc ae resontable price, s to paies it itilln the reache of oeer o tht pr and t tite te as'orebsly miheled with assitane, witholt tnlieritilg the aid nd atltendance wlich is frequentlc denied to ilem. or eloe very re eolultaly bestawed h 'Ithe su srli nrrure.ln t rcatlr r"ntll d ggiinot ile rl es imitatlous t llt is liediine, tlhat are oily offerted for rale. It is prepalrd onll bt ,r. Jilh R. Rowolrle, at his Lnbot.unorr, slnrkhel.tre,, l tiladelp hi th. 'ire lerilnersi rea tihe Wtlriles le asreen for tire ilnth tlVesterter nt. sd will erll by the roese, at es rnhilnleirphia priven. ''.: be bad at Sea,al altateftie Aportllerari e h it r irty. J.Ti'IIS &. ANYDREWS, W ulesale ItrrgEis .r, . InO eor .ntillClr o & 'i'ebf!oirtool. a Mirst.sippi clid Loulljsiall a liotel, -VI- lllIV I .I .A LIES. MARY CIIIRKLAND respectfully an. pounces to her friends and the public gone. ally that shtte is pretred to acconmmodate them at iha ahboven stabliiclment, ard hopes trotn her txertions.o render visitors coatfertnblh, to receive a continuance of forrlr favors. Site fuols colnfi. derbt tlrr per-ons visiting Covigigtnn during tlo ulnmcr months, cannot firl bettr.r aneontlodations t:an tieo can lrford tlurn, on more liberal terllos. Iler laorse Is pleasantly situated, anl well aIppieod with every convenirs.r; tihe bar is furnlisbed wlrh tleo Irnot clloice liqtors, &. in short, she prolnises F'rat notling shall bh wonting on her part to give tire satisfdtilonn to all aoro may pittrnrizs the 'Fareitoippi ann Lnlrtioi;ta tlAtel. jrr3 i ^T'-. E o-P[-1IJ -i.- fi u-.dersignd. having - studied unoatr Dr. Snt.midt of Charleston, South Carolin , atnd for some years io s assistant in tire practice of medicino ind surgery has the hoileor to offer tiS professional services it, tbis city. Ho asures tile ladies and gentlemen lthat tis moast prompt attention will be paid to the calls wlfict may be in:le; sand also ofoers Iri services to the holdero of[laves, beilg well acqunainted with tihe diseases coimon too hem, laving oatotendd themI irr the sugar nrose in Chatrlrrston. ite faneoun anti bilious pills a ter tire otnpnsttion of Professor Smolleltlo, a itl directiots, eon be had of the undersigned. Tile efftct which they have produced in tiris aird other cities, tar been srtlndod with the greatest luccess, to wllich tie best of refereonce can be given. Apply at No. 166 Miags. sine street. JNO. M'LOIRING. Jt+LLrtfu WAl b . SfO- - W D -C1EWS, -SAD UIRONS. &e. THE HOWELL WOlIKS COMPANY, Vin. E3r Water, near Boekman street. Now York, have received the past ieasnn, and are cor, tantly receiving large and extensive additions to tile s!ock of the above goads, which now cnneiats of the ollowing asortmn nt, suitarble for the southern tand western markets. Hollow ware rf sRperior qraliy, consisting of abont 1500 tons, viz, Pots ofs disferont sizoe, from r:8 to 50 gallons, Nettles, 15 sizes, from 3r:8 to 30 gillont, Kettles, 15 siores, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, 11akepans or Ovons, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skilletot, . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 de Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 43.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 illemes. WVood Serewt, 20,1)00 gross, iron and brass, front :r incl, No. 3 to 3:9 ocinch, No, 24 of a superior q.ality and finish, atnd less tllan Jame's imported h'ieoes. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 Ibs for rotriling. Tailor's and hiatter's Iron, assorted. Sast weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to 2011,. Dells for Plantotioene, stoeamboats, churches, &a.e made to irrder, Alo stoatlbheats and other msehinety ntatde to order. The above assortrnent of goods is particularly recoltmendrd to ihe attotrfnon of Southernt atrd Weatertn torcloan"s, and are offered for satle at low prices, and upon the .het liberal terns lit is be. lieed to be the largest and best asnrtmsntt ever sflrred for sals by any ones satablibhnteut in ite United States. Merehantn, by forwarding a rquest by mtil, can have a printed cirrltar, with description of goods, pricoes and ternmt, from which no deviation is ever made, furnished by return of mail. All orders will receiie immediate attention. New York, 1838. J13 NO M1.CURY NOR 0OPIVA Neow tarlee;ns, Nov. 14, t18 1. A DBOlT tix months ago I rld tbe misfortune itr get A a ,crett disease, for which I have applierd to snave raml dtors for t cue, and they did not cure me. e0o now ert tile above data, Iu imr rlylf unrlrr the tate rf Irotot Muet, and I etiprt bi in t cure in. Since tlinat lin the diieaae got worse, so as to break out in large ulcers to the number of rix or eight ot eCa h tleg, and all ove my ies, sad sore throat, and m)t able to work at he present rtile ot acoitnt of the disease; large illeer o the right side of tile throat. I am no. pulttlg imylf oefilently under the care of Dr. Il nuet, .f Pari., to bs perfectly cured JU.I DEAN. fts 14 ly T DO CERTIFY that the above mentioned disease is L quite well cured to my own natisftctin, for which I stunk Dr. Hust; anti moreover I ass-re that the medi cine l have taken mtkesa me fat. and did not injure my nhalth at all; thereufore I advie me f Ilow eulferers ti las no time and apply to Dr A. Huet, I2I Canal sweent, etween Dauphins and Bourbo, aerete. Dr. Hunt is at hime from 9 o'clock, A M, until 4 1'P i. They will find a trute do.tor for this coloplaint. JOHN DEAN. -11 Gravier street. If any one wants to see mo, call st Nn. 411 Grasie JOHN IDEN. New Orleans. Fab I, 1838. fob 14 ly i¶ -en'uieenuno-die It an m of l.iverw,ert and iote Shound, in put uap in bottle at the low price of 51t eante each, containing tIha trnngth of three euncen of Liveawort, beet len the virtues omatny otler roots and herl kLnown amnm the Indiane a effcnoious in curing pUal.onaty omplatntl. " TUe ta riallted tecee which hag attended the noe of thl[ j.aot'atblhe Balaom wheerver ii has been intro dthtd. a'tn oalncd the confidence and recommends tio?.W slfr ec physicians, for the tore of coughs, oldsOi im n mthe side, want of rest, spitting oa blood, ist. - it mny concern. This is to certify that we bhae.n our prctiee freBuently precrilbed Mtr (iard q's Indian Balsam of Liverwort and llonrhoand, with i trid sgsod effect: we can therefomr, fro the kloma. Sýof tias materials it Is mtad from, and obsertatton uapotIonpeloom, reernmtnda it ae atntperin- preporatio. arull e alctinl of te luns Il fr whlich t is re nmUnded. A.IBEIRT WILLIAMS, M. D. CALVIN ELLIS M. D. embos of tht Boston Medical Auociation. .bLhM. Ocatolr. esabi JARVIS & ANIRIEWS, tob 9 Cnoan3 feaetnitulas It W'S8 Vegetabnle Hair Oil, for the restorstio •,. fm lnwth of Hair, lgving health and beaut)y,and Ulso it istei Oil was offlnred to the public, i bhad td.sln tstetadlmofoesseofbaldnss, tlitteos,aad aslt s be~lt , tand iuoevy intance its salutry s ~ic ts bo wusmsdi. It basnienrfasled toproduoe ýa ssd Jtqmm~ain pototh of hair on bonds slready uio e o_.s maender It heatn .r d Ihnroduce g; t j fgro wtb of hair. witout the leant io ...s.load. Ttl; Oil glees In sgreabl fee. l n e etssl o any .othlr H it Oil for per r .i .hair. 'he h i - . ., ' I• e.el. NES k D LAvGS. eve nrow racmij iort . 0 al0 p Orlete Eagle, Hiahlandue, eoker s letry Andarew Freach and Geemna lni cardin Be3ak , mnao oar te 0 -4" ard 3r8 eintee'lBi artr la;ll A, . BI and 12 Inch blade BoNve Koltmst. Letther hind other trcygtlino Demeieg a.oes;' Bilt, pocket, Horet ud tr, c~ Deh lltong:PInstl; double and single barrelled iaa; -Beags; Siltt Belts; Powder .ud Pistol Flskhs BortA Bles aind Drinking Cope, Pvesaliona (iapia~id Cs .l dlte Clothn, Hail Troit; nad Nall Nasae; Oc a cud hbilorioe Toonth' ash Toeth Powder. Tislet and Shaving Soaps , in groat vts ,letc Iang Hair Brids, Ringlets and Irizettei, Pearl and i~rilet Powder Emery llngs; leery T Ctushions: Parnt 'Slides r barters.. Gum Elstie Stspinvlers; P Pr a.e and loxea; l Oile Qlcsl..uiB le ceud Keyi; ope; Waist nuoklast: raetnele Bead Necklaces el Chain. Gilt and Silvered Bends; lndian deas, 'Belle ad Plumes,Sohbll Twist Side and Dreaieg I T~hel;hbih,in dditlaoe tojolrice for stock oi hand, rikes their aesentmeant very eomplete, and will re oh owtetd on libeasl-teres, at the silt of the Golden gatu i5-tf 70 Chartres street. anig $l rtebers. Agents fur the extesve lene of V. & S . Bnteher' .ShblReld, Enarlnd, have jlst eeiced na very extenoave sot of ne! e, ,e, eonsieting of Teabl sad DiTeurt. Kives of e. -" deevrithtirm,- Pen, Pocket Dlitk, nndwSpear poict Inlvee; Rdonie, Sei. teon. Fe Toel,,. &te . Ie. which they are pretred aehiit to the trade tar orders. Teirms od conrditles silt be madi known at thoftihr. mill J. I). BEIN & A COAEN. Commn et. NEW GO.O-. IIMMON, HAR;TT* CO.--Are now rer.ivng jtper slip Hntlsvil , agler, Merry Andrew, hligh. aner, Irench acd German dtoide head pl ving carts: ster,ehlt id pockedt i.itbls; plain, ribbed oald split cdsion stelca eit helders; t ciuseth , tteors, teA. veet Giltose' cocmmercati mccl her steel pens; Vic' as; Violin strings; shell, ivory and loren h corls; cwforl; 'k, bead and leather plurtes hair lhraid, rnrat an ark rinlet tegr puffs; e enemaru n Frncelh colnne wster, Rowe hlds mecrasser oel, an cid hears oil ptalhle leeke ani dreset.. cases: pnstt blockstg; static cla toilet glasses; eonvexmnirrrort op atl glaessleand views; Indeian bends, bells and Iinres; eetmlemt; wit.e twice; toilet and sltaritg steps; toilet oacler, etmetie nelsll haells; seetei ctiulo seltioa; pool stands: scerew sel.aion.; fancy eadni chains sal necklres; Iilliardt balle; ipoket books atd wailltcls; Gerrmna Inhes; e.ror trmppt; rfie ndl commn gucnm olsti tsl mpelders. garters do; cite tneilr meatcaesl sil mv pencils; w reymoes, &e. &n. The above in addition to out roformer stok of fancy rtioles, mnkesoln aossktonelt rley cetmplet. leer sole .e o ret elu e or resti; . rhe sign; ihe Goblen Lomol, 71;. olnntr ,e street. mitte. Ol'TICE--The partleretip of K-llev, Mlnsoun &C., i- e of Nefw Orlorn ; Mason.alI;rriu'&Co., ofrNteliez; Sad Harris, Krlley &Co., of Rodney. won dis.rledl oil itbe2ll1t of Ma lest, by the death of Simuel A Mason, Y oce oftlie pertners ot tihe firits. The undersigoed, surviving parvceru, will be charged with th setlli g iand closing cold htcitmr; cs fillows: LeviC Harriso will attend to thie settling of the busintea 0of MoSmv, Harris& Co.. tit Natchez; and Hnrri", Kel er & Co.,a Rldnevy; oand Henry Kelley will alttend to hie etlling of the boelicn of Relle, Mlln.oo & Co,., lit Bsew Orleans. 'IThe nmce of the Several firms will le aused in liyaidntion ncly. S 'hoser inldilted to sid lierm are eurneotly i'eqestetd roente foriuril and malreenrlv settcllentt; and tlhose Ihaving clumla will please present thens without delay. - LEVi C HARRIS, IIENRY KELLEY. Newv Orleane, June 27,1837. JitAN -III F PARlNoI'. COlOGNE WA'TER e 2 rases ,re of thio snperior o:nlogne warte', just received aml f, r ole ,v tthel dozen or sitngie Lottl:. Also Anmerican oanl le:enrh toilet Ivwlero, powder rOL. alni hoxsrr, silav'in and toilet toips, cosmetic walt lhalls, milk of rosesC, Pronetic cold crure, ,xtroe o crsik, ltelhl., Wt'erdl's vegetableh haolir oil, poIIattnoi, :rrmnlede p ,rst, Florida. lavemlar, rose and olllhv wtecrs, Preer' "t,'n sail, Plraeilles pert'ueiiirv in trunks. vcelta le, t Id liqtlid r,,u'e, Clorioine mld'Orlic tooth wash, clotll, eir, trooth, ohil ndat fleth !irshes;l together with cc ohdllitionol supply of fashlionable lnro and sltell eolnibs alcd jewelry,forate low ot wholesocal or r til t by StlMONe, ttIIAR'"TI' &CO, r jt!v i 7'1 Chbrtre street. EN , W ((t)d)iiS--dv;roo liar;o"t& rot aore to l cueivine fri,, on tireud ships Yuzoo, ant Saratoga Sandlbrig Cormerdia, from New York, a greo.t variety of goards in tlhir line, whieCh tngehler with their for.aet etock on It.nrl, Imakes their n-aorta rt very:, polte. The fol]howing rDntpose a tort, viz: " ,li twi;t, €,.r':. !;de, tuck eind dIresieenuoobt, horn il oo'all deserilptions, I i die rtubber, silk andl worrsted elastic garters, eltonmon & fine elstic suspendlers, loo fioceo ad Lucifer matchles, iidliltz ploewders, powder puffsR and boxes, toilet plowder, pocket books and a allets, needle books, shell, pearl, ivoryv and ulorcen card cases Iend ornauments, plain co rl tbeadrs, necklces anl nterligees, brhd chains, head • otckhlcee, rot elts and plnio,eed,ilveruandl giltbeads, Inrdianl beatls, belle and pllntmes; plistol and large poiw are flaske, vht; belts, horse, bhet. pocket and dnilint r Jiatolu; doloe und single barrelled guCns. Bowie knives, and dirks. scissorsUh, hlec, pbket knives, guard chains, aend riblons, waist buhckles, cloth, hai, tooth, nail,conb, rem;b, dline, plate, floor and diseting brusbhe, Cologne, Florida, lavemler, rouse atd hay wuter,assorted esrosles, and extracts, Maoreuar, beair, nttiqte, rid ardl's ve-o. geatlde Ihair oils, lshving and toilet soaps foail dlca eription, ldier,' ind getltleiloco' lcsk.o ta dressilg ecrses, hair riegl;ets, frizetteLs nd braids, plaitn, fanyev rni musical work boxes, pIn at d rilv, iired, cati slid vest pnttoas, pearl and( ivory shirt du, uihirt Studds, gold and silver ,ercil caces, ltooihpika ani tweezers,plated 'and gilt nlceto, lriuiatre dr,, silher, brass and steel thin;tlee,l hocks nd eso es, hair ills, inittion fruiltbllk f and redink,cllme blacking, violins and gnitarsrililedl sod plalit ierrusiou caps, linon twineo ov nted Coelh tensC,gold and slov.r lace and fuge, tailler lpaper, onuC hkes, liling w'iips, walking cantes, playig coddy, ti.t gold, plntoud ncud gilt jcwelhty &e. 'Ihe labove, togetlCler with a treut variety of otller art". leas are ofredl at wliolesale or retail on accotunodatinug terms. N B Shell ceombsrepairred. S IE'PTY STORE-at the slgn of the golden comb, Mo70 Chartres steet. The suhscrihbers have re ceived, it addition to their previous stcek on hand, a full and complete assortment of articles in their line; viz: comba, perfromcry, Jvwellrv, brulhes, locking glasses, fancy aticeles, &c.cansisting in part as ollonws: COM Bf--tortoise shellr,nrrelht and plnain tIck,twist, qnilled hnek, long round, dressine, side poulT, curland neck, Brazilian combs of every "description amuongot llicl are some Mexican patters, Ivory combs of every daecription, hor, dressing and packet, togcther with a general nmsorttnrnt ofFrenitn aid American. PERFUMERY-Cologrne, .Laveider, Florido, honey, bay, roae, and orange flower wafers of every size and de,. cription, caniphorated Cologne, extract of Bnrgnmot, lancy seaps of oil kinds, shaving do in cakes nnd polo, cream sonap do, WVard's vegetable hair nil, bears rtd aln tiquodo. Preaston'a mnellig molas, plain and perfimed ltodepowder, a'arl powder, pow ler puff and hoxo po. moatnm in pots and rolls,orrm ant chlorine tooth wash and nowdeas, with a general assortment of JEIVELI.RY-some oflthe latest nnd lmoet fashiona. ble setto, consisting of white and red cornelian, tops. jet eardrops, set in filagree, breast pins of a grer' .e,, ty of patterns, watch trimmning, gilt and ailwr .acklen, t.i..ihtolea, silver antd Phllit ecils and guanrd chaini IIRUSiIES-Cloth, hair, dust. te,erualb,heartih,lonr, at, lesh; tooth, plate, comb, Nail; shaving, shoe and wh.iteweslo hrushes. LOOKIN'G GLASSES-German statia and toilet Jasne, ntmgnofying and French dressing glasses, homne do, with a varitiv of other kinds not enumerated. IFANCY ANDI) VARIETY AIRTICLES--French and American lmrtable desks and dressing ases, anor very rich and finely Subished ladlie work bIxoes and dres lng cases, with and without music, musicnl boxes, Ar. ecordinns of vorios hisds, violins and guitars, silver antd plated pelloils nd leiadswod pencils tr carpenteora atid crayonas, maonte eli:,gunts ead pistola with and without eases, percuarlon caps. Ierestiont cap chargers, lpple renwdrivers, shot belrts,gme hags paste blarkic goy ten setts, Itdian beoas of every kind, belle and ume!ms, fitneand comon knives, oas and scissors, ti n ile.s, needles, lina, silver plctecd, steel nud omot.n therl n e lse, pokr bet tmks anid wallet of variouos hinds, visiting cunrd slnd card coaes, playing cards of Irench lUrlnuta aotd American mainencturc, dlllr. imitation ltruit, sill hones, prnota of various kinds, Saondera' Ponlervy', Enunereou's, Ilillmatn' and Hawkin's razor straps aulld moetllic htones,dirks, fancy bead inecklaces, i wth ti.a drape, toy watchesl, pearl buttons,l powder lasksa, eu. and plan seed heads, gill and silver dt, guti elastic eupelmu Lesraind garters, plain and sword anlcs, backgaunion hoards, dice, optical riennes, jewsharps, locofcn maltchl ms and drinkina cupe, with a grent variety ol other arti clae, all ofwh It will be sold li.r aoht or city Iaoptines. con . 2 months credit. B 11 SIIMGNS, & cn . d4 70 t harlresst. OLBEAR'S ScirtAe of Penmailbip received,o; l Sfor acin a.ttrir prrmane, l Writmot Acadml.unii No. 8 C:tatrees sret, iew UrleaUs, liJ t ieiodwy New York, liauphine at., .oluilc. It is particlarlydesigned for private learners. litd achnolo, anil is clmulateds for pereons of all rees. Ladies an0 d gentlemen are invited to call at .xamini tie system Fur themtnrlves. I.esonts are given at bael houses as may s~llt the couvenienme ofal, asid to clases formed inll any part of the city. Ladies who prefer itcan receive Iesaons at their own rel sidneeas. Perma paing for one : c rse oflessono, are desired o attend untid they uwrits t well as they wish. ml DUI.eEAIL &, DEAFN ElS. A NEW article for Imraons troubled with denooeea, (called tih Ear Trumpet,) has justr been received, bv the ucaoflwhich,thr keiigtecrtnttrlncion of tite II. isa voice is distiactlv conveyed to ite var. Any ae! who his ever nnsi obligel to converse with a very dena esson, must im filiy seutiblte tf tihe difficulty acid ett berrasment experienced both oy themselves and the in dividuals ao unfrrtutnate lvafflicted. IBy the use a" thim Ear T'rumpet this objecltion is eutirelv obviated. IThe moat secepical have al ays a. andunedtheir doubts aftler having used te 'rmnlperlt. For sale at T F GUION'S, Fancy store. arner of Cemmsn and St Charles streets nder ite EIcllaalg Hotel. frb 13 LPEIM OIL-Il00 gallons pure wintIer d 1erprm Oil, in casks aid bhls, for sale by JAI.VIS & ANDIOEW4, Wholesale Drugg ts, coner C iminso and ltchap lea streets. mr e W IITE LgAti--. l, I lsbsinh; 41 kegs, 1Im " a WHi do 205 " , English do-25 I-4 bhle. 411 " 100Paint Bruahsr, various sizes; I cas Verteillirtc 6hblsCoepal Varnish; 2 " Japan " * " Coach 20 packs Gold Leaf; 50 de Silver do; 100 do Dutch Metal. WINDOW GLASS, American, F.rlish and French -1000 boar, vannous aires and qualirties. Boston ..rown do.--,00 boxes,cnsignmemt, will he sold low. Also, a general assortment of anrti.trs' enlors and tools, far sale by A W SCA'l ES, No 16 Canal street.' N R. Alabama nole taken at p r. and Mississippi ootes will be received at ll per cent dismnrnt for goods, r io payment ofdebhts. jir I w LOUlR.-400 aniding fr in steamer Independ. ma44 NePw Lsvee. S . , , OCULIsr, - NOW AT THEr JW P l UIR0s o. JETFaEoOr N STOEET, LsltttOtO.. Th the derlsr of the 1 ,ojs,ille ., Sli--It oppeart hbv tire obsert aton.r of the Editors p t.. of he Nashville' Preshvterisn, Unotn tndiTrans cript, e'well an the edtons'anf the Memphis Etlqltrer, ai thll the "Old Gentlemalrl'" is amnoeg tile Doctors. Thlie in proved by hIs kinely rage, knowing that bhi time in ti but abshort, and that ilhe indepedlenrt Ameri:an people it are able to jet.e far Ihemelvera whant are plls aid l imponitiotn. The worthy editors who are Doetors, e the proprietors, editors or sub-editors eof tie above nnmed jsatnlroi, eall every letter trom persons I have rmtorrdt to silt in th abt ve places, puffs. I. The faet is, tant I sneer had soth great succerls j within so limited a tee or twelve'days. One who was aged about ten yere . who had nlyn seen the light from hivrt rtht, h egan to se to follow .is ma.tee to my hotel, instead of hbene obliged to be led by hrim. Two young tadies, who haled eah lost the ight ef one n eve, one for t'n b'ears nd the other ftr nearlv two years, having both l thtrem the other eve very week; vet ansh of ltttse vntr latdies began torset with both iyes, whioh benelit I pledge mvsellstill continres, ex cepting they aore utllder the influence or dominaelti ,n f the Me dieaol Dolltrs. Another is the daughter of a respctahble merchanrt, w'ose name I am bound never to Inention, (as he paid me my fneae) who oisld ale tad lost the rieht of one eve from the age of l0 mornthe, hbt that alie now Ieginrs to read large letters wi;h tile other eve eeMrletely icet. This the dlrtetr editors knew, an tle gentlemean told m himself he Ird eon dao'ed his daughter to the tofice of the medie.lI editors. that they iigrthrme inofrmed of the fact. The lort I shatll m.i ier is ao elderly gentleman by ttte name of Yount, nearly seventy veors of age, wll decltred prllb liel Iy hetter, which lie took to all the different ofices in Nnihville hibt one, .nd hlimself torld me he thad paid for 'e insertion whatever they deranded, who dtclar el iu thart letter that lie hn totally deprived of the sillrt f ore uee from ft ko te Iri his icbh, witici his mother o(tatnd to It,.. oecasioned by the e m oer enll phox. thot now .. could not tony oee the light of the oun, for the first time that hromrelleets. hbt tire tna also, and was -lgiilng to diting.iso many olijecte; and did, before I left that eit, give tin nv prrliof'thrt he ' eld see to walk about tile streers eith thie other eye completely rlsed. He said he hed been a memirer oe the Mestrtlisl Episcopal Clrelh for ne rly lyty veant, an I that his wordt e w evor rdoubt ed tirnit the whole ieolrse ofhis life. . I rpeat th n . t.t e 'ta nev rer reater eeesteshnn it Nashville, aend tialt tO medical nrld elerien. doctors had ievrrochfcto Rin e tell cnwanot ho ie enrtoamrl The piorinrienntio ef.t Rla. elericir I)r Smlitl cotterI wher, . stated to : t t thiat arrt rix rearso pt, toe waes converted from being a perfect ietaid il, ti Ibeleve in tile dretrin a ofhe Bittle ttldt he mest hlvre iad, a trifing error-that I te most have ieanot to rr, Il I t r'frre the end of six vears to comet. le sIrtd, Uhe converted flro ik infildelty, as the rpint of the tr mitittitrer of tIl p cefnrl ani heniren dittrinst of thie .hristian religion doetrett Irentrullls oat destrltion,. rire, calutitrv nrid farlseoirid to pleanse is medical friertls, gneurot.the jnry to any one. AII etieinhablittsa tsof Nashville spcoke of tie greattlece:s I Ilrd, -ept the eridienl dio tore. lMot oftlhere also Inhad her ifiormed br r R r Your t of t ithe t.r perforrmred nil his totally Iblid eye. S. T'lhe fatnour Gotiah S. of'tiis town, pretend. that I hnae alost the Int.oe tr ainr in tithe Norli, stnare ito anrirvl in thle S tlrhwest. This proves, itri ver.t hnt, Sand that I kept Ihel ralllrt I arirerlve d nl In s tir n. If er hittle south and reslltllwestand I sill, h re to wear them on niy very tyothirfl lruw ion the lay I leveo, in spite of the vntuperaoion if tile grorat Dr S.,if I may jmdge from the manri I ave alrady bheeefirtrd i thlis I t'tV within t irer day.. 4. The' o'jcirt rof trire Irrt"ont ist istrr rm tile medi I al olihslrandr editlorr rf 'le Ie:cihlienn .ad ''rans ltert tirr. a wll tf tle clericatl Dr Smlth of i li e Ci. Prer Ivternun .end of the Union, of Nashville, ats well a* tile erlirntorrnrd sri relioa etlitor of the Memlplis Enqrll 'r, in iell ro 7ir I'reatier , tihe Erditr f ttllf I.llisvt lle Jinrrtr, rod ailse rie medical Gotlirr editir f thin .rt, tie rentt rS., tallt I shall brirCtilr tios agionst Stltr ail, f tr vltilperetiln, sla nderi or re alumio y, ilrlro'di rtely after my nrrlval ir New York, an well as :gieritr trotheir amie Iren ttr ie iedir'nl Goliras ofrthre north. ,rtrw tinld yitself lrotiniser , nerver nr quit tlilts tappv Itlndi of lite tv, tlti I Ithte ibrunght tilia Itces of all ntd th' weotr to thle griadmtnre! Theo ulllict.l tileret fore, rone t'IClcRlaeoi n filndilg rtie dturing the t''rli Of 'I next rente ill New York, Whlere lettorsl, post paid, and fn othcr, will e snore to rieael Ineo 5. 'lt inform the plublit that the irtrf, o eil'eri d, which the Rev. alet irI;ly converted inlidel pretend was itrwritt fr im, was ritten it ore lian n week it ier ad arireOnded fr r hte Rrev, i ). Hlowll, ilon read it in amy presen e ithoul, t mainifesiet g tny ditprraiioi; ld itlOnt preteneill ItlrtatI wantell no hlihre himt rllll riio:s , dutvy, as I raver eoald llresalme to eller that 5remtlenmm o- t r Iay otherr, vny money for stitinag fle :I ire iRev f Dorltr'rs own ttteltent io iefnre tire tpurllic: hInI ire n)t a, rxrlnirrell . oiny dipTorrs, &e.r&.ett. wi Ih r g t ttirrrr, s ai iintimate fiend ofi hi, ona well rts Ire riolr of Iy1 + iratients. in rnmpynay sitih noller oirlergylmarnr, ld ,fouad threm nl to l e nlrr he'ttie, tlad all mItr ro tlehtr ttr b, he nort ir ies hrreliflterd, lie rlev-r cotll Ire ble induced by a otal stlranger to ilrew ui such nll arlicle s0 m' t wrote him-ielf frr Iitlieetinr , tnod olhlresoed il to SMi Stlrigfiel, edlitor rf tie S WV C Arloerote. i. Ne' wm,,Ilerr ilhe rlersitighterd medical nlilris rf d Nashville toolr tihe Iit.. .andi therefire soed their el fltrs to lintt wilth then tire -I1rwrcerful, IIIteIic, phit d irrnrrnd inlellectrrl forceof lthevrirl toltet-c trrrrrl iclerilri linfidel. We read in tie Blle tht 'a is it kllaron ry its frrits." I doate say thoe corverled iridtel has preaher d firn thlat posPance. 7 t. IItt evidtyly wnnitod toesnhli'r hIis moral crhrri neutrr aria irtla, Iby rslleillf ntllglnt hit wir re heing I.'ihrl. Ie.ut its ree whierliher -ren of lhintv pieces of Silver will apply to hhm 'os well at' it was wnell pplie, to an(,lher eontertc:l infidel, who. in thoe taw ot" the ia conrnation of his Divirioe Mater, btiroiulcly sola hin for tlllt rrll rr lf picesl if silver. Illy nllnswe is, lhlll it twas Intver i vllenl as a h ibe, norrrolllll it hp enlluill' ed so hv ille nnela. if was frW l e.ell rtlull to file tenhll it 'prt of all le rottular prinrrtr's feor, of $ pier eoqore. Clalailliae iws or'l Itrhre colnmm of cloelv ,rillle i murtrer, wlich were to e repeated Itree or l t'i r times Sin ttie l'reshlerlit a, Utiol, i.nd Illonitojjournlris, ha Il oI'everrihrhtlrel Iohribe hinit, I +ritiltltrr plfie.redlinel a lreant *:iO, iis regular fee, iastatd of$ I, whichl in .It t, probabiliity,t h would hlrve iladlv rerioved no lir fee, d and ntot soa ribe. On tle rsnltrry,ift 1 ill been ca rit hIbe if oftlerint bribe, I lshould eertainly tiave dore 'I it ill a wRv tilo have insulred is liae.e-eptalte. .8. lard tlhe Rev. 1)rotor been rellv rnovertred it Ihe belitfrf tihe dleltrines of ther::.nvi, r i]r woeuld not t have proniserd to come snd exaniiie mo patielnts t" it o'rlrlt keepiig his word. as I bree al.y)e foaht evelry t irniseler f bhe gospel zeelolil th lin. i9. Illrd he lel l rmell cornverled, lre wtnulr n mi rh lirlv It.rve llksn aginlst ti;e Amieri'can it.ritrtions, wd ih ic, it is well known, b re more nlrerorls, aaid whieh 1" are supelriolr to many in Sumoll lpartlls ,,f -i]:.rlil. Hir i it eondutctl Iallrllteh diogunted ITlrne voung litreary nr aeters, ai tt hoe oeaielry retrlainedrfrom nrunish.utg hilbr rrn thle lre,lr Iavnillg vihlenlr haIds oll himiI. 'Thle Irev. gelrtleiom,llthrigh a SeotciroeitI is without eexesut., (uiller. Ile is ialtmnitnlated), nltoulgh ite triv ,, lllhneho. Ila. a rigi to lhine tile Amtcrieoa itn litiltitnl to ireIrii' lie is a nirltlr'rled infidel I soy lie .ri tot--as n i all ott1 t to sj-'ak well of toe brillges Ie giloes et"tlv id over. 'I fallv tile gallll i aalrlai i irlrndy. eild oever'l other miahlr' youag eetlermet of Nathtille, recoltec t well tIhre conduct of Ihis pious expoundt , of tile Ioly toe Sriplutrec! sv. I never saw a:,c+ a ne-uron i..llt hmain shape as tlhe Rev. LDotor wits lie day I el t ell to esol witlh him, when he menaced my g.i y heirs with llan plifted gignntic arm, as if lihe wold have flld me to the ground, for darig oin draw t phiutos ,niiister riwav frrln his dety, hb a hribe of "l0 pierceif nilver! I really tremiledtl nlir than i the "old Gentleman" had ual piered in his onn' thtlpe! 11. I sJtleimnly declare befrme God, nnd am not afraid toecall Him toi witness that I nevrr. in the whole course of 42 years iractice ia anll oclint, in Great Britain. France, Itel7mtnt end Ametri-, is a isingle iustance of fernd as a brib'miuv umount totlheeditlor of ,tvjrtln tnt as a o'n mn:oitior rse spaenl .e I ccupied l ad the trrotble w htoi I itciosioned thlem; ad tl int I was always nore inclined to reduce,rrather thanadld urr inotieto the pt'inter's bill; which is a sufficient proof tht I had noo'tentlon to brilto. wI . Lisat y.--'ihe. emntllhi tEnoqirerfortwn or thee weeks rlntaiitt a tisste of flotrant tlaltsehotuot, which the medical Gdoliah editnur leariet fromn their brethren ottthe Al. ,liiltas of the North, ued I shall Ireat thei lhllsn it is trllov walt I have Ieelt ifitrtnldl--"tSe a hrtggar, a.dll will 'It cll I-- !" 'lt'ohogh I paid Iilll for iny idve.rtisements for two or thllree weeks, Ihe el v iselt ed ii hem n ire. oet will lesne to insert this lntt,.r in your ext pau per, and ohblige yours, &o. l, haste, JOHN WtILtI..tMe', llJ 137 the Eglih Oculist. Cnpied frene il S. t8 . C. dnoca te of the Ittan Jnee. 1t57. Ati thll equest of Dr. Wilti : ms, w ie eril ttheU f .lu - iltu~nlie fiomlll the lirP. l.r Ilgo.ll, tf Nanlsolle, to Ire *, of ii.,' S.,ulth \Vstere ithrictian AhIvocaut, he, it ol'pcrr. Is extnlllilted the di'.lonml tiunl oilier den i mnso.evincive ot tilhe Dotton's culaimus to public patron. iage Ilit cosoegelce i i aun aecillent, Dr. \V wnil r n int i Nu-hvllle a few days luoger thlt lie lit first intended--sav tihe It July. Iev. Mlr Stringlfiel.l:-llteving beern requetted hby Dr. Willianf , the ocnuli-t, nenw in this city, to u.tnl e hie inllmerouon dipilnlla and tllher doeue ntns evinciev of his claims to iublhic eonfidelc itt his pruoosionl I ave, in comianv with o valued f.iend,lluone aso ith pleasure. Amoln: them I found a letter from .lr Pageot, at tre. sent ottarge d'Affnire oat tle Kins of the Fretch, It Woshi ingtcn, addressed to Dr. Williams, testifying tlie e nuime nes of the diplohuan frnom the Kings of Frmre, telgiu, &r. as well s thne from the Aledical Sniie. lies of France.. IHe has numerols vouchers from men known to lie if high repntrtion in thisoeuntry, received oinc, his arrival in tile United dtuts, detsailing iotn-ttn Ces of grent succes ill t ,e restoration of sight to tie olmnd. I hve seen noi rl all his poor patients in this :l'. I knew none of thtem previousR o i eiReotinR ui.+er his care; hut all I have seen say they are un qaertiooably benefitted. ItORt'T. B. C IHOWELL, N'naihvills, Jtne t1, 1837. P. S. Since writing the aoove, ne of Dr. Wilinamn' iatliens Ihas cealled upon une and says lie bud attually and totully lost the esighlt of one ee Ifor eventy erra, hut tow declares himself betereg that lst niglt, for the first time in ili life thtot he can collect, he could dis tinguish, witht th t eye, oie of the promineitt tari . Slearn that thi old gemt.ean has lived rtlttv yearn. in this rdgiuon,and says he nas been a MLeti sdi. during firty years. Yours, truly, anglo R. B. C. II. HIE' KS ON i'IIL.ADEI.rIIA--Frr ale hv YORIltOr II Rt'l HERtS: It N r arnm e trt. TE.NNNIK'S MAP' OF LOUISIAN.A,&. osi ANNt Mlp tt I.ottestatn, with its eannoa, made andt distance,,,rom place to place, iOns g i the stage nd nteanm mroutes, by Ii. S. Tenuer. MITCHELI.'a MAr OF TeI UrraoD SATlTe ehrwing the principal 'ITurnpikie and Oatauon rmaid, ou whien are giveo tile distancets in mniles from one plaee to another; also the coursears of tihe canals and rail roads tbmlug .tot the countir, earrfully compiled frte the beet aun. hltriieuo-published by S. Augustus Mitceml. MITCHELL's TRAYt nLAR'S GUIDE THototta THo Urz.rt, Slr.s; a msnp of tm rmads, distances tesas boat ecnd cauin routes, &e. just reeivaed andl for sale Wi M'KEA:ne, 0TH1 AN 5 PANAP)EA. -'ORtltaleeue.tgeofs utsti.rpc fculanrklngsevllgct, rý ntiatica or hIlt lougtallimnt caensors, alt rheu., r ilitde and merestsrl dineses, particularly ulcers and p nlidfillfections of the bones, uleerated throat or- n ns irill uleers of every deslrlption, fever sores, ealml intenl Iaeseans, Iaulas, piles, scnld head, scurvy, bles, hro. I selsoreeycs , cryt'illiutlothes, and every sirieny Ofe. c tencs affection, chronie Catanh, head ache terceed. ing fromnt any crid humor, pain in the stOmaeh sand ddy. pepsin procedisigfomvorastlon, affeetonus of the liv., chrnuic infl mneation of the kidleys, ad general debili ty mused ly atorpid action of theveels fthe itin. It is sing ilarlyeftleieousinrenovati those eonstitutiouno whin Ihave been broken down by injuolienl treatment, juvenile heguri ee. In geneal terms, it its om ndd in altl tholse dslleases which lnari Imn lmpnriten l of the blood, or initiation of the humors,. whatever name or kind. iSome of the mve . onmplaltssny reluire sanome tri. ii Iingasiutant spplilon, which theirenomstores of the ease Vwill dOtlct- bitl for gieneral remedy rPrllealtor to removetheease,.the INDlIANS PANACEA will generally be found snllleent. I" f TO THE PUBLIC. 1 How true it is, that motlen Physicians, in their am htiou to excel in their ptrofesslonn explre the vast fields of sleniaee by e aid ofchemistry, snd seek out new re medial agents; in short, to arrive at perfection in the practice by means of art alone,--entirely overlook and neglect, as heneath thelr notete, the rich and homteous stores of medicine, which the Almightly has auseal to sprilg out of the earth, in every clime! And how much o"re true lilt that while the Amerian Physician looks to lteigns ounautriea for masny of his most common and oeeesslry rsticles, perletually changing as they are at the dlitates ofsfshinn or folly, he is mrnrtnl-d in his d own comtry with an endleu profsien of medieal plnts, sutlitimmt to answer any indleatio in diase or to cmre any curablU dinsorderd sml ve he it ignorant of their vir tse, anmd they are mrlifr to 'watetheir healing on the e esert air.' S T1le effcetof vegetable medicines upon the system are . tem scrt .those of mineenls lasting. The isrmer en h et theihr' Pets and lOS off-the latter, meronry in llr - tiular, acnet chemically uspon the solids,. menomposing Ithe Iones alsd umldermining tei constitution by a slow idl n slre destrucltion. r The emgeiallity, effieincey std SAFETY of vegeta hie arestfies ever mineral, smay e estimated by contrast. ingthleaeniesit prwetice withmthemodern; or, tnsrisng iI it more imlnediately umser our own observation, thi- hll San prctice with that of the whites. Who, in America, ls nosat known orheard of repsated Instances wherein sm01e loereplid, tinlsetemding femile eltlice, by mcolisof ister siimple remediesu alole, has al'eeted the most ipisd nid asitoishillg curen, after the Mateirs Media of the " ammi p"nactice. dlireled in tle most skilful manner, han foiled?! And wis has not teen iurprlnesl at thenom e paratineenseastfaeility with wlhichthel Indianfteeshim. in a lflm any disease, and at the almost tota abstinence or flchronic dcease among them? Who has vest heard Sselan Indian withs eoostilution broken aml ralinedl by . illtreatlnent And can a loubt exist that this happy ex te rnsttiii of the sRvage from most of the ills whtih tihe . Ilcsofolm is lllirto, is chiefly owing to more gesia of and nole remedies which ho etmploys? 't'his aslollsh ing dilference in success, is a fair exemldifiation of the nt lfiite asuperierity of tle simpple and safe mants of ctre Iv ullielh (od has created for the telsefie of his clhildires, ', over those which the plride and the art of man have ill If veltedl. I- From a long residence among a portih of the ahorigin ar al ilh:aitantsof thiscontlry, andsin intimate aequi-n. n oance with tie metholls of cure of some of their most iY suessfill iprctitioners, the proprietor oi 'The Indian's SitsP sea,' c as l ired a knowledge of some of the most psoerl'slossl l.voriteerouedies. Fr-omthese he slectel such as were most elliaenious all appropriates, ali after arilnsexp eprimets to test their prinliples anl strengthl lie hIts combined them ull the liats hee presented, as the tnost Iperf. eat anld senesfiici clr the purpose for which it I ilrecomlmenllled. SThe proprietorollerllltis lpreparation to the public, livhia the snsieiousness thalt he is piceing withinlhlseir sea, "- I sey eapable of relieving many of his ailitetetd fel low beings, who lta sulcriag unider te variouns chronic i. lld obstinate complaints to which at is applicable. To selch it will prove of inoealclcable valloe, as tihe mssens, s(inalI in many cases, the only mesas oft'elieving their suf. I tleri l anil itrestoring hem onlee more to healtllh d hapll . piness. "lthis is not offere as eonmnmon remedy, tiat of ti.y per chance hIe etqlslly goodl wilh lls My others lOw ai illuss, Intasonlewh ichis oanplble osavo inglife isnmsty extllrele casens which atll he uunnIIieIn edlllliestilitl. This it h1, lias losle repeatetdly; aod this is the rellsations ithusobot an aisnd wherever it ha s itstseic iiitrohleed. o h, It is oiltliIsst Ihrce yelrsatilCelthislpsepasltlion ial i i sieis to iss I tlite l olisc: but ill Il stl ni slpace of alie, s'i sonle llllllhsIs of ilsrln lla nlsmllht Ie i llolll, llwho wol it ' slelltilst lecliisr that hiey Ielicvetl t tltheir lives Wloas sI aIel b)I it, mlI ilsn seasiter they hlad tried mimasy tI nd pehts. all the common remediest i veain. Wher Sever o t is kllnll it israpidly coteisg into ustie, and Ilis aL ni.lllsthe most substalll mislalll ulcoinilcolg proof of it t The vtlllle f tlhe ilunceal i most conlspitllmls i those tn, lg slasistig alit ssphilitic sitI asle ilss a fllcstio s ; sylwhich halillve defied alli ll .l paltislarlO iln those eases where mercury has been so lhivid !v uanll Sas rto ealt d istressing pllillnsil thle bollls, ndlles, illl.o le ril.ileers, diageltlet ol'the digestive oogicn-, 'le. to ''l ctwe it completely retmotes, iand io till visess it entire 1) elailistlles the diselses nud eficts of merciry, reten ,u ou r lesiaecosnslillutio, i ls. III ,siislthe pls ien ss.tIss s nd - well l. rho l lss n t~ ists a isls ilslls ed sore IhiUis llt, it h:ls Is l enlfctst ie nio less appllieit, givivig aloost ilumile i ITsls-I in puos pt. . ti, r s.trl. siht.lli:i'. 'a. ncsts.a itt-lrst.i Ilo La a55 sillstsssiiicls lisve llll Ilerge ; i isii IIl i ls I isl-ti llc c alll I:laxli-esl an .stsli-spam .aolte ml. .iuolan sits u!ll isn r perv l icasis, ltssstli allle s lis ts.l lew l.ue gogsl . tesisr. ta I aly 'xpress' l, it io irseit is alli the iser i. i itat s antll xi 5of e tiios s gi vesitin asic i the s I le ,i:iei lllr , a itn t itlis s -is, s 'I h ln ;lltlaiha d 'itl Iann..l.,er. Flro : thellse prl ci S plse stioptersatiis itai ote iitsmlersool. sr t'hissedicine iasiieeiii ndhss' s highly uhi sel. it many Iiit uiniglns.s d.iisease not herl specified, a1d it bas S1" used itith WOnilei.lnrl ns ais ilSring ilull i a llu Ii ti riller, ytlose l whore auilllecti ocomplaintsd"te chest, lul amn Ihon s corostituoa iiasstll !ihe new vigorn. Such per. er e. Wslievear a iliot thisk is consiider slieces usV, Il is ilacea, lakes in a small dosr; wil nltWer all iat pirpoos in mlluch less lime, at less expenose, aiil in a iI l' mrt agreeabic manner hal Ithe 1tolmmon dies crihk. S Thie tlillwing certifcates, oul of hundteds sinSil'r, le hilh might he Ircieurcd, ate gisen o show site affect ol tlhe II1mn's PllaB in the Vl l 'i( lll cOlmiplil0l..ltIiel it e nlllllr itssla rinri ly t ea ti le .l'll in conun ll use. ,". CinLorron, NoV. 15, I3i-. Drllig Iheliast winlei r aini i isriig wila fetrl ca lithi s.ia very trvere lid Iiarrlesinl ri nitisnm, oseoiloneid hi sc, expiiiit b ill Ist weatihl. I iul takelealt plcendsr iii hi nstssg, thtsIsix lsailesssflsnh nldioltas I olacea, esllllled Ii l - e ller Iethialtllls, sonll I cosfinllely roseomncald it to sill talsiilnlarh" altictl i. JOHN FERGUSON, King at. CIeRtILSTONc, larch e .7. 1832. I was sezaeal abott thtl'ee vears saince, witl a listl'essi,. rhtunatisnm, caused by I tainga severe cohl, while undlser tleinflueacet'of erlcury, ,Ina wlhich ihas tlnblled r flom t lsiness near. ever since. )During this period h iave he. n a inl the Marine Ilospital, in this tit alo it ofli- months, ail nt early tie same length, tioe in tihle I:dlitinare liltospital, andi triedal alnnmost ever Iranlrdy with little berlte. On tshe tih of Febrlar lanst, at that titme searsely ahle to movetalnau upon crutch es, l eotlllllenlealtl t se at Indian's Panacea. In otn :tonlth I ti'tanl .ysell'entirelv teell front tant, and ar now happy to state ialt I consider myself perfetly well. WVMI. 'UCKIII, 13 Market st. CASES OF SCRlOlFUILOUS UI.CEltS N sw YOuK, Sept. Itt, 1830. T'lhis may certify iht in the fall ol 1825, I was seize with a snellilngin my neek and I(es, which afterwart ulcerate and became large ghastly ulcers ain my tIea. Alltl''tt'~r igarstvetal ilIyanatll. a to ett adantaage, I wen' to Philadelphlta, anld placed tiyself undiler the lcare I)rs. l'lh. sie anld Ilenca, when, f'ter rpealted sleivatsot ta lo ne .ct, I was pitonuttlcedal utleaSly inacurable. Aliea. wards I nook twenty bottles nflSwaim's Paiesea nnd nigh' bottles of Potter's aaltholicoa, with na material benefit 1)espairingof lise, whlich hd now beoame a burthett i ate, I returned to ty parelts it New York, in 18.rJ, asi gatemtysell'up to a lingerilng death. Hearing of thI gt eat success of Tllhe Indian's Panacea, however, il case simitlsri to my own, I was persualdedl totr it, asa last . sort. T'o mly great sur trise, as well as satisfactions. soon fonad ityc:lf rapidly reeoverlag, attIl ulon takint seven bottles, thie lnerashileld laid 1 becanme Iaec.stl) well in tilhe course oftwo ilothl, and have remslned as ever sinae. I Iake ithlis statemeat and wsh it lublilhed fi:r Ilc ltefae tol'fhose whol ae suffl'ering ander stail.r smetilloasl or ayphilitie atlietions, tate t-hey may kinow what ltr cared one wleo has rulferldl every thing ll t death, lnd ho consides hisi life saved tky theabove sv. N WM. Hlfi IIA) CUtnt.Raros. Jaly 12, d31. I was allieted, foar yeairs with an ulcer in the leg, oc ."wr irlly srenmpnid e with ertpelatous itflamatio nd.l excessive iltn in tthe leg tai snela joint. Sevralt emtinunt physicians exerted theirskill upon it, but with aout permnalent benefit. In this case five bottle Indian's Pansaeea made a perfect e r e. MAIIGARET A WEST, 11t1 Market, jFr atlety HENRlY IIONNAIIEL, druggist, agen trt l-0 Itr p riltnrs, 'Iltltutilonl tlgssreet li NEW OILLEANS &. NASIIVILLE RAIL IROAD COMPANY. T II tockhol~re of this ompanyae he v n. tiffed that by t resnol.uin of the" board of direr. t.n panlerd on the 19th int. tihe call made on them on tile 13th Februtrv last, ftr the payment of five dollars a shae, was rescinded, ani the said stockhulders are further not ifed that WHI.REAS, by a resolution of thin board passed on the 19th inst . a call has been 'nde on the erockholders of Ithe New Orleans nall Naahville Rail Road Company Ibr the fAllowing pasyetnts ant the the stock held respic. livel y y them, vi:--two nuaitarn per share, Ilpysble on Ila liret dayt of Septeambernext; two dnllars per share panyabla c the tinrst daly of lkeember nest; atd two d,,llarsper share payhalo on the fi at dty of Mlarch laxt, Now therore re it resolved, that the secretary of this company shall notify the shlare holders therein, thro~;lh Ihe pu lic pr ls of the eity that in eonorntrlily with Ihe .ixth seltinl of the charter, they are permitted to pIatpalle atny payment called i on oite stock of said cOupaeny for the term of sixty dsys, from and after she day on which it is made payable, with the expitess een dition Ilowever, that if nnt regularly paid witlhin the said poloneuaatin of eixty dayn, froim and after the day on whlieh it.,shouldl have een paidl that then the stack on whir:l said pymenta should have been made, in and rema .: frfited to the aonlpaisy, the charter on that point hlting imperative. It eonfornity therefore, to said call sialateck of tlhe alkhohllers in said company, as think mrolter to ant aof the paymeats n their stock to the nod of ithe sa4litinnlt sixty days, awhich tihe charter allows thet, are ittiftel that the paysment of two dol lans per share callesd fr,asd due on the first of Bepl tetnlnlerat, smay he poat.lted under the sixth section of pid ebeter, until the 31at day of Oetosber nent, that thne paymIet : two dollars per shae called for, and dueo tthe firadajyof Detelnber neat, nay lie poet ponal unlil the 30thb day of Jannnrv next;and the pay meat of two dollars per share called ftr and due in tihe fitirst day of llarch next, may he poslputed until the 30tlh day of April next. Extracre of tm m ainutes of tle hoard. junsr21 A R MeNAIR, Saeory. OOIiIA1S, ist'ases-aJ daNaitewhits Wos HaV lts, forsale JOHN II GRAHAM. ap 16 jlli~~~jATB'6L~cltlANA.-Ilra,4rh Corturti. .1 Pirhll ano Citry of New orlens. T, IE STATE .' LCOUISIANA. 'ni all whom mthceseI'reseota nelill come, Greetig:--WVheae, r Jumee HLnoi hviln t 'lrcedn d aIt ia oal reade lv the Shithiff uf' the arirl i of ,leaesn the prope r hloeiuot r dasecrilord, a rs pppliie to tie clerk oi' tlis cunrt. in .w ofic the de e w reofr ded o - h cdd1 of April, A. . 1.8, fI, toneitso or andr- 1 Ipemarnt ion forit tha n netieeintu of tet i te th g tecte of Ltouiinro, etli;led.An act fo" the furherdMc C a rene oltitles to puerchoro atrj.dicialdale.;" approved the Ioth d oy of Marchd, 1 ed4. h u NOW,lhereor, kow :r, hnd all pemaon intersreed ecind are hiereby cited aid admoniohed in the name of the tal tf l..uisinn, and pef the Parish Court, who ean set nop any right, tld or claim in end to tml property h4eo e.'ddecrriond, in onoequeatr oflanyk informality in the tnlor,derdreo or nudglent of the court under thEh the ul a wan mend,, or acy irregularity or illceglitr in the oPlsalamemsae and Sdairtismte, inn Jtime. or mHner oftanle, o r eany other t'eflet whahet, ejegto show cr e, within thirtday y fron te day this Saonttion is rt imomrten d In lt ptlle paesrme why I te sate so made oshould not be Aolnmord and home Iog~~ted. TIe 'tresid drperty we eil hIv the 8teriu of the par. irah foresail oa Itite 14t dey l AprilA. D. t1rs8, by virtue of a deree of thi Couri, rendered on tite 5th dayr ofhFebunry,A. D. 1838, inc etlit entitled Alenander Caldwell ve. Jantea HaM.e, No 10,67 of the dorett of this Caurt, at whieh tiae the aid James Hsan e become the prchaer for t the pjies of twenty ot a thousand dollare. I)csripolon of Polmrety is given in the Jndicil Cone toyooer, tic: A eercein lot on.r eund riterted in dte aeuburb An. n eNeietion .a0lt Idacu, okte cfti. Caly, iao ea No 5,u and loe it havig reneh Umeasnes, 60 fret faot crchou pittlu etreet, 1,611 fret f'rnI ln Oranger etreet, er d e d feet on I atr'gde dn Jleuc' rmtrotl,ienueh nmnceser that rahi lot ofgrmond in 6i feet wide lem, one side of th qule to Itil either, together with a dwelling hoeaa frentong on Tchoupitoulne stlect, the hitclhen and de. pendencies, also the diltillery eanlhlal m ea sereeted thereon and other huilding,, en't improvements, tile machinery, utetieill, impleoenem and lutitrer helongiag I to coid dietillery, its dcpetdecien and oltprltennaeoe. and the rigltstectiose, ntt privireges thereto beloegbig or in any wire nplert:.inioi. Clerlt'en Office, NsewOrleos, ilany 7, 188. mi14,24&j: J. 1il.l.,:. Itep'tv Crlerk. I" E'. -I" E LA L.,UAl N .col,. - - ti de i'artsa poitr he 1oiioe rt rilte de Ia Nrcvelle O'lrnas " 'T.F I| liE I.A LOUISIANI.--A tats uen qoe LA cr5 It'hertra enlleernt. Salllt: Attlu,,,Iu qoc i Janmes HaIoc1 o.ynt IUrat, h at ue ce~tr faite Ianr le Shrill ' delopuraion dI'Orlmeual ci.aelEo, deerile, 'e 'oeedro ac Greffe de l ette Clru co k dire reoeto ft eo rel~rristrte Ir'Jemoojur de Mt llie t 'onnoe 18.1, pour ,uni asi eoafoaremetott A tn nr2 tie Ia Ldgicatlltre ' t Ettde In Lmwisione, intitl.U. 'Actl pour eooflrmer le treatet des tclx reusesjlolieeticiies" approai, Sle oIO . Msrsp 1834,. Moii soitemom, ct routes Ipen'.0mes 'Y int.l.aeet.oe l'at' i een leeneten moe~.hea eino lie I' Etat tIe la Leolstioe e tee lo Cnurl de Paroioe, o n i potnlrllt vcoir droit & i It.noliori(.le Ei-al)tt Ienrlto, en enntjlrlle're, d'on dllitot tie forore danne cItedrle tretot ou Ic jugemortldel fI.,er,io- verstr dC hqruel lo veote a ire filte, o tie tionte ihtrdadrite en illhgll'ti 'late, I'ertimatioa.l'cvie ot le temps rt le mode I. oreo t aaeltet ouo IH n etr too(. I1ute elsll oelole/ (ic oire vilr las trele jeears 0 dI lt' del Ire j'licatto tIe eete avib, izorquoi ia .acte aitost Iflse ic Iscrait pun coltlirode et homologohe, l.a porori't. fait venrde por I,. rher'ifT cdlt, le q a 0teeetiir.e Iottr d'ovril do I'amttle 1138. n veretl d'on dheoet de rette cuor le 5 die fhvril'r de I'anene 18e8, dI dlt,, I'etilire d'Alenndoer (tnldllcell, euntro t aees Cluna~e, N., 10,Si]T d t docket de retie Coar, ii lnquelie vcn'o Ie dit James Ilotte n'cot reaeu aeqonretr pour le prixdte $'2thOi. DietIlllertin o delo P,'oprlet(. d'.pri~ n letreaoferjuttieiisr, it Savoir. Un .ortaln I, t le terre aitthnu ifenhr,,rg tle I'Anono te.einn r o.lisa I 'nlonrrl,, do erlle villa, I'ilet No 3, a, lemlislct lt dt'l'kayoot [aernre fra ni(..,] ceorixnte I d- CIrdeo ilofoee l, Ir rnee 'rIelloltplitilu. t noio reot lied* ie ielace to el , ro liPI e't ,r,, etu,, t rixnnte pirda .e . t e& Ic faadr do In ruoo dt lnrhl, Ic . te qur Ic ie lot ,le lerre a ceoiox',t piedo do nrerur d'a" it de driles ii i'anetree enaeaohbe nie mailen, erpnct aire &t la rue ol'cliloitolIu . eoieinr et rh iCri pelntioree..i -.i ,w Ia lRtil!erir ttntlrnile 'ur ItI dit ]lt, et tltree IA tiero et em 1;lirnrtirne; I.CInalehi,,e* , tl*(lti ee, inCtnl eiooe rite~.6. np~p rirta~la isi lol, ,Iicifllhrie, cc, di~puld iiice.,.CprlorItences t't Ir, ,roeit, aclioier et privilges IllIree, dl, greilier,Norpelle Orlhiam, l e7 ilai.18.31. _s ,,14,.i_.j' J. tt_.I.t,.: ittile(: Creltier el totS eF ig 5 s 'ta 0n00io 0 t, Loudon. T IIF ori alot Vegedtble Ilgeinn tUniversal Melc' i" I·.,val Colleg,: of Stlrgneo., I~icentiate oi Atnllrt ral's, llrpany, Fellow f Blolt Ilourt Society, Surgeon Stohe o yIlge Union PeIsion Asonation, Laonanoir Place, Woiterloo bridge, m Pi iertol 'upil of G(y' mid St. 'IlldThoi 's'h ISlitals, id olDon This dvluoale nlalicin. , the result nf wentl yea:lrs' cxperiioce mu.l Inpralle4t sucttss it t the c.lensive oois "'liloci e t blo1:,ult i : ead ulilit% :tll i. nom inihodu.+'l lieitaliow . . Boiomber ol'getltlcooel of Io and o liI I talandling in hoe tprofession. It is hopi.l, os a pr.limi. nhr" sip, to check thi evils a t. ioait nlsteuecs trisilfg flin he ls e of the i nlrnts and ellterinms ln llnsr ins f(osld lupon l the pll hl l h'I the alil" :o Ill" hrel' t ll, Iproof. lmiIl on1 li*.1 111i ts, and iii o i rllns, f.) :i hi l Incr'ce:It:r,11', l itpr· p 1 -11g prIt eil·ndbl" "s t, o talt ig t ll In rof mc dicl sci.c.ei , lt a:l l it i pos ibl el IhIw o olit. lls ooknpl t o t'isrl"otri. 1T1e. pills, mild ttonlrvti.'ale iofsuhl: illnesst , for, ti o hoo ll e ir pi tli .i ah li oi i r. Iroll eholer , erlnaps, spasm , t'wivrl, :rl'd other alar min g coU . )lait l, wll hich i +v ollHn iamie ti ill , .. I ,t spe.Cli. - ie flted oor pirevented. ic i ahiti rilo those i 'i aoilc e .ol, I.al111, sh(ould neler be withho. lh el li. " T1"1 , .r sir' i, pockt'ts at sof cnt, , $1t aud .'2 sachll, h, rse') r'sp.c table lroggist.,krt kller, arod ,. clhdarf n.edicineti.. i,, ;United States, I i .e i s l oltls, with colroulls lbl'ctiols, iogell.t'r uith ersmlloninis of proli'ssionai abilil, l.iwl Aherititthyloinies Illitotdt It, .. It., i1,. IHook, NI It., .1. Aston Key, A. lFram pton, M. II., and Inuilleou others. The origintls nam h. sctin . posbession of thl tGet-ral Agent, by lhno ti l medlicio i iltlportedll into tIlis r.ointlr, stil to wiohu, all applidtioIs ioragentllCi must le i oadle. JNO. IIUt:,IIEIN, 1I' WoV erhly- Place, N. York, Soile (Gentetl Agento fo the t llited Stales, 20c. For sale hv uppointoent of the eriginl it lprrietor. iý SwAIN IIItooeRn, Ir.oggits, NoI I Coa.I l ll.l:et, -ecrterr Agelt slor Stalthlee if llIlilitula. jol n I EMIfY I ItIE co, No 3 o1igaozite treet, a I r.cow receititg from slhips Nashylle, I.nuisaillc, leo.iikl, IKgle, and ollher late atrriltls trai .:h tllern. cilihe :i. large and new slietlld assortment I!.is, SIonls, Shoes nlld Brogsans, nonsisting of gelllellllel's litle call aotII Morocco boots dIo 2d quality; Jot bultt'l, sll sitro was peggeld tioots i coaiouaqtlalitioes; inl's filo calf tool otid loroccaE tutn nI librog:ntl bltuckkin shoes, broganls oa tllpetet: men0's toe callt anoi kippctl pelggoed asoes.d I rogns; tllo It .sl; do 00tot kip oIt wax pIegged shoes a idl brlglaos gentlemen'O s blest atolily cal lsewed shoes, -oogaots otnt Jock 1)ownioogs; do ct l and t Morocco I tllel shoes ut111l illgans; ISl elf, seal naul A lrooco. odlion shoes ais slitto , Ito ellt, oIt' oitll set wottusg S.ew altioleI tlo tilte ctll; set.l ilettl tnd otoreo jitlltleo tots; Imno', misses'aoln cildrenl's peggecl ald sewe b.ogans, .nt shoesooevey qualit atnd kind. Also a general atroloteotf melent' setot was and rl iltogans anlll shoes, togethlllel with It,OtO) pairt ogro hilt quality, lousset lbrogoins, tnailed in ttit Ilnks, Inalde exressly for pllaatioiot ll ol; gsol as. illnonot of inelll fine and stonut kip tassetl o'tigoals, a Sw article, and a. rge quantity of an inlterior quality r setollai x a o Iogaos. Loelies' fne call;, sea, nmoroceo and glrair oelts, ian pnip isot shoes; d fline Frei.lh lilocuco onoil kid run n',al slilpprsll do ral n a shoes, with anld withliot leelt , ealf, se. ad slota l ltbther bottetos; do irutellat shioe, I |Jll kitls anldl illoalitie; ' Nlit Lo IIattlg ioitIs lto gaitel - r ealt otsel d lootees. Misres' ioslaiillgsriitg sloelirill o PieLs. Children's colored Morcoco ao l la sting bl. ob.'l ,tol lots, le. i;nttleilel's litlet llilonabdl Ile oak silk hats; do black to I dra bheaver do li a ltperlior qualityl ;do imtitation 't ranlm do; broad ald nlrlow trim lmen's finel r drab alld +l. sk Ltoasia slhort tnppel hats, a ilew article. Yoaths' I:no size Ihats of ditferent iqulities; dlo cthildret's. . on's anll tIc's blac:k alld dtlab wool hats of various st lles, with general assortileitl of boys' stll ment's aso clapts. ' ll asslortlmet will be repllelisahd by the arrival of rul icItIkeotaltrom Ithe oore amtedl eities, all of which Sillat e sold on accommnodating lertls. Outl I-tf MilNTA (IU E'SI R.4L.LJf Fon TIIE TEETH. I iNtEtslnblihed re lttutlto and conotnl.tly tIertcsoino dmsiand tfor thic elbse rultt rtedv iol'pai, oand ire nervative of the teeth, has inductedidl e subscriber offor it to tilhe American pubhli:. Aerraog.enent ha'. hbeen made to upplv aents it all tbe proteipnl citis and toWll in Ilha Unliled Sltate, so as to plcne i iitll th reach oi thore sTfferilng and Iikely to aufser this moo bIarudsing of all chen, TcoIth-octlie. Wten applied according to directions igle.en on bottle, it buan never faile to flitrd ilomedlate and ltoemnt relif. It alst arrests lIhe decay to defeoltiv t:oatllo, td relieves that oreness whlich no frequhenly rouders a strong tooth uislers The application and reaody are simple, iunocent, an not unpleaasnt; and the large nllber ofpersons in diloerent asetious of th coolntry, that hlave elraily experiecled such delighltf and oalutacv tilooto Iom the use of the Bolao, aso ready io bear (fithe pablic good) their estlimonv to itn ont rivolled qdalitoes. II is an Indias remedy, tlrmined oinaularly t ald unexpectedl, and n ta he regarltyd by tie cioiled world as tite tono c valuable disaoverv reudnn of tibs woods. olice $1l ~er hottlf. Sald by JAItVIS & ANDREWS, mr 5 Cur Common antd 'tlhapltoulta -to. SEW O BOO:C--Noaval SketehLtook, ol, tlhe Servic .Aflltltiad ashlore. With eharaetsristie retloniscen ceao fragmlneta and opinions. By the author of Tals ol a'l'ar, &c. second ocries, in 2 vols. Illitndotn lRecnlleetiono of tha Iloose ot Cononono, fomnl the year 1830 to the closn ol 1835; mtoluding perso-. nal sketo'bes of the leadling member--by one of no par-. y, jhett inceived ndi for sale Ity VW McKEAN, L.ATE PUBLICATIONs. C ROM\WEI.., an Hittoritl Novel, bh the author ol O'The Brothers," &c. in S vol.. Popular Medicite, or Family Advilser, consibling of Oullione of Anotolny, Phyoiology, snd Hygiene, wilh oeh bints on thIbe ptr::tie of Phyt:ic, Srgery, and the diaonses of womlei and hebilren, as may prove useful in families whell rgular phyieisna cannot hbe procured: being a companoou and guide for inttlligent principals of anultueories, plantationns, litd hboardling nchooli, heads of familieo, anlstero of vo.tteld, mioieonories, or tmraveller; andil a ueful aketlch ftr vottong en comment. ing tl.e study ofmedilcito. Hy Ilavotll Conats, M. D. Peter Parley'c Universal IHistcrv on the hasrs of iGeorephro y. for fl tle of families, illnitrnted by maps ond engravcngo, in i vols Juet received and for salhe y iW [toKEA N. m9 oer ;C:aomp nd Common eta. OTICE.-Tlte owoerofaeveral lactkabgs tosrehan dies marked IMadame V. Artiquuneave. per ship Groton, from Now York, is hereby nottlisd that they havs tsinatored by STET$)N,'AVERY &CO. n31 Consigneeo "Groton,' UtwsiuwnunEorouearurzor.Er a.r.aa, lte IA Editioraof ROWLETT'S TABLIEs0P INtIFENrT: TO whicis new added an Average Time Caleula. lto, or easy methoas for finding the average time W on storage, notes of hssdt" bills of goods, when pur. eshmsed at different dotes, n differernt credits, and for vnioUms atmonlts; besides, useful tnd complete iankitig Time Tl'a Ie, theim hest ihast etn lie coltrirlved, or thiat fi irm s ser withfn the sime eondemetd comiass, u die oftvpe. An weiriisament in thehook is in telrly the Cfollow he higth distinton this wMork hns received thrmthl the ten legislative sets prefixaed lto the title age, is a re emmbotie tim Ien itsefn iem loommon,. and n erolestlu slve, b11 t suwhin is neeemray more lmn hy. weys Oa d ehrtneont, to give ensposteatd vier of snoe its pe sliriinte:atifeenmentee, the Inmeres han been somt, s am from,snd somitrd whith, what In eqnlurlent to Fnur-e seen soalorenrhimione, enmituet jn tse pel l thiry fire tilisei, antil prites Ifrtm .tereMsype itise tested hirtyty-one times, from ail whish it mnst to evident semi a the scptiei (epenialln y o ti tale.saonnl th e de-i l of Inroorn the workne) thet tse werik mnlast e arith metlcill infallible, ntid in emnfrlemtioserof hls etiof i premilm f twe hsnmml nat fifty dollnrs, is now soler i ad for the deteetima esian errsr sn cent in the tressent or fiftlh eiiitmm,, as ewi,rlsted in1 tie profse, s1nking fire I tarl'"ertinniai terml edfor tile Imeni error milcelefist I IniIhlleasist in the vyr l102. fine of the mel eonpdeatons fcitnsre nfthe itlen is in the oentmnas fsre m toe Tune aid Alltentm, which for e tieitins, rofitrenue oditestpileiirly, w it the lit ofthesides and illext, eno he eeelltdend i nvi di sty y neti eae witl which thie inaeresl canlit fmllsi n tthe nitents of gteral hisnen, wliho netonullt ig of sit m i"heddsl a nonvnen4irltue etrlltel, int iin ts t estlmti aolinW O nev oi tile sllo s aeoms othild alt iwetate l tlllti essa men ad iteblie ofi era riwho hate motle g.n t ine, orieor therk i haheen istigishe i ld tuy hile tlnhie appellslitn efefa "master pitme". tind aonaleritig Skeiofuiiltyd of the meihcl oirigilmlrnly ndnttev t i tom lonsso othe workt, ed inhe errmm'sllry uumbere nl nriety ofhe enminthenn l o cs d idtel of every edtiimtl it har llnselian si i r eiss, eOtwilit.nding the wholie int istereotype, oesideritg in n, wbihe positive l.lretins slesnritl hy the uimlterietl mnns empire ond, thr o lume hes horn held up aid eprihatielliy asyled " lsi most eadre1ftd bnt cat tint wklsi" ost certailyo III Ssmenan namerns figune weorek o he mme entent, iite in tce tie rtinltnl erlpation, nhahid tnt mite esunt e ied variety onf tetsin th ome a nteenm erof editeni Ino, setmate iatif the nenlltelr, as is elrly shewo in, the Besides, nstest aod stanedlll, it hnelterntririlod a t ine i nearly ll the hatik esi h ilhlis e slrles i, the Ue t.ein pienr i thnPliC gmmleraly, dlurincg lie Inm pecilod owfhirtt-five reors. ye im eror of the eel oiitionsl hs ever b;.eo foud in pirint, lIthstth meiiei ahlly lhallegetd by thie oler of very Inrgie repnmiur "lihe hookisn il, ae texlrensly atlopted by acl theeunons pl olf. ci sevurld ofthe bIates as the a Itote oldaltelhlnttc iinrltstnte interest,"t nonlac ty Inw for litlik interelm enritoerinl the holk is m, astl a se Wary hillteisit plcrtiby .. oulsels'fthe snllsatiiorrn, alod a few of the tsniaellse nclet intrleere, instse lit at the etd of th boork, Ioiultc.tiaisin. eferery clens of citiZEns ill ever) thqes te of tide Unitell States. It iseomw vrer well ktiown tst, hx its reearly aheek, it ins so inrs dtesrteit Ierr rrregen erl. InE fter they were Srd.'e, ever ytlet ostno reotltit a.l o.tpeo otiPenit nrithmeliitlltt, tcet its nseflinets, sold th IHsottlle sle esslty I'.or its sue, bevyi eOo.l.te-C ''-.!" .'_-d itetnc o evldtI, itoeeoi, Ihave ifell its odeftlld gre, w il its I, aeignll, ht itas~esre yiotrsngo, tewhislttIe fireo otitiot, wtntasler, snd hett of priot, n groeat ic.nLor of ownlc id Sihanod eolties were nh or ns solil l sne a .re t litll.e. and( IIIml..Cred :It vnrlolel lrices, nA dllll E(I(Ild o·EIISiln alto im piekrd olp at lirmc $lll to $±5 per oiy, anci omet pemlmnas Iwte renc. y drtclnrl, ned iinatiaor cotli tie qsonleih ttthiey wottlly ~oiyi5, $01w 0, t ail b.501 for n eopy,tflnotto boeihil for loss, aetlc to~ditidoat io i tite Iestiler iiisnine pnotielvhnlh, llieli at, the snli ainye nXhnillmlrll hslhllEan sOlsy teroif," ol dll |rsoib pn'e Is ren thol tohimit w|rome Irly tllin onoyey id oitrione t hi0tis tie sutn i nf llis ,ert vollatle Itliso, ie beint a vrey I'ih mnolik it inpiiltlie ofiee. It is ews W l'll' of ineelc nnd ill.eed llPiit'In Its 1iihc risrwor wtbot oto, a m notitiiit eipo iralrtei Jinllejre.t Ihlltith it trior alle o1 figlle woek b'rllyrll Vid nspellally when of the e mle ponl m im mrlanee ot th rat In Ilr, ( ihitrl h ie ohhnioil ik e fo r t e oroillel rellillooc.nsiothe kin oyinto ,ee tile pos eole dotelll S lenll illi the whi arhis fna anmel' urnIl rltilteli lolf l oinl v elios.r httitnwn CPItei ml n h llrlt"o eesi ittoe C WOmlll f cItmnte t a C rl tluir hi ineo 'stt tntic i t. lrilliing r i.t It ianry ft-itates tl e Iet dly iie ln AIntrll ellielioii. In tol ll'ii iih taihotihl iitohiive hii h , tit Pi hh lirese t tel bt Illr e.tlll nn exiatere I liS, itgil irnillt toFo Ihri glitrllt tt eit)l n ialli eil' I h .d1e r tio llt iec le ii-lush s Vegeiiittitiiiiiii R ii i; Otii ofR.0 i le;Ke s lcaln, chuectwhlle, neCl u nlllu i. flr m. alt l Jno oi-elloo ois to o lllooiilhle IVIrI.t e toli lO tnlih, otwihiit|li 15(IIAFFliow uI,' i otyiii hiili Es mliDiott; ofi the ebb; Engiiisth orpoeteliti of li, S Itln t i tsin h t ocilr O cl itt. oi lliviti lotof elioter ortlc i I'rito lIn od c .ecltpeIrt . i wi hio ll pte iIIi.ttt ,itoo elliti iii II ilClterntio tet r,; soifelo., I ri.tiosos-ti; elite. hrnoitiitig ctqtiiti to diellisolm, d tll itnn isi thior mrisritigiiis, ith Fiiriile nbye0 thw ii.hlhby ,, ,. ' iclltel'l) s tllol's wel1' ilv ·i ll'.ille .1 . I II~II ),Io a ·, s I ld ,o i. I.'-) i dt l in bi el t nolllllr,, or l teir i olll,{t ls llt.ll jo lill Iliil-. l fh'..iH ell, it lln.l· ilol :111 so oln(l- h (1·1 ) i,.lh iil )'ll hilr, II. I{,l : I llillllblrriir \IPhll' ll~i l·' I'i il lllll~ll bllll Ih ~illri 1)1l 1 C, AI l soCvl, e & Selif rleWnl yr1pll en t Ai ooItln ill" nei Ira ,it the t'itto.i )gI. Irivg ltilltt i llt liili fer, cot-rth11 tin,:te bir tln,,1ra Ut',; ioto oti: 11,hf l"or L Wroso P GLEaNot, itRitawa i reIteSWtei c.,1 llllll', l dlula ,h ull"'Im ,l.. ~ III vevl, ..t.I dII1~il·. Itlil-l-oil+ ,"e..I.· lcf.'a ~ii], ".J e J TRcIiio ARIDs lihd ;~P'lllil.P Col' rneroll f Canalr t alnd l ou'unt s.trees periorPeall, on delnrkl; Lilyl Wt (trenot of lvtri; oTobte Rotll gll t (tier of1I% Rt illlllllil v Ere. lilir.i lto ; ImtnSl Cohi ogoe n rootote froln a nnuro otctliucle h0nn itieciloir lt-torlt a~ifi, oorkintyo licel'efi-wht I·vililillK ; DIvilIiilihC dllil~l.;ii,4 i d nil disolr]0urn nrrsintl Ifiliii" nil inl~lllre stele el"the( h~lollll Ill n iliif rellidnlle in a he climate, or tide in~judiciaou user o(: mecretlry. rant Pretorvnivto: th. b hut sorlloaraiio byw t·xl;lllt. Amenl ".¢hieh nnr tlhe f·,low~nli--lilllinnl I))'., ;~for eol,.rllig thle hair; Bear'a OIl; linail~Ul llear'. h Grunsv; Pollllntllnli; jII·H'l I~ilw' red Wllrhl: all. pnrior Pnrl PowCer of Lily Whle; (ireaon.nIf IIstree Vsit (nble ilu.le; O~t,. of llael Lip Yilw.; Kre. Il sitn Toothl Wuhll {Jilrlwioie ])nnllrliiuel Orain. Flawer W&,er; Puwdor Puffs ell I nor i; Alner,. en cn Chaurcoal, nently put Ulp inl four ,nel vinlr; I I',eston Solin; Cll,,gllnri Kruon(Ile I'o~rlil.uche D" lrnp.; Hnir Iirnlsheri Englisli Ir n Ig {In ,hi hletIlln Ilalir Oil;--withl n variety e| ,tlier PRlfJ mrneries, &LC. Fr l~lnP by L W GLENn'S PERFUMI RIE$, ;4J C Ti{INt. .ARD, rCorner o/" Can~al and Bourboll streeta I OYLt'I MAY, House, Sign, and Ornunmvta I Painters, No 3 Caroadele street, two doors from Coalt street. Imitations of ihe following woods and airbles, e eeuted in a masterly manner. woOns MAIILEr. Mhiogany, E)y'ptiii Ilbek aaill gold, (Ok, (;iallo anl! Altino, Pollard do, Orientll or verd antiqlie, (Curled do, Juasper, Curiled Maple, Blood Stone, Biids Eye ino, Dorby Granite, Satin WVod, Poiom:ee, Hair WVood, IDow or Ilurdellon, Yew tree, Italian White. Coromamlle or Black Sbi:uioa ami BRretells, Rose Wood, Ameri an Grey, Ash Whiite Oak, ke. kc . Curled Elm, Specimens to be seen at the shop. Paints. nils, glass, coual varnish, ke. oin hand dltor sale. m n I RON, STEEL. . HEAVY IiOOOl)--Hat, quare snd bundle iran, well asscoorled. Hoop, scroll and roil iron, nail rods and ploulgh moulds Cast, German, shear, blisterel, spring, sheet sail Crowley stpIl IHollow war, cit and! wroulghtlails aind epikes Zinc, block tin, mill atd grind stones, salt kettles Chain cables, clihors, knee Ox, log at di irace chains, coln mills Anvils vies, Ilnammersanld olulows Wire, alieet,piU ainm bar lead; ahot Coal, and eokog stovesi -Amis, Itowlandl's avd other spades and shovels Ilook and plate hinges, door anil window hooks Collins, lits,t Slaurps, siln oilier axes l'ar'd and Manilla crIlage, lines ,il twine Bolt anll asheathing copper; Naval stores Paitts, linseed S i.tespem oil A full oassortment ol hardware and sip ehandlelry, always al hand, aid which are offered fir stle st whole. ale or retail, oil tie most faeorable terms, by m4 LAYTlYN k Co. S Old Levee. BABROWGATU SPRINGS lungo erv eounlty, lae i ona. THREE DAYS JOUR3EY FROdS NEWT ORLEANS. lHE propriee or of thii enablishment ial the ptlei r sure of annoncing lo his friends uni tile public in general,that he will lie in ithio r day of May to receive viritlera lie will also slate for tlhe l-: efit of those at a dintance, that thiero nhave bot large improvement made, and tilers now going on and as rapid lirogreas fi eopiletion, iwhlih will enalule tihe suhcr lier to n:eimnuodute u much larger onukber than heretoforen, and at te eine time mueh bettrer. Yainilia can he accolmnidated - ith gol roomsn , or there who preler can have large eabitai einehed from the maiN building. It is deemned unnaseeem.ry ti ay anything in purtlieu. lar of the character nl tlhee watern, for it is generally believed that lhey are not infurior to anv in the Soutl. ern Statei. All tiw smnuements ihit ore generally found at Wateing Places, will lie fond at this. T'he best musimic that this part of th' nitr ny l.tinl, Ihas bees engcged, and will be in eoslnautl attndanceat the Springs durieg the whole season. 'I heasohaiilel will avail liincelffr this oppnrtunitn in retaurning his uoiigned thaiks fie the very likeral mupport given him last season. and hcpea li tile .ner lions that baer hee isede in improviue and lelrtedin. tih qeruonmodatious, to meril a li.ierul patrnonge ltrl present season. J.\tO CR.AM. m3 TO 'I'H I; .ADIES. 4T(INSON'S I)EPILL.AT'OIttY, Ir rnemoving en! pe€rfloua hlair fromD the fier, neckL anid LLs, ItiJI aqual saufrey and certainly, leaving die akin liner na l, whiter than hbefore the appliation. A fresh e tiilnl" just reeeined at ol)N'S," Nal Eehnge Il Hotel, corne, St Clnarl:, and Co(!nio I saeals. p 6 MAIL ARRANGoMlliSW, Nortler aadt Dues Evelry r at O M M at of "br Chaslm, Every day OAM It4 Wester l, Due every Stday Wednesday byery of. he| Friday, by, P. M. by Ca no Closes every Moadsky Wednesda Corrr, |and Suturdoyalty . The Lake Mail y ueday, Thursday, a via Closes every Monday, Wednesday EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF A RRIVAL, DEPARTURE DISTANCE &c. of the Express Mail, betwao aMooii and New York--leaving'Mobile deilr at 3 P. M. Northwar Now York daily at 5 P. M outhward. Arrives Arrive Northward. Distance. Time. Iteturn'g Moqgst'mery, Ala. S pm. 198 m's 2 h 12m. Columbuse, Ga. Il 81 9j 34 a.m Miledgeville. Ga. 133 141 Sp.m oiumba, S.C. 7am. 183 17 1 Raleigh, N C. 5 215 22 12 Warreinon, Va. 2 m. 55 ia a Petersburg, Va. 1 pm. 3 10 a. ma Itichoml, Va. I am. I 3 ' SFredorickasburr, 8 67 7 lp a. Washington ity, pm. t 64 I Balstimnre 38 - 4 . 1 Philtdelpilia, 6 am. 100 !1 20 a New York, 2 pm. 90 84 1305 14 h. or hdfS Northward. Coming Southward, the time is six hour less; beings days ansd 17 hours. TEN lIOI.Il.AS REWARD. e ANAWAY is.,m 169 Caroudele corner of Hevia IL ereertAn the niht of of it of August, and was seen .he ten moraing in iPeydrns ereet, a negro boy named 'HAIlI.ES, absout 17 yearsrf age, as ni 5 oI therealmoutsin height, very black, and Las n imped insent in his speech, one of his lg is imsre, seniaslone by a recent hurt; hie had on wten he went nway a whisp cotton or linen shirt and while etoeln pantaloons. d Maters of vessels and steam boats are cautioned a gsiost reeeiving or harboring said negro, as well as all other persone , as the utlmsmt rigour or the law will bt enforced against thrm. Tha above reward will be pal ferdrlive :ig hmn into any of the jails of either of the municipalities, or at 169 Carandeet, corner of Ilevia e ateomt. apt Ii oT'I.-'l'-he oeloaterhliii heretofore aexisting i under the firm of iubois & arrelson, has bees dissolved. The subscriber will liqlidlate Iheatrino thei cotneeti in thin city, and reqoires ll perrtonsindeb - ed to make taytent toi him oily, and all iholsehaving clainn, to pre t lanthem forsettleasmit. artg -7t H (ARRETSON, W.W.SWAIN. No. 11'Canat Sreel Acir H AS always onhand coneansltaly receiing Dlr. -I Dyes, Ulhemicals,aud Pmn:s,amunog aim are ollwoig: DiDRUGS. DYES, Anlisniy, erude, Argols, red, do lrgilnls, AiiatIo, SI,8e 0 Arsenlic, crudlle, Alum, do Ipwdered, Brazillette weoa, laloao copavie. C'ochineal, Bora,, rto Cop ras, Amerhin. do refited, Cnpber, Brimstone, crude, Fastie, Tampleo, do roll, *. 'do Cuba, io flower, do Mainel Ilirmilmh, Prench Lecries, CUstoroil, Inligo. Bengal: Creatsm i-tar, do Manilla, ii Cantllritdes, tla leracel, oiten aloes, dio tlt ltamla, do Aiabie. Lgemd, Ctamleahy i do assaltids, di St )Domingo do an.mlion, do Jamases, S do belzeiln, Camwooll, Ido Cpal, rough, bladder, omabia, do do scraped, Nicauraguo, Ilonasre, do do S Americ", do Coro, d do camphllor, ern e, do MlseaaiL do do rifh i. do Hache. do ailcm., CHIP.MIICALS. S do ki0n, Ail, nitrons, do itmaonlie, dio nriatiie, i dlo oilun. do tlllIlris, do shellhc, liltle titriol, il t, l, sial i.ulv l 1, ' it, it io stmllll t:l, i nrl'osvi o lllin allal it do tngiuc.oilt, .hlorilel' lime, Glmboge, 'paom suitls, . Juniper herries, Amerienl,6.toar ealslic, It lio li Fonreign, ltllitreeilpilrae, , hssaisin, Eiglinsh, ltihic-le sal, ado Amer.iaIJ Iled chlolntatcpotasl ,y Mltam flake, Sop meia S o* l do sortl, Sull I lirl';nrice ball, Sugir lent, . ( t elm s, Sill, zile, olrb Ialb'.rnntetl, Taritmr emetic, II- dlno, PIAIN'I' Ilines. a in nil 1 , T .,h I ~, n,.,il, I. l ,nt lýtii Iitt'niE l e l l, .it-ry. h lin, ii doilll dl o ill oil n ' ida' lp , d.. klnenn, '1-), iI Ih l ln , i , ,In i0 it noil, IIa in I ii rH l i,: I . Illhl A 1 II hI. d)o vli +I IIr e Lu , ,I +hhl... ,.i - isll i, : i 1 i . t t .lr , ,-s ,I rne r Sr , v. iara i FIt l h, I'si , hiii + .1,1, Io cl u, Iu., nr E lish, ,,, , do 1, i+,, i., h.nlr, , ,it, " ,irli rIn~o ngi , I ..l.,o rll 'l (( nl oil i plil, ep. i. r.. +'. Ii .i, l'P . n y ll l ii,i di' , , i, lili l*I. , ,In ,1o-i, .l ,, S :.iI' rl ) ; , n ".1 IIII , h ' , tic - --- ._ __ - - t.lrii, i Iit;,;;.r'-.. i" NEl:eV NOV.iL1 mal'in tiNr Reer, by har er mIblor L ibr ple, rr e 1'a nmmiu.n, . x Winter n t S l't l mi ui-forn in Lon ii, b Cjptil Inil 111ll, tRnal Nry, F.L "R ., in I vol. Lrd ReldR,,, a romac!.m , v Altoll, Cnniegham,f vn .%,pait.d Icee, wriliten y himt elf, in 2 vols. 1 (. ope die, l tlis Hiorf antly, trannlated from tlhe Jrieisal Italcn, a h Nnlhaniel (ireen, in I vol. for ning No. 79 If larper's l:moily Library. oll :I & 4 ofvtbe new cmpelets *nd uniform edition of Il'nehirogon /rian's 14W'rks. Rogter's Frenh and Eoelivh Dilctionry. in I ol, hvo uo.en's Fr'.ench and Laglish Dictio,ire. A few more copies of Coumbe'sPhrenology "Rienzi." Large sorveyrr'v Ctninnaoer orfsperior qu1a its l with chains, illionrd lslt n Lf2l4 nd 2 1-2 inches Girlho' improved seslie PCeoe,japeud ipmamr, weighl &c. &c. &e. Jvtl received, and for sale by m3t IIENJ. LEVY. 1'AIN ItEVISI'F)',&e..R&e SPAIN REVISITED, &, by the authonro Ayeae in Spain,' in u2 vol. Trnifs of Inditn r .tarw .n, as agenevntll pplicable to the Aborigltliea of North America, by ( Turner Esq vols. N o The Politieal G.rnnt., of l . l!nited Sotate, urt romplet o view Iofthe theory and 'r*tlire of the gearra and staCe givernmrlnt, with the relatione Intwean them -dediatol aend sdolped oi the oultg imen of the United Siatens, by E D anorfield, Esq. Nimrod's HeontI ' intierspered with chaorater jilsc anecdotes, rsoi.go and doings of sjortin men, in eloding notices of the principal erek rlders of England with analytical contents, ald general index of naune,l volumes. Fuo THE coen. or Scrofula or King's Evil, Chronic trhnumadm. Chronic Cutaneons Dio- Pains in the Bonel , Iy fea eases, use of Mercury the blood being in vitiated tnto. Thin viry eoncentrated Syrup in prepared with the greatest Lpharmacieuticl care and aoccurncy,and contain the active prnciple of Sarsnplrilla in the tnmot conces trteld degree, colmbined with other vegetiNhIJubetlnae of known elcacy. Tie great derlderntum witlh physicians in being nbl to exhibit a l.rge quantity of Sarsalirilla in animn dose, bian been ohtaievd In tins pIreparation-they, heinl fully convinced of its imeriits, confidently adminiater the coursero of their practice. Price $i 50 pofblttle. Sold only at SWAIN IlROTnHEItI'S [t og No. I )Conal tre1t, w"h may be hid, fret1g enh1ine, direct from the p.sfri tor, Swaim's PaI Varmlfug, Potter's Cn.tjo con, Carpenter's rytlins, and a large apd genera assortment of fresh drp,[ m4 I LNNOCK'S ROME, &e IINNOCIK'S IMIPROVED EDITION OF DII I toldnmith's Abridgmoent of the listory of Rome to whleh is prefixed an Introducltion to the Study o Roman History, and a great variety of valuable infoe onation added throiihout the work, on dithe Mannern Instititions and Antiquities of the Ilomans; with no niiroua biogrojihicol and hintorical Notes; and quoe tions for examlnlamin at the end of each section. II. lussrated with thirty engravings on wood, by Atherton •'tistoc's s iproved Edition of Dr Gohldmith's History of England, from the Ievasion of Julius Coear to the denth of ieorge 2d, with a containuation to the yea B132. With quotions ler examinmation at the end a each aection. Besildes a variety of valnable infoorna tiei added throughlo, tile work. Consisting of table of contelmllrasy Sovereigun and eminent persona Csopious explanatory notee. Relmarks on the poll tics, [lianers and liitenttir of i age. An ottliner the Constitntioo, &c. d&e. llustrated by many engmo Guys' ELInnei 's or Anrooorey and an Aoridgmen of Keitlh's New Treatise on tile lie of Globes. New Avmeriean edition, with additions and iamprovement nnn on explation of the astrolnomical part of the A. tican Aulmanc. Just reseived and for ale by WM M'KEAN nov 24 corner of Camp and Common st@ IIARI'PEI'S CLASSICAL LIBRARY. I] ORACE,tranoslhtod by Phillip Francis, D D, with i- al alp.eodix, clntlnilO translations of lariote odes, ec. by Ben Jouson, Lowley, Milton, Drydon Pope Additonl, Swift Cllahtterton, G WVakeeld~, Parsoe Bryan, &e. and 0om of tha moreemlnient posto of th dnv-a-nd dIIaoDRUS, with the appendix fl l;udios trannl. ted by Christopher Sanrl, i ii vilm foruninn volumes.! nod li9 f"Harper'o Classical ILibrarv 'TIw Expsedition nf HhilJi'lgb.hy CLINKER, by nmollott, U1 , wilth a lo!leir ofthe. AIthor, bykyTfie o Raosoe, Eo ll., nw ediltio, will illuxtrattoi, by e( I'J 3 PS Y; a Tale, by thike thor of agjebedi, Mlare oil! urguody," &c., low edition, 2 r. . o.inpt I'AUIL ;LIFFORD;by thb .....r . "Plhb. T'he Dilstt ad," Scc, beiiy roluon 1V oltt. new d I of"Li ourn Clcllnlsl e 'aks. Jnt reneived a Rale I) WM McKkAN BlACON SIUES 1- i casks Cincinnati an.-t 'lanllio" f 'UIs ttle . utiRa o clt& , anld Ior iles ltht(;i:Kr . )tAWr

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