Newspaper of True American, February 15, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated February 15, 1839 Page 1
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C 12CENTS. NEW ORLEANS FRIDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 15 1839, VoL.-VI No 1No8 "'frr.r ,f" tite .wNedMipsner Press of Nero Or./enrs n m tllultlli ua "r..l t' a na mi :liounrtld tin-,r ti, ol' f tie I'rorrittr,hl lt l tin tIIIe, 13th r f Marich, 837. ., 0ycotr' rxajs.-I'tvil I),IIr.lro for htlm tlily pa pat a tllltrl I rtllO l t rani-:rltalllyl in odva.ln:o too darllart'o tnha wiweaokly outllry pnIor, iOVbOlloo oa oear io uolvltiio, vlr.hro no city r olfrenllc in given. NiI tdhot.riptit e oWill be disirntinned until arrearnses oref sRttlld. In cdse of di conltiiuale. e, one wock's nlotie r it. liritltng must o iivaortab!y givel , prviotlus to ll) xsiiratior of sublcriptioln A'lneO.'rrrsr.-Co dollar per o for ihe first nsortiin, andil hlf that prie for soch slhsequerlt otte: ari1 lttm'rio alterration from the origill adverritbe llet pr will ie charged as rt new one. Yxrrltlr. Ali+esTtsEst.-Mlerchtnts anil Tran ra, nory dohlars fm English alone, and sixty far both lo.n i Ankna, li.ruca Of .s,oand othler limil piglity for Ilotlh lunllgag ls ; thip osi .teambol,7 t illc' lana, or ColsliStJioo mtorciaont sixty dolloo ;is gg.nigli,l e and eilghtia or bLoth languages. ixRi ZsRR eS, OsIT.oAt NOTICes, and. artilCes call inlg thln 'lttontion of lh poblic to sales .l ' propi rty, cards of rassengers, benefsl, &c. &e. will bti ehariio I one dielar per squaro for the hrst insertion in each In UotsottoCTIoNraor Alovertiseimnt, arts peesit I alirntore, tlen odilssibls, ahll be chlirged ublsle, ond in artlvane. A drdslut n of twentyfivte percent. will hbe tmade Into Alctinroere, I'herlt, ltegislrr+of W\Vil, nlll Marllsrhals .a t,It s.les of real s Istat. sollthed il both la In.i egrs, .od 50 per cnot. in English alone: 101,a eront. oninro - of utht~r pirperty." Au 1ttittt. aNT Ollt o the diret oi OlUe iloti'oo oa rhe advertiscr, stlc as o;;bul, auction, nnl phlnta I o aos psOa runn. tey slaves, straoiy nilla, &n&. &e will Ibo clrggotl for acpa.ntely, and at tlhe ordillury rales. - Attosoorlnsao'r s';Ti.rn f leietl sir 1o0 rme, will be llt lilol tone unlh, tiad s rdslefRi aec or+lin ly No itt vrli rlmm"tt of bnnkrntcias will ben piblslored 1r it sny citee, ntlea po d fUor t lorevii to inxoerliot , oI lrxnystait gttiiroitreilby a reortstiliie porton itow r ti PhIll olorat lrnod l h rjtl rllllofl Oaeicrnno o lri iosit tlly ,t trie seons l, to ire chilrged $101I for . i ra-i, ndl $1511 in htolh lanx.naogt Allean wi r ,e t of e lite t for politr'nl sliiier ill i ellnrged dnoble tre rierf ot ultrs ndvetis - ()tingtii i ritothe ritr- toe rtos: eaiitld Iyra retosltrlr Ie itl t irae. tllv htie ei,,e n tne r I lit t tltiot t hat th. . o .i liarse na whra rr tilllae|i otlrtt h1v lot l - paid rilii. tInle Imon th alter prc. iI ,m, *)1. n ll hr urn, g tiit" tlhc, ii vuai not to r lvertise nur fin u for r.tch delilu .o ltI , it tlllr'i it yl -e ti ll etri I pt sy+ lOlx. ot '.'d l) J . . lb -or . 'T1 " 01 11' j. I I)N, I'. I ', i N I+'A, it 111IN (11 IllONt hIl 1Mih)I'N. ,C h i ;S "," 0 . , e tnllr r ,l'. r 1I +, tll tll lli £ u1 1t1 .1 ' tI 1ll ll-l) .. i , ohs t rhotiti T l . ...... j .a ill t allll hrig A. ll fos tr .filt bvl jm .l i) . & J I I. \ I T I",7 (' I.ri t Ir . - 1 ,A N IV t t, Il.- ,' biflt. Leruson [il..t.rr' Uil, ja~n :lll S. +J. I'. \IIlTNNI]Y,7., ('rlp "t T I: I I trl 1 11 i ir r i l l 1 r I.ivll S(r . Se. rat til+e r lutes n ree I Iuing. "i for ntac by " Ilb:\ It litI; . j I0nn31l. _ 131 lln.r ,isg r 0? 1h0 htln tlllot ltrilt l,'hmr, t'5 h hll ia ttltithillphllihibu kwheblti eall oro l, (oil (.u.lIrs id ,I d do 11111 I 511 ilrt Iii ,lert m lm l e lltr oi.r d(ll stl. t "!U ch , l , I+'OIas- id prslrltrllra, J l tl rir l ll a lst. li t+ o ' \I I i a1"ru h ..II r tl ' l -t Il, r., jo rJ ealr ,ydrti1 dl as,,lrsirI i S I j., i : rl'E''': )+3 ti , \ .1 ' V 1,', artrr'.h r i I ll. 'I ll ,- rt:rlbtrid r i it f ir l h '. h r - .11 tt t is . l.i - I ',' dI il I l '1'.N 1 " : a-bI I, +r u l 1 ' u, oi irh +1U 1 1 ..' l 'l .l.\1'1 . '-tI I .'pT 'tl ii ) ll+, i r-+T ' . ++ - l i I, "-, ii hl" I -III .' i i ) -I l :11.-1. li 1; I l iii u-I n nv1 u"" st t. '' i .l i .lli , I titi , , 'l, I tol i N ,ii l l I\ - '. l ii C i l. lll r iil cur N i m l l.h,' , lill i tl r h, 1: I I,\V . l 'li- ''" btllll 111 " llI' :t'. iI) IililN Lil'11l I I il.lltill-ll-i. . ll `t.* . - ' ei........ . r e L :.' III 1 ' It" , l ilt - i rolt t:"In. l, - i "r I mim I , t II. t- uoo llt' L o d-ItI II .1. \''... . 1 -- ;4iCu ,I-,IIc \ ..h ,.rTlt . III e all tl t h ill sli lt In" J.lN , CtLs-ii si. snrl th .i uitlll, thud I' if urutit t d i L 'l l I,,,v i l tsl rull hti;-h t t I' ruo ',li ti lli-t utti 0 Itlarl I .h ah etassoillogl. s ao1s l drat rull, ru t u l lltl ilrli' s tloil tetls orisor lers srttro t,.cr isi, - c x. lo'r lrtihn l I:lturthlo itr riti rltdAi seD tn bos'1 i ol' a w isang 1 1 ,, l o Ito ',. tlr rtir h sr di it, or n onll ': i,-., n soli It d I' i h .r I V )or - 2 AM&222. rLNS,1CmIA MAI.NSIO) N (HOUSE '"" NEW ('IT 1,'" ''.c I'Llri'NSAI1I I*O.. t. llnl Iý\II1: snhwlil* rlnvl . pu'..222,.ns,2222212l2(22od f22 uiol~nr~ ol thisI etlell. Illulu\ CIIIi1s aslnll bP rOL, lien, ,,llsy l e, the lots pl (Illllpli JIu IIF, will be lead to tcti ll tic (V.LI.III II. told costly imp~dCnlllliltl rll be I.aU I)I d in 2ill' 20( 22122222l 2 , 222 21222 , W2 illi goo2222. N 2CC 22221da !loos fur hoe-es nod carriages. Fis L..i·t rule hml~les anld WI, crnrri r F ill also h Ie kept fo hire lit Illleerlr le iprics poi usually fv ruod at o m uriug places·PI ill also he frnisheblld. VI, and so cllillmI~ w.ll a not to ilaerlTlhre wit h the cllnti i~r i till : od yliet~ol' tie [)earlier.,. 'I'll( , wial~ni of ligtmrs waill b be! of the Lest llll hl v, and to ensure it tiI ll neply cl tt ,,; ", It cargo h1., al reed betao ordered, wllicl, will arrii \ e IblU 122221212 2~2 12.22222X2222,22 nll rededrick Ito, caurd, who formraerly keptr so poplular ilto it hotel 1t Washington c ~ity·, hill eoulllilCt tlus ho e l for all thle Firilteit of tool year, anid hisJ f,-il·IIII a ·c lrull y, that sl 22221122ill2reeive 12221 ry2212221222222 222222282222 222d ti 22222ly 2 I ,ee222ls to giie ge rat satis2ctio22. `C;J·ho loenl ndvnatugelprh of th e tours are too te··Lll I11 knlown to Ie·I1L a long!. cited de·rriil lLiL1 tare. Toel lads lot Pensacola:(lli is thle Inrrgos lurul station o f thelr Government* theC general relldeczolll of the (;lllfsquad- Ito rot,; tile Jllulil'i~y of its eliunre1 refrtellcdl constantly da- ting the emunllllr month= by thrie routes!?; I reeielo toml rho Gulf; tole beauty tit' the bay mild the Ieiglrluoriin: i~laudliand rivers; he abunance and delicacy of* the fish with which thle waters ..honedl; anda its prexlalll) to Ilse best JNouttlern marketst, oivo t'censoeola the lire " 22r22222 over a12 otter place1 in22 th.2 e latitudes,2 as 1 , Ilttwlthly uud delightfull aoummrretlrloll1 First rate bouts w~ill run betweera Pensacolal al:d Me' bile, andi will at all timer beI) aisle to !tie thle paaseug,~ers Iran, theI New Orleans boats. p 122r 2 222, Feb. 15th,122 13 228 . 2 22222(22I entleen wishing to 12222 o rl',222 for I h2ir famlies, ems Hddresn thle pn,prilotor, at Pensacola, orr l2 Sewell T1 Taylor, the2 forme21 r prop2ri2 2 or, at Lies1 Or2 Referenlces. T.Sanford, 22 q, Mr I2 CCbonroy r22I.222cin, Esql., 2.t. KiM'22v, in 'lob.le; r 10 Taylor, P P 1 R2122 E 222 in Ne 2 Orlelans. It S-A lett~er hag,, to receive ennlllluailtlio ll for u16ce"i5 (lo ' brlve es Eeli it placed at Gieo \ý'hitmnll eSt Ch IFILOUID:% ROUTPE FOR NEW YORK. I Q3 Traellers desirous of talkingr the. Florida route, .la Peusacolel,tat tile North, are inf,,rlnec that ,lest rate boats will cons~tantly ran fron. Mlobile o I', oolocceln, lea2vi 23 !Mobile and 2 Pensaola everyothe2r 22nv of2er Ihe let of ; 222v. U2011 drt:;e will 2212222 22 pr0vided Io he 222 2222222(22 Lein r 212122222s 2222take p 2222 "22gr 222 Moubile, in case of the failure~ ofthe boat AhOI The atenlnl oat Champion lam~as Mlobile for Pence u,2t, twic2 a I2ek g. fel2 1r Iv (-,a s Light !tanking (.'e j)'y Janln try 30, 1 F39. /i~fll $us:k of Coke being tthmnedti n, Illlly will lilllrislt PittsburgI (,tool), in smlall quar. rile',· to ther cu-tumor-.c 222222221221222222221222 2 22h(eGa 2 222222222 2222212 n 1 212'i 212 222222 2221222222212222221'2q22-12 NEW ORLEANS Steam and Palent Binfeit Bakery-Watera and Hlillman. , No. 9, Mjneenu (rear nine t'anonel,nnn-i Itil Road.) Pilot and NaIvy Brdl, Suinta and Wine Rnacuit, Sugar. Butter, Midlnbrd and Wanter Crackers. All the ilbovrearticles are warranted to be of the firs' quality, and 'o keep in any climate, being completely kiln dried. Also,-Kiln dried corn meal. Order lef at Ot G. W. Pritchard and Tiga't, Jr. corlner Magazine anid Pydras treeoolt, will receive prompt natetion. Sman:ll kegs put up expresely for family use. . 15ov IILO1It-1O000 barrels landing in store, I lIbr s .ale by G. I)l1R l'Y, dil3 d4I New I ve v --O ktO g Nail, adi.n.rteil size, bier snle by Ia dit A t '1d 1 WllttP.\TL, n7 (erIvier a ' IUt'UNDS-nlin-.aiippi lFunds tIk.n at . tra . il- in vln., flrl GrenL:eri;e. . d1:, _ _ (ER FllY:4-76 bales Kerarya, t Oil.--', barr,!lsl T lnnlers tlil, :I11 inad. Winih oil, 40 ('is' fuill str.llI',l dno, fn CANIDLI;S-3IIO bhoxs Spirnel Candlltle, for li sale by L II GALE, i d7 9J: Counln t er NIW Pt)IIK L ItEt"---2II bhla niee-a ,nd 411 bbl. Ili prime Park 2I babl prime Htef, ahr nile by din dlN >wf.ov~ A iARil)t. v nnd f 'iu, t oti n re, bags tPie nninle le bile arrival n Iroio (3llletoI V ndi fri nl ron n l'n l e.e r a l' aaent ien a in Ell n- In .in-lllnmmll (;Iln.aiow. sillte Ilntntenl.. rvlc l iit ier Svd- n ivni of inniruntion .iln! li-v atiniheriii to pnuiln. tit 'Teltie o i nia' udi ir- in:abilitv, A',. c i i he shliown, oni tp lir lie . .n to m re . a li it. l , Royal street. ( )X unll.-m11 R -loi i di'z. it,,.r i ir%'h , iot r' SD 'olv,,1, n el s-uiiah!o o. r shippint ft- n ale at the vo I rh \li Iu, or : V rut te I I. of I wnrl nli.i; 'i 1, ,i n., II Ior o n InInI, if'e' II..- nnl I,'l ,, l , i= ". v.,-; P. vi - '' , luiH.', , ' al'es for 18 1 ' ; lada , v's ChIri.LstIo , lilt for 10' 1; j lt r<c ivrl nilll frld LUIIAN A INS''i'U'ri . tI n.h ir ill :r", i l. IIlam p nlcllll~n)I in n+ liTin oIfiiiiro- I n ihr, i ll ll III n' 1 I m,- ei tf ,l lel 'i n l (n I III'hall I , c r 1: . 'i el ! n . 1111.f la ii lllleninl li n nni'r eli n di lntion niln -lur ne o tf etuinie nto e pal.r-ied in thi. sren iniary i i i I i'.lnll i he nnelma- n'l ,l nantp ih f Lir inII iLvi inll ls : " I. T i n I, nI i partn nt -li tl in t lll ir n. ll I ls i I iiiii hIlllhn, ofa and necomllplilshed lEnglish e(d. IIl-tilln1· nodll t Ii ll lneI.nnn-. 'l 'hr I ,nrtI l ll n , hel IniIgngI I s, in ,lhicbh .ill lbe r glt lltlieFrenCIit, Spanishll adla irerlnan ll g h ,. iii, hnemb m tic 1 mild phi'oso ,Iii ni i' a't c i ent III col p hll I'ullllldu.lin lgebri, i, e trJllllrv, rli l` IW io 'rrit noon l ellii-hnti , Ilir I ti t up l l tn Slllilll, J c;IIlio)N I·tP. i. If i v ]Pre ilclntl iI iN O() , /Loi.uiian r C ll g a, Iark C II' LEZE,\ ER.IGi J NIm;Il)O '.tN INq, Newrie- Unna. 1 -n-I -,:, ; i SI I . ih pl iac \ , lr hlp I i ner. |itnav, " l iiliii l av-I, · ~l ','-r I nl.,.i1a rlr:nl,n C inlnl ir ."dliloern, , l ih ti pa. : li - l i- . tin 10.h ', l v- ,,,' I,,1 S r. " r , d t', "", \ ;./l l I r I1, ,, .. . ... .. r , ;.~o , , " ,,-- . . ,. ",in , ' ,. , me, t V.,,- , i -,l :ni "l l rula m- 1e l In i .,a I' tl ooe I ..".; 'v I t I l, : rll 1'5 :1 1nea'I !,i " , I II .i ni- ,1~ - I1n I ., , n. ." i .,n ... . t",1 ( if . "i. I " : I I . ;,l (1I--u I ,. I I)'.i ,tn ll . I. l.l : \ a . r h lly i.-!h - their frie n n n. i Ihe publ-c in n , ir, that I- ii ~i 1.linlll nlillt :h,,. I on'- 1,,r- I' ery la i I , i . ll' n,lll1 I l ,ti :tad Ii.m i, t -Iei i-le , ai a , , t. \ i ha i n I to ,, ad onldn i ni.a , oi aI l Ii. gnanld S, Ii - h lr . irb lllr i i in I onl 'lll- al < i i I. . I.T It at ia --a l i1 lii.,l I iN lni.I nnI-I.- Si-inl i nn'' I V:·HIrI<py Iue - I,,,rw brick sI h , n l lnIil. ' I. hii t I l el . -t l e it iimit m kelt p T l hiiam al'l viel i , n dil tliri'd. o.Tin ndl Slelt Iro1n1, Wr, eveary dcnllipy a 'nil, mt i ncina.,I ini nn, inetnl- e nnI, iand ape, ti, b t,. tin end to net tenail la e,, f l a01. nne andlII and nall y. l iass ( is aning dolnl n gtnhnr i ,,r iniL nhr n Grta a Ias of every dnoripilan, such as steam.d o uiilTsrup., beOg chanai , i gUw Lt;s,alnullI, oiahe n kind ofmteamiiiat work, such as de iatnnery, breechi or, itear pipes. I i tdiryitlultleydal llneden·tll iu lilllntd I aaEncI, Thei y will also do all kinds of out door w'orlll, i such a- zinc·, copper and tin roofing aanpd gutterinng, Ir. l&i. They .laboe ad all otier kinds at worek in1 their line of business, they will execute at the r shortest notic. I O.11BARI) & CO'S Boston uand New Orleans o Li u o" Packet .irp R.-I'l'.t. .w r line of sthips stra has bee(u exprenssly built to run between the above ,1., iorts, anld wil be Inrud of suitable draft of atelr: and accoollllldatios flr pa;sscngers, anld every fli'rt rcI vi'l be lllmad o givi e g. "ri satis a ction, The btra illl is composeI) d o'the lii lwinlg shllips: plai (therokee. 415 tons (Capt..l ltlrding, r;ni ,iarolina, 4t011 do P [lnis, tn o Chilaeton, 374 do 1) Eldridge, 'I Cd lum hiai , 6, 5 do ; ltarker, a'in Surnllln, Ž94') de J llowes, ult tinanbay, i. 5 In d ) InUnliphrey. 1 The above ships are all now, of tle first .rlas, yen copper thltemld and coppered, commanded by tien oet of grat experience, lrhav large acconmmodations, with n separate ladtescabia,; every nttentlio will be I paid to tpa-aenlgers, and the very rest of stores pro vided I,,r them. F iThe pilc:ttL .ill bi ton;ed up and down the Mis stssipp, d tthe strictest putnctili y ol'served ill I c. the tie of .ailing, a lnd shuldl the rauilar vensscLis be detained ill arriving, other shi)s Ceually as gootd lr I;tll ill ill easn.s be substituteo . A share at patron-. n ago is sio:icitd, sti tile agrits pledge' telnmselves to ve necollnnmnodate au s iuch tas practicablc, to receive thl anId fh'rward goIods by id hae at iithe nii mroder. int charges, and to advance all on godns s shiped, it' required, i Toio ships will leave the t riand 16lth of every ', mouth. Fur freight or passage, apply to theg iagnt, nk J A MEI.lRt'IT'T, 82 tommntr st. II, N. It. Advancements rllldon oil colsignma..tra t to Mesrsa. A. C. Lombard & Co. i Aun.,IICAN ? BltAl)1',Gush.?unler,&c. ;fa : a( a htals .Anteiiean Brandy, a .n keels Goshen Bnater, it A t It ultea oheat meal, q3 boies Impetial tea, d2o"11 do rauistiern do., iO 5balfbarrels mlet'shad,n I.tllalnd g frntlli ) shipAdriOladlue llIr e:,te by t fir. ( \V IlICI IA t )I &tJO TAt JIr nketrhes ofl Mitied, by len Fullen, nl ltostr'ii, Thr lifb' and bharncter of tie Rev. , nlt II Stearllns, Jrlt received and Ibr sale by A TOW .It, l5 9II Cumnp ll AP1LOR(ORNttItt AM _E-TaS --hau hiai' ftl t P .nurtIslties, lor sale only by ILRec & D'iLangt, r and l Ploulltl's louseuln. All tltseLornaltrilllr consist oif the nmost splenns did splin'iIrns r. ot rrthinoloy Iroa Eurtpe, Asia, Ci A\lriea, onI our won coluntry. Apprvrd not enat 60 dayswyillbe inren ol I UOLA:.'S Barr'els--nd loehllnlds-0 (irst Squditlty Monlasses harrels; nils, 7? do. do HIogsheuds int prime onrr., fir nrtre nv fre Will IPtItTEtR, 9l Colmmonr INuRRIS & Cu, N',. 3d Charlres st.ert, ote re. ceiving daily from their house in Philadelphin, an e,!egant tiind cnnipletr ussortment oTf sbstanntial and ftashnnable lotlhing. They invi te atoitern lilln of the ptlli, nas they nre warruantd tn Fayilng tat|Il etringcrs na11 eitizens calnot lhrr ish then selves mnlo udvanlltaouly il any city inl th ontio in ' N. . A few id c lenr'eitit jry hnJ' ni brell.s, 'or i 3:2 rt a6 inches. A's, a lar,,. i. white p nn iCCiiay beSe., vairnr riars, rr nnl ______ ,li~'l ..__._ _. _ r.,._ ':_'_ BALDNERS. A BEAUTIFUI head nftlr ita tlhegarentlat orna mn! helonint tel Itman came. Itow st rang ly the lots ot it htcaagten Ice e alletts ccoeaad pronec Illrrely I.rinrs OR thle appearance! ofoh~l nge, whichl c ·u Bsr malny to recoll .qt brinp tlhCOvcrlt. .nll Rotl,,lolnle8 evn to Scllc ietvc to avoia d tll esf .andi seelt r of their ithe reninldern r itle cir cves nra con ci aqatly p·l.tae io, rtlc ent. It hrltt'ie tint ' raa ilC In~d~fs.opft R'prt ills tim !.ellerotla thlnki..a ·11 I\Vo ih wit likewise prmty nces crebrow.i and wllskers; atrevnr s the imir frm llolp t rile rV mt ken ig ca rl bPnuatignll'Y narl fte, it a''n aielrCi. giallnerons eartihentere f te h fira l r aclaeetnhi t v in aaptnrat oF ie t virttae of Ohlridge'( Ilcnl' Cat aliow an by the hifrpr iciiora. 97 Rend the folhnwing:- RohPrtWI horton, Esq. Inte MumOo ." Io slplh fics cPfifitoc , a dnv ec teci t below, ro thelr gh chara tertiof ai t tll 'wine t lnlo inl. e et Treait flt'ctocianle c'do erecrtatc tl ea'nt thnve leet ) th H I atc t I tf ( aol fil tilce.V iecc I I r O1tridgej nl hiavae f, ijd i h aithey rietateiRt O'ccctt. ri eclv OV tI e. . ' " i.Ticiag e ltt ei lorW tc l iaqite. tale r t i(;rie 'lnrt c i ph cocci rN. ciev c ertlla e Fifcth tt. et 't'IccNtcdrcigattc"ltlcyec'tifctltcrn'P.tccc't cie I - . t't cc t l i-.c'neo i .t tdi aEtc. Jf)itt ;AR t, .Jr, li3liccc .. n.:rct. a t .l h i t . s cth e e tier ', tt Sw'rt io etcc nct r tutan 51 y.rr ol it acn. 'ac Ibe cthl.r e not leas thrU 30i. [F'rnm the1 21avr.]" Cuulalcclc uhhctlcc ' lt n ir I'n cl annt , atc It. Rt ert \ nrlnn. At 'canr b f'.mis l criity ct p'tilclcn. 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Polen .-cr% Wlll Ilc lill 11',111c c colcilar h i z t ac~tl i' I, occf ,, c lc cc c ,, e ,d ,tic I pai & c ;S rl . , .. . t act ItI t' Idl '• Il,~ tt,++Il ! t ell3 < lkiso l| 1ttl.%+, n al~ .,rlxt ii le-a a. ndt i .c c ,: h . t: h,= s. f "' .htl, y ,,.,l ,, ,r I c' .cr.,,cctc; 'cl cc,. colctlt't cc~t.n't' -I., .1 i I Il li.·iir · II; 11' k,+,'t 1 nd, ho t h,.ltr \\an te (bl < .Lt 11·11 +,.+ ,'=I, ++ I :i 'tJ I1 t+ Iit 11'[ 11,- il+l)]t+ II il~lrC It 1 r ',l cc ti. a' cc,,t 'L < -O c, tccc "c1ccii cc .r lcccccce ' it' a + ' cc e tl,[' , ..lhl ,, I lli i* 's'.'.clc t llli c ic' Icct,,cc it I+ . tllLe i ii ~l~lSr l h l lltl ll ,'I. 'I tI ,i 1 rt++.'11 \vlll11 t ( (l]+,' ll~t [: ),t,. c" iI ' t ccc cc cc 1 c ll . , I IIO'tN t. C..' it ,, ls l+,l . ·I I+,I, ..... Iii h ,.\i.,l. l ':~ ()+l 'I t~lrl . i `i \f)UI.I lY \VAReli--i he sulseii er.,m iv n h.e l actur s ni l and ;wh lea l derles in sidd ry, 'll d o. , are lsa rectiv hlal b .lal arrats frol tile .vttent i or I, in lllddltl In Ito their Io1nl r s Inck, llan exel.- riousl us . t 'ern ,t of .r..eles I, I h. r lIne, anion. r It nech Leo the hdi uwing, viz: ,lurs L.d.e. and plan[ and. quilted saddl..s, I 'I: dol do Cr. ae do 'h youth`J'so Sio nsil d> du do three n do p Al r. andh Eno. ibrdis and i idiv u mutiv gsivv aent fluted,, and y ip ,coach harness, lta do do do gg ano keodl do do do BUroute do Al Dray, cilr and wagon do - P Saddle b.hvs, doi iilC nds ngle; v.vliesn; iv decal ' . sailth.I bags, Ulusst Is arpet blag; iest Ironll h lme letr, 8Ipt lo iru vle, loass nulved; leathler boot ti do, assor.ed sizes id varous stoyleo; hIst:els iand Ipstul bell:; coachli, ig, sulkey, twig a .d puniers crop whip: ouui, wuriad; ce"ovlt., and leatheri glrlbs and s Iur II~lI s; stirrup levhI'tre ; ianil, straips and worstol rinl web; chain avo vook liolmes; blind brlidls and lines; 8 iltch coll., i and ourseand mule eollarelod, ul qiaollis; l n.i r,,ec ,, bach,henr.sheep ahd tlulffal.. s.. ; l. Iaited L br;la nlld a cvu )liidl.: bli s .I f evry deslrlptlo, n, pTlle,', Liravss Ulld sr ell spurs lu over'Y desevlI tu vi; p;nle l, , is- i a steel sti rrups vi l every di scrp"i l r. Tn ugetl,,r wilIh a comlll·to assortmelnt of ( v0, r Am o'tilit n IIvhel rlileNol bIusiness--. l of which h lhi') i ol].,r tar as'., on ,co;, a'no a i lllt teicrn us. 1 ,y twill also contnne to r clive .liarougll Lie ,ye' ,, by pcketu itm N.,ew .ork, 1 b so s. iu t ranl 1 ump tb .ir stock amplll anId C.,tni,; I'. ,KUE , )Al illdt) & co, 18 15; 5 I.n1i st. .;S:I- tARI;N . ll--'The s,:hsueriher t o g t, ex bi s lls iratelu l t nllks to the pl b v I C, for v the libel l epleolt he has l celled iiie he is v ivlvn e bti es ii n.v i thi i h it . Iv . i l I .Ii e pi 1 I ier r the seedl stoire, 1[7 ColvUvI l svtrel I, he I - Iotl II nd l t\e r \t;ls a_ II1e t fIo anlty no:lher£1 sled Sveinder; ivelvlitr i s ie coniltcved (willh ny hoiiise in v tiin cou llntly- but i he assulrra the pulbic ihlt lis i.onncll iTvu ill ev eri y iv depurtmurllt iof liu d busd h I ltsa, il t te uoitieie t countries i" ]'iurope i re equili i thalit lilly llhou eit ill th le lllel tal S. lie ill. y plr v 1ed, plaits, &ci. from the ml s riv eelslve s,!ind nIueL les uand see ivl ien in F'lilllla ', , ilhland, Iglano, S ovland, iand the ni there t uteus-- anl d it wlill t all liule b his l rt inrres , as It Is his :lldnd , to ret'el, in adds iol to hs prl sent itck, tl , o e1 arivr Is at tvery des Lri pton, really the gr;ov th ul 1831; aleo, e-nvgrulted truit i re r, 0 1 all kindd. 'lThe puLle ll rely rely on tilding a lull us sortllieiin ol vervy article inll ti seed iv tol genus I in qiuaiily, and Implorted direct by nI Win. 1)INN. v LI)UCA I'luN-F-IR'NCII and ovull l'iSilt. Mrt J ain , recenity rliv.d in ithis ciy, begsleoave g to Stii rul the illozens of New Otleans that lie wilhl i - open an acodoly ion llonday, 14, JIanuary, ul No. IT'l'uulouse strct, Ilr tile ililnue ion i yl youth of o ot buoi lsexIe, it) Frenel and Englishll, in whlchl he Swill be ably assivled by Mtrs. J.liues ind Mrs. I t1 her, Twhio spealk both ihose languages willh greatl luency and iiurily, and whoi will Inl.o charge - oA iol oli deplllllonn o! thy young Indled. allr.Jlvt so will v lve his whol ui illonion to the Ie valri.ou branches oi educan ion, and 11 lL.el s himllell ge, ttihthe will give entire satistiction to tluose who 1111av hlirlllirtrial with Cth lllido i neel. nov I d [[CI. -[ no vvu.parlnvollviv lovoivil o tlhe '.i ltli July Ibut, between Johll Y. It' Is l, Jvsyph iA. Scard alid Charles h v. Ioren, Io ib condlllted uln der Ilhe syle and vitle of lop)Iiss, Iheard& Ilrvll, rlt is hereby divso.ved : ond thIs dissolunlon is to do take elvcot as Ironii he ii t of December estl. [la ''ho unidervsigned wI1 prmtliv discharge alll the - ohligalions of Islel la e firm, a-id in vluitre contilnue ro' in uilir own nalnes, and Ior lth ir own accoult, l lthe salto busLnt.s, us Factors and Genrll om-II t i nial ssion inerchllats, under Lhio style oid li'lv ot let- Dlriil d & liiorenv, and solicit a ll.e ul llhe p.truh. Ili age l theliir Iriends land the pubhlv. i0 JOSEP1i A. UlEARII,, the nov I CIARLES B. I;lltl:N. ins. t'[[I KE-Aiblisi ectifivl, laudiiv rov iac" ., f I V .Iunlth. e ih ,hi v h o"7 f ..,. 0Itnt Y II n- Itever ' IJ V LI.UAIILt Bit)i(S-Juat recaivelrc,, icncoiie, o S a staidard and valublu bhooks, chaely Lacdon ''lhe Diadem, witt snperi plaite. 311 Bellauties flyron, or u l does d a Byron, splendid lii Byral ltla trated, do do 6(l Secrl' landscnape illustration , plates. do Ilrockndensoc'a A [ps, Roscoe'a WUles. lr Ficcie's' Tailieacnx, I'l (iillcrvo tri ti i Artists, all sp!c:ldid engraving; art Lif' oitJnlct hitttoc with colored spa ttilg ldaita; Latic cond (t.reek ctctcsicci .itcrary, ilc kiliislh, cc Liv," T'citu , Xcnophon &.c., y roen's works, I.ondon pocket edition, Shokspeare, Lndon diamond edition, y Ilogg'e, Ih Etctrick Shlceerd'e, tale, Aiken's 1,lit1i01 por. tý The Spectator 6 wd., in 10mo, Selectlon. fron Britic pinrts, iiccaiccaetc l )eOorctI ill i, vod. Ciriotlccet of l.iteral:r' by acIcsrtellc Marlhlc's lifc . a f Iiaci shcigtc , I ofi , A'mo, Wilo vI wriety of spldid Alrc tnls and works of Alc, in handso e. bindigs. t 1 JOIINS & Co, i fPG rnr St Chatrlrtc nd Conimion ss t S Dal We b str s tilt Felt's Irrd. b rel lpen Conllgrss large di IPerry's lati pr' g do Pc i small do do :I slit I Wildel's ladis do du do deul platent w " - o d nlei.l ])oablo patllt do pa (tilo,'s blrlC aci do Naoit a do t Ald (Idcict's (occ mcrecial, fi, sale nt jAVIDi) t'i't , Co, & 1 Chartres (c. tc' fi6 N Y SVninners liall lit SU(:.lAt & MOLi' ASSI-IS--I5O hhdsia S.ciI, aoc 1i lcc.cIct galls Maclasses--" c plllllllttin onve the i city foP cteie b ADAMS & WIIIT'\LI, fe'i-"w 67 Grnvir snt e 6L\SS-- L l .zec in sltref'lr s;c le byt J " i fel itt t i l , III)\VNtlet , 119i ici gnrie li fl" ) c htN 1'-l 0 - i-, -, the -,uci ,Iclcticce10ct id Iv Mesasrse. (clh, Ilrrlsis & C'. Poasassit. giv c Oil oiu the lot Colrhrl--pply tod, ci \" I';il'li;fliA .ti & JO rtc ]I 'Tt. l i t~i .,r Po~.,Irt'c & clciezic' 'l !h IIcE MO)RR11OI)S. 11' Hi' AY'S LINIMENT.--No Flction.-- This ex to 1 tr.aordinary cthemical coclpusition, tie result c of science, and the invention r.: a colebrated onedi w. cll mnan, tile introdctc n of which .to the publice i was invested with the solemnity of a dealhli d Cec bequcest, has since gained areputation unparallcled, fillyy sustaiinig tile correctness oC the lamented fit Dr ;rillcey's lait confcision, that , he da:,rd not die w;thout giivina to posterity the benclit of his ill knowledge oi thlis ltubjCec," and hle therclilo cpr Iticcatlhed to his flinld and attendant, Solomon cin tlays, the sereci of hlis discovery. It is now used in the principal hospitals, and n,; the private practice in our country, first and most 'st certainly for tile cure of tlhe Piles, andi so exten in sively arld cffietually as to baffle credality, unless a' where ils etfets are witnessed Externally in the re following complaints: For Dropsy-Creating extraordinary absorption ec r at once., All Swellings-Reduingi tihem in a few hours. I, Riheumatiism-Acute or Chronic, giving quick caore Throat--By Cancers, Ulcers or ColJs. th Croup and Whooping Cough-Externally, andi fn over the Chest, All Bruises, Sprains, and Burns--Curing in a c few hours., l Sores and Ulcors-Whether fr'esh or long e standing, and fever sores. Its operations upon adults nod children in reduce i it ing roumatice swellings, and loosening ouIghs aend i P tightnless of tie chest by relaxation of the parts, e. ihas becn surprising beyond concerplion. The incommon remark of those i who lhave used it in tile lit Piles, is c It acts ll.e acturan." THil PILES-Thl price, l is reaundrhl to nry person who will use a bottle of Ilay's LinirncllL a lir tce I'ils, ani return the crnpty bottle wilhont being cured. These are the positive orders of Iche p rnpicitor to tile Agents; anid out of loany thou. sands cold, not one iils been unsuccessafil. I mi' cilllt insert certlifleals to any length, hut pI refr that thosIe who sell the article, should e- I hlbit the soriginal to purchiasers. CAUTION-None an lie genuine without a splendid ongraved wrapper, on which is t ly name, t and alsothali of tile Agents. SOLOMON HAYS, Sold wholesale and retail, by COMSTOCIK & i C:o, New York, and by one Druggist in every 1 town inl the Union, For sale by :c Wholesale Agecnt, corner ofi C(oln.inon & ITcitoupitoulas street, and by the I Apoithecarics generally. je30 rRANIK.IN INFIRMARY rj iilt c putlic art' re ieectftll iciccilt that cncs ic Illc cil In dlilry lll iO l Ial iad X air l stellihae inl i II I ill c)cit I'rltkillc, upon Ihe raih Ii d, one tII lle I'ro die i lisis a Ilie Ioildla ig Ilarge e'l I ,t nrelllmllli sllll v divided into apartl wlnts, fur k,.l l p sepa'ute dillcrent classas, andh h theerectt disiatrsd. hi er ii mtllliiol is : p lli·' I witllh te Imi lt skilul! and atteltive m ale and ti1 tn mse-, sid speaiking the va 'rinalt rneulr nlan be had by gentlemen tt five dol l rs i.. day. i hcicudinic attend ,iiit, lccc. e 'cTers in tie or inary waords, two dollr. per dnv. SIla.ves aldso t.o dollars. S.aull Pox in the ordi.nar. ardsl liv. dollars. % call cita llr icll Iperlltionct extra. I . bller, No 17 Ililmtpart street. apll9 Iv p i-i- " C, . iCo. , o1i Chartres ,t. c riclle a l o $ic a 1f contain' over S0 seeul ragruvin'T 1 liulsaionsll . I .lc"ii i).ine de. l'nri, A oiicitt titlieicli, (iClarlce s do IlcBeauvaisc do, Eiceoeox dci, otlcncn dl. i'riee $O. fic .ANNUALS ANI) ALM ANACS, OR o 1839l ha L'1PI."aIID London laaltAnnualoI,-The Il f Rloy. 17 n·tvlanperb ""el'lllpl;lcl·; Finden's'1J ·Iullcle(xLXIUId ·Inl tiallerv Ilf Ge'uce-; .tat 1 .btr' Irawiag Ilootro Sketth aook- ent Itatutco a Klaotaolstt, l l Io - tol Illooooutor; tee Oriientul lnnunl; ::lrejt me Nat, all .Iaottltu 'uint Anu cor Fotalcaltti .tou~l CIw nul Flirorlshilj a (lndr 1114; 7 I robor st al tilt' " toot Ie oook; Sri p,, ll~io :sdi 's iull,-, a .Ih · ":nlll'·* .Ao11111 Al..~, A Wit- lbmtnooto, es lob Ll1kotooiertooAtourt tee Thle Tukcn n nIIIi \Iinotii S,,ueaui ; 'Ilot' Viorbel; lb e~fl Alir. CGilttotoo oooooal llt'_.rtrr %, Iio-ottse l o :,nc .iiooonrtr."s tA crie it Alwrooooo,& llep j Ittattof rt l Iinorlr Jg· Bll ow' Na'itoot ann I: Jo"looa l o .to Ili-inee :llltllll ; 4te~ev art'e Ittirv ler IC 'bl -(.rnni lill It lleu o jncmu I ti r teduln or eIt eoy) day ofltloo'totr. ronaaro it hrlabrlai aol Coot, s. I8 t iol6(?·ittI CIII 'otto'IPII ti rod , clllr. 11 Do l~ooaot o oolItot'rIl r "R-ova FoeS(TY 011 1(1111Yr o il liin rONto DlONyto I:loator if-tari 'to 'tior r lllo wI tao tj', oldla l ttb IV re Npiu's C otloot Itoo oh ool'lr of roato P lint , Jrooaao'llarooot~ll;lul~olo 0 J lto ce nl~ .4 to. o lo~lbtbt lro tootoroort, Ijltfll cool l o o enepldtc view' toad t P dblict ll'ollOIoll I', Baron Dulu ,e ec libelery and neo nul sea r of the \lilita- u re F orcelnr cl- olflii I'illr l p tr 1IIRl 111 1 Ma rquis dt hnl ae tttoet &%:I trn l F smtor tNT Tot '1 teemthe t chnt elucII it el 'wit ex ; plonutm v Hole Vl~ l~ll. IleIurl~~ I ii iotr t·'oot ed Itoot to r boor F ban . tor Ft t Jl rem ltorlon tou'l ooftiwlot- it'ttua ic 1 l tO idnt tltt.Ultorltlooetot llrtaaotrtoo ot ulrica tittt' r lt a "attoro ndo litor:ttlal: attIofrltltrtt d Ft titr. or titir-ol otal t'otootaq or l11o'ito ra P 00~ ao tnl loeo loftttoo booli tooji~l a oap'o. ololo EII/ IIto It Or 1 '1 1 tfot i tt. diar tiont ltt t o I' or larC loCt ololoarto \totl roa roto to. NlE -Ilat' lirboot mca too., oo ooiync Ilr olo bott-rot orrat. dtya iruei&C tr b It I) Io.F :- hall Ibrre le d t' d illlar .o triate a taall, o It Lit n tiaot on otata, or lo o y try vented i ork AI'rew boltilarreor Nthi let ironap arot- har looth toee W olato' an thoer Iatotit,; Ito- n er tee' ht s the i te.tia sli '.it hi' ittlr a t l . ir^ ttdhe ol d liotlv ine lop . t rl'Ii1r 1epi g a be Te iil brad ir start, This Ytortk, (toroloeeal. Th i t o.'r01 IF flr the IIV of &lc 1whic wp brd tIi ta tti ott LN'O lilt.',lilt foleotO bonahhler ltrito fou, a N IS-JA rr 2 brt atootoltirrlo lcan ny ledlvr tb o stane oar un iw gt i tA'I& fu othe supl w'rtirch ewI I Le in It oliN-le dayt. 1t t 'aj tt iiikbl &l toon· 74d I'ao'oloooao Icj )oSit 'o latC Co oa IIto b rat h t ornorlooo torrtsale by G De· lll ue. «A1SIN I·- i L boxe IIt Raisins, Lorin's broad, i olar o jo ..I·1II.'1I &CO, itW aIi e f--b iO ootoja SAINT:l',OILS, (iLASSi, I. BUIlllt, &c.--,s' llunditig hiliom soip CoUlstilUtiOttl ad lii r d l v I 1 i.000 ret f1 ia", h u qutlit 1',, 11Xt1 tXI! }1!1I do1; cses erome (re ll in ol1w1er ; sur eri r a1ticle w"[ 11 do' I can<; a largi e ;assr tlllllt of sash totols of every I cr size and qti ltti sanble p cils ibr rti ,te; t l" t lmarkillg brushes ftor m rchants; artist's tcolors in o l reah lre- a ip. •el, in ho , fitted 'p . it i all n.l ice. ry bru .tot;t t' IFlake and, Iounity whlit"; GO ucks goid lea' white Ill nll yellow w. ax;gIl re. ic; anil i large end chaoir 1111- / ti NEW EDITIONY OF T1E CWIV'IL COLD! OP Ui IOUISA..L. I. rT habeneIn for some , 1n1nen l.'" known o the r t p le E that the sI (',hr 1ers ar1 111' ed1,'J in prepatrins for (lh tre12se I;~ n 11edio 11of tier I Loui- ana 1:ivd Co, I. - , i 'ThPe l1l1"r, Info IIp lh111, alvll. 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Ito lilt 1 ort, I t ttb l 1-h10's 1 ake 1 ride it; 1 o 0 ~ Iioeol. r lo vu0,: not tolillo. ie'lil I' t t o i0 e', f llotlre st o lhe Oital blltii e to oe ill tili; ii tl it' laslnllotr t tike t'o o lihe s li.eitot ; evilnc d lheir n .IIIott sense of ihe 10111ry of t he wlirkcll fd they nhl lie 1x1hel(v-. ! 1 othiat 0 ii el 'i'ii gt in it, oit tl"til )li of t ie li' l, ts an eo rs of i it i. bcoll oi 11Wln t a ld Aprci te ll, ls ;lrv d. y tpoit i d pt n er a n11111owt cleo r titi h ,, wi l ill n1 thud . o t otoe Unio cd Stlte, p no d rto lIi t Iti ' to t'a cluldt, o okexec ti hoon of i io tod with its to10 to'il l n tfiotee . It wious ll ilof te rsoo dliv lie not r o i iheo roti dOlh I 1110t re toooo f h v tolioiulhIo t luot i s l gon. cI; iii gt I'rP Y now in rultl tlto at velry o0 - hlr lorft ln. y, to itsl i dllidars rlllul prid ml Ihe eflll sliu. 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Ths c whoI I- ke lse o f 'thie iir.r i iet r Iaully li atis·iled w i ,t the theon is o Aixtrs,ic, Barkll c em , of v r any other iallrtile ll it has v i c tp kit n 11inriui y to m h 111 in strict n ,a cordand they itllay have adpredcilloald dieonctidne i theou ti full hng been p tri e--lliy a qul l s ring e f whii h, Theo is no pc rlb of r th e m lnedici n ull Iolig fie r thl L1he bOw€(;8 ol c6utlSt o (llll uctions, tIl(| ot er evils, ] ,u'ishig Wrnl the Use or many o)" the rlnw hdls nIow i ca;reds ofor ti lls urinl' thiC ff'tion. It l hwIas been Ir .ldt to a peruodical recurrence of 'ieha 'hills, and it e h hs i b l..w rded l'th o Upp rehendd ttLrI all those who hve 0, 11n1 tilnlnedliun io strict ac u i, N,(1 lili h 1' 01, 11t<u ,h 1,1h'1,trc t. e..1117 I, o +_111;1 1ru~lul,-11. 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TIIOIIN'S Crompnlfl E.xract ofCopdiLi adl Sari j pa Iril~ -- A Ic.l'tain, salli., awl most· Ctul resnl: iy \ur disciveld 'orL thie cure of iollolrhea, Glcits, do Strictues, WVhites, Pinds in the bock aid oins, senoin l weaokii s, olhhCtiuos kidider, gravel, soor'butie ero ptions, .c. Il tile intlod~tlion of a meoliaiid e pnsr ssigill tile sefiil Ioi o aciiVe oiite of thl llloe flow oRh'il'od to ithe Iublic., tile prori ett, r hols Lut tI, r.lirto thit linli, lous reoln of ce i frn h isfiliike wlohiich 'iiies ormidy II)+ltl g litlim Ithat -the -m 'Ire 1]1 a ic t r,(lt is oul]llld o" th e llb Iem c I, h rell C nti i sa , e. Tl iI yo ol, i Ihd si clii ii- iy 'i ir ll )'l ilsi l ioH kiirhl, O\V. ii i 'IiL+I I cuts ' u o i t ho gett'hioy to, hh sIt reiffoi ihd| i")|" itscc l·l.,sli lr:~il l it+ aI1:lllike mhir pol' i t |tile l d II O I~iY 'l+ S'+ 'S s tIle ill( i li oifi i .n te r ofisIIi ior-y o i llo 'llTi 101· I·11(·1131.+< %llL'lIS+I il (1eI~ :LII |l I dil llillory i+I Ctl.+ 'J'h u dr uig. i I tlle oompos to h: nl ofl t ispOf t:sile lliitllices C ti eI elik< e o thet o~t h n r, prodt in't: no~ie wope::d o the uly be m o ni tii nrg,:i s o lutllltsirilnl he ylmlOlsli i ' lS mul ll5ll eI i ontLr iill tilli ll. t l oill o I! 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The strich test i chdi I h iie 'gii our myeo icine ilm h lll} itlle n t, i s I ' lthi it iil ltai lll l |C . tlh lls t t knowl~ l,;;~1\ 1 to l:utroll il~llyti iio I i ~l i ii. ihict. iyht l · mo ili c Ieou io ofits. viirouiils, i io IseII iii hi hill - i oe 'iiiy'ii iii sidi l y rl lsouh for %Oin c:ws * ll l i lthe p lllllll. - I I oi gfil m g t esu r n lro i sin • ts. o t'|e Iwor hIL unlP aIC le q, lt. ics t. hiit iiii ntucu liI the trop yiter cotul c i the s ofunil .b:|sc olel; bu llsts Ll hltha t i it ceCsslh hilherlo ltle cel elrat ious i ti ltit'i Niulolitno 'll a liisc iillt rOublc. I 1 ot h rs is td s n, e t, 1or.ta e 1ll TI- t i. .'i pew i ln .'s-tI lrv f i i whlicfhl it l OIma F b llltF.'lhi, Inii ' Io ill IBII i.l ii F, p le nt- i ll 'Iit II th uluit "e triciioig li tIc hotlll RI L[tlblic IICieiil'llC Itl'pltll·Lltt'lhl, tiI ulltllit Iilir Fur co~--iiii n lit sil'C110 Ct o t ul 1. n nn l ste"C t. 'tI! :,I0'(1 1N F IVE Axn A IIALr A S, , From Mtolbile (All bit n) to Agliltati (Ge..J I L EA V ..S .M obile reve! other d:t , ifnns:,.iately t'em the arrital f tile m.til frIot New Or lean, per tle I ste.'ttboatt IEttLItotN, to Itaklv, cotches to P Sensacoh ste:unboats (tpet lernscot Ita,,St l:lot soutl and Cthoe. i tithctie Iit'er and liti) to Ce;thr illf.; coaches thenisc tia 1lahianna, Chattuthoccher, (firnelh M oun t rre- cam non,) aiJblhldge, PihTerton; I la khinsvi ll and Louis . shit ville, to An, .si0. A pIssen.e,'rl:takih his sent 1 t . w ill hile is in Ito dttttge of beiig tho n o it or losoinm hi Shi pre evence hv othb o' edictin' ilnterests, :Is the FL'U!!I- e;i 1) I.IN F. is Ibut olut otnce'l11 , and u |ld)rl Oe co:,lt ,t ) Lhrtul' c itt, l adtc pelv wrlt r r Iy 't' ctt rrItoIrr upon ttthI i "i: \tl: t t Aug itlu 'tit lle s. tcilcet , Itronccg i o ll c th I tro"e slt ndLh ocr.1 Th' in ( threo Nc it cirlts e. i. is cn"i.tI I. this routle. Theli Agents for ntoLOtmtttdt St1 tion, t'emtos, Coatchstnd Drivers are not surpassed a t1il t" 'so.theru emnI'v. r,0, The slnootb , naturl o, natural roasts, the sufe and inter 10I1 estill; oe navigatliuoll the lime and naecollnllnltdatio N,a :dlinbd the Itaveler speed, tceltrtint comfort, and a Iileao sNe ai 1 :. ici t r; c t s -ctd ittn i tt wtt it o toil Itottd it one to lilledgtville, all ot e Itetoiactn' light two hitll- p too t0ltli t, tile tttt ito to iletot, ri t Ri t i . to : o i'a e L::Gx Ti e , 11 Or ic.-( an'lA i to n c.l ity in 1 hi. o A it il" to A usl.tSMa k, y i o poist c A , t al btwo B halertohes , 1 1li3 , i, 'I haletotot o New 0o0k, :0- 1i " a 10;0110:ill 0lt ' )hlll e, aa i ~,,,e V ''' ie ll 5 It, I'rhile t!) A ii cod ti l'inhto, iti o (h:cOt:luot nt to .iwt \ok, c S:J - It ttilIt Iking 16s miles itper da. or t Mites pet' hoil , itctl, - AttrtfI, OitA i ALoI, 0, , oto. "Itt, oto Ist c. to infctori the olub il it tt b r i d 'g e , ,t \ ¢r t ha ( . t!, 't a b an, rot w - w r ,a p a n d I hu r d L , !; o ct otek hat-istc b &Is tetd olot t i tthe ; I'itcl g 'ern m10 I, ci" - 1o1 ,iofotioe.s a peratic i ceg:zttohis s ofe f i,te otti i .I l .ig 0 , il ru vellr i le coooi ielor. t' I lie ilitoLtt o m i.LII.I Itl tCtIItIt t tr tt Ilt it is eol ml I' tell I y ':ti w t t: o 'ittrll thg it to hI Illllnsu l:ss innivelies Leantl s0,l: s lilly. The bridiges othhr.clo. (eor:.ia h.neal~.e r,.b repaic-,I. J 11 C 11AKEIt" I IlARBLE l CIIMN I Y PII,:CE W.'.ar.,.nrse, 1 C ustoehnt1se street, oplposite the post-otliee. The sub(eribr.I ,re nobc receiving frotll their fhe. Iorieol in Ntew York, antd will kitcep constantly on Alind t gneral otsorocentetrltarbiy clant',ici Pcls ; ofcsaolr wOrklOOanship, and l' the latest pllterns, go made of thet Ict E gyptian, Italian, Irish anli A American ilarble. Also, Monumentt Tonils and i i;r:n.o Stntesi, oil nid Ilad Inat sills and hiutelsr. m b 11 iir lng, Illhea s itPd boundary s-tone,. Ilaster , of Poari, Imionu & Ildratlie (.000it and Poscter. SI0 ing lair, togethecr wi..t a splendid assormcnt o , t' brltes m uonted and potice (;rates anti Russia Iron a Grates of lthe newest and 00oxt approvedl Ipatternr. n leltterina done in tile neatest manner and at the i So shortest notice. Thely have first rate orkmen to t 0l et the ahubove work. i VA IARKER'S RUC Y MOUN'TAINS, &c. t lOURNAl, oft' an Exploring 'rTour beyond tile IRocky Mountains, under the drectitnl of tile st A 13 C F 11, prtfrtl d in theo years 1835i, '36 and 73; contaning a desrlsplion of tile geography, ge. 1, lgy, elimate oand producttonsi. nd tl) e ia llUlCo, .e mannlers and < unttus of tihe nativi ; wlith a Mlap ke of Oregmp n Te'r itory, by R, v. Sam e I' Parker, A M. ie- 'Il hll River and to I)Desert; or Recollections of the Rhone and the `%,hartreuse; by tliss Pardoo, ls, author oflhe C'ity of -• Sa, tan, &c. in '2 vols. '. | The Ro bber, ia 'Tlo, ', - the author uof Richeliou, 0 'rc Gypsy,; in 2 f i. The ''Tw'o Flirti; or Ald. '-ure in a Country til I IHouse, and other Tales, by ILady B3e ington. 1, L do i Ilul"er, Mrs Norton, Iarry t'ornwall, Mrs Gore, S Cptain:i Medwtn, alnd others; in 2 vols. I. The Lthb an. Adventures of Nicholae s Niclethy, :0t ' edited by Hloz, with Ill01trations by Phliz, No. 1 cit" Just r, elved and for sale by td , COPES, h,' --Just receied ul.t Rbr asle Ib 1t Vnt . IM cKe un, tolrner of C wpl1, t C1,] C olni )n streetL., ta leenera,.4o0 tmntIlof Sveyor'stlompulllx, of1. "" uim.l l. illlhl rll l lu alellS, |Irttwil . sI'.,i-, 1 ivory ' rlsl", (t :0,0r0 ''i Soolee, fCline Tdriangple. 1Par !l0 Rnhe'rs. + errue eT-c'. 'I hI rmtnseto r, '+."t, 1 ,-,, ,,r ".,- -,'"-, e t ( I1,,, -, rd N. York d& Baltimore rackets J)ACKETS FOR NEW Y'OdIK-New Line... S--To sail puntually every second Monday during the scoasn, fill or not full. :hip Orleans, 599 tons Ca'pt. S. Sears, Ship Alabama, 474 do C. C. Burri: Ship Arkansas, 697 do E S Dennis Ship S r:toga, 542 do WV l-lthabay. Ship Nashville, 540 do 1) Jackson, Ship Kentucky, 629 do J Bunker The above Frips are of the first closs, coppered. and copper fastened, and having been built in New York expuressly for thin trade, thIy are of light draft of water and alnost invariably cross the bar without any detention. 'The commanders are men of great experience, and the ships will always lob towed up end dthwn the Missisesipi by steamroats. They hIve handsomo furnished accommnodations, and stores of tie best description will always be flurluil d. The aobin Iassage is $90 without wineo or liquor, and there is no :iquor furnished to Lhe of~cers or crew. For freight or passage apply on board, or to 11 C AMES, 48 (.rrnp st. The ships are not accountuble fur breakage of glass, hollow ware, marble or gra.ite, cooperage of lin, or resL of ironror steel, nor responsiblu for any packuag or parce!, unless a regular bil.of luading is executed therefor at the office of the e, to. nov27 NEW ORLEANS ^an BALTIMORE LINE OF PACKETS. This line will consist of the following vossels which have been built or purOhasud exlpresly for the trade, viz: Ship eamian in, Mmer, BW:rk Mary, Nicukerson. •I Irad ferry, new , Steven,, S olullnonl Saltus, " Lotlou, 13hig Architect, " Gr, y. These vssrele are of the first class, hr ie hand. rune !rlli-bcd i eorlllloodtions, anld al of a light drail of water, so as io arliit of l-hir reeiving and dIclharfi: g their cargoes in Baltimore, of tte city. SFrigt will be taken for ports on tli.e Chesapeake r Jones' River, and onrwarded f by tlhe ;agents, 1'cser'. CLARKE & KELLo( GG, at Blhtunrore; xpeses on)l goods shipped will be advi., ed wlhen r"qunr,:d. The price of pOssage is fixed at $l90, ti lpe stores of the Ib t Itquhtliy will be provided. bSte' ' up) and down tihe M.Ia iipjl)i will be tIken oil all occasions. For freight or passnge, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, nov27 22 Bienvile at. FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets " 'i11t: Ships compoeing tills line will soil from New Orleans and Neow York on every other Mon day-cornn'encing on the 20th Noverlber--and to inurhe the punctualily in the time of sailing, the lini, will herenfter consist of live ships, viz: Ship Yazoo, Coptaiun Trunk, to leave on the 20thl Novaliiber. Ship Louisvlle, Captain Palmer, to leave enthe • th December. Ship Ihunlsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the ISth December. Ship Vickaburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on thei tat J'0u) ary. Ship Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave oi the 131th of January. The above are all new, of the first clars, copper do and copper fi'tened, and rupwards of 5!!0 toun borhllen, are of light droaught of water, bring built in New York expressly lir tho trade. Tl'e price of passage is fixed at 100 dollhr.o: their cabigs are fitted up in the most inproved and convenieent plan, and finished in a neat and elegant style Aoomple stores of thI first quality will be provided. alld every regard paid to tile emfort and entire sntisflctioln of passengers, who will please lake no. lice that no berth can be secured until paid for at the oell'c of the cornsignees. ''l:ese veh'els ore coammanded by capltins well experienced in the trade, oho will give every at. tentiou and :xert themselves to aeorrunodlate. They will at ail ones be torwed lup and down tIe Miesis sippi by steamboatsn, ond4ho strictest punctualty oberved in tlhe lime of sailing. The owners of those shlips will not be responsi. hbl for any letter, parcel or package, sent by or 1put on board of tlhmo, unless a regular bill of lading be signed therelor, at the counting Ioouse of the agent or owners. FPr further particulars apply to J D BEIN & A COHEN, nov27 90 Common at FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packefl.] ,%,l .,1sipsFuOIus;y t Ihis lh.2 u ;,,wtl sol otro, l . Fj Iter aue NapoNtow ,Elrk on' nii elter tlontew cmnnet O neino otn tII 20t1h Ilt)-e:lhber, all toC insorello t,'i ,ot an totlllylt l ti v in the r time oclt sailing, Ilto ilte Slilp l'ansb, tuapeia n'tallk too la ote, tle 10on the Si.;p Loloiseilri, tattttualm avis, to leave on the 4th to 'lcon lbr , Ship ulntsevi/le. Cap t«ln Eldtllger to leave on the I18lh I)tt',eP,, 1. Phi, Iiek bo rg, Claptain Woallhnose, to leasve on ti appaa d.lle nlaal 1ppert i daae,t andpildpno nofaaf0llf oeloo hb thell, are of lgpht drntat Of vetoer being buit iho New aork expreesly aI r Ile Itde. The rien or foran sone is ted at otne n undred dolhare. 'l'hot habions are Sit ted upn ntile ust ittole ano d tlelt oonvenient ptn. Fand rnisher in a oet taa elegntot on. Ample Ntores ol the lirf q ualthy will he rappiwrd.iDl every regerd hall to the coanlort and entire omoiolaeionol .e passegerslwho tvill please take 'otoicenthat oi beoeth calt btoe ocnOed Un ttl pail hot' at toe oflfie of tot e canl+gll s. 'These teko tere t'Ollan ttldd Iby CaptainE wel ex poorie t td i n the tratde, Wilt ill iveo evetn o tt Ontio, and exert t he mseioo. . o ao'tno ,lt:too ae. 'Il otv will to hill rte.. l to Ih r, ,p ;i t, du, t, \lionl dionai i Ihe atl, siblt., antld tlriot:.l pt trluanlit n orbtc d b lfl the lIIc f nl lf evr The :'nersn a o thoe hip ,,ill out oe respn sibte for tI let eI', ottrt n't' tot t o'l tge, ot b lor tilt l he }dFoe i he erthih Ambi ."lt erae or e ineut, r n. nerr. Fr"r p Artia u L l J nit ton . D IlIIN &. A C(tIOES; i n v oo1t) to t int :lustool ot. - N I:V OI' t.\d &C VAIIAI.I.:'rON PACI(Ft'S fll liar aooeo. tt.o. f r. . I. .o a l.,a ll of rho1 flrsl rhla- eIllp ,. r ifo d encd persin lst. Sl t 'I tll and at aoaooul Q0011 otto ottorhen. w hs h ldireon i t e nlo Atolttoeltrr itn e sentore . op no t , r ,t ho trade wll wl ,,ele t evry aTot o., to il, e t. t '' , t ter llo - 0 0t 0od ar' ol ,,l e havot lp h rIn. 'I heto , Inn" tow . td 1 p nrloe sl,wnk oC ,h+s>il pt, nedleau nd lonce arhins lis treit r oegd the lllth 'at oh t ,of ea no' ttll t Ih. lt'he hll awiug t' ' l' ts I totoo e 1v , ,, : ' I r i , C npton.. ( . d Tto, suto ,a ling Ap'notn, J D0ane. antstr . in (a ,loot, g fo a twis oi l atl i rd buckton Aert ,d ileat 1 oil hthrte ' I Non o r ind ost,. ooct , eevlitn, tIne'rvrrL ad I,-any, eiddl.etoot ed lhuinee. 'r acdi i Ih . nallt nlcl l, Apbtr heacr, in t he store 00 nerou " el .ptur. J ,, t t tI n o netr of Tivoli o; ircleai Inotota Tr in oltpottetp.l olll it ioethrtlShare .f oL . ae atteo al !e nid a t r lla of the ftfvorr " t {+ hon ,fleer eat-teotonr. 't he ntoire tCeok of Io 0) 'tn., 1,nedoclaono ool lour, atnielis is onreoh nid o areluily sir ated. [Too hc l ollaig eaq) a'e par S iswt Vn I' l t , h g an wlitlneote toid elegant ou, Rentild L qoo ricr least in rjutatg bread, bGuackluie te o 0aee, oe. oen , uo r 'e ETffervscent i Pr*neie'sn Appcient-a od i aoI . olet and geroa po.t .In\ei dlvicemeo or indB rn. oges n o, C vu lodbity, baiddloees, headaeit I ader ni fd the enr mhn hle i, ind tliblte.ats ut$ aaaanen eantLopoa, Ine. 'to! U.S p are int': rt Fluid Exr act oilf nlrapn'o i1 of p"ti lf0 0 the . hi ontO, a Acto do Co and eobebahaho. c, .r ,t's Paurne i uo l Thurbwg. ; Brih dI ei on nod h steamer ius Ilro a tln fra , Oaltdldc, . not, Rooitw d L qn.,rice; jui ub ¢ tnd Guoto uve pi .. 00 t' at h hn lho . ta,,ri d ,f "le ery flee chlhrin~tuov h wmsh, 0,nder p.tITe Ntd b~l7 t L Prlo' oe'e tooteole toferltolortito oth-wltia"k tee 1p0owd0er puffs .... on box ..e. PrFnieen'ed sio " to n00 O ,let loan tonr pOtntuntt o ellorote de Pet toy thno bito q,0i0¼ 1"00,.31 Ct' MaehIoCoOilt ,,d,,, t halt oolt oC ,laiat beao 's ,I nan ovr Oiett 1 ,oler ,nod other maechts, tndlibloe nmeking" C | up rr black ,,., &e.o oS Spaner toot rinelot d ohale oil. hot 'e Loiitie by A tresh assortonert o Thkbhern'Gt,r, en aet- .ou 2 EJ. t .IOiN Ion ".1tTo 1" Ilona ....ter foe jo o aleN t

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