Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 15, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 15, 1839 Page 3
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Dissolution of Copartnership. OTfoHE flfm of IIa11 on,J Co,ni"ock h,e UL this day been dissolved by mutual con sent. Frederick Hall Ims sold all his in terest in the goods nnd debts duo tlio con cern to Luther M. Hngnr. FREDERICK HALL. GEORGE D. COMSTOCK. Shclbiirn. Feb. n. 1039. Copartnership formed. LUTHER M. HAGAR nnd GEORGE I). COMSTOCK, liove tins day en tered into copartnership nt Shelbutn, in the business of merchandize, by the name and firm of HAGAH & COMSTQCK. Lutiieii M. Hagaix, GBOrtOB D. Comstock. Shelburnc, Ftb. 8. 1839. A few Chests of the Real 75ct. TEA, yet remaining unsold nnd of which every lomily want a pound, U mr sale nt the Chcnp Cnsh Store bv HOWARD. P. S. A sure cure for fntiguu find Head ache. Feb. 14. 1039. Satin Beaver Bonnets. i PART case new ones just ree'd ond 1- for sale nt HOWARDS. Feb. 14, 1039. Plaid Shawls received and for sale at HOWARDS Feb. 14. 1839. Paper Hangings a splendid as sortments HOWARDS. Feb. 14, 1339. 'Crape Camblets Feb. 14, 1839. for sale at HOWARDS. Crockery, Glass ware, Looking Glasses and Tea Servers, comprising near ly everv article desired nt the Cheap Cash Store o'f S. EARL HOWARD. Feb. 14. 1039. Manifold Letter Writers.- THE highly improved patent Manifold Letter Writers, for copying letters, invoices, drawings, plans &c. Tina inven. tion will produce n letter with its copy at one operation; or if required, a letter with two Fac Simile, to send abroad, with a single pen (style) which is so durable that it will last for years without repair. This apparatus, from its simplicity nnd despatch in operation, ns well as portability in con struction, is admirably adapted for Law yers, Merchants and Travellers nnd all who wish to keep copies of their Letters nnd send Duplicates abroad ; to whom it will proven great saving of time and ex pense, for talo at the Variety Shop. PlNGBOBN & BniNS.MAID. Revised List 1839. MORISON'S PIULS, OR the Vegtablu Hygean Medicines of the British College of Health, Lon don; Imported by Dr. Geo. Taylor 6Jr Wall Sl. New York, solo Agent in the United States for said College. Packages of Pills gl and $3 each, Powdors 25 cts Every Pocket sold in Vermont will be sign. d in writing by PANGBORN & BRINS- MAID Jewellers of Burlington Vt. who ore Statp Agents : and also by the Sub Agents selling them. If nut so signed, do t.ot buy litem. For sale by Edmund Lyman, North r errisburgh Wm. b. Green, Ver gonnes Jonathan Hagar, South Hero J VV. Remington, Johnson David Lyman. St. Albans-O. A. Koith, Sheldon Otis L. Kolton, Montgomery Amssa Paine, Lowell C. &. J. W. Baxter, Derby Line E. Cleveland, Coventry Sabin Kollum, Irafburgh S. E. Morse & S. Lyman, Craftsbury John Kelsey Danville Jonas 1'lint, St. Johnsliury Win. Pierce, Lyn don E. P. Wnllon & sons and Perry Marsh, Monipehcr--Fostor Grow. Chelsea N. C. Goddard, WindsorM- S. Buck land, Bellows Falls J. Stcene, Brattlebo to Orvis & Roberts, Factory Point Man chester H. VV. Porter, Rutland Alfred Ilsrtwell, Keeseville Richard Cotlrill, .Pittsburgh. FIRE INSURANCE. 'TO MANUFACTURERS & OTHERS. fTRHE Providence Washington Insurance lV Company, in Providence Rhode Island, continue to Insure ogain.-t loss or damago by fire, on Cotton, Wollen, and other Manufactories, Buildings, and Mer chandise, on favorable terms. This Company is well known tn the Manufacturers of New-England, and poa ossea tboir full confidence. The Company was incorporated A. D. 1800. The Capital Stock is $200,000, nil paiu m many years since, and well secured In Hank Stocks and Real Estalo. The Directors arc. SULLIVAN DORR. BENJAMIN HOPPIN, MOSES i. IVES. HENRY P. FRANKLIN, ROBERT H. IVES, ELISHA DY!?R, CARLO M AUK AN. CHARLES JACKSON, WILLIAM BUTL.ER. Manufacturers and others wis.hing for Insurance, are requested to direct U'eir ap. plications (which should be accompanied with a particular description ot tue prop orly.'i per mail, to the President or Secre tary of the Company, and the same will be ittended to promptly. SULLIVAN DORR, Pretident. Wamun S. Greene, Secretary. Providence Washington Insurance k Company's Office, Providence, Jl, I. 1839. ) ly.f.15 SHEETING. nnn Yards prime brown and bleached 0JVJJ aiueUriga from 30 to 40 inches wide, will be Bold cheap as can be had in the UnlUd Btates, by WAIT & TABOR. Black Bombazine. BLK. SILKS, Chnly. Mooseline do Lnme, lig'd silk Hdkfs.-, emb'd Collars, h ilk, cotton nnd Inmb's wool Hosiery, Barnge for Voile, Bobbinets, Tliulc nnd thread Laces nnd Quillings, all of which are visibly Cheap nt the now chcnp cosh Store of WAIT & TABOR. Fob G, 1039. Adam's South Village Money, received nt pnr, by C. GOODRICH. Feb. 7. 1838. Calicoes very Cheap at WAIT & TABOR'S. A Full assortment of EnglUh, French and American Calicoes, Cninhric ond Jaconet Muslin, plain and cross bnr'd Swiss nnd Hook .Muslins, Bishop Lawn and Linen Cambric, Edging nnd Inserting Hdkfs., Gloves, Ribbons, Belli", Boskets. Flowers Sic &c., all ol which will bo sold uncom monly cheap for cnh at the new chcnp cash store west uido Church fit., 2 doors above tlio square ENGLISH MERINO. UNCOMMONLY CHEAP AT THE Mw Cheap Cash Store, Church St., two doors from tho square. WAIT & TABOR. Abel Cooper's Estate. WClhc subscribers, having been appointed by tho Hon. tho Probate Court for tho District of Chittcndon, commissioners to ro. ccivo, examine and adjust tho claims and de mands of nil persons, against tho cstato of Abel Cooper, lato of Richmond, iti said Dis trict, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto; nnd six months from the day of tho dale hereof, being allowed by said Court for that purpose, wo do tlicreforo hereby give no tice. that wo will attend to tho business of our appointment, at tho dwelling of Stephen Cooper, in Richmond, in said District, on the 1st Mondays of April and July next, at 10 o'. clock, A. M. on each of said days. Dated, ibis 25th day of January A. D. 1839. KLIHLT UATES. ) Commit RUSSEL BRONSON, S siontrs. Third edition n0000 bottles of the invulua' blc. TN Ireland, this compound has long been X known, and extensively used, nnd to its salutary effects, is probably awing tho very small number of fatal cases of consumption, compared with the United btates. It is prepared from tho original receipe Irom Paris, only by E. Hutchins & Co., Balti more. For sale by J.& J. H. Peck & Co. Burlington, Feb. 1839. Agents for Vt. High School. rpntlE next quarter of Burlington High School lor uojj will commence on W ednesday, tcu 20lll. ALVAN FOOTE, 1 Heman .Allk.n. I G. (J. iKGRRSOtX, I J. K. Converse, Trustees. N. It. Haswell, i T. FOLLETT, j Geo. Mooke, J Burlington, Ftb. 1. 1839. JVOTICJE. ALL persons indebted to the subscriber are hereby notified that prompt pay ment oftheir debts due me is expected, and if such payment is not madc,I shall enforce collection by law. wm. i. QBXMUUK. Feb. 1. 1839. 3w SALMON at retail, by Jan. 24. IiA-ninor Si. Pot-is. DISSOLUTION. THIS is to lorbid all persons harboring or trusting Harriet, mv wife; after this date. JOHN D. PICKERING. Burlington, Jan. 17, 1839. STATE OF VERMONT. Rom.NsoN Feuris Grand Isle Co Court, vs. September term, Er.rnABoARUMAN S A. D. 1838. The subscriber having been appointed auditor to hear, examine nnd ndjust the nccounta of the parties in this cnuse the action being an notion on book hereby "ivcs notice that ho will attend to the ad justing of said accounts at tho dwelling liotifc of Kcuucii bnmpson, in uranu isle, in said Cotinly, on the 25th day of April next, at. one o'clock in the afternoon ; and if either party neglect to attend at said time and place, the auditor will proceed exparlc. By order of Court. SAM'L ADAMS, Auditor. Grand-Isle,Jan'y2, 1839. Nova Scotia Plaster. Barrels fresh ground Nova Scoiin Pluster, ju&t received and for sale by P. Doolittlk. November 7, 3in. Fresh Flour. rilHE subscribers have remaining on A hand n feto barrels superior quality superfine FLOUR, warranted made from new Whent. Persona wishing a choice article, will do well to call book. Jan. 24, Latihiop & Potwin. S25 REWARD. TOST, a black leather Trunk, with a boot top, about threo feet long nnd nbout n'qunrter worn, recently blnckcd so as to appear quite new, trimmed with brass nails in tho usual manner. The framo or box is of wood. The trunk was closed by a common trunk lock and two leather straps which passed entirely round the out. side and through niches or mortices in two wooden elats on the bottom of the trunk, There were handles on tho ends of leather, made round, and under each handle a card with tho address "Miss E, F. Forsyth," written upou them. Tho above Trunk was said to hovo been put on board tho Steam Boat Burlington, nt this place, in August last, and hns not since been found, W hoover will givo in formation of tho same, bo that it may bo recovered with tho contents, shall receive tho abovo reward from (ho Champlain Transportation Company. P. DOOLITTLE, Agent. Burlington, Jan, 30, 1839. SIDNEY BARLOW tins received most kinds of GOODS usually kept (except tho great western) nt Ins store at Witioos ki Villnco, nnd will be pleased to sec frirnds nnd customers. VVinoo8ki Village, Nov. 1st, 1838. STOP THIEF ! STOLEN from tho subscriber's door, on the evening of 22d inst., a new Buffalo Robe, which moy possibly bo offered for sale. Two dollars reward will bo paid for the return of the skin, nnd two moro fur the detection of the thief. Jan. 24, 1039. Wm. I. Seymour. Dan Day, "1 II. W. Catmn & I II. P. Hickok. ! Chittenden County Court, August Term, 1833. Samuel Ripley & j J am K Wei.ton. J T1 HE above named plainliffd bavins entered their action on tho docket ol this court, nt the March Term thereof, counting against the defendants in o plcn of licspnss on the case, for that defendents on the 2d day of Nov. 133G took on board their boat to transport from Burlington to Troy, ninetv five tierces of oil meal, one firkin of butler, ono box of merchandize, and ten barrels of apples, tho property of plaintilts, and alledging determents lost said nrticles nnd nover delivered the en mo according to their undertaking and the writ having been personally served on the defendant Ridley nnd no personal notice having been given defendent Wclton, it is ordered by the court here that the plaintiffs give notice of tho pendency of Huh suit to defendant Wclton by pubhsbinjr the sub stance of (heir declaration in the Burling ton Free Press three weeks successively , the last of which shall be thirty days before the sitting of said court, which ('hall be sufficient notice for said Wulton to answer to and defend said suit. Burlington, Jan. 30. 1839. Wm. Nnnr.K. Clerk'. Geo. A. Allen, Chittouden County Court. August Jacob Owen Term, 1838. WHEREAS, Gcorgo A. Allon, of Bur llngton. in said county, at tho March Term, A. I). 1838 of said court, commenced his action against Jacob Owen, of Burlington aforesaid, declaring in an action on note, dated April 24,1833 for tho sum of fivo hundred dollars, payable in Kuitablo proportions of brick and lumber for a brick house, to bo ilo- livcrcd at any place in Burlington whero and when demanded, but has not paid tho samo though often demanded, to tho damago of tho said Allen ono thousand dollars, which action was entered on tho docket ofsaid court at said March Term, and the plainliffappcarcd by his attorney Charles Adams, and tho said Jacob Owen being absent from tho stale at the time of the service ofsaid writ, tho said causa was by order ofsaid court continued to tho August term 1838, of said court, at which term tho plaintiff again appealed by his said attorney, and it not being mado to appear to tho said court that tho said Jacob Owen had had per. sonalnotico of the said service and pendoncv of this suit, tho samo was again by order of said court continued tn tho iWiircli Term theie of, A. D. 1839. And tho said court also or dered that further notice be given of tho pen dency of this suit, by publishing tho substance of the plaintiff 's declaration in the "Burling ton Free Press," a newspaper printed in slid Burlington, threo weeks successively, the last of which to be thirty days beforo tho sitting of said court, which shall bo decmod cumuicnt notico to tho said Jacob Owen to appear and answer to said suit. Dated nt Burlington aforesaid, lliia 24th day of Jan. A. D. 1839. Wm. Noble. Clerk. Dan Day. 1 Chittenden County vs. Court, Augmt " Essex County Bank. ) Term A. D. 1838. WHEREAS. Dan Day of Burlington, in said County, at tho March Term 1833 ofsaid court, commenced his action against the Essex County Bunk, n corpora tion established by nnd under authority of the Stnte of New York, declaring in a plea of covenant broken, for that on the 7th day of March, A. D. 1837, the said Day and the said Bank, entered into a certain agreement signed with their hands and scaled with thoir seals, in nnd by which it was mutually covenanted that the question of ccrtnin mutual claims between them, as therein stated prcsuccting certain lumber claimed by said Day,) and certain monies paid therefor by said Bank to Faid Day, nnd whether said sums so paid was too much or too little, and nlso in relation to the discontinuance and discharge of n suit in favor ofsaid Day, ngainst Udticy H. Pen niman, &c, 6hould be submitted to the nr. bitrament and award of certain persons the dwelling house of John Howard in said Burlington, on the tlret Monday of May 1837, at whioh timo and place the said parlies mutually bound themselves to attend and submit their claims, and abide the nwnrd so io bo mode, and averring that the said Day did nt the said time and place so agreed upon, attend, and procured the attendance of the nrbi ralors, on his part, and his witnesses; but hat the siid Bank did not attend nt said ini'j and place, as by said ngrcement they were bound to do, whereby the said Day has sustained great injury, and claiming in damages tho sum of twelve hundred dol lars; which oction or suit was entered on tho docket ofsaid Court at said March Term, nnd the Plaintiff appeared by Charles Adams his attorney, and the said defendant being absent from this State at the tunc of the service of said writ, the snu cause was by order of said continued to the August Term thereof 1838, nt which Term the plnintiffagain appeared by his said attorney, and it not being mnde to appear to tho said Court, that the court defendant has had persona! notico of tho said service nnd pendency of this suit, the sair.e was again bv order of said Court, continued to the March term thereof, A. D. 1039. And the said Court, also, ordered that further notice bo given of the pendency of this suit, by publishing tho substance nf the plaintiff's declaration in tho " Burlington Free Press," a newspaper printed in said Burlington, three weeks successively, tho last of which to bo thirty days beforo tho silting of said Court, which shall be deemed tmfiicient notice to the said defendant to appear and answer to said suit. Dated at Burlington, nforosaid, this 24th day of January, A- D. 1839. Wm. NOBLE, Clerk, John VV. Bailey, 1 Chittenden County vs. court, A iigiir.t Turin Calvin K. Avkmll. N A. D. 1833. WHEREAS, John W. Bailey, of Rouses Point, in the state of Now York, tn wit of Burlington, Vermont, nt tho August Term ot sain court I1JJ7, commenced his action ol scire facias against tho said Calvin K. Averill, of Burlington aforesaid, as bail for ono Ilora. tio S. Bobbins, on a writ in favor of Raid Bai. ley against said Bobbins, upon which said writ and suit tho said Bailey, at tho August Term 1830 of said county court, recovered a judgment in his favor and against tho said Bobbins for tho sum of $1 10,54 damages, and $25,97 coiIr of suits, and 25 cents for an elo cution which ipsusd thereon on tho 5th day of September 183G,aud which was delivered on the 1st day of October 1830 to Hyman Lane, constnblo of Burlington aforesaid, to servo and return, and who leturncd tho.samn on tho first day of November 183G, with his return thereon indorsed, that ho could find neither tho person nor properly of tho said Bobbins, whereon to levy tho said execution, and de manding of tlio said Averill to show cause why the said Bailey should not have his oxo. cution njjainst him tho said Averill, for ihn amount of tbo taid judgment against tho said Bobbins; which action was entered on the docket ofsaid courlatsnid Au2UtTorni 1837, nnd tho iluinlifl'nppcarcd by Mreck Sz Smalley his ottornics, and tho said Averill being absonl from this hiato at tho timo of tlio servico of said writ, the said cause was by order of Faid court continued to tho March Term thereof 1838, ut which Term tho plaintihV again ap. pcarcd by Ids said attornios, ami it not being made to appear to tlio said court that the said Avorill has had personal notice of tho service and pendency of this suit, tho samo was anain by order ofsaid court continued to tho August Term thereof 1838, and the said court, nlso ordered that further nolico bo given of tho pendency of this suit, by publishing tho sub stance of tho plaintiff's declaration in tho "Burlington Frno Press," a newspaper printed in said Burlington, threo weeks successively, tho last of which to bo thirty days beforo tho sitting of said court, which shall bo deemed suuicicni notice to too said Averill to appear nnd answer to said suit. And at tlio said August Term 1838 ofsaid court, the aforesaid order not having been complied with, tho cause is again continued, and tho aforesaid order and rulo is enlarged to the next lerm of this court. Dated at Burlington, aforesaid this 24th day January, A. U. 1839. Wm. iNonLc, Clerk. LATE ARRIVAL. 1GJ E are indebted to Messrs. Comstock ' it Co. of Whitehall, for their ntten tion in forwatdingby land our boxof good also to Messrs. Follctt & Bradleys for the prompt notice of its arrival, ond wo hope to moke our friends nnd customers feel in debted to us for some of its contents. Among oilier things in the box. we find a splendid Gold detached patent Lever 10 holes jewelled, Ruby Palletlcs, with a ocautilul gold and enamelled cap. Two beautiful Gold Lepinc Watches j one largo heavy doubled cased silver Lever. Wo have now four excellent gold cased Lovers nnd 5 nice Gold Lcpines. and several first rate silver Levers and Lopmcs, all war ranted to perform well. Also, we find lot of narrow Whalebone for Dresses, i gross bngliali Clononetto Reeds, 1 tloz Bocd Bags, lined with kid, 2 doz. Shoo Brushes, 4 packs fine Diamond Pins, black dressing Pins, etc. etc. &.Q. jYeio Goods constantly receiving at tho Vuricty Shop Jan. 25. I'A.Nanonr . UniNsaiAto. r"Wy HE subscriber offers lor sulo tho bunu tiful corner lot, west of Mrs. Hitch cock's, containing a quarter of an acre, nnd on which tlicro aro number of excellent fruit' trees. 'IVrtm reasonable, nnd pay mpnt9 mnd? enfy. II. J. UhlNblthRU Burlmston, Jan. 24, 1839. NEWTON'S PANACEA, Or great purifier of the Blood. I bubslitulo lor bwaunw I'anacca, t gy cheaper articleand by many consid ered superior. J. & J. II. PECK &. Co. Agents, Burlington, January, 1839. Groceries & Provisions. rjiHh subcriacrs have on hand n heavy slock ol l eas, bugars, Spices, Fruit Coffee, Codfish, Molasses, Confectionery Sic. &.c, onil wo will givo our customer somo better bargains than they hnvo been in the habit nf making if they will call be lorn our stock is sold. We have good Hyson Skin Tea, for 2 cts. per Ih. nnd other things ns cheap. PROVISIONS, such ns Pork. Flour Butter, Cheese, Lard, Salmon, Mackerel be. eye. nnd n small quantity of cheap I'epper .V orice trom 3 to U cts. per lb. Persons wishing to lay in their slock will do well to call soon. Jan. 18. Lathrof & Potwin. FLOTJB.. jg Bbl'. superfine Family Flour, for iPir sale bv IIickok & (Ja?lin Jan. 23. 1839. LAMP WICKS TTIOR Astral, Store, Hall nnd other JL Lump nf all sizes, also fur the Brit tania Store Lamps, 12 1-2 cts. per bunch at the Variety bhup, also Uhimucy ulasee for Astral Lamps, blacking Brushes, for sale. Jan. 25. PANfinnnv it Brinsmaio. fMHISSUE PAPER, nssurled Colours X Coloured Drawing Paper. Stationery in great variety, at tlio Variety bhop, Jan. 17. Panghorn & Brinsmaid ONE FUR CAP and n few White Neck Tics, not yet sold, can be had If applied for soon at tho Variety Shop. PANfiiwnN & BniNh.ii aid. VARIETY SHOP NOTICE. NOTWITHSTANDING wo do not Credit, thero have a number of little accounts of 0, 12, 25, 50 and 100 cents or moro collected on hand which wo wish discharged. Thoso having any accounts for us to pay will please present (hum. Goods in great Variety for sale; Watches nnd Clocks repaired in our usual stylo. Terms, Cosh, for Goods or Work ut tho timo of delivery. Jan. 17. pANr.nonN & BniNSMAin. WANTED IN exchango for goods, Flannel, Sheep's Grey Cloth, and n few Tons ofooti Butter, LATiiRor & Potwin. WM. PRINCE & SOW WILL make en Ids til TrftiM nnd Cuttings of the; Gen uine Chinese 1VJ tiros' Multicaulis, Mortis Expansn, Alpine. urous bo, Cnnton anil other varieties) deliverable to the purchasers nt such period in the spring ns is convenient to them, nnd will enter into enntrncts accordingly. Price and terms for the Trees nnd Cuttings will be for wn riled to nil who may npply for them by mail, ns well at .prices of Silk Worms Ligg-, Mulberry Seeds &c. The Mulii- caulis Trees arc remarkably vigorous, nnd wo first imported tlio Genuine tree, purchasers nro sure of obtaining the true kind. It is from this cnuso and from the real ottciiti n paid by them, that the trees they havo told have given universal sali3- incunn. N. B. Fruit nnd Ornamental Trrcs.Plant and Seeds con be supplied lo any extent. Flushing. ncarJVcw York Jan. 1. 1839. Domestic Shcctinir. A FEW bales remaining uns-old which will be disposed of, bv tho bale or sm ylo piece, at remarknblc low prices. Jan. 24. LATirnop & Potwin. rjn suuscnoers aro now receiving a JL general nssorlmcnt of Dry Goods, Wet & Dry Groceries, Crockery, Glass & Hard-Ware. COOKING, PAKTiOUU & BOX STOVES. Iron Hollow Ware. All of which wil! be sold unusually low, for cash, produce or approved credit. GEO. AYRE3 & Co. Milton Upper Foils. Nov. 17. if Stone House for sale. THE subscriber offers for sale the new nnd elegnnt hammered stone house a whole city lot, and framed house one story nnd a half. Thcpremiscs ore located on Cherry street near the Stone Church in isuriington. uenncmcn wishing to pur chase will please call soon, as Ihusubseri her intends to sell the first day of June next, without fail. The above premises aro frco and clear of nil incumbrances. REUBEN BUTLER. Burlington, Dec. 28, 1838. fATOFFAT'S LIFE MEDICINES 1VJL REANIMATION. When the mod important functions of life nre sus pended, nnd those who arc invalid-) by in herilancc or imprudence are reduced to a deplorable slate of nervous debility, they should not oven then despair, lor it is not in despair that relief can be found. No Let them first look around, nnd, laying aside all prejudices, ask themselves (his question "It my physician cannot help me. is Ins reputed skill mv only resort?" Perhaps at that moment, tho heading of this nuvertisement, '' Life- Medi cines,' would catch the eye nnd were they in truth divested of foolish prejudices, they might perhaps, be induced to inquire whether Air. iMolIai'" theory nnd treatment of diseases differed from Hint of their own physicians. They would then loam that it did differ, nnd very widely, end with most happy results, too. If they pursued their inquiiies still fur thcr, they would find that all practising physicians of tho present day prescribe MERCURY, in some form, for almost ev ery disease, nnd they would lenrn, too, that mercurial medicines, though they civo pres. cnt roliof, undermine tho constitution, and always leave tho pationt in a precarious state of health. A OO0D T,0 F.TAB IF, MF.llICtNE isjllSttllO reverse of all this. For hundreds of year," beforo that sconrgoof mankind, 'Mercury,' was employed in the healing art. Physi. cians used nothing but herbs Even the bible recommends ns the 'f-kilfol phy-ician' ho who prepareth Ins medicines from herbs. Witness Ecclesiasticus, chap. xxui. V. 3. YVie skilful physician shall lift up his head : and in the sight of the great men he shall be in admiration. V. 4. For he hath prepared his medicints out if the HERBS of the earth, and he that is wise will not abhor them. JSlnffitl's Vegetable Life Medicines poe scss qualities ufthc most mild and henefi cisl nature. They arc compiled nf arti cles the most anti pu'.rescent.combined with ingredients known ns the only certain an tidoto for fevers of every description. When the diseafo is produced either from cold, obstruction, bad air, swampy and camp situations, or putrid miasmi whether malignant or epidemic, or by other causes, tlicso medicines nro certain in their opera tion or eflVcls. They nro possessed of pe culiar qualities Winch tint only expel all disease, bin at tho Fame lime restore ond invigorate the system. When first taken into tho stomach, lliey immediately diffuse themselves liko vapor through every pore, producing effects at once delight lul aluinry u nil permanent. When thu spark of life begins to grow dim, the circulation languid, nnd the faculties paralyzed, these medicines are found to give a tone to th" nerves, ex Inleratc I lie nnimal spirits, invigorate the body, and re-nnimnto the whole man. 'I'm: Li n; M kdicinf-s havo alo been used with the most happy success in Nor vousntid Dyspeptic diseo'ses, Consumption, At-thma, Liver Complaint, Rheumatism, (chronic and inflammatory) Dropsies, &c. &c. For full particulars, tho render is invited to call at Mr Moffat's' office. 307 Broadway and rccoivo n copy of the Good Samaritan, published gratuitously. Tho following letters aro lately selected from a very Inrtro number which Mr Mnfl'ut has lately received from different parts of mo united Mates. Mr. Mnfl'ut Dear Sir: It U with sincere pleasure that I venluru to uddress you, to I hank you for thu benefit I huvo received frnm your medicines. My complaint was 6B.ll rheum, for which I ha'vu tried nearly all the medicines winch were ndverti-fd in tlio newspapers. I, hownvor received no relief Irom nny of idem. Since I wns shown your Good Samnritnn, which in duced mo to try your medicine. When I applied lo you, my legs and arms were so bad that they looked .lik'O raw beef, nnd wero covered with ecar : out ntlor Inking n 25 c nt box of your jiilld. the dead skin began o sclo off, am! rio ?tiitinucd until I was entirely pured. It is now four months since was" cm cd, nnd J havo had no re. turn of the comp.'aint. I hnvs recommend, od your medicine Jo several per3o'p?, nnd advise nil afilicted w.ilh Ilia salt rheum to' try it, Respectfully, ;'onr ou i corv oti. ill. UIjL'.U V j O" I3thst., bclwconCth and .Jackson ovenu '".?, LAwnnNCti, N. V., May ','3. Mr MolTal Denr Sir: I wot troubled witli tho piles lor years. I npphfid in the most eminent Physicnn without rev lief. A friend of fliinc Mr. Clarke, who had received groat relief from I hem. ro. commended mu to u.yj our Lift! Pill-?. Though I was sufiering very severely with them nt tho time, I cxperuincvd relict in -Hi hours, nnd in a few weeks wn-'nol troubled Willi thorn nt all and I havo jber'i tree from distress ever since nnd have grout plcasuro in recommending them to ifmsc- fififtctod in a Eimilar manner. Resrwat fully. J. 'E.STEARNS. New Yonrc, April, 1838. Dr Moffat Sir: Since your Lttu Medi cines have been introduced in this neiijli borhond, l hey hove done wonders. I will merely state a few case?. The wife nf my neighbor, Mr Cornelius S Roe wjjet was supposed to be in n decline for the lafct two yours nficr taking two bottles of tho Pliccinx bitters nnd one box of thu Ltlu Pills, snvs sho had her health entirely re. stored. Mr Milo B. Root, my next donr neigh bor, who was laid up with inflammatory rheumatism, by inking two bottle- of tho Hitters and one 25 cent bos of tho Pills, told mo ho was as well as he ever wns, nnd told n gentleman in my store who was nfflictcd, tint as soon as lie would tiiku tho Pills nnd Hitler;, just so coon ho would be a well man. Also, Mrs Hordn, wife of John Ilordu, was two years since tnken sick, nnd often had fits, nnd lost tho uso of one of her nrms. In six weeks after inking your pills nnd Bitters, flm lias so far recovered that sho Ims been onn visit to one of her neighbors. As for myself, I have been in bad health for 27 years, ond I hough I am not now in perfect health, s'ill I om in belter than I hove been for ten years past, winch I be. lieve lo be the consequence of Inking your Pills and Bitters. The abovo is a truo statement of n few of tho many cases which have come under my obsrvation. You are at liberty to publish this letter, and reference can be had to me as Post master at CUverrnck, Columbia Co.. N. Y. With respect, J. A. Va.n Vai.kkncurou. New York. April 1. 1833, Mr W Moffat Sir: I have been afflicted witli the fever and nguc nbout D months, and used a good deal of quinine, which did me no good, but I still grew weaker and weaker until I was recommendml to try your Life Pills and Phoenix Bitters, and nfter taking two boxes of pills and two bottles of bitters, I am very thnnkful to in form you and the public at large, I consider myself completely cured. Ynn'j truly, J JOHN TENNENT. N. Y. Mills, March 20, 1338. Mr Moffat Dear Sir. 1 havo used your rncdicino in my family for somo months, and havo received great benefit from it, especially my wife and oldest daughter. My daughlor had been in a decline for throo years. tJinco sho coninicnced using your medicine sha lias entirely rccovorcd and is now well and hearty. If this will be of any service to you, you are at liberty to publish it. Respectfully, yours, N. BUT LEU. Suiimisi Hill, Jan, 18, ltJ39. Dr Moffat Dear Sir: 1 havo great plessuro in addressing you, having been troubled for soma lime hack with the rheumatism, and could find nothing to give me any reliel, until I had commenced taking your Vegotablo Lifi, Pills and Pliccnix Hitlers. In taking the first bultlo and ono box of pills I found the mosi cscrutiating p'ain that I had long been trou bled with, entirely disappcarod. Sueh being tho case, it in with pralitudo I offer theSn sen timents, feeling confident that I am indebted lo you moro linn words can express, for your valuablo modicineand the speedy euro received from its good effects. Yours, &c. GEO. liilOFTS. .... Macoii Ciicnic, Jan. 17, 1833. Mr Moffat Sir: I am mokt happy to fcinl you through your ogent, Mr. While, a few lines rolativo to your excellent Lifo Medicines. For a length of limo I hove been complaining of nn infection of tho liver, and tried much medicine, but found no relief, util 1 conirneuc. od with yours, I havo now taken nearly tw hollies ol'yourl'heanix Hitters, and I am pleas, ed to stale that I find myself fat recovering from a long nnd lingering complaint. Respectfully, yours, &o. GEO. K1SNER. Locktort, Nov. 27, 1837. Mr XV. I). Moffat-DrarSir: Asa remark. iibto insanco of ttio virtue nnd efficacy of your Lifo Pills nnd I'hrcnix Hitters, in rsatoringlol health to the afUietcd, has occurred in my family, 1 deem it a duty Iowo both lo yourialf and tiio public, to mnko tho fact known, that others suffering under similar cireunistancp- might porclmiice see tlili and obtain a remedy in season io prescrvo thorn Irom a prematura gravo. My wife has been nfflielcd with tho liver complaint and general debility for upwards of 3 years: and fur tho last 3 months t.he has not uccn nule to wall; across tho room. Alter try. various medicines prescribed by different phy sicians, which gave her no rehel, Mio wa given upas incurable. In this situation sho was grnduallv lailinr, wliun I happoued l call upon your agent in this village, and ho avo mo a copv ot tho (mod bamarilan, tho perusing of which induced mo to try your mediuino, although I had but Untie h'upn of her rccuivinjr anv benefit from it. The effect wits KunuiMiiLr. I'o re t-ho had taken ono botllo of hitlers anil onn box of nilln, kIio wax so far recovered as to be ablo lo accomplish. most of her house. won; without axjlsinuce. Yours, respectfully, W auk en Pattekso.n, For additional particulars of tho abovo nied- icino sou Moffat's (too.d Haninritnii, n copy nt which accompanies iho modieine: n copv can also bo obtained on application at tho'drue; lotos of H, .Moody and J. fc J. II, Peck & Co., uuriiiigtoii, vt. Tho nbovo niediciun for salo at wholesale. and roluil by R. Mooovnnd at rntuil by J, J. II, Peck & Go, Jan. 183?. Cm

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