Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 15, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 15, 1839 Page 2
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FRIDAY MORN I N 0, FEBRUARY, 15. A good deal of excitement lias been pro duccd in Cnnnda, nnd not o liltlo here, growing out of n murder below Qunbcc. It appears llmt on the 3lit nil. a MrTachc, the seignior of Kamouraska, was killed by sorno unknown person, and on tlio 3d iii6t. his body was found buried in llio snow near a fence, with a ball hole through his head. A subsequent account states, how ever, tlial there was two balls in tho head, and that the skull was beaten in, as if with tho butt of a pistol. The coroner rc turned a verdict of wilful murder. In reference to this ofTair, the Montreal Her ald of Tuesday contains tho following statement: Wo understand that Madame Tache has been npprchended and lodged in pi isun in ihis citv, charg ed with liming been tirrcwiry to tlm minder nf licr iiiimjiiwi, inu ai:iinciir in iamourii.KU. It appears lliiit f ho has been lii big :ii Knrcl fir tome time, Ins maintained n giiihy rniinpxinii u-hh Dr. Holmes of that plitcc, nnil ill. il I lie y Imili 1 1 :i 1 1 renlvcd io put n period In (he cxUlcnrn of llio man lliey had so deep, ly wronged. Sonic linio ugi the hired n fciviint girl lo poixin her hu.hninl, but as I tic micinpt was, she attempted io procure ihe aid of nn oilier, nil i inetiiiiily made known her guilty l'nlenlinn, ami on being upbraided for her conduct, tie said it unit but nf liitle conicqueucc, ns llio Doclur done llio hiuincts by that lime. Dr. Holmes left Sorcl in hi. own Cariolc, tonic days ngo, gmo out he wag going lu llcnryville, but proceeded instead lo Ininournkii,it distance of hvo hundred mile, when he met his unfortunate victim, nj detailed in nn cxliact fioin a Quebec paper in nnollicr column, nnd perpetrated the foul murder. He. ha lieen arrested at til. John?, but we have not heard of his having been brought lo lown. The woman who informed on Madame Tnschc has been detained us a witness against her. So much of'lhe abovestalcmcntas speaks of the arrest of Dr. Holmes, is certainly not correct, as ho is now in this place. He came here one week since, put up at one of our first hotels, and has made no conceal ment of tho fact of his connexion with the unfortunate offair alluded to. It appears that he communicated to several persons on his arrival, that ho had killed a person in a duel, and had thereforo thought it prudent to leave the Provinco for tho time being. He however totally denies tho accusations of the Herald, and says ho has documents which establish beyond controversy the nature of his connection with the tragedy. Wc understand him to say that he received a peremptory challenge from Tnschc, and (hat he went lo Kamouraeka, under the impression that ho could scltlo the matter; but finding that impossible, after tho usual preliminaries, they met at tho lime and placo agreed upon, accompanied by their seconds, and exchanged shots. Tasche fell. Holmes immediately left the ground, returned to Sorel, where he remained part of one day, and then came direct to this place, where he says he shall remain until the public aio satisfied as to the facts in the mean lime asking a suspension of pub' lie opinion on tho subject until he can pro cure for publication the necessary docu ments to exhonorate himself. Wo simply state those facts,ns we gather Ihem from Dr. II. himself, without ex pressing an opinion upon them. The cir cumstances, os detailed in the Quebec pa pcre, arc certainly very suspicious ; and yet the subsequent conduct of the individ ual implicated seems to forbid the suppo. 6ition that he considered himself amenable J to any other than the laws of "honor," which, our readers arc probably aware, prevail in Canada. If the facts ore as ho elates them, wc arc content that he should settle the matter with his own conscience; but if tho reverse, every honest hand should be raised against him. A short time will satisfv us. P. S. Since the above was in type, Dr. Holmes has been arrested, at the instonce of a police officer from Montreal, and is now in custody of the sheriff. cTpTu m. A singular instance of resuscitation from the effects of this drug occurcd in this placoiasl week. On Tuesday of last week, Parmcnus Huntonn, who was recently committed to jail in this town, on charge of purloing money from tho Essex post office, it seems resolved to "Shuffle off this mount coil ; "To sleep perch, nice to ilream." For this purpose ho had procured half an ounce of opium, and on Tuesday evening took a pill containing 120 grains! On Wednesday ho was found in a stato of ut tcr insensibility, so far as the cxlcrnnl Ecnsea were concerned, and presenting to the unlearned observer only tho appearance of a man "gloriously drunk." In this situ ation ho remained till Friday evening, a period of five full days. In the mean time our best physicians had been in constant attendance, and in vain exhausted the usual remedies. Wc behove it was con ceded on all hands that he must die On Friday afternoon, Doct. HuiNiniEnn who, by tho way, is a bold operator was persuaded to make a last effort; and, oho uicnt (o his call, Lazarus came forth. Wo are not apprized of tho particulars of the operation; nor is it material, as the ense will probably bo reported for tlio medical journals. Wo believe, however, lhat, by tho warm bath, and tho Trco uso of the scanner and ciipninrr class, Im succeeded in .drawing eighteen ounces of blood from the region of tho cerebellum, -which gave almost instant rolicf. 1 o the nosmall nston. ishmcnt of tho bystonders, the patient sud denly openod Iih eyes, raised himsolf up, as it were from tho grave, and called for water a cup of cool water ! "Ah, In sleep, what dreams may come 1" II leisure permitted we might preach a Bormon. But, "lelhini thothcarcth under stand." Huntoon is now in n fair way to recover, and, beyond all doubt, a more rational man. On bning first interrogated as to what he had been about, ho replied that he recollected taking a pill of opium last nighl. The intervening fivo diiys were entirely lost, except in the accumula tion of a rather unusual appetite. Without detrncting at all from tho high and well. earned reputation of the other gentlemen in attendance it is but just to say, lhat Dr. Ileinebcrgh is entitled cspe cial credit for his skill nnd perseverance on this occasion and in doing this, we but givo utterance to tho united opinions of nil with whom wo have conversed on the sub ject. Fatal Accident. Wo regret lo learn riiat a young man named ricrro i.nrnuge, viiiiiiuniii living with Mr. Sliiuion, of Ksscx was killed in stnnlnncotisly on Tuesday, 5lh iiisl., whilst loading his sled with mill logs. He was alone, at llio lime, nnd when found was literally smutlicd lo pieces, llio lugs having nppaiently lallcu in a mass upon nun vliil?t loading them. He was u oung man nf industrious habits and was much respected. bent, A Frenchman in Colchester had his leg so severely fractured by the fall of n tree, on Monday, os to render amputation ne cessary. The operation was very skilfully performed by Doct. Hatch, of this town, and wc arc gratified to learn that the patient is doing well. ABOLITION. Mr. Clay, on tho 7th inst. delivered a speech in the Senate on tho subject of abo lition, which is spoken of as one of surpass ing cioquence. The occasion which drew him out, was tho presentation of a memo rial from tho District of Columbia, depre cating any legislation on the subject of slavery. This speech will soon bo pub. lisbed, and wc cannot but hope it may provo as satisfactory and conclusive to the whole nation, as it appears to have been to a portion of those who listened to it. Its character, however, may be inferred from tho circumstanco that Mr. Calboun ex pressed entire concurrence with it. "The Senator's speech, (said Mr. C.J will pro duce great effect. Tho work is done 'lis nobly done." Investigation. It is understood that tho investigating committee closed its labors at New York last week, and re. turned to Washington. "Their report of course is not yet drawn up, but will be prepared in time to bo submitted tho latter end of this month. The short time allowed the committee to prosecute their investiga tions the voluminous documents nccessa rily examined the difficulties ever thrown in the way of those who seek to ferret out iniquity, and the endless labyrinths in which artful scoundrels have enveloped their frauds, afford but littlo prospect to the people of being made acquainted with any considerable portion of the details of tho gigantic defalcations at the Custom House. Still we have loo much confidence in tho character and assiduity of the Com mittee, to permit us to suppose that their labors will prove altogether fruitless. They could hardly have passed ten days at so prolific a sink of corruption, without obtaining some cluo to the mysteries in which so much of the people's money has been absorbed by faithless servants. The result of their investigations will furnish we have no doubt essential servico here after when time shall bo afforded by anothor Congress to follow up the labors thus com mencod." CONGRESS. Tho sc.?ion is ropidly drawing to a close, about three ueeks only icmaining of tlm litno before ml. joiirnmenl. That iiiurh has been accomplished cannot be said; but the, way lias been pacd for nc. complifhing much nt ihe next session. Tho repoit of the defalcation w ill hardly be useful lo the pres. cm eel of members ; but will servo as a capital foundation (or the icforms which ihe first session of the next Congress mint introduce into the mode not pei haps directly ol taking charge nf the public money; but of inking care of thofo odirers who Inve il inchaige. On the subject of tho arimn tpics. lions at isMio between ihi country and Hnglalid n mass nf infin matinn will piobahlv bo ca lleif out by Mr.'s resolutions, ol inquiry, which will semi as ilm kasis of futino action. It U really a piiy that so many unsettled questions of boumhrv remain open ; nnd the sooner ihev am determined anil established, the easier will ho "the nf, As the Irnem in qucsiinu become occupied.or looked In with a view in iniprnw'ineiit, or ni. exploration dciclopes Iheir value and resources, now questions of interest rise up tn iinpedo tho progiess ol'ncaty ndiintment. Tho .Maine disputed lenilory was baldly ihought of, until Gicat 111 Ham discovered il ivnnl,! ,n Iiemely coinenieni, if not absolutely necessary as u thoroughfare lo her inoro inland possessions. So or Columbia or Ilia Oregon Territory. K,Cn Michi- " "Ul "u 1 utcupicii, linu uy fubjecis Inr inounichy loo, infill bo claimed by our lliitish friends ns iHoynl mldiess lately got up in Sandwich U. V. llio icrriiory of tho Stato of Michigan is spoken of ns (he rightful pioperivof Great llriiain. ' Tho preemption law is settled for lhi session knocked in ilm head hy the House. Tho wci-lit of the remaining business mini Im tlm iml,r,i,,L, bills, nnd the slniL'izIo between ihn nc..lii.. r gnu-rnmeni and llio public works, nnd tho need of reinuiiiiuciii iu mo capacity ol mi impoverished neasury. It is not improbable thai a new issue nf iri-.inii y mm: v ue spoKen ol, it not carried; llio issue being left lo the discretion nrthe depart' liieul, mid not lo bo made if ihn finni importations should bo found sufficient ; of iiu-iu iciiiiiniv now an indication in the lull lellirn freights oflho packets mid oilier vessels, Undo Sam is only prosperous in pecuniary mailers when Ins merchants are. BURLINGTON F KM ALU SEMINARY. The semi-annual examination in this In. Btitution was hold on Monday nnd Tues day lost ; and was concluded on Tuesday evening with a musical exhibition, by the pupils in that department, under the in struction Prof. Molt. There havo been about seventy young Ladies and Misses in attendanco during tho last term. They were examined on the principles, nnd upon parts of their stu dies for the term, taken at random, or des ignated by spectators present. Wo listen ed with a view of ascertaining tho depth and accuracy of Ihe pupils in what they had gone over. The classes nil appeared exceedingly well. They addressed them selves to the business before them uncut harrassctl, and with. n confidence in their knowledge of their studies, which showed that they had secured what they had attempted to learn. Knowledge, ideas and principles thus fully acquired and familiar, izod, will bo abiding and useful. The recitations of tho higher classes in French, Latin, Algebra and Geometry, furnished pleasing evidence of patient application and of mental growth and strength as the result of such application. The performances on tho Piano Forte and by the Vocal Class on Tuesday even ing were surpassingly good, and proved not only correct and thorough training by the Teachers, but good progress by tho pupils, on the sound nnd safe principles of that training. Tho attainment of great excel lence in music depends on beginning right. The young Ladies have certainly begun well, and, on that beginning have made manifest improvement since the last exam ination. We only express tho feeling of tho crowded nudienco present, when we say that their performances wcro such as to do honor to themselves, to their Teach cr, nnd to tlio Institution. The pieces were performed with remarkable precision and correctness as to time. The fingering of tho pupils, (if wo understand tho matter) was excellent. They touched the keys with case and exactness of time, ond bro't out notes and chords from the strings which wo have seldom heard produced by so young performers. In the pieces sung by the Vocal Class, accompanied by the Piano, wc observed the same perfection as to lime and the same cxcellenco of execution generally. There was some indistinctness in pronouncing. For this, however, there wassomo apology in the crowded state of the room and heat ed air. The lost pieco sang, "When shall wc all meet again, Sec." was appropriate and solemn; filled with thoughts of thrilling interest to a band of youth who havo just formed their 'first friendship' with each other in a public school, but arc about to part, perhaps, for ever. In short, the results of this examination wcro such, we arc sure, as will commend tho Institution afresh to tho community ; satisfy its patrons, and show that tho Prin cipal and her assistant Teachers 'dc3orvo well of tho Republic.' Tho wholo Institu tion in all its departments of instruction, the .Boarding House, the rules of discipline and parental oversight, ore ruch as all ju dicious parents would desire, who wish to give their daughters a thorough and useful oducation. CANADA. The Montreal Transcript states that tho district of Chateauguay which has hereto fore furnished same millions of feet of fquarcd timber for tho market, and the principal supply of cord wood lo the citv of Montreal for fuel, will not this year supply one foot of the former nor ono cord of the latter. Contractors cannot find hands in the district, the majority of the French males having cither fled or been imprison ed, and tho British and loyal population being under pay ns military volunteers, or if not under poy, eo full of military spirit that they cannot be prevailed upon to work. To add to tho troublo in prospect for t he future, tho wheat ploughing of last fall was almost universally neglected, nnd tho chance is that thcro will ho very little wheat sown in the spring. Though more emphatically true of Chateauguay than of any other district, tho same remarks apply in n greater or less degree to tho wholo of Lower Canada. DURHAM'S PROJECT. A letter from Quebec, published in tho London Courier gives on outlino of what Lord Durham intended to propose in Parlia ment, respecting the Canadne. Its princi pal features arc : To abolish the namo of Canada, and divide tho two provinces into four, with llio names of Qiiohcc, Montreal, Kingston and. Toronto these, with the provinces of New Brunswick, &c, to bear tho namo of British North America and to have a secretary and office for itself in London, and bo governed by viceroy each province to havo its own Legislature, nnd tho wholo country lo bo divided into muni cipalilies, the paoplo thereof electing thoir own ofllcere tho clergy rcierves, Jesuits' estates, and oil funds for education, to bo I thrown into one general fund, und distribu. ted nmong the school districtseach prov-! inco to scud one or more members to the British Parliament great arrangements to be made for internal improvement and steam navigation with England, Mexico. N. Orlcnns papcrstolho 2Gth Jan. bring dates from Matamoras to tho 19th. Tho decrco expelling tho French was rigidly put in effect. The Federalists and government troops were fighting occa sionally, success being generally in favor of tho Federalists, Filisola, with one thous. and men was shut up in Mntamoras, by the revolutionary parly, nnd a decisive battle was momently expected. WAR ENDED. Hostilities have terminated between Franco and Mexico. Through the inter vention and mediation of Admiral Douglass commanding tho Britisli fleet on the Mcxi can coast, terms of accommodation have been mutually agreed on by the billigc- rants, nnd hostilities had ceased. The British Minister had obtained from the Mexican government the promise of 1-Clh of tho revenue of all tho Mexican ports, to pay the interest with on tho debt they owe to the subjects of Great Britain. The French government now claim that the Mexicans must pay the expense of the French fleet, ns well as the original demand of 000.000, ond this they estimate at 7,000,000. This news was received by nn arrival at Bal'.imoro. Texas Accounts from this Republic arc to Jan. 19th. Ex President Houston was preparing to visit the (J. States. Tho Senate had passed a bill for tho establish moot of a National similar to tho old U. S.1 Bank; and another for a loan of 1,000,000. About 1000 pnsscngors per month arrivo at Galveston, many of them planters from our Southern States, bringing with them their slaves, f rovisiona were scarce and high; flour g35 per bbl.; com 4 per bushel : bacon 40 a 50 els. per lb. MASSACHUSETTS. Another attempt at tho election of n Representative to Congress from tho 4th district in Massachusetts wna held on Mon day week. The whole number of votes thrown was 9,003, of which Mr. Parmen tor, (V. B.) the present incumbent recoived 4,479, Mr. Brooks (whig) 3,794, and the ubiquitous candidate, Mr. Scattoring 730 Mr. Parmentcr came within 40 votes ol an election. LicENsr. Law. The whole number of petitions for the repeal of the License Law already presented to the Legislature, is 195 45 petitions for repeal, containing 13,277 signers, U7 memorials acninst. renea 13,375 signers ; 53 memorials of females against repeal, 9.57G signers. Totnl mini her of signers, of both petitions nnd memo rials. UO.olt. Against repeal, 22,951 For repeal, 13.277 A petition from tho inhabitants of Wcs Lambritlge asks that if any action is had by the Legislature upon tho law, that it may be referred to the people, lo bo voted upon uy them in legal town mcctinrrs They declare the deep interest thev feel in the subject, and their belief that this U the only mode by which the voice of ill people can uo Known on tnc subiect. Thev ex prcs3 the conviction, that if it shall appenr a majority oi uio people aro in lavor ol Hie law, that it should be sustained ; if there ben majority against il. that it should be modified or repealed. JEgis. NEW YORK. No election has yet been made- of U. S Senator. Tho majority in tho Senate, however, have mado a very modest propo sition: that if tho houso will pledge itself lo elect Samuel Bcardsley (loco foco) they will nominate him on their part otherwise prevent any election. Mr. Tallmadgo from the Judiciary Com mittec, has reported n bill to amend the act for the abolisment of imprisonment for debt. The object of the bill is to put citi zens of other States coming to New York nn tho some footing with citizens of tho State of Now York in regard to imprison ment. Tho Judiciary Committee to whom had been referred so much of tho Gover nor's message as relates lo the Judiciary system, and t lie delays in Chancery and oilier courts made a long report, accompa nied with resolutions providing for nn nmendment of the constitution rclativo to tho Judiciary, and six acts, lor the appoint, ment of Vice Chancellors nnd assistant Vice Chancellors, regulating proceedings in courts of lav: and equity, suits of error, appeals, county courts, foreclosure of mort gages, &c. MAINE. BANOorti, Feb. 5, 1039. The SlierifTofour county with n posse of 150 armed men, left this city this morning for tho disputed territory, for the purposo of arresting plunderers or seizing their tenuis and. sup. plies. From information given tho Execu tive, it appears lhat a very large numbar of men, mostly British subjects, havo been engaged during tho winter, in cutting dm. her upon tho Aroostook waters, within iC disputed territory, and an immense quan tity has nlroady beon cut. Upon receiving tins information, the Governor communi" cntod it by confidential message to tho Legislature, who thereupon went into secret session to net upon it. The result of thoir deliberation lias been an order to theSheiiff of this county, within whoso precinct tho trespasses havo boon commit' ted, forthwith to enlist n posso of armed soldiers, nnd to prococd to the r-ceno of their operations and seizo upon their teams ami supplies. 1 no precise nature or the order is not known, as tho proceedings have not yet been made public. The above movement of tho Sheriff has been made in compliance with Ihis order. What will bo tho result of this move, is of course yet doubtful. It is, howevor, generally believed, that the trespassers will tako nil vnntago of the seasonable notice which (boy will havo of tlio intended movement on tho part of tho authorities hero, and that Jho Sheriff with his valiant army, will find naught but vacant camps to seize, and unresisting mill logs to fire nt. Tho point of destination is about 225 miles from this city, nnd of course some fivo nr six dnyn will clnpsc bctoro it is reached. Informa tion has undoubtedly sorno lima since reached the trespassers, as it is more than suspected that even tho members of our Legislature are not all whollv free from the imputation of n participation in the plundering. REPUBLICAN SIMPLICITY. The following graphic description of the unostcntntious republican simplicity of Mr. Van Burcn, as compared with Mr. Clay's aristocratic notions, will bo read with interest. The sketch is by Bonnet, of the N. Y. Herald, who is taking note of things at Washington. After the prayer nnd nnthem. the congre. gallon rose and slowly departed. I went out with tlio crowd of young men, nnd lounged round tlio corners with the loung ers, attaches, politicians, nfiicoscckcrs. saints, sinners, and other loafers from parts unknown. In a short time. Ins Excel encv made his nppcaranco with a lady on his arm. Over his shoulders hung a very splendid bluo Spanish cloak and around his face ihe same mingled expression of conceit and nothingness which envelope ambition uindo great by aeciden'. On his appearance, up drove a very splendid car riage, drown by two beautiful blood horse, their heads and tails full nf a great deal more nf intellect, passion, feeling, and i-ub limity than their owner. It wa a fine study for me, who am something of a painter, to mark the splendor and grace of the horses, and the calm, passionless, almost silly ex pression of their master. I have no dnubl but it was two such animals that the Em peror Nero or Caligula I forget which elevated to tho Senatorial dignity. But, to return the carriage of his Ex. ccllency was the most superb thing I have yet seen. It was of a dark olive hue, with ornaments elegantly disposed, shining as bright as burnished gold. When I was in Paris, I saw Louis Philippe frequently drive out to Neuilly, and back to the Tutllcries when I was in London, I saw the Qnr-en as frequently drive from Buckirgham Pal. ace round Hyde Park when I was nt Windsor, I have also seen the same royal personago driving from the Castlo to the Chapel. I havo seen nil these, yet I must sny, that the carriage and horses the ordinary equipage of the chief democrat of this land of locofoco equality, is far more elegant, superb, and splendid than either of the great and royal personages. The ser vant dashed up the steps, banged lo the door jumped up behind, and away rolled the head of tho republican party, with nn air and a style, that can aqunl and surpass lhat of any crowned head in Europe. All tho other carriages, and the greater part of the company, had left tho scene before I recovered from tho deep reverie into which I had been flung hy the events of the morning. What a bubble is politics ! what n bubble is democracy ! what a bub ble is man! what a pitiful bubble is a politician! but.oli! what a beautiful bub. blc is woman ! These were the thoughts lhat filled my mind. I saw some fair ones near me that I had n slight acquaintance will), oui t avoided tnem lor I was not in j tho muod for gallantry--and when you nrc not in tho mood, what a foolish but endear ing thing an amiabje and lively woman is 1 was more disposed to weep--to weep bit terly at the folly of human nature or laugh -yes, laugh loud at the maniac mad ness of mankind. I wandered along llio street perfectly nt random, like an isolated soul drifting down the :reat tide of eternity. This, said I to mysolf. is, then, a specimen of de mocracyregular, out-and-out democracy of that democracy of which wo hearp'o much in tho porter house of New York and tho beer cellars of Philadelphia. If this is democracy and that pompous noth. ins: of a man the chief democrat, 1 wish. I prny I could hnve a glunpso of aristocracy --n single peep at one of theso horrible nristocruts who have struck with horror tin sensitive, unhappy country for tho last ten years with tho pains of tho cholera it self. Heaven iccniod to hear my prayer, for I soon ptiimnicii uy ncciilcnt upon the very object of which I was in search. I passed ihe Treasury buildings, returned down the Avenue, and again reached tho Hotel. I went in the bar, nnd inquired for uio inow xorit man. rncro was none. As I turned round from tho bar, I met a tall, plain looking man, past the meridian of life with a somewhat largo mouth a slight turn up in his nose a calm, yet keen. piercing, brilliant eyeand ono ofthoso foreheads of such omplo dimensions as indi cate tho breadth of the soul within. He went up to tho bar, took n pinch of snuff, nodded to one or two person ns ho passed, and then quietly walked towards the door. Hero he encountered an old gentleman, wnnm no accotucti inus ; 'Any news todav ?' 'Nothing,' replied tho other, 'that I have heard. 'Who is that person who has just gono ouir nsueu a young gentleman ot me. I looked nt tho querist. 'That person,' said I, 'is a very atrocious character ho is thn greatest aristocrat ol this country.' Tho young man looked at me incrcdu. lotisly. 'You may believe or not as you please,' said I, 'but it is nevertheless too true That porson is Henry Clay of Kentucky. Ho has just walked from church, and is now walking to his lodgings, as you or I wouldj do, without bluo and gold carriage, blood horses, or livery servants. He is tho most fearful and dangerous aristocrat that Ihis country ever produced. Ho walks on hia own legs, nnd goes to church aasoon as tho boll censes ringing. Pray you ovoid hii example, if you are not also nn aristocrit.'" The young man stared. 'As for mino own poor self, I' intend lo be a democrat and a republican ns fast as I can. I mutt get mo a splendid carriage, covered with blue nnd burnished gold, and drawn by two blood horses, worth $3000 nnd always go to church when service is half over. That's being a democrat. With this I retired to my apartment ato a bad dinnor, badly Ecrved up wrote this- bad letter nnd mean to drink a gentlo glass of whiskey toddy, and then go to sleep away another night or tho weary pilgrim, ago of human life. Oil! virtue !' said tho youtiger Brutus, 'what a phantom ort thou !' 'Oh ! liberty ! said the beautiful Mndnme Roland, 'what deeds havo been dune in thy name!' Oh J honor, said fat Sir John Falitaff, 'what more wind art thou!' 'Oh! democracy!' say I, 'what a greater bubble art thou than Roman virtue, French liberty, or Englisli honor, all put together, made into one doso, nnd Inbclledon llio backthis is Martin Van Burcn a pure democrat, of Kinder- nonic stand out ol the wav of his splendid equipage ond blood horses," arid bo d d. to yc.' NORTHERN FRONTIER, IHTAmong the rccoinmenihiions fiom tlio War nnd Lugineer Departments oflho National Govern ment lo Uongiesi fa,i- iippioprialing for this part of lhe ioilliern Fioniier, we perceive the fulliiwin" : l or works ut llie oulet of Lake Ch.unplain near Rome's I'.iint.l entire cost required fm- boih riidea oltlio Lake will net be le.i than $300,000: of which sum it is recommended thai $50,000 be ex pen led ihis ear. For permanent R.irracka and oilier buildirtjis at rlailslairh whole cost about S30.000; of which s i ii ii is rccomtnenueu mat SO.000 be expended this j ear. 1 For a Military Road from Plalisburnh toO"dens bnrah, lo bo repaired ami covered with mcial whole con nbout $3G0,000-of which sum it U re. commended to expend $60,000 this cur. ia burgh Republican. A Caption to .MoTHKiis.-'nie Coroner yesteidny held nn mq'ieit nt the tesidence of tho patents of iln-deceased, No. 1; Oouverneur ulreet, nn die body of Small Lecount, nged three months, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Lechnnt. It ap peared from Ik: testimony, lhat Sirs. Lecount was in ihe habit of giving her infant paregoiic; und on Wednesday evening sent her son, 12 ear of n"e to ihestoro ofDr. E.M. Giiion for three cents worth of that anodjne. The bov, however, nsked for and obtained laudanum instead of pareoric, which he look homo, and which the mother gnve lo her child, a spoonful at n lime, till she had given all to him. In the course of nn hour it was discorered lhat ihe child was djing, and emetics were admin I'teiedns antidotes to the poison, but they provej unavailing, nnd the infant died. The deceased wa a twin child; the other twin being a fine heal thy boy s within a year previous to this birth of these iwins, Airs. L. gave birili to another brace. Is. Y.Sun. Strange Notice. The New Orleans San says ft , . .. . 13 on exll'b!tion nllhe Methodist Church. Foydras street. Thera will be oo servicer tliero during the exhibition. Bates was executed nt Rennington on tho filh mat. A .MARRIED At Vtinoo.k. City, on I he 7ih inst., by Elder CAr "."'""on.Brynn, to Alia. Lucemi-Noye.. On fcabbalh even n. loili i.isi !.. m..i...i; Chapel, by Iter. J. CausliPi-. Mr ri.,,1. i : of Shelburn, to iMiss Ellen 'Vaughan of this town. In tins town on Sainrday eening last, Mr. Vast RENSSF.LAF.rt Coon, nged -lOyears. n respected member of the .Methodist Episcopal Church and a worthy citizen. BURLINGTON FEMALE SEMINARY. rrMlE next Quarter of tho Burlington Female Seminary will commence) February 20th. It is particularly reques ted lhat those who intend to enter school for tho quarter, should be present to bo classed tlio fust day. Burlington, Feb. 12. 1039. Burlington Female Seminary. (R)HE members of the Corporation ol tlio Burlington Fcmalo Seminary aro hereby notified, to meet at tho dwelling Iioiiijq of D. A. Braman in said Burlington", on Monday, the lGih day of February inst., at G o'clock iu tho eveuing, to elect Trus tees and other officers of said corporation for the ensuing year. Wm. A. GRISWOLD, Clerk. Burlington. Oct. 13, 1039. "Spring time of the year is coming," WAIT & TABOR will sell the balance of their stock nf Goods purchased for tho Winter trade, nt very low price. Oct. 15. NOTICE. ALL who aro indebted to tho undersigned whoso demands havo become due, aro hereby notified that immediate payment Hiujf. bo mado lo save cosl, and wo may add that prompt payment U expected upon all de mands becoming duo lo us llio present winter, l eb. 14. T. F. & W. L. Stuonb. To Printers. A Journeyman who is a good workman f- and willing lo devote his timo for tho interest of his employer, good habits, &c. may hear of a permansnt situation by ap plying to C. GOODRICH. Burlington, Feb. 15, 1039. JTOlHE Subscriber has demands in hi hands that bacamc duo on the 1st of January la&t, that he would be glad to dis poso of without cost. If they aro not settled by tho 1st of March next, will bo left with an Attorney for collection. All kind of Grain received in payment if do livered before that timo, Feb. 14, 1039. E. C. LOOMIS. AMERICAN CORN PLASTER "A suro euro for Ihoso littlo torments on tno reel anu iocs. This art e n weeks in curing, but it cures in a few dnya tho worst of Corns if tho directions r not followed." toes now ? followed." Who will keen For sale for the nrnnrioinr ii the dozen or single box nt the Variotv Shop. . li..u,.n ix. UltlNBMAin. Silks, Fancy and Staple Goods, nn unequalled ond Cheap supply for tho Season, alio Broad Cloths at Feb. 14,1039. HOWARDS.

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